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The Catholic Church’s lost revolution

What's wrong with this picture?

Confessions of an Unlikely Anti-Nuclear Convert

(Happy Blasphemy Day!) TYT: How The Religious Right Got Started

Oh Dear, Freakers offer Romney Debate Advice (WARNING: Please sip your beverage slowly)

Jobs Score per Bill Clinton

What would you do if someone snuck in your house and ran your cast iron skillets in the dishwasher?

After President Obama is Re-Elected...what happens to "Democratic Underground?"

House Republican staffer is the man involved in a scuffle with Lindsay Lohan

USA Today: What will Pop Warner do about alleged bounties? (football played by about 290,000 youths)

Time running out for victims of GOP voter registration fraud - CO, FL, VA, NV, CA & NC

Why Mitt Romney can not win the debate Wednesday night

Jimmy Carter's Crisis of Confidence Speech was Prescient

Senate control factors into environmental group’s backing of Elizabeth Warren

Idaho lawmaker's wife hurt in gun room explosion

Dead Soldier's Words Have Some Questioning War in Afghanistan

Does anybody else think Christie being a jerk to Romney on purpose w/ the debate expectations?

Fight Against Austerity is Fight for 'Democracy's Legitimacy'

If Chris Christie Lost Two Hundred Pounds He Would Have A Great Life Story For His 2016 Run

Any SGI members on here?

Why You Should Care: American student loan nightmare

Today's 2nd Reading. James 5:1-6. Presented without comment.

The Supreme Court, absent from the election debate

Global warming 'may lead to smaller fish'

What if trolls disguised themselves as troll-hunters...

Latest Titan Flyby Images

more than orange

Another day, another 'I misspoke' or 'it was just a joke' from the Republicans

October Photo Contest - Theme and Schedule - update

Help - where to change the font size?

Obama Eschews "Zingers"

Did you hate 50 Shades of Grey as much as I did?

Sometimes you have to wonder....

Activists wait for meeting with Perry. And wait. And wait.

Chris Christie dismisses poll truthers: The polls aren’t rigged against Romney

National Republicans shifting Missouri presidential resources to Florida

"Mr. Romney I know Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton is a friend of mine, you're no Bill Clinton."

President Obama has been throwing the Jab all year.

The DU click and clack:

Prepping the "Voter Purge" battlefield - Fox News

When a problem gets to the President's desk

The Ryan/Romney Economic Plan - 5 Basic Features

Thanks UrbScotty and MIRTeam

Caption time!

Mice mess...Had to replace the insulation in my stove-found this unlucky critter(dead critter photo)

Romney giving up Missouri?

Fundamental percussion :

Roman Catholic Womenpriests

A Brady Bunch HAHA!

Is Mittens Really a Serious Candidate?

Just in case..........

instant collectors items?

Picture of the month

Investors eye the 'cliff' as Obama gains in polls

On Wednesday, the President needs..

Democratic gun owners - explained at last


Here's an idea. Why hasn't anyone from our side taken advantage of campaign advertisements

Check out DU members who posted for the first time !

Today's Graphics - Enjoy!

Barack Obama Best Song 2012

The Homestretch

Pics of abq e streeter and me! Joy!

The Hunt For Red November (image)

Giant Fall Mushroom

Mitt Romney: Obama 'Misunderstood' U.S. Values

Rangers clinch!

MidAmerican Energy (Buffett Berkshire Hathaway) to buy 2 California wind farms

Supreme Court possibilities if Romney wins election

Why Is No One Prosecuting Those Involved With GOP Election Fraud?

I have a song stuck in my head

The U.S. Food Administration says: Don't Waste Food!

AP: WHY IT MATTERS: Social Security

Frugal ideas: don't waste food. Don't buy junk food, either.

Is it true Clint Eastwood is advising Romney on how to talk to Obama during the debates?

Election 2012: Eric Cantor cites deep roots in 7th District.

Best Political Cartoons of the Week


Obama says he's 'just okay' at debating

Karoshi -Working yourself to death.

Mayors of New York for $800, Alex.

The Last Perfect Day (my newest Mixcloud project)

Georgia's Saakashvili battles billionaire rival at polls (Monday)

September Deadline .. FEW HOURS LEFT DONATE !!!

"Pre-Debate Obama Exposes Romney’s Real Record of Job Killing"

Strikes at Walmart Warehouses Expose Threats in Supply Chain

Mom of 4 reflects on first year in prison for $31 pot sale

Anybody else remembering "The West Wing" this week? With the debates coming up,

I just made a donation to re-elect Barack Obama President...

"The Republican Brain: Why Even Educated Conservatives Deny Science — and Reality"

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, September 30)

How Ronald Reagan killed the American Dream

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Oct 1st

Krugman: The Real Referendum

I found a baby kitten in my driveway this afternoon, about 4 weeks old.

Romney advisers at odds over Libya

"The economic legacy left by the baby-boomers is leading to a battle between the generations"

Why the hell hasn't anybody asked Romney how many American jobs

Howard Dean to Obama: "Avoid being irritable" during debates.

"Chris Hayes Says Conservatives Are ‘Getting High On Their Own Supply’"

I have a Boardwalk Empire question. (Spoilers)

Has religion solved anything?

Interesting posts in genealogy group:

Assange says his health is deteriorating

(Somebody Else Been) Shakin' Your Tree - ZZ Top

Mitt Romney 'lousy candidate' GOP meme. Don't let them get away with putting all the blame on Mitt.

