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CSpan NOW: Arizona Senate Debate: Flake vs. Carmona RAZAOR THIN RACE Running Thread

Romney's Bain selling out workers to China

"Don’t let Romney win the economic argument" by Greg Sargent at WP


Wake up, American Women!! (A DUer wrote this)

Romney Proudly Explains How He's Turned Campaign Around .'I'm Lying More,' He Says

the taliban's cowardly act

McCaskill goes nuclear on Todd Akin

Ranking the dirtiest ballparks in America

2on2u and WorseBeforeBetter made me think of something (on Sophegirls thread)

Dem poll: Carmona (D) up 4 over Flake in ARIZONA

Statement on C.J.’s Seafood Workers U-Visa Victory (Walmart Supply Chain)

DSCC Emergency Media Fund

Mother of retired SEAL killed in Libya: 'I don't trust Romney review of Obama's statement re Rmoney's plans for Medicare is not legitimate.

Obama's final campaign messaging.

20 school lunches from around the world.


Special Interests Spent $11 Million On Solyndra Attack Ads Since April — But They Didnt work

I have to admit that I was despondent there for a few days after the debate with mit and President O

Romney condoms

Tagg Team: The Romney Family Recipe for Crony Capitalism

Jeffrey Feldman's Frameshop "The Breakout Performance"

Hold on to your hats...538 re-elect odds down to 67.9%

Russia Frees One Punk Rocker, Keeps Two in Jail

Puuuhhhhleeeeeze! Paul Ryan says "I'm from Detroit west."

The Lying GOP Presents; Scott Brown!

Here is the video I wanted to see! Too short but it's good! Mitt Romney dabates himself.

Shooting of Pakistani teen activist prompts widespread outcry

Toyota recalls 7.43 million vehicles globally

Supreme Court casts doubt on affirmative action

nate silver number nerds, check this out

If You're Keeping Score

What sh*t is Ryan going to pull tomorrow with Biden?

South Carolina voter ID law blocked until 2013

Romney claims 5 studies back his claim his tax plan will work as he said it would: FALSE -Politifact

Romney's Incompetence Will Be the Deciding Factor

S&P cuts Spain credit rating to near junk

Name Amnesty Is Coming - Should I Change Names?

Does Romney's Bain Capital Support Voter Suppression?

The right-wingers having snitfits about Romney's lies...

Rush Limbaugh's unceasing racist, duplicitous attacks on President Obama

Man With Smoke Grenade Was Searched in S Korea

Romney's Flip Flops As A President - Unfortunately, You Don't Get Infinite Mulligans

How dysfunctional, politically, do you have to vote against your best interests?

Abortion should be illegal...unless..

FX vs DX

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night. Young Nones

Shelter work---have to share.

Romney's abortion comments leave campaign scrambling to unify ticket

If you don't want the gloat, you'd better vote.

Warren Ties Brown to National GOP Throughout Debate

Addison's disease makes you orange

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker: "some girls rape easy"

Meanwhile back at the Romney ranch...

Anyone watchin Titanic: Blood and Steel on Encore.

I was #2!

Elizabeth Warren just SPANKED Scott Brown

Craigslist: Rants & Raves - Republican has a change of heart.

Youth delegation to Nicaragua

IMHO - President Obama Should Attack Romney's Secret Plan To Raise Taxes By $6 Trillion

O'Keefe is at it AGAIN...

Scott Brown takes a hard-right turn in Senate debate

Is it just me....

Are you from a "dysfunctional" family?...

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the gaffes of the Romney campaign

Obama behind these Election theft Stories?

Venezuela's Chavez names Maduro as vice-president

Voting machine company has close ties to Bain, Romney

We Are In Good Shape - In Early 2012, President Obama's Reelection Chances Looked Less Than 50%

NBC Nightly News lead story is about Mitt's flip flopping on the pro-choice issue

One Wisconsin Now files complaint over Paul Ryan television ads

Let's remember - We Are the World

New Obama Campaign Ad: EARNED - Slams Romney's Voucher Plan

Woman Tells Police Being a Republican Should Keep Her Out of Jail

Who won the Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown debate? Cast your vote!

Bad Lip Reading Does the Debate

Rift widens between backers of education initiatives 30 and 38.

Does anyone want to host some guides/angels?

Could someone please put NPR out of it's misery?

Another 9,454 Democrats and 5,089 Republicans registered to vote in Florida on 10/9

Seriously people?

Wayne Powell - The Final Word

Obama's Approval Rating now on par with Clinton & Reagan

The Lounge gets mentioned in the debate! (Bad Lip Reading Version)

Political Spam E-mails

NYT: Bain Capital among defendants in private-equity collusion lawsuit

Elderly MI Homeowner Shoots 1 of 2 Burglars With a .410 Shotgun

My wife saw this bumper sticker today:

Thanks Mrs Doherty

Turkey-Syria tensions sky high

Mitt Romney is a liar. Mitt Romney is a liar. Mitt Romney is a liar. Mitt Romney is a liar. Mitt

Kids in solitary confinement: America's official child abuse

Romney Endorses Abortion Rights In The Last Trimester of Election

Elizabeth Warren shows how to take down a Republican in a debate

Mitt Romney today, "This is the American way. We go where there's trouble...

robme yard signs pulled

And then Elizabeth Warren drove it home.

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection

Should Senior Citizens Serving Life Sentences in Prison Have Their Own Gen Pop?

Highest telescope reveals wonders of the Universe

The ED Show - Romney to pull story of Navy SEAL from speeches

Philadelphia Inquirer: PENNSYLVANIA (Obama +8)

Got this in an email: If I am gone tomorrow

Wayne Powell-The Final Word AND an URGENT request:

NBC swing state polls out tomorrow AM. Nate down to 50%?

Premature Desperation

*Wayne Powell-The Final Word and URGENT request:

Netflix just went haywire and my instant queue disappeared!

Tom DeLay attorney asks Texas judges to overturn conviction

The ED Show - Paul Ryan's auto industry record exposed

Humble bundle ebooks

Woohoo! Almost done: my greenhouse

Obama ‘Foreign Donation Scandal,’ Hyped By Right-Wing, Based On Inaccurate Google Translation

I am starting to think Romney basically woke up Obama, and is looking at ass kicking next week!!!

Oceguera closing the gap in Nev. 03

Letting us in on a secret (CIA cover blown)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 11 October 2012

From 30,000 ft Rmoney is still a deceptive liar who will do the biding of his right wing backers...

URGENT MESSAGE from Wayne Powell

Massachusetts Senate debates, round three: Warren over Brown

Mice learn songs in similar way to humans and birdsBy Matt McGrath

Florida Dems asking Dems to vote absentee ballot, but walk them in.

#Mitterature is back! In Huffpo form

Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights!

Put a fork in him he's done Romney that is hears why

Ascension Update from Matt Kahn

The ED Show - The politics of pressure

New Cuban Missile Crisis documents to be released

How does Obama respond to Romney's lies and damnable lies?

Well I just got dumped.

My recs for cookboks

I'd like to see the president go a little lower on Intrade

Philadelphia Inquirer Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 8 In Pennsylvania

Hotseat: Julia Sweeney

Diplomacy Follies Theatre starring Mitt Romney

Facebook paid only £238,000 in corporation tax on UK earnings of up to £175m

Study questions Virginia's religious exemption statute

The ED Show - 'Tea Party Mt. Rushmore' crumbling?

