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Archives: October 16, 2012

Latino Vote Poll Reveals Bad News For Romney In Key Swing States

Ed Shultz will speak about "pot-gate" - Busted Lyan Ryan

EdShow covering Sensata (among other topics) now.

World's biggest geoengineering experiment 'violates' UN rules

What Democrats Forget about History...John F. Kennedy: "25th Anniversary of "SS Act-Hyde Park!"

Four Rmoney ads -- one Obama ad.

Heretics Unite!

Anderson Cooper having discussion on Romney's lack of tax plan

Fuck the polls.

George McGovern Receiving Hospice Care

Cardboard bicycle can change the world, says Israeli inventor

"Class War Games...When Bush II Accused Populist Al Gore of "Class Warfare" and what about ROMNEY?

why do so many repukes actually put framed pictures of ronnie raygun up in their homes?

Obama pollster: Gallup/USAT poll an 'extreme outlier' (Updated)

Golden Globes will be hosted by Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

Jaw dropping revelation about fanatics of every stripe and creed.

You know what? I dont give a shit if Im "inspired".

100 million dollars for a leaked sex tape? Who wouldn't go there? C'mon, really.

The Liar’s Master Class in Mitt Romney

Nordstrom's Backs Gay Marriage

No Take-Backs

Romney vs Obama crowd sizes

Scott DesJarlais Hit With Ethics Complaint For Sex With Patient

Sawyer Saws Wood: "Pinocchio Team On Board"!

Vote for Obama or the Bird Gets It.

Maybe I'll Vote This Year

Strangest thing happened. My bathtub tap was leaking quite a bit. Made my

Woo Hoo! Slimeball Republican Congressman gets hit with Ethics Complaint!! (slept with patient/s)

How can this possibly be?

Schultz is about to do the Bain Rockport Ill story after the next commercial!!!

How many times will Rmoney lie in tomorrow's debate?

Where can I research the entire Maryland ballot?

Van Halen rumored to be the Superbowel HT show in Feb.

Don't you think Romney could stop Sensata if he wanted to?

In the debate and in ads, Romney should be attacked on character more than policy!

Ricky Martin endorses Obama

Thanks Ed Shultz for covering the Sensata, Free(Bain)port, Ill. story!!

Bad news threads

Bummer: Hillary Clinton's Political Future Jeopardized.

George McGovern moved to hospice, "he's coming to the end of his life," per daughter

I really hope the president has been briefed about both Sensata and the Fox News' spin

Wayne Powell's wife Katherine 'Won't stand for it!'

Wayne Powell's wife Katherine 'Won't stand for it!'

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Home Stretch & a new kitty gif

My flagging spirit caused me to vote for Obama today.

What should I watch at 9:00 PM, cause the Romney boys are on Piers Morgan and they are too creepy

Ryan's Fake Photo Op

On Likely Voters.. Read this from Gallup in 2010, to understand the whole LV thing.

Wayne Powell's wife Katherine 'Won't stand for it!'

Wayne Powell's wife Katherine 'Won't stand for it!'

Today is the last day I can apply for a job listing myself as still employed. I sent 4 applications

Say goodbye to the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Let's get a bunch of thumbs to support Paul Ryan's bid to get a job as a dishwasher

Holy fucking Shit!

OK, Suppose Romney wins the second debate.

Anyone else watching Rachel and the deficit story?

Vlog Brothers: You. Must. Vote.

Clinton: I'm responsible for diplomats' security

Many Voters Do Not Know About ANY Of The Issues That Have Been On The Radar ----

Lobbyists ready for a comeback under Romney

Chips'n'dips or toast'n'jam?!1 Tonight for me it's toast/jam (strawberry)

What's this I hear about Paul Ryan getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?


Don't be Fooled (OFA AD Oct.15)

Denver Teen’s Death by Drone Remains Shrouded in Secrecy/ (Kid was just looking for his Father)

(Calif. GOP) Legislator says officials 'should be shot' as lousy tax stewards

Mitt’s plan to roll back our progressive tax system

Why Zen is better than Feng Shui.

The calm before the storm. Tomorrow night around this time, we should be hitting Defcon 3

Libertarians could be spoilers in key Senate races

George McGovern is dying.

Tell me Jon, why did we send Scutaro to the Giants?

So ABC Poll is out giving Obama a 49-46 lead among likely voters and were in a funk...

pakistani schoolgirl (malala yousafzai) in UK for treatment

Karma jumps up and bites Holliday in the ass

Dealing with Sexual Harassment

Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama

Hello DU pets!

"Questions That Need To Be Asked At Tuesday’s Debate" at the National Memo

The ED Show - Clinton takes responsibility for Benghazi attack

Republican Candidate Kerry Bentivolio(MI-11) in old court records: 'I am Santa Claus'

One Bright Shining Moment - The Forgotten Summer of George McGovern (Trailer)

Asian Seafood Raised On Pig Feces Approved For U.S. Consumers

First Lady at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio

Too funny...a repuke co worker quietly unfriended me on FB

The ED Show - Ryan has photo-op at soup kitchen

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Describe Your Feelings Toward Chuck Todd

Mitt Rmoney has held more positions than the Kama Sutra

The ED Show - Sensata worker speaks out ad for Obama "Vote!".

Easier as a Latino? Actually...

Hubby and I went to see Argo tonight.....

Last year's family Christmas card photo

TREASON is a strong word

Rob Reiner is on 'Lawrence' and he is very soothing

The ED Show - Romney advisor called out by Fox News

Pizza Hut rethinks presidential debate stunt

I voted for McGovern

AZ Early Voting Ballot - How did you vote?

Arlen Specter's opinion of Mitt Romney

Run...Hide...Duck For Cover...PPP Is Going To Release A "Bad" Poll

Easier as a Latino? Actually... (Rosie Perez ad)

Harry Reid?

Got our first issue of "In These Times" in the mail today

Ryan campaigns with a town hall in Waukesha, Wisc.

Voter fraud billboards cause controversy

With Rob Reiner on Last Word and George McGovern in hospice tonite, I'd like to share this video:

Fuck Motor Trend.

I have happened to meet a family who needs everything...

9 out of 10 states....

Romney Uses Choice Language To Further Muddle His Position On Women’s Health

I Hate Having The First Four Threads But The Great Nate Bumped Up Obama's Reelect To 66%

Texas Landowners Join Environmentalists For Blockade of Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

alien vs alien

What's with all these sickening anti-Obama ads airing on Al, Ed, Rachel, & Tweety

Argentine navy officers summarily executed inmates

Argentine navy officers summarily executed inmates

CA: Man Wants People In Child Custody Disputes To Lose Their Guns.

Obama pollster's response to Gallup swing-state poll (actual memo)...

JFK Escapes Assassination, First Lady is OK Also! 11-22-63

Noted a disturbing trend on some larger, custom RMoney signs in the Hatteras area last week...

This is brilliant news --- Texas reaches record numbers of registered voters

I see we have a lot of new people today. You are all very welcome here.

"Campaigns Mine Personal Lives to Get Out Vote" by CHARLES DUHIGG at the NY Times

Do Americans even expect to hear the truth from politicians?

Nordstrom backs gay marriage in memo to employees

What role has intelligence / scholastic ability played in your life? Positive, Negative? [poll]

Five Ways Deregulation Is Ripping America Apart - Common Dreams

Arlen Specter

Man busted for pot dies in Washington State county jail

Recording to CD, four vinyl albums from Genesis.


