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Archives: October 15, 2012

BOO! -- or not . . .

The Koch Bros. put coupons/cards to assist employees w/ buying stuff in a campaign solicitation?

Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Obama 47%, Romney 44%

Tip of the hat tonight to Felix:

50 years ago today: The Cuban Missile Crisis began.

Nate Silver at 538 Gives Obama a teeny bump - Chance of Winning for Obama 63.1%

Some positive noise to keep the other positive noise today...positive

Obama finally plays Bin laden card in commercial-Cleveland OH

Racist comment from son of WI Senate candidate Tommy Thompson

If you're on twitter, & care about the Sensata issue, might want to follow these guys

The economy will continue to grow even if they let the Bush taxcuts expire?

Only 45 minutes left until The Walking Dead returns!

Protesters Blockade Fracking Well Site in Ohio

Carville on why the GOP wants smaller government

I want everyone to note that I'm not making fun of MIM and his favourite team.

Remembering Arlen Specter (via his stand up routine).

The MittTwit RobMe bounce is fading. National polls now showing Obama a bit ahead.

Me thinks the Niners are highly overrated.

Christian Group Finds Gay Agenda in Anti-Bullying Day

When do you think Colin Powell will make his endorsement?

It was absurd to think Obama would win in a landslide (but he is winning)

Thank you Call Me Wesley and California Peggy...

Who would you be from the original cast of The Walking Dead, also who would you like to kill off.

This is why Obama needs to get aggressive in challenging Romney

Will E-Voting Machines Owned by His Buddies Give Mitt Romney the White House?

Me and the hubster hit 85 houses today in the Philly burbs

First BCS Rankings:

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 15 October 2012

Rand American Life Tracker; O 49.1/R 45.3

Helllooooooooo New Hampshire!

Gravis Marketing Exposed II. The Evisceration of Douglas Kaplan

In Sermon, Burlington Pastor Confronts Woman Over Judicial Retention

Toon - Rmoney's resurgence, explained

When Interpreting A Florida And North Carolina Poll

PPP: NC 49-47 Romney-- as comparison here are their last results...

Hey I just got a robocall from Romney/Ryan

Cambodia's former king Sihanouk dies in Beijing

Activist Alert! New Visits by Agents in Southern California

Sate Polls at

It's time

Occupy Movement has a MOVIE and you can buy the DVD up front - DU THIS!!

Stephen Colbert on Meet The Press. It was good they had a comedian on some news would be on.

PPP NC: Romney up 49-47

Nope, they aren't racists, nothing to see here, move along folks.

Why is Joseph McCabe so completely forgotten?

Mauritania Says Soldier Shot Leader By Accident

Kudos for grantcart.

I really don't think this 9gag ripoff can be put into words...

Rupert Murdoch labels hacking victims 'scumbag celebrities'

Morning workout Keeneland fall meet. 11 photos

Just one more wack on the dead horse.

Ann Coulter proves she has no class whatsoever.

vasili arkhipov--the man who averted WWIII

Obama up in CO according to republican leaning pollster

Okay, my new new new fav. mixture of teas is lemon tea and licorice with a little stevia.

I have to confess. Arlen Specter was one of the few Republicans I have ever voted for

A Space Shuttle on the Streets of Los Angeles

The Fact That The Election Is Not Over And For Obama Is A Tribute To The Ignorance,

Romney and Obama Townhall Debate Preview - Highlights Of Prior Townhalls (with video)

Baumgartner's Jump Reenacted With Legos This happened fast! 1:350 scale.

World's Oldest Photographs

Stephen Colbert and the "Politico-Industrial Complex"

Help out Occupy grand jury resisters

'I'm sick to my stomach': anger grows in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan. -Guardian UK

Large Romney/Ryan bus in Williamsburg

Stephen Colbert steps out of character to assess Romney on ‘Meet the Press’ (VIDEO)

This Is An Awesome Ad

Wanna go to Harvard?

AP Impact: Feds muff kid jewelry cadmium crackdown

Do you say “Missouree” or “Missouruh” ?

Anybody know a good housekeeper in Boston?

What to make of the PPP weekend polls of Ohio, Florida and North Carolina...

AP: WHY IT MATTERS: Auto bailout

So it is actually a BigFuckingDeal that Sen. Specter passed away today here in Philly at least...

Is this right? AZ = O 44/R 42???

This is a damn impressive map for a year when Republicans were to make serious gains

"Here Are The Charts That Should Get Obama Reelected..."

Rosie Perez On Whether Romney Would Have It Easier If He Was Latino

POLL, Should Obama Change ANYTHING about his next debate performance?

About old gay terms like Pansy

Brown vs Mandell debate at 12:30pm tomorrow on CSPAN

So just how well did Atlas Shrugged part II do this weekend?

I'll be so glad when the digital and vinyl music fad is over.

A little humor...This sums up DU over the past week and a half !


If Romney gets in, everyone will have to stay at the Marriott

So 60 Minutes Is Agitating For Us To Liberate Syria

poll updates..

Pro life CRAP on FB

Political Cartoon one of my Iranian Facebook friends posted today

Have you had enough of Joe Buck today?

Challenges-- Obama for America TV ad

"The rich are on strike" - Romney and his allies say the economy will come back if he wins

So, Romney's polling at a couple points ahead in NC, FL -- It's been back and forth all election

Dodgeball ninja has perfect form

Power Erupts - One of the best Dinosaur Episodes

How Low And Why? - Eric Anders

Next up to be recorded from vinyl to CD, Deep Purple!

I have a question about the Affordable Healthcare Act....

Part direct owner of Sensata donated $655k to rMoney

Will our side be able to do some carpet bomb ads?

Pollster Accuracy and the National Polls - Nov. 12 2008

Mitt Romney doesn’t see dead people, because he doesn’t want to see them (Krugman)

Huff Po: celebrities get older and that is disgusting

KRUGMAN: "Mr. Romney has no idea what life (& death) are like for those less fortunate than himself"

PPP Sees White Voter Surge for Romney, Says 'Magic Number' Reached - Obama Non-White Support Solid

"How the GOP Destroyed its Moderates" by Jonathan Chait at the New Republic

WOW! Washington State: Gay marriage, marijuana well ahead in poll

Mitt Romney: The Great Deformer

If Rmoney were President, do you think he would ditch the Secret Service,

...should have laughed more

Should Romney Win We Would Be Pining For Bush -----

Tommy Thompson's Son Jokes About Sending Obama Back to Kenya [Video]

One of the US' biggest unregulated gun sale sites is owned by the Mormon Church.

