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Archives: October 20, 2012

Nevada absentee voting update.

Op-Ed New wave of immigrants — a new target too?

'...lives he's changing by just saying that simple thing.' LGBT For Obama (Kleenex Alert at 2:50)

Big Ed broadcasting from Bainport tonite

A Face In The Crowd coming up on TCM

This Land Is Their Land: Reports from a Divided Nation, by Barbara Ehrenreich

President Obama's Campaign Releases List Of Bundlers

The media couldn't be more phony about Robme 'winning'

Ed Schultz live in Freeport tonight with lots of Sensata workers

Turn on Ed!!!

Obama campaign ad hits Romney for opposing more jobs for teachers

Book recommendations needed for understanding the Middle East

RE: Libya, WHY are we forgetting and not pointing out

Did you know "Romnesia" is a preexisting condition?

From where in the hell did these fuckers graduate medical school?

Friday Talking Points (231) -- Snappy Women Label Needed

Bigger than Benghazi? Oh yeah...

Independent Contractor my ass... Guy arrested in VA for tossing ballots is employed by GOP!!

Romney and Jack

I feel like doing a little writing. I hope you all feel like doing a little reading.

Unemployment rate drops in 41 states, including most swing states

Give me a Differential Diagnosis between Romnesia and Mittzophrenia, please.

Paul Tagliabue rather than Roger Goddell to hear appeals

I'm Looking Forward To President Obama Putting The Lid On That Chumpstick's Campaign Monday Night

Issa's Benghazi Document Dump Exposes Several Libyans working with U.S.

Romney/Ryan blasting President Obama for having no agenda for second term

BREAKING: Federal Judge Blocks Arizona Law That Bars Funding to Planned Parenthood

Gary Johnson will be on most state ballots. So is his name being included in the polls?

Fox (Faux) News Roger Ailes Gets Another Four Years to Spread Lies and Disinformation!

Doctors involved in this war against women, and we know there are some.

Ballot measures: what's your take?

Reuters Poll Obama (D) 46% Romney ($) 43%

Is President Obama going to get a debate bounce? Gallup shows Obama the winner 51 to 38.

Romney has Benjamin Ginsberg on retainer (Bush-2000)

Princeton Election Consortium 8pm update: Obama 299 EV Romney 239. Meta Margin Obama 2.28%

FP: Issa's Benghazi document dump exposes several Libyans working with US Government

Gravis Marketing really not good at making up poll numbers.

Robert Redford: "That old saw didn't work then, and it won't work now."

Will Romney -- outside of hitting hard again on Libya -- try to turn the debate into one about jobs?

X-post: Beat the ballot bandits. Protect your vote!

No Post-Debate Bounce?

Shall we have a positively charged thread for MFM? Whaddaya got?

An Unbelievable conversation at the tire place this afternoon

I wonder how many of those Sensata workers are republican

George McGovern, great American hero for peace

I wish Ed would have gone up to Freeport, Ill a week or two earlier than now

President Obama needs to go to Freeport, if he hasn't been there already.

POTUS winning in Iowa, 67-32

Steal it??? Never! The repubs are as honest as the day is long!!

kids know

Just in case you didn't know how unpopular Sen. McGovern was in 1972

Browbeating Gays - U.S. Justice Department called on to launch an investigation into NC Church

Give some love to...

The devastating "Cat Rejection" situation:

A good night for Obama vs. a good night for Romney

The "Three-Way Handshake" situation:

Will Candy Crowley Make a Cameo at The Foreign Policy Debate?

The "Spiderman Flying Out Of Your Butt" situation

"Romney is the devil's twin brother."

If Obama is doing better in "swing states" than he's doing overall...are they STILL "swing states"?

Can we talk the auto companies into

Vandals spraypaint swastikas on Obama Colorado campaign office

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Rmoney Hood

I am convinced because of the republican war against women, we are going to win. /nt

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday Is My Day & a new kitty gif

Uranus has Bizarre Weather

Nate Silver has Obama at 67.9 & CNN says there is a bounce for Obama

There Is No October Surprise.

So four died at both Libya and Kent State

OMG!!! An October Surprise that will change the entire election!!!

Uranus has Bizarre Weather

Is this all we expect from the President? 'Kicking ass' in a fake debate?

Romney is so flagrant with his lies I wonder if he has a mental's sad...pathetic...

Meet the Lockout Lawyers Destroying Sports

The Corporate States of America?

No such thing as climate change?

Money Pouring Into Dem Super Pacs

The Ghosts of World War II: The photographs found at flea markets superimposed on to modern streets

Don't really get the whole wifi thing

Joe Walsh Accuses Tammy Duckworth Of Blaming Sexual Assault Victims

Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell just did a good job taking apart Romney's position on the Blunt

The Bottom One Percent


Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Autotune

Help get the word out (more poor messaging)

Utah’s Largest Paper Endorses Obama, Blasts ‘Too Many Mitts’

Barley genome breakthrough may lead to better beer

The biggest problem with Gallup's insane "Likely Voter" model

Obama Panic: President's Supporters Discuss How They Cope

Questions raised about legality of Palm Beach Cty. Elections Supervisor’s plan to copy flawed abse

Next up to be recorded to CD, The Eagles!

Found on Facebook: Milk of Romnesia.

Visual Learner Poll

The ED Show - Bain's gain is America's loss

From the 17th, Obama's poll numbers are starting to climb back up...

America's Media Just Made Vote-Rigging Easier by Victoria Collier

Poll shows Gary Johnson at 10.6% in Ohio

Mere atheism isn't enough -- help your community

Now That the Economy Is Really Heating Up, It's No Longer The Determining Factor In The Election

Libya Attack Investigation: No Evidence of Planning or Al Qaeda Involvement

Are repubs trying to say that Obama had intel before the attacks?