Now I'm mixing Indian Spice tea with Mulled Apple herbal tea. Yummy.

How Scared Are You Of The PPP Poll To Be Released Tomorrow?

Heist-Who Stole the American?

Wal-mart numbers....

"… That's the only part he reads."

"Koch Sends Pro-Romney Mailing to 45,000 Employees While Stifling Workplace Political Speech"

a job for photoshoppers. In the following thread, there are 3 pictures They need to be side by sid

Republicans Really Do Believe That They Are The Only Ones Who Are Allowed To ----

The Hangover, Zoo edition

Who are the people that get into a "town hall debate"?

Rebuttal to the "High price of gas because of Obama" people

"Mitt Lies Debate 1" youtube video

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Monday, October 15)

A bad Bad Dirty Dozen

(Jesse) Jackson (Jr.) Is Investigated Over Money in Campaign

Election 2012 simplified!

Gamer Geeks are everywhere…

What I'd like to see from President Obama Tuesday night

Tobin S. -- The Most Interesting Man in the World:

Rumor has it LynneSin's baggin' herself another man - probably with a weak bladder and weak eyes.

Breaking a long tradition of non-involvement, the Queen of England has now endorsed Barack Obama.

(In your best Crocodile Dundee voice): "That's not a teabaggin' -- THIS is a teabaggin'!!!" (DIAL-UP

Be afraid. Be very afraid. MiddleFingerMom is gonna show you what he's like in the shower.

If you're ever lost, MFM makes a good Pied Piper. Just don't follow, you know... too CLOSELY!!!

Obama administration proceeds with controversial prison purchase (max security in Illinois)

Prison crowding undermines safety, report says (Govt Accountability Office)

Worker cooked to death at California tuna plant

(Teenager who committed suicide) Amanda Todd's alleged tormentor named by hacker group

Jon Stewart Rips Fox’s Outraged, Sore-Loser Response To Vice Presidential Debate - video link

Toddler dies from E. coli after trip to county fair

Medicaid Coverage and Care for the Homeless Population: Key Lessons to Consider (Kaiser)

Rachel Maddow - How would Republicans prosecute rape victims?

Romney Adviser Repeats Mitt’s Claim that Blogs & op-eds are ‘Credible Sources’ as Studies of his Tax

South Florida Jewish voters key in Obama-Romney contest

Montana Senate race is coming down to the wire

Kansan’s comments on faith and politics stir up a storm - another GOP bigot

This is one of the Many Electoral Maps I watch daily--sometimes several times a day

Dog Rescue! Dog treated in ambulance for hypothermia!

"Brown Giving Away Donations From Compound Drug Execs" at TPM

"He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall.”

Rachel Maddow - Rosie Perez speaks out against Romney on immigration

??? No gloat filled NFL Monday night Football scores???

Tribute thread to the unpublished memoirs ....

Oct. 15 Nate Silver Distracted by Polling Noise

Rachel Maddow - Obama having trouble turning math into message

Rachel Maddow - Indie political ads go rogue online

Interesting article on depression and political leaders.

When you think of David Gregory what comes to mind?

Obama Haters Hit Rock Bottom = w/ ‘Dreams From My Real Father’

Yah! Just got my absentee ballot from MI!

Cuban missile crisis: Really touch-and-go?

Real quick: How do I insert a photo into my message text box? Actually have looked, have no idea

High School Pep Rally's Racist Display

Armed Forces Show Overwhelming Support for Obama

Amphibious vehicle to go on sale soon in US

Nebraska Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer’s unscrupulous land grab

You Didn't Wash That

Andrea Mitchell: Town Hall format may favor Romney

Military Endorsements Hold Greater Benefits for Democrats, Study Finds

Have you noticed that Romney's voice has changed

Tavis Smiley responds to Chicago Public Media CEO Torey Malatia (for station dropping Smiley & West)

Did anyone on MSNBC use the footage of Tommy Thompson's racist son?

Meet Lucas

A plea for sympathy

Fox claims Global Warning is OVER!!!!! (based on a story they saw in a tabloid)

An Electoral College Tie Would Be A Hilarious Disaster

50 years after Cuban missile crisis: closer than you thought to World War III

a nice article about George McGovern... and a poignant one, too

GOP tactics: "accuse your opponents of planning to do what you're already doing"

This Is Why I Vote Republican

Ontario Premier McGuinty (Lib) unexpectedly resigns

What volunteer activity would you like to see Paul Ryan try next?

John Raese, West Virginia GOP U.S. Senate Candidate, Walks Out On Newspaper Editorial Board

Wisconsin, the land of persuadable voters

Pussy Riot duo sent to remote penal colony

Mitt Romney rhetorical arsenal contains three types of basic statements…

Republicans Remind Me Of That Egyptian Pilot Who Dove The Airliner Into The Atlantic -----

It Is Really Obvious That The Country Would Not Be Worth Serving With The GOP In Charge ----

Idea for anybody living in a town where there is a Ryan rally.

If you listen to fooooooolsss.....

The Ryan Romney Supposedly Neutral Tax Plan Would Blow The Debt To Over----

Huge Rise in Iraq Birth Defects Linked to US Cluster Bombing

GOTV in blue CA! Blue states can help flip the House!

…Without a chute, even.

Massachusetts Mitt - summed up in one picture!

Behind the scenes look at Romney with wealthy donors!

The Fact That OWS Was So Brutally Put Down And ----

If a term has been used perjoratively against a group AND for another reason

Obama's Military Secret

Obama is proof even a superlative family man with not a hint of personal scandal will be vilified

Even FOX has to admit the economy performs better under DEMOCRATS

The Economist: America's stockmarket has gained more under Democratic than Republican presidents

Man bikes 2000 mile Keystone pipeline route, talks to folks on the way

What attitude do YOU think this party should have about George McGovern's ideals?

Jury Bug?

Show Boat...

GUESS WHAT? The deficit is $300 BILLION smaller today than when Obama took office!!!!!READ THIS!!!!

Michael Brodkorb is voting NO on the marriage amendment, admits it was/is a cynical political ploy

Obama's Parallel Universe

Romney Is Attacked by His Father’s Longtime Aide

At Last A Progressive Ad On DU! (Hint - It's For A Fellow DUer)

WATCH: Romney Wants To Be Your Boyfriend [Saunders Cartoon]

NHK - First Fukushima beef in 30 months shipped to the USA

Is Mitt Romney Mentally Ill?

FOUR Republican California congressional seats listed as "toss up" by Cook.

You didn't wash that!

i'm taking a big jump

Town Hall Debate Style Presents a Challenge for Rude, Chronic Interrupter Mitt Romney

Didn't kill myself, but had a serious wipeout on my bike Saturday

Job offering: Director of Organizing for Health Care NOW

Owl Be Voting

I'm SHOCKED! I don't know why I should be shocked, but WOW, I am SHOCKED!!!

Wizard of O

Radovan Karadzic to begin Yugoslavia war crimes defence at The Hague

Fox News Hoped You Wouldn't Notice This

Should CEO's be allowed to force employees to vote Republican?

Carbonite - Bringing call center jobs back to America

Michelle Obama's motorcade escorts injured in Ohio crash

9 Other Amazing Trees

Olmert Plans Comeback to Challenge Netanyahu

Explaining Gay Rights


Accidental Shooting of San Antonio Teen by Himself - No Charges

Local governments take budget knife to retiree health plans

Practice safe text, use commas, and NEVER....

