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Archives: October 31, 2012

Ed Shultz on the Federal Response - all anti-government lurkers

Former speaker Newt Gingrich campaigns for Todd Akin

Gov. Walker "not the boss" of State Schools Superintendent Evers!

It's like overnight, Romney signs everywhere in my Oklahoma City neighborhood like wild mushrooms.

Thank God for Science...

Blog: Report suggest narcos have 'enslaved' engineers in Mexico

Brown calls off tonight's debate will let Wall Street money buy him another term

So, on a scale of 1-10, how confident are you about next Tuesday?

Update on the further adventures of the pork-n-beans bus.

HELP: Need Assistance Debunking "Obama Watched Libya and Did Nothing" Yarn

In NC why can't Dalton get traction?

Obama Campaign Asks Wis DOJ For Action on GOP Voter Suppression Plans

Paying Taxes to Your Boss: Another Step Toward 21st Century Feudalism

Where is he? Where is the "ghost"? Storm ravages the US now is the time....where is he?

DU The "Most Trusted" Name In News!

Chairman of the Conservative Party in New York

(a true story with a laugh) My SIL said, "Is that true that Romney wanted to get rid of FEMA?"

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Baba Brinkman is Back...

Greece ex-PM: Europe must overcome the politics of fear

Al Gore: Hurricane Sandy is a global-warming warning

What I predict Wolf Blitzer (CNN) will say at about Midnight one week from tonight...

Hi everyone and thank you

A Stormy Reminder of Why We Need Government

REPUKE Campaign Aide Spread False Storm Rumors-Load Of Frightening/False Info

Size doesn't matter

What do we call the science of classifying living things

The Morning Plum: Romney’s Jeep-to-China lie earns brutal headlines in Ohio

Let's see. Issa will probably investigate

Hey, I just donated to DU and (it's been a while so) that made me wonder - is it tax deductible?

Quote from RMoney in the stomach churns so do the days of our lives!

I had to tell a patient today fairly firmly to stop texting during the clinic visit.

Obama up by 12 cents on Intrade today

Drugs giant Roche accused of sitting on trial data for flu treatment

We have a Benghazi Truther MIHOP sighting!

Bringing up president Clinton in a couple threads reminded me of my day with the Big Dawg...

Pollster on Cluster Faux just stated Warren up by 7

Man's best friend

Sudan: the new battlefield in Iran and Israel's covert conflict

The amazing atheist: Romney's Sandy Situation

Urban tree w/ a few birdhouses

Romney Now Claims ‘Federal Government And FEMA’ Should Help In Disaster Relief

Websites knocked offline by super-storm Sandy (BBC)

Is There Anybody Here That Can Post On Intrade?

Final results from Princeton Election Consortium, 10/30/12

Another storm possible in the east a day before election day

Bwah-hah!1 O'LOOFAH's head exploded when pollster told him WARREN is likely to win!1

South Korea activists send leaflets to North (via balloons)

Hoboken NJ 50,000 people; no power, live wires

Race Narrows as Campaign Enters Its Final Week

GM calls latest Romney auto ad 'politics at its cynical worst'

Sandy takes out 25 pct of cell towers (spreading across ten states)

Boar-ish behavior in Berlin

Wise words from another board...

NV: Republicans have the better day in early voting. (Mobile voting sites?)

150 arrests, 11 DWIs and, now, 1 dead 4-year-old

Boy's best friend

I just got an SMS from a right wing thing


Need help, arguing with an idiot romney supporter. He claimed

ConEd prepped for big storm, got even bigger 1

I need help finding a global warming movie

Young Democrat

Potatoes, wheat, losers; Bananas, cowpeas, winners as global climate grows warmer (BBC)

Shadow on the moon

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a new kitty gif

Obama's obviously using his Muslim Voodoo powers to summon a storm to screw Romney

Sorry, Mittens.......

Did anyone catch Fox's The Five today when they quoted someone from Fiat supporting Romney's...

If anyone in the DC area is without power and needs a break.....

Pupils take to the web to share spooky traditions

Romney, GOP suddenly plunging onto Democratic turf

Romney vetoed funds for flood prevention in Massachusetts; state unprepared

1 night till Halloween! Tonight I have a tale about a Dark Lady!

Rachel M. just said Norquist released the first ad politicizing Sandy. Anyone seen it?

Here's a really good argument for increasing NASA's funding.

Watching "The Voice" on NBC here in NC

? about "Obamacare"

Robert Bork for USSC. Seriously, Mitt?

Storm's cost may hit $50B; rebuilding to ease blow


Ah! A puppy's love! Warning, expletive cuteness!

Rachel is rocking tonight

Henri 4, L'Haunting

If you have a gay friend...

today in women's herstory

since Romney is doubling down with his lies

I shudder to think of what would be happening if Mitt Romney were president right now.

Vice President Biden

As goes Nevada, so goes the nation?

I think this is worthy of posting

What's more powerful than Mother Nature? Goldman Sachs.

geez i love this canary.

Al Gore Statement on Hurricane Sandy

Classic Bill Maher 'New Rules' from Election 2008

TPM map: 274 (O!) - 206 (R$)

GAWD I miss The Top 10 Conservative Idiots!

The Romney presidency: The worst-case scenario

Why didn't Romney just donate blood today to Red Cross?

fuck you george lucas.

Getting Down...

I found the prototype for Willard's food drop…

Romney escape plan...

Joe Biden and Bill Clinton in Youngstown - October 29th - pics

Hard core old school.

I think I might be a snob

Wouldn't vote if too cocky about victory? Wouldn't vote if too worried about defeat? Really?

REVEALED: The secret Republican donors behind voter suppression billboards

Anybody else notice that Romney's Relief Effort seemed to be sponsored by Kraft?

How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement

If you have a gay friend...


The Chris Rock Show.....Special Election 2000 coverage w/correspondent Wanda Sykes

Mitt Romney would close FEMA. Make sure you tweet or Facebook

The ED Show - Working class heroes of Superstorm Sandy

Did Rachel just accuse the President of going to New Jersey for a photo op instead of doing

The ED Show - Romney doubles down on Jeep lie

Did you notice the media going to Southwest Ohio to cover Ohio voting?

GOP Tool Spreads False Rumors and Panic About Hurricane Sandy Just to be a Jerk

Picture from Romney's Campaign Event...OOOPs, I mean his Hurricane Relief Effort...

Woody (Harrelson) saves trees. Appropriate, no?

what racism?

New 'War on Women' Online Ad for Obama:

Nate Silver is on Piers Morgan right now

Mitt Romney, the hollow man - by Joan Walsh

The ED Show - Gov. Christie praises President Obama

White voter registration in Ga. dips below 60 percent

African American Clergy Ad for Marriage Equality in Maryland

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Scary to Mitt!

Did Romney give to the Red (MONEY)

Maybe states could handle mild to moderate storms without FEMA....But

If you want creepy. "The Resident" Wow!

In memory of Seamus

Deleted my FB Republican friends

Political TOON

Manatee commissioner Hayes said to cause disturbance at polls

SurveyUSA: OHIO - SENATE - Sherrod Brown (+5)

President Barack Obama Targeted By Anonymous Hate Text Messages

Looting Reported At South Street Seaport After Last Night's Hurricane Sandy Surge

Turned to Fox for 5 minutes. Haley Barber was whining to Greta VanSustran about storm coverage

Fox News geography FAIL

I hope you're all watching Frontline on PBS

New York's Silicon Alley makes do after Sandy

lf Romney really wanted to help, why hasn't he transfered his Cayman Island money to the Red Cross?

"The South shall rise"

Anyone have an election night watch list?

The First Lady made a few calls for Barack from Chicago today - pic

Leaked Florida GOP Memo: "Democratic turnout machine is cleaning our clock"

Doesn't Donald Trump have casinos in Atlantic City?

Philadelphia Inquirer - NEW JERSEY - SENATE - Menendez (D) +18

I can't pick out specific cuss words...

Here's a photo that will drive their blood pressure up...

final week icing on the cake would be Mitt's taxes...calling Harry Reid, roll it if you got it...

So would someone ask WilLIARd Rmoney and/or Lyan Ryan whether

Did Rep Buck McKeon (R, CA-25) force local radio station to fire reporters?

If John McCain was president today

Romney campaign is in tatters. SOMEONE thought that staged photo op can drive was a good idea.

Who knows first hand (or through a friend) the conditions in Point Pleasant NJ?


Need research help re: Dinesh D'Souza 2016 propaganda piece

Has Mitt Romney thanked Richard Land for reopening the war on women yet?

I hope Romney is forced to eat his words

Do people even realize how SCREWED we are

Red Cross had to divert staff to deal with Romney’s phony “relief effort”

Minnesota SUSA Poll: Obama only +3

John McCain is an old fool who is pissed he got his ass kicked by Obama. I cannot....

Regarding every idiotic thing Romney did today:

If Your Name is Sandy!

Looking for some twitter help

Port Authority reopens NY, NJ airports after storm

Damn. New Jersey Shoreline damage from storm water surge

Florida County GOP memo: "Democratic turnout machine is cleaning our clocks"

"I wish we had listened. I wish we had left."

NYC rats outsmarting Sandy..

"They are cleaning our clock"...... I just got this from another political Page...

