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rightwingers apoplectic over possible jobs report delay

Today is National Cat Day!

A probably stupid question about the crane in New York

In the thick of Sandy right now, and I must give a sentimental shout-out...

100 MPH gust at RFK bridge. 13.5 surge in the battery. East and Hudson rivers rising.n/t

Question ...

OK, I just gotta ask this again:

Powell, Cantor take 7th District fight to the airwaves with new ads.

In Today's Schmuck Quarterback News

Hurricane makes landfall on east coast

Mass Knows Mitt Romney ---where he's behind 20 points

It's always good to remember Mitt Romney's words on FEMA at a time like this

....and let's hear it for the inventor of the Shop-Vac! :)

A Message from The Greatest Generation

Nate S. 538 (down a bit) --- 294.4 - 243.6 --- 75% to 25% --- Nowcast (with link)

Maddow Calls Out Attempts To Whitewash Romney's Opposition To Auto Industry Rescue

Storm Sandy Makes Landfall Along the Coast of Southern New Jersey

Crazy photo of Manhattan flooding.

AGW to Senator Inhofe: "Can you hear me now?"

Hurricane Sandy Could Displace NYC Rats, Spread Infectious Disease

Nate Silver's Update,

First death reported in NYC.

New York authorities confirm that a man has been killed by a falling tree.

North Carolina Early voting Data

Powell, Cantor take 7th District fight to the airwaves with new ads.

Hey, guys - if "Superstorm Sandy" is bearing down on you...

THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT VIDEOS OF THIS ELECTION - And what you can do to spread them

Rmoney to Flood Victim: Go Home and Call 211

THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT VIDEOS OF THIS ELECTION - And what you can do to spread them

Speech by Christie, saying someone told Jersey people not to evacuate. Who?

2 nights till Halloween! Tonight I wish to give the lounge thrill!

Friend from Glastonbury CT reports tornado in her neighborhood. Trees uprooted.

You guys are boring me.

America’s 2011 drug war tally: One marijuana arrest every 42 seconds

Big winds here in Montgomery County, PA. We are near the peak of the winds. nt

Christie and the Mayor of Atlantic City have a political war going on

Bette Davis - she didn't take nothin' from nobody

Weather Channel reporting that floodwaters are building up in the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel AND.....

Vote early! The experience of waiting in line is worth it!

I have to say, Romney is beneath contempt. He just isn't credible on ANYTHING.

Vote early! The experience of waiting in line is worth it!

For laughs!! Dick Morris election day predictions

Sandy Check in thread:

In Pennsylvania, the Democratic Lean Is Slight, but Durable

Spot The Difference In (Non-Partisan) FEMA Management, And Spread It Around.

FINALLY -- Battery Park tide peeks --- 9:31 (LST) @ 13.88 feet --- now, 7.77 @ 12:22 (LST)

Kerrey (D-NE) wants another debate; state Republicans disagree

Rescued HMS Bounty crew member died

Does a big storm dissipate heat

Has anyone else here ever had a White Light dream?

The One Good Thing About New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie's Public Statement Re: Sandy

NY Blackout?

Blackout in Manhattan

Republican Simpson backs Democrat Kerrey in Neb. Senate race

Fox is who I turn to for news but then again I like fiction

White House: President Obama Makes a Statement on Hurricane Sandy (full 6:30 mins, w/subtitles)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Stormy Weather & a new kitty gif

Why I Am Endorsing President Barack Obama - Susan Eisenhower

This story makes me proud

PPP polls of five congressional races (from twitter)

I've been out for a while...where the hell is HillWilliam?

Senator McCaskill's Statement on the Passing of Betty Anne McCaskill

Brooklyn tunnel floods --- CBS NY

More from Governor Self-Reliance

JFK / LaGuardia Airports closed: water on the runway

Nancy Grace: Striving to Be the Dumbest Person on TV (re: power outages)

Poor Lady Liberty (pic from FB)

Love this doodle

Very interesting post over at Newsworks by a man named Martin Jones about the black vote



Birther-Linked Super PAC Runs Islamaphobic Ad Against Michigan Candidate

Fight Back Against the Lies

Con Ed: 250,000 people in Manhattan without power

Support our First Responders – Vote Democratic

Eisenhower endorses Obama

Obama has had to pull away from the Campaign Trail

Up to four feet of seawater is entering subway tunnels under the East River

Jim Graves to debate Michele Bachmann tomorrow

This about says it all (from John Fugelsang)

Pic: Fires sparking in NY subway tunnels

Weather Channel: Substantial amounts of water in PATH train system......

Baby Redbellied Short Necked Turtle

Saw this as the "Now Trending" on Yahoo!

Well this is a first for me...

Broward County At It Again....

NYC Subways Could Be Crippled for Days

Does Anybody Know Why...

NYSE needs a second center that can operate the market when something like this happens

Drunk man arrested after assaulting Obama workers, swore and threw change

Reports that south tip of Manhattan was built on landfills are disturbing - what about the toxics?

Krugman: The war on Nate Silver.

Check in if you are from a swing state with no pending natural disasters.

Help needed for Obama/DFL GOTV in MN

High Wind + Flooding + Power Lines = Power Lines In Water.

HOLY SHIT real photo of the subway flooding.

From NYTimes (don't know if this has been posted already)

The ED Show - Romney called out on Jeep lie

All the Obama ads on my tv in Florida are positive

Ground Zero flooding.

NYSE HIGH AND DRY earlier reports false

My brother lives at a high elevation in central PA.

Water on the runways at LaGuardia......

The GOP Is Systematically Stealing Democracy [Oct. 29]

The Great Unhinged Stay Classy...

Do y'all know who old outfit is, that was old saying I heard as a child.

Lower Manhattan flooding now three blocks inland from East River

Roger Ailes at Fox has already scripted his sock puppets to blame Obama.

I Have Been Busy. Please Update Me By Giving Our President A Grade For His Storm Reponse

Why isn't anybody posting Christmas songs yet?

I love Rachel but why in the hell does she only share 1 poll in each swing state.

Obama is looking presidential while Romney's quote about FEMA is going viral.

FF whistleblower is suing Time Inc for libel.

Have A Suggestion For Romney and Eddie...

Bloomberg: If you see a downed power wire, don't touch it...

New York is going to be a mess for a while.

New poll: Obama up 6 in Nevada, Heller/Berkley is dead heat (IMPORTANT INTERNALS)

CBS has coverage of the hurricane now

WTF? Scott Brown beating Warren?

Explosion at Con Ed substation in Manhattan

What will happen if thousands of people can't vote

I know sandy is serious business,

A few years ago, the History Channel had a show called "Mega Disasters."

Hahahaha..."GOP Storn Tips" on Twitter:

Just want to note the irony of this:

Jerry Jones: "My time is running out"

Water pouring into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (Photo)

Dawn to Dusk: Hurricane Sandy (time lapse images)

Report: Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Industry Could Create 70,000 Jobs, Generate Billions in Revenue

Teaching a old dog new tricks.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Attn: News Media.

Another crane has come loose in Manhattan

Did you see the Romney sticker on the rolled SUV on CBS just now?

Faux "News" begins to blame President Obama for Hurricane Sandy in 3...2...1

So I watch Fox News for about 15 minutes today...

Election chief: Scams, misbehavior mark 2012

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says stay off the roads out of the water

Great Marylander's for Marriage Equality ad

NYC Flooding - Hudson River is flooding West 23d Street up to 10th Avenue n/t

Serious Question re: Nate Silver

Governor Christie, Governor Romney Is On Line #2

Just got polled by Rasmussen and I'm scratching my head.

Turn up the sound

UPDATED: It was an explosion at a ConEd Plant on Lawrence O'Donnell's show

We're all New Yorkers tonight.

Ok ...THIS is an impressive result of storm...gulp

Romney tells uninsured with heart disease: ‘Hey guys. We can’t play the game like that." But...

On CNN-street view. Man, that water is moving fast! nt

Pharos Research: INDIANA - Joe Donnelly (D) 47, Richard Mourdock (R) 46

POTUS to visit University of Akron in Ohio Wednesday.

Video: Transformer explosion in Manhattan

Mike Malloy - Vote For Jesus

Stuffed Jack-o'-lantern bell peppers

What is your favorite insult for right-wingers?

Someone Set My Mind at Ease, PLEASE!

A whole lot of heavily populated coastline, very little information

EXCELLENT Hurricane Coverage

NPR - "On Climate Policy, Romney Walks A Tightrope" - Apologizes For Romney's Denials

Is losing the incandescent light bulbs still a deal-breaker for you (as an energy saving solution)?

reflections of a full moon

Call the Waaaaaaaambulance for the ReTHUGs-Hollywood is trying to swing the vote.

Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren agree final debate should be cancelled (Brown pulls out of debate)

sunset over austin

Arrest made in Texas A&M bomb threat

Right wing watch: America Is Becoming Nazi Germany

NYU Hospital backup generators have failed

TP - "Romney Opposes Fuel Efficiency Standards Actually Moving U.S. Toward Energy Independence"

From Twitter: Coney Island flooded, hospital on fire - Update: FDNY responded, no fire

Pandas keep telling me to slow down.

Greatest risk from climate change

Romney will have a 'storm relief' event in Ohio tomorrow with Richard Petty and some country star.

Yet another surreal rethug experience.

Guess what!? Romney is going to campaign tomorrow after all--in OHIO

Late in the game garbage propaganda appears in Forbes

Environmental Groups Endorse Bob Kerrey & John Ewing in Three Cities on Tuesday

British man sues telemarketers for wasting his time.

Report from Paterson, NJ: Stormy Times.

NY TIMES EDITORIAL: A Big Storm Requires Big Government

Canadians may decide U.S. election

Supreme Court rejects appeal in ‘fetal personhood’ case

Fire reported at Coney Island Hospital; emergency responders unable to reach building (Twitter feed)

Republicans And Trolls Stand For So Many Dark Policies They Deserve -----

South Carolina governor seeks to calm taxpayers after security breach

NPR Poll Finds Presidential Race Too Close To Call

A video to share with "undecided" friends or neighbors or relatives

Alert at Oyster Creek Nuclear plant due to flooding

From Twitter: Alert declared at Oyster Creek nuclear power plant

What worries me most about these types of storms -

Badly needed election/voting reforms

checking in from southern Manhattan

Focus on "The FIVE"

NYT Editorial aimed at Mitt: "A Big Storm Requires Big Government"

Hero mode: activate, that firefighter didn't give a FUCK-Ran right in there balls out, fucking brave

Election Forecast Summaries: 10/29 (evening)

Do You Find It Morally Repugnant That Willard Romney Is Campaigning During A National Emergency

Condolences to Senator Claire McCaskill - she lost her mother today

Free Stuff on the Eastern Shore


Parents are universal

New PSA video by Ohioan Obama activists!!!

10/29 DailyKos Summary Today in early voting: FL, IA, NV, NC and PA

Holy crap! I've been cooking all freaking day! Here is a list...

HMS Bounty

Clinton in Denver on Tuesday (10/30)

I hope everyone at DU now understands why those of us in the path of hurricanes and tropical storms

Evacuations underway all over the city of NY and surrounding areas.

NYU hospital generators failed?

Nation's oldest nuclear plant on alert

I could not log on to the DU for the longest time. Perhaps hurricane Sandy is messing with the

Cars floating in submerged parking garage - photo

Sandy swamps New York (WaPo Slideshow)

Bill Clinton in Minneapolis Tuesday

It will sure be nice next week when R$mney can get back to screwing the American worker...

Floods Across New York as Sandy Slams into Eastern U.S.

10/29/12 One WTC Still Lit

Local New York City Storm Coverage...

What did Rasmussen's polls look like one week before the 2008 and 10 elections

Union thug freeloaders

Scanner feeds of New York area first responders!


What's up in Atlantic City?

A Big Storm Requires Big Government

The Jews of Cuyahoga County

President Romney coordinating Hurricane Response (for GOP states only)

Hurricane Sandy Took the Wall Off a New York City Apartment Building [Video]

I really want to like Linux Mint. However . . .

After 10 + years of this stuff I am reasonably computer literate

Thank You Nurses

I'm in a New York State of Mind.

Who is this Thomas Peterffy guy running these tiresome socialism ads?

Lots of good photos - Sandy

What a day tomorrow will be

"We're counting on Ohio," Romney continued. "I know the people of the Atlantic Coast are counting on


In San Diego, Gay Republican Finds He Can’t Count on Gay and Lesbian Vote

Daily KOS down till further notice. MarKOS just tweeted:

Rockaway Park Queens, has multiple fires at this point.

I hope the backup generators on the nuclear power plants work okay...

Power in Philadelphia area may be out beyond Election Day.

Not Only Is Romney A Fool He Is A Mendacious Fool

NOAA map shows major flooding on Long Island. Only moderate at NY Harbor

#MittStormTips for surviving Sandy

What happens if the NE states aren't ready for the election?

Are we on level "not regular"? The latest page doesn't have lbn on the right like usual

Mean while back at the ranch... 15,451,031 people have voted early. 1,864,891 in Florida alone

EarthCam Times Square is freaking me out. It looks like a zombie movie.

A little night music for everyone back in NY and NJ

Coast Guard photo of the HMS Bounty underwater

The sooner, the better…

What if…

I wonder how he feels about this endorsement…

People need to get their damn priorities straight


Headline on CNN right now: "This is Really Dangerous"

The Freep goes for The Prez

Democrats Hold Early-Voting Advantage Over Republicans

A thread for everyone to post a compilation of links to photo slideshows of Sandy damage

It's getting close to Christmas

All I can say is, if Romney wins this thing

DU's servers and hurricane Sandy

New York City goes dark: HuffPo story, including creepy photo

Obama inexplicably down to 72.9% on fivethirtyeight. Really?

Nation Suddenly Remembers Simple Comforts Of Having Out-Of-Touch White Man Run Country

Tweet of the night re. Sandy and this country.

post from Elad

The Late Show with David Letterman - Donald Trump: Made in China

Romney/Ryan Campaign while NYC suffers from Sandy

Police Beating of OSU Student

*Voter Advocates still needed for Virginia.

Let's all be calm now.............

That Racist Asshole Billy Graham Can Go Fuck Himself

A post from Elad about DU's servers...

They ruined it.

Mitt Romney in June: We don’t need more firefighters; FDNY tonight:

Wow I Have Been Lucky only in the dark for 8 hours!

The wind's going nuts here in Michigan

France eyes 'Google Tax' for French websites

When can we expect the Westboro gang to show up?

Nate Silver addicts NYT has taken down its pay fire wall

Rachel Maddow - Storm effectively ends presidential campaign

Saw this going around the twitter :p

Republican super PAC documents found in meth house.

Staples Sign Kills Toronto Woman As Sandy's Winds Slam Ontario


Hope I heard this right - electricity elections Pennsylvania

Winds up to 50 mph knock out power to 33,000 in metro Detroit

“President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans… And to heal the planet…

Yet another CNN FAIL! False report on Sandy flooding in NYSE

i find it ironic that i haven't heard "October surprise" and "Hurricane Sandy"

With that silly thing called "Accuracy" out the window...

Regarding the election: The Head of FEMA told the Governors the Fed Gov will reimburse them if...

Help Wanted: Architect needed for Sedona, AZ remodel and expansion.

I am a gay man called Sandy. I believe in God. Why?

PBS Frontline: Documents connecting SuperPAC to GOP politicians found in Montana meth lab

Florida early vote totals revised, raising questions

Google Crisis map with power outages & other power outage maps

Chrysler 3rd-quarter profit up 80% to $381 million

Second term president Obama.

Binders Full of Flim-Flam

Apple software chief got fired after refusing to sign a letter apologizing for Maps problems

Chrysler 3rd-quarter profit up 80% to $381 million - Go eff yourself, Mitt Rmoney!

Bill McKibben on Sandy and Climate Change: "If There Was Ever A Wake-up Call, This Is It"

HuffPo: As Governor, Mitt Romney Was Slow To Respond To Disasters In His State, Local Critics Say

Pictures copied from

Detroit Free Press toonmeister Mike Thompson has a Bainport video you gotta see!

am watching iPledge Sunday on Daystar Christian tv

Bill Clinton: Mitt Romney's Jeep-to-China ad is 'biggest load of bull in the world' (VIDEO)

Is down?

Another Consequence of a Romney Victory

Just many of you have known about this..and played it?

4-Alarm Building fire in Queens, 15 buildings involved at Breezy Point

Romney's Storm Tips--Hilarious!!!

"At least 13 people are dead in the U.S. from superstorm Sandy" CNN email update:

Con Ed explosion in NY

My latest Facebook comment concerning racism.


Hi! I’m a rapist. I’m one of those men who likes to force myself on women without their consent.....

I'm Official

Prez is a BadAss

Sandy Hitting Mitt Hard!

This is how Governor Romney responded to Disaster in Mass!

Meteorologist Warns Hurricane Sandy an Outgrowth of Global Warming's Extreme Weather

Fargo Man Shoots Himself by Accident - No Charges

Bolivian journalist Fernando Vidal set alight on air

Ohio - 2012 President - Obama 50%, Romney 46% (JZ Analytics/Newsmax 10/26-10/28)

Patients Evacuated From (New York) City Medical Center After Power Failure

Night moves

We need to start calling it CLIMATE Change!

2012 Hurricane Season moves up the record books

AP PHOTO: Ground Zero Construction Site Flooded in New York City Monday Night

Election Day weather forecasts across pivotal states

(Romney Financial Backer) Sheldon Adelson’s Casino Reaching Deal with Feds on Money-Laundering...

