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Moderate Mitt isn’t so moderate

Rope-A-Dope is Obama's Strategy

Xmas is coming...

DUers I am overwhelmed I need help in the SW OH media market...

Dudes and Dudettes....

Wilkerson on Ed now dealing with Rmoney di LIAR

Michigan poll has Romney within 3 points of Obama

*Lawrence Wilkerson on Ed Show, about rmoney foreign non-policy.

Gallup switching to LV?

From the Oatmeal: How much do cats actually kill?

Bayou Corne Update: Gas Trapped Near Sinkhole

Good Website for Understanding the Polls here:

I really want to like Linux. However . . .

Just need to brag a little

Obama's a Christian ...

from Rob Zerban's campaign (against paul ryan)

Oh Noes, NBC has a Greenspan bias

Center On Budget And Policy Priorities Defends Government Assistance Programs From GOP Scorn

Ryan Can't Stand The Heat

Leaving the country if Romney is elected? Jet Blue is offering free air fare!

So I have a dear friend; we don't talk politics but always

Romney drank the cool aide again!

Remember it was Romney who didn't think it important to pay tribute to the soldiers

Utah purges tens of thousands from voter rolls

Kaine and Allen are debating right now (sorry for the late notice)

Tweety hits the nail on the head on Hardball tonight

Boeing Just Put The Finishing Touches On An 8-Wheeled Laser Truck

VIDEO: Mitt Romney: Failing the Commander-in-Chief Test -- Please share widely

A liberal, a conservative and a libertarian walk in to a bar.

Woman Power!

Attorney: "100% sure" he'll call Walker as witness

Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children

Obama Yard Sign Thefts

This Machine Kills Muppets

Polls this, polls that...

How is early voting going? High turnout?

Nate Silver, of 538, gives his predictions on Piers Morgan tonight

New OFA Ad - Mitt Romney: Failing the Commander-in-Chief Test

Coffman MUST go

Attending voter protection training for Virginia Friday,

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Columbus Day? & a new Kitty gif

Walker subpoenaed in former staffer's trial

Odds Listing for VP Debate

Romney Foreign Policy: 'If we can't believe him, how will anyone else in the world?' (New Obama Ad!)

Maddow using Gravis polling

Heads up, Piers Morgan Interviewing Nate Silver About Pew's Skew Shortly n/t

In voter registration fraud case, it's not Mickey Mouse you have to worry about

Buffalo County zoning board denies permits for 450-acre frac sand mine


CNN right now Piers Morgan pushing the Women Have Switched to Romney meme

The ED Show - CEO tells employees if Obama wins, your paychecks lose

Conservatives, don’t do it like this

Ed Show: Former Dept of State Chief of Staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson - (A MUST SEE!)

Home Shopping Channel Host Faints on Colleague as He Continues to Hype the Product Undeterred

How much longer till the press starts the "Come Back" story

The ED Show - Romney's tax tales backed up by FOX

Montana Senate Debate

The Pew poll is a joke.

175 days since I started voting with my wallet

Lets stop all this moping and get fired up- only 30 days left!

Lying for the Lord: The Mormon Missionary Rides High

Tom Holland TV ad

US military's plans for flying saucers explained in declassified documents

Colombia militia boss 'Martin Llanos' confesses murders

Colombia militia boss 'Martin Llanos' confesses murders

Paul Ryan Gets Testy And Ends Interview

Ryan still on the 47%

"Madeleine Albright finds Romney's foreign policy speech 'confusing'"

Budget cuts threaten Philadelphia to Harrisburg rail service - 4th busiest line in Amtrak system

BREAKING: Poll - 7% think PBS spending makes up HALF of all Federal Spending.

Three arrested in Sensata protest

Letters: prayer and politics

Allan Lictman: Obama is going to win nothing has changed he would have to lose 3 keys for defeat

I would like to report a stupid fucking anti-Obama thread.

So, are you guys telling me that the jobs numbers mean absolutely NOTHING!?!?

Romney's "Major Foreign Policy" speech sounded more like a 10th grade Speech Class

Amazing That The Narrative Is That Romney's Lies and Lack of Transparency Are Good!

This was the kind of shit Obama was up against during the debate

"Longtime Republicans torn between party loyalty and Obamacare" by Elizabeth Cohen at CNN

Lying for the Lord: The Mormon Missionary Rides High

GM now hiring -- 10,000 information technology workers

*Getting some West Wing on Lawrence show!!!

How Many Duers are in this situation?

Another 985 Democrats and 381 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 10/7

"Romney Sings A Different Tune On Middle East With Key Donors" by karoli at Crooks and Liars

Romney 'plays hookey' refuses to face kids on Nickelodeon-can't handle ?s from America’s youth.

Supreme Court Looking At Affirmative Action In College Admissions

How many rec's does a Lounge post have to get before it gets on the Greatest Page?

Doesn't Mitt Romney seem "ENTITLED"?

Obama camp knocks Romney’s ‘chest-pounding’ foreign policy

Lawrence O'Donnell has disappeared twice tonight; unknown stand-in is there before commercials

And a goodnite kiss.........

Romney's economic record in Massachusetts - higher taxes, huge deficit and lack-luster job growth.

So, regarding gaffe man . . . it's only a matter of time before he fucks up again!

In Bold Foreign Policy Speech, Romney Proposes a 'Two-Mitt' Solution

The ED Show - Romney's 'new' foreign policy at odds with his 'old' policy

US scientists aim to make human sperm from stem cells

TNR On Romney's Latest Tax Policy Evasions

Nick Kids pick the President is schedule to air MONDAY OCT 15th. The info about Romney

What is the point of simplifying the tax code by reducing the tax rates

China Sums Up US Financial Innovation: "Smart Kids Picking People's Pockets Is Not Very Good"

Should rich people receive Social Security benefits?

Andrew Sullivan is FREAKING out over Pew Poll

If the National Media Has Been Unable For Months To Pin Down Romney On His Policy Proposals...

Kid asks President Obama "Why Does Everybody Hate You?" (classic from 09')

How do post links with a RazrM?

A little blue grass-Nitty Gritty & Paulette Carlson

Bizarre Video Shows Scott Brown Joking He Would "Stalk" Pussycat Dolls

"Nevada Food Porn" most certainly is not "California Food Porn."

