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Archives: October 28, 2012

Why the hell is this Ineligi-Bowl on ESPN???

New video for Obama - Tyre, U.S. Naval Veteran: The first Democratic president that I will vote for.

USC {University of Southern Califonia} #9

The Bush Tax Cuts and Iraq War Caused the Deficit:

Thinking about being in the purple zone of Hurricane Sandy

How can this election even be "close"?

WAPO-VA POLL-Obama (D) 51% Romney ($) 47%

Buzzfeed: President Obama's rally in New Hampshire today the largest rally in NH history

Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift Model 87%, Bayesian Prediction 96%

Oct. 26: State Poll Averages Usually Call Election Right

I've got a stock pile of black beans

Toon - Election Movie Marathon!

Has Any MAJOR Newspaper Endorsed Rmoney?

My Dad Made a Good Point

I noticed that Nevada is blue on Chuck Todd's map.

Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden

Only poll keeping PBO from leading nationally is the bullshitter Gallup poll who was off by 7% in 08

DesMoines Register endorses Romney

An appeal to Independent Dog lovers to vote for Obama, think of Bo

Sherrod Brown: 'People who work in diners can't work until they're 70!'

FL absentee ballots... good news!

I never watch Fox news but on election night I will, just to watch them squirm.

Huge turnout today in Hillsborough County, FL.

Mayor says Obama effigy doesn’t belong in central Utah town.

DAMN, I don't know if I can wait another 10 days for this election!

$55 Billion if the NYC Subway floods. Current forecasts have it flooding....

More proof Romney is a liar.

We Should Have Early In-Person Voting Nationwide

To the Romney supporter who vandalized my car by pasting a R/R sticker over my Obama/Biden magnet:

Best 30 seconds of Mitten's Massachusetts taxes and fees! LOL

live sock-puppet

Grabbing a pint with President Obama

Twitter Universe Reacts To Des Moines Register Endorsement

10/27 Update on early voting NC and IA, good news, not great, and possibly great hard numbers.

I find it more patriotic by what it says inside of the hat, than what it says on the outside

If rape's just another form of conception, murder is...

Kitty Calzones

DMR endorsement of Romney: Obama Stimulus Worked; Now We Need Romney To Let Congress Have Its Way

Marco Rubio's daughter hospitalized after accident

I was invited to a house warming as well as a halloween party tonight...

A good sign, I think

About the President being on the Morning Joe show on Monday. I'm speculating of course:

Whats our buffer against WI

Someone stole my Obama yard sign. Went down to the office to

German politician smokes a fat one on live TV

The Colbert Report with Tom Hanks

10 Filthy-Rich, Tax-Dodging Hypocrites Pushing Disastrous Austerity on America

Holy CRAP! Meatloaf?

Sunday Talk Shows

McCain & Kyl Praise Dr. Richard Carmona (D) In New Ad

This is going to be the least watched World Series ever.

Saturday, October 27th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

'I Can't Tell You Who I Voted For': Obama Casts Early Vote on 100% Unverifiable E-Vote System

Anti-Government Economic Orthodoxy

You've Been Trumped (2011)

How do we love you.Let me count the ways! Jon Stewart: The Fetus Club

Call from the RNC

Most of those commenting on the Des Moines Register endorsement are smarter than the editorial board

Obama clings to slim lead in Virginia, according to poll

Is there any way Mittens can win without OH and VA?

"Notes for Remarks to Carleton University – September 5, 2012" by Allan R. Greg

Study: Voucherization Would Destroy Medicare:

The Des Moines Register has it all wrong. Endorses Romney.

The new campaign slogan for Romney and Ryan in 2012

Powell sees Condi Rice in a whole different light

Happy Halloween :)

GOP Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Laments Working Mothers

Obama Administration To Sponsor Nationwide Health Insurance Plans- to Introduce Competition

Obama kicking Romney's ass in Virginia!

Wow! Record Early Voting Turnout In Fla

RCP adds new WAPO poll showing Obama (+4) in VA - now TIED in the Average

Just a reminder

My father is 90 years old.

I hope the people of Iowa write a ton of letters to the DesMoines Register asking...

Meat Loaf -- I Love Mitt Romney, But Can't Vote for Him

Language: "Clinging to a small lead"

Conan O'Brien sends a correspondent to last debate

Absentee ballots may have been destroyed in crash

Convinced my devout Christian, Right Wing, GOP friend to vote for Huntsman

Obama: "I'm surprised it [climate change] didn't come up in one of the debates."

On my Daughter photos page

Republican agenda based on slave days?

New York Times: "Barack Obama for Re-Election"

Momma Tiger makes her own line

Voted for President O. today. It was the only thing that went right.

Are Gallup and most other national polls wrong? Matt Barreto says yes. Must read!

Howard Fineman: DMR endorsement means Obama may lose the race.


Des Moines Register Taken Over by Fox News (updated)

Obama to rally in Cincinnati Halloween, get your tickets online

$500,000 payout to charter principal sparks outrage, call for probe

SHOCKING! Planned Parenthood Patients Receive Fewer Abortions Than General Public

Howard Fineman Goes Off the Deep End

In honor of the University of Oregon's 70-14 victory over Colorado today....

Iowa GOP chair says " newspaper sales must be bad" about DMR endorsement

WTF - Des Moines Reguster endorses Romney?!?

It was all I could do to keep from crying

Oh no I'm scared I just bought gas for $3.17 in Cleveland

Got a tiger by the tail

"Rasmussen and Gallop vs. the Rest" by Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast

Oh, My God. This Rise of the Zombies on Sci-Fi is the worst thing ever!

One On One: Andy Greenberg, Author, “This Machine Kills Secrets”

Springsteen sings support for Obama at rally in Oakland(Pittsburgh)

The Battle of Hill 2525

The 'Angry White Male' and a possible solution.

TYT: Goldman Sachs Director Gets 2 Years in Prison

Howard Fineman -You Are Sounding Like An Ass Clown

"Romney's Other Credibility Problem: Glenn Hubbard" by Charles Ferguson at the Huffington Post

Rate Howard Fineman's Political Acumen

meatloaf in ny

I am a victim and a survivor...

Obama MTV Video (energy issues):

"NC Early Voting Day 9 (Oct 27) : Yes Virginia, Obama Really Can Win NC"

From the animator of The Simpsons: Why Obama Now

Interactive Map of Newspaper Endorsements from Across the Nation

"Obama clings to slim lead in Virginia, according to poll"

Ohio Vote Flipping Petition- Got this in an email.....they were able to pick the locks....

United In Nashua

Anyone got any good ideas what to buy that can be eaten without cooking or opening refrigerator?

Song for the night: tammy wynette stand by your man

Ok what's going on with gas prices? I just got home and

Give Me A Reason to Feel Good About NC!