Dad's rant: I'm going to let my kid be a kid on the weekend, dammit.

What if Obama said something like this in his remarks Weds....

List your favourite actors/actresses.

"Intelligence office says it got Libya attack wrong, not White House"

Debate this - 538 NowCast Romney down to 1.6% chance of winning with less then 200 electoral votes.

Romney's Bag of Zingers

california bans gay-to-straight 'therapy' for minors

'Babylon 5' star Michael O'Hare dies

Remember when Mitt Romney claimed that his father marched with MLK...

Why has Romney gone downhill so fast and so far?

WH - West Wing Week 09/28/12 or "A Common Heartbeat to Humanity"

New Washington post-Abcnews poll shows Obama 49%-Romney 47%

So do the President and Vice President start to campaign for the House and Senate?

What percentage of the 1% are "1%ers"?

Venezuela poll: Big Caracas rally for Henrique Capriles

Exclusive: Romney's debate training videos leaked:

FYI: G3 Class Geomagnetic Storm in Progress

Hate mail

DU password isn't working

WaPo/ABC poll: Obama up 2 points nationally, up 11 points among swing-state voters

Infographic: What the One Million Moms Don’t Want You to See

Thank you for accepting this post.

Tenn. frat house alcohol enema case worries experts

Debt debate

California governor vetoes bill curbing deportation checks

Superrich stay put in high-tax states like California

I don't do the lounge, but...

Appeals court denies rehearing on Ryan appeal (former Republican governor of Illinois)

4 Big Reasons, Plus A Bunch Of Smaller Reasons, Why The South Won’t ‘Rise Again’

Students Forced to Sign "Vote for Obama" Pledge?

Xstrata Board Supports Glencore’s Revised Offer

Movie Won't Back Down a box office bomb

David Gregory is a hack.

Follow Nate Sliver's daily Forecast and Watch Obama Inching further & further ahead

Guns Confiscated at the Airport Increasing

Mitt Romney's zinger file - revealed.

Imagine you're in a mirror world and...

Keystone XL southern leg permitted as early as Monday

Once again Nancy (Dis)Grace lies about a case, this time one close to where I'm living.

CIA welcomed Mulroney in wake of 'negative' Trudeau The Right's Pop-Culture Problem - A Recent History of Embarrassing Moments

Seriously. Here's what we have to do about those 'ZINGERS' Romney's been practicing since August.

Romney Gets Scolded By Veteran!

NBC’s David Gregory Misquotes Obama, Falsely Claims President Said ‘Al Qaeda Has Been Defeated’


Are Buddhists Violent?

Mitt's Army of None

Sheldon Adelson Hits a Record Breaking 70Mill In donations To Defeat Obama ,

Sherrod Brown runs in Ohio as unabashed liberal

give the vets back their jobs

help the vets get jobs

vote for the veteran

At least 14 killed in suicide attack on NATO patrol in Afghanistan

vote to give vets job bill!

Greek 2013 budget sees sixth year of recession - source

Goodbye, Cruel World…

Live music red tape lifted for small venues

America’s conflicts over gun control

help vets get their jobs back

Have you heard from your employer or seen a Health Care REBATE?

tired of gridlock???

tired of gridlock???

make this simple. vote yes to retain the 3 supreme court justices.

Calif. Gov. OKs Bill on Illegal Immigrant Licenses

Dexter...W.O.W. !

Japan introduces piracy penalties for illegal downloads

Rogers: Group secretly working on budget fix

Potomac River coal plant in Alexandria, VA shutting down today

Joe Madison:NOBODY is going to lose the debate

I know some things that the national news media doesn't know

Bill Moyer on Ralph Reed the Christian Coalition new golden boy just as he had been the old golden b

Did we accomplish anything positive in Afghanistan over 11 long years?

Venezuela’s Capriles Closes Caracas Campaign as Thousands March

"..entitled to food..." That just gets me every time I see that

5 Obscene Reasons Why Richest Americans grow Richer As Middle-Class Declines

Politico is reporting that focus groups are keying in on RMoney's 47% remark like no other.

Over My Dead Body: "Why I Put My Body On The Line For The World"


Five Republicans Who’ve Admitted They’re Out To Kill Medicare And Social Security

WBUR/MassInc poll: (Warren 46, Brown 44) (With leaners: Warren 49, Brown 45)

Samuel L Jackson: Wake the Fu*k Up Obama Ad

Ocean Acidification Occurring at Unprecedented Rates

Romney practices his zingers…

Union for janitors (14,000) reaches tentative pact

Is there anyplace that will have a live Zinger-counter?

$34.4 Million Can’t Seem To Buy Prop 37 Opponents Their Own Facts

A Public Service Reminder: Simpson-Bowles Is Terrible by Paul Krugman

Remember when social conservatives threw a hissy fit when gay rights were decided in foreign aid?

apron from a pair of jeans (easy tutorial)

John McCain on Morning Joe.

If you were Romney, what would you say if they ask you

Mitt Reinvents Himself (cartoon)

All the Missing Horses: What Happened to the Wild Horses Tom Davis Bought From the Gov’t?

Upset Brewing In Florida Congressional Race As Patrick Murphy Takes Lead Over Allen West

Chris Hedges: What Is Happening to Muslims Will Happen to the Rest of Us

Romney is moving up in the polls.

