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Next up...Eurythmics!

Romney wins your lose your rights, your taxes go up, you may lose healthcare, and we go to war

Argentine leader orders evacuation of ship seized in Ghana

Romney's Foreign Policy: Wars, War-Mongering and to the Right of Bush:

The War on Drugs is really just a war on Black People

'No Cuts!' Video of UK police clashing with anti-austerity protesters

What are you reading the week of October 21, 2012?

Bob Schieffer Monday Night: Good, Bad or Indifferent for the President???

Three words that should NEVER be grouped together: President Mitt Romney

New Mitt Romney Ad for Women

Is there anyone, who posts regularly here, that believes consensual PIV is rape?

A great comment about being better off than 4 years ago from a Bill Olson

Pretty dead here tonight. Not even anything about Noter Mackerel Snappers beating the Mormons.

Shall we have an official "I voted!" thread?

After about 2 months on the Eat To Live approach to eating

Jimmy Tingle on Labor Day

On the rationalization of the teaturds....

Hey trumad, can you walk over to the broadcasting booth and tell Mussberger to STFU.

Ala. Democrat (former GOP) uses Facebook to imply GOP congressional opponent is gay

'I am human' Jackson tells constituents in robocall

Akin appeals to Christians, draws prayer support

Pair of conservative science authors on C-Span 2 (Book TV), on now

This election is really getting too me!!!

Scott Brown Super PAC funded almost entirely by Koch company

What will it take for Wolf Blitzer to say Obama wins a debate?

This makes me angry.

Call out the Vote ... this weekend

Saturday, October 20th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

A Poverty of Empathy: The GOP’s social welfare philosophy dates back to 1818

Have a poll question ....

Why is Florida so close?

I think people are worn down from this election.

HuffPo: Romney's not pulling out of NC

Today's final Princeton numbers...

Biden Says to Crying Baby: That Baby Knows What's in Store if Romney Wins - Oct. 20, 2012

HuffPo: Post-Debate Polls Improvement for Obama

Top of the lineup for Democrats stepping up to the plate ...

Stage: Mitt Romney Redux!

Ann Romney compares serving as a Moron missionary to serving in the US Military...

4,819 Democrats and 1,297 Republicans added to the Florida voters on 10/19

The couches in Morgantown are breathing a sigh of relief

Prediction for the October surprise thread.

Our cable provider never gives free movies...until now

Guys of the Lounge what would you do/say?

Mitt Romney will raise your taxes, and with the conservatives' blessing. Proof here.

Aww-some stress reducer, PandaCam w/Mom + cub live from San Diego Zoo!

"Romnesia" ad (video from Daily Kos)

If you want to know who is trailing in a Presidential race, look for who the media is covering.

It's Magic! by Greg Palast

There times I wish I was not a political junkie. Prior to 2000 I wasn't interested in Politics

Money Boo Boo's binders full of women he interviewed while Governor

Katzenberg & Spielberg Donate $1M Each To Obama Super PAC

Finally! The Rmoney tax plan!

Grove Insight FL Poll -Obama +3

My friend's AWESOME rant on Facebook about Darrell Issa:

Grove Insight FL Poll -Obama +3

What did the polls look like on this date in 2008? Here ya go....pretty interesting.

99 useful hints and tips for everyday life

FORBES: Romney Family Investment Ties To Voting Machine Company Causing Concern

What happened to Canada's Boreal Forests:

CO has a COOL (Dem of course) Governor

Cleveland Plain Dealer endorses... Obama!

The second most damning meme from the secret tape is that Romney plans to do nothing for the economy

Sunday Talk Shows

Brazilian newspapers pull out of Google News

Gloria Steinem calls Romney extremist

I see E. J. Dionne is following the PPP Ohio Tweets...

I know we're all hot and heavy into the election (and for good reason)......

Mitt and the Hypocrites

Joe Walsh Also Shouldn’t Be In Congress

Found on FB: They picked the wrong beverage...

Prediction of post-election analysis.

Meteor Shower Tonight 10/20/12

President Obama and someone ineligible to vote until 2030

Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

So they say that Mitt leads with 'likely' voters but Obama leads big with 'Actual Voters'

Romney NOT moving staff out of North Carolina.

X-Post: Beat the ballot bandits. Protect your vote!

It's been an exhausting day.

Arizona puts wrong election date on voter ID cards (Correct date in English, wrong date in Spanish)

10-1? 8-2-1? How do Austin DUers feel about the single member district propositions?

Anyone have Armstrong Cable?

Spitzer explains what happens in a tie

On the basis of sound leadership, re-elect Obama (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Ann Romney slaps our servicepeople in the face

Clooney: "I'm disillusioned by the people who are disillusioned by Obama..."

Men Defining Rape: A History

Did somebody order some Joe? - pics

Kent State is now Bowl Eligible! It has been since 1972 since they were in a Bowl Game.

I voted for a Libertarian

Uh . . . . . this "Iran/US Talks" thing . . . . October surprise?

I hope Mitt's failed record in Massachusetts gets some attention next debate.

Kindergarten teacher details ‘lunacy’ of standardized tests for kids

Kos Diary - Romney Family Ohio Voting Machines


Billy Graham: Man of Principle

I just voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden

video to witness of lincoln assasination

The Chamber Choir I sing in is singing this song

Dejá Bush is not the answer. nt

Believe it or not, this National Review article on Romney's chances will make you feel good

Pit Bull Puppies Poisoned At Pit Bull Awareness ($2,500 reward)

nice anecdote from Georgia

Perry calls for end to gas tax diversions - Really?

