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Mon Oct 7, 2019, 04:47 PM Oct 2019

Charlie Hallowell +#MeToo + 'redemption'


snip--But his public shaming, he says, was like a crash course in empathy, especially the first time he ventured out of the house after the scandal, terrified someone would accost him for what he'd done.

"Like my heart was racing and I felt unsafe," he recalls, fighting back tears. "And I remember thinking this is probably a lot like how a lot of women feel all the time. And it was so heartbreaking to think that I was making people feel that way. You know, I thought of myself as this radical feminist. It just cracked me open."

Hoping to make amends, Hallowell also began a process called restorative justice, offering to sit down with anyone he'd hurt, to hear about the damage his misconduct had caused.

"I mean it made me feel small," explained Katie Cotterell, one of those who opted to take him up on the offer. For four hours, she held nothing back, pouring out the pain he caused with all his sexual antics — from the choking comment, to his constant touching. "When you're doing that in front of people that I work with, it takes away my power because then when you leave I become a joke."

In listening to the story this afternoon, I have mixed feelings. I will never go to his resteraunt.
He will never know of me, whether or not he is 'forgiven' by me, but I do feel he owes his employees and women in his orbit; his actions were creepy and not " radical feminist"

Charlie Hallowell +#MeToo + 'redemption' (Original Post) irisblue Oct 2019 OP
I think he's gone a lot further than many others in his position. redqueen Oct 2019 #1


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1. I think he's gone a lot further than many others in his position.
Sun Oct 27, 2019, 12:56 PM
Oct 2019

He seems to really get it.

I don't know what restaurant he runs but I wouldn't be against going there. I think if people are able to demonstrate that they understand what they did was wrong, and appear to be genuinely interested in moving forward in a positive direction, we should encourage that.

We have raised generations of people (both men and women) to view sexual harassment as something people shouldn't even complain about (it's flattering, it's not a big deal, etc.). We are just now starting to reverse that trend. I don't expect a 180 from every member of society, but I do expect the full support of people who claim to be forward-thinking, progressive, etc.

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