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USDA has changed the Zone Hardiness Maps to reflect Global warming.

Chuck Woolery: We don't need civil rights (and I'm discriminated against as a 1%er)

Hundreds Of Protesters March To Conservative Action Conference To ‘Occupy CPAC’ (photos)

Rails, Lights, and Lasers...

Confessions of a former sexist pig.

What Would the End of Football Look Like?

Why Romney might underperform in MI from 2008.

Embarrass yourself!

This is no bailout for Main Street America

Just as a matter of basic fairness should we inform the Republican Party that


World's Oldest Work Of Art Found In Spain

8,000 instances of abuse alleged in Catholic Archdiocese bankruptcy hearing

CPAC: James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force "proud" of mosque attacks

End of the week LOL's (February 10th) - pics

Pres. Obama military accomplishments?

PPP Polling director skeptical of predicted Romney win in Maine.

Romney to CPAC: I'm "severely conservative".

Entitlements (2 graphs)- 91% go to Elderly, Disabled, and Working poor- 58% goes to the Middle Class

Santorum lived up to his Google Santorum name today. IT is clear he does not understand women

It would be nice if President Obama read this article.

Thank you so much for my hearts - I have a small favor to ask of you

1 in 5 Republicans and conservatives would re-elect President Obama.

Santorum: Women Are Capable Of ‘Flying Small Planes’

Newtins said that people came to America to flee religious persecution

Fox Recaps CPAC So Far

Newt called men little piglets and said that women get infections

Anyone here from PA? How would Santorum do as Republican Nominee?

San Francisco Police Department "It Gets Better" Video

Morris Berman - Why America failed

Welcome Comrades!

In case you missed this wonderful story from tonight's CBS Evening News . . . . .

Friday Talking Points (197) -- White House Fumbles

Super-Cool Obama and the Spectre of the Angry Black Man

Path to a Brokered GOP Convention Emerges

Can Brokered Convention Result in Newt/Santorum or Santorum/Newt Ticket ?

Mitt Romney's Many Flip Flops on Abortion

Obama Up by 10% Over Romney

Good news at the vet's office today.

Mobile devices make planning ahead so much easier!

Navy names ship for former congresswoman Giffords!

NYC Votes to Close 23 Public Schools, Parents Are Not Pleased


Take a step back and observe . . . . .

Silent State: The Campaign Against Whistleblowers in Washington

How the Fight for Marriage Rights Is Strengthening My Relationship

PPP Polls: Santorum topping Romney on the first night of our Michigan polll

Santorum: 'We will not compromise' "for a hollow victory in Novermber" (CPAC)

Hawaii Lawmakers Distance Cable Bill from Taint of Big Wind

What to do with a cow kidney?

I grew up in Southern Michigan. Did anybody else do this?

Republicans speak out about Pres. Obama's contraceptive solution:

Beyond shocking: "There are now millions upon millions of new “missing baby girls” each year."

Wall Street fights for its right to inflate the food price bubble

Saudi blogger faces death penalty for expressing ambivilence about Mohammed.

Ex-cop at CPAC: Cops Say Legalize. Ask Me Why

To the person who gave me a heart: Thank you!!!

To the three people now who have given me hearts...

Navy Names Ship for Gabrielle Giffords

The covers of Time around the world: 'Can This Man Save Europe?' vs. 'Animal Friendships'

Santorum raises $3 million in three days

Awww...thanks for the heart.

Thanks For The Hearts

Coming up on Ed...the 8th grader who PResident Obama played with the marshmellow gun

VEVO CEO Tries To Explain Pirated NFL playoff game on it's screens at Sundance venue.

Black Sabbath Fans Rally Around Bill Ward with New Facebook Campaign

incredible bravery and one lucky little boy

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

So, I'm runing naked on the beach at the edge of the water...

Thanks for the heart!

something kind of cool going on monthly in Bisbee

EPI applauds new Labor Department immigration rules that protect U.S. and foreign workers

BREAKING-WH Amends Birth Control Mandate-Contraceptive Coverage to be Offered Directly from Insurers

Thank you for the hearts... and the laughs!

Rachel Maddow owes me a new keyboard! (Opens show with a Newt zinger)

Fuck you, Mitt Romney

Forsooth, do you grok my jive, me hearties?