Bizarre Video Shows Scott Brown Joking He Would "Stalk" Pussycat Dolls-posted by disgruntled partner

So Mary Bono Mack is claiming to have stopped the UN from regulating

I saw the movie "Looper" tonight.

the "American Idol" Election: Last Wednesday, Mitt Romney was the latest bright, shiny object.

12 polls, national and state, released today. Obama led in 9 , Romney led in 1, and 2 were tied

President Obama lost a vote on Friday morning

Mitt Romney’s Most Dishonest Speech

"to help people get out of poverty in the inner cities, is to help teach people good discipline"

These people make me sick too!

In Nashville, TN

Ryan Cuts off Michican Reporter grilling him on Gun Violence, Tax Cuts

Land of poor farmers given to rich: Incoder .

Dianne Feinstein tells regulators to investigate high gas prices, again

Paul Ryan Abruptly Ends Interview After 'Strange' Question (VIDEO)

New Ad Blasts Romney For Ignoring The Troops

Rachel Maddow - NRA exposed for putting Republican agenda ahead of gun agenda

Great news in ND Senate race Heitkamp tied with Berg each at 47% (Mason/Dixon)

New York mag: Mitt Romney Took a Very Unfortunate Photo Today

Rachel Maddow - Romney foreign policy ideas ill conceived

Madeleine Albright: Romney's Foreign Policy Speech "Devoid of Substance"

Wii U Preorders Sold Out Almost Everywhere!

Kos' Polling Wrap makes a good point about the upcoming Gallup 'likely voter' screen'

Tim Kaine/macaca debate ended.

This is my advise for President Obama for taking on whack job in the next debate

Congress accuses Chinese tech giants of un-American activities

Not only does Mitt suck, he's causing me to miss my workout tomoorow.

How Gloria Romero (D-CA Ed Deformer) Became the Face of Proposition 32

"The presidential debate - What Happened?" by WW at the Economist

So today 'one' crappy Pew poll came out, BUT all the electoral vote forecast maps still look great

Rachel Maddow - Romney reveals foreign policy weakness in statements, positions

MSNBC: friend or foe

Proposition 30 campaign takes aim at Molly and Charles Munger

An important video on the NRA

Senator, disabled challenger clash on health care, other issues

Time for the Etch A Sketch ads!

Jon Stewart Tears Into Conservative Outrage Over Funding Sesame Street’s ‘Propaganda,’ ‘Brainwashing

Watch: George Takei’s Endorsement Of Barack Obama Will Make You Cry


"Romney channels Obama on foreign policy" by Eugene Robinson at WP

Who had today off?

All kidding aside: Are Romney and Ryan both coming unhinged?

Xian Evangelist tries to rationalize prophecy for a Mormon President to save the Constitution

George Takei's beautiful endorsement of President Obama:

Romney is now running as a liberal

Romney has no core, and will say anything so that he can win.

Reid's On Romney Like Mormon On Mormon

Bill Maher Trashes Romney Surrogate: ‘John Sununu Is A Racist Fat F**k’

Jon Stewart Mocks the ‘Empty-Headed Puppets’ Who Indoctrinate Americans

What's Behind the Romney Pew Poll Surge? (A bad poll sample.) ~ Helmut Norpoth

No Immigration Charges Filed Against Activist in Traffic Stop (Jose Vargas)

Megachurch pastor uses sermon to ‘endorse Jesus’ but encourages voting for Romney

(Fmr US Rep from Los Angeles) Politician Mervyn Dymally dies at 86

Maddow shows why the NRA is just a ‘Republican interest group’

More From Nate Silver Tonight

Obama pursues base, bucks in California

They lost my vote...

Behind the scenes at debate prep in Las Vegas.

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Monday, October 8)

Getting chilly here in Maryland...

Remarks by the President at the Dedication of the Cesar Chavez National Monument, Keene, CA

RE Pew Poll: Election 2004, 8:00 PM Exit Polls Revealed Kerry Had 304 Electoral Votes. Bush, 174

Isolated North Korea says its rockets can hit U.S. mainland

Ryan Trash-Talks Biden Before Debate

How can the extremely complicated tax code be simplified?

When Democrats talk like Republicans -- Bob Kerrey on Lawrence O'Donnell this evening

Report: US Protestants lose majority status

Ex-Powell aide on Romney's foreign policy team: 'These people make me sick'

Venezuelan Election: Romney Accuses Obama Of Being Soft on Chávez

What odd picture...Romney and the kids

Romney Proudly Explains How He's Turned Campaign Around 'I'm Lying More,' He Says (onion)

I used to think that Romney's eventual move to the middle would cost him votes

Who are the Economists for Romney?

Please help me answer this guy....

The True Size of Africa ~ HINT: It's bigger than you think!

Is it a problem if Romney remains a "moderate" for the rest of the campaign??

Big Bird steals spotlight from Speaker Boehner in New Hampshire

Are you frustrated because you can't repeat right-wing points about Obama here?

Could gay marriage in Iowa be jeopardy?

*Montana Senate debate on C-SPAN now.

Liquid Nitrogen In Drink Results in Stomach Being Removed To Save Teenage Girl

Robert Reich: "Mitt Romney is a slick robot. Paul Ryan is the robot's regressive brain."

President Obama Designates Home Of UFW Founder, Cesar Chavez, National Monument (Photos)

Jonathan Turley: End the electoral college

Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano apparently killed in shootout

Romney refuses to face kids on Nickelodeon after vow to defund Big Bird

Illinois man charged in Oklahoma plot to bomb churches

More on the Guns on Campus Debate

Note to self, don't eat lots and lots of cockroaches...

Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars, Ugh, what a BRAT!

Early voting has begun in Indiana. Check with your county clerk for hours and

Cross-post from Indiana group: Early voting has begun in Indiana.

Romney’s Goals on Environmental Regulation Would Face Difficult Path

Battered by the economy, Nevadans still favor Obama

Need some inpupt from older, wiser DUers

California ballots go out in the mail tomorrow.

You Write The Caption: ''Romney makes surprise stop at elementary school''

Tuesday's Mitt Romney in France 1968 DOONESBURY: 'Young Mitt Prepares For a Life of Annoying People'

Chris Matthews begs celebrities to step up for Obama

Mitt Romney's Most Dishonest Speech

I would like to welcome myself to DU. Actually, introduce myself...

