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Last thought for Chris Matthews.


New Ad Questions Romney’s Ability To Serve As Commander-In-Chief

MiddleFingerMom is marshaling his bodily functions...

Fukushima Update: Hysterical Reports Dropping to Safe Levels

Who's next, Mitt? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny?

"float like a butterfly sting like a bee"

Romney lied about Health Care cost increases being driven by the ACA

My childhood indulgence now sucks

Obama's Big Challenge - Can He Bounce Back?

I've heard of jump seats on an airplane, but this is ridiculous.....

If I were Joe Biden.........

I just had an epiphany regarding why Obama did not attack Romney during the debate.

List of Repukes who want to cut PBS and their challengers

I contributed to Obama's campaign as soon as the debate was over! Did you?

The Free Gaza Movement Shows Its Anti-Semitic Face (UPDATED)

Please remember this:

How did Chris Matthews act on Hardball tonight?nt

Bad Hare day.

Nate Silver: Romney’s ‘field goal’ in debate #1 not a game winner

More texting with lobbyists in Orlando, Florida.

Einstein Letter, set for Auction, shows scientist challenging the idea of God, being 'Chosen'

I was collared by a 96yr old man today...

So, I feel that this morning pulled the plug on the life-support for whatever "liberally biased

An 11 year-old boy has discovered one of the most exquisitely preserved wooly mammoths ever found.

The local snooze media's biggest comments have

Very low tax rate historically. Where are the jobs?

Obama and his anger translator

Sign up to stay in the loop on what's up at Walmart (first ever strike)

We've got your back, Mr President

"Instead of regulating Wall Street Mitt is gutting Sesame Street" or something to

Americans Enjoy Aggressively told lies

Groups to distribute anti-corruption leaflets outside Orlando banks

worth revisiting! The publisher of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt, is offering the sum for the skinny

Crowd Size Question/Comparison

sports analogy debate verdict: a called strike.

Rape culture 101

It's almost over....sigh

Romney gains after debate ... with Republicans (Obama with independents)

Free birth control cuts abortion rate dramatically, study finds

Mitt Ramney does not deserve the NRA endorsement

President Obama Remarks in Denver, Colorado - Full Speech

Don't forget Mitt's "fire" comment!

Michael Moore Went On A 24-Tweet Rant Hammering Obama's Debate Performance

NJ Gov. Christie says he's not anti-union

I believe the reason most liberals were upset about last night's

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Rocky Mountain Lie & a new Kitty gif

An alternative hypothesis regarding President Obama's debate performance last night

How misinformation spreads

Canadian online pharmacy ordered to stop marketing to U.S.

Anybody in Michigan seeing any Pete Hoekstra ads?

Let's get one thing straight....

Venezuela election: Chávez holds mass rally on final day of campaigning

Try CNN - Jennifer Granholm vs Newt Gingrich

Maddow is showing clips how Mondale skewered incumbent Reagan in debate.....

Some things should NOT make me smile

I can see Granholm as the head of the DNC...nt

I don't think these kind of ads belong here

D.C. officer has unexpected pit bull encounter

When I finally see her up close, I realize I would never have pegged her as a voter

Imagine if your words could move markets and start wars

What I would like to hear in Obama's summary statement next time

Expanded 2012 Presidential Debate - Denver, Colordo - October 3, 2012

Walmart Warehouse Workers Fight for the Future of Work

Ask any Olympic champ -- timing is everything

FB will be the death of me...........

G.O.P. Operative Long Trailed by Allegations of Voter Fraud

Lehrer reminded me of 'this' guy from Office Space ...

Paul Ryan outraised by House opponent (D-Rob Zerban)

The 7-11 vote is in

"He'll get rid of regulations on Wall St., but crack down on Sesame Street"

People, I don't give a flying **** at a rolling donut who pundits say won the debate

Federal Judge Approves Scaled-Down Florida Voter Purge.

Mexican cafe gets death threats after refusing Romney visit

Thousands protest in Turkey over Syria mandate

Welcome to CANADA!

Message for Jeb Crow Shrub: Hey, Jebster, you'll never be Prez!1

Has anyone seen polls of last night's debate broken down by gender?

Nielsen: 67.2 million people watched first Obama-Romney debate

This GD post needs some love

Did I see something in Michelle Obama's expression just before the debate started ?

Limbaugh asks "Will Leftists Riot If Romney Wins?"

I hate to admit it, but I enjoy "Sons of Anarchy".

Romney swaps with Obama!

The ED Show - Mitt Romney vs. Big Bird

ya know, he's got a good point

I'll miss Big Bird.

Free Jon Bon Jovi concert in Denver Sat Oct 6 in support of Obama

Anybody who gets the willies from an "Angry Black Man" probably was never an Obama voter anyway

Obama: I debated an Imposter!

Vice President Joe Biden's Post-Debate Remarks (VIDEO:)

What to do if challenged by a GOP pollwatcher.

Best graphic I've seen to date describing last night's debate

Punjabi atheists unite in Canada

Occupy Sesame Street!

TiVo Declares Big Bird Moment "Tops" of Last Night's Presidential Debate

Libor Gets Religion

Hey!!! let that fu#*er bleed slowly.....

Do you think we will have any problem lowering expectations for next debate?

Stop the attack on Social Security.

The ED Show - Mitt Romney transforms himself again

Disturbing FB post by a good friend - EQUATING BOTH SIDES in this race!!!


"Mitt Romney is the Ron Jeremy of politicians, every day he's in a different position" -Bashir

Does Du alert a person if their post has been alerted on, but left alone?

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers won the first MLB Triple Crown in 45 years yesterday

Elizabeth Warren for MA | Radio Ad: Model Justice


The first debate went to Governor Pinnocchio for his spirited defense of a string of lies

Jim Lehrer's Mea Culpa: Explains What Went Wrong

Chris Hayes has to stop staring at Alex Wagner.

The ED Show - Romney's $5 trillion lie

Osama bin Laden movie to air weekend before election

So Willard Romney Was Against The 47% Before He Was Before Them

Lying for the Lord - Mormon style

Willard drops by FOX's No. 1 race-baiter's show for post-debate exclusive interview

speaking of Big Bird and the gang... Is it true Cookie Monster is now known as the Veggie monster?

Image: Mitt's foreign policy experience compared to Obama'

Psst, if a person behaves belligerently to the host on the cable shows....

Big Bird GIF

Mitt's needless, almost goading cruelty

Could "Romney Lose The Mommy" Vote Over The Big Bird Debacle?

"An Unhelpful Debate" Opinion at the NY Times

About that Debate last Night...after much thought, I will admit.....

Daryl Hannah Arrested in Texas Protesting Pipeline

Romney Surrogate,John Sununu, Calls Obama Stupid On Fox News And Lazy On MSNBC.

Am I the ONLY one really bothered by the mentioning of firing Big Bird?

Hey Bay Area DUers, want some Blues and BBQ Saturday in San Jose?...

An early preview of Mitt Romney's Christmas card, courtesy of Mad Magazine :)

Why Let the Rich Hoard All the Toys?-N. Kristof

Romney's Biggest (And Least Discussed) Lie of the Debate

You know, by NOT bringing up the 47% last night...

The ED Show - Romney unleashes torrent of lies at debate

Flip Flopney at his best...

Todd Akin Failed To Report State Pension

Can anyone name a program that is for us regular folks or

Big Bird gets Seamus'd (updated w/Mitt's response to new jobs data)

Romney Celebrates Debate Performance by Citing 'Non-Partisan' Analysis from Cheney-Backed Think Tank

My apolitical coworker's comments about the debate lifted my spirits today

One of the biggest myths Romney told


Elizabeth Warren for MA | Radio Ad: Model Justice

My friend was murdered.

Venezuela twitter trends tonight after the closing of campaigns:

My husband who SLEPT through last night's debate has set my blood pressure to 1000

Well I'll Be Damned.

You know what kind of ad I'd like to see?

NHL cancels first two weeks of regular season

Mr. Rogers has a message for Mitt regarding Big Bird

Cold War Biological Weapons Tests . . . In St. Louis.

