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Archives: October 19, 2012

Mr. Romney--stop saying "in the last four years..."--Bush left economy in a ditch before that

Ohio is poised to break Mitt the fraud's heart on Nov. 6th--Rush will go on a drinking binge

Big Ed is having stupid ass hack Ron Christy on his show

Remember Rick Perry TDPS Security Team expenses while running for RCPOTUS!!! Wow what a Fool

PPP's tweet seems intended to cheer Mitt :) I know they didn't mean it

Why watch Scarborogh when Fox has more

Wisconsin Senate Debate - Baldwin vs Thompson - LIVE

Michael Eric Dyson is HAMMERING the Romneys on The Ed Show

Turns out D'Souza's mistress was married, too.

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Another tape that Romney does not want you to hear ...

WTH is Goin on in PA???

FOX: "Declaring something an act of terror does not mean you are declaring it a terror attack"

Go Tigers! (from transplanted state)

Creepy Rmoney and binder women

anne romney on the view. she has to stabilize mitt.

Missouri Senate Debate - McCaskill vs Akin - LIVE

CAUTIONS! "Don't Let Them Steal Your Vote!"


Koch-backed activists use power of data in bid to oust Obama from White House

TRICK or TREAT At One Of The Romney House (s)

Early voting surge suggests Democratic push pays off in Iowa

Do we have photos of all Romney's houses?

Romney surrogate denounces Lilly Ledbetter as advocating a "left wing agenda"

Here's hoping Rmoney takes the kind of schllacking the Yankee's did tonight

The sad story of the death of Garrett Reid (Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid's Son) in 4 excerpts

Obama Exposed Romney as a Brat Who has Never Been Challenged or Corrected

OHIO - Are you worried it will be stolen from Obama?

JOSH:"You leave my dad alone for too long-he starts to get crazy so we need my mom to stabilize him"

Nate Silver explains how he uses and weighs polls.

Is it just me-or does Ann Romney-keep saying things that me question

Need a Reason to Love The Boss? poses an interesting question.

Obama On Daily Show: President Defends Libya Response To Jon Stewart

Scott Brown Exaggerated Afghanistan Military Service, Says Man Who Inspired Medal Bill

Request For "Binders Full Of Mitt's Mental Health Records"!

Anyone else remember these records?

Scott Brown Exaggerated Afghanistan Military Service, Says Man Who Inspired Medal Bill

Mass United protest outside ROMNEY HQ in Boston at 3:20PM ET OCT. 18, 2012 New release

If one poll produces results that are at odds with nine others - that one poll is probably off

Google down 8%, Microsoft Earnings down 22%

Ron CHristie STFU you ReTHUG LIAR -

DSCC poll: McCaskill up 12 in Missouri

Senator wants to bar elected officials from state health plan (level playing field with constituents

Daniel Ellsberg: Defeat Romney, Without Illusions about Obama

Romney-Obama polls compared to Bush-Kerry 2004 polls. Interesting comparison.

Romney campaign begins shifting out of North Carolina

What's the worst management you've ever worked under? Bad/questionable work practices etc...

The Republicans have lost their minds over this Benghazi thing

At work today folks were making fun of Mitt's binders.

Hello everyone

Is Willard RMoney a Split Personality?

Does anyone here know what the NC polls are that romney

Bruce Springsteen: FOCUS | Why I Support the President

How are we doing in other races? I saw Warren is up by 9 and Kerrey says he's down by 5. Who else?

Remember how spazzed out and dazed Mitt was after the debate??

Romney only leading Georgia by 8. Only 8.

Mitt Romney's China Investments Seriously Concerning

watching the Al Smith Charity Dinner

WATCH LIVE: Obama, Romney speak at Al Smith charity dinner

Did you all just see that diss from Rmoney to the President of the

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! A Pride of Lions, A Gaggle of Geese . . . a Binder

Rob Zerban (Paul Ryan's congressional rival) does Reddit

Rowan Atkinson, "Amazing Jesus"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 19 October 2012

Los Angeles Times sues LAUSD over teacher performance data

Regarding "an act of terror".

Wayne Powell 'well received' at Montpelier, VA, T-party forum yesterday,

Remember how politicians used to be considered "public servants"?

What has Romney done that constitutes his sudden rise in polls?

Tebow could step in at RB for short-handed Jets

My encounter with a Florida Romney-dick-head

US vows to cooperate over Okinawa rape

Thank you Mr. President!

On election night when the ballots are counted and Romney has lost, we are going to see

Robme at Al Smith Dinner is speaking now on Rachel Maddow Show followed by Obama n/t

Sorry WilLIARd you're not funny

is there any way to look up the bills that romney vetoed while Gov?

Romney sounds too political and petty at the al smith dinner

Soup Kitchen in Ryan Photo-Op Suffers ‘Substantial’ Loss of Donations

Nate Silver on the Gallup Poll

Medicare Scare: Friends, here we go again. Henny Penny – the sky is falling!

Watching Willard on CSPAN right now...

Romney hatred toward the president apparent at al smith dinner

THey're coming to take me away ha ha hee hee could this be Willard?

"Everyone, please take your seats...otherwise Clint Eastwood will YELL AT THEM!"

Romney's performance is starting to make me uncomfortable


How to counter "The median salary for women in the White House..."?

Yay! dumkopf is done and Obama is speaking and people are really laughing!

Lawn signs I donunderstand.

Wayne Powell 'well received' at Montpelier, VA, T-party forum yesterday.

"I wish I could use my middle name"

Gallup: 3.4% of US adults are LGBT

Do you need more captions for creepy Josh Romney?

I thought both Obama and McCain were better in '08 then either of tonights speeches

Dog-whistlers are creating fake Twitter and Facebook accounts to threaten Romney

Tomorrow I'm seeing the Big Dog support Louise Slaughter & Kathy Hochul

I wish Tagg would take a swing at me.

someone explain to me how a Republican congress can shoot down popular legislation, i.e. Dream Act..

So I'm looking for a left-leaning paper in Florida.

Scott Brown finds support in Mass Black community . . . for a price

Hell DOES freeze over. The Dallas Morning News just endorsed Paul Sadler.

It can't be *TRUE*!1 -- *RAIN* - blessed RAIN!1 Thank you Whomever!1 n/t

Rachel on the polls....

I Keep Praying That Romney Will Do Something So Creepy It Will Even Scare His Supporters. ----

HOLY EARLY VOTING! Rachel Showing Iowa Early Voting Results

Does Gloria Allred Have The Rumored 'October Surprise?'

Al Smith dinner

Gangnam fever 'just the beginning' for new Korean wave

How the holy frig can Gallup be showing a +7 for Romney? Just can't believe it. Please explain.

MSNBC writer grades Mitt: "real uncomfortable boss's speech at office Christmas party grade stuff."

I was absolutely floored tonight, Romney loses votes to Gary Johnson-

Anyone know how to find 2012 Iowa Early Voting Statistics, not just absentee?

Romney’s ace could come from a mystery Swing State (Maine)

$1 million in state cash to be sought for Alamo

Wow! Rachel has great news about early voting numbers AND

Did my lying eyes trick me

Sexism is a male pocketbook issue. That's why more men vote Republican.

Romney Roasts President Obama, Himself At The Al Smith Dinner - FULL speech VIDEO link

2 funny things for you and...

Obama Roasts Himself, Jabs At Romney ... During Al Smith Dinner - FULL speech VIDEO link

Single Moms, Presidents . . . something to share on FB


Watching "Project Runway"

AFSCME PEOPLE and Priorities USA Action "Debate" Presidential IE Radio Spot

Obama hit the right notes, Romney failed

At the end of the President's speech tonight at the Al Smith dinner,

Romney vetoed Massachusetts' version of the Dream Act

macro grasshopper

So I got my Arizona Early Voting Ballot today, and guess what? Republicans

Lawrence O'Donnell now Recapping Al Smith Dinner

AFSCME MT Governor IE "Infomercial" Radio Spot

Al Smith Tweeted

Electoral Precedent - XKCD


Rachael Maddow reports election results in Wisconsin and Iowa so far!

Do the state of the polls (in general) seem just surreal to anyone else?

