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*Rachel on now.

Natural Born Job Killers - Republicans Obstruct over 4.2 million jobs

Justin Verlander has a message for all Detroit Tiger Fans:

Why Israel’s Religious Leaders Oppose Reform Judaism

The Lower Your Income The More Likely You Are to Not Vote if Weather's Bad

"Study it Out"

Since "winning" a debate in America now means "being a dick"...

Separated at Birth

WTH?! Maine no longer has a hand counted pencil and paper ballot voting system??


I have one word for the defeatists: NUTS

"How Ohio Could Swing the Election" by Liz Halloran at NPR

romney and ryan hate America

Why not to believe the latest Mason/Dixon Florida Poll - showing Rmoney up by 7

Commercials for IE9

PLEASE post this article on your Facebook page about the amendments. League of Women Voters urges

Did you ,know the whole state is doing optical scan ballots now?

Hello fellow Bidenites!

I have GAS!!!!!!

Who played Lyin Ryan in the practice debate for VP Biden?

Sanctions Against Iranian Banks is Economic Warfare

Senator Scott Brown defends letter on pharmacy regulations | Politics - WCVB Home

Last Wednesday feels like a loooong time ago

Right now, the standard is thus: Joe Biden has to retroactively win the President's last debate AND


Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's Slave States vs. Free States in 2012 | Alternet

Speaking of polls here is a Florida poll that I just don't believe.

"We Got This"..

Today I joined the ranks of the unemployed. Silverchair laid off 20% of their workers, including me

OK, I'm nervous! It starts in 1/2 hr.!!! n/t

Coming up on MSNBC Ezra Klein is going to share his experience debating Paul Ryan.

Um, Y'all know that Ryan CAN'T tell the truth tonight, right?

Does F'witMitt think people can get chemo @ the ER ?!!

While waiting for VP "debate" I found an excellent Blog breakdown the Romney lies from last one...

I've got a Zinger for Joe!

Am about up to here with the Gender Wars on DU.

Am I the only one who is gonna lurk in here instead of turning on the TV for the debate?


Was Romney parsing the truth when he said:

What's the best feed for the VP debate?

Let's make this the VP Debate Plaidder House Party Thread. Drinks are on me!

Werth it!!!

Wage Gap and the CONSAD Report

Ryan gets his debate prep on…

30 Gay, Lesbian and Bi Athletes Who Have Come Out in the Past Year

Who owns our posts?

Do not forget the debate is not over after 90 min.

Gun Deaths Outpace Motor Vehicle Deaths in the DMV

Stock phrases of '60s cartoon characters

Maru shopping for used car!

CSPAN has the Vp debates..ON at 6pm Pacific Standard time.(15 minutes)

Akin gaffe hurts where it counts — the TV screen

And so, as the World teeters on the brink of collapse...

Mitt did not even know how many debates that Ryan

Okay, Joe...

is tbere a debate live stream?

Great Big Huge Massive Large Big And Also Giant Good Vibes To Joe Thread

Joe Biden should call Paul Ryan "Congressman Ryan."

US should support Colombia's justice, human rights policies: Think tank .

US should support Colombia's justice, human rights policies: Think tank .

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Young Nones & a new Kitty gif

Ten things to look for in tonight's debate

Thank you Joe. n/t

I feel like Adlai Stevenson is going to confront the Russians at the UN...

Did you like RED? Now there's RED 2.

Obama will win the election!

19-Month-Old Shot to Death in Crib While Mom Was Unloading Gun

How are you watching the debate?

OK DUers - these morons vote- Please Move The Deer Crossing

I am a nervous wreck!! Go Joe Go!

Whoops she called him Congressman Paul Ryan!!

Ever heard of Sybil Ludington? The Female Paul Revere.

let's start by taking a shit on the Obama administration.

Joe: The last thing we need is another war!


NRA/Daily Caller Gun Giveaway Challenged by Gun Violence Prevention Groups

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 October 2012

Ryan looked (looks) and moved (moves) exactly like Gomer Pyle. That is all.

Listen Joe B - tell that fucker the adminstration is investigating

Wouldn't the people that attacked the embassy in Libya NOT be "terrorists"?

Ryan's lips move. I mute.

Ryan-I'm drinking milk, and when i grow up I'm going to be big and strong. Ryan is weak.

Toldja Martha's good!

I think someone told Biden that Ryan was the opening comedian... he's crackin' him up!


Thank you Joe Biden for laughing

We has MALARKEY!11!!

Is this moderator going to ask smirk face Ryan any tough questions

CNN's undecided focus group is Bullshit

Who, the bloody fucking hell, is this "moderator" (vp debate)?

It really pays/helps to have a competent moderator

"Eddie Munster" is trending on Twitter!

I have to say I like the way the moderator keeps calling Ryan 'Congressman Ryan'

Lets move to Iran.

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. eom

No, I do not think Iran is brazen. I think it is made of irony, or maybe goldy. n/t

Ryan started off by claiming Obama made it so every soldier who died in Iraq died for NOTHING.

Would you stay in a haunted house for $10,000, I am the old b/w movie now.

Biden is smiling whenever Ryan lies. And nobody has a thousand watt smile

Joe is just laughing at his stupid ass

From a teacher friend:

Biden's strategy so far--vote for Romney/Ryan and expect another war

I think Martha Raddatz is doing a good job. Playing it right down the middle.

Bring on the Ayatollas, yo!


You tell em Joe!!

It means BULLSHIT~!

"This is a bunch of stuff."

Paul Ryan reminds me of a lizard, the way his tongue keeps flicking out while he talks

The word for the drinking game is "Malarky"

Martha Radditz is, so far, a superlative moderator

When Ryan stands up at 10:30, he will notice that his ass is missing.

Joe "Facts Matter"

Mister Ryan, what would you do different to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?

Ryan looks like the student sitting next

Joe Biden - Facts Matter!

Ryan is Biden's son tonight.

Ryan is out of his league, Joe schooled his ass, election over.

Which DUer predicted Biden would say "malarkey" nt

"In foreign policy facts matter!"

"Facts Matter!"-Joe Biden

Real Time Fact Checking of Paul Ryan

Lil Lyan Ryan is falling to pieces

300+ plants in a van

It's like Joe can't believe how stupid this idiot is

That triangle on his head grows each time he lies.

Ryan doesn't know diddly squat about the budget

I'll say this. Mr. Biden is treating Eddie like the junior punk ass degenerate Eddie Haskel that he

"He changes his mind so often...I could be wrong." ZING! n/t

Joe- "This President does not bluff!"

Joe Biden is the Best

Ryan looks like a fucking neophyte for a 16 year veteran.

Biden about Romney:He changes his mind so often, keep saying it Joe


"Governor Romney supports these sanctions..."


Caribou Barbie would have run off the stage crying by now.

Biden laughing at Ryan is great but dangerous...

Is it my imagination? Or is Biden jumping to answer the questions first without waiting to be

47% !

GO JOE!!!!!


"Martha . . . ." . . . . "Congressman Ryan . . . ."

When the hell did he talk to an Ayatolla

Joe is on fire!!!!!

Biden got the 47% Zinger in!

47PERCENT!!! I've had it up to here!!!

HOLY CRAP! Joe is getting PISSED about the 47% remarks

Oh mercy, this is beyond good

LOL, Biden is amazing.

I'm falling in love with Biden all over again

So the talking poing from the MSM tomorrow will be people are not voting for vp they are voting for

Boom!!!! Thank you joe!!!!

Joe is ripping ryan/romney and new ass

Ding Ding Ding !!!!

Yessssss!!! Hit em Joe

Joe Biden unmasked Oz

Joe is kicking ass!

OMG Ryan looks and sounds like Eddie Munster's idiot brother n/t

If Biden stops the f'ing laughter he'll win this thing handily

Ryan just BLUSHED

You damn dog, Biden

Yeah go Joe.. Grover Norquist lol!!

rMONEY monologue Part 2

Mitt is a car guy?

Posey's Grand Slam and Double Play >>

Mitt Romney's a Car Guy.

Sure, the family Romney knows is named Nixon.

I love that we're all posting in Dec. 1969

Joe you need to do all the debate practices and preps

I love you Joe Biden!!!!

47% speech - FINALLY!

Ryan is stuck in canned commentary

I would laugh at Eddie Munster too. lyin Ryan deserves to be laughed off the stage.

Hey Republicans, got any "Biden is gaffe prone" jokes to tell?

Ryan actually talked about people who had injured kids in a car crash!!!!! Really!!!????

Story Hour, courtesy of WeinerBoy

I always say what I mean!!!! YES!!!!


"But I always say what I mean!"

Not again! Romney/Ryan: GOALS don'tmake a 5-point PLAN. n/t


"Stop talking and show me"

Holy Shit

Joe -"get out of the way... show me something"

Joe has cleaned his clock

'If they get out of the way.'

Get out of the way!

Mr. Ryan, Vice President Biden has a gift for you.

i don't think america is going to like paul ryan when this is over.

Ryan: Car industry is a "special interest"...

Romney/Ryan = Concern Trolls n/t

Joe Biden won

Austere measures don't work only adds unemployment Greece is proof

What was the matter with the Obama/Rmoney debate last week?


I think I'm getting turned on by Joe Biden.

What's so farkin' special about Dec 1969?

Go Joe!!! GO!!!

Ryan looks like he realizes he has lost.

Is it just me or is our Vice President kicking ass?


Hard to decide who I dislike more---Ryan or Rmoney

Just be a little more candid

In appreciation of Smokin' Joe Biden!


I love you Joe Biden. He is knocking it out of the park.

Joe Biden: Yeah, kid.. I'm the VP and you have to ask me for stuff

Damn Joe. You. ARE. AWESOME

here comes Medicare

Oh my, is it too late for Mitt to get a new running mate?

We interrupt the VP Debate excitement....

I won't say what The Vice President is doing to Little Eddie Munster in polite company. nt

CONGRESSMAN Ryan: Deer meet headlights, lol

Good job Biden

Biden is kicking Eddie Munster ass!!!!!

If Joe isn't enthusing the base then something is wrong with the base


Medicare is NOT going banckrupt. That is a balled face lie.


This is a bunch of stuff

Dear Congressman Ryan, you've made a fool of yourself,go home

Who the fuck let Eddie Munster into the debate?

Ryan wants to know if its over yet!! n/t

I am having a hard time flowing what Rayn is saying

Joe is getting ready to unload on Eddie

Free Repiglick is froze! They must be sick over there! I tried to get in to

Hey Ryan--I PAID for my college, every damn dime AND my kids college. - 9:31 p.m. Biden has complete control of this debate right now.

I think Ryan is gonna have PTSD from getting smacked around by Joe.


I knew Biden was taking it easy

Biden 2016

Joe to Paul: Here's your ass!

"Ryan looks like a deer in headlights... Dear Paul Ryan, use your safeword now!"

Joe isn't even bothering to take names...

Oh gawd, Joe

Biden Slams Ryan’s ‘Bluster’ And ‘Loose Talk’ On Iran

****OFFICIAL VP THREAD 2*********

Obama up from 61 to 63 on Intrade based on VP debate so far.

"We WILL NOT Privatize Social Security"-Joe Biden

Biden: "Folks, follow your instincts on this one!"

Hello 9-1-1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv.

Gilligan's blowing it!!! lol


Biden's message to Ryan:

This is much more one sided than the Presidential debate.

"don't take over four minutes, then"

"Well, Don't take all the 4 mins then..."

Ryan is wishing there was a security panel between them.

"Follow your instincts, folks."

Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex. - Frank Zappa

We Love You Joe ..give them hell & show them what we are made of!

Medicare=Piggy Bank for Obamacare


Thank God I am 55 so I make the cut with Romney's death date for SSI and Medicare...

This is what Pres Obama should have done. When you knock them off script

Ryan lie lie lie lie lie

Another lousy moderator - she lets Ryan go on and on, saying nothing.

I keep expecting to see a fist enter Ryan's split screen...

Biden Talking right to the Seniors

We will not be part of any voucher plan...

Moderator pleads with Biden to agree with Ryan

Awesome Tweet;

Fuck you corporate media. Suck on that! nt

Even Martha is calling this fugger on his lies


I am out of my chair cheering and clapping for Joe

Ryan: "Fuck you, young voters" and "I had my government social security, fuck you!"

Paul Ryan is a sick lying filthy sociopath

Is it just me, or has Paul Ryan been grinding his teeth the whole time?

Confederate Pageant!!!!!1111 Confederate Pageant!!!!!

Biden is on fire..

Joe keeps looking at the camera to make his points

I meant to share THIS pic!