Okay, I Bought The Books, "A Song of Fire and Ice" **NO SPOILERS**

Big Bird Now Featured In Game About Romney's Dog

"Romney Won Using a Debate Technique Called the 'Gish Gallop'" by AmBushed at the Daily Kos

Rachel Maddow - Legally bereft, war on voting adopts strategy of deception

I wish Obama had said this in his closing remarks:

I went with my son to register to vote today.

Free Birth Control Cuts Abortion Rate Dramatically

Kountze Cheerleaders Win The Right To Pray Another Day, For Now

Everything I ever needed to know about Economics rant

"Jobs, jobs, jobs"

Kountze Cheerleaders Win The Right To Pray Another Day, For Now

Has anyone seen the Atlas Shrugged trailer?

Oh wow!!! Everyone has to see the rerun of The REWRITE on The Last Word

BREAKING: GOP Adopts a New Mascot!

Ha ha it appears rmoney's 1st debate will be remembered by big bird!!!!!

*Nate Silver just updated chances for PrezO to win to 86%!

"Like a bull to a Matador" was a description of how Romney approached the President

FUCK MITT ROMNEY!! Nate Silver has President Obama up to 86% for the win!! Highest ever!!!

After listening to the radio and watching a few news shows today... there is a common theme

Rachel Maddow - Romney dissembling a debate challenge for Obama

Wow. The Daily Show is so yesterday.

Jon Stewart was spot on

Obscene Phone Bust

School board to apologize for yearbook slur printed 42 years ago

Business Insider: Jobs Report tomorrow could be 8.2% Unemployment

So far Obama lead down 1 to 2 points post debate

I just noticed something...

Obama And Romney Draw Large Post-Debate Crowds

This is what Obama did to Romney.

Consignment store percentages -- what's fair?

Romney backtracks on 47% comments 17 days later.

Red Sox fire Bobby Valentine

Romney On 47 Percent: ‘I Said Something That’s Just Completely Wrong’

Idea: Change your FB Profile Pic to a Muppet until After Election

Latest Obama supporters!

Cool group. Snowblink

Cool new group. Snowblink

They both were oxygen-starved.

No matter how I try

SURPRISE!!! NRA Endorses Mitt Romney

New image from the DNC: BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE LETTERS 'B and S'

Fishink website

I Did Things Backwards

"So, About That CNN Snap Poll" by the SilverMonkey at Daily Kos

Snoopy and the Apollo 10 Gang Go to Space

Consignment store percentages -- what's fair?

"Romney’s policy vagueness pays off" by Ezra Klein at WP

Another 5,307 Democrats and 2,247 "Republicans" Registered to vote in Florida on 10/3

Link to my appearance on Arlene Barshinger's new radio show, N the Queue.

"..he stabs you in the face but does so in a way that makes you thank him and shake his clammy hand"

I think in the 2nd debate......

Mark Belling steps in it again...

Tomorrow's Job Report And The Political Spin

Jim Lehrer wanted contrast at last night's debate...Romney(latter) Vs. Romney(former)

Romney DIDN"T work across the aisle in MA as he claimed in the debate

Garth Brooks ends Vegas Run 18 Months Early

Jennifer Granholm (D) Is On Piers Morgan With Newt Gingrich ($) She Better Do A Good Job

What if we wake up Nov 8 and Bachmann, Ryan, West, Walsh and King were all out of a job?

Obama Finds Romney to be Repulsive and has no Respect for him

Romney: "Victory Is in Sight" After Debate

Peggy Noonan: Romney Deflates the President

Question about mayor blomberg

know any german? can someone translate this?

Ct. Requires Disabled Rape Victim To Prove She Resisted... (‘Biting, Kicking, Scratching’)

Romney's tax plan doesn't cost anything?

What’s at stake in the Venezuelan elections (Progreso Weekly)

okay what is this rumor I'm hearing about AP not doing Exit polls in certain states this year?

CNN Breaking News: Romney on 47% comments: I was 'completely wrong'

2012 Senate Election Polls Show Republicans Continue To Face Uphill Battle

I went into the belly of the beast and found out some specifics about what Romney plans to do.

Romney: "I Said Something That’s Just Completely Wrong’

So the last 24 hours has been filled with wailers, teeth gnashers, and whistlers past the graveyard.

Free sites for making animated videos?

Probably the most eye-opening senario in this circus is that the message the media whores are saying

Are the Debate Results a Media Fantasy?

Why does the West produce such crappy presidential material?

Pictures Surface from Romney's years as a Muppet Missionary

Congrats EarlG and Skinner, I just saw your MR pic on Facebook and was proud

Romney Won Using a Debate Technique Called the Gish Gallop

Allan J. Lichtman: Final prediction: Obama WINS!

In case anyone is interested - I just saw a Palin tweet regarding the next FAKE Obama controversary

Nance Greggs: A Win?

Romney shifts to center as his confidence grows.

Remember the group, "Bread?"

I am utterly aghast at the debate debacle

Sorry, Mitt. We're still not that into you.

Difference between a million billion and trillion

Okay Lounge. I found you a new hero.

After last night, anyone with half a brain knows romney cannot be trusted, and anything he says is

I betcha President Obama had Turkey on his mind yesterday

I always wanted a Kitchenaid mixer. Now? F*ck them!

Jim Lehrer just sat there while Mitt Romney disrespected him, steamrolled him and threatened his job


Britain's got talent - meet Labour leader Ed Milliband

Truth Through Bad Editing

Does the right also realize that the romney's Chameleon behavior backtracked on at least 50% of

Antelope Valley: Mobile Vietnam Veterans Memorial display Veterans Day weekend in Palmdale

Fact Checking Romney's Debate performance

Show Some Respect

A MUST SEE! Lawrence O'Donnell - The Last Word's REWRITE: The Bull and the Matador



well said

The truth hurts

Too serious and not serious enough...

"Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird Is The Word"

A Win? ( Nance Greggs article)

Did Romney jump the shark yet?

Mitt Romney 'saved' the 2002 Olympics

Mitt Romney: SAY ANYTHING (perfect image to push viral)

Napolitano to visit family of slain Border Patrol agent

The Toll of Gun Negligence

Say what?

Romney campaign policies could be delayed, canceled over loose facts...

Obama got Bin Laden, and Romney...

Romney States 47% Was Wrong

Biden Turns Attack Dog on Romney Day After Debate

Letterman noted that debate included mention of both Big Bird and Donald Trump

Body Language Guy says Romney Registered Mostly Negative Emotions

Bribery case against ex-president Uribe reopened .

Flowers: Up close and personal

US renews travel warning for Colombia .

Bill Clinton hits Romney on taxes, debt in New Hampshire

About Mitt Romney's $5 Trillion Tax Cut (Forbes)

Stewart: ‘Deeply Divided Nation’ Has Finally Agreed On Something - Obama’s Debate Performance Sucked

Last night, Mitt Romney lost. Yes, you read that right.

How did we let the right procure the U.S.A-U.S.A. chant for themselves? I say

President Obama's Rally - Denver, Colorado 10/04//12

Court Sets Rapist Free

Electoral Map 1996-2000

President Obama's Rally - Madison, Wisconsin 10/04//12

Penis Snake Discovered In Brazil

Far Left Side Toon (debate)

Romney Admits 'Heart Is Not With America'

Scalia says abortion, gay rights are easy cases

At least 2 killed in clash at Guatemala protest

At least 2 killed in clash at Guatemala protest

Another scary billionaire

US tourist opens fire in Israeli hotel, one dead

A reminder of those "Glorious Reagan Years", Iran-Contra scandal unravels

South Korea under volatile situation

Chicago police find about 1,500 pot plants in city

Well, *that* wasn't very surprising- the NRA has endorsed Mittens

Three dick head Professors complaining the Obama team is requiring students to register for rallies

Almost intact carcass of 30,000-year-old woolly mammoth found by 11-year-old boy

Bob Herbert on the debate: No More Excuses

Budget Committee's top Dem lays out plans to fuck over seniors

The winner of Wednesday's debate might be lying about everything he said but he did it with style

Teen Denied Eagle Scout Status Because He's Gay

Homophobic Attack Highlights Lack Of Protections In Michigan

Love in the time of bitumen, Mark Morford

Welsh Teen On Trial For Murdering Elderly Gay Man, Filming Victim’s Corpse


The Atheist Pig: I Had A Dream

Pinocchio Cartoon

Love it. Mitt Romney Christmas Card

Big Bird will haunt Mitt Romney

Sheriff Cabral says she's Native American and challenges Scott Brown

Maddow explains the history of tv Debates : The only president to ever win one was Bill Clinton.

Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget--

Obama's "Napoleonic" Debate Strategy...

FUcking Butch Davis

Is it just the election season?

The Romney campaign has calculated that the GOP base is finally at the point where they will

How the MittTwit actually LOST more than Obama as a result of this debate.

Inside Story - Iran's Rial: Bad policy or Western sanctions?

The Real News: Jimmy Carter says: "Election Process in Venezuela is the Best in the World"

President Obama, please Wake the Fuck Up.

Why are fact checkers rolling over for Romney?

Scalia says abortion, gay rights are easy cases

Mitt Romney's Biggest Debate Lies -- Brought To You By The Letters BS

I come here to defend the Lounge

Collapse of Global Nuclear Order

US court to rule on ReDigi's MP3 digital music resales

Wisconsin’s 47% to Welcome Paul Ryan Home! (10:30 Friday a.m. in Milwaukee)

ABC Good Morning America's opening lines?

On CNN - Robme WANTED Obama to bring up the 47%

Wisconsin letter carriers to protest Ryan fundraiser

Third World Wages On The GOP Menu With Romney At The Helm

Joseph Stiglitz: 'The American Dream Has Become a Myth'

You'll all be pleased to know DU is available in China

Luckovich on the debate...

Romney Reboot #45,357. The New caring Romney with 47% more compassion.

If this is true then Obama needs to say something right now

Yet the gap widens at Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight blog

Toon: Rmoney "facts"

Copper mine threatens sacred city in Afghanistan INTERVIEW WITH FILMMAKER

Does everyone realize how degraded the election process has become even compared to 4 years ago?

The GOP PLan For Women Who Want To Control Their Family Size Is TOTAL ABSTINENCE.

Nate Silver: To soon to gauge impact of debate on polls

Jim Cramer (Mad Money) on Morning Joe just now saying upcoming jobs report...

spooky 47

Is Charlie Rose on GMA just phoning it in?

Snow White, Superman, and Pinocchio enter contests....true story about Mittens...

Deepak Chopra: Obama Lost the Debate the Right Way

Not Just Big Bird: 6 Examples of the Right's War on Beloved Children's Characters

To everyone who feels they're in hell...

The Littlest Missionaries: A New Christian Plot to Invade Public Schools

Romney: Liar (New Obama Ad!)

Evangelical parents go to court to stop daughter with terminal illness who wishes to die:


The Mes Aynak Petition Update

The difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney is in ONE GRAPHIC PORTRAIT


The perfect after-the-debate bumper sticker.

Romney On 47 Percent: ‘I Said Something That’s Just Completely Wrong’ (updated)

Look who's got his back now! (Graphic)

CWA comment on the first debate

A gift for storytelling: Ivan Doig to sign copies of ‘The Bartender’s Tale’

Gov. Howard Dean blasts Nora O'Donnell, Charlie Rose on CBS This Week re: Biden "gaffe", Romney.

LA Prosecutor Allegedly Defamed Woman to Shield ACORN Saboteur

Retirement made easy: Here is the magic number

Nate Silver says it's too soon to see if rmoney got a bump in the polls.

Elizabeth Warren uses Scott Brown's "Scalia's my favorite" remarks in new campaign ad.

Remember the group, "Beard?"

So, Romney was 'completely wrong'. Will he refund the donations?


Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%. Good Night Mr. Romney

Unemployment down to 7.8% ... Below 8! (Link added on edit)

Romney Broke The Law By Raising Money From Foreign Donors. Should He Be Disqualified? (FEC petition)

WOOHOO! 7.8% Unemployment, 114k new jobs.

U.S. Economy Added 114,000 Jobs In September, Unemployment Falls To 7.8%

Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.8%

Unemployment-7.8% -Conservative Empty Heads Explode

Hilarious! Just went to Drudge to do my daily oppo research for the RWers here at work

$4 Gas - U.N. report: massive bets placed on the commodities markets

True Blood fans - guess who is coming to TB next season...

We Americans Will Not Willard Robme (R) Kill The Nascent Recovery

Conservative Talking Head On MSNBC Says Debate More Important Than 7.8% Unemployment

92 dogs abandoned along country roads in Texas, police say

New Romney Tax Idea Could Crush Charitable Giving

!The Presidential race just ended: Unemployment drops to 7.8%!

If you were President Obama

Do You Think If Elected Willard Romney Would Kill The Nascent Economic Recovery?

Joe Scraborough is sooo upset by the jobs report

Britain could face electricity shortfall - regulator

President Obama is the luckiest politician ever!

Ha...Turned on Fox - Talking about

Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested With Great-Grandmother for “Trespassing” on Her Own Farm (Tar Sands)

Joe Scarbough-"I Have No Dog In This Fight."

MittBot's Reinvention = Hard Work

wait a minute...didn't Romney's Press aide issue a retraction the same night of the debate?

Scarbrough, You Self-Deluded Narcissistic Moron. The Job Numbers are NOT a Conspiracy.

Analysis: Egypt's Mursi dogged by own promises in first 100 days

Game changer? Nope. 7.8 is

The Good Jobs Myth

Damn GOOD Jobs Report: 'What's going on here? These are big jumps up!'

Just posted this on Facebook. If you like to post on your accounts go ahead.

Jack Welch weighs in: Chicago guys manipulated job numbers because Obama debate was awful

Friday Toon Roundup 1- The Bird's The Word

For Obama, No More Excuses - by Bob Herbert

Friday Toon Roundup 2- Debate Aftermath

Lurking Moderates-Why Vote For Willard Romney Now?

tweet from asshole jack welch 'Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything.....

Friday Toon Roundup 3- Voters and Fraud

Dems attack Fischer (R-NE for US Senate) for her handling of two legislative bills

Friday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

FU, Jack Welch.

Romney was ready to apologize to the country during the debate..He didn't get the chance..obviously.

A Great Debate Performance Based On Lies And Deception Never Created A New Job

Living with Death by Drone

Hey, I just discovered my iPad is now a wifi hotspot.

Unemployment Rate Is Better Than When President Obama Took Office!

"Romney’s strategy of ceaseless deceit has become a fact-checker’s forest of fabulation."

watch the polling places

Imagine where there is no chess team and this is the school...

How come politicians are so reluctant to use the word "liar"?

How telling. Republicans are actually MAD at the good news about the economy.

And The World Shall Know Him As Romnocchio!

Ya'll feeling better today?

It's Why Al Gore Invented The Internet

92 dogs abandoned along country roads in Texas, police say

Hey Romney. Were you WRONG when you said 47% have no RIGHT to FOOD?

OMG! Hysterical "Mitt Romney Style" Gangnam Parody Video

"Shift in Swagger"

the next debate

Anyone see Letterman on the "Top Ten President Obama Excuses"

On the Killing of 8 Afghan Women

jobless rate hits 7.8%...lowest in 44 MONTHS....

RE: the latest wacko conspiracy theory that the job numbers are "cooked".

Josef Stalin...

New jobs report bumping up Obama on Intrade

U.S. Economy Added 114,000 Jobs In September, Unemployment Falls To 7.8%

David Sirota: Debating Social Security: If Not Now, When?

So I Was A Coffin

Steve Martin Masters Home Crafts, Endorses Bob Kerrey D-NE for US SENATE


Romney hasn't learned that old's better to be thought a fool than

Campaign Surrogate Admits Romney Is Changing Positions Just To Win Votes

Debate adjustments - what, how and why?

CNN: Romney Campaign Responds to 7.8 UE

Remember Romney's Latests Moves And Apologies? Are Just Another Lie It Is The Same As


How will the new unemployment numbers effect the Nate Silver odds?

