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Mon Nov 25, 2019, 01:52 PM

Invisible death camps.

Auswich is happening but it isn't visible.

Every time trump cuts hud,medicaid,medical assistance or other social programs he is causing mass murder. Poor people die from lack of medical help,lack of housing,stress, suicide and the elements toxins in the air water and food since republicans deny climate change,cut regulations for polluters,it all causes suffering and death

Simply by not providing help for the general welfare , gutting social services that help people survive,
republicans cause people to die by proxy.

When trump extorted Ukraine and withheld their war funds,people died.

When alot of people are forced to be poor to get help they lack opportunity to buy help
for themselves and thier kids they die.

Every time the social safety net gets shredded by the republicans and the rich people die.

How many people die from the greed and corruption of republicans shows in how they destroy the general welfare,part of the preamble of the Constitution,

Republicans commit mass murder by proxy this way. Making the people they don't like die off.

Why do they support the NRA,let cops get away with killing black people,cut welfare and food stamps,de fund HUD, it all makes people the republicans don't like die.

The death camp is here already it is invisible because people die everywhere from the cuts these monsters on the right do. They learned from Hitler and make thier death camps against American citizens invisible.

Every time republicans ignore the general welfare and cut services from people the unfortunate will die.

People the republican party are bigoted against and call undeserving die. It's a mass murder they cause . Sociopaths in the republican party need to be barred from all positions of power because they get off on death and suffering of other people.

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