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Half Of Adults In Some Swing States Reachable Only By Cell Phone: Poll

How The Media Used Biden's Smile To Deflect From Ryan's Dishonesty

Vice presidential debate: Did Paul Ryan want $300 million embassy security cut?


Romney-Ryan Want to Cut Your Social Security and Medicare to Pay for Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

OK it's Friday and I got out my purse and donated

Some great looking recipes here...

He did his job and he moves on.

"That's coming from a republican congress working bipartisanly with a 7% rating?"


CEO to Workers: I May Fire You if Obama Wins

America the ugly, brought to you by Mitt Romney's supporters.

Polls? We don't need no stinkin' polls! Here's some good news.

OK, I'm trying to be patient here!

If you go to Paul Ryan's house on Halloween,

Question: re Yahoo

Boy, those polls can really knock the wind out of your sails.

New Gear for Winter and Save 50% on a Logo Tee (MADE IN THE USA!)

WHO DO YOU TRUST ON ____ ? (the winning question to pose in the next 2 debates!)

Sec’y Clinton: Still no clear picture of Benghazi

How is the same sex marriage referendum

Last winter I had a lot of trouble trying to breathe the cold outside air.

My idea for a powerful ad to get even MORE women on our side:

Anyone from Maine

Here's your f'en poll..Gallop has unemployment down to 7.3%(posted now inp.2012)

Obama has dinner with contest winners

Breaking: Shot fired at Obama campaign headquarters in Denver

I'm praying for rain in Detroit on Tuesday night

Who wants to join the collection to get VP Biden a TransAm?

Glenn Beck's empty SUV crashes down NY hill

Woman Slammed With $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill

"Fanaticism and ignorance is forever busy, and needs feeding."

What if

Hey ReTHUGs - tell Rmoney he will be interrupted for every LIE

Song for the night: 10,000 Maniacs - Hateful Hate

Shot fired at Obama campaign headquarters in Denver

US Warns Against Fake Chinese Airbags

Breaking: Denver post: shot fired into obama campaign HQ in Denver

Yikes!!! Shot fired into Obama Campaign HQ in Denver

Need some help on Bidens voting record re iraq/afganistan wars

Obama Campaign Asks Supreme Court Friday To Let Ohio Early Voting Ruling Stand

Chris Wallace, we saw a debate in which one participant was disrespectful to another

GOP only helps rich white males

They just don't make music like this any more

how do i post a picture in a thread?

I need 100 hours of continuing medical education every 2 years in order to maintain my license.

"Waaah! He's being mean to our guy!"

What bumper sticker will be on the perp's car when the Denver cops catch him?

Friday Talking Points (230) -- Biden's Big Night

How Are the Polls Looking Today?

Did Paul Ryan “borrow” story about his daughter from Kurt Cobain?

Japan Company Admits It Played Down Nuclear Plant Concerns

NBC's reboot of The Munsters might literally be the worst thing in the history of entertainment

Mitt Romney’s Misogynistic Agenda is Designed to Punish Every Woman

Beware of bad news trolls...Let them sink

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Ryan, Palin Without Lipstick? &

Funniest Memes from the VP Debate

Rachel covering attack on Obama Denver campaign office n/t

What would it look like if someone knocked the sails out of your wind?

Arkansas wisdom applies to Fox

Comment Thread - October Photo Contest

Is the Morning Joe crew Republican?

All too true!

Debate Summery, In Case You Weren't Able to Watch

PPP: VP debate looks like a draw in the swing states...

Unmasking Reddit’s Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web (Creepshots, Porn, Gore, Misogyny)

Romney's Base

She dropped the puppy.

Beau BIDEN is DA BOMB on Piers n/t

A Ray of Hope (Obama has 63% of early vote in Ohio)

What should I be more mad at?

We must do all we can to fight back against the Republican's 'War on Women'

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary!!

Some People On The Internet Are Trying To Buy Joe Biden A Bitchin’ Trans Am

We are all going to go to the mall, have lunch then all go have abortions

New Zealand makes Hobbit coins legal tender

True the Vote Can Kiss My Big Blue Butt - Voting Twice Is Nice

IMF and Europe in dangerous game of brinkmanship over failing Greek bailout

18 Oakland cops may get serious discipline (over Occupy/Scott Olsen)

Nato troops tell of Taliban firefight inside Camp Bastion

new mexico sample ballot..

Ala. officer who shot naked man had baton, spray

Drones should be included in arms reduction treaties, says medical charity

Bill Clinton draws a crowd stumping for Christie Vilsack in Sioux City

Pic from Romney rally in Lancaster, OH: "Put the white back in the White House"

"Put the white back in the White House"

Intrade is starting to get me down

Soda Industry Sues to Stop Bloomberg’s Sales Limits (in NYC)

TYT: Vice Presidential Debate - Who Won?

Oh my goodness... OK, Weirdo tumblr

If we get rid of trolls, can they just sign up with a new name? Is there some sort of software...

Here is all you need to know about Neocons.

Oh my! How Joe Biden Could Become Mitt Romney’s VP

Nuclear safety concerns growing in Korea; legislator says risk of accident is "high."

Reuters Poll: Biden wins debate 42-35 among registered voters

What was the insignia defacing the American Flag

PPP teaser about OH poll tomorrow

The best of the right wing freakout after Joe Biden’s debate performance…

TYT University: Affirmative Action in Universities on Trial at the Supreme Court!

Spence sues Missouri Gov. Nixon for defamation over bank ad

Consumers should pay $1.2 billion for PG&E pipeline fixes, state judge says

I have an idea for a YouTube video, but don't have the skills. Maybe somebody else will.

