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Mon Mar 8, 2021, 02:03 PM

When it comes to Republicans trying to suppress the vote, one should be wary. That's why..

I always try to look for less than obvious reasons when Republicans try to enact widespread actions like these as they are masters of deceit and misdirection. Since HR1 would overturn many of these laws this could possibly be them setting up for a massive defense of these laws in the courts via suits against parts of HR1 should it pass. With over 240 suppression laws trying to get passed at state and local levels they may be able to flood the court system with suits based on a myriad of legal grounds that would make the legal contesting of the last election pale in comparison. Even though none of those were successful, it did reveal a willingness of many district judges and even SCOTUS to give election focused suits by the states more merit i.e. if they were, in some cases, filed earlier before the election, amongst many other "technicalities". The recent AZ case could be seen as taking the temperature of the courts in such cases and that didn't look good.

I'm not sure that if HR1 passed it would immediately overturn many of the changes in these states or if Republican's lawsuits, perhaps already prepped, printed and ready to be instantly filed, would delay HR1 from taking effect until maybe some of the more Constitutional based suits, and there will be many of those, will be resolved. The shear number of potential suits sounds quite daunting to me. Wherever HR1 ends up I could see the legal battle, from either side potentially, going into the 2022 election and that could turn into a media driven mess bigger than we just had.

If these new voter sanction laws stand in these states for whatever reason we're going to need 50 Stacy Abrams nationwide. There's potentially everything on the line as I'm sure you all are aware.

I'm no Stacy Abrams nor did I play her on TV but in my state in IN I'm already trying to do my part in the party to unseat our local fascist Sen. Mike Braun. It will be a "Syisysuphusian" task locally, but think its possible. We all need to engage now. JMHO

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