Bizarre Video Shows Scott Brown Joking He Would "Stalk" Pussycat Dolls

Sandusky will be sentenced Tuesday. He released this:

Weighting Around

(U.S.) Cultural trips to Cuba on schedule again as contested ‘people to people’ licenses are renewed

Cultural trips to Cuba on schedule again as contested ‘people to people’ licenses are renewed

Attacks on US Diplomatic Targets have come down under Obama

''In The Act Of Resistance We Find Our Salvation.''

Wonkette: New Pew Poll Shows End Of Democratic Party As We Know It

Changes in law to let Georgia net more sales tax from online purchases

"You don't normally see the temperamental difference between liberals and conservatives so

Why does pew poll massively oversample seniors?

Mitt Romney walks into a bar...

I like to have opinions

Richard Carmona’s covert campaign to seize GOP Senate seat

Ex-Powell aide on Romney's foreign policy team: 'These people make me sick'

I had to resist arguing with my niece today when she insulted Obama on FB

Mike Malloy 10/8/12 show open: Cowardly media, death penalty for disobedient children?

October 9, 1812, near Fort Erie, Ohio HMS Caledonia and HMS Detroit captured

Pew study finds rapid rise in Americans without a particular faith

Revealed: Early Bronze Age carvings suggest Stonehenge was a huge prehistoric art gallery

What is this "Nervous Worrier" syndrome? Is it part of the Progressive nature? Just buck up folks.

Jon Stewart destroys the Republican cynicism over Sesame Street subsidy

Bill Moyers: United States of Alec

Why idiots should sometimes worry us...

Growing Up Gay (photos)

Big Bird - Obama for America TV Ad

Big Bird the focus in sarcastic new Obama ad

Why idiots should sometimes worry us...

Hackers have massacred all the virtual characters in World of Warcraft

Go for the Jugular

Some late-night thoughts from Nate Silver...

All out war? or smart precise covert operations?.

I'm not going to be a crazy ideologue

Physics Nobel goes to Serge Haroche and David Wineland

Mulroney's reputation being rehabilitated by PR firm to further Harper's free trade agenda?

Do the admins do anything about bigoted jury decisions?

I just served on a jury for the most ridiculous alert of all time.

Pakistani girl who spoke out against Taliban shot, wounded

Mitt Romney's Bain Made Millions On Big Tobacco In U.S., Russia

How many Obama conspiracy-theories are out there?

HA! Mika smacks down Joe on Big Bird

A sign of the desperate media: "GOP optimism rises on poll showing Romney ahead of Obama"

Obama moving back up in Rand tracking poll

Hackers massacre thousands instantly in World of Warcraft

Al Gore's Current TV Going Under in 2013?

It's a close election and it's not defeatism to acknowledge that.

This won't make the religious right happy

Big Bird - Obama for America TV Ad

Ohio S.O.S. Jon Husted forbids BOEs from calling or emailing voters about absentee ballot mistakes

Just got slapped with all this from a freeper.

Merkel lands in Greece as protesters mass on streets

All the worrying, handwringing and nervousness is irrational foolishness. Cut it out and buck up.

Most of Us Will Not Have a Better Life Unless We Turn the Tables on the Super Rich

U.S., Israel considering joint 'surgical strike' on Iran's nuclear facilities

Policy - Obama for America TV Ad

8 Facts That Prove Our Govt. Is Not Going Broke

California gasoline prices set to plunge as spike ends

Wisc. Republican Senate candidate forgets how many homes he owns

Second Amendment ad

"Occupy the Plains of Miggido." - Willard's Foreign Policy (R)

Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower?

Mitt Romney's Driving Killed Leola Anderson. His Cover-Up Tale is Proved Dishonest


Report: US Protestants Lose Majority Status

Romney Values

Top Ten Mitt Romney Insults to Spain: Juan Cole

We want our country back!


Spent this evening registering voters outside a WalMart in Houston

I have a new Conspiracy Theory! President Obama is part of a plot to steal the election...

In other crazy news: Man collapses, dies after winning roach-eating contest in Broward

Pa. parks director says he was forced out by Corbett administration

Juan Cole: Romney’s Five Wars

It's ALWAYS a close election when we have a good chance of winning...

ABC/WaPo poll: Romney’s debate bounce subsiding, rather than rising

Atheist Christmas

Police officer slams TV portrayal of Assange

A Popularity High for Romney – but Ditto for Obama

BREAKING: Romney/Ryan Campaign demands roach-eating contest replace debates...

Lakota: The Revitalization of Language and the Persistence of Spirit

Mitt Romney’s Most Dishonest Speech

"Boys will be boys" is no excuse for bad behavior

Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll: Romney takes the lead in post-debate period

PPP's new national poll for Daily Kos has Romney leading for 1st time, 49-47

Iceland’s Economy now growing faster than the U.S. and EU after arresting corrupt bankers

cnn headline: 28 days left: A horse race for Romney

Iraq's PM Maliki in Russia seals $4.2 billion arms deal

Imagine John Lennon would have been 72 years old today

"Kerry supporters were carrying open bottles of champagne on Election Day in 2004!"

Mittwit wants a more "muscular" America in regards to foreign policy. What would that mean?

Bush and Republican policies destroyed Clinton economy

Where are all the democrats who were yelling and speaking at the National Convention? Sometimes

The Real Problem with PBS.

Dana Milbank: A scrubbing on foreign policy

A Model of Inclusion for Muslim Women

Walkergate: Walker Gets His Invitation To The Ball (Cog Dis)

Greek anti-fascist protesters 'tortured by police' after Golden Dawn clash

MJ: Romney invested in Chinese Stocks that embezzled, partnered with Iran, & stole US trade secrets

Romney lost a point in North Dakota since July

US Protestants lose majority status -- Good read for implications on politics

Turkey sends fighter jets to Syrian border

Can Someone Tell Me In Layman's Terms What A Black Swan Event Is?

The pukes October surprise is lying

The Tree Of Idiocy

The election is four Tuesdays away.

