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Archives: February 25, 2012

what is the crazy hiding?

Omaha Steve's first campaign article will run Wednesday, first endorsment too!

Reuters: Bankers escape big penalties in FDIC failed bank cases + The SEC Defends Itself (gag)

how seriously would you take this comment when coming from a man?

More Repug (humor-free) humor

Bill Maher Donates $1M To Obama

Max Keiser: Iceland - the only country to stand up to financial terrorists

HART Board Tabs Boston’s Daniel Grabauskas as New Chief

LOL...."I USED to be a conservative...." Good one, Jebbie!

Obama to Congress on Iran: Either Formally Declare War, or Sit Down and Shut Up

Yahoo is censoring Maher: but here's a link to the Maher donation 'announcement' (8:50 minutes)

Republicans now regretting new primary rules that have prolonged nominating process.

Here’s the Cheesy Anti-Union Video All Target Employees Must Endure

My Occupy Gave a Nice Welcome To Our City To Newt Today

Walking Dead - David Morrissey cast as The Governor

David Albo, Virginia Lawmaker, Says Wife Wouldn't Have Sex Because Of Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

Georgia Immigration Law: Senate Bill 458 Would Ban Undocumented Immigrants from Public Colleges

A Republican platform for American women -- barefoot and pregnant?

I'm having a crazy day

Curious how big have President Obama's campaign rallys been this year?

The wealthy are walking away

Canada-Europe trade deal prohibits provinces, municipalities from favouring local bidders on contrac

CLOWN (Robert Balducci, 1969) - Get your hankies ready

Are they that bad or are we being played?

Abe Vigoda is still alive and todays his birthday

More news from the unhinged Repug patriarchy......

Georgia Democrats Seek Vasectomy Ban In Response To Abortion Bill

LMAO! Support for VA's rape ultrasound bill cost lawmaker sex with his wife

Huge Rally in Pakistan for Women’s Rights

Wow: 7 Days in January (A Photo Diary)

Gov. O'Malley (MD) schools Gov. McDonnell (VA)

Despite second bailout, Greece is still a time bomb

Help out a panda.....Support the WWF

Podcasts or audio books?

so I'm reading the travelogue written by Paul Theroux in the 1970s....

Obama yet to make mark on important court

Equal pay law rolled back in Wisconsin

Which one of you is gay?

Stephen Bonaparte Walker Bush Friedman Harper

Santaliban is a fugging lunatic

Has anyone heard from their bank yet RE: The National Mortgage Settlement?

Democrats must pin the global economic collapse...

Funniest Internet Pictures

The funniest jury I've ever been on

Lori Compas to challenge Scott Fitzgerald for District 13 Senate seat

DUers now in 15 states have raised over $780 and the $250 match for Omaha Steve for City Council

Hilarious freeper thread re: Jeb Bush today

Why Republicans hate unions.

Philadelphia priest says cardinal ordered abuse list shredded

Jobs & Unemployment (Updated Monthly) WI

Jobs & Unemployment (Updated Monthly) WI

I need a little break from GD right now, so let's play The Six Degrees of MrScorpio

This is Genius --

Surprise, Surprise! Goldline Hit With Injunction, Has To Repay Defrauded Customers $4.5 Million

Jury convicts white supremacist in Arizona bombing

How can I pass 'this' to a Javascript/JQuery function

Re-Birth of a Nation?

"Equal Time with Bob Boudelang"

The Romney family NEEDS a "couple of Cadillacs"! That way they will always have one to drive ...

Friday Talking Points (199) -- My "War On Women" Rant

let's play a GOP word game.....

"I'm not a feminist but..."

Senior police officer 'gave NI executive details of phone-hacking inquiry'

Nothing says damn good cooking better than radioactive particles sprinkled over a fresh plate of...

What the media never showed us about the Tea Party

GOP presidential candidates' tax proposals would cause national debt to balloon

Suit Says Obama Can’t Run In Alaska Because He’s of the “Mulatto” Race

Another State Joins The Republican Transvaginal War On Women

given a fiduciary duty to maximize shareholder value, what is a corporate campaign contribution?

