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Archives: October 24, 2012

Oct. 22: Ohio Has 50-50 Chance of Deciding Election

Don't expect everyone to love, or even like you...

Mitt Romney IS Dolores Umbridge!

I live in Norfolk, VA, a Navy town, and just received a Robocall from Mitt, himself!

PBS NOW: Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go to War

Sandoval’s political adviser predicts Romney will lose Nevada

Donald Trump Weakest October Surprise Ever

Out-Smirking the Smirks

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Obama and the world Study up!

We have our share of religious whackjob politicians in Canada, too

Where does all the campaign money end up??

Records set in LA's 1st day of early voting

Presidential debates need referees not moderators (toon)

somebody needs to make a meme...

From the Daily Kos. Ohio sends voters to the wrong time and place!

Today's final update from Princeton Election Consortium: No change.

Mourdock: Pregnancies from rape are "God's will"

Donald Trump, Gloria Allred Rumored To Have “October Surprises” for Campaigns

Pic: Rainbow Over Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on day they gift $500,000 for Marriage Eqaulity

Mourdock: Rape Pregnancies ‘Something That God Intended to Happen’

Mourdock: Rape Pregnancies ‘Something That God Intended to Happen’

Republicans Try To Stop Gloria Allred As Mitt Romney 'October Surprise' Drama Builds

The creepiest thing you'll see today...possibly ever

Is religious extremism fading?

Americans United Urges IRS To Investigate Texas Church That Urged Votes For ‘The Mormon, Not The Mus

Matt Taibbi: Finally Liberated From Facts, Mitt Romney the Pure Bull Artist Takes Flight

Reuters-Ipsos 332-206 Why GOTV is the name of the game now

eVoting Without Proof

Joe Walsh Jr. son of embattled congressman begs Tammy Duckworth to take down ads!

What's not being reported: This is becoming a disaster for the GOP on multiple levels

Union Plus Mortgage helps locked-out Con Ed worker

Bwah-ha-HAH, O'Loofah is letting his overall OBAMA/debate disgust spill over against SCHIEFFER

Bogus Voter Purge Letters Showing Up In Florida

Immediately after the debate.

Detroit Answers Romney

Obama Vs. Romney Finale -- My Reaction


Nina Turner just on the Ed Show....

I know the contents of Trump's bombshell.

"Respected Financial Pundit" Trump to reveal ‘divorce papers of Michelle & Barack Obama’ (Respected?

Help me understand this

The football cheerleaders at my daughter's high school wear interesting t-shirts

Who Was Dragged Down By The Kochs??? (EVERYBODY! Sing Along!)


Bill Moyers Essay: When Bosses Push Their Politics

South Florida DUers - did you see this from NOAA

Colbert very funny on bosses telling workers what they should politically do.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Silent Spring & a new kitty gif

i guess with just two weeks to go, the media will start hounding mitt about his TAX RETURNS

6.6 Magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica. (CBC TV News)

Study: Americans Roundly Reject Tailored Political Advertising as Politicians Embrace it

List of prominent Republicans (divorced)

Obie then and now

Mitt Romney Is Dolores Umbridge

Donald Trump announces his big news.

Could Gloria Allred's client be one of these children?

Yet Another Linda McMahon RoboCall-They Just won't listen!

Mitts Diary... from the Daily Kos

I will now admit that the Prez's first debate performance left a lot of room for improvement

Wacko (R) sues Pete DeFazio for telling the truth

Got a robocall from Mitt Romney here in NYC today. He asked for me to give as much...

Someone forgot to tell David Gergen

Romney campaign takes politics to the lowest depths of blatant cynicism.

How Would a Conservative Christian, Home-Schooled Kid's Policies Stack up Against Romney's?

Regarding Donald Trump...

Donelly: The God I believe in does not intend for rape to happen.

If you missed the inaugural episode of "Making Sense with Steve Leser, here is a link..."

Dan Rather is a guest on Maddow's show.

Why is the media concerned about Romney

It is probably my paranoid mind: Ever since my wife got selected for Grand jury duty We've been

Can I watch any of the MSNBC shows from today without killing myself?

Voted today and scared the crap out of the conservatives!

Hey Harry Reid

Laugh of day on my social media

Bad News for Romney: Ohio Early Voting Turnout is Up for Obama, Down for GOP

How many faces do you see? Twelve (so far) for me...

CARVED Zombie from Pumpkin

GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Calls Rape Pregnancies A ‘Gift From God’

Anyone familiar with the University of Alabama? What's behind their postal policy?

Charitable Gift Giving that Makes a Difference

I need an internal medicine doctor in Albuquerque

Nice Map at (leaving out Rasmussen): O 303 and Senate 54 Dem

2008 Footage Shows Mitt Romney Was Against Auto Bailout

Who Was The Slovenly Guy Debating Charles Blow On Piers Morgan?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Here are reasons why I don't mind going out to rake leaves

The ED Show - Tommy Thompson's attack ad

Politico's Roger Simon: Donald Trump couldn't be dumber if you cut his head off.

The ED Show - Obama ahead with two weeks to go mention on any MSNBC shows about Allred's 'October Surprise', isn't it news? Even....

Mourdock: Rape Pregnancies ‘Something That God Intended to Happen’

Vice-President Joe Biden to visit UW Oshkosh campus Friday: Update

Barney Frank hammers LGBT Republican group for endorsing Romney

Something many seem to be missing about Gloria Allred.

CBS NEWS just showed Horses & Bayonets" clip but removed the studio audience laughter

Teabagger and GOP Ind. U.S. Senate candidate: Pregnancy From Rape Is 'Something God Intended'

To all the confused punditry we've been told before (re: debate "wins" and what Undecideds want)

"NC Early Voting Day 5: Young Voters Are Psyched - Age 19-24 Turnout up 39.7%"

We won the debate. We should be thrilled and posting happy news for democrats. Let's all go looking

Help with termites hatching

Three Great Korean films..

Excuse me... Sen. candidate Murdoch (Indiana) Conception from rape is something God Intended...

The most important difference between them

Its Movie Night in the Lounge! Tonights Feature: My Sassy Girl (Korean with english subs)

Nate Silver on the Strange Intrade Numbers Today

Nothing Worse Than A President That Can Work Through Hard Times

Recent polling shows Romney momentum is actually Obama’s

Romney responds to Obama on foreign policy:

The Crack Spider... This one had me LOL

My Ohio Math

Even After Being 'Schooled' By Obama, Romney Still Doesn't 'Get Smart'

tree cutting

Etch-a-sketch comment was aimed at piss poor news media

Paul Ryan falls off edge of earth.

Colorado's voting mess

RW Sex Police Lurking ---

Report: Akin was arrested multiple times outside abortion clinics

The ED Show - Romney tries offense ends up playing defense on China

The ED Show - Romney says Obama has no plan; Obama talks up his plan

Mittstique, a shape shifter-image attached

Mike Malloy - Obama Destroys Romney: Flip Flops

"Fact-checking the third presidential debate" By Becky Bowers, Angie Drobnic Holan at PolitiFact

They can dish it, but they can't take it, that's for sure.

Mike Malloy - Obama Destroys Romney: Horses & Bayonets

Mike Malloy - Obama Destroys Romney: Hypocrisy

Weird Intrade Swing

Fact Checked My Teacher

This how pathetic our national discourse is becoming; I have heard the right's snarky talking point

Determination (new Obama ad)

You Can Vote However You Like

Anybody else watching "The Men Who Built America?"

Romney link to teen sexual & physical abuse

Buying American -- Does It Matter?

GOP Senate Candidate Calls Rape Pregnancies A 'Gift from God' (Think Progress)

8 nights till Halloween! And what is Halloween without a Wolfman?

Conservatives Panic Over ‘U.N.-Affiliated’ Election Monitors

Romney's son apologizes to Obama for 'swing' remark

NH Labor Walks this Weekend

Question regarding police stops

NH Labor Walks this Weekend

Buying American -- Does It Matter? Unions Say Yes!

Whatever Happened to the Potential...

Looks like I will be out of the country Election Night...

Two national polls not on RCP...

How come the [h3] [/h3] tags no longer make my font bigger. I want the

Republican Aide Thinks Romney Will Lose Nevada

Unemployment arbitration fight.

Could this be the break Donnelly needs?