Tutu promotes campaign to end child marriage

Former Scott Brown Campaign Staffer Working For Shadowy Super PAC Attacking Elizabeth Warren

Romney vows: 'I'll be a pro-life president'

Can your pooch do this?

Romney campaign: Michigan win not necessary to get to White House

Why have the improved unemployment numbers not taken hold in the polls?

OK. Enough about this

Russia Won’t Renew Pact on Weapons With U.S.

Just watched Arrow and it was pretty good...

She actually said this...

looks like Gallup is upping Cell-Phone Respondents In Tracking Polls To 50 Percent

Why America needs White History Month

Pink Ribbon$ Inc.

Help Firedoglake Send Supplies to the Walmart Warehouse Strikers

What does it say that despite the 47% comment, and all of Romney's lying, that its a toss up race?

It's Not As If The President Blew A Twenty Point Lead At The Debate

More poll: IL, PA, RI and one national

Here is my prediction for an Obama win 10/10 (it may very well change daily)

Rachel Maddow is eviscerating "Grandstanding" Republicans & Romney right now.

“Can you fix my Windows 95 computer?”: How to troll a tech support scammer

A little humor . Go to and type in completely wrong

Mom who glued toddler's hands: 'I'm not a monster'

Dow falls 128, with Chevron and Alcoa leading way

House GOP Describes Fox "News" As “WE” During Benghazi Hearing

Nate Silver's Commentary update 10/10/12

$370,000,000. That's up $40,000,000 from last year

It's a TRICK!!!

Heating costs to rise this winter as cold returns

Panic? No! Speak factually to working class friends about Romney’s deceptions. Then VOTE!

Check in if you've voted!

Rachel Maddow - GOP demonstrates facility for exploiting security for politics

Get Misunderstood

FDIC sets out to seize Nevada GOP U.S. House candidate's assets

Jon Stewart deconstructs Romney’s promises/lies–Journalists no longer serve their purpose (VIDEO)

Deb Butler Uses Transvaginal Probe To Attack Thom Goolsby In North Carolina State Senate Race

RIP, Alex Karras.

Obama needs to call Romney out on all of his lies during the next debate

As the post-debate polling cycle matures…

DAMN Warren is a better debater than Obama she trounced Brown

Rachel Maddow - Can Obama keep Romney honest in remaining debates?

Williard? W*I*L*L*A*R*D??????????? c'mon...

Have You All Lost Your GD Minds?

Scott Brown is... Colonel Stink (image)

Kodak wants to end retiree's benefits... "Corporations are people my friend!"

a “government-driven economy” didn’t harm the auto industry. It helped.

I was a guest on HuffPost Live Today Discussing 4 Front Page Topics (VIDEO)

Looks like the House Republicans Blew The CIA's Cover

DVR Alert: Lawrence O'Donnell just announced he will be live @ 10 pm Friday

I think having Ann Romney and Bristol Palin on the tee-vee is good for the Dems

"If she lives, we will try again to kill her"

Rachel Maddow - Strategizing against an untethered Romney proves challenging

Former President Bill Clinton Gets Super Excited At Obama Campaign Event - image

Candidate voted twice in same elections, records show [Houston]

We haz the AWESOME!

Ballot propositions

Does anyone have a really great link,

Half Of Scott Brown’s Top Twenty Donors Are Big Banks Or Other Financial Institutions

Did Anybody See Ann Romney Dis The President And His Campaign?

Lawrence O'Donnell's Rewrite tonight is heartbreaking & infuriating

Don't like Rudy all that much but he hit this one on the head about Mitt Romney

Modern Family Tonight

"5 Reasons President Obama Will Be Re-Elected" at the National Memo

Watch LIVE: Bill Clinton rally for U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona

It's The Law....

If the optimism progressives were feeling up until the debate . . .

NBC/WSJ/Marist — VA (R 48, O 47), OH (O 51, R 45), FL (O 48, R 47)

If women come out in full force this election we will win. /nt

Romney vows to be 'a pro-life president' after newspaper interview

Romney/Ryan have now been smoked out

Torture cases rise sharply in Mexico, Amnesty International says

Torture cases rise sharply in Mexico, Amnesty International says

Rachel Maddow - Political observers lose patience with Romney vacillations

NBC/Marist - Just Out: FL +1 Obama VA +1 Romney OH +6 Obama

Need a chuckle?

Rand Paul takes issue with Mitt Romney on Syria, Pentagon spending

Statement From A Resister - Leah-Lynn Plante

Math on Meth

Do You Have A Favorable Or Unfavorable Opinion Of Ann Romney?

After the Biden Ryan debate people are going to realize just how dangerous the republican party is

Soglin says protesters can march on State Street without paying for police services

"Saves Medicare?" Inigo chimes in. (image)

AP apologizes over this Romney photo

Earl G's "Rock Solid Romney"'s Gone Viral! 4,036 Likes & 374 Comments In Just 1 Hour!

Wisconsin Lawmaker Claims ‘Some Girls Rape Easy’

New "Promote" button on Facebook.

NBC/Marist SENATE - VA: (Kaine 47, Allen 46) | FL: (Nelson 52, Mack 39 | (OH: Brown 52, Mandel 41)

Obama is Beating Mittens 60% to 40%

Attention Ohio Absentee Ballot Voters

This thread needs more cowbell...

Just saw Rachel show Romney talking about Navy Seal and compared it to himself running for Pres

The New New Romney Is a New Kind of Mendacious Liar - Charles Pierce, Esquire


Wall Street Journal wailing over Chavez victory in Venezuela

Romney practices for the next debate w/ Pres Obama by answering questions from folks at a town hall

Ryan voted with Issa and that schmuck Caffetz to CUT embassy security funds.

ABC to Obama regarding Romney: Was it a lie?

I have to admit something...

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Wednesday, October 10)

Minnesota Archbishop Told Mother To Reject Her Gay Son Or Go To Hell

In new ads, sex-assault victims blast Akin for rape comments

This is one of my favorite things about Biden...

Nate Silver and All You Poll Junkies Forgot One Factor: Baseball Depression!

Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

Latin American governments congratulate Chavez win in Venezuela

Victory: No More Shackles on Pregnant Prisoners

U.S. economy picked up in September: Fed

Honesty is important.

The Real Mitt Romney

Response to Questions I've Encountered on Venezuela

Quinnipiac: O+5 in VA, O+3 WI, R+1 CO

CBS/NYT: VA: Obama 51%, Romney 46%. WI: Obama 50%, Romney 47%. CO: Obama 47%, Romney 48%

USB ports not recognized at same locations every time. Work everywhere else! What would cause this?

Wisconsin State Rep: ‘Some Girls, They Rape So Easy

Stranger wipes Romney's face/sweat not once but multiple times. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports - LOL

Divorce is no joke..

The Selling Off Of America GOP Style ---- Ending The National Forest Service.

Local Candidates Receive Valued Progressive Endorsement

Whoa, Buddy! I'm on your side, I hope (FA-18 parts my hair)

To The GOP Veterans Care And Benefits Like Retirement Is Welfare. Privatizing The Military.

