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Wed Aug 17, 2022, 04:31 AM

"Send Me a Check", a Trump Fundraising Song by Mangy Fetlocks

Donald Trump is purported to be something of a liar, however, in one regard he is always honest and sincere and that is when he is appealing to his followers to send him a check. This appeal happens so often is distributed so widely that it has become a joke among commentators on CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, The Cartoon Network and The Crime Network. Mangy Fetlocks thought that if Donald simply switched to singing his plea (and, God knows, he is a dancer like no one has ever seen or even imagined before) then it might not become so tedious, whiney, and pathetic sounding.

Mangy has even offered to accompany Donald in a music video of the plea, provided Donald will sign an NDA and allow Mangy to wear a special wire. (That he requires only to send signals to his garage-door opener back home which gets lonely when left by itself too long.)

Whether Donald goes with Mangy's idea or not, Mangy thought you might enjoy hearing the song. It's a little rough here, but you'll get the idea.

Lyrics below:

I am guilty of no crime. Send me a check.
I have worked for you full time. Send me a check.
Iím unjustly accused, Iíve been sadly abused,
Öby my wife been refused.
Send me a check.

I have pleaded Ďthe fifthí. Send me a check.
Iím in need of a gift. Send me a check.
Iím depressed and Iím low
so, Iíll just let you know
you can prove you love me so
with a check.

Iím a billionaire longing for cash
somehow I have depleted my stash.
Legal suits keep filing,
my bills keep on piling
I need help avoiding a crash.

If thereís one thing you should do, send me a check.
Dems are out for you too! Send me a check.
Youíre a recognized fool
from the shallow gene pool.
If you love me, then youíll send me a check!

copyright 2022, Bruce W Nelson

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