Theocratic Totalitarian State Has Been A Long Term Project. Bill Moyers ----

Allen West: Obama Obviously Doesn’t Know Military Still Uses Horses, Bayonets

Tomorrow, Donald Trump will reveal that....

Okay, which one of you killed Free Rethuglic? Fess up!

"Obama embraces positive strategy as he battles for votes in final stretch"

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter (RE: Retard)

It's too late to turn back now...

Word going around Mitt banged the CEO of Staples wife

For Debate Analysis, Fox News Leans On Former Bush Officials (And Herman Cain)

Just saw my first Romney commercial here in Indiana...Not for the Romney campaign, but actually

Once again, the Lounge rescues a post banished from another Forum.

Some have said that the Gloria Allred story is that Rmoney licks Trumps hair piece nightly

Anybody know anything about lake trout?

Turn it up!

Betty Fletcher Dead: Liberal U.S. Appeals Judge Dies At 89

Romney distances himself from Mourdock's comments

Uruguay plans to legalise marijuana under state monopoly

I am unable to find any significant moral difference between people who think a pregnancy . . . . .


Uruguay plans to legalise marijuana under state monopoly

Shadow Money Group (supporting Romney) Discloses Adelson Donation...

The best guitarist is a title all too often bestowed in haste

President Obama MAKES a 3am phone call...

No Charges for Driver Shot at by Austin Police While Fleeing Sixth Street Mob

Obama asking for volunteers for Florida -

A Special Young Man Responds to Ann Coulter.

Romney Praises and Endorses Mourdock (R) in Indiana Earlier this Year

Rachel Maddow - Romney signals he's not serious about commander-in-chief

Article from '08 asserts that Mitt misrepresented Staples value to cheat Maureen Stemberg

Indiana R Sen candidate Mourdock implies that his god wills rape

"Obama Unlikely to Get Big Debate Bounce, but a Small One Could Matter"


Republicans must be deflated right now

Maricopa County Puts Out Another Spanish-Language Flyer With Wrong Election Date

Is This New Information?

After all their trials with adversity, ya GOTTA be rooting for Detroit.

Debate poll needs DU'ing

Why are the worried about how many ironclad the navy has of horses and bayonets?

*Update* I don't need to get a divorce

Romney skips foreign policy on campaign trail

Battleships now in game with Mitt's dog on the roof

Gallup just polled me at 8:03pm PST

Don't Drink The Hemlock- Brand New Ohio Poll -It's Obama 47% Romney 44%

Rachel Maddow is on Letterman tonight.

Don't Drink The Hemlock- Brand New Ohio Poll -It's Obama 47% Romney 44%

Larry King At Third Party Debate: “We're On Drugs”

After Romney's Worst Debate, Right Wing Still Pushes Meme of Romentum!

Rachel Maddow - Romney disdain for foreign policy risks Bush level disaster

"Iran is 4 years closer to a nuclear bomb" -- enough!!

TMZ: Court Battle Over Romney's Involvement in Bitter Divorce

Stewart Mocks Romney’s Foreign Policy Debate Message: ‘Follow Me! I’ll Be Right Behind The President


I run Norton 360. Do I need a malware remover also? nm

Washingtonians -- Here's a link to The Stranger's Voting Guide.

Romney Family after Debate had an "It's Ending" Feel To It

"President Obama to take questions in MTV special" By Lisa de Moraes at WP

How come this s*** like this never happens to me??

Maddowblog - "The 'inevitability' phase gets underway" - Explains Romney Momentum Talking Point

Study: Romney-like plan cuts $1.7 trillion in Medicaid

New Romney campaign ad.

Dude is manipulating intrade again

Dave Letterman Getting a Dig in at Romney for Refusing to Come On His Show

I can safely say that if anyone calls themselves an "undecided voter" at this stage in the game…

Atlantic - "Why Romney Is the War Candidate"

Being recorded to CD at the moment...Pink Floyd, "Animals"

Biden Tweet:

Credit Card Data Breach at (63) Barnes & Noble Stores

RECESS TIME!!! Solidarity Sing Along

Romney's immigration policy would add a hiring hurdle

Mourdock Story Goes National: DNC, Romney Campaign Weigh In

Obama Sunk Romney's Military Spending Ship (and other funny reactions to the debate)

This victory will be the sweetest ever.

Certificate issues?

Interesting article about Mitt and the Staples CEO wife AND son

InTrade fixing continues

25,000 Red Rocks RR Tickets Given Out

i didn't get the job

Thank God for Rachel Maddow correcting David Letterman on his criticism of Obama on auto bailout

Be honest, you want to know what Trump has

More nuclear, say UK residents

The Choice - New Yorker editors endorse Obama

Piers Morgan is an idiot

advice for simple stone path

Rush Limbaugh has a vulgar message for a female caller: "You are a V*gina"

LADIES!!! Care to caption my friend's picture?

Why registered voter screens matter—they've been more accurate

Ok guys I have gotten my web site up with the web store open!!!

President Obama rally tomorrow night with Katy Perry

I don't care what Trump has. I don't care what Allred has. I don't care what Reuters says.

I apologize for posting this, but

The Republicans ask: What the hell did he mean about "horses and bayonets"??

GOP’s new punching bag - Stephanie Cutter

Apparently Virgil Goode is trending on Twitter...

Third Self Immolation in Tibet in four days

Alleged date rapist Greg Peterson (Utah (R) fundraiser) commits suicide

Hey, I found some Gold Tablets. What do I do now??

I need to have a rant about drivers who drive to close, almost had a wreck today.

Mitt, Bain & Staples: A Crime Syndicate?

538's latest re-elect odds: 68.1%

One thing Im shocked that wasn't mentioned in the debates

National Review compares climate scientist Michael Mann to Jerry Sandusky; gets sued for libel

The Austerity Crisis (ny times editorial) What Romney Would Inflict on the U.S.

Cuba opens way to larger private farms on fallow government land

"Alright, We'll Call It a Draw"

Go Gnats!

California 7th CD Update

Ted Haggard says gay marriage “should be legal”

62 Chinese firms to attend Cuba's trade fair

Why Arizona Isn’t a Battleground State (and Why It May Be Soon)

Wisconsin Spa Shooting Brings Call for New Gun Laws

Get your white socks white white again

“Our Navy is smaller now than any time since 1917"

Environmental Groups: Don't Import Natural Gas

Preacher Phil Snider gives interesting gay rights speech

Jon Ralston: No surge for Romney in Nevada voting despite Romney/Ryan rally

this takes the cake re: Elizabeth Warren

I woke up this morning to the sound of this on my clock radio:

Romney Boasts about Getting Money From ... wait for it ....

Robert Reich: The true source of economic uncertainty is Mitt Romney

Do people decide based on the number of yard signs or they just morale boosters for the candidates?

Haiti leader under fire for rising prices, corruption

Epic Rap Battles of History- Romney vs. Obama

Did Romney commit perjury in the Stemberg divorce when he downplayed value of Staples stock?

A very lucky shot

Falling pump prices could give Obama a lift

Ask yourself - why in the hell do we need such a large Naval force?

Poll: ROMNEY IN THE LEAD....(in Pakistan)

#SignsYoSonIsGay - Something Amazing Is Happening on Twitter

The only thing I want to hear from Trump tomorrow...

"You Don't Own Me " PSA -Official

"Gloria Allred's Surprise For Mitt Romney Revealed!" - RadarOnline

If The World Picked U.S. President, Election Would Be A Blowout

The Romney-Mourdock Ticket

Richard Mourdock reminds me of Mormon Polygamous leader Warren Jeffs

The Benghazi email story could prove to be devastating.

The Romney-Mourdock Ticket (VIDEO)

Ohio cable company, run by Romney donor, airing anti-Obama film

How fucked is Romney anyway?

Has MSM asked Donald Trump has he thought about the Impact on Obama's Kids

Screw you Steve Doocy

The "big" news: Trump allegedly has divorce papers

REUTERS POLL: Obama Is Going To Trounce Mitt Romney In A Landslide

If anybody should know about divorce, it's Donald Trump

Democracy in America David Harvey

Mourdock, Akin unmask the anti-choice crowd

Why love, if losing hurts so much...

