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Fri Jul 31, 2020, 01:53 PM Jul 2020

I've got a dilemma.

I live in Harris county. My drivers license expired in April. I have to go in person to renew. No appointments are available anywhere near me until after election day. What do I do in this situation? Will I be allowed to vote since they require a valid ID? Any help or answers on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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1. Go for an Absentee Ballot
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 01:56 PM
Jul 2020

Hard to ID you via mail. And should be able to drop it off at local election office if mail is an issue.

My two cents.


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11. It provides no proof of the applicant meets legal eligibility to vote.
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 06:04 PM
Jul 2020

It could be anyone asking to vote. Any age. Any country. Would you be satisfied to have this level of security for your bank?


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12. Hang on now, you prove yourself when you register
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 06:52 PM
Jul 2020

You do realize only registered voters get ballots, don’t you? And to get registered you have to jump several hoops including identification? You don’t get a mail in ballot without prior process being followed.


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13. Then someone with your very basic info and calls ahas a ballot ordered up, sent,
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 08:06 PM
Jul 2020

to another address, and casts your vote. You get registered to vote by showing your I’d. You show your I’d when you vote to prove you are the registrant.


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14. Sorry, you're not understanding this
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 09:07 PM
Jul 2020

But it is easy to build the process to prevent that scenario. And it is built and working in several states already. I know as I have used the process in WA and it works.

Anyway, you do you and take your I’d to the poll to cast your ballot. I will be voting by mail. And we can both drink to throwing the Republican Anarcho-Fascists out the effing door.


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2. Ooh wow. Good question. You may be able to renew online. I did.
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 01:56 PM
Jul 2020

If not call your registrar too and see what the details are. Provisions? Options?


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3. I would call your local voting registrar and ask them, they may be able to help.
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 01:56 PM
Jul 2020

Or be willing to drive a little further to one that does have an appointment.


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4. I live in Harris County as well.
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 02:22 PM
Jul 2020

I go to the DPS office in Hempstead instead of fighting the crowds locally. If there's a line, it moves quickly.

Do you have an alternate ID such as a passport? Good luck.


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6. A passport is a valid ID. If not take your license, some utility bills...
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 02:42 PM
Jul 2020

bank cards, credit cards—all with your name on them. You might even bring the notification from the DMV that your appointment for renewal is after election day.


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7. Some allow the expired IDs to still be valid until you can get the licenses renewed. This happened
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 02:44 PM
Jul 2020

to my SO (in Missouri), so all was well, the license bureau finally opened back up, and the SO got to renew their license. Easy.

Good luck.


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8. From Harris County website
Fri Jul 31, 2020, 02:47 PM
Jul 2020


About halfway down the page, under Frequently Asked Questions.

2. My acceptable photo ID is expired. Will it still work?

With the exception of the U.S. Citizenship Certificate, which does not expire, for voters aged 18-69, the acceptable photo identification must be current or have expired no more than 4 years before being presented for voter qualification at the polling place. For voters aged 70 or older, the acceptable form of photo identification may be expired for any length of time if the identification is otherwise valid.

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