I am really glad Roland Martin was suspended.

"CIA TANGO DOWN: Anonymous claims to have taken down CIA’s Web site

Satellite shot shows Russia's 'moon shot' ice station

CPAC goes there, white "rappers" use the "n" word.

Wow...Boyet Junior High student art shows malicious images of President Barack Obama

Rachel Maddow is a class act

Sh*t Mitt Says

Matthew Hagee: Gay Agenda Invading Schools

Spotted on the subway...

Sleeping cat gets unexpected bath.

BBC to issue global apology for documentaries that broke rules

Obama Throw’s More Money at the Wrong Problem 1digg

An awesome day at the dog park

You can help! Please give your time.

SITRABI Target of Deadly Anti-Union Repression in Guatemala

Thank you for my hearts.

O.K this is what's going to happen, yes it's 1 of those nites, yet I'm taking a dog into my life

Since it's been 3 days, I assume MIRT and/or the admins overlooked this for some reason.


Essential to watch - Bill Moyers show - once again, brilliant. Ideology trumps truth...

Ecuador: Chevron Accused of Trying to Deny Human Rights to Thousands of Rainforest Inhabitants

DARN! Close Encounters on TCM,

It’s Time For No-Wave Feminism

Ain't it funny...

There's a special place in Heaven for animal rescuers.

Admit it....

OMG, What Would You Do is doing a Pray Away the Gay segment!

For fans of the Rev. Al Sharpton (I'm one) he will be on with Bill Maher,

Virginia State Officials Confirm: Gingrich Campaign Being Investigated for ‘Illegal Acts’

From Moyers - Bruce Bartlett - Where the Right went Wrong

From Moyers - The Millenial Generation and today's Economy

Remember the teacher who had eyes in the back of their head . . .

American Airlines Flight Attendant Threatened with Termination for Making a Parody of Bankruptcy

Mitt Romney Then & Now

How/why was 2ndForAm....'s OP off-topic for Meta?

Mitt Romney Then & Now

Anyone just see that incredible story on Maddow that Ron Paul may have the most delegates? Wow.

Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Maryland Panel of Experts to Advise Legislature

Bill Maher: Romney and Santorum don't like condoms because they don't believe in them.

Valentine's Day sales of pink pistols and other handguns rise

Who benefits from the huge amounts of political cash?

Astronaut feels space's toll on his body

Surgery update

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Anonymous took down

Squeeee factor 11- Newborn deer

A drunken Breitbart loses his shit at OWS:

Genesis Veracity Foundation!

The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows

Suggestion for hide message improvement when TOS checkbox was set:

Streaming Video and Comments Section

Coexist - pic

A second grader responds to Ayn Rand.

I want to thank whoever gave me the heart!!

Vancouver (WA) considers ordinance to keep bongs, pipes hidden at convenience stores

Sitting in the movie theatre.

Vega rocket set for maiden voyage (BBC)

What am I missing? "Insurers will pay for contraception, not faith based employers."

Rachel Maddow's Op-Ed in the WaPo

Santorum would be the BIGGEST gift the Dems have ever had!!!

Westboro Baptist Backs Down!!! Tacoma, Washington stands up to hate!!! THANKS!!!!!

Reihan Salam is an asshole

Am I the only one who missed Santorum talking about liberal indoctrination?

Anti-Gay Bigot Geraldine Creedon (MA-DINO) Won't Seek Reelection

Study Finds Cable Networks Are Asking Twice As Many Men To Comment On Birth Control As Women

Republican Chokes Up At Gay Marriage Debate In Washington

Israel vs. Iran: The Truth Slips Out

Arkansas You Run Deep In Me

Repulsive progressive hypocrisy

GRIMM is an interesting TV show...

In honor of the DUer who gave me another heart: A Bulgarian's rendition of Nilsson's "Ken Lee"

Predictions for Maine?

