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Archives: October 17, 2012

this asshole's been living on m$nbc. voted AGAINST funding more security in benghazi.

Where Would The NHL Be If Bain Capital Had Bought The Whole League In 2005?

Update: Gibson Case Sets Precedent for Lacey Act Enforcement (investigation resolved)

We really need Obama to kick ass tonight.

Fake Mitt - The Juan Percent

So Tweety thinks that Robme will try for a knock-out punch, who decides if it's a KO?

How Romney Could Have Stopped Sensata’s Outsourcing to China But Did Nothing

Our Democracy’s “F” Word - by Reed Richardson

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Pre-Debate Foreplay-- who's watching which channel?

Tommy Thompson says son feels terrible for Obama remark

Does anyone have a good channel on Roku for the debate?

Hunters: 4 wolves killed in Wisconsin in 24 hours

I just peeled and seeded 5 kilos of fire roasted hot green chiles, ask me anything

On CSpan they say Candy Crowly is going to get 2 minutes after every question

"Obama’s supporters have been put in a fighting mood" - E.J. Dionne

Politics and Modernism: The Trial of the Rincon Annex Murals

ANybody having problems connecting to Daily Kos?

What kind of tea do you like?

ok, who brought the xanax? I need a double.

A little pre-debate appetizer

Aced my mammogram today!

The questions are Crowley's choice

I have no hope for this debate.

Scott Brown GOP job creator paying the homeless $8 an hour to wear Pro-Brown t-shirts

A Word of Warning: The Media is setting Obama up for Failure

Please remind your liberal friends to vote NO on 38, the Munger initiative.

Economy doing better, Bin Laden still dead, GM still alive regardless of how Obama does in a debate

I hope there is a gay person in the audience who

From the WP fact checker

Media declares Romney winner!!

Steve Schmidt on MSNBC just said Ronmey was ahead in the polls. :( Is that true?

If this was bush in office we would be reminded

8:24: it's vodka gimlet time.

I think I'm seeing my "waning years" on the line tonight.

Obama. Please don't say these things...

So what do you think of all these YouGov Polls? (CO, FL, IA, NV, OH, PA, VA)

Debates should have PANELS. Not a sole moderator.

Tonight, we should see the faces of RMoney voters who'll find out that he's playing them for suckers

Obama should point out the dangers of EXTREME CONSERVATISM

Co-worker said this about Heller

Would you lie and say you're an undecided voter just to be on TeeVee?

Mitt looks uncomfortable in that stool , his man girdle must be too tight.

Question on Poll Questions form:

Say what you will about Tweety--and I run hot and cold on him--

If a fetus becomes a "person," can't I sue for an abortion under the 13th Amendment?

Vicious Rand Paul ad latest GOP attack on McCaskill

Lies lies lies yeah

Dana Bash: 82 audience members asking questions . . .were just ushered in - after a day of sequester

For all of you Poll watching the last two weeks:

Police arrest US presidential candidate Jill Stein at debate site

Will Mittens tell the same lies tonight?

I'm watching a really good show right now on PBS called "Race 2012"

Ed Schultz: President Obama will deliver...I predict he'll corner Romney on a number of issues...

What the hell with Current?

Don't know if I'm the only one who didn't see this, but Rmoney just released details of his tax plan

Winner of the Hofstra University Pre-Debate Protests

McCaskill waits tables in Columbia to emphasize importance of student loans, other issues

PPP tweeted that they will do a 'flash poll' in Colorado following the debate to see who won


"Try not to Twitter"

Did Sununu just say that Williard hasn't changed his positions on issues???

Winston-Salem (NC) Journal endorses Obama

Share with your fellow DUers.

"Gallup recruited the group of undecided voters for tonight's debate" - just now on CNN crawl

Apple is teasing the I-Pad Mini

"Come on, you know Biden is being Burgess Meridith to Obama's Rocky"

How DARE you?

C-Span or Youtube?

NT. if you are just using title line, can you please use NT or eom in title line

Conservative PAC takes aim at Maine's Senate race


Yet another Romney "Debate" fundraising robo call!

Been fretting about this debate all day. The format, Crowley, the pressure, etc. And then it hit me.

Chris Methyous has already lost it he better chill out or he might have a hart attack soon

Fox is providing the cameras and videographers for this debate

4.5 Earthquake in Maine tonight.

tweet #MITTLIES every time you hear a Romney lie tonight - says

Dumb ass Tommy Thompson claims his son 'didn't say it'--about sending Obama back to Kenya

Everybody CHILL! Obama can knock this out of the park tonight.

New Bill Clinton ad on Romney's Tax Cuts (video)

David_Gergen via Twitter: CNN reports Romney practicing sitting on a bar stool -- never been there.

Is it weird that I can't feel my legs? NERVOUS... NT

When did posting in a certain category become a requirement and not an option?

Hicks to demand compensation for detention

GOP senate candidate in Boston is bankrolling black voter group to support him and paying them $8/HR

4 minutes to go. I'm so nervous because of all the variables

So is Mitt going to get the last word

Crowley is already making me sick

Great . . . debate audio sucks!

When was the last time the Yanks played a postseason game without Jeter in the lineup?


We are all with you Mr. President.

Best place on the net to tune in?

Oh my God that's a straight white male looking audience. (Straight as in not a hip one in the house)

Love, protection, clarity and strength to our president, debate starts in 4 minutes.

Two Minute Warning

Dear Candy Crowley, I'm in the really cheap seats.

Michelle and Ann are wearing the same color tonight

WAIT!!!! Did anyone check?

Really bad headache, can't watch, good luck Mr. President, good luck

Tonight is off to a great start - Bristol Palin got

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Long Island Tedium & a new Lions gif

PONIES In Time For Debate: Obama Polls Leading Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio & Pennsylvania!

Mr. President- We have your back

Woof. Nt

John Kerry, President Obama’s sparring partner, rips into Mitt Romney before debate

what a blah answer to the first question Mr. Romney

so mitt's pro pell grants....bullshit starts early

He wants to slash Pell Grants!!! Lie!


Official debate thread

"I know what it takes. I'm gonna create jobs. I'm going to do it. I know how to do it."

Debate thread


He's smooth

So now Mitt's a socialist who supports Pell Grants.

Debate thread

Mitt blinks a lot, is that to keep his processor from overheating?

Help! Need good livestream

The Ten Most Dangerous Kinds of Town Hall Debate Participants

twitter is like MST3K for live events

so candy's an undecided voter?

12 million jobs comment.... President Obama, this is your moment

If you watch the male & female rating of the responces Obama's are getting high

Did Candy call him "Mr. Romley" a second ago?

What is mitt saying about bankruptcy???

Is there a mod here who can quickly merge the Official debate thread and the debate thread

1st Question - I give to Obama


Crap! It's like watching a bully have his way on the playground.

Rocky Balboa!!!! Nt


Hello, Obama

President Obama going on the offensive.

Obama is doing great so far! Romney is boring.

Obama: Romney has no five point plan--but a one point plan--the rich don't play by the rules

"Take Detroit bankrupt"?


R$'s lying and Obama is STOMPING HIS ASS and calling him on it

Whoa. Shit just got real.

Too nervous to watch. Will be following the action by checking re-actions here.

THERE he is!!!

Thank you Candy - shut him up n/t


I missed the first 5 minutes

Candy's follow-up question already has made the debate less useless

Romney, the master con artist, takes the stage

She's not letting Mittens run things!

Score one for Candy not allowing Romney to take over the debate

Good for Crowley! Put Romney in his place

Candy shut Rmoney down

BWAHAHAHAHA!! Iron Lady Candy tells Mitten's SHE'S running this show

favorite tweet so far: @LukeRussert: I counted 1 "ums" in #Obama 's answer

Romney Rattled Already...

Sit that spolied brat's ass down FFS,..rules are rules!

But the 7.8 % at the beginning of his presidency

Obama nailing this so far

Rmoney's got to be livid! Not only did the moderator shut him up. nt

George H.W. Bush Economic Advisor - "Romney’s Tax Plan and Economic Growth" Or Lack Thereof!

Romney: wa, wa, wa ... blah, blah, blah ... lie, lie, lie ...

Am I the only one that's noticing that romney isn't answering the questions? He shucking and

romney's now an environmentalist....bwahahahahahahahahahahaa

First to play the China card!

Romley sounds like an idiot.

Mitt is very nervous

Welcome back, Black Ninja

Offshore fields are privately owned?

Mr. Oil? Mr. Gas? Mr. Coal?

Romney with the killing of birds again. Why does Mittens hate birds? nt

Mitt Romney wants drill on Yosemite.

So Romney's running for president of North America?

drill baby drill....bwahahahahahaa

I sure see a lot of white faces in the audience.

Bakken Range?

Mitty is trying to talk over Candy Crowley.

Obvious inflection in Obama's voice tonight. More passion, more spirited. love it! so fr, so good!

Drill baby Drill

LIAR! again he thwaps Mittens!

Very little

President calls Robmey out on lie #3 !!!

If you want smaller gov't, you can't also support having the feds bring gas prices down!

Obama is giving mitt the stare down!

"Very little of what Governor Romney said is true!"

Hit him again harder harder

sooooo... to recap, gas prices are high because President Obama hates birds? nt

Pres. O is pointing out Romley's lies.

I'm loving this!

The "champion of coal" just got smoked!

The Sleeping Giant is awake!

Yep, this is the guy I know..!!!!! Call him on his lies....FUCK ROMNEY

How will the media will call this

not true. not true.

I do believe the president's strategy is to get Romney rattled

Anyone want popcorn? This is gonna be GOOD! n/m

Punch him !!!

Starting to breathe again...

"Fuck you, Birds" - Romney nt

Rmoney is coming unglued!!!!! Love it. nt

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Mitt's Growing Nose

Mitt walked into that one.


If they start hitting each other, what will the Secret Service do?

Romney pipeline talk got negative on trend lines

Smack him around Mr President! n/m


President Obama - you tell him!

Obama's Whooping Romney Butt, Join the AFL-CIO Live Chat

Fight! Fight! Fight!

ROMNEY is a BULLY Used Car Salesman LOL! nm

Crowley has officially lost control! n/t

*'Its just not true!!!'

I would give Obama $10,000 to punch this fucker in his face...

Excuse me, you arrogant jerk

'you'll get your chance in a moment, i'm still speaking' fuck you mitt

What a fucking bully!

Romley is being an ass

Mitts skin is getting thinner

"You'll get your chance in a moment," says the disrespectful Rethug.

I can't fucking believe they're arguing about who's the biggest coal whore

Rmoney is not impressing the focus group.

Obama has gained two points on Intrade since the debate started

Rmoney is looking like a fucking fool.

Aw mittens getting flustered?

Oil Production actually increased--another Romney Lie

Romney the DICKHEAD! STFU!!

Tweet from Howard Dean: "Obama is kicking some serious butt"

$1.86 a gallon? When, #milllies??? What a liar.

Romney is a bully

@OFA_VA: FACT: Oil production on federal lands is 13 percent higher than it was in the last 3 years

Romney just insulted the President of the United States

BOOM !!!

Romney is bringing a talking point to a knife fight.

He did it!

Please fellow DUers, give us chickenshits more details!

Obama is a lot more aggressive......I like it!

I lost live-streaming on my laptop. Watch the debate for me, and hold me, somebody...

Mitt looks dispeptic.

Like its our

Romney whining again!

Poor little Mittens ... He wants his mommy.


hey mitt. play by the fucking rules you asshole.


Sit his ass DOWN, Candy

What's happening on Twitter?


Cut his mike god

I am grandma from Tennesse and I could beat the hell out of Romney...

I am amazed that Crowley is really

Is mitts face get red?

Never thought I would root for Candy to shut the flipper down

Shut the fuck up, Mitt

What a fucking WEASEL! Bullying sonavabitch! n/m

Shut off Romney's mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Behold US of A at what a dick this guy is. nt

Bully. He's a fucking, hair cutting bully! nt

Shut the hell up, Mitt, you asshole!!!!!

Jewish Officials Demand Cops Be Fired

"It's entirely possible Mitt Romney would bring us back to those prices, because they would bring...

Can she not say..

"Mitt Romney is a fracking liar"

great question madam....

Obama has the Zingers tonight!

Yay, blonde lady, whoever you are! Great questions!!!

She needs a switch on Mitt's microphone


Here comes another bunch of lies !!!

Here we go ..... taxes.

Romney's Debate Strategy

Yeah, that's right Romney. Keep pushing COAL and OIL and GAS

Can we have one official debate thread?

Candy Crowley is doing a great job......I am surprised! And pleased.

Would You Let Willard Romney Give You A Wind Job?

E.J. Dionne: Obama went to the Biden School on how to challenge Republicans (per tweet)

audience shot 9:24 ..... they hate him

Obama's gonna kill this deductions question Romney is mangling.


What the fuck is going on here?

Romney brings up Tax deductions, now Obama has to pin him down

Wait for it ... Here comes the president !!!

I take back my prediction that Crowley would suck

I Love the poor folks


I just yelled at the TV...

Gas prices up THOUSANDS of dollars?

How many capital gains do the middle income folks have?

this tax scheme is voodoo bullshit

How does RMoney think the country will run by cutting all those taxes? nt

Howard Dean: Obama is kicking some serious butt here.

July 2008, we had our highest gas prices at $4.11

The Chicago Way

Ok Mr. President time for 47%

GO BARACK!!!!! INTRADE - Obama Has RISEN 4.4 Points In 20 Minutes!!

Nearing 1000 points of light, wouldn't be prudent, ...

Mitt is full of it

Bullshit WilLIARd Rmoney

Interest on savings account? Seriously? Taxes on what, 1% interest?

Hey mittens

He's lying. I know, I know....

"You'll get your chance."

No income tax on my 0.01% APR interest on my savings account?! Oh thank you, dear Willard!

Why is she letting Romney have more than 2 minutes????

Yes, cutting taxes on that $2.54/month from savings, that'll REALLY help

47%...I feel it... :)

Obama threw Mittens off kilter from the gate


Anybody keeping track of time

Ask the obvious...How many millionaires even have a mortgage? n/t

This is how the first debate should have been moderated

Bring tax rates back to when Clinton was in office.

No tax on the middle class' Yachts, Tiaras and Gold Bullion

Mitt the prince of promising magical thinking...



Chris Rock's Tweet:

Isn't it great having the President back in the game?


Stop the stump speech and attack Romney

Tax cuts on capital gains and dividends for the middle class!

I'm Loving it ...

Mitt will now lie about his "Tax Plan".

He even looks Slick...the way he walks and carries himself

HELP! Cspan not working! OTHER LINKS?!?

Props to Those

So if the top 5% still pays 60% of the tax and the middle class gets a cut

President Obama

Obama is eating him alive

I am a small business and Mitt you don't have a clue about us

I muted the volumn just now for Mitt, to watch his facial expressions

O is nailing Romley on his lies!!

"Energy independence for North America in five years"

"We don't have to live like this?"

Romney said China ... Here it comes !!!

Obama just hung the mantle of Thurston Howell III on Romney

Welcome back, Mr. President!!

Did Candy watch The Newsroom's debate episode?

Damn, Candy doing Obama's job for him here lol

Romney opened himself on business

Oh, so NOW he CARES about women.

Romney's expression is nauseating...lies constantly...Obama is on his game tonight

What's with Romney's head?

Boy is Twit Blinking!

The New Obama Ad, premiering tomorrow

Hey Mitt What Deductions Are You Going To Eliminate For The Top...

Howard Fineman is FULL OF SHIT. Watch his Twitter feed right now.


Rmoney just opened the door

Romney looks constipated

I'm loving this almost as much as Joe whipping Ryan!

He went there

Yay! POTUS is right on top of his game!!

"Big Bird"

"Sketchy Deal" =. Etch a sketch deal. Nt


Obama Just Kicked The Shit Out of Romney's Tax Plan

Holy fucking shit! Mittens is getting skull fucked!... Sorry...nt


Talking in Bumper Sticker.

I'm breathing a lot easier now. Obama's on fire.

Kill Him!

I love Obama.....

You wouldn't take that sketchy deal ...

Successful INVESTOR, not businessman.

Obama is smackin him around and I like it.

Jonathan Alter tweet: 'Is it just me or does Romney seem like an asshole tonight?'

of course the numbers add up

If we had had this Obama 2 weeks ago this election would have been over!

Rmoney is getting genuinely angry

Specifics, Fucker!

Mitt getting red-faced, frustrated, stammering, choking up...

On behalf if middle-aged chubby chicks everywhere...

The President is FOREIGN

With the help of the US Govt aid, Rmoney balanced Olympic budget ....

Rmoney is being destroyed, and he knows it

RUT ROH!! Mitt just played the "foreign" card

The more people get to see Romney the less they like them

The flag on Romney's lapel looks embarassed.

WOW! Puntastic Prez calls Romney's tax plan "SKETCHY"

Candy says she'll get run out of town if...................LOL nm

Romney got a $1.5 billion government loan for the Winter Olympics

Romney is losing tonight!!!!!! Tweet this NOW!!!!!

Obama just destroyed Robme on taxes and now robme is opening himself for more attacks...luvin this

Dog whistle alert ...

Candy says shut the fxxx up ,....

36 min in and how manny questions from the audience?

Did you catch that "foreign to us" slam from Romney?

The audience audibly gasped when he said "of course it ads up" I played

Prez needs to hit this question out of the park about woman pay equality. nt

I've got my whole Community College class watching now! The teacher is putting the debate

Females in the workplace -- Lilly Ledbetter!

So, wonder if the same ones that said Biden was rude will think the same way about robme

"Sketchy Deal!" made CNN's undecideds peak on their tracker!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Obama is hitting a damn home run!

Hey so far, I think Candy is doing pretty good.

Is the President kicking his ass? Before I lay down?

Answer to the gas price bullshit line;

question regarding Womens equality in workplace,...should be great for Obama if positioned well

I'm not watching the debate. I'm monitoring both DU and Intrade. So far the evidence is that Obama

FUCKER *STILL* didn't answer which deductions he'd close

This isn't only a women's issue, it is a family issue

Great question: How do we equalize salaries for women in the work force.

