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I have found some songs that the Romney family like????

ABC peddling Rmoney @ 50% garbage, so obvious

Top Romney Adviser: If You Own A Microwave, You Aren’t Really Poor

Obama and Clinton will appear together in Youngstown.

RimJob urges you to vote for "RINO" Romney so we can force "socialist Democrats" to "flee to Cuba."

CA Gov. Brown is using CA's $410.5 million Mortgage Settlement to pay off CA's $15.7B deficit

World Series Thread, Game 2

Two weeks after lay off & still no interviews....

Jim Graves does a Reddit Ask Me Anything (awesome answers):

Anyone out there have any thoughts about Sandy?

Maybe it's because I'm not in a swing state...

LOOK ME IN THE EYE, my Republican friends-YOU ARE COMPLICIT-You DON'T Get To Walk Away Clean!!!

National poll shows Fischer-Kerrey race tighter (US Senate NE)

Phoenix Tears

Cahokia, IL mayor accused of voter intimidation

Luckovich: BOO!

Mitsubishi boss labels French minister a "retard" for "ruining the lives of motorists"

Obama Interview on Mourdock Rape Comment (VIDEO)

Romney intro'd by state rep. in OH who calls the President "disgusting"

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Ve Can't Compete

I'm Glad...


Huge crowd greeting President Obama in Cleveland!

Johnny Cash on why he wore black

Ann's trying to make them look like plain old folk again

59% of Americans Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized-&-64% favored allowing doctors to prescribe

Phony Billion-Dollar Suits, Jailing Little Fish: Nothing Changes

Pennsylvania Bill Would Reduce Welfare Benefits For Women Who Cannot Prove They Were Raped

Fox News website on Powell's endorsement of Obama - nothing on the home page

IL 17th congressional debate on WTVP

1.6 million AFSCME members promote a new flyer (ETCH-A-SKETCH productions)

A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians (warning-not pretty)

Why would Ryan be campaigning in Atlanta?

God wanted them raped and God wants me to be a Senator.

Early Worries That Hurricane Sandy Could Be a ‘Perfect Storm’

Pres speaking live in Cleveland right now (live video link)

My Country is Under Attack. Do You Care?

There are two overarching reasons why Obama MUST win

Toles- Romney’s concession speech

Hello Michigan DUers! Have any of you seen pro-Pete Hoekstra (R) for Senate ads on tee-vee?

Kos: When 'probable' voters are getting filtered out of a likely voter screen ...

George Takei ad from 1984

Why is this man so happy? Because he just voted. - pics

Big Ed, I turn off your damn show EVERY TIME you have fucking Ron Christie on! QUIT it!!!

On pregnancy from rape being God's intention:

Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

Air Force One Lands in Cleveland, Ohio - President Obama's America Forward! Tour (Huge Crowd!)

Report from the Kaine headquarters in Richmond

Who is the crossed eyed nit wit Big Ed is asking questions of and why is he?

Did Obama say, "BS'er" or "Bullshitter"?

Breaking Update: Court Unseals Potentially Devastating Testimony-Romney Said Stocks Sold at 1/10th

Young Americans Turned Apathetic By Washington Squabbling, Bad Economy

The Rite Hite story is coming up on Ed Schultz now.

When GOP surrogates say "abortion and contraception are not the issues in this election"

Children’s Defense Fund: PA Republicans ‘starving children’ to punish new moms

Why does Romney seem so confident?

Proud of my mom!

What the hell does it mean that something is a "small ball" issue?

Live President Ohio NOW

A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW)

OMG Romney making a complete ass out of himself at his campaign stump speech!!!

Is it true when we click on ad banner is whenit cost the advertisers?

Katy Perry or Meatloaf ???


A Call for Prayer

Tonights episode of Making Sense with Steve Leser, Election 2012 women and latinos and news

I love Oregon's vote by mail system, but...

Puppy Mill Ban In LA Will Require Pet Stores To Sell Rescued Animals Only (VIDEO)

What the GOP really thinks of Mitt

If you wish to leave a jury comment, but the button won't work, try the following...

Texas AG Threatens Foreign Poll Watchers Here to Monitor the Election

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Trumped Up & a new kitty gif

Two more votes for PBO in San Antonio

Officer Held in Plot to Cook Women and Eat Them

The new show Last Resort about the rogue Submarine.

Love seeing the Female Secret Service

Lena Dunham (of HBOs "Girls"): Your First Time

Du and the use of the word "C**T.

Texas’ Greg Abbott Threatens UN-Affiliated Poll Watchers | TPMMuckraker

Does Romney Believe Lying is OK? Apparently he does and does it all the time...LLying for God

Colorado MJ Legalization (Amendment 64) Poll Shows Likely Win

Live Feed President Obama Cleveland Ohio ... (stream link)

Very large spider cruising around the office. Leave him/her in, or is s/he better off outside?

McCain wishes Powell would not call himself a Republican. Doesn't think Powell's

CHENEY HOSTS ROMNEY EVENT Starring Glenn Beck - Josh Romney - Reince Priebus

Republican Party Rape Advisory Chart

What I followed thru Hillsborough, NC on my way home today. . . .

in the summer of love, 1967, mitt romney was 20 years old.

Donald Trump got fired

Obama >> Springsteen, Romney >> Meatloaf

Michigan's Request Foods CEO Got $5.5 Mil of Stimulus Funds, Tells Employees to Vote Against Obama

Appeals court allows Illinois campaign finance caps (as USSC did for Montana)

Tim Tebow smear campaign >>

In honor of the war on women: Carole King 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow'

"Wait, WHO Owns The F***ing Voting Machines?!"

Why Romney Wants A Bigger Navy: $$$$$ For His Special Advisors

QUEENS: Gay Activist Lou Rispoli Near Death After Savage Attack

QUEENS: Gay Activist Lou Rispoli Near Death After Savage Attack

Public Service Anouncement-Factory recall on certain blankets

Want your paper ballot hand counted instead of optically read? Write-in a candidate in any race.

Drone Strikes - Obama Advisor Justifies Killing Innocent 16-Year-Old

Tommy Thompson should be ashamed

Does anyone have crowd estimates for Obama's tri-state tour?

Tommy Thompson should be ashamed

Mike Malloy - Republican Rape Advisory Chart + George Carlin On Abortion

State Rep. At Romney Rally Calls Obama ‘Disgusting’

Mike Malloy - Republican Religious Madness

Getting Frustrated

Al Franken pays tribute to Paul Wellstone on 10th anniversary of his death

Just got a call from the RNC

Romney Blocked Birth Certificates for Gay Couples' Children

Evangelical Problem

Texas voter ID law set aside, yet "ID required" signs all around our early voting place

It's all about the money money.. Greed is destroying democracy in america

Former Rep. Jim Ramstad (R-Minn): Remembering my friend Senator Paul Wellstone

Most patients with incurable cancer still think they'll survive, study finds

Walmart: America's real 'Welfare Queen'

Wellstone's passion recalled 10 years after death

Sununu on CNN just said Colin Powell is voting for Obama 'cause they're the same race

About the gag order, that Gloria Allred has to file,

Cyrus on Piers Morgan: Billy Ray Cyrus of eastern voting for Obama.

Has Sherrod Brown given this little twerp a snuggy, yet?

I lost a Kg today. That is 2.2 pounds. I think I will like losing weight in metric.

The ED Show - Bain Capital wants to silence 'Bainport'

xpost - Tonights episode of Making Sense with Steve Leser, Election 2012 women and latinos and news

From FB- God: "I can't wait to see Susie's face..."

xpost - Tonights episode of Making Sense with Steve Leser, Election 2012 women and latinos and news

John Sununu just said Powell endorsed Obama because

Nate Silver's forecast, 10/25: Obama 292.7, Romney 245.3, Obama with 72% chance of winning (+1)

For the record valerief has been blocked from the group for this hidden post

Any polls on Ryan's congressional seat?

Anger in America

Paul Wellstone TV Ad "Fast Paul" (1990)

Will Purple Poll Show Obama ahead in "all 12 purple states" tomorrow? - link to Hardball interview

Musicians (a loose term) supporting Rmoney, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Meatloaf, Pat Boone

Can't believe he'll get away with this. Money Boo Boo vouched for a low price on Staples

Schwarzenegger going to play the role of Conan

Cool CNN Electoral Map to play around with......