NYTimes: Kirsten Gillibrand for New York

How many times a day to you check/refresh Nate Silver's page?

backup sftw versus just copying folders

Do I look like a Clown to you people????!

Khamis Gaddafi 'killed during fighting in Bani Walid'

New Mitt Romney ad on FaceBook getting a lot of HATE.

Politico trying to make us think Republicans made huge gains in Nevada.

"Mitt Romney: Wrong For Florida's Middle Class" new ad (video)

Fuck Clemson...............

Since when is the White House supposed to be a public conduit for live intel?

What Did Intrade Look Like 4 Years Ago

That Forbes story has me sick to my stomach. The only thing I have to hang on to

OK this is freaking fabulous - One Term More

Apparently the movie Argo rewrote history

Duke is now Bowl Eligible! It has been since 1994 since they were in a Bowl Game.

USA kids vote for Obama.

Atlanta Police, Occupy Activists Team Up to Defend Detective's Home

The Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed Obama!

How the hell is DUKE bowl eligible?

Republicans bracing for October Surprise (from Gloria Allred?)

With Florida race tight, Romney rallies bikers in Daytona Beach

I'm watching the latest Cruz/Sadler debate (recorded from a day or two ago).

My iPhone spell check prefers "marihuana"

Clinton Slams Romney Budget, Crowd Roars

"‘Romnesia’ and the weasel factor" by Greg Sargent at WP

Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe: Romney’s history in Massachusetts is anything but women-friendly

The G.O.P.’s Feminine Mystique Samantha Bee

French rescuers help hundreds flee hotels as floods hit Roman Catholic shrine town of Lourdes

Next up to be recorded to CD, Queen!

I haven't posted or replied for a while.


Hacked DC School Board E-Voting Elects Bender President

Even though Mitt Romney was protecting Paris from the NVA during the Vietnam War...

Yes, I’m a Democrat

U.S. Officials Say Iran Has Agreed To Nuclear Talks

FCB sets record for fastest Bundesliga start with an 0:5 result today!

"Mitt Romney Squirms from 'Romnesia' Sting" by Deaniac83 at the People's View

Great SNL debate opening tonight. What's the backstory regarding 'dropping a microphone'?

"For Obama" column at the Arkansas Times

Intrade (while we're at it): The Gold Standard

What is your favorite beer?

David Gergen Tweets about Iran talks:

Theme from Masterpiece Theater

SNL’s Second Debate: Crap-Talking Candidates, Loud-Mouthed Long Islanders, And Fact-Checking Crowley

About Candy Crowley, are some apologies in order...

The shit keeps on coming for the Republicans. So much so that its hard to keep up with!

American Austerity

Mitt Sanity (Video) - Various comments about Mitt's emotional well-being by his own family

Interesting point about the TV audience for the 3rd debate

John Farrell hired as manager of the Red Sox. nt

Republican Party gives Romney financial advantage over Obama

Another example of the old standards dying out...

Fifteen Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

Baby pics

I wish Obama would say this Monday night:

Okay, why is Florida diminishing as a possible state we can win?

I owe an apology to this group

somebody stepped in it at the Wildcat

2 die 3 wounded in Ca shooting.

Miami County, Ohio Election Official Resigns Under Weird Circumstances

App to learn how to type on iPad?

Betelgeuse Supernova

Does every Pop Singer have to have an "Inspirational Ballad..."

I just watched, "The Hunger Games."

Bain, Solamere, HIG, and Hart Intercivic -- A Who's Who

I'm out of booze and narcotics.

Why "Choice Feminism" is an Illusion (With Bonus "Lost" Analogy)

Major tourist bus route on England's south coast gets temporary reprieve

Metro: Last Light Will Not Ship with Multiplayer

OFA is seeking voter protection legal team volunteers. Are you a paralegal, attorney, law student?

First day report of Nevada early voting. Very encouraging.

my dad and husband had a big old fight tonight - UPDATE

NV: Democrats massacre Republicans on first day of early voting in urban areas

Romney's Mass record. It needs to be in TV ads!

Stop telling lies

On the Republican Condition

All the people voting Romney...

Anyone here have a Jitterbug phone? Or know someone who has one? I have some questions....

Zip from DOJ? The Romneys need to be reported to the OSCE International Election Monitors in the US!

Congress is flying under the radar of Mitt Romney...

Accidental Shooting Death of Florida Man Mistaken for a Boar - No Charges

Australian governmental agency is involved in creating new super Gm wheat

Physician's Article in Newsweek on the Afterlife

Stephen Colbert's super PAC may get last laugh

Mike Malloy on the Rolling Stones, RomneyCare, picketing a military funeral, and Wal-mart strike

What the h*** does the Attorney General's office do? Please tell me that they are quietly working

Republican Party employee in Virginia arrested for trashing voter registration forms

China Is Wary of U.S. Candidates' Tough Talk

Romney finds it easier to fire low level workers than close collegues

Rep Darrell Issa (R-CA) Leaks sensitive Libyan data in document dump

Crazy Ass Bastards and Benghazi

Nice to meet ya, spiritually compromised. The Grahams - Billy and Franklin

HuffPost & TPM Electoral Maps

Three More Years till October 21 2015


Watching a pretty good movie about downsizing of jobs, egos and expectations....

Op-Ed: Venezuela and the Wonders of Equality

Binders full of offensive Republican ideas about women

Brainteaser: suppose you go into the lab and whip up a diamond out of pure Carbon 14:

The foreign policy elephant Romney's trying not to think about.