A suggestion for the Home Page:

Out of Sync: Republicans and the Elderly

PA. says 600 more schools failed because of less cheating by teachers, not loss of 14,000 teachers

Historian Eric Hobsbawm dies, aged 95

The question I most want asked of Mittens is:

There is no one solution to solving America's fiscal issues

ZINGER from Romney could be "Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive, BUT ..."

F*** You Joe Scab. The press has an obligation to cover how bad the White House ...

(Advantage to Obama) Republicans End Swing-State Voter Sign-Up After Firing Company

HIV 'made' new deadly Salmonella - study

How a rogue appeals court wrecked the patent system

The REAL Referendum - PAUL KRUGMAN Asks: "Will that election result be honored?"

MAP: Which States Hunt Wolves? { @ link}

Photos: Too Old for Prison?

I know losing 1 or even 2000 soldier is bad!

- Remember this song from 1968 - Abraham, Martin and John by Dion. #4 Billboard Hot 100, 1968.

How Saudi petrodollars fuel rise of Salafism

Challenging Obama on torture might be Mitt's debate surprise

Mitt, the guy who is stuck in the 1980s, writes gibberish about foreign policy

the up coming debate

Anyone familiar with San Marzano tomatoes?

Disabled Vets Selling Artificial Poppies Or Pencils In The Streets Will Be Common With GOP ----

Celebs star in PSA for young voters

THE DEBATES - High Expectations For Mitt

RNC Cancels All Swing State Voter Registration Drives; UPDATE Chamber picks up slack

Ann Romney worried about Mitt's mental health

best thing about Nov 7th....

The Right's Pop-Culture Problem

SHIELDS NAILS MITTENS! "The first presidential candidate who wherever he campaigns does worse"

Why don't we talk about Afghanistan?

Are there any comprehensive studies of the state of the House, polling-wise?

WBUR/MassINC poll: MA (Obama +28) (Obama 60, Romney 32)

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The Stench

Romney Fades, Taking GOP Senate Hopes With Him (CHART)

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Bomb


Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

A Plutocrat Epiphany: All Votes Need Not Count

The US Could Not Survive As A Nation With The Present GOP In Full Power.

Obama’s Ruse To Box Mitt Romney On Taxes

Canada’s Sweetheart dies at 84

Romney Fades, Taking GOP Senate Hopes With Him (CHART)

MITT: I know George W Bush-George W Bush is a friend of mine & Mr President-you're no George W. Bush

murdoch's wall street journal gives romney (aka john bolton) editorial space to shit on Obama

Thank You Mittens:

Latino Decisions poll: Obama 73, Romney 21

Battleground Poll Has Latino Participation Dropping From 9% To 6% From 2008

Dark money shadows New Mexico

ABC-Wash Post Poll: Obama leads by 2 overall, but by 11 in swing states

Elvis has something to say:

Celebrating LGBT Month.

2012 Presidential Debate Schedule

President Obama needs to worry about this guy...

Peak Oil Review - Oct 1

Aurora Shooting Victim ‘Demands A Plan’ From Romney And Obama On Guns

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 1, 1964

Update from Easton Glacier

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 1, 1964

Peak Oil Review - Oct 1

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

The Ryder Cup

There Is No Answer To Willard Romney's 47% Gaffe When It Comes Up In The Debate

Romney's Values Perfectly Summed-Up

Oh Boy ! (R)asmussen Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 47%

For The Worst Debate Advice You Could Give Willard Romney,Click

OHIO Dispatch Poll: Brown opens lead on Mandel (+10)

Activists push for international ban on legal trade in polar bear items

President Obama Collects 10 Millionth Campaign Donation

Rasmussen: OBAMA surge continues (+3)

Sweden detains Pirate Bay founder in oppressive conditions without charges

Can I ask for your honest reaction to something?

worst death scene in a movie ever AND the remake! (not too gory - really bad film-making)

We Ask America Poll: Obama 52% Mittens 40% in Michigan

Peke (dog) adopts kitten

Tom Brokaw on Morning Joe: "Americans just want their Medicare check."

We Ask America Poll: Iowa--Obama 48% Mittens 44%

Tom Tomorrow: The Return of Droney

Ann worries about Mitt's Mental Well-Being ... oh baby!!!

Will Romney Reach out to Racists in Debates?

'We Are The 99 Percent': Tom Morello, Serj Tankian & Tim McIlrath Sing Occupy Anthem

Can the World Save Lives and Combat Climate Change?

Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the mondays.

With tattoos, young Israelis bear scars of Holocaust scars of relatives

You better worry about this Presidential election

Will Mitt run on torture?

Mitt's debate strategy: Make Obama come across as condescending or smug

Crispy Cream Cristy keep going and going.......

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): Obama’s Handling Of Libya Is ‘Worse Than Watergate’

Engaging Mitt Romney will be a mistake.

Happy 88th Birthday to President Jimmy Carter!

Voting laws may disenfranchise 10 million Hispanic U.S. citizens: study

ISM Manufacturing index increases in September to 51.5

Land 'stolen' by FARC to be returned: Santos

Antivaccine versus anti-GMO: Different goals, same methods

*Wayne Powell debate TONIGHT w eric cantor

Debate could test two Romney weaknesses

Is there any way to bring back "ignore" so that it doesn't remove

Latest meme, President Obama's foreign policy failing

Allen West down by 9 points in Fla.!

The BEST gas station sign!!!!

Debate Could Test Two Romney Weaknesses, Talking and Thinking

Can a state prevent one method of carry (concealed or open) and still comply

Florida’s Amendment 8: Bad For Religion, Bad For Taxpayers

Republicans End Swing-State Voter Sign-Up After Firing Company

Why is the national election being held on a state level?

