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Archives: February 2, 2012

Jersy Mike's Subs is a big Susan G. Komen supporter.

R.I.P. Don Cornelius

My Glass Mosaic Art: the first website I've ever made.

San Diego Komen Race for the Cure Email Address

Worst offenders should be given rope to hang themselves with: Canadian Tory Senator

It's the DemocratIC Party, dickwad.

Save Heidi! Petition Website

Contraceptive Mandate Is Not About Religious Liberty, It’s About Female Liberty

Former Arab League observer speaking about the report of the mission in Syria

Tweety: "WATCH for him going for VP. THAT'S what he wants, on Romney's ticket."

Two Aunts dead to breast cancer and a third whose cancer has come back...Komen's decision hurts

I am watching the Annie Oakley episode fo The American Experience

Mitt Romney glitter bombed, calls it confetti

We will NEVER give the poor what they NEED. We will ALWAYS give the rich what they WANT.

Maddowblog: Vitter boasts about Komen move


Studio releases TEASER promo still from the upcoming graywarrior bio pic. CAUTION: GRAPHIC!

U.N. Chief Urges Israel To Halt Settlements

Are there better organizations than the Komen Foundation?

Polling Shows Obama Heading For Huge Victory Over Romney

Super volcanoes 'may be predicted' (BBC)


Newt Slams Romney's 'Very Poor' Comments

Romney Glitter-Bombed....Twice.

Moonset over the Atlantic Ocean [video] - NASA

Are number theory and set theory the only branches of math where speaking of truth is permitted?

First Born (2007)

MO Dem Senators are filibustering

Sugar tax needed, say US experts (BBC)

Jobs in U.S. auto parts industry at risk due to subsidized and unfairly traded Chinese auto parts

Otto von Bismarck voice recording released (BBC)

Brent Glut Sends Most North Sea Cargoes to Asia Since 2004

"Car Talk" on NPR fans?

Trumpets of outrage in the outback (BBC)

Guess what? Done my taxes today and got 400 bucks more than last year. Standard deduction

Florida Man Adopts girlfriend to Protect His Wealth From Lawsuit

{Not so-}Contraceptive pill recalled in US (BBC) {Pfizer}

The Greenest Building is the One Already Standing...

What forums/groups/whatever are posted on the Latest Threads,

Ed has a great show tonight starting with Josh Fox

SNOOKI: I'm NOT Pregnant And Stop Calling Me Fat!

Senator Padilla (CA) taking off his pink tie - YAY

The killer ad against Romney.

Space Cats

Southern Poverty law Center suing VA over same sex marriage benefits...

why pick a fight with Catholics right now?

“Anonymous” Reveals Close Ties Between Ron Paul And Neo-Nazis

I just had another (28th? 29th?) email read on TV-by Jack Cafferty:

Pakistan must co-operate with NATO, Peter MacKay says

BREAKING NEWS: Trump to Endorse Newt Gingrich Tomorrow

Taco Bell was behind latest salmonella outbreak that sickened 68 people in 10 states last fall

Ed: Arizona is Wisconsin on steroids! Guest coming up -- this is important! nt

Josh Fox's Statement after being arrested for filming a public congressional hearing. 2/1/12

From Keith O, facebook:

'Strip club' bill approved in 395-27 House vote

Scientists say sugar is as toxic as alcohol – and there should be a drinking age for soda

This message was self-depleted by its aquifer.

Holder on the hot seat tomorrow....

How are Romney's Comments on the Poor any better "In Context" ?

Medicare Advantage's enrollment is up; premiums are down - GOP WRONG AGAIN ..LOL

PA. Legislature's Delay in Enacting Gas Extraction Fee/Tax Has Cost PA. $301 million so far

If you donated to Planned Parenthood today, join us!

Will you still be pro-life after she's born?

Is Newt Gingrich the New Religious Right?

Big Ed is again on fire

There is nothing in my heart - that is how I love you

My cross-post from Help & Meta-discussion here about Christians:

""fat ass" is pretty mild"

Celtics up by 22 at the half...

Petition in my email from Working Families: Congress Arrests Anti-Fracking Activist

My grandson thought Romney had 4 wives!

Has anyone else endured nerve damage, ( numbness, tingling, weakness, etc, ) in their hands

Komen’s cutting Planned Parenthood funds was a mistake

Boycott And End The Right Wing Komen Foundation - Fire The VP

CMHC curbs mortgage insurance offerings to banks

Blonde alert results

A question for teachers: What do you think of cameras in the classroom?

Service Dog's Licks Save Owner's Life

Revealed: China’s ‘Rhino Horn Cancer Treatment’ Scheme

Teachers seek special session to stop school cuts

is asking a black man to dance a "jig" racist?

GOP fundraising ads???

The very poor gaffe = Romney's Bittergate?

Washington State's Senate debates and votes on marriage equality bill tonight

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

What kind of crazed lunatic thinks a bunch of cells with NO nervous system has a "soul?"

If anyone is married to a cheater ---


Michelle Obama Does Push Ups with Ellen

Factbox: The wealthy behind presidential campaign

Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism

So Mitt Romney's campaign looked around at Gingrinchs' campaign success and stole.....

All-out war on working people

Rep. Speier Pulls Support From Breast Cancer Foundation Over Decision

Perry PAC's $1 million donor got help with nuke waste dump

Is the Florida Primary NOT OVER?????

Brockovich's efforts in Le Roy halted where 15 students suffer from Tourette's-like symptoms

MedicalAdmin is dying, he needs all the vibes you got.

Here's how I decided to donate to Planned Parenthood...

Self Deportation

Sen. Sanders Supports Buffett Rule

It's WEDNESDAY!! Now, somebody argue with THAT.

This Bush ad from 2004 was very effective in Ohio.

My new LOL creation.

Better Living Through Permaculture: Permaculture and Social Convention

I'm surprised that Republicans are upset over Romney's "very poor" comment.

Better Living Through Permaculture: Permaculture and Social Convention

If a Republican said it, and you have to ask whether it's racist...

Better Living Through Permaculture: Permaculture and Social Convention

FBI Raids Wrong Apartment--Takes Chainsaw to Wrong Door, Holds Wrong Woman at Gunpoint

Sharron Angle To Endorse Rick Santorum

Just watched Ruby Bridges movie by Disney

Steve SCHMIDT to Rachel: "The prez is a POLARIZING figure" = BLACK n/t

Video Shows NYPD Brutally Beating a Teenager

Facebook Photos Doomed Workers' Comp Claim

Romney has raised $500,000 today, Obama has already passed him today. Obama has $700,000...