Yes! on Measure 5

Obama: +8 IA, +6 WI, +6 MI, +3 CO

WIN THE DAY Oregon Ducks!

Yes, Gallup Is Probably Goofy. So What?

The Ed Show - Right still blaming moderator for debate performance

Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza

Fired up and Ready to Go: North Carolina Early Voting Outpaces 2008 on First Day

By my wife's Request: Info on St. Vincent de Paul for donations.

I'm watching the documentary Ethel. Wow. Don't miss it.


President Barack Obama Jokes and One Liners at Al Smith Dinner

John Ewing is World-Herald's pick for House

Anyone watching the Last Word?

5,589 Democrats and 2,349 Republicans added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/17

The Ed Show - Citizens United vs workers

Daily Kos: OH-Sen: Liveblog of Debate 10/18/12

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battle

GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Admits To Owning Stock In Companies That Do Business With Iran

Since the Romneys are so rich, I wonder if they drink that coffee that weasels shit...

"About That Gallup Poll" by Kos at Daily Kos

Josh Mandel Calls Sherrod Brown 'Liar' In Debate

White House Threatens Veto of 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill Unless It Contains Tax Hike for the Super Rich

Early voted today and helped Mom out in California...

Sarah Silverman, Lizz Winstead Take On 'Corporations Are People'

Ann Romney: Mitt's French days like serving in Vietnam because "you’re going outside of yourself"

She's having her puppies!!!

I would think having the focus be on Benghazi and not the economy is a bad strategy for Romney?

U.S. Marriage Act Is Unfair to Gays, Court Panel Says

Obama Leads In Iowa And Wisconsin, Swing State Polls Show

Can you watch this video without laughing?

George W. Bush and making mistakes

Why do we post more on threads about bad polls than threads about good ones?

The ED Show - Romney's son disrespects the president

Romney Tax Plan, Complete With Debate Change, Still Helps Rich Most: Analysis

68 Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Endorse President Obama’s Science Policies

My dear fellow DUers, I must confess: I laughed at one of Romney's jokes from the Al Smith Dinner

Are you eating anything pumpkin?

Walker calls for 'dramatic' changes after WEDC lost track of $8M in past-due loans

Hello to all.

Swing state polling roundup at Kos looks great

Graph: Manufacturing Jobs, By Administration, Since 1948

So, no Romney men have ever served in the military? That is disgusting.

A Nice Observation

The ED Show - Romney campaign still stumbling over fair pay

Re: Lawrence; The Romneys are strange members of a weird religion with questionable allegiances...

LOL @ Lawrence O'D

I'm watching/listening to romney at the Al Smith Dinner (recorded).

OMG did you see Lawrence call out Taggart?

Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) Takes on the Knights of Columbus

Lawrence O'Donnell is f'ing awesome.

AFter listening to the Robme family and their important "mission work: my husband said thats all I

Lawrence O'Donnell just eviscerated Tagg and the entire Romney family

Are the RomneyMen yeller, for not serving in any war while supporting those wars?

South Dakota's largest newspaper erroneously reports McGovern death

Pay-per-view: Tagg vs. Lawrence O'Donnell

Heads Up! Tonight's guest on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart -- President Obama!

Lawrence just called out Tagg Romney for a bit of Queensberry Rules!!!

Lawrence Just Called Out The Romney Kid....

Who watched the Last Word?

OH SHIT!!!! Lawrence O just called out Tag Romney on national TV

You've got a lot to be pissed about Taggert, starting with being named Taggert!

I loves me some Lawrence O'donnell

Mitt Romney Style

Ok, so about this Ohio early voting...

Mike Thompson toon on the S-W-E-E-P

Taliban decry media bias in coverage of attempted murder of 14 year old girl

The GOP's three-pronged approach to "winning" the election

The savage mantra of personal responsibility

Krugman: Romney's 'portrait of his own experience is so misleading that it takes your breath away'

Things to come? "Sheldon Adelson Shakes Up Israeli Newspaper Market" (NPR)

bill and bruce at Parma event

Allen West supporters are getting ripped of by fake PACs

It was a brutal year for me

Let's face it..

CNN: Romney in a bind over 'binders of women' comment

President Obama coming on The Daily Show

President Obama is on The Daily Show right now...CST.

Our nation should honor Mormon missionaries in France with a wall

Mitt @ Al Smith dinner: the weirdness of REpublican 'humor' continues to fascinate me

No Ed, what if Malia had said she wanted to haul off and bust mittwitt in the kisser?

GOP Acts More Like A Crime Family

The Thoughtful Design Story Behind A Godless Footwear Collection

Logged into DIII tonight, 518 public games availalable in North America

Senator Mark Warner joins Tim Kaine in new Commercial

OK, Lawrence O'Donnell/Tagg Romney cage match. Who you got?

Texas judge rules for cheerleaders in lawsuit over Bible-themed football banners

Letter to the Ladies From FLOTUS (with stunning photo) in ELLE magazine asked me to get a specific FaceBook friend to vote early today

The Republicans have a Failing Agenda Bus Tour in Atlanta right now. They're giving out

Need help with finding a website

Project Runway Finale, Season 10.

gun stats, out of wedlocks births, crime rates, etc....

Reuters: Mormon Feminists? Yes They Exist, and They're For Obama

try to imagine mitt romney on the daily show....

"DNC tax hit draws nearly 2 million" By DONOVAN SLACK at Politico

For us (Obama supporters), it is all about Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire

Fidel Castro suffered a stroke, Venezuelan doctor says

If Obama wins, will he have a "mandate"?

Tommy Thompson waits until today to sel his Iran related stock

Lawrence O'Donnell: The Romney Men (Lawrence dares Tagg to take a swing at him) - FULL segment

Interesting trend in Twin Cities: many pro-voting amendment billboards but few signs in favor of it

CIA seeks to expand drone fleet, officials say

CEOs warn Obama, Congress to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

Poll: Tim Kaine over Macaca, 50-45 in Va. U.S. Senate race

Citi (even w/o Pandit): Obama Will Win the Election, and al the Reasons Why:

Why aren't people acting like a second Obama win would be just as historic as the first?

"NC early voting outpaces 2008 turnout"

UConn/Courant NATIONAL POLL Shows Obama Ahead By 3 Points

Its a rerun, but Dave has Obama on now

Dear Ann Romney: My brother was killed in a plane crash enroute to Vietnam...

Rachel Maddow - Deception raises red flags in lead up to election

Any new Guild Wars 2 players?

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Thursday, October 18)

"Romney goes from Etch a Sketch to sketchy" by E.J. Dionne Jr at WP

10 online citizen science projects you can do in 15 minutes or less.

Jon Stewart - The Daily Show: The FULL President Obama interview (video link)

Pat Robertson: Gays And Liberals ‘Don’t Want Freedom,’ They Want A ‘Dictatorship’ Like ‘Communism’

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Oct 19th

Why the chill on climate change? (Eugene Robinson)

I'm worried about the integrity of the voting machines in Texas, Alabama, Utah, Idaho, Mississippi

update at 538

Krugman: Romney's Snow Job on Jobs

Lawrence O'Donnell to Tagg Romney: "Take your best shot"

For those who missed it at 9pm....

Jan Hooks as Kathy Lee Gifford: "I didn't evolve from you"

Best part of my day- taking my daughter to the state fair and running into DUer nclib!

"I have my beautiful wife, Ann; he has Bill Clinton.”

Just a few words about the employer intimidation going on re: voting

Some bedtime reading to help you sleep well!

Rep. Guinta (R-N.H.) says hospitals should be allowed to turn away patients who can't pay

Clinton exposes "The Big Lie" that Romney keeps saying right to the faces of the American People.

No jail for FARC members in exchange for peace: Congress .

Man Shoots Girfriend - Takes Her to Hospital - Gets Arrested

President Obama 70.4 percent

On Economics and the Election

Bogota commemorates killed political members .

Verify your registration, polling location, etc.

Third Debate Spoiler ALERT!

Joe Scarborough won't have that arrogant smirk on his face tomorrow after these recent state polls.

Beware Romnulan Treachery...

Paid a visit to unskewed polls website

Romney is attached to another plane, wrapped helically around an axis!