WOW! 11,200 people waited in 90-degree heat to see President Obama in Las Vegas Sept. 30th

Wole Soyinka: Religion Doesn't Justify Mayhem

The (Nearly) Complete List

Barack Obama tweet: $10 million donated!!

A pre-debate update on the state of the race

'Commander' Sherman's Salute

ios6 battery drain

Fischer, Kerrey hold final Nebraska Senate debate

NY Adoptive Mother Wins Full Custody Over Birth Parent In Same-Sex Legal Battle

Republicans end swing state voter sign-ups

Another heatwave...groan..

Cool Prez Pic

President Obama is greeted on stage by Fher Olvera from the Mexican band Mana in Las Vegas

Nice ad, asshole

Chris Economaki Dead: NASCAR, Motorsports Journalist Dies At 91

Anne Hathaway went Prada for her wedding.

Papantonio: US Chamber Comes To Aid Of Fracking Industry

THE Big Debate Question: Will Obama 'Lloyd Bentsen' Romney?

Claim the Bookmarks!

The 30th Anniv. of "The Color Purple": Racism, Violence Against Women Are Global Issues

I'll be on a plane during the debate! What will I miss?

The Galactic Banks Refuse To Deal in Such Fiddling Small Change

Romney: Sex Makes Teens Suicidal

Harry Reid op-ed: Romney’s offensive comments raise doubts

Poll: Obama Still Holds Decisive Lead Over Romney On Foreign Policy

Prayer to be sung at preschoolers to skirt rule

Don't know where to post this, advice please.

If you weren't there for the opening of Porky or Flashdance, try to make it for Pitch Perfect.

Apocalyptic rhetoric of religious right is playing with fire

“Oh, shit!” Philadelphia cop sucker punches woman celebrating Latino heritage (w-Video)

U.S. manufacturing grows in September for first time since May

Look at all those people in line to see President Obama in Las Vegas!

There Goes Mitt's Last Chance to Use The Economy (U.S. Mfg. Expanded in Sept.)

I just got a robo-call by Pat Boone for Todd Akin.

Hey, YO, Meet my neighbors:

STILL ALIVE! And I didn't fall off the treadmill, either. To the contrary

After Obama guidance, Lockheed won’t issue layoff notices this year

Defeat the Austerity Threat

Stop A Couple Of People From Voting Republican This Year!!!

Jim Messina, Obama Campaign Manager, Says Even If Romney Surges, 'We're Going To Be OK'

What if complaining about a "culture of troll hunting" is actually an attempt to protect trolls?

2012 Proposed Constitutional Amendments - Information to make choices

Philadelphia Photo Day - October 26

With the 1st debate only a day and half away..........

High court leaves Clinton-era rule intact, turning aside mining industry petition

A brief history of one-liners from pre-election debates

"Downton Abbey" Getting A Prequel

"People think the election's done. Well, it' NOT"---AXELROD We CANNOT Be "irrationally exuberant."

Gunter Grass Hails Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower In New Poem

I Am So Amped For This Debate

"Anyone but Obama!"

Politico: How Howard Dean’s bid gave birth to Web campaigning

Breast Cancer Awareness for Men, October

Earth's Song

Okay, numbers as a tat? Very iffy, but it must mean a lot to this young lady.

Obama in Denver

Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge In Nebraska Abortion Case

How Many 'Zingers' Delivered By Rmoney Will It Take To Make You Vote For Him?

37 days left....Like if you're in!

Does Anybody Really Believe President Obama Is Outpolling Bill Nelson In Florida ?

I am a little concerned, I hear Romney has something planned for the debate

Now ridicule Obama's "failed policies!"

*** Gets out her box of letters and posts today's profound thought ***

Is something wrong with Yahoo email? I haven't received a message since 4 pm yesterday.

Evolution is a hoax. Where are the Dats and Cogs?

Holy Fuck! Did you see Romney's Head on Friday?

Madeleine Albright: 'There's just nothing going on' with Romney

Romney Losing Seniors' Vote

Another 3,387 Democrats and 1,652 "Republicans" registered to vote in Florida on 9/29

Charges Dropped Against Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Attacker (Who Is A Republican House Staffer)

As Scalia Falters, Will Alito Fill the Void on the Right?

Pic Of The Moment: Zingo!

Mitt Romney's Real Agenda

A fact about Mitt Romney's home state of Massachusetts...

The Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal From National Organization For Marriage (NOM)

I Witnessed A Conversion

Republican Cheating Effectively ENDS their SWING-STATE voter registration efforts before deadline

James Meredith 'still at war' 50 years after ending segregation on Mississippi campus

A Public Service Reminder for those worried about a Romney success in the Debates

***New health warning***

H20 Man and his Anti-Fracking Friends Deserve Support and Thanks

How a 2% national lead is giving Obama an 11% swing-state lead

The Lazy Susan is now obsolete.

Debate Desires - If RMoney had a sense of humor, this is how he would walk onto the stage....