Rolled and smoked 42:00 in

Oh no!!!! Ryan has a bigger flag pin!!! We lose!!!

I met VP Joe Bidden 5 years ago

Biden question struck fear into Ryan's heart

70? Ryan wants the retirement age to be raised to 70?

"I gave you a simple answer. They will raise the cost of social security." Joe Biden to Martha R.

How dare Ryan accuse Biden of trying to scare people when all R/R do is scare folks

"They have no record to run on" says the man who insisted on being called "Mr. Ryan"

Ha ha ha look Y Ryan's Adam apple..

Biden saves Obama's butt!

"He's better than Dan Quayle." That was what my hubby said about Ryan.

The Democrats should crush a little bit of Joe Biden into a joint and have Obama smoke it

Keep your cool, Joe! Don't let his smarm make apoplectic! n/t

For those listening on the radio . . . .

If Ryan drinks any more water he'll need a potty break soon. nt

Meet the Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold

Back to the old "small business" bullshit.....

Did Ryan's voice just quiver out of fear or is Eddie Munster going through puberty??

Okay, we are halfway through this debate.

Joe Biden is God Thread

Ryan reminds me of a defendant getting schooled by Judge Judy...

Taking notes, Mr. President?

They've been holding this country hostage! This is why little growth, & they have

moderator's false claim not refuted - SS is going broke. this is not true Joe nt

Biden: ‘Folks, Follow Your Instincts’ On Medicare

Ryan needs to change his diaper

Biden must be doing well. All of my repug cousins are freaking out on Facebook.

Ryan "BLA BLA BLA..."

Bless you Joe, Bless you.

Ryan just ran out of his water

Bill Maher: Hello 9-1-1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv.

Ryan Reminds Me Of The Kirby Vacum Salesman Who....

'Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv'

Do you Have A PLAN???

I was hoping to see Joe Biden beat Lyin Ryan in to a bloody pulp

"No specifics, again"

i ain`t mitten`s wingman is going down in flames?

LOL Eddie Munster trending on Twitter

joe fucking biden knows small business....stand back


Holy shit, he's eating Eddie Munster's lunch

Anybody else offended at Ryan's RFK look?

Joe bide. Is a big fucking deal

Joe is NOT letting him get away with ONE lie! This is the

Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy!

"Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy?!"

Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

Oh fuck yeah, Jack Kennedy reference...

"Now you're Jack Kennedy!"

Forget last week's Rope-A-Dope, 2nite We Got SMOKIN' JOE!!!!!!

The GOP will forget about banning Gay marriage after this.

lol -- Ryan really did get debate advice from Dan Quayle

This is brutal: "NOW YOU'RE JACK KENNEDY"

"So now you Jack Kennedy?"

Now you're Jack Kennedy?

Joe is seriously kicking the shit out of Ryan!

Hey Tweety Bird Chris Matthews


"Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy."

And now you're Jack Kennedy--OUCH!!!

Joe Biden is a big fucking deal..

Biden has always been a big part of why I love Obama so much...

God i hope...

Check in here if you want to slap Ryan.

another Math question

Joe took his lunch and is eating it in front of him

Paul Ryan's blood is on my teevee screen

Somebody stop the fight!!!!

Another math question!! lol nt

*That* is Going to be the Line of the Night

Bentsen vs. Quayle 2012

So Ryan is NOT the accounting wiz everyone says he is. He doesn't understand simple math.

Joe is into this like a bar room fight.

Joe Biden is assaulting Ryan live on national TV.

I invite your weakness, Ryan! Come on over and be weak! I'll provide popcorn! n/t

This is actually a DEBATE!

Joe is going to have to scrape Ryan off his boot after this.

HE'S OUT OF WATER!!! RED ALERT!! Where's Dumbo?

Some of the "successful" legislation Mitt brags about, was passed by veto-override

Joe is having fun shooting fish in a barrel

"Then why isn't he even contesting Massachusetts?"

Ryan is like a wind-up toy. He never lets up while being pounded.

Didn't Rmoney say his plan had never been tried before

JOE Schools Martha

Obama at 64% on intrade

Insta-poll: Ryan getting Thumped by Biden

Eddie is pulling numbers out of his ass!

Joe Biden is ripping Ryan a new asshole, way to go Joe!

Ryan, another fucking Puke warmonger

Did I just see the Ryan corner throw in a white towel?

TWEET from a pro-romney guy. Biden kicking ass

Did Ryan just change positions on Afghanistan mid sentence?

Someone is taking a thumpin tonight!

I hope there are a lot of people watching

Oh So Good Jo+++++++++++++++++++++++ Love you bust them !

No GOPig media can spin this shit !!


Obama campaign:

Just donated again

Yes yes yes yes..

Lyin Ryan is in the house...

Thats it. I'm a broke ass single mom with 2 kids in college - but I'm donating

A heartbeat away...

Lyin' Ryan's Gonna be Cryin' Lyin' Ryan when this is over... n/t

This moderator is great.

FWIW, Ryan is completely wrong about Canadian corporate tax...

So are we getting what we were hoping for tonight or what?

Here we go DUers

Joe bounce

Go this again Ryan


You can't have it both way punk

Romney/Ryan = Dumb/Dumber

Remember Ryan said that: We want to give commanders what they need (Afghanistan)

They hate us in Afghanistan!!! Get Out Now!!!!

Joe Biden speaks with authority in his voice.

Tell a lie and Joe Biden will fuck your shit up

Now this debate is just a question of who finishes second

Biden: Stimulus Letters


PA. Republican Congressman Mike Kelly Has Made Tens of Millions from Fracking

Kelly: In 1988, vice presidential debate ‘put Omaha on the map'

Step Up Step Up it is the only way

Joe Biden is the honey badger.

Biden has only made one mistake tonight

Again with the Congressman Ryan.

Rush Limbaugh just tweeted that Joe Biden is "bullying" Ryan.

Which debate is better

Biden: "Step up, step up!"

Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard out by ‘mutual agreement’

Does Ryan want out of Afghanistan in 2014 or not?

Tweet of the Night!

I'm thinking about starting a new religion that worships Joe Biden!

"Here's the way it works" Yeah, you tell us kid

Biden is running over Ryan.

"That's what we call fighting seasons"

The REAL Joe-mentum.

Wow, CNN's Undecided squiggles don't care much about Afghanistan, do they?

Conservatives already whining

Best debate ever!

This is a clinic, a rout, a deconstruction, a schooling, an annihilation

Facebook ..... the righties are complaining about Joe smiling!

fucking A joe biden

that shut him down

LOL!!! Eddie finally shut up!


Every time Eddie Munster gets his ass spanked, he takes a drink of water. BWAHAHAHAHAHA....

We are sending more Afghanis to do the job.

Joe has to school Martha as well as Eddie Jr

WOW!! This is like, you know, an actual DEBATE!!

My son just spent 9 months in Eastern Afghanistan training the Afghanis

AFGHANS to do the job…AFGHANS!

THIS is how a debate should be run.

Paul Ryan will have many post-debate opportunities

My summary of tonight

Did Ryan just have his "King Joffrey" moment on Afghanistan?

Obama at home watching the debate right now

Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia

FR does not like debate.

This photo sums up the debate perfectly

Sara Plain made more sense than Paul does

Whew, I need a cigarette

School him, Joe. n/t

Joe outlasts the Eveready bunny! Won't let Ryan get away with ANYTHING!!!

Bill Maher:

I hope this debate spank-down will hurt Lyin' Ryan back in his district too

What about a question about women's health?

Joe to Paul Ryan..

Obama up over 2% in Intrade he his back over 64

Joe's experience is hammering this guy

Why Ryan says Iran

Ryan was just Quayled tonight.

Has smirk given ANY specifics about ANYTHING in this debate?

So will the media report that BIDEN WON THE DEBATE!

Hey go to this site and sign in with your twitter

Ryan sounds lie a little boy whining about everything

The They'll Wait Us Out Line Seems Stupid to Me

hey... all you doing one liners in title can put a nt then i dont have to click

I made my 21 year old son crack up over the Scranton Scrapper...

I would like to hear something about women's issues too.

Ryan is a bobblehead... and he looks like a puppet who longs to someday be a real boy.

The moderator of the debate is quite good

Defining moments of each debate are team Obama/Biden

Yes Martha the third rail, abortion

#FactsMatter is trending on Twitter

Oh yeah - let's talk about abortion!!! Thank you Martha!

Kudos to Martha.

Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard out by ‘mutual agreement’

haha! Republican friend on Facebook accused Biden of making up a word!

someday paul ryan will thank Joe for this whippin'

Scripted answer

Paul Ryan in a nutshell. "I have no friggin' idea about anything.



Ryan really is an asshole. What a babbling idiot

Romney is a complete doof !!!

Life begins with the bean.

Your brain's in the size of a bean (nt)

Thanks to Paul Ryan, there is now a water emergency in Danville, KY


Yeah, Ryan. I remember the first ultrasound where we saw a fetal heartbeat too.

I heard Ryan say it!

Rmoney/Rand - Obfuscation '12!

Joe's all out of bubblegum :)

OMG! Chuck Todds Tweat!

OMG final question is on abortion

He's closing on abortion? seriously?


And Ryan gets his shots in EVEN THOUGH it's supposed to be his personal experience

Joe Biden for President in 2016!

So Ryan respects differences w/abortion except for Obama admin. Yeah right.

VP Debate Polls

Any women watching this should know that abortion will be illegal under Romney. /nt

I'm amazed Ryan didn't mention Ayn Rand in his talk about religion.

My friend the congressman !

Bill Maher: Ryan's hair is sweating.


LOL Tweet from TV's Frank

That is a FACT

Life of the mother!!?!? WTF?

Joe describing policy on abortion for Catholics and others,

Calling him out on abortion, and mentions Scalia you go Joe!

Ryan is NOT pro-life. Catholicism is the Gospel - social justice. Where is THAT question???

Are you crying, Ryan????

No Liberty For Libertad: Argentina's Battle With Hedge Fund Billionaire For Navy Vessel Continues

OMG Ryan's sappy, smarmy expression is making me ill

I have two suggestions for Romney-Ryan

I've had to pause live tv a couple of times


Hello, Paul Ryan?

"We do not think un-elected judges should make that decision"

As a Catholic, I totally agree with Biden. He was succinct. He exposed Ryan as imposing his

Biden Nailed It On The Abortion Question...

Joe pic trending on Twitter --->

Stephanie Miller tweets


In my "Friday" Smokey voice @ Paul Ryan "He gonna cry in the car." NT

No doubt who they would put on the supreme court. This is as clear a debate as I have seen which

Uh-oh.....independent, non-political person I am with thinks Ryan doing a

I can't wait for the unanimous media chorus that Ryan sucked ass.

Oh, now there are EXCEPTIONS to the abortion policy

So What Would Be the Romney/Ryan Line For Intervention?

Biden to Ryan (proverbially): "You stupid fuck!"

Cenk U.'s tweet on Ryan

In honor of Joe Biden, I am making a donation to the Obama/Biden campaign tonight

Email I received from Joe Biden today from

Joe is drinking Ryan's milkshake!

Just got home, what's the general opinion of the debate? Thanks.

Joe Biden beat up on Ryan so bad, John Boehner is starting to cry!

Did Joe say, "IT'S AN OBAMA-NATION!" ???

Bill Maher: Man, Joe Biden is clean and articulate!

MORE projection in closing from ryan.

So...what will the talking heads say in 6.5 minutes? Who won???

Another scripted answer

Ryan's is proving the military guy right just now, the lying shit that's coming out of his piehole

Expecto PaJOEnum!!!

Debate fun time!!

Ever time I watch Lyin Ryan speak, I think of Grandpappy Amos of The Real McCoys.

When you don't have a record to run on

Biden Pins Ryan Down On Taxes: ‘Oh, Now You’re Jack Kennedy?

Freakrepublic done just blowed up

To Ryan, It's all about his bean

Michael Savage: I hope the American people can see through this.

ryan was asked a question about the nastiness of the debate and showed exactly what people hate.

"Stuff" and "Malarkey" in pictures

Two wars on a credit card

Ladies And Gentlemen, By A Knockout And Unanimous Decision, Your Victor And Still Champion,

Joe "Mad Dog" Biden

Honesty!!!! LOL

She just told Ryan to shut up !!!

Is it just me or is she not giving equal time? And has skipped Joe's turn at least 3 times


Did Ryan just say his greatest quality is honesty?


This was a well moderated debate

Honesty? Did he just say his qualification is honesty?!

Ryan is trying to say he is honest? If anybody

12 million

Keep telling her Joe, equal time!

