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Dear Admins ....

Hi. Does anyone have Patience With God by Frank Schaeffer?

Corbett's Budget Cuts Cost 14,000 Jobs in Public Schools in the last year, + 1,000 in universities

Picking up chicks at CPAC

I wish there was a cable TV channel for liberal Christians

Doesn't this baby look terrified? (Romney)

Who has the power - Koch Bros or Goldman Sachs?

So Newt's marriage was a "failia" 'cause he has no genitalia...

Two men and a baby

Our cat got herself in a little predicament

Seriously? Him? ... Am I being punked?

Does anyone know if the Knicks are on tv tonight?

Picture of one angry cocker spaniel

COSTELLO BUYS A COMPUTER (has been posted on DU2)

How long before they find missing ballots in Maine that show Ron Paul the actual winner...

How did Maine GOP chair know it would 'come down to 200 votes'?

The Point - Feat. George Carlin's Daughter (Sexism, Lesbians, & Chris Brown Grammys Controversy)

Romneys "win" in Maine is bullshit. Two+ counties missing

Oops! Rupert Murdoch is flying to London after five of tabloid's most senior staff arrested

Did Mitt actually mean to say he was "severly con...

Thank you for the heart, whoever you are!

Bank of America is a hot mess

Caught on video: Horrifying proof that Libya's freedom fighters have turned into brutal torturers

I just heard Whitney Houston has died. RIP Whitney.

Whitney Houston, superstar of records, films, dies

Egypt Detains Australian Journalist, U.S. Student

Whitney Houston --- Dead at 48

China Unveils Best Moon Map Yet from Lunar Orbiter

"Every Sperm Is Sacred" needs to go Susan G. Komen style viral

"One person's myth is another person's religion"

A kitten never outgrows his mother's love

Whitney Houston, superstar of records, films, dies

Fundies plan to appeal "Hollywood-orchestrated" and "San Francisco-tried" Prop 8 decision to SCOTUS

RIP, Whitney Houston

ABC "News" broke into regularly scheduled programming to report that Whitney Houston has died.

if this statement doesnt show the direct fraud/control of the GOP thug establishment, nothing does

Happy Darwin Day to our friends across the pond!

Some people just do not handle fame, fortune and celebrity very well

My God, Sarah Palin is an idiot

Check out this picture of Whitney Houston that's in my local paper

Ed Weiler Says He Quit NASA Over Cuts to Mars Program

Dulce de Leche (yum)

Spartans end Ohio State's 39-game home winning streak

Combination of my two favorite things

When a thread has a great number of posts, it takes very long to download..

Need A Lift Ol' Timer?

In loving memory of Whitney

The GOP Problem: “It’s Halftime for America”

Parade in a Small Town

What did you have for dinner tonight Lounge? I made chicken kiev, broccoli with

Maine Republicans choose Romney

AFL-CIO Reclaim Wisconsin Tour schedule released

The GOP's politics of pessimism

Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston

Soros: GOP hurting economy to win election?

Virginia To Deny Gay Adoption On Religious Grounds

What are you reading the week of February 12, 2012?

Right-Wing Radio

Preparing for iPad 3.

The Cure, Charlotte Sometimes Original Video

How can there be 8,000 crimes committed by over 100 offenders and there be no accountability?”

I don't always watch Fox News, but...

Jury decision - "I wouldn't even necessarily call her "her""

Cracked's 7 Theories on Time That Would Make Doc Brown's head explode.

NOM's Maggie Gallagher loses her cool on MSNBC's Up With Chris Hayes

I got to meet Elizabeth Warren today!

Most beautiful music thread.

Independent UK: The Romney dog-food brand still isn't selling

How to save money on your groceries...

Got a project for Anonymous....

How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy

Fox pays last respects to Whitney by asking why she wasn't arrested and forced into treatment

How do I make the fonts on DU bigger?

Has there ever a funnier TV sitcom than The Big Bang?

Mittens wins Maine Caucuses with 39% in 2008 he got 51%

Last night was my 4th year attending the MusiCares event, this one was honoring Paul McCartney.