Obama is the Antichrist

Not fa nuttin, but i could listen

Chilean Student Movement Awarded For Organizing Nation's Largest Protests Since Pinochet Era

Democrats urge Justice Department to probe alleged GOP voter fraud

David Gergen: I would put the chances at about 53% for Obama, 47% for Romney

Is some last-minute news story or cheap GOP trick gonna massively alter the election fundamentals?

Anyone know of a site that tracks where Bill Clinton campaigns everyday?

'Think Progress' Smears BRAD BLOG Coverage of Voting Machine Concerns as 'Conspiracy Theory'

Just lost a powder blue pill on an endless sea of powder blue semi-shag carpet!

ABC WNN this morning: "Neck and neck and locked in an EPIC battle..."

They used to have a Donate button where people could simply select it and donate to DU. Where is it

The remarkable activities of ROK Navy Cheonghae Unit

Rand Corp Poll: Obama increases lead to 49-45.

Hartmann - Caught? Fake conservative identities re-writing the web?

If you get a chance watch the Frontline show on climate change...

USA Today: Detroit won't waste time in winning Series


Supreme Court upholds stay of execution for Florida man

Rmoney was wrong..... again. RE Navy

What hasn't been addressed in this election says volumes

Trump are you serious!!

O.K.! I think I figured out why Romney pulled the "I agree with the President..." card out...

Syria agrees to ceasefire during Eid holiday: Brahimi

Using Mourdock 'logic' - why stop at pregnancy from rape?

Quinnipiac: CONNECTICUT - Murphy Up (+6) As McMahon Fades, Women Propel Obama To Big Lead (+14)

The OSCE is Observing U.S. Elections: Outrage is the Wrong Response

The Daily Show one of best pieces on current election

Some thoughts this early Wednesday A.M....

Richard Mourdock life Is precious even when it begins as rape

Joe Scum has started his campaign again

Here's Romney supporting Richard "Women should have babies when they're raped" Mourdock

If any of you would like to join me in refuting some "Christian" right lies on you tube?

Donald Trump Obama bombshell leaked

Penn State climate scientist files defamation suit

Towns That Dare to Face Up to Fracking Industry Pay a Hefty Price

From the Real news: Most Greeks Look to Left for Solutions, but Far Right Gaining Strength

Are We in for a Shocking October Surprise Like Those of Elections Past?


WBUR Poll: MA - SENATE - Warren Leads Brown By 5 Points

Hey! RWer! Yeah, YOU!

U.S. May Soon Become World's Top Oil Producer

Obama-Biden begins final push for Ohio vote at Dayton Rally

WBUR Poll: MA - PRESIDENT - Obama Leads Romney By 20 Points (56-36)

Disgraced Massey Energy CEO Blankenship comes out of hiding, launches political website

Romney condeded the Benghazi issue twice. Anyone who thinks this matters is a rightwing hand puppet

Placebo effect may be 'down to genes'

Buying the Vote on G.M.O.’s

Large numbers of hyenas and humans coexist, study finds

X-ray imaging tricks increase resolution and cut dose

Old Dominion University: Virginia (Obama 50%, Romney 43%)


Eight ways China is changing your world

Fuck you, Donald Trump.

Question about D and R candidates

Romeny attorney responds to potential Gloria Allred Romney bombshell.

Thanks, Mitt. Big Bird costumes sell out

Poll: Murphy Pulls Ahead In Connecticut Senate Race

Robert Reich: Mitt Romney's Question Mark Economy

What is the next step after multiple attempts at alerts for what is obviously a troll?

RCP is all blue right now

Survey USA - Ohio - Obama +3

E-mails: White House knew of extremist claims in Benghazi attack

Cerberus working on bid for Supervalu:

WBUR Poll: Warren Leads Brown By 5

John Franklin Stephens responds to Ann Counter in an open letter

Obama’s Role in SEALs Film

Donald Trump Is All Pissed Off This Morning.....


One year out of college, women already paid less than men, report finds

If pregnancy from rape is God's will

Ugh. BBC's news show GMT is interviewing clueless idiots about the election.

Major Cable Provider in Ohio Offering Anti-Obama film free

When political memes crash:

Do you remember when Ann Romney was talking about being in a "Real Marriage"

DNC video: Mitt Romney: Extremely Conservative and Endorsing Richard Mourdock

Virginia is back in the Blue! Princeton Election Consortium: Obama 294, Romney 244

NFL's most, and least liked players....

How do the "already voted" votes get counted?

A choice for the anti-choicers and popping the mental balloon

Dept. of Energy confirms tank leak at Hanford nuclear reservation

PPP tied at 48

So The Donald is going to announce that the President is a failure…

Man with Downs responds to Ann Coulter

Reason for The Boston Glove to unseal Staples record?

New Size Estimates Predict How Much Earth's Glaciers Could Raise Sea Level

Why we all should chill

Better radio than NPR

The Scutaro Redemption...

The low information voter: "We won't let them take away Wavey."

Early voting is looking good. Obama leads just about everywhere it is allowed.


Criminal injustice: U.S. prison system dwarfs other nations', but what does it really cost us?

UPI POLL: Obama Surges to 49, Romney down to 47

why we all should chill, courtesy of Politico

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

Hmmm...possible BIG East Coast Storm next week?

Mitt's strategists are very smart - lies work

What is the GOP's worst preexisting medical condition?

Just got hit by conficker. Weird

WOW. Romney OKs Unsealing of Divorce Records.

The Rahmbo Show receives poor reviews

US downplayed effect of Deepwater oil spill on whales, emails reveal

On the divorce news front today…

ROMNEY's Commercial Suppporting - Mourdock - Senate Candidate Who Calls Rape "A Gift From God"

9 Romney Advisers (LOSERS) You Need to Know About

Pollution as big a health problem as malaria or TB, finds report

Crossroads uses Eastwood in newest ad

Auschwitz Photographer Wilhelm Brasse Dies

Lady Gaga has new genus of plant named after her

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Post debate TOONS

Mr. Fish: Baseball Mitt

DNC slams Romney's Mourdock endorsement

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-More post Debate TOONS

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Undecideds and 1%

Cities need to get dense to survive, says Alex Steffen

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

French teens to get the Pill for free

Israel‘S Formula For A Starvation Diet

The Masculinity Factor: Obama vs. Romney 2012 Election

Gnarls Barkley Live - Part 15- Who´s Gonna Save My Soul

Romney’s Big Navy Guru Made Millions From Building Ships

Do you ever use your real name online?

The Bible as "Voter Guide" - remember: vote for men so baby Jeebus smiles upon you.

Ugh...I really can't wait 'til Pres. Obama wins another term...

Utah GOP Fundraiser Accused Of Rape Commits Suicide

'Math, not momentum, gets you the big house, the bulletproof car, the cool plane'

Mitt tries to distance himself from Mourdock's rape comment after starring in ad

Is Anyone Else TERRIFIED That A Bishop Is Running For President?

In case you hadn't heard, Jesse the feral cat is gone.

"Intel failure!! Benghazi!!!" Um...

Does anyone know someone who is "undecided?"

leave it to luke russert to have bay buchanan on teevee.

Luke Russert is a lying little Republican

Besides the Mini, what's the newest iPad? I can't keep track.

Krugman: An Issue (China's currency manipulation) Whose Time Has Passed

It was God's will that Richard Mourdock spout off like an evil dumbfuck right before the election

Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney's Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy, Subversion

My Life in a Binder

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy says more must be done to keep guns out of the hands of convicted criminals

My son voted from France for Obama and Warren

Scots Reject Spanish Warning on EU Status After Independence

Great Alaska Photos

Occupy Wounded Knee: A 71-Day Siege and a Forgotten Civil Rights Movement

Today's Republican Party

Romney's cabinet

Who ascribes 'momentum'? (updated)

Will Romney throwing Mourdock under the bus help Donnelly?

Any Columbus Ohioan's know what the hell is going on with WVKO?

NC FACTS--not pundit BS or pollster malarkey--Look at the numbers--FINAL UPDATE #10

National Women's History Museum

I'd have much more respect for Republicans

"Romney's like a box of chocolates..."

Grandmas Made Humans Live Longer: Chimp Lifespan Evolves Into Human Longevity, Computer Simulation

He's BACK!!!!!!!

About that whole rape, pregnancy and "God's will" thing...