SoCal DU'ers...South Bay

RIP Cobber (David Frum can't be all bad)

Gallup: Americans' Preference Shifts Toward One-Party Government

Photos of Buddhist Protest over Temple Attack:

IKEA regrets deleting women from Saudi version of catalog

Shift by Cuomo on Gas Drilling Prompts Both Anger and Praise

David Barton: Here, Lincoln issued a proclamation about God because we were doing so great in 1861

Radical Rally: Religious Right Meets In Philadelphia To Demand ‘Christian Nation’

The Sound of Silence in Gregorian Chant

Eleven House races to watch (CA-6, CA-24, CA-52, CO-6, FL-18, IL-10, MA-6, NC-7, NV-3, PA-12, UT-4)

Genetically engineered immune system fights melanoma

Orioles Manager Buck Showalter pranks pitcher Darren O'Day

What questions do you want Mitt asked?

The willard and company agenda

Will an Obama win nullify efforts against Citizens United and election fraud?

Army's Secret Cold War Experiments On St. Louis Residents

A Story Told In Three Photos

The Khalessi's boyfriend is hosting the Oscars.

Does anyone have a dog with a bite history? An as yet unrealized threat to bite?

LOL!!! 'The Simpsons' McBain Capital Gag Mocks Romney In Opening Credits

GOP Thursday morning statement has already been written

Americans aren't educated enough to work for Microsoft

ONION: Mitt Romney Frantically Running Around Ohio Smiling And Waving

Half the Sky Movement: Hillary Clinton on Gender Inequality

Thinking of moving to NM

Beck: God put Romney behind in polls to prove it’s a miracle when he wins

What would you do if someone snuck in your house and replaced all your coffee with Folger Crystals

Fine threatened over mobile spam deluge

THE question for Romney

California Voters to Decide on Labeling Genetically Modified Foods - PROP #37...

Republican Health Care...Todd Akin's suggestion...

Romney/Ryan – Out to Steal Nearly Four Decades’ Worth of Our Money

Oct 1: solar pool panels still dishing the BTUs

The HUGE blow to Romney comes the 7th and 8th,

Who likes Adele and James Bond?

Even Rick Scott Can’t Find Virtually Any Non-Citizen Voters

The Fact That The GOP Is Dissing Legislative Help For Vets Is Just Plain Evil

Awesome comment about Scott Brown

Patrick Murphy Leads Allen West By Nine Points: Dem Poll

In honor of EarlG's latest front page pic: I need Buzzword Bingo phrases for the watch party!

Report: 90 percent of Americans to face higher taxes if Congress doesn’t act on fiscal cliff

Looking for that picture of the little boy using phone in oval office

'Conversion therapy' for gay patients unethical, says professional body (in UK)

Warren, Brown prepare for second Senate debate

Feds: Notorious Alleged Con Man 'Bobby Thompson' Was Military Spy

Let's thank Governor Brown! "Senate Bill 1172, protecting LGBT young people."

It seems like there are a lot of good new DUers in our midst.

FTC Warns Marketers About Too-Broad Claims of Eco-Friendliness

How to fill the airwaves in the last month

American Express to Refund $85 Million

Voters View Obama as Candidate Who Connects With Ordinary Americans (Pew Research)

Health Care Case Is Seen as Helping Law but Hurting Court

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Discovery Channel To Air Special Starring Ted Nugent

I can't even IMAGINE reporters/news anchors/other pols questioning the Bush administration

Problems with dell xps 1330 laptop battery. Battery show 4 lights, but when computer unplugged

Iran's currency hits all-time low as western sanctions take their toll

Philly Stakes: Unlikely Champions

Joe Walsh

Guaranteed to Blow your Mind (Seriously)

Limbaugh, Hannity, Faux and all the other RW Media Hatemongers ...

The craziest user comment ever in the history of the internet

Ohmigod! All my favorites were at Stanley Tucci's wedding reception.

Police Log Report Contradicts Romney's Account Of 1981 Arrest

Why Do People Who Know Willard Romney ($) The Best Like Him The Least, Ergo:

Why is there evil and suffering?

WOW! Early Voting . . . Ohio

"Ghost" Slam


Brazilian Marriage site on the front page ad rotation

Poll shows Gary Johnson at 10.6% in Ohio

Thom Hartmann: How will the GOP Sabotage Obama's 2nd term?

NC GOP fires voter sign-up firm over Florida fraud

What would you do if someone snuck in your house and replaced all your underwear with penguins?

thoughts on terminology regarding marriage equality?

If we haven't insulted you yet, please stand by

I could not be happier that this douche was FINALLY shown the door

Our little Drew Barrymore is now a mother.

Australian anti-Islam group invites Dutch right winger Geert Wilders.

Even before debates, electoral map appears largely written in stone

My question re: Strategic Allied Consulting and their criminal registration fraud:

One debate eraces a year's worth of Romney ineptitude? REALLY?

This is the kind of thing that gets in the way of my day...

yesterday i was so hot, i was ready to turn on my air conditioner and

Does anyone know if this Romney zinger story (from his campaign supposedly) is real?

US firms bringing work home from overseas

How to train a dog to "go" in a particular area?

The Romney-Ryan bomb of 2012 (Remember Slim Pickens in Dr. Stranglove?)

New Report Aims to Hit Fracking Right in the Pocketbook

Even Rick Scott Can’t Find Any Non-Citizen Voters-GOP WITCH HUNT NETS 11- COUNT'EM, 11- NON-CITIZENS

Finally! Why Vermont and New Hampshire are so different politically

Seth MacFarlane Oscar Host

Romney Promised to Take Advantage of Foreign Policy Crisis in 47 Percent Remarks

DREAM Act Could Add $329 Billion To U.S. Economy

Important note if canvassing or phone banking: remind them to CHECK THEIR VOTER REGISTRATION

Kentucky restaurant shut down after road kill found in kitchen

There is an island in the Lake of Constance called "Die Mainau" - meet some inhabitants

Eminent Domain Casts its Long Shadow Over the Texas Legislature

Important note if canvassing or phone banking: remind them to CHECK THEIR VOTER REGISTRATION

I just checked my backyard and all my pet penguins are missing!!!