Scandal rocks Cuban-American congressional race in Florida

The ED Show - Greetings from 'Bainport'

Breakthrough in the Congressman Rivera story Flamingdem broke here!

The ED Show - Fox News furious over Joe Biden's debate performance

The death of Osama bin Laden: how the US finally got its man (excerpt from new book)

Special extra Friday night episode of Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word on MSNBC right now.

Biden vs Gilligan (image)

October is Pitbull Awareness Month

Polling is used to shape opinion rather than reflect it.

OMG .... Look what I just got through the interwebs on my email

Walkergate Trials Heating Up, Plea Deal Has State Buzzing

7 advisers resign at embattled Texas cancer agency

Let me extend my sympathies to all of you swing state residents

The ED Show - Ryan re-ignites firestorm over women's health

Can people stop alerting on the god damned trolls?

Losing the dividing line

put the white back in the whitehouse

U.S. Rethinks a Drug War After Deaths in Honduras

U.S. Rethinks a Drug War After Deaths in Honduras

Can This Guy Defeat Eric Cantor?

The Only Saving Grace Is That Most Of The Defeatists On This Board Are Trolls

Current state of the race: It is what it is.

Ann Coulter And Bill Maher Duke It Out Over Racism, Obama, And Romney Flip-Flopping - video link

'Can this guy defeat Eric Cantor?'

The ED Show - Ryan flunks math test


HEADS UP NYC: The Priebus, Trump, Giuliani event for Romney Oct. 15-17 in NYC

What are you doing tomorrow to help the President get reelected?

The ED Show - Biden's greatest hits in debate with Ryan

Dyson sphere hunt using Kepler data

I think this image is a portrait of America at this point:

Halliburton senior VP nabbed in online prostitution sting

Going below freezing tonight...can anyone tell me how to protect flowers in a window box?

the best rebuttal to Ayn Rand is Ayn Rand herself

You may hear right wingers attempting to impeach Martha Raddatz about her Obama connections.

OPEN RACISM at Oct. 12 Romney event (photo)

Charter School Financing Gets You A Green Card? The New U.S. Visa Rush

The superior buzz-a-licious thread

Can someone explain why there are comments where people are giving up on FL?

regarding polls

Anyone know the president has mentioned

Romney tries to bury Obama in ads

Twice I Have Self Edited My Posts About CNN

The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh

Current History Test-Does Anybody Remember George Bush*'s First Foreign Policy Test?

Rachel Maddow - Romney not convincing with 'Obama only stronger' strategy

Friendly Reminder

I endorse Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow - Why 'small government' is a sucker's bet

Time for another meeting of the DU Drama Queen Society.

The Wacky World of Mormonism

Did anyone see Brian Schweitzer slap Darryl Issa around on Realtime?

My mom in NC got called by an Obama campaign volunteer today

Maher, Schweitzer, And Ben Affleck Clash With Rep. Issa Over Obama Admin. Response To Libya Attacks

The antidote for despair and depression: Get to work!


Toon - Biden Pops Ryan's Bubble

Get Moving and blog, blog, blog, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Weekend Economists Walk the Sunny Side of Sesame St., October 12-14, 2012

What Will Be The Effect On The Race If Obama Bidens Romney Tuesday Night?

Sometimes intelligence gets it wrong. You'd think that rethugs would understand that concept.

A Question about Rush Limbaugh

MSNBC Tops CNN on VP Debate Coverage

Can we just have a town fucking brawl next debate?

Cleveland bus driver punches passenger in graphic video

talk me down polls...from just before the VP debate....imagine after come monday.

Liberation of the Peon

Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan hypocrisy laid bare in debate

Mix Celestial Seasonings mandarin orange spice tea with double spice chai tea. Add a little stevia.

Rachel Maddow - Ryan hurts Romney on Social Security, flunks commander-in-chief test

Ice Cream Social on the International Space Station

OK, it's been a hard week.. time for a Baby Animal Thread.. i'll start with a baby hedgehog


Electoral Maps are still looking pretty good for Obama

Romney says White House is ‘doubling down on denial’ about Libya attack

Lets see democrats are leading rethugs in voter registration but yet O is loosing ground

Armstrong Aide Talks of Doping and Price Paid

Best Memes Mocking Paul Ryan

Rude? What about Chris Wallace with Obama on FOX "News"? His game plan

Paul Ryan - At Last - Shrugged.......

If tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs...

Is It Safe to Watch Bill Maher?

DesJarlais endorsement vanishes from Romney site

Obama Campaign Office Shooting: Shot Fired Into Denver Building, None Hurt

Maher, Schweitzer, And Ben Affleck Clash With Rep. Issa Over Obama Admin. Response To Libya Attacks

I Knew Joe Biden Was Gonna Whoop Paul Ryan Ass When He Got Off The Plane Upon Arriving In Kentucky

Sanity! The West Wing!

Oil in new Gulf slick matches that of 2010 spill

A sad story that I got a psychic hit on....


An owl, a tree, and an aurora

what does the church think? women's rights framed as religious question in vp debate

"Will Paul Ryan’s past threaten his future?" Posted by Ezra Klein at WP

what does the church think? women's rights framed as religious question in vp debate

My Pal, Barack, Sent Me An E-Mail

NYT's 538 Forecast...

Drunk Woman Tells Cops They Don't Need To Arrest Her 'Because She's A Republican'

Why? Presidential Foreign Policy Debate Topics Announced

I'm having trouble viewing GD.

