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Sat Dec 20, 2014, 04:04 PM

just for fun, don't jump me. "I hope Kim Jong-Un takes the White House in 2016"

someone posted this on another forum I'm on.
I thot it was funny.

her post:
This Sony cyberattack could very well be the MOST embarrassing episode of President Obama's entire 8-year reign.

Benghazi looks like child's play compared to how badly North Korea just PUNKED the USA. The entire world community is LAUGHING at us. We look like fools, and powerless wimps who have no effective counterstrike. Arent we supposed to be the world's eminent superpower and technological giant? WE LOOK WEAK !!

I dunno .... if a guy with delusions of grandeur like Kim Jong-Un can easily toy with the world's superpower and cripple it's information superstructure and do it so easily and with childish glee .... that is the kind of guy I want in the White House in 2016 !!! God knows Hillary would curl up into a fetal position and suck her thumb if this happened during her watch.

aahhmmm.... I'm thinking she is not a fan of our current president.

(I'm not either, but jeesh, this event really didn't have to do with him. If anyone got Punked it was Sony.)

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