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Fri Feb 13, 2015, 03:37 PM

My Big Valentine's Day Shoutout! (crosspost from the Lounge)

It was suggested I crosspost this to GD for exposure, although frankly I'm dubious as to it really fitting under 'current events', even if Valentine's Day is an 'event', and current enough, given the timing. At any rate, feel free to lock it if I've screwed up by cross-posting here.

Yes, it's a day early, but tomorrow looks to be really busy. First, a thank you to those who have given me 'hearts' on here, along with all of those who have responded graciously or with thought to my more considered posts. I still post too many 'off the cuff' or sarcastic comments for my own liking, but even though I've learned the joys of putting a few people on 'Ignore', most folks have at least been willing to invest some of their most precious resource - time - in actually thinking when responding, whether they have agreed with me or not on any give issue or politician.

So I hope you all are all able to take some time tomorrow to invest a little more of your time with those who make you want to be better people, those about whom you worry, those for whom you care. And if you can't be physically with those you love and care about, that you at least spend time thinking happy thoughts about them, whether you're simply separated by distance and time, or if they've moved on from this life.

I'm going to try and spend at least part of the day working on a crafting project for a couple of friends (Aji and Wings) who are having probably the toughest year of their lives, simply trying to survive down in a red state, living rough while still trying to bring more beauty into the world. (there are galleries of his jewelry creations and photographs at that site, and I've also pinned some of the recent highlighted items created by Wings and other artists.)

I'd love to spread a few hearts around this place myself, but I hope you can forgive me for instead using that money to try and help them try to keep food on the able, and at least occasionally get the medicines they need. The holiday season didn't go well, so if anyone needs presents for friends or family, you can do good by some good people having a really tough time by maybe buying something from them, or even just sharing links to their jewelry store site on your own social networks, or recommending them as a place to shop to friends and family.

So again, thanks for the welcome I've found on this site, and a seriously big thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help out my friends earn their livelihood.


Erich S Bloodaxe, BSN

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