Okay, I have a question about comedy clubs in dictatorships

THREE reasons why the "Undecided Voters" need to be called out and brought to task.

A family of swans

Remember, Joe Biden is the ONLY Vice-President in a decade who hasn't shot someone in the face

Spot Where Julius Caesar Was Stabbed Discovered


"Ryan: I Still Support Social Security Privatization" by Sahil Kapur at TPM

libya is the republican october surprise. they will be fucking relentless on it, as will the media.

All the Wash. Nats cheerleaders on Dead Intern won't be happy on Monday

"How Joe Biden Broke The Gish Gallop" by LOLGOP at the National Memo

Are Democrats ruthless enough to consistently win elections from Republicans?

Get out the vote!

Since Biden brought up Grover Norquist yesterday during the debate,

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Friday, October 12)

The ONLY poll that matters is the Poll you visit to cast your vote. So share this, please

Dear Mr. Romney

A Must Read: Gripping, Fascinating Article About Darrell Issa's Star Witness, Andrew Wood from Utah

Advanced Alexandrian Witchcraft - A Wiccan Golden Dawn

Two more votes for Romney announced today:

Ebbos in Santeria – Sacrifices and Offerings

How To Honor the Harvest's End - A Samhain Ritual for Wiccans and Pagans

Is anyone here going to MileHi Con in Denver next weekend?

Role of Intermediaries In Religion

The really telling thing about the guy with the racist shirt at the Romney rally today

Workin’ for a Livin’ Five steps to a more magical workplace.

Saw this on Intrade re. Ohio

Any Oregonians here?

PLEASE someone do a Flip Flop ad for TV!

Voter Registration Rolls in 2 States (Wash., Md.) Are Called Vulnerable to Hackers

I live in a red state and I voted.......

Forget Eddie Munster...

NYT book review: ‘I’m Your Man,’ Leonard Cohen Bio by Sylvie Simmons

Boy in school flap over cystic fibrosis


Some climate scientists, in a shift, link weather to global warming

Am I the only one to notice this?

Shot fired into Obama campaign office in Denver.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Gaining Huge Momentum to Be Reelected in November (10/12/12) 7pm EST

Coincidence? The Romney "Bounce" Coincides With Massive One Week Ad Buys By Pro-Romney Groups

St.Louis Post-Dispatch ENDORSES McCaskill Over Akin (Yowza! TKO!)

"Mitt Romney drawing larger crowds"

Viewers of oft-overlooked VP debate say it matters

Hilarious anti-Romney ad based on the "don't be that guy" commercial.

Atlantic - "The 6 Studies Paul Ryan Cited Prove Mitt Romney's Tax Plan Is Impossible"

Am I missing something?

GOP tax plan would have minimal reduction on federal tax rates, analysis says

More than 51 million TV viewers watched Biden-Ryan debate

Got my mail-in ballot today...

Another 6,320 Democrats and 3,441 Republicans were added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/11

Paul Ryan is a Liar ..... See for yourselves .... PROOF

This message was self-defeated by it's author.

The worst Presidential Debate Performance EVER

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 13 -- The Essentials: CINEMATOGRAPHY BY ROBERT KRASKER

Jesus's body rises.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, October 14 -- Tonight on TCM: Behind Enemy Lines

If Joe Biden and Paul Ryan switched haircuts - image

A Chinese flag flies over Illinois in Mitt Romney's America

Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind

Even when they think they're winning, they are really losing. Romney = Gish Gallop

Comments! Get your hot comments here!

Handy reverse cheat sheet ID's all "Solid Christian Conservatives" in CA election.

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Justices as campaign issue

Soldiers Save Kitten from Iraq Sandstorm

I just rewatched the video compilation of Ryan taking those 22 sips of water and I was thinking ...

President apologizes to indigenous Amazonians .

FAIR notes US media anti-Chavez bias

Holiday shopping off to early start amid economic uncertainty

How do we Make Romney and Ryan pay a political cost for their lies?

Grim Climate Change Prediction For Oz Skiers

Right, which one of you jokers was responsible for this?

Japan Utility: Nuclear Crisis Was Avoidable

The massacre that marked Haiti-Dominican Republic ties

Bainport Illinois- This has to be the Democratic equivalent of the D-Day Invasion 'till Election Day

Readers Won’t Benefit if Times Bans the Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

The World According to Mitt

Last-Ditch Bid in Texas to Try to Stop Oil Pipeline

Breaking: Billy Graham Endorses Romney Then Scrubs Site Calling Mormonism A ‘Cult’

Time for a new topic. Support Groups - who goes to them?

Paul Ryan Stimulus Funds Requests Show VP Nominee Asked For More Than Previously Reported [READ]

Springsteen to Campaign for Obama in Ohio With Clinton

U.S. approves land set-aside for large solar power plants

Another Terry (R-NE-02) campaign ad is under fire; candidate's camp defends it

Anonymous breaks from Wikileaks, criticizing Assange (and his new $$$ demands for wikileaks access)

Even In Sports, Love Conquers All

Weekly Address: One Million American Jobs Saved and a Stronger American Auto Industry

This hand bill from my grade school days pointed me down the path of being a DEMOCRAT for life


After Decades of Uranium Mining, Navajo Nation Struggles With Legacy of Contamination

Todd Akin shows his scientific stupidity yet again...

