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Fri Mar 25, 2016, 11:43 AM

A tiny microcosm from the real world:

My small family.

We're not a political family. We rarely talk politics or even elections. Our family time is precious, since we're not all in the same state, and we don't usually allow more than a general, passing political remark to take up our time together.

So, since I spent time with all of our tiny family group in two states this last week, I was shocked that they all wanted to talk politics. Here's what it boiled down to in my tiny microcosm of the real world:

My mother: a moderate Democrat who, in the past, thought Bill Clinton walked on water and loved HRC. Now? She's over them, voting Bernie, and wanted to know what I'd be doing if he didn't win the nomination.

My first son: A solid liberal Democrat. I didn't know which Dem he'd support; I hadn't asked. I trust his intelligence and instincts, but thought he might, like too many, lean Hillary because she's a woman and has the power of the establishment behind her. Wrong. Sanders all the way. He AND his wife.

My second son: A man who has, since his teen years, viewed our political system as totally corrupt, not worth engaging in, who has always thought nothing less than revolutionary change could save us, who has predicted and expected the U.S. to decline and die, who doesn't participate in any way? He's registering to vote for the first time in his fucking life, as a Democrat, to vote for Sanders in our primary and for whatever Democrat wins the nomination in November. Why? He wants to make sure Trump doesn't win. His wife? The same. AND...for the very first time ever, there is a political split causing tension in our little extended family. She has a close family member, a libertarian, who is at this time supporting Trump. It's causing more than disagreement. I'm a little worried about them.

My grandson: frustrated that he's not old enough to vote in the primaries or in November...he's 16. He supports Bernie all the way.

So that's it. Not, of course, meaningful in any statistical sense. But a group of people who don't talk politics together, are suddenly not only talking politics, but, outside of the libertarian, they are ALL backing Sanders.

I was surprised.

And pleased, to say the least!

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