John Glenn endorses Obama

Voting info from WA State Dems

Cuba scraps exit visa requirement

Cuba scraps exit visa requirement

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Oct 16th

2 + 2 = none of your fucking beeswax!

Duggar family to stump for Todd Akin

Lakoff: show moral leadership in the debates

Help! Did Bush II add $10.6T to Total Public Debt?

If Roe v. Wade Goes (What happens next is the end of reproductive rights)

The Real Romney Surprise - Vouchers For All Medicare Recipients ----

Report: Jackson Jr. under criminal investigation

Corn belt shifting north with climate change

Meet the 14th Century African king who was richest man in the world of all time (adjusted for inflat

So, what would an Obama debate victory look like to you?

Regular Guys.

Jon Stewart a good coverage on Paul Ryan getting his butt kicked on Thursday

Rethinking the closing of mental health facilities ...

Good clip on Bainport. The future of the American economy is the past of

What should I have engraved on my new nano?

Brown, Mandel clash in front of Cleveland audience

Remind Ohioans that Rmoney supported SB 5!!! (link)

Arab Spring and the Israeli enemy

While Joe Scum pushes ReTHUG talking points about Libya

Suffolk/7News: Obama & Romney TIED in NEW HAMPSHIRE; (Hassan +3 for GOV)

NPR: again with the Romney Romney Romney. And HE wants to do away w/them.

I haz a sad...

I would love to see a forum where the average person has a seat at

Races tight, Pennsylvania reclaims "swing state" status: poll

Quinnipiac: 'Romney Closing In On Obama In Pennsylvania'; 'Casey-Smith Senate Race Too Close To Call

How often is that dickhead David Gregory on Morning Joe?

"We live in a culture that condones and celebrates rape.

I think Americans will be reminded tonight that they really don't like Romney all that much

Could Obama's "ground game" clinch the election?

(Military Budget) Confusion Down Under: Australia and the US Pivot to Asia

Britain to close Basra consulate

5 Ways the Koch Brothers' Money Has a Grip on Mitt Romney

What Hillary has done re security in Libya is the most politically generous thing I've ever seen

Comrade Willard (R) has a lot of 'splainin to do about lowering the flag over Sensata

The Lounge needs fixin'

Increasing the Number of Republicans in Congress Means Billions More for the 1 Percent, Study Shows

Amazon to hire 50,000 seasonal workers

Chris Hedges: Join the Blockade of the Keystone Pipeline

Class War: Why Poor Parents Are More Likely to Get Busted for Pot


Bochy declares Holliday takout slide on Scutaro 'illegal'..

The man who got Bin Laden

In Cuba voters select candidates

UK blocks the extradition of computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the US

Get well soon Malala Yousafzai

Excellent ....excellent work...

Enthusiasm Rises for Mitt Romney

In questioning repukes, I have come to realize that are nothing but a huge flock of parrots.

Quinnipiac: NEW JERSEY (Obama +8) Obama 51, Romney 43; (Menendez +18, SENATE)

All I want for my birthday today is...

Beneath the Etch a Sketch: 5 Signs That Romney’s Real Ideology is Crony Capitalism

Essential debate question for Romney


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks debate, politics in interview

President Clinton Explains Mitt Romney's $5 Trillion Tax Cut

Mission Creep in Libya: Drones in the Sky, Boots on the Ground

President Obama Brought This To The Debate --->

I've had a lot a setbacks in life, as I'm sure many of you have had.

The President's Reelect At Princeton Consortium Stands At 84%

Amanda Todd's alleged tormentor named by hacker group

Hope you got to see Jon Stewart defend Joe Biden "who mopped the floor" with Ryan! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The President's Reelect Bumps Up Nine Points Since October 8 At

Freudian Slips are a b*tch

Obama has so much to work with in attacking mitt tonight.

The media that participated in the Ryan pretending to wash pots and pans

Sending positive light, good vibes with focus and clarity to President Obama!

Paul Ruin has found the perfect job where he could best "Serve" America.

It seems to me that the media are dredging for the polls that make the race “close”.

Where did the RNC find this guy?

Debate transcripts and video all on one page, here:

Economist told a packed state House that a single payer plan would be 25% cheaper

What should be the hashtags for Twitter today?

Hey you all

Justice to the Highest Bidder by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship


American Crossroads Making New $11 Million Ad Blitz Aimed At Women

Morning Joe is going for broke...


I love our President and am heartbroken that every person in this country doesn't feel the same way

Late blooming honeysuckles—anyone in the Southeast else notice an abundance of them?

wtf nbc??? format may favor romney????

Unemployment is 7.8%

What eveyone was waiting for Daily Kos/PPP: Obama 46 (47) Romney 50 (49)

Apparently Romney will get first question, Obama will close at tonight's debate

I had to go to the Old DU to retrieve this - re: George McGovern

*** Gets out hammer and hangs sign for today's special at the DU Car Wash ***

The Question that should be asked at the Town Hall tonight: Gov Romney, IF you couldn't find time

Joe is about to do Ryan's dishwashing scam!

Well, I'll be darned, coming up next...Morning Joe is going to expose...

Is there a such thing as too much political advertising?

PSA: Voting in California.

OK everyone, today is they day we all hear......

There is A SIMPLE DEVESTATING ANSWER Obama should give to shut down Romney about Libya

Damn! Ohio now in play!

Attorney general blocks disclosure of Prince Charles letters to ministers

Washington Post endorses Tim Kaine

Just talk to us!

Obama has to dumb it down


Andrea Mitchell does Science Too!

well, ross perot has chimed in with an endorsement for the mittster....

Chuck Toad thinks he connects the dots. Not even in his mind does it work.

Southern Maine

Tonight's town hall debate format, and my moment of concern-trolling.

Obama - Ceasar Chavez Memorial

OK, Explain This to Me Like I’m A Complete Idiot, Part 11: Republican Peasant Voter Logic.

Very serious question for DUers - what happens if a Cat2 or above hurricane

Obama needs a Bin Laden ad

Victoria Jackson (the emotionally disturbed ex-SNL "comedian") was on Howard Stern this morn......

Assange Labeled an ‘Enemy’ of the US in Secret Pentagon Documents By Dave Lindorff

Gov. Charlie Crist "OBAMA wanted to do everything he could. And congress just said NO."

Audience To Be Publicly EMBARRASSED If They Dare Confront Candidates W/O Permission Of Candy Crowley

Mass. town orders man to take down anti-Obama signs

Harry Potter on banned books? What is going on with this censorship?

President Clinton Explains Mitt Romney's $5 Trillion Tax Cut

Suffolk Poll (NH): Obama & Romney tied at 47%

How can so many people in this country lack the ability to logically think?

American Horror Story: Asylum - new season begins

BRAVE PARK RANGER - Let's Hear It For Government Workers!

A Public Service Announcement for the WILLFULLY IGNORANT

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Stinkin Mittens

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Debate Prep

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Severe anti-choice

Detailed explanation of the Romney-Ryan tax plan. (lol)

Townhall format is about connecting with regular people, Obama's strength and Romney's weakness

I won't be able to watch the debate tonight. Tell me how it went!

George W Bush is painting dogs

So I'm wondering how many times Mr. President will have to say, "Now Candy?"