Romney equity fund has stake in 3rd largest voting machine company? Chuck Todd says don't worry!

3 Killed, Kids Hurt as Fury Grows Over U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan

Great cartoon on the religious right's selective focus on abortion.

If this was posted, I missed it. US Oil Boom? AP article

What democratic countries keep money out of politics?

Mittens: Schrödinger's Candidate

Outrageous Texas Church Sign: 'Vote for the Mormon-not the Muslim! The Capitalist-not the Communist'

Chicago: Riders divided on CTA bench seats

Drumbeat: October 24, 2012

Drumbeat: October 24, 2012

Feminsts, Speak Up

Gene Polymorphisms Identified That Are Responsible for Breast Density and Cancer Risk

Romney/Allred: Romney Involvement:

Yay!1 Ten yrs' data of Rethug power in TX shows Rethugism is all about "Trickle down"

Absentee Ballots Missing Critical Page (MD)


New Home Sales Jump to Near 2-1/2 Year High in September

Mitt Romney: "I'm Supporting (The Guy Who Believes Babies from Rape are Gifts from God) For Senate"

Cincinnati Ohio, gas under $3.00 today.

Post a wonderful memory

Third-party candidates spar in US debate

Marine fired for being 'disabled veteran'

Now I heard Trump will accuse Obama of selling blow in college...

Ecuador worried by Assange health, seeks UK safe passage promise


Staples Founder Tom Stemberg’s RNC Speech = quid pro quo (Transcript)

Obama's Got Ground Game In Iowa

CNN Email leak - "White House knew of extremist claims hours after attack"

Make this Mourdock/Romney story go viral

October 24, 1940 - The 40 hour work week goes into effect (Fair Labor Standards Act - FLSA)

Really, God? Another GIFT? (FIXED)

Mitt Romney’s mortal enemy: Arithmetic

Lets Get One Thing Straight About Rasmussen....


I'm going to claim on Facebook that Mitt Romney has already crossed 270 through early votes alone

This is our October surprise

Any new polls in ryan's congressional race?

What Next From The GOP? --- Women Marry Your Rapist In Covenant Marriage.

5 ways Japan will surprise you

“I don’t want to be too judgmental, but Donald Trump couldn’t be dumber if you cut his head off.”

Why are Republicans projecting confidence and Democrats worry?

This will be a Bad Day for Romney-he has no interviews scheduled for today-update: and next 2 weeks!

Romney Momentum Stalls; Obama Surges in Early Voting.

Mitt Romney Allegedly LIED in Court To Screw Over Friend's Wife

Allred and Trump *bombshells*

You know, I have been thinking????

Nauseating billboard .......

Prez to Des Moines Register: "I want your endorsement . . . You’ll feel better when you give it."

Is this an official ad playing around the country?if so DEVASTATING!!!!!

Obama [Spokesperson] Links Mourdock To Romney After Rape Comments

Say What You Will About Andrew Sullivan, He Nails It In This Post

BREAKING: Obama Releases Off-the-Record Transcript of Des Moines Register Interview

Palestinian Push For U.N. Upgrade Likely To Succeed: Jeremic

I'm sure Obama is sleeping better knowing rodent-faced douchebag Tagg isn't really gonna hit him.

So where's the TRUMP "bombshell"?!1 Is the delay his hair being tranquilized?!1 n/t

Prison, $7 billion fine for French rogue trader

Obama still has map, math edge (Politico)

If you're impregnated by rape are you allowed to pray for a miscarriage?

When it rains it pours

Why Temporary Foreign Workers Are Political Dynamite

Meningitis -- Let's make this go viral!

Index of Manufacturing in U.S. Rose to 51.3 in October

If TMZ is accurate in their reporting...and when AREN'T they...Justin Bieber has been BUSY.

Remembering Romney's 'relative disinterest in bipartisan collaboration'

Doggy hugs

Googlers Supporting Marriage Equality

Utah GOP Fundraiser Accused Of Rape Commits Suicide

What to expect when you're forced to be expecting

October 24, 1940 - The 40 hour work week goes into effect (Fair Labor Standards Act - FLSA)

Mourdock Clarifies Comments: ‘God Does Not Want Rape’

Rand Poll-Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 45%

Rand Poll-Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 45%

Stabbing-Anti-Abortion Harassment Outside Of Planned Parenthood Clinic That Doesn’t Perform Abortion


SO what time is Trump supposed to release this "Bombshell" /nt

Ballot Issue

Obama’s Ground Game Makes Iowa Tough Turf For Romney

If God makes rapists rape you...

S.A. veteran says service dog was kicked out of store, harassed

Heads Up , Romney voters... He will never "respect you in the morning" or "call you"

Maybe "Our" Talking Heads Can Grow A Spine And Go On TV Today And Say O Is Winning

The Last Word - Obama: Romney all over the map

Watched David Letteman last night and want to share this.

The Last Word - GOP Senate candidate: Rape pregnancies a 'gift from God'

New Hampshire Poll Oct. 18 - 22: Obama 48%, Romney 45%

Gov. Christine Todd Whitman: "Mourdock's Comments Damage ALL Republicans & Especially Romney"

Wasn't Reid going to throw us poor suckers, another bone on Romney's taxes?

Yew must be kidding!

Public vs Private Polls

President Obama in Davenport, Iowa

The Last Word - Obama rewrites Romney on military

Alpaca approach

With 30 minutes to go before Trump's dump some think it's the drug-related rumor and not divorce


9 Justices Who Sit in the Eye of Storms - "The Oath"

Iran's Judicial Chief Fires Back At Ahmadinejad, As War Of Words Between 2 Branches Continues

The long journey home.

Pic Of The Moment: Mitt Romney Has Made Only One Ad Endorsing A Senate Candidate This Year

The Last Word - Rep. Walsh: No abortion exceptions for the life of the mother

A jury allowed this to stand.

20 Minutes til Trump, "All predictions totally inaccurate"

Why is there no longer a button to share DU posts on Facebook?

Sherrod Brown: United Citizens vs Citizens United

My prediction for Trump's 'bombshell'......a pack of lies!

Here's a website that is tracking newspaper endorsements for the Presidency

They are now defending slavery at FR

I got pulled over yesterday by an Indiana State Troop on I-80

St. Joseph's Indian School - Lakota Language Lesson

Having a Bishop as President would actually be pretty cool

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 24, 1981

Feather in Obama's cap--mke it go viral! US May soon become world's TOP

National Call of Memories for Paul Wellstone tonight at 9:30PM EDT.

Re: Trump. Why can't we just follow Lisa Simpson's advice?

Penn State climate professor sues think tank, National Review

New details about Allred bombshell, Romney lied so divorcee would get almost nothing in settlement.

The Rude Pundit: Any Lead Romney Has Is Because White People Are Comfortable Again With Their Racism

Trump bombshell revealed

Finding Zen in a Patch of Nature

Why would Romney's Lawyer have no position??

Nerdwallet- Romney's election odds: 28%

So, say Mittens gets pulled off-stage by a long hook due to a proven felony (perjury), what next?


Hey, what's with the gray streaks in Ryan's hair. Just saw a photo on Alex Wagner with cute little

LOL: Trump - I'll donate $5m to charity if Obama opens up his passport, college records etc.

From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement

as if on cue: The Whiff of Conflict Grows in Mali

True Blue Stands Out in an Earthy Crowd

So is Trump trying to get Obama reelected?...

Ryan's Plan Would Increase Poverty, Inequality, and the Deficit (Think Progress)

Sandy: a potential billion-dollar storm for the mid-Atlantic and New England

Proposed theme song for Obama's 48-hour seven-state campaign trip

If Rmoney releases his last 10 years of tax returns then Obama will release his college transcripts.

so trumps "big announcement" is more insanity?

Trumps Announcement

(TS) Tony's place in history

So, WHo Will Come Forward and Offer Trump 10 Million Dollars for Him To Open Up HIS Records?

Any REAL American would have been fooled!

Dear Mr. Comb-over, please tell your friend Mittens to quit hiding his tax returns FIRST and then

Hilarious that Trump's trick-or-treat deadline is Halloween

Keep an eye out for the Gallup Poll today...

Do You Think Donald Trump Is Pathetic?

That's IT? THIS is Trump's *YOODGE* announcement??