Wall Street back in business after storm shutdown

Latino Decisions: Latinos’ Support for Obama Solid in Florida

I hope people realize this Group is here.


Christie praises Obama, says he’s ‘not interested’ in surveying disaster area with Romney

Another Republican Group Buys Pennsylvania Air Time

Did Chris Christie just push Barack Obama over the finish line ahead of Mitt Romney??

Mellman Group - FLORIDA - Obama 49%, Romney 47%

David Gregory is an awful reporter

Six Days Left

Mike Malloy: "Pro-life" Republicans against social services?

You can't bomb a hurricane, nor can you give it a tax cut

Yet Another Blow to Haiti, From Hurricane Sandy

Mike Malloy on US being the biggest military spender in the world

Haiti, Jamaica officials report losses from Sandy

Al Gore: ‘Sandy’ a Symptom of Larger Climate Crisis

Cheering up the folks at the nursing home

Daily Breakdown: PPP Polls Show Obama Ahead In Ohio and Florida

Ideas for a Romney Halloween Costume sign?

If you hate attack ads, Citizens United and RW big money corruption, you need to watch this!

Woody (Harrelson) saves trees. Appropriate, no?

Current Polltracker Florida Aggregate: Obama ahead by +.2 percent

1989: Ode to Freedom - Beethoven's 9th Symphony, conducted by Leonard Bernstein

Rush Limbaugh: Frankenstorm causing $30-50 billion damage no big deal; climate change a leftist plot

Obama, FEMA hustle federal disaster relief to Sandy's aftermath

Who are these guys and why should I care?

Sit down and stay a while...

Bloomberg: Now Not The Time For Obama Nyc Visit

I heard a few very interesting Sandy related comments today on NPR.

So how many here are looking into flood insurance? I think that no place is safe and I am.

Anti-Obama Flier Invoking Hurricane Sandy Reportedly Released By Americans For Tax Reform

NOW MORE THAN EVER (Stand up for Barack Obama)

"Canadian Who Forecast Slump Makes Bold Bet On the US"

NOW MORE THAN EVER (Stand up for Barack Obama)

Republicans will win on November 6th.

Christie praises Obama on Fox and Friends

Amazing Massachusetts poll numbers

Had To Tell The Bro In Law Not To Call Again

The Average Republican Approves Of Lying If It Helps Them Win

Lawrence O'Donnell blasts the DSM Register on Romney's endorsement!!

from my friend in Hoboken, NJ via facebook...

Folks In Hurricane Prone FL, VA, And NC Need To Know Robme Wants To Kill FEMA

HuffPo - "Yes He Did - Romney Opposed Federal Disaster Relief"

13 Members of Hydro Ottawa are on their way to Connecticut to help with

I read this on Keith Olbermann's fanpage,

woman-hating in politics has been going on for a LONG, LONG time

In Storm Deaths, Mystery, Fate and Bad Timing (Heartbreaking)

OK so if closing Wall St won't get attention on global warming maybe the Insurance Lobby will

Obama just needs these 21 states to win

"Romney Reaches Out To Republican Governors" (only)

Ebony - "Mitt Romney's FEMA Fable"

O’Donnell slams Des Moines Register endorsement of Mitt as ‘magical thinking’

FUCK YOU KARL ROVE! Not this time... spend all the money you want.

Romney's Storm Relief Rally?

Let’s Not Let Ohio Slip Away this Time, as it Did in 2004

The NICU nurses who carried babies to safety during the storm last night - pic

Bill Clinton Calls Out Romney on Climate Change in Sandy's Wake

Rachel Maddow - Is Romney serious about defunding FEMA?

Help me understand Mark Halperin's spin

"Romney Suffers From 'Auto Neurotic Prevarication' in Ohio" by Jon Perr at Crooks & Liars

The Winner of 6th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil is...

It's easy for Republicans and Tea Partiers to hate on big government, right up until the time...

So it seems to me...

Rachel Maddow - Crisis leadership is more than a photo op

Trigger Tree!

Yahoo News - "Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown criticizes Obama for reacting too quickly to storm"

Wow, they are REALLY getting desperate and dirty now.

I saw a horrible ad tonight in Washington State.

Stand With Service Women

Rachel Maddow - Climate change calls for new planning leadership

O Is At 63.9% On Intrade

There are 3 threats to an Obama win

California judge signals she'll allow investigation of shadowy Arizona group

Princeton Election Consortium - Critique of Nate Silver as Being Too Cautious About Obama's Chances!

How much of the popular vote does the electoral winner have get for a mandate?

Analyst: Undecideds will likely break evenly for Obama and Romney.

From the Kos. The Chronicles of Mitt.... a Diary

Anybody else having any DU access problems right now?

The Clock Has Run Out For Rmoney

Tonight, Mark Halperin of Time magazine and Nate Silver of on Charlie Rose

Government Isn't The Solution

President Barack Obama Targeted by Anonymous Hate Text Messages

A reincarnation story

20,000-25,000 people in Hoboken NJ are stranded in their homes now!

More Romney lies piss off GM and Chrysler. Now both say enough of this shit and fire back!

Yeah, I don't SEE a "military worshipping culture".

New Poll PA: Obama 48% Romney 44%

The New Yorker's Endorsement

Halloween pics for you to enjoy and share #1: Baby Pumpkin Group

Halloween pics for you to enjoy and share #2: Bony Cocktail Group

GOP Congressional Candidate Wight's Campaign Manager Tweets false reports during Sandy

Halloween pics for you to enjoy and share #3: Vincent/Kermit Group

Nate Silver has Obama up

10/30 Nate's 538, OBAMA: 299, RMONEY: 239 - 77% to 23% --- Sam Wang Obama: 305 Romney: 233 (Links)

Jon Hamm Encourages Colorado To Vote Early In New Obama Ad

Chris Christie announces his 2016 Presidential campaign bid....

The Great Nate Is On Piers Morgan

Supreme Court Docket Update-Pre-Election Edition

I know where the canned goods Rmoney collected are going

Crews from Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Canada, Ontario, Quebec,

In robocall, Marco Rubio backs embattled friend David Rivera

Got Fired

Anyone notice the flood of LTTE....

The Dust Bowl premieres November 18 and 19, 2012 8:00–10:00 p.m. ET on PBS

I'm exhausted-researching candadites

Happy Halloween!


Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS Ohio Poll, Obama +5

Political Toons, Halloween Toons and More Toons

Canned Goods....

FOX News --- Sandy didn't happen....Libya coverup Huuuuuuuge Scandal

Proof Rmoney is a dick.

Happy Halloween all - a little something for you

Election Forecast Summaries: 10/30 (evening)

Betfair now has Obama with a 70% chance of winning

What is causing some people to openly discuss their fear that Sharia Law is coming to America?

Please send the Red Cross undesignated donations

Rachel Maddow is tweeting about Hoboken Please Tweet everyone you follow to get there soon

You know you are ahead when Dem sites post poll averages and republican sites cherry pick

How likely is it that the polls are wrong?

Cringeworthy Christie - just last week!

60 Hours - 2 nights, it's going to get ugly.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, October 30)

Concession speeches I most look forward to: BACHMANN, JOE WALSH, ALLEN WEST and wait who else?

Joe Scarborough calls Nate Silver an ideologue and joke. Silver responds on PBS (with video)

DSB Scoop-FL, VA, And OH Polling Numbers

Me vs Two Teahadists on Facebook, regarding Benghazi

What Top Republicans Say about Mitt Romney

"We're All in This Together" vs. "You're On Your Own" Government

Best wishes to all affected by Sandy. How can we help?

Nate has us with a 77.4% chance of winning

Ryan budget could hammer storm aid, critics say

Republican gov, legislature, congresscritters...NC is SCREWED

Joe Biden says LGBT issues, Transgender discrimination the "civil rights issue of our time"

Repuke state legislature candidate posts his opponent's and opponent's wife's SocSec #s online

The Great Barack Obama Mitt Romney Election Dance Off!

Brainstorm: What should FEMA do in NYC?

Check this article in GD:Joe Biden-Transgender Discrimination Is The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time

Police allowed to install cameras on private property without warrant

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 11. Dems lead 52,000, add 2,500 to gains

Ten reasons to vote early

Red Cross had to divert staff to deal with Romney’s phony “relief effort”

CA-36: Ruiz (D) 48 Mack (R) 42!

The awesome news from Nate about the Senate

Government isn't the solution

Mitt Romney Releases New Ad Repeating Debunked Claim About Jeep Jobs Going To China

XKCD'S A History of the United States Congress Partisan & Ideological Makeup

The Bishop extends his Halloween greetings

ugh. . .my own facebook response

Venting in the dark in NJ

Is it just me, or is Mitt Romney the absolutely most unlikable person in the country?

CNN article: Will you be able to vote next Tuesday? Despite Sandy, probably so

Iceland’s Economy now growing faster than the U.S. and EU after arresting corrupt bankers

Kindergarten Teacher: 'Blast' Kids Who Can't Read

"Do you really want the Tea Party to have a Senate seat?" -- new Sadler ad

Reporters blast Romney’s “Hurricane relief” stunt

It seems to all boil down to GOTV

Unemployment rates fall in 95 percent of U.S. cities.. CBS

Romney's LDS Tax Loophole

Fuck You and the Trojan Horse You Rode in on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message for my straight friends who are voting for Romney

Mitt Romney Chooses New Hampshire for Site of Final Rally Before Election Day

Did I mishear Chris Christie?

