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Tim Garvey, Kansas State Candidate, Explains Anti-Obama Facebook Rant

I teach

Chávez reelection at risk as Venezuela's oil heartland moves on

Human rights tribunal dismisses nude Stephen Harper painting complaint

What do you when your father invites you out to dinner and you're held hostage

One Fundamental Standard To Be POTUS

Got Your Back

went to dinner tonight

Ad: Josh Mandel, The No-Show Treasurer

I know a woman who hugs without asking all the time.

If you haven't seen Maddow interviewing....

Unlike the Corporate Media, Citizens Aren’t Buying Romney’s Debate Lies

It pisses me off that our local Veterans Home has to have food drives! Do they do that

Rmoney - worse than

PPP: Wisconsin now a statistical tie

Organize! Vote!

Romney's debate showing puts Europe on edge

THIS is why you should never play Dodgeball with Ninjas...

Amazing Souza Photo

Well, Romney has the bimbo vote

Some bad polling from Colorado

Put down that Duckie!

Wiping a hard drive

"Creation science" carries the same intellectual heft as "dragon anatomy".

The Promise

Has anyone heard from El Supremo??? After an EPIC FAIL by his team,

What are you reading the week of October 7, 2012?

Congress, particularly Cantor, Ryan, Boehner & McConnell are at 10% in the polls. When

Here's a LINK to HuffPo's Stewart vs O'Reilly debate LIVE-BLOG

O'Reilly: "We should not have gone into Iraq"

Graph showing Cuba is poor but healthy, also Cuba vs. Florida

Sunday Talk Shows

Tall, bright, affable, yellow bird seeking a new employment opportunity in public sector.

FDR in 1936 warns of people like Romney: "Let Me Warn You..."

Obama still more liked than Romney despite poor debate

Security increased in Shanghai after Federer death threat

You and I both knew that there was going to be a bump in the road.

212 Doors today (my biggest day ever!) 51 contacts! I think I'm tired, but still inspired.....

Obama's post-debate polls are like Disney stock. A little "up and down," but ahead in the end.

Good news from Dr. Richard Carmona! Bill Clinton is coming to AZ!

WTF is an undecided voter?

Biden Palin debate on C span NOW -- Biden is great!

Will the jobs report blunt any MittTwit debate gains? Seems like it may be happening.

Al Gore wades into British Antarctic row

Fahrenheit 9/27

Tea Party Voter Suppression Group Under Investigation For Possible ‘Criminal Conspiracy’

Happy sights in Shaker Heights, Ohio area...

FL Rmoney ad I just saw alleges that Obama will raise middle class taxes by $4000 on each family.

Former WWE employee BURIES Linda McMahon.

Blaze Foley: Never made an album, got shot in a bar at age 39. Amazing voice.

Juan Williams "Obama didn't lose and Romney told whoppers"

Another 5,377 Democrats and 2,889 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 10/5

New Obama ad: "Dishonest"

Terry Francona named Indians Manager

After A Great Debate Walter Mondale Closed A Fifteen Point Lead To Four Before Losing By Eighteen.

PPP: Obama still ahead in Wisconsin by 2-points...

It costs a fortune to raise a kid. Today mine asked me to spend $ 4.95 and repaid me for a lot

Despite Romney's Debate Performance, Obama still comes out on TOP

(Video) Bill Maher: Can We Stop Pretending The Economy Is A ‘Complete Shambles’?

Jon Stewart Trounces Bill O’Reilly in a Debate Full of Surprising Substance

Sister wives?

Jon Stewart Trounces Bill O’Reilly in a Debate Full of Surprising Substance

True The Vote, Tea Party Voting Group, Targeted By Congressional Inquiry

Mitt Romney Style: more effective than the debate and all ads combined

Stewart vs. O'Reilly (Corporate Tax Breaks vs Food Stamps)

MA: Asbestos workers protest Brown’s office, release letter backing Warren’s work

Big Bird Is Just The First Of All That Will Be Out Of Work If....

Are Liberals Really '50-50' Over The Jon Stewart-Bill O'Reilly Rumble

Slight bit of good news from GOP Hell...

Just watched the Biden Palin debate in C Span.

"No, Romney Did Not "Move To The Centre" In Debate"

Anyone know what a "Twitchy" is?

I Think the Reproductive Freedom Issue will come up in one of the next few debates

OK, can you really call somebody a moonshiner if he has a license?