Romney in Peanuts toon says it all for me

Column: Keep religious extremism out of reunion

If you want to see the most slanderous anti-Obama video so far, click on this link:

Sequestration and Head Start

Newspaper endorsement list

Issa’s Benghazi document dump exposes several Libyans working with the U.S.

Friday night episode of Lawrence O'Donnell The Last Word is on :)

I'm glad that Obama is using the term Obamacare...

Question on Rmoney's tax plan (trolls are welcome to answer)

GOP congressman admits Paul Ryan, GOP will “end” Medicare

Romney's $25,000 "basket of deductions": state and property taxes will no longer be deductible!

Who elsekeeps Binders of women

The ED Show - Sensata workers speak out

The ED Show - Romney's economic model exposed

Tin Soldiers and Nixon coming were finally on our own...

PPP just tweeted..**Update PPP Tracking Poll Obama 49 (+1) Romney 47

dog/cat diary

Debate question for Romney:

After lawsuit threat, Twitter to pull racist posts

A Famous Person U Would Assume Is A Republican Who Came Out Endorses Obama That Would Be Huge

Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Equal Rights for Homosexuals Has Stunning Twist Ending

AFL-CIO Will Knock on 5.5 Million Doors in Final 4 Days before Election

The ED Show - The national impact of Romney outsourcing

Voter Fraud Contractors Still Working For Republican Party of Virginia

shameless: Paul Ryan Fundraises with ’47 Percent’ Host

Juan Cole Posts Letter From Benghazi On What Really Happened

Pay gap widens for federal workers, panel says

Is the Media trying to crash the Stock market before the election?

While Investigating Obama Over Libya, Darrell Issa Puts Libyans’ Lives at Risk

I found a strange piece of campaign literature under my door when I came home today

Question about ACA and senior care

Diabetes Study Ends Early With a Surprising Result

The ED Show - Freeport Illinois a prime example of two visions for America

Guy lives for decades with shrapnel in him from WW2...

Sensata Employees are white non union middle class workers who vote for republicans mostly

Independent interest groups report hefty fundraising for September

I'm curious about something.

Accused terrorist can be extradited to U.S.

While was eating at a truck stop in Nebraska......

Adam Levine tweet RT'd 10K+ times in 9 hrs: Romney's America is one of the more terrifying prospects

Reuters: As Other Polls Show Tight Race, Gallup Stands Apart

Benghazi was tragic, but how about Pat Tillman?

Bill Maher Explodes At Conservatives Over Romney’s Libya Criticism: Your Attitude Is ‘F**k Facts’

Ted Nugent on the Discovery Channel

I saw Elena Kagan speak today. I liked what I heard

Are early voters still questioned by pollsters?

Please tell me Tammy Duckworth is going to win against Joe Walsh!

Rupert Murdoch, other potential buyers eye L.A. Times

Remember when MittLIES sought the approval of Billy Graham last week?

"Bin Laden Determined to Attack in US"

Good luck Orlando Cruz. I'm rooting for you tonight!

The economy is starting to perk up, Mr. Romney

Someone needs to prodcue a "bait-and-switch" ad with this deduction stuff

My younger sister and her family has been staunchly Romney until she was dx with Breast Cancer today

Why Is Everyone So Worried Tonight?

Anyone else cleaning out their Facebook over the election?

Yeah, fuck me but I don't think Big Bird, binders, or Romnesia will carry the election...

ACLU know your rights.

It is a shame that Mitt's Non-Released tax returns were not a bigger issue!

Bill Maher: Bush's first comments on 9/11

LGBT Housing to Break Ground

Rachel Maddow - Party differences visible in donation list

Someone registered the domain

"Uranus Has Bizarre Weather" Of course it does!


Is there a link or way to see Nate Silver 538

A123 files for bankruptcy after getting U.S. grant (Major advanced battery maker)

So they gave a lot of private stuff about Trayvon to Zimmerman's lawyer, huh?

Rachel Maddow - Bush foreign policy infects Romney ticket

Watch the video until the end. It is only 2:52. Very interesting.

This John Fund dude...

Just saw the movie "Argo". Very exciting. Well done flic. Based on a true story

Have you seen any polling on the Libya matter?

Conservative Panelists Clash With Bill Maher, Goldie Taylor For Denying Existence Of Voter Fraud

Kos Elections Polling Wrap: (More) Contradictory data muddies White House polling picture

My ideas for practical campaign finance reform

This message was self-deleted by its author

Presidents Obama and Clinton share a moment reflecting on a Rmoney comment...

Charlie Cook: internal polls show Obama at 290 EV

Just ordered my new shirt to wear in the hospital from the Obama store. Lots of stuff discounted

The Biggest Obstacle In American Politics Towards Progress:

GOP Voter Registration Scandal Widens

Lawrence O'Donnel plays a hilaarious clip of Rush Limbaugh

PPP Tracker Obama 49 Romnesia 47

As other polls show tight race, Gallup stands apart

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 20 -- The Essentials: Courtesans

Kiss my gay ass...

Should President Obama go to Bainport?

What If Rmoney Saves The Sensata Jobs Before The Election?....

DU this PBS poll on Social Security and Medicare

Info and request for non-cash HELP for WAYNE POWELL,

I'm abandoning "Robme" for "Romnesia"!! I love it, Mr. President

TCM Schedule for Sunday, October 21 -- What's On Tonight: Rare Animation

Young activist shot by Taliban now able to communicate, stand (photo of her)

Lauding Obama, Clinton cites ‘impatient’ Americans

Rachel Maddow - Romney camp embarks on misinformation campaign

Life Under Rmoney's 'Emergency Department' Medical Plan

Can anyone recommend best fish for child's first aquarium?

Friends don't let friends vote Republican...

Should there be a duty to rescue law?

Durham & Orange voters--Transportation Referendum

Ok what the fuck is wrong with alert button?

Survey USA has Obama UP 47% to 46% in Florida.

