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Newly Released Rare Phish Footage from 22 years ago

Santorum aide points to Obama's 'radical Islamic policies'

Santorum jumps to the lead in GOP demagoguery parade equating Obama to Hitler

Why I'm backing Santorum for the Republican nominee...

Complacent Female Conservatives Are Failing Womankind

And now, another gem of conservative wisdom from e-mail forwards

Gingrich: Defeating Obama is 'a duty of national security'

Pic of the moment!! Don't miss it today!!

Group: Racist imagery used to push for Minnesota voter ID law

STL Post Dispatch: Trying to cut health care for blind new low for Missouri GOP

Silent protest outside, Virginia House puts off ultrasound vote

You Know What Republican Has Been Absolutely Kicking Himself for the Last Several Weeks?

I've re-opened my original Etsy store as a Vintage Shop

Syrian forces fire on Damascus protests

NASCAR distances itself from Confederate flag

Christian coalition petitions to stop gay marriage law in The UK

How an astrologer weights a strong or weak Saturn, etc. Strong sign, weak sign, for example

New MTV series tells gay teens that things improve once you have survived the high school years

Purity bear take two: My love is like a box of pizza

David Koch: 'No stopping union power' if labor wins Walker recall

U.S. District Court Denies Breitbart's Attempt to Dismiss Sherrod's Defamation Lawsuit

Maggie Gallagher: Rick Santorum's Opposition To Gay Marriage Helps Campaign

TCU’s LGBT Leadership Conference aims to become ‘the big gay conference in our region’

Trump spews for Romney: "no gift that could be given better than Rick Santorum to the Democrats."

Yosemite waterfall turns to 'flowing lava' in rare February spectacle

Netanyahu to meet with Obama amid friction over Iran

What do Republicans/conservatives say when confronted with 9/11 happening on Bush's watch ?


How Republicans Could Still Succeed At Privatizing Medicare

If Rmoney is "severely" conservative, Sphinctorum is "pathologically" so ...

Well, If the STFU Fits (A Cautionary Tale)

Google tricks Internet Explorer, foils privacy settings, Microsoft says

The eagles are back!

AP: 'Gingrich woos with prospect of $2 gallon gas'

Giants tell Posey not to block plate this season...

Who, What, Why: How long can someone survive without food?

Microsoft Says Google Circumvents IE Privacy Policies Too

Most depressing thread you've ever posted in?

English Peas

We finally stopped one in Florida.

Made in the USA FLATWARE

Hmmmmm.....No Countdown at all tonight?

Ok, this is pretty exciting news. I'd call it a BFD on a personal level.

This went unnoticed by most of the national media, of course

Unions rally to kick off Walker recall state tour

MN CD and Legislative District Maps Come out Tomorrow

Where is the most original place you have slept? I was in London for only a day and suffering

I'm leaving the country if Ayatollah Rickfrothy somehow becomes president.

Flying fowl

Good coverage of the women's silent protest in Virginia on Ed Shultz

Goldwater vs. Santorum (seen on Facebook)

I am no longer working for the company I was. I can tell all and hope all learn from it.

"Never take your wife to a place where everybody knows your name"

Interesting (in a bizarre way) website I heard about from Addicting Info: "Tea Party for Obama"

Any "Doc Martin" fans??

Blame Yourself

Obama's Budget Nixes New Money For Program That Funded Solyndra

Exactly What Biblical Principles are Behind the US Constitution?

any thoughts on europe tanking

President Obama is much closer to the Pope on the Environment than Santorum is

After Bailout of Auto Industry, Detroit Fallout Trails Romney (NYT)

For our NJ residents : be the change you want to see.

US and Mexico agree Gulf of Mexico oil cooperation (BBC)

Former Plan Colombia chief called for questioning over drug lord ties .

Former Plan Colombia chief called for questioning over drug lord ties .

Professor At Messiah College: Obama May Be ‘Most Explicitly Christian President In American History’

If the Repukes end up supporting a new candidate

Unions return to Democratic fold for 2012 election (LAT)

Operation "Screw Up Google's Data Mining"

Confessions of a thinking woman

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Union files labor challenge against Spirit AeroSystems over employee performance ratings

True or False ? "Wreck Sphinctorum" is the screen name of a gay porn star.

Do you have any favorite store-bought or very easy marinades for beef or chicken?

Today in Labor History: February 20 Thousands of women march to New York’s City Hall

Watching Clinton on Ameircan Experience

Punishing Protest, Policing Dissent: What Is the Justice System for?

Ironworkers rise up to expose untrained, underpaid workers at Lakeville Walmart site

Santorum and other in the GOP have been equating religious beliefs with atheism or with

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez faces an uprising at the ballot box

*Run* for something, Russ FEINGOLD!1 Do it NOW!1 n/t

I'm a man...