Rachel Maddow story on Ron Paul: "Paul: All your delegates are belong to me" (VIDEO)

Birthday wishes for the Boy Scouts from that gay kid you kicked out over a decade ago

Ron Paul has expanded his Maine lead to 48-33 over Romney

The 2008 Clinton Vs. Obama Primary Fight Vs. The 2012 GOP Clown Show

Zach Wahls Interview: Gay Family Values

Government Officials In India Resign After Getting Caught Watching Porn

Five years ago this very night

Facebook Page Defends Accuser of (NYC) Police Commissioner’s Son

Star Wars Episode III.VII.VIII: The Geriatric Menace

Romney’s CPAC Speech Has An Epic Stagecraft Fail

Thank you for the heart, kind person!

How Scalia Helped Obama Defend The Birth Control Rule

Do Oregon Mail-in Ballots deny voters their rights to vote?

HBO Comedy is running Monty Python and

She's givin me the go!

Aptly-named "PSYCHO-FREEP" appears to have moved into the "acceptance" phase of the 2012 elections

We Off that

*cries* I miss you every day, now that you are gone!

Ignoring the evidence on teacher evaluations

Labor Dept. Issues New Rules for Guest Workers (H-2B)

Calif. Assembly speaker Perez: Corporations not people 'until Texas executes one'

Please welcome... Radiohead...

Bill Maher: Republicans Divide Americans Into ‘The Heartland And… The Rest Of The Country’

Omnibus nature photos

Thank you whoever you are

OMG....GOP Reps Offer Bill to Eliminate Lunch Breaks for Workers

I'm a little bit confused. Kathleen Sebelius says free contraceptives is a cost-reducer.

(UAW President Bob) King says UAW prepping for nationwide protests

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, February 10)

My town set to be awash in santorum Tuesday

Has anyone posted a story about the Laptop Killer yet?

The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn't Want You to Read

Historic Intrade breakthrough investors now pick Obama 2:1 over Romney (updated)

Catholic bishops group denounces contraception compromise

A bacon milkshake? Yes!

'Love Connection' Host (Chuck Woollery): Blacks And Gays Don't Need Civil Rights

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Uses "C" Word 24 Times During CPAC Speech

Holy Crap. PPP tweets that Santorum now leads Romney in Michigan. Could be the end of Mitt.

Obama endorses Conyers

About 20 min. ago a video I posted was locked and I have not heard back about

When Cars Meet Politics, a Clash

More misery for Romney poll shows 3rd in Georgia, Paul might take Maine, Santorum leads MI

Toons: Everything's Fine, Splitting Hairs, Working Within the System and More. - 2/10/12

Four Years and Three Days ago:

Let me vent..FIOS customer service(?)

Woman at a town hall Asks Romney: Is it patriotic to stash your money in the Cayman Islands"

Does anyone remember what happened to the Bob Boudelang column?

Lemur piggyback

“Bilateralizing” Relations between Peru and Venezuela

more pictures

National Institute of Anthropology and History experts excited to find ancient home ruins

NRA's LaPierre: "This Is The Most Dangerous Election Of Our Lifetimes"

US military assists in Latin America anti-drug operation February 10, 2012 07:57 PM

George Carlin: The Owners of America

Frigates join other nations in hunt for drugs

8 States May Legalize Marijuana This Year

Meditation: It's not what you think

issues???!!!Whats the BIG deal!!!???!ssues

China's Wen pledges greater freedoms for Tibet

W.Va. coal group wants Blair Mountain case tossed

The DUzy Awards for the week of February 10th, 2012

World War II Rumor About an Ancient Lake Is Revived

Okay, this is WRONG

Iran to announce nuclear progress - Ahmadinejad

AP Exclusive: Inside the making of the Bali bombs

Argentina accuses UK of deploying nuclear weapons near Falkland Islands

Martin Luther King statue will be 'scarred' by quote fix

NV: Berkley draws stark contrasts with Heller over immigration

Were extreme suffragettes regarded as terrorists?

The Real Scout Walker or Scott Walker

Pelosi says Dems set to take House, 5 states key

2011 earthquakes WORLDWIDE plotted and animated (with sound intensity)

New job?

Poor little Ricky (Santorum)

When did the Greatest Threads show up again?

Good news! I think my daughter is stabilizing.

Thank you.

Anyone take the MSF ERC?

Plant your potatoes when white oak leaves are the size of a cat's ear--the phenology thread

Support Seattle port truck drivers 2/13

UK - Eight people held over payments inquiry

Save The Preconceived Babies!!!