The biggest crock of sh&t I have heard for a while


Mont. judge who sent racist Obama email steps down

UAWire: Romney's whoppers

Morning Scabs sez the President's family values is why he doesn't engage opponents

Why did Republicans pray for unemployment to stay high?

William Koch's Thomas Jefferson Wine Lawsuit Too Late, Court Rules

Colbert on George Will's post-racial politics

Germany Balks on Natural Gas Bonanza

Looks Like Those So-Called 'Job Creators' Just Effed Over Mitt Romney.

(R)asmussen Shows No Debate Bounce For RobME -Obama (D) 49% -Romney ($) 47%

Morning Joe Timeline for Fri. Oct. 5, 2012

chuck todd asks david plouffe if he thought romney was lying....chuck was incredulous!!!

Mes Aynak

Whatever repuke are not happy job numbers

Romney CHEATED @ debates (caught on tape)

Romney: "Used Car Salesman"

The GOP won't be happy until we're the poorest country on earth with the biggest army.

I Actually Saw A Republican Poster Urging Employers To Fire Workers To Jack Up The Unemployment Rate

can ya'll do us all a favor today?

R.I.P. Republican Talking Point

WOO HOO!!!!!! Unemployment rate down to 7.8%

friday morning headlines....

CARTOON: The Debate

Job numbers took wind out of Joe Scar at 8:30 sharp

We should be able to reply to the jury and tell them what we think of their decision!

Rasmussen: OBAMA still at (+2)!!!!

...7.8% Unemployment Rate!!!! - Conservatives Charge Conspiracy

Dog tracks down ailing owner at hospital

Deval Patrick: Scott Brown Is A 'Bay State Birther'

LOL-Obama's Approve/Disapprove Pops Up 3% After Debate In (R)asmussen Poll

'Jack Welch, the job numbers are as real as all the people you laid off where I grew up, dipshit'

GOP ‘Trying to Slow Economy’ Before Election: Democrat

Earlier This Week We Got A Huge 'Tell' That The Unemployment Rate Was Going To Drop (Bus. Insider)

Typical observation re: Fox News Bias

Peak oil notes - October 4

Drumbeat: October 5, 2012

Britain's waterbirds still being killed by lead poisoning, study finds

Drumbeat: October 5, 2012

"Romney Cheated" More reasonable reaction than OMG

Peak oil notes - October 4

The Republican obsession with "real"?

You know it's bad when...

Obama Is Trading At 70.7% On Intrade- Pops 7% On Jobs Report

Nominate your state legislative candidate

The death of a talking point

Compare/Contrast (Americans for Prosperity rally vs Obama)(pics)

106 years old and voting for Pres. Obama - a very cool story in this ad

Santorum: "You can kill things and still like them."

Canadian-Owned Firm Gives $1 Million to Romney Super-PAC, Raising Red Flags

Are we done bedwetting???

bloomberg is reporting the conspiracy theory going around regarding the job numbers. They just read

CNN Quick Vote: Does Mitt Romney's debate performance make you more likely to vote for him?

The president should consider holding a presser to demand that Congress pass the JOBS bill!!!

50 Years Ago Today, First Bond Film, First Beatles Single. 1 Year Ago Today, Steve Jobs Died.

Run-and-Gun QBs face off Saturday nite. Buckeyes host Huskers.

Vallejo man allegedly shoots friends to death

Good CNN headline: 'Unemployment rate tumbles'

Rasmussen VA poll

Starting Tomorrow...for a week! BAAAAALLOOOOONS!!!!

I think someone from Obama's family should pay a visit to Sesame Place

Conservatives suggest Obama campaign manipulated jobs report to help re-election

‘Muslim Lier?’ Poor speller vandalizes Obama’s Des Moines HQ Pro-tolerance subway ads to hang near anti-Islam posters

Abu Hamza to be extradited within days after final appeal fails

Unemployment Rate Trutherism, and Why It Exists

Dating Between Modern Humans and Neandertals

the debate proved mitt can run his mouth. the jobs report proved the President puts...

Romney’s preposterous arguments for not telling you which tax breaks he’d abolish.

Howard Dean: Romney has "no core belief"

Pro-Muslim Subway Ads to Hang Near Anti-Jihad Ads

The machine that creates anything!

If the unemployment figures had gone up

On Election night when will WE know Obama has won?

Rachel Maddow - History favors the challenger in first debates

Is Adele's BOND song "Skyfall" reminiscent of Barbra's "Free Again"?

Why Obama Didn't Mention the 47 Percent Video (David Corn)

rMoney $hits on good economic newz:

Republican National Lawyers Association Plan For Losing Candidates: Challenge Absentee Voters

Multiple Choice Mitt "Romney Changes Position" on 47 percent comment.

No surprise Welch would claim unemployment #s "changed" since that "used to happen routinely at GE"

Republicans are spinning more conspiracies today than you would hear at a truther convention

I know to me Big Bird was a massive part of my childhood

873,000 people found jobs

Romney lashes out against good economic news

Democrats Deploy Big Bird To Romney Rally

Maine GOP resorts to attack flyer for playing World of Warcraft

The Last Word - Obama mocks Romney’s ‘crackdown’ on Big Bird

Any questions?

Ezra Klein: September jobs report: Debunking the jobs report conspiracy theories

Teachers, bosses charged in NJ school sex scandal

ROMNEY CHEATED--video shows he had hidden notes (against the rules he agreed to) MUST SEE TV

The Last Word - Rewriting the debate: Nobody won

For job applicants, how skillful must someone be with English grammar/writing and reading?

Unbelievably cruel father mocks girl with cerebral palsy

Check in to tell us what you learned from Big Bird!

WATCH LIVE: Obama campaigns at George Mason University:

*** Gets out staple gun and posts sign - "Now serving Sbarro at DU Cafeteria" ***

Even to this tech, this is a head-scratcher. (Microsoft solitare)

Electoral Vote shows NC "Barely GOP"

The Schizophrenic 2 Way Spin of the Republicans...

Pure Projection. Right wing "job number truthers" accuse because it is what they would do.

The Last Word - Debunking Mitt's magic tax plan math

Ahead of Debate, Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly’s Secret Bromance

Rule #1 of Political Debating:

Labor Secretary Responds to Jobs Report Truthers

Non-Christian prison chaplains chopped by Ottawa

What Mitt will do to win the election

World of Warcraft hobby sparks US political row

Colbert's take on the debate without all the talking stuff...

Is "We Ask America" a reliable polling firm?

12 Silly Ways to Predict the Election (spoiler: Obama's winning)

Romney now saying 47% comments "just completely wrong"

At the debate, a moment of Bush...

Was Mittens' calling his sons liars supposed to be endearing?!1

Libarary eBooks Part II: Showcasing 400-plus bodily functions...

Obama's poll numbers take a hit in We Ask America

Bernie on President Obama's debate performance:

Solid Jobs Report Spawns Crackpot ‘Job Truthers’ Movement

Nate Silver's Post Debate Numbers

Just got the "economic conspiracy" line in person.

Scalia says abortion, gay rights are easy cases

Roland Martin reports that Ann Coulter just canceled her interview with him

Nate Silver, behind a paywall?

How can the 7.8% unemployment rate be a surprise? Local numbers were

Did Romney cheat to win the debate? Videtape evidence shows tha he did.....o

RUH-ROH. Romney just lost Iowa and Virginia. NC tied. So much for his post-debate bounce.

Duck-Bill Dinosaurs Had Plant-Pulverizing Teeth More Advanced Than Horses

'No economist can say Mitt Romney’s tax plan adds $5T if I say I will not add to the deficit.' -WMR

7.8% Take that Money Boo Boo in the dumpster for you

Healthy Masculinity: The Idea That Men Can Control Themselves

"It's a sad unpatriotic spectacle..."

Wow, the iPhone is not cool anymore

President Obama Rally in Fairfax, Virginia, Friday (full video)

Pic Of The Moment: Double Down, Double Back

Mister Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate

Adele's James Bond Skyfall song--in its entirety.