Comapre and contrast the prose of the Grey Lady's endorsement of the President....

Sandy in Virgnia

Romney/Bain Record of Picking Winners Much Worse Than Obama's

Down goes Florida! DOWN GOES FLORIDA!!

so what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?

NEW AD: "Because food is love, food is life, food is family," VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 37.

The MSM is getting ridiculous

It's that time of year again

Mitt the Drowning Man

I think Mitt Romney should win an Academy Award for best actor in a science fiction movie...

Rattner to Ohio for President Obama

To right-wing bloviators: How can I miss you if you don't go away?

Obama just canceled upcoming campaign events

The career of the best running back in South Carolina history may have ended today.

To show you how stupid the Des Moines Register was earlier: their GOP-caucus endorsement of Romney

Last time Des Moines Register endorsed a Republican...

Where is Rmoney during Hurricane Sandy? Okay, I'll go first

One good reason Democrats should work with Republicans...?

Obama and Dems ‘Absolutely Crushing’ Romney and GOP in Early Voting in Nevada

Washington post poll: obama +4 in VA!

OK the good news about Hurricane Sandy

4 nights to Halloween!! This is for those that likes spooky romance!!!

If your favorite Forum is Meta

A Federal Judge Speaks up about the Tragedy and Shame of our Penal System

I Have A Lil Gift For Lurking Trollls

What do Atheists do for funerals?

Gov. Jan Brewer, shown touring an Amazon warehouse in Phoenix last year.

The last authentic ninja?

Don't Tell me What to Say by Leslie Gore....Get your Rosaries off my Ovaries!

"What America will we pick?" by Eugene Robinson at the WP

Nate Silver

Ann Romney: "Throw out" the American public education system

Howard Feinman gets pushback on Twitter

Look where Romney has his campaign baseball caps made!

If You Live In The Path Of Sandy....You Better Vote Monday...

"Young, drifting but back" the Economist

Record turnouts for early voting lift Obama campaign's hopes in Florida

The final numbers in Florida have the Democrats at a 535,987 Registration advantage

LOl..found out how chimp spends his time nowadays...


10,000 Baby Boomer's a day will retire for the next 19 years. Lets discuss this....

Obama's War on Coal

Landry Jones....

Willard stump speeches are all the dems words - lies for a republican


TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 30: The Projected Image

Learn how to read auras.

AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your alert

Weekend two of GOTV....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 31: Classic Horror

How long before Romney tries to politicize Hurricane Sandy?

Tsunami Warning for AK, British Columbia, US East Coast and US West Coast

In the face of Hurricane Sandy....

Husk-a-doodle doo !

Two sitting presidents...

I have about 10,000 votes locked down. I need 3,000 more to win.

Any mechanically inclined Loungers. Need suggestions for mounting a bike sensor.

Magnitude 7.7 earthquake hits Canada's British Columbia, USGS reports

I need to make something Halloween themed (but not sweet) for a work party...

Hah, I'm officially old I guess!

Heads Up: Rachel Maddow Will Be on MTP Tomorrow

Wanna see something local

Giants kicking butt!

Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign: Wisconsin Becomes The New Ohio

Giants up 3 to 0 !

Tsunami Warning for AK, British Columbia, US East Coast and US West Coast

SNL skewered Mittens and Bain Capital tonight

As any infantryman knows....

Recording to CD a record, "Milwaukee Sampler."

First I've seen..Romney had his paws in the meningitis fiasco when Gov

For Mira, Celebration and other Aiman and Sofia fans

This is absolutely crazy!

"Thunder Trade Harden To Rockets"

"Democrats Showing Momentum in Early Voting" by James Warren at the Daily Beast

5 Reasons Why the Ryan-Romney Economic Plan Would Be A Disaster for America

Buckeyes 9-0!!!

Ken Burch, check in.

Treme -- anybody watching?

Magnitude-7.7 earthquake strikes off western coast of Canada, tsunami warning issued

Finally - 538 update - Nov 6 295.5 Electoral Votes, 73.6% chance.

I can never get anything done the month before each election

I flipped a "probably" Romney voter to Obama tonight

Des Moines Register Endorsement of Romney Makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER

Clint Eastwood is a tool for Romney

What are you worried about this weekend?

Tsunami warning on the west coast; Hurricane/Tropical Storm warnings on the east coast

The Cultists Lose Their Minds After Barack Obama Says Ayn Rand is for Teenagers

Dear Admins: Will there be a name-change amnesty at DU after the election?

A zinger for Facebook (warning: includes the B word)

"Love, Actually" is on. I hate Laura Linney's story arc.

John Sununu’s White Trash Moment

Bad low pressure storm, said to be meeting up with Sandy, washes out highway in northern Ontario.

Obama cancelling campaign stops in CO & VA due to Sandy - Do you agree?

The fashion dictators call this "plus sized?"

Letters to the editor of Des Moines Register: Responses are not solidly

How Accurate Are Some of These Other Election Sites


‘My Party Is Full Of Racists’

Is it wrong?

A 6-Minute Video That Explains The U.S. Economy Better Than The Presidential Candidates Ever Have

Interactive map of storm track/wind + rain likeliehood, by zipcode:

Cost of Bailing Out Fannie and Freddie Expected to Fall Sharply

President Obama Makes a ‘Birther’ Joke During Speech today In N.H.

We are supposed to have a Tsunami heading for Alaska in minutes and


Question for the mothers

Nate Silver: 538 Update is 73.6% for Obama today

Americans for Limited Government is mailing letters to Indiana voters: Updated.

New Peril for Parents: Their Kids' Student Loans

What kind of government do we want??

Sandy's Impact

Hurricane Sandy now added to reasons you can vote in person absentee in Virginia!!!!

What's the deal with panic buyers purchasing huge amounts of eggs and bread?

Bill Hicks- The Elite (Last Performance) - Enjoy.

Hurricane Sandy now added to reasons you can vote in person absentee in Virginia!

Don't know if this cartoon has been posted yet...but lol

Kerrey gains on Fischer as Nebraskans learn re: "her attempts to take land . from elderly neighbors"

Millions Brace For Hurricane Sandy's Wrath

What's the point of buying persihable goods ahead of power issues?

On Facebook, IDF illustrates Palestinian violence - with photo from Bahrain

A Look at Intrade: 63.5% CHANCE of Obama Becoming President

Interesting response to CEO's saying vote for Romney or else

An interesting fact about Reagan that helps defend collective bargaining rights

tsunami sirens going off in Honolulu!!!

What is different about N.H. that makes it more competitive for Dems than the rest of New England?

Picture my daughter took

A Democratic Senate would HAVE to give a President Romney whatever he wanted

Look into the twisted logic of a committed anti-gun advocate.