Surprisingly, Robert Downey, Jr. is still alive

The Freedom to Choose Birth Control - NYT editorial

At CPAC, candidates decry President Obama's 'war on religion'

The Governor of MN vetoes GOP tort "reform" bills

Sunday Talk Shows

What else can I clean in my self-cleaning oven?

Can anyone answer a question about Birth Control and Payments and all the controversy

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes (ECO at the UN, years ago)

Op Ed: Misrata and Tawargha

Berry Picking

This is a fascinating Disney cartoon, and very appropriate for 2012

Whitney Huston Dead at 48, may she rest in peace.

Another reason to vote for Obama

Shower or bath

Thank you for my heart(s)!

I used to spend hours listening to Whitney back in the day

The best defense is to claim offense.

Thomas Friedman to Republicans: This time around you should just take a pass, try in 4 years.

Don't burn your bridges.

A mineral way to catalysis?—Fool’s Gold may prove an unlikely alternative to overexploited cataly…

Wake up and smell the coffee!

OK. This was an exceedingly weird bug. No, wait, it was not. Now I have to clear up some confusion.

Very POWERFUL "It Gets Better" Video (SFPD)

Just finished "Spook Country" by William Gibson

A Newspaper, and a Legacy, Reordered

Supporters pray over Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum during a campaign stop

CPAC panel on Occupy vs Tea Party Not Facts But Right Wing Opinion...

Solarreserve Reaches…Milestone In Completing Tower For World’s Largest Molten Salt Solar Tower Plant

Entertainment that shames black women

Disabled ski champ Jill Kinmont Boothe dies at 75.

Australian reporter, US student held in Egypt: security

Spent an excellent day with my grandpa

Portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln a fraud.

A year since Mubarak ousted, strike call shows divisions

Solvay has successfully commissioned the largest PEM fuel cell in the world at SolVin's Antwerp pla…

With OWS taking back people's realities people got a whole lot more optimistic it seems. Being

So how did you people come to DU?

Why Do the Catholic Bishops Hate Rick Santorum?

Video Shows Syrian Anti-Aircraft Tank Firing Randomly Into Peoples’ Homes

BOOK REVIEW - Decoding Obama's Iran policy

West stays off Syria warpath despite worsening violence. No intervention.

SNL is killing me with the Clint riffs

Grover Norquist At CPAC: ‘The Left Is Made Up… Of Competing Parasites’

Business Wire: Ron Paul Campaign Comments on Maine Caucus Results ('This is an outrage.')

Colonel Gaddafi armed Tuaregs pound Mali

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 14th: 31 Days of Oscar: Italy

Hawaiian Language Students Getting Lost In Translation, Advocates Say

New Santorum slogan: "The Other White Meat."

Thank you all for your hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis (FULL) Bill Moyers 1987 (Iran/Contra)

Google Chrome crew...having plug-in issues.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 15th: 31 Days of Oscar: Africa

More a cappella -in Arabic.

Military "intervention" in Libya. THIS is what you get.

Anonymous: Iran helping Syria sidestep sanctions, documents prove

My granddaughter is two years old!

Do people have to pay back the unemployment insurance they drew?

My son with Asperger's

Ron Paul On GOP Field: ‘I Don’t Think Any One Would Be A Lot Better’ Than Obama On Important Issues

I don't even know what the hell this guy's talking about-more conspiracy theories from CPAC

The mathematical equation that caused the banks to crash

Is the U.S. Constitution compatible within a socialist state?

Does this sound right?

NY Times/The Certainty of Doubt

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, February 11)

Growing up, did you have a "Gramma?"

Seriously: Can Someone Please Explain to Me Why

If (when) the Republicans lose this year

South Africa Releases Bank Notes Bearing President Nelson Mandela's Image

More crazy from Andrew Breitbart

So Polonius is a bit of a Blowhard...

Spent all night working on this design: Bin Laden dead, GM alive

I Shook Glenn Greenwald's Hand Tonight

Report: Japan emperor to have heart bypass surgery

Kitteh Squeeee factor 14

Clueless Rick Santorum Thinks Gas Prices Caused The Financial Crisis

oh good lord...

SNL and NPR pay tribute to Whitney Houston

#StandUpForEllen - Shoppers at JC Penney in support of Ellen DeGeneres

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Feb 12th ?