BROWN 1,066 WARREN 997

A Woman's Right to Make Her Own Decisions About Having Children

THE NEW AMERICAN GIGOLO - Scott Brown (image)

Confronting the Universe...

Majority of Latino voters in Colorado still favor Obama

Harvest Of The Grapes Of Wrath

If "Liar" is too difficult to get past the lips...

Walmart Workers Threaten Black Friday Action

Mitt Romney Closing Gap (will his downsizing NEVER cease?)

OMG - the lunatics are running the asylum. You gotta check this out:

New Republic: Is Romney's Bounce Receding?

Rolling Stones premiering new single at 3:15 a.m. EST

You may call it jury shopping, but sometimes juries get it wrong and sometimes they get it right.

Contractors Ignore GOP Warnings on Layoffs

Romney relies on shrinking pool of white male votes

New Quinnipiac poll is out

US foreclosure filings hit 5-year low in September

Women's home fighting insurance giant to stay put

Nance Greggs: Giddy-up!

Brown vs. Warren, Round Three: A Good Night for the Professor

Raul Ibanez.

2 ranches protect thousands of acres of grassland from development

Romney relies on shrinking pool of white male votes

If Obama is really "the lazy negro President" that the right claims he is

I stand tall...

What kind of food do you like?

GMA's Democratic kitchen sabotages Ann Romney (LOLOLOL)

Nate Silver - 'Will have analysis of the state poll vs national poll thing in the AM.'

Romney debate 'win'-The Manipulation of the good will of the people-

Image:Back in days when Mitt loved PBS

Willard's World

Quote from the Big Dog...

After Millions of Californians Gain Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act, Who Will Remain--

Romney out-smirks Smirk. It drives me nuts.

Dean Baker on "tweaking" Social Security

Bain sends Illinois jobs to China By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first U.S. president to fly in an airplane in 1910

Why we should retire 401(k) plans for pensions

Brown, Warren meet for third debate.

PNHP press release: Private insurers have cost Medicare $282.6 billion in excess payments since 1985

Romney appeared on the stage in Florida with Allen West THE KING OF CRAZY. They BOTH must go down !

Cartoonists memorialize the end of Matt Groening's "Life in Hell" strip

Lawmaker Says "Some Girls Rape Easy"

The Other Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Gun Policy

DNA has a 521-year half-life

Joe Scum you're a fugging LIAR

'Graphic' political advertisement pulled from airwaves

Feds charge 40 in ID theft-tax fraud takedown in South Florida

The only poll I'm looking at right now is the 7''11 poll which seems more accurate to me

GOP Blames Obama For Libya Embassy Deaths; Forget They Cut Funding For Embassy Security

The Democrats Biggest Mistake

My brother the evangelical Obama hater Voted - and not for Romney

Live From the Rubber Room!

Pipe Dream

John Ewing (D-NE) appeals for funds to counter Lee Terry's (R-NE) ad

It's not spending. It's loss of revenue that is driving the deficit up.

(From a primary town hall) Romney verbally berates woman?

GOOD Morning DU! Today's Swing State Polls Look Great! (UPDATE)

What to Watch for As Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Square Off Thursday Night

Favorite band named after a board game?

new name for the GOP

10 Years in Prison for Legally Growing Medical Pot? The Feds' Insane Assault

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Rmoney visits Sesame Street

Exactly five years ago today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached its all time high

Detroit News Poll: Obama up by 7 in Michigan

18% have already voted in OHIO and voted 2-1 for our President !!

Memo to Joe, Re: Debate with Rightwing Zealot by Robert Reich


May I ask a question to add in our continuing (but hopefully receeding) poll panic?

A request to the left leaning pundits "Wake The F*ck Up"

Disabled voters face Election Day challenges

Cutter: Biden’s ‘Rarin’ To Go’

Jack Welch double down on unemployment number conspiracy theory.

Question about something Chuck Todd said regarding the polls...

Why not to vote for Romney in 60 seconds

Agent Orange is Okinawa's smoking gun

+++ NFL Picks / Week Six +++


Tonight on the History Channel at 9pm

Massachusetts snapshot: Obama vs. Romney in fundraising through Aug 2012

Why Obama Now?

Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: 'You Have To Prioritize Things

Why Obama Now?

In Florida, Democrats close absentee ballot gap (over 2008)

Lol...the ryan wkout pics in Time mag...

Empire and Its Consequences

I can't have this because of where I live

It is time to start the "Comeback Story"

No matter what happens, Joe wins the debate

Rolling Thunder: True Storm Chasing Stories

Despite the haranguing, I have yet to see anyone produce a viable map for Mitt

dropping cholesterol 30 points in 6 months with no drugs

Your morning smile (no matter what the media says)

Immunity Sealed: Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Telecom Spying

Mitt's Tax Plan Is Not Mathematically Possible, Say the Lousy Marxists at Brookings, Again

Romney IS AN EVIL MAN. There Is No Doubt About It.

Paul Ryan will be declared the winner no matter what.

Tail fins on cars--were they just decoration, or did they have anything to do with performance?

Stay Back But Don't Worry: Halliburton Finally Stumbles on the Radioactive Rod It Somehow Lost ...

Food Sickens Millions as Company-Paid Checks Find It Safe

Florida to use race in grading public schools Romney claims Obama “will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000.” That’s nonsense

Non Sequitur Toon: I think the two-party system is working just fine.

Bill Clinton on dealing with Mitt Romney's new version of himself and his policies.

Wall Street Billionaire Funds Super PAC To Defeat Progressive Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (10/11/2012)

Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: 'You Have To Prioritize Things'

Axelrod: Biden’s job in debate is to press Ryan on policy specifics

From a friend in Sweden just now.... Yemeni chief of U.S. security in Yemen assassinated..

As you watch the debate tonight - admire the set

Astronomers discover unimaginably large diamond in space

Mo Yan Wins Nobel Literature Prize

Google the words "completely wrong", and then click on the images tab.

What do you do when your neighbors complain about your solar panels?

Airline offers trip abroad for voters who disagree with the presidential election outcome

FIVE questions for Paul Ryan

If Ryan bring up the Platt Amendment tonight, I hope Biden has an answer!!!

How can I repost/cross post in a different forum?

Jobless Claims fall to lowest level in 4 .5 years

Jobless claims show sharp improvement, drop to Obama-era low

Bob Woodward’s Anti-Obama Bias

Biden MUST mention Romney's "let Detroit go bankrupt" comment

Romney's shrinking pool of voters - the white male

Reuters: Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest in Four and a Half Years

Jobless claims show sharp improvement, drop to Obama-era low

...more Germans think Greece should stay in the euro zone than want it to leave...

Tom Toles nails Mitt on his ever changing tax plans

Ryan will have a "stature gap" facing Biden

Dee Dee Myers to Chris Matthews: "Republicans weren't as confident of [debate] victory... [until]

"You ever hear of a wish sandwich?"

M&S among companies under fire over pollution claims

BREAKING: Obamacare Works

Paul Ryan and His Many Methods of Misrepresentation

Norway to double carbon tax on oil industry

My right wing brother blew me away last night

Jobless claims plunge to four-year low Claims fall 30,000 to 339,000, well below expectations

Celebrate International Day of the Girl

For Malala Yousafzai:

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Oct 11th

Indonesia in bold move to obtain cheap drugs for HIV

Not libel, just 'bad social etiquette'

Ayn Rand vs. the Pygmies

How does one expose a chameleon?

