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Archives: February 19, 2012

'Rapper Too Short, in XXL column, gives boys advice to 'turn girls out'

Report: Federal funding, not Mitt Romney, saved the 2002 Olympics.

Kerry op-ed on education

Senators Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman, CN,

Can Tesla Survive?

Danziger Toon on Issa

The "get me of here" link is too close to the "yes I will serve" link on mobile devices

Fedora 14

NASA Map Sees Earth's Trees in a New Light

Keiser Report: Rich guys totally observe you (E251)

I think i found a bug. I hope it's not a feature

Staghorn Coral Transplanted by Nova Southeastern University Researchers to Broward County Reef

MA-SEN: Scott Brown's own pollster disputes Suffolk University poll.

Digital tools 'to save languages'

Yes we can!

Hah! (found on facebook)

Manolis Glezos - 'overturn a rotten system'.

Doesn't Virginia's abortion law violate the new Federal definition of rape?

How Not to be Defensive When Accused of Transphobia (A Guide For Cis People)

Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year

Santorum: Mainline Protestant Churches Are in the Grip of Satan

Mitt Romney Didn't Know This Was Against The Law, Either, We Suppose . . .

Luckovich TOON - "Graphs"

How does someone become a jockey?

PPP polling preview: Romney closing in Michigan

U.S. to cut funds for water testing at beaches

Why Obama's the Least Socialistic President in Modern History (And That's a Shame)

Theocracy Comes to Virginia

Man, bed bugs REALLY suck

How Citibank Dumped Lousy Mortgages on the Government

Santorum believes that Obama believes in 'phony theology'

The average American uses less energy than in 1973

Santorum says the Mainline Protestantism

Drones Set Sights on U.S. Skies

What did you have for dinner tonight DU? We had roast beef sandwiches on a ciabatta, with old

Syria: High view of tanks; close-up of snipers

Rapper Too $hort urges sexual violence against middle school girls

Mother of pearl tells a tale of ocean temperature, depth

Stuff Cis People Say To Trans People

2 Justices suggest "Citizens United" ruling should be reconsidered in Montana Case

Climate Change Killing Yellow Cedar Trees In Alaska

Santorum does better among Evangelical protestants than with Catholics,

…Chemical Engineers Discover ‘Mini-Cellulose’ Molecule That May be Key to Maximizing Biofuel Produc…

Former nuclear worker, heart attack victim sues gov't over workers comp claim

What's wrong with religion is that it has always enabled people like...

I need a reading ASAP and I'm willing to pay for it :)

Toon- clamping down on rights

Obama up by 14 over Romney in Massachusetts...

Perry's Texas is lagging on health exchanges

On Bill Maher last night, Eliot Spitzer said that the GOP was splintered into three parties:

Climate change and the food supply: it’s not going to get any easier

Sexy tongue incident at Pizza Hut

religious truth

Has anybody read "Raylan" by Elmore Leonard? It is the book the series "Justified" is

Disturbing, ABC News Practicing For War on Iran (Just Like CBS in 1998 In Regards To Iraq)

Let's go dredge some gold from the Bering Sea, who's with me?

Once upon a time . . .

Republican Insiders begin to prepare for post MI primary meltdown

If you can spare it, take some time out

History of Iran & USA in 10 min, Every American must watch this!!

"I Am A Woman"

More photos of my Chihuahua

Climate Science Book Club: Can Knowledge Cure Denialism?

So what's wrong with Protectionism anyway?

After week dominated by women's health issues, Sunday show guests are 100% MALE

Bill Maher's Santorum Quote of the Week.

The Global Square: Call for Coders..

If someone is on your ignore list and they respond to you, do they show up in "my posts"

What are you reading the week of February 19, 2012?

Gov. Christie is endorsing a friend for U.S. Senate in NJ...

How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans

Wasilla High Covers Art Because it Looks Like Girl Parts

Latest in DNA analysis gains wider acceptance!

Just heard "Imagine" by John Lennon, wow. I have never felt we were further away from his dream

Puggles teach baby to chew.

Santorum supports assassinating scientists

I think Faux News has been going after Whitney this last week for the same reason


Free Access to Canadian Vital Records Until Feb. 20th

I discovered something about cats. My cat likes to head butt me when she is affectionate.