Climate Trolls – An Illustrated Bestiary

The ED Show - Another CEO pressures employees to vote against Obama

It's a LANDSLIDE for Mitt Romney...

WHy I Support Obama

Does anyone have a personal problem to share?

I was just watching footage of Obama campaigning today.

Is there any way to find out who bought the undervalued Staples stock Maureen Stemberg sold?

The Ed Show - Romney's scary version of the real economy

"It's Official: Romney Has Zero Momentum" by Robert Wright at the Atlantic

Did anyone see the Samsung Galaxy ad tonight on LAST RESORT?

Paul Wellstone Iraq War Speech

Rasmussen: Mitt Romney still leads President Obama in Arizona, but the race is tightening.

Is the story true about Romney at the at-risk Pregnant mother-- "Why should you have it easy?"

In SC, I live in the reddest county...

There was a misunderstanding

The ED Show - Romney silent as Mourdock controversy continues

Ronald Reagan: Trade Realist - An old article, but a gem.

I am watching Jumping Jack Flash (1986), look at the old computers.

Romney Campaign Co-Chair (Sununu): Colin Powell Endorsed Obama Because He Is Black

Is This Obama’s Kenyan Birth Video?

The ED Show - Tea Party group could intimidate voters

A DUer does the honey bee wiggle dance and a great load of honey is found for all to enjoy.

Tweets by Nicholas Kristof on attack on Congolese advocate for women:

Lawrence O'Donnell wants to use that word Obama used in that "Rolling Stone" interview!

Is Paul Ryan Also Saying Rape Is A Method of Conception in this Video?

President Obama: Fired Up and Ready to Go - America Forward! Tour in Cleveland, Ohio

Awesome picture of Air Force One, Ohioans, & POTUS

Paul Wellstone "Monster" ad (1996)

Maya Angelou Sent Me An E-Mail


Detroit reliefer cannot pitch a strike.

No. He's not a good man

My state's GOP Group keeps sending me posts on my personal Facebook page

Nate tweet: ''Sorry, we missed PPP's VA poll and Rasmussen's AZ poll. Re-running tonight's numbers''

Maybe the October Surprise already landed & nobody is noticing…

Nate Silver/538 Just Raised Obama's Probability to 72%

If you are truly "pro-life" then you agree 100% with Akin and Mourdock regarding rape

Rachael talked about the Obama ground game in Ohio tonight.

Something outrageous is happening at Univision tonight

So I wanted to post contrast pictures of Obama/Springsteen and Rmoney/Greenwood . . . . . . .

I am always just to young for a senior discounts when I eat out.

Mourdock's odds of victory dropped 50 points in 36 hours

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 26 October 2012

"Obama Has Released A 27-Point Plan For His Second Term, And It's A Doozy"

Here's another "unscientific" poll


Obama swipes at Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand fandom

Tonight's guest on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart -- Former/Future House Speaker Pelosi!!!

Indiana Governor candidate, Mike Pence (R) still supports Richard Murdock for Senator

I Would Not Save The Last Republican On The Planet. And ----

Mitt Romney Epic Ohio Fail America The Beautiful! Edited, 720P

Paul Ryan’s ‘Problematic’ RNC Spending Spree -- uh oh

Rachel Maddow - GOP senate field more radical than initially assessed

538 Updated Again: Obama 73.1%

Obama votes in Chicago - Gets his I.D. Checked

Tax Policy Center in Spotlight for Its Romney Study

"Presidential Polls Counter Romney Surge Myth"

Question about Roe v. Wade

Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?

Gloat Free World Series Score (Thursday, October 26)

Anyone seeing TV ads for a website called

If you can vote early in your state, do it. There is less of a chance of being disenfranchised /n

Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage Initiatives in Three States

Big London Protests Against Austerity

Gallup just polled me today (Thursday night 10/25) about Monday's debate.

LTTE point: why government is not a business

6 nights to Halloween! And I am team Dracula!

Dallas news has resorted to finding a repuke couple "angry" that dead relative still on voter list

East coasters - PLEASE early vote before Hurricane Sandy hits

The Elephant in the Voting Booth: Electronic Machines

Mourdock (is only) One Of At Least 15 GOP Senate Candidates Who Oppose Abortion For Rape Victims

FWIW: RCP has moved North Carolina from "leans Romney" back to "Toss Up"

Tina Fey calls out ‘gray-faced men’ talking about rape - benefits UNICEF

This forum is simply the lounge with anger and useless for solving problems

Whoa. Nate updated his site again: 73.1% chance of winning

Prediction: They will find there was no convention bounce, no debate bounce, no bounce of any kind

Best Word(s) To Describe John Sununnu

On Letterman tonight: Trump

Memorial unveiled for Kinross witchcraft victims

Witchin’ in the kitchen: Deciphering the magic of food

Pick a number: 303, 332 or 347

Nate Silver just updated his forecast for 2nd time today - now at 73.1% chance of Obama winning

Jon Stewart Tears Into GOP Over Richard Mourdock’s Rape Comments

The genetics of politics

Adam Carolla decides the surest way to become a BIGGER asshole is to join Fox "News."

WHen will the greedy, materialistic people wake up.

Rachel Maddow - Powell endorses Obama, Cheney/Beck fundraise for Romney

"The People's Bailout" show Nov. 15 to benefit Strike Debt

Emanuel Steward Dies at 68; Trainer of Boxing Champions

The Billy Graham bashing threads are misguided

Lounge daily inspirational message

Politico's Roger Simon: BREAKING RUMOR: Trump & Sununu to run in 2016 on "I'm With Stupid" ticket.

Van Hollen asks appeals court for stay in union lawsuit

PPP National Tracker O 48(-1) R 48(-)

Freeper fight over Malkin reprimanding Coulter's retard tweet...even a DU comparison!

End around the electoral college

New Evidence That Grandmothers Were Crucial for Human Evolution

When the momentum in the polls shifted back to Obama


Bolden Seeks To Force Mars Goal Commitment From Obama

Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God

Well folks, looks like I'm gonna move to Vegas...

Letterman tonight

Witch opens her home for Sussex Halloween celebrations

LMAO--Romney running ads in Minnesota

Are we allowed to say fuck over here any more? And can we fight the fuck back if some fucker shits

Your Boss and Your Birth Control

My all time personal favorite phone banker

New Abc news/Washington post poll

How do you suppose Jared Syn is doing these days?

a VERY revealing excerpt from the Detroit News editorial endorsing Willard Rmoney for POTUS ...

Wow second time in 2 days i was called for Jury duty

Leave 'no trace of him behind, down to the hair': North Korean official 'executed with mortar round'

Got this email late tonight from the email address of somebody on my list of contacts. It is phoney

What the men of the GOP don’t get about rape and abortion

Chilean student leaders inspire U.S. activists (Camila Vallejo in NYC)

An Interesting Parallel

This is something we should all read at least once a week!!!!

Flo Rida donates a contender for worst football uniform of all time to his high school alma mater

It's all on you...

A letter every pro-life congresscritter should read

People should be very concerned about todays republican party. We are talking about an extremist

The fact that....

Voter Suppression: Both sides do it (except they don't)

Tennessee Appeals Court Upholds Voter ID Law, Says is Constitutional

Warren Buffett to Romney: I'll donate $1,000,000 to LDS for every year of tax returns you release

RW media claiming beating of gay Republican staffer was over politics

Old but good Sununu joke.

What is the latest on this embassy coverup conspiracy?

Barbara Walters to Donald Trump: "You're making a fool of yourself."

Every time someone endorses the Republican Platform it ends his political career on the spot

Canvassing Sunday, anyone else? Check in, tell us what your doing, where.

Retired NSA analyst Proves GOP stealing elections....

If abortion is outlawed and a pregnant rape victim has an illegal

Bruce to Play in Pittsburgh for Obama!

World's luckiest man

Todd Akin Was Arrested Multiple Times For Physically Blocking Women’s Access To Abortion Clinics

What the hell...

John Nichols: From Paul Wellstone to Elizabeth Warren

Former Republican official: ‘You can’t be a Christian if you don’t own a gun’

It's A Brand New Day. I'm Taking Bets On How Many Times Republican Candidates

Woman auctions off virginity for $780,000

An unusually large percentage of the Atheists I meet

Mitch Daniels just had his ass handed to him by Stephan Corbert

Whoever is in charge of the DU Facebook page might want to check it out soon...