I didn't want to start this thread.

I have an idea

Cartoon Slideshow: Crisis in Syria (From PRI's The World)

1972. David Bowie introduces Ziggy Stardust to the UK.

Up with Chris Hayes - the culture war is back

Egypts' military government promoting xenophobia to control protests

Does anyone else like Sebadoh/Folk Implosion?

"New York Rolls Out New Kind of Corporation"

A way to support Ellen, JC Penny, Trevor House and thumb your nose at OMM

Rebels defy Assad by carving out their slice of a free Syria

Nattering nabobs of negativism

The Anti-Ellen: Who Is Sandy Rios Anyway?

Why Going 'Back To Normal' Is No Longer An Option for the American Economy -- And Where We're Headed

OBPA sues over NPS ORV rules

Justice Department calls Swiss Bank a "fugitive"

Catholic tribalism and the contraceptive flap

Tuskegee Airmen visit the White House

Daniel Radcliffe Reads Super Gay 'Harry Potter' Fan Fiction On Live TV {@ link}

Tallahassee Mayor gets Leon Co. Democratic committee in hot water

OMG.....Teleprompters everywhere!

The two Americas clash at CPAC

Weekly Address: Extending the Payroll Tax Cut for the Middle Class

A new peace is needed

Papandreou and Samaras warn their party members not be "rebels or bravehearts".

President Obama on payroll tax: Here they go again

Wisconsin: Tom Barrett and Lena Taylor talk with Big Ed regarding Walker's latest outrage

Militant atheist Daniel Radcliffe

Religion And Birth Control: Not Just A GOP Fight

Obama to pitch lower corporate tax

Spreading Santorum: Slick Rick calls court intolerant for ruling in favor of tolerance

Boehner faces ethics dilemma over investigation of Rep. Bachus

Sign about gays draws protests

Première: Ry Cooder Sings About Willie Horton {@ link}

It seems Santorum has placed a SECOND foot into his mouth

A special thank you for whomever gave me a heart. n/t

Jazz Hayden and the Fight Against Stop-and-Frisk

Romneymania is Sweeping America!!! I'm Skeered!!!

What I learned on the Rachel Maddow show last night....

Review of Ophiel’s Art and Practice of Astral Projection

Huff Po---Awkward Family Photos

105 year old still volunteering at a hospital

Health Care Institutions That Do Not Provide All Services Should Lose Their License

Review of Ophiel’s Art and Practice of Astral Projection (Cross-post from AWPS)

Syrian General slain in Damascus, plus a curious quote from the ambassador.


In SC, dog owners give their dogs meds for heartworms continuously. Or so it is my understanding.

How the Vatican Almost Embraced Birth Control

Windmill Cookies made by Archway. They're kind of like gingerbread of spice cookies. But it is

Thousands march against nuclear power in Japan

The same group who want the gov to not cover birth control wants that same government...

LINSANITY!! - amazing story in the NBA. Harvard grad, 3rd team, sleeping on brother's couch - STAR!!

NY Archbishop Forbids Catholics from Congratulating Gay Newlyweds

NEW RULE!-GOP Candidates must save us time by just telling us which parts of America they don't hate

CSM: Ron Paul's secret ninja strategy for Maine caucuses (& others) - more delegates than vote %

Rethugs heads must be exploding right about now...FLOTUS learns the Interlude Dance

One thing is clear: "God loves Barack Obama"

Supply of a Cancer Drug May Run Out Within Weeks

A Confused Nuclear Cleanup

They Hyde Amendment

Why do republicans hate trees?

Republican: 'Tea party is like 'The Blob'

after the last week, i am learning a whole other area of feminism i have not seen

Could Rick Santorum have asked for a better confluence of controversies? (David Horsey)

The Gerrymandering Scandal Exposed

As The New York Times ‘right-sizes’ its editorial staff, the death of print media approaches

Kyle Dyer, KUSA Anchor In Denver, Bit On The Face By Rescued Dog (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

family and radical feminism

The Virginia GOP Gone Wild!

Even atheists must recognise the importance of a sociological study of religion

POLL: Santorum 38, Romney 23, Newt 17, Paul 13. Hahahahahahaha...