Locked-out workers plan events this week across Minnesota

Santorum calls Obama health program bad for marriage

My daughters and I went through some old photos and other

New Lawyers Directory Published Using WordPress. Good Template for Similar Projects?

*snort*** (romney)

What is the fastest you have ever run? I once happened upon some robbers in my building.

Pro-Romney PAC spent $13.5 million in January

Parts of Fremont immigration law tossed

Lawyers send complaint to European Commission about subsidies for nuclear power

[Climate scientist] Peter Gleick Admits to Deception in Obtaining Heartland Climate Files

I am The Walking (brain)Dead - oh, that Scott Wilson?

What dead artist do you miss the most? I think it is Mordecai Richler for me. Read his

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Distances Himself From Fellow Sheriff Mired In Scandal

Santorum: Voters should get 'very nervous' about Obama on religion.

Rep. Bob Morris: Girl Scouts have ‘radical policies’

Pat Robertson: We Need To Put The Bankers Who Lied To Americans In Jail

imagine if citizen's united unleashed enough anti-obama super-pac spending to stimulate the economy

The REAL reason why Santorum opposes abortion.

Somebody just said that when rick rick ricky gets ahead in the polls, he goes off the reservation.

Mitt Romney spending outpaces fundraising (by nearly 3 times)

Santorum: He’s not funny any more

Rick Santorum Thinks You Have No Right to Privacy, Wants Inside Your Bedroom

Obama has had trouble with a flame throwing Catholic zealot before,

More Like Religious Sectarian War

Slinky on a treadmill

Counterfactuals, Consequences, and Election Importance - Matt Glassman

Deal reached on second Greek bailout package

Lawrence O'Donnell just allowed former Sen. Mike Dewine

Toons: Phony Theology, Presidency Prevention, Sacred Bonds and More. - 2/20/12

As Rick Santorum campaigns on faith, family issues, could he alienate moderates?

OPEN SOURCE GEOINT - Syria: Soldier Filming Attack on Residential Area in University City (near Baba

Please DU this stupid poll.

A Santorum gem from 2006

Esch backs Ewing (D-Ne) for 2nd District

Pelosi praises George H.W. Bush at Texas school

Ariz. sheriff endorses Bruning (R-Ne)

The profile of the Santorum supporter in Michigan.

Let's Play- Outrage Roulette! What will The Rethugs be mad about next?

About this latest kerfuffle over pre-natal screening.

Eurozone ministers 'back 130bn-euro bailout for Greece'

In Libya the chaos, bloodshed, detention and torture continue on

Santorum voted for earmarks he criticized

He was there when RFK was shot, just donated to Steve Dawes for Bellevue, Ne City Council

Help the Babies and Children starving and Freezing in Afghanistan

Roseanne Barr Looks to Cement Her Name in Presidents Day History

Skin color, it turns out, is little more than adaptation in action

Berkeley police monitoring OWS protest too busy to answer murdered man's call for help with prowler.

You guys might appreciate this: "Japanese fart scrolls prove that human art peaked centuries ago"

David Cross admits to doing cocaine near President Obama during White House dinner

Libya Free Elections In Misrata First Since Fall Of Gaddafi

Science overturns view of humans as naturally 'nasty'

I haven't seen this posted in a while - The Political Compass

The US is NOT a Christian nation

Where Are They Now? The O.J. Simpson trial lawyers and Judge Lance Ito

What's Mitt Romney smoking?

I think this thread needs more exposure

Question about a house. I'm not sure what one would call this type of house

If Santorum wins the republican nomination...

Iranian Internet access disrupted, raising fears of censorship

The War on Women + State-Sanctioned Rape: Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Laws in Virginia, Texas, and Iowa

What are you saving up for? I need a new tv, and a new hand held dvd player.

Documentary on Rock and Roll

In honor of Hunter Thompson who died 7 years ago today

Colombia to decide Cuba's Summit of the Americas fate: OAS .

just saw first romney/santorum teevee ad here in tennessee

What was your favourite course in high school. I liked biology in grade nine. Next was physics in

thinking of getting a companion dog for our male boxer

Computers containing corruption evidence stolen .

I think I have finally figured out Rick Santorum

I really like this guy RT Rybak, Mayor of Minneapolis who was just on Big Ed.

Piedad Cordoba announces Brazil trip to restart hostage release operation .

Hickman creek reflections

Nate Silver: Santorum could beat Obama in the Electoral College.

Just An Observation On Santorum And His Catholicism.......

Before now, GOP backed contraceptive mandates

WAIT a minute...when exactly did Frothy Man-on-Dog WORK in the "coal fields" & "steel mills?"

Tell me The Daily Show was good tonight or at least tell me it wasn't a repeat.

Rick Santorum Compared Senate Democrats to Hitler in 2005

"You're a hard working American…"

'we cull the ranks of the disabled in our society'

Philadelphia Sued for Retaliating Against Gun Rights Advocate

Sex Talk With Rick Santorum

Roundtable discussion (with a good cast) on Presidential leadership - Charlie Rose tonight

President's Day...