Bottom line: Ryan looked like the child he is. n/t

All together now

A high 5 to all DUers and compassionate Americans. Way To Go Joe!


Predictions on Media Take??

Paul just started his last answer "honestly"

Throw the bum out of Congress!!

America, who do you want a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Honest Ryan ??? What an oxymoron ... heavy on the moron !!!

Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan in a double role


Today (10/11) is National Coming Out Day (Come out, come out, whoever you are!)

Is MSNBC on some major delay?

47% 47% 47%

Thank you Joe Biden, your with us (US).

And as Biden looks into the camera for the final shot he says, "that's how you do it boss"

GOD DAMN GREAT CLOSING JOE ! He invoked the 47% and spoke straight from the heart and gut. GREAT !

Rove retweeted by Markos Moulitsas

Listen to this obstructionist fuck

Memorized talking point thread ... blah, blah, blah ...


When Romney pick Ryan of vp

Almost time to head over to MSNBC and see who's freaking

Two debates and not one word on any gay civil rights issue

Lyan is not a lightweight

'Mitt Romney and I want to earn your support.'

17 yr. old cancer survivor with dead baby inside her dodges Prolifers

Joe drank that milkshake all the way up

Winner of the debate: Martha!

If Rmoney is a job creator, why doesn't he create

Biden salutes Ryan...

The rest is up to Obama. /nt

Tweet from Karl Rove

A Fine Performance by Biden


Post the debate polls here.

Second mistake by Biden (1st was not repsonding to claim about Egyptian Embassy statement)

Ok people, here comes the media bullshit

That "Loose Talk" Phraseology May Have Been a Dog Whistle

Something you should know about Ryan's record on abortion


Ryan - STOP STARING AT ME, you're creeping me out!!!

Not going to duck the tough issues???

vote for biden here:

Fuck David Gregory!


Condescending! Took 15 seconds for NBC news to say that about Biden!

Biden was the clear victor!!!


Tweety: "A Clear Victory for Biden"

Chris Matthews: "On the issues that matter to people, a clear victory for Joe Biden." n/t

Let the spin begin

Blitzer saying it's a draw on CNN

Clear Victory for Biden!

I couldn't care less about a ball game.

After 4 years of Teabaggery rife with racism from before Obama even took the oath...

Let's hear it for Martha!

And that is how it's done.

Chris Matthews declares Biden the winner!

would you buy a used car from eddie?

When Wolf calls it a draw, you KNOW Biden kicked ass....

Biden Blasts Ryan, Romney On '47 Percent', Taxes

Huffington Post headline on debate

Wolf blitzer said it was a draw!!!!

Oh great. MSNBC is already scoring it on policy and not style.

Biden won ALL aspects of the debate from Benghazi to abortion.

Karl Rove I miss Jim Lehrer. He tweeted this

Dry underwear everyone?????

LOL. Blitzer (CNN) calls it a draw, 1 minute after the debate.

Biden systematically took Ryan apart. Ryan was in over his head.

David Brooks says Biden was aggressive and passionate.

Just voted to hide my first troll

Hello, 9-1-1?

“No apology.”

I'm donating tonite - who is with me?

Who wants to bet that by morning Ryan will have won

Biden: Really, Ryan and Palin are all you got?

What a Night! First, Jayson Werth keeps the Nats alive.

Main Stream Media - FUCK YOU. This was a win WIN WIN!!! You can spin SPIN SPIN but

It's all about the insta polls folks

CNN twitter page is disgusting

the mainstream media is gonna call this a draw. just like they did gore/bush

Who is the bald guy on MSNBC?

I must confess. Most debates are boring bullshit affairs. Not tonight.

VP debates don't matter! VP debates don't matter!!

I don't know about you, but I LOVED Biden's laughs and smiles

OH, Hey, I meant to mention my local NPR station and their fundraiser...

Well we can CLEARLY SEE that Paul Ryan is not fit for Office.

"What just happened?? Did I just get my ass kicked by a sixty-nine year-old man?????"

Steve Schmidt STFU

NBC commentators saying Biden too aggressive!! Lie and bully - good! speak up and tell truth - bad!!

Paul Ryan's implication of Romney being a "job creator" seems like a direct class reference

It was interesting watching Joe wipe the smirk off of Ryan's face

Great Biden debate .gif

Luke Russert calls it a draw on twitter

Where are the concerned posters that think Ryan won?

#Borowitz -

This is a big f**king deal!!

Thank you Mr. VP!!!!!

"Ryan was a maniquin, just press my third button..."

How Can You Tell When A Steak Baby’s Lying?

Ryan cries about the aborted babies…

Anyone watch Fox "news" during or now?

Obama 2012 Biden 2016 Joe is a no BS straight talking hard working man!

Is this the reality we have to accept?

Rachel: He doesn't understand the war we are in, he just learned for the test

"Fibber growing to be a liar" Al Sharpton

Tonight, For the First Time, I Thought the Thought That Joe Might Make a Good Pres. Am I Just Giddy?

Take note Obama, That's how it's done!

SKY NEWS Ryan won easy??????????????????????????

Rev Al: Ryan not Romney--Ryan is a fibber working up to liar

I'd love to see a Biden-Romney debate.

Ryan left the door open for American troops in Syria. Mainstreet will NOT like that. nt

A man may smile and smile and LIE.....

Uncle Joe Biden Stole Paul Ryan

Ryan & rMoney talk out of both sides of their mouth...what to believe, what to believe? NOTHING!

Poor Paul needs to see a doctor...

Biden Pins Ryan Down On Taxes: ‘Oh, Now You’re Jack Kennedy?

Ryan: Romney And I Support Social Security Privatization

"It looked like a bean"

David Gregory thought Biden 'too harsh'--what can you expect with a guy who boogies with this man

It's actually important. DU CNN POLL !!!!

Republicans are already trying to distract by talking about Biden's smile, etc.

"It is not all about style" Chris Matthews So the last debate is won by

"In a poll of Democratic voters taken immediately following Thursday night’s Vice-Presidential

After This VP Debate What Will Be The GOP Talking Points Tomorrow

Wow, did Politico's Roger Simon like Biden in this debate!

VP Biden Re-Assured Americans. Man Defeats Boy.

Give it a day to sink in -- Biden won big.

Go vote on CNN poll. It is at the bottom right off the home page!

Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super-Fans

Skinner - can we please have a "concern" forum?

Debate Notes:

DU the CNBC poll

My takeaway from tonight: YOU DON'T NEED TO BE NICE TO LIARS!

Good Debate?

ABC saying Biden clear winner.

Source: Mexican teen killed by US BP agent

Ryan did better than Palin did 4 years ago.

Whom do you believe won tonight's debate and why?

Joe's BEST line of the nite ----- Joe Biden: Paul Ryan Asked Me For Stimulus Funds

Joe Biden 2016

Boy, that was quick. I just got an email from Obama. The title was: Joe.

Next time a Republican cries, "He's trying to scare you..."

Wallace on Faux News: Biden was "Disrespectful"

Everyone in media who calls this a draw is a Republican. Document the atrocities.

david gregory on nbc network.'i'm hearing it's a's really about next tuesday'


Fuck Chris Wallace

The debate was a draw... So says NBC nt

A great prophesy was fulfilled tonight. An Ode to a Memorable Ryan Exposition.

Joe Biden destroyed Paul Ryan

I REALLY like all of the "You voted for ________________", especially the 2 wars, which


CBS NEWS instant poll of undecided voters: 50% Biden won, 31% Ryan, 19% tie

Fuck you Luke Russert, you can't even sniff your Dad's seat



No apologies.

BIDEN to Ryan's BS: “That is a bunch of malarkey--“Not a single thing he said is accurate,”

Repub Candidate ...Tries To Pass Home Economis Degree Off As Economics Degree

Fuck you Dennis Miller!

Kos: A debate beatdown, in pictures

CBS NEWS SNAP POLL of uncommitted voters: 50% Biden won; 31% Ryan; 19% tie

WON ONE for Rob Zerban!

CBS debate snap poll: Biden - 50, Ryan - 31, tie - 19

I think Ryan did very well in the debate tonight.

Say what you will. Ms. Raddatz did her job. Eddie Munster was asked to

GIMP or PhotoShoppers...

Flash prediction- CNN flash poll will have Biden at 60%

Even conservatives think Biden did well

Let's have a thread about the moderator

The media's going to screw this up again.

Here's what just happened in that debate:

Ryan's P-90 debate prep clearly helped his performance tonight

Biden was a great choice for VP

#TeamJoe is trending on Twitter!

Priebus is a f*cking idiot.

Fuck the corporate media!

David Gregory, Chuck Todd & Wolf Blitzer will ALWAYS be shoring things up for the Republicans.

A high school classmate who, foolishly, 'likes' rmoney, wrote me on FB just now:

I *might* need to change my status picture to Paul Ryan working out

Where's the math?

2 Catholics: one "Abortion is about something called Bean" the other "It's not my job to force my

What do you think Morning Joe will say tomorrow aboaut the debate? nt

Let's all relax and stop fretting about what the talking heads are saying.

My Favorite Part of the Debate

Debate - Ryan's mention 4 or 5 times of "values". Regardless of the topic.

Atlantic Wire/Liveblog: The VP Debate (in GIFs)

how anyonee can say Ryan won is amazing.


These Undecided Voters Panels Are A Joke

Obama/Biden must full-on articulate their achievements.

Ryan got lit up on Foreign policy! They've moved from clownish to dangerous on the subject

I don't think saying someone was "bullied" is a very good losing debate strategy.

Ryan Just isn't Ready to be a Heartbeat away From the Presidency. Joe Made That Clear.

Why is CNN taking so long to release their "official" poll results? CBS already released theirs

I like Whispery Biden

Liked it when Biden said "Now your Jack Kennedy?"

For the media, it's only ok to be aggressive if you're a Republican

Ann Richards' daughter on with Lawrence O'D.

I'm VERY glad Biden got Ryan's $300 million cut to embassy security in there. nt

Mitt Romney Just Threw Up Thinking About Next Tuesday.

Joe Got Up!

BREAKING A CBS News/GFK poll of 500 uncommitted voters gives Biden 50% edge to Ryan's 31%

My Republican friend that runs GOP campaigns on saying Ryan won big

CNN on what grade is Biden doing his debate

"Have a cigarette, turn off the teevee."

Odd facts about 10/11/12

Josh Marshall, TPM: Biden made the whole Democratic argument

Joe made Ryan look like a petulant child. he eviscerated Ryan, and Ryan had a deer in the...

So when we *draw* it's a monumental loss, when we *win* it's a draw to media yakkers n/t

Check out photo #4(Biden smile) and photo #5 (Ryan frown) on the slideshow link below

Big Bird chimes in…

Please forgive me for my flurry of shallow posts tonight but

If Palin dragged down McCain, then Ryan

Flash CBS poll 50% Biden one, 31% ryan

You KNOW we WON when the ReThugs are calling our guy a "bully". Oh wa wa wa wa WHINE.

CBS Snap Poll: Biden 50%, Ryan 31%, Tied 19% n/t

WARNING!!! Marsha Blackburn coming up on MSNBC

Biden says Romney revealed true self with '47 percent' remarks

That Romney Ryan Ticket Sure Can Run Their Mouths

you know Drudge is desperate tonight

Note to President Obama

CBS Flash Poll: Biden 50% Ryan 31%

Steve Schmidt made a great point

Talking Points are out: Used Car Salesman

So Biden "loses" because he treated Ryan like Romney treated Pres Obama?

Fox News Poll

Gloria Borger of cnn is a moron.

Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv B. Maher

Just in time for Halloween.. Alternative vegetable jack-o'-lanterns

This is MY FAVORITE photo of Ryan from tonight!!!!


if the GOP wants and needs a strong manly figure....

CNN Has A Slavish Devotion To Some Sort Of Phony Moral Equivalency

How did that "Mr. Ryan" rule work out?

High expectations, exceeded greatly...

"Should a person who thinks abortion should be legal be worried about a Romney/Ryan administration?"

I'm very worried

Blackburn:The democrats are loosing woman WHAT

"It's a great-terrible-idea."

Britain's Atlantis' found at bottom of North sea

Blackburn cannot answer a direct question about abortion. I will answer it they will ban abortion

Hannity on FOX, aghast that someone would interrupt and talk over another person

By The Time The GOP And Its Racist Bigoted Minions Finish With ----

BREAKING: Media attacks Obama/Biden no matter what they do

Tonight's debate reminded me of that classic line from 'Grandma's Boy'

CNN poll gives the debate to Paul Ryan: 48%-44%.