Eventually, probably not in my lifetime, Texas will go Blue

Obama camp tips hand on debate, hints president will attack Romney on Bain

"Women Are the Key to the Presidential Debate and Election" by Ruth Rosen at AlterNet

Why Does Tom Bevan At RCP Include Gravis But Not Zogby?

Interesting contrast between Obama & Romney

Ohio will have an exit poll? It's not on the list of the 19 cancelled exit polls

Easier as a Latino? Actually...

According To IBD/TIPP ,Willard Romney Is Losing The Non White Vote 88%-7%

Kinda interesting! I was watching some old Kolchak episodes when I came across one titled

Early voters seen favouring Obama win

"The 6 Studies Paul Ryan Cited Prove Mitt Romney's Tax Plan Is Impossible"

Are we going to lose VA and CO?

Obama does now seem to be in recovery

Life-sized Dalek!

Anybody else watching "Talking Dead?"

Grey Garden's Little Edie Beale on Republicans

Schumer calls for Social Security safety measures

"Mitt Romney on taxes - Fudging the numbers" at the Economist


"uppityperson" & the State of DU

Romney's jobs plan; needs to go viral.

In wake of Amanda Todd suicide, MPs to debate anti-bullying motion

India questions its own nuclear industry

Koch Brothers' Products -- We're Surrounded.

"Why Netanyahu Backed Down" By GRAHAM T. ALLISON Jr. and SHAI FELDMAN at the NY Times

MITT: “I’ve got these fools thinking I don’t talk to my ‘accountant'-What can’t I say?”

Christian Group Finds Gay Agenda in Anti-Bullying Day

Romney's teeth

Will E-Voting Machines Give Romney the White House?

What Romney Brought To The Table Which Made Freepers Think He'd Lose The Election

If you were running the Obama campaign would you spend the remaining days of the campaign trying to

Tea Party Looks to Overturn LGBT Rights in Omaha, Nebraska

Fan stabbed outside Candlestick Park

And for my 1000th Post... (hope this isn't against the rules)

"Whichever party wins will have within its grasp the power to break th back of the other’s political

Moderator Role Under Scrutiny – Before the Debate

Geek warning! Please shut this door completely!

We know we are voting for Obama-unless you are selling Thin Mints, go away!

What I think happens between now and election Day.

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Sunday, October 14)

How has Red State America REALLY fared during the Obama Recovery

Who took my chocolate chip cookies?

Drought leads restaurants to raise prices, cut portions

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Oct 15th

What would You ask the President?

New ABC/WaPo poll Obama 49/ Romney 46 (-1) LV. Swing States Obama 51/Romney 46

Time for a break and a good laugh

Oh, wow. Fantastic Animated Google Doodle for Today: LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND

Dinosaurs Episode 42 - Green Card

Announcer Larry Collmus calls the 7th at Monmouth Park

Photo Techniques: Panning

Alabama Man Kills Himself with Stolen Police Gun

On some level, The President works to help all levels

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 16: The Projected Image

Moving to Des Moines... any advice?

Go New México!

Two Scary Incidents Almost Forced Felix Baumgartner To Abort His Mission

Rare Bipartisanship: Both Parties Don't Want Candy Crowley...

EJ Dionne: Romney the product

Florida Democrats Cut Traditional Republican Lead in Mail Votes

Lithuanians back opposition populists, SocDems, reject nuclear plant plans

Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Arlen Specter

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 17: Classic Horror

I Just Cannot Watch The Debates Because They Are Such A Sick Joke And ----

Link to several prediction markets for Presidential Race

From Oct 2008. .. Obama Will Be One Of the Greatest Presidents

Anyone yet discovered the Google today?

Republicans Believe In Outsourcing As An Economic PLan

low temps below zero in parts of alaska tonight. winter is coming...

I Wonder How Many Of The Sensata Plant People Will Still Vote GOP?

Jailed Bahrain medics ‘go on hunger strike’

Social media as an election predictor:

Romney Chameleon ~ Video

Image & Info: Excited about the Million Muppet March

Help! I have Microsoft Office and love it

I Cannot Reconcile In My Mind People With Sick Children Being For Romney. There Are Two -----

Late breaking Exclusive DU: Kaplans twitter reveals distaste for Ras, affection for O'Keefe

Muslims protest 'age of mockery' as thousands descend on Google HQ

A Trillion frames per second

Anybody still awake?

Some action shots from my daughter's game this weekend.

Obama is best choice for president - Winston-Salem Journal endorsement

The speed of sound without a plane ....


Here's a LINK to a compilation of ALL 'state' POLLS that some folks might not know about ...

Poinsettias in the store for a week already!!

Moderator Role Under Scrutiny – Before the Debate

The Radical Is Romney, Not Ryan

I just voted for President Obama by mail in CA

DO NOT PPR Clown Seven

My question for Obama Tuesday night

Heads up: War and what it does to average Joes - The Deer Hunter is airing now on Showtime

Oh, we could have fun with one of these jobs

a new DUer, MoonchildCA, has some great advice regarding medical costs

Drunk Woman to cops: No jail, I'm Republican

Juror #3, please educate yourself as to the Terms Of Service for this site.

I'm beginning to believe that with enough money and enough lies

Romney Ignores Bainport While Trying to Take Back 47% Comments

The Tea Party Will Win in the End - Frank Rich

Thanks, Rep DesJarlais...I needed to stop drinking those NASTY Sun-Drops anyway

The Overpass Light Brigade Spends an Evening at Bainport


Rebel Arms Flow is Said to Benefit Jihadists in Syria

Want a reason to vote for President Obama?

Psychological Warfare in Modern Times

Loophole Allows Saudi Arabian Businesses To Spend Freely In Our Election

Israeli group threaten legal action against Australian charity

A strange bird stalks dangerous army ants, poaching what the marching host misses

WOW. Talk about an EYE-OPENER. Phew.

Morning Joe, Chris Matthews Was Right About Racist Reince Priebus

Chilean student demonstrations leaders honoured with human rights prize in US

More CEOs weigh in to try to strong arm their employees to voting for Romney

VOTE - Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria & Kerry Washington

And The Uptick For Obama on Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight Graphs Heads Higher...

Hope HOF doesn't mind a personal request

Here Are The Charts That Should Get Obama Reelected...


