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Fri Oct 30, 2020, 06:09 PM

GARNET by Aqua Timez

English Translation

'll sing out my dream under the big tree where wind wrapped around
The dream I had at the time when I was searching for four leaved clovers alone
The flickering loneliness in me was the only thing lighting the road
Whenever I got tired waiting for light,
that was the only thing lighting the road

I met with you
We understood each other
and shared every single night together
What we communicated with weren't words
It was the loneliness we hide in ourselves

These continued to bluff on
And you brushed them gently
I can finally be myself

The song i didn't get to hear
The overflowing tears
Were all stopped by the sky and the earth

I lived through believing that people are alone
Before I met you I've always done so

I didn't have the courage to love with the person I was
So I hid my weakness
I tried to run far until I cant see the real me anymore
Cutting the blue from pictures and pasting it on my own sky
Everybody wish to have a bluer sky

Smiles aren't made up things
They are things overflowing from the bottom of our hearts
gratitude aren't things we try to do
They are things that come up naturally

I don't know when I started thinking I must be more happy than the others
Putting chains on myself by comparing things that can't be compared

A cry of pain came from far away
So I took a look in the lens

Only those who are better were loved
But humans are living beings full of flaws
Because I had no reason to be loved
So I searched for myself
But I got it a little wrong

I tried to drift around without a place in mind
And always chose to be alone
Even though smiles and happiness are things that bloom all over from the insides

Even though there are so many places without wounds
I ran away from having to face things
I cast my eyes down from everything

From behind these eyelids I drew a perfect world but
When I was searching for love at the shimmering other side
A drop of prayer flowed out
The one who wiped it away with delicate fingers **
Was you whom was full of wounds

Lets stay together under the big tree where the wind wrapped around
I'll drop a kiss on your soft eyelids while you are about to fall asleep

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