LOL===Atlas Shrugged 2---a big zero on Rotten Tomatoes

Vice President Joe Biden - Las Vegas, October 16 (Tickets available)


Birthplace of Atomic Bomb, New Mexico Remains Center of Massive U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

"Earthship Biotecture": Renegade New Mexico Architect’s Radical Approach to Sustainable Living

Powerful Court Quietly Takes Marijuana Case That Could Shatter Federal Prohibition Laws

Walmart, the Most Powerful Company in the World, Admits that Protests and Strikes Lead to Wage Incre

How can we start "working the ref" by Tuesday? We need to start Tweeting

I should put this sign up on my front yard.

JPMorgan Chase's Debt Collection Agency's Sleazy Tactics to Squeeze Student Loans Debtors

Charter Schools Sold Like an Investment to Wealthy Foreigners Looking for a Green Card

Re: the Kennebunk Prostitution ring. I wonder if any Bushes were involved?

International Turtle Experts Search For the Elusive (world’s most endangered) Hawksbill

Original SNL Cast on The Tomorrow Show 1975 Before First SNL Episode

Where the candidates are today...


Why isn't TeamObama bashing the shit out RobMe on his FAILED Massachusetts record?

Populism, Nationalism and Globalisation: The New Far Right?

I want to talk about this.

Another CLASSIC Bill Clinton burn on Rmoney:

Bob Kerrey (D-NE) changes stance on cap and trade

God will be proven right, scientists wrong, about whether salt is good for you

Woke up to Nice Movement in Rand Tracking Poll This Morning

LOL .....Here’s one Florida law no one is wedded to

Obama is going to be President for four more years

Koch Employee Says Billionaire Kidnapped & Interrogated Him

Galileo: Europe's version of GPS reaches key phase

Cuban refugees' raft sinks off Mexico's Isla Mujeres

Questions at VP Debate Reveal Bankrupt Beltway Thinking

All eyes on Indiana in U.S. Senate race - Joe Donnelly gives Dems a real chance

UN's Syria envoy Brahimi to hold talks in Turkey

Ipsos, IBD-TIPP,Rand allwent up for us yesterday.

Darpa’s New Director Wants to Keep the Skies Under U.S. Control

Bankrupt Solyndra seeks $1.5 billion in damages from Chinese peers

Rape Statistics, can you rely on them?

My wife hates this site.

These two . . .

US digs in for cyber warfare

Changing the rules of the debate - Lawrence O'Donnell reports and recommends

The President Is Going To Have A Much Better Debate On Tuesday Night

What Joe said, what he meant

Billy Graham Endorses Romney Then Scrubs Site Calling Mormonism A ‘Cult’

President Obama touts recovery of auto industry

NYT Editorial: The ‘Moderate Mitt’ Myth

The 1649 Potosi mint scandal rocked currency and commodities markets across the globe

Please spare the bullshit..

There is no way the POTUS race turned around this quickly !

Toles: This is the 'place' in 'Repeal and Replace'

More surgery for me... hip surgery.. Monday..very scared.

had a fight in a dunkin' donuts

LulzSec hacker "neuron" pleads guilty to Sony Pictures security breach

This is REALLY Interesting! Misogynist, Racist Reddit User Unveiled..

Don't ever forget who we are dealing with here:


Departing Brizard (CEO of Chicago Schools) to get full year's salary -

Rasmussen in Fort Lauderdale for Americans for Prosperity's "Obama’s Failing Agenda Rally"

Springsteen plays for Obama campaign

The VP debate set to music. This is very funny.

Image: Biden and Ryan meet up before the debate

does Obama have it in him to mock Romney for wanting to send other people's kids to war

Pakistan market bomb 'kills 14'

Would you consider this fraud

$100,000 income: No big deal anymore

Can't stop laughing

Presidential polls...

Freedom From Religion?

Gary Johnson: Mitt is ‘without one molecule of brain’

Is a single, simple prayer worship?

Morgan Freeman Narrates Obama Campaign Ad: 'The Last Thing We Should Do Is Turn Back Now'

Heidi Peterson, Detroit Homeowner, Finds Squatter In House

It's apparent that the most "lazy, slothful" people in America are those who ...

Dear Abby | Wishings of a blessed day not necessarily religious

The Mom Stays in the Picture

Tennessee politics

Southern Baptists finally legitimize the Mormon religion.

The Many Reasons McCain Chose Palin Over Romney = too Bush

Weather-beaten UK farmers lament a dismal year for food production

Even when rMoney's right, he's wrong....

republicans should be weeping and despondent

Heh. This Toon Should Wake Us ALL Up!

Challenges - Obama for America TV Ad (narrated by Morgan Freeman)

Am I the only one who thinks that Romney supporters are like pod people

Breaking: Billy Graham Endorses Romney Then Scrubs Site Calling Mormonism A ‘Cult’

Young Pakistani hero Malala: Marxists are claiming she is a Marxist

Weekend Toon Roundup- Biden!!!!

Why Obama will out perform Robme on Tuesday..

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Candy Crowley

Here is a bit of good news this morning from the Rand polling..

Creepshots was shut down. Creepy men start more like it.

Julia Gillard's attack on sexism hailed as turning point for Australian women

Living With Death By Drone

Granting requests for additional security in Libya would not have prevented the Benghazi attack

Moody’s Chief Economist On Romney’s Tax Plan: ‘The Arithmetic Doesn’t Work’

William Koch, Billionaire Koch Brother, Accused Of Imprisoning Executive

Today is National Laugh Like Biden Day. When you see a rethuglican,

Blasts in southern Afghanistan kill 8

Just got back in town and read the transcript of the VP debate I missed

The plan for government cell phones was under the Bush Administration

The Best Democratic Campaign Ad EVER! A Must-See!