Mau Mau uprising: Kenyans win UK torture ruling

Watched more of the Debate clips last night. Seriously? Romney was high on something.

"Your party built that!" Obama to Romney on the deficit and debt:

Real Clear Politics takes Ohio out of the Obama column

Debate Victory Validates Romney Strategy of Nonstop Lying - says Andy Borowitz

Bwahaha -- Obama speaking now. Just said Romney had an Extreme Makeover

Romney cheating story on CBS Boston

Something that would help UE stats next month

A Tale from the Annals of Republican Retroactive Reality

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 5, 1923

If you will lie, you will cheat

Poll: Obama up 61 points with Nevada Latinos, up 30 points in Florida

"I Like Being Able to Fire People"

Cheatgate (R) going viral

The pilgrimage, the cat and the momentary lapse of atheism

Save Big Bird!

Canongate: 'frustrating' 2011 blamed on Assange

Obama Uses Black Magic To Revise Unemployment Rate!

DSCC Ad Slams Mourdock: ‘The Rich Get Richer — While Our Kids Pay The Price’

Mold Romney

George Galloway attempts to sue NUS for 'No Platform' policy

Mitt Romney Won by Lying? In What Other Arena can One Cheat and Still Win?

Chris Kofinis just put out what I think is a GREAT IDEA for Debate number II

It is my hope that RobMe's debate performance will lead to a national discussion...

Juan Cole: On How Despite the Currency Crisis Iran’s State Revenues are not Collapsing

Heterosexual Sodomy is A-OK with Scalia

My concept art: for-profit news is not healthy for children and other thinking beings

Fool your neighbours into thinking you work for Apple

Rick Santorum On Big Bird: ‘You Can Kill Things And Still Like Them'

Screengrabs of Romney cheating?

Ok Time for me, and others to get over the debate. Second term here we come.

unemployment falls,GOP cant handle it

Love is patient. Love is kind.

Lies our fathers told us: The men's rights movement and campus-based misogyny

Entering Stage Right, Romney Moved to Center

PPP tweets: early indications Romney got 'small, but hardly game changing bump'

Obama responds to jobs report: ‘We are moving forward’

Romney will be BUSTED for cheating & lying at debate

I loved T. J. Holmes but last night ....

The Immoderator III

Obama should mention healthcare rebates

Dissident Cuban blogger arrested, colleagues say

Private Army Formed to Fight Somali Pirates Leaves Troubled Legacy

As Iran’s Currency Keeps Tumbling, Anxiety Is Rising

Papantonio: Bush Legacy Lives On With Dysfunctional Regulatory Agencies

Urban coyotes could be setting the stage for larger carnivores to move into cities

A Good Jobs Report (And not really Mysterious)


What would be the jobs #s if the republicans had not been sandbagging the economy 24/7?

Anti-Brownback print is removed from cafe to avoid offending his daughter

Opec believed to overstate oil reserves by 70%

Media has become so permissive for lying that soon Romney is going to be bragging about his lies

PBS head unloads on Romney

Opec believed to overstate oil reserves by 70%

The scorecard: Private sector job growth under Bush: -646k. Under Obama: +967k.

Blue and green honey makes French beekeepers see red

"Sesame Street is brought to you today by the number 7.8"

Cute Daniel Craig promo for Saturday night live.

Would You Have Traded 7.8% Unemployment For A "Great" Debate Performance?

Mitt seems to "believe" a lot of bullshit.

Breaking News: Exclusive COPY OF ROMNEY'S CHEAT SHEET

I just took a political Gallup Poll.

You Can’t Have It Both Ways, Mitt

A Beginner's Guide to Fee-and-Dividend

an easy reply to why economy hasn't improved faster: stimulus was half full of GOP "solutions"

Anyone else having this problem?

There's a live bird

to business people: what do you do with a tax cut when you don't have customers?

I think I want a rabbit for Christmas.

Obama: Romney Health Care Claim ‘Fact-Checked By His Own Campaign’

Ryan Challenger Launches Ad In Wisconsin: ‘The Ryan Plan Ends Medicare’

I always believed the election would ultimately come down to the final few unemployment numbers

Guys, it was a handkerchief.

Mitt's many misdirections

CHINA: Gay Couple Marries As Huge Crowd Looks On And Cheers

RobMe Campaign Headquarters?

Obama got Bin Laden - Romney would get Big Bird (toon)

Scalia: Easy to Rule on Gay Rights, Abortion

From Atheism to Catechism

Patton Oswalt fucking NAILS IT, perfectly sums up Obama's debate performance

Mitt's biggest flip will be his biggest flop.

The "Gish Gallop"

Middlefingermom fails to find a lawyer to represent him in a sex-discrimination employment case.

Texas fight over cheerleader banners reaches biblical proportions

Victory for Pride Parades in Russia

This was not a week to start a long book....

Redstate's Erick Erickson throws fellow conservatives under a bus on jobs numbers

leaked docs show anti-Chavez candidate plans to go full neoliberal after election

Elizabeth Warren receives the support of Caroline Kennedy

Religious Groups To Hang Pro-Muslim Ads In NYC Subways

Pastors prepare to take on IRS over political endorsement ban

Krugman: Democratic Derangement Syndrome

Help! What's the website we watch that has the state-by-state polling numbers on

Rasmussen: KAINE at (+7) in VA

Warming Lakes: Barometers of Climate Change?

Catholic theologian preaches revolution to end church's 'authoritarian' rule

Romney and Ryan need THIS GUY to explain their tax plan math!!

Romney “Cheat Sheet” Was A Handkerchief, Campaign Says

Historic footage of copper mining, Save Mes Aynak!

Pierce: Have I mentioned recently what a doofus Willard Romney really is?

Just Checked My Investment Portfolio: Up 16% From One Year Ago

Worst James Bond movie?

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA): Evolution, Big Bang ‘Lies Straight From The Pit Of Hell’

There's More Good News In The Jobs Report Than You Might Realize

Another hysterical take on the Big Bird fatwah:

Can Republican 'science' be summed up as 'goalpost physics'?

Obama: Mitt Fact-Checked By Own Campaign!

NutMeg Whitman: "Setting New Lows in CEO Incompetence" (The Street)

For those who support "gun rights"

Best Sherlock Holmes in the movies?

Is there a video of Romney doing the deed? I've seen a pic of what is obviously

Turkisk military returns fire after mortar bomb from Syria lands in Hatay Province

White college educated adults are at Full Employment


Tampa Bay Buzz Blog: Latest election worry: Change in voting software


Your new iPhone has arrived!

'Good Morning Mitt - How's Your Day Going'

Obama's Revised Debate Strategy, ...

Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank

DU: If you live in FLORIDA or OHIO and you're not out there THIS WEEKEND (and NC, and...)

New Study Confirms Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate Could Reduce Abortion Rate

Climate change may force evacuation of vulnerable island states within a decade

The 7.8% Unemployment Jobs Numbers Will Be Seen As A Pivotal Moment In The Campaign

Megalomania much? David Barton: My book will become the new Bible and my critics are like Satan

Remember, 7.8% Unemployed = 92.2% Employed

Boing- Gallup -Obama (D) 50% -Romney ($) 45%

Teen denied Eagle Scout for disobeying ‘duty to God’ by being gay

Enough About The Damn Debate -- Move On

Rick Santorum Hints He Might Eat Big Bird for Thanksgiving

Mitt continues to like lots of stuff

Gas prices - coincidence

Sick doggies. Advice?

I Want 11/6/012 To Be Willard Romney's 8/8/74


Researchers Warn Climate Change Will Hit Mozambique's Roads

Gasoline will hit $5.00 a gallon in San Diego today or tomorrow...

So Romney used a Sarah Palin Hand-kerchief in the debates.

Romney denies having bodily fluids.

"...the President’s Iran policy seems to be moving toward success"

Non-native plants show a greater response than native wildflowers to climate change

Handkerchief? Time waster? when we have video like this-Ryan:"Let's Make This Country a Tax Shelter"

Copper Mining 1960's similar to today...

The rMoney baby-eating scandal . . .