Santorum - Colleges Kill Religion, Indoctrinate Students

Weekly Address: Continuing to Strengthen American Manufacturing

Woman finds 'euthanized' dog alive with new owner

If you aren't white, it's your fault Pat Buchanan was fired

Business is back in big way for MN boat company

It's that time of month again...

Anyone for video of reptiles scaling vertical surfaces?

Thank you, Juror #1

OK, so Sharia law is out, but enforcing Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical law is OK?

So, on this post...

PPP Tweets: More bad news for Romney; Behind in WA and MI (still) No lead in AZ.

Interesting. Office of the POTUS should attract the very best - like Obama. But on the other side,

3 glasses of wine tonight! Feeling good!!

John Cleese as Robin Hood in Time Bandits. Because, that's why.

Nanoparticles in food, vitamins could harm human health

Duct-taped naked woman was only role playing, cops say

Sunday Talk Shows

Sending Love Letters

I want a full size 9mm with manual safety and decocker. Any Recs?

Ladies, if you please.

How frequently are folks being asked to serve on a jury?

Santorum would be a courageous and brilliant GE opponent, we should fear him.

Explain the key flaws

State by state speak your mind about...KANSAS

Kat Williams: The Pimp Chronicles part 1 is on Comedy Central

alright juror #4

Ex-employee sues Kenilworth operator [charter]

Pinal County Sheriff, one of Romney campaign chairs, resigns

What are you drinking/muching on right now. Me, coffee and Ranch Crispers. Baked.

Time To Go Politically Nuclear On The GOP

Mr. Boehner, Mr. McConnell -- Your table is ready...

Democrat Carol Blood Check Saves Bellevue, Ne $20,000 Scam(story and video)

Potato salad recipe (everyone's got one). This came out good -

The Sheriff that may have threaten his immigrant lover with deportation... Had resign as Romney's


Obama trails three of four Republican candidates in latest Iowa Poll

What is the scariest ride you have ever been on. I've been white water canoeing but

'Finished' Court IT Project to Cost State 100s of Millions for Years

Anyone ever play this?

Court rules U.S. airlines must comply with Emissions Trading Scheme

If having Store cards doesn't seem like a big deal to you read this.

What is the next thing you are going to watch on dvd? I have year two of Cougar Town. I loved year

What are you watching on Netflix?

What is the song you can sing the best? "Dreams" by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac.

TCM Schedule for Sunday, February 19 -- 31 DAYS OF OSCAR: FRANCE, DAY TWO

Someone was asking about guilty pleasures, TV shows. Mine is Angry Boys

AJE: Gaddafi's servant recounts final days (video & article)

Your NATO/G8 primer Interesting article about logistics and the protests

4 stats that show Apple alone could take out the US stock market gains to a large degree

Rick Santorum must read this group...

GOP Deceptions About Gas Prices

INFLATION: How Prices Have Boomed Since The Year 2000

Because it is this day and getting towards CLUB time. My friend..Little Richard!!!

Palestinian Villages May Soon Go Dark: Israeli Government To Remove Solar Panels And Wind Turbines

Ohio state House speaker jokes that Obama should be sent to jail

Photo of Panel in charge of Viagra distribution. Most wanted to hand out Aspirin.

Leaders of the Fuel Cell Pack

Next Tuesday is election day here in Sheboygan

How Not to be Defensive When Accused of Transphobia (A Guide For Cis People)

question about group policy here

Carbon Capture Innovation: Making an IMPACCT on Coal

Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic) has long history of Muslim-baiting & war-mongering (Iraq's WMD, etc)

Alley broke a bone on her left leg again today.

Should looks be off limits when discussing politicians?

state by state speak your mind about...kentucky

state by state about kentucky

Electrofuels: Tiny Organisms Making a Big Impact

News Technology Cybercrime War of the cyber worm: the most destructive attack on the internet

Nothing is broken!

Iranian rappers sing for people of Homs in Syria - English subtitles

"designing healthy communities"

Does it seem like you have to give personal information almost everywhere you go on the web now?

Mother Marianne's Sainthood Date Set: Ceremony Scheduled For Oct. 21

Two New Hurdles Hinder $18B Chevron Judgment

‘US thinks it can use Al-Qaeda temporarily in Syria’

Profile insight on a fundie


My HS best friend (circa 1971 )opened fire on sheriffs deputies earlier this week....