Bill Clinton in Tempe for Carmona rally Wednesday

It looks like most of the gains we made after the Democratic convention have been erased

Quiet night in Austin tonight???

Dark Money Group Told IRS It Wouldn’t Be Political—Then Spent $1 Million on Campaign Ads

The CDC study on guns...shut down.

So,...for the last weekend of Oktoberfest I made schnitzel sliders on pretzel buns with red cabbage

I can't believe it! My school won Homecoming!

So why can't I be paid a living wage again?

Good news from PPP and Reuters

Why do you like the DU? I love being ahead of the news cycle. I can post my ideas

Andy Borowitz - "Debate Victory Validates Romney Strategy of Nonstop Lying"

Shades of the Inevitable: Arkansas Republican Speaks Kindly of Slavery.

Analysis from Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight 10/6/12 (mixed review)

What Gun Owners Do

Arkansas Republicans' comments on slavery, Muslims stir controversy

This Is So Predictable- Republican Pollsters And The Romney Bounce

Imagine What Fox News Would Say

Sesame Street has been outsourced

More from Big Birdgate

General consensus on Alert results being posted in reply to an alerted OP/reply outside Meta?

Make a difference - VOTE

Why Romney's Attack On Dodd-Frank Is BS? Look at his biggest contributors...

So I am at the craft fair selling my jewelry I made today..............

New Study Confirms Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate Will Reduce Abortion Rate

The Love Song

Introducing my new friend and neighbor..Please welcome him...Lynyrd Skynyrd!(long: dial-up & pics)

Foxconn denies China iPhone plant hit by strike

Has anyone used Rosetta Stone to learn a new language?

"Frank: Romney made 'literally no sense' on Dodd-Frank" By Peter Schroeder at the Hill

SNL Doing Debate Skit...

Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog. Can anyone around here speak dog?

Republican Cretins Are Spamming PPP- They Can Use Some DU Love

Just read on Daily Kos that Feds charged 91 in $430 Million Medicare Fraud.

Arkansas Republican: Anyone that cannot be rehabilitated in two years should be executed

31 months, 5.2 million jobs. #progress

It was the cute one in the overalls, officer

I've never felt so priviledged to be in cambridge.

Will Republican Party repudiate cranks? Not likely. They ARE the GOP

Here's Some Depressing News for GOP but Making Everyone Else Smile :))))

More Good News: CBO Reports Deficit is down another $200 Billion

November 3rd, National Mall... Million Muppet March

A current image of standing up to a bully

I know, very naughty... But how about some fun with crazy right-wing street preachers?

Was GREAT meeting 2 DUers today, as I went to Richmond, Virginia, for Wayne Powell rally!

Wealthiest members of Congress have prospered since recession

Latte spew keyboard alert!

I am roasting a cow on my burning couch.

Moron politician calls slavery a 'blessing in disguise' for blacks

Jon Stewart one step away

Crustacea Jazz Band -

Me Too

I feel a good week coming up!!!!!!

Dating Advice..

Seth Meyers on SNL, "Mr. Leher, if that's your idea of two minutes your wife is a very lucky woman"

Turns out you can put bananas in the fridge

First Ladies Love Big Bird-Presidents & their wives come & go, but Big Bird is ageless -UNTIL NOW...

Photo: I'm a Republican and I'm ashamed of this GOP

Why I Was So Angry (With Thoughts On Patty Murray's Letter)

The sky was so pretty tonight...

Nicaragua withdraws from School of the Americas

jon Stewart

Like Little Children, Teabaggers Cheer Romney's Plan To Fuck Big Bird.

SNL: Big Bird Directly Responds To Mitt Romney On SNL - video link

Sky-high trauma fees stun some ER patients

Save Big Bird!

Sarah Wood - My Take On Election 2012

"Governor, i won't bet you $10,000 but..."

So how was SNL with Daniel Craig?

NBC analysis of Facebook and twitter posts about debate

Repulicans against Romney

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Saturday, October 6)

Was Romney a Good Governor??

Romney Broke The Law By Raising Money From Foreign Donors. Should He Be Disqualified?

Brigham Young’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney

GOP Congressman Threatens Local News Station for Covering Debate

A Barrier for South Texas Wildlife

President Clinton in Boston with Elizabeth Warren (Photo)

Romney fights for insurance companies

I hope this is the right place to ask these questions

just wondering--it looks like mittwit's threat to Big Bird is causing a bigger stench than his "47%"

mittt ain't gonna like this!