Joe Scum and ReTHUGs are terrified that Obama will also laugh

Paul Ryan steps up for cash-strapped ‘mentor’ Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin

Nate on the ABC/Wash. Post poll: 'our forecast would show Obama at ~66% . . . (vs 63% before)'

Reading the USADA documents regarding Lance Armstrong and doping

Not what a real Recovery looks like!?!

politico gwu obama leads +1, 49/48

Depressing, yet unsurprising, Graphic... (pic)

OMG! This is PRICELESS. **I PROMISE** You are gonna LOVE this. Response to Libya Attack on Real Time

Obama says debate prep 'going great'

How Low-Income Communities of Color Are Leading the Charge on Climate Solutions

Would like some advice about retirement benefits.

'America the Possible': How We Can Reclaim the American Dream and a Just Society

Schweitzer: 'Lights out' if Clinton runs in '16

Why Goldman Sachs Is All in For Romney: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My President

Hope everyone came through yesterday's stoms OK.

Nobel Prize for economics awarded to two U.S. economists




TPM poll aggregator: Obama resumes lead in average of national polls

Google 'to be told by EU to unravel privacy policy'

Softbank to Buy Sprint Nextel for About $20 Billion

Is it still possible to 'e-mail this thread to a friend'?

New RW Tactics To Bait Workers To Give Up Their Rights. ------

Oh, the irony...

The Rise of Post Modern Politics (great read!)

Systemic sexism and the death of Amanda Todd

What's all this about the Teaparty?

Insiders See Obama Winning (82% to 18%)

There is a rodent in the kitchen

Gentleman In Virginia Romney Office Has Novel Idea For Welfare Reform:

Food Sickens Millions as Company-Paid Checks Find It Safe

Mitt Romney sez:

New Obama Ad: ‘Stick With This Guy’

Monday Morning Irritation: Chuckie T. said that Romney could win the election tomorrow night

Pacific iron fertilisation is 'blatant violation' of international regulations

ABC/WAPO Poll-Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 46%

what else would get slashed:

The Best Thing About President Obama's Improving Poll Numbers

ABC News/WaPo Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 3 Points

Romney’s Unraveling Claim That Six Studies Validate His Tax Plan

Sometimes I think they don't understand capitalism

One possibility to consider. romney peaked too soon?

'Well-armed' Schweitzer considers run for president

I can only think of one thing that Mitt told the truth about, the last debate.

Photo going around Facebook, showing Obama "disrespecting" marines

U.S. retail sales rose 1.1% in September, more than economists had expected

Shake-ups at the Moonie Times

Pakistan sends girl shot by Taliban to UK for care

Mitt Romney:The Great Deformer

a simple question

Real Time - New Rules - Focus On The Family WRONG

Romney’s Unraveling Claim That Six Studies Validate His Tax Plan

Nuclear energy technologies not yet suitable for Singapore: Senior official

President Obama gains from improving economy

Alex Kerry creates a SuperPac

I think we need to stop at the next station and fill up?

Is Bishop WilLIARd Rmoney the highest ranking

Save Sensata !

Fukushima disaster could have been avoided, nuclear plant operator admits

I just heard on the radio news that Sept. Retail Sales were up sharply

Tomorrow's Debate Is Akin To A Game Five Of A Seven Game Playoff

Romney praises Jim Lehrer's job as debate moderator

WOW!! Rosie Perez On Whether Romney Would Have It Easier If He Was Latino (Must see)

Good lord, Chucky Todd positively giddy

Hard right group attacks mixing in school cafeteria: It's a gay plot, says the American Family Assoc

Mitt Romney debates himself, round 2

EU imposes new sanctions on Iran

I turned my computer on this morning and saw this! what a welcome sight!

Retail sales point to stronger third-quarter consumer spending

One word about Morning Joe in General

Both Obama & Romney campaigns express concern about Candy Crowley

Sitting for long periods 'is bad for your health'

Moonie Times: Colonel’s class on radical Islam leaves career in limbo

A dissembling smile

"Halliburton lost WHAT?!?!?"

Romney's 6 tax plan studies? Bwaaaaaaahhhaaaaa... Obama MUST mention this at debate... what a joke

The Morning Plum: Romney’s ‘47 percent’ problem just won’t go away

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Peak Oil Review - Oct 15

Peak Oil Review - Oct 15

Top Romney Surrogate Admits GOP Is Exploiting Libya Incident For Political Gain

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

"We will win this election. We will finish what we started."

"Karl Rove oversaw the anti-Wellstone effort"

Missouri-based PAC backing Walsh with big $$$

Republicans trying so hard to make our ambassadors killing political makes me think they were

GOP MEDICARE Plan Revealed

House Majority PAC Launches $2.4 Ad Buy Against IL Republicans

Nate Silver bumps Obama's chances up to 63.3%!

Monday Toon Roundup 1- VP Debate Toons, day 3

Court will hear Ariz. case on voter registration

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Rmoney

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Politics

Ronald Reagan’s budget director: Romney Is NO Job Creator-He Is A GAMBLER In A Rigged Market

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

If you have a Debate Question: Here is the link to submit questions and videos to Candi Crowley/CNN

Election Theft: Florida 2012

TOM TOMORROW: "Republicans Unite!"

Is Anarchism an Idea Whose Time Has Come?

With the presidential election is a full-on, no-holds-barred propaganda war against renewables

WHY won't Mitt Romney disclose his tax returns? Where are they?

Electoral college opinion maps still show Obama well positioned

Pic Of The Moment: When Republicans Visit Soup Kitchens

Etch-A-Sketch: Romney tries to distance himself from his Bush-era neocon advisers

Rasmussen - Romney down to 1% lead (from 2% yesterday)

Poison-Proofing China

The President needs to be firm but nurturing in his tone

Apollo rocks analysis: solar wind made moon water

Harvey Pekar statue unveiled at library

OBAMA Is Going To Win - According To "Political Insiders Give It To Obama 82% to 18%"

Hasn't Romney ALREADY won tomorrow's debate?

Don't take it for granted.

Warren Campaign Raises $12 Million Over Last Three Months.

TOM TOMORROW: Republicans Unite!

Is the storm over?

Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria & Kerry Washington Cast Romney As Dangerous For Women In New Ad

Does the town hall format favor President Obama?

RCP now has the race at a TIE

Romney's Lead Wiped Out At RCP

come out swinging

Unoffical 538 Update


This guy should be tapped for VP in 2016

When This Woman Was Killed In Combat It Exposed How The Government Really Treats Same-Sex Spouses

Ok, first on FB and now on Steph...New meme "Biden was drunk"


Name something (non-edible) that you would not be able to live without.