Fox news rips into Obama's comedy speech

Fidel Castro is near a neurovegetative state from a stroke. Good.

Looks like Obama's numbers have gone UP on Nate Silver's page: 71.6%

Man wins lottery after being dumped by girlfriend

Far-right British National Party leader tweets gay couple's home address, urges protests

Now THIS Is What I Like To See...

The Long Reach Of US Extradition


Religious symbols and mythology

Buy Obama on Intrade before Gallup number returns to sanity

When Mitt Romney says that he can fix the economy because he's a businessman...

Positive movement on 538 blog - Obama 291.6, Romney 246.4 - 70.4% to 29.6% chance of winning.

I have a friend who works at the local movie theater.

Advanced Search still not turned back on.


As state polls swing away from Willard, Drudge tries to ease the pain with -gasp- a "shock poll"

Quick Question: Anyone else seeing a slowdown today?

US investigates Border Patrol's use-of-force policies amid claims of brutality

More poll results, all looking good.

WTO Hands Obama Victory in U.S.-China Steel Case.

Collective violence and poverty on the Mexican-US border affects child mental health

Voter ID laws that restrict our Native Americans ...

this is probably a wild goose chase....

Favorite cookie recipes?

HELP! DU just shrunk!!!

Angelina Jolie: We All Are Malala

Today's Presidential betting odds from Ladbrokes

contemplative and beautiful music

This is not the most imporatant election since the origin of man. Honestly, we're past that. But....

Alert! Gaff Bullshit line might be all over right wing talking points today concerning Obama and

Joe Walsh: "No 'Life Of Mother' Exception Needed Thanks To Modern Technology And Science"

Lame Romney excuses

About those polls...

Missouri U.S. Senate debate ignores 'legitimate rape' furor

Kris Kobach: "Don't You Think Everyone Should Know Me?"

For the record, how to deal with "optimal"

Rumah has it that Arsenio Hall is coming back to haunt CBS...

Still so sad :(

Humane Society aims to unseat Iowa Rep. Steve King

All these "word police" threads in Meta lately remind me of an episode of South Park

Mitt Romney's statement about avoiding The View: "B-CAWKK, B-CAWKK, cluck cluck!"

He-Man Woman Haters Club

Joe Miklosi vs Mike Coffman debate (CO District 6)

On the bottom of the CNN screen it says: Romney, Obama to trade one-liners

Why I am a Christian Democrat

Seeing Mitt Romney in a tuxedo at the Alfred E. Smith dinner reminded me of George Hamilton

Historic Jewish graves desecrated in Auckland

Mike Malloy live commentary over October 16, 2012 presidential town hall debate (6 videos)

Australia PM Julia 'badass' Gillard SLAMS Tony Abbott Misogynist Sexist Women's Rights - Full Speech

Democrat in Alabama uses Facebook to imply GOP congressional opponent is gay

A Speech Every Woman Should Watch/Hear - a must see :)

Sponsor a Striking Walmart Worker

Consumer Spending Surged in September

Colman Chadam, California Boy, Ordered To Transfer Schools For Carrying Cystic Fibrosis Gene

The E.U. Pushes Greece to the Brink

Seattle chefs take DIY approach to butchery

The Issue That Goes Ignored

Wow. Six pages of new items at Vegan Essentials!


Rick Santorum, with ‘tingles down my spine,’ can smell a GOP sweep

How well do you know your feminist firebrands? Ernestine Louise Rose.....

Africa should learn from Korea

I have an appointment with my psychiatrist today.

Best Romney tweet I have ever heard of:

In early polling news for the day, some good news and some bad news...

Prominent Mass. Pike billboard updating message to call for US ban on assault weapons

Mitt Romney versus The Prairie Dog

Gun-Free Home Is Safest for Kids

Scott Brown Exaggerated Afghanistan Military Service, Says Man Who Inspired Medal Bill

Some surreal TV: The Ed Sullivan Show - Ed interviews Fidel Castro in Havana (1959)

For the Love of God and all us children - Please Mr. President, Keep This Bum Cornered Monday Night

Could this possibly be the news that Gloria Allred have on Romney when he was a bishop

Does Anyone Have A Video Clip Of Ann Rmoney Coming On Stage After The Town Hall?...

Hey, you, Lurch......

Hey Joe Scum

Orionid meteor shower this weekend. Amazingly beautiful shot - not mine though, linked

Maine hunters being asked to share meat with shelters, pantries and soup kitchens

Are we being set up for another election theft??

Panetta Down South: The Pentagon’s New Plan to Confront Latin America’s Pink Tide

Sierra Club PUBLIC Bike now available

Panetta Down South: The Pentagon’s New Plan to Confront Latin America’s Pink Tide

D'Souza: Obama Has A "Pathological Hatred For Traditional Christianity"

The Ghosts of Colombia

Honestly, if I saw this OP and did not know where I was, I would guess Free Republic.

One in 20 polls, simply by random chance, will be outliers

Dudes Don't Let Dudes

Hello y'all

Harbaugh's decision costs 49ers bettors money...

Savile abuse claims: Met Police launch formal criminal inquiry

F*ck Science!

I think this explains Romney's attitude towards women

Fuckie Todd is really worried about the early vote factor

11 Enemies of Marijuana Legalization

5 Things You Need to Know About Mitt Romney's Shady Investments Before Election Day

Beat the ballot bandits. Protect your vote!

Karuk Tribe: Learning from the First Californians for the Next California

Starting point with Soledad

Lawrence just announced that he would be on tonight (10 pm ET)

Can't stand Chuck Todd

Battleground Polls From Yesterday Show Sudden Shift in Momentum To Obama (Nate Silver)

Politico: Obama Camp Has Biggest Fundraising Day(for the Obama campaign history) After Town Hall

Money men: Who are top 5 donors to Romney?

Lethal heat after mass extinction made Earth inhabitable

Election 2012: Baldwin, Thompson spar over health care in second debate

Kill the bots: FTC puts a bounty on the heads of robo-telemarketers

Using robots to try and save US jobs

Meet Romney’s Economic Hit Man

CORRUPTION: Bain-Controlled Company Owns 2012 Voting Machines

CIA found militant links a day after Libya attack

US businessman defends controversial geoengineering experiment

Boston Public Library Has Historic Photos Online

Why doesn't Obama do something about gas prices?

Saudi Arabia reveals plans to be powered entirely by renewable energy

The New McCarthyism

Had a tooth pulled yesterday...

Falklands to start producing oil by 2017

After Looking At The Map, RMoney Is Getting Panicky. Family Overrules Advisors

All of a sudden now Joe S. and the crew

So tomorrow, my husband and I are going to go hear Joe Biden speak

Young offenders should be screened for brain injuries {uk}

GOP Is More Than A Racist And Bigot Party It Is A PRO RAPE And CONSENSUAL RAPE PARTY. ----

I didn't see Michelle Obama at the event last night, was

Ann Romney: Mormon missions and U.S. military are ‘different ways of serving’

The Obama bounce underway at 538

What should be the Democrats' strategy in the last two weeks of campaign?

50% More And 23% Less For Women

Romney Receives Endorsement of Orlando Sentinel

What Is This?

Do You Think Racial Animus Is Behind Willard Romney And His Supporters Contempt For Pres. Obama?

Bindr Mitt

"Oh for crying out loud."

DOJ/FBI - Please Investigate This --- Tagg Romney Invested in Ohio Electronic Voting Machines

So lemme sum this up:

Dinesh d'Souza kicked out Of kings college

Scenes of 'Dust Bowl Days' Return As Oklahoma Storm Causes Highway Pileup

ANN'S Most Telling Statement: "You know, we find different ways of serving"

Scott Brown Exaggerated Afghanistan Military Service, Says Man Who Inspired Medal Bill

Mitt the Jerk: a Woman’s View of the Debate

President Obama on Jon Stewart yesterday

Scott Brown Exaggerated Afghanistan Military Service, Says Man Who Inspired Medal Bill

Texas to end health program if Planned Parenthood participates

What exactly is a Honey Boo Boo?

How Mitt forgot his 'legal thinking' at debate...

A Proposal to Prevent Election Theft

Seahawks return to being the errr Seahawks.

