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Fri Jan 8, 2021, 08:09 AM

Federal Elections Commission should get some teeth

This one agency, designed and built to protect and encourage voter participation, with transparency.
It should be used to hold the GOP accoutnable for all things Trump. Trump won from bad money and worse people, who have money. Biden should demand the FEC become far more powerful. Trump left it ineffective by not seating one commissioner. Any guess who let that happen? I point the finger at the GOP's 'nothing to see here' ploy.

Biden and the Dems can easily repair the damage and prevent, or at least make it very hard, to have another Trumpian situation from occurring. Let's fix our voting rights and hold accountability as the standard to become a candidate.

The FEC and Biden can:
Audit the financial books of that party and of the Citizens United (CU) groups that funded the coup attempt.
--(the money came from somewhere, but secret donor rules prevent us from preventing attempted coups)
It can enforce the rules, which were overlooked over the past four years. Expand it's judicial footprints.
--(Trump left one seat empty, and prevented the FEC from doing anything. It became moot)
Expand authority from commissioners to lower level staff for investigative & prosecutorial actions.
--(This means lower level staffers, not commissioners, are the ones given the real power to investigate and
independently send findings to US Atty Generals for prosecutions, without the commissioners approval)

Biden can immediately us the coup attempt to remove the money influencers:
He can create Executive Orders to hamstring the CU groups, prevent gerrymandering & reduce voter fraud.
We voters must Demand Congress refine elections laws to do three simple things:
--Make voting a birthright. Birth/citizenship means voting rights for life, that can never be abridged for any reason.
(We'd have identical registration and voting procedures in all states, no abridging of that right by any state.)
--Require the Census Redistricting to limit population & geographic deviations to 0.005%
(Current 4-8% deviations is where gerrymandering lives and this would kill it)
-- Create a public campaign fund and make public funding of elections tax mostly deductible.
(A shared fund for all who refuse private donations. Voters will support these candidates)

These simple things can address the major causes of how and why, people like Trump get nominated & elected.

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