5.3 earthquake jolts Central Coast, epicenter closest to King City


Recall: Sunscreen could burst into flames on skin

Mitt Romney Goes to Hell

The Happy Moog - March of the Martians

Doonesbury nails it, again

Electoral Tie? Popular Vote Loss by Electoral Winner? -- Nate Silver's Scenario Analysis

Bumper Sticker of the Day: Got Romnesia? Don't Worry. Obamacare Covers Pre-Existing Conditions "Volatility Ahead"

Why I ride.

Fascinating contradiction in updated (Oct. 20) Rand Corp. Poll.

Muskegon (MI) Chronicle Endorses Obama

ALEC is Secretly Collaborating With Foreign Countries to Promote Bills in Congress

Just came across this video~

Obama - Who will join me

Sign the Bernie Sanders Petition to Stop Dismantling Social Security and Medicare

SNL Reviewed: Second Presidential Debate Spoof

Pennsylvania Colleges to Allow Fracking on Campus

Future of Medicare is top concern for 61% of seniors

Hong Kong seizes more than 1,000 smuggled ivory tusks

A lot of us are tired and we should be.

Wow. The Opiate of Exceptionalism (someone finally says it all)

International monitors at US polling places draw criticism

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtoberfest 2012 Edition

Second Amendment wording.

Why I Ride.

Edwina gave Savile Carte Blanche at Broadmoor. Now you really couldn't make that up ...

Marco Rubio - Mitt Romney..... M. R. (coincidence - I don't think so)

"...Tommy Thompson, hunted by U.S. marshals..."

Attorney general won’t investigate worker arrested for dumping voter registrations

Gov. Christie's Out-of-State Travel

After the Boom in Natural Gas

Vice President's son, Beau Biden, leads march to the polls

Photograph links Germans to 1915 Armenia genocide

Does the Romney Family Now Own Your e-Vote?

Possible voting irregularity in Georgia

Nearly 30% of Vets Treated by V.A. Have PTSD

Despite Protest, College Plans To Slaughter, Serve Farm's Beloved Oxen

NATO chief calls for free elections in Afghanistan

Afghan president warns on immunity for foreign troops

Somebody knows something BIG.

5 Weird and Frightening Effects of Fracking You May Not Know About

Feds not changing marijuana policy, even if 3 states legalize it, US official says

Wake Up! Our World Is Dying and We're All in Denial

Vaccine Hysteria on the Rise, and Old Diseases Are Making a Comeback

India suspends Kingfisher Airlines' flying licence

George McGovern, an unabashed liberal voice, is dead


Russia: Hackers target opposition internet election, organisers claim

If Romney gets in.

FDR channels Romney and Lyin' Ryan

Report: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. releases robocall, tells supporters 'I am human'

Lockheed Looks Abroad To Sell LCS, MH-60, Radars -- But Who's Buying?

political humor

8-Year-Old Girl Dresses as Different Historical Figure Every Day

I want more than anything to believe the Gloria Allred bombshell is legit

Is there a way to read Mother Jones online without getting a subscription?

Navy Fears Pentagon Neglects New Missile Sub; SSBN(X) Must Survive Almost 80 Years

Bruce Springsteen will be at the charlottesvile pavillion Tuesday in a concert for Obama!

You know, Mitt, if you took AMNESTY in 2009, there should be no shame in it

Why do rethug operatives always scream and yell and overtalk everyone else on these

File under bigoted asswipe: Columnist: Watch Out, Tammy Baldwin Is a 'Radical Lesbian'

Great post by Sam Wang at Princeton Election Consortium:

Drummin Up New Bidness

How Mitt Romney invested Millions in Outsourcing.

Deadly meningitis outbreak puts researchers in new territory

help regarding my computer

Rights groups says another Tibetan sets himself on fire to protest Chinese rule; tally near 60

I hope Obama lays it on very thick Monday night

That McGovern headline is so wrong!

Full Page Ad by Billy Graham in Miami Herald today

Let's say that firearms are no longer widely available.

Bill Moyers: Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland on the One Percent’s Power and Privileges

You know, I hate funerals...

This country is so majorly fucked up

As airlines raise fees instead of fares, taxpayers pick up the tab

VIRGINIANS: please contact Warner, Webb, and your state reps to insist that there be investigation

GRAVIS responds to charges of Republican bias...

McCain voters defecting to Obama are older white males

The Two-Year, Three-Step Plan to Establish A Play Democracy In Company Town USA

Twitter Turns #SignsYoSonIsGay Hashtag Into Warm and Fuzzy Support Group

The Head and the Heart: Why We've Got Pres. Obama's Back

RANT: I have lost tolerance for people who have no interest in current events or politics.

Romney cannot win a fair election

An Open Letter to the Boston Police Dept....I am not a terrorist...

Todd Akin Likens Claire McCaskill To 'One Of Those Dogs,' Fetching Taxes, Bureaucracy

The love fest at our house yesterday...

One word I never want to hear a Republican utter ever again....

sick of it

My four kittehs (three originally strays, one shelter) thank you for reading this

Iran denies report of plans for nuclear talks with U.S.

Pharma Vs India: A Case Of Life Or Death For The World’s Poor

NBC poll

The best thing about Benedict Arnold being a traitor

South African Political Economy After Marikana

Food Fight: MIC vs. PIC

Badass Doughnut Delivery

Foreign Policy Debate Tomorrow: What does Obama need to do to CRUSH the MittTwit?

PLEASE HELP FELLOW DUers!!! (Can't wait until after election, need help now!)

Please help keep this thread kicked and rec'd!

I think talk shows should establish rules of decorum, no screaming, no talking over people, instead

PLEASE help fellow DUers by K&R'ing this thread:

Charts: Meet Romney's Pork-Friendly Military Entourage

The largest precinct in America

Why has the DOJ & PBO done nothing to stop TAINTED Voting Machines from being used?