I need your thoughts, opinions about using Big Bird at a rally.

Dangerous Cargo from Moscow Syrian Jet Incident Ups Turkish-Russian Tensions

Jeff Flake (AZ) Promises Not To Sign Tax Pledge He Already Signed

Something odd about Juror #1's reply...

MOTHER JONES VIDEO: Mitt Romney Heaps Praises On Glenn Beck "A Statesman In His Own Right"

House GOP outs ‘undercover CIA operation in Libya’ on C-SPAN

Case Study in the Habits of Highly Misleading People (New Obama Ad on Ryan!)

Can someone help me debate my Rightwing brother in law?

Arizona Latinos Prefer Barack Obama, Richard Carmona

When one intentionally usurps the rights of women, one could appear to be a Taliban.

Woman Arrested After Anti-Obama Tirade at P.F. Chang's

Poor little Paul Ryan...

The REAL Romney (New OFA Ad!)

Why on EARTH would a BEAR keep a HUMAN as a PET?!?!?!?!?!

It shouldn't be too hard for Joe to take down Pawn R"ayn" tonight!

I expect another day or two of downward drift on 538 before it starts to rebound

EU report: The European Union should continue expanding into the Western Balkans

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rmoney

Obvious study: Obamacare will reduce number of abortions

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The Stench Continues

Christians in Britain aren’t oversensitive about being mocked or criticised

I'm Not Going To Look A Gift Horse, Errr Republican In The Mouth -Rasmussen -Obama -48% Romney 47%

Will the word "malarkey" be uttered in the debate tonight?

Any Updates on Romney's September Fundraising Totals?

Peak oil notes - Oct 11

Thursday TOON Roundup 3-Veeps, GOP and Voters

Peak oil notes - Oct 11

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

Mark Hamill/Luke skywalker DOES NOT Like Mitt Romney

How Bain Exported Illinois Jobs to China

Obama’s First Term Approval Ratings Now Equal Clinton and Reagan

Jon Stewart: How Can The Polls Be So ‘Useless’ Yet So ‘Quotable’?

A Model of Inclusion for Muslim Women

You Guys And Gals Are Smarter Than Me- Debate Strategy

Horror Stories: Mitt Romney's Shameful Record with Mormon Women

With Biden at the helm,

Will Biden-Ryan debate be a ‘Catholic smackdown’?

Astronomers discover gigantic diamond in space

Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: 'You Have To Prioritize Things'

Give me some money.

CBC: The Pakistani girl who is taking on the Taliban

NBC/Marist/WSJ Poll: Even After Listless Debate, Obama Leads By 6 In Ohio

Call me silly but I think the REALITY has set in for Joe Scarborough!

House Republicans blew the CIA's cover, for political gain

Romney: ‘We Don’t Have People Who Die Because They Don’t Have Insurance’

Latest swing state polls: by and large are pretty good for Obama

I'm going with this Nate Silver Analysis on Swing states (10/11/12)

What in the fu*k is wrong with bloomberg. They are going to have the bum hank greenberg on to say

A Lying Sack of Shit doubles down: ‘We Don’t Have People Who Die Because They Don’t Have Insurance’

A debate tonight? Let's all pop a preemptive, prophylactic chill pill

Steph Miller quotes EarlG

Good Luck and Best Wishes to Joe Biden thread...

So... Michael Vick has got another dog

"Biden eats these kinds of things on toast, and Ryan is as ambitious as Satan."

Foreclosure Filings hit 5 year low...

A Romney Classic: Muslims not needed in Cabinet

"Ryan...has "dressed up trickle-down economics and wrapped it in an Ayn Rand novel."

NBC/WSJ Poll numbers in three key Senate races: VA, FL & OH

Blackstone, KKR, Bain Accused of Agreeing Not to Compete

NBC/Marist/WSJ Poll: After Debate, Obama Leads By 6 In Ohio

Republican yard signs in your area: More? or Less?

The only thing missing is the mustache.

Romney is a Cheater

Radicals in Romney Land

Lyin' Ryan the inspiration for "The Wolf" in Pulp Fiction...

Romney Proudly Explains How He's Turned Campaign Around

Adderall For Healthy Kids: A Cost Shift To Medicaid From School Budgets?

NBC/WSJ poll: 18% of Ohio voters have cast early votes--63% for Obama

Cat barber:

I hope tonight that ryan's positions on women's issue are exposed before everyone. The fact that


Lets see Stacy Dash voted for O in 2008 and now says she wants a change WHAT CHANGE!!!

Are you paying attention? THAT is a SKRITCH!!!!!

What Mr. Hetfield wants:

MiddleFingerMom's (self-taught) Philosophy on the Optimatization of Happiness:

MiddleFingerMom has a court order prohibiting him from eating any more Mexican food. (DIAL-UP WARNIN

Today is National Coming out Day

Cartoon: Medicare is next

Jobless claims fall to four-year low

Mozilla Firefox browser upgrade taken offline due to vulnerability

NPR: "Ryan MUCH MORE POPULAR than Biden" (and then quote approval rates: JB - 39%; PR - 44%)

The Press Can't Handle the Truth

Romney takes heat on Abortion Talk

Important INTEL for the Obama Campaign: Expose Romney as Weak, Not Conservative

Palm Beach County voting fiasco update.

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 11, 1987

Let me be clear: I fully expect Joe Biden to BUMBLE AND FUMBLE tonight...I expect Barack Obama to

I didn't watch the live debate last week...and I'm not watching it tonight

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts sign for the new service for DU Cell phone users ***

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 11, 1987

'To my 15-year-old self': Things I wish I'd known

Ryan FarRighty (image)

Exclusive: Special Interest Groups Spent Nearly $11 Million On Solyndra Attack Ads Since April — But

Jeff Flake (R) (vs. Carmona for Senate in AZ) Promises Not To Sign Tax Pledge He Already Signed

Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (read this Romney, you might get a clue)

My VERY conservative next door neighbor

Dana Milbank:Letting us in on a secret

Obama campaign: Paul Ryan and His Many Methods of Misrepresentation

The Neanderthal in My Family Tree

Gunman won't be charged in fatal shooting

I'm donating 100% of my profits this month to either Breast Cancer research

What just happened.

Vancouver (WA) Democrats targeted with tomatoes


Where do I donate for Breast cancer research?

Debate Expectations: Ryan Favored in Tonight's Debate (Poll)

Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's Slave States vs. Free States in 2012

Loophole Allows Saudi Arabian Businesses To Spend Freely In Our Election

Romney: ‘We Don’t Have People Who Die Because They Don’t Have Insurance’


Chinese fiction writer Mo Yan wins Nobel Prize in Literature

Nashville TEabagging Talk Host Fellates DEsJarlais

Was it really the debate, or is the super PAC money kicking in?

Some Women Rape So Easy?

I for one am not worried about Joe B. Tonight.

Child sex tourism 'spreading'

I think I need a chill pill ... derangement syndrome - are you with me?