Today is the last day to register to vote, Virginians.

Obama’s ‘honest and trustworthy’ advantage — and what it means for the second debate


Next time a Republican screams judicial partisanship about a “radical” Dane County Judge, ask them

One point I'd like to make about Tuesday's debate (make your own, if you wish)

** Gets out Hammer and hangs sign showing location of all the new DU services & places **

Counting the Bodies in the Pakistani Drone Campaign

Mitt Romney's SICK Joke

Where the Candidates are today: Michelle vs. Lyin Ryan

Princeton - Obama has 84% chance of winning

Has there been such a drastic change in the polls

TPM Polltracker has Obama up by 2.5% now...

Ever wonder how they take pictures of rock climbers?

Five Ways Deregulation Is Ripping America Apart


Latino Decisions Tracking Poll week 8: Obama 67% Romney 23%

VIDEO: Entitlements of the Rich and Famous

The Privilege of Being Human: Ecological Crisis and the Need to Challenge the Twenty Percent

Mystery object found by Curiosity rover is ‘benign plastic’

Defence Companies, Networking and Corruption - big scandal in Britain

the media is preparing its obama/angry black man dogwhistle narratives

An interesting snippit from DKos Elections Digest...

PPP: Obama Weathers Post-Debate Fallout, Leads Ohio By 5

Too Much Helpful Algae Can Be Bad for Corals

Rope A Dope will be followed by KO Tuesday

Cheaper by the dozen

Tennessee & Maine DUers - so who are you voting for in the US Senate

Did Paul Ryan's personal housekeeper scrub the pots and pans before Paul Ryan got there?

Traditional courtyards: an example of eco-efficiency for architects

Yard Sign problem in Johnson County, Ks

And...we have liftoff (again)! Good trend to have going into the final laps...

How to Talk to Your 38-Year-Old Son About Birtherism

RCP - Romney "Lead" Evaporates


OMG Mike Protack is running for office again???!!!

So MFW sends me this chain email…

Brag, brag, brag alert!

Rassumussen Polling

AT&T set to start six-strike anti-piracy campaign?

Romney's record as Governor: 800 Vetoes, 707 Overturned

John Glenn for President Obama ad

Research shows legume trees can fertilize and stabilize maize fields, generate higher yields


Papantonio: How Romney Out-Crazied The Crazy Right

Sometimes DU gets rid of trolls too quickly

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 15, 1969

October Photo Contest

Any Crispin Glover fans here? (George McFly from Back to the Future)...Russian Lit fans too!

Exposure to 'Prestige' (oil spill) fuel causes short-term damage to rat DNA


Racist anti-Obama page on FB--report it

League of Super Heroes

(What a worker!!) President Obama at the Williamsburg campaign office

Scottish independence: Cameron and Salmond strike referendum deal

Outsourcing (Freeport's 170 Sensata jobs) is not an ‘inherent right’ of U.S. business

Take a look at the future

Outsourcing (Freeport's 170 Sensata jobs) is not an ‘inherent right’ of U.S. business

Friday's Boston Globe: " ‘Served’ in Afghanistan? Scott Brown? "

The Italian Catholic Church will be stripped of an historic tax exemption from 2013

President Obama and Michelle Obama on front cover of Ebony Magazine

Helping in swing states from afar?

Who Is The More Honest Bigot? The Guy In the T-Shirt or The Repuke Running For President?

I just got an email from Rick Snyder as to why I should vote against Proposal 5

Bemoaning the lack of entries in DU's photo contest.

‘There was a rustling under the blanket…..”

BWHAHAHA! Great Halloween political cartoon...

Antibiotic contamination a threat to humans and the environment

Elizabeth Warren out-raised Scott Brown by $4 Million in the third quarter

What terrifies religious extremists like the Taliban are not American tanks or bombs or bullets

I hate it when my boss comes into my office and "neatens up" my desk, etc.

Ashley Judd: Early Vote begins on October 22...

Mega-Gallery of Space Shuttle Endeavour Being 'Shuttled' To Its New Home.

Radiation probes indicate no melt through at Fukushima Unit 1

Study: girls do not have riskier sex after HPV vaccine

"Gotta Vote" Bus tour: Wisconsin

Q3 fundraising: Elizabeth Warren outpaces Scott Brown by almost $5 million

Harper Lee's letter to Oprah on her love of books

Moral Leadership: What Obama Has to Show Tomorrow in the Debate Performance, and For Real

Jamaican relatives are protesting since they still don't know if Steve Budhoo is dead or alive

Lots of Romney signs popping up

Romney and son implicated in $8B Ponzi scheme

How much would it cost for DU to carry Tom Tomorrow's strip?

My Day With President Obama - Obama For America - Ohio

FTC moving closer to antitrust charges for Internet monopoly, Google

You show up at the Emergency Room with abdominal pain...

Anyone remember the Dukakis Tank photo from 1988

DCCC Backs Bachmann’s Opponent In MN

Mega-Gallery of Space Shuttle Endeavour Being 'Shuttled' To Its New Home.

Delaney v. Bartlett

If someone has more dirt on Romney, why would they be keeping it a secret at this point??

The Self-Destruction of the 1 Percent from the NYT by Chrystia Freeland

Candy Crowley Draws Complaints From Obama & Romney Campaigns Before Debate

I'm about to blow a gasket over Keith Ablow's "Psycho analysis" of Joe Biden

English Ivy and snakes


I'll bet a Republican couldn't pick out who's American and who's not in this photo

Card Players - Favorite Card Games

Obama campaign ad: Former Senator and Astronaut John Glenn on why he supports President Obama

Toon: The Romney Transformation

Powell for Congress launches radio ads!

#Sensata tweets claiming that President Obama has shares

Don't let the smile fool you. This man is not harmless...

Atlas Shrugged II bombs at the weekend box office

Jim Graves/ Michele Bachmann debates

More from Arlo Guthrie re Jackie's Passing

A romney/ryan win it would mean if a woman has a fetus with spina bifida, or some other tragic

Bainport (the 170 outsourced Sensata workers) on Facebook

gas drilling, testoserone cheered at roughneck festival

Long lines in some Georgia counties as early voting starts. Go Obama! eom

Ezra Klein: There’s nothing ‘courageous’ about raising the Social Security retirement age

Tagg Romney's Company Misled Reporters About Its Relationship With Ponzi Scheme–Linked Firm

Dumb things you have done lately....