Guardian UK: Decriminalise drug use, say experts after six-year study

As Many As 100,000,000 Without Health Insurance If All GOP -----

When I Add Up Everything The GOP Stands For I Think Of The Creature In The Movie "Alien".

with all due respect for the different people involved, i want to raise this issue:

Why the Romney-ites are so confident, and why

Armed Forces Show Overwhelming Support for Obama

Depriving a dog of their freedom to speak by "debarking" them is legal?


I went over to, the Plain Dealer web site, and saw a hole mess of Republicans

LOLcat for that Donald Trump October Un-Surprise

Lana Wachowski co-director of the upcoming film "Cloud Atlas"

Even Fox News (Finally) Discounts the Romney Tax Plan

Anyone's experience with synthetic leather?

Hush, Abbott, here's the word from the Texas Sec. of State

Unasur nations tackle food security, hunger

I started seeds this afternoon.

It's 2008 and Obama Finds Out Bruce Springsteen Has Endorsed Him...

Boris Johnson set to be next US president

Hurricane Sandy "unprecedented and bizarre" - Bryan Norcross

Call the Midwife...

Is there a place to discuss psychology?

Abortion and the Pro-lifers - Does anyone know?

Charlie Rose is grilling Nancy Pelosi ONLY using Bob Woodward's book as a source

I think the Meta-discussion (Forum) needs a different name

'Oldest Mayan tomb' found in Guatemala's Retalhuleu

The Guardian: Mourdock: I gained votes after rape remarks

Editorial: Shasta County once voted for 'amnesty, abortion and acid'

Stewart mocks Mourdock for having to deny he worships a rape-loving deity

Like Nate Silver, but a shade bluer

If you live in THE NORTHEAST please pay attention to the weather! (any confusion now?)

No Decmber Surprise! Head CEO sociopaths off at the pass. Sign now!

Ricketts' latest ad defends Fischer (R-NE)

Women According to Mitt and His Republican Friends

If we didn't have Radar and Satellites...

Five more days 'til Halloween,

Ethics complaint filed against St. Louis County Library

British ExxonMobil oil chief 'assassinated' in Brussels street

Women's Voices - Join Women for Obama

How the Wealthy Have Turned State Elections All Over America Into Their Own Personal Playgrounds

Romney to Reinstate Military Draft

Since Indiana is on the radar right now, can we get either Obama or Bubba here?

First Lady Michelle Obama: It Takes One

Another bruising King-Vilsack debate in Iowa

The Changing Face of American Empire

Vietnam casualty is finally home

Springsteen to make campaign appearance for Obama in Pittsburgh

Romney pressed on abortion question

Why Republicans Can't Stop Saying Horrible Things About Rape

Afghanistan mosque suicide bomb attack kills at least 41


Cambridge Spies: MI5 diaries revealed

Can someone out there give me some HOPE?


Saturn Burped with hugh temperature spike


Arizona Brothers making Millions on Red Light Camera Tickets in St. Louis

AZ Senate: John McCain & Jon Kyl endorse Rich Carmona in killer new ad

Billions in Hidden Riches for Family of Chinese Leader

Republicon's talking point brainwash: The election is neck and neck. I don't believe it but

Colombia sees emerald rush after roadworks hit vein

Sudan arms factory blast: Khartoum to report Israel to UN

Models Showing No Recurve out to Sea: Sandy pointing toward NYC

Rarest dog: Ethiopian wolves are genetically vulnerable

Surprise! Todd Akin has connections to Militias!

This is how I see the race currently

Joe S. up to it again

Honey-bees found to have bite that stuns

RACIST gets a visit from the Secret Service for a Obama hanging doll

Fukushima fish still contaminated from nuclear accident

Gifts for the handyman in your life

How consumer-activists are taking down right-wing shock jocks, one after another

EON Withdraws From Finnish Nuclear Project

WikiLeaks Reveals 'Systematized Human Rights Abuses' at US Detention Facilities

Repeat 2008 call PA for Obama at closing of polls, if VA and N.H. look good it's OVER

Obama winning "states" but not "nationally." Huh?

'We Pay More': US Austerity Well Underway

Will SCOTUS Make It Illegal to Resell Your Stuff?

Tell Bishop: Stay Out of This Election

Restricting high-risk individuals from owning guns saves lives

Whats the deal?

I'm sick of this BULLSHIT!!!!

Robert Shrum: Why Obama Will Win

The Watchword of the RW MSM faith is: Slim

Halloween Hurricane

10 Forgotten Scandals Surrounding Mitt Romney

We're Not Broke Movie Screening in Madison!

Does anyone ever become completely cured of stage-4 cancer?

Now this cooking show has serious potential.

Seattle - British Colombia Event: No More NAFTAs

Good pic from last night in Cleveland with the President

Seattle - British Colombia Event: No More NAFTAs

Things Rich People Never Understand about welfare

Halloween costumes (cartoon)

The whole rape conversation is a planned strategy of the rethugs. As long as they can keep the

Weird-face Chuck Toad:

Robert Scheer: Romney’s Cold War Ponzi Scheme

Joe Scum goes there: Is there going to be a "Bradley Effect"????

"Whites' Support for Obama Eroding"

Insight - How the Petronas deal fell victim to Canada's China fears

RAND Poll: Obama +5.9%, Leads 50.56% to 44.64%

Partisan lies about the security of Hart e-voting machines continue to flow from Hamilton County

Transcript of 1944 Bretton Woods Conference Found at Treasury

Did the Fox News VA Poll (R 47 - O 45) poll anyone under the age of 35?

Harry! We need those tax returns now if you got em.

Eugene Robinson: What America Will We Pick?

Like Maine Lobster? Do Not Buy It From Linda Bean (yes of LL Bean) Calls Obama "HITLERIAN"

Newt: 300 electoral votes for Mitt

UN Official: Aspects of US Drone Program Clearly 'War Crimes'

The Victims of Fallujah's Health Crisis Are Stifled by Western Silence

Truth about ABC poll...

Greg Palast: Get Ready for Massive Voter Fraud-1.4 million lost last election

sitting in doctor's waiting room, faux and friends is on

Pea Soup 10/20/2012--NYC

How Castro Held the World Hostage

'Frankenstorm' Hurricane Sandy kills 21 in Caribbean

Oshkosh Corp. to lay off 450 workers (Wisconsin)

Corbett blames Democrats and the media for ongoing criticism of his handling of Jerry Sandusky case

"Sununu Blames the Jews"...

Lesbian kiss steals spotlight at French anti-gay parenting protest

More F-35 Woes

OMG Joe Scarborough is telling people Obama is going to lose because he has gotten

How the right wing lost in 2012

Observation about today's edition of the Buffalo News...

In '08, the "Powell motivated by race" attack came from Limbaugh . . .

I want to apologize...

Joementum And The Upcoming 5% Military Budget Cut

Have you seen this? Firefighters hit Tommy Thompson on his 9/11 Attack Ad!

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog covers the final presidential debate

Joe S. obama under 50% approval?

New England College poll: NEW HAMPSHIRE - OBAMA +3

Sandy Forecasting, NYC Weather & Storm Blog 2012

The Rob Schneider Types Just Don't Get It

Tape of GOP Primary Debate Reveals Romney's VOW to Bullshit

What is Romeny's problem with the truth? - He is a bullshitter!

After this election I don't believe anybody will be able to take polls seriously much anymore

Jonathan Alter: Moderate Romney Wouldn’t Make It Past Inauguration Day

Teabaggers rally to save Troy's asshat mayor

Obama at 73.1% Chance of Victory-Nate Silver

'news' on m$nbc: Mitt Romney tells crowds in Ohio that he's going to win

Duckworth has 10 percentage point lead over Walsh

'Staggering Energy, Amazing Man' -- Welcome home, Mr. President!

Breaking: US GDP Rises 2 Percent in Third-Quarter (Consumers Boost Growth Despite Business Caution)

Joe (You Lie) Wilson Lies About Sequestration

Who Wants to be a SHALEonaire?