March On Washington Memento Collages

Actual headline: Santorum blasts Obama during Cumming rally


David Koch Tries To Rehab His Image By Claiming Scott Walker’s Union Busting Is Working

Alan Grayson Stands with Obama and Calls out Santorum’s Hitler Comparison

Real Life World's Most Interesting Man Died Last Week

I hope people watching Letterman don't believe what Bipp said about Grant.

What you Think Mitt Romney Does

Drop Tuition, Not Bombs

Jon Stewart Blasts Religious Leaders ‘Punanny State’ Control Of Women

Hillary Clinton insists she is retiring from politics.

The War on Women + State-Sanctioned Rape: Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Laws in Virginia, Texas, and Iowa

breaking: Eurozone approves new $173B bailout for Greece

Vampire bats in Texas?

Apropos of nothing...

Rachel and Lawrence tonite...

S.Korea to seek UN support for N.Koreans in China

I just hear this headline being read on TV and it really got my attention:

Syrian forces mass outside rebel stronghold

Anti-Wall Street protesters rally against prison conditions

Mother to face charges for unusual punishment

Not the best pic, but a personal fave: Happy Mardi Gras! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I have a question about Hawaii Five-0.

To the Oklahoma Lawmakers: poem

I'm Mittens Romney. Ask me anything.

The evenings are the worst times for me now...

Pic Of The Moment: Santorum Facepalm

Virginia HB1 and HB462

As broadcast on Mike Malloy: The Right-Wing Id Unzipped

Oh Chit! A gardening technique for taters

Tasered woman now brain dead

All are welcome.

Hello. Going through a rough period of my life.

Deported Dad Begs North Carolina To Give Him Back His Children

Oh Ricky You're So Fine You Blow My Mind!- Kathy Malloy

I finished painting my bedroom. There was an area behind the bookcases I didn't paint

Yosemite waterfall turns to lava as sun and earth align

Which of the Four Fools would push the button first?

PPP: Romney has a 63% disapproval in State of Washington

Facebook adventures with the ignorant ......

Santorum picks up a second sugar daddy.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Monday, February 20)

10 Unusual Facts About US Presidents

A friendly reminder: if you're anti-choice, this is who you stand with.

Camp Lejeune Documentary Debuts Friday Feb 24th - 10 p.m. on MSNBC

Gay bashing Michigan mayor endorses Santorum for President.

The GOPeas and their allies are Masters of

Dilbert finds the Higgs Boson:

Newly discovered Aztec Carvings tell of Epic Cosmic Battle

Jeremy Lin puts the ball in Asian Americans' court

Missouri House endorses English-only driver's tests

We need to know who funds these thinktank lobbyists

Extraterrestrials: China releases Moon footage of alien bases

NYT: Higher Crime, Fewer Charges on Indian Land

Rachel is relentless in her rant against PolitiFarse

ROLLING STONE: MC5 bass player Michael Davis dies

Hi guys -- a question:

Doctor My Eyes by Jackson

The paradox of Rick Santorum's conservative beliefs

Wisconsin - Walker's "I Know Nothing" Defense Nothing New: Has Used it in Seven Previous Scandals

G.O.P. Campaigns Grow More Dependent on ‘Super PAC’ Aid

Santorum through my eyes...

Wisconsin: Mining Bill Sideshow - The politics of alienation

No Wonder They Hate Evolution So Much!

Occupy ALEC on February 29th - Coming to an area near you

The paradox of Rick Santorum's conservative beliefs

Wow! Check out this blog sign-up page coming out of paintings!

Wisconsin's Newest Favorite Game - Do you know where your Republican legislators are?

How to solve the boomer retirement crisis

My 1000th post - redux. From 2008, but just as valid today.

Backfired! 4 Ways the Ohio GOP Tilts Voting Rules But Ends Up Helping Democrats--Jennifer Brunner

United Nations Environment Programme Yearbook 2012

Justice Ginsburg knows the Citizens United decision was a mistake...

Nothing has "Changed" under Obama

Numerous casualties in bombardment of Syria's Homs

Why Is the ACLU Helping the Richest Americans Buy Our Elections?

Eugene Robinson: Rick Santorum could take Republicans down with him

Why Right-Wingers' Hatred of Modern Women Is Going to Cost Them the Birth Control Battle

"Angry Badger" Campaign Revealed: Another "Charity" Gets Involved in WI Recall

Wisconsin: Public Policy Polling says Wisconsin Loves Scott Walker...........................Not.