On my way back from our little country supermarket I saw a Republican run over a pheasant.

Wise Teen Girl Proves Benefits Of HOME-SCHOOLING: "Being Gay Turns You Into A Duck" (not the onion)

runaway twitter insurance poll & the power of social media & sharing stories

Making Mitt: The Myth Of George Romney

Political Partisans Are Frequently Less Mature Than Nursery-School Kids

Come on Harry Reid - release the tax details

Koch Bros: latest RW employer that pushes employees to vote for Romney

Obama should offer Mitt a $10,000-bet at the debate. (No, seriously.)

Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren Raises $12.1 Million to Scott Brown’s $7.45 Million

George W. Bush is "skeptical" of Romney's chances

Tagg Romney's Company Misled Reporters About Its Relationship With Ponzi Scheme–Linked Firm

Favorite Drinking Game

Marijuana Legalization More Popular Than Obama or Romney in Colorado

Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicare Vouchers Would Raise Premiums For Most Seniors, Study Finds

Koch Brothers Pressuring Employees to Vote GOP

Obama’s Prep Session Goal: Don’t Repeat Mistakes of Last Debate

*Powell for Congress launches radio ads! HOPE you hear them!

A very accurate depiction of the last 4 years...

Mitt Romney's views on preemptive war must be exposed during debate on foreign policy.

Toon: Romney's Big Bird

Things are about to get a whole lot tougher for Nate Silver

Powell for Congress launches radio ads!

The Romney Crime Family

When Mormons Go to Washington

Photos That Give the Rude Pundit a Little Bit of Hope To Get Through the Week

Why doesn't the USPS still charge twice as much for mail that has a message? They used to

Want to Ruin Teaching? Give Ratings

USGS: PA fracking to blame for "potentially serious patterns of disturbance on the landscape"

Citizen Planet Hunters Find a Planet in a Four-Star System

So Thomas Peterffy, founder of interactive brokers has an ad on bloomberg essentially calling the

Moonbow and Meteor over Australia’s Wallaman Falls

Watched UK Chan 4's "Supersize vs Superskinny"

Austerity Protests Are Rude Awakening in Portugal

Voodoo Economics for Zombies. Please come CAPTION The Mitt-ster!!!

Morning Joe on the polls

Toon: The Big Book of Republican Science

This should always be brought up When Romney talks about his experience as Governor of Massachusetts

We Can Quote The Bible Also

About the tainted steroids and the 15 dead people.

Debunk Arguments Against Marriage Equality in Under 4 Minutes

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Give the Rude Pundit a Little Bit of Hope To Get Through the Week

Something has stuck in my mind about the last debate...

Somebody talk me down

Hemingway used to machine gun sharks

Evolving microbes help Iowa State engineers turn bio-oil into advanced biofuels

Here is some right-wing crap going around the Facebook...

GAO report on concealed carry in America

I like the trend in the Rand poll:

Finally someone is going after the banks.

Great Advice for Obama's Town Hall Debate

Mitt Romney Cancels On ‘The View’

For the Wayne Powell team in Virginia

Op-Ed: Steps Israel should take to control its destiny

I'm not sure George Romney was a US Citizen after all.

Do you need Big Bird for any Events?

The great thing about the rapidly dissapating Rmoney 'bump.'

Cleveland police officers named in Saturday's shooting, on paid administrative leave

How much more should women pay for health care?

EDF chief to Hollande: France needs more electricity, not less nuclear

Merkel’s Government Rejects Second Greek Debt Cut to Ease Crisis

Mitt Romney 'View' Appearance: Republican Presidential Candidate Cancels On ABC Talk Show

Koch Industries Warns 45,000 Employees Of ‘Consequences’ If They Don’t Vote For Republicans

Vote for the Dinner Party - by Michael Pollan

Planet with four suns discovered

Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world

University of Tennessee collaborates in study: Dire drought ahead, may lead to massive tree death

Police officer called arrested man 'a nigger', court told

A Great Quote - Think about this when you go to the polls!!

The Self-Destruction of the 1 Percent

Collateral Damage in the War on Women

Why African Americans are sticking with Obama

Krugman's blog: Ways the uninsured die

The Cynic and President Obama (beautifully written for Nov Issue) By Charles P. Pierce The Cynic an

The Sensata Technologies story is starting to have legs

Chile envoy in Ghana over held Argentine ship

Obama embraces economic record in new commercial

Catalonia leader threatens to draw EU into independence row with Spain

The Reality of the GOP Platform on Abortion

MO: Hey, BO, I Just Voted!

Mitt Romney profits as Bain sends American jobs to China

"The Passing Storm" - election analysis by supergenius Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium

VA Governor -"We Have Joblessness Over Forty Three Percent."

Lets get together and make things happen

Romney dismisses Kaiser study showing voucherization of Medicare will increase costs

Prediction: Most Searched Word on Google After Tomorrow's Debate:

Our growing understanding of the crisis

The Politirati Poll (D & R Insiders predict Obama win)

If M$Greedia were really Liberal, every time they mention the name

Scared? Get scared.

Thank you America!

ABC News/WaPo Poll: Obama Up 3 Over Romney

UK accused of helping to supply arms for Northern Ireland loyalist killings

AP: $200/month increase in Medicare premiums under Romney/Ryan

Could someone please..

My guy learning how to do a brake job

Mes Aynuk Update: recent find, recent "disclosures"

Supreme Ct. Had Overturned FDA's Authority to Regulate Compounding Pharmacies in 5-4 Vote

Is anyone else noticing an uptick in this "blind allegiance" meme, and since Mr. Romney has yet to

61 House Republicans Co-Sponsored China Currency Bill, Now Side With China

TIME: 71.83 vs 28.17% -Americans KNOW Mitt Is Lying

Rep. Cynthia McKinney asked what GWB knew 6 MONTHS after 911, and was excoriated

"Don't Be Fooled" Ad (this is good!!)

Meet The 17-Year-Old Boy Who Blew The Lid Off Racial Profiling With His iPod

The first and last time I bought an extended warranty was four years ago when I purchased my SONY

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin to visit ‘Bainport’ Oct. 16, Al Sharpton to visit Oct. 20

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin to visit ‘Bainport’ Oct. 16, Al Sharpton to visit Oct. 20


Debate Disaster in the Making

Fast Food Chains Use Loopholes And Low-Tax Countries To Avoid Millions In Taxes Each Year

Existing without either institutional memory or a sense of irony

UCB Linguist Lakoff: What Obama needs to do in the debate:

But...but...more domestic drilling was supposed to make gas prices go down (WSJ)

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin to visit ‘Bainport’ Oct. 16

The most recent cover of THE BELIEVER(great S.F. literary mag)...thought every DU'er should see it!

