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Wed May 20, 2015, 07:57 AM

The disrespect Republicans (and Democrats who buy into their rhetoric) show to workers disgusts me.

I've got Morning Joe providing background noise behind me. I wasn't paying attention, but as I finished reading another OP, my brain suddenly tuned in on the words, and there were a pair of smarmy types talking to Mika. Something about an ambulance driver who, I'm guessing, wasn't being paid much, and they pulled out that crap about 'the solution for that is education and training, to get a better job.'

I'm sorry but that is pure elitism and classism. The old 'If only you had the education I have, you'd be earning hundreds of thousands just like me!' Which is crapola. First off, no capitalist economy can provide every single person with the 'top wages'. Even if 100% of your populace were trained as neurosurgeons, there simply wouldn't be a need for 315 million neurosurgeons.

Jobs exist not because some 'job creator' is feeling benevolent, but because those jobs are NEEDED. Businesses don't hire people they don't actually need. That janitorial staff is every bit as necessary as the day trader or the doctor, or else they wouldn't have a job. Get rid of housekeeping, and your rates of people dying in hospitals would skyrocket.

Don't tell me the 'solution' for crappy, substandard wages is 'get an education so you can get a better job'. The solution is LIVING WAGES for EVERY JOB. Every job is important in one way or another, or it simply wouldn't exist.

If the job exists, it's worth paying a living wage.

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