This almost 57 year old white guy wants 2012 to be even more of a year of the woman than 1992!

How do we get more men to vote for democrats?

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Saturday, February 18)

Here's the ultimate in "paying it forward": 60 Lives, 30 Kidneys, All Linked

NYT: An Ambivalent China Affirms the Charisma of the Dalai Lama

Uber-Cute otter picture from ABC news...

SNL: Michelle, Barack, And Joe Jamal-Biden Star In ‘The Obama Show’

Israel's ex-spy chief sees opportunity in Syria crisis

$20 Million Award in Rape Case

Let's get REALLY old school: Anyone else read GB Shaw's Getting Married (1911)?

Time for an election refresher course...

Fine! Sixteen hours on Amtrak in the lounge.

Claire McCaskill digging in to keep Senate seat (KC Star)

How do feminists present themselves? Can we discuss a minimum standard for discourse?

GOP Congressperson:

F1gur471v3ly 5p34k1ng? Good example of a Brain Study: If you can read this you have a strong mind

While bishops wage war on contraception, 48 Detroit area churches are set to close their doors.

Rich shouldn’t have to pay taxes, Santorum backer Friess says (& we should "honor & uplift" the 1%)

'The Queen of England'

Well, I've established that it is POSSIBLE to have a thread hidden for a pointlessly offensive title

California wildlife official in hot water over mountain lion hunt

I'm running out of tricks to teach my dog. What are some other new good ones?

Notre Dame MBB: Irish storm back in Philly

LAT: Fracking debate divides New York landowners

I think men should enter relationships assuming that women

George Carlin on Dogs and Cats

ROMBO REMIXED: Santorum - Google it! (A DC Douglas Tweak) - Funny

My cat is so bored with me she actually looks at me and sighs.

TOON: Tea Party Sue--a life without taking a cent from the government

Record £2.8m fine for chemical plant emissions shames oil giant ExxonMobil

Cop fired 40 days before retirement

'Anti-gay' book puts Gove at centre of faith school teaching row

How we all see President Obama

Noncitizen veterans protest possible deportation to Mexico

I am a small business owner looking for employment before my unemployment runs out on the contract I

Does anybody REALLY find Mitt more unlikeable than Rick or Newt?

See the latest 99% photos from Occupy Marines

Obama opens up 9 point lead on Romney nationally (Harris Poll)

"Obama is not a brown-skinned, anti-war socialist who gives away free healthcare.

AP Exclusive: al-Qaida links with SE Asia fraying

Exclusive - Algeria seizes missiles smuggled from Libya - source

Cuba eyes Americas Summit place, but not OAS return

Herschel telescope 'in last year' (BBC)

Three gifs and a tweet...

Personhood law passes Oklahoma Senate; DU crossreference/links.

A late night idea for Occupy.

Has Jim Demint still prevented USA aid to go to Hatai?? I just found this and it made me weep.

Stand by for the dirtiest French poll for decades

Gendercide: The War on Baby Girls Has Gotten a Whole Lot Worse

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Dirty Martini Edition

Product Review: Quorn Vegan Burgers (Plus a strange question)

A late-at-night idea for Virginia

Robert Wallace, one of the nation's last ‘Buffalo Soldiers,’ dies at 91

Wisconsin: Senate moderates propose constitutional change to make redistricting nonpartisan

Longtime Birmingham radio host Patti Wheeler dies

Bwaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahha Rmoney has a gay immigration problem

Wisconsin: League of Conservation Voters - legislature irrational repeal of wetland protection

Wisconsin: Teachers getting more cuts to health insurance

I'll tell ya what scares Pat Buchanan in the middle of the night...

How the Iran Nuclear Standoff Looks From Russia: Dmitri Trenin

Are you 1 in a million? Awesome new shirt design from American Fed of Teachers Local 212

Remember, Julian Assange is to appear on the Simpsons tonight

The Hidden Crisis: Kids put out "like trash" just for being gay

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Feb 19th

How is the quest for low cost health insurance coverage

All this talk about the Church and contraception makes me recall the well-worn joke:

Your alert has been sent

WE Spoke Out and THEY Finally Listened!