Philadelphia Inquirer Poll: Obama leads by 8 in Pennsylvania

The Last Word - Romney runs from extreme stance on abortion

Mitt Romney Wouldn’t Recognize “Respect” if it Bit him on his Wedding Tackle

The Last Word - Rewriting Malala Yousafzai's story

Rick Santelli (CNBC-Teabagger) hates positive Jobs Reports

Astronomers Reveal Planet Is Made Of Diamond

Are there any states Kerry won in 04 that are in danger of going to Romney?

Seven right-wing radicals in Romneyland

'Smokin'' Joe Biden: "You ever seen me rope-a-dope?"

If 'the L-word' fits...

Biden won most 2008 Primary Debates

How can liberals denie STRUCTURAL racism STILL exist and be against Affirmative Action?

So when is the tax amnesty bomb gonna drop?

Rethug congress critter admits House Rethugs cut funding for embassy security since 2010

Rush Limbaugh propagandizes that the left will disown Barack Obama

Oct. 10: Is Romney Leading Right Now?

another d600 test shot

I sure hope David Corn of Mother Jones has another nice surprise coming soon!!

For "Proud Democrats", a song to consider!

For "Proud Democrats", a song to consider!

For "Proud Democrats", a song to consider!

Take a break and check out the new Rolling Stones song:

Big Bird's 'Free Bird' Parody

OH Obama +1 Ras Poll

Romney still trailing in the polls

Political Acumen

This is the "Go, Joe" thread showing our support for Biden in tonight's debate!

The Walking Dead Season 3 preview

U.S. Jobless Claims LOWEST IN 4.5 YEARS!

Read this! Strategic Allied Consulting firm "fired" by RNC quickly morphs

All I really want tonight is...

Another WI Poll: Obama +4 with a 53% approval rating

My friend just named him "Mini-Mitt"

I don't even know how to catagorize this, except that it cracked me up...

How did you get rid of your gut?

I think Biden will do fantastic tonight; I think Paul Ryan will need psychotherapy after tonight

"What's Up?"

Lyin' Ryan debate con: Don't you dare call me a liar

So cute...

What is this about? Email: "Mitt Romney now leads President Obama 49% to 45%..."

Mike Thompson's toon captures the essence of the Rmoney campaign

Mitt Romney pulls ahead of Barack Obama 47 to 44 % in Reuters/IPSOS tracking poll

deep sea creatures, starfish-pictures

For "Proud Democrats", a song to consider!

The Rude Pundit: What Biden Should Say Tonight 2012 (Rude Version)

New Polls Suggest Democratic Freakout May Be Premature

New Obama TV Ad: Strong Leader

Prepare for Windows 8 induced user rage

Ryan seems like a person who would sell his country out for a buck. Romney would do it for 10 bucks.

Repeat After Me: Obama Cut the Deficit and Slowed Spending to Lowest Level in 50 Years

Insurance Status and Trauma Care in Massachusetts as Studied in 1994: Have There Been Changes?

My Favorite Columnist on the First Presidential Debate and Voting Early

Obama is winning Ohioans who have already cast their ballot by a 63-37 margin

Pew study suggests: RW pulpit politics may be behind the sharp drop in Protestants

What is a synonym for "wowed" (as in, "She wowed the audience.")?


Here's the latest info on early voting in Iowa from Iowa SOS office

Link for state by state Election Justice Center contacts

Is Prostitution the Solution to our Jobs Crisis?

"Facebook hits milestone of 1 billion self-obsessed, narcissist users."

New Polls Suggest Democratic Freakout May Be Premature

Great List, Courtesy of John McCain: The Reason(s) McCain Chose Palin Over Romney (UPDATE w/Request)

"Congressman Ryan, we have all the time

Listening to Ed Schultz on the radio now...


I Want a Twenty-Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape

Something Biden should do in the debate that I don't believe has ever been done / said before in one

Greetings and Salutations.

Rape victim: I was ‘shocked’ at computer subpoena

One Other Thing, Democrats Said Same in 2008 About Debates

Rasmussen: Decent number for Obama in NORTH CAROLINA (Romney 51, Obama 48)

The Supreme Court Economy.

malala airlifted to top military hospital in rawalpindi

What's the problem with Independent Voter Research

Voter Register Caught On Video: "I Don't Get Credit For Democrats

taliban uses islamic shariah to defend malala attack

Mr. Romney, I have a pre-existing health situation....

Alert: Suspicious VA Senate poll from We Ask America (Allen +5)

New MoJones Video: Romney Aided Fringe Utah College Founded by Right-Wing Racist Revisionist

Pic Of The Moment: Ryan Relaxes Before The Big Debate


Trudeau is skewering Romney this week!

Who really creates jobs?

Some good news from Bama!

Nevada is the Firewall (IMO)

Five crazy things Paul Ryan actually believes

Vanity Fair: Public divided over caring versus leadership

And the Ryan workout photoshops begin. Hahaha!

VP Debate: No one is discussing the really important question...

Harvey Milk "Hope" (Happy National Coming Out Day)

Meet The Man Behind The Claim That Obama 'Gutted' Welfare Reform

Meet The Man Behind The Claim That Obama 'Gutted' Welfare Reform

Romney's Battleground State Problem

I bet you'll love this. "Long Live The Kings."

Street Harrassment Part II:

Romney chastised woman for getting life-saving abortion

I'm taking a note from Christopher Walken in reacting to current the polls.

I dunno know about anyone else here, but I fully expect Ryan's youth and vigor to prove

My 13 year old just got polled on her cell phone.

Movie Title??? Where two average Americans sleep for 300 years, awake ..smartest persons in world?

A much needed International Day of the Girl

My perspective on the polls.

Heh. Imagine Gallups hit rate between 12:59 and 1:01

from Rob Zerban's campaign (challenging paul ryan)

The Nation article on Tagg Team (team romney behind the scenes if he becomes a wh resident

Scientists find oldest evidence of regular meat consumption by early humans (Anemia)

All the wrong lessons

UPDATE: Paul Ryan withdraws endorsement of Wisconsin lawmaker who said "some girls rape easy"

10 things to watch in tonight's Biden-Ryan debate

Positive VIBES and LIGHT to VP Joe Biden!!!!!

Hey, Joe


I suspect the next two debates will determine the election. /nt

“Love you back.”

Russia-Syria plane carried 'ammunition' - Turkey PM

Why wouldn't a legit. pollster identify itself?

I keep answering unknown callers hoping they're pollsters. Dang.

CNN Exclusive: Biden debate prep photo

Does anyone know if DU is expecting problems on the site like there was during last weeks debate?

Mineral rings in toilet bowl

PPP: Warren up by 6 in MA...but

I found a good use for old posters we were tired of

What If The Pop Vote And The Electoral College Diverge?

CARTOON: The Ryan Bubble

That Pandering Asshole of an Ambulance Chaser Calls Teen Mocked for Wearing T-Shirt

Anybody else nervous about the rest of the debates?

If the psychopath wins this election?

Hey DU! Ben Labolt thinks you are part of the "tin foil hat crowd"..

EXPOSED: Horror Stories: Mitt Romney's Shameful Record with Mormon Women

Walker to Endorse Aryan Nation Supporter – Rick Hill

Gallup: Vice Presidential Debates Rarely Influence Voters (net change +3 for Dems in '08!)

Oops. Bye now.