Indianapolis Star: GOP looks to sidestep Richard Mourdock's controversial abortion comments

Third-quarter GDP rises *To* 2%, better than expected

Japan quake-hit nuclear plant "may still be leaking radiation" into sea

Top court to hear arguments over government spying

Bill Moyers: Barofsky on Pandit and Obama

Real Clear still ignoring yesterday's PPP VA poll

GOTV for President Obama in NC may have coattails!

LAUSD loses appeal in settlement of teacher-layoff lawsuit (Unions 1 Ed Deformers 0)

WND Columnist: Prosecute Liberals, Journalists for Treason

The stenography is killing me!

Stiglitz: Some Are More Unequal Than Others

"Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican"

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Rape-ublicans

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Rmoney

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Here comes the clown

mitt romney still supports richard mourdock

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Racist John Sununu comment on Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama

Romney’s false JEEP story in Ohio

EXCELLENT analysis/debunking of the infamous Romney bump.... by the top YouGov pollster!

Ali come back

So what about the House?

For Women Voting GOP It Is More Than Stand By Your Man. It Is Stand By Your Rapist.

Obama's biggest challenge - Frankenstorm Sandy. Take a look.

Donald Trump is the poster boy for extreme wealth redistribution

Who Is DIVIDING America?

Loudoun County releases complaint from former Delgaudio aide

Joe Biden: We'll create jobs, restore security

Vote to Have a Session on ALEC at the 2013 National Conference for Media Reform

Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland on the One Percent's Power and Privileges

As of October 26, 8:01AM EDT:

Linda Bean is nutso

Quick! How many aircraft carriers are currently deployed by all the world's navies?

Bain Created "Special Stock" To Pay Off Owner's Ex, And Then Rip Her Off

Is Society becoming more Psychopathic?

Montco announces new Human Services Delivery System

Anyone know how Tammy Baldwin is doing against Thompson?

David Attenborough: US politicians duck climate change because of cost

All 150,000 members of this site should be flooding MSM and the DOJ with

Anything but the T word.This thread is dedicated to anything that rhymes with Troll.

Gravis Marketing: IOWA Obama +4 (Obama 50, Romney 46)

Benjamin Netanyahu Just Became The 'Israeli Glenn Beck'

Toon: Drone strikes

media couldn't care less about economy improving....GDP +2

Chesapeake Is Planning To Frack Within A Mile Of A Nuclear Plant

Hey, whatever happened to Romney's "Secret Weapon" (Ann)?

the new talking points for Mitt - "Big Change" and "Status Quo" - heard on NPR - over and over and

Baydon/Foster Poll thread

GDP up 2% 3rd Quater Thank you President Obama

Are the Polls Undercounting Latino Obama Backers?

The One Percent will eat the poor, and other prophecies by Hal Crowther

My recipe for chicken with leeks and white wine sauce

Are you surprised that the GOP is running on the 'positive aspects of rape' in this election?

Iran military action not 'right course at this time', Downing Street says

*** Gets out Staple Gun and post sign - 'Now Available at DU Cafe - Smoking Section' ***

Here's The Main Driver Of Today's GDP Surprise

Update about the student who cheated:

"I" vs "We". Right vs Left. occurred to me this AM listening to interviews of Repub women

What explains the vicious attack on Colin Powell by Republicans?

Did DUers hear Eugene Robinson destroying Joe Scum

Why are Republicans bullies?

The Lame Stream Media

Obama >> Colin Powell, Romney >> Naked Cowboy (seriously Romney just endorsed by the Naked Cowboy)

Pic Of The Day - Mitt & Meat

Russian leftist Sergei Udaltsov charged with conspiracy

Obama Launches TV Blitz: 10 Interviews, 7 Swing States... Plus MTV!

CEO who threatened workers if they voted for Obama violated Wisconsin law

The real numbers come out next Friday.

A Super Sweet GIF from Obama, for all of you who have just voted

OH SH*T!!!!!

Will Voter Suppression Tactics Threaten Free and Fair Elections?

THIS TIME: Mitt Tells Another Right-Wing Fib & Gets Caught

Pesos Go Underground as Dollar Ban Backfires: Argentina Credit

How Repulicans will spin the inevitable Romney loss

Peak oil notes - Oct 25

Do Private Online Gun Sales Create Loopholes in Gun Laws?

Drumbeat: October 26, 2012

Drumbeat: October 26, 2012

Peak oil notes - Oct 25

Repub Housing Appointees Sabotaged Mortgage Assistance Programs To Stop ‘Backdoor Economic Stimulus

Mass Revolt: from Boston Magazine

The real Republican rape platform


Now I'm getting a tad bit nervous about PA and Ohio maybe even Michigan.

Bad news in Texas: Texas can ban Planned Parenthood from health program after court decision

"Columbus Circle" Excellent thriller.

Once Again, John Sununu’s At The Center Of A Race Blow Up

Breaking: Italy's Berlesconi Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail (in Mediaset TV Rights Case)

LOL Even GRAVIS has Obama up 50% to 46% in Iowa.

Tumblr is down: Sorry, no political cartoons, memes or gifs from me right now…

Colbert/Trump TeaBag Challenge

Toronto's mayor doesn't handle criticism well

Are there examples of countries run with republican/tea party principles? Why, yes!

Electoral has moved North Carolina into Toss Up category!

Is Europe's Emissions Trading System Broken?


Slut-Shamed Teen Commits Suicide, Taunted by Classmates To the Very End

Conservative Scholars Bullish That A Romney Supreme Court Could Reverse Longstanding Liberal Jurispr

Can someone please explain to me...

CSI dialogue you'll never hear

Despite years of Republican obstructionism, Mrs. Red Cloud finally votes for President!

Rasmussen tries to Cover His Hiney

I live in NC, and all my robo calls are from Republicans

Gettysburg Electronic Map Saved from Scrapyard, To be Publicly Displayed in Hanover PA

Oh, good! I Knew There Was A Reason I Didn't Like Meatloaf

You know what every last political ad should say?

Kevin Hassett: Mitt’s dumbest economist

Duke Energy buying time - waiting for the state’s new governor

Boeing invites suppliers to conference on outsourcing to Mexico

Firefighter groups defend Baldwin; announce ads rebuffing Thompson's 9/11 claim

Crackppots are now mainline GOP.

Will Puerto Ricans push Obama over the top?

Doesn't an earnings and guidance miss mean the analysts were wrong?

Support for end to California death penalty surges

Breaking on CBC news: Silvio Berlusconi gets 4 years for tax evasion

On Sights Public Affairs Poll of Colorado Obama 48% Romney 45%

Harvey Wasserman - The rust-bucket nuclear reactors start to fall

Consumer Sentiment at Highest in Five Years in October

Obama Courts the Motherlode of Undecideds

Latest Romney Bluff--Buying air time in Minnesota

Dear Republican friends: Your Romney vote disrespects my marriage

Electoral Vote now has NC listed as Toss Up.

A Close Election? Just Hype

Are the Polls Undercounting Latino Obama Backers?

Sununu walks back comments about Powell and race

Silicone bakeware question

Romney-Ryan's Real Poverty Plan: Soak the Poor

I know the polls are all over the place, and it's driving us all crazy...

Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper.....Tryin' hard to look like Gary Cooper

Romney calls economic growth report discouraging

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 26, 1916

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 26, 1916

Why the Romney-Ryan plan will end poverty in America.

Mitt tries to scare Ohio voters with RW lie

New Site Counts How Long It Takes Romney To Pull His Mourdock Endorsement

KRUGMAN: "A slow job is better than a snow job."

Romney Gump

Poll - Which information source plays the most important source of candidate selection?

Charlie Cook: First Debate is reason why Romney is still in the race

Some Are More Unequal Than Others -by JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

Is Early Voting the Key to Defeating Alleged Vote-Flipping?

I made a mistake on a jury...

Worst Storm in 100 Years Seen for Northeast U.S.

"Never forget: The Right's greatest strength..."

A test on who is saying what:

Mississippi School Charged With Arresting Kids For Flatulence, Wrong Color Socks, Breaking Pencils

More GOPocrisy?


The National Memo:Here’s What Mitt Won’t Tell You: President Obama Is Winning

'We Pay More': US Austerity Well Underway

"Want some candy?" Paul Ryan shows the world what an evil, subhuman reptilian prick he is.