President Obama is Winning the Debate.

Obama is kicking Romney's ass!!!!!! Tweet this now!!!!!!

Oh g** Obama just nodded in agreement.

Binders full of women?


"Binders full of women" --Mormon heaven!

"Governor of my state?" He didn't even live there.

Mitt holding together a cabinet ....

Has Romney actually answered one question?

He's such a damned liar, that mittens. Trying to suck up to women; too

Two minutes and Romney's not discussing pay parity been men and women.

The audience looks kind of sad when Mitt stands & talks in front of them.

Bill Maher: Batman style graphics should be popping up: POW! SLAM!

"i went to a number of women's groups."

Did Mittens just say Women Need To Be More Flexible?

Romney and Mars needs women!

Lily Ledbetter ...

HAHA Robme just put women back in the kitchen

Mitt's little "anecdotes" about the little people are getting a little stale..

Mitt The Twit Is Ready To SHIT.

Every time Rmoney talks about jobs, the dials turn down.

I KNOW WHAT IT TAKES........wwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Romney Is ignoring women's problems

this fucker isn't answering the question that girl asked about equal and fair pay for women!!

Romney is now officially muted in this house

Not talking about equal pay but flexable scheduling????

Ummmmm... drifting much, Romney?

I'm hope to heaven that not too many people are watching the Yankees-Tigers game tonight.

My Mitt drinking game line was:

Bill Maher on Face Book:

So Romney supports Affirmative Action now?

Mitt is losing his focus ...

Prez just pivoted to contraception coverage. nt

That clock needs a minus counter for when they run over.

Women's Health Care - Yes!

Women's Healthcare! Here we GO!

Obama is clearly ahead, but it's no Biden smashing Ryan,...yet anyway

the PRESIDENT brings up healthcare and contraceptive coverage....go Sir!!!!!

cspan is not showing the debate - unavailable come back later. nt

Romley is not answering the questions!!!!!! Tweet tweet

He's floundering...

"Binders full of women?"

I loving this!!

And THIS is why it is important we speak our minds about debates

Righthaven agrees to turn hard drives over to creditor

ROMNEY GAFFE #2: Epic Fail on women

Come on 47%

Obama supports womens reproductive choice!!!!

Early voting at record pace in Douglas, Sarpy, Lancaster Counties (NE)

I am LOVING the prez's joining of women's issues and economic issues. nt

Go Obama, ya got him on the ropes ....

Romney's body language says . . .

I think Pres. Obama just won the debate with that one


LOVING the Bush question!


How are you different than George W. Bush?

If Candy interrupts Romney again, Mitt's pals are gonna hold her down ...

Dark haired lady w/glasses, I love you, too!

I'm so proud of my puts tears in my eyes... :)

What's the difference between Romney and Bush Bwahahaha!! nm

OMG Great question!

Who's this undecided buffoon?

"I have 2 daughters and I want them to have the same opportunities as anyone else's sons have." BOOM

Go Ms. Katz!!! "What is the biggest difference between you (Mitt) and Bush

How do you differentiate yourself from Dubya? Love that question!!!!! nt

Oh.....shit.....this question is awesome

Oh snap...Bush comparison!

Oh boy...Mitt... and GW Bush?

This Bush question lady just murdered him. nt

He who shall not be mentioned

The BUSH Question is AWESOME!!!!!

oh i LOVE this question....'how do you differentiate between you and george bu$h*'

Balk! nt

Both you and Bush are Republicans! LOL!

Have they started calling Obama a bully on Fox yet? n/m

Susan Katz, I love you <eom>

What's the difference between Romney and Bush

He is a F'N MESS tonight. I LOVE it


Thank you Candy ... for keeping this somewhat fair ...

I Would Pay Romney To Stop Trying To "Connect" Arrghh...

Romney says he's different from Bush! Ha ha!

my five point "plan" is NOT a plan. Stop saying it.

OMG, this entitled FUCK just cannot abide to play by the rules. I loathe him

MINE...that last answer is MINE MINE! .... (gasp choke)

Rmoney can't even figure out what question to answer!!!

999, 5point they not realize how frikin stupid those sound We don't want gimics

Brilliant move townhall person! Mitt is now running against Bush's record!

This question is killing Romney base

My God, Romney just can't let go of getting the last word!

Romney said China ... Here it comes !!!

What's Mitt's definition of "small business"? nm


Too Nervous to Watch. How Is Obama Doing? Honest Answers.

romney is throwing junior under a fucking fleet of buses...bwahahahahahahaa

Romney "came through small business"?

Mitt just played the China card?

Don't lay off, Obama. Keep up the pressure. No prisoners! nt

"I have a five-platitude plan"

Is RMoney throwing Shrub under the bus?

Aha!!! The Bush Question & He Started To Evade It....

what me like Bush?

O Man

His Daddy gave him $bonds$ and huge advantages. How does he know how hard it is

Puleeez nail him on the outsourcing in Illinois. Create jobs my ass romney!

47 percent. I wanna hear it. Now. n/t

An excellent question was just asked "What differentiates Romney from Bush?"

I thin romey is daydreaming about the Cayman Islands between questions.

31 consecutive months of job growth ...

LOL! Bill Maher tweet:



"Governor, you're the LAST person who will get tough on China."

Help! Can someone give me a tiny hint???

45 minutes to go and I'm out of wine

Pioneers of outsourcing TO CHINA!

"Pioneers of outsourcing...Governor, you're the last person who's gonna get tough on China."

I am having a hard time paying attention to this debate.. Twitter is abusing Romney

"Governor, you're the last person who's going to be tough on China!"

So does anyone think that there are any women out there

OBAMA: Governor You Are The LAST Person To Get Tough On China

Govner, you are the last person to get tough on China ...

President Obama ...

Romey so nervous about

Bill Maher on Facebook!!!

Best line goes to Obama 'You're the last guy who should be talking about China!!'

Frank Conniff: "Mitt: These are different times than the Bush years..."

Romney is losing folks. He's losing BAD!


Rmoney broke Reagan's Rule Of Republicanism, live on national TV

Robme is unable to answer a single fucking question.

Twit looks very unhappy. Tight lipped and still blinking like crazy.

My Gawd, the Prez has a big pile of baseball bats!

attacking him with tires now, hitting him on medicare vouchers..GW sounds better than robme

Mitt is not answering his questions

Ouch ...

Jonathon Alter tweet:

President Obama looks really tired to me.

Only been watching for 20 minutes, but

Mitt has a lot of problems with Obamacare?

Robme Threw Bush* Under The Bus. President Obama Helped Him Up

Prez just got the chance to tout his record. nt

Toughest? are liking Obama

47 percent. 47 percent. 47 percent. 47 percent. 47 percent. 47 percent....

When I vote I vote not only for myself but for five( soon to be six) little people who call me Mimi.

How is Fox etal gonna pro-spin Romney's performance and neg-spin the Prez's?

Game face. Wow!

"A Binder Full of Women"

I'm a big puss ball and decided not to watch...can anyone quick hit and tell me how's it going?

Obama is rockin it!

Nailed it!

Me too! ...

Pledges that Rmoney will keep ...

Holy Shit - he's breathing hard now

Romney is not only a liar...he is an idiot, and certainly not fit to be President...n/t

Did Rmoney Sign The Grover Norquist Pledge?....

Romney just told a voter "You know better"

Go Pres. you are winning

Mitt's not quite so cocky any more

didn't even file it?

My GOP friends are nervous! They are mostly silent on FB tonight!!

Romney is pissed and he looks it.

Obama To Romney: ‘You’re The Last Person’ Who’ll Get Tough On China (more)

Romney continues to dwell on what "didn't get done", not what he'll do.

Just keep trash talking the nation, Mitt. We all stink, are stupid, and have

5.4%? When did Obama say that? I'll tell you when, NEVER. Mitt is Pinochio. n/t

Maybe that was a rope a dope

robme's voice is clearly quavering

THIS is the Barack Obama we were hoping would show up tonight. And I love him!

Mitt is making up shit now

Too soon for the Ali analogy?

On defense .... and doing poorly ...

robme knows he's losing..he keeps licking his lips and his voice is rising in pitch

Ever hear of the Dream Act, you tight-assed racist fuck? No, no, no, "Self deportation"

Romney running out of energy...

ahhh 'the food stamp president'.....shame on you mitt

Ya know

How does Romney understand the middle class with a $100 million IRA?

Oops. rMoney just invoked Reagan and the economy. Reagan raised taxes and the economy grew.

This tack on the economy is not working for Mitt. He is now repeating himself.

Obama promised a 5.4% unemployment rate?

Rmoney is talking about Reagan???

Why didn't Romney refute "more extreme than Bush?"'s just hangin there

Mitt didn't do shit

Ronnie raised taxes on everyone ...

Food stamp?..

Just Noticed This DU Board Is Running About 8 Minutes Behind....nt

LOL! I think Romney just conceded the debate.

A friend's Facebook post on Romney's policy on fairness in the workplace:

Sounds like Rmoney wants Pres. to be a motivational speaker

The President is STOMPING Romney! So I'm guessing the MSM will call it a draw.

#bindersfullofwomen is trending on Twitter

The President is in charge of this debate, baby.

47 percent.

Rmoney's like a boxer in the corner, with the trainer trying desperately to close a cut

When all else fails lie through your teeth right Mitt

"They brought us binders of women..."

immigration..woot woot!!!!!

Immigrant question - good one! nt


Oh $hit ...

Can he BE more condescending to this Latina?


C'mon Mr Prez tell us how the R House has blocked your policies

At the very least, Tweety won't have to...

Obama has "doubled the deficit"? Oh NO he has NOT!

Rmoneys Legal immigrants =

Did that dumbass just call for an increase in H1B?

Did Romney just say his dad was born to Mexican parents?

Robotney just did an economic data dump. I'm not sure how well it went.

Did he just say staple Green Cards to the diplomas of citizens of other nations . . . .

"get a green card" he sneered

He did - they filibustered the fucking immigration bill n/t

mitt is now a moderate on immigration....go for it President Obama.

If I'm home in time to make dinner, does that mean I need to learn how to cook?

Vote Romney! Fuck yeah!

Fucking romney cannot tell the truth to save his life. Supermajority?? Prick

HE'S JUST REPEATING A SCRIPT and not answering one damn thing anyone who's asked him.....

Shit! Mitt just threw up on his shoes.

"I don't believe in granting amnesty to illegals..."

Military service a pathway for immigrant children!

Is there a pathway to deport Mitt Romney?

Please post tweets from the pundits!

Romney is losing for sure

Romney just endorsed the Dream Act

If I don't hear 47 percent in the next half hour I am going to explode. n/t

Ann is worried.

wow, who knew

I don't like Romney breaking the flag code with the secret service pin

Just lost the gangbanger vote...

The President is on his game and hitting the three pointers ....

Romney is losing because he knows his actual policies are indefensible

Well, I got brave (and curious) and am watching. Bravo, president. Shame on you, Mitt.

anyone looked over in Freeperland to see if their heads have exploded yet? n/m

Mitt finally won one!

Why does Romney, with a straight face, equate his daddy with immigrants?

Obama just said that Romney vetoed the Dream Act!

Hit him with his own bat !!! LOL

maybe Obama will save the '47%' for the last debate. that would drive mitt crazy.

No, Candy....I'm going to ignore you

Candy Crowley - Self Deportation

I absolutely love that Obama is ignoring the clock.

And THIS is why I wasn't worried after the first debate-

Bullshit Mitt! You DID say the AZ immigration law is a model for the nation!

Mitt just dissed Candy

Don't Question Me...

Is that the tenor section of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir over on the side?

OMG Romney getting flustered and sweaty. Hankie time?! nm

So the bully says he will answer what he wants to answer ...

"Let people make their own choice"

Yeah did get beat by John McCain

I do not know what sort of traning regimen Obama did

Employers HATE e verify in my very red state

Wow! How Much Fake Moderate Lies Will Romney's Campaign Walk Back Tonight!

Now I truly understand why the lovely Mrs. Romney worries about his mental health. nt

LOL Candy says "Talk about this Mr.Romney", he replies " No!, I'm going to talk about something else

4 years ago, I was licking my wounds from having lost to John McCain

Between DU, Facebook, Twitter and text messages, this has been a fun debate!

Moron keeps talking about "rounding up people" and calling them "illegals".

If Mitt was a nuclear power plant,

Sit this rude ass down FFS

Yuck. R. Said the I word.

Oh shit - Mr. Pres. did you look at your pension? Get HIM O. nm

Mitt Romney is a prick.

My pension is not as big as yours

romney's giving the President advice....fuck you mitt

Have you looked at your pension? Have you looked at your pension?

OHHHHH shit!

I don't look at my pension, it is not as big as yours.

#Sensata has gotten under Romney's skin!! Bigtime. nm

Sit down, Governor Romney!

Sit Down,Governor Romney

Romney's losing it big time!!

Chuck Todd whining about questions on Twitter

Oh shit. Romney loses it on China investment

My pension is not as big as yours.

Obama to Romney: "Well my pension isn't as big as yours"

It might be time for the little league rule

Blind trust.


Prez just took over the debate. nt

'mr. romney, please sit down'.....oh it!


Obama.. "My pension is not as big as yours"

Look At The Body Language Of The Lady That Asked The Immigration...

Folks, this is a DRUBBING!

Romney, sit down!

Governor Romney, go sit down. Lmfao! N/T

He knows what O is invested in because we have tax returns. Where are his? n/t

That bullshit trick about his pension won't fly, asshole.

How soon until we see Nixonian sweat marks under Rmoney's pits?

O just schooled Romney on immigration!!!


GO, OBAMA, GO!!!!!!

What's with the group of White Guys in Suits and Ties sitting behind Rmoney?

Obama has 88% chance of winning this debate according to Intrade

Are they going to come to blows?

Romney's sideburns gained over an inch of white

This is a plant

Has Candy lost control of this debate?

'we were sitting around talking about libya' i smell bullshit

21 minutes left to get to 47 percent.

Asshole Romney is trying to defend his taxes by pressing Obama?

Romney autocorrects to TOMBSTONE on my phone!! Ha Ha!

An hour in and Candy Crowley is not that bad

There's a ringer in the audience Re: Libya.

Obama has successfully baited Romney into looking like a fool with his yelling.

VIDEO -Romney Campaign Backstage....

Ah ha! The rightwingers are all watching tonight.

BULLSHIT. The questions were

Romney has gotta be the biggest fucking, whiny, belligerent

Romney definitely appears to detest women

Romney Birth Certificate. Where is it?


Is prez invested in chinese companies like mitt said?

Obama is beating mitt like a rented mule!

Crowley is letting Romney talk ON and ON. She is NOT cutting him off in an appropriate manner.

To think I was irate at McCain as an opponent. What a difference between his class, and this ASS!

robme is collapsing far faster than I had about a beating

Romney Needed To Kill This, And He FUCKED IT UP BADLY. Romney Is DONE.

Marvin K. Romney will you please shut up?

Great answer

"thank you Kerry"

This Is Like Louis-Schmeling ll

Checking in on freeperville:

Rmoney is stuttering

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney: the town hall debate in gifs – live

mitt, you're waaaay out of your league on foreign policy....waaaaay over your head

Stick a fork in him..

Obama Threw it in Romney's face

Libya is not an issue with me or my friends

I don't like Crowley in general but so far...

4.0 Earthquake in Maine

What a piece of scum.

Mittens got sent to the corner by CC: "GO SIT DOWN, GOV ROMNEY!"

The following day of the Benghazi attack ...

How dare the president walk and chew gum!

Driver in critical-injury crash lacked license (undocumented can't get insurance without a license)

Romney is screwing up on the Libya answer because he's resorting to the old

the request for increased security for State Dept,

Rmoney is losing them on a bullshit answer

Hey, Romney, welcome to the world of telecommunications...

This was OVER with Romney's very first question and absolute non-answer. Over not FIVE minutes in.

And bush strummed during Katrina

Apology tour? REALLY???

Obama looks so confident and robme looks terrified and desperate

Obama WON When He Made Romney LOOK WORSE and More EXTREME than Bush




Obama kicked his ass on Libya

The President just put the benghazi issue to bed for the rest of the month


Obama just punched him in his fucking face!


Is it just me or does it seem Romney has a whine in his voice?

Look at romney whining and playing the blame game lol

You Can't Spin a Knockout !!

I don't think the President has ever repeated the "wipe Israel off the map" lie

Whoa..called Rmoney / Libya offensive

Obama just sealed it with his denunciation of Mitten's assertion that his team played politics

Obama eyeballing Romney about Libya, looks like he want to kick ass

"I am the President and I am responsible."

hey 'governor' he called it an act of terror.....KACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

APPLAUSE as Rmoney is shown to be a FUCKING LIAR

15 minutes left Prez O. Time to go for the carotid arteries...nt


GO CANDY!!!!!!!!!


Candy Crowley's correcting Rmoney

When the moderator has to correct you.. you've lost. n/t


PANTS ON FIRE Mittens !!!




Now that's the Obama

Mitt finally done stepped in it


Candy says he used the word terrorism .... the day after ...


Mitt is like the obnoxous party guest who is the expert on EVERYTHING

Romney is a FUCKING liar!

President Obama DID call it a terrorist attack the day after Benghazi (sp?).

willard is just more and more looking like an inept fool

did romney just toss his microphone down? he got seriously spanked there......

Oh poor romney at the edge of the stage hiding from obama

I think we broke the twitter

Obama just slapped Mitt's head off!! (figuratively speaking)

Rmoney looks like a beaten man.


Mitt is such a callous, shallow jerk. Just saying.

WHOA SHIT JESUSCHRIST. Mitt fucked himself. Nt

Prez is not only debating but now he's moderating. nt

Is anyone else screaming at the TV at THAT HORRIBLE cretan?