Platinum producer fires striking SAfrican miners

Intrade has President Obama back up to 69% + range

repub friends

Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request of Security Team at US Embassy in Libya

With 1 day (of 7) of post-debate in Gallup's daily tracking poll, Obama leading Romney

gasoline price approaches $5.00 per gallon in northern California....

Rob Zerban's first ad..He is running against Paul Ryan in Wisconson..

Debate Highlights Songified! MUST SEE!

Jay-Z on gays

Young Earth Creationists Whipsawed By IRS

Dogs Survive Coyote Attack in Wheaton

Insects a Prime Driver in Plant Evolution and Diversity

Dow hits five-year high on strong jobs report

Daryl Hannah arrested in Texas protesting pipeline

Interesting Gallup poll ...

The unemployment rate since January 2008...

Funniest Quote Of The Campaign But Don't Click If You're Offended By Blue Humor

Kaine's latest ad, "Actions Matter" is really good.

Gallup Job Approval Rating: Obama's 2nd day at highest levels since 2009

Reel Gangsters: Post a Pic of a Movie Mobster.

The Party of Pinocchio wants America to think the job numbers are lies

'Kissing Sailor' Photo Depicts 'Sexual Assault, Not Romance,' Says Feminist Website, Blogger

Coyote attacks spur safety precautions in Tustin

Big bird is alive

Strike one for Glee this season was having Kate Hudson on...

Romney surrogate claims ‘Etch A Sketch’ lying is ‘good campaign tactics’

Republicans have framed “entitlements” as something evil

Putin says NATO a Cold War throwback but can play positive role

Allen West: President is hiding true jobs numbers (under his birth certificate)

It’s Jim Lehrer’s turn to respond to the debate

Happy 43rd anniversary, Monty Python!

The macro economic picture may look better than

Climate Change Is Bad News for California Children with Asthma

hankerchief or cheat sheet. (added "both" as a choice)

Gallup Tracking poll, including yesterday............

The "trickle-down government" zinger by Romney...

China landslide kills 19, 18 of them students

for those of you who understand

Teenage Boy Scout Denied Organization's Top Rank Because He's Gay

Justice Antonin Scalia Tells Wingnuts: It's Easy To Rule Against LGBT Rights

Dog Lost at 5th and L NE - when dog walker was attacked this AM

Justice Antonin Scalia Tells Wingnuts: It's Easy To Rule Against LGBT Rights

Amazing - and huuuuuuge - photo from President Obama's Madison rally yesterday

Gasoline Prices Set to Rise Through Election Day

It's OK To Look At DRUDGE Now

Peyton Manning's Facebook page

Why We Must Stop Fetishizing Economic Growth

Curiosity Rover Prepares for Internal Sandblasting


Ballot Counting Machinery - H.I.G. Capital, based in Miami, pops up on the Romney radar

Joan Walsh: I love you, 47 percent!

The Black Gay-Straight Alliance

STUDY: Electric Cars May Be Twice As Bad For Global Warming As Regular Cars

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Oct 5th

Fox Implicates Its Parent Company In Pro-Obama Conspiracy Theory

John Harwood "7.8% Unemployment Is Not A Good Jobs Number." But 7.4% Was "Morning In America."

More patients show meningitis symptoms

Just when you think it can't get any goofier

the hour grows late to act on climate change, caribbean warns

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Obama: Sorry I didn't spend as much time prepping.... (image)

Faux Snooze is taking Jobs number really hard.

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA): Evolution, Big Bang ‘Lies Straight From The Pit Of Hell’

Romney-Supporting 'Truthers' Put Publics' Focus Squarely On Good Job Report

Obama approval at 54%, Raised $150Million in September, Unemployment rate drops.

Here is THE central issue of 2012, as framed by this scene from It's A Wonderful Life.

No John Harwood - Bush lied America into war against Iraq

An economist debunks the job truthers

Teenage mammoth found in Siberia, but DNA is damaged

Book Review of Ben Goldacre's "Bad Pharma"

State Department working to protect national icon

So lets get this straight what the rethugs are saying

We used to get DEFCON notices

Will 7.8% Be The Lead Story On All The Nightly News Shows?

Thom Hartmann: Hey Media - How can Romney lie constantly & then be declared the winner?

Entitlements for the rich.

oh willparkinson and joeybee and william --BOSTON MAN NAMED 1ST 'PRICE IS RIGHT' MALE MODEL

'Earth chorus' NASA video: Plasma waves in Earth's radiation belts create out of this world sounds

Comments by Robert Park, physicist, on the 47%

My take on debate aftermath......

"Cheat sheet" is a loser

Boeing Ships First 787 From South Carolina

Regarding Dodd-Frank, Romney's 'Kiss' Isn't Just a Kiss

Dear Conspiracy Wingnuts: I Got a Full Time Job Today. So Did Lots of Other People.

Unemployment manipulation impossible, says former Labor official

I judged President Obama's Debate performance too harshly.

If Allen West loses? How long will it take for him to get a show on Faux?

If we stopped using slave labor in China would we have more jobs here?

Big Bird is safe!

It is upside down day. Chuck Todd lambasts the RW nuts regarding the jobs #'s.

Confirmed: We got the bird; we're moving him to a safe house tomorrow!

OK, tell me.......

What is the main cause of unemployment in the US?

Whatever happened to member 'fudge stripe cookays'?

A Cheat + a Liar == A CROOK

Occupy Sesame Street. LMFAO!

If John McInsane ($) Was President The Republicans Would Be Doing Victory Laps Now

So Romney apologizes all over the place for his "error" re: the 47% debacle and SOME DUMB ASSES

Lowering taxes on profitable businesses doesn't mean they will take the extra income

Osama Bin Laden TV Movie Set to Air on Sunday Before U.S. Election

Wall Street Regulator Ramps Up Enforcement

Obama’s Critics Misread President Obama and Fail to Understand Debate Strategy

McCain Spox: ‘He’s Not Questioning The BLS Numbers In Any Way’

Snoop Dogg Gives 10 Reasons Why He Won’t Vote For Mitt Romney (Offensive Language Warning)

Just got devastating news - UPDATE

Good News for Obama so far after the debate...

Episcopal bishop says he was denied entrance to Catholic archbishop’s installation Mass

Mau Mau struggle for recognition at home and abroad

Foreign Firm Gives $1 Million to Romney Super-PAC

Mitt Romney drops ‘8 percent’ line

Mitt Romney you never know who he will be. A different day, a different Romney.

Miss. statue unveiled for civil rights icon Hamer

Politifact strikes again (re: Debate)

The Tortoise and The Hare: Obama vs Romney

Cheat sheet:

Thom Hartmann on the News -October 5, 2012

The MAGIC Of Obama, How Does He Do It, Again and Again?

Hey Akin: I guess this was a "legitimate" non-discloser.

Fake Antivirus Ringleader Must Pay $163 Million

Stolen Puppy Returned After 10-Year-Old Owner Offers Piggy Bank Reward

Military wives go topless for PTSD

I think that this might be one of my fav pics of President Obama

How's this for "Gangham Style?"

“Once in a Civilization” Comet to Zip past Earth Next Year

Chuck Schumer: GOP ‘Booing Any Positive Sign About The Economy’

Disqualified by 25 paces. Also technical difficulties.

How much of a bump up did Rmoney get

Good thing Obama's running again ....

Newspapers in UK and US give climate sceptics most column inches

Romney's Strange Place for a Handkerchief:

It's stories like this that piss me off about that phrase "elective abortion"--

The GOP And It's Allies Won't Let Obama Win. They Are Beyond Desperate To Come Up With Something.

Does anyone know where to find the market price for live adult geese. I could find what it costs to

Lovesick Dog Finds Owner in Hospital

El Paso ex-schools superintendent gets 42 months in prison for test cheating scandal

One of these two is mostly true:

"Dick Tuck would have had Oscar the Grouch

So when IS the next Presidential debate?

where are the teabaggers? romney kicked them under the bus then ran back & forth over them

Hey Gleekers!