"Where's Bobby?" Debate Reception in Rockford

IBD/TIPP Poll - Obama (D) 46.9% Romney ($) 46.6%

Disturbing lawn signs seen on vacation in North Carolina

Boy Scouts Grouped Gay Leaders With Child Molesters, Perverts

Climate negotiations relying on 'dangerous' thresholds to avoid catastrophe will not succeed

A Bit of Real World for Mitt Romney: Emergency Rooms are Where the Uninsured Go to DIE

Ohio Appeals to Supreme Court on Voting

How Romney’s extreme policies insult us all - Katrina vanden Heuvel

PPP: Obama (up by 7) and Casey (up by 11) lead in Pennsylvania

From UK press: Mitt Romney's Bain Gain China Syndrome

5 more disturbing things about Romney:

For those of you who missed The Walking Dead last night, it is online for a short time now.

How Low Can Honduras Go?

How Low Can Honduras Go?

Just because I have not heard anything new in awhile...

Here's Another Benefit of Obamacare:

Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

Are we in agreement that Obama HAS to do the following things in the next debates?

First lady votes for Obama via absentee ballot

I see Tamron Hall (MSNBC) is ignoring all polls except the ones showing a "dead heat" again.


25 primate species reported on brink of extinction

Afternoon break from news. Barbra Streisand and son Jason Gould sing duet (video)

Biggest U.S.-Israeli Military Exercise Is Message to Iran

Romney team expects Obama to be more aggressive in next debate.

Looks like nice Election Day weather in 7th District!!!

Poster Boys: 1960, 2012

From Atheism to Islam: The Light of Al-Fatihah

Romney's deceit on China

Three tricks: Steve Frayne

What happened with today's Gallup

Mofaz: Netanyahu Is Turning Israel Into South Africa

Report: Arizona Army National Guard recruiters hunted homeless with paintballs

The Gallup Bait And Switch. Reality Shows A Pre-Debate/Post-Debate Of Only A 1-point Shift


James Morrison Tweet

Just voted!! Woot!

Romney: Bain Builds Up, Then Harvests Companies

Race Still Matters. Religion … Maybe.

If Being Governor Is a Test of Leadership, Romney is Getting His Ass Kicked in Massachusetts

Head of CEO Group Urges Compromise on U.S. Fiscal Cliff.

White House Mulls How To Strike Over Libya Attack

If Being Governor Is a Test of Leadership, Romney is Getting His Ass Kicked in Massachusetts

My guy learning how to do a bake job

The Real Mitt Romney: Remember What He's Said Before

Catholic voters target of aggressive push

Peter Tosh received a posthumous award today

We are...

The circulation of the Atlantic Ocean was faster during the last Ice Age than today

Gary Bettman Surprised By Popularity Of NHL Lockout

Need big time help with leasing a car

Mr President; Please do not tell Mitt Romney you agree with him on any issues.

"This is no time for complacency" -Maya Angelou

8 deep(ish) thoughts on the Washington Post-ABC poll

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Facing the Alternative to Obama

My guy learning how to do a bank job

ny times article comments section needs du help

Ads Paid by PA. Still Telling People they need Photo ID to Vote (Bloomberg News)

So DID Mitt Romney Really "Create Jobs" At Staples?

Tell it like it is

Miami (Ohio) University Flyer: How to Get Away with Rape (trigger warning)

Richard Dawkins is coming to town!

Princeton Consortium- "President Obama Has A 84% Chance Of Winning."

Welcome To The Party (The Republican Party) - Warrior Soul

Neil Diamond fans...

Canadian Auto Workers, CEP vote in favour of super-union

When Republicans Visit Soup Kitchens

OH BOY THIS IS IT! Mitt Romney's Bain Capital outsourcing Illinois jobs in Freeport to China

RG3 this RG3 that

Romney's Health Care Plan Would Make Seniors Pay, Study Finds

Kneel Diamond fans!

To Battle Global Warming, We Must Pick Clean Energy As A ‘Winner’

Tommy Thompson calls Tammy Baldwin "anti-Jewish"

So, how many states will romney vote in this time?

Mr. Romney, why do you keep your money in foreign accounts?

Mr. Romney, why do your fellow Republicans Newt, Santorum, and Paul think you flip flop too much?

FDA: Docs Should Check On Patients Who Got Other Drugs Made By Pharmacy In Meningitis Outbreak

Romney leadership Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation, Obama's leadership


Doonesbury August 25, 1980

Mr. Romney, why do you and Ryan want to change Medicare into a coupon system ?

Date older women?

Reuters/Ipsos tracking Poll Monday Obama 47 (+1) Romney 45

"Good luck with that voucher"

Daily Breakdown: Obama Looks Stronger Over The Weekend

Rush Limbaugh is losing it--knows Romney is very much distrusted by voters

Billionaire William Koch Accused Of Kidnapping And Imprisoning Executive On Colorado Ranch

This is how Obama should attack the revenue-neutral tax plan.

Mr. President, don't forget to point out Romney's FAILED record!

Muslim rebels ink Philippine pact as step to peace

Will Have To Invest In Soup Kitchens And Funeral Parlors If The GOP Prevails.

I just voted straight Democrat ticket today!!!

Financial Costs of Meeting Global Biodiversity Conservation Targets: Current Spending and Unmet Need

Mitt: "What? I'm Under ARREST?"

Borowitz: Obama's New Debate Strategy

AFL-CIO: What's at Stake in the November 2012 Elections?

Now that yard signs are going up in our subdivision...playing "THEY are voting for RMoney?"

The Obama's return their absentee ballots today (a presidential first)

Medicare Vouchers Would Raise Costs For Most Seniors, (Kaiser Family Foundation) Study Finds

Mitt Romney is just like Joe Isuzu--say anything to sell you a lemon car

Iran's Secret Plan to Contaminate the Strait of Hormuz

John McCain's file on Romney, complete in .pdf

For any Florida residents: A serious question about the ballot:

Should Tommy Thompson Apologize To Tammy Baldwin For Calling Her An Anti-Semite?