RAND 10/29 O 50.3 R 45.29

'Urabeños' increase control in and around Medellin .

Chad Lee campaign worker Kyle Wood recants story that he was attacked for being gay and Republican

Tomblin declares state of emergency; death reported in Tucker County

Oak Ridge and NVIDIA unveil Titan supercomputer

Poll: Hirono (D) leads Lingle 57 percent (US Senate)

Sandy Fallout: David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon Tape With No Audiences

Huffingtonpost is down

DPS: Policy allowed troopers to fire on suspected smuggler

6 alarm fire now in Breezy Pt., 50+houses, no hydrants and other problems (photo)

Officer surrenders in murder case involving son of Honduras school chief that set off protests

From ABC WNN news just now: A woman escaped from her house

Are huffpost and dailykos down?

A National Guard unit from California

Occupy was right, says Bank of England Executive Director of Financial Stability

Hurricane Sandy: Major Fire in Queens Engulfs 50 Houses

EPIC FAIL: Romney as MA Governor after the 2006 Floods

I think we got lucky here in SE PA....

Even UK is critical about human rights violation in North Korea

Where is Sandy?! I had been tracking the storm on these two sites:

At Least 16 Killed as Superstorm Sandy Devastates US (Knocked Out Power to at Least 6.2 Million)

PA south of Philly

Why isn't Al Gore on the campaign trail for Obama?

Eugene Robinson on Sandy and election

New York City Underwater: A Collection of Shocking Photos of the City Via Twitter...

It's "Buy a Doughnut Day"

Libby, Montana, has single payer health care thanks to Baucus

No Catholic should follow Ayn Rand finally picks up on Jeep story

HELP: Is anyone else having issues trying to access...

Will Pitt is being quoted again on Facebook

US boy appeals prison sentence imposed at age 12

Law governing legal fees unconstitutional, Miami-Dade judge says

Heat to raise banner, then host Celtics in opener

Occupy Protesters Were (Morally & Intellectually) Right, Says Bank of England Official

Maher Warns Voters: If You Elect Romney

Levee break in borough of Moonachie, New Jersey prompts rescue operation for residents - New Jersey

Omaha firm ES&S plans for the worst on Election Day: No power

Rock Hall of Fame damaged by storm

We were up all night - flooding in the basement

Are you listening, RNC?

October Snow at Snowshoe Mountain - Oct 29, 2012

October Snow at Snowshoe Mountain - Oct 29, 2012

Levee breaks in Northern New Jersey, floods three towns

Venezuela’s Mission Robinson Literacy Program at 9 Years

Playing defense in MN and PA or are we safe in OH and VA?

Prepare yourself for the most contentious presidential election in history.

ABC7 New York: Hurricane Sandy: Viewer Photos

How in hell can Scott Brown be ahead? Boston globe poll shows 45-43

The end is nigh.

i dont watch much television.

How is Philly?

I live on the the Gulf Coast, and let me tell you

Leading the way for equal land rights in Bolivia

American Practical Politics

Mika just handed Morning Joe his ass!!

Woke up to another disaster in NY...

Demand a Plan

Hell, I thought "No Single Event Can Be Linked to Climate Change" season was over.....

Rachel Maddow Calls Romney's Jeep Ad A Lie (VIDEO)

Fox & Friends opens at 7:00 "Death and Destruction"

So WilLIARd Rmoney is now telling ReTHUGs to

Breaking on CNN

Campaigns in a Limited Democracy

Atlantic City mayor did tell residents to evacuate.

A test for education

Goldman Sachs headquarters uses sacks of money for sandbags to help prevent flooding.

Greek journalist tell the truth, and police charge them with violating data law?

I am on a Cruise Ship off the East Coast right now.

Levee breaks in Northern New Jersey, floods three towns

A lesson in remembering that Israel could learn from Australia

The Present Day GOP Southern Strategy Is An Extension of Previous Southern Strategies.

Important takeaways from recent NPR poll

Power out at NYC hospital; 200 patients evacuate

Ukraine ruling party wins vote; observers critical

A New Facebook/anti-Obama low. T-shirt: I'd rather shower at Penn State than vote for Obama

Washington Post: 4 Pinocchios for Mitt Romney’s misleading ad on Chrysler and China

The new Jaguar

U.N. urges foreign fishing fleets to halt "ocean grabbing"

does this become the job creator we've been waiting for?

Status report on bus/subway/train damage in NYC

Rockaways Still Burning, 3 Dead Elsewhere in N.Y.C.

Brown/California help to east coast on its way

Brian Sikma and Media Trackers: Natural Born Liars

Google Adds Power Outage Information To Its Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map

Re: DUer Redstone

Wall Street is closed 2nd day in a row due to Sandy. NOW do you think "they"

Ford Posts Better-Than-Expected Q3 Profit

Say What?: ISAF not reponsible for the security of Afghan borders

Time for another protest in Madison. Ann Coulter is coming to town.

Econ4 - Anyone seen this video? Also, "Economists' Statement on Occupy"? Very interesting.

Christie is doing it again -- on Morning Joe.

Remember the WI voter fraud billboards?

We Don't Need FEMA - Romney - RIGHT Corporations Will Do It Better.

If President Obama loses this election...

Gov. Christie on Morning Joe: "The president's been all over this. He deserves great credit."

Is the detritus of the Iraq war harming the babies of Fallujah?

Power or no, Election will go on in Connecticut

Wisconsin Republican reveals he made-up story of his own assault

"Unusual Event" at Oldest US Nuclear Power Plant Upgraded to an "Alert"

Hurricane Sandy, a $4,000 plane ticket and Mitt Romney's America

Romney blames defenceless, oil-rich state of Scotland for Hurricane Sandy

“I’m not going to touch that machine,” the aging farmer told the poll worker. “I want to make sure

I-4 Corridor in Florida - GOTV status

Asshole Joe cut off Christie when he was praising Obama......

BBC to base election night coverage in Springs

Joe still mad at Nate Silver and still insulting Mika this morning.

The possibility of this happening makes me SICK!

Omaha firm ES&S plans for the worst on Election Day: No power

If you've been thru a disaster before...?

If We Remain This Divided Over Time We Will Not Prevail As A Nation

On Morning Joe, everyone agrees what Romney said about FEMA was stupid and the government should

Juan Cole: Syrian Regime flies 60 bombing Raids against Rebel City Quarters

The clouds are still moving east to west, but there is a sliver of blue sky in the distance.

Investment banking will fix hurricane damage, says Romney

Will The GOP Still Believe That We Do Not Need A Federal Government After All Of -----

So Christie does the morning show rounds and a levee has broken inundating a NJ town.

Why are most kids fascinated with turtles?

Juan Cole: Romney Ridiculed ‘Rising of Seas,’ Pledged Deep cuts to FEMA (Videos)

If you need a number, here's one: 97%

Economics question: Given all the wealth that just went poof, or washed into the Atlantic,

Mitt Romney is: Mittdrake the Magician = new Tom Tomorrow

What is the deal with right-wingers and FEMA?

Has anyone seen Christie on Fox this morning touting praise for President Obama?

OMG, did you just hear what Joe Scarborough said!

Methinks we won't be hearing much of the "small government is best" meme for a bit...


Anyone seen the ad by Citizens Against Government Waste...?

Great post on Jeff Masters blog 'comments' this morning

6-14 ft waves anticipated today for L. Michigan: voluntarty evacuations in Kenosha County

Making the case for the 44th President of the United States-Barack Obama...

Media, please show us what Romney's bus is doing to help storm victims, or is it just more bull?.

Apparent insider attack kills 2 NATO troops

Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 91%, Bayesian Prediction 97%

What Shenanigans Will The Portly Pollster Be Up To Today?

Vision evolved 700 million years ago

FEMA, Firefighters, EMS, road crews, transit workers, nurses, etc

Gotta love Chris Christie praising the president

I'm from the Mid-Atlantic region and I have this to say

25 people dead (so far) due to Romney's lax regulation. Business over people.

Chicago area congressional candidates Foster (D) and Biggert (R) differ on immigration issues

The only thing that is "surprising" to me about all of the praise that President Obama is getting

Michael Byers & Stewart Webb on the F-35: The plane that keeps on billing

Op-ed: Who Cares If Ann Coulter Looks Trans?

How The Worst GOP Presidential Candidate In US History Could Be Anywhere Near Close Is A Mystery --

Working class voters: why America's poor are willing to vote Republican -- Gary Younge, Guardian UK

Nature created "barrier islands" as barriers, not resorts.

The Oregonian/Elway Research: OREGON (Obama +6)

American Unions get busy saving people, restoring power, cleaning up the Storm mess.

Mitt Romney has fallen victim to Hurricane Sandy

Myths and lies: consensus economics edition

Joe Scarborough Is Going To Launch His Own Line Of Calculators

Boy, Michigan is sure getting drenched.