How personal must a personal attack be to be considered a personal attack?

A DKos canvassing update from Cincinnati.

Tsunami warnings issued for all islands; evacuations begin

U. of Cincinnati/Ohio Poll: TIE: (Obama 49, Romney 49)

How do I get rid of these

Iowa perspective

Does Mitt Romney have an illegitimate son?

Tsunami Warnings Issued for All (Hawaii) Islands; Evacuations Begin

Newtok, Alaska: A Village on the Edge

Initial 7.7 earthquake did show vertical motion, aftershocks did not.

Conservative pollster: Nate Silver is wrong because he is ‘thin and effeminate

About CNN and the MSM

Sweden runs out of garbage, forced to import from Norway

Question about the relationship between OHIO & VIRGINIA

Gloat Free World Series Score (Saturday, October 28)

Huge traffic jams in Hawaii as people evacuate. CBC News. Tsunami warning now just a

Mitt Romney Meets Honest Abe! Abe Does Not Like The New Jeep Ad.

Gnofel (warning: possible trigger warning)

Now I KNOW the Rethugs are truly desperate.

(Update) Is There Really a Difference Between These Two Men? You Decide (Picture/s)

Hurricane Sandy Set to Make History As It Aims at U.S. Coast

Banned from Walmart

Four more years: The Patriot-News endorses Barack Obama

Republican voter suppression scam in WA State

Tracking Storm Sandy LIVE

Excellent Endorsement of President Obama by the Detroit Free Press

The Mainstream Media's Trivial Pursuit of Campaign 2012

FBI Voter Intimidation Hotline

Costco hearing aids

Minors Flee Central American Violence

Here's How Some Texans Are Trying To Ruin Science Books

I had the most frustrating conversation

NYT endorses Obama, says Romney offers dangerous ideas, when he offers any

Watching on Comedy Central "D.L. Hughley: Endangered List" and he is hitting a lot of good topics!

Any one else taking time off work for election day?

From a dot in the Pacific, aloha to all in Sandy's path

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

So between a tsunami heading for Obama's home state, and Sandy threatening blue New England...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pumpkin Kostoom Edition

So. Oregon coast put under tsunami advisory in wake of British Columbia quake

David Letterman - Donald Trump: Ties made in China

SUNDAY'S DOONESBURY: Jimmy Crow One Last Time Before the Election (This is a Pretty Wild One)

The boomerang effect.

GOP is rigging elections

Non Sequitur Toon: Louder = Right

We love the originals, but what are some your favorite song covers?

NJ Senate passes Patrick’s Law; bill would increase animal cruelty penalties

"What climate change?"

TSUNAMI WARNING for HAWAII !?!! 6 foot ... CNN

Holy shit....(Today's Doonesbury)

Not an easy makeover for Allen West

Now we're back on GMT

Why Big Bucks Donors Don't Want President Obama to Champion Social Security

Corporations Cashing in Big Time on Breast Cancer -- 5 Shocking Hypocrisies

Capitol Hill’s Rabid, Ravaging Republicans -- Who Is Electing These People?

Toon- The most frightening ghost of all

India Puts GM Food Crops Under Microscope

Candidates Flee East Coast as Frankenstorm Takes Revenge for their Ignoring Climate Change

Tar Sands South: First US Tar Sands Mine Approved in Utah

The Amazing Atheist's Republican campaign ad

Europe’s Agony Could Become Our Future Under Mitt Romney

Long-range rockets fired from Gaza strike Beersheba, closing schools

Accusations against generals cast dark shadow over Army

List of Swiss Accounts Turns Up the Heat in Greece

Let My People Vote

When will PEW or BLOOMBERG come out with a new poll?

Minnesota Poll: Obama leading, but Romney sees gains

Dusty Springfield You Don't Have To Say You Love

'3 sermons today -- We then march to the polls.'

SPLC Profiles of Extremist Candidates

“how the GOP’s voter suppression laws may have inadvertently cost them Florida“:

Tsunami waves smaller than expected at start in HI

A Nation Armed to the Teeth but Living in Fear

World’s Most Powerful Laser Beams to Zap Nuclear Waste

Do the religious nuts have the weekend off??? Isn't Sandy the Democrats and Obama's fault???

Dear Mrs. Romney, SHUT THE HELL UP

Shades of Iraq in Afghanistan? Problems with shoddy contracting work

Is Ohio tied?

The Guide To Trading Candy

Why Romney has already won this electronic election, unless…

Crap Cod Times

Extreme (OFA Ad)

Open revolt on open carry? Overland Park to reconsider gun law

Forward this

"He came from a modest background"--Raleigh News-Observer endorses Obama

Poll Shows Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks

Study: Allowing Ex-Criminals to Legally Own Guns Drives Up Violence

Wisconsin: The shit that comes out of Glenn Grothman's mouth

Dusty Springfield - YOU DON'T OWN ME

Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorses President Obama

Berlin joins task force to target gun violence

Boston Globe endorsed Liz Warren

My Tolerance Is At An End (RANT)

Marco Rubio not told daughter was in accident until after rally for Romney

Another odd poll surfaces: MINNESOTA (Obama +3) Star Tribune/Mason-Dixon

Early Voting/Good news for Obama.

I'm wondering just how I feel about this . . .

“PROOF: GOP Party Bosses Rigging Elections For Romney“?

Rand Poll-Obama (D) 51% Romney ($) 44%

Some thoughts of 77 yr old white male from the south

I get to see President Clinton and President Obama tomorrow---together...

The Des Moines Register's Practical Joke

Ravitch Blog: How to Lose A Close Election

Virginia polls 10/26/12- WashPost Obama +4 ..Gravis (yes Gravis) TIED

Nasty, bogus poll by right wing Newsmax

David Simmons (Republican) gets eviscerated by League of Women Voters Diedre McNab and Sentinel

According to the bizzarro world of CNN some 4 point leads are a "tie" others an "advantage"?

Returning vets fighting to find work

Amateurs Look At One Look Poll. Professionals Look At All Of Em

Pentagon Withholds $47 Million From Lockheed on F-35

Richard Mourdock, Mitt Romney and the GOP Defense of Coerced Mating

Liberal mega-donors embrace super PACs

If there is no Parole in the Federal System why does DOJ have a Parole Office?

Thanks KBH and John Coryn for going on vacation and not supporting vets

Two Tibetan cousins set themselves on fire in China

Amateurs Look At One Look Poll. Professionals Look At All Of Em

More forest sites infected as ash disease takes hold

"if a woman wasn’t willing to die in childbirth, she shouldn’t have sex."

2nd Scott DesJarlais girlfriend talks

Check out America's tallest Man....