Republican Candidate In Arkansas Says Parents Should Seek Death Penalty Against ‘Rebellious Children

*** Gets the old staple gun out and posts today's DU Cafeteria Special *** YUMMY!!!!

At Least Five Pennsylvania Counties Still Falsely Tell Voters They Need ID To Vote

So... Where are Rmoney's tax returns and what is he hiding?

So how much influence did the media hysteria after the debates affect the polls?

Big Bird steals some spotlight as Speaker Boehner blasts Obama in Derry

Scott Brown Retakes Lead from Elizabeth Warren in New Poll

Andrew Sullivan: Did Obama just throw the entire election?

Off to see the POTUS and a Pea today @ OSU

Oh my God, this is horrible! I'm planning my move to Canada!

Wild Roses

The polls are now close enough for a stolen election

EU reaches quorum of 11 states for financial transaction tax


How party ID explains Romney’s “surge”

Are you REALLY registered to vote?

Worried? Concerned? Anxious?

Atlantic - "Mitt Romney's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Foreign-Policy Speech"

Three justices say merit retention battle is about 'survival' of an independent court

Putting Profits Before Nutrition The Dark Side of the School Meals Business {germany}

Where the candidates are today, Tuesday 10/9/12

What do you get when you mix John Lennon's music with a Labrador puppy?

Global economic recovery weakening, says IMF

Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison," doctor says

In this article on NBC's site

I think we should bring out our big Dog Bill

Make Your Own Gun!

Mass Pakistan pneumonia vaccination campaign launched

Abused? Need to get out of your cell phone contract to escape your abuser?

Democrats Shift Money in House Races as Map Evolves

Tomatoes are 'stroke preventers'

Pines by Blake Crouch

Obama signals new urgency as race tightens

Change in redistricting process on Ohio ballot

Stonehenge up close: digital laser scan reveals secrets of the past

I certainly hope the questions from the town hall debate involve issues of social security, medicare

gallup rep saying new data shows a bit better

Nobel prize won by Briton written off in his teens by a science teacher

MSM pounce on new PPP poll showing Romney up, but ignore Gallup poll with Obama up!!

Election mailings show pattern of errors

Wolf Blitzer To Interview Romney At 6 PM ET

What is Romney thinking? Why emphasize foreign policy now?

"That's not leadership - that's salesmanship!" - President Obama

Sandusky sentence is bullshit

Go West, Young Lion: New Study Shows Mountain Lions Dispersing from Nevada to California


Lions great Alex Karras near death

Democrats say superior voter registration, ground game will deliver Florida for Obama

From the Onion..

Football great Alex Karras given "few days" to live

7 Policy Issues that Every Physicist Should Follow

Health Canada's Fast-Tracked Drug Approvals Can Put Public at Risk, Experts Say

"The Exorcist." The debate, President Obama and Romney...

Just so you know, Chuck Schumer is giving away "entitlements" live on C-span

Gallup guy on Jansing & Co hints numbers may go up for Obama

The Obama Romney debate-Lab simulation

Nate Silver: A Great Poll for Romney, in Perspective

"I like Being Able To Fire Muppets."

Anyone know how Ryan is at debates?

Iraq could become world's second biggest oil exporter

The Republicans called out Obama as Pandering.

"Bear hunting dreams come true for children with disabilities and illnesses"

Republican tells why he is voting Obama: Letter to the Editor / Winston-Salem NC Journal today

The right’s mad quest to ‘unmask’ Obama

Thanks, Nate!

CAP: Public Opinion Snapshot: Public Blames Bush and Favoring the Wealthy for Our Economic Problems

Jerry Sandusky gets 30 to 60 years for child sex abuse

Why California’s gas prices are going haywire


Jerry Sandusky sentenced to 30 years; says he's innocent

Dinosaurs did not walk with men and basic arithmetic never did quit working

Marriage for All Families: Stories from Minnesota

High Court Won't Hear Case Against Halliburton

A Baseball Analogy - by BooMan

Romney blip of a "bump" doesn't affect the President's rising popularity

Sonoma wine county

Supreme Court Lets Stand Telecom Immunity In Wiretap Case

Romney's desperate attempt to sound legitimate in foreign policy matters is called out by Obama team

Stayin' Alive....back when

CAP: The Auto Industry Rescue by the Numbers

Gap between rich and poor is the defining issue of our time: Broadbent Institute

Vengeance will be Big Bird's!

We Could Pay For College For 31 Million Students For The Cost Of Romney’s Corporate Tax Cuts

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy.

Will any journalists ask Romney about the 2009 tax amnesty today???

CBC: Share your immigration stories with us

Question about "Girls"

Did Romney actually work with Democrats in Massachusetts,

Romney "speech" gets Fact Checked by AP

FactChecker: Romney’s claim that the Navy is as small as in 1916 (3 Pinocchios)

(Polling) Listen, Today Should Be The Worst Day (Show Some Nerve)

The latest battleground state and national polls are in

Voter ID's & Voter Fraud in the State of Adoption

Need help debunking "500 economists back Romney" article

A message for those who claim "taxing the rich hurts the economy".

With the improving economy off the table as a campaign issue, Romney walks back Big Bird statement

Sandusky casts an abusive shadow over many people--not just his own victims.

How the US Quietly Lost the IED War in Afghanistan

Man arrested in plot to blow up 48 churches in Oklahoma

"Pulpit Freedom Sunday" - Pastors to perform political sermons and mail them to IRS

Go for the Jugular: What a Real Attack on Mitt Romney and the 1% Could Look Like

Pope Benedict XVI Confronts Secularism With Synod Of Bishops On 'New Evangelization'

Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Team: 17 of 24 Advisors Are Bush Neocons

Group of Eight Senators Meets to Work on Deficit-Cut Plan

Schumer To Dems: Abandon Simpson-Bowles Tax Model

Corbett's actions in direct violation of PA Constitution

No, you’re not entitled to your opinion

U.S. Downgrade Seen as Upgrade as U.S. Debt Dissolved

Romney campaign moves staff out of Pennsylvania

CIA Mormon Mafia, Romney Neocons Using Islamophobic Film To Prop Up Saudi, Other Gulf Monarchies

Columbus NBC Poll: Ohio Statistical Deadheat (Obama 45, Romney 44)

OK - here's a challenge for you - what do you use as a substitute for corn syrup

Tree troll

Proof that Trickle-Down Economics Does. Not. Work.