Whitney Houston Sings The National Anthem (RIP, Sweetheart)

Google Chrome crew...having plug-in issues.

a question about using an old cinema display screen

Prepare to call 911, I'm watching "Battlefield Earth..."

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Steal some hubcaps and go to jail...

Peru: illegal loggers seized days after photos of "uncontacted" indigenous group released

West Wing Week: 2/10/12 or "Don't Be Bored...Make Something"

religious pressure from the extreme right

Norwegian TV News Gets Trolled With Unconventional Eye Chart (VIDEO)

Al Qaeda leader backs Syrian revolt against Assad

Britain pressed to rethink aid after India snubs

In Central Valley, conservative flight to the right

The firm that hijacked the NHS

Mystery Disease Kills Thousands in Central America

Ron Paul wlll NOT concede Maine, accuses county GOP of dirty tricks.

CPAC; Ron Paul won 2 years in a row; they change to electronic voting and he comes in 4th today?

President Obama, a DU member?

IATA calls for U.N. deal to avert carbon trade war

Sh*t said on the campaign trail.

Tom Friedman: "maybe the best thing would be for (the GOP) to get crushed in this election"

Why is there a thread entered on Thursday still on the first page of Latest Breaking News?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Scorcese's Cat Edition

Al Franken line from the California Democratic Convention

Favorite Stephen Chow movie?

Another study links low intelligence with Racism, Homophobia

Wisconsin: Barrett, others rip plan to use part of mortgage settlement for budget

Chicago settles with war protesters for $6M

A cab company with healthcare for employees? This cooperative cab company does that and more.

Wisconsin: State spends millions for 202 new jobs

What happens when you hit 18000?

Jury System Haters Hate Democracy

Weapon of Mass Pollution: Pentagon world's biggest poison?

CPAC shuts out gays, honors racists. Rev Al and guests dissect the Republican's open bigotry.

Who saw the SNL skit last night with Romney and the attacking

Thank You For My Heart

Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It

2012: The Year of the Cooperative

Americans win big at Davis Cup......

Psssst!News Corp faces renewed threat of prosecution in US following Sun arrests

"There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party...and it has two right wings: ...

I'm 89 posts away from 25,000

Report: Pensions at top 18 contractors cost government $3.3B in 2010

Cameron 'faces fight for his life' over NHS - Burnham

Tumor cuts Jordyn's time short

Occupy protesters target California Democrats

This was the only Whitney Houston song that stayed with me

Trans man becomes first male in UK to give birth

Sir Alex Ferguson calls Luis Suarez a "disgrace"..

Veteran returns to Vietnam for closure, perspective

(Video @ link) Dear Republican, This is What a Gay Wedding Looks Like

Thanks to the one who gave

Al-Zawahri calls on AQ and Jihadists to join the Syrian Sunni uprising

My 15 year old daughters reaction to "Laptop dad"

Dodd-Frank's Successful Predecessor: Echoes

Just an idea, maybe stop people from alerting a post that is over 7, 14, etc number of days old.....

Pitbull vs. Kitteh

A beautiful article from NJ local paper about Whitney Houston

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama Set a Contraception Trap for the Right

Birds Near Fukushima Hit Harder Than at Chernobyl

NYT: We Need a Second Party

Idaho: "Add the Words" bill to add LGBT to anti-discrimination law killed by Idaho Senate Committee

Springsteen's new song sums up this fall to me.

Valley of the Dolls

Lew defends new contraception policy

DOJ latest brief in San Antonio case is interesting

Sunday Dental Thread: Basically good news...

Why Was No One Punished for America's "My Lai" in Iraq?

A famous person has died

Birth Control Costs More Than You Think—Even for the Lucky Ones

Daughter reaction to her "Laptop Dad"

One week to get 5,600 total voters?

“He would rape me and then say this is what God’s love feels like”

The Republican Party

American Family Association is putting this on your permanent record.

NFL rejected President Nixon's blackout proposal, White House tapes reveal

I finally got to serve on a jury. yay! I've been asked several times, but

I am addicted to black licorice

45 years ago this week: The top hits, 1967. Remember?

Awww, thanks for the heart!

New group proposal: Really F-ing Interesting DUers. Group.