Anonymous Warns Karl Rove Not To Rig Election

Big History theories pose latest challenge to traditional curriculum

I'm pissed that we can't vote early here in VA without a valid reason.

(Republican senatorial candidate Linda) McMahon ("Accidently") misses NAACP event

What Newt Gingrich Can Teach Obama, and America, About Romney

For The We-Built-It-Crowd: Burden for rebuilding infrastructure may fall to states

Imran Khan Detained on US Flight over Anti-Drone Activism

Watching "Greed" on H2.

Boston Globe endorses Elizabeth Warren

Policing Dissent

Jake Young's team treasures memories of hard-wired Texan (10 years ago al-Qaida took him from us)

Detroit Free Press Endorsement: Top reasons to re-elect Obama

Great Sandy Report from "Tropical Tidbits from the Tundra"

Amazing how hard DMR trolled Obama

A little something to run up the temperture of your blood this otherwise happy morning...

World-Herald Poll: Bob Kerrey, Deb Fischer Senate race tightens (US Senate)

tee hee hee...

One huge benefit of the media's pushing the "horse race"..

The New American Job: A Part-Time Life, as Hours Shrink and Shift

Op-ed: Thank Your Grandparents for Equality Surging in Polls

With all the newspaper endorsements out there, CNNs Candy Crowley leads off her interview

Yard Sign Poll - Which Are You Seeing?

Cross-posted from GD, (in case its better suited to over here lol)

The thing on Trump's head has been identified...

What will WIlLIARd Rmoney say in his

Just saw an RR ad w/ women targeted.

Just looked out the window and saw a brief snow Milwaukee!

Looking for a temporary Group Host

Princeton Consortium- Probability of O re-election: Random Drift Model 88%, Bayesian Prediction 96%

Rachel on MTP just schooled Carly F. in regards to Romney on bailout....

I have a very rich white friend that lives in an exclusive neighborhood in Aurora, CO

Dusty Springfield - Can i get a witness {just screams groovey}

Larry King interviews Suze Orman

Flashback 1960's Gloria Steinam

Now that's a storm...

Indianapolis Star endorses Joe Donnelly for U.S. Senate

Kaduna church hit in Nigeria suicide bomb attack

Little "important" tip for the Northeasterners---hurricane prep.

How. do you know if Reince Priebus is lying? If his mouth is moving.

Great discussion on MTP: Maddow, Walker, Kasich, Hickenlooper, Fiorina, Brooks

Black Saturday during the Cuban Missile Crisis, October 27, 1962

When Boston Police Spy on Free Speech, Democracy Suffers

Rasmussen: Romney drops to (+3)

insurers nervous over prospect of romney victory

The new Putin-ism: Nationalism fused with conservative Christianity

Secretive Surveillance Program Goes to the Supreme Court

If you need 270 Electorial Votes to Win, Hasn't our President already won?

Juan Cole: Medley of Grey-Faced Republican Men on Duty of Raped Women to Bear the Child (Video)

Anonymous puts Karl Rove on notice

OK--this is really a fable--not sports--Carolina Blue will overcome red in NC

Forbes: Is Romney Campaign Infringing 'Friday Night Lights' Creator's Trademark?

PORTSMOUTH HERALD (NH) endorses Barack Obama

A Deadly Shooting and the 'HOA Syndrome'

Homestretch Election 2012

An excellent opinnion on Geoengineering

Desperation: Fox Running 24x7 Benghazi Marathon

A 500-Year Revolution of the Rich Against the Poor

Love this pic outside Obama/Springsteen rally in Pittsburgh!!!

World-Herald Poll: Mitt Romney leads in 2nd District (Obama got a single Omaha EC vote 4 years ago)

2 more votes for the President in Tallahassee

HURRICANE SANDY - All bus, subway, rail service suspended in NYC beginning 7 PM tonight

If an election is near, the subject must be provisional ballots - Beacon-Journal editorial

Your cat may be a good indicator that your OCD has gotten out-of-control again.


Stream-of-Consciousness Humor:

Porn Burgers:

MiddleFingerMom STILL feels this way about bubbles. (poss. DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

Darwin's Nightmare

MiddleFingerMom STILL feels this way about "NAKED TIME!!!!!!!!". (poss DIAL-UP WARNING)

Early voting for Obama in Florida is out of the roof

G.O.P. Split Over Whether to Emphasize Misogyny or Racism

Meet The Press.... props up 49-49 Ohio Poll... ignores more recently polling showing Obama ahead.

the truth about romney

Sen. Rubio's daughter injured in accident involving golf cart in Florida

will the real "mitt romney" please stand up

check in if you are going to be in the path of Sandy.

MTA Directed to Move Foreward with System-wide Shutdown (NYC region)

Halloween Deals End Wednesday (MADE in the USA)

will the real flip flopper be exposed

Regarding that Ohio poll showing a tie--just remember

The Revisionairies - a documentary on the text book and culture wars

romney the head line grabber

I Am Not A Grassy Knoll Kind Of Guy.....

So how many cheat watchers are on duty? Vote flipper watchers?

2nd Scott DesJarlais girlfriend talks

DEMOCRAT Amy Bell for Kansas House District 21 > Debate video > State Tax Legislation


suckers will be taken in by "mitt"

mr phoney baloney the new "mitt"

I'm new.

Storm watch. Reports from your county, anyone?

Anyone else just catch that exchange on MH-P on MSNBC?


I Just Hope The MSM & Polls Aren't Just Trying To Prepare Us Into Accepting A Rmoney Stealing .....

Mitt Romney's Tax Returns

(Indiana) Vigo GOP alleges ‘mishandling’ of some absentee ballots

Former Democrats Turn Out to Support Romney

Stephanie Cutter: ‘We Feel Good About Ohio. We Think We’re Going To Win It’

Mc5PLANES sez the ambassador told security concerns "even" to him & "nothing was done." Oh.

Weird Sighting "I Saw A Dead Head Sticker On A Cadillac."

This is a surprise: NE Senate Kerrey (D) within 3-points per Omaha World Herald Poll

Twitter Sunday: Trends

The Corporatization of Higher Education

Given Destruction By Sandy - Are The Repugs Or Dems More Likely To Not Vote?.....

A 500-Year Revolution of the Rich Against the Poor

'The Big Difference' The Short-Attention-Span-Doodled-up Edition

Discussing why Mitt Romney isn't qualified to be President on my show at noon Eastern time today

From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education

My husband worked at the polls (Fl Keys) yesterday.

So tired of the Gore won popular vote, Bush won electoral vote meme

RAND on a six-day rise

Cantor-Powell Debate

Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator Endorses President Obama

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt......

