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Sun Aug 7, 2016, 06:04 PM Aug 2016

Donald Trump, the angriest white man

An interesting article on the goings on last week


For many, it's not who wins the White House that matters, it's who doesn't win

Did you see the knife going in? Last Tuesday, as the Trump presidential bid seemed on the verge of imploding, Barack Obama spoke softly. He appeared at his most thoughtful. In truth, he was being vicious, partisan and unforgiving.

And the knife wasn't going into Trump.


Obama's words aimed to neutralise that movement. After he spoke, if the Republicans ditched the loudmouth it would seem they hadn't the brains or the courage to do so until Obama took them by the hand. And the notion that their party leaders took advice from Obama would enrage the Republican base even more.

The aim is not just to defeat Trump but to do lasting damage to the Republican Party. "What", said Obama, twisting the knife, "does this say about your party, that this is your standard-bearer?"

Donald Trump, the angriest white man (Original Post) OnDoutside Aug 2016 OP
can you imagine obama (or any black man) or hillary (or any woman) talking like trump? unblock Aug 2016 #1


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1. can you imagine obama (or any black man) or hillary (or any woman) talking like trump?
Sun Aug 7, 2016, 06:15 PM
Aug 2016

running for president and getting anything remotely like the favorable media coverage trump has received?

for the moment, the media is finally less than favorable in their treatment of him, though they're less pointing out his flaws and more pointing out his low poll numbers and reaction to them.

if he picks up in the polls, he'll be the comeback kid and the media will fall all over him again.

no drama obama has consistently been mr. cool precisely to avoid the "angry black man" stereotype (well, that and the fact that cool is no doubt natural to his personality), and hillary has similiarly walked a line because women have to look tough without being, you know, well, there's a negative stereotype for angry women as well.

but an angry and mean and insulting rich white man, especially republican, somehow that's normal and ok and not in the least unpresidential.

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