Can you tell the difference between 1 1/2 gallons and 2,300 gallons?

Best microwaved sweet potato evah! Or....

An iPad 3 wish list:

Citing known right-wing sources for "proof" of a point is now permissible here?

I mean this seriously: What do you think of Facebook?

I didn't fall off the face of the earth!

Dylan Ratigan: 'Greedy Bastards' Pt. 1

Dylan Ratigan: 'Greedy Bastards' Pt. 2

Video Shows NYPD Brutally Beating a Teabagger...

TOON: Romney's Gift to Democrats

Romney to stop playing K’Naan’s song

Alabama immigration crackdown costs state up to $11 bln: study

Conservatives Do Massive Facepalm Over Romney’s ‘Very Poor’ Gaffe

NASA orbiter gives glimpse of moon's far side

New transportation bill creates safety concerns over bigger rigs

A musical request for my birthday

Police arrests six in Occupy Sydney protest site raid

What's for Dinner? ~ Thursday ~ February 2nd!

He is very bitey...

Labor Unions Blast Democratic Senate Leaders For Making An Anti-Union Deal With Senate Republicans

Chris Rock Not Opposed To Raising His Taxes: 'I'm Going To Lose The Money No Matter What'

David and Lisa on TCM at 12:15 a.m.

Indecision 2012 - Pander Express

Alabama Senator: Increasing Teacher Pay Is Unbiblical (But I Need A Raise)

Is Obama Intentionally Driving Republicans Crazy?

Are there any neuropathy patients here?

Push-ups: First Lady Michelle Obama vs. Ellen DeGeneres

Heads up! Lawrence O'Donnell has a story on Romney's tax returns next

How is Crate-gate going to impact Mitt in the general election?

Howard Dean Statement on the Komen Foundation Pulling Funding for Planned Parenthood

Obligatory lounge kitty picture post..

I've lived here in my apartment now, for 20 years.

Kali has been named "Mother of the Year" 6 years in a row... but keep in mind this IS Arizona.

Cellphone evolution (don't get me started on "cellphone creationists"):

Not "Waiting for Godot"... but "Waiting for Girlscout":

"Every party needs a poop purr, that's why we invited you purr... PARTY POOP PURR!!!!"

MiddleFingerMom is an EXCELLENT kisser... and he gets his underwear at K-Mart.

MiddleFingerMom had MORE than his fair share of smart-assed doctors.

Call a couple of hours ago from a night owl German friend who follows our Politics

Occupy Detroit Successfully Saves Home For Couple Facing Eviction

Mitt Romney Attacks Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement Commemorating Black History Month

Jesse Jackson Predicts ‘Somebody Shoot[ing] An AK-47 In The White House’ As A Result Of GOP Criticis

(Oakland) Occupy airs complaints, vows to keep up pressure

have I woken up in a parallel universe,where womens',workers',civil rights are disappearing?

RIP Angelo Dundee

Live video: Washington State Senate debates same-sex marriage bill

Howard Dean: Komen foundation caves to pressure in barring Planned Parenthood funding

"Making a gaffe" in the Republican Lexicon

‘Poor’ Quote by Romney Joins a List Critics Love

Marriage Equality passes Washington State Senate!

Very strange news tonight -

PBGC on The Last Word

Washington State Senate passes marriage equality

bottling bourbon

The Washington state Senate just passed same-sex marriage.

Rick Santorum Tells Sick Kid Market Should Should Set Drug Prices /////Are they this stupid?

MAKE IT GO VIRAL: Show The World What You Think Of This Terrible Decision

Environmentalism without answers: A Search for the Meaning of Life

Is there anyone else here joining in the fun?

FLASHBACK: Indiana’s Last ‘Right-To-Work’ Law Failed So Badly It Was Repealed Eight Years Later


Mark Levin attacks Ann Coulter for being a "Romney Zombie"

One Company That's Possibly Even More In Bed With Our Government Than Wall Street

Moral bankruptcy

So is Mitt's statement about "not focusing on the poor" but "on the middle class" a dog whistle to

Rep. Rangel To Eric Bolling: Govt. Work Helps Minorities Because The Private Sector Is More Racist

If they want a Wisconsin style backlash in Arizona, I'll be down with that.

Antigay Group in Tizzy Over Two Grooms

Did I hear this correctly?

Middle-class this, middle-class that, WHAT ABOUT US POOR PEOPLE???

Has anyone seen any polling data or news on the Nevada Caucuses

Passing the Buck, Or Robbing Peter and Paul?

Port of Longview, ILWU and EGT Agree on Settlement 0digg

Your feedback on Know Before You Owe: Student Loans

Toons: Groundhog Newt, Mud Wars, Gutter Politics and More. - 2/1/2012

When discussing taxing the rich, how do they miss this point? If the military

Does Newt hate Romney enough...

Does anyone have one of the new-model Mac Minis?

Mitt Romney accuses Barack Obama of not understanding the American spirit

Join Arizona Workers in Solidarity

Planned Parenthood raises $400,000 in 24 hours

Why should Romney care about the poor?

Is the average GOP Primary Voter a Racist and Homophobe?

What speeches have you given in your life? I'm no public speaker but I gave a speech

Romney, Newt & Rick Are Showing The Country What Obama Has Had To Deal With For The Last 3 Years

Bomb kills 6, wounds 71 in Colombia

Jon Stewart’s Jaw Drops At Romney Not Being ‘Concerned About The Very Poor’ - video link

TrailBlazers 92 - Bobcats 48, at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The Life and Death of Democracy by John Keane

Forget the Komen Foundation - join the Army of Women

Things that CANNOT screen for breast cancer versus things that can

I am a Democrat because there are two viable political parties in America.

Hello. I did not know this group was here.

Angelo Dundee, Muhammad Ali's trainer, dead at 90.

Police: Entire NYC building was pot farm

Baby to mother at Minnesota Romney rally: You'd really hand my future to THAT guy?

Hannemann Ahead in Hawaii CD2 Race For Cash

Every sunrise a painting: Brain-tumor survivor’s daily ritual

GAB doesn't want to publish recall signatures because of privacy issues....