RIP, George Stanley McGovern (July 19, 1922 – October 21, 2012)

Yeah, but why did he stab himself? And why did he take off the woman's clothes? (SPOILERS!)

Sunday morning, 6:00, having coffee and voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden

25 cool pictures

Lost Issues if you see them call

My First Vote: McGovern For President

Looking at these spreads between LVs and RVs -- It looks like BS

I believe this is a issue in our community that has fallen to the wayside

Do you think this is just trashy?

68 Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Endorse President Obama’s Science Policies

Debt settlement is rarely a done deal

I turn on CNN, on the screen says Romney/Obama tied with Women

Milk Of Romnesia: Conscience Free Forgetfulness

U.S. jobs or more outsourcing? Future is unclear for one mortgage-servicing firm

What the word "business" really means today

Strong Connection Found Between Death of Child and Mortality of Mother

A conversation on inequality and citizen's united. Very interesting.

pass this around...

Women More Likely to Die from Myocardial Infarction Than Men

Murdoch eyes Tribune

Bill Moyers fascinating discussion on America's plutocrats and the capture of the political system

FORMER COMBAT MEDIC: College Has Been A Nightmare For Me, And I'm Not Alone

Last night I dreamt I was a famous dictator on the lam...ask me anything!

NYT Editorial: Christopher Murphy for Connecticut

I voted for McGovern. NT.

Foreign policy can be complicated for a lot of people ..

If you didn't see Up with Chris Hayes this morning, here's the link:

What should the US do about Syria

When calling out the RW 'chickenhawk' Romney's of this country...

New ND Senate poll showing Republican leading is badly skewed - only 19% of those polled were Dems

Image: The fair and balanced calls the second debate

We Are Family

North Carolina's biggest newspaper endorses Obama

San Antonio Express News Endorses Obama

John Fugelsang: GOP blaming Obama for the slow recovery is like John Wilkes Booth blaming Lincoln

Dick Durbin: Darrell Issa Document Dump 'Unconscionable'

Protesters try to storm Lebanese government

Very Important For Ohio Voters

Obama vs. Romney on Pentagon spending in the next 10 years...

republican - romney love fest on Farce the Nation again

Eugene (OR) Register-Guard Endorses President Obama this morning...

Voter fraud billboards that drew complaints of racism and intimidation will come down, Clear Channel

Has there ever been such a difference (10+%) in reg. vs likely

I need some help here...

Marin (California) Independent-Journal Endorses President Obama

Ohio businesses that got stimulus money support Republicans who blasted the program

Repubs re: Abortion

Obama has 6% lead avg in 2 national polls REG voters

David Pakman: Westboro Baptist Church TACKLED by Soldier at Funeral

International Private Security Firms Are Growing Up And Planning For The Future

An Interesting Antidote To The Doom And Gloomers

Please Remember This Little Fact When Looking at LV Polls

George McGovern's Garden

Obama immigration stance locks in Hispanic support

WSJ misleadingly quotes Tax Policy Center in headline to tout Romney's tax plan

Akron Beacon Journal:Obama for president

David Pakman: Paul Ryan Caught Washing Clean Dishes in Staged Photo Op

Good Daily Kos report on Day 2 Early Voting in NC (GOP up but so is Black turnout & white down)...

Yesterday I looked at my "Obama~mama" daughter...

Republicans rally around Bishop Willard, fulfilling the Mormon White Horse Prophecy

Obama Is Flooding Wisconsin Radio With This Brutal Ad On Romney's '47%'

Maryland looks ready to affirm Marriage Equality and Dream Act laws

"Wisconsin State Senate: 16 of 33 seats are up for election with Democrats holding the chamber

Clinton Cites Energy in Diplomacy From Oil to Climate

Controlling the Corporation conference, featuring Chris Hedges, Dean Baker, Mary Bottari etc......

Employees of Romney Family's Secret Bank Tied to Fraud, Money Laundering and Drug Cartels

No evdidence found that Al Qaeda planned Libya attack...

Gloria Allred's October Surprise is About to Break Against Romney

What the right wing nuts are posting

Sunday morning DU election temp check poll.....

Is Reddit anything?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Oct 21st

Employees of Romney Family's Secret Bank Tied to Fraud, Money Laundering and Drug Cartels

George McGovern: He deserved better by Joan Walsh

4 Days Before FP Debate, Romney Visited PAC That Touts Communism As Greatest Threat

The single stupidest....

Two videos:Mitt and Obama's response about election campaign at Al Smith dinner.

Fugelsang - The Week in Amnesia: A tale of two 9/11s

Kevin Bacon Knows Exactly How To Destroy The GOP's War On Women

Bad day in Chem. class.

Colors and Clouds

Peggy Noonan

Kansas City Star endorses Claire McCaskill for US Senate

our contribution to the Aurora CO victims fund

I cannot seriously get a real answer to "Why do you want Romney" to my GOP Friends.....

Akron Beacon Journal endorses... OBAMA!

Hey Mitt: How About Binders Full Of YOUR TAX RETURNS?!?!?

On War and Peace, George McGovern Will Die Vindicated

The New Republic: Mitt the Jerk: a Woman’s View of the Debate

What Obama absolutely needs to point out at this last debate.

Make a difference. We're not through yet.

...About a Faux-watching neighbor and a talking point...

Lewis Turco's Form of the Week: 20) The Recipe Poem

McGovern Was Prescient About America

CNN Report on Early Voting in Iowa 4% more dems voted than in '08 only 1% more GOP...