Wish me luck. The overweight middle aged nerd

Kate and Brad, please help us...

Carl Hiaasen: Billionaire Koch brothers try to buy state’s court

CALLING FIZZGIG! I think I found a relative of yours . . .

This author was self-deleted by his message

Women's horror remembered through accounts of abuse .

Women's horror remembered through accounts of abuse .

For The US Chamber, the GOP and Big Business Even Giving A Worker A Paycheck That ===

Cuban physicians desert in fear of Chávez's electoral defeat

LOL! OH Dem party sends pants as birthday gift to Josh Mandel because

Mike Malloy reviews the Obama and Romney interviews on 60 Minutes (9/24/12 show open)

Medellin gang dismembers boys, exposing ongoing terror .

Paul Ryan On Why He Didn't Discuss Tax Plan Math: 'Everyone Would Start Changing The Channel'

All-Organic MRI Contrast Agent Tested In Mice

Former Colombian congressman sentenced to 8 years for corruption .

Paul Ryan is appearing near my hometown tomorrow. What question should I ask

The common thread among the Knight Foundation's latest grants: practical application of open data.

See how President Obama has helped your state...

Thank You (President Obama at the McCarran International airport, Las Vegas, Sept 30)

President Obama goes comedy-book shopping:


Why is the Catholic church not paying taxes?

So apparently Obama is a tyrant...

The Rude Pundit: Paul Ryan Is a Little Bitch

Tadpole Tests Confirm Light-Activated Anesthetic Is Reversible

Traditional Craft (Bellaonline)

Why do billionaires feel victimized by Obama? Because they think he should bow and scrape to them

What happened to that "Swiftboating 2.0" guy?

The Minnesota Orchestra management has locked out the musicians,

Banned Books Week: 10 Challenged Books that Are Probably Still in Your Child’s School Library

Thinking about inking? Graphic published on the Health & Science section describing the basics

Here's an interesting article about Salem, Mass in the NASDAQ Newsletter:

Gay Marriage's Moment Arrives, With Help From Obama

Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens, Becomes Criminal Matter in Florida

Mike Malloy: Hey Mitt, emergency rooms are NOT for primary health care!

Well this is weird and interesting.

(CFPB Orders) American Express to pay $85 million in customer refunds

UK Labour Party to endorse referendum on EU membership

Snoring from 2 cubicles over..

Party Switcher

Romney has lost because he is an arrogant, stupid, insensitive rich bully/asshole.

Elemental Dignities

Damnit, someone 2 cubicles over from me is typing REALLY loud!!!

Did you relocate?

Construction of Japanese reactor to resume

I-26 crash dogs found, shelter raising money...

Proof that Romney is running a shitty campaign

Ryan: I Didn’t Explain Tax Math Because People Would Change The Channel

Why Venezuela's Neighbors Are Hoping For A Chavez Win Sunday

Wiccan Woman on a Mission to Protect Women From Brutal Witch Hunts

Full Speech: President Obama at Las Vegas Desert Pines High School

This Week In Voluntary Amnesia: Emergency Room Edition


Damnit, someone 2 cubicles over from me just threw some dirty underwear at me!!!

F#@k Pat ("Hannity's 2ND Favorite 'Democrat' following Toe-Sucking Morris") Caddell

Those of you with cats and dogs

Trump Advises Romney To Ask Birther Question At Debate

UN experts voice shock at killing of prominent rights defender in Honduras

UN experts voice shock at killing of prominent rights defender in Honduras

Every Woman in America Needs to SEE this...

Remember 'The Ventures'? Take a look at them now:

Women photoshopped out of Ikea catalog in Saudi Arabia

I have a question about Lysteria.

Michael Douglas has his question answered!

Paul Ryan Draws Crowd of 300, Charges $10,000 for One Picture then Leaves

DU October Photo Contest Announcement.

Greg Palast is on Thom Hartmann NOW talking voter FRAUD

Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 10 Points In Michigan

DU: Journey with me thru CA lost driver's license bizarro world today

Boone Pickins last night.

Caller on Thom Hartmann show said Romney doesn't want to be President that he's only doing it

CNN Poll: Obama By 3 Points Nationally

GOP Busily Taking Away Veterans Right To Vote Including Disabled Vets -- It Means

State Dep't Rejects Call for UN Ambassador to Quit

I just signed up to be a Board Worker for the General Election.

GOP-Hired Firm Under Investigation For Voter Fraud In North Carolina

LOL - Liberty University advertising on DU! Talk about bad targeting!

Seth McFarlane (Family Guy creator/vocals) will host the Oscars this year

Our country is in deep trouble... a poll on whether we should use torture

Majority Of UK Conservative Party Members Want Britain To Leave The EU

“47%” Was Bad for Romney; Ryan Has Been Deadly

When did "pre-planning" come about? What's wrong with just regular planning?

'Public School State Of Mind' (a great rap by 2 kids in support of education- Ha!)

Obama For America TV AD "Since When"

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Adopted ALEC Bills ‘Nearly Word For Word’

Paul Ryan one liners from interview.