Pic Of The Moment: Trump To Endorse Gingrich

Shadrack McGill, Alabama State Senator, Says Keeping Teacher Pay Low 'A Biblical Principle'

Groundhog Day!

Oil drilling off California coast approved by House panel

Ferry Sinks Off Papua New Guinea With 350 Aboard

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks Constitution, Women And Liberty On Egyptian TV

Syrian Defector: More Guns, Less Gandhi

EXCLUSIVE-US, allies exploring prospects for Assad exile

West holds back on Tibet - analysts

Islam critic backs out of West Point cadet event

Dobson makes surprise appearance at Santorum event

Singling Out Islam: Newt Gingrich's Pandering Attacks

Romney family dog ran away after drive to Canada.

Maverick Buddhist nun dedicated to helping the needy and homeless

On Mountains

Excellent poster from our local Occupy

Huckabee: Romney was only opponent to not call on the night of 2008 Iowa caucus.

John Boehner: Time For Government To Stop Helping Homeowners

Guide to the Main Players in the ever-expanding FBI Walkergate “John Doe” Investigation

I've thought of a better song than 'Eye Of the Tiger' for Newt's grand entrance...

Has there been any word on Alien Girl?

Russia holds firm against military intervention in Syria

The Influence Industry: Obama’s ban on lobbyist bundlers has unclear prospects

Justice official says congressional deadline for more Fast and Furious documents ‘impossible to meet

OWS isn't a Relevant Movement to Change Society and May Hurt Us More then It Helps Us

Could Wales leave the United Kingdom?


Connect the Dots

Report: Poorest families hit 1000 times harder than rich by Michigan tax changes

Republicans push to stop automatic U.S. spending cuts

US: Proposed Rules Would Save Child Farmworker Lives

A portrait of our canine princess, Yuuko

Key & Peele: Obama's anger translator

My alma mater has established gender-free restrooms!

Lawmaker: teacher raises against "biblical principle" (Jesus's own mother called him Teacher)

Hey, I'm looking for writers interested in helping me out

MFM started perfecting his techniques for romance at a very early age

Offbeat Traveler: Heart-shaped islands around the world

French court fines Google France 500,000 Euros for gratis Maps

Race and the liberation of Dachau

Planned Parenthood: $400,000 in 24hrs.

Thom Hartmann w/Brad Friedman: Gingrich campaign - Election Fraud?

Treasure hunter says he found $3B WWII wreck

Ancient tablet may contain world’s oldest ‘Yo Mama’ joke, along with sex and beer humor

Company Banned in Effort to Protect Foreign Students From Exploitation

Colombian spy agents barred from service for wiretapping Supreme Court

Monument for black Revolutionary War patriots readied for Senate consideration

A New 9/11 Investigation - Coming to a Theater Near You?

LOL!! Sen. Mitch McConnell: Obama got 'everything he wanted' from the Senate. Really, Mitch?

Keiser Report: Starving the Economy (E243)

150 years later, Dakota war wounds still cut deep

Why doesn't the Komen Foundation sever ties with Bank of America?

In search of slave clothes: A museum director’s hunt for a painful symbol

LA Times: Slain border agent's family alleges lies over ATF gun program

(UK) New immigration policy favours the wealthy, say critics

Philippine military 'kills three wanted militants'

Hearing on Mississippi pardons delayed until next week

Accused Fort Hood shooter seeks court-martial delay

US Adds 120 Billion In Debt Since Debt Ceiling Hike Friday,310 Billion More On Deck In Next 2 Months

Will the media ever call out Trump for his Birther investigator lies?

The phrase "THIS President"

Joseph Smith, the "White Horse Prophecy", and Mitt Romney

OMG...I can't stop

You want to see something funny???

Earliest known copy of the 'Mona Lisa' (re-)discovered in Spain

Black History Month: Debunking the 10 biggest myths about black history

Senate panel rejects in-state tuition for children of non-citizens

AP Exclusive: US No-Fly list doubles in 1 year

'Where Is the Uprising from the Left?' DER SPIEGEL Interview with Francis Fukuyama

Senator booted off budget panel over privatization

The N.Y.P.D. Clamps Down on Jazz...

Happy Groundhog Day!

[LBN] A suggestion for 'real' LBN

During Super Bowl, for 30 Seconds, 2 Mayors Will Be on Same Side (Updated to add video)

'Super PACs' largely funded by a wealthy few

Hi ya'll :)

Bravo Indiana Workers and pro-union protesters

Australian 'home birth advocate' dies while delivering her second child at home

Michelle Obama promotes healthy eating at Inglewood store site

Secular Reproduction

A meeting of hearts if not minds

The Queen of 'vicious verbal attacks' complains about GOP attacking each other - LOL

Obama vs. Bill Clinton approval at this point in their Presidencies

Kyrgyz Religious Hatred Trial Throws Spotlight On Ancient Creed

Heh, local weatherman just gave the forecast.

Punxsutawney Phil webcam

Another great cartoon that says it all.

OK this is obscene - fuck the rich

Pakistan gets trade waiver for European Union markets

France and Italy give green light to high-speed rail link

Chemo brain

Google 2.0 prepares to come out of the shade

CBC: Hacked neo-Nazi websites reveal Canadian connections

Most Super PAC Money went to the Republicans

Missouri Department of Conservation 75th Anniversary Photo Contest

Tamron Lens Winter Photo Contest

Thomas Frank on How Tea Party 'Populism' Derailed a New New Deal

New York Muslims Fight Back Against Police Department's Institutionalized Paranoia About Islam

For Repubs, the Tea Party chickens are coming home to roost...

Netanyahu must stop misusing the Holocaust (Carlos Strenger)

30 Things You Might Not Know About 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' .

Nancy G. Brinker responds to landslide of criticism aimed at Susan G. Komen charity

Metropolitan Police admits email address error

Mitt Romney is a middleman who skims the profit of other people's labor

Afghanistan War: U.S. Troops To End Combat Role Next Year

Rattner's tax charts belie Romney's assertion that his concern's for the middle class

Mitt's moment of political honesty...

Editorial: Finally, Ed Martin chooses a race befitting his unique skills

U.S. Highway Trust Fund Faces Insolvency Next Year, CBO Says

Will Iowans See $5 A Gallon Gas This Summer?