So my bigoted father in Alabama is voting for Obama.

Rivard (some women rape easier) 75th Assembly

Question: Polling and people that have already voted

Bob Weir, Sammy Hagar, Jonathan Wislon Live Streaming Video

Interesting. Status Report on Early Voting - today's entry

Wayne Powell will be attending the Midlothian Day Parade tomorrow morning

These lying anti-Carmona and anti-Penzone ads are disgusting

Shih-Tsu rescued at sea by UK paddleboarder. Molly is now safe with her family.

Why is that atheists on DU

It's the Hispanic Vote, Stupid!


NYT editorial - "A World of Harm for Women"

Walker uses federal Medicaid bonus money to pad surplus

I'm in a Quandry for Monday Night

Bain Closed Sensata for the Day

Carville, Greenberg Say Obama Economy Message Is Working

Walker uses federal Medicaid bonus money to pad surplus... I knew it had to be something like this.

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Friday, October 19)

Little Dog Octoberfest...Lots of running and an amicable territory dispute. (Video)

Wouldn't it be nice if the Govt could provide everyone a report of what they've received...

Feingold petition against cuts in Social Security and Medicare

A Question for the 3rd debate on foreign policy...

Little Cooper and Khloe on the run (video)

Toby needs a forever home

Not just a handful: THOUSANDS of voter registration forms found in VA dumpster.

Romney backers use same tactics as Putin's Russia

5,531 Democrats and 2,102 Republicans added to the Florida Voter Rolls on 10/18

Ohio: Romney's Allies Just Bought the Election

Can someone explain to me, like I'm a 5 year old, how Mitt and Obama can be neck and neck...

The body language of those two big rethuglicans on Bill Mahrer, tonight,

"Romnesia" Defined

PPP Pollings "Crazy Email of the Day"

President Obama's Romnesia Speech - Full

I am stuck at the start of my story!!!!

OK, about "Women in Binders"...

Syria blamed for Lebanon car bomb


Today's presidential betting odds from Ladbrokes

MONDAY: Call Out Their Rhetoric and Posturing as Dangerous and Irresponsible

Isn't AOL's Customer Base Conservative? Well, They Seem To Be Dismantling Romney Now...

AFL-CIO Maps Out Final Voter Push For Obama, Democrats

Heads up: Vote by Mail Ballots in WA. State may require 2 Stamps

Issa's Benghazi Document Dump (10/19) Exposes Several Libyans Working With the U.S.

99 Facts you may not know about Mitt Romney...

Take a virtual trip from Russia to Finland via the Baltic Sea

Maryland gains 9,800 jobs in September Labor Department: State unemployment rate drops to 6.9%

TSA seeks to fire or suspend largest group of agents ever

FBI must pay S.F. journalist $470,000 (Seth Rosenfeld, whose FOIA requests were denied)

Boys Now Enter Puberty Younger, Study Suggests, but It’s Unclear Why

Oxnard police admit killing innocent man

Donna, Radio Caller, Wants Deer Crossing Signs Moved So Deer Won't Cross Highways (AUDIO)

Sign petition to investigate Tagg Romney

CORRUPTION: Bain-Controlled Company Owns 2012 Voting Machines

CIA documents supported Susan Rice’s description of Benghazi attacks

I don't like "DU election mode"

Multiple Domestic Murder-Suicide in Florida

Mitt Romney was arrested for disorderly conduct in 1981, spat with officer

Submitted for your approval.

Ya wanna know about beng pissed? Well I'm pissed...

Do you recall any outliers in your presidential voting history, including primaries?

U.S. joins false claims suit against Gallup polling firm

U.S. joins false claims suit against Gallup polling firm

Does Mitt Romney's Son Tagg Have An Investment In Some Ohio Voting Machines?...

'How to steal an election in 9 easy steps' audio interview of Greg Palast, WBAI NY

Did young creepy psycho Mitt Romney Impersonate A Police Officer? Another Witness Says Yes

Billy Graham that insufferable old hypocrite takes out full page ads supporting mittwit

Panama protests against free-trade zone land sales (PHOTOS)

22 Straight Professional Male Athlete Allies Who Support Gay Marriage And LGBT Rights

If Pres. Obama passed gas, the crybabies at Fox News would accuse him of being a WMD

After lawsuit threat, Twitter to pull racist posts

Tommy "Mean Drunk" Thompson V Tammy Baldwin in Debate Two

Grave diggers get jail time - Men apologize after ancient skull dug up

NYT Editorial: A World of Harm for Women

Where is Michelle Obama? She wasn't at dinner with Obama and I have

Billy Graham buys election ads after Romney meeting

Ice at fast food restaurtants dirtier than toilet water

Blame Yourself ---- Workers Voting GOP Have Screwed Themselves Over Time

Brzezinski: "Lucky" to get paid half as much as Joe Scarborough.

Just built me a new HTPC box.

Paul Krugman: rmoney's snow job on jobs

Bill Moyers: The Plutocracy Will Go to Extremes to Keep the 1% in Control

Walker uses federal Medicaid bonus money to pad surplus (audio)

Is Romney's Outdated View of Family a Threat to Modern Society?

Form of Depression Is Emerging That Doctors Don't Know How to Treat ... And Its Causes Are Economic


PUTIN ON THE MITTS >> Romney Using The Same Campaign Tactics That “Number One Foe” Russia Uses //


I Bet The Neocons And Romney Will Stop Withdrawal And Continue The War ----

A woman retired from the Air Force takes on Rmoney's "binders"


Israeli Navy has boarded the Estelle


Unions focus more on state and local races

The anecdotal evidence is mounting....

How US Latinos have changed their attitude to homosexuality

"GDP measures everything....except that which makes life worth while." Bobby Kennedy 1968

Congolese rebels cash in on gorilla tourism to fund insurgency

Nate Silver on Science Friday yesterday! Listen!

Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review

Images that highlight the trade killing our rhinos

Cable News Race for Thursday....

Everyone beginning to see how important it was for the President to save the US auto industry?

Ever wondered why Harry Reid pulled no punches this time round?

How many ReTHUG operatives will be facing the courts for

Sham Debates and Endless War: The Shame of Our Political Discourse

A genuine question for gun regulation supporters.

Ken Burns: Why I am voting for Barack Obama (wonderful endorsement)

New species: carnivorous sponge shaped like a comb

Sexual Violence On Amherst's Campus: Sexist T-Shirt Triggers Debate On Rape, Sexual Assault

Where is the outrage against Anne Coulter like there was against Rush Limbaugh??

I beleive in Obama. The economy IS coming back

Iowa Farms Minting Millionaires as Rich-Poor Gap Widens

Tommy "Mean Drunk" Thompson V Tammy Baldwin in Debate Two

Debate II: Lord of the Ring-Binders

Weekly Address: Congress Should Join the President to Help Responsible Homeowners

ABC breathlessly anticipating a repeat of 2000 election

Icelanders vote on Internet-picked referendum issues

James Carville, Stanley Greenberg Say Obama Economy Message Is Working

8 states matter. nothing else.

Real time last night

Despite Court Order, Ohio’s GOP Election Chief Is Still Cutting Back Early Voting (?)

Blackberry Playbook 16 GB, pros and cons?

Help! Looking for recent DU post on Repugs hating everything

yard signs-FLA

It might get loud

What team r0mney did in MA (since you ask)

Are you ready for some football?!

Tammy Duckworth on 'The Last Word' w/ Lawrence O'Donnell

Let's get out the vote this weekend! Who's volunteering this week?

Word Clouds From the 2nd Presidential Debate

Kerry as Attorney General?

Nixon 1972 Condolence Call To Joe Biden

Allowing Sequestration Defense Cuts May Right Our Listing Ship of State

The tea party is helping Democrats

Is This The Most Sexist Debate Question Ever?

Mittwit Tries (and Fails) to Shake Off Romnesia

New Poll Shows Voters Have Strong Interest in Global Affairs

A vocabulary test for president

Survey USA- Florida Poll -Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 47%

Tagg "... a casual and good-natured joke."

Breaking News!!! DOJ joins lawsuit against Gallup

Wasps on the window sill

Neoconservative Jingoism Plus Mormon Delusion Equals Perpetual War

So the EDIT function doesn't show history anymore?

According to a priest on Up w/ Chris Hayes

Court says Hasan can be shaved

OUR VP: “Thanks for letting me come to the playground.”

Democrat Jim Graves Has a Chance to Unseat Michele Bachmann

Nothing would get me to the polls to vote Obama faster....

Support the Troops (and the Mormon Missionaries)

Today's non-political moment

Fracking Poisoning Families at Alarming Rate: Report

Great Ad by Dem in NC

First Lady -- Inspiring

What are the Neo-con plans for the weekend now that their Libyan dreams have turned into their

Stories from an Insurrectionary Childhood by Frida Berrigan

Are White Republicans Pretending To Be Black When Polled By Companies Using IVR Systems?

Government is different

Fracking Your Future: Shale Gas Industry Targets College Campuses, K-12 Schools

Interesting read on odds, betting & elections...

The Government is different

Meet Romney's Economic Hitman

Romney's Binder of Women

Meet the Treehouse-Dwelling Protesters of the Keystone Pipeline

Can we do a photoshop contest on Mitts "I Love Ann" pic?

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 20, 1962

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 20, 1962

rupert murdoch might buy the Chicago Tribune and LA Times

R2D2 hoodie that zips up all the way

RYAN 09-Voted To Cut 1.2 BILLION From State Ops-Incl Funds For 300 More Diplomatic Security Position

Analyst calls AMD "un-investable," downgrades rating

Fork in the Road

This is about a woman "caught in the headlights" - mental elevator is stuck

Obama leads by 2 in Virginia

Bain closed Sensata - rather than face the TV Cameras of the Ed Show

NEW Information In Voter Fraud Case-MORE WIDESPREAD & More Ties To GOP

Autism: Katy Perry, Jodi DiPiazza Sing at Night of Too Many Stars

Are repubs just quieter than Democrats in general?

Melissa Harris-Perry will focus on voter suppression - starting now n/t

The Moral Equivalent of Nuremberg

Personhood to corporations has placed all in peril, when the profit trumps all & dictates law.

A World of Harm for Women

Carroll Gardens Residents Upset Over Plans For Homeless Shelter. Ugh. {ny}

The Punter (Chris Kluwe) Makes His Point (NY Times)

PPP - Virigina poll Obama (49) Romney (47)

Request For "Binders Full Of Mitt's Income Tax Records"!

UK experiences 'weirdest' weather

What happened to the front page of DU?

Nancy Pelosi on this week's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me".

68 Nobel Prize Winners Endorse President Obama

Monday's debate is Obama's chance to stick a fork in Romney.

Town Hall Debate Songified

Romney hinted at last debate they have mined Obama's retirement for investment source.

If Michelle Obama had gone on "The View" and said her husband was mentally unstable ...

Rmoney Limericks

I just saw in PPP Obama is leading by two...

Will Bob Schieffer ask about Mitt's taxes in the final debate?

...Priorities USA is Bringing Back the STAGE AD to Ohio, Wisconsin, etc!

Caption this picture

Justice Dept to monitor election sites throughout country

Rasmussen daily tracking: R 49% O 48%


Anti-austerity marches taking place

Mississippi gun shop selling ‘Charlie Rangel’ assault rifle; AK-style weapon ‘loves the green’

So many people inside, 400 were directed to the basement; Michelle Obama did not ignore them

Is this photo of Virginia Foxx real?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Oct 20th

How to dupe a right winger (pic)

'So many people inside . . . Michelle Obama did not ignore them...'