Why The Right Is Wrong About Saving Detroit

The Economic Conversation Fox News Doesn't Want To Have

Politico article: Voting Rights Act under siege

Fox News Resumes Perennial Gas Price Charade

IMHO: Issa's hearing and all the contrception coverage really educated me about some things

Twitter bomb anyone?

UP! 8am ET. Another great panel.

Japan's nuclear evacuees denied Canadian refuge

Another side of a legend

Oil price surge could dampen global recovery

Romney "earmarked" his way through 2002 Olympics: Santorum

B'Tselem reports sharp increase in the numbers of Palestinian being held in administrative detention

Pakistan-Afghanistan talks 'end in acrimony'

North Korea threatens South Korea over drills

Enemies, a hate story

The Telegraph: Germany drawing up plans for Greece to leave the euro

Hitler had son with French teen

why aren't vasectomies controversial?

How the Stinking Rich Ate the Economy

Scarborough screws up in Palm Beach...LOL

Question for the wonderful Ladies at DU....

Attacks paid for by big business are 'driving science into a dark era'

The first 'hybrid' car. Not the Prius. The 1920 Owen Magnetic:

Paul Krugman - Moochers Against Welfare

Vaccine developed to protect against norovirus or 'winter vomiting bug'

Yoo Hoo John McCain! How do you like him now?

Last Gift: Chevy Apache Pick-up 10 Reasons to Thank Obamacare

Teen Pregnancy is Higher in Red States Than in Blue States

You Don't Own Me

Paul Krugman Blog- Austerity and Growth

Can I promote my friends' zine collection here?

Up w/Chris Hayes

Auth Toon- The Gospel according to Santorum

Tony Auth: The Gospel According to Santorum

Just Don’t Call Her Che

Sunday's Doonesbury - "Asking Typical Voters about Newt"

Arizona sheriff quits Romney campaign amid accusations

Why Obamacare is good for America

Michael Kinsley: For president, no experience needed

Rove on Faux newz Sunday desperately pushing the sky is still falling.

Is capitalism bankrupt?

Lawmaker demands Homeland Security stops Internet spying

Best organizations for promoting women's rights via US law?

I am so much the loser for falling in love with someone on the TV

A rising tide lifts all... oh, never mind...

The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever

I've got your stimulus right here

NYT's Nate Silver: Why Obama will embrace the 99%

Swedish man says he survived two months in snow-buried car

Ayatollah Santorum Excommunicates Obama

Starbucks CEO: Washington fails on job creation

Israeli Strike On Iran 'Not Prudent,' Gen. Martin Dempsey Says

U.S. May Achieve Energy Independence This Decade, Citigroup Says

Daily Kos- You don't own me (Re: Birth Control)

Santorum Suggests Obama Is A ‘Phony’ Christian

Arizona & Arpaio in Federal Court

break a leg! ... but only if you have a universal single public payer health insurance plan ;)

Seriously, WTF did Googs say?

Santorum Calls For-Federally empowered political commissars to CONTROL our children's education!

Another Tea Partier caught with his pants down

Hunter, founder of Conservation Hawks compares climate change to being charged by a bear

What Conservatives Really Want - by George Lakoff

NEWT! CALLISTA! HERMAN! Adulterer, Mistress, Sexual Predator! SUN-day! Funny Cars!

Iran Oil Ministry: Exports cut to Britain, France

Iron Mine Permitting in WI, or how Sen. Fitzgerald acts like fool for King George

Feng Shui ritual for upcoming Pisces/Neptune/Chiron new moon

"Huh?" - Is Everglades Country unknown territory to Morning Joe?

Cantor Can’t Explain Why Americans Oppose GOP Agenda

NASA: Albert Einstein’s Cosmic Speed Limit

How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans

Santorum says pre-natal screenings are bad.

Report: UK anti-terror plan to sweep up email, phone, online records

Did you hear about the Big Foot TRacker accident?

Ayatollah Santorum Excommunicates Obama, Mainstream Protestants

Portraits of Hunger

mooncircle on upcoming Pisces/Neptune/Chiron new moon

BRAC is back: Congress members representing Texas oppose idea of more closings

A defector in Aleppo talks about the explosions carried out by Air force Intelligence #Syria

Santorum attacks Romney over the 2002 Olympics

I see what the GOP is trying to do. Cowards!

The sobering truth about...