I don't understand why Romney would double down on this

Trump's birther PR stunt a reminder of the danger of gossip

Operation awkward: Will Paul Ryan distance himself from Mourdock now?

A wealthy celebrity should put up $10 mill

Well, I'm heading off to Oakland to my weekly stint at St. Vincent de Paul dinning room, so I'll be

Medical marijuana: disabled veteran's appeal could change US drugs policy

octopress -- open source blogging software for hackers

And the award goes to... The Donald!

Tarred and Feathered

Trumps reasoning behind this.

Pretty sure Freeperville just imploded over Donald Rumps Yhooooge announcement.

Jesus loves you but...

I don't give a FUCK what that clown Trump is self promoting. Let's not feed that troll

2nd hearing set on bid to unseal Romney testimony

Real Swing State Voter

Well as long as we have a million posts on Trump no one is watching voter fraud. n/t

Romney campaign: We still support Mourdock

Arrests made in shooting of Pakistani schoolgirl Malala

In light of Trump's hilarious attention gluttony, an idea for a new Obama ad

My little pub-trivia group has become a force to be reckoned with.

U.S. Sues BofA for $1 Billion Over Mortgage Losses


Hey?! Whatever happened....

7-11 President cup poll has Obama 59% romney 41%

Trump's bombshell: Obama fails to release 10 years of tax returns! Gives sanitized summary instead!

Rape Nuts. GOP members who love rape.

Paul Ryan's PAC Gave To Mourdock's Campaign

Obama wants you to be nervous

Would like to see donations of $5M or more to O's campaign or charity of choice in support of O NOT

David Plouffe on Trump: "Direct those questions to Boston"

Did Sarah Palin Really Say 'Obama's Shuck-And-Jive?!'

Special Olympian writes open letter to Ann Coulter ... Yahoo

What David Freedlander’s Report on Blogs Left Out — Google

Enter Richard Mourdock, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Indiana: GOP Platform:

Obama's college records

Anyone else have problems with Frostwire?

Mining Truth From Data Babel - "Signal and the Noise"

Spotted at the President’s first stop in Davenport, Iowa: Homemade Obama shirts (Adorable) pic

Someone of Stephanie Miller claimed Romney has the edge in EVs on RCP. What's up?

5 Voter Misinformation Campaigns To Watch Out For

It looks like Romney might take Arkansas since he is up 27

The Dark Age of Money: Milton Friedman and the Rise of Monetary Fascism

Toon- "Here Comes Big Bird!"

Does anybody here have a copy of their passport application? I do believe

Rand Poll shows good news!

They Must Really Be Afraid Of Obama Winning A Second Term.....

Nate Silver vs. Real Clear Politics

Mitt Romney Supposed Momentum Is Over. Now stop complaining and get out the vote(GOTV) for our Prez

Romney LIED!! under oath in divorce case

Ed Schultz reporting plant owners in Illinois "may" be telling workers to knock it off

New Obama Ad ‘537’ Warns Of Bush 2000 Repeat

If Donald Trump were worth a good damn he'd give that money to charity no matter what.

4th bankruptcy in Texas gov’s tech fund pushes losses above $5M, clouds earnings

Dear Donald Trump: I call on you...

WHOA: US Attorney sues Bank of America for $1 billion over mortgage fraud

Can someone explain why this Des Moines Register interview



Russia: Syria Rebels Have US-Made Weapons

The funniest thing about calling Obama a muslim from Kenya.....

Let us agree, please. No more Trump, Coulter..........

Where is the list of Verboten?

US: Judge Must Deny Hobby Lobby Birth-Control Case

"You are so freakin FIRED Trumpy, you pathetic Republican Propaganda Wanker." - Decent Human Beings

Classes Sue Drug Giants Over Expiration Dates

The most accurate model of a Neanderthal yet — and he looks just like Chuck Norris

Forbes: Trump Reveals His Promised Blockbuster News About Obama!

Gallup RV Obama 48-47 LV 47-50

Gallup LV -Romney 50% Obama 47% /RV -Obama 48% -Romney 47%/Approve 53% -Disapprove 42%

Obama back in the lead at Gallup: Obama 48%, Romney 47% among RVs.

U.S. Sues Bank of America for $1B for Mortgage Fraud!!

Toon: "Romney's like a box of chocolates...."

Tweets to Donald:

The ONION Mocks Trump in a Brutal but Honest way (This is PRICELESS!)

In case you needed further proof of Free Republic hypocrisy...

Gallup: Numbers are moving in the right direction!

Toon: I'm not done talking!!

After Akin, GOP Makes Extreme Abortion Policy Official (OLD article but relevant today)

President Obama's plan for the second term

The ONION Mocks Trump in a Brutal but Honest way (This is PRICELESS!)

Family shocked when man arrives at own wake...ummm...yeah?

finally got my "yard" sign up

The debate bump is sure coming

I wishObama wouldrelease the records and tell Trump todonate the money to Rosie O'Donnell's charity

Advocacy for rape as punsihment and bigoted slur left to stand 4-2. Anyone have results?

Toon: Empty Chair Part II

Release the documents Obama!

Breaking: Commodore Romney to invade Manila Bay.

Andrea Mitchell

Michelle Obama on front page of HOY

"Unskewed" Gallup

Zionist Organization of America Scraps Gala as Questions Swirl Over Loss of Tax Status

He's Got it Right - Obama for America TV Ad

"We have the momentum. Get on board!"

Why Team Obama is so Confident

Hey, Trump: Passport Renewal does not require a birth certificate

Turns out we were wrong. Mitt is a veteran. Mitt did serve.

Meet Murph – 16,000 Calls and Counting

How can Obama have 53 approval and be down in Gallup?

No exceptions!

Trump Announces He's A Very Sad Man (The Onion)

Political Commentary from Netflix?

Meh. I am not supposed to eat today due to a medical test I am having tomorrow. Last night

What with this CNN Emails business?

The Greatest Tactical Error Of The Romney Campaign ?

President Obama coming to Tampa on the 25th

Wow! My first Jury purge

The Graphic That Needs To Be Posted On Every Congressional Facebook Wall Before November 6

I wish someone would offer $5m to charity for Mitt's tax returns.

Mike Steele, in an effort to smooth over the Mourdoch rape comments and to sound reasonable, . . . .

Atheists and Foxholes


Now will the media mention Obama's

Trump is nothing more than a petulant child screaming for attention

That 7 point RMoney lead in Gallup's Daily Tracking from a few days ago?

In honor of Trump's "big" announcement.

If Obama had confirmed exactly what he knew about Benghazi right away...

Nya nya nya nya nya. Look what we have.

Florida Seniors Worry about Medicare

Michael Steele is still lying about the supposed Robbedme momentum.

Vice reports: The Mexican Mormon War

I'm Pissed!

Margaret and Helen- If you want to feel really good today, here's bit of genius for you.

Model Chrissy Teigen slaps The Donald into next week over his big announcement:

Squeee x 3! These baby marsupials are almost too cute to bear.

Housing: Up. Manufacturing: Up. GDP: Up. Taxes: Down. Unemployment: Down.

Herald photo used without consent. Anti-tax group targets Sal Pace.


Trump Is Confusing The President With A C-List Reality Show Star

Andrea Mitchell just mentioned Obama's 53% approval rating in new gallup poll, highest since 09.

I have a YUGE announcement for Donald Trump

the terrible truth about most " pro-lifers"...

Allred's October Surprise Source Tried to Tell Her Romney Story in Documentary

10 Lies And Blunders That Say A LOT About Whether Mitt Romney Is Fit To Be President

Pennsylvania may force workers to pay taxes to their employers

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Oct 24th

Halperin: Obama camp very confident of victory

ALRIGHT GUYS- I'll do it, I'll take one for the team......

Ari Berman, The Nation: Many Unanswered Questions About Romney's Taxes

So where the hell did the divorce papers and coke-dealing rumors come from?

Friend's Ex-Wife Claims Romney LIED to Screw Her in Divorce

Any bagger who tells you how 'Yuuuge' Trump's announcement is?

43 percent of union members in Ohio support Romney?

Ohio (Survey USA) Obama 47% Romney 44% (26% already voted favor Obama 58-39

Thanks, Ivana, for your cameo in 'First Wives Club'

Gulf Stream might be releasing seafloor methane

Rape remarks + Romney endorsement = Game Changer?