Lawyers gird for possible recounts

Mayor Bloomberg expected to announce evacuation of low-lying areas

Toledo (Ohio) Blade Endorses President Obama

Baseball Writers Association of America elects first woman president

Went to bed last night with a smile on my face due to the Washington Post VA Poll...

Interview with Pennsylvania legislator Babette Josephs

Happy Four Year Anniversary to the True Face of the Republican Party (don't say I didn't warn you)

Romney Auto Bailout Ad Tells Four Myths In 30 Seconds

This explains a lot!

Massive Hurricane Sandy building a huge and destructive storm surge

Commemorating International Religious Freedom Day

Two Brooms hanging out --

In must-win OH and WI, Team Obama needs to keep railing against "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" line.

How do I explain this storm -Sandy-- to my mother-in-law.

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 28, 1985

Religious (Christian) Extremism in America!! Are Charter Schools Next?

LED gadgets for runners, bikers, pets (cats not pictured, not my fault)

Re Sandy: How will the election be effected if Sandy causes Katrina-level destruction?

Cutter: Des Moines Register endorsement not based 'at all in reality '

Why I Am Pro-Life

Raleigh News and Observer endorsement - "Obama Again"

Newt Gingrich Predicts Romney Victory Of 53-47 Percent - so repubs don't need to even bother to vote

18181 votes.

Afghanistan war in new phase -- with no decisive end in sight

Media hypes old poll showing tie in Ohio

and now, a word from mr. mourdock's god

Scary. Very.

so, pukes, you blamed the storm during the rnc on obama. does that mean that sandy is YOUR doing?

anyone see how David Gregory completely cut off Rachel Maddow in mid sentence

Indy Star endorses Donnelly


Hey Mitt Romney: Great Message To Women In Final Week

The Storm and the Election

Has anyone thought of this angle

What Will Happen to Equal Protection Under the Law?

It's a Linda McMahon-a-thon on the Weather Channel in CT

Wouldn't it have been great if the Repubs had been as interested in the 9/11 attacks as they are

Hurricane Sandy Update

Plugged in the landline --wonder how many calls (robocalls) we will get today

BREAKING: Obama Campaign Organizers Trying To Win Election Instead of Get You Yard Signs

"Will" vs "Choice" by David Lauterstein

History Channel to put HITLER in context with "The Story of All of Us"

Sanford Levinson on Ausin's KLRU ACCESS program 1 p.m. (cen) today

People have lost their fucking minds or

Obama cancels campaign events to monitor Hurricane Sandy

GOP Presidents Worst Contributors to Federal Debt

Breaking: Weather Forces Romney to Shift Lying to Other States

Des Moines Register endorses a candidate (romney) who endorses the rapey guy Mourdock. nt

Gingrich on ABC: 'GET OVER IT' Mourdock’s Rape Comments Are What ‘Virtually Every Catholic’ Believes

Okay, which NFL teams are God rooting for today?

Insurers nervous over prospect of a Romney victory

Yeaaaaaa!! Austin American Statesman endorses Sadler over Cruz!!!!!

Anybody else see this on The Ed Show Friday?

My pictures from President Obama's rally in Nashua, NH on October 27 -- Now with real pictures!

The Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed McCain in 2008

Some days it doesn't pay to get up.

Governor Cuomo Directs MTA to Move Forward with System-wide Shutdown

Bishop urges parishioners to vote against candidates who support abortion, gay marriage

So, Reeps, are you saying that Mrs. Duggar is the ideal American woman?

Warning moment of truth breaks out momentarily on network tv the villagers don't no how to react

I finally just told my republican-voting mother...

Paladino puts anti-Obama bumper stickers on rental cars

With 1.6m Floridians having voted, Dems cut GOP absentee vote-lead in half in 1st early vote day

I haven't seen a record like this in decades!

Ohio: ARG +2 O, Purple +2 O, SUSA +3 O, Time +5 O, CNN +4 O...

Current tally of Presidential endorsements by 100 major newspapers puts Obama way ahead:

Queen Ann Points Her Finger at You and Wants to TELL u Something, She Can "She's Been a First Lady"

How the times have changed.. In 1978 my doctor tried to convince me to HAVE an abortion (Kansas)

Showed my 16 y/o daughters' friends my I STAND WITH CINDY Iraq war protest tee...

Talk of a Wind Subsidy ‘Phaseout’

Inside Early Vote Numbers NC: Update by Jeremy Bird

Howard Kurtz raises the issue of the lack of media coverage on Romney's changing positions.

Hurricane hits New York- Animation

Check in, all you early and absentee voters.

Ok - Hurricane irritation from a Floridian

Romney "turned around" Staples ... so why is the Federal Government a customer of Staples?

President Obama in New Hampshire October 27th - pics

How soon before Romney starts pretending to care about Sandy's victims?

While I'm praying (and working) for an Obama victory in both the popular and electoral votes

KETV Omaha - Pottawattamie County sees record early voting

Sandy is a big storm!!!

MORE ID problems in Texas--local reporter had problems, wrote about it


DKos Nevada Early Voting Update, 10/28/12

Ann Romney: "Throw out" the American public education system.

Good News-Too Much To Put In The Thread Title

I hope this mayor of Lansing, Michigan has bigger ambitions.

God condemns this Frankenstorm but

Going to early matinee for "Argo" - anyone already seen it?

How can anyone vote for or endorse the vile republicans?

Kerry states plus Ohio

Is GFS Tracking an Outlier?

Marco Rubio not told daughter was in accident until after rally for Romney

Hey Thomas Peterffy...

Cause for concern: the 7 most alarming Hurricane Sandy images

Rude Boy's Question: Does God have a Penis?

The Steelers throw-back uniforms make them look like escapees from a bumblebee prison

Time Poll :President Obama Up 5 in Ohio

Sandy to Erode Many Atlantic Beaches

Romney's ads in Minnesota

Obama Family Values

Damnit! I just signed my husband's envelope for our mail in ballot *UPDATE #17*

Conservative pollster: Nate Silver is wrong because he is ‘thin and effeminate’

Wall Street makes plans to open Monday even as Sandy bears down

Reuters Poll Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 46%

Now this is weird...

I can no longer see edits...

Aspirin has selective benefit in colorectal cancer

does anyone know of good live streams for Philly?

Reuters Poll-Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 46%

Poll Summaries: 10/28 (Afternoon)

Ann Romney is Now Making Policy, and she Wants to 'Throw Away Our Schools'

Rand/American Life Panel Daily Tracking Poll: Obama 51%, Romney 44% (!)

President Obama just announced live from FEMA about Hurricane Sandy

Nice breakdown of EV: "AP analysis of electoral map"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Re-elect Obama: The made-over Mitt Romney is no alternative (Endorsement)

Fear and loathing in campaign 2012

So if areas are without electricity post storm, what happens to early voting sites

Julia Roberts hatefest going on CNN on story comments area. What is WITH people on the internet?