Women protest anti-abortion bills in Va. by locking arms, standing mute outside state Capitol

Mississippi bills reflect priorities of GOP majority

PayPal head donated 2.6 million to Ron Paul superpac

Japanese Gov't emergency headquarters refused to conduct additional thyroid testing on children

Michelle Duggar's submissive-wife tips

10 of the 15 poorest counties in the country are Red States

Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'a suspect' in prostitution ring inquiry

NC – Cowardice: Wake County Commissioners vote for pro-bigot amendment resolution, no roll call

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Feb 21st

In Response To Stating The Goal Of Trans People Is Blending In

Admiral nominee once deliberately shot down friendly aircraft

Now the Republicans are after the Girl Scouts

Time lapse fast growing corn, roots and leaves growing

Discussion about GOP turn right to Control Women's Health Issues

Rising Above the Odds With the National Labor Relations Board Process

Corrupt Pro GOP Media

Austerity. China. The Housing Market. The Middle East.{Roubini}

Comedy gold.

Today is the first day Wisconsin's new voter ID law takes effect.

Auburn-trained dogs track snakes in Florida Everglades

We subsidize the oil companies and...

Romney One-Ups Santorum: Attacks Obama's Tree-ology Gives Glenn Beck A Platform

Santorum was in Cumming, GA on Sunday. Where was he on Monday?

state by state speak your mind about...maine

Laughing Elephant

NATO General apologizes profusely for alleged Koran desecration

todays idiot GOP lawmaker

Aww, Billy Graham's son fears

Violence on Houghton Street as Palestine Society protest ends in a heated exchange

Oh, Those Crazy Republicans! Episodes 234 and 235

state by state about maine

Rev Franklin Ghraham just got SKEWERED on MoJo!

Thumbnail sketches of the GOP candidates

Santorum on the Couch (ick!)

Iceland and Greece, two different tales

Dangerous myth of China as a harmless tiger

On the Santorum "biblical climate change denial" - it is all pure WTF...

TEPCO 2/21 handout - Plan to cement the ocean floor.

Rush Limbaugh got caught with a bucket of Viagra, but he still thinks birth control is bad

more and more talk on 3rd party and/or brokered thug convention

I am often amazed by the pure genius of some of my fellow DU members, and I feel

None of the animals were wearing seatbelts.

Texas Militia Member Wearing Body Armor Arrested After Standoff

Of Mittens and Santorum who would be the easiest for Dems to defeat?

Reflecting on my life, I realize that I've never pulled the ol' switcheroo.

"A Modest Proposal": Bring Back the Inquisition!

I have an announcement

Obama raised more than the four Republican candidates in January

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Narrow Minded Rick

Coming soon...

Former guerrilla takes blame for fake FARC demobilization

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Mittens even more unlikable

A man with big plans for the small world of bonsai

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: General GOP

Homage to Mitt Rmoney

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4: Rights under attack

The unseen: 24 TV shows produced but never properly aired (Interesting article)

Tuesday Toon Roundup 5: The Rest

What is Santorum's position on the death penalty?

Abolishing the Palestinian Authority an Urgent Prerequisite to Liberation

Meg Whitman Syndrome: Romney raised $6.4 million in January but spent $18.7 million

How to Defuse Political Peril of Surging Gas Prices: Ron Klain

Iran Threatens Preemptive Action

Little Ricky's America

Time crystals: One of the weirdest ideas in physics

Extra police detail called after anti-gay attack at Bridgewater State University

Who Actually Benefits From Federal Benefits?

Create effective new global environmental agency, ministers urged

Krugman: "Centrist Heros" exploiting a crisis to push an agenda totally unrelated to that crisis.

Would you agree with this: When Reagan shut down the mental institutions

Global permafrost zones in high-resolution images on Google Earth

hogan gidley (?) santorum bullshitter on m$nbc

Must see Video of Franklin Graham on Morning Joe

Sen. Carl Levin: Mitt Romney's explanation insults U.S. autoworkers

Republican Strategist Frank Luntz Jokes About Killing Obama At Lincoln Day Dinner Party

It's official - Queen is no longer my 2nd favorite band

Mitt Romney Fundraising Stagnates, Decreasing His Financial Advantage

The downside to living in a beautiful coastal area (which I don't) is

New Ron Paul TV Ad Compares Rick Santorum To Sasquatch

Rachel Maddow had a story last night you should see:

An excellent response to Rick Santorum re: this Government vs. Faith argument

Stuff on Santorum

Warmer Planet Could Be Dominated by Mosquitoes, Tics, Rodents and Jellyfish

4.0 earthquake in Missouri shakes 9 states

For Little Ricky: Some Interesting Visuals On How Humans Have Benefited The Earth

300 million old petrified ash covered forest discovered.

TDPS: "Muslims will kill us" zealot chooses to ignore fact, great interview

DU Album of the Day: Talking Heads - "More Songs about Buildings and Food"

Rick Santorum in college. A jackass even then.

"Gas, ______, or Ass: Nobody Rides for Free!"