World-famous eagle lays new egg

Remembering Richmond Barthé

Smoke Screens And Enormous Lies, Boehner And The XL Pipeline

Indiana Senate To Vote On Bill To Withdraw From Medicare, Medicaid And Other Federal Health Programs

Santorum: Obama is CULLING the Disabled through Abortion

Why are taxpayers paying for Viagra? Where is the Catholic hierarchy's outrage about this?

Gray wolf sparks debate between hunters, advocates

Ron Paul says US `slipping into a fascist system'

Today in Labor History: Weekend Edition Feb 17-18-19

United Airlines should restore pensions, sign on here for message to PBGC.

Northern Wisconsin Chippewa tribes might use treaties to halt or slow proposed mine

Melissa Harris Perry show this a.m. is EXCELLENT

McD: Don’t pack heat in national parks (McDermott - D Washington)

Sarah Palin "grateful" for prenatal testing

Cannabis and The Pill: A gift to mankind...

Great pic of Bill and Hillary floating around Reddit

Governor Gashole's Cutbacks to close Western Pennsylvania camp for disabled

Aspirin ineffective in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease

catholic food shelf rejects food from planned parenthood

catholic food pantry rejects food from planned parenthood

Whitney "took to drugs and drinks because she was hiding her true sexuality"

Little Prince Reibus was on Mike Goushe and said we have 10 electoral votes

Despite Walmart and Starbucks divided we stand. By Colin Woodard

Want Fran Drescher to Officiate Your Gay Wedding?

Please Republican voters stay crazy

NOT A PNAC MOMENT - Tunisia FM to Syria: stop the open killing of innocent and civilian people

Does The Bible Forbid Birth Control?

Reader on NYT makes great point about gas prices

A REAL PNAC MOMENT - Neocons send letter to Obama (NOT a neocon)

Biden's guest column in my local paper today!

sunday talk shows exclude women, again

sunday talk shows exclude women, again

NOT A PNAC MOMENT - Syria 'disintegrating under crippling sanctions'

Bachmann: Any woman is entitled to as many corn dogs as she wants.

what came after the Underground Railroad?

Hunger striker shines light on Israeli detention policy

U.S. Fueling Human Rights Abuses in Colombia in Violation of Its Own Laws

Small arms foster social turmoil Illegal trafficking disrupts African communities, spreads crime

Ah, what a loverly day to battle "Comrade Cosmoline"

Heartland Institute threatens to sue anyone who comments on leaked documents

with everything else going on, did I miss the dem males in congress raising their voices against

Al Hunt: Obama campaign still thinks Romney is the "likely nominee"

"Let Us Prey" Republicans Rewrite The Bible

scoring the global war on terror

I think you've mistaken freedom of religion...



Challenges to Wisconsin Recall Resemble Tea Party "Voter Caging" Scheme

Why We'll Still Be Fighting About Birth Control 100 Years From Now

Anyone else get H2?

CNN:Nuclear Regulatory Commission says accident models could be amiss

Satirical video of Corbett's budget cuts to education

Joy Behar and the GOP’s newest Shiny Object

“The earth will move again in California, and the bridge must stay intact.”

NOT A PNAC MOMENT - China Says It Supports Arab League’s Proposals

4 Signs the American Spring May Be Coming to Chicago

Greece: From Despair to Resistance

Thomas Jefferson vs. GOP

7 Words

What Planet Is Santorum From: “The Earth is not the objective, man is the objective"


2012 map, the western strategy

A few images from a walk in Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

But wait....only 19 left...

El Paso Mayor John Cook wins recall appeal (Good ruling - he stood with LGBT)

Transformers meets metal

Santorum: Mainline Protestants Are ‘Gone From The World Of Christianity’

KU researchers to test a male partner for ‘The Pill’

Occupy Koch town

Is there a good time coming up to take a test?

'Jacuzzi vents' model CO2 future (BBC)

NOT A PNAC MOMENT - Syria intervention 'very difficult': top US general

Media Matters: Neocon Arguments For Iran War Are Tired Cliches

Let's face it...

Where were the bishops when Troy Davis died?

Harriet Tubman's Descendants Draw Strength From The Matriarch's Legacy

A push to train more primary-care doctors (LA Times)

Dog reasoning

I am putting this on my car.

Alabama will shut down most of its mental health hospitals by early 2013.