Is there anything the Obama campaign should be doing that they are not presently doing??

Sequester This: Of FEMA Budgets and a GOP Mindgame

Romney's lies are like a million brush fires

Let's get to the important stuff first. Has anyone heard from HopeHoops or LynneSin?

Romney's Return of the Project for the New American Century, Which Brought Us the Iraq War

Serious people at work and lots of photos

Albuquerque Journal: NEW MEXICO - SENATE - Heinrich (D) +8; 1ST DISTRICT - Grisham (D) +15

NPR poll

A Big Storm Requires Big Government

Top handicapper: Barack Obama a strong bet for re-election (not Nate Silver)

Speaking of disasters, this is a disgrace!

Poor Pitiful Men: The Martyr Complex of the American Husband

‘Get the guns off the streets!’

Superstorm Sandy’s climate change connection

CNN Is Reporting That Paul Ryan Has An Apron On..

Wow. Even Romney's biggest fans don't know how he would govern.

Did you guys hear David Brooks this morning? Wow!

Just a quick reminder

Think there is no difference between Obama and Rmoney? Here's a handy comparison!

No high court action for now on voting rights law

Japan-Style Nuclear Safety Errors Abound, Regulator Warns

For all DUers with no power

Poll gives Kane big edge in state A.G. race

In Twitter world, Alex Wagner pointed out this op-ed on FEMA, which should go viral.

Rogue pigs in Berlin

A LOT of reading, but over 530 of Romney's lies!!

Not seeing any storm news other than NY and NJ

Romney Channels The Codpiece

I'm an "uncle"! Say hello to Baby Rocco...

The Republican: Elizabeth Warren earns our endorsement for Senate

We are the few, the proud, the felines

I'm on a live town hall call with Rmoney in Florida

Requesting info on cheap bird food

Romney has edge in turnout? Excuse Me??

Rasmussen: Romney remains at (+2) Nationally - Romney 49%, Obama 47%

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Storm

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Stench goes on

OK the opposition talking point of the day is "Communism"

about Christie. Yesterday I smelled the launch of his next campaign.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Where Did Paul Ryan Find Inspiration for 'Reforming' Social Security? A Brutal Military Dictatorship

David Brooks Op-Ed piece in todays NY Times is Bullcrap designed to appeal to waivering Independents

NY MTA: No Timetable for Restoration of Subway Service

Great interactive map that shows different types of damage along the East Coast:

What's the word for a word that has multiple meanings?

Home prices rise for fifth month in a row

And God said

Lower Manhattan and Red Hook Are Overwhelmed


Romney Campaign Training Poll Watchers To Mislead Voters In Wisconsin

"a disaster relief event where Gov. Romney may make brief remarks."

Romney says he will reach across the aisle and work with Democrats...?

You Know What's Really Sad?

Whooo-ooa! Christie with Fox's morning doofuses...

Pollster: Undercounted Cellphone Users Hide Obama's Lead

Allison Janney (CJ from West Wing) talks Planned Parenthood and abortion...

Freeps VILE Conclusions On How Sandy Impacts Election

"Enduring Faith"...

SurveyUSA: FLORIDA (Tie) Obama 47, Romney 47; SENATE - Nelson (+8)

As long as we're posting Zogby/Newsmax polls: Obama up +1 in VA

Iraq's youngest casualties of war

Western Maryland or Eastern West Virginia how are the roads?

Iowa early voting update from Dkos

A Note From My Friend (A Police Officer) To John K-Suck, et al.

All of those posting in despair that Biden is going to Pennsylvania--event canceled.

Uganda: Female genital mutilation practioners surrender tools

Christie praises Obama, doesn’t ‘give a damn’ about Romney photo op

View from the UK of US' industrial advantage due to low cost natural gas

Based On Race?

49ers Dashon Goldson lays out Early Doucet..

Everyone steady the course.

Poll: Presidential Race Tied Up In Florida, Obama Up Big Among Early Voters

ROMNEY Prepping For Sandy

GA appears closer than you would expect +8 Romney per SUSA

SurveyUSA: GEORGIA (Romney +8) Romney 52, Obama 44

NY, NJ and other local news streams? Anyone have links?

Remember McCain during the financial crisis?

Elections Morning Digest: As Nebraska Senate race unexpectedly tightens, Rove rides in

10/30 51.38% O 48.62% R EV 281 O 257 R O Chance of Winning 86.66%

An Oyster in the Storm

People need to be reminded that everyone can be affected by a disaster. If not Sandy, then some

Last night was a perfect example of how compromised my health truly is…

Romney’s lax regulation may have fueled meningitis outbreak

I'm suddenly getting randomly hot-linked word on pages that go to ads and

A lesser political issue, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

would you have been accused of being a witch?

Lot's of head fakes, lots of mind games. It's trash talk at the line of scrimmage...

For great live, local 24 hour NYC, Borough and NJ news go here

Today's Electoral College map

I do not watch live television (commercial talk)

Christie praises Obama, doesn’t ‘give a damn’ about Romney photo op

Nate Silver: Poll prophet

I really wish I could be a cartoonist

Honey harvest 'devastated' by wet summer

Romney’s Jeep-to-China lie earns brutal headlines in Ohio

I love the DU Lounge because..........

If Romney wins

So,...I learned from my neighbors last night that most of them are going to black out their homes on

A Hostile Takeover of Our Country-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Wonderful - pic

The Eye of the Storm That Sees Us All

Josh Marshall Tweet just now calling out reporters on Romney's disguised campaign events.

Booker: Police have reported ZERO looting or crimes of opportunity in Newark...ceaseless kindness..

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 30, 1995

Bloomberg's Sign Language Interpreter: A smile in the storm.

President Clinton to campaign in Minnesota this week.

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Oct 30th

Can We Trust the Polls? Voteamatic

Romney Campaign Training Poll Watchers To Mislead Voters In Wisconsin

Poland accused of creating 'climate of fear' for environmental campaigners

Governor Chris Christie endorses President Obama!

The TP for my Bung Hole just shrunk.

Long-billed vulture numbers recover in Pakistan after diclofenac ban

NY Daily News: Queued ambulances with FEMA labels

Obama/Biden cancel campaign activity-Romney/Ryan continue to campaign

Florida Early Voters Show Up in Huge Numbers Despite Suppression Effort

DNC should coordinate free bus rides to the polls for voters

Feminism 101: The F Word.

Does TV Help Make Americans Passive and Accepting of Authority?

A Message from The Greatest Generation

Hitachi Buys U.K. Nuclear Power Venture (Horizon) for $1.1 Billion

Trolls Must Be Desperate This Morning. They Are Attacking In Waves

Is The Voter Vigilante Group True The Vote Violating Ohio Law to Intimidate Voters at the Polls?

Media should boycott Romney events today...

Storm update from Bloomberg - live starting now 11:01am

I Grew Up in the Kind of Family Beloved By Republicans -- And It Was Hell

Global Climate Change, can we talk about it now?

Mayor Bloombito speaking at presser

We Don’t Know, Exactly, What the Trans-Pacific Partnership Is, But I’m Against It

Did I Miss Something -O Has Moved Up 2.9% In Intrade Since 8:02

Romney Surrogate Reassures Ohio Voters: Roe v. Wade Safe Under Romney

Atlantic City mayor: Christie’s rebukes ‘reprehensible’ and false

The Last Word - Campaign surprise: Hurricane Sandy

Storm aftermath not likely to delay election

New RW nut strategy to pull Mitt out of the crapper on Twitter right now.

Mitt Storm Tips

Cuomo raising alarm about climate change on radio show.

Chris Christie "doesn't give a damn," not interested in photo op with Romney touring storm damage

Just voted in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Mayor Bloomberg: 80 houses in Breezy Point, Queens destroyed by fire

early voting extended through Friday. Now 8:00 am to 9:00 pm

Press badge for today's "storm relief event" in Ohio

How Low Would Pay Go If Minimum Wage Law Were To Be Abolished Like The GOP Wants?

US Supreme Court rejects Okla. Personhood appeal

Resource Thread for Election Home Stretch PLEASE BUMP

Gov. Christie: Obama deserves "great credit" for storm response

Mitt flips on FEMA, now would keep it

We Are All from New Orleans Now: Climate Change, Hurricanes and the Fate of America's Coastal Cities

AP photo of POTUS yesterday- it tugs at my heart strings.

MSNBC showing footage from "Disaster Relief Rally"

My song hits Mitt Romney on tax evasion, Bain, Cayman accounts,

Mitt Romney's 'storm relief events' are all in pivotal swing states

POTUS and Gov. Christie - NJ Gov. Chris Christie had high praise for Pres. Obama this morning

Banner on screen on MSNBC says

Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Closing Con Game

New York's Night of Fear and Chaos

Christie praises Obama, doesn’t ‘give a damn’ about Romney photo op

Campaigning The Day After Sandy Hit the East Coast

Here's A Haunting Picture Of Coney Island Under Water

#ThingsThatOffendObama trending on Twitter

Why is it you are on Maui but, you are in California?