It's (Almost) Morning in America

Rob Reiner on Stephanie Miller takes on Tagg Romney and multiple choice Mitt

Pro-Romney pro-woman ad says the following:

Akin: McCaskill ‘like one of those dogs: fetch’

Gloria Steinem Calls Romney 'Anti-Equality, Extremist'

The President is coming to Davenport!

I am a better person because of George McGovern

"Remote deadlock scenarios could mean a Romney-Biden White House"

My wife....

Some Early Voting tidbits from Ohio...

Some people

Temps in the seventies? In IN in late October?

Density in Toronto: Portrait of a community growing up — fast

Matthew Dowd on This Week asks why we haven't investigated bad "WMD" intelligence

FORBES: For a Better Economy, Vote Democratic

The Obama Ground Game: Is this Obama's Secret Weapon?

Sen. Kerry's statement on George McGovern's passing

O.F.F.S.: Tebow gains trademark on Tebowing

Lawmaker who opposes ‘superior rights’ for gays fears reprisals - and she's a Democrat

Is Hillary Clinton really heading for Haiti tomorrow?

Shane Bauer: Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went Inside America's Prisons.

State of Florida Changes Medicaid HMO with no notification to the detriment of Medicaid clients...

Now that I've posted ten times...

David Axelrod charges Issa endangering lives

There is a disturbing pattern of secrecy, that surrounds Mitt Romney..

John Lewis - GOTV Gangnam style

In re: Allred-Romney-Adultery-Story,

Ohio may historically be a "swing state," but it has already swung for 2012 (to Obama)

Peter Dykstra On The 5 Best Environmental Books Of All Time - Your Nominees?

Advance Notice - Cato Institute Plans To Release Steaming Mound Of Climate Pseudoscience Monday

My Generic Response To The Faux Concern Trolls*

Turkish Wheat Exports To Indonesia Likely To Decline Because Of Climate Change, Major Grower Notes

Hey to the TROLLS who have found themselves here on DU, You made the wrong LEFT turn...

Foreign Policy: President Obama's Strong and Steady Leadership vs. Romney's Blunder and Bluster

The new entitlement class - Business Owners

Taylor Swift and Lindsay Lohan on the election.

Fishermen, Buyers In Maritimes Notice Lobsters Molting Earlier Softer-Shelled More Prone To Disease

“By God, You Can’t Treat Grandma This Way.”

Presidential debate: Will Romney make the ultimate flip-flop? (Horsey Cartoon)

Hunter Thompson on George McGovern

Axelrod: We All Remember Romney’s ‘Dukes Of Hazzard Tour’

Push to decriminalize small amounts of weed in Detroit finds little opposition

The downside to the "trash this thread" feature...

Spencer Giffords, ex-tire firm CEO, father of Gabrielle, dies at 77

The Only Way This Race Is Going to Be Close Is

First time in my life I've been polled just a while ago! Early Voting Questio (cell phone)-Colorado

Study: Obama wins title of debate Interrupter-in-Chief

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 21, 1967

Anatomy of a bounce--Princeton Election Consortium

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 21, 1967

McCain Voters Defecting to Obama are Older White Males

Church cites Scripture in barring gay musician from performing

Inside Bain's Chinese Sensata Factories

(Let's join together and stop the...)Polling Panic! ABC Early Voter Poll 10/26/04 - Bush Leads 51-47

Worst record co. decision ever: No Beatles on the Voyager probe records

Los Angeles Times - Obama for President

On the Allred "surprise" - just a guess here but -- hookers and the Salt Lake Olympics

Outside groups changing the political game for good

Mitt Romney and the Politics of Disrespect

Mitt Sanity - His Family Expresses Their Concern For His Mental Well-Being

shocking:2 rethugs have an affair, and now.....

Mitt Romney - because Grover wants his Robosigner

Obama immigration stance locks in Hispanic support


Darrell Issa Must Resign

Todd Akin Compares Claire McCaskill To A Dog

This last debate is on foreign policy - in order to win, Obama should

Romney stand-in Kerry helps shovel the coal for Obama

"Maybe it's the elite journalists who aren't all that approachable."

Sherrod Brown, Dem, Ohio....helping his campaign also helps Obama there

Walmart donates to Obama?

I think I'm doing really well, and good has come out of bad.

Sherrod Brown, Dem, Ohio....helping his campaign also helps Obama there

Marco Rubio: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Law Is Nothing But A Giveaway To Trial Lawyers

Democratic Super PACs Gaining Steam Ahead Of 2012 Election

‘His story just moved me’: Gay B.C. atheist $700 for Omar Khadr in his will

If You Are Truly Pro-Life, You’d Vote Democrat

Age 55+ White Male McCain Voters Will Vote for Obama...Sick of Rmoney's Lies

Do not plan on a Gloria Allred October surprise

Here's a question about early voting.

R.I.P. George McGovern

Portman on MTP this morning called the Iran story "another WH leak"

Just a question..

Obama Wins without Ohio Scenario -- Larry Sabato Crystal Ball

Dammit, now they're just punking us! Yahoo headline - Poll has Obama, Romney tied at 47%

Rebuffing EU, Netanyahu Says ‘No Limits’ On Jerusalem Construction

David Gregory: Bowles And Simpson Say Romney’s Tax Math ‘Simply Doesn’t Work’

Something's missing from the extensive lists of Rmoney's malfeasant activities being posted on DU

What was the deal with the NY TImes reporting Administration was goin to Talk with Iran

Clock Running Down on October Surprise

One Billion Rising (Short Film) *trigger warning*

Axelrod: We All Remember Romney’s ‘Dukes Of Hazzard Tour’

Gallup thinks we're idiots - Mitt now leading 52-45 LV, 49-46 RV

This Allred stuff is too Roveian by half.