It is cold,raining and wet.....and there are at least already 10,000 people waiting to see

Man Enough to "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes"

I told you Mitt had a magic wand.....

Sorry Niners---but Smith aint going to take you to the promise land.

New GOP Theme Song For Women "STAND BY YOUR RAPIST"

O'Donnell: HIT ME!-The president didn't call the old man a liar but I have done it for over a year.

What the President should say on Monday night....

CIA seeks to expand drone fleet, officials say

After President Obama smacked down Mitt, Republicans are now making fools of themselves on Libya

Who else wants to hear the Pres. ask voters to deliver him a Democratic Congress?

PA Senate passes Daniel’s Law to ban carbon monoxide gassing of animals

Senator's daughter claims self-defense after punching teen in face during restaurant fight

Dear...well, everyone

Here's what the other side's cartoonists think is funny.

Rep. Joe Walsh: Abortion never saves mom's life

Joe Walsh: abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of the mother

Romney Math: $8,000,000=$11

Pesticide Industry Backed Opponents of GMO Labeling Get Criminal in California

AWESOME! GOP Super PACs reveal they've bailed on Romney (spending on Congress)

Wear some purple today!

Posting fundraisers on DU

EXCELLENT news to start your Friday

How Good is this Marist Poll Guy

chuck toad says Obama has a SMALL eight point lead in Iowa.

Ethel - RFK

Ill. Amtrak train set to hit 110 mph in test run

Campaign Ads, as we enter the Home Stretch: Time to remind voters why they don't like Romney

Obama on Letterman, uses the word "Terrorists" about Benghazi

NBC/WSJ/Marist: Obama 51, Romney 45; Baldwin 49, Thompson 45

Our local radio station was blasting Whoppi for telling Queen Anne

You (all) are right: Chuck Todd is a shill

Koch-backed activists use power of data in bid to oust Obama from White House

Missouri Political Donor Thrives With No Limits

Dear DUers - please volunteer to watch and see who is dumping Democratic Party voters' Registration

Fidel Castro suffered a stroke, Venezuelan doctor says

Social Security's rate of return is tough to beat

Looky looky what my Aunt said on Facebook.. I am offended..

So Romney is going to lose TWO home states?

Well, our Obama lawn sign lasted 5 days...neighbor's as well - both vanished last night.

Greg Palast exposes Mitt's "Bailout Bonanza" in The Nation magazine. MUST READ

Woman Misunderstands Deer Crossing Signs, Calls Radio Station, Wants Them Moved

If Elected, Romney Wants A Say In 'fiscal Cliff'

Allan West is leading Murphy by 9 points this is a VERY VERY disappointment

Ground Game: Obama Campaign Opens Up a Big Lead in Field Offices

Sweet story from Ohio!

Massive car bomb explodes in Beirut

Grr. Salafists destroy ancient Morocco carvings: NGO

Try A Xylophone Surprise for Mitt on Monday. #busted

Rasmussen-Obama (D) 48% Romney (R) 48%

Why the NFC West is the best division in the NFL

Peak oil notes - Oct 18

Drumbeat: October 19, 2012

Why don't Republicans like to

FARC denies committing crimes against people of Colombia

Samuel Jackson Threatens Lawsuit Over 'Uncle Tom' Ad

On, video of Obama's Rose Garden speech

Navy to go after rats, mold in Gitmo legal offices

David Horsey: Right-wing lies about Obama are greeted by willing believers

Tom Hanks drops the F Bomb and he's really upset about it.

Drumbeat: October 19, 2012

Wonder why Romneys would claim higher taxing Massachusetts as their home

Peak oil notes - Oct 18

Military members face student loan debt problems

Poll shows tight race between Allen West & Patrick Murphy in FL 49-48

Nate Silver has Obama up over 70% again

Heads-up!! Monday's Presidential debate format will be the same as the first debate....

OR Surveyusa Obama 49(-1) Binderman 42(+1)

Let me tell you why "I have my beautiful wife, Ann; he has Bill Clinton.” is so funny

This is Romney's last race, if he loses, and Josh Romney said his brother doesn't hit hard.

U.S. troops in Okinawa on curfew after arrests in rape case

I'm feeling increasingly grim about the outcome of this election: It's close enough to steal

The Top 10 Ways the #GOP has Declared a #WarOnWomen

RWer: Candy Crowley fact-check was like the Tet Offensive

Making Labor Pay and Why We Need Universal Pensions

Just Got Done Reading Willard "Rambo" Romney's Vietnam Journal...

Hand-copying bad Palm Beach County absentee ballots likely to lead to errors, lawsuits, election obs

Real Time Polling (Good and Bad) – Obscuring Reality and the Issues Like Day Trading

Just saw the First Lady on Kelly and Michael....

Patricia Haig, widow of Gen. Al Haig, dies

New Poll-Nevada: Obama 51% Romney 43%

Man Tied To Va. GOP Arrested In Voter Form Destruction

"Australian Rush Limbaugh" forced to attend journalism school! (re: climate change denial & more)

Matthew Fox in Mitt Romney Biopic

Video: Sam Waterston on "Fair Elections", i.e. public financing.

DoD to cut Tricare Prime in 5 West areas

Ipsos/Reuters Daily Election Tracking: Obama 47% - Romney 44%

GOP Senate Candidate Admits To Owning Stock In Companies That Do Business With Iran

Our precinct's early-voting location was moved to the most dangerous location they could find.

1 Very good reason West Virginia is a Red (Republican) state

Pioneering British firm produces 'petrol from air' in breakthrough

Is RCP playing dirty politics with national polls to set false narrative?

Low calcium thyroid disorder link {women}

Where the candidates and surrogates are today

The Bullying Crisis

If you despise Allen West, bump this post!

Obama edges past Romney in latest national UConn/Courant poll

Private Prisons and Presidential Politics

Robert Redford: Why I'm Supporting President Obama

Why Obamacare? A friend's unnecessary death inspires a moving Kristof NYT op/ed

Anyone think folks are manipulating INTRADE?

VA GOP voter registration arrest: 8 felony charges, 5 misdemeanors

ABC: Sandusky Victim considered suicide because no one believed him & charges not filed for 3 years

Was Mitt hospitalized for mental health problems while in France?

EU wheat rises as traders say Ukraine to stop exports

Romney Cites Study Based On Repealing Almost All Middle Class Tax Breaks To Bolster His Tax Plan

Scenes of 'Dust Bowl Days' Return As Oklahoma Storm Causes Highway Pileup

Petition to prevent indecency charges against woman after being raped

The President's beautiful wife, Michelle, is on Kelli and Michael Live right now and she was

Obama vastly outpaces Romney in volunteer headquarters in swing states

how obama can smoke out mitt: call for breaking up biggest banks, & resurrecting glass-stagall

Do voters even think when voting for a Senator?

A terrific piece for those, like me, who are both Christian and Democrat.

Misinterpreting ad spending--why focus on WI and OH may not be a bad sign

Ann Romney: Mormon Missions and U.S. Military Are 'Different Ways of Serving'

Sestak throws Democrats under the bus

Breaking in NC - Romney campaign's 'pullout' of NC is BS, a headfake to dampen Dem turnout.

Henceforth, he shall be known as MITTSOGYNIST.

Sen Gramm: The Only Reason People Are Voting Obama Is That They Are NOT HUNGRY ENOUGH

Court Strikes Down CFTC Regulation to Limit Excessive Speculation

Is there anyone else that thinks...

Kluwe to debate 'empty chair' on marriage equality

PPP National Tracking: Obama regains lead 48-47

You Can’t Find One Instance” In Which Abortion Is Necessary To Save the Life Or Health Of the Mother

DOMA is doomed

Somewhere between a cheerleder and doomsday

Harlem Désir, France's first black president?

Do You and Your Parents Vote The Same or Totally Different??

ppppolls - Obama has had small leads in our national tracker each of the 2 nights following debate

A helpful reminder of the Terms of Service

2fer A-holes voting for Mittens: Dinesh D'SOUZA's also married mistress and Scott "Dilbert" ADAMS

Some good anti-Romney artwork for your perusal and deployment

Another Stupid Facebook Post

As Sen. George McGovern Nears Death, How Antiwar Candidate Challenged Vietnam and Top-Down Politics

Generation XXX: Documentary exposes 12-year-olds who think porn is the norm

Traveling in comfort is a great way to serve our country

Does anyone know where President O & FL Michelle & VP Biden are today?