Indiana may soon be Rust Belt's first right-to-work state

Alert level raised at Alaska volcano

Far Side of the Moon Captured on Video for the First Time

Death Freeze Grips Europe, Killing 80

The wisdom of Mitt Romney

Ground Hog Day 2012 Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow. 6 More Weeks of Winter

"GASLAND" = Josh Fox arrested at House Science Committee Hearing

When Less is More Political Engagement {unemployment uk}

Correction: Study says U.S. Muslims don’t want Shariah, either


What must-see in Maine would you recommend to a new visitor to our state?

I found this story buried at MSNBC..about journalist being arrested at hearing.

Things That Cannot Screen For Breast Cancer...

Netflix 'adult viewing.' C'mon - you know you've seen some!

"a really bad Stephen Colbert parody of a Republican"

Replacing Factories With Jails: Just 44% of Milwaukee’s Black Men in Workforce

Gingrich: In It to Lose It

Aljazeera: Kuwaitis vote to choose new government

Pipeline (Keystone XL) allegations off-track, say Buffett, Holland

Torture in Illinois goes to Illinois Supreme Court..

Florida Republican Submits Anti-Corporate Tax Bill Without Removing ALEC Mission Statement

Bush's Legacy

Robert Scheer: The Democrats Who Unleashed Wall Street and Got Away With It

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (02/02/2012)

The Children's Table

The uprising of the invisible

why they will stay 38% or less

Super Bowl Lands on Taxpayers’ Backs

(Dutch right winger Geert) Wilders angry at German ‘right-wing populist’ label

Six more weeks of crazy GOP primaries!

China's Wen: May consider bigger role in EU rescue

Scandals Put Scott Walker in Hot Legal Water

Romney Calls Decision To Withdraw From Afghanistan ‘Misguided’

Mitt Romney relying heavily on small group of super-rich donors

Sorry, No Accused Felon Looks Good With One Of Those Yellow Crayon Band-Aids On His Face

Cops Arrest Minnesota Man For DWI. He Was Driving A Zamboni At The Time.

Priests ask for choice over gay ceremonies


+++ NFL Picks / Super Bowl +++

Facebook surrenders its privacy in IPO documents

'Corporations Are Not People' ..... a book review by Thom Hartmann

Erin Brockovich, Gibbs Looking into Mystery Illness in LeRoy

Jury that never "finished"

Hopefully next season Pro Athletes refuse to wear Pink during games.

Does Newt Have A Cunning Plan To Rob Romney Of Virginia? (TPM)

President Obama's Change — This Video Needs to go Viral

I'm looking for a juicer

(Reuters) Romney explains his "not concerned about the very poor" 'gaffe'.

'Corporations Are Not People' ..... a book review by Thom Hartmann

I'm thinking of a number

This'll make you smile: Planed Parenthood Gets Donation Spike after Komen Cuts Funding

Toon: Copyright and Copywrong

In Nevada, Romney poised to roll, poll shows

The Legend of David Petraeus

Newt criticizes Mitt for "not focusing on the poor" statement. "Food Stamp President" is better?

The Need for Regime Change

Top Susan G. Komen Official Resigned Over Planned Parenthood Cave-In

I just donated $50 to the susan g. komen foundation

Thursday TOON Roundup 1- Newt loses

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Mittbott 'copes'

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- SuperPAC destruction

Why so upset over Birth Control Coverage, Catholic Church?

Thursday TOON Roundup 4-Banksters

Our Draconian Drug Laws Have Created a Great Investment Opportunity in Prisons

SPLC Lawsuit Challenges DOMA, VA for Refusing to Recognize Legally Married Same-Sex Couples

Thursday TOON Roundup 5- Evil tech companies

Anti-gay group slams JC Penney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as spokesperson

Thursday TOON Roundup 6- American exceptionalism, and the rest

NYT: Who's financing the Super PACs?

Romney's "not concerned about the very poor" comment highlights 2 problems with him

Anyone have any great recipes for groundhog?

Small-Dollar Donors Propel Barack Obama, Non-Romney Republicans

Recent photo of HopeHoops!

US shelter uses alcohol to combat alcoholism {video report at link}

Federal bureaucrats posed as 'new Canadians' for Sun News (aka Fox News North) event

Southwest, central Colombia bomb attacks kill 11, injure dozens (three separate attacks)

President Obama invited to duet with Al Green on "American Idol"

US pushes Bahrain arms deal despite abuses

Colombia implements free primary and secondary education

Israel's profound choice on Iran

Global Experts Question Claims About Jellyfish Populations –– Are Jellyfish Increasing in the World'

Jobless claims continue to improve

Our Governor's Harmful Policies / Cuts/ Tax Plans - I mean Scams

I just donated to Planned Parenthood and it felt great

I am fed up with all these snarks about the Clown Car. Just change the channel OK.

Yellow-cedar are dying in Alaska: scientists now know why

Guardian: New generation of nuclear reactors could consume radioactive waste as fuel

A dragon dance in the Negev

Secrecy Shrouds ‘Super PAC’ Funds in Latest Filings

I'm thinking of a smilie

UN shenanigans on Syria

An EXCELLENT side-by-side of President Obama and Mitt Romney's housing plans from the DNC:

Happy Groundhog Day!

Ezra Klein: Romney’s problem isn’t his gaffes. It’s his policies.

Microsoft Automatic Updates crash my computer

Call for 'more credible' US military threat

I'm thinking of a naked.

Exclusive: U.S. and allies exploring prospects for Assad exile

Echoes of war across the South Caucasus

Email from Pelosi/DCCC (WooHoo, Oregon!!) What a Night!

Boycott Komen

Looks like the Komen Message Board is having a problem dealing with the PP scandal.

I can identify with the employee.

Din Da Da-George Kranz

Obama uses biblical scriptures to explain why Romney is wrong about the poor

Wealthy Fla. man adopts adult girlfriend as his daughter

Uproar as Breast Cancer Group Ends Partnership With Planned Parenthood

Fear and loathing in the American Gulf

Florida polo mogul in DUI death lawsuit, adopts adult girlfriend

Washington Post: The Romney-Paul alliance

Secrecy Shrouds ‘Super PAC’ Funds in Latest Filings (NYT)

Ron Paul Defends Mitt Romney Against Opponents' Attacks

US tells Israelis it won't join their war

I Spy Something Blue

Giving to charities is generally a bad idea

Yeah, Zuckerberg's worth $24 billion. But what if he had a major, unexpected emergency expense?