I think Biden did a great job articulating the pro-choice Catholic position

Freaky DUmails anyone else?

Exclusive Post-Debate Romney Reaction

The Onion's take on the Debate ~

Obama: ‘I Thought Joe Biden Was Terrific’

Turn off your goddamn televisions!

Hi There!

Maher tweet: Hello, 9 1 1? There's an old man beating a child on my tv!

Mister Bean! Mister Bean! Mister Bean!

Hilarious reaction!

Uncle Joe Took Eddie Munster Out Behind The Woodshed

All of Joe's facts and Ryan's lies won't matter to the media. Only the body language (smiling, etc)

Biden wins cbs snap poll by 19%

"Paul Ryan's car crash anecdote to Joe Biden in poor taste during Vice Presidential debate?"

I felt like Obama lost the first debate, but Biden definitely won the second.

It's official, I don't trust CNN anymore

CNN poll gives the debate to Paul Ryan: 48%-44%.

Jim Messina: Biden a ‘happy warrior’

Want to THANK Vice President Biden? Do it here:

Release the Biden!!

I predict msnbc will have better rating than CNN tonight

Some Thoughts From Bill Maher

BIDEN KO's RYAN (image)

Poll: By Wide Margin, Democrats Want Biden in All Remaining Debates - taken by Andy Borowitz

Online CNN poll has Biden 65% to Ryan 35%

WTF, WTF, WTF. CNN poll says Ryan Wins?

FULL DEBATE TRANSCRIPT for your reading/quoting/cackling-with-glee pleasure


Those of you with Conservative friends and family....

HuffPo survey finds Biden beating Ryan 65 to 35 percent 1 hr into debate.

How about all of RYAN's smiling??? Constant fucking SMIRKING really. CONSTANT. Just like RobMe's.

Yeah, CNN is pretty fucking useless nt

I am so proud of my daughter

So they don't want abortion to be legal, and they don't want birth control covered by insurance

Biden was sooooo rude! So say some pundits.

Paul Ryan works out?

Why Do Some Folks Here Focus On The Poll Biden Lost By A Inch Instead Of The One He Won By A Foot?

Ted Turner needs to ride in on his buffalo and put CNN out of its misery.

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Oct 12th

CNN just cooked the books on their own poll

Watch and Learn

This Debate Proves That The MSM Is Entirely On The Side Of The GOP. We May ----

Reposting this to say: FU MSM

Obama on Biden tonight: "I couldn't be prouder."

CSPAN is replaying the debate starting now

Nikki Reed. Keeping it real on Twitter: I’ll be your date “@reasereaser: Need to party with Biden.”

Flash back to Bill Maher 4 years ago

Any place showing clips or excerpts of the VP debate?

Check out photo #4.(Biden smile) and photo #5 (Ryan frown) on the slideshow link below

Ryan ahead in Huffington Post Poll 41/38

Has there been any mention of the ratings or when they will be out?

Growing the economy "from the Middle Class out" was a new way of talking about it & I found it

MSNBC Poll: Did the vice presidential debate do anything to influence

Daily Kos on Debate

Difference between Ryan and Palin..


Please give this poll from my local right-wing newspaper some love...

We should ignore the CNN snap poll and tout the CBS poll of undecideds...

Facebook friend: A shredding.

Medical Geology is an emerging scientific discipline..

I'm a Wisconsinite

ryan should have spent more time with the books and less time pumping iron

Could That Closing Statement Have BEEN Any More Rehearsed?

WTF is going on with CNN?

Hang on a sec. You're telling me the TV news media is full of shit? NO WAY.

Debate fact check in real time...

Click Link And Vote For Biden NOW PLEASE

Woman Tells Police Being a Republican Should Keep Her Out of Jail

CNBC Online Poll

Breaking: CBS News Poll of 500 Uncommitted Voters Gives Biden 50% Edge to Ryan 31%

No posts about Martha Raddatz? That's good for her.

Where is msNBC's flash poll

this was the second political debate my 17 year old watched

Didn't CNN poll a majority of white males from the south in one of their polls?

President Obama Watches Debate From Air Force One (PHOTO)

Did Joe Change the Story?

It's official, we can't depend on the independent voters.

It's amazing! We have a poll (CBS) that has Biden spanking Ryan 50-31 but...

CNN just gave a slight lead to Ryan


Funny sign behind Tweety just now:

New Mexico Rasmussen poll

FOXNEWS LITE Anchor Asks Beau Biden Why His Dad Smiled So Much

Who Won the Debate Tonight: Joe Biden Mops the Floor With Paul Ryan ... Seriously, it Was Bad

Jon Stewart Slams GOP Candidates: ‘How Do These F**king Crazy People Make It To The National Stage?’

Everything Biden said about Iran worked well: working together interntionally, Netanyahu

New Senate Push to Pledge Unconditional Support for Israeli Preventive War on Iran

@Pres_Bartlet: If Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 82 times...

LOL! Republicans are complaining on Ryan's facebook page

Don't Ignore Ryan's Terrifying Answer on Abortion

Star Trek III on Netflix streaming doesn't include subtitles

Raddatz question about negative campaign was annoying and pointless

Why do they even have online polls? They are ridiculous.

Twitterites: please consider adding #sorelosers to all the GOP spin you see there tonight

Kind of like "Florida? or Texas?"...but this time, Illinois

"I just got my ass kicked by a 69 year old man"

What this race needs is more JOE!!

Please give some DU Love to this poll. We need all the help we can get in TN.

Does anyone else feel like I do?

The "paint the other candidate" remark

Republican Party voter registration worker: ‘I don’t get credit for Democrats’

Republican quote about debate

Ryan memorized the facts. Biden lived them!

Media elite know Ryan lost the debate. Well, they created Wizard Ryan

So We Are All Going To Vote If Debby Can Have An Abortion?

What just happened? - from FB

Chuck Todd "Biden controlled the debate"

The body language contest?! How about the "What they said" contest?

Was That Rmoney On Letterman Just Now....nt

Denver Post Poll

Why is the CNN poll so different from the CBS poll?

CNN poll is registered voters. CBS poll is undecided voters. Guess which one is more relevant?

My genius wife: "Know who Biden reminded me of tonight? Clinton at the convention."

Game Changer

So thats what a GOP policy genius looks like

Sick of Rachel

Like Biden's Facebook page!

That lady in the Crooks And Liars videos, Peggy Noonan or whatever. Must have

Today’s Reminders that Abortion Opponents Hate Women More Than Love Embryos

Complete Vice Presidential Debate 2012: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan - Oct 11, 2012 - Elections 2012

Biden To Ryan: "Oh, now you're Jack Kennedy?"

We Must Remember That The Abortion Issue Is Not Just About That It Is Also ----

ABC NEWS POLL: Biden Ahead, Please Vote. Thank you.

The CNN poll was 31% Democratic and 33% Republican. Wake up folks.


Chris Matthews says that they will be hearing from a MSNBC focus group...

Today would have been April and I's 21 Wedding Anniversary.

Vote in this online poll

I missed the debate - business dinner at a trade show.

Also, I hope everyone noticed Biden's dig against Citizens United!

Another thing, Ryan took a sip of water everytime he got pwned

Biden Ran Out Of Gum...

Biden accomplished his goal tonight, and then some

Investing in Democracy in Venezuela

PLEASE DU THIS CNBC POLL --Poll: Who Do You Think Won the VP Debate?

If There Is Any Party That Needs To Be Eliminated It Is The New GOP - It Is Like A Bad Seed ----

Final thoughts for the night, on a great night

Do You Think CNN Is A Fair And Unbiased News Network

IMAGE: Smokin' Joe v Cryin' Ryan

My problem tonight was how Ryan claims he came from a humble background...

Ron Wyden Swings At Ryan For Invoking Him To Defend Medicare Vouchers

So uh, how'd the debate go?

Hair Switch

CBS Article: Biden takes debate over Ryan, uncommitted voters say

THIS is why I love me some Joe!!!

Boy, State of Florida! What are you thinking??????

Laughing Joe Steals Show at VP Debate

The Orioles are one Hardy team

Do you feel more encouraged about Social Security and Medicare after listening to the VP tonight?

BTW, Biden put lipstick on a pig tonight...

Biden didn't say "literally". Not once.

Not once did Radatzrefer to the Ryan as "Mister"

Too Bad Every Senior In The Country Can't Get An Envelope That Says URGENT!!!! ----

Does Ryan look like Eddie Munster.

I like this apartment complex, but in my hand I'm holding the walklist from hell:

I think Ryan did even worse than we think

Robert Reich tweet: "Biden delivered: Passion, conviction, indignation, incredulity at Ryan's lies."

GOP Ad: Laughing at the issues...

Two fucking years....

FEC Complaint Filed Against Rep. Paul Ryan Alleging Improper Use of Congressional Campaign Funds

Vice Presidential Debate Transcript and Full Video

Conservation groups sue to end trapping of wolverines in Montana

Paul Ryan needs to work on his resume

Biden was aggressive and assertive.

Work Out Ryan Clarifies

Look, spin is spin, but we know what happened. And so does anyone who watched.

Damn. I hope that I'm as sharp mentally as Biden when I reach that age. says Biden won the debate :)

We need to set the narrative.

Slate: How many times did each candidate say "fact" or "facts"? Biden 28 times; Ryan once.

Guatemalan soldiers arrested over Totonicapan protest killings

So there were no protest in Libya during the attack on the embassy?

Paul Ryan's flag pin was too big. It looked weird. n/t

Speaking time: Biden 41mins 32secs / Ryan 40mins 12secs

We Must Remember That The Ryan Budget Is Only Just A First Draft ----

MSNBC focus group. 5 thought Biden won, 1 Ryan won, 3 draws.

Great Seth Meyers tweet tonight: Mr. Biden, your rude behaviour leaves me with no choice but to ask

And the oldest person in the MSNBC focus group

WooHoo - Joe Biden just emailed me personally!

Undecided voters are phoney.

Rand Paul: Romney is wrong about military spending, and foriegn policy.

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Thursday, October 11)

Joe Biden Shredded Paul Ryan In The Vice Presidential Debate

Vote in CNBC poll

Did a Florida poll come out saying Romney has a 7 point lead?

He, he, VP Biden referred to Ryan as "congressman" 3-4 times. :-))))))))))))))))

Biden did worst than I thought...

Instant Poll:Joe Biden Shredded Paul Ryan in the VP debate

Ya know, I'm seeing some of these interviews with undecided voters...

Biden will rub off on Obama in next debate, Durbin says

what the hell is up with CNN's web site?

What Does MIRT Mean?

Ryan: Really Joe? Biden: I don't fu*k around kid.

12 Years Ago a Different Joe Debated in a VP Debate

MSNBC's undecided voter panel is way too small

CNN Quick Vote (Website poll): Biden Won - 66%

Huffpo flash poll - Joe Biden 65% Paul Ryan 35%

Best Tweet from Samatha Bee about Joe Biden and the Debate

One cause

Really tight poll. Needs DU support.

Democrats Get The Debate They Wanted In Kentucky

Heh: Team Kickass.

What Is So Sick About The Media Is That Romney Could Actually Get Crazy Enough To ----

Funny about the "Undecided Voters"

Completely wrong

Obama/Biden 2012 | Biden/Obama 2016

Everyone Chill The Fuck Out

I Want To Share With You An E-Mail I Just Received From Joe Biden

Breaking......Joe Biden spotted dragging Paul Ryan's manhood behind his chariot!

wonder who is going to be calling the running mate "stench" now

4.1% of a million dollars is $41,000. That's the difference between the highest bracket in 2000....

Liberal Media Continues to be Stunned

Unfortunately I missed the debate~

Some say it's rude to interrupt. I say it's rude to LIE.

30 Old Black & White Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams

So wingnuts on Twitter are crowing about an "NBC poll" showing Ryan win

CNBC Online poll: Biden 53%, Ryan 44% (Please vote)

Paul Ryan Mentions Car Crash Tragedy; Joe Biden Undeterred

Oh. So Biden was "rude" because . . .

"This Is What Obama Thought Of Joe Biden's Debate Tonight"

Free Republic Shuts Down (literally, their website)

Can someone explain to me

I swear I'm gonna do this!

Question about states/individual rights and healthcare, and pre-existing conditions. Help needed.

I went dark for the last four hours. What happened?

The Ryans collect Beanie Babies. (Pass it on.) nt

It looked like Ryan wanted to cry at some points.

Did Drudge pimp some post-VP debate AP poll showing Ryan the winner.. that didn't exist?