Temperature at no. 2 reactor rises to 80 degrees

Where Ever This Flag Is Flown

Has there ever a funnier TV scrotum than The Big Whang's?

Rockets hit Homs opposition as Arab ministers meet

I'm missing DU2. How do I get back. Don't judge me, please.

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama Set a Contraception Trap for the Right

"The mess the president finds himself in with the Catholic Church" (Fuck you, Bob Sheaffer)

Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control

Someone very sweet gave me a heart. Thanks so much, you made my day!

'Casino Jack' now advises reform

This is a political move by the Bishops to damage the President

Toon: A career in organied crime...

An oldie but a goodie that needs some more exposure given the latest birth control contraversy

My new Realtor is "gay friendly"!!

Watching Santorum spew on MTP:

Obama to pitch lower corporate tax

peggy noonan. ugh.

Chief of Staff Jack LEW (DALEY's replacement) is being massacred by SCHIEFFER

Nicholas Kristof: Beyond Pelvic Politics

Just a quick PSA for those of you watching any news this AM. It is about $$$ and a horse race.

Whitney was found under water in a bath tub

How did David Gregory get that Santorum sweater vest?

Looking for unusual Whitney Houston clips.

Twin babies dancing to Johnny Cash - very cute!

Gay couple loses baby, files lawsuit. Rightfully so.

Energy Loans a Safer Bet for U.S. Than Congress Anticipated, Review Shows

No Access To Health Care For Over 125,000,000

Dueling tax hike measures pushed as CA Democrats hold convention

Apple seeks U.S. ban on Galaxy Nexus

When insurance companies follow the law

Romney's underwhelming win in Maine

Texas has spent nearly $10 million on interest for late payments

Tennessee legislators clash in gun rights versus property rights dispute

If you "opt out" of serving on a jury, do you lose the ability to alert?

Video of gun-toting dad blasting away at daughter's laptop goes viral

My ribbon is red: Planned Parenthood fights HIV/AIDS

Randomness from DC

Court records follow trail of guns used in attacks on ICE agents (Texas)

I just had a terrible thought about Rick Santorum...

Rasmutten daily: Obama leads both Romney and Santorum 48-41

Wonkette: Sexytime For Gay GOP Dudes at CPAC!

Occupy project website is up

Boiling an egg with slight crack/indentation - salmonella threat?!1

Please DU this poll (should Walker be recalled?)

Walney offshore wind farm is world's biggest (for now) (376 MW, Ireland)

I can't seem to find the Marketplace, here.

Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum Suggest Foul Play From Romney Campaign

"Fix the Gimmicks."

Santorum: 'Romney bought the CPAC straw poll.' Then fails the syllogism.

GOP Continues To Oppose Contraception Coverage Plan Now Supported By Large Catholic Institutions

Hidden Post? Big Deal!

The 2012 CPAC Awards for Insanity in Politics

Any suggestions for other internet forums for non-believers?

January's average US temps 5.5ºF higher than normal

Syria unrest: Arab League 'seeks peacekeeping mission'

As ‘Yuck Factor’ Subsides, Treated Wastewater Flows From Taps

Peru Shining Path leader Comrade Artemio captured

Who will end up as the republican candidate?

US CA: DEA Digging into San Francisco's Medical Marijuana

Venezuelans Vote to Choose Chavez's Challenger

Venezuelans Vote to Choose Chavez's Challenger

Republicans undiscover fire

Say what you want about deniers - they're the fastest readers, bar none.

Republicans desperate for a wedge issue look to religious freedom for their answer.

The GOP & Satan play charades and invite Dems to play along


With sadness and a heavy heart -- Alien Girl has passed away.

Christie faces hurdles over state budget plan

Thank you to those who nominated me to be a host here. It makes me so happy.

Christie faces hurdles over NJ state budget plan

With sadness and a heavy heart -- AlienGirl has passed away.

When I was young my friend was sexually abused by a Catholic Nun.

In the "Pro Choice" section, moderator deleted his last message at end of page ...

Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It

Is it too soon to say that I really didn't like any of her music?

With Perry out, Hispanic Republicans in Texas wonder if Gingrich is the best choice

Help me please. I'm white and teach a multicultural preschool Sunday School.

The Power of Words

Colombian ex-peace commissioner charged with contempt of court for fleeing the country

My fishing story:

Today I bought EXTRA Girl Scout Cookies, and here's why:

I'm a host in the BOG!!! Thank you

Senator wants to add state property tax

Education Department’s obsession with test scores deepens

"I don’t care if Obama runs the ball or Ron Paul kicks a field goal with tiny little chicken legs.”

Hell must have froze over as I agree with George Will (Don Siegelman)

Honoring Black History Month: Education called key to achievement

Turn the safety net into a trampoline and make it a theme-park on the moon.

Watch SNL Parody Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler Super Bowl Spot

Turkish jets bomb Kurdish rebel bases in north Iraq

Concordia Captain: 'OK, Whatever' as Ship Teeters

Republicans come out in favor of violence against women

Can someone explain to me how having to adhere to my employer's religious standards

Thom Hartmann takes on NOM’s Maggie Gallagher: Your work causes others misery

Catholic Bishops Double Down: Refuse to Pay for Rhythm Method

Another thank you for the hearts post.

Houston Police Department Assaults Man, Pulls and Cocks Shotgun on Crowd

Rupert's Empire's Falling Down, Falling down

Houston FreeThinkers: Houston Police Department Assaults Man, Pulls and Cocks Shotgun on Crowd

Santorum suggests Romney rigged CPAC vote

White House: No More Compromise on Contraception

to gun or not to gun...

AP IMPACT: USAID contractor work in Cuba detailed

I wear a red ribbon.

AP IMPACT: USAID contractor work in Cuba detailed

PLEASE don't post Grammy spoilers in subject lines this evening- it's not live in all time zones

PLEASE don't post Grammy spoilers in subject lines tonight - the show isn't live in all time zones

Five years ago today, my family's life was shattered

Romney backed earmarks as governor!

How about a shout out for some GOOD kids?

I was baptized today!

Something just hit me

If Opposing Catholic Bishops=Anti-Religion-What about their appeal to extend unemployment benefits?

All Hell breaking loose in Greece: over 1000 fires, streets filled with tear gas & angry protesters

Clown Car Strategy?

FYI: Callista's hair has its own Facebook page

Why is there not an odd number of jurors?

Fox News Commenters Respond to Whitney Houston’s Death With Deluge of Hatred and Racism

Toon: A test to see if your partisanship is clouding your patriotism

The GOP contest so far is odd. And the arrow points to Mitt Romney. Six weird facts.

Incredibly heartwarming video from the people of Tohoku area Japan for the help with the earthquake

Phil Mickelson on fire at Pebble Beach

More bad news in the music biz today... (wrong thread repost)

"I've Never Taken A Government Handout. Never Have, Never Will"

Whitney Houston Daughter Bobbi Kristina Rushed to the Hospital

Women’s Empowerment Is Central to Global Sustainability, Says New UN Report

Baltasar Garzón protest draws 10,000 supporters

Ohio Senate approves bill on puppy-mill rules

Greek bailout vote imminent... ~80,000 protestors, buildings on fire.. its getting ugly.

Future Of America In Austerity

With so many depressing things going on, one that has a happy ending

Global Warming Wars in Germany: largest newspaper (Bild) mag (Spiegel) & green leader all go sceptic

Occupy Mic-checks the Muse of CPAC

Really? A jury voted 5-1 to keep this racially insensitive post?

Why the Contraception Mandate Matters

Buildings set ablaze in Greece before debt vote

A question for DUers from a former DUer (have at it)

Fukushima reactor readings raise reheating concern

Four Charged in Attack of Cleveland Trans Woman

Occupy Movement Regroups, Preparing for Its Next Phase

W.H. official: Contraceptive rule stands

I Do Not Believe That Unpaid Internships Are In Embrassment

"Let's take a vote on gun control". (Not a gun post)

CNN reporting Whitney Houston's daughter taken to hospital in LA

FREEBIRD!!! - no really organic antibiotic free chicken. Hilarious! love the name

Ever Wonder WHY The Banksters Mitt Romney Represents Want Your Mom To Die?

Thank you, DU3!!!