NO-CHOICE: At Least 15 GOP Senate Candidates Oppose Abortion For Rape Victims

Obama won the 2008 Prez election because God intended it.

Brazil hit by new blackout, infrastructure in spotlight

World Series Ratings: Giants, Tigers Draw Record Low TV Audience In Game 1

Obama Leads By 3 In Pair Of New Hampshire Polls

Will Hurricane ‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy Affect The Presidential Election?

Early Vote Spinning

Republicans Say: Your Rapist Gets Visitation Rights if You Bear his Child

An excellent explantion of what this storm may do in the NE.

Canadian embassy in Washington evacuated over suspicious package

GOP Candidate's video: He's too educated and believes in Global Warming

Just in case anyone thinks Chuck Todd hasn’t become a full-fledged Villager

Scenario: 2013 - Mitt Romney is President of the United States of America

I guess we figured this was coming:

The Houston Chronicle endorses Max Martin for U.S. Congress in the Texas 36th District.

Hilarious new GOP conspiracy theory...

Despite Romney Claim, Chrysler Isn’t Moving Any Auto Production To China

At 14, it was no “Gift from God”, Trust Me

PA Voter ID - "will be asked, but not required, to show an acceptable photo ID at the polls"

Made in America, Union-Made Halloween Candy

Voted today!

Akin: Forget my arrests, you need to look at McCaskill's family

This RW furor over rape, abortion, and birth control is all about DEMOGRAPHIC ANXIETY

It is Rasmussen, but WTF? WI Obama 49; Romney 49

Same-sex Marriage Pits Laymen Against Religious Hierarchy

Strong GDP numbers will help Obama on 538.

DSB's Electoral Prediction -President

George W Bush did a great job for conservatives...

The Last Word - Mitt Romney tries to ignore the Mourdock mess

The Last Word - Obama calls Romney a bulls*****r

After The Election I Hope To Send This Missive To Every Intentionally Biased Pollster

Robert Shrum: Why Obama Will Win

I need to vote for state supreme court and court of appeals - how do I find voting record for them

If Obama wins electoral vote, but Romney ekes out a win in the Popular vote...

Geraldo Pleads With Fox News: ‘Stop This Politicizing’ Of Libya

EPIC Romney is exposed, he's not conservative

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 6, add ~6,000 to gains

Romney End Game Becomes Clear: Claim Momentum Now So Election Result Can Be Challenged Later

The Obama Haters Book Club: The Canon Swells

Al Gore's Current TV to evaluate 'buyout' offers

Electoral effects of SANDY

A Ghost, a Witch, a Pirate and a Trump...

The Last Word - Mitt's momentum myth

Where Are The Great Purple Strategies Swing State Polls For Us I Saw Discussed Here Last Night?

Scientists Quit Texas Cancer Institute in Flap

Romney starting to drop on Intrade

name that weed

Just had a call from an aquaintance high up in Ohio politics...

name that weed

Chrysler confirms that Mitt Romney LIED yesterday about them moving production of its Jeep to China

So here is the argument from my dyed in the wool Republican friend:

Think willards going to help you? Can't even advise his own family members successfully.

TMZ picks up ALFoR Story

Ninja Bear

I'm on some super polling list

Seattle Times reporters fact-check their employer's pro-GOP ad, find it only 'half true'

self deleted post

Five reasons why Chicago should have an elected School Board not a Rahm appointed one

Election Day and Veterans Day: Time to Make the Connection

A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians

Died in the wool.

Obama, Chrysler: Romney's claim of Jeep outsourcing to China is false

Halperin: Romney not even pretending to be tied in swing states while begging for cash from donors

Hopeful news on the MN Anti-Marriage Amendment

In Ohio, China is a Potent Campaign Weapon

GOTV early voter stats, all 50 states

WaPo Tracking Poll: Romney 49 (-1), Obama 48 (+1)

William Todd Akin: The company he keeps.

Chrysler Rebukes Romney Jeep to China Lie in Ohio!

Voted yesterday, My Observations

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Mocks Sununu, McCain, And Hannity At Final Presidential Debate

OBAMA To ALL Women: Vote for them at your own peril.

Pro Same-Sex-Marriage PAC Backs Candidate Who Equates Gay Marriage With Bigamy, Polygamy

for the love of God please tell me Craig Huey is losing

***Updated*** Florida early voting begins today (10/27)!

Summary of important state legislative races! Dems must GOTV for Maria Sachs, Mike Clelland, and

Cartoon: Rich guy living behind walls "President Obama needs to stop dividing America."

Is Assange Ill Or Are His Hosts Getting Sick Of Him?

Oct 26 Washington Post-ABC polls Romney leads 49-48, yesterday it was 50-47

Catty Culture

Lest we forget: Gallup, 10/26/2000 Bush 52% Gore 39%

I'd like a serious discussion of why the FL Dem Party can't put together a ground game like OFA!

Stop ogling my Hello Cthulhu you lecherous pigs!

The ironic thing about the Electoral College.

I ONLY have one uterus

Obama Cuts Romney’s Lead To 1 In ABC/WaPo Tracking Poll

Can all posts about polls be assigned to the Election Fraud Group?

Mitt Romney's Sununu problem

Is Religious Freedom Really Primary?

Just what is proper disciplinary action?

I saw a Romney sign that said "Take Back America"

Sampling the Latino Vote

Gallup: 2012 electorate looks a lot like 2008

Condi Rice Pours Cold Water On ‘Benghazi-Gate’

Zombies and God: 5 Religious Questions That Zombie Stories Ask Us

Corey Booker gives Romney cover on Sununu's race baiting.

Right-wing drama queens

Toon: Horses and Bayonets

NV: Democrats extend lead in Clark to 36,000 voters

New Poll: Americans oppose using religion to deny reproductive health services

Large metro newspaper endorses Rmoney in BLUE county

Romney campaign worker undergoes required Intelligence Adjustment…

Toon: Detroit's reaction to Romney

Iran Said to Nearly Finish Nuclear Enrichment Plant

Obamacare works! Vermonters received 2.3 million dollars in rebates this year from insurers

Auto Rescue and Low Home-State Bonus Keep Michigan Out of Play

Perhaps it was not the debate

Worthless Repuke Payless Manning Decides to Prop up Teabagger Pizza

Papantonio: GOP Perverts Want Control Over Your Sex Life

Does Illinois require a photo ID to vote?

Repugs pour money into Wisconsin and Virginia

Would the election be postponed if a good section of the NE (The most heavily populated section

Share Your Food Photos

Unfortunate movie poster placement (Skyfall, Lincoln)

Most Ancient Pottery Prehistoric Figurine of the Iberian Peninsula Found in Begues

Rmoney's surge in first debate was mostly inevitable. And now over.

We voted yesterday.

Where'd all the helpfully concerned and worried poll-posting newbies go?

10 Awful Things a President Mitt Romney Would Likely Do

Pictures of President Obama voting early (They had to check his driver's license?)

How big do you think nationwide turnout will be?

Nate Silver has posted his latest predictions on Obama winning :(

Sayonara, Sununu


Schwarzenegger’s Selective Recall | ConsortiumNews

Wow, I think I detect an enthusiasm gap

Do you still play?

You know what gets pointlessly costly?

Yes, There is a TSA museum. No, you can't visit it. Really.

ARG OH Poll 49 (O) 47 (R)!!

Mittloaf takes off (like a non-non-alcoholic bat out of hell)

Obama is still the best hope for science in the US

Hey, the internet is a series of tubes after all!

Gallup 10/26 Romney 51 Obama 46 LVs

Securing the Border Perry Style

ABC/WAPO Poll-Romney 49% (-1) Obama 48% (+1)

International voting monitors puzzled by arrest threats in Texas after working state in 2008

Nate has a new article up (sorry if already posted)

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Tells Lie No. 65,824

It will be nice to have my email account back. I'm weary of emails asking for money.

'Frankenstorm': Hurricane Sandy Seen From Space Station in NASA Video

What's for dinner ~ Friday Oct 26th

New Scientist - Obama still the best hope for science in the US

If you got ten minutes to kill, creative promo of Cloud Atlas on Stephen Colbert

Anyone know the latest details in Wisconsin?