This is a big fucking deal

Gotta love what's happening with Senate - we're tied now in MT, AZ and ND

New York Times Coverage of Venezuelan Election Was Poor

(Crybaby) House GOP to hold hearings on September's positive jobs report

Intrade - up to 63.4%



GOP plans investigation into Sept. jobs number conspiracy or why Darrell Issa is a freaking lunatic

Get out there and vote!

MA-Sen: PPP Tweet Has Great News!

Ick! I Just Can't Listen Or Watch To The MSM Anymore Because -----

MJ VIDEO: Romney Aided Fringe Utah College Founded by Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist

Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Promises Not To Sign Anti-Tax Pledge He Already Signed

Why Swing States Poll Differently

Town Hall Debate Question for Romney:

So... given the president's lead in battleground states...

Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers (Poop-Corn Shrimp)

here's my take. ALL the republicans will lie to win the election.

Hope I'm wrong, but...

There is so much speculation and advise floating in print, electronic, and cyber media

City of Oakland sues feds to save nation’s largest pot shop

Every time I think my capacity for horrified disgust is reached...nope, there's more.

happy 10 11 12 day DU

Commission Announces Nominees For Missouri Supreme Court

2-Party System Working Out Just Fine

John Greg did really well last night in the debate,

Testimony offers details in G3 owner Aaron Sandusky medical marijuana trial

So....2012 almost overwith and it looks like the Mayans were probably wrong

St. Louis County To Receive $30,000 For Asthma Education In Normandy Schools

Conservative Justices Prepare to 'Gut' Affirmative Action

individuals with pre-existing conditions WHO MAINTAIN CONTINUOUS COVERAGE

TMFS Dissects Todd Akin's Claim That Doctors Give Abortions To Women Who Aren't Pregnant

VEEP Debate Drinking Game...

"I Believe The Word You’re Looking For Is “Boy.”

Mitt and the Genie

As of October, North Carolina had registered 786,560 more Democrats than Republicans

DARE: Watch Smokin' Joe here, then tell me Ryan will win!

From David Corn...

I bet the Republicans are getting scared, because, if they lose control of government...

U.S. jobless claims fall to lowest in four and a half years ....this should be the national headline

2012 McConnell AFB Open House


GOP Plans Congressional Investigation Into September Jobs Number Conspiracy

Sec. Clinton and Archbishop Desmond Tutu's remarks to group of Girl Scouts for 'Day of the Girl'

Pressing Question: Will the Altitude be

Has anyone here seen "Magic Mike"?

These Veterans Have Something To Say About Mitt Romney As Commander In Chief

Sez my bumper...

IBD/TIPP 2012 Presidential Election Romney +1.2

The Goon's Guide to Weightlifting Workouts!

I can't watch the Stephanie Miller show because...

Paul Ryan workout photos: Do they send the right message?

"We're Going To Strip The Bark Off Michael Dukakis And Make Willie Horton His Running Mate."

Breaking: 6th Circuit-Finds Constitutional Violation in Not Counting Certain Wrong Precinct Ballots

DAILY KOS take on the polling

Housing Recovery (in perspective)

Wow. This is interesting. The Mormons have a channel

Nice Electoral College Map for 10/11/12

Warren up 6, Obama up 14 in Massachusetts PPP's newest Massachusetts poll finds two races going in

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 11 -- What's on Tonight: Directed by Robert Aldrich


Required message per orders from Communist Muslim Headquarters

The Religious None: A Profile Of The Fast-Growing Religiously Unaffiliated

Comparing Reuters/Ipsos poll for Oct 2, Oct 10 and Oct 11

Elder DUers, please help enlighten me

Cross in the Closet: Straight Christian Lives a Year as Gay Man

It's Raining In California

'Fired' GOP Operative's Firms Appear Still Hard at Work for GOP; Members of Congress Seek Answers

My daughter posted this on FB

New Bipartisan Policy Center Report Examines Economic Impacts of a Nuclear Iran

BREAKING NEWS on Romney/Ryan abortion policy...

Pile Of Manure Dumped On An Ohio Democratic Headquarters -The Rethugs must be getting really worried

Economic October Surprise: Jobless claims down 30K, Unemployment 7.4%, and Foreclosures down 7%

Why don't some things load on DU

Full interview with Barack Obama on the Tom Joyner Show

Nicaragua has Paul Ryan abortion laws TOTAL BAN and the highest maternal death rate in Latin America

Are we having a "freakout" over the polls? Apparently we can relax, now. There is work to do.

Next four records to be recorded to CD! Blue Oyster Cult!

Major land mine in Prop 35: All sex offenders have to give their emails AND USERIDS to the authoriti

Hezbollah Says It Sent Drone Over Israel

Boxing: Biden vs Ryan

Did you know you can read the 9/11 Commission report in Graphic Novel format? Me neither, until my

Just noticed something re: names

Happy International Day of the Girl Child!

Mindless hoplophobia is a disease, and this article proves it:

I don't give a flying banana about magic underwear or the planet Kolob.

Facebook keeps pushing "friends" who have "liked" Scumney's page to the top.

Paul Ryan Workout Pics--The Photoshop Thread.

Make a Scrying Mirror

Mitt Romney: Bully and phony

This Election, a Stark Choice in Health Care

Man Sends His Eagle Medal to Shunned Gay Boy Scout

Center for American Progress: Video: 3 Myths About Obamacare

Rick Scott gives out his favorite phone # (adult phone sex)...

Obama Campaign releases a video highlighting Paul Ryan's LYING Techniques

Ryan drops endorsement of Wisconsin lawmaker for saying ‘some girls rape easy’

Romney's remarks about people getting health care in the ER are worse than they sounded at first

Nine ways Mitt is morally bankrupt

Muppet Mitt arrives on Sesame Street

Religion and government remain a dangerous and volatile mix

A LOT of hides are really cowardly. No reasons are given, because none make any sense.

Battleground snapshot: Post-debate pain (but still winning)

Elizabeth Warren Leads Scott Brown In Two Polls

As if the kidnapping of Jessica Ridgeway isn't horrible enough,

President Obama in Coral Gables, FL - WATCH LIVE - 3:25 PM Eastern

Comment Overheard About Tonight's Debate

Pathological Lying

Chile's huge open-pit copper mine goes underground

Darrell Issa: No Plans To Investigate Obama Admin On Jobs Report — Yet

Obama camp, liberal groups use VP debate to organize Catholic voters

Let's be honest, there's nothing better in sports than an elimination game in baseball.

Hormone-Producing Thyroid Grown from Embryonic Stem Cells

How the feds can rip off your property

Court: Ohio Can’t Throw Out Ballots Because Of Poll Worker Error

Veep Voter Guide: Comparing Apples to Ayn Rand

OMG...Ted Nugent's show last night went right off the deep end.

U.S. sets steep final duties on Chinese solar panels

Four Ways A Romney Supreme Court Would Change The Constitution Without Amending It

Channeling FDR

WAPO: GOP Hearing Blows CIA Cover in Benghazi

Familiar Democratic Donkey Gone From Alabama Ballot. (could really hurt the Dem vote)

Why on EARTH would you keep a PEAR as a PET?!?!?!?!?!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan - The Sprinkler Heads of Lying

Narcissistic Love Song Lyrics...

Why Ohio Republicans Are So Determined To Restrict Early Voting, In One Chart

Anybody else nervous about the rest of the debates?