PPP: Our polling on the birth control issue

Religion burns Obama again

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

CPAC Once Again Full of Self-Hating Gay Men Hunting For Gay Sex

CSPAN2 Book TV Double Feature this afternoon

Lou Reed - Strawman

PPP National Polls: Santorum 38, Romney 23, Gingrich 17, Paul 13; minus Newt 50-28

SFPD "It Gets Better" Video

How long will the Santorum frenzy last?

"Obama centers budget on tax hikes for the rich," also "unlikely ever to come into force"

First they blamed the black people, and I said nothing because I was not black...

Sunday is Darwin Day. How Will You Celebrate It?

"I voted for Barack because he was black. (Obama’s) message didn’t mean (bleep) to me."

How stupid is Herman Cain

Occupy protestors kicked out of CPAC

Pro-Choice Oklahoma Senator Adds Amendment To Pro-Life Bill That Would Make Masturbation Illegal

Today is a big day for MA Senate candidate and thoroughly awesome person, Elizabeth Warren


Tea Party for Obama ............

Was the pre-compromise contraception coverage exactly the same as Romney's in MA?

Walker Steals Mortgage Settlement Money

Romney’s CPAC Speech Has An Epic Stagecraft Fail

Hey Santorum - You know that garbage you have been saying about women shouldn't serve in combat?

Texas Drought Forces a Town to Sip From a Truck

Are you going to a Move On party sunday?

market socialism: alaska's most coveted export?

Rick Santorum's campaign comes up 8 signatures short in effort to get on Indiana ballot

Chuck Woolery from "Love Connection" says Gays and African Americans Don't need Civil Rights

Breitbart Loses It At OWS: “BEHAVE YOURSELF!” he roared over and over. “YOU ARE FREAKS AND ANIMALS!”

One of these things is not like the others:

Massive anti-ACTA rally in Paris today. Look at all those Guy Fawkes masks!

We could use a strikethrough [s]insert text here[/s] HTML tag

TYT: Funny, Insane Republican On Tape! (Phil Davison Goes Ballistic)

NYT: Obama's budget calls for stimulus spending, taxing the wealthy

Hey you! Thanks for the hearts!

Foreclose on Wells Fargo: So Many Reasons to Divest

Saying that women should be excluded from combat should be just as offensive as saying hispanics or

A Strong Contender for this Year’s “World’s Smallest Violin” Award

NFL Network: Pittsburgh Steelers won't keep Hines Ward

Keeping Austin weird

Lazy Layabouts

Some Blacks Insist: 'I'm Not African-American'

How Massage Heals Sore Muscles

Ben & Jerry's Backs Occupy Movement

At CPAC, Chuck "Love Connection" Woolery: "African-Americans don't need civil rights"

radical feminism is not so radical. the definition.

Thoughts on power, wealth and information

Maggie Gallagher was attacked for supporting reparative therapy for Gays, Up/ChrisHayes

National Rifle Association VP says gun owners will make Obama our ex-president in 2012

PPP National Poll: Romney collapsing, Santorum surging with + 15 point lead.

So... I am knee-deep in a discussion on choice.

"Attack the message, not the messenger."

just wanted to say thanks

Romney and Gingrich Do Who's on First

At CPAC, Gingrich Says Unemployment Benefits Violate The Declaration of Independence

BPA fosters diabetes-promoting changes

After more rounds of layoffs, Phila. School District still has $39 million deficit - THIS SCHOOL YR.

Papantonio: White Supremacist Own the New GOP

What is the difference between the "greatest threads" tab

state by state speak your mind about...hawaii

Hotmail question

If Mitt were in "Back to the Future" he'd be staring at a Nov. ballot with his name and Rubio's...

state by state about hawaii

Archbishop takes on atheist Dawkins

I hate to multiply posts like this, but I just have to say, thanks for the hearts!

At CPAC, candidates decry President Obama's 'war on religion'

Ann Coulter, CPAC It Girl: "All Pretty Girls are Right-Wingers"

Didn't a small number of people vote for Santorum in his "surge"

The Catholic War on Women

Who Is Foster Friess? Seven Facts You Need To Know

Anyone out there hosting a movie night?

The Real Story of how a Bill becomes a Law

After South Carolina the G.O.P. establishment

The Santorum Ascendency

It's time for DU's semi-annual annual thread.