NC Early Voting Day 3: Epic Turnout - 42,709 "Unlikely" Voters Have Already Voted

Levin blasts Issa's release of sensitive Libya information

Sounded like Chuck Toad was getting an orgasm showing toss up states

Chinodya’s battle with religion

7-eleven has Obama as a clear winner of the elections

Are We There Yet?

2005: Maytag Washing Machine Corp. American Icon in Iowa---Bain tried to help Chinese take it over

NPR: 60% of undecided voters are women & breaking HEAVILY for The President-75% vs. ROMNEY 25%

Funerals are for the living

'Catholic' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

IDB - Obama 47.9 - Romney 42.2

Favorite TV show EVAH??!!!

IBD/TIPP tracking poll Obama 47.9 Romney 42.2

YEP "War is a moral and political disaster—a terrible cancer eating away the soul of the nation"

Concern trolls and concern troll's about the process, the ugliness...

For those familiar with the Book of Mormon,

Good Polling News

My two cents on why I think Obama will win:

New Poll: Egyptians Turning Toward Iran, Want Nuclear Weapons

Jesus, I just figured it all out! "Unlikely voter" simply means that

Romney Family Investment Ties To Voting Machine Company That Could Decide The Election


Partisan make-up of gallup and TIPP. anyone know?

S.E. Cupp Says There Is No Racism At All In The Opposition To President Obama

I think forcing someone to have an abortion when Romney was a bishop is what Allred has

Polls vs. Reality

BREAKING: MSM is suffering from Romnesia in 2012 presidential election

Obama is strong. Are we?

BREAKING: Shooting at Milwaukee area mall. Described as a "Mass casualty situation"

Shooting reported at Wisconsin spa

Romney & Ryan will be at Red Rocks Amphitheatre this week. You know who built that?

Don't give NC to Romney yet ....

What do the 1% want?

BREAKING: MSM contracts Romnesia in 2012 Presidential Election

HI Everyone!! We are alive and kicking in Iowa

Mass Casualties in Mall Shooting

"Did we really conquer space before we put wheels on suitcases?"

Density in Toronto: Portrait of a community growing up — fast

2 off-duty Cops fatally shoot naked woman

A done deal

All You Ever Wanted to Say: FOR Obama and AGAINST Romney

Is cash for clunkers a bad issue?.

Guess what?


How about we try this for today....

This Allred rumor reminds me of "Fitzmas"

What constitues a Mass Shooting?

ATTENTION YAVAPAI COUNTY! Judge Campbell on ballot is a teabagger

CA Sec of State, Ofiicial Voter Guide, propositions -

Some questions I will ponder as I walk my dogs today....

Archived DU2 Virginia Forum link

i drove down the 'rich folks' street here in town today

Its as if we are closer to becoming what the futuristic nightmare movies of the past

BioShock Infinite Exclusive Beast of America Trailer

California parents act heroically when gunman fires upon family, killing two

Tomorrow - Monday October 22, 2012

Just found out a good book is now a movie - Life of Pi....

An open letter to Republican partisans

Great news for vegans who would still love to taste a lobster!!!

How tall is Marco Rubio? (Rethug lies extend to this)

Great poll news for today!

Jordan foils major terror plot, officials say

Authorities investigate spate of roadway shootings in Michigan

Oh, Lindsay GRAHAM, do you remember RAYGUN in Beiruit in '83 & Shrub on 9-11 ya stoopid F**K!1

Mr President please give short, passionate, and clear answers tomorrow

Meet the Press

Help! Tea-hadists are trying to shut down my pro-Obama Facebook page

Theresa May promises crackdown on gun middle men

ooh..big surprise...Star-Telegram endorses Romney

Our Oregon ballots arrived yesterday

The Romney camp doesn't like the label "Romnesia" (updated)

m$nbc: NBC/WSJ poll: Presidential contest now tied-- Obama up by 5 with all registered voters

Star-Telegram endorses Sadler

Did you know that the Mormon church has 300 LDS Employment Resource Services Centers?

I am curious what distinguishes a likely from an unlikely voter

Neighbors rocked by cluster of 14 new injection, production wells planned in Portage County

George McGovern, a pacifist who wanted to bomb Auschwitz

Clinton Clinton Clinton...

Seems like YouTube is flooded with Romney ads today.

Looking pretty good for Obama!

LA Times- "Obama for president: The nation has been well served by President Obama's leadership"

Romney looks like the angry, desperate used car salesman

If you vote early, when are the votes counted?

San Diego Chargers being investigated for Stickum use

**IF** Gloria Allred’s “OCTOBER SURPRISE” happens....

The difference between running an investment firm and running a country

I'm seeing nothing but lying Romney ads during this football game.

LA Times - Excellent Editorial As To Why Romney Is Wrong For President

FWIW, I came to DU right before 08 election. And advice to new, and older, DUers.

Attack of the Trolls

Caption this Romney pic

Employees of Romney Family's Secret Bank Tied to Fraud, Money Laundering and Drug Cartels...

now this is scary: Rupert Murdoch, others eye Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune

Foreign policy leaders say why Obama is the best choice on foreign policy

Is Romney's Campaign Over IF...

'featured' on front page of cnn dot com.....'Is Obama the 'wrong' kind of Christian?''

Mohawk woman becomes North America's first Aboriginal saint

Advisory Milw WTMJ Froedert & Childrens medical center is on Lock-Down

Even if Mitt Romney Didn't Boink His Housekeeper... He STILL Sucks!

The Gallup Likely Voter screen may not be the Problem

Voting at home is a wonderful experience.