Third instance of voter registration dumping found in Virginia

So There Are Brand New FL,VA, And NC Polls Showing Obama Slightly Up Or Down

You know what is truly stunning?

Yes, I’m a blasphemer. Get over it.

Another $3.4 Billion Dollar Wonder Christened

{oh huckleb} Medicine in the Media: Debunking journal reports and news at #NIHMiM12

President Obama Is A > 3-1 Favorite At Some Of The Offshore Betting Sites

Clerks Rip Clothes off Shoplifting Suspect in NYC

Does anyone know where President O

How does the GOP do such a good job of framing the state of the race?

Ed Schultz show from Freeport (Bainport) last night

Obama hammers Republicans on yet another piece of legislation left undone: home refinancing

Calls for justice for Hicks after American court ruling

Female (President of the Central Mississippi Tea Party) Teapartier Says Women Should Not Vote

AFT Launches Multistate Election Bus Tour

Teamsters Applaud Signing Of Military Commercial Drivers' License Act


Visual guide to voting Republican in three easy steps.

Watching Bill Maher, last night's show...

Analysis: U.S. companies take aim at pension risk with lump-sum offers

Lee Iacocca endorses Romney

When I voted yesterday, (in Az), I was NOT asked for any identification.

Melissa HP must take control of her guests.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

The only reason that Republicans wear clothes is because they don't make full body condoms

It's bad enough we use voting machines...

CBS: Priorities USA will focus on Romney's Bain record during closing stretch (in 7 swing states)

President Obama gets some help explaining Romnesia ... from Mitt Romney himself

Archbishop Dolan of NY Leans to Obama, Distances Himeslf from Romney

THIS is some devastating kung fu, right here.

I had no idea that the DU Lounge would be so hostile toward...

Question about Zogby

O.M.G. Romnesia in action, starring Mitt

Appeals Judges Skeptical As AK Argues Against Threatened Listing For Polar Bears

Missouri Pastor’s Fiery Speech Against Equal Rights for Homosexuals Has Stunning Twist Ending

Another court stricks down DOMA

Hi, everyone! I'm doing well... not great yet but well. Last night was rough. An important IV failed

Notice How Much Better President Obama Does When Cell Phone Respondents Are Included

Harper Gov. Tries To Protect Environment Canada Nominee From Answering Climate Questions

Romney -- If We Have To Have Women In The Workplace ----- Wha?!

Romney's Ghoulish Opportunism Over Benghazi Deaths Backfiring

"Greenest Gov. Ever" - George Osborne Refers To Activists As "Environmental Taliban" - Guardian

The Punter (Chris Kluwe) Makes His Point (NY Times)

Atlantic - "Can Your Boss Threaten to Fire You if You Don't Vote for Romney?"

David Brooks - Once Again Missing The Point Entirely, This Time On Climate Policy

Excitement at our house....

Where Will UN's Green Climate Fund Be Headquartered? Hint: Not In The United States

Bin Laden ‘would have to have been naked and on the ground’

Future For Caribbean Agriculture? Average Age Of Farmers In Region 62

Can Your Boss Threaten to Fire You if You Don't Vote for Romney? (why yes, he probably can)

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci punches and chases armed robber

The GOP Economic Plan Guarantees That Almost All Workers Will Be -- Dead, Broke Or Still Working -

So I'm filling out this form...

Permian Extinction Data Shows Sea Surface Temps May Have Reached 104F Or Higher - Live Science

Oz Broadcast Regulator Requires Denialist Shock Jock To Undergo Reality Training

OMG! Former Bain Partner: "Let’s not kid ourselves about just how cheap offshore labor really is"

Yankees learn their money’s no good in MLB playoffs

Early voting opens in seven states, D.C.

Here's what I don't get about the voter registration dumping in VA

Barbie "Kerry Healy" speaks out to defend Mitt's ability to regulate poor people's reproduction

I've got binders full of offensive Republican ideas about women

Scant Improvement In US Drought: 68% Of Winter Wheat Crop Under Drought Stress

xpost from Feminists group: I've got binders full of offensive Republican ideas about women

ROMNEYs: "We'll Support A War-Just Don't Ask Us To Fight It"


Korean Study - In Lower 48, Leaves Now Stay On Trees About Ten Days Longer Than In Early 1980s

Anybody have any ratings numbers for Current TV

The Bain Capital Way

Swastika Found On Obama Campaign Office In Colorado

Microsoft spectacularly fails: Early look at Windows 8 baffles consumers

There is no such thing as a "self-made" millionaire

The Saving For Retirement Meme Is A Myth At Under $15 An Hour.

Amazing machines for the world's poorest farmers!

Romney closes gap vs. Obama in DC - Only down by 80%

Just in time for 3rd Debate New Obama ad- Romney 5 Step approach to Foreign Policy

I need some help writing a message to my wife for our anniversary card.

Just Another Friday in Beirut

Two votes for Obama today. My wife and I. We are in red state TN but I will not give up. Ever!

how to respond to RW that Obama has investments in China

Request a free sticker, waste Romney's money

Political Wire: CIA Documents Support Obama on Libya Attack

Just voted for Obama in the most Liberal County in America!

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week – Politicians who Promise “Small Government”

Survey USA has Obama up 54-40 in New Jersey (19% already voted favor Obama 69-28)

Look Who Cleaned Up On The Auto Bailout: Mitt Romney

Whats The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark?

Just for a recap, what was it that the right-wingers were accusing ACORN of doing?

Wounds That Will NEVER Heal

Bad News for Romney: Amb. Rice was quoting that day's CIA briefing

In gun rights battle, freedom also has restrictions

House Democratic PAC has another $5 million month

R Congressman Mike Coffman caught plagiarizing. We can help flip his red Colorado seat blue

Can Obama get to 349 EV's Monday night?