New Hampshire Poll: 48-45 Obama

DOUBLE DOWN for the Rapist Nuts!

Bill Clinton Appears In New Ad: ‘Obama’s Got It Right’

For all the ladies - You Don't Own Me

WBUR Poll of MA: Obama +20; Warren +6

Bill Clinton in new ad for Obama: "He's Got It Right"

Arrest made in Jessica Ridgeway murder

So... does Trump still have a program on the also ran NBC?

Opinion: Debunking the GOP’s false narratives about the Benghazi attack

Quinnipiac Poll of Connecticut: Obama +14 Murphy +6

The real voter fraud in America = Sprouling

Looking back at the popular Iranian uprising of 2009-2010

Want To Feel Better - Debate on Free Speech TV


Tunisia: Reported consulate suspect arrested

Walter Rhett: Abuse Is Always in the Name of Love

NC Day 6 and the President's lead is estimated to be about 95,000

Here in England "trumping" is slang...

President Obama Taps President Clinton Again(video)

Trump's next bombshell...

It's actually GOOD for us to be nervous & fearful. . .

Breaking - someone arrested in Tunisia for US Consulate attack in Libya



Occ the Skeptical Caveman

Mother Jones picking up on Romney Lied Under Oath Story

Mitt Romney: Extremely Conservative and Endorsing Richard Mourdock

Biden and the gushing women...

Romney undervaluing Staples stock to help CEO friend raises more questions about stock in his IRA

Religion, Race And Double Standards

Is It Too Early To Talk About An Obama Electoral College Landslide Yet?

Remembering George McGovern

Mourdock apologizes for ‘misinterpretation’ of rape comments, Obama campaign pounces

Youth Vote

Nones Form Biggest Slice Of Obama's Religious Voters

"But the idea that Obama is a Muslim is factual".- Politifact

Terrorist captured in Port Angeles (Ressam) sentenced to 37 years for millennium plot

IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama Expands His Lead Over Mitt Romney To 3 Points

Trump's big announcement. This is it? Documents for charities?

"The Surge is Working"

"A sign of our unusual times": Republicans endorsing Democrats

Lesson for Democrats (Trump edition)

Trump a cheapskate when it comes to charitable donations (only $3.7M since 1990)

Mitt Romney: Extremely Conservative and Endorsing Richard Mourdock

In Texas, a sis boom bad ruling

Susteren: It’s Obama’s Fault If Fox News ‘Gets It Wrong’

***Check in here if you early voted!***

Romney STILL ENDORSES Mourdock!

Media Matters: Conservative Media Helped Promote Latest Ridiculous Trump Publicity Stunt

When Romney wants Ahmadinejad to appear before a tribunal

Early voting began today in Louisiana

NV: Democratic firewall in Clark County now at 25,000; GOP playing catchup in Washoe

Pass this along; FBI Voter Intimidation Hotline -- 202-514-1888

It Stands to Reason, Skeptics Can Be Sexist Too

Poll watchers ?

Obama's response to Trump's offer

Palin says Obama "shucks and jives"

Major Cable Provider In Ohio Offering Anti-Obama Film For Free

Expect Gravis, Rasmussen, And We Ask America To Double Down On Pro Romney Polls...

Nat'l religious rabbi: Women shouldn’t be MKs

Papantonio: Why Romney Is Running From His Bain Record

Pope names six cardinals to put stamp on Church future

Ryan makes my stomach turn, watching him talking from my Alma Mater....

MSNBC just went to Ryan's speech - "We need to educate Blacks and Hispanics"

Cold, but not Fusion

Just got a text message from my son. He's taking donations.

Imagine if Obama had been President on 9/11/2001, with today's teabagger Congress

Creators of Obama documentary sue over contracts (2016)

AARP slams Republican-disseminated lies about Medicare. The timing is perfect for Obama.

Smart TV, Hulu, Roku, HTPC, and now...streaming sticks?

The Real Joementum in Marion

Now That The Pressure Is Back On Willard What Do You Expect Him To Do That's Stupid

My religion

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts: Momentum

Could This Have Been The World's First Computer?

Vote: Why is Donald Trump demanding more of Obama’s records? DU Tweety's poll

Mitt Romney’s testimony in Staples founder’s divorce case to be considered for public release

Recommended MSNBC lineup for reduced stress over the next 13 days

Amazing Photo Captures 84 Million Stars in Our Milky Way Galaxy

Romney says he's winning. It's a bluff..

Assessing the Ground Game

They can't do this behind President Obama's back!!!

I'll give Trump $5

I have fresh hot bread cooling on the table.

Quote from David Orr

I hope Chris Murphy is against Race to the Top because.....

A new awkward moment for Mitt

Once again, FACTS MATTER! No matter what the Republicans lie about!!

From A Poster At Princeton Consortium Re: The Cell Phone Effect

Play The Game: "Women Are Best Kept ..."

In what time zone is DU?

Donald Trump, racism and the hidden subtext of the election

Despicable James O'Keefe's newest. And this really is vile.

There is no Obama War on Coal, Gas, or Oil. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Obama's Got Ground Game #2

FINALLY!!! God endorses President Obama!!!

If Sandy is a Cat1, I don't need at Cat 2

Latest from trump...

Zogby (for what it's worth) in Virginia: O 49, $ 46.

President Obama in Davenport, Iowa: "Love You Guys!" - America Forward! Tour

I love this comment to Governor Loser from President Obama

CatScrabble -- less interesting than you might think.

Check out these incredible new car speakers:

Rollin' and Tumblin' Concerto #5:

Certainly not universal (disclaimer for "the grim ones") -- how the genders view "Falling in Love":

All the other judges KNEW better than to sit right behind MFM during the Mr Universe competition.

Li'l Tiny MFM was raised by wild dogs. He's ALWAYS known how to fit right in.

Enthusiasm Factor in Denver

Walking out to greet the crowd in Iowa, from the President’s point of view.

Message to Hoosier GOP Murdock: God Doesn't Rape Women, Men Do

Where is that picture of the little girl with the purple flower in her hair and Obama?

Republicans Desperate to Spin Romney as the Front-Runner Are Becoming 'Nate Silver Truthers'

Ending Rape Illiteracy

Could Mourdock's "God blesses rape" statement be his "Macaca moment"?

Watching Spin cycle

Refudiate Obama? LMFAO!

Hey Trumpster, I got a deal for you!

A suggestion for Donald Trump

Lake Research OH Poll: Obama 46, Romney 44

I just read this and want you all to read it too: "What 'Health of the Mother' Means"


Bernie Sanders: Barack Obama Better Not Cut Social Security

Another example of the American voters getting it VERY wrong.

NEED Great Clip to Show Either Romney as a Warmonger or Romney's desire to invade IRAN

Maybe she is "book smart."

NEED Great Clip to Show Either Romney as a Warmonger or Romney's desire to invade IRAN

Inside the Early Vote Numbers Jeremy Bird National Field Director

Reuters-Ipsos Oct 24 Romney leads by 1

I just finished reprogramming my Harmony H659! Don't ask me a damn thing!

so did i miss the trump reveal?


The Guardian: The Donald trumps even himself for idiocy

Isn't this the truth? BOY HOWDY!!

Uhm what was Trumps announcement?

Is this appropriate?

Time: Obama vs. Romney: Who’s Right on China?

Damn! My wife has to be away Thanksgiving weekend. A client wants her to be at the Mohegan Sun

Report: UNC receiver Erik Highsmith plagiarized 11-year-olds

When will the pundits begin breaking for President Obama?

Political Wire: How Romney Gets So Tan

So Trumps annoucement was

Hal Holbrook nailed it with this comment...

Just got online. How badly did Trump tank Obama's campaign with this shocking news?

More Romney Lies re: Bain: Under Romney, Bain Got FDIC Bailout & Then Defaulted, Screwing Taxpayers

Question about polling - why are we doing so much better on poll averages when we exclude automated

You do realize Trump's announcement is a No True Scotsman, right?


Donald Trump "Feedback has been overwhelming positive"

Trump Place Fires The Donald: Mogul No Longer The Manager Of Pricey New York High Rise

Just for the record- Indiana wold be a senate pickup for us

BREAKING: Mother of "Dancing With the Stars" contestant voted off in week 4 makes racist remarks

Hot Air Balloon Leaves New Jersey, Lands in Boston !