Scoop: Ben & Jerry's Cofounder Wants to Freeze Money in Politics

Sources: Ryan to be called 'mister,' not 'congressman,' BY Moderator RADDATZ at debate [UPDATED]


New York Times’s New Lady Public Editor Slams Writer for Being Sexist

Greece's biggest company flees, bottler CCH to Switzerland

Yay. Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash is back on the shelves.


For Obama's/Biden's next debate: Different ways to say, "You lie".

Tweeets for Wayne Powell

GOP Jobs Truthers Plans Congressional Investigation Into September Jobs Number Conspiracy

Huff Post..beyond a rag, beyond slanted shit..disgusting display of poor taste, no taste, no shame.

DNC Fires Employee Featured In James O’Keefe Video

Romney sticks to ridiculous emergency-room argument

How do you get through an election day and night? I am interested to hear if anyone has...

Jon Stewart: How Can The Polls Be So ‘Useless’ Yet So ‘Quotable’? - video link

They Call Me, *Mister* Ryan

Adult Film industry favors Obama over Romney

Has your health insurance carrier ever called you to tell you to make an appointment for health care

I have a serious addiction - someone please intervene!!

A couple of things that really get my undies in a wad about personal money management.

President Obama: Romney Now ‘Severely Kidding’ About Past Positions

Court sides with Samsung in dispute with Apple

The Second Amendment...

“Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.” - Joe Biden

Bashir: "Ryan trying to convince you that he comes to this debate as the 42 yr old virgin."

Am I the only one seeing an ad on here

Mr. Romney, Sir YOU ARE DEAD WRONG: "Every 12 Minutes-A Person WITHOUT Health Insurance Dies"

If without the benefit of retroactivity, Romney lied on his taxes

Obama: Romney Now ‘Severely Kidding’ About Past Positions


1 in 10 debate watchers were 'dual-screeners,' Pew says

DEMOCRATS, please get Ready......

"________ is just another method of ________"

Can we report this somewhere?! I don't see much separation of church and state here...

I Love Joe Biden! nt

Am I the only one that finds a VP debate worthless

Kucinich: "Want to Stop Attacks on US Embassies? Stop trying to overthrow Governments"

WARNING: Stay Clear of Real Clear Politics!!!

Romney's in my city now---for tonight's rally (I guess they won't be watching the debate)

Demystifying one-state, acknowledging facts

The 5 Most Widely Believed WWII Facts (That Are Bullshit)

A noun, a verb and 9-11

It would please me greatly if Ryan is asked the first question tonight

Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super-Fans

Horror Stories: Mitt Romney's Shameful Record with Mormon Women

Obama campaign blowing Romney out of the water in swing state ground game

'The Onion' photoshops "The Vice-Presidency of Joe Biden"

Advisor: Israeli strike on Iran less likely if Romney wins

Voting Rights/Voter ID - heartening to see so many "getting it"

Who believes there needs to be stiffer penalties for interfering with the voting process?

Celery is falling from the sky

I had a lesson last night in how rude parents can be

American Heroes: Ryan Case from Colorado on Health Care - 2012 Democratic National Convention

CNBC: Why Jobless Claims May Not Be as Good as Market Thinks

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) violated Debate rules footage shows

League of Women Voters exited hostg debates so's not to: “perpetrate a fraud on the American voters"

Crystal Ball: Larry Sabato moves MA SEN to Leaning Warren! (& AZ SEN to Toss Up)

A tale of two criminals (a matter of justice)

Ah, technology, obsolete as soon as you buy it.

Ryan Wants to be Called "Mister" Not "Congressman" At Biden/Ryan Debate

Biden 'fired up and ready to go' for debate


Does anyone remember Lieberman's "kissy-kissy face" debate with Cheney in 2000?

Holiday Inn LAX Fires Outspoken Workers, Prompts Strike

(Hack) Poll Shows Romney Leading Obama among Jews

Republicans Reveal Location Of Secret CIA Base During House Hearing On Libya Attacks

Obama still leading in most swing state polls

Youth Football Coach Knocks out 13-year-old on opposing concussion

Many Want Lunch With Pelosi/Grayson, Or They’re Just Hungry

37 Members Of Congress Pose For The NOH8 Campaign

Details regarding tonight's Vice Presidential Debate - 9pm ET / 6pm pT

Study: Obama would win world vote in a landslide

"Paul Ryan-May I Call You Congressman This Evening?"

On Get Your War On: Romney got that bounce

Ellen interviews the boy who was denied his Eagle Scout badge because he's gay.

X-post: Did you know you can read the 9/11 Commission report in Graphic Novel format? Neither did

REPUKES: Another Attempt To Embarrass Obama Backfires & BLOWS CIA's COVER

Liberals are being commie fascists by calling people liars

Obama may be over-performing in the swing states

New Florida Product: Used Enemas.

Can doctors pull the plug on someone with a sharp mind?

Congressman Ryan is 42. He was elected to office at 28. He has spent 1/3rd of his life as a Congress

Mitt Romney won first presidential debate because he was better at misleading voters - NYPost


Need Recipes. New to the Southwest and would like...

Posted in the Cooking forum but wanted to see what the Lounge might have too!

Team Obama-Biden - Where to watch the debate tonight:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Romney Went from Severely Conservative to Severely Kidding

The other Senator Brown.

The Last Time We Elected a President Who Was a Serial Liar…

Milk - Does it do a body good?

Paul Ryan thinks we should be on the Gold Standard

BTW... Romney still hasn't released his tax returns

Kellogg’s Cereal Recall: Company Recalls Mini-Wheats Due To Possible Metal Fragments

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are Lying Pieces of SHIT!


The Daily Beast is having a live VP Debate Party if you're interested:

"Used enemas" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "used enemas".

I'm 56 today.......Ask me anything

Obama up on Intrade today

In 2008, my home town had a roughly equal number of signs for both candidates.

#PolitiFactThis @politifact - Keep that handy during the debate!!

Oh my gosh

Maddow And Ellen Take On GOP’s Gay Marriage Problem, Romney’s Debate Win... - video link

OMG **Warning Graphic Image**

Polls see easy election win for Netanyahu, Israeli right

Well this sucks....

Another Stephanie Miller pre-debate special on Current TV, tonight at 7 est

What's the emotional fall-out from WoWicide?

Something to keep in mind about fishy sounding polls...

Republicans Reveal Location Of Secret CIA Base During House Hearing On Libya Attacks - crosspost

Mitt Lies: Debate 1

I don't think I can watch tonight

there's no way Obama couldn't kick rmoneys ass in debate if he was let loose

Black beans and yellow rice

Huge eyeball from unknown creature washes ashore on Florida beach

Robert Reich: Memo to Joe: Expose Ryan’s radicalism

Biden zing: "Hey Mister, Do you have the time?...

The Right's War On Early Voting, False Constitutional Arguments Edition

Daily Kos/SEIU poll: Obama voters are still excited

I think Ryan might call Biden "the hatchet man"

Screaming loudly on the Internet that your side lost a debate will not help you Win the Election....

TARP costs cut by 25% in latest CBO estimate.

Dear FEC: Please do your job

A Health Insurer would kill you if it were Convenient

Reince Priebus, asshole

Is audience participation (booing, clapping) allowed at tonight's debate?