Business Insider: 'Joe Biden Shredded Paul Ryan In The Vice Presidential Debate'

"BIDEN'D" - Huffpo front page

If a person watching the debate was ignorant of the issues, two things stood out very clear. One

Mexico Passes Anti-Laundering Cash Purchases Ban

All right, this evening deserves another cup o' Joe, on me! (apologies if posted already)

another web poll to DU

Fact check: Did Ryan really say the U.S. Navy is close to being smaller than in 1913?

Day 1 Romney in a coma, Ryan in the Oval Office ... Comfortable?

Joe Biden Drops the "47 Percent" Hammer - By Dan Amira, New York Magazine

Martha Raddatz’s Approach Should Be The Standard For Future Debate Moderators

Another Biden zinger - I believe that is also Romney's position, but I can't be sure, he changes his

Congratulations Vice-President Biden - a job well done!

anyone hear about how many people watched tonights debate?

ABC News web poll

Joe Biden & Paul Ryan Cross Paths After Debate

Malarkey, because you can't say bull shit on live tv...

I just had to share...

"You talkin' to me?"

Hilarious update on Tweety's "Obama-communist" woman

Joe was having a good time tonight. This debate was a walk in the park for him.

Compilation of Joe Biden's Incredible Reactions during the VP Debate - video link

DU finally has threads with the word JOE in the title and they ain't about that Mourning Schmoe guy!

So, I take it that the official Republican party line is now...

There was a story posted on front page of poll in FL.

Even prominent conservatives think Biden did well

Does Prop 35 do anything about slave labor?

Sheldon Adelson quote...

Borowitz Report: The President should smoke a little Joe

Is Paul Ryan one of the South Park Gnomes?

Just played a song on an album that made me cry.

cnn quick poll: biden-65. ryan-35

New Reality Show Coming This January

"Where the hell are his lips?!"

You know i think that Ryan may have also hurt his 2016 chances after they loose this year.

24 times - Twenty-four times...

Holy Rabbit Hole, Mitt! Robert Bork is an adviser?

I've watched every presidential (or vp) debate since 1976. Joe Biden blew me away tonight....

''Ryan was playing his own debate drinking game - whenever he lied, he drank some water...''

VP Joe did awesome! But I do have to ask a simple question...Why not cite the American Jobs Act???

Night of Withering Ripostes, Mostly Delivered by Biden

No foreign army bases in Egypt, army spokesman

CBS Poll: Biden takes debate over Ryan, uncommitted voters say

Biden? Really? That's . . . okay I guess . . .


Four of Bill Maher's Tweets during the debate

Just got off the phone with a friend who watches FOX "News"....

Will the "liberal media" treat Ryan equally to Dukakis and Kerry?

A little Electoral College handicapping (from my facebook page)

Biden Destroyed Ryan by using facts not letting the lies stand

If Obama was a republican I would have to cross over and vote for him.

Stress is the body's natural reaction to resisting the urge to pummel some bozo who deserves it.

Can we stop psyching ourselves out now?

Biden's Debate Rant Rips Ryan: GOP Needs to 'Get Out of the Way'

Biden Hits Ryan For Asking For Stimulus Funds

Yeah, Paul Ryan looks like Eddie Munster but....

Ryan's take on abortion puzzles me

Hmph, My letter from Biden is different from everyone else's.

Mars rover makes surprising rock find

Posted on Daily Kos: Punish CNN for distorted poll; Remove Candy Crowley as debate moderator

The Onion: Ryan Handed Romney's Latest Political Positions Before Walking On Stage

Odd poll in my local rag: "Who *LOST* the Vice Presidential Debate?"

Chris Rock on Joe Biden.

Karl Rove with his thoughts.

Horror Stories: Mitt Romney's Shameful Record with Mormon Women

Mitt Romney's opinion.

Compilation of the FoxNews talking head's heads exploding - LOL :)

Big Bird's thoughts.

Biden basically called Ryan a liar on TV (in a nice way)

"REP. RYAN: On two occasions, we — we — we advocated for constituents who were applying for grants."

Giant Chile telescope spots 'truly exciting' unique cosmic dust spiral

"Biden was not only masterful, but he represented me and my values perfectly."

Is Lake Superior Overseas? Over a Lake? Or Over Michigan? Ask Paul Ryan~~~

I have a new level of respect for Joe Biden.

Hannity Promises A Montage Of "Joe Biden And His Facial Expressions All Throughout The Debate"

Dick Morris on Ryan vs. Biden: Paul Ryan Will Cut Him to Pieces in a Debate

Biden vs. Ryan: A Clash Between Conviction and Empty Promises

No one should have been surprised by Biden's performance.

Imagine an electoral tie

Blog: Paul Ryan's car crash anecdote to Joe Biden in poor taste during Vice Presidential debate?

Tweets from consultant I know from my Michigan days.

North Korea's severe idolization

Prediction: This debate WILL impact the head-to-head polls.

Obama should crush a little bit of Joe Biden into a joint and smoke it.”

damn, biden kicks ryan's ass and a whole bunch of new duers immediately decide they need to share

A guy gets shipwrecked.

Paul Ryan implied we could force Iraq to stop Iranian flights to Syria

Obama Issues Directive on Intelligence Community Whistleblowers

Joe Biden Beat the Shit Out of the Brains of the Republican Party Tonight, and He Did It for You

Yes, Virginia, they are a threat to Roe v. Wade (PERFECT Campaign Ad)

Church worker sentenced for child porn

Politico using Drudge as assignment editor for attack meme - "Is Joe Biden the new Al Gore?"

So my oven died today, the baking element.......

Protein shakes as meal replacement ?

Ancient Fortress Found in Spain

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 for the European Union

How Much Is The NFL Profiting From All This Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise?

From Forbes: Ryan Drew Blood Early, Then Cruised to Victory Over Unsteady, Flustered Biden

Is this an unflattering photo ?

Other than Martha Raddatz forgetting that we have a separation of church and state in this country

What do you think of Indistar?

The Greatest Debate strategy ever--Part Three

Developmental biologist proposes new theory of early animal evolution, challenges basic assumptions

Don't worry about those who say that Ryan won. The propaganda network

Tweety confront woman who called Obama a communist

So Joe Scum is focusing on the baseball play-offs

City seeks ideas on Twitter to solve illegal gun problem

What in the world

Naked, Tied-Up Paul Ryan Tells Staff He Can’t Prepare For Debate Unless They Slap Him Harder

Gun that killed Officer Brad Fox was in straw purchase

Does Mitt Romney Ever Give Charity to Non-Mormons or Entities without a Political Agenda?

Now get Joe back on the stump!

Joe Madison: I'm angry we have had two debates and it's as if black people don't exist

VP debate - America Spectator seems to be posting an article a minute (RW ralking points)

Bloggers! Update?


Yep, The Machine's in full force of course (so predictable)

I got a good night's sleep for the first time in two weeks...

Democrats Get The Debate They Wanted In Kentucky

Japan’s nuclear regulator chief states reactors won’t restart until next year

Illegal gun seller gets six years

Why is OHIOSMITH the word of the day? Modify any thread to include the word ohiosmith...

Chicago police to offer bounty for crooks with guns

Biden v. Ryan: The Old Pro Takes On the Lying Kid

SECURITY!!!!:Brad Sherman, Howard Berman Fight: California Congressional Race Turns Physical (VIDEO)

Biden Comments on CNN Poll...


8 Best Smack-downs of Right-Wing Politicians and Their Hacks

The MrScorpio Debate Scorecard: Democrats 2 - Republicans Nada

No post-debate bump for Romney in NC AND Obama edging up.

Andy Hiller is a piece of shit.

Who Will Fight for Affirmative Action?

My e-mail to the tamped-down-mood Scabs crowd

Obama Campaign Buys Ads for ‘Malarkey’ Hashtag on Twitter

Biden and Romney debate abortion and the role Catholicism plays in their positions

Cincinnati shows it's class...

We are now in post-2nd debate. This is the point where Romney's numbers decline

Really disappointed in news coverage this morning.


Selling off Britain: Privatising the police


Hey, Issa! Can you please convene a hearing on whether or not rethugs have

Oh how they spin

Joe Biden has been a politician for 39 years

A video about today's Biden/Ryan debate from the right-wing alternative universe

ny du'ers: last day to register

Everyone in Europe adding ‘Nobel Prize Winner’ to their CV

Dana Milbank: Biden rattles Ryan

Paul Ryan, Gov. Walker withdraw endorsements of Rivard after 'some girls rape easy' remarks

Joe ROCKED - every thread title should shout it!

Repub on CNN trying to cover Ryan's ass on bad performance

TheBiden showed Ryan a thing or two about debating

So ABC says that the debate was a "statistical dead heat"--at least on the

You know I'm a music lover, and I would like to dedicate this to all of the talking heads and

Screw the pundits. Joe Won ! Joe Won! Joe won! Don't fall for the rope a dope floating

What Biden did in that debate was "a big fucking deal!"

I am so befuddled by the "it was a draw" meme, that the only conclusion I

Malarky (R)

OMFG They did make Atlas Shrugged Part II

Joe Biden found a way to be both a participant and the guy in the Barcalounger at home...

Teabilly friend of mine is claiming Ryan won the debate big time

'Mansplaining' Paul Ryan - Funny!

Donate Obama now

Let me tell you about "the big f**king deal" in Ohio. Every teacher, cop, and firefighter

Just a thought. We need a "malarkey" list of Romney-Ryan claims

Actress Blythe Danner headed to Bluffs to stump for Obama

Biden sings Irish lullaby, tucks little Eddie into bed

Just donated to Obama; please do the same if you possibly can

Joan Walsh: Joe Biden gets the job done

Old time DUer here....

The Biden Ryan Debate

New York Times handcuffed at Texas Tarsands Blockade by TransCanada security

"Biden'd" as in he was Biden'd

Did the Boston Globe watch the same VP debate?

TPM: Ron Wyden Swings At Ryan For Invoking Him To Defend Medicare Vouchers

Every Biden laugh was at a Ryan lie, every Biden smirk was a response to a Ryan distortion

well, NPRR has been true to form this morning.

While millions of kids and parents struggle to pay college tuition....

Funny thought last night.

So the pundits are going to...

Spence says Nixon 'sold his soul to the devil' to get re-elected (MO gov race)

Lindsay Lohan. As if that train wreck can't get any worse.

Someone please tell Romney that he does NOT intend to increase defense spending $2 Trillion

Dear Dana BASH: Why does BIDEN need "defense," again?!1

Found on Reddit :(

VP Debate 2012: The Real Paul Ryan Is Bad for America

Empty Pews: Everyone is Misreading the New Numbers of Religiously “Unaffiliated”

Too bad Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) didn’t think of that before putting the CIA on C-SPAN.

Ryan didn't skip a beat with consistent spin/lies

You almost expected him (Biden) to prop his feet up and say, "Sonny, you just keep tellin' 'em."

what did last night's debate teach us?

Vile segment on Morning Joe today. Could they be MORE insulting to seniors?

Charter school: Enroll here, get a free Nintendo DSi

No lawsuit yet, but atheist group looking for attorney

And the media reaction

Please DU this poll.

Triumph of the Wrong: The GOP's Austerity Plan for America by Paul Krugman

Biden Gave Democrats The Show They Wanted—and Needed

Biden came out swinging

Biden: "Folks, who do you trust?"

The Mitt and Paul Theme Song

Joe wasn't "laughing at the issues" as the pathetic Conserva-spin would have it...

Joe Biden on the separation of church and state

EXCLUSIVE: Romney in 2011 on Health Care: "Maybe After Ten Years"

The Media Is So F-----g Transparent

Can we see the futility now in expecting our Democrats to get credit in these debates?

Dave Weigel in Slate: Biden 'steamrolled' over Ryan

Google News headlines on the VP debate:

ABC News poll, you know what to do...

Ryan: Romney And I Support Social Security Privatization

Joe Biden Smiles, Laughs, and Mostly Kicks Ass

This debate will go down in history

Evolution is only a theory

"Smile Over Substance"

chuck todd just said it 'the debate would only have big significance if ryan cleaned biden's clock'

10 Thoughts — Joe Biden – Paul Ryan Round-Up

Krugman: Voucher Denial

Regardless of what the MSM says: Biden accomplished his goal

Post VP debate: everything you need to know

The debates made very clear that if romney wins, roe v wade would be overturned, the Supreme Court

PA State Parks Director (Rendell Holdover) Forced To Resign: Nothing To Do W. Fracking, Sez Corbett

Even Taegan Goddard of Political Wire thought Biden the 'clear winner'

DANA MILLBANKS: Ding Ding Ding - Biden Appropriately ENCOURAGED "OUTRAGE"!