What ID You Need to Vote in Each State

Zahhar slams Doha deal for Abbas to head unity govt

Caption this pic

GOPers are just nuts...I offer the following for your consderation. (Selections from CPAC)

Santorum Opens Wide Lead Over Romney

I did a little too much BSD back in the 2000s...

Michael Ventura: It Came from the White House (Obama's support for the current form of NDAA)

Tips on getting the best bang for your buck whilst grocery shopping!

SOS Butler County: Black Water + Purple Water = A Fracking Nightmare


X-Fracking Explained

What is gun control?

TCM Schedule for Sunday, February 12 -- 31 DAYS OF OSCAR: NEW YORK, DAY TWO

PFAW president Michael Keegan Speaks with Al Sharpton about White Nationalists @ CPAC

The GOP Uses Obama To Hide The Prosecution Of Their Own Religious War

Newt's narcissism is Romney's hope

'Big Valley' star Peter Breck dies at 82

What are some of the details in movies that left you shaking your head?

Ron Paul supporters already claiming victory in Maine.

The best part of the Facebook Laptop Dad is his defense of the housekeeper.

Have Some Fun, File a Complaint (or many) at One Million Moms. Shut em down

Roland Martin's Controversial Tweets Draw Attention To Issues Faced By LGBT Blacks, Activists Say

The words "comeback" and "santorum" should never be used in the same sentence.

Please chose one. Otherwise, you're doing it wrong. (seen on Facebook)

Nation of Iran Celebrates 33 years of Independence and Self-Determination

Birthing While Black

DU 3

Saturday, February 11th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

An annoying RW caller led me to a great "defense" ...

Judges order redistricting talks to continue over weekend

Chavez has opponent in Venezuela election

Denier Monckton to Australian mining execs: own the message by owning the media

Chavez Says Venezuela May Send Mission to Mars After 2030

Rail Company Tells Cities It Can't Afford Texas State Railroad

'Schneiderman's Task Force Is Not Enough,' Says Charles Ferguson Of 'Inside Job'

Court to investigate Anderson - Judge faces court of inquiry over Morton case

Why does the MSM allow a bunch of pedophile enablers

methinks that Obama engineered the Santorum Surge deliberately......

Alex Crawford: Syria: Idlib Residents Prepare For Attack

As The New York Times ‘right-sizes’ its editorial staff, the death of print media approaches

NRA Executive. Batsh*t crazy.

REPORT: By A Nearly 2 To 1 Margin, Cable Networks Call On Men Over Women To Comment On Birth Control

I had a prostate biopsy a few months ago

2012: The Year of the Cooperative

Tribes Ascend - Closed Beta - Facebook required


GOP Ups The Ante, Introduces Legislation To Allow Any Employer To Deny Any Preventive Health Service

Is the U.S. Constitution outdated?

Is there any substantive opposition research on Santorum?

"Supernatural" is streaming on Netflix now

Christian nationalists recruiting “child evangelists” in public schools

Shi'a and Sunni view points on the Baha'i


Question: Can an employer fire you for telling other coworkers how much you make?

Race-baiting Republicans

Syrian Artist Malek Jandali dedicates yet another song to Syria.

Editing Fail......

Is it a TOS violation

Full Speech Rick Santorum at CPAC 2012 (if you can stand it)

Founders’ Secular Vision for America

Ecuador’s Correa Wins Another Libel Case: Are the Latin American Media Being Bullied?

Gay teens stories of coming out, and being teens

Misguided State Lawmakers, School Officials Launch Attacks On Evolution Instruction In Public School

A 75th Anniversary for The American Dream, 25-Year Anniversary for Me - A Letter From Michael Moore

GOP Hopefuls Release Partial Campaign Playlists

This is very strange. A thread I alerted on hours ago had TWO jury reviews.

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin under investigation: source

Wooing Saadi Gaddafi

TYT: Anti-Abortion Docs Can Lie To Women (Even If It Kills Them)

The Nation: Replacing History With Fiction in Arizona

TCM Schedule for Monday February 6 - 31 Days of Oscar: Greece

Kitty question. My kitty seems to be trying to pull out her toenails, mostly on her rear legs.