'Abortions on Women Who Aren't Pregnant' Common Trope of Anti-Choice Movement

The Other Romney on Mitt & the LDS Threat

The GOP "Phony Jobs Report" Meme Will Work On Some Because ----

Stewart vs O'Reilly (ALL of it here, quick - watch it before it's gone!)

GOP Will Politicize Anything --- Amber Alert Search Brings Out GOP Campaign Staff ----

Breaking - Elizabeth Warren holds 5-point edge over Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts Senate race

One of my best friends just bought a new car and said the NEW car lots have been BUSY...

Romney vs. Big Bird: Funniest Memes

It's easy to "win" debates when you're a sociopathic liar

INCREDIBLE "cacerolazos" going on all around Venezuela tonight.

Forbes: Why Government Should Not Be Run Like A Business

Feds charge 91 people in $430 million Medicare fraud scheme


Chavez on top ahead of election

Chavez on top ahead of election

South Carolina Supreme Court To Make Gun-Rights Decisions

New Post Debate Presidential Poll for Colorado: Obama 47% - Romney 43%

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later

World's Most Powerful Telescope In Oz Outback

Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later

My baby sister suffered a brain aneurysm and passed last Tuesday.

Romney Helped Monsanto Poison Massachusetts

Has anyone else out there ever had erotic dreams about fast food? Serious.

George Takei endorses Obama

University of Alabama police officer kills naked student


Oldest Turtle Fossils in the World

WHAT STATE ARE YOU FROM? (Hint: hoping to flush out Ohioans and Floridians), but post anyway

One of the most disturbing movie, well, at least from my POV, is playing on the cable now....

The penalty for overt lying to the American people should be?

Akin and McCaskill both seek the mantle of Harry Truman

Slow-Burning Challenge to Chile on Easter Island

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Oct 7th

It's crunch time. A decision must be made. I'm damned sick of this.

ALEC’s next target: state AGs who go after companies

Jobs or nut jobs?

SNL Reviewed: Daniel Craig and the Presidential Debate Parody

Happy Holidays from the Romneys!

Machu Picchu 1915 jungle covered and NOw Gif

Machu Picchu 1915 jungle covered and NOw Gif

Top 10 Secrets of Effective Liars- Psychology Today

Philippines, Muslim rebels reach peace deal

Rob Zerban First Television Ad - "The Difference"

Sunday morning shows

Welcome To Planet GOP

Guns don't need more protection in Louisiana

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Henry's Anger Edition

Capitol Assets: Congress’s wealthiest mostly shielded from effects of deep recession

Oprah is so down to earth

Heartbroken Dog Makes Amazing Two-Mile Journey To Find Owner

£1m buys foreign investors right to live in Britain

I would love to know what idiot on Obama's campaign staff told him to just have a conversation

Can anyone tell me how to "Unlock" a cell phone?

MUST SEE TV: BBC'S MI-5, Season 5, Episodes 1 & 2...

Interesting discussion result on Facebook.

Scant Oversight of Drug Maker in Fatal Meningitis Outbreak

Romney's strong suit

Helping a Child to Come Out

romney's strong suit

POLITICO - Romney trailing badly among Hispanics - much worse than McCain

Romney's strong suit

Romney's truth meter

Obama's number #1 fan

Prop. 37: A Lesson in Labeling.

Romney's strong suit

MSA in Graphs

NBC tells Obama not to use footage

Lectures in History: CIA & Regime Change in the Cold War

Paul Ryan: 60 Percent Of Americans Are 'Takers,' Not 'Makers'

Today is 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday'-they're throwing down the gauntlet

"He inherited a deeply damaged economy...."

Tea Party Voter Suppression Group Under Investigation For Possible ‘Criminal Conspiracy’

Exploding the Small Business Myth

Do Exercise Programs Help Children Stay Fit?

Man Sues Strip Club, Says Pole Dancer Burst His Bladder

Remove Hate Radio from our Armed Forces Radio

The Morris Dancer Thread--Just to annoy the Brits among us.

A Little Good News-Colorado Poll- Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 43%

How the G.O.P. Became the Anti-Urban Party

Knockout blow to romney that WASNT delivered.

While we were freaking about the debate, something made it into the psyche

Two Actors, October Edition.