Donating to show support for this performance. Join me?

Ugh....a gun control question now

Love me some Candy Crowley - she just

pry Obamas fangs outta Rmoneys neck

Obama in the rose garden

Obama is on fire tonight. Totally redeemed.

47 percent anyone? 12 minutes left. n/t

Ok folks. We got this!

President Obama on Benghazi

Candy Crawley said Romney was lieing...

Rmoney just got presented with a fact regarding the terrorism attack

CC schooled Romley on Libya.

Is Romney an abusive husband?

Presidents statement about Benghazi the day after ...

Has Scott Brown questioned the ethnicity of this Nina Gonzalez who asked the last quetion?

Romney thought he had Obama on Obama coming out and saying it was an act of terror the next

Nice AK47 question. Romney banned them in MA I believe. What WILL the NRA think of this topic lol

mitt thought he had the President on the ropes with the 'terror' comment...then candy kicked his ass

Dinesh D'Souza Caught With ''D'Fiancée'' With D'Pants D'own, D'ecides To D'ivorce D'wife

Romney: ;_; "oh no, this cant be, sh*t just got real :("

Looking at other sources of violence for a comprehensive strategy. A++++

Here's some of what President Obama said from the Rose Garden Sept 12,

Romney Revealed His Inner Tax Dodger.

I loved how President Obama just grabbed a firm hold of Romney's lie...


WTF did he say about automatic weapons? n/t

Well ...

Romney even loses the question on Libya... the one he was supposed to kill on... Fork!

I feel so much better about the pres. Romley doesn't look presidential at all!

I've learned one thing, when Obama says, "Please proceed"

Not really heard any "um"s or "ya knows"

I want Candy

Romney's answer to Guns

Fuck this shit, I'm gonna text Obama " 47% time please!!"

He just attacked single mothers.. omg what a moron

Headfake by Obama and Hillary This Morning

sorry mitt,automatic weapons arent illegal

automatic weapons are illegal in the US? Huh??

Fast & Furious - oh come off it Romney you fucktwit. nm

Barack Obama to win the second Presidential debate (according to CNN poll)

wonder how soon Nate's numbers will change?

uh, mr romney, fast and furious was a republican program, you dumbshit

Single Moms? Moms & Dads? Fast & Furious- yeesh

What Just Happened with the Libya and calling it Terrorism thing ?

Obama looks Presidential; Romney sounds like Cliff Claven

Lol just get married before you have kids

Romney missed an opportunity on the gun question


That look of constipated smarminess Rmoney's plastered on his face is morphing

It's not about the guns, it's about the violence

Oh. Oh. Now he's agreeing with Obama. After Obama Smacked Him Upside the Head.

Wanna lower gun violence? Get married.

Rmoney has been neutered

Freeper Dog Whistle - Fast and Furiuous

yay! marriage will stop gun violence...

I really think our President is hitting this debate out of the park!

@CandyMcAvoy: Sit down, Mr. Romney. #acn #debate #candy #obama2012

Mittens talking about a two parent family ....

But does romney look like he can't be president? Isn't that the bar now?

Fast and furious a bush program probably a time bomb for Obama.

Rambling Romney

Gosh, by golly gee willikers. STFU mittens you lost

So the answer to illegal weapons is two-parent families?

Fast and Furious? You're reaching Romney.

Romney? For gun control?

candy just kicked romney in the balls again with the assault weapons question...bwahahahahahaa

Gun Bans signed into law: Obama = 0, R$ = 1

Traditional marriage will end gun violence!

Come on people! Twitter has more substance than half of the latest page right now.

Remind Mitt what he is supposed to be talking about ....

He's Meeeellltting

Rachel on Benghazi terror question....


"Automatic weapons are already illegal" - Romney

Romney is just annoying now

Candy asking about assault weapons ban in Massachusetts


So if Romney gets this rattled in a debate

DU the Faux news poll: Pretty sad right now

@bostonglobe tweet: Fact check: There were no women partners at Bain Capital during Romney's time

Is anyone else bugged by the breathy fake gentle tone of voice of Robme?


I think Candy Crowley has been very professional.

*** Information Bomb Dropped ***

The President just won his re-election

Woohoo! Prezzizle aint got TIME

Gov Romney was for the assault weapons ban before he was against it"

I wonder how people in Massachusetts

Obama is just owning it now

Missed opportunity to talk about Boehner and McConnell

I Am Going To Eat The Biggest Crow Ever In This Post: Official Candy Crowley Appreciation Thread!

Someone at MSNBC better be getting ready to offer Candy a job...

man, Obama turned into Romney there lmao

Outsourcing question!!!!! nt

split screen...

He comes outsourcing!

Candy Crowley just said - YEAH RIGHT under her breath......

Good Finish on the gun question, Mr. President!

Hey, what are you watching tonight?

Well I didn't want to watch...but DU comments made me...and

Outsourcing question. This is gonna be good

Obama -The Mitt Slayer

Important but...

Oh, outsourcing.

Time to bring up Sensata now, Mr. President!

Here it comes: Outsourcing! Point, Set and Match!

You know who had married parents? The Columbine killers. Seung-Hui Cho. Jared Lee Loughner...

last question is on 'outsourcing' woo hoo and Romney brings up China!

Willard is looking increasingly constipated

Are they going over to get the the closing statements?

This question was a big, fat MELON lobbed for Obama to hit a grand slam

Obama, please say Sensata

Mitt just brought up China and offshoring has he lost it?

Binders full of women on Tumblr

"No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation" Barack Obama 09/12/2012

Mr Romney.... Proceed!

Time for each?

Romney's wheel of fortune spin: "Can I get outsourcing, outsourcing, outsourcing to save my ass"


I like how the President wraps up quickly and POWERFULLY when Candy calls time.

Sensata and 47% and I'll be happy

How much you want to bet Wolf Blitzer calls it a draw? n/t

Mittens talking about playing by different rules ....

what about Sensata you lying sack o's..t?

The folks who participated in my debate contest who estimated more Romney lies than last time

Where can I mail a binder with pix of Candy to Mittfalca?


Trickle down bullshit.

Prez, PLEASE bring up Sensata RIGHT NOW!!!

Did Rmoney just say

Mitt's gonna make sure they play by the rules? He doesn't have to, but he will make sure others do.

Say it Obama... Why is Rmoney's money offshore???? That will kill him!

So all of the stuff from China that the US sells to itself, the prices go up.

BIG MISTAKE....Obama said "ban" when talking about guns... He just proved the NRA right..ON LIVE TV

I'm going to make it more attractive to bring jobs to America...

47% Chance Now! He talks china on the 47% tape!

Mittfalca has what I call a Nixonian charm . nt

ever heard of Sesata in Freeport Illinois, Mr Robme?

I must say, Candy Crowley has been very fair as moderator.

Romney lost it

What a lying bag of bovine excrement !!!

THANK YOU President Obama! THANK YOU!

Do these two debates prove what a terrible moderator Jim Lehrer was?

Do any Repubs on your Facebook or Twitter think Romney's doing well?

Michael Moore: "Candy-let Mitt get on his stretcher so his servants can take him away"

The lack of 47% issue is baffling to me.

hey, isn't it about the President's turn to speak?

Willard's 'nuculer': lettuce-lashun.

robme just threw Reagan under the bus


Is it me or does Robme use the same answers for different questions..

Time To Hit Rmoney With Bain/Freeport Shipping Jobs To China.....nt

Romney has the fake Eddie Haskell sincerity down

Proof: Guy who brought up Libya is hardly an independent. Seems quite partisan based on this.

He does the same gesture with his hand every time he talks about taxes

Did small businesses grab your arm too, dickless? Nt

Is Romney possessed??? Look at his eyes! !

Ahhhh no 47%

Why does every republican start off by saying

@AFLCIO Mitt Romney blaming Americans for his outsourcing is extremely unpatriotic. nt

Bain Capital, Sensata, China.

This is it. Done. The President nails how jobs are created, by closing loopholes.

McShame: I know how to get BinLaden. Rmoney: I know how to create jobs

Watch Romney accuse the President of lying, to his face, on TV. And then get called out

All the easy softball GOP favored questions Mitt has blew

Michael Moore reacts...

"the reason jobs are down is because unemployment is so high"

Robme's wincing

BuzzFeed's Ben Smith: Video of the libya exchange, the moment Obama won the debate.

Sensata, Sensata, Sensata...

So, do we LIKE Candy Crowley now?

Romney the outsourcer

Romney IS A Binder Of Women. Conservatives ARE Binders Of Women.

I would pay good money to see the Prez turn to Mittens....

This was a game changer tonight.

Did you just see Romney's face turn red, when Obama mentioned pioneers of outsourcing?

Anyone think that O played the old Rope A Dope with the first debate?

Obama on offense in second debate -CBS NEWS

Prez blew the chance to rip R's head off.

Ed Schultz on the debate.

iPhone??? Very interesting

thanks for all the posts - I was able to catch up quickly

Romney looking at Obama likes he's a serial killer. nm

rMoney can't have a level playing field when

over time!

government does not create jobs government does not create jobs

There's little or no manufacturing on Long Island

Whoa.. Obama kick romeny ass

lol romney repeating his sumantra!

Romney - "Government does not create jobs - I will create 12 million jobs"

How long does this debate go - 2hrs??

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Romney is full of shit!

"Government does not create jobs, government does not create jobs..."

To the queston: O should say that he's not muslim! nt

"trickle down government hasn't ever worked here" (Romney)... er, you want to save jobs from Chinese outsourcing, start with ours.

Mitt now gets to talk about himself

Love this last question!

Last question may be a ringer too.

Obana will end with the 47%

Wait... Mittens just said that government does not create jobs

I like these real folks and their personal questions. Takes the hot air out of the BS.

This guy just gave Romney a soft ball about misconception

Softball! Yuck!

People think I am a robot. I am not a robot, thank you.

Romney is unravelling what's left of the Republican Party

Romney states he cares about 100% of American, if Obama doesnt bring up 47% I'll be pissed

Government Does Not Creat Jobs Soylent Green is People

Romney just said government does not create jobs! hahaha nt

So, Romney is the one who reminds us of 47% (with his 100% comment)...

Romney's plan will create 73,000 jobs

Here comes the 47% ...........


I thought the conventional wisdom was the Town Hall forum favored Rmoney's style.

What I notice on the CNN male & female tracker is that people don't like it


Obama Knocked That Son Of A Biscuiteater Out

Verdict: Out of the PARK. Win POTUS. 4 more years!! nm

Barack Obama Ali

He finally went there!

Good night Irene

no room for rebuttal to 47% KaBOOM

Whew! Perfect closing! :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

"Government does not create jobs." And then he took $1B in gov't money

closing with the 47%

Get that fucking adult ass Romney brood off the stage ffs


Fantastic job Candy ....Thank you ....

President Obama: He Built This.... Debate Knockout!

not to be crass but Michelle is gonna bang his brains out tonite, and he deserves it

Thats CHECK and MATE!!

BOOM what an incredible finish Mr. President

Paraphrasing Rachel Maddow: "In my opinion, the best debate of Obama's national career."

Game set match.

Ass kicking!

CNN poll.......!

What has the MSM said about the debate?

Rachel: Obama won it 'despite sturdy performance' by Mitt!!!!

I guess the perception that Mitt is a clueless, entitiled asshole isn't a wrong one

47% FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!

Ann Romney looks like her horse shit in her handbag!

Okay ...

Thanks to Candy Crowley.

I like Candy

Best debate performance I've EVER seen from President Obama

Tweety just said Romney is "that guy who doesn't turn his phone off on the airplane..."

I think I may have another rightwinger defriend me after this...


Obama kicked ass...

"I CARE!! I Really DO!!"


Candy Crowley !!

David Brooks said Obama won. Obama was more poised and more fluid.

Rachel Maddow: Best debate of Barack Obama's political career.

Ummmm isn't Romney spending an awfully long time applying for a job that the government created?

CNN poll had five votes when I voted.

Abc says Obama get huge win

This whole night was stacked in Obama's favor

I'm fired up!! Who's with me?



Obama works the crowd.

Binders Full of Women Tumblr.

The president waited until the very end to


Romney Screwed Himself on Libya!

willard looked like he was gonna cry during his final statement

My analysis for the record.

Kudos, Mr. President.

"He stuck his chin out and the President punched him hard!"

Binders full of women

It's up...


kicked ass

Chris Mattews only gave Romney one issue as a win tonight!

Tweety: Obama Won

Pow !!! Take that Mitt ..... your Jaw hurtin' yet ??

Chris Matthews A-okay with me.

women in binders. key line. wow. wow.

Best debate of Obama's career and Mitt Romney was snippy.

Pres. Obama - I'm back mothaf******

Chris Matthews Scores Debate

I feel like I just watched Ralphie beat up Scott Farkus.

CNN debate poll - President Obama 100% Romney 0%

Robme Looked Like He Needed To Be Helped Off The Stage

For those of you who wanted Obama to talk about the 46%, the CNN audience reaction went down

The best of Mitt

President Obama: I'll Take It From Here


Ann is distraught. Mitts little boys are in shock.

The moment I want to see over and over again...

And I thought I was pumped after Biden's performance!

I knew it and I posted it. It's chess not checkers. Obama knew Romney would use his

Cnn poll is up...


Don't call it a comeback

What Grade Would You Give Romney's Debate Performance?


Ann's not going to The White House!

Picture of Romney leaving the stage after the debate

Obama won by a MILE !!!!

No more Mr. Nice Guy, more like Mr. T...



Ann Coulter wants to go home tonight with Ann Romney

I wonder what Fuax news saying right now


DU CNN Poll...

Ed Schultz: I think the president had a stellar performance.

I'll Use A Term Made Famous By Emeril To Sum Up What PBO Did To Rmoney Tonight....

Was Romney a Governor?

DU the CNN poll

Gov, your ass, sir.

Notice how ashen faced the Romney family looked at the end?

The 47% question was a plant so Romney couldn't respond......

Intrade anyone? Thanks in advance eom

I listened and not watched ........ I thought Candy did a pretty good job

Gergen said Obama had edge. CNN.

Obama did his part now WE NEED TO WIN THE SPIN!!!

Baldie on MSNBC is already spinning for Romney.

"No one puts Baby in a binder."

Obama lost - again


Mitt showed us Specifics tonight ......... NOT !!!!!

it appears Freeperville has crashed into a stinking heep... n/m

Going to be fun watching Rachel tomorrow night.

Okay ...

Obama SMASH.

Steve Schmidt is delusional ikf he thinks Obama did not reverse Romney's momentum.

No women Bain partners while Romney was working there...

POTUS won. That's all

Do you think why Obama win tonight

Can you say that a little louder Candy?

Romney discussing the number two.

Fuck CNN- cant believe it

Immigration - ahhh errr.....Romney story-time. nm


bindersfullofwomen at tumbler LOL!

I like how President Obama brought up the war coffins -- twice

CNN online poll Obama leading 71%-28% MSNBC Obama 86%- Romney 14% updated 11:10pm


The Prez slayed that Dragon

Obama put down that petulant bully.

Romney set a record for insults to women.

Houston we have 47%

Who here thinks hillary clinton saying "the buck stops with me" was a set

The Man Done Good, My Friends

He ran out the clock !!! 47% comment !!!

Rec if you want to apolgize to Candy Crowley

Al Sharpton - Romney played the roll of the bully and Obama

Rev Al brought up a great point

Your Favorite Part of the Debate?

"At least Obama had the good taste not to urinate on the corpse"

Obama clowned this fool tonight.

Taegan Goddard: Reaction to the Second Presidential Debate

I'm just going to say it

The women moderators won it all!

Maher: No more Mr. Nice Guy; more Mr. T...

GIVE ME A BREAK! Steve Schmidt said Obama didn't do well enough "to

Debate fact check on oil production

We won. they're furious.

Am I the only one that noticed that Obama seems to have totally gotten rid

I got my birthday wish. MY PRESIDENT KICKED HIS ASS!!

Check out how comfortable the participants looked among the people afterwards

I think that the 1st debate was Reconnaissance,this debate the POTUS won the battle. nt

Tracker went right up at the end of Obama talking about the 47%

Was Robme's Libya Flub His Gerald Ford Moment?

What is the effect of pressuring China to devalue its currency when they are a significant

The look Ann gave Willard at the end said it all.

Republicans even know they lost

Great Romney translation by Paul Begala on Twitter:

I predict that Romney lost the election on the Benghazi smackdown.

Now they (CNN) are saying Obama was "too angry"

npr poll has president Obama with more momentum coming out of the debate - poll results screenshot

Did Romney say he was going to lower his tax rate to 0%???

Welcome back, President Obama!



The 47% comment -did not- get a negative score...

Here's my five point plan for Mitt.

Polls, Polls!! Who has the polls??!!?? Get your polls here!!!

DU the CNBC Poll!!!

Ay Dulce!! Te doy un beso y un abrazo.

Wow...that was the most-dominant draw ever!

New Sports Analogy

I'm watching Fox News for debate follow-up.

CNN Quick Vote: Who fared better in the debate?

Oooh Wow!!!! Tomorrows headline: Moderator Busts Romney on Libya!

I apologize to Candy Crowley

I believe Candy has been bullied by people like Romney

I bet romney feeling pretty depressed right now, sh*t just got real

That was OUR PRESIDENT!!!!

Mkay, off to the Obama site to donate . . . anybody like to join me?

Obama *did* draw Romney.

CBS Poll: Obama won debate 37-30. Rest are a tie

Time to pull out the plastic. I'm in for $25. Comrades?

The right has been setting up Libya for a week and it blew up in their face

mittens serves up word salad and Obama gives us red meat! :) nt

McCain Adviser: Libya Question Hurt Romney (updated)

What to expect from Mitt in the third debate

Obama vs Romney in 33 seconds

LOL! Binders Full Of Women!

PPP: Obama's winning our post-debate snap poll in Colorado.