I'm not thinking at all.

You heathens in the lounge need to quit thinking!

Report: L.A. teacher complaints go back to 1990

Just got a *Breaking News* email from CNN that Trump will endorse Romney???

Egypt caught in spiral of disaster

A Year After (marking the death anniversary of my best friend)

Pro-Romney Super PAC Outraised Its Candidate's Campaign

Carson City Prostitutes Stand Up for Paul Donating Their Tips

Cartoon for the times...

Gov. Brown names panel to dismantle L.A. redevelopment agency

U.S. State Science Standards Are ‘Mediocre to Awful’

Who Do You Think You Are? is back!

Ruling on redistricting a wake-up call for California GOP

Single Mother in Milwaukee Raped by Cop – Then Arrested for “Assaulting an Officer”

Progress Made in Developing Community-Acquired MRSA Vaccine

McManus: The Gingrich playbook

Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist: Joan Rivers gets high

Don't Stop Thinking!

Komen Foundation official deletes evidence of anti-choice bias from Twitter

Supergiant amphipod, found in deep seas off New Zealand

Guilty verdict for killer of gay teen Jack Frew {scotland}

Unless you talk me out of it, I'm drinking a bottle of dihydrogen monoxide

Potential interview - Confirmed!

This wholesale bigotry against entire groups has to stop!

"Gasland" Director Josh Fox Arrested at Congressional Hearing on Natural Gas Fracking

clueless fatcat...

A Clarification from Mitt Romney - (it's about poor people) as told by Andy Borowitz

When you post a news item, (LBN) can you make a comment on that item?

US police ‘told gay couple faggots don’t deserve to wear pants in jail’

5.6 Million Americans Have Switched Their Banks In The Last 90 Days

Santorum to sick kid: Don’t complain about $1 million drug costs

Gay marriage supporters closing ranks in Maine

Feb. 2nd 2012 is an important date

Post your support for wyldwolf....

@Occupy Savannah

Obama to appear in Falls Church to announce mortgage refinancing plan

If Kathleen Falk is the only dem who will run against Walker--I'm not sure she would win

Top Susan G. Komen Official Resigned Over Planned Parenthood Cave-In

Another Mitt Romney Classic (NY Times)

Obama announces new housing refinance plan

I'm thinking of thinking. Is that really thinking, or thinking I'm thinking?

Breaking NBC News: Trump to endorse Dog on Roof.

Just 59 days remaining until Monday, April 2, 2012..

Letters to My Brother {tyler clementi}

Audio: Rush Rips Romney

Hecate update (with pics--dialup warning)

Dangerous dust: Erionite - an asbestos-like mineral causing a cancer epidemic in Turkey - is found…

Hall of Fame trainer Angelo Dundee dies

De-fund the Komen Foundation on facebook

Timeless quotes from Will Rogers

How much do you know about Medicare? Take the quiz.

DU Album of the Day: "461 Ocean Boulevard" Eric Clapton

Israeli Army Chief Says Nation Needs to Build Up Military to Strike Iran

The Rude Pundit: Our Unending Abortion War: ...

Maybe you can help me- what other orgs did Komen pull funding on?

An historical look at periods of Neptune in Pisces

Trump to endorse Romney at the worst possible time.

You cannot call yourself 'Pro-life' and then take away affordable healthcare for the poor

Poor dental health has been associated with increased risks of oral, esophageal, and gastric cancer

ROMNEY - Not Concerned

I'm thinking of a Lumber

Presidential Hypocrisy on School Reform Black Agenda Radio commentary

Fold3 has free access to Black History Collection for February

Did Suze Orman Give Bad Advice?

I keep reliving the same day over and over and over again.

If Komen foundation were under investigation, would they defund themselves?

state by state with....arkansas

state by state with arkansas

Robert Scheer - The Democrats Who Unleashed Wall Street and Got Away With It

Ocean currents emerge as climate change hot-spots - as they warm, they shift

Hey Komen: stay the "f" off our streets next fall.

Heads up ~ Founder of Susan Komen will be on Andrea Mitchell today (2/2)

Russia To Sell Arms For Syria & Veto The UNSC

Call for political action re:Race for the Cure

I'm thinking of a plumber

Town turns off wind, opts for solar energy (Duxbury, Mass.)

Asian Rights Group Fights Shark Fin Ban

Romney destroys own core argument for why he's running.

Top Cop Bristles at Special Law for Lawyers

Honda loses small-claims suit over hybrid MPG

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the Myth of Reagan's Success with Supply Side Economics

The Deal That Saved Detroit (And Banned Strikes)

Falling solar prices good for climate, bad for firms


The OccupyUSA Blog for Thursday (Feb. 2), With Frequent Updates

There seems to be a lot more "non-late breaking news" in the late breaking news forum...

So Trump's endorsement officially makes Mittens' campaign "The Billionaire Boys Club," yes?

California solar plans exceed state goals: regulator

Ever Been That Drunk?

China Cuts Subsidies for Pilot Solar-Power Projects on Declining Costs

Some 26 people were injured marchers from entering the Plaza Murillo CONISUR (Bolivia)

xPost from GD: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the Myth of Reagan's Success with Supply Side Economic

xPost from GD: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the Myth of Reagan's Success with Supply Side Economic

Romney's Latest Gaffe: Sings 'Cayman Islands The Beautiful'

New (to me) anti-choice meme: Abortion causes breast cancer

What The Susan G. Komen Folks Need To Understand Right Now

One might think that because the cold air isn't down here the ice would be looking healthier

USA Sees Racial Discrimination in New Orleans "blood relative ordinance"

Labor Dept finalizes 401(k) fee disclosure plan

Analysis: German solar groups could thrive on subsidy fears

Just heard a nasty story about Susan G Komen Foundation

A review of movie "Pink Ribbons Inc" Tronto Star

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane

Susan G. Komen's Founder Is Major GOP Donor, Ex-Bush Ambassador

Republicans are sick evil people

ENDA exec order waiting at the White House

Sting was right, they DO all seem like game show hosts. Newt sure does.

Energy credits flow in community solar garden (CO)

FANTASTIC NY Daily News headline

I think understand now

Believe it: Solar power works well in Washington

Donald Trump will endorse Mitt Romney for president

The Stephanie Spielman foundation for breast cancer research.