Nobel Winner’s Stem Cells to Be Tested in Eye Malady in 2013

Minor pet-peeve on spell check.

Andy Borowitz reports Canada's worries and preparation, concerning the 47 % and our election to come

Romney campaign moves staff out of Pennsylvania to help GOTV in Ohio

The Future is Here ?

A CEO as president?

Paul Ryan tells Detroit things would be better under the 'Let Detroit go bankrupt' guy

TREASON: Mitt & Co. look at strong jobs figures as a "setback."

Acting General Counsel announces adjustments to restructuring proposal as it pertains to Memphis

The President need a decisive win in next week's debate. Not just a draw. A win.

Worst Christmas album covers...

Why Big Bird matters - Romney just doesn't get it

Sesame Workshop asks Obama Campaign to take the Big Bird ad down?

Olive Garden & Red Lobster making workers part-time to avoid providing health insurance

Hypocritical Obama add: "imprisoned without due process.”

Romney's new "foreign policy" at odds with his new "foreign policy"

When Romney talks it should be MOS.

No single poll should be taken all that seriously

Keep something in mind with the PPP poll that has Romney up 2 (aka WAIT before panicking):

The "enthusiasm gap"?

'Sesame Street' knockoffs Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster protest Mitt Romney in swing state (Video)


Despite Court Order, At Least Five Pennsylvania Counties Still Telling Voters They Need ID To Vote

The greatest debate strategy ever---Part two.

Mother Jones has put together a great graphic: Romney's Stake in Chinese Stocks

Rachel Maddow - Ohio's Husted tempts Election Day disorder with early voting delay

Finally, a ND Senate poll, updated from July--Heitkamp has improved to a tie!!

My general impression of why Mitt wants my social security and medicare $

Obama to backers: Be 'almost obsessive' about election

After George Romney died, Mitt lied repeatedly about he and his father marching with MLK

I wonder how many people, like me, hang up on pollsters?

I Still See Obama as Winner

Where is Zogby?

Sesame Street: ixnay on Obama Big Bird Ad

Past incumbent presidents who lost the first debate had something in common...

Mormons and Mitt - the Myth about separation of church and state

I witnessed a Romney headquarters in Pennsylvania last night being 'downsized.'

Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School

Australian PM Julia Gillard calls Tony Abbot a misogynist

One in five Americans reports no religious affiliation, study says

The Last Word - Romney's sprint from Romney

The Last Word - Will Ryan tone down conservative views at debate?

‘Three Strikes of Injustice’

Our Presidential Debate Scorecard Shows Viewers Were the Real Losers.

Pic Of The Moment: Another Day, Another Speech, Another Steaming Pile Of Romney BS

LOL - Love this Obama Ad -- "Big Bird"

Jesus freakin' Christ walkin'...

Boy Meets Girl

Should the democrats in congress do to the sociopath

The Last Word - Rewriting GOP-er on government and religion

55% Still Think Obama Is The Likely Winner in November

Things you will never hear a Sooner fan say:

Paul Ryan’s thin skin

Math Responds To Romney

A bit of positive polling news:

"TOSS-UP" TPM Electoral Scoreboard Obama 270, Romney 206

william, joeybee, willparkinson, xchrom have formed a Boy Band

President Obama gained a point in a Michigan poll taken Oct 5

Given the Recent Polls, A Friendly Reminder

Arkansas Republican Party pulls funding for candidates who praised slavery

It's past time to quit the hand-wringing and get moving FORWARD

It is time for Dems to stop using the republican word entitlements, and defend Social Security and

PPP: Obama increases his lead in Minnesota

Gorillas digging on caterpillar......

The Doctor’s Bag for the New Millennium

How a debate is scored?

Real Super Granny - Johanna Quaas

Romney spent big bucks to hide his records

Linda McMahon supports non-existent federal law protecting marriage equality

I have never voted for a GOPer in my life. What Republican would you every vote for?

Beck’s SUV totaled after barrel-rolling down hill

ONE good poll for rmoney, that's all folks.

Latinos not buying Romney's B.S.

The Power of Negative Thinking - (we're just "mental contrasting")

Ras Poll of Nevada: 47-47 tie.

'Commander Squirrel' Is a Horrible Name for a Drug Lord

New Dem Ad Contrasts Romney At Debate With Romney’s ‘47 Percent’ Remarks

Sandusky lashes out at accusers as judge sentences him to 30-60 years

Schumer Opposes a Budding Tax Deal in Deficit Plan.

Ohio appealing to Supreme Court on early voting

PPP: Obama up 10 in Minnesota

Six minutes to meltdown...

All these polls are making my head spin

Mongo is Near Death

If the Conservatives of the 1% thought they could get away with reinstating slavery, would they?

Ohio Secretary Of State to appeal early voting decission to the US Supreme Court

Welch can't take the heat, Quits Fortune Mag

Gallup: Obama +3 reg voters, Romney +2 likely, Obama job approval 53/42

Gallup 7-day tracking poll update: Obama 49%, Romney 46% among RVs. LVs, a different story...

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 9, 2007

on a lighter note...

Gallup LV Romney +2, RV Obama +3

Gallup Out: 4 point shift for Obama in Approval, 2 point shift for Romney in race

Shell Explosions In Central Russia Leave Mushroom Cloud-like Plume

Obama Approval Rating up at 53% - latest Gallup poll.

I learned something interesting about the "State's rights" arguments the Right loves.

Inside: cure for defeatism; CLICK HERE!

Global Index Praises U.S. As ‘Sole Bright Spot’ In Sluggish World Economy

Maryland NAACP Releases Radio Ad for Marriage Equality

Has Sesame Street flipped Obama the bird?

Lockheed Martin CEO cited for cutting trees along the Potomac

year over year improvement in payroll employment numbers -- Gallup

Schumer To Dems: Abandon Simpson-Bowles Tax Model

Just heard on the news that Obama will be off the campaign trail for three days of debate prep

270 to Win Presidential Election Simulator shows Obama winning!

Question regarding the townhall debate

Obama Coming Back Among Registered Voters - Gallup

I wondered this myself about liberal media overly critical of debate

It's about the MANHOOD, stupid

'Sesame Street' Asks Obama Campaign To Take Down Big Bird Ad

A picture is worth a thousands words, or in this case just 8!