Know your enemy.

Why are our attitudes to poverty at home and abroad so different? {uk}

NYT Letters to the Editor weigh in on the VP Debate

A Democratic Party Motivational Song for "Proud Democrats" to consider!

A Democratic Party Motivational Song for "Proud Democrats" to consider!

A Democratic Party Motivational Song for "Proud Democrats" to consider!

Taxes: The foundation of a civil society

It sucks, but the reality is the reality

Rand Paul goes national

Gallup poll just called me

Obama administration has been wrong about some things. Republicans have been wrong about everything.

ALERT: ROVEs American CrossRoads & FIRED Consultant's SPROULs Strategic Alliance-Share SAME Address!

Sir Ryan of Malarkey

Mitt Romney is a fraud

The 10 Most Corrupt Tax Loopholes

Rape statistics from NCVRW RESOURCE

MSNBC pundit saying Biden interrupted too much?

Inequality and Its Perils

Joe Biden, My Man. New items from

There's one thing women's bodies can absolutely shut down...

Kansas City Star - "Yes, Mr. Romney, Americans die for lack of health insurance"

All you need to know about the pharmacy behind the meningitis outbreak

If Fox "News" Was Around On September 26, 1960

Check in here if you're planning to work to elect President Obama

Baltimore County Giving Out Free Gun Locks To Residents After 3 Incidents At Schools

Tagg Team: The Romney Family Recipe for Crony Capitalism

Moody’s Chief Economist On Romney’s Tax Plan: ‘The Arithmetic Doesn’t Work’

Ryan/Romney not good at Town Halls

The Republicans are Masterful

DU seems to have a lot less activity than it once did. Am I the only one who sees this?

Rokkurro. Another amazing band from Iceland!

Rokkurro. Another amazing band from Iceland!

DA: Bicyclist must apologize in GJHS gun incident

Romney’s Bounce Isn’t Helping in Senate Races, Polls Show

My first alert (and first thread post on DU, come to that!)

How Mitt's tax plan works in real life (a practical middle class application)

Today: Rob Zerban Holding Two Listening Sessions In Janesville

Michelle is coming to Chapel Hill on Tuesday and I have a ticket!

Time to bring out Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (the book that brought me to DU!!)

Why is Nate Silver giving Rasmussen 4x and ARG 2x the weight of other pollsters?

the fist

All of these MSM stories about "tightening polls" .........

Sean Penn and Kid Rock call each other Racists, discuss Penis Size then go to a Gay Wedding...

Mitt: "Just Trust Me"

RW Voting for Riots

Saturday, October 13th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Anonymous distances itself from WikiLeaks

for dog lovers only...

Handwringing and conspiracy theories . . .

Walkergate Trials Heating Up, Plea Deal Has State Buzzing

Morgan Freeman Narrates Obama Campaign Ad: 'The Last Thing We Should Do Is Turn Back Now'

My latest attempt at verse. Please share your thoughts

Through the looking glass upside down and backwards.

I have a very important announcement

Today's College Football Thread (Red River Rivalry Edition)

Blink and you miss it: Paul Ryan admitted he was going to increase taxes on working class.

William Koch, King Kochroach, Going to Trial -- Accused Of Imprisoning Executive!

Ugly American gets Schooled in Italy

Let's get one thing straight:

Clinching - How Romney survived the first presidential debate

Mittwit has 2 chances to win in a Town Hall Format....

Romney's 'Restore our Future' super PAC

“It’s Magic”: Prestidigitation and other ways to Steal an Election - By: Greg Palast

What do you want to hear from Obama in this week's debate?

Contaminated drug company owners hosts Republican fundraiser


I went wild over this trailer--and I don't usually like Westerns.

Oct. 18 - Obama to make second 'Daily Show' appearance since taking office

Odd that nobody calls Romney a Communist

High Point University: North Carolina: Obama 46%, Romney 45%

Oh, no, there's no racism here at all....

Obama During the Debate Needs to Tell It Like It Is

We need some public discussion about the use of the word "entitlement"

Why a Bible belt conservative spent a year pretending to be gay

What I'd like to hear Obama say in the next debates

Buck Up, Wuss

Closing Loopholes Would Allow Only a 4% Tax Rate Reduction

Remembering Matthew Shepard, Fourteen Years Later

Old Mother Hubbard: part of Willard’s 47 percent


Elizabeth Warren in Malden with labor supporters

JCT: Closing Loopholes Would Allow Only a 4% Tax Rate Reduction

Bill Clinton's Back In The Campaign Game For Obama

abortion and contradictions

abortions and contradictions

if corporations are people (my friend) why do they have a different tax rate than people? nt

How can Obama debate Romney's lies?

House committee seeks briefing from meningitis-linked pharmacy

To those in the 6th Congressional District...

850k jobs lost; 31 months growth; Medicare; Middle Class; Women's Reproductive Rights

Consumer Confidence Highest in Five Years

Time to rally

Tell Clear Channel: Take Down These Billboards

Really looking forward to the next debate

Why Didn't The Great Jobs Report Not Blunt The Momentum Of The Poor Debate Performance?

Forget the National Polls, It's All about Nine States

Fifty state check in that you're in with Obama. Fired up

Let's all forget politics for a minute ...

People can be sort of clueless about Trolling

Bath Salts users in Florida have their candidate now

U.S. media is very Capitalistic: They want to manufacture a horse race

DU, I've Got A Challenge For You. Tell Me Where I Should Spend My Money...