Poll dancing and whining is mostly useless...

Yeah Ann---sure, they're the same!

Toyota Prius Dominates California as State’s No. 1 Model

You Could Have Won The Medal Of Honor And Run As A Democrat And -----

The Liberal Myth That Morbid Wealth Is Just Fine

Mom dresses like 12-year-old to bring down alleged online predator


Gallup Poll -Romney 100% Obama 0% Among Likely Voters

R.I.P. Lincoln Alexander.


For (plugin) Hybrid Drivers, a Gas Pump Allergy?

Festering economic boil Phil Gramm says Obama is winning because poor people have it too good

Koch-Affiliated Group Campaigns to End Wind-Energy Tax Credit

Obama in VA, Biden and Ryan in FL today. Obama big ad buy in NC, FL, OH

Obama pulls even (48-48) in daily Rasmussen tracking poll

Ezra Klein: About that Gallup poll: Is Romney really up by 7? And will Obama win the election anyway

"...this election is going to be decided by the women of this country..."

Not so fast Mitt you pulling out of NC might be a big mistake your going to have a fight in NC

A pithy comment this morning on "Morning Joe"

Three-Fourths of Latino Catholics Back Obama in Pew Poll

Riddle me this Batman

Evangelical Christian blogger scolded for using word ‘vagina’ in book

Romney Plans to Cut All Middle Class Tax Deductions and Credits: Some Evidence Suggesting Yes

Does Romney Have an In-Law Problem?

Counting The Days Until The Election!

James Bond graph.

The Last Word - Rewriting the Romney men and war

Facebook, 10/19/2012: How to Deal w/Romney Supporters?

Romney-Ryan Out of Touch Quotes (Thread) - "I’m not concerned about the very poor...(to start)"

Viewpoint: Will Blacks Vote for Obama “Because He’s Black”?

Liberal bullying: Privilege-checking and semantics-scolding as internet sport

Greatest songs of all time

Denver Post endorsement: Barack Obama for president

Media Fail: Fidel Castro's son says he's fine, Miami Herald publishes rumor as fact

I've got a louse in my house.

I guess we can call Du'ers trolls now? when did that rule change?

Oops! Romney Ditches 'Six Studies' -- His NEW Study Repeals Almost ALL Middle Class Tax Breaks!


Two years ago this week I sent an email to someone who....

Prehistoric Human Populations Prospered Before the Agricultural Boom, Research Suggests

Religious People Less Driven By Compassion Than Are Atheists And Agnostics, Study Says

Here's another story else who didn't serve Vietnam because of his religion. Let's see what happened

Anne Rice has really been campaigning for President Obama to her followers on her Facebook page.

'Ugh' is right: Chance of Split Electoral, Popular Vote Very Real

First-Of-Its-Kind Self-Assembled Nanoparticle for Targeted and Triggered Thermo-Chemotherapy

So, what should you listen to while driving through Lincoln Park, Michigan?

Donald Trump the Attention WHORE....

The Denver Post Endorses Barack Obama.

I'm Off to Canvass my Neighborhood

I think Romney is starting to sink......

"I'm impressed by how well Governor Romney has avoided that problem"

The Last Word - The war over women

President Obama losing the Twitter election

Victoria Jackson on Howard - File in the "Insane" Binder

Well, I'm excited and needed to share something...

"Does Romney Have an In-Law Problem?"

Whoopi is getting bullied on Twitter

An honest question seeking for an honest answer...

"It's excitement, it's more than Christmas, it's more than Mother's Day, it's more than anything..."

Potential Cabinet Secretaries for Next Administration

DOMA Defeat Is a Victory for Marriage for All

Koch-Affiliated Group Campaigns To Make Wind Tax Credit ‘So Toxic’ Republicans Won’t Back It

President Obama about to speak

Nate Silvers latest tweet...

A123, Solyndra, and EV Battery Innovation

Larry Sabato says "people are not that organized" to skew polls..

I'd like to demand a Binder full of TAX RETURNS...

The Few, The Proud, The -- Mormons?

Dancing Mormons

CIA's Petraeus Tells White House: 'We Want More Drones'

The Last Word - Obama and Romney meet at dinner

Ann Romney, Bride of Chucky. Is there much of a difference?

Democrats have a shot at key House seats in Inland Empire region

Kerrey poll: Nebraska Senate race is tighter

Turnout is the only way Obama can win.

California unemployment rate drops to 10.2% in September

Puppies kept lost Alabama boy warm in woods, rescuer says

Karl Rove is out to destroy Obama the way he destroyed Kerry

Obama +3.2, Obama +3, Obama +3, Obama +1, Obama +0.6, Obama +0.5, TIE, Romney +7.


I'm posting this one more time: Abortion should be safe and legal - without ANY qualifications.

FiveThirtyEight Forecast now gives Obama a 70.4% chance of winning the general

Paul Ryan Mocks 'War On Women' At Private Fundraiser

How to make a binder full of women

Labour claims 'highest ranked UK politico in World of Warcraft' title

BIG TEX burned down at the State Fair

Noam Chomsky Makes First Visit To Gaza

Any DU'er who want to call the Romney campaign to complain about Tag Romney here's the number

Gary Johnson Adviser: RNC Chair ‘Reince Penis’ Belongs In A Police Lineup

Rumsfeld's 'water boy,' Gen. Tommy Franks, picked for Mitt Romney's Military Advisory Council

State Fair fans...Big Tex burnt down this morning

Greg Holden - The Lost Boy (A song for the children of Darfur)

L.A. Public Library inherits treasure of maps (LA Times)

Some Independent Expenditure Group Must...



What's up with New Hampshire?

RANT (Warning: Language)

Prez O is defining Romnesia! nt

Elizabeth Warren Ad Asks Massachusetts For ‘Your Vote Against A Republican Senate’

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe to debate a chair over gay marriage

(VIDEO) Tagg Romney Blocks Hospice From Being Built for personal reasons

Can someone help me out here?

Obama: Mitt Has ‘Romnesia’

Unemployment falls in battleground states ahead of election

Timing of image seems to be everything -- Let's hope it works in our favoir

Paul Ryan Mocks 'War On Women' At Private Fundraiser

Some stats re: the first day of early voting in NC-AA turnout higher than '08

Halloween costume ideas for kids...

Paul Ryan’s Missing Children and Mitt Romney’s Forbidden Grandchildren

Team Coco has gone too far. He is messing with an Icon!

Republican Defender Ben Stein All But Endorse President Obama’s Policies on Fox News

Madonna Angers Denver Audience by Pretending to Shoot Guns Into Crowd

Must Wins: Ohio and Wisconsin

Good news!!! Obamacare covers Romnesia!

Citing 47% remark, Denver Post repeats Obama endorsement...

Finally Liberated From Facts, Mitt Romney the Pure Bull Artist Takes Flight

"If ________ you might have romnesia."

UCONN-Nat'l Poll- Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 45%

"ROMNESIA" - Obama

Big Tex just burned up!

German Spiegel says:" Both men, Kelly and Browne, aren't telling the truth." In shooting of Kennedy!

Andrew Sorkin on MSNBC: pro-Romney Wall Street firms now donating to Obama in panic

New PPP NH Presidential Poll: Romney leading by 1

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Mitt in a Bind(er)

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - More Willard toons

Obama defines Romnesia

Friday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Musicians and who they support

A question about womens' wage gap:

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Campaign Cites Congressional Study To Prove Feasibility Of Tax Plan

Luke Russert: Elizabeth Warren is ahead and "cruising" to victory.

PEW: Party ID: IND (40%), DEM (33%), REP (21%)

The GOP Is A Hate Group At Best And A Terrorist Organization At Worst. ----

Virginia (battleground)

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 19, 1980

Neb. Senate candidate waits until neighbors die, changes law to take land

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 19, 1980

Remember this? Financial collapse 2008

NC Duers how are the voting lines looking today? I expect almost 70% of dems to vote before

Israeli Envoy calls "Estelle" a Provocation While 7 Parliamentarians Sail to Break the Blockade...