Romney brought up African country of Mali 3 times in 3rd debate

Indrade trend line has been going up for Obama since June

NV: Eight days of early/mail, voting in the books: Democratic lead in Clark at 44,000

How Fox News created a new culture of idiots

Orchestras Face a Season of Lockouts

If the right is successful in shutting down the postal system, will some rightwing group then

Mysterious firm formed days before $5M donation to super PAC helping conservative candidates

Ohio governor predicts Romney win in key state title

Iowa Early Voting Update 10/28 Dems continue to build a lead

Why does AARP endorses UnitedHealth

NWS project 7-9 FOOT storm surge in Hoboken and Jersey City

So Deb Fischer, (Senate Candidate R Nebraska) does the rapist get visiting rights?

Didn't want you guys to miss this...

VA Poll -Obama (D) 49% -Romney ($) 46%

New England shapes up as Dem firewall for Senate

Let's Prepare Our FB status for

One of the many problems with the right-wing echo chamber...

GOP Now Endorses Hurricane Sandy!

TPM - "How Romney’s Voucher System Could Unravel Medicare" - Ignored By MSM

bwahahahahahaaa... Ohio gov. predicts Romney win as auto politics dominate. he's got 'private polls'

Confiscating the words "Pro-Life" from the women haters. What to ...

Ronald Reagan’s Ambassador to Moscow Endorses Obama

Connecticut could get up to a 10 foot storm surge along the shoreline.

Supreme Court weighs new look at voting rights law

Powell puts pressure on incumbent.

Tampa Bay Times - "Medicare political ad wars between Obama and Romney target Florida seniors"

Ronald Reagan’s Ambassador to Moscow Endorses Obama

Ronald Reagan’s Ambassador to Moscow Endorses Obama

Fraud Alert. Romney's Economic Plan unveiled on Fareed Zakaria GPS

Will Hurricane Sandy Compel Politicians to Prioritize Climate Change?

FINE article about Wayne Powell, challenging eric cantor in VA #7.

Heading home to VA on Ohio turnpike.

Science and religion are united in a shared sense of wonder

On rape, Gingrich says "Get over it."

Sandy: No power means no voting machines. No machines means paper ballots shipped in.

You want cute? You got cute:

First Inductees to National Cyber Security Hall of Fame Unveiled

I haven't found mention of the nuclear power plants in the area the storm is hitting. Anyone have

Obama at 49 percent, Romney 46 percent nine days before election: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Ohio governor claims Romney will win Ohio

An open letter to Dean Chambers of UnSkewedPolls

I cannot TOLERATE that blow-hard fossil, Billy Graham. . .

Mitt Romney: Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado And Flood Victims Is ‘Immoral'

John King is a hack trying to save his paycheck, and CNN is in ratings crisis mode.

We have been told that here in southern Brooklyn that we will get 8-12 foot storm surge.

Great. Just...great.

PIC: Celebrity lookalike for Romney son who gave Obama death stare

Let's Stop Back And See How Robme Is Doing At The Offshore Betting Sites

Obama has 284 votes on

In Obama’s first term, an evolving Christian faith and a more evangelical style


Portsmouth Herald New Hamshire endorsement: President Obama has earned our trust, support

First Inductees to National Cyber Security Hall of Fame Unveiled

So, do you suppose that Sandy will do to Wall Street what the Occupiers

The rich irony: Romney’s many financial ties to Iran

Google creates "crisis map" for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Modern alchemy leaches gold from water

Northern Virginia schools are already closing.

Politics, religion tangled up in lawsuit

Gov. Patrick declares state of emergency in Mass.

There's a wonderful thread with our President. Here's Romney with babies. Pic heavy

With 1.6m Floridians having voted, Dems cut GOP absentee vote-lead in half in 1st early vote day

Help! Need help refuting this bit of stupid.

Charlotte Danielson: For the LIFE of Me I Cannot Understand Why Her....

In the event that I am killed by ninjas or rabid kittehs....


Career ruined but he's not guilty

A must read. The BEST analysis of the stark choices we face this election cycle

Mitt Romney's final push in Cincinnati

What about the EFF-ING TAX RETURNS?

Massive Hurricane Sandy building a huge and destructive storm surge

What's for dinner ~ Sunday Oct 28th

Hello - and apologies for removed post

Three-foot tsunami his Hawaii after big quake in Canada

We love the originals, but what are some of your favorite parody songs?

i donated to the democratic senetorial campaign committee

AP: Obama poised to win the election.

UN - Official Hurricane Sandy prep thread

Payback is a sumbitch

For a hint as to why Tea Baggers unhinged over Libya...

Obama, again - NC Raleigh News Observer endorses President Obama

Judge: Boeing broke labor law at S.C. plant

Walmart Warehouse Strikers Return to Work with Full Back Pay

CA solar plant rains on FOX News' parade; goes online with 22MW thanks to DOE loan

It's been raining here in Central/Western NYS since Friday evening...

Obama making progress in today's Gallup Tracking Poll...

I, for one, welcome DARPA's "Pet-Proto" robot.

Fox News (August 2012) - "Ryan opposed new, Obama-backed disaster aid regime"- Think Romney On FEMA!

(August 2011) - House Republicans Threaten To Hold Emergency Hurricane Relief Money Hostage

Are your dreams as empty as your conscience seems to be?

Trunk or Treat

Lies of Plutocracy: Exploding Five Myths that Dehumanize the Poor

Miami Herald poll: Obama ahead of Romney by 9 Miami-Dade.

Okay, some of my pics from Nashua rally yesterday

President Obama meets with FEMA for a briefing about Hurricane Sandy - pics

A GOTV message courtesy of the AP

The Nation - "GOP Concern for Disaster Preparedness Doesn't Extend Beyond Tampa"

SEAL TEAM SIX: The Raid on Osama bin Laden Airing Sunday, November 4th.

Nate Silver Update for October 28

Sliding van door FAIL.

Email used to accuse White House of Libya "coverup" turns out to have been incorrect - Mother Jones

Kitchen addition! And a neat share agreement.

Just having another one with the boys home in a few....

Nate Silver's Political Calculus ( NYT )

Great Obama sign!!

DAMN! Andrew Sullivan on ABC: Romney wins VA & FL? South's Electoral Map will = Confederate States

Who Would Win A Half Marathon?

3 Ways Our Country Has Changed Since We Elected Obama In 2008

What if Wall Street is flooded out?

What do you think a Republican will say 10 days out

This Super Speedy Clip Will Debunk Anyone Who Says Obama Is A 'Do Nothing President'

Vandals burglarize Unicoi County Democratic Party HQ, steal Obama campaign signs

Let me see if I got this right.