Tea Party Ready to Do Battle in Court Over Recall Signatures

When Anonymous hacked the various websites and files of the State of Alabama,


The Beginning of the End for No Child Left Behind

You must watch this. The little boy is amazing.

FBI Files Reveal Steve Jobs' Dark Side

Progressives- Fight Quietly for Now

Corbett Lied: There will be funding cuts this year for many public schools

Indignados film brings Occupy ideas to the big screen

Austin Ruse Catholic Family & Human Rights Condemns Efforts to Stop Violence against LGBT Community

If Websites Had Real-World Locations

René Guénon - The Crisis of the Modern World

Fight for an Open Internet: Don’t Let the US Pressure Canada into Repeating The Same Mistakes

Nattering Nabobs of Negatism

Rachel Maddow: The GOP's war on Birth Control"

Is disaster now the most optimistic scenario when it comes to climate change?

I almost feel bad for Rmoney

In Vitro Fertilization

Thunder snow storm in Richmond VA - the sun was out 20 minutes ago

Words and phrases... And navigating the corporate jargon.

All in the Boston family: Kevin Youkilis engaged to Tom Brady’s sister

If you agree that corporations are not people, then you must also agree that religious organizations

Temperature inside No.2 reactor rises again

Remember: The GOP's current psychotic episode over contraception is a distraction.

Time To Tax the Damn Churches NOW

Thank you for the hearts, very much appreciated.

DNA ****

Need help with a spreadsheet calculation

Love is like ...

Reaction when told of Gigrich's latest historianism

There's no need to fear - Underwater Dog is here

Compassion is easy to find when you don't have any riches to protect...

The reception is much better up here

They just keep jumping into it

a petty, cold-hearted psychopath...

Evil bird rant

In the mirror

Let's make this clear: responding to your teenage child's words with violence is NOT OKAY.


Today in -- "Republicans are ~high~ sitting in a smoke filled echo chamber"

Keiser Report: FBI vs Gold Standard 'Extremists' (E248)

Are you biting your fingernails yet? We ought to know within an hour, though.

White House didn't foresee birth control backlash

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Feb 11th ?

The Catholic Bishops are going all in for a GOP Victory.

"If you're not careful,…"

perp walk for the pope??

Syria uprising intensifies, spills into Lebanon

The Amount of Sugar in Food, Expressed in Sugar Cubes

"Have You Found Jesus?"

Soros on GPS: EU faces a lost decade / Greece is a sick situation / Obama deserves a second term

Activists protest Moscow's defense of Assad in Tel Aviv

Teabaggerese Translated:

Assume the Position! : Germany promises Portugal 'programme adjustment' after Greece

After talking (today) with two Republicans, I see now what the real reason is for birth control.

Center For Budget And Policy Priorities Shows How Important Government Programs Are

The President will make an award to Al Pacino....

I need support right advance, thank you.

"You Gotta Admit…"

Confront and dissent

So I just had an OP hidden by the jury in Religion

Ever wonder why Goldman Sachs has never been penalized for cooking Greece's books?

Meeting Rick Santorum's Italian family (BBC)

Unions say Spain labour reform will deepen recession

Saving Syria - R2P

Romney wins straw poll at CPAC with 38%

Romney wins The Washington Times/CPAC Straw Poll

Angry dad murders his son,doesn't post lesson on facebook.

A year since Mubarak ousted, strike call shows divisions

First Lady Michelle Obama dances the "platypus walk" with Perry the Platypus - pics

Faces beyond the numbers of long-term unemployed

Intrade puts Ron Paul at 69% chance to win Maine Caucus.

Interpol Apparently Helps Return Saudi Citizen Home to Face Death Penalty Over Tweet

Park Service to remove inscription on MLK Memorial

Rick Santorum will be in Tacoma, Washington

What if Obama loses? Must-read!

First Lady Michelle Obama at Northland Church in Longwood, FL - pics

Intriguing here in Philadelphia...the continuing Church scandal

Mortgage settlement is great — for politicians and banks

Jihadists, weapons 'moving from Iraq to Syria'

Amyris Gives Up Making Biofuels

Palin demagoguing at CPAC.

Can't we all just get along? Maybe... if we could all just huddle and cuddle around a campfire.