Banker Reportedly Leaves 1% Tip In Defiance of 'The 99%'

Craig James courts the knuckledragger vote

I miss Nadin too

down by the Yukon Railroad, I can just imagine

Oakland and After: Lessons from the General Strike

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday Bloody Friday

3rd Decorah Eagle egg being laid right this second!

Mozart Horn Concertos - Best interpretation?

I am going to buy all of my food used

Syria’s Assad to Step Down, Launch Belated GOP Bid

Explosions gunfire echoes through northeast Nigeria city previously targeted by sect

NEW ad bli$ter$ Rmoney...

What is the mechanism for a group to vote out it's host (s)?

Ford Field Frenzy: Romney arrives to wild cheers in Detroit... Not!

Poll shows Putin set for landslide victory in presidential vote

Widow faces jail for possession of late husband's illegal pistol after it was stolen during burglary

Kofi Annan in bid to halt Syrian slaughter

Obama admin silent as USPS lays off 35,000 workers...with more layoffs to come

Banker Leaves 1% Tip On $133 Lunch Bill In Defiance of 'The 99%'

No, really, Donald TRUMP, nobody *NOBODY* likes you except ass-kissing-LOSERS!1 n/t

STFU Newt Gingrich and STFU Santorum (Language is NSFW)

Bruce Springsteen To Take Over 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' Next Week

Lawyer: Rutgers webcam spy suspect just a boy, not a bigot; prosecutor called acts ‘malicious’

They locked my Zubin Mehta thread in Meta-Discussion.

Simple solution to the "Personhood Initiative"

Calling All Deadheads: Bob Weir to perform w/ The National on March 24th, show will be free Webcast

Do not miss the Camp Leleune Toxic Water Exposure with

Conrad Murray loses request to be released on bond

Beyond Euthanasia, Santorum Further Enrages the Dutch

New Citigroup Looks Too Much Like the Old One

Original Mothers of Invention bassist Roy Estrada, 68, sentenced to 25 years for child abuse

Maine gets enough support for gay marriage referendum

Amish Guys Enjoy Spring Training..

I would like to discuss the locking of the Zubin Mehta thread

A word to the wise is sufficient. Or should be.

Intrade now has Obama at ABOVE a 60% chance of re-election!

Why the heck are we being spammed up the wazoo lately?

'Brave' Trailer: Pixar's Heroine Princess Merida Shows Off Her Archery Skills

Eric Schwartz - Hattie and Mattie

US militia leader told informant he would kill police

Santorum rally very close to my home tomorrow at 8:00am

Caption contest: Mitt Romney's Ford Field fumble

Cool graphic - thought you all might enjoy.

Salon: Santorum flunks the history of home-schooling

Locked-out workers and supporters converge on Minnesota town

Chicago Tribune: In Michigan, Santorum feels heat from within

It's not your CAT's fault if you keep your environment in a state of anarchy/chaos.

Going Down the Road.......

Nothing's changed. Big Brother is STILL watching you. But sometimes that's a GOOD thing.

Who ya gotta brown-nose/provide snacks for to be able to post polls on DU3 ("coff" LynneSin "coff")?

EEEWWWW!!! Two girls/one WHAT!?!?!? EEEWWWW-fucking-EEEWWW!!!

MiddleFingerMom takes his coffee straight -- no chaser.

Aw, C'MON!!! Won't somebody please-please-please-please-PLEASE pull MFM's finger?

Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years

What weird thing did you always want to do but never did? My cousins had a pontoon

Hot tub mysteriously installed, uninstalled at U of Michigan

Capital Account: Kleptocrat Carry-Trade & A Revolution Against Financial Occupation w/Gerald Celente

I loved this from the book Game Change:

Koran Burning Protests Spread to Pakistan

FACT CHECK: Gingrich energy ad errs on facts!

What are they singing about in opera?

Has anybody in the "Drill, baby, DRILL!" crowd ever guaranteed that

Dear anonymous member, you have reclaimed the tainted reputation of being Juror #5.

Camp LeJeune expose on MSNBC RIGHT NOW

Haiti's prime minister resigns after four months

This is not a form of brainwashing.

Santorum’s plan for first 100 days in office: cuts in taxes, regulations, spending and welfare

Parents file 5th Texas school finance lawsuit

I'd like to have a nice little thread before bed

Montana DUers: Is Schweitzer pushing 'clean coal'?

a thought that occurred to me about the "ultrasound" before the abortion ...