Couldn't take supposed christian postings on facebook anymore.

Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight (Discovery News)

Today's College Football Thread (10/20)

I Have Been On An Airplane For The Last 12 Hours.....

Obama should High Hat Romney in Monday's debate

Arthur Allen, CEO Of ASG, Sent Email Pressuring Employees To Donate To Mitt Romney

delete to combine threads

Thanks for voting -

One of the worlds great dancers and my friend Michael Schumacher.

Live NOW: Coffee Party Radio: Obama/Romney Debate–Polls & Dangers Win? Sat 12–2PM CST

Average of polls: Obama 201 vs Romney 206 electoral votes -BUT!

Romney's Profit from Bain's Buyouts: Up to $20,000 Per Laid-off Worker ~ Daily Finance

Yes! Bill Maher, gets pissed-off, tells Romney/GOP Hacks “YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKED UP” (VIDEO)


The Atlantic: On War and Peace, George McGovern Will Die Vindicated

Ponder this

I just dropped off my ballot...


We celebrate intelligence, they celebrate blind loyalty (expanded)

Any news on the Walker Recall recount efforts?

Naked ‘Mr. Big’ Causes a Stir on the Streets of Vienna

North or South?

I have lost so many friends this election season

Obama cross-country 'America Forward!' tour to include Tampa stop

McCaskill maintains 8-point lead over Akin in new Rasmussen poll

Any tips for meteor photos

Hello from Canton, Ohio

I understand it's a decent attack on Romney but we need to be careful

Fake Dem party voter guide circulating in Charlotte, NC area! Affecting local Dem candidates only

The truth about the RNC

Cockfighting still legal in AL, if you do it right !

Michelle Obama on the front page of the Wassau Daily Herald

The Orionid meteor shower is from a pass of Halley's comet---which pass?

Remember That Auto Bailout Romney Hated? He Made An Obscene Amount Of Money From It

TCM Schedule for Monday October 22 - Star of the Month: Spencer Tracy

Romney/Ryan is very popular with empty lots and lonely street corners in the Philly 'burbs.

Silly question but what is the "service industry"

Mitt Romney has double digit lead over President Obama in Missouri (Rasmusen)

How P.O.ed Will Corporate Be

A very sick feral cat needs help. Fundraiser. Please keep kicked.

Should I reformat and re-use a hard drive after a logical failure?

Another year...another health insurance premium increase

It Only Takes Mark Hamill 4 Minutes To Say What Almost No One Else Is About Mitt's Debate Behavior

Two young Mormons rang my bell today, It instantly reminded me of my time in the jungles of Vietnam.

Romney can't win without OH WI or combo of IA + NV — he trails in all four

Which Newspaper would you consider more of a betrayal to the candidate...

My grandfather asked me this morning if the media are setting us up for an election steal

Mittoon: Mitt's Halloween costume

Does anyone want to go back to the old pilot?

Interesting LA Times article on Prop. 33

Why is Facebook doing this?

Population, economic growth and ecological damage - a peek under the hood

My early voting polling place was a little tricky to find. I'm in Lewiston,

I have an honest question. (for a change)

pls du this yahoo poll

The Romney strategy for the next debate?

please du this yahoo poll

A comment I left on the Salt Lake City Tribune's endorsement of President Obama

I've noticed a consistent pattern with Romney and Ryan:

Up w/Chris Hayes - CEO to employees: ‘Help yourself’ by donating to Romney

Mittoon: Trick or Treat!!

IBD/ TIPP poll Obama 46.6 Romney 44.0

An Ohio county's director of elections has resigned, says work too stressful

A wonderful DUer has set up a Wishadoo account to help with my sick feral Jesse

Did the US actually have a consulate in Benghazi? Or was it only a CIA post?

So unexpected. I had to have one of my cats put down this morning...

Women are asked to fight and die for their country...

Just when I thought the GOP had learned their lesson!!

All adverts for DIY health screening tests should be vetted

Is there any organized effort to counter True the Vote intimidation on election day?

Mormonism is a Cult Meme spreading further...Billy Grahman website down

Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Heart Risk More Than Drugs

Barley and Grape

William Friedkin makes some shocking claims in this interview.

Seriously, this is how bad the scratches are from my cats

Mafia Boss, Sheldon Edelson

Our favorite Polling firm Gravis Marketing has Ohio tied 47-47

can this bee explained


Listening to Richard Wolff

Seriously, this is how bad the scratches are from MY cats

Up w/Chris Hayes - Bain Capital-owned Sensata moving jobs to China

Solar roadways?


Where is the ad with "a finger on the button" and Ann saying "I have to stabilize him"?

New Ohio Poll PPP: Obama 49% Romney 48%

PPP Ohio O 49 R 48

Man who witnessed Lincoln assassination appeared on game show (VIDEO)

My Father's vote was just stolen in Ohio...

New Obama web ad mocks Mitt on foreign policy (starts with debate disaster)

Pro-Obama Super PAC Revives Bain Capital Attacks In Final Push To November

"Tom" Clarence Ashley and Doc Watson

Up w/Chris Hayes - Sensata worker: Bain Capital shows arrogance in offshoring jobs

New PPP Poll in Ohio, Obama 49 - rMoney 48

Warning: Computer Virus Email - Fake CNN link saying, "Mitt Romney Almost President"

A young girl, well ... a woman, asks Willard for advice.

***Official Concern Thread*** (What state/issue has you worried the most?)


David Shuster just tweeted this about people encountering ANY voting problems

Cover of September RS with Taibbi's article about Rmoney

Polls - an observation

Colombia begins new trade agreement with Venzuela .

Gadhafi's former spokesman arrested, Libya says

Mail just came and

October surprise?

VAM a Disaster...

The businessman's secret to getting rich.

Vegetarian Paranoia Rant:

Everything is riding on Monday Night.