JFK quote on American exceptionalism

US officers in Israel for military exercise: report

President Bartlett schools President Obama (Maureen Dowd)

Van Jones: Romney distorts truth on green jobs

Why a President Romney would have Obama to thank for an economic recovery

To Drive or Not To Drive: Two South American Countries Consider Congestion Pricing

U.S. Arrests 91 In Massive $430 Million Medicare Fraud Bust

MittRomney twitter supporters claim "Muslim Season" is about to begin

American Newspapers Give Far More Coverage To Climate Deniers And Skeptics Than Other Countries

WaPo Editorial: Jobs report shows an economy on the move

Need a Really Good Baked Bean Recipe.

Anal Sex: Science's Last Taboo

Years Until She's Eligible To Vote: 8 -- Voters Called: 650+

The weather is cooperating and the balloons are flying.

Advertising on Television Rockets, as Super PACs Pour in the Dough: Total Spending $5 Billion

Food MythBusters Take on Big Ag's Worst Lies

Tom Joad: Le Marquis plants his boot firmly up the posterior of Ayn Rand. Hilarity ensues.

Thank for helping us reach 10,000 supporters! Mes Aynak

Who Would You Rather Have Your Child Watch-Big Bird Or Willard Romney?

Taste bugs

The Press needs to tell the Candidates that if they LIE, they will pay the price

Big Bird on SNL

The Rumble 2012: Full debate video/Stewart vs. O'Reilly

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 7, 1998

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 7, 1998

Wouldn't Big Bird be protected under the Endangered Species Act?


Not All Rich People Start Off Rich...

Chris Hayes spells it out for dumb ol' me (re: undocumented immigration)...

Big Bird on SNL

People are missing Romney's Big Bird strategy

Rasmussen - steady at R 49 O 47

Gotta admit - I'm not getting the Twitter attraction

Gingrich Concedes Romney Wasn’t Honest About His Tax Plan During Debate

It's time for this destructive meme about shutting up during elections to stop,

Maria Hinojosa was on UP w/ CH this am. 9 1/2 years ago...

Rasmussen: Romney fails to go up on Sunday (Still +2)

Don't Read This Thread

Nocturnal flight over Earth from the ISS narrated by NASA's chief geoscientist

Why Obama now has sooooo HUGE an ADVANTAGE going forward:

SNL Nails the First Debate

I had a bad feeling about the debate, going in. Did you?

DU Needs to Pivot Off the Debates onto the Economy now.

Priebus: ‘Don’t know if we’re going to match’ Obama fundraising haul

Workers and Activists Look Ahead after Gov. Brown Vetoes Pro-Immigrant Bills

Despicable NRA ad against Obama.....

The Sludge Report video of Obama?

If Big Bird really proves a problem to Romney in polling....

New WI Poll has Romney trailing Obama by 2 points.

Weather-Making High-Pressure Systems Predicted to Intensify

Obama's response to next rmoneys lie in debate

Post-Debate Colorado Polls Shows 4-Point Obama Lead

A breathtaking double standard. "Obama has to keep his "simmering disdain for Romney" under wraps

Economists Denounce Jobs Numbers Conspiracy

Lessons from Iraq: Urban Marshes and City Survival

New Obama Ad: "America Needs A President With Character; Not a Politician Who Just Plays One"

Romney as a corporate Eddie Haskell phony

Re the debate - "The Etch-a-Sketch Moment"

Romney: Fire Big Bird and gives his money to billionaire Sheldon Adelson

ABC: 30 Days Out: Fundamentals Still Favor Obama

RoboRomney: Using his Etch-A-Sketch, Multiple Choice Mitt agrees with you

Drowning in a dwindling sea of white

Gingrich Concedes Romney Wasn’t Honest About His Tax Plan During Debate

Axelrod on Farce the Nation

Bumper Sticker Idea...

Short notice - Tucson benefit car wash

Two Presidents, Smoking and Scheming

Someone must have kidnapped MoDo. This op ed was hysterical.

The Who's Pete Townshend, a reluctant rock star

“It’s so weird-a few days ago-I could just blend in like any other normal 8-foot-tall talking bird"

LOL @ This Tweet To Me

Sometimes how I feel about SETI and the the search

BPA's Real Threat May Be After It Has Metabolized: Chemical Found

SMACK Across The Kisser !!! Krugman Sets Mary Matalin Straight -

Gingrich Concedes Romney Wasn’t Honest About His Tax Plan During Debate

Romney wants to cut taxes on the rich, but says we can't afford PBS, or even Big Bird?! WTF?