WTF? Amazon sent me pro-Romney email

In celebration of Joe's great night, DOONESBURY's American Mormon in Paris Not Vietnam week

Five Simple Realities Missing from the Campaign by John Atcheson

Afghanistan: Ryan launched into rehearsed gibberish and Biden smacked him down.

The debate last night brought to mind an old joke my dad told me after I "came of Age"....

David Plouffe on that bogus Mason/Dixon Florida Poll

BIDEN; shows how its done!

time each debater actually spoke?

Romney/Ryan Strategy: Doubling Down On Lies (New Obama Ad!)

Fox's Carlson Re-Biden's Smile "Have You Ever Felt That Way When You Just Want To Deck Somebody"

Wallace: 'Most Disrespectful Debate Performance In My Lifetime'

Joe fails to show up at the debate thursday

Can conservatives be any more stupid?

End of the road for Spanish motorway

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 12, 1492 Indians discover Columbus. Natives of islands

Huff po laughs at Ryan: Vice Presidential Debate: Paul Ryan Stays Hydrated (VIDEO)

Joe Biden seems to have hit a nerve.....


We need to deluge Joe with accolades for his debate.Too many trying to portray him as a bully. Does

Having the split screen with Biden laughing & smiling whenever Ryan opened his piehole

GOP's "Big Ideas" DIED LAST NIGHT: "A Bloody Death-Buried W/O Ceremony Salted/Strewn With Garlic'


"Mitt Takes a Stroll Down Sesame Street" from Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug"

Party at DU today. I am baking a whoop a** casserole. What can you bring?

To repubs complaining about TheBiden laughing at Ryan last night

Mark Murray Said The 50% -30% Win In The CBS Poll was A Narrow Win

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Rmoney the Liar

Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack on U.S.

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Early Debate Reaction

Obama has the 'smile' - he needs to use it. A smile and a shake of the head.

Politifact: The Only Truth Ryan Spoke Was when He Agreed With Obama Policy

Two undecided focus groups (CNN and MSNBC) showed more people...

At The Vice Presidential Debate: Ryan Told 24 Myths In 40 Minutes

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -GOP, Campaign

Florida: 51% Romney 44% Obama this was BEFORE!! the Vice Presidential debate

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

So is Biden now Obama's anger translator?

GIF of the Day ????

GOP Spin tactic out of the VP Debate: Joe Biden was a Bully

Thank you, Joe, for reminding IT'S THE SUPREME COURT

funny debate gif

Paul Ryan - Even his Sexy Gym Pics contain Ridiculous Exaggerations (PIC)

At The Vice Presidential Debate: Ryan Told 24 Myths In 40 Minutes

Fuck YOU MSM!!! When Romney smirked & interrupted The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES that's good

Now it is up to President Obama to finish this off, and insure that they are called on their lies

Big Joe and the Joyful Noise

Sorry, Republicans, Joe Biden is still smiling

In the Presidential Debate didn't Romney say...

Ryan's most craven, disgusting moment ...

Rasmussen: WISCONSIN - SENATE - Baldwin +4

Question about the car accident story Ryan told last night-

The reason Paul Ryan drank all that water during the debate was

FACT CHECK: Medicare and Social Security are NOT going bankrupt

No wonder Romney/Ryan pretends there's no war in Afghanistan

America’s Slippery Slope Into Britishisms

STAY ALERT Dems: Libya, Cairo embassy attack timeline PROVES current GOP narrative is a LIE.

The Rude Pundit muses on Paul Ryan

Spanish Researchers Find the Exact Spot Where Julius Caesar Was Stabbed

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Amid flurry of new polls, Senate outlook stays positive for Dems

OK. Where's the donate $47.00 link through DU?

If any Facebook users get a free moment, stop by Joe Biden's FB page and show him some love!

Obama campaign: The Romney-Ryan Strategy: Thirsting for an Answer

Robert Naiman Live From Pakistan Discusses The US's Drone Strike Policy

Joe was Genuine

The MSM Is Even Worse Than We Know With Last Nights Reaction To The Debate. ----

Early Celtic 'Stonehenge' Discovered in Germany's Black Forest


Harry Truman message for all those 'pundits' and repukes re: Lyin' Ryan

Polls have moved little in battleground states because they already dislike Romney?

Post-debate 'toon. (picture)

Ignorance is Bliss...

"Adderall is capitalism's wonder-pill."

New Bumper Sticker - Inspired By Last Night's Debate

Romney gets the most important endorsement yet.. election is over

Obama CANNOT listen to the "pundits" - he must surpass the vigor of Biden's performance

Consumer sentiment jumps to highest in five years

WaPo: Biden comes out on top


I believe it is now fair to say that the media has a conservative bias

Martha Raddatz on Social Security

Raddatz on Social Security

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rises to Pre-Recession High

Why Joe Biden’s Laugh is the Most Devastating Political Weapon of the 2012 Election

Tell Rall scores a good one...

The less of a horse race, the less advertising revenue.

Former UNC President William Friday dies

Italian FM: Israel Risks Global Isolation With Attack on Iran

GOP: If you are 40-54.....screw you.

This is how the Denver post broke down the VP Debates Fair and Balanced?

GOP: Malarkey is serious business and Biden should have shown it more respect

Media: Willard won b/c he was aggressive & smiling! Joe lost because he was aggressive & smiling

Now I understand - YES on Prop 37

CNN is Fox News without the ratings.

New Poll gives Casey (D) 10-point lead in PA Senate race

Wholesale Prices in U.S. Rise More Than Forecast on Fuel


Charles Pierce eviscerates Ryan's debate performance.

the media debate demeanor: rmoney/biden vs. obama/rayn

Malala Yousufzai: Pakistan official says 2 arrested over teen's shooting; Family gets "ray of hope"

So now Ryan/Romney do not believe in life at conception?

Where's the AD???????

NPR's Don Gonyea Gushes Over Ryans "Performance" this morning...

Guess Who Was NOT Laughing At Last Night's debate?

Article: Lindsay Lohan Endorses Romney, And It's Actually A Really Big Deal (?)

Time for a joke thread!

CHRIS JANSEN - MSNBC- No real clear winner.....

The celebrate- Joe- with-scathing- pics-of- RYAN, Part II (*Warning* - graphic!1)

Mitt Romney’s Tax Dodge - he pays a lower tax rate than many teachers and firemen

First Lady Love In Colorado

GOP Won"T Be Happy Until They Turn The US Into Gotham City

Mitt Romney's Show Of Middle-Class Compassion Leaves Ohio Voters Unconvinced

Another example of a bad "fact check"

Biden was Insulting During the Debate??

Actress Jane Lynch Joins Amway Boycott Over Donation To Anti-Gay Group

Do Democrats EVER win pres debates according to the MSM?

Drumbeat: October 12, 2012

Do Not Donate To NPR. The GOP Has Turned It Into A Propaganda Station For The GOP

Drumbeat: October 12, 2012

In stunning shift: Romney advocates socialized health care!!

Joe Won That Debate. End of story.

BS: Ed etc. kept saying Joe Biden's performance satisfied "The Base" thereby reducing his win to

Ryan deserved his throttling.

Christmas Shoppers. Apple will introduce the 'iPad Mini' on October 23rd.

The starkest of the stark contrast between the Dems and Repukes

When Did the Media Turn Into Dumb, Useless Parrots?

Question on Catholicism, abortion, makes for dramatic moments in vice presidential debate

We Can Expect And All Out Assault On Democrats From The MSM In The Remaining Days Of The Election.

Everyone take a deep breath. We are in a PERFECT strategic position.

Joe Conason: Index Praises U.S. As ‘Sole Bright Spot’ In Sluggish World Economy

Powerful picture of Pres. Obama and SOS Hillary Clinton holding hands at the Libya memorial

The worst part about this comic strip...

So what happened with the idea of calling ryan MR instead of congressman?

Romney meets with evangelist Billy Graham

The Quiet Man: PBO will only take so much from the blowhard


(LA Times) Vice presidential debate: All things considered, it was Biden's night


For Some Drivers, an Electric Motorcycle Could Be the Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes Laughing Makes Coming Out Easier

Rival protesters clash in Egypt's capital

Former Catholic priests back gay marriage in Washington state

I just found out my toilet could EXPLODE at any moment! No joke.

Did Thomas Jefferson really say this?

How many times have repubs held something hostage in order to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

Did Anyone Catch Letterman Last Night - Was That Really Rmoney On The Show?...

Toon: Right-wing reaction to the debate

The Moment Our VP Made Me & Mr. Pete-Beam With Pride

MSM "fact checks" on debate are complete BS.

ARG polls NH Romney +4; FL Romney +3

Prison terms handed out in Columbus gun trafficking case

They can't buy the election, so they're going to buy the media.

Shoot like a girl


CNN quick poll . . . Biden winning at 61%

Don't normally agree with Piers Morgan, but he says Biden Won & CNN was wrong

Atlantic: "he doesn't know any more than she did"

the dems need to keep pounding the rmoney tax issues

Vermonters for Voting Integrity Newsletter

Christian Science Monitor ridicules Paul Ryan workout photos: Do they send the right message?

Does anyone know

And now a word on Polls and Hankies, from a 10-year DUer.

MORE JOE: "And by the way, they talk about this Great Recession as if it fell out of the sky"

I'm a small business owner and I make less than $60,000 a year.

Does anybody know if Jon Stewart did

Hey girl, it's Paul Ryan

Mrs. Ryan's Interior Decorating venture - Small Business or hobby?

Beware of bad news trolls...Let them sink

Funniest tweets about the VP debate

Greatest Threads column (sorted by time) malfunction?

Charles M. Blow tweets

Biden: "they talk about this Great Recession (as) if it fell out of the sky"

Psst Republicans: you *are* aware Romney will be selling off national parks, right?

Toon: Biden wins

ROFL! Hilarious, mocking read from Salon: Paul Ryan flaunts his political muscles

Heh "I just got my ass kicked by a 69 year old man".

Mike Malloy live commentary of the vice presidential debate (6 segments, EXTREME emotion ahead)

I am the only one who thinks that the "undecided voters" that these news

Which candidate wore it better?

This is what happens when you don't put a password on your computer.

WOW! New York City home sales up 6%!!!

Ass Kickin'

Just get out of the way. Brilliant.

Remember when this (Election Reform) forum was as popular as General Discussion?

WOW! President Obama at the University of Miami, Oct 11

Body language: when you lie, your mouth gets dry

Biden v. Ryan: Like a father-son brawl

The cartoon from media matters that says it all

A song Mr. Ryan should have listened to before taking the stage last night.

A large and growing majority of Americans say "global warming is affecting weather"

Does ANYONE Remember how rude Romney was?

Awesome! Michelle Obama at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, Colorado, Oct 11

Day off today. Anybody want to keep me company as I do chores around the house?

Think you have free speech in Wisconsin?

The right is freaking out that Biden kicked lyin Ryan's ass!

turkey hunting season starts tomorrow (Oct. 13)

Biden; take a look at this photo Barack!!

Why I don't think Mila Kunis should take the role for 50 Shades of Grey.

Anyone else find this the most entertaining forum?

Here's what they really want to do. Now, what do you plan to do? ...

Biden: Ryan “sent me two letters” asking for stimulus

Any word from the Republican effort to find Paul Ryan?

Alex Bennett:Watching the debate I felt like Biden understands my problems and is a regular guy

Insightful musings from Facebook. Interesting take on politics.

Are Democratic operatives trolling conservative message boards in droves?

Rasmussen: Daily tracking poll is the same today; suggests Romney bump flattened

VP Biden put a bar of Lifeboy into Little Eddie's Mouth

As Biden Promised - Here They Are: "THE RYAN LETTERS"

QUICK READ: Robert Reich's Super Clear, Super Helpful Review Of The VP Debate

I just made another donation

Biden made it look easy in his taking down of Ryan

Joe Biden didn’t just win the debate. Joe Biden invented a new way to debate liars.

I voted


The VP Debate, and What Commentators Don’t Understand about Who Watched It

Hillary Clinton Has A Few Words To Say To The Moderator Of The Vice-Presidential Debate

Everybody listen to Big Ed: He's on FIRE!!!

Biden–Ryan Debate shows stark policy differences that lead to either progress or depression

Stunning New Panorama Shows the Hazy Distant Hills of Mars

Booyah! Super-Moderator Martha Raddatz Asked The 'Abortion' Question, And This Is How The VP Candida

Cookie Monster Crater on Mercury

there is a coordinated attack on Stephanie Cutter over Libya

Titan’s Surface the “Consistency of Soft, Damp Sand”

Origins of the UT & OU school colors:

Paul Ryan is unique (from Betty Bowers)

One thing I liked in the debate: Bush's name

Florida GOP Group Uses Image Of Dead Ambassador’s Body In Obama Attack Ad

How could you look at those eyes and NOT help?