I hope Joe snaps on a rubber glove as soon as the

Venezuelan democracy: "The best in the world."

Lyin Ryan


Aurorae over Planet Earth {Astronomy Picture of the Day, Oct 11, 2012}

Former Walker aide Rindfleisch enters guilty plea to misconduct

GOP Plans Congressional Investigation Into September Jobs Number Conspiracy

Here's my fearless (and somewhat tounge in cheek) forecast for tonight's debate.

A Freeper prays

IBEW voter guide

Just found a dvd of the first two seasons of "McCloud". I loved the one show

Josh Marshall Says: WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Anyone else excited about The Vampire Diaries tonight?


Hey, psst, there's a Meta thread that is cutting into our action:

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Rhiannon12866

Times/Bay News 9/Herald exclusive Florida poll: Romney 51%, Obama 44%

Biden vs. Ryan -- VP Debate Prediction

I'll be Joe Namath and guarantee an Obama kick ass in next 2 debates .GUARANTEED

WMC’s Women Under Siege disputes new, controversial findings on rape in war

Chris Matthews CONFRONTS Lady Who Tells Him To Do His Homework, ‘Obama Is A Communist, Buddy’

International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Voter Guide

Tonight, I will donate the max contribution to Obama/Biden

Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Live Stream from ABC News and Yahoo News: Pre Pre Show

I listened to the last debate on the radio. My sister-in-law watched it on PBS.

So Much at Stake for Seniors (and Future Seniors) in This Election

Billy Graham to Mittens: ‘I’ll do all I can to help you’

Republican Platform Outlines Union-Busting Agenda - (UE Political Action Update)

Will Repugs try to Steal Election Once Again?

Mr. Ryan Can't Hide From His Record

Joe Biden Will Rip Paul Ryan's Head Off & Shit Down His Windpipe Tonight.

Funniest Pictures Ridiculing Paul Ryan

Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown by 6 points in new poll

Video - SNL's take on the previous VP debate:

US border agent kills rock-thrower in Nogales, Mexico

Florida pastor Terry Jones denied entry to Canada, heads home

So, the republican party's election eve witch hunt about the Libyan embassy killings

Bus tour with teacherken: Ground zero for worker rights, aka Madison (STOP the Koch Bros)

This is a sad situation - is this one reason we have so much difficulty getting people to vote?

Massachusetts likes their Professor Warren

“Prebuttal” mania is hurting America

Egypt’s Brotherhood Head Urges Jihad For Jerusalem

Pssssssssst Tropical Storm Patty

Issa is right, we could have exact numbers of unemployed each month

How Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Scumbag) Makes Me Want to Break Things With My Face, Chapter MMMCCLXVI

So, Obama was in Miami today, and behind him somewhere was my nephew.

Who the hell decided the debates were the end all be all? The media.

Big Debate tonight, certainly...but, in other news - Nats and Cards in a good one!

My Country, My Choice (Powerful Message From Several Mostly Naked Ladies)

Check in if you have already voted!

'Mr. Cao Goes to Washington' and gets sent back home: Jarvis DeBerry

Mailing a letter to cost a penny more next year

Goldman Sachs Advisor Promises ‘Financial Support’ To Candidates Who Support Cutting Social Security

Fight Voter Suppression with New Election Protection App Officially Released Today

Ryan to be called "Mister" and not "Congressman"

Can we all agree that Sexy Liberal Men are Handsome and Romantic?


I don't know why it took me so long to figure out what Saturn in Scorpio really means.

Goober Ryan?

Do you guys think it's preferable to have Biden and Ryan sitting at a table,

Frost tomorrow night. Harvested the last of the potatoes. (pic)

do businesses/corporations get to deduct the cost of their campaign/pac contributions?

Here is the ad about growing up in a socialist country for those who want to see it. The final line

Obama issues whistleblower directive to security agencies

Heh! Tebow to TO could become a reality...

Chris Matthews rerun is on now. Watch for the crazy blonde lady

Professor Harold Romney

WSJ: Calling Romney A Liar Makes You Just Like Hitler

HAHAHA someone changed Allen West's wiki page to have Robert Mugabe's picture

Visited Henry Clay's estate, but this time during business hours.

Tart-off now on Current TV with Jackie Schnechner and the Mooks...

What time does the debate start?

Going forward, do you think video evidence should be allowed in debates?

FARK photoshops alternate careers for the Muppets when Romney gets if office:

People Forget that Florida is Alabama

SOS of Colorado Finds....14 Illegal Voters

LyinRyan is going to CHOKE tonight!!! yep. i got dibs on this... :)))

Need a laugh guys and gals: Selma Blair is: ‘The Woman for Mitt Romney’

REQUEST FOR HOUSING in Dallas: for Texas Supreme Court Candidate Michele Petty (D) Oct 12-16 2012 !

GEEK ALERT: ISS Fly-by of East Coast right now

"...He is a happy warrior."

Please Move The Deer Crossing (Mega Facepalm)

Just another FoxNews brainwashed Repuke: “He’s a communist & those of us not voting for him-know it”


I call it throwing seeds under the snow, hoping some will sprout anyway. One voter at a time.

Do kittens have a shorter sleep cycle, like human babies?

You watch, the media will predict a Ryan win tonight!!

Bullied Canadian Teen Commits Suicide After Posting Last-Ditch Cry for Help on YouTube

Rasmussen: NEW MEXICO - SENATE (Heinrich +13)

Inventory of lower-priced homes plunges in California as investors buy up properties

Debate attendee t0 Matthews:"Obama is a communist"-Then can't define what a communist is.(great vid)

I just got my ballot!!!

Have you voted yet? I voted my California ballot today! Go'bama!

"Mitt Romney represents everything I'm trying not to teach my kids."

"Obama Campaign Blowing Romney Out of the Water In Swing State Ground Game"

Latest polls - John King and Wolf Blitzer are Republican shills.

You EARNED the title 'CONGRESSMAN', so f*cking OWN it, you coward!

Suffolk/KSNV: NEVADA - (Obama +2)

Joe Biden's First Answer

My views have changed now

Michael Steele is getting pummeled on Hardball

Roger Ebert: Who do you believe--Mitt, or your lyin' memory?

Ryan Aide: Photos ‘Poor Judgment’

Is there a political event tonight? According to most news outlets, there is only a sporting event.

I'm coming out...wait till the very end, please

Judge rules Libertarians will stay on Pa. ballot

Local interview with Paul Ryan cut off after 'strange' question about guns and taxes

Sanctions Against Iranian Banks is Economic Warfare

Romney: CBO said 20 mil will lose employer - grp insurance due to ACA. Wrong! But I have a question

I knew a 24 year old who died of acute pneumonia because he had no Heath insurance.

Vaccines: opinions are not facts

"Romney Floats One-Time Amnesty For Preexisting Conditions" by Sahil Kapur at Talking Points Memo

A Note from Joe Biden: “My promise to you and Barack tonight”

Soft food suggestions...

France turns neutral on Canadian unity

I'm 71. I remember "The Loyal Opposition"

Amateur Strategist Hour - Where to Stick / Twist?

So Darrell Issa is considering hearing on the September jobs report. That squirmy little weasel

Common Cause is asking for Election help!

Pro-life banner elicits complaints