Romney’s Flim-Flam Jobs Plan

MUST READ -- Dear Max: A Letter To Senator Max Cleland From Hill 471 Khe Sanh

Well, there is one thing positive about the Poll numbers

Easy Pumpkin Candles

Survey: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Why did mittens pick ryan?

So does mitten's hate people?

Romney losing in swing states

Rasmussen Swing State Tracker: Obama back in the lead - Obama 49 (+1), Romney 47 (-1)

Question for birders who know their herons....

Today is my second birthday since my soul mate died

Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit Resigns .

You need some R & R (barf alert)

How are Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan doing in their home states?

Pics from inside the Free Republic control room?

The Problem with a Government Safety Net

Obama wins the Scholastic Student Vote (pretty good bellweather)

Rosie Perez dishes up some GREAT snark to Mittens...

Remember what happened in 2008 with strategy and polling

The 2012 Memorandum Of Understanding (Debate Rules) is out...blatant Romney violation!

56% to 35% - Obama favored to win debate tonight.

fuck the polls. The issues are on our side. Just focus on winning. The fact that there is so much

I hope the Prez uses this in the debate!

I didn't get a chance to post this where it belongs, so I will post it here.

Well, they've gotten to my wife.

Might Makes Wrong

Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but WHERE are those revenue disclosures?

Electric pants aim to stop bedsores

Has anyone asked Romney where the rest of his TAXES are today?

Million dollar art heist in Netherlands

"Bean rights" - by Matt Bors


GOP pollster 'We Ask America' has Obama up by 3 in Iowa; CO R +1

Cool unemployment graphing page on google.

HUGE: WAPO Says Romney's 12 Million Jobs Plan Is Entirely Bogus (Pinnochios Maxed Out)

S.C. students pledge against gun violence

Update on the Gravis Marketing Fraud investigation; Statistician offers proof of fraud in the polls.

You Look Familiar...

Get the Details on the Romney Tax Plan Here

ROMNEY Releases Tax Plan In Time For Tonight's Debate!!!

Pagan Pride Day celebrates religious freedom, diversity

The Morning Plum: Romney’s jobs plan revealed to be flim-flam

Tonights debate. playing it safe again?

Pot & Kettle

Memphis Pagans gather for annual pride day at Overton Park

US meningitis investigation widens to two other drugs

Don't Forget The Iron Law Of Political Coverage

Bill Clinton explains Mitt Romney's 5 Trillion Tax Cut

Incredible Food Photography Series: "Bent Objects"

My local pub has cast its vote in the Warren-Brown Senate race

Candy is going to ask about Benghazi tonight, Let's see how close I am to predicting the verbiage

My daughter arranged a mock election at her high school yesterday - so proud of her!!

The Koch brothers are pretty sure you’re gonna get THEIR Mitt Romney.

Meteor Shower Created by Halley’s Comet Peaks This Week

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 16, 1968

Video of the Pot-Washer VERY revealing.

Eagles dismiss defensive coordinator Juan Castillo

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 16, 1968

Social Security Beneficiaries in U.S. to Receive 1.7% Increase

The Last Word - Rewriting a Republican's birther joke

Middle income growth has been 3x greater under Democratic Presidents (10x for low income)

The whole difference in one image....

Free Speech Rights

All the focus on polls is driving me crazy

Live Action Undercover 'Sting' Targeting Four Women's Advocacy Groups

there's something happening here: Vikram Pandit Steps Down as Chief of Citigroup

THE OTHER 9/11-Blame Obama for 4 deaths in Libya-But don’t blame Bush for nearly 3,000 deaths in NY.

Obama Song - Moving Forward

Mitt Romney's Bain Helped Philip Morris Get U.S. High Schoolers Hooked On Cigarettes

Rasmussen - MONTANA - SENATE - Tester (D) 48%, Rehberg (R) 48%

Too many words!!!!

Battery Maker A123 Files For Bankruptcy, Sells Auto Business

Late term abortion providers should take the aborted child out to the protestors and

WOW! President Obama touched me!!

I just got this from Jacki Schechner, Current TV, about

"Mitt took over the elevator for the west wing of the building. He kept it only for his staff & him"

The "Scientific Law of Reciprocity"??????

Town Hall Debate set is in and looks good!

Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau Considers Giving Fraud Immunization to Mortgage Lenders

Here are two charts that should get President Obama reelected

Don't you wish we could ride the green bus to the debate tonight?

Milt Shook Tweet

Blast from the past: GIULIANI's Bernard KERIK shames himself more on the witness stand

Romney's Bogus Jobs Plan

Good economic news on Long Island leading into tonight's debate at Hofstra

Foxconn confirms underaged interns working at Chinese factory

Someone explain to me how an exposed PLUTOCRAT

Here's a Texas troll I'm not going to feel sorry was exposed

He's for the rich, right?

Howard Kurtz: How can Romney face Putin if he’s afraid of Whoopi?

Mitt Romney's Bain Helped Philip Morris Get U.S. High Schoolers Hooked On Cigarettes

Dropping the MoneyBomb: 24 Hrs. to Support the Few, the Brave, the Climate Heroes in Election 2012

So, Hillary told WSJ LAST WEDNESDAY she accepted responsibility

The Presidential Debate Commission Is Chaired By Corporate Lobbyists, Funded By Corporations

Doing my part to stop the lies

Thom Hartmann: America - Still for Sale to the Highest Bidder

BREAKING NEWS: Disclaimer to scroll under broadcast of tonight's Presidential Debate.

Romney is clueless: Youngstown Vindicator & Kansas City Star

Does Democratic Underground Check The Internet Addresses Of The Repeatedly Banned?

Students Elect President Obama in 2012 Scholastic Student Vote

How 'bout those kids!

Barack, give no quarter tonight.

Fortune: Missing from Romney's tax plan: Reality--a MUST READ!!

Electronic Voting Machines Owned by Romney's Pals in Cincinnati:

I think we should start calling everywhere saying, "I was GOING to vote for Romney, but his failure

Frick and Frack offer us the Kool-aide

OUCH.. CNN money' Romney's tax plan lacks reality'

Farewell To British Game Design Legend Mike Singleton

Pickling Spice Combos (alternate title - Cleaning out the Spice Cabinet)

Romney Campaign Cries 'Foul' Over New Special Effects For Debate Telecast

An extremely brief reversal of the geomagnetic field, climate variability and a super volcano

Status affects how readily people return smiles, research reveals

The Rude Pundit: What Obama Should Say 2012, Part 2 (Rude Version)

Foxconn says underage as young as 14 working in China

There Is A Difference Between Genuine Concern And Faux Concern

Childhood stimulation key to brain development, study finds

I'm going to be phone banking for the first time and I'm kind of nervous... experiences welcome

Record number of rhinos killed illegally in South Africa in 2012

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota Senate Candidate, on Hardball.

Dark Matter Filament Studied in 3D for the First Time

I ain't buying any of this Romney surge bullshit

If Obama wants to win this is what he needs to do!

Dear AMR (parasite (I mean Parent Co) of American Airlines)) Unsecured Creditors Committee

Lying clown Mitt showed up at the first debate...Which Mitt will show up tonight?

Pic Of The Moment: Stage Is Set For Tonight's Debate

Glendale police: bank exec recorded claiming he used bath salts


a little bird told me that the fight to take down michelle bachman

So "Undecided" means "low information" voters. Ripe for ambush questions

MUST SELL TO RAISE $$: Never-used wedding china

Most of Romney’s Campaign Money is Secret. Surprised?