Petition to Eric Holder in re to Romney Ohio voting machines

Corporations Are People -

If it's true that the Dems have Mitt's taxes

Obama takes the lead at RCP

FRANCE 24 journalist sexually assaulted in Cairo

voted early today...

So, Willard, where are the tax returns?

HA HA! Tommy Thompson Can’t Detail New Medicare Plan Until He Uses ‘The Computers’ In Congress

Is there any reason that every state don't have the same

An image: I absolutely love this please pass it on

Twitter (#tags, @'s, & others) as we approach Early Voting and Election day

NPR:Making Sense of Presidential Polls-listen here

Lauding Obama, Clinton cites 'impatient' Americans or Why you need to work for Obama now

This add running strong in Ohio: Stage

The Media's Refusal to Call Out GOP Hypocrisy

Paul Sadler is a fucking JACKASS

Shouldn't we be calling him Bishop Romney?

Guatemala Shooting Raises Concerns About Military’s Expanded Role

Is there a Mitt Martinez?

I was DISTURBED by Romney at the Al Smith Dinner

Guatemala Shooting Raises Concerns About Military’s Expanded Role

Question about automated polls, can you NOT respond to a question?

Judge: No mining rights below Flight 93 memorial

On MSNBC now, some shill for the Pukes, Mercedes Schallp (or however the hell it's spelled)

A quick reminder to all those voting absentee ballot

Ed last night! Bainport/Sensata

Highly Religious People Are Less Motivated by Compassion Than Are Non-Believers

Seriously, these are how bad the scratches are from my cat.

More from former Bain partner Edward Conard, who wrote about "how cheap offshore labor really is"

Preacher gives interesting gay rights speech

This Halloween

Thousands march against austerity (London)

From Radiation to Smog, Numbers for the Public

A great song

Robme and family owning voting machines in multiple states...

Biden Says Crying Baby Knows What Romney Win Would Bring

University of Hawaii Scientists Document Decreased Frequency of Hawaii's Northeast Tradewinds

University of Hawaii Scientists Document Decreased Frequency of Hawaii's Northeast Tradewinds

Does anyone else walk for fitness?

Who is Michelle Bernard and IWV?

I hope Obama Is Mining Romney's 47% Video . Everything about His Thoughts On Foreign Policy Is there

Recording 2 Emerson, Lake and Palmer albums...

Bain Capital / Industry Investments:

Firefox mobile always always always jumps to embedded videos,

YIPPEE! I got 2 extra Tickets for the Obama-Biden Rally on Tuesday.

Holy Shite - I just heard Romnesia on local radio here in

Most Citizens of the Star Wars Galaxy are Probably Totally Illiterate

Is anyone hearing anything about Gloria Allred and an October surprise?

How's this for a Halloween costume for kids?

Even if the Republican model were correct and the wealthy could solve our economic problems...

Why is the DNC in Debt ?? Wasn't September A blockBuster Fundarasing Month For Dems

An unusual path to 270 — Western Hispanic Libertarian edition

What is the 24 hour update on MFM?

I believe in an America where anything is possible. And even the improbable might just happen.

This might not be appropriate, but I figure there are animal lovers here. Fundraiser

This might not be appropriate, but I figure there may be animal lovers here. Fundraiser

Patrick McHenry photo popping up everywhere???

Had a conversation with a relative this morning and

So which Tea Party candidates are likely to go down this election?

Four tons of African ivory seized in Hong Kong

Now we know what the endgame is

Grove Insight has Obama up in Florida 48% to 45%.

Where is this cat's helmet?

Does anyone know what the endgame is?

Liberals Dispute Romney Campaign on 2006 Tax Study

A BRUTALLY honest paragraph re: what Bain is all about

Fetchin' rocks

When We Fail to Protest

If he's elected let's pray Romney isn't a good Mormon! Let's hope he's faking it!

"In Florida, 77 percent of Medicare beneficiaries would pay an additional $100" Under Romney Plan

FL DEMS what are Alan Grayson's

Truth team

Obama ad hits Romney on auto bailout in Ohio

A Romney Stance Causes Turmoil for Young Immigrants

Third party candidates ought to moderate the debates

John Kerry: Darrell Issa's Release Of Raw Libya Cables 'Irresponsible And Inexcusable'

Backyard Visitor (photos)

Obama: House GOP holding up progress for homeowners

New poll in Florida shows Obama leading Romney 47% to 46%

What happened to MSNBC this afternoon? Sickening!

Special report: Romney's steel skeleton in the Bain closet

"Bain-Controlled Company Owns 2012 Voting Machines"

Florida elections officials to oversee duplication of flawed Palm Beach County absentee ballots

How in freaking flying hell could Allen West be on the verge of getting re-elected? Mindboggling.

Entitlements of the Rich and Famous (a short video about Mitt Romney)

Queen Ann Is Not Being Very Queenly in This Photo

Maybe Romney will actually say this in the next debate..

Taibbi: Finally Liberated From Facts, Mitt Romney the Pure Bull Artist Takes Flight

The 271 Fire Wall

"If transferring wealth to the top 2% creates jobs, wouldn't we be swimming in jobs?"

IBD/TIPP Poll It's Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 44%

BIG news: The full-on comeback in everything related to consumers and households.

Republicans are Engaging in a Concerted Illegal Effort to Hijack the Election

PayPal WTF - Opt out BS.

Mormon church appointee aided CIA on terror

Republicans are Engaging in a Concerted Illegal Effort to Hijack the Election

I have a question regarding

Youngest son of Colonel Gaddafi dead after Bani Walid siege – Libya deputy PM

Rachel Maddow comment

Sign the petition

White Men, A Key GOP Demographic, Discuss The Romney Appeal


^%#%*!!*# Alabama Republican Party just sent their mailer to our house.

If the Electoral College is 269 each

God loves Ohio State Football

old stuff on Romney

FYI.. C-Span1 to show 2004 Kerry-Bush Debate...