Breaking: Romney campaign to hit the road with 100 surrogates

Weigel: This Early Vote Calculation from Gallup Looks Terrible for Obama

Romney campaign to hit the road with 100 surrogates

Romney Fauxmentum Watch: Minnesota and Pennsylvania

Mitt Romney Tells a Funny Story

Con Man Mitt acts like he has an invisable force field around him

President Obama Reschedules Wisconsin Trip For Thursday

Libya assembly stormed in new blow to forming govt

The Humorous Paranoia of the Gun-Rights Folks

The strange disappearance of Paul Ryan

Romney Faces Scrutiny on Aid in Storm's Wake.

Election protection volunteers needed

For a needed laugh on Halloween: Henri The Cat

CNN-Sandy was created by Iranian/Syrian technology

If Obama responded too fast to Hurricane Sandy, wouldn't he have responded too fast to Benghazi too?

Ethics group calls for probe into email

HERE Is One Way To Cut Through The Crap... "Despicable," "Liar," "They Are Absolutely insane."

1918 science Magazine - the distances of space graphic

Comparing Gun Control to Prohibition is Silly

Weather modification

Is he saying "Test of Fire" or "Testifier"? Whichever, Huck's point is you're going to Hell.

Police murder another family pet.

"Sending money back to 'the states'.."

Rand 10/30 O 49.81 (-0.55) R 45.69 (+0.40)

Space shuttle Enterprise suffers damage in ferocious storm

Health Care Waste Deconstructed: Patients Aren't the Problem

Romney likens hurricane relief to cleaning up "rubbish and paper products" from a football field.

LFR Official Halloween thread! For she is THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN!

Jim Hightower: GOP Looks in Mirror, Spots Voter Fraud

How do I change the way time appears...

Lancet publishes themed issue on universal health care

Lancet publishes themed issue on universal health care

The Bloody Bible

Global Warming Systemically Caused Hurricane Sandy

Zombies Mangled at Halloween Bowl

Celebratory Gunfire at Saudi Wedding Cuts Cable, 23 Electrocuted

Steve King: Hurricane Sandy Aid Must Have Strings To Avoid Waste On 'Gucci Bags'

Consider FEMA and Romney in light of Fukushima and Pilgrim Nuclear Generating Plant on Cape Cod.

Obama visits storm victims while Romney campaigns

skeleton found when historic conn tree uprooted

Daily Kos: Elizabeth Warren pushes for rescheduling post-Sandy debate, Scott Brown doubtful.

Clinton Rips Romney For Criticizing Obama Promise "To Turn Back The Seas"

Hey, listen up you monsters,

video of New Jersey who wants Mitt Romney protecting your house.

ACME Relief Company---Funded by Bain Capital.....Or....

White voter registration in Ga. dips below 60 percent

Should we be worried about Philadelphia, NJ, and NYC NOT voting due to Sandy?

RT: The potential damage to the nuclear facility in New Jersey

Why Hasn't George Bush Campaigned for Romney?

A Halloween public service Announcement

We are all our brother's keeper

VMFP Endorses Obama for President

still in the dark in Suffolk County

Mitt Romney's Cold War Ponzi Scheme

Romney and his campaign are beneath contempt. What is interesting and ironic is that

awww Joe is frustrated

Joe Scar is "frustrated" - Mark Halperin "the meta-narrative is shifting away from Romney"

Good God, what just happened on my TV?

Notice How Medicare is not being discussed anymore?

Saw my first and so far only political ad for the senate race today.

First flying fish fossil found

Bush's 'Brownie' criticizes Obama on Sandy

Raley’s on Verge of Strike

Here you go: Joe Scum, "polls are skewed toward Dems..." Back to that BS from the HACKS...

After Sandy, FEMA Goes From Goat to Glory

Meijer Prepares for WI Entry

Nate Silver's 10/31 AM: EV: 299 (O), 239 (R); Chance of winning: 77.4% (O), 22.6% (R)

Romney Scandal-- Bribed Olympic Bid Officials, With Fed Land In Utah

I just have two questions:

Mayor Bloomberg won't let the President visit NYC?

Superstorm Sandy Shows Nuclear Plants Who’s Boss

You know you're in trouble when your tenant starts the conversation by saying

Quinnipiac/CBS/NYT: SENATE - FL (Nelson +13), OH - (Brown +9), VA - (Kaine +4)

Top stories on Fox and Friends this morning

When Poor People Attack!

GOD voted early

The insufferable Tom Brokow is on Joe Scarborough and he is trying, so hard, but he is not

Just Think Of The Consequences If Disaster Relief Were All "Faith Based" And Funds Were Block ---

Is the devistation from Sandy going to eclipse that from Katrina?

Starving Biafrans, flooded-out Bangladeshis were in the news when I was a kid

Anyone Else Notice Paul Ryan's Absence?

Mr Empty Chair warrior has an ad out playing here in Ohio

Name Storms After Oil Companies (The Ones Most Responsible for Climate Change)

Letitia Baldridge dies at 86 - Jackie Kennedy's Social Secreatary

morning joe shifting the narrative

A message in Braille sent by a blind student to Eisenhower during Little Rock crisis

Imagine Sandy Coming In As Strong As Katrina Did In New Orleans. So ----

Economist/YouGov Poll - Obama leads nationally 48% - 47%

Romney in trouble, even according to Morning Ho!

Mitt Romney's "Disaster Relief event" is a perfect teaching lesson...

Survival and Dignity in an Afghan Winter

CNN facebook page

Women at the polls are going to make Republicans pay

Obama Should Be Leading With 60% Of The Vote ---- The Closeness Of This

Check out Google today.

Luckovich nails Romney on Halloween

Can I get a hell yeah?

Bloomberg dis' Obama

How long before the Romney campaign start to try and rewrite the narrative of campaign 2012

Wisconsin: Republican Sean Duffy's radio ad reaches out to women (He's the cool, cute one)


Toles: Romney's Tax Plan

Iraqi audit indicates money laundering, US says

POLLING NEWS: Nate Silver update has Obama at 299 - 238 Romney, 77.4% chance of winning

William Craig Fugate or Hekovajob Brownie??

Big Sugar's Sweet Little Lies

Pro-Assad page claims Syria and Iran engineered Hurricane Sandy

Most U.S. Drones Openly Broadcast Secret Video Feeds

Will Americans Believe In Climate Change Only After Becoming Mud People?

The conservative Columbus Dispatch endorses Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate

The time they tried to cancel Halloween

Afghanistan presidential election set for April 2014

Paul Ryan Still Can’t Put Together a Good Charity Photo Op

How NOT To Care For Your Veterans

Romney goes off-road with the truth - By Dana Milbank

Scott Brown Demurs On Debate Reschedule, Elizabeth Warren Open To It

You know the GOP hasn't really changed their message since 1980...

Pumpkin pie pumpkin?

Ryan 'Packs' Hurricane Relief Donations In During Wisconsin Photo-Op

Storm provides Obama with a commander-in-chief moment

TOLES: Romney Tax Desk

David Axelrod on Morning Joe just made a bet

Dead Intern Joe Has The Political Acumen Of A Palm Tree

Pot at the polls

WaPo: A vote for the future or for the past? - By Harold Meyerson

6 days

Rasmussen shows Brown only (+2) in OHIO - this is lower than all the other Ohio polls for Brown

My family is all going to hell

The Performance of Masculinity.

Ways to give for Hurricane Sandy (hint: not a can of Peas)

Looks like Mother nature is just like the clildren when it comes to choosing between

Live Scanner NYC

Do You Think Dead Intern Joe Would Take This Bet?

U.S. Army Veteran Calls on Thompson to End Dishonest Campaign of Lies

New PPP Poll: IA-Obama 50% Romney 45%/WI-Obama 51% Romney 46%

The Greatest Generation warns about election fraud

When evangelicals were pro-choice

Question about shaving pubic hair.....

Alright, which one of you is responsible for this?

The Quality Of Sports Coverage Is Much Better Than The Quality Of Political Coverage

Word is that ReTHUGs want Sandy taken off the front page

"In 2007, I recorded a video asking the prez candidates about a hurricane submerging New York."

Buzzfeed: Romney campaign spent $5000 at Walmart to stage their charity event

Happy Halloween!


A rape survivor tells her story for the 1st time, and asks you to think about it when you vote.

Morning Joe had his sad face on again today!

FOX "Stay Tuned"

Romney promises to pass out hundred dollar bills and frozen turkeys on the street corner if elected

Out of the mouths of children....

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Storm moochers and Climate Change

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Willard Romney

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

When the election is over those old yard signs make nice targets, so get your

U.S. Military Intel Spending Dips $2.5B

Obama ground game in NC? Wow. Just wow.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Samhain and/or a Happy Halloween!

Bloomberg digs up more on Romney’s tax avoidance

CBS News/New York Times: Obama UP in Ohio, Florida & Virginia

mitt romney is holding three 'victory rallies' today

The Making Of Romney's Storm Relief Event (if you thought it couldn't get worse, you're wrong)

god hands the election to obama with sandy disaster.