House Republicans Caught on Video Refusing to Stay in Session to Create Jobs

Without voting, noncitizens could swing the election for Obama

NRA Endorses Mitt Romney

The Plague of Climate Denial Confronts an Actual Plague

A liar, a cheater, and an animal abuser

The lighter side of the first debate

Funniest Big Bird Memes

Curiosity Rover Prepares for Internal Sandblasting

About the Debate on Wednesday - Remember Anything Much That Obama Said?

Obama and Romney Should Talk about Climate Change at Next Debate

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner Preps for 120,000-Foot Skydive

So tell me, what do you think of Mitt's character.

Caption (or Photoshop) this Romney pic

A pathological liar, an animal abuser, a draft dodger, and a tax cheat walk into a bar and say,

Analyst On HP: The Stock Is Technically Worth Negative $2

Republicans always cheat when they can't win fair and square

Mitt Romney Lies So Much That Once In A While He's True By Accident

Hillary is on the job!

Anyone catch "Person of Interest" last night.

Appeals Court Rules Ohio Must Make Early Voting Available To All Voters

Dinosaur Rap

"I thought for a moment there he was going to try and strap Jim Lehrer to the roof of his car."

VIRAL VIDEO - All of Mitt Romney's FLIP / FLOPS Collected in One Video

Big Bird!

Has anyone read: "How to Read a Book" that can give me a synopsis?

Obama, in Va., continues to go after Romney

Looks like another win: OHIO Court Ruling - Early Voting must be made available to 'ALL' voters


Weather-Making High-Pressure Systems Predicted to Intensify (due to higher GHG levels)

Lee Child's' "A Wanted Man" SPOILER ALERT

Catholic theologian preaches revolution to end church's 'authoritarian' rule (lol)

Just responded to latest Obama fundraising email:

(UK) Conservatives still party of the rich, says No 10's top thinktank

Hours of Fun! ROBO ROMNEY!

Why the culture war is crushing Mitt Romney

"The institution of slavery...may actually have been a blessing in disguise."

Florida's voter purge can continue, judge rules

Robert Reich: What does the Jobs Report mean for Obama?

"Evolution is a Lie from the Pit of Hell" Broun (R-GA)

Fox Mocks Woman Who Won't Say Pledge For Religious Reasons

Big Bird shows up at Romney rally today! (pic)

Another Nevermind

Mitt Romney may run into heavy rain during St. Petersburg campaign stop

NC: A mix of old and new in Southern swing state

Sesame Street must be the Halloween theme this year

Maya watchtowers marked astronomical seasons

Steve Benen is my Hero Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. XXXVII

To all those of you feeling lost today.

is it my imagination or

BREAKING-Federal Appeals Court Upholds Decision Restoring Early Voting In Ohio

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Decision Restoring Early Voting In Ohio

Pols Respond to September Jobs Report

Unemployed Democrats lied to the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

NYT:In Iowa and Beyond, Redrawn Districts Test Favorites of Tea Party (Steve King even with Vilsack)

if romney is now a centrist, who is going to vote for him?

Sixth Circuit Blocks Ohio Early Voting Measure

Foxconn Workers on Strike After iPhone 5 Starts Brawls

Breaking: Dow Jones index closes at new 5-year high

Just a question on tax breaks for moving jobs overseas.

Mullah Robertson Says, “...this nation belongs to Jesus”

Caffeinated coffee linked to glaucoma


Seems Todd Akin knows as much about history as he does about medicine.

Keith Olbermann Responds to Jack Welch's Stupid Job-Numbers Tweet...

There was one president who tried to manipulate BLS

Border Patrol agent’s death was likely a result of friendly fire, investigators say

I rather have a president that manipulates employment data than one who manipulates CIA intelligence

Nathan Sproul's hisotry of deception goes back at least 20 years.

NFL Players Join Obama's Team To Get Out The Vote (VIDEO)

Jack Welch will be on Hardball in a few minutes nt

Risk tsar to retire from JPMorgan at year-end

Goldie Taylor on MSNBC: "Mitt doesn't have an Etch-a-Sketch, he has a Sit-and-Spin"

The Romney paradox

Jack Welch will be interviewed by Chris on Hardball shortly.

Fox chyron: "Obama making 'truth" a campaign issue" nt no pic

The Koch Brothers Attack Begins - Now

I don't know how I missed this but David Gregory does the Today show?

Questions About Vairous James Bond Villians

Boy Scouts of America = code word for Right Wing Hate Group

Romney, consummate shape-shifter (he's shifty alright)

The Latino Vote: population flourishes but electoral sea change is yet to come

Daily Kos: Obama's post-debate polling collapse that isn't

Poll: Latinos shifting Nevada to Democratic party

Poll: Florida Latino Voters Lean Democratic

Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio are walking along... (stay with me, its a political joke)

Gallup: Obama 50, Romney 45 (Obama +5)

Why the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% ?

Ever wanted to see Mitt Robme as a woman?

Appeals Court Rules Ohio Must Make Early Voting Available To All Voters

Rasmussen has Romney up in VA and FL, with OH tightening

Thom Hartmann: Is Mitt Romney being set up as the new Ronald Reagan?

Viewpoint: Stop Coddling Dumb Undecided Voters

Non-native Plants (in Ohio) Show a Greater Response Than Native Wildflowers to Climate Change

Respond to what indeed.

What is your favourite tv show right now? I've been watching

It's Time to Re-elect the President! (UFCW workers did this!!!)

How Today’s Jobs Report Deprives Romney Of Key Talking Points

Climate sceptics more prominent in UK and US media

Welcome to the Friday Afternoon Challenge! Today’s puzzler: Take A Break!

Should the Feds Take Over the Oakland Police Department?

Oh, forget it about Jack Welch

BREAKING: Jack Welch is about to Croak on Hardball/Chris Matthews Show

Welcome to Planet A-Hole

FRIDAY 80's Music video NIGHT!

Why PBS Matters and Mitt Romney Doesn't

BREAKING: Border guard was killed by friendly fire.

What sayeth DU? How should Biden handle Ryan?

Chris Matthews is OWNING and DESTROYING Jack Welch

Didn't Jack Welsh used to be someone important?

Chuck Schumer: GOP ‘Booing Any Positive Sign About The Economy’

When Sesame Street merchandising revenue is a defense for cutting support for PBS what do we say??

SF archbishop jokes about recent DUI arrest

New Mexico GOP official (Teabagger, natch,) teaching republicans how to cheat at polling stations

CNBC: Wal-mart Workers Strike for Better Jobs (story & video)

Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Monsanto Seed Patents

Employment: Somewhat Better...

This guy exists, he is a Congressman, and he said this. Wow. Just wow.

Ok, tinfoil hat time on the Jobs Numbers.. but....

The ultimate description of Willard Mitt Romney,

Massachusetts Schools Sue Monsanto For PCB Contamination

These new unemployment numbers sure put a damper on the debate celebrations...

JUST VOTED FOR OBAMA/BIDEN with early voting. Check in if you've voted already. Feels good.

You know what I find scary? When the two parties agree on a lie. That is terrifying.

Oklahoma Cuts Off Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood

South African union leader shot dead near Lonmin mine: NUM

Jack Welch: ‘No Evidence’ Of BLS Conspiracy, But I Stand By BLS Conspiracy

Fox News Creates Its OWN News on the Jobs Report.

Young Earth Creationism should be with chemtrails, illuminati etc. as "crazy talk" in the rules.

The unemployment truthers are not helping Romney

BPA’s Real Threat May Be After It Has Metabolized

My granddaughter hears voices in the ceiling.

A message for Mitt from The Sesame Street Gang

colbert / chris of his funniest bits

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Political Views Trump Facts for Some on Climate Change, New UNH Research Finds

Sometimes "get a job, loser" is kinda apt

Freepers Are seriously Upset over 3 things Today

Since when does Jack Welch give a f-ck about the American jobs market?

If Romney's Medicare reform is going to preserve "traditional medicare" then why wait 10 years?

Medical Marijuana's image Problem

did Rmoney set a record in the debate: 27 lies in 38 minutes of prattling.

Unemployment Under 8% Equals Obama Win?

Good Morning America's Sam Champion Comes Out, Reveals Wedding Plans

Swoon... Sloan from "The Newsroom" is a vocal Democrat!