Prominent Calif. lawyer sentenced in baby selling scam spanning 2 continents

This week, Michael Savage demonstrated why he doesn't deserve to be allowed in the UK

Auto Workers Tap Network for President

The DUzy Awards for February 24th, 2012

Judge rules against Lamar County woman; Keystone XL may proceed with pipeline

War Room w/ Jennifer Granholm (Current TV): The Detroit Free Press endorses Mitt Romney

Main Private Beneficiary of Court IT Project Lobbied Against Reform Bill

How Drone War Became The American Way of Life

Convicted Murderer Ruled Innocent by Texas Judge

Violence Policy Center and an amazing fact about their stats.....

ALEC is starting to get some media attention

I LOVE this stuff!

Women as breeding stock; babies as commodities

Are the Hawks actually talking about going to war

Romney opens his mouth and lets Santorum back in.

Tone-deaf Willard Rmoney in Kzoo tonight: Brighton, MI has the best deals on grave sites

Quran anger spills to neigboring countries

Toons: Let Detroit Go Bankrupt, Decepticon, Keep Them Under Control and More. - 2/24/12

Exclusive: RFK's Son Arrested in Westchester Hospital Maternity Unit Clash, Police Say

"Dutch Santorum"

Oil surges after Iran uranium warning

Really Great Analysis of Corbett's Pennsylvania Budget, and What It Really Means to People

10000 singing Beethoven - Ode an die Freude / Ode to Joy

Does anyone know of collected data on what kind of abortions are done in the US?

How much of the sudden need to ban abortion and/or contraception

6 cup Bundt pan cake recipes

Funny Old Bush Bumpersticker...

To occupy or not to occupy, that is the question

Gingrich Looking Churchillian

Catle doctrine bill, on its way to Governors Dayton's desk soon, in Minnesota.

David Morrissey...NOT Tom Savini...Cast as The Governor in The Walking Dead Season 3

All the hand wringing about the postal service going into private hands, wouldn't

An app I use a lot on my iPhone

The work schedule of a medical provider can sometimes be......challenging...

NYtimes: U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb

Chavez heads to Cuba for urgent tumor removal

Grover Norquist Says Conservatives Should Vote For A Candidate They Can Use As A Puppet

Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns.

Tax question regarding Disability Settlement and IRA withdrawl

Republiclowns have been waging full-scale war against women's rights, so let's have another look

Flagstar mortgage fraud lawsuit settled for $133 million

Romney Fails His Own ‘Moral Responsibility’ Test, Can’t Balance His Campaign’s Budget

What carreer would you heartily reccomend?

Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

Implementing Health Reform: Essential Health Benefits And Medical Loss Ratios

Only reason why Romney spoke at the football stadium was because other venue sold out

Romney may yet win the Nom--He has ties to the Koch brothers.

U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb

Guantánamo Conditions Slip, Military Lawyers Say

Yemen Gets New Leader as Struggle Ends Calmly

Homeland Security Warns Vermont Same-Sex Couple: You're Not Legally Married

'Tis the season of sled dogs.

I am going to buy all of my money used.

Bob McDonnell Squirms in His Seat as Martin O'Malley Utterly Demolishes Him

Rick Santorum predicted it...cons falsely accuse DeGrassi of promoting INCEST!

Netanyahu insults U.S. general. Republicans applaud.

"It's just nice to have a Catholic in the race."

how do we get in touch with MIRT?

Romney singing "Who let the dogs out!" on MLK day!

Rep. Dennis Kucinich discusses his letter to Congress: War Machine Beats the Drums for War with Iran

Iowa seeks Article 5 Convention to address Citizens United

Really?! The Lorax Is Being Used To Shill For SUVs

'Sovereign citizen' movement now on FBI's radar

Libya tribe offers olive branch to Misrata

Supreme Court to hear corporate human rights case

For anyone that's interested, new eps of MI5 (Spooks) are up.

Do alerts not work for groups?

Peter Gleick requests short-term leave of absence from Oakland's Pacific Institute (Heartland/Koch)

"As soon as God healed me, I could see better."

