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Fri Dec 10, 2021, 07:24 PM

The MAGA movement has become Project Mayhem.

The whole thing about MAGA is that they want to "own the libs". In Fight Club, the second evolution of Fight Club was called "Project Mayhem" and the goal of Project Mayhem was to create as much mischief as possible in order to gain notoriety among fellow members and even make the nightly news. That's what is happening with this group. They're "owning the libs" in order to gain influence among the MAGA elite and even wind up with a mention from the man himself. Only... you're not really supposed to talk about it in real life.

That's why you see stickers on gas pumps blaming Biden for the high gas prices, your neighbor flies an "FJB" flag, maybe a song pops up on your social media feed called "Let's Go Brandon" and eventually even full blown parades or boat parades (where the ships all sank). Cars covered in bumper stickers. People waiting outside Dealy Plaza because they think JFK Jr is going to show up and arrest all of Trump's Deep State detractors. People screaming on planes about mask mandates getting arrested. People wearing shirts that misquote our founding fathers or praising murderers and serial killers. People with decals of him on their car windows and full blown shrines in their house.

But there's a connection with all of this. It's all designed to intentionally annoy people while getting these people in the news and getting them notoriety among the MAGA world, while doing everything possible to please the MAGA in chief himself. And let's not discount the fact that Mr. MAGA in chief himself encourages this stuff. He loves seeing his name out there, and he puts it out there to get his name out there - and he rewards it back with his signature shit-eating grin and thumbs up ritual. They're basically doing his marketing for him.

It's all a *wink wink nudge nudge* kind of deal with the MAGAs. But they don't talk about their misdeeds or mischief in real life because they know they would have serious consequences for them if they did. If they did recognize each other in public, it would be with a slight nod or a wink. But they do this for notoriety among the other MAGAs, like that guy who got arrested and had the "fuck you" tattoo on his middle finger. It's all fun and games with them. We're essentially dealing with trolls who take their trolling off the computer.

The MAGAs do this for notoriety online while pretending that their mischief doesn't have consequences, when in actuality, it does and they can get arrested, fired, or go to prison for it. And a lot of them have. But that doesn't stop them and any time you attempt to call them out for it, they respond with "YOU CAN'T CANCEL ME!!!" and "DO NOT COMPLY" bullshit. If you tell them "no", it only makes them want to do that thing more. It's truly sad and pathetic for those of us who are trying to lead actual lives. Seriously you wonder how everyday people fell for the Nazis, well this is it. It's an underground fight club that began in the basement and is creeping into mainstream society.

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