"top 10 ways to get away with rape" fliers found in dorm

If Romney responds to his 47% comment with the "cling to their guns" remark

"top 10 ways to get away with rape" flier found in dorm

The Paul Ryan "You didn't clean that" Soup Gate: Question for Dishwashers?


CARTOON: Mitt Romney, Used-Car Salesman

My opponent here has plenty of exprience shipping jobs to China

Can you imagine the contrast if democrats & repubs were allowed to ask questions at the town hall?

The Most Laughable Tweet From Fox in a While

Romney releases tax plan!!

Papantonio: Corporate Fraud Costs Taxpayers Billions

Nate Silver's Take on the Polling Noise at 538 & a Plea

DU Vibes for Our President:

Joe Scarborough: Obama Has 'Advantage' In Second Debate

Reddit’s Biggest Troll Fired From His Real-World Job; Reddit Continues to Censor Gawker Articles

Seen on Twitter: Rommunism

Freezing Electrons in Flight

Do you know one of these "undecided" women pondering giving up control of her body to repub rule?

Mitt Romney's Bain Helped Philip Morris Get U.S. High Schoolers Hooked On Cigarettes

Hey Ohioans

Rude Pundit....

Sensata has a NET PROFIT in the 100's of MILLIONS of DOLLARS

Putin Loyalists Win Russian Local Elections

Paul Ryan visits soup kitchen for photo op, angering its president

Hillary Clinton

Benghazi & State

MEET YOUR NEW DIEBOLD!-Owners Of Electronic Voting Machine Company Are Romney Super-Fans

How Not to Hire An American

Meet the Crawfish-Peeling Guestworkers Who Inspired Walmart Walkouts

US Homebuilder Confidence At 6-Year High

Remind media and voters that Ross Perot endorsed George W Bush in 2000:

Big Ed is going to Freeport Illinois on FRIDAY NIGHT

Video of Lyin' Ryan washing clean dishes

OBAMA CAMPAIGN BLASTS ROMNEY CAMPAIGN: "The American People Deserve The Truth"

White voters solidly in for GOP in Georgia

Bluegrass barnstorm for Wayne Powell!!!

ROMNEY's Patriots Revealed At Sensata

Pot shops provoke bitter Neighborhood Council election

chic-fil-a sucks.

Almost 7000 people registered to vote online in Oregon yesterday UPDATE Website is malfunctioning

Social Security cost of living adjustment, one of the smallest increases in decades

Where's "W" You Ask?

The space jump -- in Lego!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you about tonight?

If Romney Wins... (something to share around if you deem it worthy)

Bluegrass barnstorm for Wayne Powell!!!

Ok so you don't trust Romney, neither do I, so see if this plan works

In its simplest, most basic form...

Marco Rubio Throws Cold Water On Romney's Tax Plan

BREAKING: Ohio early voting cleared by U.S. Supreme Court in Obama victory (via @BloombergNews)

The Self-Destruction of the 1 Percent

Rand has a new method of forecasting / (Rand Corporation is "Center-Right")

BREAKING: Ohio early voting cleared by U.S. Supreme Court in Obama victory

Point and Click for Romney Tax Plan Details

"Nothing But Sleaze" Romney will insist Obama “man up” at tonight's debate

If You Don't Vote....Guess Who Will...

My advice to President Obama for tonight's debate.

Big Trouble in Limbaugh Land

2 Ryans

Criswell Predicts....

Hey Republicans!!

Vets Seek Specifics On How Candidates Would Help

debate cheat sheet in a nutshell

GOP abandons veterans

When I face a 'make or break' challenge, whether it is an either/or decision or


'We Don't Have Any Jobs for You, But You Can Get 10 Percent Off Your Next Purchase*' (*Sometimes)

Heat-Seeking Missiles in Syria: The SA-7 in Action with Rebels

Republicans fail vets who kept country safe

Anybody need any conkers (aka horse chestnuts)?

Republican Law Firm Tells Disabled Veteran He Should Have Died

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the clean get cleaner.

Justice Ruth Grinsburg quote on abortion...

BREAKING: Supreme Court won’t block early voting in Ohio

I just made a donation to our next president's campaign in the amount of $20.12 will you join me?

I agree, it would be nice.

SF Bay Area transit cards reveal travelers' whereabouts to police, lawyers, apps

Moving & have a master bedroom set for sale. I'm in Chandler.

Those who laughs last laughs longest

Hot girl, cute dog, bashing Mitt Romney. Will Republicans get the joke?

Please people: no bedwetting tonight. I don’t care what happens, I’m saying Obama crushed it

Guess That Debate Left a Mark (on Ryan)

A Romney supporter stole from me this past weekend and I think the two things are directly related.

"A Girl with a Book": Great toon.

Romney hits 50% in Gallup (LVs) for the first time, up 50-46. That's the same lead as in PPP.

The Myth of Obama's Swing State "firewall" and why it is actually much bigger than that

Best ways to counter a smooth liar at a debate?

Because the GOP lies, YOU will lose the debates.

Gallup 10/16/2012 Likely Voters Romney 50 (+1) Obama 46 (-1)

"We don't need no stinkin' badges." Romney goes for the Hispanic vote. Come CAPTION!!!!

Is it possible that the candidates would refuse to answer any follow-ups from the moderator?

The degree of anxiety equals the degree of importance...

I am going to take a short break from DU...

FOIA Requests Outsourced To Firm Linked To Abu Ghraib Torture

What freeloaders? What entitlement junkies? Please come CAPTION Mitt (The Nit) Romney!!!

Will Women Be Faced With Going Back To The Streets To Get Their Rights Back And ----

Romney/Ryan supporters call Nuns on the Bus "Fake" (Sorry if this has already been posted)

Presidential Debate: DRINKING GAME!

Anderson Cooper calls out Romney for claiming ‘blog posts’ are tax plan studies

Internal investigation: underage workers back at some Foxconn factories

Victory in Ohio for Obama

A response to a conservative family member on Facebook

Reuter/Ipsos: Obama 46, Romney 43

#MittMath: Tax Plan

"I know you are trying to make up for not doing a good job in the first debate"

Obama extends slim lead over Romney in White House race: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Forget the "F"ing polls I feel good about tonight

Ipsos/Reuters Tracking Obama +3

Supreme Court rejects appeal to block early voting in Ohio

For all DU'ers worried about the polls with O behind read this October 2004

"Really? Man up is your foreign policy? YOU man up and show your tax returns."

"I know that you need to make up for NOT TELLING THE TRUTH in the first debate"

Chris Kluwe sends debate challenge to 10 Minnesota Republicans

More (CA) community college students commuting to multiple campuses

Modern humans found to be fittest ever at survival, by far

Yep...this sounds about right for an asshole like Romney

"...government decided you couldn't shelter your pre-tax retirement monies forever so

Rahm Emanuel takes liberal base-bashing to a whole new level

The biggest misconceptions/lies Obama simply MUST clear up tonight.

OK, gotta ask. When Bain takes over a company and files bankruptcy...

Dangerous Chinese Products...

Check in if you're skipping tonight's debate.

Reality check on Hart-Intercivic voting machine company and its owndership by Romney partisans

what matters: post-debate discourse shaping, GOTV, ads

Forbes: Ryan's Despicable Soup Kitchen Antics Perfect Metaphor For GOP Ticket's Disrespect For Poor


Reality check on Hart-Intercivic voting machine company and its owndership by Romney partisans

Heartwarming diary about Max Cleland.