"Performance appraisals," "annual review," whatever you call it, at work,

Dumb-Ass of the Day: Woody Johnson: I'd Rather Romney Win Than the Jets (Video)

GOP poll: embattled David Rivera trails Joe Garcia

Paul Ryan Cracks Under Pressure and Admits Romney’s Tax Plan is Trickle Down

GOP Governor: Asking Whether Romney’s Tax Plan Adds Up Is ‘A Laughable Question’

What Kids Think About the 2012 Presidential Election

RNC Cash Advantage: Republicans Use $5.3 Million Recount Fund To Bolster Total

Source: TPM reporting that polls are narrowing

You have already redefined marriage...

These Republicans must have been in the Slow Math Group

Paul Ryan: Cut taxes first, balance budget later

Does anybody know how much the Dem's have in their Recount Fund? Right now the GOP has $5.3 Million

Dear IRS, I don't have the time to explain the math. Ask my running mate. M. Romney

Philadelphia Police Brutality

GOP try to tie Dems to Wall Street. The only problem: big banks are helping pay for the ads.


Mes Aynuk Update

Austerity and Financial Crisis (playlist)

Swing-state billboards, now with 100% less Romney/Ryan

About Ryan's arithmetic...

Marco Rubio mum on David Rivera questions, Jeb Bush Jr. floated as future replacement

TSA hired priest accused of molesting girls to do pat downs

A trip through time; don't blink!

Mr President, it's no secret why Bain is handling this Bankruptcy "Reorganization"

If anyone has Obama's ear

Will Gay-Marriage Advocates' Long Ballot Losing Streak End in Maine?

This is funny! (about Ann's concern for Mitt's mental well-being)

Unless you want ice cream, don't bowl.

Haitian Government Faces Mounting Popular Anger

Republicans: Getting the Most Bat-Shit Bang For Their Buck

Why are they called the Bush tax cuts?


Haitian Government Faces Mounting Popular Anger

Why doenst this pic url turn into a picture on DU?

Don't mess with Missouri Women!!

Meet Richard Hayes. He picks up Mitt Romney's trash.

WHat about sub-group Red State Dems and/or Rural Dems?

Mormon's Secret - a company to give Victoria's Secret a run for their money

Great Barrier Reef loses more than half its coral cover

McCaskill leads Akin by 9, according to internal polling

We all think we're in traffic, not that we are traffic.

Newly-Discovered Comet May Outshine The Moon


Barry Commoner dies: Scientist, Candidate and Planet Earth’s Lifeguard

Need Cheering Up?

Duke Energy Says Crystal River Nuclear Repair Could Exceed $3 Billion

PBS documentary 'Half the Sky' tells pain, hope of exploited women


GOP Focus Group: Undecided Voters Assume Romney’s Attacks Are Dishonest

A Gay Soldier was Booed at The GOP Debates and Romney Stood Silent? Obama thinks that is Fucked Up

ADHD diagnosed as adults... how long did it take to get a diagnosis?

Michele Bachmann's Chicago Synagogue Visit Drives Attendees To Leave, Donate To Her Opponent

US judge: No probable cause for some RNC arrests

Obama Campaign Goes Nuclear On Romney Over China Outsourcing

Misconduct Widespread in Retracted Science Papers, Study Finds

Serving NOW? A veteran? How's that Republican Congress working out for you?

$500 million investment in NEK

How good are you at lip reading? >>

Washington Ads Highlight Faithful Support for Marriage Equality

Why the Social Security Age Should NOT Be raised!! - Koch Bros Bent on Destroying SS/Video Proof...

Philadelphia cop punches woman.

I'm not watching the debate unless the Yankees clinch or get eliminated before Wednesday

I'm a new poster on DU

Paul and Mitt's Big adventure ..... a DU adventure story ...... please add to it

Latest numbers on early voting in Iowa and North Carolina

"Performance appraisals," "annual review," whatever you call it, at home!

Shall we listen to her?

beware of backfire Obama

RECOMMEND and SHARE if you agree that we need more women in US Congress.

New book, ‘For Europe!’, makes the case for a federal Europe; written by Green and Liberal party

Republican uses the same phone number for prostitution ring that he used for re-election campaign.

Live blog of Debate

GOP’s October surprise?

Police Blotter Contradicts Mitt Romney’s Account Of 1981 Motorboating Arrest

Martin Bashir - Ryan: No time to explain my budget math

Big rig slams into Amtrak train in Central Valley

Allen West to Wife: Be my Porn Star!

Martin Bashir - GOP’s potential voter fraud scandal grows

New York Jets owner: Romney win more important than team’s season

Any televised debates tonight? Elizabeth Warren? Eric Cantor?

What Romney Needs To Do In This Debate

Iranian News Agency Claims Onion Report It Ran by Mistake Is Essentially True

Please join me in welcoming our new office tenant......

This is just not right!! Patricia Spottedcrow

The Elizabeth Warren campaign asked me for *ANOTHER* $50!! I just couldn't do it....

Mitt Romney! "That Rock Ain't Gonna Hide You...Run to the River...OOPS!.. You Sinner Man!"

Fareed Zakaria plagiarism suspension ends at CNN and Washington Post...

Hillary Clinton says this should be "right at the center of American foreign policy"

Meet Temo Fuentes. He repairs fire trucks in Mitt Romney's neighborhood.

Martin Bashir - Ryan breaks campaign’s own ‘no whining rule’ over media bias

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Meet Joan Raymond. She picked up Mitt Romney's trash.

