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Fri Mar 14, 2014, 10:18 AM

Puppet Show: Obama Hosts 'Leader' Installed by Ukraine Coup d'Etat


Yatsenyuk and Tyahnybok

Puppet Show: Obama Hosts 'Leader' Installed by Ukraine Coup d'Etat
By Donn Marten
OpEdNews Op Eds 3/14/2014 at 07:58:55

In the garden variety state-corporate media friendly greeting afforded to foreign leaders the hand-picked Ukrainian puppet Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk met with President Barack Obama in a heavily publicized visit to the White House on Wednesday. "Yats" as he is endearingly referred to by neocon meddler Victoria "f*ck the EU" Nuland has come to America, hat in hand to get the money to back his illegitimate, neo-Nazi friendly regime in Kiev. The former central banker, a bespectacled, pencil-necked geek "Yats" is the latest bagman for the global finance mafia who is charged with the task of the gutting of social programs and essential services as well as the doling out the natural resources of Ukraine so that the pigs can feast again. It is an obscenity, both moral and otherwise that the Obama regime and the criminal Congress will fund the "leader' installed through an obviously western orchestrated putsch that displaced the democratically elected president in Kiev. It is even more outrageous when the US arm of the global gangster syndicate and it's stooges in Congress cannot even see fit to extend long-term unemployment benefits for the millions that their schemes threw out of work and shipped jobs overseas by the tens of thousands.

The same Congress, having firmly established itself as the preeminent number one enemy of the American people will gladly cough up the dough to back the unelected Yatsenyuk junta and are now itching for a rumble with Russia being the back-benching badasses that they are. Despite the ongoing kabuki theater of irreconcilable partisan squabbling preventing anything from getting done that actually benefits American citizens there is always damned near lockstep unity whenever it comes to backing illegitimate overthrows of democratically elected leaders, saving the day for the bloated, bloodsucking Wall Street parasites and their European counterparts to keep the big floating crap game of the "global economy' afloat and filling the coffers of the merchants of death in the armaments business. The belicosity and posturing that emanates from that reeking whorehouse that is the US Capitol for a confrontation with the reviled Vladimir Putin, ostensibly over the toppling of the legitimate Ukranian government and Russia's moves in Crimea but truly the festering scorn over Putin's sinking of the late summer war on Syria as well as saving NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden from one of Obama's torture chambers. The overthrow of the Yanukoyvch government is just business as usual for the new world order of crushing austerity enforced at the end of a gun that is the now fully mutated version of western finance capitalism freed from any former restraints.

Wednesday's public relations scam as Yatsenyuk was trotted out for public consumption is another bright shining example of how regular Americans have gotten the shaft while the ravenous war machine, the deep state and the high-rolling predatory jackals in high finance continue to plunder with impunity. The obvious lies of the big dog and pony show of polishing this latest turd of a tool of the empire is exemplified in this textbook masterpiece of blatant propaganda from the New York Times entitled "Ukraine's New Premier, the "Rabbit,' Seems to Be in His Element" written by some dipshit named David Herszenhorn (with "reporting" by Oksana Lyachynska) from which I excerpt the following gut-wrenching passage:

For three months, throughout the uprising and upheaval in Kiev, Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk was one of three political leaders who appeared regularly on stage in Independence Square, but he often seemed out of his element. A former foreign minister, economics minister, speaker of Parliament and acting central bank chief, he is more at home in boardrooms and in the corridors of power than on the barricades.

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