Nate Silver's probability of particular states deciding the election as of 10/31:

Romney aides "spent $5,000 on granola bars, canned food, and diapers to put on display"

It's Halloween, time to dress up as a Freeper again

Analysis: Doing His Job, Obama A Subtle Campaigner

Gotta hand it to the Obama campaign--they know I already voted!

All our splendid monuments, Mark Morford

Did Nate Silver say he would lean Johnson or Romney if he were to vote?


Three GOP cartoons Libya this morning on my facebook feed

to donate to victims of sandy:

Cenk Uygur Talks Election 2012 with David Pakman (worth watching)

From Jim Messina on the current state of the election:

Attracting Mockingbirds

Axelrod said he’d shave his mustache if Obama loses Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania

Panda saws off Tiger’s head, mounts it on wall..

....and three thousand dollars later my sewer line is unclogged

20 Years Ago...

Will you open your door for trick or treaters tonight?

Drumbeat: October 31, 2012

Drumbeat: October 31, 2012

chucky toad is showing how romney can win the election....paths to 270


Chris Christie, Democratic hero

Detroit Free Press headline "GM AND CHRYSLER: ROMNEY IS WRONG"

Romney Tells Red Cross To Break Their Rules For His Campaign.

Picture of Romney's football field of Hurricane Rubbish

Problem solved....

Rasmussen: MASSACHUSETTS - Obama +19

Appreciation for Designated Campaigner Bill Clinton

Anytime mittens has to deal with humans, he always comes off

Chuck Todd Just Announced That The RMoney/Eddie Munster Campaign.....

As we celebrate this Halloween - A lookback at an '08 Relic

Live coverage from New York and New Jersey

Obama's powerful ground game is overwhelming Republicans

Tommy Thompson Lectures Tea Party Rally About Self-Reliance But Got Rich Off Of Taxpayers

Obama leads by 5 in Wisconsin and Iowa

Chevrolet Donates 50 Trucks to Red Cross for Storm Relief

Blessed Samhain everyone!

So when Obama wins next Tuesday

Election Forecast Summaries: 10/31 (morning)

I can see only one core belief in Mitt Romney as observed by James Lipton on Hardball.

Euro zone weighs new Greek aid as numbers deteriorate

Occupy Wall Street 2.0: The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual

Conservative Columbus Dispatch endorses--Sherrod Brown!

Polar bear sanctuary on iceberg

Pot at the polls

Handy candidate comparison chart

Haiti fears food shortages after hurricane hit crops

OMG: Romney Staffers Made a $5,000 Wal-Mart Run to Stock Storm Relief Event in Ohio

Profiles in Science: Peter G. Neumann - Killing the Computer to Save It

“Chevron forces evacuation of 375,000.”

Chucky Toad and his Magical Mystery Map

Ted Nugent shows his true colors.

Watch the fights over aid over Sandy begin now

Romney Campaign Staged Donations In Storm Relief Event

I was in the south last week

Study backs 'controversial' malaria drugs subsidy

Curiosity Mars rover finds soil similar to Hawaii's (BBC)

In today's over-excited phone call from the Romney campaign, they begged for 50 million dollars

GOOD OL' FASHIONED POLITICAL SATIRE: Hurricane Sandy Gets Absurdly Political

Key test for re-healable concrete (BBC)

FIRST EMPLOYMENT SIGNALS - Gallup Unemployment Numbers Fall to 7.1%!

Google loses Australia 'gangland' defamation lawsuit (BBC)

OMG! Former FEMA director Michael Brown says Obama acted too quickly!

Romney is in quicksand mode now

Survival and Dignity in an Afghan Winter

Mellman/Dem poll: Obama 49, Romney 47 in Florida

Obama to Return to Campaign Trail on Thursday with a Trip to Nevada: White House

Romney donations only going to swing states?

Mitt Romney's idea of "helping" is extracting cans of food from people that probably need them

"I’m working on is basically creating a safe space for conservatives to pay attention to science

So what has the free market done to help citizens in the aftermath of Sandy?

Here's what I don't get about the supposed Republican "enthusiasm advantage"

INTRADE: Obama Soaring

You want the right wing to complete nutzoid mode, admit it. Some of the best predictions of DOOM!1!!

How to shut a Romney supporter up....

They have devolved into tribalism. Why engage them with policy debate?

Paul Ryan Still Can’t Put Together a Good Charity Photo Op


Still Think There's Not Much Difference??? Chart: Obama at His Worst/Romney at His Best

Geez! What has Tucker Carlson been Smoking!

Plastic rats on the porch. Check. Rubber spiders in the window. Check. Fog Machine filled. Check.

Sorry, but Bloomberg is being an ass

How Long Will It Take For The Fundy Nutzies To Claim God Is Punishing The Northeast

Predicting where the vote stealing will need to happen to salvage Romney's losing effort

I love it when GOPers are on tv in front of their elephant logo


Florida GOP Memo: 'Dems are Cleaning our Clock'

Steve King: Hurricane Sandy Aid Must Have Strings To Avoid Waste On 'Gucci Bags'

I voted for a Republican and it felt good!

Excellent!! Members are Leaving after Log Cabin Republicans' Romney Endorsement

A shout out to the always funny LOLGOP

The Making of Romney's Storm Relief Event (spent $ to make sure no empty truck)

Rasmussen: Romney remains at (+2) - Romney 49, Obama 47

Urgently Needed! Canned Soup, granola bars, disposable diapers ...

wake up call

FEMA & This Election

Surprise!! Romney 'Relief Rally' STAGED!! Pre-Purchased $5,000 in Walmart Goods for Bogus Photo Op!

Teabaggers frothing about "Gen. Ham tried to save ambassoror, now Obama fired him" What's up?

NewsHounds needs some love!

Collecting canned food is one thing, but TOUCHING it? Hell no.

Superstorm Sandy Rumors Cost Congressional Campaign Manager His Job

We Ask America (GOP Pollster) Obama strong in his homestate

"Pubic hair" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "pubic hair".

In 2016 we'll have Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Martin O'Malley and other good candidates. Now if ...

Wow apparentely Juggalos actually exist and act that way in real life

We lost one........

The Last Word - Mitt Romney's non-campaign campaign events

There should be a climate change ad

Good morning!

Romney's "relief effort" kinda reminds me of Bush and Katrina with his calvary (school buses)

Dogpile On Robme

We Ask America (GOP Pollster) has polls from five key IL congressional races

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 31, 1950

Nice election night spreadsheet tool!

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 31, 1950

Amazing how intelligent 'the Google' is!

Perhaps we need to cut Romney some slack, he's trying to mitigate an enormous disaster..

You folks are the Democratic Party's edge

Is the Romney campaign trying to force the American Red Cross to break it's own rules?

The Last Word - Chris Christie's new best friend: President Obama

The Last Word - Auto industry fights back against Romney's Jeep ad lie

PA. Absentee Ballots Must be RECEIVED by Fri or Mon. Depending on the Co. (or Tues. for Pres. Only)

Power reduction at Limerick nuke plant was due to less demand, not damage from Sandy

Li-ion battery makers accused of price-fixing in lawsuit

Sorry - Dupe - Please delete

Police: 10-year-old boy sorry he shot neo-Nazi dad

Off to early voting . . .

Axelrod Bets his Mustache

Obama AHEAD BY 7 in LATEST MN POLL!!!!!!!!


We can either address Climate Change or Collapse. Sandy is a foretaste of Collapse.

The lies that Conservative rags & news are feeding to the Right about the election

The future of the Tea Party in the 2nd Obama term

GOTV in Iowa (IA) 10/31/12, Dems lead Reps 57% to 43%

Paul Ryan stages another 'charity' stunt

1984 Reagan Campaign Manager Ed Rollins lays out the obvious

Kent: "spending against Heidi by outsiders like Karl Rove now tops $7 million .. no sign of slowing

How a Warm Earth fueled Hurricane Sandy

Aren't I lucky to live in Wyoming? This is what I get to look at

GOTV in Louisiana (LA) 10/31/12, Dems lead Reps 3 to 2 in EV

He knows he's lost...

Quinnipiac: PA is 'in the bag' for Obama

The Red Cross, Romney and the Youngstown soup kitchen -

"the time zone is friendly to us" - Mitt Romney

I Am So Enjoying This Election

Conference call Axelrod/Messina - some great stuff

GOTV in North Carolina (NC) 10/31/12. Dems lead Reps > 3 to 2

Was listening to Brad Friedman last night


ND Senate, Karl Rove has spent $22.20 per vote so far, as Heidi Heitkamp pulls ahead.

Toppled tree exposes skeletal remains, cement box in New Haven, Connecticut

The very definition of irony: Sandy halts filming of Noah’s Ark epic

Climate Scientist Predicted Sandy Months Ago ~ Superstorm Sandy And Climate Change Go Hand-In-Hand ~

Romney Donating Sandy Supplies To GOP Swing States — Not NY

Ellen Degeneres dresses up as Sophia Vergara

tent with a view

Governor Skink 1, Allen West (R-Crazytown) 0. Carl Hiaasen takes on Allen West.