Romney using campaign bus to help storm victims, selling water 50% above cost.

Funny Quote Re:Intrade

New Yorkers Face 3-4 Days Without Full Power, 4-5 Days Without Subway

FDR Drive before and after. Looking better.

I Wouldn't Mind Making Chris Christie Head Of Homeland Security

Krugman: Analysis of publicly available information trumps "insider" Scoops

... Romney .. turning Hurricane relief event into political rally

Republicans are corrupt and vile subhumans

Romney Campaign Training Poll Watchers To Mislead Voters In Wisconsin

NYC: limited bus service restored beginning at 5 PM

FEMA has plenty of money this time

Romney should hold a relief event from himself in Ohio

Go to at the following link

What's the Difference Between a Romney 'Relief Event' and a Regular Campaign Stop?

working out this AM, this song on my iPod captured how this bleeding heart feels these days....

Romney campaign heads explode: Governor Christie tweets to President Obama

The Secret Bridge

Will NY and NJ get worst of Sandy?

Rec this thread if you think the crazy weather of recent times is due to human-caused climate change

Sen. James Inhofe Takes Top Honors in Rubber Dodo Awards

Obama sure looks Presidential doesn't he?

Storm relief rally? Give me a fucking break.

Do You Approve Of Governor Christie's Tacit Endorsement Of President Obama?

Romney now on MSNBC

Salt Water Puts Subway 'in Jeopardy' - Wall Street Journal

Did Governor Cuoma just kinda,sorta elude to global warming?

The odds of an electoral vote/popular vote mismatch probably went up

An Ordinary Story of Extraordinary Bravery, Brought to You by Union Labor (this happened last night)

Anonymous Warns Karl Rove on Rigging the Election

One more week...

Religious group performs mummification rituals in Utah pyramid

I am concerned about how Sandy will effect the elections

Some More Sandy Images

The Churches Opposing Socialism Is An Oxymoron - That Is What Helping The Poor Is -

Thank you Democratic Underground

Texas pastor beaten to death inside church

RED CROSS efforts impeded by Rmoney

DU + Ubuntu 12.04 + MATE + Chromium + AdBlock Plus

Coolest Pumpkin Carvings

Obama is now a net job creator

I Wonder What Ann Coulter Is Saying About Her Crush Tacitly Endorsing President Obama?

Every major paper in Texas has endorsed Paul Sadler for Senate.

Latest Zogby Polls for OH, FL and VA

Saving Your Own Skin

Mitt Romney’s Prosperity Gospel

The 9 Most Anti-Science Candidates in America

What time is the Romney hurricane relief Fail-a-thon?

NV: Republicans have most robust day yet in Clark, still trail by 48,000 voters

Men drove car into joggers for fun. In Rush's home town.

E-mail from Jim Messina: If you'd like to help, please give to the American Red Cross

WTF is going on with Early voting in Florida ....

I keep reading about fuel only costing $1.89 a gallon when Bush left office.

People Who Can't Do Math Are So Mad At Nate Silver

We get "The Storm of the Century" every 2 years now.

An interesting set of circumstances...

Remember when firefighters let a home burn

Chrysler to Romney: Jeep production will not be moved from U.S. to China

Will The Main Stream Press Do The Right Thing And Emphasize Gov. Christie's Tacit Endorsement?

Please donate! To disaster relief programs like this one.

Lake Research Partners: new poll of LV in New Hampshire. Obama maintains solid lead: 47%-42%

Andy Harris is a Maryland repubican Congressman running for reelection. Ads NEVER say (R)

Halloween in the East Coast?

Pastor: Blame Gays for Hurricane Sandy

So Romney collecting relief good? How about he writes a check for $5 million!!

Pic from Romney's despicable photo op event today. Speaks VOLUMES

Quick Reminder How Chris Christie Blocked Prez Obama's Economic Recovery Efforts: absolutely *lethal* new ad attacking the GOP's "War on Women"

Not to be too partisan, but Sandy is killing Romney

When climate change is a Fight for National Existence

The Rude Pundit: A Brief Note on Climate Change in the Wake of the Storm

If anyone still cares about the Tomb of the Unknowns and the Old Guard, they're fine. And on duty.

DSB Brings You Early Good Tithings -Warren (D) 53% Brown ($) 46%

Reporters criticize Romney for turning Hurricane relief event into political rally

We just saved 100.00 last month off our power bill.

Anyone else thinks If Obama wins next week

Video: Chris Christie on Hurricane Sandy response: The president deserves great credit

So, Ann Coulter & Her Pals Want To Play Word Games, Do They? Well, It's Illegal For Idiots To Vote

FOX Exposes It's Priorities (again...(

Breaking News - Christie Becomes A Democrat!!!???

Cross posting this because it links the fungal meningitis outbreak to the Romney and Brown campaigns

Democratic Presidential candidates campaigning 1936-2012 (loads of pictures)

No shame. No shame. No shame. Absolutely no shame: "Romney Expands False Jeep-China Ad Campaign"

Vernon man, four others arrested in gun trafficking case

Sandy Cabs

While Rmoney shamelessly campaigns...

Where can I find the palette for emoticons?

Meghan McCain to GOP after Sandy: Do you still doubt climate change?

I do not believe I am reading flamewars (plural) about a hurricane.

I find Romney "relief efforts" revolting.

Romney's Jeep Ad ... A FAIL MARY PASS!

Jennifer Lopez: Join Latinos for Obama

Romney at "storm relief" event compared the clean up after Sandy to picking up trash

Shashank Tripathi, Last Night’s Twitter Villain

What Would Romney And Ryan Profitize

Yes, seniors in Florida should worry about Medicare

Sandy's record size allowed the historic storm to bring extreme weather to over 100 million

House Republicans Voted Against the Environment More than 300 Times

Sandy sets all-time low pressure records

Suffolk Poll of MA--Obama beating ex-Gov Romney 63-31

Mitt Romney Reminds Me Of The Ghouls Who Arrive At Accident Scenes With Business Cards/eom

Halloween a dilemma for many in faith community

Bubble tea...


A true President is selfless, and you Mitt Romney do not know the meaning of the word.

I Almost Feel Bad For RMoney....

I'm creating a new acronym. "ARF" - Another Romney Flipflop. Now Romney is in favor of FEMA

I wish President Obama had been in office during Katrina...............

Dem Super PAC Launches Kitchen Sink ‘War On Women’ Online Ad Campaign

Cantor counter: Taking on the House Majority Leader

Live Sandy east coast news and info

Flooding at LaGuardia Airport

Everyone in Florida needs to vote NO on all the amendments on the ballot this year!

Obama Up By 3% In OH Trimmed-Mean Estimate

Absentee ballot deadline extended

I never thought I could hate someone worse than GWB

Maine should legalize gay marriage - great editorial in BDN

Well done, MIRT...

Romney's disaster relief experience:

Unmasking Halloween

Former NJ Repub Gov Christine Todd Whitman: "Gov. Romney should just stay quiet for now."

White House: Obama Cancels Wednesday Campaign Events

Romney buying TV time for final two-days of campaign in PA

Men Arrested for Assaulting Parking Attendant After Car Booted

Some things that make you wonder just who an individual is that:

Romney Doesnt Know For Sure Where Sandy Even Went

Cuba's second largest city devastated by Sandy, half of homes lost roofs, 15,400 destroyed

Romney Donates $5 Million of His Personal Fortune to Help Storm Victims

Watching local NYC news is just heartbreaking.

Privatize Disaster Relief, Mittens

What Many Republicans Will Be Saying On November 7th

Flashback: McCain makes major push into Pennsylvania

Andrea Mitchell now talking about how wasteful Romney's "storm relief" donations are.

*Culpeper County Democrats canvassing results

Andrea Mitchell Calling out Romney for impeding Red Cross

Sociopathy report: Romney distributing "aid" only in swing areas

Andrea Mitchell: Red Cross doesn't really want the stuff Romney collected because

The Way McCain Can Still Win the Presidential Election

Folks, a con man has a shot at being President. I dont think he is going to win but...

So Mitch is collecting canned goods in Ohio that he plans to give to the Red Cross . . . . .

Gov. Chris Christie Praises and Hugs Obama!

DOD says 7,400 National Guard troops working along the Atlantic coast...

What are your kids for Halloween?

Lake Michigan webcams.

Low-tech election solutions for Counties without power.

A Dedication to our Extraordinary President

Re:Powell/Cantor polls, Culpeper County Democrats canvassing results

Noon update on transit damage in NYC


DU ACTION ALERT: Disaster Assistance Employees (FEMA) Need Your Help!!! (Petition -- they work!)