This week in the War on Women: Hey, sluts, want an abortion? Screw a married 'pro-life' congressman!

Ohio "Big" crowds for Ryan/Romney only 8500, Obama's crowds 15,000 - 30,000

Vintage advertisements with children (creepy)

I'm so sick of...

An Image For Mr. Romney's Debate Prep

Who knows the correct name for "sloshing stomach"?

The Top 5 Things about Paul Ryan’s Workout Pic that Makes Him Look Like a Complete Dork

The Big Story From VP's Debate

Something they missed - Ryan proved Romney a liar

Mary Bono Mack, Raul Ruiz debate spirals into personal attack slugfest

Yay! My 1,000th post...let's kick ass and take names for Obama/Biden!!

America's tank argument...

Romney mailer vows to protect health care 'choice'

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 13, 1934

The fiscal cliff - how many of the jobs that would be hit by cutting the Defense budget are

Book tackles question of Jews among anti-Israel activists

News Article from 2007: Romney's vetoes seldom stood

This is why we have safety inspectors: Worker Cooked To Death At Bumble Bee Tuna Plant In California

I don't have thousands of posts, but still, I have to thank the DU community.

Live NOW: Coffee Party Radio: Biden/Ryan Debate–Dangers Of A Romney Win Sat 12–2PM Central

Favorite sweet spread?

Anti-gay-marriage campaign: Launched with a false story

grace (Mr. President's favorite word) v. indomitable (Mittwitt's favorite word).

Biden wins VP debate on Xbox Live

Letter from 2012 to 2008 from Obama's America (Focus on the Family predictions from 2008)

Pennsylvania's Republican governor has just authorized fracking on college campuses

KONY 2012 --- MOVE

Gallop poll today...

Will The Likely Voter-Registered Voter Models Gap Close Before The Election

nov. 3 come to dc for pbs

Easier To Understand -Gallup RV-Obama 49% -Romney 46% /LV-Romney 49% Obama 47%

Koch Employee Says Billionaire Kidnapped & Interrogated Him

Is there a chance Obama will be too aggressive

12 of the world's worst mass shootings over twenty years occurred in the US

Springsteen hits the road for Obama in Ohio

If you can hate the sin, but not the sinner...

This is a bunch of Mullarkey.

Consumer confidence up to 83.1. Highest since recession began 5 years ago!

The Democrats should not be defensive

Morgan Freeman.

Can I just say I LOVE my Senator? AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN) on the Economy and Jobs

Robot Romney

It's a Brave New World, gang!

Consumer Confidence at a 5 YEAR HIGH! Another reason why we must re-elect Pres Obama!

ny times article

But but but we're Texas....

Beau Biden's response to his father's laughing during the debate?

Throughout U.S. History Who Has Ran For President The Most Times...Anybody Know?

Why Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate and Control?

Obama only needs to win Ohio, Wisconsin and either Iowa or Nevada to be elected

Piers Morgan-LOL

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Malloy to substitute for ailing Candy Crowley at 2nd Presidential Debate

Three Big Myths Right-Wing Propagandists Are Spreading to Frame the 2012 Election - Hightower

Feel Good Poll. Rand has Obama daily tracker up 1 pt 48.74 R 45.65

The GOP’s demographics problem

just when you think it's getting better.

OK, some of you asked, so here's some recording of the band...


Here's What's Happening: America feels Jilted


TCM Schedule for Monday October 15 - Star of the Month: Spencer Tracy

Jon Stewart on PBS:

Brigitte Helm

US budget deficit shrinks by over $200 billion reaches 4-year low

Obama Campaign: "Thanks for the Laughs, Mitt"

I was in the VIP section of the JOE BIDEN event in LaCrosse yesterday. It was a wonderful day!

John McCain: Citizens United Is 'Worst Decision Ever' ... 'Money Is Money,' Not Free Speech

Kentucky Democrats campaigning for Obama and the future

The truth does not *MATTER* to them...

How many people are at the Rmoney rally in Portsmouth OH, MSNBC NEVER shows a long shot of the crowd

I Don't Get Credit For Democrats" Registration Raises More Questions

Myth of Moderate Mitt NYT

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

I'm voting absentee right now in California

TIPP Tracking Poll-Obama (D) 46% Romney ($) 46%

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Oct 13th

Papantonio: Romney Pities Himself For Being White

Howard Dean always gets is right.

A public law school faces trial over liberal bias

Really neat video of a flock of starlings, five million strong, evading a peregrine falcon.

WAKE THE F**K UP!!!! (nsfw!!)

Jim Acosta just tweeted: Obama leads 44-42% in Arizona!

I really don't get Papa John's Pizza CEO,

ClearChannel (subsidiary of BAIN) has put up billboards in Wisc & Ohio

Rolling Stone Magazine Exposes how Mitt Romney Dodged his Taxes

and another one of wanker's cronies is convicted......

Prostitute patrons can't hide their faces anymore

Ted Kennedy had targeted pharmacies involved in meningitis outbreak

Jimmy won't be fixing scandal of underage girls mushrooms as Met Police investigate..

Margaret and Helen- You Can't Spell Compassion With A Calculator.

How do i immunize myself against concern trolls?

Top of the line Democratic campaign ad. A must see.

Just got back from doing door to door work for the NY-11 district Mark Murphy.

Local politician assassinated, 10 injured in west Colombia shooting .

Report: Bumble Bee tuna plant worker 'cooked in oven

OMGosh.....Animal Planet's "Too Cute"

Did anyone see Bill Maher last night (10-12)? I recorded it, should I watch it?