Maybe instead of a military capable of fighting two wars simultaneously,

I don't believe in counting chickens before they hatch

never judge a book by its cover

This Election Is Going to Come Down to One Thing: Cars

Halloween has gotten so Commercial

'A Special Message From the Romney Campaign this Halloween'

Electoral Hell in Ohio; Romney Seeks Way to Rid Esophagus of Feet After of Sandy

Are there ANY Objective News Columnists Left?

Jay Bookman GM on Romney: ‘Campaign politics at its cynical worst’

Stop watching Morning Joe! Duers watch Morning Joe only to


a few comments

Reclaiming Halloween's religious roots

Polish singer faces two years in jail over Bible-tearing stunt

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court To Hear Case Against Pledge Of Allegiance

How Many More Near-Election Disasters Before Congress Wakes Up?

Halloween Mask Sales Predict Obama Victory

UK forests 'under unprecedented threat from disease'

Nate Silver: State polls hint at national lead for Obama

Rep. Jim Matheson: Endangered Species

Michael Moore Gives Romney A 'Cock Punch' Promises to watch Romney having Sex 'no matter how kinky'

Volunteer for Wayne Powell this week!

Japan disaster: 25% of reconstruction fund spent on unrelated projects

Current is now repeating Stephanie Miller's full show after her live show

Mitt’s dad George Romney, a dishonest bully and a-hole. (from Little Green Footballs)

Will Republicans Oppose Disaster-Relief Funds After Hurricane Sandy?

The Case for Obama: Why He Is a Great President. Yes, Great. (Jonathan Chait)

Patsy Cline ~ Tennessee Waltz

Nice. Just got a call left on my answering machine from

Romney found guilty of child abuse!

Handmade Chainmaille Bracelet with Red Bead

Tell blowhard Trump to donate his $5 million to Red Cross hurricane relief efforts!

Jeff Greenwald stated that O could lose the popular vote but still win the election,

In 3 of the last 4 Florida Polls, Obama is up by one, yet Romney has a 71% chance of a lead

TCM Schedule for Thursday, November 1 -- What's on Tonight: Rogue Cops

Stellar, fine and concise: "Politics /Religious System" LTE in Winston-Salem, NC

Faulkner Estate Keeps Suing: Sues Washington Post Over Ad That Quoted One Sentence

Great Romney Parodies

Obama Up by 5 in Ohio!

Another New PPP Poll of Ohio Obama +5

Breaking, re: Allen West's opponent Patrick Murphy. West's repug primary opponent endorses Murphy!

Romney's Window is Closing

Why Hasn't George Bush Campaigned for Romney?

Direct Recording Electronic Voting Machines in Ohio

Sandy Devastating, But Not Surprising, Say Climate Experts

The Election Brings this 4 Year Old to Tears

Obama, Romney And Canada: Poll Gives Incumbent 7-To-1 Edge North Of The Border

U of A Demands Democrats Stop Using Hog Image In Campaign


Volunteer for Wayne Powell this week! (Challenging eric cantor in VA's 7th District.)

A Stormy Reminder of Why We Need Government

Labor Dept: Employment Report To Be Released On Time

Prediction: Good Jobs Report Friday=Crickets; Bad Jobs Report=Election All About The Economy Again

Patsy Cline - Crazy

Is there a way to challenge a DU jury decision?

Global Warming and Sandy: Heating of the Oceans Fuels Record Storm, Leaving Millions Without Power

blessed samhain and happy halloween to all (and check out the animated google doodle today)

Could there be (provisional) paper ballots on the east coast?

Lakers are losers...

Romney bought $5k of food for people to “donate” back at “hurricane” rally

NYC: Limited subway service resumes tomorrow

Michelle Rhee's "StudentsFirst" backs candidates who CUT education funding

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in a Bi-Partisan Effort, Bring this 4 Year Old to Tears

DESPERATE: Mitt Romney Goes All In On Dishonest Auto Ads...

The President and Veep and wives should roll up their sleeves and quietly give blood

Who Were The Three Most Inaccurate Pollsters In 2010?

Ha....Just caught Fox doing a switcheroo

President Obama meets with FEMA regarding cleanup of Superstorm Sandy, Oct. 31st. - pics

BYE Mitt, please do NOT come back to San Diego

Obama Soars in Princeton Election Consortium's Projections

Hurricane Sandy proves that an Internet economy is far from reality

Denver Post Editorial- Romney outsourcing the truth on Jeeps

GOTV in Florida (FL), 10/31/12 Dems increase lead 2.2 pts

Posting by candlelight like Abe Lincoln

Has Rmoney ever had a press conference?

Triassic turtle fossil discovered in Poland (BBC) {video}

The traditional Jack O Lantern

Why Mitt Romney is no Chris Christie

NBC had a special last night on Sandy...

US Navy sends in carriers to help NY, NJ after Sandy Barack Obama to visit flood-ravaged areas of th

Excellent Slowpoke TOON: Handy Candidate Comparison Chart (Why Romney Sucks)

Europe's oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria (BBC)

Indoor Dog Run / Park ?

The Rude Pundit: A Filthy End to the Filthy Campaign of a Filthy Liar

A FB friend posted something about the ACA

GOTV in Maryland (MD) 10/29/12. Dems lead Reps ~ 3 to 1

Princeton Election Consortium is down I can't get on

Pic Of The Moment: "Rubbish And Paper Products"

Reporters Should Make Chicken "Bawk" Sounds When Rmoney Refuses To Answer Their Questions

Should insurance pay for flooded cars

Environmentalist Bill McKibben up next on MSNBC

The way I see it, Romney has 2 chances to win this....

Patsy Cline & Bobby Lord - (Remember Me) I'm the One That Loves You

Romney Making a Play For New Mexico

Meet the Company 'Illegally' Spam-TEXTING Against Barack Obama... here's how they are doing it

Obama leads 50-45 in Ohio

Ford CEO Tells Fox's Cavuto: Without Auto Bailout, Entire Industry "Would Have Been In Real Trouble"

Sen. Stabenow leads by 15% over Hoekstra in Michigan poll

NV: Democrats break 50,000-voter lead barrier in Clark; Washoe amazingly tight

Video: Romney Mocking The President On Rising Oceans ...

I believe in the freedom of speech but also believe one should be held accountable for their speech

Anti-Obama texts traced to conservative activist

Great blog..My niece the librarian, one of the most 100 influential 20 & 30 year olds in PGH

Election Movie Marathon!

You can't just preach to us Mitt, we have questions.

Wisconsin Election Official Confirms Romney Poll Watcher Materials Are Inaccurate

Alex Wagner: It's been Three Weeks since Romney has taken a question from a reporter.

Viewpoint: Manuel Castells on the rise of alternative economic cultures (BBC)

60-Second Cash Kiosk Hackers Steal $1 Million: FBI

The Case Against Romney: At Heart, He’s a Delusional One-Percenter By Jonathan Chait

Lol The right and the M$M(same thing really.) are acting like fridays Job figures matter

I recall from right after the 2008 election that the Senate only needed a simple majority to change

Paul Ryan Will Making A Campaign Stop In Waikiki Beach

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Oct 31st

Gallup suspends tracking poll for good... I'm crying foul!

President Obama will go to Atlantic City

Gas Golden Age Darkens in Europe on U.S. Coal

GOTV in Nevada (NV) Day 11. Dems lead ~ 52,000

Happy Halloween, DU: Bruce Springsteen 'A Night With The Jersey Devil'

Christie is using Obama for more than Hurricane relief

President Obama is in Atlantic City.

U of Cincinnati poll has Obama up 48% to 46% in Ohio.

Poll: Voters say President Obama will win.

My imagination, or has the mood in this forum improved dramatically since just yesterday?

question regarding home payoff vs savings

I found this a bit interesting...

Is Andrea Mitchell the mother of all concern trolls??

No more "officer friendly"

AirForce One has arrived in NJ. Everytime rethugs sees the President exit that plane they

Christie greets his new BFF..

Fremont cat makes presidential prediction

Strict voting laws affect millions of Americans (surprising video from the BBC)

POTUS in NJ now.

SHOUT OUT to all who have contributed to the President's re-election

GOP candidate among 3 killed in W.Va. weather

Here's a scene I would have loved to see w/ Obama and Christie...

GOP candidate among 3 killed in W.Va. weather

If you don't vote...

David Gregory is changing his tune.

"Carve" out some time this weekend to vote or volunteer to help GOTV-cool Obama Halloween pic

Marquette Law School WI poll: Obama 51 Romney 43

Marquette University Law Poll: Obama 51 Romney 43 (LV with cell phones included)

Seriously screwed up bumper sticker that I saw today.

GOP W. VA Candidate killed in Superstorm Sandy

Ohio DUers, what is your sense of the populace there knowing that Mitt is lying about Jeep?

BREAKING: Romney Making Huge Announcement at Afternoon Presser

Marquette University Law School WI poll: Obama 51 Romney 43

I'm not watching any politics on TV today…

"Creepy" guys and rape culture

Air Raids Increase as Battle for Strategic Areas Intensifies in Syria, Rebels Say

University of Cincinnati Poll: Obama 48 Romney 46

Romney's fema comment in context and Steve King is an AH*LE

Buddhism's Diamond Sutra .... The World's Oldest Book


Just Watch: Polls Will Start To Reflect The Sandy Bounce

Have a Happy Doggie Halloween everyone! From BethPets (video)

Dog fight: Dieting dachshund in custody tiff

Marquette Law University Poll: Tammy Baldwin 47 Thommy Thompson 43 Undecided 10

VIDEO: Big Cats Slaughtering...