China's Great Rail Leap Forward Is Looking More And More Like A Disaster

Two New Friends

Exactly how powerful is an atomic bomb?

Rather than Environment & Energy (Group) should its name be

The fact is that any of us could have ended up being freepers...

Wife Who Sent Husband’s Resume To President Launches Website

Rick Santorum is not trying to win the presidency


RIP, Raygun: Pentagon’s Laser Plane Laid to Rest

Quitter PALIN with nothing to do now, takes a dump on HBO "Game Change" with happy pix

Supreme Court will rule on affirmative action case from Texas


Shocking Video: Morning Joe Crew Hammers Rev. Franklin Graham

Supreme Court will rule on affirmative action case from Texas

Virginia Still Has Time to Spring TRAP Law (Target Regulation of Abortion Providers)

Denialgate Whistleblower Verifies Heartland's Plans to Lobby & Teach Kids Lies on Climate Change

PHOTO: "Turn your pillow into the biggest toy ever!"

The arrival of a convoy of Iranian arms to Syria

Are you rooting for icky Ricky.....

Affirmative Action will soon be dead

ill. state legislator hits back at anti-choice laws.

EU Urges Halt To Iran Execution Of Canadian Resident

The Decline of Women in America?

Russ Feingold: 'It's A Threat To Our Country' To Elect One Of The GOP Presidential Candidates

Mitt Romney spent $33 million destroying Newt Gingrich and all he got was Rick Santorum in return

Newt Gingrich, running on empty, claims "You cannot put a gun rack in a [Chevy] Volt."

I cannot create a new thread in either GD or Good Reads, but can on this

First they came for the thin mints…

Speaking of Led Zeppelin

Bain Capital declined to help out auto industry during financial crisis.

Is the Blue Screen of Death gone with the wind? I haven't seen one in ages. Did MS phase it out?nt

What are your 10 favorite bands?

Carville and Matalin to appear at Texas A&M on Friday

Real cowards go to Tehran

How difficult should it be to commit someone against their will?

DOW at 12,997

EU to vote on oil sands pollution (BBC)

Santorum Press Secretary Says She Regrets Referring To Obama’s ‘Radical Islamic Policies’

I asked for extra santorum on top last night at Dairy Queen

Conservative Amnesia

A bug that I found for Elad -

Ind. Measles Outbreak, Linked to Super Bowl, Raises Vaccination Concerns

Close yer discos the micturator is on the loose!

Saint Rick

Turkey denies claims intelligence officers captured in Syria

Waking dog

Thom Hartmann: The Radical Center Will Not Save Us...

Support for "Saint"orum's stand on Women's issues widens globally ('toon)

Court: Rights don't have to be read to prisoners

2011 Nebula Awards Nominees Announced

laissez les bon temp rouler!

What is the explanation for Rick Santorum's obsession with reproduction and sexuality?

The American Century Is Over — Good Riddance

Targeting the existence of public schools

If Obama wants to seal the deal for the 2012 Election he needs to change his stance on Medicinal Pot

Santorum's spiritual adviser?

The word of the day is "codswallop." Change any thread title to include codswallop.

Ahead in Polls, Santorum Says Global Warming Is Politics, Not Science

Ummmm... so Luna bars are for women?

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Happy Mardi Gras!

What's the fastest you have ever driven?

Portugal Needs More Money To Stay Afloat

Gingrich backer willing to give $100M to benefit former House speaker

Santorum-Linked Hospital Chain Saw Suicide Attempts, Abuse, & Parents' Rights Left At The Door

Forbes signaling Dow 15,000 possible by end of year.

Romney, Santorum virtually tied in new Michigan poll

Defector Brigadier: Syria is run by Assad’s mother and Hezbollah villages

Why The Decline In Gasoline Demand Doesn't Mean A Recession - Yet

Solar-Panel Giant Poised to Get Even Bigger

New Poll has Mittens opening up a two-point lead on Ricky in Michigan

Orthodox Jews Come Out for Marriage Equality in Maryland

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Remember Arianna Huffington describing the stock market rally as a dead cat bounce two years ago?

Orthodox Jews Come Out for Marriage Equality in Maryland

There’s More to Nothing Than We Knew

Nato apologises for Afghan Koran 'burning'

Experts Say Iran Attack Is Irrational, Yet Hawks Are Winning the Debate

Forget Dow 13,000; real story is Wilshire 5000

Bibi: Arab Spring Inflating Israel's Defense Costs

It's called Miz Seabeyond's Blues cuz she scratches out my head when I was ailing

Dow Pierces 13000

Nationwide protests planned *Occupy ALEC* February 29

New Poll: Newt might not even win Georgia on Super Tuesday!

Rhode Island Teen Atheist Gets $40K Scholarship

I love Saint Rick so much, I altered some lyrics for him.