Gallup: 10/1 - 10/7 weekly job approval average 52%, +4

Without the Pew Poll Nate Silver says Romney's Numbers are Mixed at best

It is very hard work being a Grammar Nazi

Breaking News: President Obama and Romney tied at 45 percent in Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll

Romney is making a HUGE mistake by continuing to bring up Big Bird


From Rev. Al's FB Page: BREAKING NEWS out of Ohio: Husted will appeal

Seventy-Four Percent of America: Climate Change Is Affecting Weather in U.S.

Hello Admins. How do we report on people continually violating

Iraq Sends Crucial Fuel Oil To Syria

Felix Baumgartner is about to launch for his jump from space

Man dies after live roach-eating contest in Fla.

***CALL DCCC's Red to Blue campaign's Hill office UPDATE

Big Bird at Jim Henson's Memorial

The hack gap is a liberal problem of long standing

Pic O' The Day

Anyone else watching the guy who'll parachute from space?

City dwelling frogs at risk from climate change

Lyin' cryin' Mitt Romney works up fake tears talking about ambassador that was killed in benghazi

**CALL DCCC's Red to Blue campaign's Hill office! UPDATE

Has Romney given an interview to anyone

According To Gallup The President Has Two Challenges

Have We Heard the Last About Women's Issues? Really?

*CALL DCCC's Red to Blue campaign's Hill office. UPDATE

Puerto Rico declares dengue epidemic

WATCH: IDF Fires Tear Gas At Olive Harvesters In West Bank

Thanks to wtmusic for the invite to your forum.

Price Tag Of The Iran Scare Campaign Revealed

About to hang a ceramic panel heater. This could be interesting.

Here's a good chart from Gallup:

The dignified behavior, and gravitas, of politcians explored in this video.

Only Choice - Obama for America TV Ad (Romney's lousy record on nursing home care)

RealClearPolitics 'poll of polls' has Romney +.4 nationally.

Is one "good" debate performance

Papantonio: Rick Scott's Supreme Court Coup

there was NOTHING about the debate that people will carry with them into the voting booth.

What is most important about today's Gallup Poll...

Stacey Dash - “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,” Dash tweeted.

GREAT VIDEO: These Guys!!!

WI Capitol Police Abridging Citizens Rights to Free Speech, 8 Arrested for Holding Signs

I think the polls are bullshit.

This one is for DU Members

A report issued tomorrow on Benghazi situation?

Need New Information...

hey DU you know the narrative changes after Thurs, right?

Biden needs to push the job numbers big time Thursday night and...

In the future when I see someone in distress, I will do my best to help that person

Seeking DU help from anyone who has seen "The Corporation"

Romney's Gain Among Likely Voters In Gallup Is Not Unusual

I'm apparently a terrible, awful person.

Obama ignored senior advisers in debate prep

Netanyahu announces early elections

Archbishop Tells Woman To Reject Her Gay Son Or Go To Hell

Florida Dems crushing Republicans in voter registration

Xpost from GD where nobody found this interesting

Jack Welch Quits Fortune Magazine After Questioning Jobs Report

The Iconic Obama

Thom Hartmann: Has the Chavez revolution been a success?

Welch can't take the heat: I quit

PPP: Obama up by 10 in Minnesota (previous poll O was up by 7)

Potentially Ominous Sign For Romney In Today's Gallup Numbers

Ecuador Remembers Che Guevara -

I wonder why no one has changed the narrative yet to women

HopeHoops gives a subtle hint that the party is over........

Arkansas State Rep: ‘If Slavery Were So God-Awful, Why Didn’t Jesus Or Paul Condemn It?’

Friends don't let friends listen to Nickelback.

I'll probably get flamed for this, but there's nothing hotter than a chick on a Harley.

Lately, Kali's been spending more and more time just "hangin' out with the girls".

These are desperate times, indeed!!!

MFM just LOVES those aerial shots of buxom frauleins delivering beer at the Oktoberfest!!!

Mike Malloy - It's almost tedious, the way Republican candidates lie.

This is what happens EVERY time MiddleFingerMom says that he's going out for "a few beers".

Romney debates himself:

Can DUers please give us "Hand Wringers" some slack?


What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Oct 9th

Thom Hartmann: Maybe we should be taking notes from Venezuela

TV CAMPAIGN AD: What Do You Think? (please, respond)

Should Obama Supporters Start Freaking Out? (spoiler alert - "No")

US officer got no reply to cables asking more security for Benghazi

Romney's Chances

Humor doesn't age well. How come?

Electoral College Poll Comparisons from Various Sites Show Obama Winning

All polls are not credible

Paul Ryan - Stop With the Questions! Vids of the REAL Paul Ryan (I hope they can be viewed)

Soul Doubt

Can someone please remind me the last US election that was won on the popularity vote....

Rachel Maddow interviews Olson and Boies on marriage equality

63 Former Roman Catholic Priests to Release Statement Supporting Marriage Equality in Washington

Ryan's Latest Hateburger: ‘Inner City’ People Need To Be Taught ‘Good Discipline, Good Character’

Do ya think I'm sexy? NSFD **Graphic Warning*** Not Safe For Democracts..

Please post links to success stories of Republican friends or acquaintances converting to Democrats

Thin-Skinned CEO Jack Welch Quits Fortune, Reuters After His Demented BLS Tweet Gets Criticized

Former archbishop of Canterbury attacks gay marriage at Tory conference

The Rude Pundit: Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy ...

David Siegel Email To Workers Threatens Layoffs If Obama Is Reelected (UPDATE)

Any state where Obama is up or even with Romney right now will...

TV CAMPAIGN AD: What Do You Think? (please, respond)

Don't call it Manhood - It's Called Charisma

Need a beer or some other alcoholic beverage....NOW

WA DUers - R-74 Question

Colombia investigates state officials for land theft .

pit bull!

How to train your dragon

Rove's group pours another $1.2M into Senate race

Will MI voters send U.S. House's "Mr. No" back to Washington?

This is what the republics are up against:

Listening to Kraftwerk radio on Pandora.