Sptizer on Bill Press show this AM...

This disaster is missing Oprah

Now let's see if the QC Times will publish my ltte

Happy samhuinn, everybody!

How much before nightfall do the Trick-or-Treaters start in your neighborhood?

I want to say this about New Jersey and Chris Christie

It's not about the paycheck...

Obama up by 8 points in Wisconsin-- Romney is doomed !

Townhall implosion - Republican/Tea party comments attacking Governor Christie / Obama / CNN

Bruce Springsteen-Atlantic City

Florida GOP Memo: "Democrats are cleaning our clocks"

DO YOU KNOW ANY FEMA WORKERS (Reservists|Disaster Assistance Employees)?

Intertesting discussion with an elections professor

Romney campaign holding a conference call today at 3

PPP: Obama and Romney continue to be tied in N Carolina (49-49)

Walter Rhett: When A List Of Facts Don’t Tell The Truth

Fact: It took George W. Bush five days before visiting the Gulf Coast after Katrina hit.

Voteamatic Predictions 10/31/12--Looking great for Obama!

Anyone know where the 400M gallons of diesel/gas polluted water is being pumped to?

Three tips from "Heloise"

Brady Campaign celebrates a ruling AGAINST Background checks....begs for more checks on same day...

Is the media ignoring the latest polls

Hurricane Sandy: The Rise of the Oceans

One more vote for President Obama today

Important reminder for Republicans...

Desperate Mitt

Cheat To Win Bracelet

Israeli Guard Cleared In Palestinian Boy's Death


It's all the gay community's fault ! - a (probably) partial list in The Guardian today

Mitt’s Math Problem: Romney Must Get 54%-60% of the Vote to Win Iowa, Nevada, and NC

I voted for Obama in TEXAS today

Where all that "debt" really came from....1776-2008

Obama / Christie images from today - UPDATED 4pm - Obama/Christie greet seniors affected

Insane face art -Dialup warning also warning: some of these pics are spew inducing ...

The match is on at 20:00 UK time

Straight Son Of Lesbian Couple Records Ad For Marriage Equality In Maine

Unhand me!! You Twit!!

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case update: Gag order in Zimmerman case denied by judge

Easy Obama logo pumpkin stencil

Are PA and MI really in play?

As I Predicted Last Week Concerning The Election Momentum...

My Prediction: Obama 332 Electoral Votes.

Best Halloween costume

North Carolina: Obama 49 Romney 49 (PPP)

Rain activated mural

Colorado: Obama 48; Romney 45 (Grove Insight)

SouthEast Ohio Coal Miners Beware: Romney/Ryan Plan for Coal = Safety Regs Gutted

Did the Clinton op ed come out yet?

The Federal Government is the only collective entity that is permitted to go into the red

Sandy was a Republican.

I don't think Chris Christie has any ulterior motives. Its a crisis and he appreciates the help.

Cool - hydrokineticenergy

Police: Gene Hackman slaps a homeless man in NM

What are the chances of a Sandy Bump

todays idiot of the day

MEMO TO RUSH: Difference between John Kerry and Barack Obama

Romney has not givin up, he does not know he lost, he is actually....

Here comes the Rethug tricks

Is there anything that the FLOTUS can't do?

Bellevue Hospital being evacuated

I'm defrosting my freezer...

Romney’s Spin On Disaster Relief Is Coming Your Way


Every vote counts

Inside the early vote numbers ITS THE WOMAN VOTE STUPID

Why did Hurricane Sandy take such an unusual track into New Jersey?

East Hills Paranormal goes ghost hunting in Pittsburgh region

GOTV in West Virginia (WV), 10/31/12 Dems lead Reps 3 to 2

Romney sends US Tax Dollars to France

Gallup (FWIW) Hints at Good Friday Jobs Numbers

A Notation for the record - Silver has North Carolina at 82% Romney

Even If He's Re-Elected, the Right Will Do Everything They Can to Destroy Barack Obama & His Dream

Wyoming Ballot Includes Unconstitutional Attack On Obamacare

Putting a Face on Welfare Spat

Big Surprise! Deangelo Hall Blames The Ref!

Saturday Tetalman event

Zumba Sex Scandal: Ex-Mayor Named on Madame's List

Biden calls Romney auto ad an 'outrageous lie'

Canada set to fast-track foreign students for immigration

John Titor, renowned time traveler says...

Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

Why Anti-Sex Work Feminism is Objectifying

Any other happy hot stovers out there?


Guards at Breached Nuclear Site Cheated on Exam, Energy Dept. Says

Romney Camp: Pay No Attention To The Auto Companies Calling Us Liars

Women Moving Colorado Forward

145 letters: Reaction to The Des Moines Register’s presidential endorsement

To Romney supporters on the east coast: YOU built that? Let’s see YOU clean it up.

Compare and Contrast: Tea versus.....

Danny Bonaduce turns into a werewolf ....

San Antonio man drops suit over mules in museum exhibit

Source of anti-Obama text messages revealed

CNN HEADLINE: Romney resumes campaign; Obama deals with storm

OMG what was that bright thing I saw up in the sky just now

Did the Kochs just commit a felony?

Battle-Bruised Skeleton May Be King Richard III

Vice President Biden Says Romney's Ads Outrageous and Deceptive, Raise Questions of Trust

Here's what I want...

MSNBC posted a Colorado Poll...

High spirits on Romney campaign plane today

National Journal Poll: Obama 50, Romney 45

Papantonio: Republicans Tap Ralph Reed To Save 2012 Election

Biden: 'When your insurance rates go down, then you'll vote for me in 2016'

Does anyone here have Magic Jack?

Long line during early voting today (Wed.)

Who will win? Obama 54% — Romney 34%

Alan Grayson... proud of voting for you today early...

Chris Mathews: there PIGS!!!!!

Romney campaign doesn't speak for Romney campaign, says Romney campaign

No fair! (Pout) Obama gets to "act like" Commander in Chief!

KOS: Obama's crazy good polling day + Yahoo: Obama Opens 8pt Lead in WI

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein arrested

Guns and Prohibition: "Any discussion begins with reality people want guns..."

*** Gets out staple gun and hangs up sign - New Records in our DU Listening Library ***

where are all those people who were prepared to abandon New Orleans?

Mitt flips again...loves FEMA now

According to Big Ed, Brownie doesn't think Obama is doing a heckuva job

NAACP criticizes Franklin Graham for political and religious stands

The Most Unbelievable but Real Pictures of Sandy's Destruction

Top Five Signs of Capitalist Dictatorship in the Romney Campaign

It Is No Longer Inconceivable To Me That President Obama Outperforms His 2008 Numbers

The "Inner" Mitt Romney

Ecuador plaintiffs to sue Chevron in Argentina

Germany Catholics wary about major Luther festivities

I predict a press release tomorrow morning that Obama will cancel more campaign events

[Wisconsin] extending early voting due to high turnout

Civic Responsibility

Is this race breaking open?

Won't the Republicans love this

Faux News running file footage of Gov Christie with Romney at events

Forbes: Why Do Obama Supporters Appear In Facebook Ads As Romney Fans?

After 11 years of war: Taliban leaders can run for Afghan president

In crucial Ohio, conservatives are an unruly force for Romney

DAILY KOS: Can we trust Nate Silver?

Amazing how your tune changes when you need that "Non-Leader' to come bail your ass out...

I'm fairly certain most Americans would think this is incredibly tacky and wrong

Vice President Joe Biden Will Be Making A Campaign Stop In Salt Lake City

So he's always just been a huge Dick then? Apparently....

Voted early today in GA (Gwinnett County)!

Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll: Obama 47, Romney 46 (no change)

How to help in the aftermath of Sandy

UPDATED: My father works for FEMA. He is 75 years old and, like many men of his generation,

GOTV Colorado (CO), 10/31/12 Dems down slightly in EV

I don't get it.

Per Marquette Poll: Early voters going for Obama 56-36 in WI

Style and Substance - What it means to be a Democrat

Spammer spams one jury 6-0 hide one jury 3-3

Archaeologists find Europe's most prehistoric town

Watching a Romney speech in FL

Romney's itinerary says he's given up on Ohio

How would this play out if Christie was the Republican nominee?

Where are you and what kind of robo-calls/polls etc are you getting?

Day 6: Mitt Romney continues to be silent on endorsement from Richard Land

Greening Havana

Where are you and what kind of robo-calls/polls etc are you getting?

None of the Romney ads I've seen in PA lately show Romney in them, they just bash the President.

Howard Fineman Is Bathetic

Where is that post from the grizzled old DU guy with 10 gazillion posts?

Interesting Ricky Gervais tweet

R$: "if you have an extra dollar or two" send it to the Sandy victims

Question about Election Day/Night

Biden Has Raucous Visit With Locals At Florida Restaurant

Little girl sick of election---less than a minute video--very cute.

Without subways, Manhattan would be a giant parking lot

MSM starts to link Sandy with climate change. FOX steps up attempts to discredit it.