The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh (Matt Taibbi)

anyone use acupuncture for their dogs?

All these threads about Joe ~

I upgraded my ride last night!

Secret Service Agent Arrested After Being Found Passed Out In Miami

Republicans are a bunch of WHINING, CRYBABIES!!!! Waaah waaah!

How Will The RW React to an Obama Win?

In honor of the debate I'm just going to run my favorite Paul Ryan interview with Glenn Beck

Any polling that comes out today is useless because of the Vice President debate

Biden had a good debate - but don't tell me he's a stronger presence, candidate than Barack Obama

Florida GOP Group Uses Image Of Dead Ambassador’s Body In Obama Attack Ad

Thought you guys might like to see this...from Twitter.

John Nichols, The Nation - Richard Milhous Ryan: No Specifics, Just a 'Secret Plan'

Paul Ryan is just a little punk.

Thought you guys might like to see this..

"Just Get Out Of The Way"

What's with the Martha Raddatz luv?

Yes, Mitt, People Do Die Because They Lack Insurance

Iraq To Buy Czech Military Planes For $1 Billion

Watched the movie "Shutter Island"

Roger Rivard Loses Support From Wisconsin Republicans After Saying 'Some Girls Rape Easy'

CROFL Rush mentioned "Democrat Underground types" today on his show

Think about this, Republican base voters

Satire Reveals Romney/Ryan Mental State: Officially Full of Mitt: Absurdity Today, October 11, 2012

Women Who Choose To Remain Childless Have Lots of Money, Hardly a Care in the World

Sally Quinn pedals backwards

BAM! Biden Slams Romney, Ryan For "47 Percent" Video

Surprise Jack Welch Missed Shows Better U.S. Growth: Economy

Russia: Syrian Plane Legally Carried Radar Parts

Taibbi: Romney winning would be like waking up with a naked Lloyd Blankfein sitting on your face

Can we just retire the friggin' Nobel Peace Prize Already?

Today's update on Early Voting in Iowa...

About the Republicans in congress:

White House: Obama, Biden Weren’t Told About Libya Security Requests

So Lindsey Lohan has endorsed Romney because she feels ENTITLED to a job...

I...just cannot...stop...watching this....

6,505 Democrats and 4,396 Republicans were added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/10

Wondering if President Obama has it in him to get tough on Romney? Here's a sneak preview

Three white men...

LOL!!! ROVE: "I Miss Jim Lehrer"

WH Photog, Pete Souza, Highlights Best Pics of Sept.

Garrett Haake (NBC) on Romney: 'today's VA event seemed a bit flat.'

Sarah On Joe: "A musk ox run across the tundra with somebody underfoot."

Obama Campaign Buys Ads For 'Malarkey' Hashtag on Twitter

So, what's Mittens verdict about last night's ass kicking?

The truth about "Sensa" diet plan...ain't worth a penny.......independent analysis..

Did anybody else notice this about Ryan last night?

Some debate-toons from last night

HAHAHAHAHA - We Are ALL Laughing Now!

The Vice-Presidential Face-Off, GIF-ified

Rest in peace Amanda. Bullied Teen Commits Suicide After Posting Last-Ditch Cry for Help on YouTube

Bill Maher VP debate tweet:

Mitch McConnell: Top Priority, Make Obama a One Term President

Lets see Biden is a bully according to rethugs but Christ Christy is cute when he bullies people

Joe Biden’s secret weapon: laughter

Ryan took in more water than Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of the Titantic..

meet little Bean's dad

I iz a hairbag.

Jabba the Cat:

Perk the hell UP!!! It's Friday!!!

Need help and input from DU'ers

Keep your priorities straight... no matter how old you are.

Obviously, MiddleFingerMom's favorite chair:

MFM gets dressed up for a blind date, still wondering if the elusive 2nd date is just a cruel myth.

CNBC is reporting this morning Jamie Dimon

"If Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 82 times, then Paul Ryan must have lied 82 times."

Better luck next time...

Patriots like this woman are going to power Scott Brown and Mitt Romney to victory

Romney Court - We can't let Mitt Romney choose our next Supreme Court justice

One of the things I really loved about Joe's performance last night...

The Rude Pundit: Joe Biden Throws Paul Ryan Off His Lawn

BIDEN'D - Oh Yeah Baby!

Joe's smile was delightful

Gallup 10/12/12: Romney 49 (+1) Obama 47 (-) LV

going through Knoxville, TN on my way home

"But I always say what I mean and so does Romney"

Action Shot of Biden / Ryan Debate

I think we have a love/hate relationship with the polls.

How many times did Vice President Biden call Ryan, "Congressman"?

For my birthday my wife booked a suite on the strip and got tickets to Jersey Boys.

Huckabee: Biden was like ‘an obnoxious drunk’ at debate

Delightful gif that is just one of the prizes I found in this Jezebel article about the VP debate!

What I really like about Joe Biden is he's a pit bull and

California Democrats Berman, Sherman get into near-altercation at forum

Biden Smackdown Sucks Air Out Of Romney Campaign

I just got a campaign call

CNN Focus Group: Ryan's Abortion Answer His Worst Moment of Debate (DNC needs to use this)

The playing field doesnt seem even. Where is the liberal media?

man-splaining-ryan graphics

Wanker announces Big Brother/Vast Machine "Become a Snitch" campaign

One of these days . . . .

How to get "trending now" posts on my Andriod device?

Has anyone voted absentee electronically?

Romney's Company Forces U.S. Flag to Be Lowered (REMOVED) in Illinois

HAHA - He Couldn't Help It!

I cannot understand this??

Conservatives are evil people!

I realized something about DU today.

Daily Kos: "Water, Water, Everywhere..."

If ever you need a reason to shun me here it is...

Most 'undecided voters' at this point....

Two debates, no gun questions.

Mansplaining via Paul Ryan.

PCRM - Ethical Research and Education

I noticed something about the debate last night. Maybe it's me but when

The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh

I apologize that I had to send a thread to the trash can...

Malarkey (picture)

VP Debate Snap Polls: Know your Sample

Jim Graves to Bradlee Dean: "Michele Bachmann is a wonderful person"

I thank Joe Biden for Repeatedly Pointing Tihis Out

Obama up 52/45 in RAS poll of Michigan


Have we heard from the "car crash" family yet?

Rasmussen: MICHIGAN - Obama +7

Romney's Bain Selling Out American Workers to China

Facts vs. Style and our self-inflicted wounds

Ryan Repeatedly Requested Millions Of Federal Dollars For His Wisconsin District

Question about SF Chronicle

The Many Gesticulations Of Joe Biden

Whoever it is on KGO at the moment (Friday, 10:00 am) is an effing repug

Has anyone voted absentee electronically?

Would you like to give this poll some DU love?

Where can we find the letters Ryan sent to Biden?

Joe Biden was drunk? Now this just pisses me off!

Capitol Hill Speaks Out on National Coming Out Day (pics)

Romney gains on Obama in Colorado, but race remains essentially tied

I knew it it would happen at some point...My Facebook rant

Republicans literally up in arms over this debate exchange

The 6 Studies Paul Ryan Cited Prove Mitt Romney's Tax Plan Is Impossible

Lindsay Lohan supports Romney/Ryan because they'll do to America what she's been doing to her career

LOL, Lumpy Mentions " The Democrat Underground Types"

TAIBBI: 'Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh-We All Should Be Laughing At Their BEADY-EYED-BS-isms'

But What About The Other 1 Percent: The Veterans?

A true study in media bias...

I'm 54 and I could SCREAM when I hear "anyone over 55 doesn't need to worry about Social Security"

Why I hate the DMV.

A Poll Is A Poll -IBD/TIPP Obama (D) 46% Romney ($) 46% -That's A Five Point Move For O In 3 Days

Did Paul Ryan “borrow” story about his daughter from Kurt Cobain?

John Dickinson: The Joe Biden Workout

Former GOP Senator voting for Obama

that laugh?

Nate Silver: Democratic Senate numbers holding up well (80%+ Chance to keep Senate)

Did Paul Ryan “borrow” story about his daughter from Kurt Cobain?

Reagle’s musical revue honors veterans of all generations

You know, I only caught the last 15 min of the Debate last night...

‘Friday Night Lights’ Creator To Romney: Get Your Own Campaign Slogan

When Biden Asks 'Who Do You Trust On This?' -- You Give The Man An Answer


Matt Taibbi hits the nail on the head again about media coverage of the debate

CNN's poll last night of the debate which had Biden at 44% & Ryan at 48% over-sampled

Santorum: The fight against gay marriage more important than abortion

Man who blamed octopus for girlfriend's death sentenced to life


Miss Manner's Interpretation of What Is Appropriate Laughter

Did anyone else out here take last night's comment.........

CNN unskews its own snap poll

Apparently, David Axelrod is a POWERFUL tweeter

DU this Yahoo! poll

Halloween Joke Thread


CBS News - Watch LIVE: Vice President Joe Biden is about to take the stage in Wisconsin

Joe Biden explaining why he won't legislate his faith...

CNN unskews its own snap poll

"The truth is she died because she couldn't afford to live, which should never happen in America."

Kind of a serious question - but how do I make sure a coyote keeps its distance?

Has anyone here been to Janesville?...

Refuting today's wingnut lies: RAYGUN's 299 Beirut deaths; security in Libya; debate

'Friday Night Lights' Director Says Romney 'Plagiarized' His Phrase

I really hope no one points out his error.

Next time a Republican brings up Libya

'Friday Night Lights' filmmaker Peter Berg rips Mitt Romney over 'Clear eyes' slogan

Please DU this Poll

Vice Presidential Debate Ratings: 43 Million Viewers In Preliminary Figures ~ Huffpo

"You can't hiiiiide, your Ryan Lies!!"

Best Halloween costume ideal

Survey USA: Dem coming on strong challenging freshman rep in Minnesota

TPM: Romney National Lead Falls to 1.2%

University's diversity chief put on leave after signing anti-gay marriage petition

Anonymous vows revenge after WikiLeaks launches ‘filthy’ paywall

This Letter proves that Mitt Romney is nothing more than a steaming pile of poo.

Friday Night Lights creator tells Mitt Romney to stop using their line

Eddie Munster got schooled by Joe!

Rhodes (NSA) pointed out that the officials were requesting more security in Tripoli, not Benghazi.

Sneak Peak: New Anti Cuban Embargo Screenplay "Fidel's Story"

Wouldn't It Be Great To See A 1st Lady Debate Michelle Obama vs Ann Romney

Enough with the LOLRyans. I demand LOLBidens!

Too many polls!

Does anyone know who "Barack Milhous" is?

Isn't Malarkey actually Irish for Bullshit....or what??

Ryan used the JF Kennedy tax cut to claim that trickle down economics works

New Obama Ad Highlights Romney’s Tax Returns

Bill Clinton looks to boost races in Hoosier state

Don't get fooled again. (toon)

What Cantor's thinking about the defense sequester:


Difference between Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin? LIPSTICK

Good move. A better move would be increased funding... but that's not going to happen. :(

Righties are tryna tell me Biden voted for both wars...

DCCC Chair requesting funds for my college friend--Kim Gillan--MT Dem for Congress

Mitt Romney's running partner Paul Ryan accused of stealing 'Bean' story from Kurt Cobain

Tweet from Public Policy Polling on an email they got from Rasmussen

Washington Post: Obama voters loved Biden last night

New Obama Ad Highlights Romney’s Tax Returns

Sippy Cup

My support for the right to believe any religious ideas is conditional.

Is Sippy Cupp the best token conservative The Cycle could find?

10 Best Biden Put-Downs of Paul Ryan in Veep Debate

Kind of a serious question - but how do I make sure a human doesn't spot me?

Sarah Palin criticizes Joe Biden for "inciting-type rhetoric"

Romney Campaign Thinks Paul Ryan Put ‘47 Percent’ To Bed In Kentucky

How could women not know that Republicans are a threat to reproductive rights?

Miami police: Secret Service agent found passed out drunk on sidewalk

Stop talking about how much Small Businesses MAKE

Romney / Ryan have such contempt for the American people to say lie after lie to people's faces...

Just Heard Big Ed Talk About This; Can We Verify This?

Which countries in the Middle East are you in favor of continuing/waging new wars in?

The myth grows...