Our friends at PPP have Mitt up 49-48 in New Hampshire

I don't often literally LOL, but when I do it's at this article about the Romney sons

Texas A&M Code Maroon - campus being evacuated

File under he shouldn't have said that

Obama up 3 in NC

The GOP Will Use Force To Advance Their Agenda Being Given The Opportunity. And They Will ----

Texas A&M University in College Station ordered to evacuate for bomb threat

President Obama in Fairfax, Virginia: "Romnesia" (longer clip)

Benghazi: Republicans exploit; as President Obama works toward justice

Mittoon: Which Mitt?

North Denver: Bush depression train replaced with Obama Solar Farm

Still drives me crazy: Romney at Al Smith Dinner

If he's HALF the man his father was, he'd produce the last 6 years of his tax returns

Obama for 100% of Americans poster

Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan ...

*Info and REQUEST for non-cash HELP for WAYNE POWELL,

Andrea Mitchell is dissecting Obama's Daily Show Appearance

Ignore this thread

Obama Leads by 3 in North Carolina

This has gone too far! First you humiliate the Longhorns...

Which Romney Son Is The Creepiest?; Rewriting The Romney Men and War

The country got to see a rare live real time fact check of GOP & it's devastating so GOP trying to..

Jimmy Kennedy, former Minnesota Vikings defensive linemen, calls Roger Goddell a liar

Kennedy campaign ad - "More Facts About Mitt Romney"

Anybody that missed it here is the #Romnesia clip


The "Virgin Birth" Myth

Reason-Rupe - CALIFORNIA (Obama +15), (Feinstein +26)

(Check out this video!) Bain Workers Drop 40ft Tall Message at Romney HQ

GOP Congressman Admits Romney/Ryan Would ‘End Medicare As We Know It’

Scott Brown blames Elizabeth Warren for his insult to victims' families

Romney's Snow Job on Jobs (Krugman)

Koch-Funded Right Wing PAC Americans for Prosperity Lists Itself as 'Non-Profit Social Welfare Org':

Jordanian police say report of explosion was false alarm; ceiling collapsed at Amman mall Read more

If you believe PPP state polls, Iowa is +6 Republican compared to Ohio

Pointing The Finger In The RIGHT Direction Over Libya

OK, sometimes I have too much fun photochopping pics.

'Night of Too Many Stars' shines on one who's not (Comedy Central fundraiser for autism ed.)

Unless Obama starts wearing a 'FUCK OHIO' t-shirt, OHIO IS OURS: Unemployment in Ohio Drops to 7%

can I ask an aquarium question?

Jon Stewart and Nate Silver

I will say it right now: Nevada is off the table.

Unemployment falls in seven key election swing states

Andrew Mitchell resigns over police comments row

+Info and REQUEST for non-cash HELP for WAYNE POWELL,

OMG I can't stand this waiting game....

Puppies kept lost Alabama boy warm in woods, rescuer says

Ground Game: Obama Campaign Opens Up a Big Lead in Field Offices

Gallup: Romney Up By 6

Tea Party Group Plans Obama Phone Bank Sabotage

New Nate column (not forecst) on just up

"Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim" (church-front) sign stirs controversy..

How many of you get your cats' or dogs' teeth cleaned by the vet?

How many here think the presidential election won't be decided by Nov 7th?

"Blame Obama for Libya? Then blame Bush for 9/11"

Mrs. Romney: Mitt’s mission in Paris mansion was similar to Vietnam

The Great Nate Has Spoken- Oct. 18: Obama Gains in Forecast on Resiliency in Swing State Polls

The Great Nate Has Spoken- Oct. 18: Obama Gains in Forecast on Resiliency in Swing State Polls

The 47% video, Romney, Global-Tech, Sankaty, and Sensata?

What about that 93% of americans that have jobs

This Week in Poverty: What We Talk About When We Talk About Poverty

Unemployment Drops in Florida

Manstr Guardian: Romney Will Lose His Home State By Wider Margin Than Any Other Candidate In History

Confusion Rife as Libyan Army Storms Town of Bani Walid

The Rude Pundit - Note to Conservatives: Barack Obama Is Not a Liberal

Early IOWA VOTING --- Dems: 46% GOP: 31%

Lying Republican, Vin Weber, Said Illinois Is In Play

Intersting zinger on "Last Resort" last night...


Unemployment Rate Falls in 7 Swing States


Battleground snapshot: Romney gains in the South

The polls were hoppin here yesterday, the first day of early voting

The war on 12-year-old girls

Mormon feminists came up with a term for Romney's calculated lack of memory: "Romnesia."

I just convinced someone to vote for Obama - too bad we're in New York, but still

GOP Congressman Admits Romney/Ryan Would ‘End Medicare As We Know It’

More Romney zingers from the Alfred E. Nuemann memorial dinner last night.

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 45%

AP Is Reporting That The Seven Romney Boys Are All Applying For Deferments

Eat your hearts out. I live in FL so I get stuff like this in the mail.

Who is Colin Small?

Alex Rodriguez won’t waive no-trade clause, ‘will be back’ with Yankees

GOP Congressmen Admits Romney 'Would End Medicare As We Know It'

Oldies but goodies - pics

Burgeoning rape scandal at Amherst

Stop the Debate…

Romney holds His 5 point plan on stone tablets

Americans stop your bleating

Its not easy being dream

New ‘Shiny’ Objects Found by Curiosity Rover Are Likely Indigenous

When Morals & Politics Cross, Conservatives Ignore Their Bible & Go In For the Kill…

Nearly 70 yrs old and voted for 1st time today

The Mouse That Roars

I'm in purple...who else is?

The original search engine

Best binder pic yet.....

Where is Dubya ??

Denver Post Endorses Obama -- Again!

One Tweet proves that PPP's Tom Jensen is now a Drudge-chasing concern troll

Why poetry?

If Obama Wins And Gallup Shows Him Losing Will They Go The Way Of Zogby?

Latest YouGov state polls.

The Salt Lake City Tribune Has Announced Their Endorsement...

Washington high schooler Austin Rehkow hits remarkable 67-yard field goal


BREAKING: Ohio secedes from Union.

NBC/Marist has Obama up by 8 in Iowa & PPP has Romney up by 1...Why?

Still 'round the corner

Why Romnesia is a Stroke of Genius

The Tampa Bay Times has endorsed Obama for re-election

The tea party is helping Democrats

Richard Clarke: Romney’s Libya Questions Reveal Someone with No Experience in Terrorism

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall Gallup having Bush up by 10 close to the 2000 election...

Ellison Wins National Title as ‘Progressive House Hero’

This is the strangest album I've recorded so far, The Fugs.

Romney Lists Gen. Tommy Franks (Iraq Disaster) As His Key Military Advisor: MoJo

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Real Mormons don't lie.

Mitt's missing tax returns and mental health records are on Golden Tablets!!!!

Updated: Walker calls for temporary replacement for WEDC leader

Oct. 18: Obama Gains in Forecast on Resiliency in Swing State Polls

I received a 3-page personal letter from Sen. Boozman today. On his vote

Scott Brown Supporter From Ad Calls Elizabeth Warren 'D*****bag,' Obama A 'Muslim' On Facebook

"TOO MANY MITTS"- THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE: "Obama has earned another term"

"The president has earned a second term. Romney, in whatever guise, does not deserve a first"

Oops! Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Obama

What the DOMA decision says (and doesn't say)

Son of Colombian drug-trafficker arrested in Bolivia .

What happened to Trending Now and Greatest Threads on the main page?

North Carolina Early Voting both in-person and absentee ballot results

The Salt Lake Tribune called Romney a shapeshifter!

Impossible results all throughout every single Gravis poll this year

On Monday, I hope President Obama explains how bad foreign policy affects our economy

President Obama: Mitt Romney's Come Down With A Case Of Romnesia

I don't know about you, but I have a very personal stake in this election...

Can Sarah Silverman Get Through 2 Minutes Talking About Mitt Romney Without Swearing?