The soundtrack for tonight

Those Mother fuckers at CNN, their online poll now says 0 Votes for Obama

Facebookers - poll on CSPAN page..if interested.

I was a single mom..

THE MOMENT Of THE DEBATE: "He did call it an act of terror."

Long awaited (:)) Borowitz chiming in on Debate 2

the debates will be remembered for one thing only: the year that interrupting became legitimate.

Candy Crowley Came In Second In Tonight's Debate...

best words of the night...."Please Proceed"

Crowley challenges Romney on Libya

A few interesting things I've caught on the post debate spin....

How do you donate a star to someone?

Who needs a cigarette after that? nt

I wanted to see what the Freepers were saying...

Chris Matthews tweet metaphor! A great one!

"I believe that we are all children of the same god."

Went back to school last year...

steve schmidt looks like he just ate a turd.....

My hat is off to the Admin and the mods for doing such a great job! That's folks!!! You Rock!! :) nt

There are now *binders full of tweets* about Romney's comments about hiring women

tbf Steve Schmidt calling it clear victory for Obama in terms of soundbytes

Guild of Women Binders

MY 1ST THREAD! I could have sworn I heard Candy say "Yeah Right" when the

MSNBC Poll: Did the second presidential debate do anything to influence who you will support

Two Sailors Arrested For Alleged Rape in Okinawa

So,....Romney got caught with his dick out,'s small,'s limp!

Obama Blasts Romney On ‘47 Percent’ In Final Question Of Town Hall Debate

Forget the Debate! President Obama Just Won the 2012 Election.

Romney wanted to argue on how you pronounce the words "tomato" or "potato" to take attention away

Second Presidential Debate: Obama vs. Romney (Complete)

in legal circles they call it "gilding the lily"

CSPAN listener poll has Obama up 1400 to 985. nt

Nice job, Mr. President.

Rmoney thinks that full-auto machine guns are "illegal"

Hope you enjoyed your asskicking schmuck.

This message is to new DU member fried eggs: Please delete the picture to which you linked.

Need that DU love on this poll!

Romney: Of COURSE they'll add up. Look at who I am....

Rope a-fuckin' Dope.

Unedited reaction from Univision facebook: Quien gano', Romney o Obama?

I just got my Arizona mail in ballot!!!

I put on FAUX news to watch Krauthammer say Obama won the debate

Rmoney acts like an oligarch who thinks rules don't apply to him.


It's real bad for Romney, I just saw a guy scraping a

So, will Mitt run in 2016?

Barack Obama just served Rmoney a heapin' helpin' of Joe Biden's Irish Stew!

Romney did say he ran the Olympics just like his running mate

"The government does not create jobs" - direct quote of the man...

DU this poll:

there was an ass kicked tonight

Mystery Arizona group sends $11 million to fight unions, Gov. Jerry Brown

How Financial Aid Letters Often Leave Students Confused and Misinformed

Well, now!

Assault Weapons Ban

Good friggin grief. Check out CBS info

I just donated $150

Bill Maher Tweet

I want to see Romney try to stick it Obama on the Rose garden speech over and over.

An interesting time to log in to Amazon ...

CBS Uncommitted Voters Flash Poll: Romney Loses to Tie

#MittLies was just trending on Twitter

The Massachusetts women moment is powerful

Peace Arch border crossing closed after U.S. motorist kills Canadian guard, self

Obama got his "Clinton moment"

I just showed my appreciation

MSNBC Undecideds.

More good signs...

OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Andrew Sullivan on MSNBC.

Kudos to the audience tonight. They asked good questions.

OK so wtf are binders full of women?

How is Romney different from George W. Bush?

Uribe joins Murdoch in News Corp .

Tweet from PPP: Obama winning there snap poll of Colorado voters (full results later)

Andrew Sullivan: "I am bloody elated"

Andrew Sullivan is happy again! nt

Favorite Bazinga?


I can watch this over and over...It was just one of tonight's jewels...

well , Michelle looked great in pink

Video of President Obama on what he really said in the Rose Garden on Sept 12th, FYI

Andrew Sullivan

Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Felix Baumgartner on Romney Campaign

Nice jump for Obama on Intrade

Obama's great debating performance will make people go an vote early in the next few ...

One thing I am confused on, maybe someone can help me out (concerning the debate)

Tomorrow is the deadline for donating!!!!

Is it just me or did most of the audience swarm around the Obamas

Didn't Mitt look like a serial killer?

Obama Vs. Romney 2: Winners and Losers

ABC news poll

The undecided voter. They can't determine when hey are being lied to, but

George Pataki is SO irrelevant it hurts

"Binders full of women"

Charlotte NBC News says Obama was 'agressive', has a poll

I am thinking that RMoney's "performance" will get picked apart and really stink with time.

CBS debate poll: OBAMA: 37%; ROMNEY: 30%, TIE: 33%

*Willard, STFU and Sit The Fuck Down*

George Pataki is spinning for the Romney campaign?

McCain Adviser: Libya Question Hurt Romney

My Favorite Moment: Mitt Needs An Ace on the River and draws... OUTSOURCING

Trying to donate right now and

TeamObama now needs to go after the Mitt Twit on his FAILED record in MA. Won't even campaign there.

asshole george pataki on m$nbc..... puuuuuuuuuke

Fox News Debate Focus Group..All white, all middle aged or older.....seriously....

MAD MITT (great pic from debate!)

Oh this is rich. Latest sex scandal to hit the right wing involves Dinesh D'Souza

Crowley: I Expected Candidates To ‘Come At Me’

Obama drank Romney's milkshake!

So Pataki says high gas prices under Bush were not his fault but they are for Obama?

What was that bullshit about marriage and AK47s?

"Let me be clear. Secretary Clinton has done a remarkable job. She works hard.

Thanks Admin and Mods, you folks did a great job!!! :) nt

Hey Mitt...

Mittford tried to Sensata Obama before Obama did it to him...... and failed

Wy doesn't ANYBODY call them on this pipeline/oil for us bullshit? The Canadian oil company

MADDOW's - Mitt Smackdown

Pataki lies about keystone jobs .... 60,000 jobs ....

corporate controlled gasoline is exported

Did Obama say that he supports the AWB?

I know it is fox but an almost all white Luntz focus group.

Pataki is being an idiot by opening and closing his mouth. nt

Debate Winners, Losers and Binders (Comedy Central's Indecision Forever)

Damn, I think Obama took a sip from Biden's flask!

"Binders Full of Women", "47%", "Fire Big Bird". That's what he's going to be remembered for.

Popluar Reality Show Family Supports Todd Akin

At least Andrew Sullivan has stopped having kittens, lol. He just told Tweety

I knew making the Embassy attack a politcal issue was going to backfire on Mitt

This photo says it all:

Obama: Women in the Lilly Ledbetter Law vs. Romney: Women in binders

"I appreciate wind jobs..."

Romney: "I appreciate wind jobs".

Obama — And The Moderator — Call Romney Out For Libya Falsehood

Obama cleaned his clock - Hit him so hard that Romney thought he was on Chinese time.

Crowley came through

CBS Poll: Obama Wins Debate

The DU Spin Room

Mitten's confidence has been demolished!


I missed the entire debate and want to watch it online.

Whew. Thanks everyone.

Big Ed is onto Binders Full of Women!!

I just can't get over the "binders full of women."

Did he really say "''IF" women are on the workforce"?!!!!! nt

For fans of Zap Comix:

A criticism of Obama...


Lady binders, Mitt? Really?

You know it's bad when all Drudge can link to is rightwing hack Fournier calling it a tie

Obama finishes off Romney with his AK-47%

DU this poll, found it on freerepublic

I have to say that we shouldn't be surprised that groups of undecided voters don't have many

DU Post-Debate #2 Poll -- Who won tonight?

Colombia, FARC rebels set to start peace talks Wednesday

Never Been a Candy Crowley Fan- However, She Was On Tonight

TWO, count 'em TWO RIGHTIES FLIPPED!!! (personal FB victory)

I need a WINDJOB!

Soup Kitchen

Binders full of women

Can we get a HELL YEAH for Sen. John Kerry?!!!

Vietnam in the debates

The stinging shot Obama aimed at Romney that no one is talking about

So Whats Faux News' excuse tonight?

It's so natural for President Obama because he is so open about his principles.

and the pic to sum up the debate...

I want my daughters to have the same opportunity as

just started watching debat... obama just kicked his ass on the gas price question...

The President was smooth . . . .

anyone got a pic of the hate look Queen annie gave her hubby


It is getting worse for Rmoney.

CNN Focus Group says...

Finally! Romney's tax plan unveiled!

On binders

He reminded us he lost to McCain!

Was Paul Ryan conspicuous by his absence?

Hey Girl, I want to put you in a "binder"

Post your favorite debate tweets here

I found Rmoney's Lady Binders...

it's a start - creeping up on Intrade - 64.5 for election, 92.5 for debate.

Hillary Clinton on tonight's debate...

nbc poll about whether it influenced your vote

So CNN is using the Force now? n/t

Q. Hey IT pros, how about some more H1B1s?


Binders full of women - THAT is how FLDS pick

Looks like somebody just reserved "".

Maine Poll - come vote!

Mitt peaked last week

Can someone do me a HUGE favor? Pretty Please?????

Romney is now wishing for an Assault Weapons Ban

President Obama: "Can You Say That a Little Louder, Candy?"


Folks, if the media want to call this a tie, LET THEM.

PPP snap poll of Colorado: Obama 48-44 wins indies 58-36 poll is +3 GOP

You know the President won when the Tea Party on Facebook is calling Crowley a partisan hack!

A white Angry Man and A Happy Black Man picture

Just gave another $250 to Obama/Biden

PublicPolicyPolling 48-44 Obama victory in Colorado, 58/36 independents

This will not end well for the Romney campaign: Romney ‘binder’ remark becomes URL

Hats Off To Candy Crowley! Her Real-Time Fact Checking Defines What Journalism Should Be...

Obama wins snap poll of Colorado voters (PPP) 58-36 indies!!

Full transcript of the second presidential debate

Vote on the Denver Post Poll

I believe the guys who made Mortal Kombat said it best.

‘Forty-Seven Percent’ Gets Last Word At Hofstra Debate

I don't want to be in a binder, I want equal pay and equal opportunity nt

DU the CNBC poll

The ladies are not impressed.

I am SO proud! that our President took the heat on Benghazi. That's the courage & integrity that

Romney debate PHOTO - (Check out his EYES in this one) - A MUST SEE

Team America 2, Bain Liars 1, game over, Obama wins, OOOOOOOObama WINS

Google Poll?

Media is tempered because they have to get Republican quotes



CNN Scientific Poll Of Debate Watchers - Obama 46% Romney 39%

CNN POLL: Obama 46%, Romney 39%, Blitzer calls it a draw,

Now that that is over, how about an LOL?

CNN's scientific poll of debate watchers...

"So you really want to debate me on FOREIGN POLICY next week, Mitt? After Libya? Really?"

CNN: Registered voters who watched the debate - 46% Obama - 39% R

Oh noes. CNN let Obama win the snap poll. 46% to 39%.

The president comes out on top in CNN poll - 46% to 39%

Remember after the town hall debate 4 years ago?

There was an earthquake today

Romney Binders

#bindersfullofwomen trending on twitter

I've been thinking all along I heard "terrorist attack" within a day of the

Floats like a butterfly...

LOL. Fact checking "Bush didn't try to turn Medicare into a voucher"

I told my wife I agreeded with Romney's cooking dinner comment!

So, I missed it all. How'd it go?

What I couldn't believe Romney said

This picture sum tonight up

You know how, when you're doing a negative ad, you render your opponent in B&W to make him look bad?

wanted: subtly smiling obama pic with "Please, proceed" caption

Remember We Need To Win The Last One And Get This Election Over With Successfully.

Huffpo FB Poll- LOLOL!!

CNN Poll: Who won the debate... Obama 46%-Romney 39%

Now the GOP punditry goes into "Hair on fire" mode

gun control question (transcript)

Give Obama an 82% DEM Congress & he'll get more done in 4 years than has been done in the last 30.

One thing that is important to remember about the debate poll margins

Government Doesnt Create Jobs but I will create 12 Million

Mitt Romney: I Like it When Both the Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun Sides Come Together

best thing about CNN tonight..

Tiger pitchers just threw a 5 hitter at the Yankees. Obama blanked the Mitten.

How does George W.* feel about being thrown under Mitt's bus??!!

Nobody puts baby in a binder!

You Wont See Much Of Mitt Anymore and here is why...

As you might have guessed, Mittnocchio's "Binders" comment, as funny as it was - was bullshit

Woo Hoo Tigers

Things are never as good as they seem at a high, nor so bad as they seem at a low . . . . . .

Done, wrapped up and rolled down the hill done, stick a fork in his snotty ass

Obama Bounces Back With Strong Showing in Second Debate

Romneys Bengazi Libya disaster will go down in debate history......

The Debate's Outcome In One Picture

It's funny how Republicans are always talking about the free market, and how Democrats are always

"Premium Support" is to insurance, what "Defined Contribution" is to pensions

Revealing image of Romney at the end of the debate:

OK seriously, for reals now. If this dude showed up to pick up your daughter, sister, mother, friend

I can't wait to see Joe Scum's face in the morning

Photoshoppers needed, please! Jules from Pulp Fiction...

Obama Challenges Romney To “Read The Transcript” — And Here It Is

Intrade has Obama up 2.6 and Romney down 2.8

Romney did accomplish 1 thing in 2nd debate. He destroyed his support among women.

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Tuesday, October 16)

DU This Poll

Supreme Court allows Ohio early voting to continue More Great News!

CNN focus group on now are composed of.......

What was asid at the end about the 47% comment, I can't find anything yet??

Katty Kay (sp?) BBC world news just now - "this is why the debate came out as a clear draw"

did Obama mention Mitt's record in Massachusetts

New Cuban immigration rules could challenge U.S. policies

CNN's Ohio undecided focus group is a gloomy bunch of people

Down goes the Bully

New Cuban immigration rules could challenge U.S. policies

About the polls on the debate . . . . .

Hey do you think gun rights enthusiasts are ticked off finding out that Romney did sign

I loved how Obama waited until JUST the perfect moment

Tomorrow the press will begin the Obama come-back story

does Wolf need a math lesson?

What is the MSNBC crew saying? I hope they are saying, "O YA, CLEAR OBAMA VICTORY !!!"

I got my mail in ballot today!!!

Wolf Blitzer

Come on Mr. Romney... The last time guys bragged about having binders full of women...

Ok I did miss the debate tonight so can someone sum up in a nutshell how it went

Obama — And The Moderator — Call Romney Out For Libya Falsehood

Wolf Blitzer calling it a draw even though his own poll says Obama won

How will the polls react?

Bader Ginsburg 79, Kennedy 76, Scalia 76, Breyer 74

So, is Crowley still the devil?

On a lighter note, Babs Bush's stupidest son is now the very *measure* of Fail


Wolf Blitzer :wanker:

The Two GOP Memes That "Government Does Not Create Jobs" And "Trickle Down Government ---- MUST READ


Chuckie Toad: Obama certainly better but not sure he stemmed Romney's momentum

chuck todd is still shilling for the right even though Obama OBVIOUSLY won.

For all Kitty fans . . .

CBS analyst suggested the Secret Service should've gotten on stage!

Toad is looking sickly...gotta love it!

CNN Quick Vote: Obama 69%, Romney 31%

Chuck toad spinning shit balls


"I don't support equal pay for women, but I'll let them go home to make dinner."

Pics: In The End - Mitt Knew He Got Clobbered

Wolf Blitzer: "Obama 46 Romney 39 But More Republicans Sampled so Essentially a Draw"

will Queen Ann cancel her View appearance tomorrow?

Binders full of women website

#bindersfullofwomen trending on twitter right now!

Really missed the boat on fuel

At one point, I looked at the fishbelly whiteness of Rmoney and thought his

"I'm there when the coffins come home"

DU This Denver Post Poll

Hilarious (y'all need to see this)


Down Goes Romney!

Screw Chuck Todd

OK so check out this ex-Freeper board "Frank Luntz focus group swings heavily to Romney."

during the course of today's debate Intrade on Obama went up 61% to 65.2%

I had to take care of my waking daughter during the last few minets of the debate.

I have a request from the GIFters guilde.

Romney's "Binders full of women" trending

Betting sites ALL moving toward Obama tonight

Oh stop it chuck Todd

You fucking worm. **I** wanted to pick out the next set of drapes.

I voted yesterday, after tomorrow I will probabely be joining the ranks of the unemployed..

binders full of women

Serious Point: If the polls showing Romney up by 4% were real, would he have been so antsy tonight?

Wow this is amazing. FIRED UP

Cnn and their polls suck!

DU This Orlando Sentinel Poll....Needs Help

Again, being that I missed the debate - what's up with this Binder meme...

I is a happy girl.

Can someone slap Chuckie Todd?

Momentum Is Winning TWO Debates In A Row - Biden and Obama Just Did That

I say this Obama dude has some political talent, and I say he's gonna go places and do stuff!

Revealed: Canberra Shared Intel on Assange with Washington

Mitt's 5 point plan

Washington Post: "Winners and losers from the second presidential debate"

Willard, the Joe Isuzu of Politics, Just Got Recalled

Rocklin High student fights to keep Stephen King book in library

Transcript of Debate (on one page):

Google: ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Rising Search Term

I thought it was really stupid

Just checked in with Faux News..

TRENDING: 'Binders full of women' raises brows

The 96 Seconds that Lost Romney the Debate and Maybe the Election

Washington Post Poll: DU please

Corruption Continues Virtually Unchecked in Greece

Romney: In 2014, “I Presume I'm Gonna Be President”

How ya like him now?

OT: Im glad

Line which will hurt Mitt the most imo....."Women need flexible schedules so they can make dinner."

Obama knocked Mitt the F*** out

Is "Women In Binders" funnier?

Ernst: GOP won't let election winner serve

Some good #bindersfullofwomen tweets......funny stuff!