"I will not release 10 years worth of tax returns, no way!!" Romney tells voters

Albuquerque Journal: NEW MEXICO - SENATE (Heinrich +9)

I figured out why Romney has been running for president for so long...

Warren Crushes Brown in Fundraising

Chris Matthews on Morning Joe Slaying GOP Chair Reince Priebus

Now that Rush looks like they will probably make the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame....

If Being Governor Is a Test of Leadership, Romney is Getting His Ass Kicked in Massachusetts

Theresa May tells MPs UK government wants EU law opt-out

Romney reveals October fundraising totals

"Furry" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "furry".

Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead

As Story Grows, GOP Spin Begins. 5 Facts About #Sensata.

"Gas prices under Obama.." and other balonies on hate radio

FINALLY! Details of Romney's economic and jobs plan for the U.S.

Romney falls short of Obama fundraising haul in September

Generic Congressional Vote - (Democrats +1.0) at RCP

Last Chance

Republicans Worry About Gary Johnson

really annoying pop-unders

Considering Changing Web-Site Provider

I'm an idiot! I DVR stuff so I can FF the commercials,....then I forget I'm watching a recording and

Dear Catholic Bishops: Stop Spamming Me. I Won't Vote for Romney. Leave Joe Alone.

Epstein is so on target: Romney's tax plan is like a Bernie Maddoff scheme.

Romney raised $170 million in September

Trayvon Martin's parents launch website, CCE to 'shine light' on 'stand your ground' law

Romney and His Cheerleaders Don't Get a Do-Over For Sept. - Obama's Grassroots Just Outmatched Them.

Private Insurance Companies Cost Medicare $34 Billion This Year

Bad News for Ravens Fans

Polls and probability

Santa Claus on Presidential ballot in 15 states

Gravis Marketing: FLORIDA - Romney only at (+1)

Occupy London activists stage St Paul's protest

Cuba sentences Spaniard to 4 years in car crash

First PHoto of Robert and Kristen back together again!

Expectations game: 41% think Obama will win second debate--37% Mitt

Jackie Guthrie, wife of folksinger Arlo Guthrie, dead at 68

Senate candidates from Ohio debate auto bailout

1500 year old Live Oak

Good news to the men of DU. Scarlett Johansson, Single

Is the Supreme Court About To Swing Another Presidential Election?

A 700,000-Year Trip From Mars to Morocco

Big ADAPT action in Harrisburg, Pa. this week

Free Candy Crowley!

Obama Surges Ahead of Romney In New Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Democratic Voter Registration Hurts Romney's Chances In Nevada

GOP congressman calls abortion talk with mistress ‘imprudent approach,’ denies hypocrisy

Gravis Poll working it for the right.

Martin Bashir slamming for Romney's plagiarism

OH SHIT. Is the Supreme Court About To Swing Another Presidential Election?

Republicans are nervous about absentee ballots in Florida because of the democrats

The Paul Ryan Workout Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes (VIDEO)

My Obama/Biden yard sign was ripped out of the ground, metal stand bent, cover heaved over the edge

Anti-Business Obama? Wynn's Profit Growth 81 Percent During Obama Term - Caught on Tape!

Lobbyists Ready For A Comeback Under Romney

DU needs a "Trash Talk Forum" where stuff like this can be posted

Study Shows More Manufacturing Jobs Created Under Democratic Presidents

I almost died on my bike yesterday!

The Upturn Continues On Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight Forecast Graphs! (Updated at 4 p.m. Monday)

Drudge, Racism and Student Achievement

Twisted Christmas Decorations: Santa-In-A-Deer-Stand

Bashir is dealing with Sensata right now n/t

Martin Bashir doing Sensata story now n/t

What Felix Baumgartner’s jump should've looked like

Narnia is Real: A Skeptic’s Experience in Another Dimension

Mitt Romney Cancels On ‘The View’

Homosexuality will lead to race of super-ducks, claims homeschooler in local paper

DU Trivia Time

Drop that pipe! Santa quits smoking for Christmas

Poll: Majority Of Catholics Favor Obama, Oppose Abortion As Top Issue

Do you think Obama brings up Sensata tomorrow night

Found an interesting news site

FBI warns that Android phones are havens for malware

What happened to Harry Reid and his fullcourt press of Romney's tax returns?

VP Joe Biden to go on network morning shows after Tuesday night's presidential debate

Obama gains 3rd day in a row on 538 - 66/34

OK, I'm going to watch Mr. Bashir in the other room

The Top 5 Debate Zingers for Obama to Hit Romney With

"Four Lions". Wacky comedy about terrorists.

The "6 studies" backing Romney's tax plan

Koch brothers say vote for rmoney or else

Want a reason to work harder at GOTV

Stockmarket Gains 1929-2011- Administrations: Democratic 300% - Republican 0%

What happened to John Roberts?

New Obama ad - Morgan Freeman

Dems stayed home in 2010 and look what happened.

Spitting on car windows is the new and "adult" form of protest by Romney/Brown supporters

A LINK to a compilation of ALL 'state' POLLS for Obama vs Romney - a good one to bookmark

League Of Conservation Voters Pitches $470K Ad Buy Against Jeff Flake

Obama Camp Slams Gallup

Slitherin' Mitt

Good image from Tom Tomorrow. We have some of those people around us too.

John Glenn endorses Obama

" taking donations so you can finish a kitchen so you south of the borders can get ahead,"

How should Obama deal with the new "Trickle Down Government" thing RobMe will say in the debate?

Rand poll shows tailwind for Obama going into next debate.

Skilled-Worker Shortage Is Exaggerated, Says Study

“Mr. President, 70 million or more Americans are counting on you."

Mandel says he wouldn’t have backed auto bailout

Obamacation. Or: "Why I'm not in Pennsylvania or Ohio this weekend."

Bean-Counter-Wonk Ryan Rescues Bean

A contest for tonight's debate! How many seconds will there be between Romney lies?

Saturday Night Live's Joe Biden/Ryan debate

Russia Seeks to Rebuild Influence in Iraq

Behind The Scenes At The Paul Ryan Workout Shoot

Love knows no limits

Obama sez that Mitt was two different people up on the stage.

HopeHoops gets an early start on his holiday decorating......

Longtime Aide to George Romney rips Mitt Romney

It's not because we don't have the votes, it's because we don't have the voters.