Flim flam, Gish gallop

Poll: Elizabeth Warren up 5 points

Who else is REALLY looking forward to Biden/Ryan?

Mormons lower minimum age limits for missionary trips in bid to swell ranks

MONEYBOMB TODAY: Winning Is Just The Beginning

This WILL make you smile! Ducks getting their first swim...

In a nutshell, this is what's gonna happen...

Post-Debate Colorado Polls Shows 4-Point Obama Lead

Massachusetts Senate -Warren (D) 50% Brown ($) 45%

ok so I don't have cable tv...

Post-Debate Romney is Still a Pig in a Poke

I need advice.. Oh man, My heart is torn right now.

Jonah Goldberg says Obama has Puss in Boots eyes

LA kids' TV show host 'Sheriff' John Rovick dies

PPP: Missouri's DEM Governor is WAY ahead. Does this bode well for Obama and McCaskill?

Robert Gibbs: Mitt Romney's Budget Math Is ("fundamentally dishonest" &) 'Absolutely Crazy'

Mitt Romney's Debate Strategy: The Audacity of Mendacity

Alan Grayson needs our help. Remember he was always a great friend to us.

Spain quip adds to Romney’s foreign policy trouble

It's that time again! Bring on the Righteous-Indignation-Batshit-Crazy-Wingnut Bulk Emails!

Man behind anti-Islam film due in L.A. court next week

WOW!! Happy Sunday! Flake (R) DOWN 2 against Carmona!!! AZ Senate seat gets bluer by the day.

Mitt the shitt: Hoping that Big Bird does not know how to fly.

Obama and Democrats raise record funds, poll holds steady

As it stands now the Democratic registration advantage in Florida is a little over 489,000

Hiya, everyone

Who's the undecided voter? It may be the 'Walmart mom'

CA Prop 32: A union-killing wolf in populist clothing

Florida, Florida, Florida -- keeping our eyes on the prize

The election...a nice thing to hear.

Hope picture pre 2008 Caucus

The Florida ballot is designed to screw us -- again

"Professor this"and "Professor that"...screw you, Matalin and "senator" Shit Brown...

Krugman: The Payroll Data

I had a small breakthrough with a severe wing-nut!

Axelrod: ‘The President Is His Harshest Critic’ On Debate Performance

Why the CT Senate race is tied- McMahon hired the swift boaters.

Rats Continue To Nibble Away ... Gingrich Accuses Romney Of Flipflopping On Tax Cut

toon - Get Fuzzy Politibot

a biography of the day--anita hill

Children Dancing

Julian Assange bids to sue Julia Gillard for defamation over WikiLeaks comments

quotes of the day--anita hill

today in women's herstory

when the real Big Bird appeared on SNL, the audience went wild

GOP Puts Out Scatological Negative Ad In Local Senate Race That -----

These Rethugs are CORNERED RATS....

Why is Romney Picking on Big Bird? (Great Infographic on the value of PBS)

"the dialectic of fat"

Philadelphia top cop says he plans to fire officer who struck parade-goer

If ...

How President Obama and Mitt Romney compare on preserving Social Security for America’s seniors

Anyone know how much money a temp employment agency gets for the hours their

Good LTE from our newspaper

The 7 Biggest Economic Lies - Robert Reich

Rmoney is a FLIP-FLOPPER

Juror #1, please read more carefully

Cameras (new Obama ad - please share widely)

No Juror #4 shame on you.

Printed Optics

Massachusetts friends, my friend Eileen Duff is a most worthy candidate in the 5th for Gov Council

I wonder if ...

Gallup -Obama -49% (D) Romney 46% ($)- NO CHANGE

Some HDRs from Chicago's Union Station

Broward College prof builds supercomputer with video game cards to find new prime number

Coal Workers Say They Were ‘Coerced’ Into Making GOP Donations

As Governor, Romney Disapproved of Funding Multiple Sclerosis Services

Gallup Poll-Obama (D) 49% Romney ($) 46% NO CHANGE

Is it bigger than a bread box?

The 7.8% Unemployment Figure Was To Romney What "The Fumble" Was To The Cleveland Browns

Thesis: it's really only about Florida and Ohio. The GOP needs to win both. All else is distraction.