I have been trying to

Oh Dear - I just saw Fidel on BBC

Soup Kitchen Loses Donors Because Of Paul Ryan

Is there a "DONATE" spot where we can go to donate?

Fidel Castro Alive? Former Cuban President Reportedly Appears In Public

I have been trying to

Obama leading Robme in Arizona? How did we miss this last week?

Deceptive "Women's Voters Guide" from Republican front group

McGovern's 1972 Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech

Ann Romney Comes To Florida For A Shameless Breast Cancer Photo Op

The last straw

Won’t Get Fooled Again: Romney’s Terrible Record as Mass. Governor

Which Candidate Can GOTV

Bani Walid protesters storm Libyan parliament grounds

Miami Herald has the story about Fidel on the front page

Is the Romney campaign in collusion with its super packs?

faux program now running: 'death and deceit in Benghazi'

Fidel Castro alive and well : Chavez aide

I caught the mouse in my house

What's the name/credits of the piano interlude from SNL's Bruno MARS "Sad Mouse" skit?

Yard signs in Virginia (road trip)

MY friend Santorum-

Johnny Rivers - Come Home America (written as a song for the 1972 McGovern campaign)

That latest Iran story is bullshit - they want an Iran story so bad it hurts

For all my fellow Latino DUers. Video: ¡PA' LANTE! con Obama (subtitles in English)

Got My Ballot In The Mail


Do people in Swing States turn out more?


Is it possable to vote for the President

Debate Preppers ! Here's the link of Contraception to Foreign Policy

Message from Obama campaign: We're winning Ohio. Period.

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU

How Does Ras, PPP, And Gravis Account For The Fact They Exclude Cell Phone Users?

Live stream?

Republicans cut embassy security by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and $331 million in 2012

"The Republican Party is a Crime Syndicate"

My son was sent TWO absentee ballots.

TYT: How Obama Can Win A Second Term

On the front lines against drone strikes

We need President Obama to WIN

Q: Mr. Romney, your foreign policy team is made up of former Bush advisors, why would you surround

What is up with Gallup?

Mass: Obama 15 point lead over Romney

Hey NRA, maybe today would have been a good day to pull your ads in the Milwaukee area, assholes.

You just KNOW bad shit has happened when Clint Van Zandt shows up on MSNBC...

LOL! Gingrich Cites Romney's Time as Missionary in France as Foreign Policy Experience

Hmm...registration scam or just timing?

Ann: "My Boys Served"

TSA scanner question.

Re: Allred. ALWAYS prepare for a limited hangout from Rove.

Fox's Embarrassing Attempt to Edit Obama's Speech

Political Toons

St George

Seems to me the Romneys believe Mormonism is a government, not a religion.

Let's Be Real Clear: Stay Clear of "Real Clear" Politics "Average' Polling

PSA: Monday is your last day to register in California. nt

IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama Expands Lead Over Romney

Ohio Anti-fracking activists address Muskingum Watershed district

Advice or links to opinions on Loginsky vs Bjorgen for Court of Apppeals judge?

My aunt is running for a state House seat

LAPD Releases 42 Photos of ‘Grim Sleeper’ Serial Killer’s Potential Victims

Alright! Alright! The REAL reason MiddleFingerMom is in the hospital this time:

MiddleFingerMom put a LOT of time and thought into picking the perfect Primary Care Physician.

MiddleFingerMom does NOT like Nurse Kitty!!! He does not like Nurse Kitty ONE BIT!!!!!

MiddleFingerMom has had LOTS of good nurses, but there is one who is extra, EXTRA special.

MiddleFingerMom has a favorite, favorite, oh-so-favorite doctor. Did he mention "favorite"?

Police battle protesters in Kuwait: witnesses

LAPD Releases 42 Photos of ‘Grim Sleeper’ Serial Killer’s Potential Victims

To the MSM, it's all just a big fucking game

The 1972 decision by organized labor…to destroy McGovern

DU3 should include "disable display user signatures" and "disable images"

Matthews, O’Reilly To Debate During Jon Stewart’s Autism Benefit - 8pm ET (OP Updated)

Obama immigration stance locks in Hispanic support

New DUers and those who may not know. A jerk signs up to send nasty messages.

Please Move The Deer Crossing

Oh brother, Cowboys fans. Do you have to be so blatant? >>

Dr. Raul Ruiz was at a demonstation where a letter from Mumia A. Jamal was read

Tonight- Jon Stewart’s Autism Benefit on Comedy Central: Night Of Too Many Stars - 8pm ET / 7pm CT

Putin Flexes Muscle In Big Test Of Russia's Nuclear Arsenal

3rd GOP Operative caught trashing Dem Voter Reg. Forms, Local Authorities NOT investigating

Vandelay Indutries ..Obama maintains 6% lead in OHIO

Interesting Idea on Tenderizing Old Roosters and Hens

Rubio Develops ‘Romnesia’ While Trying To Explain Romney’s Position On Contraception

Why do I smell a rat w/ so many polls right now?

Virginia AG won’t investigate GOP worker who dumped voter registration forms

Yep Radcliffe Haughton is Jamaican

he, he ... my little upstart INDEPENDENT DEMOCRAT nailed some moderate Repubutt in debate

4,760 Democrats and 1,807 Republicans added to the Florida voter rolls on 10/20

Daily Kos: Message From Obama Campaign: We're Winning Ohio. Period

The New Agent Orange?