Holy crap! An insurance salesman just knocked on my door calling Obama a "bald faced fucking liar"

The President Needs To Make An "I AGREE WITH ROMNEY'S BIG CHANGE" Speech!

Republicans for Obama group makes case for Obama

Friend of mine says she will dress up for Halloween as a woman in a binder

Abusive treatment of posters

Romney Budget Proposals Would Necessitate Very Large Cuts in Medicaid, Education, Health Research

How Student's Gray-Market Textbook Scheme Landed in Supreme Court

Rmoney is speaking in Ames Iowa right now

Gallup out of whack again Obama approval drops by 3 points, Romney up by 5 after rape controversy

Mitch Rmoney has no lips

My first name is Sandy!

A brand new grassroots song and music video in support of President Obama's re-election

Just heard this one at work. A man goes to heaven.

I thought Romney was about to make a major economic speech.

You Get To Destroy Mitt Romney's Lies In This Atari-Like Online Game

Do you get the feeling that these GOP guys who are always talking about rape might like the concept

Republican Rape Compilation, Must See & Share

The man speaks and says nothing.

President Obama On The Job: Hurricane Sandy

This graphic is just great and should be shared.

rMoney doesn't even make me sick anymore.

Gallup's Suspect Demographics

And Ann Romney made meatloaf cakes on ‘The Rachel Ray Show' yesterday

Oct 26 Reuters-Ipsos Obama back in lead 47-46, 2 point swing

Storm Doomsayers Alert: Election is not next week

WI Senate Committee on Ag, ELECTIONS and UW System

Shhh... Romney is talking in IA... err, lying, talking, what's the diff?

I need a list of films about groups of women.

Momentum? Bullshit, Mitt. You're boxed into Ohio and you know it.

Candidate Beer Seeing Signs Stolen In Delaware

Thom Hartmann: Hey GOP...We Already have a Bill of Rights!!

Endorsing Social Security Cuts Gives Politicians the “Elite Bonus”

Incompetent Akin campaign dialing numbers in Kansas

a little romantique -- grace jones - i've seen that face before

Hey, sister wants you to know you are REALLY INVITED to Thanksgiving in Pahrump

Democratic poll shows Mourdock trailing by seven

The latest electoral map.......from today's LA Times:

Monster galaxy may have been stirred up by black-hole mischief

I fear for our country if this sociopath Willard wins. The rich monied interests only care about the

Obama in Colorado

On Intrade: Traders Bet That Climate Change Will Melt the Artic

A Sincere "Thank You" to Mitt Romney

Exclusive - Shell seeks Iran sanctions workaround via Cargill grain barter

North Carolina Early voting Data ( Looks very promising)

McCain Dumps On Powell Again: He ‘Got Us Into Iraq’

With GDP growth news today, this post from the Economist is a must-read

IBD Poll O 46.9 (+.2) R 44.6 (-.1)

When You Can Run Against The Rights Of Women, Support Punishing The Poor And Disabled, And Are For

Hal Pen (sp) "... Number of registered young voters up this year..."

We All Know That Ryan Is The Theocracy Candidate. The Fundinutzies Plan To Take Over And Rule The -

Conservatives flip out over Lena Dunham Obama ad

Can someone explain to me how that speech was a "Major Policy Speech"?

If proposals calling for rights for animals are on the table, why not rights for plants?

Miami Herald Endorses Pres.Obama

Miami Herald Endorses President Obama

Mitt’s GDP double standard

Time For Our President To Send Some $$$$$ To Storm Hit VA And MD

On Nov. 6th, my two kids will vote for the first time in their lives.

was Meat Loaf Mitt's October surprise?

Obama is a LIAR (please add air quotes for those who are freaking out)

i'm getting ready for a family voting party

Mitt's disappointed?The latest GDP numbers prove that the U.S. economy isn't slipping into recession

If Romney -- god forbid -- is elected

Time to stop calling them "Conservatives". They're "Regressives".

More Romney Lies & Hypocrisy: Makes Anti-Gov't Speech at Corp. that Got $689,314 in Stimulus Funds:

Hurricane Sandy Could Wreak Major Havoc On City and State: Top Official to Gov. Cuomo Warns

What the M$M isn't reporting...

Nick Fury cracks down.

Interesting election fraud money/influence chart

An urgent question.

Virginia raw data (2012 election decider)

Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Jr, and Meatloaf.

Some people are never satisfied

Swing state

PHOTO: President Obama Briefed On Hurricane Sandy

Florida Gators Fan Spooky Stare

Romney's Jeep *bleep*

Favorite Crock Pot recipes?

Isn't voting for Republicans just an awkward way to reward failure?

Deflecting Incoming Asteroids with Paintballs

"Obama doesn't have an agenda"...

Colbert Makes Counter-offer to Trump

Women Need To Be Scared Of The GOP - They Will Be "Raped" Over The Coals" Politically With ----

This might be photoshopped

More poll gazing... two questions

My suspicions were correct…

Conservative columnist: Benghazi is a good thing because it makes Obama look bad

Joe Donnelly goes ahead of Dick Mourdock in IN by 7%. 47% to 40% in DSCC internal poll.

After 2012, we need to be concentrating on one race in each state.

The Bipartisan Plan for Global Warming: Burn More Carbon...

Civitas Poll of NC: Romney:48% Obama: 47%

Enthusiasm gap. My ass.

This Is A Must Read For Every DUER-Fascinating Stuff

Former PM Berlusconi jailed for tax evasion; meanwhile war criminal Bush walks free

President Obama in Cleveland - October 25th (pics, duw)

Gallup's wild swings are ridiculous with Obama's job numbers

Can Someone Get The Big Vaudeville Hook For Ed Rendell?

Epic Rap Battles of History, Season 2

Republics complain about Obama sign

This just screams "hidden agenda", doesn't it?

Obama Weighs In On Sununu’s Powell Comments

Just heard on WCPT- polls show Duckworth leads Walsh by 10!

ARG poll of Ohio: Obama 49% (+2) Romney 47% (-1) Early Vote +11 Obama

Mitt Romney: How We Have Forgotten that Usury Used to be Considered Despicable

"You'll pay for this, Mom. Trust me, you will."

What early voting states will be affected by the storm?

"I want a Halloween costume that will scare girls..."

A liberal's guide to downballot candidates and referendum issues?

"I want a Halloween costume that will scare girls..."

Hurricane Sandy Weakens Slightly

Purple Poll: 12 "swing" states: Obama 47, Romney 45.

Thom Hartmann: Greeks Universal Healthcare is Dismantled

Chrysler Blog

Ha ! The Romney Clone Army in Nevada (Crowd Photoshopped To Look Larger) ...

Courageous Senator Tim Mathern, ND, challenges Catholic bishop's political letter.

Mittwitt Romnesia:If I pretend to be Obama and say Obama is me ! no one will notice


Courageous ND Senator Tim Mathern challenges Catholic bishop's letter on its use of politics.

Obama's Protecting Himself From Ohio Theft

Courageous ND Senator Tim Mathern challenges Catholic bishop's letter on its use of politics.

Video: We all know it's only ROMNESIA

Siemens Exits Solar, Desertec in Green Portfolio Setback

Why is our democracy broken? ~ The Chevy Volt Corollary

Breakfast Quinoa


Beloved Cyclist "Chuey" Munkanta Beaten Unconscious and Arrested By Police

Cone-shaped solar energy harvester claims to generate over 20 times more electricity

Going to vote and putting my Obama Mama pin in my pocket

The 3 r's.

Court refuses Planned Parenthood appeal in Texas

Can somebody please explain the Right Wing/Faux News obsession with Libya

David Axlerod: Trajectory of Race is Set

Milwaukee County DA responds to Rite-Hite letter to employees regarding HOW TO VOTE!!!

South Dakota bids farewell to former Sen. George McGovern

I hate making phonecalls but this weekend I'm going to see if I can help out in Ohio

Need A Status Check On These Three Repugs & Whether Or Not They Will Retain Their House Seats....

Think Ed Rendell has good judgement? He doesn't.

Tweetable election challenge to go viral...

Looking for a good gift for the science geeks on your shopping list?

WOW!! Romney Campaign Exaggerates Size Of Nevada Event With Altered Image

Just voted early in NYS, two for Dems across the board.

A police incident report that will warm your heart.