Amtrak Northeast Corridor Services Canceled on Monday, October 29

Just how much better would our economy be if instead of throwing trillions of


Obama to make stop in Las Vegas Thursday

Nate Silver's analysis re: the controversial Ohio poll, indicating a tied race

FR elated over Hurricane Sandy, say it's "blessing" from God helping Romney

Even Fox News Is Outraged Over Montana's NRA-Backed Castle Doctrine Law


Has any Republican ever matched Romney's mendacity?

Are Republicans Worried?

I posted it a link from the Washington

AP Poll: More Americans Believe Obama Is Jewish Rather Than Muslim

Indianapolis Star Endorses Joe Donnelly (D) over Richard Mourdock (wingnut)

Rapists for Romney 2012.

Gingrich Defends Mourdock’s Rape Remarks: ‘Get Over It,’ Obama Is The Real Radical On Abortion


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Hits The Final Presidential Debate

Dave Weigel's head must be exploding.

Richard Mourdock Backed By GOP Leaders Mitch McConnell, John McCain After Rape Remarks

For all those biting their tongues

In light of Sandy, storm surges, rising sea levels, etc.

A storm/gasoline pet peeve. All out of regular.

For all you beaders out there, something fun to bead.

Looks like Florida is still in play

October jobs report will be released this Friday

I saw a woman at an intersection holding a sign on my way to work this afternoon

Grateful Dead is being recorded...

Did You Know That Democratic Underground Has An Election Reform Forum?

Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Obama surge: up 3 points among LVs, up 12 points among RVs

DU newbies from an oldie:

It's not a good idea to drive when you're a douchebag

"Argo" is an excellent film. Go to see it but be prepared to be on the edge of your seat, even

Listened to chip crack on 'CCO today

Frontline got one thing wrong.

Obama Endorsed by La Opinion, Largest Spanish-Language Newspaper in the Country (Des Moines?)

The war on 'We The People'

in an election where climate change has gone unmentioned, we have a hurricane headed for NYC

Quick update on Ohio, from someone who knows...

Weather Forces Romney to Shift Lying to Other States

TNR: A Desperate, Deceptive Gambit for Romney in Ohio

Obama at 49 pct, Romney 46 pct nine days before election: Reuters Poll

Sympathetic Magic

Holy hell! Florida Democrats rock!!!

Some excellent hurricane preparation tips from CNN, I've never considered. Add your own.

Donald Trump is imploding...

Any update on Souls to the Polls?

Analysis: Fiscal cliff could hit economy harder than many expect

Whoa! 1960 photo of Hurricane Donna storm surge around WTC area in NYC(Sandy's predictions worse)

I think Halloween is a better measure of generosity than Christmas -

Vallandigham: a bi-partisan northerner. A copperhead who supported the south during The Civil War

Some Clown On MSNBC Is Talking About A Week Old AP Poll

You can't fake a moment like this. You just cant.

Stock Exchange will be closed on Monday.

What is at stake here. Our nation.

Foreign corps funneling cash to 2012 candidates

Guardian UK: 10 reasons why Hurricane Sandy is not being over-hyped

It's Just a Game to them

I'm afraid Rove and one of his ilk are going to try and screw with the unemployment

MSNBC only reporting MN O+3 poll

jeremy scahill: I've already eaten half of my supplies

Ann Romney: "We need to throw out (public schooling)"

Please conservatives, for the love of God, KEEP TALKING about rape and abortion and Teh Gays and...

The Corporatization of Higher Education

538 Update of Republican Doom

oh, those whacky gay republican super pacs

I'm just going to say it...

US And Israel Indignant As German Parliamentary Delegation Arrives In Iran

You want to know how great the Obama ground game is in NC?

How do yall in the higher latitudes stand it?

I Hate To Be Crass But The Storm Will Give The Pres A Bump In The Polls

If you haven't by now made up your mind for whom to vote you ought to just stay home.

This is a good roasted butternut squash recipe...

Certain Problems Need Socialist Solutions

Liagra! lol

Joss Whedon On Romney

Anyone ever take your dog canvassing?

Prediction: GOP Superpacks will carpetbomb with Benghazi ads

New Poll NH: PPP O-49 R-47

For some perspective, if Obama wins either VA or OH, Romney takes all of the swing states we win.

Phins beat the shit out of the hapless Jets..

Oh yeah, "President-Elect Romney" will be coming to my kid's HS tomorrow.

Just came back from my third time out canvassing here in NH

Romney campaign calls police on Sensata workers trying to deliver a letter.

Kaduna church hit in Nigeria suicide bomb attack

Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 90%, Bayesian Prediction 97%

David Shuster just tweeted this about Gary Johnson being a spoiler for Romney

I have a cousin who just moved to Ft Hamilton in Brooklyn, NY a month or so ago.

In case you missed it, archive of today's episode of "Making Sense with Steve Leser"

"...deep trough over Appalachia..."...."a high pressure system was centered north"

Democrats for Romney. So I'm watching the Sunday Morning Chris Matthews Show on NBC and they show

chuck todd...

Go on offense. Help out Obama-Biden Victory 2012.

2012...From the MANITOBA HERALD, Canada (a very underground paper):

N.J. nuclear plants brace for oncoming storm, rising waters

BUSTED! Tommy Thompson Caught Living Big in DC


Norman Oklahoma City Councilman Against Bullying Proclamation

An informative look at 44,000 "undecided voters"

Chinese Censors Work to Quash Story on Vast Wealth of Prime Minister’s Relatives

An Eye For An Eye, Unless You’re Rich

Obama internals reportedly show Obama +4 in Colorado.

GOTV in SW Pennsylvania

What is the Romney Victory fund? How can it take such large donations? (Up to 75K.)

Just saw on news, Maryland has cancelled their early voting on Monday

WTF! My twitter account was susupended

Any constitutional experts here?

Chris Hayes Verbally Tazes Mitt Romney Advisor On Immigration Reform - video link

Couple accused of having sex on patio of family restaurant

Romney/Ryan are Pro-Family

Wouldn't It Be Priceless If The Pres And Gov. Christie Have To Console Storm Survivors

68 year old man reflects on history and this election

Romney doubles down on misleading Jeep claim Chrysler called ‘fantasies’

You Know Things Aren’t Going Well For “America’s Comeback Team” When:

Andrew Sullivan: Romney ‘like an alien that ripped off his mask’ at debate

I still cant believe republicans got away with starting a financial collapse and sabotaging the

Bachmann’s opponent says she is part of the ‘war on women’

Gravis OHIO Obama 50% Romney 49%


Lawd! I have NEVER seen this from the NWS before:

Some numbers from TENNESSEE: ROMNEY (+25)

GOP Edits Meatloaf Out Of Romney YouTube Video!!