Netanyahu Says Strike On Iran Would Be Good For Arabs

Poll Trutherism -- Right-wing Insanity

Princeton Consortium-Probability of Obama re-election: Random Drift 92%, Bayesian Prediction 98%

Heard on MSNBC: Bill Clinton writing rebuttal to Des Moines Register's endorsement of Mitt Romney

As of October 30, 12:01PM EDT:

Lates polls show Obama up +3 and +4 in Ohio

Maddow blog

Haha! Yet ANOTHER scenario: Garland: Joe Biden, our next President?

Palestinians Lobby For Convincing Win In U.N. Vote

It's me again...asking for your help in kicking a thread:

Is this a joke, Brownie?

I saw Bill Clinton today

EXPLOSIVE: Romney's Private Promises to the Log Cabin Republicans

Governor Christy tells FOX crew I don't give a DAMN!!! about Romney coming to NJ

Can't even respond my own "Greatest" thread?

Chris Christie is a fucking bully!

Anything to this? Tax Expert Smells A Rat in Romney's Taxes:

The REAL RECOVERY is on the way, you Fucking Peasants

Thank you to all who encouraged me to take my kitten to the vets last week

As governor, Mitt Romney failed Massachusetts when disaster struck

Tea Party leaders declare war on the "Do Nothing" Congress...

VR Offers $1 Million Reward for Evidence of Election Fraud

VR Offers $1 Million Reward for Evidence of Election Fraud

U.S. Police Arrest Someone For Marijuana Every 42 Seconds

I think we may be witnessing the demise of the GOP

Why Democrats Are Right to Politicize Sandy

Hated how MJ treated Mika this morning. Obnoxious.

I read an article on the guy running Romney's campaign..

Aerial video of NJ.

Uncle Mike and the DOE Celebrate Failure

Spanish judge indicts 7 for UN diplomat's slaying

OMG! Romney considering Texas AG Greg Abott for EPA administrator

Spanish judge indicts 7 for UN diplomat's slaying

Massachusetts Senate 2012 poll: Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown by 7

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 10. Dems lead 49,559, add 850 to gains

US election restricts voters

Oasis of tolerance or 'Republic of Shame'? Two faces of gay life in Beirut

Mitt Romney Vetoed Flood Prep Funding In 2004, Blamed For Subsequent Flooding ~ Huffpo

Sandy has ended the 2012 campaign.

So, Mitt is running a canned food drive. Is he running for President of the PTA?

Anyone remember this guy?

List of Relief Supplies Collected by Romney Campaign:

What's so astounding to me is that Rmoney is so immoral, so lying and so lacking any intergrity

Pic Of The Moment: The Day Before Sandy

Man, you can't make this shit up!! And this is NOT from the Onion. Heckuva job Brownie!!

Is this a legitimate storm or is this just god's will?

Diplomat: Texas Agents Should Have Seen People

GOTV in Florida (FL), Dems increase lead by 1% & 31,100 votes

How much Halloween candy do you end up eating yourself??

Judge: Georgia company must pay foreign workers $11.8 million

Since Sandy began to threaten, I have received NO campaign solicitations from Obama.

Breaking News: Romney’s lax regulation of Mass. company may have fueled meningitis outbreak

New PSA video by Ohioan Obama activists! The Buckeye State is gonna Buck Romney Up!!!

GOTV in Iowa (IA) 10/30/12, Dems lead Reps 55% to 45%

Does everything have to be political?

The Romneybots are rabbid

PPP National Poll O 48(+1) Romney 48(+1)

GOTV Colorado (CO), Reps lead in EV, maybe not?

4 robbers killed by Ind. store clerks in last 6 weeks

NV: Democrats up 8% in early voting.

Repugs against FEMA:

Today's my birthday. Guess what I just gave myself?

Chucky the Toad on MSNBC is saying Obama is "using" the Red Cross as a backdrop to make

In Mitt Romney's America - what Hurricane Sandy cleanup would look like

Anyone on DU from Ohio I'm wondering how that lie Romney is telling about Jeep is playing

NYT's Justin Levitt: The Danger of Voter Fraud Vigilantes

Romney compared Sandy cleanup to the time he helped cleanup a football field

Hey Mitt! About that deal Obama made to sell Chrysler to the Italians.

Romney's Jeep Lie Outdoes Richard Nixon in the Mendacity Department

CAPTION: Mitt & Ann

Elizabeth Warren's Sandy email is so sweet

Imagine if: Following WKRP's Turkey Drop episode Romney Campaign Plane to Drop Canned Food...

I don't want to offend anyone, but I do want to say something.

Guatemala: Peaceful Resistance in the Face of Violence

Claudene Christian was grx5 granddaughter of Fletcher Christian, who commanded the Bounty in 1789

West Virginia Turnpike 30 October 2012

Grr....I hate project managers.

After Sandy, Bill Clinton rails against Romney on global warming

WI nuke plant to close: Low Cost of Nat Gas cited

Mitt Romney refuses to answer whether he'd eliminate FEMA

Inside the early vote numbers amoung African Americans

Today reporters repeatedly asked Romney about his position on FEMA

Caption this Romney canned food drive pic

Tameron Hall just did it again

Miami-Dade County wait times. Bookmark this page

What is "internal polling"?

I had a lady tell me that we have to respect what God is doing on

Trump hits a new low after Sandy

How dumb does someone have to be to believe Limbaugh?

Race is tied, but most think Obama will win: Reuters/Ipsos poll

This Is What Romnesia Looks Like

I have run the EV vote simulation 100 times

A possible good outcome of Sandy

The Prez on CNN at Red Cross HQ looking presidential. Love him.

It is so obvious Romney is in "prevent defense" mode!

we need to have massive dem turn out

Climate Change and Sandy: Why We Need to Prepare for a Warmer World

Wow! Tea Bagger Craig Huey's Ad Pops Up at Top of My DU Screen

President speaking now on MSNBC

President Obama will be touring NJ with Chris Christie tomorrow

Obama hasn't shaved - on the teevee now at the Red Cross - over now

This cat looks like Ann Romney

Yes We Plan

President in news conference just told people to contribute to Red Cross, which would know

Polish rape victim 'should have had abortion access'

While Romney shamelessly campaigns…..

The Toad n/t :(

Do you think that the majority of people who attend Rmoney's rallies are from the local LDS stakes?

What can I do?

Swiss magazine censured over Roma boy cover

Rape in the military: exposing the shocking truth

30 dead; Monster Storm Leaves U.S. East Coast Crippled (8.2 Million w/out Power)

Weather Forces Romney to Shift Lying to Other States as revealed by Andy Borowitz

My wife has a Mormon friend who backs Obama.

Obama will be in NJ tomorrow

Polish presidential plane wreckage contains 'high-energy materials'

Well it didn't take long

Gallup claims Romney is winning early vote

"Governor, You've Been Asked 14 Times...Why Are You Refusing To Answer The Question?"

Took a friend who's new to town to vote today in NC. She'd never voted early before.

Police official says she sought felony charges in videotaped beating

Rasmussen, SurveyUSA and PPP polls exclude cell phones (because they are robopolls) and are biased

The House races, specifically: Any possible way we're going to get a majority there?

Obama to visit New Jersey tomorrow with Christie


Papantonio: Romney Believes FEMA Aid “Immoral”

Romney on FEMA (June, 2011)

Another gem posted by my aunt on FB

Governor Romney After the (2006) Flood: Not Good

Like this: Charnin Election Model: Obama has 306 expected EV; 97% win probability

*Wayne will be interviewed by NBC12's political reporter

The "112 year old voters in North Carolina" voter fraud myth perpetuated by the right.

Voter Guide 2012: Obama vs. Romney on the Issues

Top Southern Baptist official breaks pledge, endorses Romney

*cantor challenger Wayne Powell interviewed by political reporter

Bush’s FEMA Director During Katrina Criticizes Obama For Responding To Sandy Too Quickly

Heston Blumenthal unveils new use for a tampon – as a palate cleanser

Chris Christie is kicking off his 2016 Presidential campaign.

If a woman and a man from two feuding families elope, do they bear some responsibility for the

Obama asks for people to donate to Red Cross

Dear Poll Worriers: Unless You See A Drastic Reversal In Nate Silver's Numbers, Chill The Fuck Out

Fuck you.

Election Forecast Summaries: 10/30 (afternoon)

For advocates of using, and perpetuating, hate speech ~

Someone needs to follow that Romney "relief bus."

Gallup says that Romney is headed for landslide victory anyway, so who cares what their EV poll says

Even the Redcross know Romney is out of touch..

BROWNIE: President Obama may have acted too quickly on Hurricane Sandy this week.

Did Rep Buck McKeon (R) force local radio station to fire reporters?

A Message From The Greatest Generation

CNN: For Swing Voters, Hurricane Sandy A Stark Reminder That Obama Lost First Debate

Republican: “Alan Grayson’s Negatives Are Higher Than Hitler’s”

Nasty US election campaign tactics emerge

Pharos Research Group Polls Likely Are Fake

Raped 14 year old denied Abortion

Just curious, seeing Obama tv ads and now Romney ads in Indiana...