No Debate: Romney and Ryan View a Woman's Body as Public Property

Ryan's Despicable Soup Kitchen Antics A Perfect Metaphor For GOP Ticket's Disrespect For The Poor

Romney's compassion

Warning to the American people.. from folks who actually lived under Romney's governorship..

The Supremes Reject the Ohio ReTHUGs - early voting stays

I'll be watching the debate. What I won't watch is tweety and big

I have one thing to say to Jasmin, "Ducks are people, my friend!"

"Here and Now" segment today

California city bans smoking in duplexes and other multi-family homes

Urgent: Need some help refuting right winger who happens to be my friend

The most disgusting thing about Romney that has not been brought up by the Obama campaign

What Jewish Democrats are saying to Jewish Republicans

Boreal forest bends to development but there is a breaking point

Hamdan conviction overturned (Final Update)

Obama takes 1 point lead in IBDTIPP

Do Jurors actually check poster's back history

Trying to identify a woodworking technique.

Secret Debate Contract Reveals Obama/Romney Campaigns Excludes 3rd Parties, Control Topics

Flyin' High Now!

"Mitt, why is it that you only seem genuine when you're talking down to people ?"

What are the plans for DU for tonight's debate?

KUHN: The Exhaustion of the American Teacher...

Husted loses in Ohio. Early voting continues. Yahoo!

Had a better debate experience last time (VP debate)

The Debates a Sham?

Obama: Mr Romney, why r u refusing to show 10 yrs of tx return?

Make sure to get the new IE 9

Anyone else notice how much Romney blinked in the last debate?.

Bhutan Aims to be First Organic Nation


Mrs TobinS needs your help - VOTE for my BRA

it's all good

America 2012 :-(

New owners of voting machine company Hart-Intercivic have close Romney ties

Q: President Obama, have you ever asked the IRS for amnesty? Do you have offshore accounts?

Romney will panic...

Well, I WILL be watching MSNBC tonight.

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 46%

Attack on Benghazi apparently WAS in retaliation for the video

Candy Crowley to defy debate contract

Obama Has a TRUE Advantage Tonight

Nate Silver, Gravis Marketing, and some Smoking Guns

Mitt Romney was a Marlboro Man -- At Bain he was a cigarette pusher

Obama vs Romney II

We need to teach our daughters to distinguish between:

Seeing double in Virginia. - pics

I Wish The President's Pollster Didn't Pick A Fight With Gallup

"Liberal" CNN: Women are FLOCKING to Mitt Romney.

Dear DU

A photo that makes us smile - pic

Romney Warned Against Pointing Fingers At Bush Administration After 9/11 Attacks

Dude look....

The President Is A 3-2 Favorite To Win Tonight's CNN Debate Poll

Predictwise 10/16 2:29 PM: O 64.3%, R 35.8%

If you want to date Emma Watson, do not wear flip-flops

Has 'ex-terrorist' Kamal Saleem even been in the same room with a Muslim?

If men could get pregnant

UC Berkeley's 'hostile environment' question

If you want to beat Barack Obama, do not flip-flop

Hey... what's for dinner?

Fox Botches Report On Decision To Uphold Early Voting In Ohio

Obama is my Hero - pic

Would Mitt Romney have politicized 9/11 ?

How to know if emergency rape is right for you

Why it’s easy for Republicans to be “pro-life”

A friend said, "I hope the Republicans win so they can deal with this mess"

You gonna love this sign...

How to handle the Libya controversy and shut the rethugs up for good


MIRT - go give it a try!

Reuters: O+3. ABC/WashPo: O+3. RAND: O+5.

Do you think this would be accurate of the GOP?

Greed vs Patriotism

Colombia's education unequal because of discrimination: UN .

A thoughtful interview on "Here and Now" this morning

Stay Back But Don't Worry: Halliburton Finally Stumbles on the Radioactive Rod It Lost In the Desert

5 Ways the Koch Brothers' Money Has a Grip on Mitt Romney

Cost to Prevent All Future Extinctions: $11 per Person?

Social Security Keeps 21 Million Americans Out of Poverty: A State-by-State Analysis


Let's try this again: Who has the computer skills to digitize Crowley on Chelsea's face?

#MittMath - Romney lied about the cost of his tax plan and how or whether he could pay for it

President Obama Doesn't Deserve To Lose This Election; Romney Doesn't Deserve To Win It

Heh, Tom Brokaw just said Crowley will lose control of the candidates relatively quickly

NYT: Mr. Romney Needs a Working Calculator

New post-recession HIGH for real retail sales

Ex Colombian prosecutor pleads guilty to helping drug traffickers .(U.S. custody)

Reuters Poll Obama (D) 46% Romney ($) 43%

Regulators Let Cable Companies Encrypt All TV Signals To Foil Moochers


Dean: Romney running hocus pocus campaign

Samantha Smith on Nightline (1983)

grammar matters

Atheists Group Grades Obama, Romney

Catch 22

In the days before the election Obama should buy 30-min of TV time

What is Rubio trying to say? What changes?

I'm getting a shiver down my spine, thinking of how creepy Mitt is going to be tonight.

Judge Remands Religious Pregnancy-Center Claim

Let's mess with the minds of Republican campaigns.


Tom Brokaw lectures us to wake up every morning asking

Catholic candidates diverge in how they weigh faith and law

Magic underpants?

Alvaro Uribe elected to News Corporation Board

So tonight Romney tells a lie and Obama tells the

Do you people mind telling who in the hell you are

I'm making my green tomato relish again...

Remaking the world, fiction by fiction. Please come CAPTION Mitt (Witless) Romney!!!!

Dinesh D'Souza in Hot Water with Religious Right over Sex Scandal

Crowley refuses to follow agreed-upon rules by campaigns for debate

How Do You Feel On The Eve Of The Second Presidential Debate?

one thing the electorate could stand seeing again..

For a detailed explanation of how the Romney-Ryan tax plan works...

Fox News on Joe Biden: He could have dementia, was drinking or did cocaine

Tax cuts are nice! If they don't come out of your pocket.

Romney just revealed his tax plan

Crossroads spends another $11 million to air ad in battlegrounds

Why I oppose the death penalty

American Crossroads drops another $3 million in Florida

Regarding foreign policy.... tonight Obama should ask Romney about


Does it bother you that the environment has been a non-topic during this campaign?

Memo to Dems: Beware of post-debate snap polls

The Electoral Map: Building a Path to Victory

It's Time to Debate Bain Capitalism

I hope a voter asks Romney why Bush didn't get Bin Ladin

Obama campaign blasts Romney 12 million jobs plan as fraud

Mike Holmgren to retire as Cleveland Browns sale official

The Gilded age then and now for DUer's

My simple opinion about tonights debate...

Bombing Clean Energy Candidates Campaign Coffers

Obama should visit the Sensata plant

Uruguay to become 1st government to SELL cannabis to its citizens

In Defense Of MSNBC

Mittochio and Junior

Romney's betting on voters wanting to pick "Door Number 2" on "LET'S MAKE A DEAL."

Chart: Obama vs Romney, The Social Network Test

Dinesh D'Souza in Hot Water with Religious Right over Sex Scandal

U.S. Navy, Allies Find Less Than Half the Sea Mines Planted in Key Exercise


DNC’s ‘RomneyTaxPlan.Com’ Site Goes Viral

At the crossroads between Monday's TRMS and The Last Word - pics

US drops Gaza scholarships after Israel travel ban

What are your thoughts on voters who are 'undecided' at this late point?