Komen Foundation official deletes evidence of anti-choice bias from Twitter

Winter missing from the Lower 48

House leader: US should review birth control order

U.S. official says offshore wind farms pose no threat to environment

The #1 GOP backer: Paul Singer

Astrocytes build blood vessel scaffolds for long distance neuron migrations

Please, all of this thinking has got to stop.

What's being done to Romney was done to Gore (amplification of soundbites)

Let's do it again in 2012! Song from the youth...

More from Planned Parenthood. Good Ad

Craziest Christian Right argument? Atheists should be mad at the govt because parks prop up Wicca

Health care reform saves Michigan Medicare recipients $49M on prescriptions

The Milky Way Over Tenerife

My sweet little 87 year old mother, the crack addict.

Julian Assange extradition appeal at supreme court - day two live blog

PACs Americana - A dispatch from the future, where PACs have absorbed America

Al Gore's long-time defender defends Romney on "very poor" coverage

American Airlines Will Fire 13,000 Workers

Breaking the silence over Hama atrocities (of 1982)

Oxymoron Rush is fulminating b/c Romney wants to raise minimum wage

Arizona is facing a Wisconsin style union busting

Fighting FOX News, one business at a time.

Animal House goes to court.

After Three Years, Homeowners Still Being Treated as Political Pawns

Remembering the Million Man March for Black History Month (pic heavy!)


Ex-Ohio State coach Tressel takes administrative post at Akron

Welcome to Indy! Now please go home.

I'm thinking of black walnut coating on fried chicken.

Ellen DeGeneres' JC Penney Partnership Slammed By Anti-Gay Group One Million Moms

Palestinians Return ‘Lost’ Israeli Soldier To Unit

WHAT FREE #Syria LOOKS LIKE – #Zabadani – DEMOCRATICALLY elected Assembly, all religions represented

What ya gotta love about Mitt--

House GOP threatens to hold Holder in contempt over Fast and Furious

Andrea Mitchell will have Nancy Brinker (Komen) in her first interview

Obama Won't Touch Climate With a 10-Foot Pole

My local NBC affiliate just announced SuperBowl coverage begins at 6AM ET Sunday

Gordie Howe has dementia

Israel Says Iran Has Material For Four A-Bombs

Midnight Lights

Billionaire Buddies: Adelsons Join Forces With Koch Brothers To Take Down Obama

The Third Way

MiddleFingerMom's stint as a headline writer didn't last long.

The GOP’s Latest Plot: Placing Women’s Lives on the Line!

TYT: Drunk Driving Republican Granted DUI Immunity

TSA agent charged with stealing $5,000 from passenger going through security at NY airport

The biggest holder of U.S. government debt isn't who you think.

What are your go-to Oklahoma blogs?

Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Who Never Wrote Sequels or Trilogies

Federal Government moving ahead with Internet ID Plan

'A Clockwork Orange' Strikes 40

Why Obama's National Internet ID Solution is a Really, REALLY Bad Idea

How Did Black History Month Get Screwed By Ground Hog Day?

Did Donald Trump's hair see its shadow today?

Have Democrats Succeeded in Pre-Destroying Romney? By Molly Ball

Think about HATE

Better than Komen - Add yours

WTF? WHY are there RICK SANTORUM ads on this site?

Any questions for Daniels about Right To Work, Andrea?

Punxsutawney Phil will not be heard from today.



Romney's Giant Blunder

The top 1 percent must be asked to pay their fair share of taxes.

Whatever happened to that lying SOB Achmed Chalabi?



Pic Of The Moment: Punxsutawney Trump Sees Own Shadow

OMG! Not ONE question from Andrea Mitchell about Indiana's

Obama to Boehner @ Alfalfa Club Dinner:

The Beast: The 50 Most Loathsome Americans (for 2011)

Did FB just get taken down?

Margaret and Helen: The Race for Respect

...Groups Plan ‘Occupy Super Bowl’ Protests Of Indiana’s Assault On Workers

The Komen Foundation CHOSE to politicize breast cancer

Looks like the CEO of Komen Breast Cancer is trying to whitewash the conflict.

Event today to mark opening of Obama office here(PGH,PA)

I can totally relate!

Breaking: Two dozen Senators call on Komen to reverse Planned Parenthood decision

Reid warns GOP on payroll fight

In order to NOT be thought of as a good guy,

Is it violence to throw back non-lethal weapons?

NC’s deranged fundie, Rev. Patrick Wooden: Glee and Tyler Perry’s Madea promote ‘gay perversion’

Holder: No coverup in 'Fast and Furious,' no effort to hide details of the operation

Color Therapy, the Susan G Komen Foundation and the color Pink...

Interrogating the NY Times' Anthony Shadid - Mother Jones

If we're winning the WOT, why has the No-Fly list doubled?

Peanuthead results

Proposition 8 gay marriage ban trial video release denied

DemsRapidResponse Ad: They Both Like Firing People

Why We Got Ayn Rand Instead of FDR: Thomas Frank on How Tea Party 'Populism' Derailed a New New Deal

Caller on Ed's show just had a wonderful idea that we need to go for Komen's

"those jeans look good on you. i think they hold your package better...."

Judy Blume: “Susan Komen Would Not Give In To Bullies”

Proposed jobs bill would target foreign outsourcing by U.S. companies

Anti-war groups to hit the streets

Voices of Franco victims at last heard in top court

Is there a Doctor in the house?

'Gasland' Journalists Arrested At Hearing By Order Of House Republicans


At prayer breakfast, Obama says Christian faith guides his policies

Fed Chief Takes Heat From Republicans

ACLU Demands Information on Drone Usage

Flag Burning Dirty Hippies!!!

South Korean Indicted Over Twitter Posts From North

The $100K Club: Presidential Super PACs Almost Entirely Funded By Six Figure Contributions (CHART)

Amy Goodman: Romney’s 1 Percent Nation Under God


Gloat Free NBA Scores (February 1)

Romney invested in Chinese and Iranian companies

I'm thinking of black walnut coating on fried Ptah.

Mitt pushes envelope on his taxes (Steve Rattner)

"Republicans criticized the Federal Reserve today for working to reduce unemployment"

Planned Parenthood cuts spur backlash

Ending The Rawmoney Candidacy

Fucking COMCAST.