Sandy: "We should wait until we know what's going on." - Benghazi: "WTF ZOMG WHY U WAIT SO LONG"

Hey Brownie, how's this for a measure of success? 30 deaths versus A THOUSAND.

Any Bob Marley fans here?

Shepard Smith, "there's a silver lining..."

A message from Maryland Governor O'Malley on the Storm aftermath and Early Voting

Lower costs lure U.S. college students to Canada, UK

Some douche just stole my Obama sign...oddly the 2 Romney signs from my neighbors are still there...

Does anyone here report cars they see with expired registration or inspection?

Should voting times be changed?

My recipe for Welsh Rarebit...

President Obama visits the Disaster Operation Center of the Red Cross - pics

what romney believes

Winning Without Ohio 10/30 Update

WFT is wrong with these people? I hope there is some charge that can be brought against him.

The Romney Campaign Has Just Contacted The FAA...

Why would anyone vote for Romney? I just don't get it.

Ezra Klein: The Nate Silver Backlash

Anyone ever heard of this social media site TTWICK

Disney to Buy Lucasfilm in Deal Worth Over $4 Billion

Obama Tells Storm Victims, 'America Is With You'

Good New Yorker story on Gallup history (they have manipulated polls before)

Who the hell gathers canned goods for Hurricane relief???!!!

Mitt Romney campaigns at at Storm Relief Event in Ohio - pics

GOTV in Louisiana (LA) 10/30/12, Dems lead Reps 3 to 2 in EV

Hello, I'm an Okie in a blood red state and I'm proud to be a Liberal Democrat!

Big Dollar GOP Donors Funded Voter Intimidation Billboards

Another Romney campaign altercation

Mitt Romney's voodoo spending cuts (how's 40% cuts to domestic programs sound?)

Is Romney costing Jeep business?

Video of my favorite place, long beach island, devastated

Next week when Mittens loses, he and Ann can put those canned goods

Romney's "Closing Argument" to sway Undecided Voters

Orange County FL (I-4 corridor) early voting to date

Romney looked like a preacher collecting for a fund drive on Wed. night prayer meeting.

Wingnuts May Not Believe in Climate Change, But Insurance Companies Sure Do

This Is How a FEMAless World Would Look

The Nate Silver Backlash by Ezra Klein

A rant on voting for 3rd party candidates

What do you call it when a pollster floods us with misleading & inaccurate polls?

About those saying that "Romeny has already lost", "the election is over"...

Freaks is on TCM tonight. Should I watch it?

Found on FB - pic

So What Has Willard Donated To The Hurricane Relief Effort??

Message to Sununu the Hut

Bush photo-ops the day of and after Katrina

Psst, snarky New York based writers....

Worried about the 'Fiscal Cliff'? Oh, then you are a Keynesian.

Romney 2016

Star Tribune/Mason-Dixon: MINNESOTA - SENATE (Klobuchar +43)

It's donation time (but to whom) Romney Rolling in the Money

Seriously is he Presidential or what?

Thoughts on jeep Ad...

Freeper heads exploding over Christie's praise of Obama's leadership, Hilarious meltdown ensues!

11/6, 11:45 PM EST, CNN: Mitt Romney surges into stunning second place victory.

Saw a twitter that the Red Cross needs blood donations because

Texas drilling company behind Super PAC supporting Tipton

Okay, seriously, why do people insist on the "let's nuke a hurricane" idea?

George Lakoff: Progressives need to frame issues in terms of moral values

Wow, this isn't good. On day of storm, FEMA director obsessing about his appearance

WHOAAA! Disney to acquire Lucasfilm - Episode 7 by 2015!

I Support Obama More This Year than 4 YEars ago , anyone else ?

Obama is doing a great job today, as both executive and politician

Probably the most disruptive types of posts on DU aren't trolls, but something else

Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard to Penn State: I'm sex abuse poster child

If I can vote out here, what's stopping you?

PPP/KOS weekly poll tied up 49-49 Obama big lead with early voters

Everyone is Different

Welcome to the 6th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Mason-Dixon: NORTH DAKOTA - SENATE - Berg (R) 47, Heitkamp (D) 45

The Official DU Post your sentiments to Michael Brown here thread

After Romney's awesome canned-food drive, he's putting together his council on fitness...

Congressman's home in Queens burns down

Remembering Some of Romney's Memorable Moments

Disney is going to make Star Wars 7??!!??

Outside Groups Outspend Candidates in 26 House Races

Obama a polarizing figure? His deficit plan is closer (than Rmoney's) to what CEOs favor

Listening to the Sound of Big Government at Work:

President Obama shows class in praising Gov Christie

Something about partisanship...

Romney's Game Show Phonyness was especially evident in his remarks today

San Francisco Embarcadero by Ferry building blocked bomb threat.

The political media is being Moneyballed, and it doesn't like it

Bankrolling Climate Change: Study Shows Banking Sector Major Source of Climate Disruption

Seriously Rmoney is really clueless about disasters

Anyone know what's going on with Americablog? They're down.

Re:Powell/Cantor polls, Culpeper County Democrats canvassing results

Michael "Heckuva Job" Brownie criticzes Obama's Response to Hurricane Sandy (NOT FROM THE ONION)


wow! Shot of the HMS Bounty going down.

More Awful Deeds by Romney in Massachusetts:

It's incredible to think that a canned food drive can cope with a massive natural disaster

GOTV in North Carolina (NC) 10/30/12. Dems lead Reps > 3 to 2

I can't find any recent updates about the damage crane in NYC. Has anyone heard

Do you ever get the evil, unworthy, fleeting thought that you'd almost like Willard to win just so

McCain is a loser douchebag, rips on Obama at Romney event

MA Senate Suffolk Poll - Warren 53 Brown 46

Another thing about Romney's lying "Jeep" ad.

Atlantic City mayor on Gov. Christie's rebuke: 'Misinformed and ill-advised'

Somebody invested in roads and bridges...

GOTV in Maine (ME) 10/29/12. Dems lead Reps 3 to 2

Remember - Then and Now

It really works, last night I placed a soaked letter into the freezer.

I Survived The Storm Of The Century & Would Like To Personally Thank...

Absolutely agree. A race to the top or the bottom.

The worst damage to the subway system in over 100 years

Romney’s ‘disaster relief’ looks a lot like a campaign rally

“New Public Option” Not a Public Option

Chris Rock tweet

Fuck Chuck Toad & Donate to Red Cross


Retailers Capitalize on Hurricane Sandy Way Too Soon.

Mitt Romney's craven and pititful

Joan Walsh: Mitt Romney, the hollow man

Looks like the Gawker website is down. Great that our DU servers prevailed!1 n/t

Ewing (D-NE 02) gets TV ad help from Democratic PAC

Obama Will View Hurricane Damage in New Jersey with Gov. Christie

Five GOP lawmakers settle lawsuit with groups seeking ALEC emails (WI's fight against ALEC)

Stunning pictures of NY flooding

Five GOP lawmakers settle lawsuit with groups seeking ALEC emails

Fineman says on

Mitt Romney says we should turn over the FEMA function to the Private sector... what more vouchers??

A Good Way for Broke Folks to Help: Donate Blood.

Honest question... Does Christie want Romney to win on Tuesday?

Okay, if Star Wars 7 is going to happen, here's how to do it RIGHT:

Gov Christie: Sorry, Mitt, no photo-op Today

ABC News/Wash Post - (Romney +1) again, but Obama at 50% Approval

So the firefighters are being thanked for no lives being lost when all of 80-100 homes

Tall ship captain shelters from Sandy, questions actions of Bounty captain.

PPP makes an important point about North Carolina

More Romney lies piss off GM and Chrysler. Now both say enough of this shit and fire back!

If Obama wins this thing...

Union Thug Freeloaders

One Term More

Say hello to leadership, GOP mouth-breathers.

From the Didn't-Read-the Memo Dept.: McCain rips POTUS at a "storm relief event

Feeling eerily calm...

Get this: news on the mystical journey of the Romney donation bus

In honor of Fox's superior global warming coverage

We really have to praise Mitt Romney for organizing that Ohio relief rally today...

Hopefully, by seven days and six and a half hours from now, the President will win reelection

Dear Republicans: Is this REALLY the best you can do?

Rmoney's photo-op in Ohio: Tone Deafness or just Desperation?

Marathon Officials Determining Storm’s Effect on Race

Mitt Romney Jokes About The Rising Oceans And Climate Change

The Chinese offered $450M for A123 Batteries two months ago - 3X the amount of their fed grants

Stuck Staten Island residents ask local leaders for rescue

Sandy Unlikley to Impact the Electrol Vote

My DH just got polled by RomneyforPresident LLC

They are not campaign stops but "Romney Relief Rallies.*"

The first republican to say nice things to Obama does not mean marriage

Now we know how Pres. Romney would deal with disasters

Hey Mitt, I just got back from the grocery here in NYC

Can we turn food cans into our purple bandaids?