Binders of Women–it’s not just a meme with its own twitter and facebook page, it’s a lie.

Verlander Delivers; Detroit Tigers One Win From World Series

Right Wing Websites like Free Republic,Breitbart, etc howling mad at Crowley's Fact Check on Bengazi

Ok....going to bed....I hope the POTUS wins tonight....

46 say Obama won compared to 39 percent for Romney on CNN but Romney wins on the economy.

CNN Flash Poll Breakdown: 33% Dem, 33% Repub

Jon Stewart Mocks Paul Ryan’s Soup Kitchen Story: Add Some ‘Oomph’ To ‘Manipulating People’s Emotion

From Sept. 12th (Note to Mitt....)

Wonder what the viewer numbers were? anyone know? n/t

Loved how Crowley told Romney, "go sit down in the chair." Romney is toast! eom

Geraldo Tweets At Obama: ‘Congrats Mr. President, Balls Are A Beautiful Thing’

Please proceed, Governor

The Prez wins the debate- "Simpsons style"

Candy Crowley Interjects: Obama 'Did In Fact' Say Libya Attack Was Terrorism

And to top it off Bristol Palin just went home on Dancing With The Stars !!

Only President Obama on split screen?

I'm Proud of my President

Tweety just said the binder comment was like "bondage" or something

So are richie richers gona throw some more of our money they stole at it?

Obama's debate performance won him re-election.

Pic Of The Moment: Humiliation

Obama by a TKO

Romney's 'binders full of women' causes social media phenomenon

Aaannnnddd Candy Crowley walks back her Benghazi fact check (VIDEO)

Stop the DEBATE!!!

Remember when Romney insisted oil production was down 14% during Obama's administration? NOT TRUE.

Did you see Ann's face after the debate?

From faux news: rMoney 58, President 40 on economics! LOL.


Charlie Krauthammer said Obama won.

How Soon Will We See New Obama Ads Featuring Romney's F&CK UPS tonight?

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT use of the 47% Comment.


CANDY BITES BACK: Romney Shot Down In Debate Fact Check (VIDEO)

Brit Hume and George Will declare Pres. Obama the winner

Binder of Women... this is unpleasant, but

I am so disappointed that there is no progressive radio station in the San Francisco bay area.

Please Proceed = "Go on...."

Does Romney have one binder for "Women who need to be home to cook dinner"...

Mitt Romeny: "If elected, I will create jobs"

Chris Hayes: Romney Disrespected the Rules of the Debate his Campaign Agreed To

Costa Rica Fully Bans Shark Fin Trade

Costa Rica Fully Bans Shark Fin Trade

Guess Annie Oakley will be signing Mittwitt on to fancy pageant walk'n class.

The Rmoney campaign just called a presser . . . .

Funny Mitt...Funny.

Fox 31- Denver: Obama won and Romney is toothpaste

Robert Reich: Obama is Back

Romney published his tax plan online

China Nuclear Report Acknowledges Safety Concerns

Howard Fineman - "You saw Mitt Romney for who he really was - a cold blooded guy

I believe when Fox showed the tape of the Rose Garden speech, they edited it to make it look

I See Hardball's Chris Matthews Smiling His Ass Off Right Now

The sure-fire sign that Obama will make big gains post-debate:

I'm feeling great tonight, but it's still going to be tense for me...

So now Mitten's daddy was a "Mexican immigrant"?????

O.K. This IS Funny...

How do we lower the unemployment rate for women?

Crowley was right the first time. Here's the video. The part in question is at 4:18

Romney loses, Yankees lose, Palin loses.

Snake oil market in full collapse after Romney debate debacle

The Greatest Debate strategy ever--Part four

On education

So, Mitt Romney did not shake the president's hand after the debate.

Who else has Binders full of women?

Now the "binders full of women" is apparently another Romney lie?

"Binder full of women" - what are we, commodities?

Another condescending Romney quote to women

rmoney: i know how to create jobs == mclame: i know how to get bin laden

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out

Notice how Candy actually stole one of Rmoney's Talking Points before he could get it out?

I'm responsible versus I retired retroactively - is there any comparison? nt

Quote of the night

NY evangelical college probes 'Obama' filmmaker

NBC's Williams Asks Obama Spokeswoman If "Your Camp Overcorrected In Terms Of The Flashes Of Anger"

I know I'm going to burn for this...

Interesting info (he lied) about rMoney's binder story

Bravo to Candy Crowley for actually pointing out facts and not letting BS go unchallenged.

Obama Did Not Cause All The Misery And Need For Support Programs That Romney ----

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Oct 17th

Left speechless and licking his wounds!!!!!!

Just a reminder

"binders full of women" equals “Too many OB/GYN’s aren’t able to practice their love with women

CNN's David Gergen: "The night goes to Barack Obama"

Romney does have something that makes him like another famous person.

It is wonderful to see Fox people so miserable.

Obama Beats Romney with Tire Iron

Fact Check: Romney Lied about Binders Full of Women

The Champ is Back!

Does this "binder full of women" and men look impressed with Mittnocchio?

Even In A Debate Poll That Undersamples Democrats By Twenty Five Percent Obama Wins 46% -39%

Fox news: Romney Wallops Obama

Brain Dead Undecided voters on MSNBC.

Obama killed among indies and moderates tonights

Guy on NBC "Independent" focus group ADMITS he's always voted Republican

Masterful use of the Obama death stare when he said, "...that's offensive. That's not what we do.

Binder Full OF Women FB Page

Even John Cusack has Binders Full Of Women

DU these polls on the 2nd Debate tonight

UGH! Uncommited Voter Poll Live on MSNBC

MSNBC have a group of idiots in the talk room. I can not believe this supposed subsection . What

I Counted At Least Four Incidents Where Robme Got Pwned

What the hell is wrong

"All Post-Debate Polls Give Obama Clear Win"

Cnn top trending term

I said it before, and got locked out of my own thread

Assault weapons ban

At this point, "Undecided" voters can most fairly be termed "dumbfucks"

I figured out why Romney is doing so poorly campaigning for President

I want in!!! I want to be in binder full of wimin

Watching the old tv show "McCloud". My gosh was there ever a lot of sexism on that show.

You know who else who has "binders full of women"?

Mitt's granddaddy's binder

says it all

Focus groups are full of posers

DU this Iowa poll

So, I've now read and watched the Rose Garden address about Benghazi.

University of Phoenix closing 115 locations

LOFL!! It's a....

PHOTO: Queen Ann Is Not Amused

Winner - Creepiest Rmoney Binder Pic..

60% of $800,000 is less than 60% of $1,000,000

Hoisted by His Own Petard

Graphic: Binders full of women? Sure, I have hundreds of them!

One UNDECIDED requests delay in election, needs more time to decide:

Why did they keep referring to that crap bag POS as "governor"??? Does that mean I can be

The moment of the night for me was, "Gov't doesn't create jobs! Gov't doesn't create jobs!"

No one's mentioned this little disconnect from reality by Rmoney

posted on Dogs against Romney FB page

Obama reduced Mittens to a stammering fool.

Pensions or ego?????

PPP: Barack Obama wins debate by 22 points among Independents (58 vs 36 )

CBS Radio News sez...

Breaking news: President Obama reported safe after walking away from a smoking crater

I was worried about a sleepless night if the debate went badly

Oh man, President Obama kicked Romney's ass tonight and by

This poll needs some help

binders full of women already has 175,000 likes on facebook..

Chris Rock's tweet on the debate.

Nate Silver tweet: Looks like Obama named winner by CBS, Google and PPP snap polls. No word from CNN

Wind Job

Now the wingnuts are claiming

So is that little shit Ryan breaking into soup kitchens tonight?

Secretary Clinton works for me.

Matthews: "CNN's phony [poll]"

So we will have had four debates with no discussion of gay issues

I'm voting for Romney because he had a much larger American Flag lapel pin than Obama.

Quiet rooms. Binders Full of women. Cult talk?


The Binder of Women was put together by a Women's Group, not requested by Romney

More Debate Polls

Planet Found in Nearest Star System to Earth

The Binder Full of Women Story Is A LIE

"The Number of Women in Top Appointed Positions Actually Declined 27.6% During Romney's Tenure"

Mitt appreciates "wind jobs" while browsing thru his "binder of women"

poll has 70-20 Romney! Give it some DU love!!

Did any of you see the discussion of so called independents (8 I think) on Msnbc from Ohio?

Google Surveys: Obama won by 17 points

ABC News Poll: Obama Won Debate 70% to Romney 24%

One should know the TOS if one chooses to serve on a jury.

Rivals Bring Bare Fists to Rematch. NYT

How can Romney claim that as Prez he will create jobs, while at the same time chanting "gov't

Highlight of the debate:

Biff Boff Bluff Kensington Romney IV says SOON...

I Don't Always Organize My Women, But When I Do....

Doesn't the binder story mean Romney believes in affirmative action?

Paul Robesen: an American voice of greatness

Poll: Obama won 53-38

This poll needs some DU love

Are there any good Tumblr photo collections from the debate?

Binders in Presidential History

POLITICO Debate Poll: 73% Obama, 22% Romney

President Obama on Romney's one-point plan

So, any info on the next debate?

Did anyone else notice Romney impatiently thumping the mic?

So, hey, what happened to Chris Matthews tonight?

Wow... I missed the live debate.... and am watching the replay right now...

Romney's performance tonight was worse than Obama's performance in first debate?

Anyone catch Romneybots robot walk across the stage?

Fox News Poll??????

Guess who else had binders full of women?

Two men enter, one man leaves ....

Romney campaign wheels out the corrupt and disgraced Sununu to provide post-debate spin

My Cats have predicted the outcome of the election! (facetious)

The video that sums it all up tonight:

FOX NEWS Debate Poll: Obama 69%, Romney 30%

The Question Regarding Immigration

Freeper: A f****** disaster for Romney!

Which major media outlets are not in the

Binders Full of Women Tumblr omglmao

I am curious has John Sanunu said anything more about

FOX explains away the "Act of Terror" quote. (Not the Onion)

Can someone pretty please make a gif of the "please proceed" moment?

Ohio Poll Needs To Be DUed

Jeeves! Bring me my ascot, my Grey Poupon, and my binders filled with women!! n/t

Is it really necessary to establish a commission to find qualified women as if

"Please Proceed" ... to be hoist by your own petard

Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers

I'm wondering -- do you think Romney will cancel the last debate?

What I hated about the debate: When Romney thanked each questioner.

What is more confused than the so called "undecided" voter and they are draining billions?

DU the Yahoo poll

Is this the photo of Romney someone was looking for earlier?

Mind the Binder

I must have missed the part where Bush apologized for ignoring the intelligence before 9/11.

"You'll get your chance, I'm speaking"

Romney's Battleship in online game with Mitt's dog on the roof.

32 Seconds After The Debate Ended, Fox Started Blaming The Questions

Maddow: Romney misled by right-wing media bubble

A (now former) facebook friend of mine used the term "flaming faggots"...

Chris Hayes Nailed It

as a woman i've NEVER been so frickin insulted

For the President, Punch, Punch, Another Punch (NYT)

President Obama, do you realize

Romney couldn't read the prepared answers

"It was tone deaf, condescending, out of touch... The phrase objectified & dehumanized women"

Would a Romney WH criminalize divorce?

Now who's not happy you GOP bitches?

Obama wins the second debate. Too bad it’s not the one that mattered. Jeff Greenfield is a jerk

My Pal, Barack, Sent Me An E-Mail

Panama wants the euro as legal tender

Crouton, from Rocky Ridge Rescue,...

I knew it was coming, but didn't expect to see it THIS fast. "Men are weak, but..."

DU These Polls, Please!

How'd he do? (I'm coming out from 3 1/2 hours of no outside world contact)

Video of defenseless man being beaten by police in synagogue.

President Obama destroyed Mitt Romney in this debate!

"Get the transcript".

Fox Nation poll needs DU love

GOPers throughout the web are trying to assert that "act of terror" is not equal to "terrorism"

Help:   Romney says:  "I'm not looking to cut taxes for wealthy people."

BINDERS! Obama campaign is already on it...

Binders full of women...

For the record in the post-debate exchange between Anderson Cooper and Candy Crowley, she did NOT

President Obama said 'act of terror' twice within two days - see below

if anyone sees a still shot of Ann at the end when she went up to Mitt, please post it!

Poor Candy! They've already started.

Did you all see this?

Panama's Government One Step Away From Passing The 'Worst Copyright Law In History'

Babes in Binders

Boston Globe: Fact check: There were no women partners at Bain Capital during Romney's time

Romney's binder story is a LIE.

George Will declares Obama winner of night, says this was best presidential debate he's ever seen

The right is outraged that Romney was right. Obama didn't say the attack was an act of terror.

"Mitt Romney's binders full of women just don't stack up." - Romney as Andrew Dice Clay.

Candy Crowley Fact Checks Mitt Romney on Libya (Video clip)

Binder LOLPic!

Geraldo Rivera's bizarre tweet - congratulating the President tonight:

Pro-Romney 'super PAC' meets alongside donor event

Ezra Klein: Mitt Romney's blind trust is managed by his personal family lawyer

SuperPAC to spend $2.5 million more to ‘bury Duckworth’ in negative ads

Twitter may face legal action over anti-Semitic tweets (some very offensive pictures included)

America 360, Pro-Scott Brown Super PAC, Funded Almost Entirely By Koch Brother Company

Freeper Computer Rooms

Dog and Pony show?

David Pakman's review of the Presidential Debate - Romney Self-Destructed over Libya

George Will: ‘This Was Immeasurably The Best Debate’ I Have Ever Seen

President Obama has a "that" problem...

Did you all see this!? Romney admits Manuf. jobs coming back under Obama energy policy!

The fire just got turned up for the next debate

Obama's new theme song? "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden"

Please DU this .Romney 61%

Binders and more binders chock full of women (graphics a-plenty)

The far right are fighting amongst themselves again!

Loan firm’s wonga buys the ears of ministers

Something just occurred to me re: the "binders" comment

The post-debate Mitt and Ann kiss - image

So, ... Mitt appreciates wind jobs ... in Iowa?

The oppressed desires of North Korean youths

You're all a bunch of testosterone-poisoned dicks.

Pretty productive 90 minutes for Obama.

This is a written transcript of the debate talking about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

I think we need to get a new hash tag trending

Who wants to join me in a hug?

Obama's "Acts of Terror" speech on 12 Sep 2012 in the Rose Garden

TxDOT looking at passenger rail along I-35 corridor

Gun Range Suicides

From a fact checking article on USA Today.

DU this poll

Obama's Strong Pitch to Women Prompts Romney Stumble

Romney's comments on AK47's, simplified and illustrated with cats.

Obama’s closing statement, cites 47%, nails Romney (video)

Boston Herald DU..

DU poll

Hey Girl, Paul Ryan has a binder too

Romney vetoed minimum wage increase, etc.

Toon for those who feel Rmoney won tonight's debate ...

Binders Full of Women tee

The moment Romney lost the debate: Obama scolds Romney on Libya (video)

Binders full of women..21,900,000 results on google

Paul Ryan weighs in...

video where Romney says blind trust is a ruse

From the comments section at - Fact checks are biased

I didn't see the debate live but recorded it on my DVR

Anyone think the "binders full of women" phrase will hurt him among conservatives?

Our guy rang the bell

Art Heist In Rotterdam: Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, Freud

Undecided voters who are waiting for more information are "phoning in" their citizenship

Why I didn't watch last night's debate

this is who actually created the 'binders of women':

Libyan militia 'executed 67 detainees'

[Video] Mitt Romney in 2003: "I Will Not Create Jobs That Kill People"

Despicable. Planned Parenthood Says Abortion Foes Used Fake Website to Gather Women's Personal Info

"Dirty Debating"

One does not…

Wait to see Joey the Scar's sad, sad face this morning....

Swing voters for fun and terror, Mark Morford

Angry Google Hits


Early polls indicate Barack Obama beats Mitt Romney in second debate

Wrong date given for election, but only in Spanish

So, what do you think....

Image: Mitt with his diverse executive contingent

Romney even lost Mark "Good news for John McCain" Halperin tonight

"What I mean to say was, 'Republicans will put women in blinders." - Willard & RepubliCronies (R)

How many people will watch the last debate?

Everyone speaks of Libya and binders...

It's not over..

Nate Silver: Narrow Obama Advantage in Second Debate

Forget the 'acts of terror' semantics argument. THIS is the question Team Obama should hit, hard!

Facebook portrait of Romeny...

HCA Midwest aims to buy St. Joseph and St. Mary’s hospitals

Huffington Post: Quick Poll. Please go to this site and give it some DU love for our President!

Bill Maher:

Binders full of Women

Yahoo web poll on debate needs a DU-ing

BBC covered up a second 'national treasure' child abuser known as Uncle Dick, claims Corporation vet

My Post on Friday About Gas Prices in 2008 and How it was Described in the Debate

Is there a replay of the debate ?


Proof That Romney Is Living In The Past...

Capital gains: Romney promises to cut his own taxes to 0%

To all DU'ers, from the Big Commander in Chief

Twitter people can we get this to go viral?

Tonight's debate in ONE picture

I have gained a lot new found respect for Candy Crowley

Injustice. Binders full of women sold for $0.77 at Staples. Binders full of men selling for $1.00.

I have a dream......

Dead campaign walking

According to the Obvious Poll (10/16/12) Obama wins Debate

Vampire Overlord is not pleased.

"Libya" - the short history of a RW talking point turned rake in the grass.

How Propagandists for the 1% Are Manipulating Christian Teachings to Rob the Middle Class

David Horsey TOON on last nights debate

Romney's Bain Capital Is Sending a Bunch of High-Tech Jobs to China on the Day Before the Election

Romney's problem now is that he's damaged goods

Tammy Duckworth's American Dream Tour

How Higher Education in the US Was Destroyed in 5 Basic Steps

Canadian government 'knew of plans to dump iron into the Pacific'


Kerry: "Next Tuesday, I'm going to have an exorcism of Romney out of my being"

John Kerry: "Mitt Romney is perpetrating a fraud on the American people."

