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Wed Nov 20, 2013, 10:00 AM

Oh boy, NOW the NSA has really, REALLY f***ed up.


"They cost rich people a load of cash with their illegal (and legal) spying activities. And rich people have the ultimate power in this plutocracy we call a democratic government. So, itís safe to say that the boys and girls at Fort Meade have well and truly stepped in the s***:"

"Shred the Constitution, and nobody really objects. Hack the cell phones of our allies, and a few politicos might bluster a bit. But cost a big US corporation some serious coin, and s*** is gonna get real, and itís gonna get that way really fast.

Itís a sad thing indeed, that we canít count on truth, justice and the American way to reign in an abusive and out-of-control government entity. Itís even more depressing to have to rely on a load of Scrooges to restore some semblance of the rule of law in this regard. But hey, the enemy of our enemy is our friend."

More at the link.

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