October Surprise? Iran has agreed to nuclear talks

Clinton Says Again She's Not Running

Rep John Robert Lewis has got style; Gangnam Style

Silly Terrorist Dismayed To Find He's Too Late!

Goodbye to PS 154 in The Bronx?

Romney: The Bludgeon Wedge for Cults, Theocrats, Dominionists like Palin

Let's not forget the fact that the polls are almost all lies.

33 years ago today my wife and I walked down the aisle

Stories from the Road: In the middle of life.

CBS News is reporting that a drone filmed a good portion of the Benghazi Consulate Attack

Just got my ballot in the mail....

The Salt Lake City Tribune, Romney's home town paper, has endorsed President Obama

Why does media treats Michelle Rhee as education "reformer" when she's really a corporate lobbyist?

Nate Silver Nevada 2010 Final Prediction: Sharron Angle+3. Actual Result: Harry Reid +5

Princeton Consortium- Obama: 299 Romney: 239 Meta-margin: Obama +2.12

Bill Maher Mocks Mitt Romney's Women Remarks With Hitchcock's 'Shadow Of A Doubt'

On the Question of the DNC Loan from Bank of America:

Republicans are Engaging in a Concerted Illegal Effort to Hijack the Election

U.S. Officials Say Iran Has Agreed to Nuclear Talks

funny reader comment to SLC Trib endorsement of Obama

John Kerry: Darrell Issa's Release Of Raw Libya Cables 'Irresponsible And Inexcusable'

willard's post town hall conduct compared to john mcsame's.

You got that right President Obama!

Sane people will decide this election: Women - and the men who love them.

Oh, he can't be doing that to White Girls!

Dead Woman Among Disputed Florida Voter Registration Forms Filed By GOP-Linked Group

What Republicans believe:

Dubya would have never gone to the trouble to go outside and wave to the public!

Nate Silver has updated his polls...

Vapid cheer-leading is also Divisive

Why the math is so hard for Romney in Nevada

Cheney and Romney son to attend Dallas fundraiser

Political Correctness - comedian Stewart Lee nails it

What am I not getting about the Libya situation?

Michelle Obama in Racine, Oct 19! (Pictures)

"Out of kilter" Gallup hints at adjustments to likely voter methodology ~ Chicago Tribune

The economy surges and the GOP switches their message to "terror" again.

Stephen Colbert is going to be in The Hobbit

Iran agrees to one-on-one nuclear talks

Steve Quillen, Ohio County Elections Chief, Quits Citing Stress

Why so worried about Gallup showing R 51 O 45?

Roll Call: Who has already voted, where and how?

Anti-austerity marches take place.

Hi, I am participating in an online research study, sponsored by IARPA (the Intelligence Advanced R

Assange blasted by expenses whistle-blower

Cloud Atlas

Cardiff hit-and-runs: Two of 13 hurt 'critical' as murder inquiry continues

New WingNut/MSM claim: Obama in big trouble, has to take 15M loan from Bank of America

Cleveland Plain Dealer (largest paper in Ohio) Endorses President Obama

Latinos for Obama

High Schoolers Bully DUI Speaker Offstage

Cash Flow

Any DUer on a poop transplant waiting list?

Interesting tweet

Inappropriate Children's Halloween Costumes (video)

How to put an octopus in a cage

DU running slow for anyone else?

OH NOZ Itty is stuck in my monitor

You tell 'em, Boss!

U.S. civil rights groups ask international election monitors for assistance

I have a prediction about Mitt's response to the Iran breakthrough

US civil rights groups ask international election monitors for assistance

DU gets so intense sometimes. Get yourself a glass of wine, kick back, and enjoy this...

Bill Maher, Romney Video from closed door meeting 25 years ago, talking about women, a must see

I voted for the Kenyan-born Muslim today.

Who is this woman who was on Bill Maher last night? She was awesome.

RCP is getting ridiculous, posts Ohio PPP showing close race, ignores PPP VA O +2.

Plain Dealer endorses President Obama

Stephen Colbert as a Hobbit? Mebbe.

I got five more flyers in the mail today.

"If Romney Did Half of What Obama Has . . .

***Updated 10/26***Important info for Ohio Voters: New absentee/early voting directive

Don't bar anti-bullying gay kids group from your Halloween parade! (petition)

Australian ecologist reveals lifelong bullying nightmare

Did you receive a call telling you where and when to early vote? What state are you in?

Would you sacrifice a career opportunity for love?

Newsweek to end print publication in December after nearly 80 years, go all digital

Obama Song/Moving Forward D Rich

This post needs some LGBT help

with all the phony polls..likely versus reg. crap finally a new outfit

Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs, at Tampa Comic Con Saturday, dishes on coolest job any 13-year-old

White House Denies agreement on US/Iran Nuclear Talks

Scratching your head about "how can this race be so close?"

Iran Denounces Beirut Bombing, Points Finger At Israel

Sedgwick County DMV Threatens Voter Group with Arrest.

White House denies agreement on U.S., Iran nuclear talks

With Romney Closing In, Obama To Launch Swing State Blitz

Quote Of The Day

Worshipper rips out both eyes in Mass with his BARE HANDS

President Barack Obama tweet

Best political phone call, ever

Adviser Reaffirms Romney Support For Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

I finished voting today

Binders full of tax returns? (graphic!)

I can't wait until this election is over. I feel my brain cells frying ....

The BEST Mitt Romney WANTED Poster

MY post was hidden? Funny.

We may "SMH" and laugh in disbelief over the Walsh remark, but women in El Salvador aren't laughing

Yep, there is a difference…

Feed me Seymour!

New Poll PPP Virginia +2 Obama

CEOs pressuring employees to donate $2500 to Romney campaign

Obama has Slight Uptick in Nate Silver's Averages! 67.9% Chance of Winning 288.6 EV (uptick)