More good news

Police massacre case turns back tide of injustice in Brazil

Why I'm Voting For Mitt Romney!

Where was the Empathy?

PPP:Liberal poll whiners more irritating than rethugs

adds on all internet videos

Medium Rare Over a Burning Couch

Joe Barton and Online Gambling

HAAAAA!!! Look what's for Dinner

‘Drones causing mass trauma among civilians,’ major study finds

I just finished watching the debate again on C-Span

DU Exclusive: Gravis Marketing exposed as a fraud Part I

CARTOONS: The Big Bird Debate (Romney's Big Bird Debacle)

Independent Scotland would ban nuclear weapons but join Nato

Robert Gibbs: Mitt Romney's Budget Math Is 'Absolutely Crazy' (VIDEO)

Chris Christie Criticizes Heidi Heitkamp's Brother... Brother Flattens Christie!!

Don't buy into the hysteria: This election isn't about a debate.

Obama calls on Congress to act on tax cut, vets' jobs, housing

Saw Ben Stien on Fox talking about the debate

How Long Will The MSM Talk About Positive UI Numbers?

It is amazing how well Mitt Romney can lie!

"Why I'm Voting for Mitt Romney"

Watch Party...Thursday, October 11th, from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. at Little O's in Arlignton

AP Poll - October 7

Video: Anti-nuclear campaigners begin Stop Hinkley protest in Bridgwater

We Know What I Liar In Chief Brought Us For 8 Years. How Can We -----

Is there a type of camera that is capable of capturing Mitt Romney telling the truth...?

Right-wing myth: Sesame Street would thrive if forced to survive in the free-market

Ichiban Jpop Club is coming up on FIVE YEARS on IMVU!

Anti-nuclear protesters plan siege to sea tomorrow

Definitely NOT a Romney fan

OH, FL, CO, NC, VA. Obama needs only one to win. Romney needs all five.

Who is Senator AYOTTE & what wingnut rock has she been under? & Gov O'MALLEY is great!1


I went for a short ride before, around Lake Hopatcong NJ to see the leaves turning


Janeane Garofalo talks new movie, Obama, Republicans

I just love Meta! I would love your thoughts my friends.

Some of the Reasons I'll vote for Obama

Giants went from 14-0 to 17-24. good for them.

Happy Birthday, Niels Bohr

Once homeless Opera Singer Solomon Howard talks about the 47%

Are there any Lincoln-Douglas debate experts out there?

So you thought you could sell the things you own? Yeah, about that...

Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sums up Romney's position on PBS perfectly

Diplomacy seems foreign to Romney

"Ain't I a woman?"

Romney Backs Away from his own tax plan

Arrested Development fans! Win a walk-on!

Large vegetable alert

McMahon, Murphy Differ Sharply During First Senate Debate


David Gregory - you're a bigger idiot than I thought!! He asked NEWT if

PSY and EIGHTY THOUSAND FANS....Gangnam style

"the press does not know how to handle untruths", Paul Krugman, commenting on the failure of the

The Price Of Corruption: How Tommy Thompson Personally Cost Taxpayers $20 Billion A Year

Idea: Big Bird signs for Polling Places.

I just have this feeling that I'm being followed

The Mosquito Tone

‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’ Pastors Don’t Care About Religious Freedom

Mark Hamill (Star Wars)

Is Evolution Compatible With Religion?

Who is Rmoney lying to?

Shhh-h-h. There are terrorists in Federal Court in Manhattan.

The five biggest misconceptions about secularism

60 minutes jumping on the anti-China train? Can we trust them?

Double-take headline of the Week

Libyan assembly passes vote of no confidence dismissing prime minister

Something to cheer you up on a Sunday, even if you've seen it already

I like what I'm seeing from Democrats on the Sunday Shows

Analysis - French search in vain for Hollande vision

Afghan war enters 12th year

KS 3rd district voters: Please write in 'Swim Trunks' on your ballot.

Epic Division Playoff Game 2 in Detroit ...

Joan Walsh: Sunday best: Chuck Todd loses it

I'm sure it's because of my IP address/locator, but...

My Take: The five biggest misconceptions about secularism

Important: We Need 90-100K Jobs/Month to Keep Pace With Population (Not 125-150K)



Einstein letter on God to be auctioned on eBay

Data point: Mary Beth

Biden at his very best

30 Days Out: Fundamentals Still Favor Obama

Melanie - hippie goddess of the 60s

Photographing The Bahá'í Faith

Did anybody hear Prarie Home Companion today?