Health-insurance Coverage for Low-wage Workers

Syria: Barack Obama says the world 'cannot be bystanders' as slaughter continues

Canada commission issues details abuse of native children

Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey supply arms to the troops of Syrian opposition

Romney would raise eligibility age for Medicare

BBC: Nelson Mandela taken to hospital with abdominal complaint

Video: "Effective Corporate Political Engagement and Compliance in the 2012 Election Year"

Controversial Abortion Bill To Face Debate In Alabama Senate

I KNOW this is a code, but what does it mean?

Santorum comes from behind in Alabama three-way

Pulling the trigger for failure

It's the 1850's again: Georgia Senate ... Introduce Unconstitutional Nullification Bill

Robert Reich: The Gas Wars

Support *hugs* for all those without insurance.

White supremacist guilty in Arizona bombing

God forbid he be one of us

Bill would ease weapons permits for military (Florida)

Nelson Mandela is in hospital

OH Dear, Obama is discriminating against the Oil Company--He wants to end their Handout.

More than 200 attend concealed carry event in Rockford (Illinois)

China accuses US and Europe of having 'hegemonistic' ambitions in Syria

Demonizing and Denigration of Nation's First Black President Casts Pall Over Time of Tribute

Party of Higher Debts (James Kwak, Baseline Scenario)

So why does Mitt Romney's Wife have 2 cadillacs?

German Mardi Gras

Hey Mitt...

What Are We Really Eating? Reporter Goes Undercover to Reveal Real Story of Our Broken Food System

Measles Outbreak Traced to Super Bowl, Anti-Vaccination Fanatics

Ford to boost motor production in Cleveland, retain Avon Lake jobs

Weekly Address: An All-Of-The-Above Approach to American Energy

Sing people or just watch others :)

Iceland indicts more banksters

US judge ends solitary confinement for Viktor Bout

New Citigroup Looks Too Much Like the Old One

2 U.S. officers dead in Afghan shooting

In South Carolina, New Report Finds No Evidence Of 'Dead' Voters

Why We Must Occupy Our Food Supply

President Obama:no quick fixes to energy squeeze, derides GOP drilling plan as a gimmick

One-State Vision; a Republic of All of its Citizens.

SCOTUS to hear case on whether corporations can abuse human rights

Flu season has its latest start in 24 years

Anyone here read/reading The Awakening, by Kate Chopin?

An alternate view of the universe

Bill Maher: Republican Debate Review

Waukesha County Clerk Nickolaus: Another GOP officeholder packing concealed heat

Mihos, (Republican) former candidate for Mass. governor, under investigation for domestic abuse

There are some good judges out there

China: US, Europe have hegemonistic goals in Syria

"Teach-in at Occupy AIPAC Summit" ---- 2012 Middle East Summit in DC March 2-6

BP Wins Most Pentagon Fuel Awards in Year After Gulf Explosion

Obama - First a Muslim, then a black liberation Christian, a Marxist, a Fascist, and now... a Pagan?

Why Mitt Romney Might Be Even Weaker Than You Think

The nastiness of the 1% - this is a new low

Charges against man who fired warning shot at man suspected of robbing his home dropped (NH)

Which car should I drive today?

Saudi Arabia backs arming Syrian opposition

Slave labour charges filed against Brazil senator

Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef

Between 1990 and 2000, concentrated poverty was reduced and things were moving in the right

Romney Said, "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt."

Toon- "I distinctly asked for an Economist!"

Homeland Security Manual Lists Government Key Words For Monitoring Social Media, News

Berlusconi trial: Judges throw out corruption case

Homeland Security Warns Vermont Same-Sex Couple: You're Not Legally Married

Can Somebody Do Something About That Excel Energy Pop-Up?

Yemen bomb attack 'kills at least 26 people'

American Households Not as Reckless as You Think

Nelson Mandela hospitalized.

The pill causes blood clots and is bad for women.

8,000 new instances of child sexual abuse alleged in Milwaukee Archdiocese

Obama's Alzheimer's plan focuses on treatment, care

Even Pat Robertson thinks banksters should be jailed for financial fraud (video at link)

Romney campaign to host major address at Yasgur's Farm in Bethel, N.Y.