Andrea Mitchell said a grey hair lady in her 60s approached her in the gym

Negative growth: what is the future of analog photography?

A newer, smarter bullet

did anyone else catch Jeffrey Sachs on City Arts and Letters recently...?

math people. can you answer this (pretty stupid) ?

The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement

What is Plan C for Republicans now that Mitt has shot his foot so many times he could use it for a

Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist

Susan G. Komen's VP Indicates Her Real Motives In Awful Twitter Retweet

Meet the Komen Exec Behind the Planned Parenthood Defunding

"Straight Talk from Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, Founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen" <...snicker>

The Partisans: Rick Santorum - Gifts From God

IR test

Komen founder responds in new video: actions have been “mischaracterized” (updated)

Aaaa nuts!

Thom Hartmann: Left & Right Agree...No Indefinite Detention

Big job cuts coming at IBM? Don't be surprised.

Oh, Kermit. What if Miss Piggy were to walk in on you?

Manufacturing growth fastest since June; construction spending up for 5th straight month - WaPo

Aaaa guts!

Somebody hacked the banner on the Komen for the Cure website last night


Un-Moody Blues

Your thoughts on the film 'A Face in the Crowd'

Nancy Brinker's 2010 CEO salary

Poutine Makes its Mark Outside of Canada

Microsoft decides to "improve effectiveness, efficiency of its marketing" by shitcanning 200 people

So if the SGK excuse is because Planned Parenthood is 'under investigation'

Papantonio: How Will The Occupy Movement Evolve?

OK, I have a dumb question. What do the banks plan to do with

Camilla Williams, Barrier-Breaking Opera Star, Dies at 92

Newfound super-Earth just might support life.

Planned Parenthood Replaces Komen Grant With Online Push : Bloomberg personally donates $250,000

Breast Cancer linked to Abortion?

Denny Rehberg, GOP Congressman And Senate Hopeful, Blasts Child Labor Regulations

Will Komen stop future funding to Penn State?

The Price of Globalization: American Jobs

Is GPS All in Our Head?

Amazingly interesting theory on endorsement from F'ville

Komen had $75.2 million dollars in administrative and direct fundrasing expenses last year...

Where are the world's female religious leaders?

Head Of LA County’s Susan G. Komen Chapter Tells CBS2 She’s Resigning

Bought A New Toy

I love having Mozart on the waiting line for medical assistance...

Aaaa butts!

Group wants JC Penney to dump Ellen DeGeneres because she's gay

Bloomberg to give $250,000 to Planned Parenthood

"Your package" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "your package".


Things are getting hot at the Susan G. Komen Foundation, according to Alternet

DNC Video: Trump and Romney: They Both Like Firing People

Occupy Honolulu protesters remove their tents


Oops: Florida Republican Forgets To Remove ALEC Mission Statement From Boilerplate Anti-Tax Bill

**Super Bowl Contest** How many times will Tim Tebow be mentioned by the announcers in the 1st Q?

Using Romney logic on double taxation.....

Why is there this elaborate set up with flags to hear a miscreant like Donald Trump give

Romney's tax plan really does favor the rich

So Trump is endorsing Romnuts?

fuck you donald trump

Thom Hartmann: The Gov of AZ is Waging a New War

Best way to increase health and school readiness?

Never in a million years did I think this woman was going to win this lawsuit

Still a bastard...

Found on Facebook, a truly great image.

AAUW Cancels Service Learning Event with Susan G. Komen Foundation

Value of Trump's Endorsement

Urgent Call to Action: House Plan Puts Public Transit Projects In Jeopardy!

Nevada Safety Net Has Holes For Mitt Romney To Fix

Texas Oil Exec Lee Fikes and his wife Amy contribute $250k to PP

My friend, Paige, should have been 52 today

Etiquette of a MIRT-oriented alert?

Which corporations provide support/sponsorship for Susan G. Komen?

Are the climate deniers becoming less shrill or is that my imagination?

Assault Rifle Stolen From Salinas Councilwoman's House

New Data Shows NYPD Continued Racially-Biased, Illegal Marijuana Arrest Crusade in 2011

Seems if was one of our House critters

Senate's vote for gay marriage is a principled stand

Thom Hartmann: CA could have been our Saskatchewan - how the leeches won

To hell with Punxsutawney Phil......Woody says spring is on.

When did Coburn start rockin' the beard?

Students must be exposed to the Israeli occupation

Illinois’ Injustice System


Frontline: On 30th Anniversary of Hama Massacre, Syrian Troops Lock Down City

Michael Bloomberg to give $250,000 to Planned Parenthood

Not a news flash : Tom Coburn is an asshole.

todays trade,and an option lesson

Seeking feedback

Mittens said it before. In October: `The people who need help most are not the poor’

There is a great new candidate running against Tom McClintock in district 4 in California

What happened to the Greatest Page?

Obama admits drone strikes kill innocent Pakistanis

Mayor Bloomberg to Give $250,000 to Planned Parenthood

DNC: They Both Like Firing People RE: Trump Endorsing Romney

Mayor to Give $250,000 to Planned Parenthood

Panetta lets stand report Israel may attack Iran

Donald Trump Endorses Mitt Romney

New Komen Foundation policy also refuses funding for embryonic stem cell research

Ohio Tries to Escape Fate as a Dumping Ground for Fracking Fluid

Super-PAC Ad kit! Hey, Kids! Make Your Own!

Supreme Court to charge Pakistani PM with contempt

does anyone have the jury result to this hidden OP?

Welcome to Cancerland by Barbara Ehrenreich

MO POLL: Obama 45 (+2), Mittens 45 (-2). Obama 49, Newt 42

Corbett eases limits in food-stamp asset test plan

Occupy Oakland protesters denied medication in jail

Mitten's Contempt for the Poor Reminds me of Lucky Duck!

Alabama Republican Senator: Low teacher pay mandated by God

Donald Trump Labled 'Clown' by Political Observers - story w/pics

Heather Peters Wins $9,867 From Honda In Small Claims Court

biased from baghdad: iraqi observers in syria tell protestors to give up

Today sucks as much as this day a year ago...

So where does Newt come back?

88% approval among liberal Democrats!

Obama now at 88% approval among liberal Democrats

China's cat-eyed boy..

Has this happened to anybody else here: Banned from DU message

They tell me the Kindle version of "The Exquisite Zodiac" will be available Feb 8

Yakuza labor structure formed base of nuclear industry

Should Obama dump Biden?