Meet the Shady Corporation That Allied With Romney While Scamming Customers

WATCH: Ellen Gives Shunned Gay Boy Scout a Big Scholarship

A Response To Forsyth On Aid And Child Mortality

Remember The GOP/Big Business Goal ---- Make $10 - $12 An Hour Top Pay ----

Biden hulks out

People Make a Mistake When They Conflate the Lies of Ryan with the Lies of Romney

Ryan Sought Lots of Federal 'Pork' for Folks Back Home

Nate Silver: Romney bounce not receding and making gains in swing states

Caption these.

Top German Economists Say Greece Is Lost

Catholic Voters Reject Political Influence of Bishops

Jill Biden on Twitter:

Mr. Romney, I was nearly one of those people who died in their apartment

GOP Congressional Nominee Derides Poor People For ‘Slothfulness And Laziness’ At Fundraiser

The Grover Norquist bit should be hit hard.

Fear into Hilarity: 117 pictures of reactions to the same Haunted House scare

I just had a 'funny' thought...

Reuters/Ipsos: Romney lead slips to 46 to 45 percent

Body of Ambassador Used in 'Obscene' Ad By Gay Republicans

Nina was brutalised by her rapists, and then French justice assaulted her again (Trigger warning)

Robert Reich: Why Joe Biden Won the Vice Presidential Debate

No matter who wins, Obama is America's Choice

"I've heard less whining from triplets fighting for their mothers breast"

My Gut Tells me Romney has peaked... his numbers will go down from here...

"Lower The Rates and Broaden The Base." It's time to turn this catchprase back on Dr. Frankenstein.

Polls released today were not CONDUCTED today so they still show traces of Romney "bounce"

David Letterman Top 10 - What was Ryan thinking when he took those workout photos

"Foreign policy" just seems like a code word

"Joe's my Bro"

Mysterious elk-shaped structure found in Russia

Don't freak out over Nate Silver. He's plugging in shit polls like Gravis into his crappy machine

Mysterious elk-shaped structure found in Russia

Can anybody find reliable data on speaking time for Biden and Ryan. I can't. Seemed like the Paul

DU this Poll: Who won the debate?

Dear DU. Bring back the awesome pics of the President's rallies, and such.

Just look at this mean ol' bully

If Pres. Obama practically bullies Romney, he'll win his debates

Smirk lesson from Mitt Romney: Mitt Romney's Smirk

Decision - Obama for America TV Ad

TiVo: '47 percent' exchange most-watched

Matt Taibbi: Joe Biden was Right to Laugh

LOL - Sarah Palin's profound comment about musk oxen running across the tundra

here we go: Scientists Uncover Diversion of Gulf Stream Path in Late 2011

Vice President Joe Biden on Bringing Osama bin Laden to Justice

NREL Nano-Technology Solar Cell Achieves 18.2% Efficiency

TiVo: '47 percent' exchange most-watched part of debate

Joe Biden undid most of the damage caused in the first presidential debate, and I believe it will be

Profiteering CyberSchool CEO/Corbett's largest donor, reaping tens of millions off school kids

Friday afternoon fun for Musicophiles!!!!

Poll: Significant Post-Debate Shift Seen In North Carolina

K&R if you're aboard the Amtrak Joe Victory Express Train

Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels just posted this on his fb page

Obama To Appear On ‘The Daily Show’

"Glory" (Mitt Romney Remix)

Great quote from Taibbi on Romney tax "plan" and the MSM

Greetings, DUers! Ready for your Friday Afternoon Challenge? Here it is: “You Go, Girl!”

Polls: it's all about inertia

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

By definition I am NOT the 47% and I have this to say

I just met a 40+ year old woman who didn't know what Roe v. Wade is.

Romney and Ryan say they will reach across the isle to democrats. Bullshit.

If Obama could pull through Rev. Wright, he can pull through this

What everybody seems to be missing about the Romney/Ryan tax flim-flam

Presidential Foreign Policy Debate Topics Announced

I turned off the debate abot 1/3 of the way in

In Russia, joke laughs at you!

Obama should use these points to refute Romney speaking about his days as MA Governor

Face it. The Facts do NOT matter to about 30% of Americans

Mitt Romney debates himself, round 2 (dkostv)

The Romney Belief Principle

Next MSM hack who says Joe Biden 'smirked' last night...

My relatives rather wacky web site. (political humor)

An Ongoing Comprehensive List of LGBT Links/Resources

FB Image: I've made you a pie, Mr. Romney!

"Mitt Romney is a car guy" who said "let Detroit and its workers go bankrupt"

How do I find out what my passcode is for my friend to use my wifi on CISCO?

Fox News: Biden was drunk.

Anyone transcibe cheating Steve King's 'hand

"I am severely conservative", said Mitt Romney to conservatives

He wants to cut taxes and start another war in the Middle East.

On Real Time tonight:

Substance-free Republicans default to lazy mendacity

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Rick Berg, North Dakota GOP Senate Candidate: No Abortion Access For Rape Victims

Ellen interviews the boy who was denied his Eagle Scout badge because he's gay.

Fuck Fox - Joe Biden beat that lil ReTHUG scumbag

Romney and Ryan--fighting for millionaires and Insurance companies against the middle class

The hidden jewel in the news today: mathematically impossible

Heard one of the "we'll tell you what you heard meant" tv people say that Ryan held his own on

Romney agrees with Biden against Ryan!!

Paul Ryan to President Obama administration please give me money

Once Again, Jim Harbarugh Over-reacts

Paul Ryan’s Water Drinking Exposes His Untruthfulness

Part 2 Paul Ryan Please give me money. I am a taker not a maker

Gallup Poll Shows Unemployment Down To 7.3%

the election will determine who will read to ya, scripts according to the media.

Biden Vs. Ryan -- Biden Crushed it!

Pt. 3 Paul Ryan please give us money

DesJarlais endorsement vanishes from Romney site

Part 4 Paul Ryan give me money please

David Letterman Top Ten on Paul Ryan's photo shoot...

Can I brag on my brother here?

Biden, taking on the 7 percent

Nervous and intimidated, Paul Ryan took 21 sips of water in the debate

So How Do I Find Out Where the Picture Was Taken?

Inside Story: US 2012 - Biden vs Ryan: Who won the debate?

IF Fox News had been around on September 26, 1960...

Dana Milbank of WashPo fav moment - Biden nailing Ryan on him beggin for stimulus money

Question: How are the questions chosen for the next debate?

This will be Rafael in a short while

When it come to a women's right to choose, Joe Biden says...

Just got my ca. mail in ballot

The people that are pissed off at Joe Biden were not going to vote for him anyway...

The unfolding Christopher Rollston affair..........

Ryan has become a liability to the Romney campaign

Nate Silver Breaks Down Swing State Polls 10/12/12

Woman At VP Debate Calls Obama A Communist

Ted Nugent Gets A Show On Discovery

How can we effectively counter right wing paranoia?

From my FB Friend, Evan Handler

Biden 42-35

Smart phone question

"The Final Word on Mitt Romney's Tax Plan" by Josh Barro at Bloomberg News

Ryan: “Mitt Romney’s a car guy”

NEW: Mitt Romney debates himself, ROUND 2

How can people even entertain the idea of electing a bankster president?

Ryan Goes Nuclear on National TV. Gets Fact-Checked by Nuclear Physicist. (FB Photo/Meme)

For those not watching TV today, what are the media saying

Biden had the edge in VP debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll (42 vs 35)

Ed Rendell: Who do you trust on Medicare? The party who created it or the party that has always

"Amid Flurry of New Polls, Senate Outlook Stays Positive for Dems"

Contest: Smallest Penis Gets a Free iPhone 5!

What tv/movie character does Paul Ryan remind you of?

Atomic President Test

When Republican's Bring Up JFK's Tax Cuts, They Are Not Telling The Truth. -here it is-

Romney's debate bounce is bullshit.

Romney Campaign Thinks Paul Ryan Put ‘47 Percent’ To Bed In Kentucky

So, the next debate is town hall, right?

Swedish Government Body Funding Book On Israeli ‘Apartheid’

did anyone else only LISTEN to the obama/rmoney debate?

Mitt Romney: Uniquely qualified?

A smile is NOT a smirk

Republicans have long knives - PaulBots won't go away

Anyone listening to Norman Goldman today?

If you don't want tax dollars helping the sick and poor...

When Obama Regains The National Lead Next Week, Momentum Would Be Unstoppable

I have made you a pie Mitt Romney, it is a gift from the 47%

"Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's Slave States vs. Free States in 2012"

Every person who visits a blog, or even DU

"Governing Without the Consent of the Governed"

Iraq Wants Russians To Replace Exxon At West Qurna: Report

Isn't this the truth!!

President Obama To Appear On The Daily Show On October 18


So ABC, CBS and NBC is saying that lyan ryan won the debate

Check out this tweet...

I know how Paul Ryan could have won that Debate

Heads up - The Ed Show is going to some reporting on Bain tonite.

Lindsay Lohan Endorses Romney!!! Another mindless fool to vote for him.

Closer to the Election, Rasmussen gets more accurate


The Main News Networks Now Openly Propagandist ---- Ryan Did Not Win.

Struggling single mom sells Obama letter

"Study It Out" Meme Generator is up

Sean Penn, Kid Rock Star In Bizarre Political PSA Promoting Tolerance, Parodying Stereotypes

Whenever I hear "listen to the generals," I think of Westmoreland. If it weren't for him

Any Woman Who Votes For The GOP And Romney Will Really Have A Problem -----

Check out this picture of Matt Damon

Mitt Romney refuses to show voters his last 10 years of tax returns

If you don't trust me with my body, why should I trust you with my country (video)

Ryan & The Republicans are absolutely correct on this issue, and we should join them...

Dismembered body identified as that of missing Colorado girl

Tracking Religious Trends Takes a Leap of Faith

Paul Ryan Taking on Water

They've Got Each Other's Back - pic

Streaming ENDEAVOUR...


He is death.

Security Removes Biden's Rowdy Buddies From Auditorium

Biden Laughs His Way to Victory in Vice Presidential Debate

Margaret Mitchell profile on PBS tonight. She did a lot more than write "Gone With The Wind."..n/t

Animaniacs a 90s toon show, really for adults..(watch last toon and you will agree)

What Biden should have said...

Barack Obama must have done something right, or the hucksters at Goldman Sachs wouldn’t hate him so

Taxing at 100% (Ryan at the debate last night.)

I have a suggestion, since the Onion headlines are misleading in the extreme, could

Go back to Free Republic, all you handwringing overwrought Social Security scalawags!!

Presidential Foreign Policy Debate Topics Announced

John Denver died 15 years ago today

Will Romney-Connected Voting Machines in Hamilton Co. Ohio Decide the 2004 Election?

Arthur Langley, Pennsylvania Dad, Left 1-Year-Old Daughter To Go Burglarize Homes: Cops

Insulators Union Protests Scott Brown’s False Ad Regarding Elizabeth Warren and Asbestos Victims

Chris Matthew about to talk about hand cribbing notes? Steve King?

51.4 million watched VP debate, 67.2 million watched Presidential debate

My American Dream: This gay kid has one and you'll be inspired!

My American Dream: This gay kid has one and you'll be inspired!

Elizabeth Warren for MA | TV Ad: Ashamed

Duggar family of '19 Kids and Counting' to campaign for Todd Akin in Missouri

How would it play if Obama called Romney a liar in the next debate. I mean actually using that word.

Freedom to hate but not to love...

Anyone still think we should have had a different Vice President?

"I Don't Get Paid For Democrats"

Maher: 'Hello 911? There's an old man beating a child on my tv'

I did my big donation to the Obama Campaign tonight woo hoo!

New Mexico licenses won't work in airports under federal law: governor

(Bloomberg) The Final Word on Mitt Romney's Tax Plan


Why most polls done in NV are garbage--Jon Ralston

CBRT Pepperdine Obama +22 in CA

"Fast-Forward to 2013-What life in Mitt Romney's America would look like"

Rest in Power, Matthew

Mitt Romney as Eddie Haskell | Consortiumnews

Oversupply of coal squeezing profits

Fiery Biden sets stage for Obama recovery attempt

Ex-Walker appointee convicted of stealing $51,000 from veterans

President Obama takes supporters out to dinner (photo)

The Atlantic: The VP Debate Cinches It: Paul Ryan Is Unqualified to Step In as POTUS

Did the US start any new wars under the Obama Administration?

A quick before midnight like donates $1 to United Cerebral Palsy

More important than the MSM declaring a debate "win" is whether your points come across and hit home

Hello 9 1 1?

Oh, C.C. ...