So if it goes to a brokered convention for the Republicans

Official: Burned Islamic religious material had 'extremist inscriptions'

IN GOP rep says girl scouts support abortions and promote 'homosexual lifestyles'

Thom Hartmann: Why German labor is treated better than American labor

Distant 'waterworld' is confirmed

MTV's It Gets Better special. TONIGHT!

Regarding The Supreme Court taking up Affirmative Action

Campaign Comeback Advice for Mitt Romeny, former Governor and Frontrunner

Looks like bigotry against the mentally ill is OK on DU.

Current bid, over $39 million.

No big Fukushima health impact seen: U.N. body (UNSCEAR) chairman

This election and the GOP primary is more about RACE than religion...

Check out (sister site to

Speaking Loud With Silence

Occupy Oakland project

Squid can fly to save energy

Drug Industry Group Spent $194,000 In January Alone To Fight Kentucky Anti-Meth Legislation

My vote for worst movie of 2011: The Hangover Part II

Japan Refiners Said to Stall on Iran Deals

Lawmaker says Girl Scouts push 'homosexual lifestyle'

Santorum: “You’re Not A Christian”

The cult of the hyperpolyglot

Bird feeds dog noodles

The cult of the hyperpolyglot (BBC)

Massive Demonstrations Challenge Anti-Worker Polices in Portugal, Spain

Iran, Israel and the US election

IDF dismantles explosives on Egyptian border

Every 2-year-old should know at least these 25 words: researchers

A statement from the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association Regarding the Detention of Medical Doctor

You give me any movie with Julianne Moore or Ed Harris in it and I'll watch it

Regarding Barack Obama campaign memos

A new Massacre in Idlib

Dow Gets Heat Re. Olympic Sponsorship From Indians In London; $100 Mill X 4 For Games, $0 For Bhopal

NYPD Monitoring of Muslim students sparks outrage

Drought In SE England Intensifies; Springs Drying Up, Farmers Readying Backup Crop Plans

FDA OKs New Cancer Drug Suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions: Wells Fargo Divestment Campaign

Trapped Dalmatian pelicans hand-fed in frozen Caspian Sea (BBC)

Fukushima: Return To The Disaster Zone

Probably belongs on the Computers forum, but I have a question about online forums

TYT: Climate Change 'Hoax' For Kids - Documents Expose Corporate-Funded Plan

IDF Says Ground Invasion in Gaza ‘Matter of Time’

Israel: Public U.S. Objections To Military Attack Serve Iran's Interests

Shane Williams, Colorado Mesa Univ. football player, arrested for alleged attack on lesbian

Shaking with Rage! They talk about "Real Rape" and an End to Contraception

looking for your personal experiences with bupropion

No big Fukushima health impact seen: U.N. body chairman

Woman with baby due in two weeks sentenced to prison for selling two OxyContins

When someone decides to hide your posts from their sight,

What are the "couple of things" LIMBOsevic says would convince Jeb Crow Shrub to run?!1

Journalist Marie Colvin in Homs

Yemen election ensures Saleh's exit after 33 years

How INSANE is Rick Santorum you ask?

Sheriff Babeu Tried To Hide His Relationship By Blaming Comments On His "Mentally Ill Sister"


SCOTUS set to give Thomas and extra half hour of sleep.

The Anti-Santorum

Tamron Hall's "Christian" guest is so full of shit his eyeballs are spinning in it

WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA? Message from Michael Moore

I'm eating cheese. nt

I'm eating figs. nt

State assembly passes resolution naming 12/12/12 'Aaron Rodgers Day'

Vanity Fair: Santorum Good for Chastity-Belt Sales? Manufacturer Says, “We’ve Had a Boost”

By some measures the US government debt situation is worse than the Eurozone periphery

Holy Santorum Batman! Man on dog sex!!1!

Lesbian couple legally married in VT faces deportation due to federal DOMA

Activists: Dozens dead as Syria launches 'large-scale military assault' on civilians

Hope no one gets mad at me but I think I am going to have to give up serving on juries

U.S. Should Cut Ties with Russian Arms Dealer Enabling Syrian Regime

Telemarketing-- What you are told and what truly is...

Republicans want to shrink government small enough...

INFOGRAPHIC: Why We Should Be Glad We Didn’t ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’

Minn. redistricting would pit Bachmann, McCollum (bad news for Michele Bachmann)

Redistricting Puts Bachmann In Blue District — But She'll Continue To Run In Old One

Joe Jackson denied a sweet, sweet payday as wrongful death lawsuit is tossed out of court

America's coming homeless surge

Virginia House puts off ultrasound bill again

Where the Church of Rick Santorum Came From

Amnesty calls for end to impunity of crimes against peace community

Religion And Health: Very Religious People Score Higher In Health Self-Evaluations

Rick Santorum’s Top 10 Most Outrageous Campaign Statements

Bible Lesson, from The West Wing!

Iran the next Iraq?