Exclusive: Major Romney Bundler Is Agent Of Foreign Government

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) retiring after three terms

Refurbished Blendtec on the cheap (relatively speaking)

Gallup: For what its worth more states move to GOP in 2011

(US Sec of Defense) Panetta lets stand report Israel may attack Iran

Komen's $7.5 Million Grant To Penn State Appears to Violate New Policy

Komen's $7.5 Million Grant To Penn State Appears to Violate New Policy

Face book has a PAC ?

Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist

New Komen Foundation policy also refuses funding for embryonic stem cell research

Romney announces that only Middle Class and Corporate Dogs get to Ride Inside.

Mittens tries to boost his street cred with the foaming-at-the-mouth nativists

Bwahahahaha... @BarackObama tweets "In case you missed it"

3 Komen execs resign, 50 lawmakers sign aggressive letter to Komen, & Bloomberg donates $250K to PP

The Nation: How the GOP Is Resegregating the South

Who is that guy?

The Most Powerful Performance Of History You'll See This Month

Don't you know that Breast Cancer is caused by Abortion, AND Birth Control?

CLIF's 5K for Women's Health

Ground Hog Day 2012 Punxsutawney Phil Sees Shadow. 6 More Weeks of Newt

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Creating a Viable Progressive Movement

Diamonds are forever. Whereas the lifespan of a Sierra Leonean subsistence miner is 50 years, tops.

Libya - Today a ceremony to hand over control of #AinZara prison from the #FFs to judicial police

Romney Gets Boots Licked By Trump One Month After Crapping On Trump And His 'Debate'.

Thanks Komen Foundation for reminding me that I have a choice

President Obama Speaks at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast (full remarks)

Komen Foundation Ousted Their Democratic Lobbyist Just Before Hiring Karen Handel

Ambrose is "helping" me with my work today

Who is that guy?


Heads up for turncoat Parker Griffith's attempt to re-enter Congress.

Heath Shuler Retires

Robotic awesomeness. Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

Brinker will "never bow to pressure". In 1 day PP has already raised 650K.

Document shows NYPD eyed Shiites based on religion

The State of Working American - great site by the Economic Policy Institute

Blending politics and religion, Obama says his policies are an extension of Christian faith

snotty jurors are getting up my nose

Texas Voter Id lawsuit

gingrich's camp had been so confident of winning trump's endorsement, they leaked it

"YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME?!?" - Jesus, at the first communion.

Walker: 'We Discriminate Against Pedophilia & Incest, So Its OK to Discriminate Against Gay Marriage

Sweetgrass ***** - expires tomorrow on Netflix Instant - don't miss it!

A primer on how to tarnish your brand: just watch the Komen Foundation fiasco

"If Bill Gates woke up with Oprah's money...

After the Komen situation I've come to the conclusion that the GOP in general and members

AOL's Huff Post to launch live streaming network

Your Opinion, Please

8.5 tons of radioactive water leak from Fukushima plant

I am a woman with cancer and I am fighting for my life.

Mitt's - son of an immigrant becomes a "nativist panderer".

Nationwide Title Clearing Sued by Illinois Over Documents

Howard Dean Statement on the Komen Foundation Pulling Funding for Planned Parenthood

UAHuntsville business faculty investigate research ethics; results are published in Science magazine

Damn, I'm not one for Nature TV....

Newfound super-Earth planet might support life, scientists say!

Reporter Asks Callista Gingrich: ‘Are You In An Open Marriage?’

Citizens United endorses Bruning (R-Ne)

bwahhhahaha blatant, craven, ass-covering

How in hell is it that I've never heard of this guy?!?!?!?!

Eastern Hemisphere - Blue Marble 2012 - by popular demand

I heard there's some type of contest with a ball this Sunday

Israel's 'gay'-friendly image

At least 550 people file sexual abuse claims against archdiocese (Milwaukee)


Oops: Florida Republican Forgets To Remove ALEC Mission Statement From Boilerplate Anti-Tax Bill

Barney Frank just said on Al Sharpton's show: Republicans believe life begins at conception

They are now trying to say that Planned Parenthood doesn't Provide Mammograms...

Defunding Planned Parenthood defunds our choices as well as abortion.

Roommate Preferences Are Sacred, Circuit Says

AG Holder Chews Out Congressman:Maybe This Is The Way You Do Things In Idaho Or Wherever You’re From

Im thinking of spiking some hot apple cider with amaretto, since almonds pair well with apples

Court Tosses Suit Over JonBenet Ramsey Rumor

komen's denver affiliate is not bowing to the pressure

Describe Ingress in more detail.

Google must pay $660,000 for offering Google Maps for free

Why Indiana's "right to work" law must be overturned now.

Is the Stolen Valor Act constitutional? 10th circuit says such lies are not protected 1st amendment

Some corals like it hot

Video Proof of Unjust Mass Arrest and Media Spin at Occupy Oakland 1/28/12- OakFoSho Ustream footage

Senate approves insider-trading bill (96-3)

Los Angeles perv teacher story gets perv-ier

Tough Times for U.S. EV Battery Makers

Former Rep. Bob Etheridge to run for governor

Part of Reality Cannot be Perceived

GM Reveals Dismal Volt Sales in January

Jan Brewer Recall Possible As Arizona Collective Bargaining Has Democrats, Unions Planning Protests

Half a million a year to head a charity organization?

Occupying Student Debt

A dog and owner you have never met before approach...

Believe it or not, I just saw Bridesmaids...

Most LOCAL Komen Affiliates OPPOSE the national board's politically-motivated decision.

Top Susan G. Komen Official Resigned Over Planned Parenthood Cave-In

Mon dieu......

Super Pac mad Lib. by Mark Fiore. MUST SEE.

So let me get this right

The people of Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island) are not gone.

NFL will help 49ers pay for new stadium in Santa Clara

Romney: I 'Misspoke' About Lack Of Concern For 'Very Poor'

Rev Al is sure giving the details on the ReTHUG Komen

Some really sick fucks

New super-Earth planet spurs hope for billions more

Rethug obstructionism = tax increase for poor and middle class

From Facebook - the Patriots' logo looks like our favorite Senator

Change Happened

Illinois AG continues fight against banks, files suit against Title company citing mortgage fraud!