I was warned about Huffington Post. . .

Credit Card fraud detection ( Capital One)

Hurricane Sandy: Is Early Voting The Smartest Thing To Do?

Time to Shut Down Early Voting - Santorum and Hannity say it causes "Election Fraud!" - esp Ohio!

I have a question about this.

What the hell happen to the separation of church and state?!!

what would this window sticker mean? just saw (in Va.)

Had to share this pie chart ...

We just had a friend say the most amazing thing to us...

Onw funny tweet about Romney...

I can't read the date on this paper, but I **hope** it was sometime around Halloween ...

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords

10/26/2008 Electoral Map fr polls vs. Election Results vs. 10/26/2012 Electoral Map

Rand Poll: Obama spread up 4.02 points since 3rd debate!

A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians

Just donated to the DCCC, I wasn't going to

Obama Tumblr Posts Picture Of Romney Wearing A Dunce Cap

Timothy Hill: Speaker Beth Harwell Endorsement at Rocky Mount

The Biggest "Huh?" in Gallup's Numbers


What's up with product reviews?

Thom Hartmann: Sensata blows up

Was DU this bad in the two weeks before the 2008 election?

I voted today -- my first presidential vote was for George McGovern in 1972 (RIP)

DU Video | - Timothy Hill: House Speaker Beth Harwell Endorsement at Rocky Mount

David Axelrod Lays Down The Smack On Team Willard

Reading Guide: Where Romney and Obama Stand on the Supreme Court

Is the Internet crashing?

Humane Society comes out for Scott Brown!!!

G.O.P. Split Over Whether to Emphasize Misogyny or Racism

Warning: Making a dream possible -- #trustmatters

Blitzer thinks OH is tied when their poll shows Obama up 50%-46%.

Pay closer attention to Nate's NOW CAST

What the fuck is going on with the Polls and the reporting on them...

Mormonism on Space Travel...Planet Kolob

Mitt Romney: This election will determine 'the lives of our homes'

Were those the dulcet tones of Meatloaf on Martin Bashir?

Siwwy Wabbits

Wealth Distribution: Actual vs. Perceived *and* Desired

CNN Ohio Poll: Obama 50 (-1), Romney 46 (-1)

Meatloaf is the perfect spokesman for Mitt Romney.

Anybody else ever watch "Parking Wars?"

Strong Democratic signs in Shelby, Memphis early vote turnout patterns

Westboro nutjobs picket funeral of Walter Mondale...

CNN Poll: Obama 50%-Romney 46% in Ohio

Just want to say hi.

PPP New Mexico Poll: Obama 53 (+1), Romney 44 (+1)

"I just called President Obama to congratulate him and wish him success..."

Ann Romney makes meat loaf cakes on Rachel Ray show

Man gets 2 years in gun case

"Romney promises ‘big change’ as he launches Ohio swing"

If Roe vs Wade was ever overturned.

I know this is late & may be stale news. . .

Attention HopeHoops! Your special order is now available for pickup in the Lounge Cookie Shop!

Any Trailer Park Boys fans here?

Did anybody see any mention on M$M of Unemployment claims dropping 23,000 & Durable Goods up 9.9%???

Justice Stevens: Second Amendment is ‘no obstacle’ to banning automatic weapons

Did anyone else watch Joe Biden at UW Oshkosh this a.m.?

Unemployment claims down 23,000 and Durable Goods orders surged 9.9%. Any mentions on Corporate-TV?

Evolution Is Changing For Panama Tree Frogs Due To Climate Change

Iranian dissidents win Sakharov Prize

On The Road To Nowhere-Climate Change & Politics

Just curious. . .

Gay GOP volunteer brutally beaten (WI)

Purple Strategy Polls Obama up 47-45, OH by 2, CO by 1 and VA tied

So many news outlets playing the "This is a tight race" card. Will anything change during

Romney campaign modified an image to exaggerate size of crowd

France's lower house passes free abortion bill

Things are looking so good right now

A little late, but good

Slate's Dave Weigel is a fan of "unskewed polls"

why is this a horserace?.....Ad spending on presidential race surpasses $900 million

Sexual Assault happens to males more often than generally known.

Snakes!!! On a motherfucking plane! For real this time!!

Over 200 Posts Now But Never Said "Hello"

The "ROMNMNEY" campaign

Meat Loaf screams, wails 'America the Beautiful' for Mitt Romney (video of meltdown)

Rmoney has already delivered "big changes" - Campaign trail v What he said in the debates

Halloween + Presidential Election = Ben Ginsburg, Esq, Will Return From The Dead

Lesley Gore presents "You Don't Own Me" (Election PSA)

Josh Mandel (Sherrod's Opponent) Wants To Be A Senator (Pathetic Answer on Mourdock, Rape)

3 New Ohio polls today - all 3 show a lead for Obama.

Josh Mandel (Sherrod's Opponent) Wants To Be A Senator (Pathetic Answer on Mourdock, Rape)

More dumb shit: why do I increase the TV volume when I watch a film with subtitles?

I've been doing a series of internet polls ...

Mitt claiming his campaign is gaining.

Has anyone else noticed the milestone?

Quoting Obama, CNN anchor says ‘bullsh*t’ during live broadcast

This will give you a boost of energy...a friend's facebook post

2 votes for Dems today...

Candidate voted twice in same elections, records show

Senator Harry Reid taken to hospital following Motorcade Accident

Senator Harry Reid hospitalized after crash in Las Vegas (UPDATE: In good condition)


Hurricane Sandy may be unprecedented in East Coast storm history

Another Bush legacy: Dying Satellites Could Lead to Shaky Weather Forecasts (NYT)

From the wayback machine, for those who are still wondering about RCP

Next up to go from vinyl to CD...Journey.

Something to consider. Romney is NOW buying up massive air time in States that don't matter.

I'll say it one more time...

Read this if you have paid taxes in S Carolina since 1998.

Maybe a dumb question BUT....

Obama on MTV now

Yes, Really: Romney Surrogate Says Colin Powell Endorsed Obama Because He’s Black

Obama endorses equality in Maine, Maryland and Washington

Just think, if the GOP agenda against women comes to fruition,

State Dept: Texas can’t arrest international election observers

Rasmussen: MASSACHUSETTS - SENATE (Warren +5) Warren (D) 52 Brown (R) 47


How about a little Friday humor?

The jury voted 3 -3 to keep an obvious spambot post.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hospitalized after Las Vegas crash (not life threatening)

Ronald Reagan Made A ‘First Time’ Voting Joke 32 Years Before Lena Dunham Did

Who names hurricanes? I am waiting for Hurrican Brianna or Kaylee or Bella or Kaitlyn or

Don't ever argue with an Irishman..........Why Obama will beat Romney

Progressive political cartoonist kicks Obama in the teeth

Richard Dawkins Visits Christian Anti-self gratification Conference

COMING UP SOON on CNN - The Romney/Meatloaf debacle!

FL VOTERS: Know what's on your ballot before you go

Historical treasures missing from National Archives

Pew: Public prefers Obama on Iran, Arab Spring and foreign policy, but prefers romney on China.

Not having ordered a firearm on-line, could those who have done so please clarify...

CARTOONS: Republican Racism & Our President

Berlusconi sentenced in tax evasion case (Crook finally goes to jail)

Papantonio: Romney Begs Corporate America To Control Worker Voting Habits

UBS Said to Plan 10,000 Job Cuts as Investment Bank Shrinks

remember when Keith Olbermann called the election in 2008?

NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections

*On Matthews show, just now,

I Have Become POLL DEAF

BReaking - Harry Reid is stable in hospital after a car accident -

Graywarrior is diversifying. She's just opened a high-performance auto body shop.

Cat bed. You want this. You KNOW you do. You want it BAD!!!!!!!!!!

(groan) The one question men most absolutely HATE being asked:

Anybody wanna do some shrooms? You got a week or two of free time on your hands?

Li'l MFM quickly learned that the rewards for getting "lost" at Oktoberfest were "dirndl nannies".

You will NEVER party as hard as this, though MiddleFingerMom has come so very, VERY close.


Romney won't talk to press any more, No more interviews, O K then media should ignore him back.

Chicago Tribune endorses....

2016 Copa América in the U.S. (Possibly)

Anybody got current LGBT polling info?