So Politifact says "The idea that Obama is a Muslim is factual." I emailed them about it--

PPP - Nevada Obama +4

NFL to use pink penalty flags in Dolphins-Jets game

John Kerry's tweet on the last debate

President Obama's Campaign Quick to Capitalize on Text to Donate Option

Post Third Debate bump for Obama

Pennsylvania Bill Would Reduce Food Stamp Benefits For Women Who Cannot Prove They Were Raped

"I'll release my grades when Mitt releases his taxes."

Rmoney message on my answering machine

Colorado early voting: a chink in the OFA GOTV armor

Need help identifying a song:

Rush Limbaugh farts on the radio for 3 hours a day

Hey Willard! Bet ya $10 my grades aren't as offensive as your missing tax returns....

Need help identifying a song:

To be a Democrat means something.

TIME - Ohio poll - Obama +5

Need help identifying a song:

A very simple reasoning why I want an Obama landslide.

If you pray to your deity for one outcome and I pray to the same deity for the opposite outcome...

I love Martin Bashir's show.

Million Puppet March With a nod to Rosie the Riveter...

New to Twitter, who are some good political analyst pundits to follow please? Like Jon Ralston type.

Dave Wasserman of Cook Political Report saying Va. early voting looks bad for Dems

If someone "challenges" your right to vote

Betting Firm Refunds Trump Announcement Wagers Over Lameness Of Trump Announcement

Randi Rhodes : Get the HELL out of my vagina

I Was Just Shot in the Chest

Shit Android Fanatics Say

Fun at the polls.

the big Mo is with the Big O!!!

Paul Ryan doesn't have a fugging clue about the concept

Recording a good one to CD, Carole King, "Tapestry."

If you live in the states where Bishop Willard's son bought voting machines...

Okay, so I live in Florida (sanctity of life)

This e-mail my wife just got can't POSSIBLY be a scam, right?

Romney Will Turn Back LGBT Rights

Letter from a person Coulter would refer to as "a retard"

Hello all

$5 Million to Charity for Ten Years of Romney's Tax Returns.

Time Magazine poll of Ohio: Obama leading 49% to 44%.

The Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart

Frank Luntz got paid by conservatives to test an anti-Obama film with lurid stories about his mother


TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 25 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Guest Programmer Jim Lehrer

hahah not even faux news website is interested in trump

Ohio: USAction O+2, Time O+5. Also look at USA's favorabilities.

Three Things (From Veterans for Obama)


PWB - The Racial profiling of a President

Proof regarding O'Keefe's latest, misleading editing job? See here:

Twelve best tweets about the Trump non-story

Improper Registration Forms Deceiving New Hampshire Voters, Town Clerks Report

Sam Wang: As of October 24, 3:01PM EDT: Obama: 293 Romney: 245 Meta-margin: Obama +1.46

National Organization for Women Says Richard Mourdock is Romney Unmasked

Romney's bump in the Gallup poll basically gone

The line, earlier today, to see President Obama in Denver

Nevada GOTV Day 4 EV stats

What The GOP Won't Tell Women - If You Have A Problem Pregnancy And It Is Going To Kill You. -----

Gallup : President Obama Job Approval - Approve 53, Disapprove 42 (Approve +11)

If The Donald frees that badger that he's keeping hostage on his head by Halloween…

I've been gone most of the day--what was the Trump bombshell?

So it looks it's the President with the momentum in Ohio

A question about the ARKANSAS poll today showing ROMNEY (+27)

I'll give $5 to charity if Romney releases tax returns, and so will 1,000,000 others

Halloween Food Ideas from the web:

RAJAT GUPTA: 2 Years. Outrageous.

Clinton is on television in the toss up state. Perhaps the Republicans should get George W

For those that are unclear about the dangers of pregnancy, please read this story

Is it Trump's position that it's a scandal how the Obamas *avoided* a divorce?

DNC slams Romney's Mourdock endorsement (See The Video)

Hey Donald! I'll donate $5 million to your fave charity when you admit you're a blatant racist!

Bwahahaha! Trump gets October Surprise--Fired by the

What happen to trump announcement

Trump’s ‘bombshell’ Obama disclosure turns out to be literally nothing

I'm confused. I thought "legitimate rape" couldn't result in conception. . .

Mary Bono Mack’s Latino Gaffe, and Dismissing Minority Constituents “Third World Toilet.”

Cat Face

Spoke to my Party contacts today...another $500,000 going into Arizona for Carmona

Overturning Griswold VS Connecticut Would Make Possession Of Condoms Illegal Even If You Are Married

5 million people will give $1 to Mitt's charity if he releases tax returns.

Why Is Ohio so Competitive?

Voter Suppression??? I just got a letter telling me I can't vote in Orlando FL!!!

At this point, If North Carolina is no longer a battle-ground state, than neither is Ohio.

Do You Agree With Me That Willard Romney Should Stand With Richard Murdock?

The new foreign policy debate

How is the Latino GOTV going in CO, AR, NM, NV, etc?

Lest We Forget....

Precinct-by-precinct vote totals in Republican primaries show...

Tweety calling Romney's bluff on "Ro-Mentum", his supposed momentum

Lance Armstrong’s once sterling legacy is unraveling myth by myth, lie by lie

My wife and I voted early this afternoon

In Mourdock Damage Control Mode, NRSC Ties Akin To Democrat Donnelly

Actual liquid water on Mars?!

U.N. report calls for decriminalizing prostitution

Okay, About This "Dirty Panties" Ad in the General Section of My Local CL

I hope you're familiar with this meme

Obama is at 53% job approval!!

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 26 -- What's On Tonight: American Politics on Film

I've put on 20 pounds in the 3.5 months since I quit smoking

St Pete's mystery monkey captured.

US President '12: Romney (R) 49.0% Obama (D) 48.0% (Oct. 23 - ABC/WaPo)

Lance Armstrong question.

The Third Debate and (ironically) Turning a Battleship

Re. superpacs: Are they really working?

"Dirty panties" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "dirty panties".

The "Vote for the American" bumper stickers

Mourdock Refuses To Apologize For Claiming Rape Pregnancies Are A ‘Gift From God’

Do you trust the Republican Party?

Great Romney Poster to Spread around...

2012 Veteran of the Year Award to...You won't believe it.

Election Night party?

ABC news headline reminded me of this...

Virginia: Obama 49%, Romney 46% (Newsmax/Zogby)

Rudy Guiliani is about to be on Hardball

romney sits atop what may be the most radical major political party in American history. If he wins

Romney surrogate Trump takes another swing at proving his party has gone completely off the rails

Something I am keeping in mind - polls/stats, politics and the 2011 Red Sox. Seriously!


You think this stunt by Trump is stupid?

Palin Uses Slavery-Era Phrase To Describe Obama’s Libya Response

'Crowd-sourcing' website to decipher ancient writing

Mitt gets the correct answer (it was really easy for him)

I smell something burning

Joe photo of the day: Breakfast with VP Biden in Mechanicsburg, Ohio

I know...I can't believe it either....

The two last events of importance are the GDP numbers (2%) and the Unemployment numbers-- narrative!

Obama up in Nevada, Senate race tied

Ryan vouchers on Halloween

It's in the mail folks!!

My wife and I voted today in North Carolina.

Disastrous News for the GOP as Obama Leads Romney in Three New Ohio Polls

Why the world wants Obama to win

I have just been polled (via phone) for the 1st time ever

SEAL TEAM SIX to be on TV 2 days before the election

One "theory" about why Romney won't release his taxes----he was a pirate! Arrrgh.

Ever hear anyone say this?

Fox News Completely Ignores Senate Candidate’s Claim That Rape Pregnancy Is A ‘Gift From God’

I just voted by absentee ballot for the first time in my life.

TPM polling aggregate of polls: Obama up by 2.2% nation wide

This file is on my C drive and I cant delete it.

Rev. Jesse Jackson arrested in protest with workers

CNN: Michele Bachmann faces toughest test yet against challenger Jim Graves

A post you all need to read

I was just polled by American Future Fund. Has anyone here heard of that poll? Thanks. nt

Even The Mitt Bobbleheads Were Made In China—By Ann Romney’s Brother

Joan Walsh: Stay classy, Frank Luntz

A grab bag of anti-Trump invective

OK where are the Dem ads showing McConnell saying his #1 job-Obama 1 term Prez???