..... Prooooceeeeed Guvenuh!!

America Has Now Met the Many Romneys, and America Knows They Can Get Their Asses Kicked: At the Deba

Mitt Romney's Peevish, Prickly Debate Flop

Sen. Kerry Just Demolished Joe's Talking Points

Chevron dealt new blow in Ecuador pollution case

Mr. Romney, you lied. You have been outspoken in your support of the Blunt Amendment.

Will Bain-Linked E-Voting Machines Give Romney the White House?

Childhood adversity affects adult brain and body functions, researchers find

Kerry just said something that if Obama said last night he would probably be guaranteed

Must See Map: ABC News Poll Shows Obama Won Debate 66% to 26%

Romney Speech Raised Red Flags for Military School, Documents Show

great retort to investing in China.....spread it around facebook to drown the RW BS

Romney invites himself to a college campus to speak...

Harry Reid: Medicare Under Siege, Yet Stronger Than Ever

"I like wind jobs." - Willard Romney (R - 1%)

What was the question that Robme answered with the binder remark?

Dean Baker: The Wrecking Society--Economics Today

Check, please.

What is the possibility that we, the Community of D.U., can collectively write an op-ed...

Prez took that blame away from Hillary. He said, "I am the President." To

Mormon Playboy Magazine cover.. yes binders page 4...LOL

F*ck Science!

Biofuels: EU weakens proposals to reduce indirect climate impact

Ryan on GMA saying Crowley backtracked on the terror statement

Nation Reacts: Obama Bags Mitt Bin Lying!!!

Do we behave better (more classy) toward the right here, than they do on their forums?

Scientists have 'limited knowledge' of how climate change causes extinction

Morning Joe showing

Court leaves in place Montana caps on campaign contributions

Flier calls for violence against Occupy Oakland protesters

100% Right 0% of the Time

We must accept that Britain cannot rely on world food supplies

The Romney's React To The Debate - Devastating Pic

Tory minister's campaign spending records raise questions - airline wrote off $18,000 in flights

In a world hungry for biofuels, food security must come first

Has anyone seen that failed fugg Dan Senor this morning

Tweet from Hillary

Hefner Has "Binders Full Of Women" Too

"It is now well established that minority students fare best when taught by young white teachers....

I bet this debate will not get as much coverage

Where Obama has a human heart, Robme has a smoking calculator.

Hollande fires warning shot at Merkel over austerity on eve of EU summit

Last of the summer tomatoes: Roasted tomato basil soup

So does this debate end that silly "Obama can't speak without a teleprompter" thing. Or maybe....

Undecided voters? More like ignorant voters.

US pushes Afghans as security deteriorates

Chris Hayes NAILED IT!

If we grow the economy enough, people will WANT to hire women!

My local FOX station is reporting The Binders full of Women story and laughing.

Who moderates next debate? Format? Where?

The audience applauds Crowley live fact-checking Romney. Like, twice. They applaud twice.

He did his job and now I will do mine.

Superman Reboot Will Be Pentagon Stealth Jet’s Silver Screen Debut

Next DEBATE format = IF YOU LIE, you shut up for 3 minutes and cede that time to your opponent.

The economy is getting stronger - 872K housing starts in September - 15% over estimates

John Kerry: ‘Mitt Romney Is Perpetrating A Fraud On The American People’

The MSM Will Still Prop Up Romney Because They ARE Him ---- Natural Born Liars ----

Crowley about to defend her fact check on CNN

Romney/Ryan/Repugs on Women's issues

I Misjudged Ms Crowley She Did Her Job As Moderator And Was A Far Cry From Lehrer

PRESIDENT OBAMA's Ninja Moment: "Please Proceed, Governor."

Bristol Palin is FINALLY gone from DWTS

Ghost of George W. Bush Haunts Romney in Second Debate

Good morning.

"I half-expected Obama to drop the mic when he was done."

Lurking Freepers Obama Punished Your Putative Leader The Way The Brown Bomber Punished Max Schmeling

The Military Can Now Fly A Fleet Of Killer Drones At The Same Time

Let's All Send Mitt A Rhubarb Pie...

Ahhhhh....poor guy. I half expected a "but it's hard work" from the jerk.

So Romney's big idea is to give himself a tax rate of ZERO %???

bill maher tweet last night

googled 'binders full of women'.....About 66,900,000 results (0.22 seconds)

Please please vote in Az poll - Obama is up 2 AND we have a Dem candidate for Senate to replace Kyl.

Kenney seeks power to bar people from entering Canada for ‘public-policy considerations’

Racism On Display

U.S. Housing Starts Up 15% in September

Has anyone watched the debate with the sound off to study the body language?

Bumper Sticker Art - Vote for Obama or the Bird Gets It!

Anybody else find it odd that one of the "undecided voters" last night kissed Ann Romney?

What's my Name WilLIARd?

You will NOT believe this "Fact Check" in the Washington Post

Just on style and delivery

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, has released a commercial for president Obama...

Romney's Ma. record as Gov.

Clear evidence that, in a way, "the fix is in" - re how the debate aftermaths are formed....

About half way through the debate, while Obama was talking, Rmoney did a guffaw and laughed


Do You Think Jeb Likes The Fact That Willard Threw His Brother Under The Bus?

Right hits Crowley for correcting Romney on Obama's 'acts of terror'

Survey USA Poll of Nevada: Obama leads by 3

May the fleas of a thousand Candy Crowleys infest Mitt Mystical’s Magical Under Drawers.

chuckie toad isn't quite as 'glib' this a.m. even seems a little down.

Why Romney's 'Binders Full of Women' Remark Will Hurt Him with MEN!

The one change I think Obama should make from last night.

The best thing I've seen this morning

Romney Strikes Me As The Type Of Guy Who Would Try To Pick Up A Tire Iron In A Fist Fight

At some point, undecided voters need to be discouraged from voting.

What should President Obama say in the next debate?

THANK YOU to everyone who called the president on his first debate ....

Mitt Romney blames single mothers for Gun Violence

Mitt Romney 'Binders Full Of Women' Claim Misleads

Obama is edging up to 64% on

Stephanie Miller on Current TV is on fire

An act of terror is perpetrated by a terrorist

The Transcript Truthers Get A Seat At The Table

Having seen George Will's reaction...

Do people really think Ross Perot is a good judge of character? He endorsed Bush in 2000 and....

LOL: Paul Ryan Tries To Help Clean Up Mitt's Mess

Question for DUers - aren't most murders committed by husbands

What was it they said repeatedly about the last guy? "I think it maligns our troops who are

Obama, Didn't I Tell You "I Got This"?

think my daughter has a problem with Scott Brown?

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Reaches 233 Cases, U.S. CDC Says

Drumbeat: October 17, 2012

Drumbeat: October 17, 2012

I Asked Last Night Here On DU If Rmoney Signed Grover Norquist's Pledge.....

George Will Said Last Night that this Was the Best Debate He's Ever Seen

Can't find anything on a Romney gaffe re Libya -- unless it is

Obama is Back. Romney flattened!

The defining moment of the debate.

Paul Ryan: Romney ‘won the debate’

rMoney could come out and out and call the President the N word ....

Climate Silence: Candidates Spar Over Who Wants To Drill For More Fossil Fuels During Debate.

What I learned last night about Mitt Romney

The A123 Systems Story - A BIPARTISAN Case of Bailing Out Wall Street before Main Street

Stephanie Miller cracks me up.

OMG Stephen! "Commander in Pointless."

Once A Bully

You want to know what Obama's plans for a second term is?

John Nichols (The Nation): Obama Outsources Romney

Where was CENK??

Romney's 'Binders full of women'?--more BS

OK Dems - great night

Krugman: Chicken Hawk Down

Don't Pity the Rich: The Great Recession Was Worst on the Poor

GREAT NEWS! Housing up 15% this month!

A Major Sign Obama Won

Post this website on your Facebook pages.

So my fate in life is to cook dinner for my man and have my photo in a binder somewhere

Women in binders? Who'd have expected it of Willard?

Defining moments of debates

Downton Abbey: Greece censors gay kiss

How Barack Obama threaded the town hall needle and got America to be outraged at Mitt Romney

The Purest Kind Of A Guy

Ryan asks "Can I help?"

Siena Poll of CT: Murphy over McMahon by 2; Obama leads by 15

How Teachers Should Communicate

Chuck Todd on Daily Rundown. Who is he and should I care?


"Rat" from Pearls Before Swine comix, as the Dos Equis "most interesting man in the world"

Mitt Romney's binders full of women just don't stack up

Skipping breakfast primes the brain to seek out fat

Crowley: "If I could have you sit down, Governor Romney. Thank you."

49ers' new stadium finalist for Super Bowl 50...

New DNC Ad from the Debate

Three quarters of rats in parts of West 'resistant to poison' {uk}

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach -- republican candidate for congressional 9th district in NJ

Fox News Drops Romney's Response On Gun Control In Second Debate Transcript

If at first you don't succeed, blame someone else

Electoral Precedent

* * * Happy Birthday, ARISTUS! * * * Please report to the Lounge...


'Mitt Romney's Condescending Views Toward Women' (New Obama Ad!)

This is why I did not panic the first debate

Turkey Loopholes on Terror Finance Risk OECD Blacklist

AFA's Bryan Fischer gets cut off during interview after spewing lies

See All of Mitt's Binders

Faux news showing their bias again

Building a Recovery: Home Starts, Permits Both Surge

Joe Scarborough Criticizes Mitt Romney For 'Running Over' Candy Crowley, Obama At Debate (VIDEO)


Update: Are PA. State Parks Threatened After Officials Forced Out of Office?

Editor and Publisher's listing of newspaper endorsements so far...

Just sent O another $25 -- wish it was more

The country is deciding it couldn't take an annoying mouth breather for four years

You don't tug on Superman's cape/You don't spit into the wind/

For what it is worth...It's pronounced Boca (Ra-tone)

Spin Room: Romney Surrogates Dance Around Equal Pay, Immigration Position

Another awesome pic of teabagger spelling.

Best debate ever + Obama wins it = Obama best debater ever

Why "binders of women" is really so offensive...

Jon Stewart Jabs Paul Ryan Over Homeless Shelter Photo Op

Debate questioner Susan Katz (Queen Ann kisser) on CNN: NOW VOTING OBAMA!!

Countering Republican bullshit about "acts of terror."

What binder is Candy Crowley from?

Romney's Two-Parent Irony

Going to Athens Ohio today to support my President!!!

As we all know we must keep the momentum going and cannot let our guard down. We still have a long

When the President Comes to Town

The Administration's Position on Benghazi is


President Obama on the cover of the New York Daily News...BAM BOOM!

Atheist conservatives and libertarians are not rare

Everyone's favorite poll, Rasmussen, Romney 49, Obama 48 (+1).

F**K Science! Comedian Kamau Bell on Romney - seriously funny

Our President!

Gaysayer Translates Latest Round of He-Said, He-Said (some funny tweets here).

I'm having a good morning here with all of my Republicans!!!

Obama's post-debate day: Iowa, Ohio

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 17, every yea

The most important question for Mitt to be asked today is:

Toon that best sums up last nights debate:

If romney won't release his tax returns, do you think he will release his binders?

President Obama: "I've got two daughters and...."

We have cause to celebrate, BUT...

Conservatives' HPV vaccine dilemma: are they anti-cancer, or just anti-sex?

George Will: "Immeasurably The Best" Debate I Have Seen

At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 31 Myths In 41 Minutes

Study: Latino, Black LGBs religious, more likely to attend non-affirming churches

Hey... what's for breakfast?

If you needed any more proof that RCP is a right-wing operation...

My dear Republican friends, if Mr. Romney couldn't explain himself last night

Romney's Diversity Record Could Prove Awkward

What a wonderful morning. The birds are chirping

xpost from lounge

Can we drop the phrase "in the wheelhouse" for a while ?

Amy Davidson, The New Yorker: Mitt’s Binders and the Missing Women

Ohio Polls

So, Swiss Mitt brings up Joy Books in a Presidential debate?

Don't honk at old people...

"like a cat in possession of a mouse and a head full of bad intentions"

Mitt Romney Adviser On Lilly Ledbetter Act: 'He Was Opposed To It At The Time'

Could Catholics Tip the Balance for Death Penalty Repeal?

Binders Full Of Women

Why isn't President Obama's campaign setting up 75,000+ people rallies this year in big cities??

Anyone else okay with speaking at a physical meeting, but not on phone calls?

32 Seconds After The Debate Ended, Fox Started Blaming The Questions

Post debate funny - comedian Kamau Bell on Romney and Climate Science

A killer close to a killer debate:

This is a man (Romney)

C-SPAN Facebook Poll - Who Won The Debate

"Not Just Women's Issues"

Wednesday morning Slap-O-Rama! Who would you like to smack the shit out of today?

Obama leading CNN Debate Poll at 65% . . . DU this poll . . .

The moment when Romney lost

Millions to 'go purple' for Spirit Day Oct. 19

(Awesome Photo!) I'm so proud of you Mr. President...

Wow! Town-hall participants side with Obama; decimate Romney

About THOSE Women In Binders:

The 'you're so full of shit' look...

Obama can't win with fear alone (Robert Reich)

I just got invited to join President Obama for a special call with supporters

Romney did great damage to himself and his party

Two more new reports confirm fracking dangerous, nobody in power cares.

Will Robme Have To Go A Gastroenterologist To Have President Obama's Foot Removed From His Ass?

When Romney mentioned the women in binders, did anyone else think of the BTK killer?

For those who didn't watch: In the *musical* portion of the debate

One of the best debate quotes of last night

And How About That Great Moment When Mitt Threw His Own Base Under the Bus?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Election and Debate Toons

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy!

Computer models of Earth's climate change confirmed on Mars

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2: Lyin Stench

When it comes to advocating for women, who has your back?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

Mr. Romney, I can give you a binder full of qualified women to choose from

"Let's just pick a number"

Blockade to Stop the Pipeline in Texas blog with pictures.

Are you ready to rumble???

What are the Iowa early votes looking like now? Nt


Why does Obama insist on calling Romney "Governor"?

Romney's bullshit claims of balancing budgets during his business career are just that -- bullshit!

Potential Good News About Last Night's Debate...

What's up, with the male Romney surrogates being disrespectful to Soledad O’Brien?

Adviser: Romney Did Not Support Lilly Ledbetter Act

Scene in Mount Vernon, Iowa at Obama campaign rally. President speaks before noon here.

What Ann Romney Was Thinking During The Debate...

Wasn't that an amazing debate?

Jackie Gingrich is so annoying that I had to mute her voice...

BM'ing: (Bull-Mitting) VS BS'ing

Romney Tells Heartbreaking Lie About Single Mother Of 4


I don't understand why it couldn't have been both an act of terror AND a reaction to the movie.

Romney’s “Binders Full of Women?” Yet Another Lie

How come nobody's talking about the "This is not Mr. Oil, Mr. Gas, or Mr. Coal" moment?

North Carolina is within Reach- Get to work

Freepers claiming Crowley was wrong on the facts about Libya

Saying You Have a Binder Full Of Women...

Mitt’s “binders full of women” not even true

Obama isnt Carter and Libya isnt Iran-Hostage

Like if you think Barack won last night's debate...

Just have to ask again, are we sure Romney isn't pulling our chain?

There was Romney plant that ask Obama a question and you could tell immediatly he was a plant.

*** Gets out staple gun and hangs sign warning others of the construction here at DU ***

The live Mitt Flip-Flop...

We're Right There With You, Michelle!

Helping Money Boo Boo prepare for the debate

W.Va. officials say Social Security increase not enough

XKCD on electoral precedent (dial-up warning)

Game, Set, Obama

Obama deflated Romney’s superiority attitude

Why Mitt Can't Blame Us Single Parents for Gun Violence

I just saw the Romika logo on the Dogs Against Romney Facebook page & am wondering why in hell

Do You Thinks Robme Will Put His "Binder Full Of Women" On Eros Or Backpage?

'Binders full of women'

A buddy of mine just said the funniest thing about mittens...

RAS poll of NH: Obama 50% (+2) Romney 49% (+1)

Really, did any of you SERIOUSLY think that President Obama didn't have this under control?

"I never throw the first punch, but I always throw the last." - Barack Obama, 2008

Who really has your best interest in mind?

When we win in November it's not over. We'll have to keep fighting.

Meet all them Willards -- Charles Pierce / Esquire Magazine

Pic Of The Moment: Second Debate: The Reviews Are In

Mitt Romney explains his tax plan: PICK A NUMBER...

I am feeling SO much better today

Bill Clinton comments about last night's debate

My personal take on Obama v Romney’s 2nd debate – We have a good choice and a bad one

Tight race? Avoid tea party label on stump

The best I've seen Obama in a debate

Linda McMahon invents a new kind of rape: 'emergency rape'

Romney Didn't Describe Libya Attack As Terrorism Until 9/20

A facebook comment on last night's debate...

Last Night's Dramatic Moment of Moral Truth - How Romney Spectacularly Fell From Grace

Check out Mitt's bullshit ad

The Boss In Ames

Isn't this OP almost verbatim what Romney asked of Obama/Crowley last night (about Libya)?

LOL America's worst pundit Dick Morris weighs in on the Debate:

Undecideds/Independents. Heard on NPR Diane Rehm show. ARGGGGH!

Please proceed

"I resent that remark, Gov. Romney and you've insulted every single parent in America"

Did someone say binder?

"The View" just interrupted locally to see Air Force One land in Cedar Rapids.

The most important thing to come from the debate

Nike ends contract with Lance Armstrong

Rest in peace, Senator Mario Gallegos

Remember when Romneyland said Obama couldn't win the second debate because he wasn't smart enough?

Has anyone created a "PLEASE PROCEED" GIF yet?

Romney considers Bain Capital one of those “small businesses” that needs more tax cuts

Fun poll on Faux News . . . let's you predict electoral votes per state

I believe I have my costume for Halloween:

President Obama Fact-Checks Romney's Epic Libya Fail

Mitt's pick and choose your deductions idiocy

Playing "Clueless" with Romney: "It was the baby momma, in the conservatory, with an AK-47?"

Eugene Robinson A clear win for Obama

What is missing from the "Binders Full of Women" discourse

Charleston (WVA) Gazette Endorses Obama: "A Brilliant Statesman"

BWAHAHAHA! Look what Staples has on sale!

Mitt the Jerk: a Woman’s View of the Debate (Amy Sullivan)

Romney/Ryan Event Held in “Non-Partisan” Ohio Board of Elections Parking Lot

Christian Group Complains After School Board Adopts Policy to Help Transgender Students

My take on the "Binders of Women" comment by Mitt

The results of my debate (seconds to Mitt lies) contest are in. Congrats JeffHead!

People of America WAKE THE FUCK UP

Simple question for undecided voters: Return to Clinton fiscal policies or Bush's fiscal policies?

"tell our kids that before they have babies, they ought to think about getting married"

Is the last debate exclusively international affairs, or will it involve everything?

Mitt Romney's Condescending Views Toward Women

I'm surprised at the positive comments in the media

CNN reported that Mitt had to practice sitting on a barstool

Michael Moore on the differences between Robbedme and Shrub.

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Last Night's Second Presidential Debate

President to begin speaking at 11:45 at Cornell College in Cedar Rapids. Live streaming

Patronizing. Marginalizing. Let's send Mitt packing.

Ted Cruz's binders of women.

Romney Audience Calls Sensata Workers Communists for Trying to Keep Jobs in USA

23 million Americans unemployed?!....Saw this number thrown around on Facebook.




Debate consensus from the office

Romney’s Rose Garden Moment

Why is there no Geddy Lee avatar?

The Republican catchphrase that needs a knife in it quick: "trickle down government"


Urban Dictionary: "Binders full of women"

Take a look at's phrase of the day! LOL

Scant Gains for Romney in a Poll of Young Voters

Obama More Trusted, Young Adults Making the Case for a Second Term

Mitt's EPIC FAIL on Libya becomes even more embarrassing

Sorry But I Cannot Watch Mitt For A Second Without Feeling Like Want To Deck Him.

October Photo Contest Prelims Have Been Posted

Income Inequality May Take Toll on Growth

Greg Sargent (Washington Post): Obama Turns It Around

"Obama wins second debate -- Too Bad it's not the one that mattered." Jeff Greenfield Yahoo hack.

You know how you can tell when someone is a christian?

This is where the Romney campaign gets desperate

Crowley refuses to backtrack as Romney surrogate says fact check ‘not your place’

"Thank You Fox New for keeping us infromed." WTF? LMFAO!

The Flim-Flam-Man: "Deductions? Sure. Pick a number. Any number."

Obama didn't play the Sensata card. What does the final push look like?

Did Willard shake Obama's hand after the debate?

Romney’s Seven Biggest Debate Lies

Romney's Equal Pay Answer: Two Solid Minutes of FAIL

Gov. Mitt Romney to President Obama; "You'll get your chance in a minute, I'm still speaking"

My impression of the debate

Do you Want to See what a truly Fake Focus Group looks like?

Does anyone know the legal issues relating to sending money to someone in Syria?

" rich and white, it's like I'm running against a cheesecake."

Did anyone else see Plouffe's interview post debate?

The "gentle criticism from people like Chris Matthews" also helped him tweak his approach...

Young Voters Who Vote For The GOP Will Seal Their Fate And -----

Islamic bloc abandons plans for global blasphemy law at UN

Professor Sam Wang Compares Andrew Sullivan To A Human Snap Poll

Why When Rmoney Or The Repugs Say That Obama Hasn't Turn Things Around Yet In 4 Years Can't PBO Say.

Second Poll of the day gives Obama a 3-point lead in Nevada

Rep. Gohmert: ‘Slavery was a blot’ but U.S. is worse off now

President Obama about to campaign

"Governor, you're the last person who's going to get tough on China."

Green Party Candidates Arrested at Presidential Debate

First Amendment supporters should be very pissed about this

So since the next debate is about international affairs we can talk about Mitt and his trip to the

Romney is that kid in middle school

"I have to cook dinner and get married so my children don't start shooting up public places"

James Lipton LOVES Obama..."Opponents should fear him."

Romney under a bed somewhere sucking his thumb, refusing to do the 3rd debate!!

Link to Obama event in a few minutes

Has Mitt crawled out of bed yet this morning?

Romney: I'll help you get a job by getting you a job.

Romney’s ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Wasn’t His Initiative

So Sarah Palin gets by with not releasing medical records and Mitt has not released full 2011 taxes.

AJC poll - who won the debate? Please oblige them....

Bad Link

Would you trust the U.S. nuclear arsenal to someone...

So Ann, how's Mitt's mental state this morning?

Obama and Bartlet

Obama lists his first term accomplishments.

Keep and eye on

Maybe This Is What Rmoney Meant By "Binders Full of Women"......

Israeli Army Calculated Calorie Needs For Gazans To Stave Off Malnutrition During Blockade

Pres. Obama leads Romney by 19 points in Harvard's Institute of Politics 'Youth Vote Survey'

Walter Rhett: Obama Will Make Bad Better

Is there any evidence that in-person early voting has picked up today in IA and OH?

Latest Cracked Photoplasty Contest: What People in Political Campaign Pics Are Thinking

Dick Cheney to headline big-money Romney event in Dallas next week

President Obama and the Million Man March

Mitt the Jerk: a Woman’s View of the Debate

A list of 1,300+ English terms that could be found offensive.

The Republican recession and the Democratic recovery (updated again)

Only a Republican could say this...

One of the better responses to: "Are we better off now than 4 years ago...?"

Remember this photo from one of the GOP primary debates?

Israel Official Says Gaza Militants Getting Anti-Aircraft Missiles From Libyan War Leftovers

I just messed with my co-workers and said Rmoney kicked Obama's ass and Rmoney is an honorable man

" should be known that most mass murderers are from 2 parent households:"

Climate Change questions covers so many concepts that tie together

Kudos to Candy Crowley

Ok so where is this speech in IA???? I thought it began @9:45 on the West Coast......

University of Phoenix closing 115 locations (AP/BloomburgBusinessWeek)

A Walking Contradiction: Government Doesn't Create Jobs; Vote For Me I'll Create Jobs!

Stop the debate!

LOL Moments: People at Debate Kept Asking Pete Souza to Take Their Pictures W/ Disposable Cameras

Has anyone else received a free DVD

There's a live one heading for the woodshed

I predict: Before the month is out mittens performance last night will be the least of his worries

Mysterious Super PAC Attacking Elizabeth Warren Almost Entirely Funded By Koch Company

Epic Rap Battles of History: mitt vs obama

Hate to be the guy who shits in the pool...Gallup: Romney 51 - Obama 45...

Great post from a reader

Ever wonder what plumbing designed by Google engineers looks like?

The President is on now.

The Abortion That Mitt Doesn’t Talk About Anymore (Roe Will Go If He's Elected)

Bill Maher tweets: Welcome back, Black Ninja.

"I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

Interesting blurb from Washington Post

If you haven't seen it yet, or can't see it enough: Romney's Libya Gaffe

Of course you all know who the next debate moderator is....Bob Schieffer

OH, BOOM! "Obama's binder is empty" when it comes to women's rights.

Governing in the dark: Ottawa’s dangerous unscientific revolution

"I love you Mr President"............... "I Love you too" said President O


Inside Google a gallery ...

Propagandy - Yikes McGee

My cousin told me that Julian Castro may run for Governor in 2014. What do you guys think?

It is going to be an uphill fight. All morning the MSM was pimping for Romney saying the debate was

Mitt's Makeover

Team Romney Gets Bogged Down In Candy Crowley Fight

Andy Borowitz Tweet...LOL

About Fox Nooz . . . . . .

Did you make it through the wind storm OK.

"Proceed, Governor."

The phrase of the day is "binders full of women". Replace any phrase with "binders full of women".

Local Chambers of Commerce: the Cannon Fodder of Reaction

AZ Voting Document Lists WRONG Election Date in Spanish, not English

A view of Romney from last night's debate.

A Reminder: "Bush Set To Fight An Electoral College Loss"

Romney on Syria

Rethinking the first debate.

More binders full of women tweets...

"we don't have to collect a bunch of binders to find talented young women to work.."

New York Observer, Owned By Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law, Endorses Romney

What Obama Needs...

Marquette Law School WI Poll: 49-48 for Obama

Gallup is making fools of themselves. How many outiliers until they aren't legit anymore?

Romney fact checked in front of 68 million voters? Priceless

"My passion probably comes from my belief in God."

Study confirms sea-level rise is accelerating along northeast U.S. coast

LOL..Andy Borowitz nails it

Multivitamin Use Among Middle-Aged, Older Men Results in Modest Reduction in Cancer, Study Finds

Ryan - Crowd - Trolling For Romney Debate Applause . . . Awkward.

This is a great blog to follow - one stop shop for debate highlights - see link below

"We have heard this pitch the last administration."

Game, Set, Obama-He used Romney against Romney


I just changed my post signature to

Interesting to me that neither candidate really seemed prepped on the gun question

Doing Nothing Might Be Best Management Decision for Forests Destroyed by Wind or Ice

Once again, the rudepundit nails it!

Charles Schwab warns senior investors to be afraid if Obama is re-elected

Detailed Explanation of the Rmoney/aRyan tax plan

Archaeologists to Mount New Expedition to Troy

Why are all those women kissing President O....

"My Female Picks aren't in a Binder, they're on the Supreme Court."

2013 COLA Demonstrates Why Proposed Social Security “Tweaks” Are Actually Benefit Cuts for Millions

Random Romney Graphics...

Grave Thought to Contain Remains of King Richard III Came Within Inches of Being Destroyed by Victor

"We're down to looking to hire blue-collar workers now -- bottom feeders."

Paul Broun (R-Pit of Hell) to face Charles Darwin in GA Dist. 10 House race.

Today's IBD/TIPP tracking poll Obama 46.8 Romney 45.3

Republican household: "HONEY! why in the F**K did you cook

The Kochs are not just telling their employees who to vote for, they are also instructing them how

Group Running Racist 'Obama Phone' Ad Has Close Ties to Congressional Republicans/Scott Brown

Mystery Arizona group sends $11 million to fight unions, Gov. Jerry Brown

Multiple Sclerosis: Using the Eye as a 'Window Into the Brain'

Dick Morris, what a tool. I think he is more rabidly unhinged than Rush

Andrea appears to be on anti-depressants

Oh No, this is Just Terrible News (Bloomberg)...

These undecided voters are more accurately described as "unengaged" voters.

Elevated carbon dioxide may impair reasoning

'Insanity' Fitness Trainer Shaun T Comes out, Marries Boyfriend

Papantonio: Republicans Double Down On Failed Economic Policies

These pictures make my skin crawl...

Obama Dumps Biden, Chooses Candy Crowley as His Running Mate

MSM Thinks Rmoney's One Debate Win Trumps His Horrible Summer/Convention/Fall/Wins By VP & POTUS

So, after all the bullshit Romney's tax plan is to raise the Standard Deduction

Mitt Romney flat-out lies about birth control because he's a flat-out liar

"Binders Full of Women" the song

Romney has the same Bush Republican ideology/agenda wants to take us back - Obama's Moving Forward

LOL @Gallup

What's really going on in the governor's race?

Tweet from Ricky Gervais

The Definition Of The Word Desperation Has a New Example Usage

Dat Ass and more

Polar Bear and Huskey become friends pics

Romney today: I love these debates!

Antiscience Beliefs Jeopardize U.S. Democracy

Think Progress: Why No One Should Believe The New Ad Claiming ‘Romney Doesn’t Oppose Contraception'

Israel Official says Gaza militants getting anti-aircraft missiles from libyan war leftovers

Looking ahead to 2016

As Soon As I Saw Mr. Obama Turn To Face Romney With That Hard Glare Of Barely Constrained Fury

How to put a PIC in my SIG LINE?

Expanding the tax base

Grade the debate for Obama

Markos: About that Gallup poll...

Remember this?

Obama never had 60 senate seats, because of Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd's absence due to

So, about Candy's "fact check"...

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 45%

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 45%

Please share - needling Mitt a bit!

Candidates' American Science Answers, a Side by Side Comparison

What did you think of the moment when Willard asked Obama about his pension?

OK, I watched the whole thing on CSPAN. Re the Benghazi Rose Garden Speech 'semantics' debate:

Farmers, Workers, Consumers, Unite! New Visions in Food Justice

Caption contest time! (icky graphic warning)

Mr Gallup if Romney is ahead by 6 how can we have polls...

Arizona's largest county listed wrong date for the election on voter ID cards (but just in Spanish)

Voting tomorrow! First day of early voting. . . . Anybody else in?

Tammy Baldwin's new add-Pill...

There is soon to be an open Host seat for Meta

George Zimmerman trial date set for June over Trayvon Martin killing

"Please proceed, Governor." Translation: "Here's some more rope!"

Rasmussen - NEW HAMPSHIRE (OBAMA +1) (was tied last time)

Now that we know the real Mitt Romney...

That Gallup 'lead' of Romney's MAY give him Fla., but Pres. Obama leads EVERYWHERE ELSE important

2 HUGE lies Romney got away with last night.

On Benghazi -- Who Gives A Sh!t?

Go to the Link and say thank you to California Peggy for her service on MIRT.

Had a heckuva gust of wind yesterday...

Oh, No! "77% likelihood Romney wins popular vote, according to famous U of Colorado study"

Screen captures of Romney's family during the debate

Exclusive: Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Security Contractors

Gallup Poll Crosstabs - R+22 in the South

Romney’s Disguise Falls Away - By E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Soledad O’Brien asks for ‘vodka tonic’ after Sununu calls her an Obama ‘groupie’

Anti-Limbaugh Rap Song

Here is a regional breakdown between Gallup & IBD/TIPP Tracking Polls...

More R/W fantasy: Blob Bennett on CNN: "Obama needed a convincing win ... and he did not get it."

When is Obama going to talk about Romney's record in MA?

Gallup's latest Poll Over samples Southern Voters by 50%

ZING! Mitt Romney FORGOT to ask for binders full of women to hire at Bain

Neil Young & Crazy Horse @ Austin City Limits Fest. Oct 13, 2012

Voter registrations thrown out.

Scab Hollywood star Viola Davis to face pickets during Chicago Film Festival

Daily Kos diary analysis of Gallup: "It will move (toward Obama) on Friday"

Josh Romney at the Debate: The Omen?

Their candidate gets a legitimate ass spanking - and they immediately call for the moderators head

Greek professionals in anti-austerity street protest

This Is The Biggest Economic Story In The World (Joe Weisenthal, Business Insider)

Someone needs to ask Mitt why he opposed the Lilly Ledbetter act and not let him off the hook!

Blind man tasered by police

45 minutes. Even for Mittens, that's got to be a record.

"Would you buy a used car from this man?"

And God said "Let there be Binders"

Let's Put Romney on the Defensive Over His Wretched Record in Massahusetts

The Euro, It Is Much More Complicated Than That!

We're three weeks from the election....what I want to know is.....

Tearful Mitt Romney Announces He Has Rare Disease Where You Can't Sit Quietly On Stool

Lawsuit claims evangelical church hid abuse claims

CNN now has a reporter on the ground at 'Bainport'

My post was removed from FaceBook THREE times

Since the economy is the most important thing on peoples mind,

Harry Reid did not stick his neck out for nothing......

One thing that bothered me about last night's debate

My 9 year old daughter seems to be a liberal

Today's Marquette WI poll seems off: (Obama +1); (Thompson +1)

CNN covering Sensata! Holy wow.

Obama's Commander in Chief Debate Routing of Romney Happened in Benghazi

Second Presidential debate delivered massive ratings ~ Mediabistro

Bain the scrappy little start-up (Digby)

#DataMining the US election

who is more sociopathic

Due to gridlocked traffic...

Obama Sounds Optimistic Note On Jobs, Stock Market, Housing

CIA officer killed in Afghanistan suicide bombing, sources say

Help. DU this Yahoo Poll. Seriously.

This sums up Romney's foreign policy:

Limbaugh's legacy of liquidation: 70% of talk radio sponsors deceived, ad revs drop as much as 50%

Town Hall Debate Songified

Uruguay poised to legalize abortion

So, since some polls indicate Romney over Obama on the economy,

Women binders...Isn't that Morman garb?

Principal Jane Masterson (from the movie "18 Again") has a question for Mitt Romney

feral cats and dog chews

Did anyone notice?

Obama winning the sates that matter--Romney only soldifying in red states

Has anyone found a pic of Ann giving romney the stinky eye last night yet?

I knew I saw that look before

"I Was A Bipartisan govenor" BULLSHIT!!

Reuters/Ipsos Voters give Obama debate win over Romney 48/30

Prez showed self-discipline in both debates

BIG DAWG's "Binders Full Of Women"

Expose Romney's Rotten Record in Massachusetts

Hands down, the best "Binder Full of Women" graphic yet....

Formula 1 has been mostly a men's world, but hopefully that will change.

Uh-oh, I'm a day late...Happy 87th Birthday Angela Lansbury!

pdf full transcript

Candy Crowley: I Didn't 'Backtrack' On Romney Libya Fact Check

Clay Aiken Tweet (He nailed this one!)

‘Binders full of women’ effort predated Romney

Look Mitt! I've got binders full of women too.

Intrade has its ear to the ground and has Obama up to 65.0...

Romney’s Secret Plan to [Fill In The Blank]

Please Proceed, Mr. Romney...

Plouffe: Obama team to circle wagon around OH, IA, NH & NV

Voters say Obama beat Romney in second debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Does a "binder full of women" have anything to do with Bondage and Discipline?

Check out this President Obama and Mitt photo

Romney Warned Against Pointing Fingers At Bush Administration After 9/11 Attacks

Define "Small" Governor...