Crowd goes WILD for Alan Grayson at Orlando Pride

KS Senator Hensley returning Hallmark donation

Paul Krugman Tells The Truth On ABC: The Press Doesn’t Know How To Handle Political Lies

Chucky Todd: The democrats have a big problem and its the republicans are ahead in enthusiasm

Where can I get ideas ...

All this talk about alerts and alerters....

Hillary To The Rescue...

found this great sign


Wrestling with faith: Readers share their Catholic experiences (Part 1)

Romney on coal plant in 2003: "I Will Not Create Jobs That Kill People"

Good analysis of Romneys dream world

The next "End Of The World?"

from a "Moran"

Kid Rock to join Ryan at Oakland University campaign stop

If you can't hold your beer, Tom Hanks will laugh at you

Gold Star mother mourns 2,000th casualty in Afghan war

(death squad) AUC donated more than $134K to 2002 Uribe campaign: Former lawmaker

AUC donated more than $134K to 2002 Uribe campaign: Former lawmaker .

Despite Romney’s Disavowal, Obama Camp Won’t Let Go Of ‘47 Percent’

This is why no dogs are allowed in GD.

Paul Ryan in trouble in Congressional race as Democrat Rob Zerban outraises him

Venezuelan Election Day: Channel 4 Selects Pro-Opposition Viewpoints

Here's Dear Abby's Advice To A Homophobe

chuck toad is wrong, "Chuck Todd: Republican Edge In Voter Enthusiasm Is 'Huge Problem' For Dems"

As Governor, Romney Disapproved of Funding Multiple Sclerosis Services

What happens when educational television is privatized...

To boldly go where no company has gone before:

10 years ago here in Sheboygan County...

President Obama's traveling press secretary Runs Through $5 Trillion Tax Math With Reporters

Supersonic skydive from 120,000 feet

Supersonic skydive from 120,000 feet

Dalai Lama Appoints American To A Top Post

Outgoing IDF Technology Directorate: "When The Missiles Fall, We'll Be On The Ropes"

So, apparently, I'm Hitler... :(

PA. Changed Test Rules to Make It Look Like Charters Doing Better Than Public Schools - W/o Fed OK

Obama Pic of the Day - American Dream

Sally Field, I LOVE YOU!

We Are Being Marked

Are there ANY egg brands that are humane? If not, what's a good alternative for baking a cake?

This is what happens when you fall for President Obama...

Deleted by OP

Netanyahu Meets With Barak Over 'Uncoordinated' U.S. Meetings

Sooooooo, are Mitt's taxes off the table? There is so much distraction that

Nobody briefed the baby

Longtime Republicans torn between party loyalty and Obamacare

homeowner shoots, kills suspect during home invasion

FDR: I welcome their hatred!

Gibbs: Romney Will 'Battle Sesame Street' and 'Let Wall Street Run Hog Wild'

Senate Republicans returning to 2010 Playbook

Watch tonight's SpaceX launch online (8:35pm ET)

Romney advocates for quacks!

Funniest comment I've seen regarding the debate performance...

Siena poll: New York 27th District - TIE

Something forgotten in the attack on Big Bird by Romney ...

SNL parodies Chris Matthews' post-debate rant

Mike Malloy: The fallacy of God-given rights

Mittens, He's Alive, He's Alive...

Jobless # getting more scrutiny from republicans than whether there was WMD in Iraq

So I alerted on collateral drone victims being to blame for letting terrorists use them ...

Julie Brown as Victoria Jackson Tea Party Spokesmodel

Another link to the Rumble

Stewart to O'Reilly: Why Are Tax Break Recipients Viewed as "Savvy" & Welfare Recipients "Moochers"?

Torch Your BIZ Then You Can Rob Your Customers

Alabama Supreme Court Candidate: "Same Sex Marriage Will Be Nation's Downfall"

Mormons announcement

In a society where guns rule, we have stickers to prevent babies from being thrown in dumpsters

...And This Doesn't Even Include the Japanese Tsunami Debris

Some basic realities...

You are not frigging going to believe the video...another Philly nightmare...