I was looking into Sex Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, then got all upset

Goldman Sachs Admits Record Speculation To Blame For Skyrocketing Gas Prices

Respect for Rights of Conscience Act

Darwin, 1942: Remembering Australia's 'Pearl Harbor' (BBC)

You go Paul Ryan on MSNBC now .... Doubling down on the war on women's rights.

Six spins on GOP congresscreeps

and once again a Guns forum poster shows their colours

Anyone else get H2O?

Spanish protest against spending cuts and changes to labour rights

Don't say "pregnant". . .

Toon -Comeback Advice for Mittens

NEWT: "You can't put a gun rack on a Volt."

The case for publicly owned Internet service

Questions to Ask Medical School Deans

Every Sperm is Sacred

Physicists Create a Working Transistor From a Single Atom

V for Vendetta

Three words to scare you half to death.

Singing Foreclosure Protesters Occupy Queens Courtroom

Are we all just helpless victims?

Payroll tax cut undermines Social Security's security

Ah, Mr. Santorum, one quick question please;

Will Michigan absentee ballots be the ace in Santorum's sleeve?

The Hercules' Club

Thousands protest Spain's new labor reforms

Pinkwashing gone mad

Major soy producer in Paraguay apologizes for comments on women, farmworkers

Earthquake map -- Focus on Japan

PHOTOS: HEY! My Jack In The Box BLT Bacon Cheeseburger didn't look that way in the AD.

Republicans escalate war on women - Shannyn Moore in the Anchorage Daily News

My Fallen Star (A.K.A. Sixty Bucks??!!)

2 Senators Suggest Helping Syrian Rebels

CHART OF THE DAY: American Per-Capita Sugar Consumption Hits 100 Pounds Per Year

Obama’s Plan to Save the Military From Cuts—at the Expense of Domestic Programs


Cats and puppies

Westboro Idiots Lie About Protesting Whitney Houston's Funeral

Alzheimer's research advances, but not nearly enough

Chavín de Huantar: The Ancient Peruvian Site was Built to Create Ceremonial Sounds

Chavín de Huantar: The Ancient Peruvian Site was Built to Create Ceremonial Sounds

ROVEstradamus: Chances of a GOP late entry / brokered convention "as remote as having life on Pluto"

Bonds Backed by Mortgages Regain Allure

Chavín de Huantar: The Ancient Peruvian Site was Built to Create Ceremonial Sounds

British or Swedish mystery genre dvds..

On Being Homeless.

Iraq gun and bomb attacks hit Baghdad and Baquba

Chávez to Capriles: You cannot avoid confrontation

Bosnia lessons for Syria

Bob Schieffer And Santorum Clash Over His Belief That Prenatal Care Leads To Abortions

When Santorum discusses Whitney Houston's death, it's a FINE line between Froth Boy and Fred Phelps.

Who Invented the Microprocessor?...Hyatt v. Patent Office

The Sham that was the Opposition Primaries

Locally-Grown Foods Account for Less than 2% of Total Sales in U.S.

The Sham that was the Opposition Primaries

A TeaBagger just rang our doorbell

Oldie but goodie

A Journey Inside Venezuela's Food Revolution

Venezuela pays Exxon USD 250 mn for nationalized assets

This is one of my favorite Whitney Videos

Greece is being destroyed by 'respectable' fanatics

Kafkaesque ordeal: Innocent Canadian arrested at U.S. border

Is the War on Drugs Worth Waging?

Lindsey LoBlow {5} vs. Juana Chingaso {52}

David Koch intends to cure cancer in his lifetime and remake American politics

Before they can speak, babies make friends: study

The War on Drugs falsely inflates population numbers in conservative areas

Mexican Coca Cola...yay or nay?

Jim Davis has replaced Garfield

Mahler Megasymphony: Marshalling the Troops

Attention NRA enthusiasts tank for sale. Excellent condition...

Seven Million Flags Raised in Libya to Celebrate Freedom, Democracy

Whitney Houston and moving beyond tragic narratives for women

National Climate Center - Australia: Rainfall By Decile, January 1997 - December 2012

"Massive & Unprecedented Slaughter" Of Cameroon Elephants - Calves Dying Of Hunger & Thirst

Why does Scott Brown need signatures to get on the ballot?