This election is similar to 2004 with a few exceptions

Supreme Court refuses to block Chevron's $18.2 billion verdict for pollution in Ecuador

Supreme Court refuses to block Chevron's $18.2 billion verdict for pollution in Ecuador

Police: 13-year-old killed grandparents after they called his mother a 'whore'

A joke about the Texas longhorns

For all you praying people or visualizers or ones who send out positive energy.

Bioenergy - The broken promise

I'm starting to fall for Chris Kluwe: Chris Kluwe Fires Back At Archbishop Nienstadt

Potentially Ominous Sign For Romney In Today’s Gallup Numbers

What a difference a day (and a couple polls) make

For those of you who enjoy satire and good writing, may I recommend...

McCain Confirms Romney’s Desire for an Indefinite Iraq and Afghanistan Presence

Diss Information: Is There a Way to Stop Popular Falsehoods from Morphing into "Facts"?

Diss Information: Is There a Way to Stop Popular Falsehoods from Morphing into "Facts"?

What Romney Does Not Want Discussed (He would rather the media keep covering last weeks debate)

Does this Republican chick have her own show on MSNBC???? I've been without cable for a spell, but

Do laws pertaining to stealing political lawn signs vary

8 yrs ago today: CNN poll shows Kerry inching past Bush . . . I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'

No incumbent has ever lost with an approval rating of 49% or higher.

What can Romney or Ryan do in the upcoming debates other than lie about their positions.

How to remove adChoice pop ups from my main DU screen?

Big gaps in Romney plan on pre-existing conditions

My dad voted for McCain, but is probably voting for Obama.

Mitt Romney debates himself

Tagg Romney To Be Our New George W. Bush

Visually impaired woman files voting complaint

How can you call someone a Liar when he's standing right next to you?

The audience can ruin Rmoney next week.

Papantonio: Traditional Media’s Assault on Intelligence

Paul Ryan Fundraiser Bans Recording

Obama Favorability Soars While Romney Remains Least Popular Nominee Since 1984

Issues that have fallen by the wayside

Ominous Sign For Romney In Today’s Gallup Numbers -- Obama Returning To Pre-Debate Levels

Can Mitt Romney Win?

Halloween in Georgetown

Thin-Skinned CEO Superstar Jack Welch Quits Fortune, Reuters After His Demented BLS Tweet Gets Criti

Thom Hartmann: Privatizing...water?

Denouncing the Capitalist Gods

Mitt Romney's Bain Made Millions On Big Tobacco In U.S., Russia

UK Labour Party leader mocks Romney

I will wait until after the election to post anythingn or respond to anything.

It's official - the summer sheets have been pulled and the flannel sheets are on the bed

Is this what they mean by the "Silly Season"?

U.S. Files Civil Mortgage Fraud Suit Against Wells Fargo

Suppose Obama Wins? What happens to the GOP?

submitted without comment

Profits Over People: How Denial of Fact Has Eroded The Morality of the Right

Afro-Peruvians Honor Heritage With Religious Fete

Billionaire CEO Threatens To Fire Employees If Obama Wins

CNN/ORC Ohio - Obama Still Up

Tucson DUer's, I have an apartment now, but now I need...

I have a question about Obamacare...

Bumper Sticker of the Day: Is That True or Did You Hear It on Fox News?

My world changed forever yesterday.

CNN poll just out: Ohio - Obama 51; Romney - 47.

Ryan Republican Plan on Medicare Will Obliterate Americans' Retirement Savings

CNN Ohio poll: Obama 51, Romney 47 LV; Obama 53, Romney 43 RV

What does “nuisance conduct” mean, when someone is charged with it?

Honduras: Now Open for Political Murder


The San Francisco Examiner

WOW you guys have got to read the comments from the military on this election

Incumbent President Totally Botches First Debate Against Challenger

Finally. Karen Finney reminds voters on Martin Bashir that Romney

Are the things about "47%" and "takers" denial that there is class warfare against the poor?

Hey Lounge! Need some help with my next big thing on my Tucson to-do list!

The Maimed

Op-Ed: A Month to End Bullying

Underwear Sales Increase, Suggesting A Rebounding Economy

Desperate to keep poll numbers from falling, Mitt claims to have known navy seal

*Coy Barefoot's radio show now, Wayne Powell appearing.

"Underwear" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "underwear".

Clorox bleach-scented water

Just got diagnosed with bladder cancer.

28 days - 614 points

President Obama holds 4 point lead in Romney "must win" state, OH

Two school districts recognize LGBT Month

Obama would win the veteran vote by as much as seven points

CNN Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 4 In Ohio

Please come CAPTION Mitt ("My next car will have an elevator in IT!") Romney.

Ohio appeals to Supreme Court on early voting

Prepping veggies for roasting, marinating a steak and kitchen dancing!

Republican enthusiasm gap due to Romney's mormonism

NOT GOING TO WIN VOTES: McCain: Romney wants US to stay at war in Iraq, Afghanistan indefinitely

The talk of the debate WILL CONTINUE until the next debate. Stop hand wringing the hand wringers

Nate Silver's Nowcast Projections (Baseball, Bacteria and Ballots)

Breaking: Romney still not fond of kids - refuses Nickelodeon appearance

What Good Can Come From Criticizing the President at This Time? None!

Doesn't the electoral college diminish the supposed benefits of polling?

and the MSM wept...

I'm Beginning To Believe That Rmoney Is Worth More Money Than They've Estimated.....

Is it me? Or does every poll that comes out have Romney's floor at 47%

To the comment "You do not have to be a racist

Obama Ad Ties Romney’s 47 Percent Moment To Medicare Cuts

I-Team: The Army's secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisans

I need to say something about CNN and its "poll"...

Romney again beats the drums of the war

Debate #1: A radical counter-narrative

Jeffrey Sachs can bite me. Period.

MINNESOTA: Viking Punter Chris Kluwe Fires Back At Archbishop Nienstadt

*Kaine/Allen (macaca) Virginia debate rerun WETA now.

What a complete piece of shit this guy is....Nasty, despicable, scum eating, ugly prick!

NO President Romney, YES President Obama 2012

Earned - Obama for America TV Ad (47%, Romney undermining Medicare)

I think in the next debate, Obama should recycle Reagan's...