Stephen Stills on Mitt Romney: 'I Never Thought I'd See a Creepier Politician Than Nixon

I think I got one of those Rmoney text messages

Obama Super PAC "connects the dots" between Rick Scott Medicare fraud and Mitt Romney

Somebody help me out, please. Need references.

Markos(KOS)Moulitsas: Obama's crazy good polling day

My, how things change....

All Four Hosts of 'The Cycle' Predict an Obama Victory. (Even Sippy Cup)

Ohio Canvasser, packing Glock, flashing Gun to get Romney votes

All Four "journalists" , including S.E. Cupp, on The Cycle - give the election to Obama

New Page on Bing for Politics 2012... check it out...

S.E. Cupp says its over, Obama will win

Akin rally draws nearly as many protestors as supporters

Possible reason Romney is advertising in Blue States

Romney Victory Rally???

Environmentalists have made coal's US future cloudy. Answer? Ship it overseas.

Obama opens up 50-45 lead in latest new national poll.

Zombies going hungry...

Three questions for the "undecided" I meet.

Romney style rescue

OH POLL -LAST POLL HAD O AND R TIED -0bama 48% (-1) Romney 46% (-3)

Now I understand how otherwise sane, intelligent people support Romney and hate Obama

Favorite Hallowe'en candy?

The Obama Team just busted my son!

Colombian peace talks push President Santos' popularity higher

So tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.

mittens bullshit bet and screwing those in need. so what else is new?

MSNBC Cycle segment good predictions for

Uhm, Two Questions I'm Embarrassed To Ask ...

transcript Rush today -- courtesy of FR

The scale of unpaid tax now outstrips the entire deficit.

Ha! Romney yard sign - pic

@ComfortablySmug who tweeted lies about storm damage, works got it...

The Rude Pundit: A Filthy End to the Filthy Campaign of a Filthy Liar:


A Great Quote From Someone Unexpected On What The GOP Is REALLY About

How are you feeling about this election?

There has been some muted discussion of Sandy with regard to GW. Nay-sayers not surprisingly cry

I wonder how many millionaires/billionaires are lining up to....

A 1850 map of slave and slave friendly states.

Has anyone else noticed cable news is dropping its, "Close race", meme?

(AWESOME!) Bill Cosby Explains The Sad And Honest Truth About Obama's First Four Years

VP Joe Biden Appreciation post

NY, NJ and CT get alot of press but we forget that WV got hit really hard too

Hurricane Attention Whoring With Educators4Excellence

Fuck you WilLIARd Rmoney

Trick-or-Truth, Mitt!

Take this with a giant block of salt, but it's an interesting read....

Springsteen sings to the boardwalk -

Continuing increase in women arming themselves for hunting, sport, self-defense...

Murdoch's NY Post publishes fake story about ban on passenger cars in Manhattan

Hey Beltway media. Minnesota is not in play.

One Republican Sets The Record Straight About Racism And The GOP In 30 Seconds (HE NAILS IT!!)

I still have a lot of reasons for hating Christie.

Prognostication time: Will we now take FL?

President Obama and Gov. Christie meet with survivors of Superstorm Sandy - pics

Romney: I'll Ensure FEMA Gets Its Funding.

EU budget vote: Rebel MPs defeat government over spending cut call

Republicans And What They Really Think Of FEMA And Disaster Recovery

Not a good sign

Taxes Don't Drive Out California Rich: Study

The Scariest Halloween EVER!!!!!

Hurricane Sandy was the October Surprise.

Just got back from hearing Clinton speak in Iowa

Why rmoney will lose.

Reminder for Republicans from Top Conservative Cat (I'm guessing you'll like it.)

Obama Campaign Airs Colin Powell Endorsement In New Radio Ad

Polltracker: Obama up to +1.1 in national poll aggregate

Cuban musicians venture into enemy territory to celebrate art, not politics

Finally!! Being bipartisan...

I don't agree with GOP enthusiasm claims

Face it, you're going to be an asshole, arent you?

Dear GOP - F#@K You!

How the idiot Rethug "governors" of FL & TX (2 Ricks) will cost billions from shunning Medicaid

BREAKING: Mitt says he'll fund FEMA. Question is this - do you trust him?

Anyone know How the Statue Of Liberty is doing after the storm? Any damage?

Obama Campaign Airs Colin Powell Endorsement In New Radio Ad

If Obama ad's were produced by the Romney Campaign (Video)

Trump extends his ludicrous deadline, due to Hurricane Sandy

President Of The USA Barack Obama & New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Atlantic City 10/31/12

Martin Bashir just slammed Romney for his 5k Campaign/Relief Rally

Romney vs. Sandy

*POTUS about to speak, in NJ, msnbc.

Happy Halloween from The Shaggs

Wouldn't it funny if at this presser... Christie..

WaPo insider list of most competitive swing states (BAD news for Romney)

Smuggling of Brazilians, other migrants growing in South Florida

"We need folks to make a donation to disaster relief fund" from Red Cross Representative

The Making Of Romney's Storm Relief Event

Oh, that 1% - even in 1765

Question about the flood in Hobocken -

Obama was walking so casually with hands in pockets and Christy trying to get in the picture.


4 Year Old, Abigael, cries about "Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney"

Teabaggers spreading debunked 'Obama-wants-to-take-our-Bibles' meme - ROTFLMAO

The Bible Tells Us When A Fetus Becomes A Living Being .. really read this its good.

Everybody be quiet. Here comes my president.

Christy talking right now on CNN, heaping praise on Obama. Obama up next.

Christie is serving Romney another shit sandwich.

Mitt Romney just met a bus named Chris Christie

Part II - Rigged Elections for Romney

Halloween scare prank.. done very well by a magician... Heads up!

Is it possible for Romney to only get 47% of the vote?

OH NO HE DIDN'T! Romney flips on FEMA

Was Romney supposed to hold a press conference at 3PM Wednesday?

UofIowa Student Poll Shows Romney Ahead by 1% in Iowa

MITTENS To The Rescue!!! Romney sending CAMPAIGN BUS for Hurricane Sandy relief Really?

Christie, front and center, standing right behind the President. The look on his face says it all.

Chris Christie has a heart on

There is much to be said about a community organizer in action.

In honor of Christie - no, not that one (but thanks).

Something strange about Obama

I've been on disability most of my life. I've been helped from money from an apartment

Did NBC break into national programming to air Obama/Christie press conference?

So, the October surprise turns out to be Hurricane Sandy...

Until Mitt concedes

New proposal for writing Grand Old Party

Dick (can I suck your toes) Morris--dumbest pundit ever--can't even count EV's

Christie Appreciation Thread

HELP Wayne Powell Thurs - Monday!!!

Who was the guy standing behind Obama (to his left, our right) with the close cropped white hair?

I'm confused. Where are the Republics getting this "Incompetence" attack?

A very fitting song

Smart move, flying in utility service assets with C-17s

Little Girl Cries Over 'Bronco Bamma'

Absolute required viewing for every one in this country:

I think you will enjoy watching Faux the next 6 days

Obama To Launch Major Pre-Election Tour

Washington Post all tied up 49-49

HELP Wayne Powell kick cantor out, Thurs - Monday!!!

Green Party presidential candidate arrested during Keystone XL protest

Vote suppression underway in Washington state

Sand is not much of a barrier

Ray Dolin Guilty: Hitchhiker Admits To Montana Shooting Hoax

YoungerGreenKid went as a hippie for Halloween. (Pics inside) Mind you, he only decided this at 9pm

Obama will resume campaigning Friday with a big final push in Ohio

I swear this is true, early this morning I woke up because something was touching my hand.

Joe Isuzu Endorses Mitt.

Obama to visit Green Bay tomorrow

Thought of the day from a Facebook friend...

Does anyone here have Magic Mike?

He isn't fit to lead!

Just watched the President and Christie speaking from New Jersey...

Laura Mulholland, Minnesota Woman, Impales Chair With Bayonet, 'Lynches' It In Anti-Obama Display

Everything you didn't know about the pancake on the head bunny.

U.S. Yanks Support for Syrian Opposition Group, Warns of Extremist Takeover of Uprising

Parody video by family friend, If I were Mitt Romney:

Bodies you have possessed?

Vote suppression underway in Washington state (cross post)

So I go to the liquor store this afternoon...

"Comforter in Chief"

Did anyone notice a couple hours before Chris/Barack spoke

Leaked Florida GOP Memo: "Democratic Turnout Machine Is Cleaning Our Clock"

Predicting FiveThirtyEight's win% for Obama tonight

Poll: Obama gets high marks on hurricane response. .. Romney not so good.

Where's the GOP Congressional leadership regarding Sandy ?

Paul Krugman: Mitt Romney's Proposal To Privatize FEMA Is 'Pathological'

Accidental shooting of 8 year-old stresses need for safety training

Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader endorses Obama, overruling publisher

In Sandy's wake: top Romney advisors Andrea Saul tied to climate change denial

Hurricane Sandy Looting, Fights Plague South Brooklyn

Have you ever witnessed a more compassionate President?

The pastors who said God brought down Huuricane Sandy

Palm Coast man gets 25 years in accidental shooting of his wife

Nate Silver as Resentment Symbol

American Made.... VS Made in China

Can a Mayor stiff-arm the POTUS? Re: Bloomberg

Anyone not handing candy out tonight?