What Grade Would You Give Our President So Far In Handling This Current Storm?

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 8, add ~4,000 more to gains

Mitt Romney took a $10 Million Federal bailout for Bain and never paid it back AND pocketed $4 Mill!

Local NBC station "how Sandy will effect North Texas"

New York Stock Exchange Suspends Physical Floor Trading Due To Hurricane Sandy

Who is expected to win, Marci Blaze or Paul Pacheco?

Connecticut Gov Malloy will sign exec order to extend deadline to register to vote until Nov 1st

IT'S ON!! $20 per EV!! My bet with Dean Chambers of UnSkewedPolls

The feds have closed all DC/Baltimore-area offices in advance of Sandy

Posters that try to justify being offensive jerks need to be watched.

From Twitter: This pic pretty much sums up the entire election: Made in China

PPP has Obama up 51-47 in Ohio.

PPP OH Obama 51 Romney 47, up from 49-48 last week

New Poll Ohio: PPP O-51 R-47

Hey Mitt - you call that a surge? Princeton's site has improving numbers all day for Obama

Protect your lil' Bubs from the GOP....

Obama and Dems 'Absolutely Crushing' Romney and GOP in Early Voting in Nevada

msm narrative..

David Gregory doing some majoring whoring on MSNBC

VIDEO: Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Joss Whedon 'endorses' Romney

Mitt Romney: Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado And Flood Victims Is ‘Immoral,’ ‘Makes No Sense...

Won't Frankenstorm help Obama?

I'm all in!

PA +3, Ohio +5, FL Tied - Pharos Research Group

Romney 2011: Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado And Flood Victims Is ‘Immoral,’

Northeasterners/MidAtlanticans: are you pets doing anything in anticipation of the storm?

White House: Obama will now just do Orlando event & will skip OHIO event with Clinton/Biden

what about the tsunami

Sandy Blows Election off-course

Are there Halloween church sponsored "Hell Houses" around you?

Chuck Berry Praises Obama, Laments Fading Health

At noon Coumo orders the evacuation of 310,000 people from low lying areas and then announces he is

That's President Obama Making History!

Cars have been honking as they pass my house all day

After Four Years, I Am So Proud to Say the Following Words: President Barack Obama.

Donations pouring in for storm relief effort from Romney supporters ...

Watch Christie start criticizing the President for not helping NJ with the storm. Bet money on it.

And it's snowing in Wise, VA.

500 Dead Songbirds in 1 Morning, Over 1 Million Dead in 1 Year, In Toronto, Alone:

TWC Manokin River Maryland just hit flood level...and they expect at least 24 more hours of rain

The Pledge of Allegiance the way the Republicans WISH it was.

Not so fast, Mrs. Romney.

Breaking on CNN... Ohio is now tied!!!

A nausea-inducing business story......

James Taylor Wasn't that a mighty Storm

Once Medicare is Gone, We Will Never Get It Back

QC Times endorses rmoney

I don't give a fuck, this storm should be politicized.

Surges to 2 feet already in New York

This Super Speedy Clip Will Debunk Anyone Who Says Obama Is A 'Do Nothing President'

"Sandy".. What the hell kind of a name for a major storm is "Sandy"?

What's cooking for supper tonight?

PPP Obama up 4 in OH 51-47

As Hurricane Sandy Approaches, Republicans Voted Repeatedly To Slash Disaster Relief Funds

OK, please check in with what you have done/will do for GOTV with where are you are. Here's me:

In 2008, President Obama received 69,456,897 votes...

a response to the "gift from god" pregnancy from one who knows

How many DUers in the storm's path have their old phones that don't need electricity

sandy & storm surge pose worst case secenario

PPP Poll: Obama By 4 Points In Ohio

News Flash: Romney pollster skeptical about winning Nevada

How our “Mainstream” Media Is Tilting the Election towards Romney

Obama to Boulder

Early voting breaks records in New Mexico

Wanna know why some people shouldn't vote?

Romney tv special

Conditions are slowly going down hill here in Brooklyn. The water is slowly spilling over...

The GOP is starting to wave the flag...

Sometimes it's best to just go along with the crowd

Cheap colour test picks up HIV

Home burglary prevention device

Squirrely - diggin' the halloween scene

Joss Whedon video-"endorses" Romney.....too funny!

Boo! Happy (almost) Halloween, grumps!

Just left Mass with a smile.

A Message from The President

Asheboro, NC on 60 Minutes now.

This Machine Kills Secrets: Wikileakers, Hacktivists, and Cipherpunks Are Freeing World Information

Greek Editor Is Arrested After Publishing a List of Swiss Bank Accounts

Self Delete

There s this accepted idea that CNN is more on the side of the GOP...

PPP: Sherrod Brown (+11) in OHIO 53-42

Virginians in 7th District,

Pls. Post your favorite/funniest Halloween pic or toon.

PICS of MD Early voting - 3 hour lines, incredible enthusiasm

Michael Steele on Real Time interprets Mourdock's beliefs as a problem with "branding."

Photo of the storm heading to NYC.

Hurricane Preparedness for Pet Owners (xposted in Pets)

Why would ANY swing state go red?

Has this been posted?

Holy crap!! Local right-wing rag endorses Democrat for House over 7-term Republican

To anyone thinking of -NOT- leaving a mandatory evacuation zone...


Mass transit is shutting down across the entire east coast areas under Sandy's impact.

Obama Extends Narrow Lead Over Mitt Romney (finally from Huff Post)

When does the War on Christmas begin this year?

Forgive my ignorance...

How much does Mitt spend on a haircut?

Childcare costs make work 'hardly worthwhile' for some, says report{uk}

Joss Whedon's endorsement of Mitt Romney

Anyone know Sandy's outlook

So if Romney tries to vote in Massachusetts, will he be arrested? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Eeek. So Sandy is still a few hundred miles out and TWC just showed a crumbling

I think all of us on the East Coast should ride out the hurricane in Meta.

Flooding in Norfolk, VA


Grand Tourism - Les Courants d'Air Feat. Terry Callier

Quality concerns arose before TransCanada pipeline blast

Obama poster Halloween costume found on Reddit (dialup warning)

Ok let's play Sandy politics. Does which counties in trouble are red/blue?

Well, hell. I though it would be a lot busier today.

Good sites to help in reducing waste in the home / office

Hurricane Sandy as 'super storm': Is climate change a factor?

Good sites to help in reducing waste in the home / office

Waterford Township(MI) teen steals Obama campaign signs; mom drives getaway car

We could try "criticism and self-criticism"-United Red Army style

Bad News For Tea Party Favorites

3 nights till Halloween! Tonight, I put a spell on you!