Report: Charity President Objects To Paul Ryan’s Soup Kitchen Photo Op

BUSTED: Charity Prez Objects To Ryan’s Soup Kitchen Photo Op

Religion From the Inside

Bipartisan WilLIARd took the elevator for himself

Bhutan bans religious activity ahead of election

Beer Barrel Polka (Roll out the Barrel)

Cohen firings draw ire

The Florida Republican party has been trying to challenge the power of the courts for fifteen years.

Soccer-Three Cubans defect before World Cup qualifier in Canada

I'm Lucky! I get to miss the Debates on Tuesday....

Did you hear that Sheldon & Bibi? Mitt vetoed Kosher food to Holocaust survivors in

Bob Kerrey (D-NE) New TV Ad: Story (portrays Fischer (R-NE) as bad neighbor)

After we Win this thing



"OWL VOTE for Obama" :)) & Bonus Pic of Michelle "Preparing Absentee Ballot"


This car was spotted...near Grand Rapids, MI.

Why I hate Property Insurance companies ...

Charity President Slams Ryan Soup Kitchen Photo-Op: Romney Campaign “Ramrodded Their Way” In

Flash forward to 2014: President Romney funds PBS with casino profits. kids gamble their allowances

DU trivia time

Romney's Big Bird

It appears grantcart's information campaign on Gravis may take hold

Tropical cyclones are occurring more frequently than before

Mitt Romney's Father's Longtime Aide Attacks Mitt, Leads the NYT

We're Losin' !

Atlas Scrubbed: Charity president unhappy about Paul Ryan soup kitchen ‘photo op’

Romney Camp: Obama Not Macho Enough For Latinos

Romney Off The Rails Website Goes Live

Legendary music show Wheeling Jamboree returns to Valley

Spotted near Grand Rapids, MI.

Candy Crowley OMG!

Dean aghast at Vegas bird beheading


I never start my own ops, but I am pissed.

The amazing Felix (Now with a shitload of images)

Carl Berstein is tearing ReTHUGs a new one on Rev Al

Corn Belt Shifts North With Climate as Kansas Crop Dies

Report: Charity President Objects To Paul Ryan’s Soup Kitchen Photo Op

NYPD Officer Brutally Assaults Man In Synagogue

DU Abbreviations and Acronyms: Where Do I Find the List?

$20.00 Cardboard bicycle can change the world, says Israeli inventor

Randi Rhodes is so spot on with her facts. Love her. Listen now.

Zionist U.S. College Students Are Favoring Romney

Obama supporters, Diane Sawyer says your spirits are flagging and that Romney's people are fired u

Romney Attacked by His Father’s Longtime Aide (Mitt would say/do anything to close a deal/election)

The Economist: Real Stock Mkt gains 1929-2011 - Dem Presidents 300%, GOP Presidents 0%

Romney Aide Dan Senor On How GOP Nominee Would Confront Iran

If Biden is Chidin', It's Because Ryan is Lyin'.

Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected (from

The do not call list is a joke. Since I joined, the number

Is It Possible That This Election Will Be Violent And Confrontive With Truthers Out Challenging ----

Romney's Legacy of Worker Abandonment

Understanding retrogrades

Cabrera reinstated following 50-game suspension

I-4 absentee-vote war: Early votes dominating from Tampa Bay to Orlando to Daytona

Cuban missile crisis: how the US played Russian roulette with nuclear war

School Anti-bullying days called off. Due to bullying?

Sandusky will get to keep $900K in pension money

The oldest tree in the world..

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty resigns

President Obama takes a break...

Rafael now a hurricane - watch out folks in Bermuda

REINHART & ROGOFF: The US Is Delivering One Of The Best Post-Crisis Recoveries In History

Paying taxes--it's the adult thing to do.

WalMart the parasite--each store requires $420,000 in food stamps for its workers

(Awesome!) Meanwhile at the Michelle Obama Rally...

Proud! Home made Bumpersticker I just discovered on the street where I live

Martin Bashir - Romney hypocritical on great wail of China?

'Swing' Voters Are So Few That You Just Know The Only Route For Them Is Voter Suppression

Mitt's Lies: The Ultimate Fact Check of First Debate

6,085 Democrats and 2,667 Republicans added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/14

Emphasize EARLY VOTING in every state ...

Behind The Scenes At The Paul Ryan Workout Shoot

"Which Side Are You On?"

Martin Bashir - GOP pushing Libya ‘cover-up’ message, sans evidence

I was a guest on HuffPost Live Today Discussing The Election & Other Topics (VIDEO)

Listening to Chris Matthews right now...

If extreme weather becomes the norm, starvation awaits

Kos warns us: PPP tomorrow will be bad

Syrian crisis: Iran asked to help secure ceasefire

Shocking!! Romney’s Bain Selling Out American Workers to China (VIDEO)

can i post in a thread after i have served on a jury

Great tweet: I volunteer Paul Ryan to serve *real* soup to #Bain's fired workers at #Sensata

Obama puts John Glenn on the air

Rebekah Brooks severance deal worth 'around £7m'

Gallup shows Romney pulling ahead in swing states

YoungerGreenKid is doing well on his Prozac. Added Focalin a couple of weeks ago. Not

New ipsos/reuters obama leads 47/45

Chicago Tribune has the Koch Story: Koch Industries suggests Republican candidates to employees

Was just surveyed by GHY Research

If they create a plausible narrative to steal it ("close polls") they will...

So I think I understand why people watch Honey BooBoo

Tried to go to see my bookmarked msgs on DU classic - DU classic in twilight zone

The 99% receiving just 58% Facebook JPG is going viral UPDATE

Assumption Parish Sinkhole Now Has Oil Flowing

Rep. Paul Broun Says Evolution, Embryology, and Big Bang Theory are "Lies from the Pit of Hell"

What's he supposed to do, go to the soup kitchen when it's open?

America's Oldest Fruitcake.


My Facebook status deals with abortion

538 has a 2.6% chance

The Space Jump, Recreated by a Cat

Diane Sawyer . . .

Late light and long shadows - more than 100 paces

Are YOU ready for tomorrow... aroooooouuuuund 10:30ish EST?

Robert Reich: Memo to the President: Your Next Debate

KS republican says Democrats should not be Catholics

Do you think it bothers Republicans an energy drink company has a better space program than the US?

People you won't see in Marriage Equality Ads.

Another guilty dog?

Clinton: 'I take responsibility' for Benghazi

Georgia early voting has begun! (today through Nov. 2nd)

Craig's List sucks

Boisean helps organize Million Muppet March