Scariest Jack-O-Lantern ever!! On Display at Bainport:

Our response to their attacks about the attack in Libya should be....

Next Time You Hear Romney Say He 'Built That,' Remind Him Of These Seven Zeroes

Rasmussen: Wisconsin O: 50% R 48%

when Obama is asked what the difference will be in the next 4yrs under him, he should begin with

ROVE/KOCHs-Linked To-Voter Registration ARRESTED Dumper & Strategic Allied Consulting-RUN BY SPROUL


Mitt Zombie

Gallup Outlier LV Romney 51(-1) Obama 45 RV Romney 48 Obama 47

President Obama at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia - pics

I didn't cause this deficit...

Did the Orlando Sentinel shut down its reader forum section after that Romney endorsement?


How's this for memories? 1972 Fleetwood Mac.

More Dirty Tricks: Tea Party Group Plans Obama Phone Bank Sabotage

Obamacare cures Romnesia! Now that's a great slogan

Paul Ryan Mocks 'War On Women' At Private Fundraiser

Al Gore volunteered to go to Vietnam, but

Survey of 23,000 “married women” revealing that 73% would have an affair with obama over romney

Great NY Times article about Chris Kluwe

If this mother encountered these creatures on the street, she would gladly wear striped pajamas

Obama Gets Big Applause on The Daily Show for Supporting LGBT Rights

Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Chief Mike Zullo rejects Orly Taitz's Help, he doesn't want a "circus show"

They don't understand, discrimination is already illegal

Some of you may remember that I hoped to talk to the President Wednesday night.

What would be a good day to pick up Karl Rove for questions related to

How Will Kauai React To South Park Episode?

Mitt's people are working on a comeback to Romnesia

Carmona apologizes for calling male debate moderator 'prettier' than Crowley


Guess what? It was Romney who didn't say "terror" or "terrorist" for 14 days!

GOP Conspiracy To Suppress Dem Voting

BREAKING: Bain Capital Buys Salt Lake Tribune - Outsources Editorial Board to China

The people that know him...

In 2008 I thought Romney was handsome and told my husband that he thought it was funny

Free Online Education Is Now Illegal in Minnesota

I saw on twitter that CNN will have a FL poll out today at 4. Anybody have a prediction?

New Jersey Assembly Calls for Overturning Citizens United


San Diego Zoo's 11-week-old giant panda cub takes first awkward steps

Left Handed Irishmen make 20% less for the same work that a non-lefthanded Irishmen make!

Rmoney filed multiple Federal tax forms in 2010 listing “abusive tax shelters,”

WOW. Guess Who Just Endorsed Obama? THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE:

Roger Ailes Signs New Four-Year Contract

Jason Giambi interviews for Rockies' manager job

Evil Commie Cuba Joins Efforts to Save Manatees

MiddleFingerMom is back in the hospital.

Sam Wang has moved Obama up...

One thing I still find overwhelming is the mess I have made at work.

MUST READ: If R$R Prevail On Medicaid Kids Get Ready To Sign Over YOUR House -----

Rorrim, Rorrim no eht llaw. Ohw's eht tseriaf eno fo lla?

Republicans have a lot of gall.

For those of you who may be fretting over Gallup...

Sugar Beet Labor Battles Spill Out Onto The National Stage

The Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama!

Why do people vote against their own self-interests?

How about a separate forum for fake news?

Somebody help me with this.

Need Help With An Argument With a Republican Buddy (Regarding Military Vote)

Truthout: Does the Romney Family Now Own Your e-Vote?

ROMNESIA. Video, images and definitions -- dictionarists and lexicographers, give it your best shot

Bad joke time

Gary Johnson adviser: RNC chair ‘Reince Penis’ belongs in a police lineup

“If...” A Dog Whistle Only Women Can Hear

CNN Florida Poll: Romney 49% - Obama 48%

Facebook - National Priorities Project

I don't get the problem with those Voter Fraud Is a Felony billboards

Obama retakes lead in Real Clear Politics polling average

Who thinks President Obama could kick chicken hawk son Tags ass.

Pioneering British firm produces 'petrol from air' , ...

and Wrong

Are you suffering from Romnesia?

Danziger Toon: Tagg Romney defends his father's reputation

If you MUST post polls on DU, can you PLEASE not just post: XXXX Poll Romney 48 Obama 45

Ken Burns:Why I am Voting for Barack Obama

Romney would repeal the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

How long does it take to clear customs at Seatac

Radar helps solve painted lady migration mystery (BBC)

Ezra Klein: Mitt Romney’s George W. Bush problem

Righteous rant on misogyny and sexism. Must-watch

Scott Brown Supporter From Ad Calls Elizabeth Warren 'D*****bag,' Obama A 'Muslim' On Facebook

Romney misspoke, he didnt mean to say "women in binders"

Jerome Corsi: Obama is using secret hidden language and a ring to speak to Muslims (Ya, really)

Turns out there's a film about a guy with Romnesia.

Is growing up impossible for some people?

URGENT! Attorney General Eric Holder: Investigate Tagg Romney owning voting machines in OHIO....

Tagg Romney an investor in Ohio voting machines.

Comments from the Orlando Sentinel. There are those who are pissed with the

Disability is Misery - And an Election Issue


CNN Florida poll, registered voters: Obama 50, Romney 43

If you want to laugh your ass off, watch Martin Bashir on the re-run

Chris Kirkland Wednesday keeper

Middle-aged Rant (shoes)

Florida's largest paper again backs Obama ~ CNN

GOP voter registration scandal widens

Nate Silver - Oct. 18: Obama Gains in Forecast on Resiliency in Swing State Polls

Will the Punter From Minnesota Yield? Not in This Debate

Survey: 40 Percent Of Americans Have $500 Or Less In Savings

I think the $716B Mediscare/Obamacare LIE is having a bigger effect than is realized.

Campaign Crowds...

Obama now ahead +0.1 in RCP average.

Millions More Acres of Protected Jaguar Habitat Requested in New Mexico, Arizona

Look at who just endorsed Obama. The SALT LAKE TRIBUNE!!!

Vice President Biden Holds Up A Binder On The Stump

FTC Offers $50,000 For Best Way To Stop Robocalls

New report blames heat for ancient extinction

Paul Krugman- Rmoney's Awesome Awesomeness Plan!

I've deided to vote early rather than vote on an electronic voting machine.

"Don't try to Vote... if you know what's good for you"


Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Community #13

Bain Owns Clear Channel? (Rush, etc.) also: Bain, Iran, Maytag Corp., etc.

What I find amazing about this Romney- LDS bishop thing:

Tractor beam built from rings of laser light

I got Chanterelles!

Selling cars & politics - Honesty really is the best policy.

the Neighbors are having a little Anniversary Party...

Princeton Election Consortium-Obama: 299 Romney: 239 Meta-margin: Obama +1.96%

Biden Holds Up A Binder On The Stump

Good image from Mick Luckovich

Next week's New Yorker cover...

The best of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

I just heard some excerpts from the view, and just listening to romney's wife tells me romney is not

Mitt, Tagg, And The Romney Family's Myth Of Self-Reliance | The New Republic

Debate fact check: Obama says low gas prices in Jan 2009 were due to economic collapse

Papantonio: Romney Wants Your Boss To Tell You How To Vote

Is Martin Bashir the new Keith Olbermann?

I'm chatting with Comcast's tech support about an anomalous screen popup that keeps appearing

Made in Ohio new Obama ad, starring Mitt

Graphics and other good stuff from Facebook

Sam Wang At Princeton Consortium Pegs Obama As A 9-1 Favorite

Does Obamacare cover Romnesia? eom

Whoop de fuckin' doo UPDATE: Josh Romney is making a stump speech in my town in 30 minutes

Hardball is unwatchable. Tweety and Toad pushing Romney and how the numbers are coming

gee matthews has both toad and politico saying the race is in romney's direction. What a crock!!!

Priorities USA Action will report raising $15.2 million in September


WWE's Linda McMahon (R) spends $77 million to buy CT Senate seat vacated by Lieberman

Ann Romney needs to explain further...

