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Tue Apr 19, 2022, 08:51 PM

No,you cannot do that....

All pro tyranny belief systems.
politics,policies,social structures..people...
Be they in France,the US,Russia or some tribal chief in the middle of nowhere all want the same thing everywhere..

All tyrants are dark triads.
All dark triads share the worldview of tyrants. They both seek power over others,and to use them. To abuse them and get away with it. To dominate them.Subjugate them.Enslave them. Control them,break them. Make them suffer..

Putin isnt against the west per,se

He is against any people or country who would tell him no, you cannot do that.

Putin and his ilk hate people who would stand up to him, humiliate him,with facts.
People who might make the tyrant look bad or expose him for who he is.
Tyrants hate anyone who would dare limit his self centered ambitions.
Tyrants hate who deny him what he wants.
Tyrants dispise people who understand freedom isnt freedom without responsibility shared by everyone.Those who want power to be shared.Those who desire justice to be served against those who harm just because they think they should be entitled to do it and get away with it..

Tyrants hate the fact people have empathy for each other and will protect each other from the likes of tyrants because they do not want to be traumatized or live under a tyrant's boot. Tyrants hate people who cannot be manipulated who are intelligent and educated who can think critically. A tyrant hates free people who accept themselves as they are and want to make the world better for all and strive for equality among people,who seek to reduce suffering and trauma. People that don't want to control the world. People with a moral compass and an inner locus of control. A tyrant hates he cannot have everything in the world as his own possessions.
A tyrant hates people who would reject him and deny him any power over them.

This is what tyrants like putin are fighting against.

Everywhere people have empathy and put it into practice,people who care about each other,protect each other,
who share with each other and share thier lives and dreams and stand together against lies,corruption. Free thinking people,vulnerable people. People against
,abuse,slavery,bigotry and greed. The tyrant hates that the tyrant cannot control them or scare them. Any tyrant be it putin or a school bully or a domestic abuser ,all the tyrants want the same shit.. to destroy those who say to a tyrant no,you cant do that.

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