No Big Ten team in the coaches poll for the first time ever

Let's Get Real-The Basics: Extreme Religion Stops a Thinking Brain & Kills Women and Teenage Girls

When the cameras rolled, Mitt Romney's performance began

Joan Walsh: Sunday best: Chuck Todd loses it

There is a continuing meme being promulgated by the GOP and echoed by all the Corp media toadies

GOP businessman Jon Huntsman Sr. endorses Utah's lone Democrat in Congress

I heard Rachel saying that over 200 Alabama ReTHUGs are driving up to

Got my yard sign

First debate between CT senate candidates Chris Murphy (D) and Linda McMahon (R). Go Murphy!

"We are in a planetary emergency."

Is Obama overrated as a candidate? (Why I don't like Chris Cillizza)

Is Gravis Simply "Republican-Leaning," Or is it an Outright Con?

"The Measure of a Nation" Challenges Illusions of American Superiority

Obama Spox Runs Through $5 Trillion Tax Math With Reporters

I Found More Poop On Our "Friend", Gravis Marketing

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 October 2012

Wow 4 wide at Talladega on the last lap. Who'd a thunk they'd crash though?


WTF? They just have to have their horse race, don't they? STFU Chuck.

Should Be A Media Inquiry Of Republican Polling Firms Masquerading As Independents?

As Military Suicides Rise, Focus Is on Private Weapons

Get Fuzzy - Bucky invents perfect politician

‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’ Pastors Don’t Care About Religious Freedom

Lacks Enterprises CEO Threatens Paycut If Employees Vote For Obama

Citing U.S. Fears, Arab Allies Limit Syrian Rebel Aid

at the zoo


The Theft of the 2004 Election, Did You Ever Read Robert Kennedy's Jr's Article on the Subject?

And "They" Accused "Us" Of Skewing The Polls


Show your support for Sesame Street and PBS on Facebook

After Dissing Spain, AP Says Romney Might Need Lesson in Diplomacy 101

Gov Brown man of action in Gas Shortage

Mitt Romney debates himself, Healthcare, Education, Taxes

Mitt Romney ended his Florida campaign run in front of 13,000 in Pt. St. Lucie today..n/t

democrats want a president in total command of all the facts

Democrat Heidi Heitkamp puts North Dakota Senate seat in play

Putting things into perspective . . .

The Kid Knows: ''President's Legacy''

I am so goddam tired of the calls asking for money. (A Rant)

Temporary profile in Win 7 Home Premium

WTF was Newt Gingrich (epic failure) even doing on Meet the Press today?

This is becoming the great "Bait and Switch" election.

"Clueless" Star Stacey Dash Backs Mitt Romney

Pharmacy linked to outbreak issues wide recall

Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records

Obama raises California cash for race's last month

What Humanists Can Learn From Sikhs

President Obama in Cleveland, OH - October 5th - pics

Dear Media, Operation Rescue Mitt is a failure

7-11 Presidential Poll -Obama (D) 60% - Romney ($) 40% NO CHANGE

Honda recalls 2002-2006 CR-V for fire risk

"What I see is ignorance of what is reality"

I'm so jealous of the 49ers ability to run the football

Romney shows softer side; Obama raising more cash

Unemployment figures don't always tell the whole story.

Cranbrook rector bound for D.C. talks religion, politics

Ryan will wipe the floor with Biden

America's Funniest Vided -- Flying Baby is crap

CenturyLink and union fail to reach new deal, extend expired pact (13,000 workers in 13 states)

Okay Place your Predictions for the October surprise!

No matter that we are in a Global climate crisis, the Right will keep driving the oil bus

Two Classics, One Car

I find it ironic - and maybe a little funny -

I am more convinced than ever that you cannot talk to Americans like adults.

Joel Osteen: Obama, Romney are Christian

Is this another dry Sunday night?

Reuters Poll Obama (D) 47% Romney ($) 45%

Warm North Atlantic ocean causing UK's wet summers, study shows

Is Lakoff helping at all with framing? Anyone else?

The GOP and their beloved Rmoney

Great video from Moveon


Rockies manager Jim Tracy resigns

Frontline Activists Protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline

I'm just wondering. Has California Peggy written "My Dear" 98,970 times?

Kid with American Dream + Big Bird Facebook Timeline pic

Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering

In the next debate Rmoney will take down Mr. Rogers

Presidential debate commentary, The Strip by Brian McFadden.

taking a break - end of week 1 at the Outer Banks - pics blog

Campaigns Debate Energy