University of Arizona has a new President, Ann Weaver Hart. Cartoon welcoming her to Arizona:

Best Single Climate "Debate" Graphic I've Ever Seen

Peru: Protestors March For Water

"For those who don't understand how fully observable, precinct-based, Election Night hand-counting

The Ecologist: Fukushima: The Social Impacts Of A Nuclear Disaster

U. British Columbia Study: Ocean Acidification May Turn Climate "Winners" Into Losers

Control Of Canadian Scientists At "Incredible Extremes"; May Need Privy Council OK To Speak To Press

Hexavalent Chromium In Most Coachella Valley Drinking Water Supplies @ 150 to 1,000X State Limits

A computer science career that almost happened...

Okey-dokey what better on a Sunday than pictures of real never before seen monsters?

Don't Worry! Firing Top TN Environment Agency Officials, Laying Off Dozens Will "Streamline" Things

USFS Study: Warming Climate Killing Alaska's Mighty Yellow Cedar Trees - MSNBC

"The Republican American Population Explosion Act"

Texas Judge Fights Back Against Hate From Newt Gingrich And The Christian Right

What is the proper place for religion in Britain's public life?

Any other competition shooter out there?

Audiophiles-some advice, please?

Iceland's Viking Victory (How to tell the banksters to go fuck themselves and win)

Homemade Ketchup

Arising to the Interconnectedness of Life? A Buddhist Perspective on the Occupy Movement

The full story of David Cameron's visit to Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Tom Brady Cruelly Consolidates Power...

Obama Campaign Takes On Santorum: ‘Phony Theology’ Comment ‘Over The Line’

Panel Chosen to Discuss Viagra Distribution

The Jeremy Lin Problem

Looks like another "men only" show on Morning Joe tomorrow, folks!

So what is up with this new Des Moines Register Poll

Can you solve this puzzle?

Post one of your Arizona pictures. {part 2} Better if it's yours, but any Arizona picture will work.

Monsanto Attacks Farmers for NOT Planting Non-GMO Corn, Makers of Genetically Modified Seed Say

The 'Undue Weight' of Truth on Wikipedia

Another ND by a cop

Is Marriage Equality a Campaign Issue?

The Gay Marriage Parade

"Light pot smoking easy on lungs"

DU has raised $598 & $250 match in 6 days for Omaha Steve for Bellevue, Ne City Council!!!

3 dead, up to 8 missing in Wash. avalanche

The BRADY ratings are out!!!!

Pls Help! My computer re-assigned names so the USB port is now called

Mormons know welfare

Poll: Santorum Leads Romney Nationally by Eight Points

Chicago's Field Museum has opened a rare display of mummies from its own collection

IAEA Visit May Be Iran’s Chance to Stem War Concerns Over Nuclear Program

Israeli Attack on Iran Would Be Destabilizing: Dempsey

If you're going to worship a fictional god, you might as well pick one that's kick-ass!

Egypt-U.S. Rift May Imperil IMF Funding as Reserves Threaten Currency Run

Rick Santorum's Political and Biblical Mistake - Huffpo

Democratic House, Senate Committees Out-Raise Republicans in January

Education can solve religion-science conflicts - report from AAAS meeting

Rural Montana voters critical to winning 2012 election races

Santorum: "SECOND Amendment there to protect First Amendment".

Uncle Sam, Global Gangster


Presidential Audience: Bill Clinton courtside for Heat-Magic game

CNN’s Dana Loesch Thinks A Forced Trans-Vaginal Probe Is Just Like Sex (AUDIO)

Lord James of Blackheath--behind the curtain

President Obama, as Chief Executive, is in charge of the DOJ (Proof inside)

You could have picked my jaw up off the floor

A modest proposal: Live, one-hour reproductive education course on national TV. Would it work?

Never thought about making homemade English Muffins

Poll: Obama Would Lose Iowa

You just CAN'T get away from the azzholes...

The GOP choice: Dog on car candidate vs man on dog candidate.

Every Bart Simpson Chalkboard Quote To Date

Sun on Sunday to launch next week

History lesson on American relations w/ Iran:War is Imminent + CNN's Erin Burnett:Worst of the Worst

Obama Team Revolutionizing Voter Records

The Colbert Report Returning To Production Tomorrow

The "Tea Party," as they are viewed and as they really are.

A group of AAs meet Michele Obama

The 2012 Political Animal Awards (Will Durst)