Gene Hackman Strikes Threatening Homeless Man

The wave for Obama

Life by the spreadsheet.Two dimensional thinking in a three dimensional world will be the end of us.

We Ask America Polls: Colorado O50, R47. IA O49, R47

Chris Matthews Calls Climate Change Deniers 'Pigs' (VIDEO)

Happy Halloween from VG Cats

We Ask America Poll: Florida, 49.8 Romney, 48.9 Obama.

2004 flood

Nancy Mitchell tweet

After a short honeymoon, conservatives are now back to hating the polls

Gov. Phil Bryant Suggests Voters Voluntarily Show ID (Mississippi)

Why is Gary Johnson not included in any polling?

Mitt Mart!

Local food

We Ask America Poll, Missouri: Claire McCaskill 48.6%; Todd Akin 45.2%


WaPo-ABC tracking poll: High marks for President Obama on Hurricane Sandy response

Just voted in east central Florida (Brevard County)

Shonky poll serves to demonise Israelis as pro-apartheid

Breaking: Mitt Flip-Flops On FEMA

Fox News: Can we blame Sandy on Obama?

Help. My laptop used to highlight those posts I had already read on DU. Since yesterday, my laptop

It occurred to me, perhaps one of the biggest differences between Democrats and Republicans

GOP Candidate Opposes Abortion Exceptions In Cases Of ‘The Rape Thing’

Where can I find that MSNBC video of R morphing into Joe Isuzu ?

What A Winner Looks Like.

I saw an appropriate Halloween costume for the political leanings of North Idaho

"Romney Willing to Win Without Honor" by Leo W. Gerard at the Huffington Post

Halloween message from my Facebook newsfeed...

Dependent eligibility verification from my employer

This is the pic on the front page of The Washington Post tonight. This is our President.

Here is a writing exercise I simply can't complete


How to insult someone...

Josh Marshall: Many "independents" just tea partiers who don't identify as R anymore

Contender for best Romney one-liner ever

Deja Vu!

I've had scads of trick-or-treaters already!

The guide to trading candy

BRILLIANT: The Image That Destroys "Get Big Government Off My Back" Proponents

EPIC-MRA Michigan Poll: Obama 48, Romney 42

Race tight in four states, Obama holds slight edge: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Romney Has a Chris Christie Problem and a FEMA Problem

Clinton rips Romney for mocking Obama’s climate change concern

Guard evacuates people, takes in food to NJ city

What State Polls Suggest About the National Popular Vote

Just got my vote stolen in Arkansas

Laugh Of The Day-Rush: “He’s fat and a fool. Don’t listen to Governor Christie."

Perry: State ready to run health program without Planned Parenthood

Just got a sample ballot

Unions, good government groups to file ethics complaint against Romney for failing to disclose...

Obama builds 6 point lead over Romney in Michigan.

The Romney ad is's killing him here in Florida!! (Crossroads)

Romney, Shut Up and Watch

Hallelujah! One of my patients (a former working girl) is now out of the life and off the streets!

next time you hear paul ryan rail against the auto bailout, remember, he voted for it.

Governor Christie - Join the Democrats!

Prospects brighten for filibuster reform

Happy "Meow-lloween" from Gizmo and Trixie! (They are already "dressed" in orange and black for

The Monster Mash

Nate Silver speaks on Ohio

From Buzzfeed: Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City

Marriage Equality Sign

Hey, East Coast gamblers

Martin Bashir - Obama, Christie in New Jersey throw cold water on GOP script

Here's some good tennis news...

White House cancels annual Halloween celebration

Romney-Ryan: Private equity pirates profiting off the misfortune of Delphi autoworkers

FOX News Poll: Race is Dead Even at 46

Oh noes! Looks like Timmeh is taken!

If Obama wins, I wonder if Plouffe, Axlerod, Cutter, and the rest of Obama's

RCP National Average Is Now Tied

Want to see if your ballot has been counted yet?

Is there a book forum ?

Ever been to a fundie haunted house?

Election Forecast Summaries: 10/31 (afternoon)

Heads up: Michael Moore is on Piers Morgan, CNN at 9 EDT tonight.

Anyone know what this means?Appeals court puts on hold attempt to expand provisional ballot counting

HELP Wayne Powell kick cantor out, Thurs - Monday!!!

Where has Lyin' Ryan been lately?

Advice Memos find at-will clauses in two employee handbooks are lawful

Martin Bashir - Conservative Mitt Romney hurting ‘moderate’ Willard on FEMA

TPM's Polltracker National Aggregate: Obama up 1.3%

Ann Romney stars in "Fatal Election".

Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

HEALTH WARNING: The cute may be too much for some DUers

It's over. Sandy Sinks Rmoney.

The Specials - Ghost Town

Papantonio: Southern Republicans Cling To Pre-Civil War Mentality

This is what a PRESIDENT does: LEADS when disaster strikes.

"probably Romney" voter I convinced to flip to at least "undecided",told he's voting for Obama today

Romney's Privatized FEMA

Whedon on Romney

How many electoral votes will the President get?

Happy Halloween!

Fox: Hurricane Sandy Has "Nothing To Do With Global Warming"

Richard Trumka President, AFL-CIO: Game Changer in Ohio: Cars

More Halloween pics for you to enjoy and share #4: Frankenstein's Pinky Group

More Halloween pics for you to enjoy and share #5: Manly Flavors Group

More Halloween pics for you to enjoy and share #6: Jerk-o-Lantern Group

white zombie - im your boogie man

Mitt Romney Campaign Impeded Hurricane Sandy Relief

Thanks for nothing, Rehberg.

Romney to heliocopter into New Jersey

Must see Frontline episode

A three foot fireman just came to our door begging us for candy!

I need a crowd pleasing recipe for my pot luck this Friday...

Obama up to 68% on intrade...highest since Oct 4

Rueters/Ipsos state polls for CO, OH, FL and VA

RFK, Jr: Democracy Under Assault

Some Post-Sandy Progress in NYC

Obama surging on Intrade...up to 69%

$18,000 For A Single Ad, Shown Once

As he tours Sandy devastation with Chris Christie, swing state polls break for the president

WOW Obama NOW up to 69% on intrade

300K Gallons of Diesel Fuel Leak in Arthur Kill

Princeton Election Consortium - 10/31 Update

Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

It's RAZOR-THIN in NC. Help us win it not just for Obama but Governor, congress, judges!!


Nate Silver OH: #notthatcomplicated

Peanuts: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Pumpkin

What will become of all the bloviating “journalists” on cable ‘news’ after the election?

Climate is biggest factor in near-record low levels in 3 of the Great Lakes

Child sex convict Sandusky sent to Pennsylvania maximum security prison

Caption this: President Obama and Governor Christie on Marine One..

Anatomy of a High Quality Poll (Quinnipiac)

If he won't release his returns, we MUST assume he'll be in the control of the International Banks

The Herbaliser - Something Wicked this way comes

Am I Bad?

Michigan Poll: Obama By 6 Points, Half Say Auto Bailout Is A ‘Deciding Factor’ In Their Vote

Romney losing keynote backers

Why Do They Even Do Polls Or Report The Findings......

Thoughts about this? Posted in GD:

"how can you tell that your god is make believe....?"

Republican Mensa Candidates: Crowd at Romney rally chanting "4 More Days"

Screamin Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You

Mars soil like Hawaii? Obama isn't Kenyan, he's Martian!

Mitt Romney's self-imposed gag order

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

Sandy changes the conversation on Climate Change

In the middle of a swoon of election fantasy double talk, a clear slap of reality in the face.

Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

How many Trick or Treaters have you gotten so far?

Failed Bush FEMA director Michael Brown doubles down on criticism of Obama's Sandy response

Michael Brown, disgraced FEMA head, can't be serious with Hurricane Sandy analysis

Ok, these pollsters are getting ridiculous

Got this from my Alum. newsletter at WSU

Chuck Hagel (R-NE) to endorse Bob Kerrey (for US Senate UPDATED!)

An improvised halloween song by my daughter, age 6.

47 arguments for voting

Uganda Parliament Speaker Pushes for Vote on 'Kill The Gays' Bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stevie Wonder ~ Superstition

Vote For the Man who Can be Cool in a Crisis

Bronco Bamma is going to win next week's rodeo!!!

Toon: Statue of Tenacity

Stephen Colbert rules!

Eagles - Hotel California

Bronco Bama:

I discovered why Mitt flip-flops so much!!!

Florida voting question...

New Orleans Corps employees join team draining Sandy floodwater from New York

Accused of robocalls, Michael Sona wants redemption

New Ipsos/Reuters polls of OH, VA, FL & CO

Halloween (Tom Waits)

On CNN, the lady just said it's almost impossible for WilLIARd Rmoney to

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

"My brother can't have any peanuts."

Another list for election watch - Equal Marriage Amendments?

What the hell is wrong with Twitter? How was my account suspended? New GOP tactic?

The 6th Sense - full version runs 1:47.24

David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) live

Gov. Christie: ‘I cannot thank the President enough’

I know it has been said often, but Chris Christie really looks very unhealthy.

The Doors - Riders on the Storm

A DU tradition "I VOTED"

Presented without comment

Cross-over post on Romney Style

Intrade: Obama a surer bet to win it all than to win Ohio

Cross over post from GD