KOS: The crazy jumbled mess of current polling

Stephen Colbert is right.....again.....

I want to hear the word "liar" directed toward Romney for the next three weeks

Medellin, 10 years after 'Operation Orion,' still looking for answers .

What do you think are the chances of Romney winning the popular vote and Obama winning the Electoral

What could be more socialistic than going to hospital emergency rooms...?

I don't know what to say...disgusted...

Thom Hartmann: Walmart Workers Issue Black Friday Ultimatum

SUCH SUBSTANCE: Romney discusses how he handles bad hair days (seriously)

For a detailed explanation of how the Romney-Ryan tax plan is able to cut taxes by $5 trillion...

Michelle Bachmann still hiding in the bushes

The President on Arrival in New York for the Debate

Am I the only DU person who is too nervous to watch the debates?

CNN anchor Carol Costello challenged the AFA's Bryan Fisher's opposition to Mix It Up at Lunch Day.

Got 'the' DVD in the mail today.

DNC’s ‘RomneyTaxPlan.Com’ Site Goes Viral

Adviser: Romney will tell Obama to ‘man up’ at debate

Spot where Julius Caesar was stabbed discovered

'no person of stature, not the senate minority leader, not the speaker of the house, have stood up'


Fortune: Under Romney's budget plan, "the government would essentially no longer exist".

Chris Rock ROCKS Again!

The GOP (and Meghan McCain) doesn't get it

The National Debt and Our Children: How Dumb Does Washington Think We Are?

Re: tonight's debate: I hope someone asks Mitt "what's it like to belong to the only true church

Dinesh D'Souza, Author of "Roots of Obama's Rage" Faces Questions over Woman Not His Wife


My first Meta post. I alerted on the word "faggot" in Spanish and it passed, 3-3.

Pot-Gate gaining traction

Is the "47% comment" still a powerful political issue?

Mikey Weinstein threatened by a "good Christian."

Many Rabid Cons are Bloviating about Obama not taking Responsibility

If you're watching teevee, maybe you can report in about the "Countdown Clock" to the debate.

Watching Martin Bashir

Obama extends slim lead over Romney in White House race

What is the one issue you want resolved in Obama's second term?

Brace for "Son of Solyndra" tonight.

Roasted vegetable soup recipe

A few pieces by me

Farrell's Ice Cream Obama/Romney poll

Chill the fuck out...says Kos

I walk by a news stand and saw the headline from USA today. USA today has always been

MSNBC, good, bad and ugly

Breaking Down Paul Ryan's Fake Soup Kitchen Photo

Netflix: "We Do No Have Plans to Support Streaming on Linux."

Gallup LV shows Romney doing better than McCain across ever demographic, including women

Mitt-jpg: Smirking Pathological Liar

This WILL MOVE YOU. Must see! (get out your tissues)

5 Facts You Should Commit To Memory Before Watching Tonight’s Debate

Eric Cantor Challenger Wayne Powell To Campaign With Bluegrass Icon Ralph Stanley.

Nate Silver: Obama rebound would be based on fundamentals.

Prepare to Grind Your Teeth With Candy Crowley Tonight.

So funny in light of the Ryan dishwashing photo scam

It's 84 degrees in Sacramento today.

I Understand That A Lot Of College Age Girls Are Going To Vote For Rmoney Because.....

Defaced sign: Stop the Republican War on Women

The Other Sept. 11

News as you want it to be

No, not Cleveland - San Diego is America's Most Cursed Sports City

The New Preamble

OK- Who Did it ?? - Romney Tax Plan

Starbucks has paid zero taxes the last 3 yrs...Corporations are people my friend..

Today's "OMG!" video...

Rupert Murdoch faces down shareholders at News Corp's AGM

Appeals court: Town can restrict funeral protests

About the 47%....

Made by Hand: Carhartt Made in USA (and they employ over 900 UFCW members at their factories)

I went to the DNC Romney Tax Plan site and nailed it

"Bed wetting" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "bed wetting".

First Lady Michelle Obama today in Chapel Hill!

Crowley part of a team that "Pre-Selected" questions from an audience selected by "Gallup Org."

Tweety back to being a buffoon again

Tweety: "something historic begins to die" thanks a lot for your hyperbole

Derogatory tweet lands ambassador in a soup

Hofstra University Is Pumped Up For Tonight's Debate! (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama urges thousands of NC students (Chapel Hill) to VOTE



Poll on debate viewing tonight....

NLRB case production in FY 2012: With 341 decisions issued, backlog is reduced, age of pending cases

I need a Rafiki!

The Federal Government Will Cease To Be Under Romney Budget. His Budget -----

Parkway School District unveils largest solar panel project in state history

The resemblance is uncanny.

Those of you who are urging others not to criticize the Prez tonight....

New Chick-fil-A Flier Mocks 'Fruitcakes'

Tweety has been on five minutes, and

"Margin Call" <-- Kevin Spacey movie about 2008 economic collapse

Great new ad from Congressman John Barrow!

Parking Authority Nails Scalia

Congressman John Barrow has a great new ad.... Reposted from the Video section...

Anyone here who watches the pre- and post-debate TV coverage...

We're on pins and needles anticipating the arrival of Chaos' new litter of Great Dane puppies

Thom Hartmann: CEO's Forcing Employees to Vote Republican

Mitt Romney Fired a Disabled Lawyer for Disagreeing with Him

Survey USA: Obama ahead of Romney by 'only' 14-points in Washington State

Arent we all responible for where this country is at ?

Chris Matthews must be hell to live with.

Romney Will Zero Out Unemployment By Ending Unemployment Insurance -----

Latest vinyl to CD: Three by Bob Dylan.

When goal is confrontation with law enforcement; do not expect widespread community support...

Image: I want JK Rowling for rep in the US: she could debate Ryan about moochers

Elect Romney, and kiss Roe v. Wade goodbye. It's really as simple as that.

Will Bain-Linked E-Voting Machines Give Romney the White House?

Before I panic at any poll news, I check to see if it's polling likely or registered voters.

Rasmussen - MASSACHUSETTS (OBAMA +15) (same as last poll)

The Last Two Moderators Are Right Wing Hacks From What I Can Tell.

What will the town hall audience make up be?

8 Important Economic Questions For The Pres Debate That Have Nothing To Do With Taxes Or The Deficit

Yes on California Prop 37

If you were part of the town-hall audience for tonight's debate, what would you ask the candidates?

Today I have been polled three times this season for the NY-11 district race. This was a push-poll.

Locally someone brought up gas prices as an issue to consider at the debate tonite.

Simply one of best journalist out there: Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney Campaign 'Not Serious'

What would the reaction be if the Prez referred to "Bishop Romney" in the debate?

Rough guide to Medicare Part B premium increases:

Here is contact information for MSNBC - focusing on Chris Matthews - we matter to MSNBC!

Mitt-jpeg "What Tax Fraud?"

Beware the CNN southern white only debate poll tonight!

Tweety STFU - what about Libya my ass!

Jill Stein (green party presidential candidate) and Cheri Honkala removed from Hofstra Debate

I put my election year lawn sign out today...