Budget Surplus in Sept. and Deficit is lower by 16% compared to a year ago!!!!

Dog that lost snout saving girls arrives in Calif. (not political ~ just good)

Had A Talk With My Former Pastor This Morning

Another Jury sanctions "pansies"

Lookee here. This is a photo of ME.

Romney spent 417 days outside MA as Governor most on personal or political trips

Obama leading Romney in the latest Arizona pollP

Anyone want to discuss the upcoming debate? I need to chat!

What's the Matter with Washington State?

GOP insisted Whittaker Chambers' pumpkin patch become a historical site. It averages two guests yr.

You know Romney had to take the 2009 Amnesty

Nice image from Facebook

Nats fans received information about buying World Series tickets on Saturday morning

CARTOON: MRI (Mitt Romney Imaging)

Anyone watching PBS's Call the Midwife? Wonderful, and a clear indicator why Romney hates PBS.

Do you believe today is International Skeptics Day?

Can we early vote in nj?

ROMNEY HOOD Takes from the middles class and gives to the rich

TYT: Harvard Educated Neurosurgeon Says He Experienced The Afterlife

Remember when....

Paul Ryan's Sippy Cup

Obama leads in NC 46 - 45

Religious Salvation and Winslow Homer's 'Shipwreck'

Space shuttle Endeavour in L.A. (pics may be large)

Palestinian Olive Grove Attacked By Jewish Settlers For 2nd Time In Days

Pres. Obama rehearsing with John Kerry for the next debate in Wmsburg, VA

YES! Soledad O'Brien Gives Another Much Needed Reality Check To A Right Wing Complainer

Gay Washington senator remains rooted in faith

Pew - American's believe that Romney is stronger on the economy/budget and taxes? Time for truth!

New to DU!

'Million Muppet March' Planned Against Romney

Really can't figure this out...

The Image (and the story) that will Ruin Romney

Interesting discussion with a local business owner.

Pres. Obama rehearsing with John Kerry for the next debate in Wmsburg, VA

14 Years Ago, This Man Was Killed For Being Gay

Northern Lights!!

Obama gains slightly on 538 today

Romney didn't actually flipflop on abortion.

Bill Maher: Child Pease...

Your Electoral Vote Prediction Maps

Heros. Democrats as heros. Are there such beings? Yes, here is mine:

Let's hear it for Kathmandu!

Straight up vertical.

Pic-spam of my horse for Kali

Remember the pie in the movie The Help?

The Human Cost of the Second Amendment

Body Of Journalist Found Encased In Concrete

Why doesn't Mr holy journalist BROKAW demand clip of him be taken out of D'SOUZA's "2016"?!1

Voting for Romney is similar to voting for a Magic 8-Ball....

Serious question: Is Paul Ryan married to one of the Olsen twins?

Facts matter

Hey Republicans....

Senator McCaskill at UCM Homecoming parade today

Joe Biden Authored the Violence Against Women Act so Fox News Calls Him a Sexist

How "Likely" are Latinos?

I don't understand why religions don't embrace Astrophysicists' findings that...

Starting to feel the "Obama comeback" coming...let's vote, and get out the vote, for President Obama

I quietened my RW family members with Islam to Mormon similarities

Intrade is improving again

Report: Obama To 'Over-Compensate' in Next Debate, By Playing the Dozens!

Nate Silver: Obama breaks Romney's winning streak

Badger cull 'mindless', say scientists

Martha Raddatz and the Faux Objectivity of Journalists

Stop Using Real Clear Politics

Farm bill failure gives Democrats ammunition in Midwest House races

Why is Real Clear Politics still using Gravis Marketing in their analysis?

Cheney 'disturbed' by Biden's performance at vice presidential debate

Bill Maher OVERTIME: Ben Affleck, Brian Schweitzer, Coulter, Issa - video link

Two different strategies

This may be the most important election of all time.

Poll: Presidential race close in Arizona

Sensata is trending!

Repukes - FULL OF SHIT (& that's all they got) - Is this the action of confident winners?

How the GOP Destroyed its Moderates

Blatant recommendation - San Pellegrino Blood Orange soda.

The forum does not move comments...

So, can this "issue" be discussed without racial appeals?

"The Boss Has Changed His Mind"! :)

Who won the VP debate?

Yesterday was a low for me but today I am feeling MUCH better

(not) BREAKING NEWS! Palin said something hypocritical; Romney pretended to be moderate...

Elizabeth Warren will have COATTAILS

Miley Cyrus & Obama: Singer Tweets Support For President

Mitt's arrest !

Milk Mayonnaise -- new to me

Y'all sure got a funny way of respectin' your wives in these here parts -

As Governor, Romney Spent All Or Part of 417 Days Out Of State

hurrah! Nate Silver just raised Obama's probability! It's going up!!!

Scott Walker appointee guilty of embezzling $51K in funds meant for veterans and their families

The indecider

Ryan hits administration's China policy in Ohio campaign stop

Ex-Walker appointee convicted of stealing $51,000 from veterans

New $100 bills stolen en route to Fed facility

Banks and “concealed carry” laws

just took a walk around my neighborhood...

Hey El! How did the Texas ShortHorns do today???

I think With A Good Get Out the Vote Effort Obama can win AZ

Utah needs to establish reasonable gun restraints

Actor, TV Host Gary Collins has died.

The #Sensata Story Could Destroy Romney

Fear restricts progression

Romney issued over 800 vetoes in just 4 years as Governor of Massachusetts.

My younger brother and his son visited me.........