Remember the movie about the Navy Seals going after Bin Laden? The release date:

Jesse Jackson Arrested for Sensata Protest

A Moral Dilemma

Department of Justice: Investigate Ohio Voting Machines owned by Tagg Romney (E-action)

Workers at Bain-Owned Sensata File Unfair Labor Practices Charges

Just hung up on the DCCC

"A Festival of Gibberish" - Will Pitt

gop candidates in close races disavow rape remark

I'm having a real problem with my Oregon mail-in ballot

Question: I'm fairly new here and wondered

Martin Bashir - Ryan ‘major policy speech’ just more of the same

Obama Ground Game: Obama has more money and staff in Swing States than Romney

Ohio Voter Challenges Increasing.

Republican platform opposes abortion , but

Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General, Threatens To Arrest U.N. Elections Observers [UPDATED]

yes on 30, no on 32....

A cool example of Poll Weighting in Action

Note: Mourdock's Democratic opponent is also Anti-Choice

Just accidentally almost knock myself out

Bob Shrum just dissed Gravis polls on Al Sharpton's show

It Doesn't Matter -

Nancy Pelosi

Bob Shrum blasts Gravis on PoliticsNation

Bob Schrum just called out Gravis Marketing on Rev. Al's show

Dear Mr. Trump, if you CAN give $5 million to charity, why DON'T you?

I voted today at my public library

Not one step back

Join the OFA Victory Counsel Voter Protection Team! Calling for attorneys, paralegals, students!

7/11 Election

According to my cousin, God picks the winner...

Day Two of Romney "Momentum" Watch - by Michael Tomasky

Lance Armstrong had Livestrong charity lobby on Capitol Hill on his behalf

How did the Freepers react to the big Trump (non) revalation

Words from Maya Angelou

British man arrested in Bolivia with 'machine gun, revolver, cocaine and hit list of intended victim

President Obama doing a wonderful job shooting down Brian Williams' stupider questions

Martin Bashir - Trump’s $5 million dud

Martin Bashir - Romney still supports GOP senate candidate Mourdock after ‘rape’ remark

Um, I don't know about you all, but when I sent in my college applications, I no longer had them

Obama Up 3 in IBD/TIPP Daily Tracking Poll

Colorado for Obama

Meet The Mourdocks: The Other Republicans Pushing To Block Abortions For Rape Victims

If Trump has 5M to give away to charity, then

Donald Trump Refuses To Release His Own College And Passport Records

Has any candidate ever won Ohio

Donald Trump’s Latest Challenge to Obama Renders Him Irrelevant

"Shuck and Jive"

Queen Anne will be on Rachel Ray's show Thursday

Can we just not pay attention to Donald Trump anymore?

Income Distribution As Never Seen Before

9 Billion Pixel image reveals Our Galaxy is kind of Grungy

Hillsborough: Norman Bettison stands down from West Yorkshire police

Live conference call with the President.

Obama's Margin of Victory: How Much Does He Need For A Mandate Like Bush Had in 2004?

I am the 6th Cousin of GWB and his siblings GHWB my 5th Cousin

This Kid Is Really Sad The Cardinals Lost

A tour update straight from POTUS

So Trump offers $5M to the charity of your choice for your college transcripts...

Salvadoran finds mother 32 years after war atrocity

Romney-Mourdock-GOP: Wrong for Women... Way Wrong

WOW President Obama in Davenport, Iowa, October 24

Romney: A Campaign of Lies

Don't look at this until after the election.

Awesome poster! We're 100% with President Obama...Paid for by the 47% of Northeast Denver

What I've learned so far, from 2012 election cycle

Democratic Underground

Richard Mourdock is the devil... (at least in this meme)

What Are the Odds That Israel Just Attacked Sudan?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sued Over Death Of Gulf War Veteran With Mental Illness

President Obama in Denver...Huge crowd!!

Time Lord Problems

5 Democratic Coworkers + 2 Republican Coworkers = _____?_____ votes for President Obama.

Richard Murdock (R) Said Rapists Impregnating Women Is Part Of God's Plan

I can't believe I just heard Tweety say

A quote from Orwell that reminds me of so many Republicans

I'll give $1 to charity if Romney releases tax returns, and so will 5,000,000 others

Is anyone going to challenge Romney to release 10 years of taxes for 5 mill to CHARITY?

Why aren't Republicans being taken to task for trying to wreck the recovery???

Maine and Nebraska

House Republicans Persist in Putting Our Foreign Service Officers at Risk

Rush Limbaugh may have exploded some "Dittoheads" at 1:05 today - "Gallup's an outlier out there"

Votamatic Obama 336 EV Romney 202 EV

Sen. John Cornyn (GOP-Tx): "If you support government bailouts, vote for Joe Donnelly."

Top backer of MN gay marriage ban delivers speech in front of giant photo of Hitler

Why is there not much talk on national homelessness and global warming in this election?

It amazes me how easily the GOP supporters ignore the racist assholes in their party.

Venturing a bit further from home - sharing a rare sight

I have an insane repug client who is asking me to commit fraud so he can profit.

DeSart and Holbrook Election Forecast-Obama 86.34% Chance Of Winning

Romney's Syria geography mistake

"Leave it all on the field" - conference call by our next two term President

I'm feeling okay about this election

Where does a punk like Tagg Romney get off patting the prez on the back?


What I just said to a right-winger regarding Mitt's ducking out on THE VIEW:

Jeff Blatnick dies at age 55

1932 map similar to today

I voted in NE today.

Kitty Tricks..

Romney's support of Mourdock is proof that Mitt likes his women the way he likes his coffee:

Advertisement for "model-quality" Thai girls on the front page...

A full ballot for Orange County Virginians

MIT Has Created The Most Slippery Surface By A Factor Of 10,000

Paul Ryan: Let's Reduce Poverty... By Slashing Poverty Programs

A cartoon that sums up the GOP's reaction to the Libyan attacks

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts: Momentum (VIDEO)

Im tired of Candy Crowley getting props on the debate. She fucked up big IMO.

We Should Make A Campaign Song For Willard Romney

Alternet "Report: Romney Lied in Court And Then Screwed Over His Friend's Wife During Nasty Divorce

Pennsylvania Bill Would Reduce Welfare Benefits For Women Who Cannot Prove They Were Raped

A Romney win could mean higher deficits, a double-dip recession....

5 Effects of Fracking You May Not Know About

I Admit It. I Want To Beat Romney More Than I Wanted To Beat Ford, Reagan, And The Bushes

Jon Stewart: Romney Leads From Behind, ‘Follow me, I’ll be right behind the President’

When will it be too late for the GOP SuperPACs to dump several hundred million into GOTV for Romney?

Anyone notice that Ted Nugent has been pretty quiet?

I have the perfect idea for stopping voter intimidation in its tracks

Did Romney steal the primaries through vote-flipping?

The Science of Dogs

Ralston Reports Update for NV: Dems have 19,500-voter lead statewide after four days

I'd like to play Devil's Advocate for just a minute

Thinking About Old Times

Anyone else got their "Sore Loserman" buttons ready to go if/when there's an Electoral/Popular vote

Republican Bill Will Reduce Benefits for Women Who Cannot Prove They Were Raped

I could use a little white healing light at the moment if you've any to spare...

A woman carrying a baby to term is 14 times more likely to die...

Turn Tweety OFF right Fucking NOW

Rudy Giuliani admits Obama is tough

Today's Navy can kick the 1917 Navy's ass even if it has twice as many 1917 era ships

Intrade is getting back to normal

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 25 October 2012

The GOP Rape Advisory Chart

How realistic is it to believe that any President can singlehandedly change the economy in 4 years?

Obama endorsed by country’s largest Spanish-language newspaper (La Opinion)

6,615 Democrats and 2,683 Republicans added to the Florida voter rolls 10/22-10/23

New immunity-boosting combination diet

Donald Trump Yuge Announcement Video Outtakes

Greg Palast: "Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza: How He Made Millions From The Rescue of Detroit"

After editor's blog, President Obama releases transcript of Register interview