Pepsi Generation: Move aside for the Zombie Generation.

How to turn anything -- ANYTHING -- into an innuendo.

The World According to Porn:

MFM won 3 silvers in this Collegiate Olympics event - the gold always just outside his, um... grasp.

MFM's hanging out in The Lounge with you folks too much. He's losing his real life social skills.

U.S. Attorney: Birmingham Muslim community instrumental in stopping threat to kill president

Just got a Facebook invite to a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for a guy with cancer.

'The Politician's Wife' - UK 3 eps - 5 stars!

Jigsaw Puzzles. Love em or are they a work of evil?

15 seconds of the wisdom of S. Palin speaking @ the "hooting cracker convention*"

Staff at The Sun tabloid arrested in bribe inquiry!

"The Guilty" - UK, Two 90 minute eps. Drama 4 stars!

Ron Paul's lead is holding as of their 5:10PM EST posting. 42-33-20-5

Al Pacino fans...Great news...

They have declared the War on Contraception

I really wish we had an edit function for our jury comments, the way we do for our posts.

What was that VIRGIN song they were playing at the end of Palin's speech?

Never thought I'd be saying this, but GO RON PAUL!!!

This is what happens When One "Compromises" about BIRTH CONTROL

Guatemala leader to propose legalizing drugs

Guatemala leader to propose legalizing drugs

("Severely Conservative") Mitt Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Please point out in my Post--now hidden--- the DU'er I was attacking?

The American Revolution Was Done Half-Assed

Shocking Factoid of the Day: Gas cars use more electricity to go 100 miles than Electric Cars do!

Top Republican at CPAC: Jeb Bush could emerge as nominee at a brokered convention

'Attempt on life' of FARC false demobilization witness

About the bank settlement

Man denies rape, says his "member" is too small

CPAC Racist Rap

Ink Addict Is In The Hospital

Texas Water District Acts to Slow Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer

Inter-American Court to investigate Palace of Justice siege

Google Earth Shows How Dams Could Worsen Climate Change

Shouldn't shoe stores sell shoe laces?

Former Brazilian President Silva hospitalized, complaining of fatigue

Need advice from apartment dwellers, past and present.

Economist (magazine) Debate: Would the world be better off without nuclear power?

Why American Kids Are Brats

A REALLY GOOD summary of Sarah Palin's CPAC speech

Canadian PM pledges closer energy cooperation in Guangzhou

Bill Maher Panel Delves Into Shouting Match Over Auto Bailouts, Eastwood Super Bowl Ad

Pit Bulls and Parolees

InkAddict is in the hospital

okay. what baby is that on Santorum's daughter's dress

Toon - Religious Exemptions for Piety and Profit

Bank settllelment deal subject to a judge's approval

Hey sports forum group hosts... all two of you.

The Economics of Starbucks

Mitt Romney wins narrow victory over Ron Paul in Maine’s Republican caucuses

How did Romney win the Maine caucus

Follow up to computer shooting Dad.

Agggh. CNN/Blitzer/American Idol-style hyped political coverage just plain sucks.

Romney eeks out a a 3 point win over Ron Paul in Maine 39 -36

When the time comes, will the freepers bow to their Romney overlord?

(87) Rescued dogs up for adoption (mostly cocker spaniels) AP

Texas will "review" propriety of that boys-only movie trip

Mitt Romney Wins Maine Caucuses

Nostalgia thread: Anybody remember 'Pedoscopes' used in shoe stores?

Stunning New 3-D Moon Map Made From Lunar Data

I give up. Even with a warning about a graphic image being in the post...

I just walked away from a discussion that had me really angry.

Drawing The News Ain't Easy

The Main Caucus is not over.

As Romney takes his Maine victory laps, freepers just lick their wounds and cry "Dman! Just damn!"

The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy Is Alive And Kicking At CPAC

State GOP to disenfranchise Republicans in eastern Maine.

Jeopardy time.... Answer: John, Ernest, Willard, Leroy

Dave Grohl and Norah Jones perform 'Maybe I'm Amazed' for Sir Paul McCartney at Lincoln Center 2010

How A Crackpot Theory of Education Reform Became National Policy

Arcade Fire - Rock en Seine 2007 | Full show in 720p HD