What have you done to help Dems win this fall? It is what we MUST do. Here's me:

Obama needs to talk up Hillary tomorrow

Uplifting AND heartbreaking poem

Uplifting AND heartbreaking poem

Note to GD Hosts

Republicans are Engaging in a Concerted Illegal Effort to Hijack the Election

Updated: A poll for the modification of the SOP

Ohio Secretary of State Says Restoring Early Voting Is ‘Un-American’

A Vote For Your Son

Preident Obama On The Job Re:Wisconsin Shooting

I had this kind of dumb, tinfoil-hattish idea

Imagine belonging to a party that can only win if it lies and cheats...

I contacted

Game of Votes

Romney Touts Massachusetts Record In New Ad (updated)

Why do Democrats win the debate but lose the "post-debate"??

Imagine President Obama had a statement on the Milwaukee shooting before

Israel Swaps Missile Drills For Earthquake Rehearsal

United Nations to monitor elections for voter fraud suppression by conservatives

Michael Bloomberg says Elizabeth Warren wants to bring back the Soviet Union

In MO 2nd District, GOP has a 100-fold spending advantage

The "Golden Record"

Anyone here get offended, "outraged", throw shitfits over, or demand censorship of, male nudity?

Forget The Polls, Obama Is Still Winning: Predictwise

(update) "Shooting at spa in Wisconsin: 4 dead, including gunman, police say"

Up w/Chris Hayes - GOP claims government doesn't create jobs except with defense

Have you ever visited a prostitute/escort?

Tag's named after a Mormon buddy of his parents --

Pro-Obama super-PAC outraises Romney group

Rachel Maddow Reminds Us Again What Romney's Foreign Policy Team Would Look Like (Bush II

Teannitus, medical question, anyone have experience with this disorder?

Romney WOULD be given a pass IF he was protesting war as a missionary

Stop them from Stealing Ohio

Anonymous could threaten to hack the crap out of the votingmachines

Does Romney need a dressing-down on patriotism tomorrow night? Remember "There is no Red America or

Shakespeare Quote 10/21/12 (with your permission, Aristus)

Should Obama expose the rampant GOP election fraud during tomorrows debate?

SNL News Update- thank you, somebody, finally nailed it...

Ann Curry interviews His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Amazon Milk Frog

Missouri Political Donor Thrives With No Limits

The Republican Philosophy: Whoever has the most money in their pocket can earn it.

Kisses - pic

President Obama at Camp David, Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012 - pics

Despite Children's Hospital being on lockdown, little Hailey was allowed to leave to meet the Beebs.

If They Win This Thing by Stealing It

According to the NY Daily News, the WI shooter was found dead. I'll give the

Team Obama Accuses Romney Of ‘Bluster’ Ahead Of Foreign Policy Debate

Face of a Hobbit Hole ~ pic

Simultaneous headlines @ HuffPo

Remember when saint ronald passed away in 2004?

OMG...You Gotta Watch this!

Hi -- Trying to locate early voting locations for my friend in NoHo --

Florida President 2012 Zogby

What does K&R mean?

Let's get a hashtag trending on Twitter: #MittTreason

Tonight- Jon Stewart’s Autism Benefit on Comedy Central: Night Of Too Many Stars - 8pm ET / 7pm CT

Judicial Races

IF...there is an "October Surprise"..(I'm now speculating and tightening my tin foil) I would

OK men - we need to have a heart to heart! 538 blog on the Gender Gap...

A 34% approval rating for mitt when he left as Gov. says everything

The perfect version of the perfect song? Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" live at Sin-e

Amost Halloween Check In

Donate to the Soup Kichen Ryan washed Clean dishes at...

Wow -- Michael Vick did not fumble today!

Romney ‘s sabre rattling will be awkward in the debate given the hint of talks with Iran.

Just a recommendation if you're tired of watching Republican freaks in the morning...

Zogby Florida: Obama 48% - Romney 42%

Rasmussen: MISSOURI - SENATE (McCaskill +8) McCaskill (D) 51, Akin (R) 43

I don't believe there's an October Surprise until I see one.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 22 October 2012

Merkel to warn UK on Europe budget veto

BBC emails spark civil war over Jimmy Savile

Mr. President: You won the war in Iraq.

Got my car keyed in Ohio...........

Ralston: Final thoughts on first day of early voting; what to look for next

How do protective orders really help women? In light of today's mass shooting..

UN election monitors at US polling spots draw criticism from GOP "voter fraud" groups

538 Blog: ‘Gender Gap’ Near Historic Highs

How's this for a Halloween decoration?

Mitt Romney Woos Evangelicals As Mormons Baptize Deceased Evangelicals

NC early voting in 2012 has a similar trend to 2008... So Far

Swing State Papers Flock to Obama, Deem Romney Unworthy of Presidency!!!

Varied and colorful - my NC neighborhood walk this Sunday afternoon

So... We see those tax returns, yet?

Lance Armstrong’s Wall of Silence Fell Rider by Rider

It is a little early but it is time for The Walking Dead thread.

Americas greatest enemy is the current Republican Party

Obamas chance of the win in OH edges back up

PPP Obama Regains Lead in Iowa O:49 R:48

I voted!

1st of two part contest for 3rd debate. How many seconds will there be between Romney lies

2nd part of 2 part debate contest. How many lies will team Ryan/Romney end up with in all 4 debates

Does Gallup weight by region in national polling?

Mitt: "It's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions... just trying to catch one person."

PHOTO - This kid's parents built his Halloween costume around his wheelchair.

19,000 PA. Teaching Positions Eliminated in 2 Years; Corbett Gives $10,000 Raises to Top Aides

LOL these people aren't voting for Mittens but these folks are whack

"The middle class makes too much money."

Police find body in burned California home after family killings

The Binders Tie

Coal-firing Obama in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia