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White House: Remarks by the President on Extending the Payroll Tax Cut

What Mitt Romney gets wrong about the Detroit automakers’ bailouts

J. Geils Band - Love Stinks

1. Valentines for you to read +/or share. Please kick them now & then.

Bishops plan aggressive expansion of birth-control battle

2. Valentines for you to read +/or share. Please kick them now & then.

3. Valentines for you to read +/or share. Please kick them now & then.

4. MFM Valentines for you to read +/or share. Please kick them now & then.

Experts Say Iran Has 'Neutralized' Stuxnet Virus

Anyone else watching Brietbart on The Young Turks

Reuters: Virginia set to remove limit on monthly gun purchases

Watching Andrew Breitbart on TYT.

Former Senate leader Marc Basnight suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease

creationist bill has been shelved

Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted for TSA Body Scanners

Shepherd Smith Goes Off On AT&T For Surprise “Unlimited Data” Limits

Obama's auto task force leader Steven Rattner calls Romney clueless on so-called bailout

CBS News/NY Times poll: Obama 48 Willard 42 ; Obama 49 Rickie 41

romney has a google problem

A question about nutritional yeast:

PHOTO: NOTHING sums up Valentine's Day like those three little words..."panda bear squeeeeee."

My Little What?

Warren To Brown: 'This is an extreme attack on everyone-Opens the door to outright discrimination'

See "Anti-abortion 'personhood' bill advances in Virginia"; crossreferenced here

Republican Fred Upton has a poll out on the Keystone pipeline

Coming up at 8pm Eastern on PBS...

I've got 10 Hearts to Give...First ten posters get one each...

Roche warns of counterfeit cancer drug in US / Avastin..$6 billion a year drug

Google Offering to Pay Web Users to Track Their Every Move

Romney: I like mandates. The mandates work. (VIDEO)

DU Jury Test: WilliamPitt!!! Your head is full of bees!!!

Pete Hoekstra's Super Bowl ad officially a disaster

If you have HBO, check out "The Loving Story" tonight

And now the show is over

Oh tristesse! The nudes of Ruben, Velazquez, Bouguereau and Botticelli get photoshopped

kindly look at my response w/links

Charles Pierce: Republicans' real goal is in the legislatures, federal and state

Stabenow Widens Lead Over Hoekstra

Well, waddya know, MAY have been an accident

Engineer Who Gave Obama Resume Declines Out-of-Area Job Offers

Obama All A-Twitter for Valentines Day

Bangkok Post: Terror attack on 'foreign nationals' interupted

Bishops plan aggressive expansion of birth-control battle

From the culture war to foreign policy, conservatives have been defeated on every front

Mitt is mean - protest outside the Westminster dog show

MO Conservative claims the KKK created public education to hurt African American children

So when Scott Kochsucker, I mean Walker, meets with Obama tomorrow,

L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa will chair Democratic National Convention

Drugs are a part of life, alcohol is a part of life, neither is going away.

I have hearts to unload.

Democrats again pick football stadium for Obama convention speech

Not the homecoming he'd hoped for

Noam Chomsky: “Losing” the World - American Decline in Perspective, Part 1

Thank you for the hearts.....but "You're Breaking My Heart" Nilsson

Favorite President Obama quote

Thank you for the heart, whoever you are.

Cloture votes for last three Congresses

The Court in a second Obama term

Santorum fights to be heard at a raucous Tacoma rally

Bloody Valentine: Child Slavery in Ivory Coast's Cocoa Fields

To all my fellow LGBTERS

Mormon Church Apologizes for Posthumous Baptism of Jews.

Quorum Call: Senate to return at 12:01 a.m. after Dems hold up wetlands bill

Romney isn't losing in Michigan because he was against GM bailout...

People really need to learn how to enjoy life straight!

Charter Operator Fines Students For Infractions

I received flowers today, didn't expect any.

Total nutcase "Global warmists throw in the towel"

At this hour, my old high school is getting Santorum'd (in Boise)

Scott Fitzgerald Throws A Kathleen Falk Hissy Fit (Feb. 14, 2012)

French judge: Monsanto poisoned farmer

Adele Trashes Newt Gingrich at the Grammys!

The Capitalist Peace: Why a Capitalist World Means a World At Peace

My political donation account for my run for city council is now active at PayPal

Why Don’t Americans Elect Scientists?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & Happy Valentine's Day

F.C.C. Bars the Use of Airwaves for a Broadband Plan

If I was teaching in AZ, I'd have to stop quoting Carlin

(Remember Righthaven?) Apple may be using patent troll to do its legal dirty work

Seriously WTF is going on with ReTHUGS and birth control

You know it had to happen, with all these throw back cokes and such...

Bound, naked in a Subaru: Valentine's Day role-playing ends badly

Jailbreak the Patriarchy

Update on the quack bastard doctor. Spoiler alert: no good news.

What was for dinner tonight Lounge? We had pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes, carrots,

Here's the Valentine's Card my husband just e-mailed me:

The National Debt increases $4 BILLION dollars per day.......

For those who aren't sure if Obama "deserves" their vote

Lazy eye Walker to join Obama for Wisconsin visit, what kind of stunt will he try to pull?

Soft toy floating down river sparks penguin rescue dash

There's no Tomorrow - documentary

There's no Tomorrow - documentary

One of world's oldest cats mistakenly put down by Swiss vet


Gov. John Kasich's approval still low but support for right-to-work status strong, poll shows

I have a question...

Would anyone be interested in a group on Social Media?

Obama Continues to Box In His Opposition

Videos: Joe Sestak and many others speaks out against Corbett's cuts to public education

Legalize pot, say former B.C. attorneys general

Turkey sandwich replaced with chicken nuggets at school.

Another story of religious hypocrisy

Chinese blocked visit by U.S. religious freedom envoy, advocates say

Komen Founder Nancy Brinker’s Mysterious Expense Report $133,507 while full time for Bush

WOW I got a heart

hawk at the capitol

Which color of bumbersticker goes best with a light maroon car

Maryland House committees send same-sex marriage bill to floor

Red Wings got the record. 21 straight at home

I tried the Bacon-Banana cookies that was posted here...

Ideas for a parody of "Facebook Parenting" -- aka Dad shoots laptop

It is not about improving schools. It is about softening up students so they make

Something happened this evening to make me want to post this.

So the only place to discuss conceal carry weapons is the outdoor activity forum?

800,000 Signatures Against Keystone XL Delivered To Senate Today

When you had a few dimes as a kid what did you buy? I used to buy those candy cigarettes,

All Your Ovaries and Children Are Belong To ME!

Drumming up a phony war on religion

Why is Andrew Brietbart so angry?

Iran either has solved its Stuxnet virus problem, or its ruled by 'complete idiots,' experts say

We cannot allow birth control (a little in your face, but...)

A song out of time

no birth control ~ no boner pills

What I got out of the Last Word regarding Santorum

The Way Greeks Live Now

Roger Goddell earns $20 million a year?

Condemned as “Not a Real Person” By Rush Limbaugh, a Small Businesswoman Speaks Out

Toons: The Debt Star, Severely Mitt, A Winning Idea and More. - 2/14/12

Another surgery update

Chess Coach to Leave Texas Tech With Her Team’s Best in Tow

Jon Stewart: "You wanna do the Nazi dance? Is that what you wanna do?

sub thread locking

More Doctors 'Fire' Vaccine Refusers

Jeremy Lin hits game-winning 3 as Knicks top Raptors

Jon Stewart to the evangelical rightwing

Affluent, Born Abroad and Choosing New York’s Public Schools

6.0 off the coast of Oregon

A special thank you for the second heart. n/t

On the App stores:

L.A. mayor to chair Dems' convention

American dream, why do so many think they;ll achieve it

Clarifying Rachel Maddow's "Chart Imitates Life" segment

Bill Moyers Essay: Who Shipwrecked Our Economy?

Birth control has come full circle politically. It was birth control that gave us

Politics & Other Mistakes: What they write about

Thank you for the heart. <3

My dad was a bus driver and Janitor and he was different from his

State Democrats asked my neighbor to run for state legislature.

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Super PAC Money Throws Democracy Overboard

well, we had the first "vegan challenge" failure....a chocolate cake that was....awful!

Question for anyone with any knowledge on the subject of travel.

Okay. Fess up! What did you buy somebody for valentines day. I bought pretty

Heartland Institute Exposed: Internal Documents Unmask Heart of Climate Denial Machine

Thank you! The hearts are awesome


Criticism lingers over Rex Sinquefield's KKK remark

*Jon Huntsman on Charlie Rose, about China.

I have a question about fluid mechanics.

(Oregon) man finally returns home after FBI blocked him from flying

These designer sheets provide birth control.

OBAMA 2012: Game-Set-Match

Doomsday Preppers

Cash-4-Prisons: Corrections Corporation of America Offers To Buy State Facilities

Hey lounge! What advice can you give?

Did Lenin break with Marx?

Poll: Obama holds edge over GOP hopefuls

New Bedford question

Haven't heard much from Newty this week

Will US geography ever change?

I find it funny that the republican congress didn't produce a single jobs bill, but they have a

Robert Scheer: U.S. Elections Are for Suckers

What game, board, card, or console/pc have you sunk the most time in?

Newt is against same marriage sex.

Is there a way to indicate that you've alerted on a post by mistake?

Jon Stewart Destroys Fox’s Liz Trotta Over Comments On Military Women Who Are ‘Raped Too Much’

Dr.Manning Refuses Plea From Hannity to go on FOX....

Would you rather be "well off", and have a boss, or be "getting by", but with absolutely no boss?

Super PAC for the People

Could Federal Educational Vouchers Aimed at the Poor and Useable in Public Schools Work?

Bill O'Reilly pays tribute to Whitney Houston by saying she "was a drug addict who wanted to die".

Hilarious comment by 87 year-old former NYC Mayor Ed Koch...

White Grandfather arrest by Texas Police While Walking With Black Granddaughter

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 16 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Russia

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 17 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- The American South

Dogroof and his Super PAC Plan Huge Ad Attack Against Frothy

Please welcome yardwork as the newest LGBT host.

Pekingese Steals Show Along With Westminster’s Top Honor.

Rampant fraud uncovered in Maine Caucus.

"The expectation is that Santorum, just given his personality, is going to whine like crazy" hahahah

Liberal Maxim 14: Equality

Valentines Day Cartoons

I don't get the Jeremy Lin obsession!!

First Ever Photo of a Shark Eating Another Shark (grahpic)

Has anyone read these books?

Church Bishops Are True Blue In Their Support Of Viagra: ‘It’s About Procreation, Not Sex!

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, February 14)

Newt Gingrich Dismisses Birther Question From Orly Taitz

"Are you nuts?"

I'm watching a show about how they made the SI Swimsuit issue...

Radiohead - The King Of Limbs From The Basement (Full Show)

Birth Control Amendment 'Dangerous,' Obama Spokesman Says

Democrats win two big victories in Oklahoma special elections, including first GLBT state senator.

Denzel Washington associates religious believers with sociopaths (and murderers)

Did Congress legalize cannabis in the U.S?

Thank You For The Hearts.

Public Supports Requiring Employer Insurance Plans to Include Birth Control by 66%-26% (+40)

LaHood Calls For Almost $15M To Build Rapid Transit Line In Grand Rapids

Public Supports Raising Taxes on Wealthy by 67%-29% (+38)

Public Believes Romney Does not Understand Their Problems by 31%-58% (-27)

Before this day is over. Thank you for my hearts.

Is there a group for families of prisoners or something similar?

A big THANK YOU to the DUers that can 'see me' and 'hear me' and

White House threatens veto of GOP's highway bill

Santorum exploring Secret Service protection (apparently he is afraid of OWS)

The Woman Who Stood Alone Against the "Thieving Banks"

Chris Matthews just asked: "Is Santorum The Flavor Of The Month"?

Endorsements in two San Diego-area Congressional races stir controversy

Is it LGBT, or GLBT?

President Obama's proposed tax hikes at odds with GOP rivals

President Obama to tout American manufacturing in Wisconsin visit

Healing vibes requested.

Heartland Institute documents leaked

Did anyone see the interview with Brietbart and Cynk? Breitbart is a loose cannon

So as of today, I have accrued ten Valentine's hearts.

Mormon church apologizes for posthumous baptism of Jews

Santorum event here last night; sounds as if the flakiness was as expected

Quinnipiac Poll Shows Ohioans Support Right-to-Work Legislation

Couple Sentenced for Forcing 'Slave Labor' on Immigrants

US 'very closely' watching Syrian chemical weapons

Activists: Oil pipeline attacked, on fire in Syria

Banker-Man (picture)

Leak exposes how Heartland Institute works to undermine climate science

It's Susan B. Anthony Day

Al Sharpton/PoliticsNation: Sen. Barbara Boxer Quotes Jon Stewart While Bashing Republicans On MSNBC

The Last Word: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - The new wedge issue, cuts to women's health care

Happy Anniversary Wisconsin protesters

I will never vote for Romney:

It’s hard to see racism when you’re white - Un-Fair Campaign in Duluth Minnesota

Bishop Museum lays off 6% of staff following grant loss

Thank you for the hearts :D

Picasso's Guernica in a car showroom

So...whats your take?

Johnson & Johnson sold hip implants overseas after they were rejected in US

Jailed paramilitary names high profile kidnappers

When the hell is the MSM

What bothers me is not whether Mitt R.Money lies,

Iran to unveil new uranium centrifuges, state TV says

Supreme Court upholds BBC's refusal on Israel report

Turkey, Arab states ponder recognition of Syrian opposition

Toon - Take that Birth Control Somewhere Else!

Santorum, the bishops, and you, By Mark Morford

Ted Rall Toon- Health care "choice"

Toon- Culture War

Scott Walker to greet President Obama. Is another "Jan moment" brewing?

(NLRB) Trial of Jimmy John's Bosses for Mass Firing of Whistleblower Workers Begins Today (2-14-12 )

Petition to stop the Blunt Amendment from passing (x-post in Women's Rights and Issues)

Toon- Rising Tides

Wisconsin: Another day, another Walker crony

Slowpoke Toon- The Fallopitarian Church

4 to 5 bucks for gas coming!?

Glenn Greenwald: U.S. media takes the lead on Iran

Glenn Mulcaire granted evidence appeal

iSlaves: Forced Labor Key to Apple Profits

MPs press Scots separatists for answers

Immigrants the proudest Canadians and equally good citizens, poll suggests

19 Years and £1 Million Later, a Past Catches Up

Longshore workers name Occupy Movement as crucial in settlement with EGT

St Valentine Gunned Down...

400 lipsticks found to contain lead, FDA says

Keystone XL: Five Stories Not Told

Polar Opposites: Fox News And Science

Have you hugged you penguin today?

UK unemployment continues to climb

Domestic Violence Post February 15, 2012

Occupying the Immigration Debate: People may not be as anti-immigrant as we've been led to believe.

New Santorum Ad: Romney as "Rombo"

CBS/NYT POLL: Obama approval hits 50%, first time since May '11. Handling of economy best since 2010

Say hello to my new girl, Marcy

Syrian Activists Live Stream Their Revolution

What % of people in your zip code would benefit from the ACA Health insurance coverage expansion?

Video: Dogs Against Romney Hound Former Mass. Governor

Letter to Rep. Tom Cole: Social Security is Not 'Closing in on Bankruptcy'

A False Dilemma Over Social Security

Rachel continues dismantling PolitiFact. Forty percent is NOT a majority.

President Obama to visit the birthplace...

Keiser Report: Tombstone Austerity (E249)

Screw the Greeks! Save The Banks!

Thinking about ditching the raised beds and going to earth boxes/self watering containers.

Obama's Revived Coalition Spells Trouble for Romney

If gas goes to 5.00 per gallon

Natural Gas Industry hamstrings Doctors in Pennsylvania

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Meet the Shameless Plutocrats Choking What's Left of Our Democracy

PBS' Slavery by Another Name - in case you missed it

Political crisis erupts in Venezuela after primary elections

“The people cannot take any more ... we have reached the limits of the social and economic system.”

Iran cuts oil exports to six EU countries

Nearly 300 killed in Honduras prison fire

Pete Hoekstra crashes and burns

N.H. Lawmakers Consider Rolling Back Gay Marriage

Kentucky Basketball Practice, live today 3:00-5:00, ESPNU

Does anyone use or know about it? My wife was thinking about using it and

Does anyone use My wife was thinking about using it and I wanted to get a review...

So, what do you think..

CHART: Don’t Buy The GOP Hype On Obama Budget Deficits

Cecil Bothwell for Congress

Neil Young sang in Autotune before Autotune 1982

"Operation Angry Badger" - The Heartland Institute is trying to stifle the good People of Wisconsin

800,000 Signatures Against Keystone XL Delivered To Senate Today

Westminster Dog Show Ditches Sponsor Because Ads Make Everyone Cry

Please help me. Why am I seeing all the ads on my DU 3 now?

Luckovich: Taking a Break From Job Creation

Chrystal Ball said it right about the religious/contraceptive argument going on now

Santorum & the Creamcup Trust- Rick's shady real estate dealings to buy family home

How we get bush3

Tebow comparisons not fair to Jeremy Lin; he's much better story...

Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Plymouth, MA) defaults on court appearance in Rockland Trust suit

Regarding the “War on Religion”

Retirees tighten the belt, but still struggle

Say Hello to Marcy.

Does anyone use or are familiar with it? My wife is thinking of using it and...

By Eugene Robinson: There Is NO "War On Religion"

How Obama’s Budget Helps Working Women And Their Families

President Santorum to launch Department of Sexual Positions

AlienGirl - Former Democratic state House candidate Shelly Leonard dies of cancer

The reality for gay men:

EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Pelosi Supports 2012 Democratic Party Platform Including Marriage Equality

New Santorum ad has Romney look-alike with machine gun (they are both nuts!)

"[Jim]Cramer: ObamaCare Could Derail the Economy"

Mitt Romney Earns More by 6 a.m. Than Many Seniors Do in a Year

With seeds, how old is too old?

Democrats win 2 vacant legislative seats in Oklahoma

Home of the housing bust

Drumbeat: February 15, 2012

Drumbeat: February 15, 2012

Scott Walker has a "stomach bug" & probably won't be able to visit Master Lock with President Obama

MA--president poll: Obama beats Mittens 55-34 & Newt 66-19

LaBarbera, Wooden reminisce about when anti-LGBT violence was ‘normal’

Anyone up-to-date on Justified? Kind of a spoiler.

CBS/NYT poll: Americans see a significant difference between the candidates

Q-Poll: Santorum leads Romney in Ohio; Obama leads both

Family Acceptance Key In Preventing Gay Youths From Considering Suicide

How outside help is aiding Syria's rebels

Kerry's statement on the budget

San Diego: How Not to Treat a Waterfront

EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Pelosi Supports 2012 Democratic Party Platform Including Marriage Equality

First transgender FDNY firefighter has family history of service

Did anyone else get this special Valentines Day card from MFM?

**Once again gets out her staple gun and post new rules by the DU Lounge waste can**

Rick Santorum still hasn’t provided promised tax returns

Hey! Didja HEAR??? Some dad shot his daughter's laptop YEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAHHH!

Xenophobic ad backfires on Michigan's Hoekstra

I Miss The Poll Option. Is Santorum For Real?

Seriously, can ANYONE here post one redeeming value of any of the GOP candidates

Fox "News" Takes Heat for Move Toward Center

American Airlines workers protest job, pay cuts

Apple's Chinese labourers get 1.6 per cent of iPad loot - report

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels could face recall vote

And the apologists said nobody would get their rocks off from pictures from the TSA pornoscanners...

Payroll tax cut: US Congress 'reaches deal'

Elizabeth Warren about the Blunt amendment - Thank you!!

What if Romney did NOT win Maine?

Homs: The regime shelled the oil pipeline which runs through the city for the third time.

GOP nomination may come down to Michigan

Eurozone states want Greece out, says Venizelos

The Hill: Report: Adelson considering additional Gingrich donation to slow Santorum

Chuck Todd says Scott Walker spent several years as a computer 'extended warranty' salesman.

So, how was your Vanentine's Day?

India, Israel cooperate on bomb investigation

The EU's Emissions Trading System Isn't Working

Florida nixes prisons for profit

Blog: PA. Starving Public Schools to Push More Profits to Cyber Charter Schools

Study finds Texas drought killed 5.6 million trees

A funny thing happened on the way to the morning

Fukushima farming hard row to hoe

What to say at an interview when you left on bad terms?

Unstuffing the Ballot Box

GOP To America, The Feeling Is Mutual...

the insane contraceptive battle has done one good thing

Leaked documents show corporate money behind climate denialists.

I don't get the iRons Jeremy obsession!

Slowpoke: Fallopitarians protest health care law

NC Rep Rick Glazier Speaks Out Against Amendment One

Let's be honest. Santorum is running to be the

Governor Freezes All Money for Public School Renovations

TEPCO-Latest Fukushima Details

Why is the President sharing a photo op with the truely despicable

Protect NC Families Volunteers

AZ SB 1467 Would Make It Illegal to Teach Law, History, or Literature (or have sex, ever)


Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross belong in a fear-mongering museum

Europe ’Plays With Fire’ as Greek Rescue Hits Barrier

Bottle rocket shot from anus leads to lawsuit

Accidentally on purpose?

Mr Frothy (Ricky) Weakens His Anti-Contraceptive Argument With Deodorant Spiel

First Iran-Made Fuel Rods Loaded Into Tehran Nuclear Reactor

Capital Account: Jim Rickards: War with Iran and QE3 possibly by this Summer

Roy Blunt is a good argument

After revolution in Egypt, women's taste of equality fades

Are you in favor of Alert Limits?

"Emergency" law backed by right-wing think tanks is privitizing cities, killing democracy.

Buddhism and The Matrix

Apple CEO seeks ‘patience’ from investors on $98-billion cash hoard

Roger Goodell Backs Off Expansion Talk After Being Reminded Of Jacksonville Jaguars

I don't get the Wizard of Linn obsession!!

Why birth control is a good wedge issue against the GOP

Syria: Red Crescent volunteers save lives as situation deteriorates

Ridgeland High School art teacher wins ring, plans to sell it to buy classroom kiln

Things that make Rick Santorum wake up screaming and in a cold sweat (#1 in a series)

Attn admins - ad question

If the church was smart, and not hypocritical...

MOST of the gas price rising is supply manipulation NOT other factors PERIOD

Fallopitarians protest health care law

The Divine Feminine

Texas Farmer Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against TransCanada (Keystone XL)

Dogs Against Romney

Dmitri Trenin: How the Iran Nuclear Standoff Looks From Russia

Bank of American Downgraded

Seattle cop on tape: 'yeah, i'm going to make stuff up'

Pic Of The Moment: WTF Santorum

Noam Chomsky: The Imperial Way - American Decline in Perspective, Part 2

Occupy Wall Street Demands: The 99 Percent Declaration Calls for July 4 General Assembly in Philadel

Here's a idea for and about Host elections in DU Groups.

A great broadside from A. Sullivan

Obama’s Budget Health Care Savings In One Chart

happy birthday, susan b anthony--mother of us all

State Dept. budget, 51.6 billion. too much, too little????

World's poor 'cutting back on food'

Rachel Alexander fans, name her colt and win a night at her farm in Kentucky.

happy birthday, susan b anthony, mother of us all

Time out for a funny

Here's a website community of gardeners.

Prisons, Drones, and Black Ops in Afghanistan

susan b anthony's niece speaks of her gifts

I want to brag on my union a bit.

susan b anthony's niece speaks of her gifts

Let's face it - the BEST part of Valentines Day is February 15th....

Dutch politician’s attack on the Slavs reminiscent of Europe’s darker days

Danziger: Clint on Carl Rove

Ignoring a consensus on contraception

What to say when Republican friends complain about higher gas prices.

Exclusive: PowerPoint Shows Drone Industry’s Lobbying Plan To Expand Over Domestic, Law Enforcement

Production at U.S. Factories Climbs on Demand for Automobiles, Machinery

Santorum is the Latin Medical Term for Anal Leakage

TYT: Corporate Robot - Norquist Wish List For A Republican President

I don't get the obsession with obsession

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Increased to Highest Since ’07

Fox News ‘Expert’ Keith Ablow: Media Matters Founder Is ‘Dangerous’ Because He Was Adopted

Research survey for Trans parents and their children; adapting to transition

Maryland Marriage Bill Passed House Jud. Comm. tonight. Sam Arora didn't vote.

MoneyWeek UK: Canada’s house price bubble is set to burst

White grandfather stopped and cuffed for walking home with his black granddaughter

Best Supporting Role: 8 Celebs Who Promote Science

Jim Hightower: It's Official: Money Now Governs America

FoxNews smears David Brock in hit piece

A friend sent me a link to the youtube video of Patrick Henry Hughes.

So, I have a bigger problem than the God thing

War or Not, Vet Says He Suffered (BofA/Aetna deny claim)

Grassley Holds Domestic Violence Victims Hostage To Lash Out At Gay Victims And Immigrants

WikiLeaks denounces UNESCO After WikiLeaks Banned from UNESCO Conference on WikiLeaks

Outsourcing Death in the Afghanistan War

Anti-Legal Immigration Ads Mark New Extreme In Immigration Debate

Iran unveils 'uranium enrichment advances' {w/ video at link}

School Lunch: Preschooler Told Homemade Turkey Sandwich Not Nutritious Enough, Given Nuggets Instead

Lane was born into an America where slavery was still in full force

Thinking of using corrugated metal in a new bathroom

I will say one thing about Santorum's speech in Washington State the other night...

Chump Change: 2 former Bear Stearns managers settle SEC case ($1 Million fine for 1.8 Billion fraud)

Blunt Amendment up for Vote This Week - Lose/Lose for the GOP

After making an OP I have been getting a "Webpage has expired" notice when clicking back

Palin Will “Fight to the Death” To Stop Birth Control Coverage

Michigan's Hostile Takeover

'Who runs Greece? Bankers who pit poor vs poor' + 'Greece doomed, economy total farce & fiction'

Since I grew up in the 60s, I think the whole idea

Digging for victims of California's 'Speed Freak' serial killers

Texas Judge Fights Back Against Hate From Newt Gingrich And The Christian Right

Circus Sues for Right to Prod Elephants

Celebrate with me: after a year of searching, I have a job!

Tina Fey’s Bossypants may rescue her reputation as a feminist

Santorum attack ad has Romney firing Santorum

When the commentariat attacks!: 14 entertaining cases of collective Internet satire

Ford, GM lead industry to best-ever showing in vehicle reliability -- J.D. Power study

Thom Hartmann: Why Follow a Tax-Loathing Billionaire?

Mother Jones: Nuclear Truckers: Warheads on 18 Wheels

Thom Hartmann: Doomsday Scenario for Capitalism in America?

Return of 'third shift' for automakers brings hope, economic ripple effect

Chet Edwards' congressional papers unveiled at Baylor

Valentine Hearts Charity Drive: We raised $7,214 for Planned Parenthood!

Basketball Phenom Jeremy Lin Reveals the Secret to His Success

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine endorses Rick Santorum

Dershowitz Bloviates, Says Media Matters Could Become Rev. Wright Of 2012 For Obama

Pic of the Moment

Extreme summer temperatures occur more frequently

Drafty Home Retrofits Spread from Neighbor to Neighbor

Megadeth Frontman Endorses Rick Santorum

How homosexual act is against nature, Supreme Court asks anti-gay group

Missouri House debates English-only licenses

Massive Cadmium Spill In Longxiang River Brings Another Boilerplate Apology, No Answers

suggestion for our transparency page.

Medicaid change will affect almost all recipients in Rio Grande Valley

Get ready for it: Another economic collapse is coming.

Chicago cops who took bag of cash caught in FBI sting

Santorum: what is "special"-what ought to be kept "special" & what is required to keep sex "special"

Ron Paul’s favorite Amish farmer shuts down raw milk business amid government pressure

Climate change may increase risk of water shortages in hundreds of U.S. counties by 2050

2011 Avg. Arctic Temps 4.1F Above 1951-80 Historic Average; Sea Ice Volume Lowest On Record

Rick Santorum, Shaman of the Anti-Intellectuals

Fox: David Brock going after us because he's adopted

Hello, Beautiful! Researchers Discover New Lizard Species In Andean Forest - Mongabay

Chicago area has most corruption convictions in nation, UIC study says

Sand Hills Pipeline to cross area counties

a jury found it OK to post to an article telling us not to vote.

Riding Michigan’s roads to ruin - Jack Lessenberry

Thai Floods Cost Lloyds $2.2 Billion; Total Flood Costs Estimated At $20 Billion

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Feb 15th ?

Even the bears are crying about the death of Kim Jong-il

I don't get the LynneSin obsession!!

I just realized I've seen 13 films in the theatre in the first 7 weeks of 2012

Egg salad.....

Meet The Man Inside The Nicolas Cage Costume

Exclusive: Euro zone ponders delay of 2nd Greek program

Special Report: Iran's cat-and-mouse game on sanctions

Found a great DU3 function

My daily Google search of the Republican presidential candidates

Even eight years ago, Santorum seemed like a bad joke

Rick Santorum's New Ad CAN NOT BE REAL! (is it?)

University Of Texas Drought 2012 Update - Some Relief In North, Situation Still Critical Elsewhere

Gov. Christie: Flags at half-staff for Whitney Houston

It’s Not Just National, Obama Improving In Swing States Too

Women Vets Criticize Fox Pundit’s ‘Breathtakingly Offensive’ Claim ...

5 Brave Religious Leaders Who Fought Christian Theocracy in America

Israeli Car Attack: NSG Not Allowed To Gather Data From Spot

99% Declaration along with Occupy has come up with a platform. Throw your two cents in.

Bahraini Government Flack Dodges Question About Paying U.S. Lobbyists To Smear Protesters

The Case for Social Security

Medicare puzzle: Big rise in artificial feet costs

Roche issues counterfeit drug warning in US

Minnesota Governor Calls Out Corporate Front Group ALEC, Vetoes Its Bills

Anyone know if you can be called to jury duty on a thread you have "trashed?"

'19 Kids and Counting' Gets Stranger, Sadder

The man who hears colour

Berlusconi prosecutors demand five-year jail term (BBC)

Contraception’s Con Men

Thom Hartmann: Are you being ''throttled'' by AT&T?

Thom Hartmann: Keystone Pipeline heats up w/Bill McKibben

Dog people: can you tell me what kind of dog this is?

Tiger Woods expected to boost Honda attendance, Palm Beach Gardens business

Learn how to investigate Super-Pacs and other campaign money

Tiny lizards found in Madagascar

Crime chiefs agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade (BBC)

Happy 175th Birthday, Knox College (I know there's a DUer or 3 that are also alumni)

Warning - I'm full of gas....

Police evict 600 protesters to clear land for hydro-electric dam

Can You Find the Kitteh in This Picture?

Tiny lizards found in Madagascar (BBC)

Canada investigating some banks as LIBOR probe widens

Something To Send To The GOP Today

Letting the 1% Off Easy: Populism and Pain in Obama's Budget

Mormons apologise for baptising Simon Wiesenthal's parents

'Massive' displacement in Colombian schools, students assassinated: UN

'Massive' displacement in Colombian schools, students assassinated: UN

Dennis Kucinich Connects The Dots On The Possibility Of War With Iran

'Ohiosmith" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "Ohiosmith".

So...I've tried re-booting, changing security settings...

Colombia's president reiterates support for Spanish judge

An Indonesian atheist puts freedom of religion to the test

Crazy GOP Laws (NOT The Onion)

Iran Issues Threat to Oil Buyers in Europe

President Obama arrives in Milwaukee - pics

More thant 300 inmates die in Honduras prison fire

Do you own DVD's you haven't watched till the end or never started to watch?

Just thought I'd share this John Cusac quote.

Will you please click on the link in signiture and tell me what you see? (eta: issue fixed)

Son Shoots Elderly Mother Trying to Stop Pitbulls From Fighting

President Obama tours Master Lock Company in Milwaukee - pics

Report: Electronic Cigarette Explosion Leaves Man Severely Injured

Gaza Strip Fuel Shortage Forces Power Shutdown

A brief survey: do you find the phrase "chick flicks" offensive?

Planned Obsolescence

TDPS: Marijuana Doubles Risk of Car Crash, But Evidence Conflicts

Found in an elevator on Valentine’s Day - pic

Survey: Santorum with 9-point lead over Romney in Michigan

Should Ron Paul demand a new vote count in Maine?

Just in case anyone doesn't understand the fine points of cricket

Fallopitarians protest health care law

Great Article In The Atlantic Called Obama Explained.....

Time capsule reveals Prescott life in 1962 (see video)

The stupid is indeed strong with James Delingpole......

Does anyone else check The Gender Report?

GM eliminates traditional pensions for salaried workers

Human Rights First: Kerry Resolution Offers Reasonable Approach to Egypt

Elie Wiesel: Romney Should Tell Mormon Church To Stop Performing Posthumous Proxy Baptisms On Jews

CPAC panel: ‘Celebrate’ Citizens United ruling

Michigan Dems blast Romney opinion article

...cock-blocking The Almighty!

Herbert Hoover had Hoovervilles built by the government for the homeless during the Great Depression

For the sake of argument- lets assume the SuperPACs are here to stay

27 household uses for coffee

Are you a patriot or a vampire?

GM to move all salaried workers to 401K plans

Man suffers heart attack while eating at Heart Attack Grill

Acton, Mass. Family Wants "Under God" Cut from the Pledge of Allegiance

Against big government, but loving those payments just the same: hypocrisy in action.

my predictions for the season of Survivor starting tonight

Apple tweaks apps policy under lawmaker pressure

Earliest date for primaries May 29, court says

?uestlove Has President Obama's Back (and Front)

Bail-Out Politics: Even Michigan's Economy Is Improving

Leonardo’s London Blockbuster: The Movie

Wisconsin: Will Scott Walker's Love Affair With Realtors Be Part Of The "John Doe" Investigation?

OK, Will someone please explain wha happened when Pres Obama went to Wisconsin today? whats his

Local Aboriginal Group's Sustainability Push

Bashir just now "Do you want intervention in the bedroom or in the board room?"

This is the guy...

On anniversary of Soviet pull-out of Afghanistan Taliban tells NATO your next

GOP demands apology for Obama campaign manager's 'chimichanga' tweet

Incredible Photos of Dogs Underwater by Seth Casteel

Texas Lobbyists Collected $345 Million in 2011

Skinner stole my heart

Shocking Announcement!

Santorum Now Takes Lead in Ohio - Overflow Crowds Seen in Idaho

soaking up rays

Said on the TeeVee

Obama Campaign email: Get Your Free 2012 Obama-Biden sticker

BrentWil on DU: I hope you die in a fire or How serious do you take DU?

Obama celebrates return of jobs from China


Villaraigosa calls for open, accessible Democratic convention (LA Times)

Just when you think Bloomberg is as disgusting as he can be, he finds a new low.

Charles Pierce dissects little Ricky's Boise speech, the crystalline essence of politics gone mad

Why so many of us have no respect for politicians

Santorum/Super Tues, Whitney Houston & Jeremy Lin charts/aspects

A tragic fire that killed a dog breeder and her dogs.

CNN Poll: Obama approval rating back to 50% mark

Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive

Santorum: North Dakota could be terrorist target

Romney-Santorum Ad Wars Intensify in Michigan

time for a graphic: fascism, flag, bible, cross showing little Ricky's face on the main figure.

Just watched in person a car fire outside Starbucks

Brad Blog-Maine GOP Commits Massive Election Fraud in Caucuses; Paul Supporters Justifiably Outraged

Daily Kos: Operation Hilarity... Urging liberals and Dems to go out and vote for Rick...

So Santorum produced an ad depicting Mitt Romney as Rambo?

Santorum releases an ad where he is splattered with a frothy, brown sludge

Massachusetts: Joseph Kennedy III to Announce House Bid Thursday

Dreaming of Dresses: Transgender Books for Children

The chocolate bunnies are out!!!

What is the best Charity for Joplin, MO?

Waldo County Republicans call for censure of state GOP chairman after caucus controversy

Happy Birthday Cesar Romero!

What's the best re-build Joplin Charity?

The Road To Tehran Goes Through Damascus

Sun staff line up human rights challenge to News Corp inquiry team

Man on Dog vs Dog on Car . . . . wutta country.

Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny Chameleon. You come and go, you come and gooooooo.

Drone plane manufacturing industry is writing the legislation that governs their use in the US

Are any of you having trouble getting proceedures done?

About school lunches, nutrition and the like

Liberal Catholics challenge bishops on Obama's contraception rule

Chuck Norris to Chair National Rifle Association's "Trigger the Vote" Drive

Yet more racist restaurant receipts, this time with a repuke connection.

LynneSin Reviews: McDonald's Chicken McBites

CNN Poll: Obama Approval At 50, Leads All GOP Challengers

Gallup Aids GOP by Misrepresenting Poll on Small Business Hiring

Did anyone get to watch BO's speech today

Pressing On by Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir

Weirdly the economic crisis in Europe is helping the President politically.

Leak exposes how Heartland Institute works to undermine climate science

Corey Weissman Hits a Free Throw

US embassy to 'localise' Iraq operations

Honest question:

What Does Teaching Creativity Look Like?

Putting match to tinder

"Can I finish one conversation before I start another?" she asks.

OMFG!*!*! . . . . . DRONES . . . . . Call Congress Right Fucking Now

who is this gas bag whiner on Hardball?

Sharp rise in home owners taking in lodgers to beat the squeeze

Boehner defends payroll tax deal

Palin says if a brokered convention happens she would GET IN!!!!

One Man's Terrorist: Episode 1

US cracking down on dinner-interrupting marketing robocalls

Reality Check - GOP Maine Voter Fraud - 02/14/2012

Megadeth singer endorses Rick Santorum, calls Newt Gingrich ‘an angry little man’

George Monbiot: Nuclear vs Nuclear vs Nuclear

Santorum’s Campaign Really Just Made An Ad Where His Picture Is Splattered With Frothy, Brown Sludge

Vodka can boost problem solving and creativity, finds study

Laptop Dad turns down MSM cash, directs donations to Muscular Dystrophy Association.

So if Romney wins the general election does that mean

Faux Newz poll: Obama up by 8+ points over all GOP candidates in swing states.

Fox News And The Phony Koch Brothers Defense -

"The minute he put on those jeans, I knew he was a fake." From a dear friend

Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP — And It's Driving People Insane

Zimbabwe suspends NGOs as possible election looms

Question about lock messages in general (or maybe one specifically).

Automakers Are Getting Rid Of That New Car Smell

Brooks Patterson's power grab on hold for now

Female passengers say they are targeted:

Corrupt Pigs at the Trough-British Department of Health apologises over tax deals 'misunderstanding'

Rolling over the odometer

dogs against romney has a couple of companion sites

Honduras prison fire kills more than 350 inmates

5 Big Lies About the Phony 'War on Religion' - & Fox manufactures rift between Obama and Catholics

PPP Michigan -- blowout in the works: Obama 54, Rmoney 38.

Maybe the GOP could just have a shirt sleeve rolling contest...

ACLU: Domestic Workers Who Accused Diplomats of Human Trafficking Settle With Kuwaiti Government

Inevitability Of Obama's Re-election Emerging As A Media Meme

What a strange dream I had last night.

Koch Brothers Planning Effort To Turn Kids Into Climate-Change Deniers

Interwebs call for Laptop Dad to enter GOP race,

Nigel Farage, "I think we're heading for a revolution of some kind in Greece"

Luckovich Toon - Taking a break from job creation