Catholic Hospitals Expand, Religious Strings Attached

Michele Bachmann Will Run in CD-6

Franklin Graham "just has to assume that" Obama's a Christian, but how does he feel about Santorum?

Thom Hartmann: Greece - The Eurozone's first colony?

How to identify a Meth Lab

"After the second term, now I can finally get my groove on."

US to import short-supply cancer drug from India

looks like it has arrived

Greece says Libyan embassy hands over arms cache

Attn: American Gun Lovers - The Blessings of Civilization Are Required!

they have been formed

Just wait until the general election these people are completely insane.



RussiaRussia ‘Faces Orange Revolution Threat’ After Polls

Bruce Springsteen takes on Wall Street in new album! Awesome audio-video previews at these links!

The 50-State Foreclosure Settlement -- Why Hasn’t Anyone Gone to Jail?

Greece Lurches to Left Amid Radical Austerity

Where Can I Get Prints from Old Negatives Nowadays?

Chicago Teacher Suspended for Using "N-word" in Class Sues; says it was a "teachable moment".

Girl, 12, found naked and rummaging in trash for food; mother faces child endangerment charges

OWS Statement of Demands


Redistricting: Although it's hard to interpret the

Execution of (Canadian) web programmer in Iran may be imminent


Down With Paypal!

Can this be the theme song for the new group?

Wow, it's finally here!

Second City Network's response to the Issa-all male- panel.

Question about the UK local elections this may

Who are the Super PACs' Biggest Donors???

the GOP candidates are not going to pass on the Koran burning are they?

Interfaith coalition urges candidates to eschew religious division

F1 says Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead in April

Margins Widen at U.S. Companies {as wages lag}

The Elephant In Santorum's Theological Room: Religion = Make Believe

As Al Qaeda moves fight to Syria, violence in Iraq drops sharply

President Obama remarks on the importance of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance - pics

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Pat Buchanan Demonstrates Why You Shouldn't Give a Shit About His Firing

Other than being a safe refuge, what will we do here?

Do you notice rent going up in your area? I think foreclosures have a lot to do with it.

El Enemigo es el Sionismo: Un barranco como solapada promesa

I usually try to fill out the voter registration forms for people

"If you want a Constutional Amendment banning 'gay marriage'...

I think Santorum has been watching too many old movies.

Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) charges Obama with "beginning the unraveling of Social Security"

Fox 5 New York: "Gary Carter Will Be Remembered As One Of The Elite Pitchers In Baseball History"

Colombian congressmen propose to relegalize drug possession .

New DU Groups: Feminism & Diversity, Middle East, and Occupy Underground

Gun Blogger's Starbucks Appreciation Day Backfires

Colombian congressmen propose to relegalize drug possession .

Should Obama have begun an "African-Americans For Obama" group?

Brady Quinn takes a swipe at Tebow

I'm in love with Tamron Hall, and this is why:

Former paramilitaries form anti-land restitution army: NGO .

Ex-Marine Facing Foreclosure Refusing to Leave Home

More meta-discussion about the future of the Feminists Group

A new chapter for Santorum with this *unfortunate* headline

Lance Armstrong entry could mean live coverage of Hawaii Ironman

Dirty Minds Spout Dirty Thoughts!

Occupy the SEC: Moving From the Campsite to the Weeds of Regulatory Reform

Can somebody help explain the Greek Crisis?

A reminder to Rick Santorum

Blog post from the Lutheran minister who was on the HHS panel

HAZMAT called to Boehner's West Chester office

An Amish farmer and the Teabagger...

Live! Mardi Gras Earth Cam

Neglected puppies given back to their abusers rules Chicago judge!

MUST-SEE VIDEO: 15 MINUTES' worth of Worf getting DENIED again and again on Star Trek TNG

New Rasmussen MI poll: Santorum 38 Romney 34

Malik says 27 terrorist groups involved in Benazir’s murder

Pressure, Not War - A Pragmatic and Principled Policy Towards Syria

Pennsylvania Man Claims to have had a Decade-Long Romantic Relationship with Rick Santorum (Satire)

Honduras jail fire is sign of chaos in the original banana republic

Supreme Court will hear case on affirmative action at colleges

So I just thought I'd love to see Santorum get the nod if only to further kick

CNN - Romney and Santorectum "basically tied for the top spot" in Arizona

Honduras jail fire is sign of chaos in the original banana republic

Official: Books burned in Afghanistan extremist

Romney Endorser Corrects Mitt On Auto Rescue: ‘No One Could Have’ Saved The Industry Except

I forgot to post here about my visit to the cancer center after 4 months off from Chemo due to

Self-Serf Nations

Oil Rises to Nine-Month High on Greece, Iran

Mitt Romney: "The Trees Are the Right Height" (AFSCME video)

US veterans deported after they served

Mitt Romney: "The Trees Are the Right Height"

Syria: Homs’s pioneer RIP

Interesting afternoon at the car repair shop...