Mendacious Mitt: Romney's bid to become liar-in-chief

Hillary Clinton: On a Mission to Save Big Bird

Are the tea drinkers suffering from cognitive dissonance

Chancellor Merkel of Germany to visit Greece next week

Chesapeake Energy violated Clean Water Act

The good news is that the growing number of GOP conspiracy theories, today

I think KT is one of the best talents to come along in quite a while!

Upon Further Review: Mitt Romney May Have Cheated To Win The Debate

Gambling Baron Adelson Uses Million Dollar War Chest to Convince Jewish Voters to Abandon Dems

Union boss: Friendly fire possibility in shooting (two U.S. Border Patrol agents )

2 dead, 50 vehicles involved in I-75 crash

(MI Sec of State) Johnson dropped citizenship ballot question after being sued, court told

Turkey Is Going Down a Highly Dangerous Path

Mitt’s accidental plan to boost abortion rates

Ok A query for DU'ers

How's this for "Gingham Style?"

Who was the best Charlie Chan?

I can understand a professional jerk winning a WWE title.

For the remaining debates Obama should

Snoop Dogg Explains Why He's Voting For Obama

Romney should be asked this question: Why is the Dow Jones at a 5 year high? Is it because...

Martin Bashir - Romney, Ryan throw facts under the bus on Biden taxes ‘gaffe’

Kansas Secretary of State faces recall effort

Steve Martin endorses Bob Kerrey (D-NE) for Senate

Neglected Ducks Get Their First Swim

LOL - Tweet Found on Facebook

Finally Pro - Ad On DU

If anyone knows who juror #2 is please give him/her a hug....

Liberals have conspiracy theories, too

Look at this diverse crowd at the Romney rally in St. Petersburg

Republicans Reject Unions … But Respect Union Refs?

Another reason to be glad Hillary Clinton is SOS

Mitt Romney debates himself

Allen West: September jobs report is representative of Saul Alinsky tactics

Mitt Romney debates himself

Heads up: The Last Word on tonight w/guest host Ezra Klein

The Weekend Economists Star in J.B. (job, Job, get it?) October 5-7, 2012

Martin Bashir - Romney, conservatives fight imaginary Obama, jobs numbers

Anderson Cooper will interview Jack Welch tonight. Will he

Mary Matalin slayed by Roland Martin on CNN

Wiping Palestinians Off the Agenda

Calm down and watch Chris Hayes tomorrow on UP with Chris Hayes on msnbc...

New New Yorker Cover: Re: Debate.

We don't need much more proof that Teabaggers are out to destroy the US

I just watched an anti-Obama ad here in FL where they said Obama and Nancy Pelosi

Mitt Wiped his Face with White Flag of Surrender

Congrats to all of DU you are responsible for "Hanky Gate" according to Newsbusters

HEARD ON MARTIN BASHIR: GREAT NEWS! Even M*O*R*E jobs are being created today!

Rob Zerban, the guy trying to take Lyin Ryan's seat,

Media Dismiss Drop In Unemployment Rate As Government "Propaganda"

You have got to see this, just too good! RoboRomney:Mitt Romney agrees with YOU!

Netanyahu Envoy Says U.S. Should Expand Arms Aid To Israel

Perception - Obama responsible.........

OFA AD: Mitt Romney's Disdain For The Middle Class: He Said It, He Meant It

It's Biden time!

What Women Want (in female video game protagonists)

How Do We Build the New, Democratic Economy We Need? - Gar Alperovitz

This Is The First Time These Ducks Have Ever Been In A Body Of Water

Martin Bashir - Romney, job ‘truthers’ cry foul after positive jobs report

A facebook phenomenon

Martin Bashir - Ezra Klein debunks jobs report conspiracy theories

Went to Wellesley, Yale Law, and the best she can get is a job as a secretary.

Keiser Report: Cadavers Collateralized Debt

Rice pushes back against GOP attacks on her Benghazi account

David Limbaugh: "difficult to have a man crush on Jack Welch when I've been so enamored w/ Sununu"

So many conspiracy theories came out of Fox over the positive jobs report, we made a video out of

So many conspiracy theories came out of Fox over the positive jobs report, we made a video out of

Mayor Rob Ford’s allies sink to a new low

I am willing to bet he is a con. Cleveland Shop Owner: Big Day Until Obama Showed Up

Why do all our pundits... think it not their job to explain the facts...?

Willard "foot in the mouth" Romney The issue isn't that what you said was Wrong (47%)

Syria agrees to buffer zone along Turkish border, say reports

Jobs Report a buzz killer for Romney Camp

CNN: Comedians poke fun at debate - video link

Today is the last day to register to vote in NV

Science Daily: Caffeinated Coffee Linked to Vision Loss

So how long will it take Twilight to find the new bag of cat food on top of the fridge?

Political cartoon my son made at school

What is the only thing being discussed in the M$M about the debate??

Interesting "average Joe" reaction

So let me get this straight.

Joe Stiglitz “The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future” -Charlie Ro

Don't Come Around Here No More

Republicans have been working hard to keep unemployment numbers high

Why Is there No Mainstream Talk about the Threat of Electronic Vote Switching in the 2012 Election?

New Yorker Mag Cover Obama's Empty Chair Debate

What does it say that it took Romney two weeks to totally disown the 47% statement.

Cenk is killing republicans right now lol!

DUers go forth and spread this on Facebook....

shit on a shingle, mitt is in my town and on tv

You wil Need your tissue's for this

I think Carter Center Election Observers need to monitor the upcoming election

Really brain-washed (brain-dead?) friend posted this to Facebook today....

Anyone seen "Wall-E"? Will I like it if I don't like science fiction?

7.8 without any help from them ...

Thom Hartmann: Geeky Sounds - Ever wonder what Earth sounds like???

A day taking pictures II

Tonight's drops Obama's victory 84.7%

Arizona contest expands Senate battleground (LA Times)

Larry Kudlow, host(R) on CNBC told Welch that he worked in the WH "and you don't touch those numbers

No on 37 Forced to Pull TV Ad . . .

Should a 13-year old murderer be tried as an adult?

A tax cut off-set by revenues is called A TAX CUT

From facebook: image of Mitt's great love for big bird

Questioning the unemployment and jobs data is complete idiocy.

Never Go Back

Attending Wayne Powell rally tomorrow!

Rick Santorum wants Big Bird dead. Dead and turned into dinner

Obama hits Romney on women’s issues in Virginia

Nate Silver: Jobs News Makes Obama’s Case Easier

Schadenfreude!! "Jobs report brings down debate high in Romney camp"

On day of LeBlanc endorsement, poll shows Trudeau could recreate Liberals

Latino groups worried about voter intimidation

NM PPP poll.

Is it safe to watch Chris Matthews tonight?

Well...WHAT do we Know about the Religious South and Guns and Culture there?

A message from Sesame Street to Romney

Save Big Bird!

Let me be the first to say: This year's Academy Award for Best Picture will go to Lincoln;

Who would have thought? THE talking point coming out of the debate is BIG BIRD.

Republicans definition of competition is monopoly. Large corporations buying up

China, the Deficit, the Fed, a Serious Question and not so much Big Bird

New Star on the Stump: Big Bird

Mitt Romney's Debate Performance: "Mostly Fiction"

First Lady Michelle Obama: Vote Early in Florida

I Was Attacked by Three RMoney Seamus Clones on My Walk Today

Hell to Pay: Big Bird edition (OMG! LOL!)

OK, so Obama lost the debate. (Or maybe he didn't, really, or…)

Voter fraud complaint filed against Fla. Democrats (We got caught so now we must blame you!)

What parallel universe do repugs exist in?

Big Bird Asked To Appear On Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan And More

Bill Clinton to hit the campaign trail again for President Obama

My son actually cried over PBS threat

An editorial from Worker's Power on the meme.........

It was not your fault but, mine. I really fucked it up this time

Chris Matthews interviews Jack Welch... video here > >

Romney outsources Big Bird to China

What just happened in Atlanta?

Murder is Bad – Even in Nigeria