Silver: "Race is tightening" meme is oversold"

So, has Fox stopped flogging the Libya story? (It's not on their web site today. Imagine!)

Have you ever compared Mormon and Muslim similiarities?

Gov. Brown gives green light to driverless cars in California

Faced with Police Violence, Thousands return to Spanish Parliament

A story told in three photos. - pics

Wealthy Romney Donors Fleeing Campaign?

BREAKING: NY AG sues JPMorgan Chase over mortgage-backed securities

"This isn't a pop quiz." This is a Presidential election!

Sen. John Cornyn is not closing the door to aiding Todd Akin in Missouri.

Bush Lost Afghanistan Long Before Obama Elected Yet -----

Aging Supreme Court justices may open seats for next president

Anyone else catch part/all of the Ryder Cup?

Meghan McCain on Rev Al, is exasperated with Romney LOL

I'm going to see my President on Thursday here in Madison, WI

UPDATE - New Fairfield CT - Father shoots son believed to be burglar

What's with Romney and all the babies?

Image: Scott Brown prepares for his debate

A GREAT VIDEO!! Let’s Re-Elect Him!

I noticed Meghan McCain was much better behaved

Meet the Guy Who Picks Up 15 Tons of Trash Mitt Is Trying to Shortchange

Rev Al wants to know where is the RW outrage re ReTHUG

We Ask America Poll: Obama up by 4 in Colorado & 10 in New Mexico

How come there aren't any posting done

America's War Against Atheism Is Over

It's not plastic pizza like the plastic turkey Dubya served up to his troops....


Eve's Great Grandmother was murdered for standing up for voting rights! (must see video)

worst political ad I've seen in a long time

President Obama visits campaign office in Henderson, NV - pics

Bush-Appointed Judge Upholds Obama Administration’s Birth Control Coverage Rules

New Bumper Sticker

Religion reinterpreted

Caption Romney and Portman

Juan Cole: Did Bashar al-Assad Betray Qaddafi?

Nickel and Dimed from The American Ruling Class! (What living on $7 an hour actually means)

LeBonds has heroin named after him...

US warns European governments against supporting Palestinians at UN

Minnesota Catholic School Teacher Fired Over Marriage Equality Views

Vote 4 Stuff (This is good!)

Hong Kong ferry crash off Lamma Island kills 25

Poll shows Obama with 15-point lead in NH

Who's secret sugar daddy to Oakland court challengers (a pair of AG Schuette's stooges)?

September 30, 2008

Ever hear of "Wishbone Ash?"

I'm a lifelong Democrat and Michelle Rhee doesn't speak for me!

Any guess as to whom President Obama is chatting with?

Same Sex Couples Officially Added For Deportation Relief.

New drug-resistant Salmonella variant behind an epidemic across sub-Saharan Africa

Why is the word Chinaman contentious if referring to one person, one man?

So Raping the Lesbian out of a child jokes are fine at DU now?

Second Warren debate about to begin on (and maybe C-Span)

***POWELL v cantor DEBATE ON C-SPAN 2 NOW!!!

David Horowitz going for the gold in right wing fear: Communists! Muslims! Liberals! Bill Ayers!

Undersea 6.2 magnitude quake strikes off northeast Japan

Again the 1st QUESTION!

OH FUCK. David Gregory starts off the Warren/Brown Debate with Native American question

Suit Alleges Misconduct by Bear Stearns on Mortgage Securities

NLRB finds Facebook posting that caused salesman’s discharge at Chicago-area BMW dealership was not

The Question they are going to ask Obama in the first debate (knowing Jim Lehrer, more than once)

Isn't it funny?

Univision report on fast and furious.

Elizabeth Warren vs. Scott Brown - LIVE COVERAGE - Debate #2

Dark Knight Shooting Victim Takes on Gun Violence in New PSA

Coupon Clipping: The Romney-Ryan Plan For Senior Citizens

BACK TO "The Best Songs of 1984" and a little WOO WOO...about WHY!

Tweety on ReTHUG voter fraud

Khadr's rehabilitation undermined by Tories, Dallaire says

70-year-old Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs

Late Night Video--Jay Smooth Asks Guys to Call out Sexism on the Internet

Here's one for discussion

David Gregory got Scott Brown to admitt he supports Romney, fatal blow!

How much time will they spend on MNF tonight showing the new Victoria's Secret store at Jerryworld?

One short thought about Wednesday's debate. What they will be thinking..

Revival of Nuclear Arms Race: US Conducts New Underground Nuclear Tests

The question GOP toadies of Corporate media are itching to ask the President in the first debate

CBC: Romney facing Ron Paul's revenge in battleground Nevada

"Thank goodness we have people like me"

Some more Todd Aiken blow back -

Speaking of government spending run amuck....

Mitt Romney's Wealthy Donors May Be Fleeing Campaign: Report

David Gregory is not a good moderator.

Mes Anyak: Chinese mine in Afghanistan

Am I the ONLY one watching Wayne Powell-Eric Cantor debate?

On C-Span now!! Sen. Scott Brown (R) Meets Elizabeth Warren (D) in Mass. Senate Debate

David Gregory should be ashamed of himself!!! He has no business moderating any damn thing!!

We "did something" last weekend.

Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens, Becomes Criminal Matter in Florida

DFW Debate Watch Party

iPhone 5 Data: Apple, Verizon Issue Fix For Bug Causing Huge Data Overages

Right-Wing Extremists’ (Golden Dawn) Popularity Rising Rapidly in Greece

Brown shows who he really is