Whoever made this advert should be fired

Democrats To Hear Birth Control Testimony From Woman Rejected By GOP

Reminder: Don't mock panhandlers on the subway

Wealthy Enriched by Double-Dipping U.S. Plan

Helen Keller on the 1% and the proles

Virginia House delays vote on anti-abortion ultrasound bill

Religion in political campaigns -- An interfaith statement of principles

Chelsea's Fernando Torres says 'I'm at top level club now'

US Rep. Bachmann says she'll seek old Minn. seat

Mo. Senate debates birth control coverage measure

Guatemala judge steps down in ex-dictator's case

Lobby Day for Reason

Textile Recycling Is Thriving in New York

Creation vs Evolution...

Radiation detected 400 miles off Japanese coast

A Rick Santorum composite made entirely out of gay porn images(NSFWish)

Clinton pledges support for US business

Dear Rev. Franklin Graham:

Sell out with me, oh yeah. Sell out with me tonight.

Hoekstra Scrubs Sites Of Racially-Charged Ad

Racist White Teen Girls Goes On A Rant About Blacks ORIGINAL FOOTAGE

It seems that the GOP is only trying to block women from having sex.

Has tri-tip gone national?

The thing about intersectionality and having an intersectional life

Venezuela's Chavez back on TV, squashes new rumour

Mitch Daniels

I'm Whizzing Cheez

who the fuck do they think they are?

A good way to combat bumper sticker thieves

White House Refuses to Release Email From Monsanto-Linked Lobbyist

Does Rick Santorum have a Satan problem?

I so hope Santorum is the nominee for one big reason.....

GQ: A Senator Without Constituents (Russ Feingold)

Who Haven't The Repugs Alienated?......

So we just soaked and cooked a few cups of Vermont Cranberry Beans. What to do with them?

IT'S TRUE! Rick Santorum Used To Love Abortion

Can they put PayPal on Obama website for donations?

PROPOSED: Drs review legislation re: women's health to determine if it is "Legislatively necessary."

A DUer on TV with President Obama today - link to post and PHOTO below

The GOP Health Plan For Women Pregnancy Gulags

For those interested, the Middle East group has been formed.

I'm Maxing Out to Kucinich

(Idaho Governor) Otter signs anti-Occupy bill, orders Boise campers to vacate by 5 pm Monday

Ginrich screws up again, guy puts a gun rack in his Volt.

Quinn apologizes for Tebow comments..


Obama likely will be the last Democrat to win... without backing same-sex marriage

The Feminism and Diversity group is up

Tips for people with Asperger's to succeed in college

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hi Everyone! Solidarity with Occupy!

Edvard Munch's 'Scream' headed for auction at Sotheby's

Good job to all involved getting this group created.

Any body use "Poo Pourri" ??

Food Co-op Readies for Boycott Vote

WhiteCollar ****

Rep. Jessica Farrar: What Being a Fiscal Conservative Really Means

Polynesian Prayer

If somebody is trying to kill your pet dog or cat ...

Romney says Obama has 'fought against religion'

O Hai!

Reps. Fitzgerald, Suder and Vos: Statement on Senate mining proposal

Ron attacks Rick in new TV ad in Michigan.

Bob Morris, R-Fort Wayne, accuses the Girl Scouts of celebrating feminists, lesbians and communists.

Rare fungus kills endangered rattlesnakes in southern Illinois

Getting Occupy news from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Why the Media Loves the Violence of Protesters and Not of Banks

I think Santorum is spouting the loony social conservative stuff for one main reason.

'Chinese Pompeii' 300m-year-old forest preserved in ash

a former altar boy to the national press corps regarding that “devout” Catholic, Rick Santorum

So... The Girl Scouts are the "Tactical arm of Planned Parenthood"?

The entire GOP social agenda boils down to making sure gay people don't

Annie or Fanny or Manny or Granny

Drexel Engineers Develop Cement With 97 Percent Smaller Carbon Dioxide and Energy Footprint

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2012 Young Dem of the Year DOES NOT Support Obama

Excuse me, Juror #2?

Open letter to Liberal Catholics: ‘It’s time to quit the Catholic Church’

I'm taoing chis

Hopefully I'll be headed back to school soon

Some Mardi Gras kitchen tunes

Nice women's rights discussion on Rev Al

I gotta download this app! >>>

Methotrexate shortage decalred over

This is Not Michael Buble

Welcome all! It took a while but we're here.

Does Occupy Wall Street Have a Future in Politics?

Oh that Paternalistic Old Party. POP. Looking at them in a Letter to the Editor in NC

Pregnancy in Entertainment

The original home of Mardi Gras (BBC Travel)

Could DUers please explain to me how any sane people among

Women, Politicians and Strength..

I liked the Church Lady so much better when she was on 'SNL'