From Huff Post: Scott Brown's Union support has some pretty incredible things on this Facebook page

JPMorgan CEO Dimon: Cut My Bank’s Tax Rate And Gut Social Security And The Economy Will Boom!

Romnesia - pic

Thomas Peterffy, Hungarian born American Entrepreneur is trying to start a political panic.

This opening segment on Hardball w/ Chuck Todd and the Politico asshat almost made me vomit

Scott Brown out to just do himself a favor and just shut up

President Obama made fun of Chris Matthews last night and today on Hardball.....

Woman for Romney

The US is two different countries, with two different approaches to health care

"Most Battleground States See Drop in Unemployment Numbers"

Why don't we require psychological testing of candidates for POTUS?

Media trying to cause market crash before election?

Second Debate Highlights With Music!

Honey, where'd I tie the dog? #Romnesia - @andylassner nt

Americans for Prosperity funding massive voter outreach

WTF Yahoo? A Headline article just appeared then vanished saying Romney leads Electoral votes TODAY.

Greek Society Unravels Under Austerity Measures

I want the hacks to claim Romney is ahead...

Pro-Romney PAC sought ‘1Million/couple’ for Palm Beach fundraiser, e-mail shows

"New Republic: Obamacare Means Higher Employment" by Jonathan Gruber at the New Republic

Elderly couple busted with 1,000 marijuana plants

Is it all hype that the Presidential race is close, or is half the country that stupid/hateful?

Nice! Romney poised to lose home state by wider margin than any other candidate 'Ever'

Can we donate to Obama up until the election?

He Shouldn’t Be In Congress

China’s ‘Leftover’ Women

Somebody should edit this down to two separate ads for circulation?

Chris Matthews AKA "Tweety" is a

A look back at some other campaigns

Monster Mash: Godzilla meets King Kong; vote now for all-time favorite monster

TSOUKALOS to lecture in SF on 10/24!!!!

Can we give the superlative Mitt Girl video some DU love please?

Paul Ryan Soup Kitchen: UPDATE

'RNC Official' Arrested for Trashing Voter Registrations in VA Worked for Romney Consultant, 'Fired'

Ok, time to call your Senators to help Obama - NH and Iowa are too close

Afghanistan - How much longer?

Why did intrade drop 5 points from Obama's score in three days time?

My electoral college projection for today: Obama 290 electoral votes.

Upcoming foreign policy debate as heavy as famous "Race Speech" from 2008

President Obama appears to be my lucky charm!...

2nd Debate Intrade Bump

BREAKING: Sensata temporarily closes plant in response to tonight’s ‘ED Show’ broadcast

R-Money has a new mixtape. Who knew?

This is why you don't take MFM to a beach concert

Head Spinning-Vertigo Inducing-Dramamine Sponsored: 'PolitiFact's guide to Mitt Romney and Abortion'

Last night on the Daily Show - I think I heard Obama come out and say that


I relish seeing the criminals behind this beheinz bars!

terrorist attacks on USA 1920 to present ..

Anyone have any current vote counts from North Carolina?

Pick-up line

New anti-Bachmann ad by Minnesota DFL

Is It Or It Not Too Late To Donate To A Political Campaign?

Many churches seeking legal ruling on Johnson amendment

Tim Tebow finally trademarks “Tebowing”

Hi, all

BREAKING NEWS: Republicans are facing an epidemic....called

Final Nevada voter registration totals

Restoring One's Faith in Humanity

Bad reaction

"Romnesia" is a pre-existing condition but it has a cure....

The Orlando Sentinel, my town's dirt rag just endorsed Rmoney.

Acclaimed Turkish pianist Say on trial for blasphemy

Religious implications of N.Y. federal appeals court striking down DOMA

The people I work with

Tampa Bay Times endorses Obama.

23 million unemployed is an inaccurate statement.

Kateri Tekakwitha: First Catholic Native American saint

Did I hear correctly?


It looks like there's a major pile-up in the Lounge

George Monbiot (Guardian): Romnesia

Fox Polls - Ohio and Florida

Is it me or does Paul Ryan have meth mouth?

I just got an invitation to attend a "Victory Rally"

October 21 2015

Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC is going to talk about the guy who was caught dumping Voter Regiestrations

Anyone know how the numbers today are in the NC early vote today?

Clearing The Obstacles To Space Solar Power

Martin Bashir - Romney, GOP suffer from foot-in-binders disease

Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Equal Rights for Gays Has Stunning Twist Ending

I saw this pic on FB today (at Ayn Rand Collected Social Security)

GOP Congressman Admits Romney/Ryan Would ‘End Medicare As We Know It’

My 85 year old dad just got an email claiming

Donated blood platelets, voted and got my flu shot. Then I took a nap.

Bain Capital May Have Ties to Voter Fraud Billboards

Thom Hartmann: Romney Urged CEOs To Tell Employees How to Vote

The Obama Auto Rescue Saved 154,843 Jobs and Added 17,000 in Ohio

Bob Wark's gas station in Lower Merion, PA just lost my business:

Thom Hartmann: If the World Largest Employers can be Unionized - then any corporation can

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NOW!! MSNBC's Al Sharpton reporting on the election fraud case in Virginia! nt.

Swastika Found On Obama Campaign Office In Colorado

Oh crap, call the CDC

Martin Bashir - Romney/Ryan budget for poor: no soup for you

Karl Rove unleashes the swiftboats

93, dying, and voting

Lovely .. just lovely ....

538 drops Obama re-elect odds to 66.9...

Romney dropping cash on Boston TV to reach NH voters.

Lovely lets just keep shooting ourselves in the foot

Martin Bashir - Obama diagnoses flip-flopping opponent with ‘Romnesia’

Weekend Economists Reminisce: Black Monday October 19, 1987-2012

Where the F _ _ ck is Eric Holder ?????

Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Equal Rights for Homosexuals Has ''Stunning Twist Ending''

A great page to bookmark: 2012 Early Voting Statistics

Early voted in Kansas today!

Influence as many people as you can to vote for Obama.

David Ignatius: CIA documents supported Susan Rice’s description of Benghazi attacks

Pundits weigh in on Scholastic Student Poll showing Obama leading 51-45

Here's the MATH showing how Mitt has a lower federal tax rate than "non taxpaying 47%ers":

About that guy in VA who was caught trying to destroy those voter registrations.

Third instance of voter registration dumping found in Virginia

Scott Brown is the Douchebag

Yowsa- the Salt Lake City Tribune endorses Obama.

RCP: Obama back in the lead in the popular vote.

Observing the Sun through this gradient filter is like nothing you’ve ever experienced

Must see: Former Ambassador Nicholas Burns on Andrea Mitchell today on Benghazi

Got Romneisia?? Obamacare will cure it.....

No doubt meaningless, but Obama tops Romney in Alaska campaign donations

Here, Ogden Nash wrote about Mitt Romeny and his fellow types years and years ago:

Utah Newspaper Endorsement Slams Mitt Romney

Excellent report on where early voting stands!

Tim Tebow awarded trademark to Tebowing

"Brothers On The Line" gets some Cheers from Thom Hartmann

Give me a C . . . . !

Whoo! Hoo! Our Oregon ballots arrived in the mail today!

Obama's share of investment in #Sensata? $11.00

Nate just adjusted Obama's chances upward to 67.9%

So Charles schwab is trying to scare seniors to vote for Romney. Here is what I will do.

Married women in Florida running to Romney?

"Ethel" ( Kennedy ) is a must see on HBO

Phony PACs are scamming money from gullible teabaggers

I, too, have screwed up on the intertubes from time to time.

"Governor you are entitled to your millions in foreign bank accounts, but not to your own facts !"

Stench of Hicks prosecution lingers as court exposes its flimsy basis

Romney has shipped more American jobs to China and he has the galls to challenge Obama

Four Dead in Libya.

Mitt Romney stars in new Obama ad: 'Let Detroit go bankrupt'

On Any New State Presidential Poll, Look at the Senate Totals

I voted today :)

I was sitting on this couch and the damn thing explodes ! Frankly, I'm just as surprised as you are

What are those of you signed up to Monitor "Early Voting" seeing on the Ground?

Eight crazy things Americans believe about foreign affairs

Romney's proposed policies will bring a recession worse than even what Bush created