Draw the Line - Sign the Bill - SPREAD THE WORD

It's a little easier to be a D in ID

Former Republican: "Mitt Romney's GOP & the Decimation of the American Middle Class"

Why a Bible belt conservative spent a year pretending to be gay

What plans do you spose Queen Ann has for redecorating the WH?

I've voted twice on juries today. Is alerting traffic higher than normal?

I gotta say it. I LOVE JOE BIDEN!!!!

Friday Night Lights creator: ROMNEY STOLE SLOGAN!

Tuesday's debate would be a great time for the

WOW! Matt Taibbi: The Vice Presidential Debate: Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh

Is there a liberal or moderate alternative to the Drudge Report?

Christopher Hayes To everyone tweeting me about #sensata:

Any I.D ( Investigation Discovery) addicts here?

Paul Ryan’s pattern of hypocrisy: His stimulus funding story makes front pages of most WI papers

#Sensata is trending on twitter

The Boss and The Big Dog to stump for Obama

WilLIARd Rmoney is a plutocrat on steroids

I still have HOPE, do you?? Take a minute away from polls, and debates, and remember why we're here

If you had the actual last name "Flowers" would that make you act nicer or turn you into a badass?

What the hell happened to the Obama Headquarters gun shooting story in Colorado?

Deal or No-deal?

are honor societies worth it?

American Future Fund just polled me.

Why have there been no national polls from big national pollsters since debate?

Human Rights Report on the Chinese Factory Mitt brags about in his 47% video

Greenhouse, now with plants

Re sensata: beware the ratfuck technique of poisoning the well...

Topics for third debate announced

Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez played role in Colombia's peace talks with Farc

Undermining a favorite Republican seen on facebook

Here is one reason that the Super-Rich are not too concerned about health-care

GOP's Primary Goal Is To Destroy The Middle Class In This Country. This Strategy ----

Did anyone pick up on this Nate Silver tweet? Hello!

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: All Supply-Siders. Yes, including Romney and Ryan

HEAVY early voting advantage for Dems so far in Maine. Things looking good on the ground.

"Heist" the Movie is now on "Snag Films" ..if you have ROKU, APPLE TV you can get it Free Limited

This is an excellent example of why Mitt Romney is correct about an over regulated society.

Documents Reveal That Protests Forced Wal-Mart To Raise Wages At 700 Stores

Astrological article explaining why Obama will win in November

Gary Johnson "Mitt is without a Molecule of Brain!" Bwahahahahahahah!!!!!

Luckovich Toon: Hand us the keys

If the Republicans in Congress weren't such fucking psychos, I'm sure that we could stand them

Former governors offer stern warning about Florida's future

Joe Biden Was Right to Laugh by Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone

Koch brother accused of imprisoning employee

I went to my first Gay Pride Parade today!

Wingnuts cite the business model of leadership. That isn't mostly what politics is about.

Nate Silver: G.O.P. Senate Hopes Fade

Ryan has rec'd $3 million in donations from the financial industry

What is the total amount in dollars of the tax cuts that the Obama Administration siged into law?

This pic really explains what happens to oil once it's drilled:

Candidate voted twice in same elections, records show

"Remember those 8 days in October..."

Poll: Presidential race close in Arizona - Obama up by 2

Romney and Ryan are entitled to their own opinions...


Up w/Chris Hayes - Ryan struggles to outrun record on social security

Dear Gun Carriers

Did Bill Maher agree to protect Issa?

welcome newest DU Republican (i was number 5 btw)

What's this about polls not being conducted in Spanish possibly underestimating Latino turnout?

PPP: 'Obama was a lot stronger in our Saturday Ohio polling than Friday night.'

Why Netanyahu Backed Down

Freedom isn't free?

I just ordered snowshoes from REI

Kindle/Amazon lawsuit?

Up w/Chris Hayes - Romney: Uninsured? Head to the emergency room

Photoshop responses to Exxon CEO's claim that "you'll learn to live with" climate change

PPP Ohio poll: Obama 51, Romney 46 (updated)

I just noticed

Senator Grassley And The Free Market Wage

PPP: Barack Obama leads our new Ohio poll 51-46

Obama 51-46 in Ohio (PPP) leads 76-24 with 19% early voters!!!!

What are you reading the week of October 14, 2012?

undecideds in Ohio--ny times

Obama leads by two points in Arizona

Weird Polling happening in IOWA - I smell something

TYT: Big Brother: RFID Chips Track Kids' Truancy, Eating Habits

Union surprised by XL Foods layoff notice in Alberta

Herman Cain says no one won the debate Thurs night

How does it make you feel that a presidential candidate is a deliberate liar?

Not sure if this was covered earlier ... but Diebold has a bit of a "China Flag" controversy ...

During the first debate Romney talked about how the middle class was burried and

How many Senators and House members voted to cut embassy security funding? nt

MS Tea Party President says women are too emotional and diabolical to vote

Company linked to meningitis scare besieged as deaths rise

Gail Huff, Senator Scott Brown's wife, is now stumping for him in his commercials.

Who Got More Bills passed through Congress, Ryan or Obama?

The US is probably the world's largest arms exporter.

Should GOTV canvassers ask voters to give them their completed voters as they

If Obama has a 50 point lead with 19% of the Ohio early vote... Math geniuses welcome!

"Heist" the Indy Documentary is now available FREE for two weeks from Oct. 2nd on SNAG TV!

Powerful Video: Sensata Workers Respond to Leaked Video On Bain/Romney Business Model

Everyone is so concerned with the undecided voter