Five Facts To Memorize Before Tonight's Debate

Papantonio: Romney’s Extreme Religious Views Should Scare Voters

Soup Kitchen President: Ryan Did Wash Dirty Dishes

DOMA Defense By House Republican Leaders Has Cost Nearly $1.5 Million

Martin Bashir - Romney tax plan skewered; his 12 million jobs plan debunked

Gaming the town hall debate -- How Dems react to tonight's debate really matters

What do you think? Good idea, or just asking for trouble?

OK! Given that 5 minutes of rMoney lying almost cost me my TV last debate....

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Media Can Fight Back Against 'Citizens United'

Obama: 'I feel fabulous' ahead of debate

Ada Lovelace Day!

Can Romeny keep that painful smile on his face for an hour and a half?

Who just apologized on CNN?

This is what keeps me up at night.

If this was locked, which it was

Bosses Day Debate

Skinner - I still haven't got my star back

Martin Bashir - Why birther ‘jokes’ earn GOP applause

The one thing we as Nation know for sure about RomRods tax plan is: We pay for it!!!!!!!

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal to Block Early Voting in Ohio

Why Walmart Won't Fire Striking Workers

Mary Jo Lost Her Job Because of Bain Capital. She's Got a Few Words for Mitt Romney.

Keystone Pipeline Corp. Chosen to Assess Hazards of Fracking Project in Los Angeles City/County

"Mitt, you got away with a lot of stuff the other night, but tonight I'm holding you to the record

Texas poll: Romney leads Obama by 14, Cruz up by 15 over Sadler

Obama should literally destroy him

Mitt Romney: Answer Their Questions Tonight

Is Sheriff Joe Arpaio driving Arizona voters to the Democrats?

Kaiser study: Romney's Medicare plan raises costs

How do you verify that your CA absentee ballot was received and will be counted?

Don't want to watch the 'debate' tonight? (Debate-- HA! )

Wow! Obama kicked Rmoney's butt in the debate tonight!

Done! Just voted in CO

Aide: Obama takes responsibility for Libya attack

Does Romney's abrupt move to the center turn off enough right wingers from showing up 11/6?

Is tonight's debate at 7:00 pm EST?

CNN's Crowley suggests she will break debate rules

Remember this (before I go dark for the night)

Reminder - Stephanie Miller's pre-debate special on Current TV, at 7pm est

Rubio Criticizes Romney's Tax Plan

Moooo! (pic)

Town hall question for Rmoney

I appreciate the many people on DU who fight for equal rights for all.

George W. Bush vandalizes public property to show support for GOP candidate

Will Ohio be stolen again?

The first debate was Opposition Research for Obama.

YouGov - COLORADO: Obama leads 48 - 45

Hey, if you want to see Romney's tax plan? This a must see!!!!!!!

Just a good luck gesture for tonight!

Defaced Sign: Stop the Republican War on Women

Debate 3: And i will again be absent

Democrats Bragging on Their Deficit-Cutting Skills Helps Nobody, Hurts America

T-shirt seen at Romney rally "Put the white back in the White House"

Jen got this message from an admirer today.

SS will receive a 1.7 increase in benefits

Beyonce confirms she will headline Super Bowl halftime show

Keep this in mind: Obama has a 9-point lead among registered female voters

I DVRd a bunch of Judge Judy episodes - I can't watch the debate

Shock Finding: Obama Get's Twice More Military Donations Than Romney

The Debate Starts at 9 pm ET

Paul Ryan wants MORE face time!

Don't watch Chris Matthews today unless you want to hear how awful Obama is.

EVEN FOX is calling out Rmoney on dishonesty!

(MN) Gay marriage: Ousted GOP insider Brodkorb say amendment more about votes than family values

There is no way in hell women have swung so drastically to Romney.

Does Romney Cigarettes make it to the MSM Romney, the new Marlboro man

Kerry at debate

Kick that Con Man in the stones Mr. President!!!

Tea Party Talking Points in a Presidential election.

Obama will have to walk on water with the myriad of opinions about

Tonight We Test The "Wisdom Of Crowds" Obama Is Currently A 2-1Favorite To Win Tonight's Debate

Please send positive thoughts to Obama.

Tonight's Debate Prediction

Funniest Memes from the 2012 Debates

ABC News posted some new photo's of President Obama and Mitt Romney, well look

Whistle-blower who exposed National Guard misconduct had 'target on his back'

To give the President prior-credit, he has a hard needle to thread tonight

Operation Make Your Voice Heard Tonight!

*Format change:

YouGov - FLORIDA: Obama leads 48 - 47

New Romney campaign logo (image)

Tax Breaks for the Wealthy


We just had an earthquake in MA

For those of you boycotting MSNBC, Stephanie Miller is live on Current

I'm Going To Drink A Beer Every Time Robme Tells A Lie

Discovery! Earth-Size Alien Planet at Alpha Centauri Is Closest Ever Seen

Appeals court delivers Westboro protesters a loss

Heartwarming from NH

In other news - Citi's too big to fail Vikram Pandit resigned today

Gay marriage: Ousted GOP insider Brodkorb say amendment more about votes than family values

I'm in Virginia on business. WOW - the anti-Obama TV ads are awful and constant.

YouGov drops a load of state polls. Pleasant results.

"We’re on the verge of reaching ONE MILLION donors to this campaign."

Did anyone else just experience the earthquake?

In The Spirit of GOTV! Maya Angelou receives the Medal of Freedom Honor and a kiss from PBO

Paul Ryan preparing to watch tonight's debate - photo.

Lawyers in GOP redistricting case withheld 34 emails from groups

Teh stupid, it burns! Blame the government for causing deer accidents by placing deer crossing signs

A Ladies Guide to Relaxing During Tonight's Presidential Debate

This is the Debate Forum That Clinton Was So Successful at in 1992

Less Theater Criticism, More Content Criticism, Please | Mother Jones

Ron Paul resists telling supporters NOT to write him in on Nov. 6th

Tonight after the debate, I'll be donating again to Obama, as a show of support, win or lose.

Sheila Bair To Endorse Elizabeth Warren

Listeria outbreak caused by cheese kills Nebraskan

Instead of having Town Hall debates with undecided voters,

They Know The Real Story About Mitt Romney And They Aren't Keeping Quiet Anymore

I am liking C-SPAN.

How the hell is Norv Turner still a head coach after more than 14 years??

Tweety is gonna have a stroke.

Watch Anderson Cooper Destroy The Romney/Ryan '6 Studies' Tax Plan Myth In 4 Minutes

Just when you thought the assclownery of Donald Trump had peaked, there is this ...

St. Louis public school district sheds 'unaccredited' label

We just had an earthquake in New England

I don't know if I can stand to watch the debate tonight.

Where did all our pensions go? (84,350 pension plans have vanished since 1985)

Sanders: Proposed Social Security Cuts 'Morally Grotesque' Cuts to hit oldest, poorest beneficiaries

13 things you may not know about the debates

Five Facts to Memorize Before Tonight's Debate

Watch Fox's Chris Wallace debunking the "six studies" talking point crapolla

My prediction for tonight's debate (transcript included) . . .

Just IN!!!!!!!!

we should all place bets on how many times the romney camp will have to "walk back" one of his lies

Heartbreaking pictures Dog dragged dead mate's body away from road and stands guard for a week:(

Is Tweety ok?

Tweet from David Gergen at the debate

Would Rachel Maddow make a good debate moderator?

I just paid Michele Obama $11 for entrance into the big show.

LOL..I think I just saw a sign at Tweety's rally, held by a young woman which read