Does anyone know how to get "the letter" from an insurance company?

If only Romney had something USEFUL that he could donate for hurricane relief

Haul from Romney's "Storm Relief"

You better wear your seatbelt in Seminole County Florida--or.....

A disappointing 2-4 to keep post

Romney's Insanely Dishonest Auto Bailout Defense (Jon Chait)

The numbers are improving and look very nice at the Princeton site

Bloomberg press conference on now

'The bro and his ho' bumper sticker left at Democratic headquarters

Celebrating Ellen DeGeneres (The 2012 Mark Twain Prize)

More r0mney fail: "As governor, Mitt Romney failed Massachusetts when disaster struck"

Robert Reich: Romney's Latest Lie, His Former Lies, and Why We Must Not Put Liars in the White House

I Have Been Out. What New Polls Pushed Professor Wang's Meta Margin To 2.30

2011 Study: Most Political Pundits Less Accurate than a Coin Toss

It's amazing to see humanity in Chris Christie when he's not being an asshole


Hi everyone!

"How can anyone who has ever worked for someone else vote Republican? "

The gift that keeps on giving!!!!!

I'm hiding out at the only house within 25 miles that has electricity.

DU dog people, advice please.

Think about it this way - Christie doesn't want Romney to win

Romney Campaign Plays Convention Video At ‘Non-Political’ Storm Relief Event in Ohio

Predict Barack Obama's Nat'l Poll Bump When He Tours Storm Damage With Governor Christie

We just had a little earthquake here.

Martin Bashir - Obama, Romney at public events as Sandy stirs conversation about government role

How would Mitt Romney handle it?

Christian and atheist soldiers both pay the ultimate price

Al Sharpton just ran a video of Romney earlier today ...

Romney strategist's shady past clients revealed (Stuart Stevens)

Martin Bashir - Rep. Maloney: Sandy shows why we need FEMA

This is a Good One: Thirty seconds to name all of Mitt Romney's Massachusetts taxes and fees

Cook: Private polling gives Obama clear leads in MI, PA, NV and WI while VA, FL and NC "even money".

The Perils of Arguing About Religion During Election Season

If The Media Has A Spine They Should Force Romney To Say Why He Said He Would Kill FEMA

Martin Bashir - ‘Fox & Friends’, Romney, McCain stick to political script despite Sandy

Venture capitalist revealed as mystery buyer of voter fraud billboards

Take it out for its walk…


US: Pastor of forty years speaks out in favour of equal marriage in Maryland

Romney will hate the sight of this tomorrow!

The name of the storm was

Survey USA has Obama up 48-45 in Ohio.

Do you think Romney made a really off-putting request to Christie behind the scenes?

NYTimes Op-Ed re: Romney's "fundraiser"

Martin Bashir - Too soon for Romney to restart campaign after Sandy?

Martin Bashir - Romney hardly hits pause on partisanship, false ‘Jeep’ ads post-Sandy

During Times Like This - Politics Get Shit-Canned.

This Sunday evening on National Geographic the movie about getting Bin Laden will air. This will be

Soup, Charity and the American Way (NYT)

Raw Video of Romney's photo-op FAIL, acting like a Dick & ignoring FEMA questions

Has the Republican Party become too Radical ??

I Wonder What They Are Going To Say At Freak Republic About O's And Christie's Damage Tour?

Sandy: Gangnam Style

Who here has already voted....

The Long Third War

One week, just one week. The stakes couldn't be higher.

We are ahead in North Carolina based on all polls excluding automated landline-only robopolls

Leave it to the Scots to do this…

Apparently the storm got at least one thing right.

an election message from the greatest--if foul-mouthed--generation (you have GOT to watch it!)

Papantonio: Merck Puts Profits Over Patient Safety

DU this poll... Michele Bachmann vs our guy Jim Graves, who I've met, and is great!

What is important to Tea Baggers?

Forward: Candidates and Character

Just another question:

If he's not campaigning, why am I on a live town hall meeting with him right now?

OK, I have now had jury duty for the fourth time in the last two days.

Chrysler/Fiat, General Motors, Etc....Speaking Out Against Romney's Latest Lies:

Sun&Mon Pres Obama signed 9 Emergency Declarations. Today he signed two DISASTER Declarations

Grove has Obama up 48-45 in Colorado.

Sunset and moonrise

Bill Clinton coming to Bluffs Wednesday

The Land of Opportunity - A man and his generator...

OHIO: OBAMA +3 (SurveyUSA)

Meet the Frackers A who's who of top executives cashing in on the new gas and oil boom.

So how could President Obama's approval ratings not soar in the next few days?

New Romney comedy ad: MItt said "I will lead you in an open and honest way."

New Ohio Poll...Women Provide The Lead for Obama!Go Ladies

Do you guys have these types of cell phone carriers in the US?

Powell today's interview video:

What is the obsession with national polls?

CBS NAT'L POLL 0bama Up By 1 /Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 47%

Ottawa investigating permits for Chinese miners in B.C.

Mike Huckabee says we're all going to hell

Not even mega-storms can stop right-wing hacks from spewing their venom - By Alex Pareene

Wayne Powell, challenging Cantor, interview today. video:

Romney's canned goods

Oct. 29: Polling Slows As Storm Wreaks Havoc

Meet the REAL Paul Ryan!

Conspiracy Theorists Say Obama Engineered Hurricane Sandy

See how well you do on this Afghanistan quiz

Great video about voter suppression from "Rosebud Nursing Home"

Audience Roars In Laughter When Bachmann

So thankful this time the aftermath wasn't bungled by Brownie's FEMA and Dubya's indifference.

Groove Armada - Remember

So several people on Fire Island decided

Electronic voting machines are just

The war on the Palestinian olive harvest

Is the Mormon Church guilty of tax evasion?

Disney Buying Lucasfilm

I just found out a friend's home burned down to the ground during the

"Romney is going to win. He's WAY ahead in the polls and early voting"

Nuclear Plants Get Through the Storm With Little Trouble

WTF -- no baseball or football tonight?

Are there Liberal traits that you DON'T like?

Romney-Ryan Time Tunnel

Chrysler CEO: Jeep not moving to China--romney campaign still defends claim.

Pro-Assad page claims Syria and Iran engineered Hurricane Sandy

...Nose to spite his face...

2.3m Floridians having voted (a quarter of electorate?), Dems lead Reps by more than 41,000 ballots

I Dont Get Nate Silver He refuses To

Ohio Poll: Obama By 3 Points, 50 Percent Support Auto Bailout

Well I guess there are more now!

Who would Do Something Like This?

How big would Obama have to win to make the Republiban ADMIT he won?

Obama’s Star Fades With Young Voters But Still Shines Brighter Than Romney’s

Regarding African-American Voter Turnout in Early Voting

The Media Can Stop Touching Themselves. There Will Be No Pop Vote/Electoral College Split

Do You Butter Your Cats?

Nobel-prizewinning geophysicist: climate change contributed "as much as 10%" of Sandy's energy

I received an email from Carl Levin telling how troubled he is that the Jewish community is being

Christie. it's all about him

10/30 Early Voting Updates NC/NV/IA/FL/CO

More than 1.2 million ballots cast in key state of Ohio

If romney seriously wanted to help storm victims, he would do this...

"The last time we saw anything like this was never."

No Reason For Panic...No Reason to Let Up, either.

Project New America Poll: Obama 48% Romney 45% in Ohio

Dudes, I just found the neatest things to keep warm with this summer

I was just polled by Public Policy Polling (PPP)

OK...I can wait until you're off of the phone....take your time...

Who Vandalizes Obama Signs?

We're Suing WMAL For Rejecting Ad for The Last War Crime (The Pen <>)

Romney Isn't A Flip Flopper....

I'm enjoying the Freepshow FB page...

Romney seems to be taking lessons from Trump

I just indulged and ordered a panini grill from Amazon.

Survey USA Poll of NC: Romney 50% Obama 45%

My God! The more I see the Angrier I Get!!

Seen A Tennessee Poll Lately Bacause In May It Was Close.

Here's an idea Mitt and Co.

It is time to give Bill Clinton his due for all he has done in this campaign

Whose %$##@ stupid idea was it, anyway

Project New America Poll: Obama leads Romney by 3 in Colorado

Where does MFM golf?

Voters don't care that ROMNEY is a tax-evading, money laundering rat bag?

Random Walk-President Obama Has A 95.5% Chance Of Winning Ohio

Rollingstone: Helpless in a Hurricane: Mitt Romney's Five Dumbest Budget Cuts

Chris Christie: "As you all know, I'll be with the President tomorrow..."

WOW, one week from tonight, this place will be ON FIRE! It will be an exciting and nervous night!!!`

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