Obama, Thompson both lead by just one point in new MU law poll

Mitt and his binders

Intrade: O 65.0%. IEM: O 67.6%. Betfair: O 70.2%.

Suspected Terrorist Arrested for Alleged Plot to Attack Federal Reserve in NYC


The David Pakman Show – Mitt Romney’s Son Connected To 2012 Voting Machines (VIDEO)

Christie stumping in Indiana at facility run by company that cut 258 N.J. jobs

moat around the castle keep

Ari Fleisher Was Just Interviewed On CNN - Did I Hear Right And Did He Throw Rmoney Under The Bus ..

Soledad O’Brien asks for ‘vodka tonic’ after Sununu calls her an Obama ‘groupie’

hey, if you type in your pw on a lounge post, it will show as stars

Mitt Romney's 1968 car accident in France...interesting questions raised in this 2007 article....

"Trauma". One disturbing movie.

CEO of maxi-pad company responds to man's complaint

Romney: "I support a woman's right to choose what she makes for dinner." ~ Andy Borowitz

Family says ex-Sen. George McGovern ‘no longer responsive,’ daughter says he’s ‘peaceful’

The Post-Debate Narrative I am Seeing

Vote for Somebody!

It was only for Candy Crowley

How can there not be movement of women away from Mitt after this debate?

Topic for Third Debate - Foreign Policy! 90 minutes of "Please proceed, governor"

I'm Taking Back Tuesday: 5 Rituals for a Work-Free Election Day

What President Obama should say when Willard brings up his MA Governor crap.

Israeli Police Arrest Jewish Female Activist For Wearing Traditional Male Garb At Holy Site

15 Totally Appropriate Reactions To Sexting The Wrong Person

Papantonio: We Expect Too Much From Presidential Debates

Thousands turn out for Obama in Iowa today

Tar Sands Blockade: Non-violent Protesters Swarm & Lockdown to Machinery

Saving this theme for the last 3 weeks

Rmoney said the "Pro Gun People" which I take as NRA was all for his "Assault Weapons Ban"

NY Daily News Headline: "Mitt Romney becomes Internet laughingstock after 'binders full of women'

Other Kinds of Binders - Maybe We're on the Wrong Track

I don't usually ask to DU a poll

For "Kill Bill" fans: The Five Fingered Death Punch

"Binders Full of Women" would be a great name for a rock band.

Another Romney LIE: "I was someone who ran businesses for 25 years, and balanced the budget"

Amazon "binder full of women" reviews

I'm not sure if this is were this belongs but I need advice

Rollingstone's Dickinson: Mitt Romney's Five Nuttiest Moments from the Second Debate

Deceit #32- Romney Claimed His Mass. College Aid Program Funded Much More of Costs Than it Did

Whats Going On In Ohio

Please help me out.

USA Today: Debate fact check

OK - in WTF universe is a 20% lead considered an "edge"?

Boehner's DOMA Defense Hits $1.5 Million Limit

Romney's tax plan - finally! :)

Don't forget to donate!

Time to Call out Congress as traitors to America!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up to be recorded to CD, K-Tel records!

Which streak will be broken?

Does anyone the details of mittens was talking about re: a Massachusettes scholorship program?

Mass. Lt. Governor Defends Romney

My e-mail exchange with the local radio wingnut over the debate and his Libya last hope

Infographics on Yes on 30 and No on 32 for all to share

Iowa Early Voting stats as of 10/16/12

Caption D'cheater

Saw a Romney sign in Dunedin FL with 47% painted over it

Who is fired up and ready to go today?

More funny tweets from the debate last night:

Sometimes something makes me think of Keith Olbermann & it makes me soooo mad & sad.

Who Has The Largest "Binder Full Of Women"?

VERY scarey : Josh Romney

Suspect in Saudi ambassador assassination plot pleads guilty

Buy a date with Chris Kluwe for marriage equality in MN

The President was treated with ultimate disrespect by the fraud they call Romney, yet he still

How to tell if Mitt is lying or telling the truth?

Senator tweeting...

A Romney/Ryan administration would be an unmitigated disaster for America

How important is this election??

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe poses in gay magazine to support same-sex marriage

Reports: Last Night Debate may be more watched than the first

Martin Bashir called Rmoney's economic plan a "crapburger"

Anyone else find Rmoney's hair dye ridiculous? The dyed jet black hair is a joke but

TPM: Republicans Try To Seize Control Of The Word ‘Binder’ Following Debate

I just went through all the binders in the office

Piers Morgan: Ridiculous fuss over Candy Crowley's Libya intervention . . . She was absolutely right

Anyone know who got more time last night?

Just some of the image results when you Google "binders full of women" >>

It’s The Choice Of A New Generation

Nate: 'The first rule of poll analysis is that if a poll looks like an outlier it usually is'

If? from FB

I'm glad the president did well last night, but seriously, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO TALK ABOUT CLIMATE?

Compare these "day after" Debate II photos of Obama and Romney.

Republicans Try To Seize Control Of The Word ‘Binder’ Following Debate

Conn. newspapers ban word 'fracking' in reader comments

Obama Reelection Odds Jump In Prediction Markets After Second Debate

So a friend posts a jpeg of Willy Wonka holding a little Obama head that says

Wisconsinites early in-person voting begins next Monday!!

You know the President did well when you have a lot of the MSM saying it was a draw. It wasn't a

"Wipe out Homophobia on Facebook" has half a million likes

•UK Muslims unite behind girl shot by Taliban

"Crapburger with cheese,"

Can you say that a little louder, Candy?

Professions we hate

I knew I saw this picture before! Romney as George with the ill fitting dentures.

Candy Crowley: I didn’t backtrack on Libya in debate

Anybody get a copy of the Florida ballot yet?

Was there anything Romney said that was true?

Round Two

President Obama in Mount Vernon, Iowa - 10/17/2012

Matthews: President doesn't have a plan

Gravis Exposed - America's Greatest Pollster Gets the Full Monty Index Updated 10/19/12 15:48 EST

Obama is a gay man in an arranged marriage

Just a thought

Debate questioner who asked how Mitt is different from Bush is voting for Obama

Marriage for All Families: Stories from Washington

Photo: My Prez Does Not Need a Binder

#binderfilms trending

Its Official – Obama Destroyed Mitt Romney in the Second Debate

Obama Wins Debate

Bloomberg Starts ‘Super PAC,’ Seeking National Influence

Did you spot the acts of desperation for the GOP in last night's debate?

Nevada political reporter says it's over for Romney there.

The "Gravis Working Group at DU" is explained.

Abby Huntsman: 'Binders aren't a way to a women's heart.'

reuters, rand tracking polls. where are they?

Obama exhibited extraordinary self-control last night.

Who thinks Bob Schieffer is going to get "Lehrorized" by Mitt?

Why Obama did much better in the debate than the network polls indicate

How 'bout the part when Mitt told Crowley to "Take a Midol." ?

Best of the 'Binders Full of Women' Meme

Burned kitten on the mend

Tommy Thompson's son caught joking about Obama going back to Kenya in ANOTHER video

New PPP Poll: Elizabeth Warren leading Scott Brown 53-44

PPP Massachusetts- Elizabeth Warren takes +9 lead over Scott Brown. Obama +18

Another Paul Ryan photo-op

AT LAST...details of Romney tax plan

Obamacare is the reason reader will vote Democrat

Mitt has selected his female staff from...

Mitt Girl: *CALLING OUT* Ryan Girl!

Paul Ryan always smiles with his mouth closed, That stupid grin from ear to ear.

Romney's Idea of Women's Equality is Allowing her to work so

BWAHAHAHA Tweety just showed a Montage of Romney Arguing with Debate Moderators

The people love their First Lady

When is a reporter going to ask Romney about the employees who are being threatened by their bosses


Democracy Prep Citizen-Scholars: Vote for Somebody!

Put a Binder on It!

Harrisburg cops assault disabled protesters


looking for a video when Obama lit into Rmoney about using libya as a

If you love Starbucks, here are their recipes...


Joe Arpaio Critics Dress Up As 'King Arpaio' And Jesters, Disrupt Meeting

As far as 'appointing women' President Obama WINS. Please help spread the word about this :)

65.6 Million Watched Second Debate, Slightly Less Than First

No, Excuse me while I go defrost my dinner. Women better wake the @#% up~

VP Joe Biden deserves some credit.


WSJ: About that Romney reference to Obama having Cayman Islands investments...


Mitt the Bully is more dangerous than Mitt the Etch-a-Sketch

no one....not even mitt.


"By the time I see the movie, I don't remember the trailer."

VP Biden says Romney in 'time warp' on women, mocks 'binders' remark

Breakup lines translated

Corn Belt Shifting North With Climate as Kansas Crop Withers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 October 2012

Someone's finally said it: Romney's angry style cost him the debate.


What happened last Evening was a repeat of Germany 1936

Lounge daily inspirational message

After Debate, Team Obama Blames Republicans For Failure To Pass Immigration Bill

Amazon Customer Reviews: Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032)

Now that we have Romney debate footage


Great OP from "Tom Joad"

Anne Hathaway wedding photo money will support gay marriage

Romney's moment of panic

At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 31 Myths In 41 Minutes

Where do these national debt numbers come from?

Post Debate Male Pundits Speak for Women Voters and Get It All Wrong

unscientific yahoo poll on Candy Crowley needs DU attention

Tweet of the day: Kerry comes prepared

Hilary Rosen: 'Palm Beach County Registrar says Dems are running a 14% absentee ballot advantage'

Inside a Romney fan debate party in Vegas...

What is the difference between

James Lipton on Hardball "Does America want a President, or a Boss?"

Arizona County Tells Spanish Speaking Voters To Vote On Wrong Date

'Does America want a President, or a Boss?'

When Mittster asked the President if he had looked at his pension, I would have loved

"Does America want a President, or does America want a boss?"

Willard Tweets Hillary About His Binders

The American people are faced with a decision. Do we want a President or a Boss?

Early binders were horse-drawn and powered by a bull wheel. *image added*

James Lipton has a good point on the debate.

59 Cents: The Value of a Woman

Wow. Chris Matthews Stopped Just Short Of Calling Out Willard Romney For The Racist That He Is

I don't care what anyone around here may think of me...

Oh this is rich. Mitt with Barbie binder

From Tom Joad: " Never underestimate what people lacking moral character are capable of doing"

At Bain Capital-Owned Sensata, Six More Arrests Ahead Of Plant Closure

Nike allegedly involved in $500K coverup of positive Armstrong test

President Obama on Libya: ''I'm the President and I'm Always Responsible.'' (Romney spanking)

But but but Obama has no plan for the FUTURE..

Hey Mitt -- mind your business, don't bind your Misses

Mitt Romney's "Election Day Task Force"

Rmoney: "He said that by now we'd have unemployment at 5.4%." WTF?

Some food for thought for DU: Don’t say gay (unless you mean it)


Martin Bashir - Romney’s etch-a-sketchy deal on tax cuts

Unemployment at 7.3% in mid-October, down from 7.9% in Sept.

LIVE VIDEO: President Obama holds campaign rally in Athens, Ohio (6pET)


Ms. Teen South Carolina on the debate

Along came a spider

"23 million people out of work"

Paul Ryan's Congressional Race

I voted in Ohio today

Liberal media my azz...CNN AGAIN, front page, Bill Bennett blabber.

Romney's whole presentation last night was a threat to the nation regarding a second Obama term.

Martin Bashir - Romney disses ‘binders full of women’, single parents

Romney’s “binder full of women” story was a lie

Saw Biden this morning - and my kids got hugs

As Candy C. says. . .

An interesting observation from 538...

A Woman's Place . . .

MSM picking up on Romney's "binders" lie.

Getting daily Romney Robocalls

MIRT question

Vegetable question

US Jewish Groups Cancel Talks With Protestants Over Church Protest Against US Aid To Israel

Kittens studying classical mechanics (video)

In Conference Call, Romney Urged Businesses To Tell Their Employees How to Vote

Scott Brown Backer Pays Homeless People To Wear 'Obama Supporters For Brown' Shirts

Conservatives are up in arms over a video that shows Michelle Obama clapping during debate

Scott Brown Backer Pays Homeless People To Wear 'Obama Supporters For Brown' Shirts

Martin Bashir - Ryan stumbles over Romney’s tax cut fumble

Obama's statement he created 5 mil jobs over last 30 mo's 'half true' - Politifact: half reasonable

Grove Insight poll: COLORADO (Obama +3)

Come Out And Play Mitt..... Absent today???

"You wanna fight for your home? Then we'll fight with you!" I love this video!


It's getting clearer. Romney sees the US as Bain, the Oval Office as his own potential boardroom,

Obama's closing statement


GOP Rep. Contradicts Romney, Says Uninsured Do Die From Lack Of Coverage

Advanced Search

Is Abby Huntsman Jon Huntsman's daughter

Martin Bashir - Romney’s ‘binder’ full of problems after debate flop versus Obama

My thoughts on Candy

I truly enjoyed Obama looking at Romney as if he were something pulled from his Presidential ass

A song by Johnny Showcase: Mitt Romney's "Binders Full of Women"

Pick a number.

Martin Bashir - Obama facts own Romney on ‘Libya’ attack line

65.6 Million people watched Mitt make an ass of himself

Family: Former Sen. George McGovern 'no longer responsive'

SOOOOO Ann Romney's going to be on The View tomorrow.

FULL Obama Speech in Iowa after 2nd Presidential Debate - Cornell College's Armstrong Hall

The Guardian: Las Vegas activists try to 'level the field' as casino moguls pump up Super Pacs

Did anybody else see

I Used to have a "Binder Full of Women"....

PPP Poll: Obama up 50/45 pre-debate - Wash. State

*** Gets out staple gun and hangs sign warning others of binders full of women here at DU ***

Planet Kolob?

That freakin' look on Rmoney's face when he thought he was about to prove President Obama wrong

Crap, ABC news reported that Romney offered that young man with the jobs question a job

Romney's 5 point plan

Palermo’s Pizza Doesn’t Deliver—On Jobs

I Rarely Post here, But Obama...

Source: A-Rod sent ball to women seeking phone numbers

Khalid Sheik Mohammed accuses U.S. of justifying murder, torture in name of security

I need a binder full of men...

Obama picks McCormick Place for election night rally

UAW statement by President Bob King on second presidential debate (more jobs coming back to the USA!

Mexico's labor law reform sparks massive protests

Obama and the “Angry Black Man” Factor

American Horror Story starts tonight.

Just heard on the news that Condoleeza Rice jumped out of her binder and is on the campaign trail

Racist Lyrics? - It's How You Interpret It

Another Ryan blooper

Ryan just lost Ohio for the Repubs.....

Indiana Governor's Debate!

As we strongly disagree and I don't see movement, can we have a moratorium on Debate #1 threads?

"President has no plan"--Guess who besides Chris Matthews was spewing this one today in Iowa.

Romney: I've Got Binders Full of Women

"Income Inequality May Take Toll on Growth" by ANNIE LOWREY at the NYTimes

I'm getting a whiff of "...Obama did good-- too bad he didn't do well in the first debate"

Binders, Blunders and Blinders!!!!!!!

Dinesh D'Souza in Hot Water with Religious Right over Sex Scandal

Obama in Athens, Ohio (PHOTOS)

One more good image of keeping women in binders

"Wombs for Rent! ....Outsourcing Pregnancy

Best Bear in the whole world and why!

Gravis Marketing Exposed - The Financial Side of America's "Greatest" Pollster

Mitt Romney Reminds me of a Nazi

SF Special ed teachers say administrator's e-mail broke law

Project New America: Obama leads in Nevada by 7

How POTUS should close in debate # 3

"Romney won the second debate" by.........

Bachmann remains VERY vulnerable

All right... fess up!

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Best Bier in the whole world and why!

Tight race in Florida. Dem vs. the Next Republican Speaker of the House.

Taliban Demands Unbiased Coverage of Its Attempted Murder of a 14-Year-Old Girl

Romney urged business owners to tell employees how to vote for their 'best interest'

Biden brought The Awesome today

Anne Hathaway donates wedding money to same-sex marriage

PBS Newshour is doing a great job of debate fact checking.

The former head of Staples tells the President "You'll Get Your Chance."

Princeton Consortium- Electoral College Projection -Obama (D) 290 Governor Binders ($) 248

GOP senate candidate in Boston is bankrolling black voter group to support him and paying them $8 an

The main reason I think Candy Crowly fact-checked Robme...

Shameless crossposting from photography group: People of China

Leaked Audio Captures Romney Asking Employers To Tell Their Employees How To Vote

Three debates over, why no new national polls from Quinnipiac, CBS/NYT, NBC/Wall St Jrn or CNN/OpRch

Romney's real record on hiring women, University of Massachusetts study

Is anyone else upset that the Texas Tar Sands Blockade,

Tweety talking about employers threatening workers and telling them to

Winter's coming.

ThinkProgress - Leaked Audio Catches Romney (essentially) Asking Employers To Threaten Jobs ...

Another big dog image: he'd love to have access to Romney's binders

I want to explain for the trolls what happened last night.

Seattle Times runs free ads for GOP guv candidate, marriage equality

Amanda Todd's Alleged Bully Named By Anonymous After Teen's Tragic Suicide

The debate format is all wrong for undecided voters

Mitt's Mutt Whistle

Will Candy Crowley be fired or ostracized for daring to fact check Romney on the spot?

Mitt Romney wants to be the president of the United States of America because...

Did Romney ever have a small business?

F*ck Science!

We need to be clear about something.

More money for cybersecurity but risk of large-scale attack may be exaggerated, says Toews

Anyone remember the movie 'The Trouble With Angels', where the nuns took the girls to buy 'binders'?

Do you want your boss for president?

TSW #36

James Lipton on Hardball: Do we want a President or a Boss?

Tell it like it is: A Romney "bumper sticker" for the web.

Mike Luckovich cartoon: I have Binders Full of Women