Mods - can we keep this post pinned for a few days?

Will all the right-wing hatred of Obama actually "innoculate" him in November?

About those low gas prices when Obama took office

TPMS = Tire Pressure Monitoring System = Junk

As birth control flap goes on, who benefits most? Santorum? Obama?

I bought shrimp with the heads on, made some shrimp stock,

mom, was I planned?

“Leave It Better Than We Found It”

Tea Party Intellegentsia

Just saw "The Grey." **NO Spoilers**

Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter) Disgusted by Rick Perry's stance on Gay/Lesbian issue.

A Cooper's Hawk in our back yard

A shot through a dirty window and screen of a Cooper's Hawk

NY Times: The Deal Is Done, but Hold the Applause (mortgage settlement)

ATTN: Moderate Republicans- at this point, you are out of excuses. Period.

Per TPM: Repubs Double-Down on Contraception

They're teargassing the people so that the markets can win

Anybody else not seeing hearts?

The Truth About Income Inequality in America

Greece set to defy protesters and accept eurozone bailout deal

Check what was popular your year in music. Great site:

A great example of Republicans serving their own interests and ignoring ours

Sun Arrests Pile Pressure on Murdoch Media Empire

Dan Savage: Every time a gay youth commits suicide, our enemies celebrate

"Iron Sky" Space Nazis are coming! Be afraid!

Problems cast shadows of doubt on solar project

Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Greece -

Dear Chinese manufacturers:


To the American Coalition of Hatred: you gotta level with me here . . .

This is the second time only a small portion of my jurist explanation has gone through

one billion rising

one billion rising

Does Greece really want to try to go it outside of the EU?

about V-Day

Palestinians? Who cares!

When does cash money from the foreclosure settlement hit homeowners?

about V-day

KINDLE is now ready for "The Exquisite Zodiac"

Can Pennsylvania Survive Another Year Under Corbett's Budget Ax? (Great Newspaper Column)

Underwater trash photos look like scenes from an alien world

Wind Credits Split Republicans

Why all this "G**" S*** in recovery?

Bill Moyers: Where the Right Went Wrong

made me feel a little better on a very bad day on du. thank you for the hearts.

Economic Analysis and Inaccurate Numbers

Bleak Report on the Afghan War

Iron Giant One of America’s great machines comes back to life.

In the Spirit: Some florists won't deliver to atheist

AlienGirl has left us.

Shocking Report: Iran Deploying IUDs

Ever wonder how Starbucks coffee tastes burnt? Ask a Greek in Athens

Tony Bennett Calls for Drug Legalization in Wake of Whitney Houston's Death

A girl who soared, but longed to belong (Elizabeth Warren)

What we learn from Greece and can impliment here

To hell with "the rhythm method"

Contraception and women's rights -- it's still a man's world

Anatomy of an unsafe abortion

Bobbi K Houston rushed to the hospital...the comments on Fux news need to go viral

Lieberman: Arm the Syrian Opposition

The Gerrymandering Scandal Exposed (WI)

Anyone have any experience with online collaborations?

I posted an editoral in GD some here may enjoy...

UK - Bankers arrested in tax probe

Counting values in Excel by column

Pastor's daughter, 20, accidently shot in head at St. Pete church

Stats from the Maine GOP Caucus:

Could we reconsider allowing links to Foxnews?

Greek Parliament Passes Latest Austerity Vote

Dear America: You Have a Gay Problem

Fukushima reactor readings raise reheating concern

Psychological Type and U. S. Political Party Affiliation (Using Myers Briggs)

Has anyone read Joel C Rosenberg's books?

Newt scrambles for money

'Memorandum Macht Frei'. Greece loves The EU/ECB/IMF Fiscal Solution.

Fox News Commenters Respond to Whitney Houston’s Death With Deluge of Hatred and Racism

Failbook: SOPA via LOTR

House Transportation Bill 'Technical Correction' Would Strip Workers Of Pay Protections

Akashic Records

Are we all on-board with the "group" vs "forum" issue?

Place your bets, place your bets. Who will be the next GOP frontrunner

Arise, Sisters

What is the jury system for?

Isn't it time we backed Bahrain's revolution?

It's snowing in Cleburne!