The post-election epiphany of the media....

20 mile bike ride last night through Rmoney's hometown proves interesting.

Man Gets Romney 'R' Tattooed On His Face

'Forward': A New Song and Video in Support of President Obama's Re-Election

Russian leftist Sergei Udaltsov charged with conspiracy

Good News (I think) from early voting West Virginia

" Take Back Halloween" on kickstarter

Not-So-Permanent Permafrost

I voted today.

Does Sandy hurt Obama or Rmoney more?

Martin Bashir - Romney perfecting his ‘Mr. Hide’ routine

When people ask "how are you" the proper response is always "fine"

Because it's about the company you keep

Romney endorsement of Mourdock still playing here in Indiana. nt

Live Polls Show Obama With Bigger Leads In Ohio

Imagine if the $$$ pi$$ed away in Afghanistan/Iraq had been used to build underground power lines

Riddle me this: How can Romney/Ryan claim to be America's Comeback Team? I don't recall...

What will Mitts future be in 2 weeks ...Ronco pitch man?

Martin Bashir - Goggles protect the eyes from Paul Ryan’s deceit

‘He’s OK’; Reid’s motorcade involved in five-vehicle accident

If You Live in a Red State....

RMONEY Loves $$$: Delphi Auto (major Romney investment) buys factories in China after firing 25K US

Funeral Service For Former Sen. George McGovern - C-span

Efforts to mitigate climate change must target energy efficiency


Who's Next on the Kill List? The Disposition Matrix

Nate Silver, the geeky statistician who is singlehandedly dismantling the myth of Mitt-mentum

Martin Bashir - Romney surrogate Sununu sets another race-bait trap with 11 days to go

DAMN!!!! I missed Trump on Letterman last night. anybody see it, or hear about it?

Panic buying starting in Manhattan...

Do these fools know that Hitler was a Nazi, NOT a Communist?

Photoshopping white people?

Germany became the fourth country Thursday to ban sales of flu vaccines made by Swiss pharmaceutical

Unemployed man asks Paul Ryan about jobs, Ryan laughs and offers the man candy

A Fan Letter to Certain Conservative Politicians

Aging Satellite Fleet May Mean Gaps in Storm Forecasts

How do I report a dangerous looking FBpage about President Obama and liberals

Mitt Romney Pledge to Score Political Points off an American Foreign Policy Tragedy (Photo)

Eddie Rabbitt's Kentucky Rain-Our Version...

Wingnut priest organizes RW mob against Nuns on the Bus

Even the RW Detroit News admits that Mitt's *solution* for GM/Chrysler could not have worked

Craigslist Stinks...

Westboro Baptist Church Thought They Were Picketing Walter Mondale's Funeral, Not George McGovern's

Tea Party bumper sticker seen in Chicago today

Upper West Side Stabbings: 2 Children Dead, Nanny Arrested

Even the RW Detroit News admits that Mitt's *solution* for GM/Chrysler was bullshit

Seen this on Twitter...

FivethirtyEight forecast for Obama up again: 74.4%

Good to find that a lever gun still has a place

How to spell Desperation ...

Sooner Poll - Romney drops to (+26) lead in OKLAHOMA

Help! I can't panic about the Election and the Hurricane at the same time!!!

Honest question.

Political yard signs can be a target for vandals

Copy, Print & Hand Deliver to Grandma & Grandpa

Fox News Gets it Right.

*********OFFICIAL "Fuck you Meatloaf, you fuckin' has-been Romney ass-kissing fuck" THREAD*********

RSCC pulling out of Maine as moderate/progressive indy Angus King is poised to win. (YES !)

So if Obama is responsible for Benghazi, does that mean that Bush is responsible for 9/11?

Why is Obama running ads on MSNBC during Sharpton's Politicsnation? Aren't they already Dems?

Sandy to feed off near-record warm waters off the mid-Atlantic coast

Weekend Economists Batten Down the Hatches October 26-28, 2012

What the frack! Meatball abused America the Beautiful??

We are Not Talking About It But Is Obama's Lead In Important States

CNN breaking news for email: 50 -46 for Obama in Ohio

on 538 Obama goes up?

The Road to 270: Romney's Joementum

Have you voted early? If you haven't why not?

This Dress Rocks!

Geoengineering Could Be Essential to Reducing the Risk of Climate Change

Reid Released From Hospital, Experienced ‘Rib And Hip Contusions’

CBS playing this for all it's worth - Schieffer referencing Cook and Rothenberger

Obama: To Get Debt Deal In 2nd Term, ‘I’ll Wash John Boehner’s Car, I’ll Walk Mitch McConnell’s Dog’

We Need Alan Grayson in Congress

Quit freaking out about the polls.

LOL, CNN Can't Count

The momentum behind a misleading narrative

Rally for Charles Darwin Vs. Paul Broun in Athens today

The Milky Way. A comet. A misting waterfall. And a rainbow. All in one photo.

Very disturbing advertisement in a local weekly paper

So, RWNJs are starting this #Benghazi attack on the Prez on Twitter...let's add our voices!

538 74.4% O 295.4O EV Princeton 299 O EV 87.32% chance of winning UVU Forecasting

MITT-BRAGS Re: $410 Million FED$: Long-forgotten tape from 02 MA governors race obtained by ABC News

Teabaggers Look In The Mirror

WOW~ Viriginia Dominion Power said power may be out til election day

Donald Trump just released proof the president was once a Somali pirate

Finally figured it out.

Aggressive pricing, gas prices jump start Nissan Leaf sales

The "Chicago Tribune" endorses President Obama!

Just saw the movie ARGO.....


Jeremy Hunt to open world's first placebo hospital


What should Democrats do about the "fiscal cliff"?

Wanna see a guy lose 100 pounds? Tobin's weekly weigh-in thread.

Intro to another person

Open Letter to Pres.O

New Yorker Fined for Hanging Peace Sign in Window Sues City

Election Night

Obama "Expects" DOMA Will Be Found Unconstitutional

Pres. Obama's new song! (Forward)

Chevron Donates $2.5 Million To GOP Super PAC In Single Largest Corp Donation Post-Citizens United

George Bush created Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy)with his weather machine to suppress voter turnout

Ken 2.0

Darn it, the closer we get to Election Day, the more ants I get in my pants. Somebody

Gay Actor Max von Essen's Blisteringly Truthful Facebook Letter to Friends Supporting Mitt Romney:

‘Anti-Business’ Obama is Best President for Corporate Profits Since 1900

"Up to 40 percent may vote early in election; Obama ahead"

Mitt Romney... the only thing worse than your politics is

Pssssssssssst DUers - Wolf Blitzer is a first rate dunce

MSM and polls

What are the 5 worst things Rmoney will do if elected?

Montgomery (ALABAMA) Advertiser Endorsement: Obama merits second term

Reaction to Romney’s Economic Speech: ‘All About Obama’, ‘Uniformly Negative’

your bumper sticker?

The sarcasm "smily"

Harry Reid could use some good vibes from ASAH

Why is the Gallup Poll so at odds with other polls??

How to Keep Your Jack O’Lantern Looking Dapper Longer

Everyone is feeling the stress of these last few days...I am, too.

Wow Just Wow!

shit's getting real! (pic of Romney in Dunce Cap Posted on Official Obama Tumblr)

Be glad you don't live in Ohio.

I wonder how it skews the polls

Time to MOCK Mitt's new catchphrase: BIG CHANGE. Suggestions?

Your Election Mood

Snopes addresses Ohio voting machine controversy - paper ballots should prevent malfeasance.

procrastination has zapped all my productivity for weeks and months

The only way we can lose this fight is if we give up!

UCI demands Armstrong return $3 million in Tour de France prize money

Thank You John Sununu for Putting Powell's Endorsement of Obama Back Into The News Cycle.

Westboro Baptist Church Thought They Were Picketing Walter Mondale's Funeral, Not George McGovern's

U.S. ECONOMY picks up, Romney!

*********OFFICIAL Disappointed in Meatloaf, but still enjoy his music THREAD*********

Al Gore’s struggling Current TV on the block (for sale)

Why are there all these stupid commercials about what a nice guy Mittens is?

When the Nazis tattooed numbers on Jewish prisoners, it was done as an affront to their religion