Winners WIN

I hand milled my own laundry soap and I might love it

Photo of our almost-VP

Obama up 10 in Minnesota

A Radical Idea - Fact Checkers AT The Debates

McCain: Romney wants US to stay at war in Iraq, Afghanistan indefinitely

Happy Birthday Bo Obama. He's so handsome and romantic.

Blue Dogs Brace for Another Drubbing Obama victory odds now 71.2% (-3.6%)

Who's Mr. Gorsky? If this is for real it's too funny to not pass on. dm

I cannot believethat American people are gullible to the point that they buy Rmoney and Lyan's LIES

Hypothesis: Quitting cigarettes is actually killing people.

Happy Birthday Bo Obama

Scottish independence: 'Deal agreed' with UK government on referendum

Nate Silver, on Twitter: We now have Obama as a ~70/30 favorite, same as before conventions.

Math Responds to Romney

On Reducing the Burden of Employers

Weird Wednesday and the $10,000 Bet: Political FUBAR

'Legalize Love Bug' Takes Gay Couple's Support For President Obama On The Road

Nobel Prize in Physics to be shared by a GOVERNMENT scientist.

Romney’s Living in a Fantasy Land by Christopher Dickey

When do the Dems explain that Romeny's tax plan eliminates your mortgage interest deduction?

which MSNBC shows can I stand to watch today?

It's John Lennon's birthday. Here's to working class heroes everywhere.

Nobody does 'stop freaking out' better than Wonkette

Should I trust poll???

Do Vimeo video's not make it on the homepage?

Romney campaign: We're still losing

I had no idea Halloween..the trick or treating part... was such a hot button issue

Eleven Prominant Republicans claiming Romney is dishonest

The 20% - Religion in the US is falling and there's a correlation between liberalism and non-belief

Breitbart movie’s director blames Congressional Black Caucus for ‘R’ rating

Charles Pierce: The New New Romney Is a New Kind of Mendacious Liar

Meet Mira, the Supercomputer That Makes Universes

Underwear Sales Increase, Suggesting A Rebounding Economy

Why the latest Taliban outrage belongs here........

Democracy for America invests in Marriage Equality Initiatives

Was Debate #1 "Loss" Really 11D Chess Strategy? UCB Prof's Take!

Why photo do you think is more embarassing? McCain vs. Romney

Democracy for America Endorses Rob Zerban for Congress (WI-01)

PBS Frontline

Romney's "Surge"

Apparently WillPitt is a terrible awful person. Post here why he isn't

Martin Bashir - Romney could best Texas back-flip champion

PBS Frontline

Obama sees unusual spike in Facebook likes

Song Of The Day

George Takei: "We've got to be actively involved in the electoral process."

Martin Bashir - If you believe Ryan’s marathon time, you can believe his budget, tax plans

Ann Romney accuses Obama of showing 'poor sportsmanship'

Martin Bashir - Why Obama must turn debunker-in-chief to beat Romney

hey teachers

No, you’re not entitled to your opinion

Martin Bashir - Ryan battles with reporter in advance of Thursday debate

WMUR Granite State NH poll: Obama up by 6 points

Bringing an old dog to Key West

Penn. Turnpike CEO quits - a trifecta of losses for GOP Gov.Corbett in 2 weeks.

Romney writes 'DAD' on a piece of paper before each debate... I thought he did that for his kids???

It's been years since I ventured into the DU Lounge.....

The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Opponents of I-74 reach a new low

Martin Bashir - The Economist: Experts agree on Obama plan over Romney’s

in Virginia for the first time.

Josh Romney admits that he and his brothers lied continually to their dad as children


I'm looking forward to the Biden/Ryan debate

Second former Walker aide expected to enter plea in John Doe investigation Read more: http://host.m

What Environmental Reporting Leaves Out


Chuck Todd Calls Rasmussen Polls ‘Slop,’ Scott Rasmussen Responds

Accused murderer wants ‘witch doctor’ to testify that he was cursed

3 more votes for President Obama in Ohio today.

lol, RW idiots rage at Obama for honoring HUGO Chavez

Carmona: Handpicked by .... Brewer?

I'm assuming once Bill Clinton is done in the Southwest he will head to OHIO?

Romney says abortion legislation isn’t part of his agenda

The Cablevision box scam

Why Hasn't Massachusetts Elected a Female Senator?

Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week

Tim Harper: Conservatives hold their breath as U.S. election day looms

Big Bird - Obama for America TV Ad

Surprise Mormon announcement could open doors for more women missionaries

Obama Hate Speech Spreads on Facebook

Why is it some men get all offended if a woman they don't know is wary around them?

does ASSad really want a piece of the RAF, Luftwaffe, French: Armée de l'Air and the USAF?

From the daily Gravis bullshit pile

The Truth About Jobs - Paul Krugman

"Life Begins at Erection" -Brilliant Toon!!

Truant kids to cost families state aid

XL Foods workers will soon return to plant, union says

Some of my...

Perhaps Its Best to Wait a Week

Tweety got bleeped, anyone hear it?

Should there be a nation-wide Big Bird campaign on election day?

“We shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the African-American voter-turnout machine”

Debate expectations are now on an even playing field

I think I would like to remember that first debate in this way....

Jack Welch Quits Fortune, Reuters After His Demented BLS Tweet Gets Criticized

Realistically, how much do you think we should be spending on Defense budget?

Romney campaign: We're still losing

*FRONTLINE tonight, 'The Choice 2012'

Strategic Allied Consulting "fired" by RNC quickly morphs

A friend of mine makes a cameo on Faux Snooze...

PPP: Obama leads by 10 in Minnesota (up from 7 last month)

The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Where do you buy alkaline batteries size "D" that are reasonably priced. Here, the prices

I Saw That No Talent Hack , Kid Rock, Is Campaigning For RobMe

with all the various polls there is just one analyst that I can trust to make sense of them

I wish Jim Webb was VP right now

POTUS & AF1 in Columbus

between being a critic and freaking out

Romney up 721% on Kolob

Don't fuck with PBS. Frontline is going there: Polygamy reg. the RMoney clan in Mexico.


Romney/Ryan plan to balance the budget by

Chris Hayes: The Return of Fuzzy Math

Gerry Davis is calling a horrible game

Ohio is clearly reacting to the polls

Who are the ‘Nones’?