Move Your Money: San Francisco Churches Move $10 Million From Wells Fargo

Any good sites to shop for cell phones plans?

Guest commentary: Don't allow auto rescue critics to rewrite the truth

Any Jeep Cherokee owners here?

Police make arrest after fatal shooting in Milan

Trouble in FitzWalkerstan: Jeff Fitzgerald's stalled Senate campaign reflects Scott Walker's falling

Santorum isn't scary in person

Monty Python is hard for me to take much. Eric IDLE just did an interminable monolog

Poll: Santorum Comes from Behind in Alabama Three-Way

FLORIDA: Church Bans Children to Keep Pedophile Pastor

Euro zone decision on size of bailout fund seen delayed

Projecting the NCAA tournament field of 68

Juan Cole: Hamas Breaks with Syrian Regime

BP faces billions in fines as spill trial nears

Two arrested at Rumsfeld event at Truman Library

This Week in Poverty: Deal on Unemployment Benefits Leaves Out Poorest

More on the "Afghan Spring" - Six Afghan police die while defusing bomb: officials

Two Cadillacs. You've got the quote wrong!! It is much more disturbing.

Kindergarteners Shouldn't Learn to Spell "Gun"?

Cardinal Bevilacqua ordered shredding of memo identifying suspected abusers

"Being transsexual has helped me get where I am in Mexico"

Assad says Marie Colvin was "spying"

Domestic oil production is up...

looking for a new job....again. What would you do?

Cheney's KBR CEO GUILTY of Nigerian Bribery: 30 Months Sentence!

Law Suit Says Obama Can’t Run In Alaska Because He’s Of The “Mulatto” Race

Seniority Survives Another Year in Oakland Unified

What If Corporations Couldn’t Use Our Commons For Free?

A Tale of two Ships

Chicago School Board: Fire Them All & Let God Sort It Out Later

Sunken treasure haul arrives in Spain from US

A new lapel pin for Republicans

Of Uncertain Futures: As We Are Not Yet One

Krugman: European Crisis Realities (the Republican story, the German story, and the truth)

funny subway sign

Toles Rant: Treason Season

Republican Candidate Says Rep. Raúl Grijalva’s (co-chair - CPC) ‘Allegiance Is Not To America’

Mitt, Michigan and a Couple of Cadillacs

Santorum Says He'll Reach Out To Minority Communities By Talking About Something Other Than Food...

Syria and the New Constitution: The End of Reform?

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Feb 24th

Standard of Proof in Question at Trial Related to Rutgers Student's Suicide {video at link}

Making New Worlds Possible: A report from the Occupy Wall Street forum on the commons

Josh Marshall: Republicans lie all the time about everything: Newt Gingrich Edition

Article: Why Obama shouldn’t start crowing over jobless numbers

USPS Board of Governors Appointed Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe(MORE)UPDATE

For atheists of color, ‘coming out’ can be painful

Why does CNN allow these people to show such biases

Santorum benefits from mistaken religious identity

Anyone a fan of Ken Nordine?

A general election disaster could give the GOP reason to rethink its message

iPhone user successfully sues AT&T over 3G throttling

Branding a Soldier With ‘Personality Disorder’

Lamar's Pat Knight echoes dad in rant

Answers to the Friday Afternoon Challenge!

Cop claims Bronx precinct ruled by illegal system of zealous arrest quotas


"The Detroit Economic Club appears to have punked Mitt Romney."

Andrew Coyne: All too plausible to think the Conservatives are involved in the robocall scandal

Propaganda we pay more ways than one

"Santorum SINGS His Stump Speech"

Pakistan begins demolition of bin Laden compound

Then and Now

Incredible Before & After Picture Of An Oil Pipeline Fire In Syria

Navy atheist required to pray, say “Amen”, and feign hatred of atheists

What would Rick Santorum's America look like?

NY Times: U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb

Savage Exploitive Capitalism As Evil As Totalitarian Communism

Clueless: Allen West Outraged That It's So Expensive to Buy Gas for His Hummer

Liz Trotta: Thanks for the Laughs, Now a Few Facts

Predatory Lending Kingpins Quietly Funnel Massive Donations To Romney’s SuperPAC

TCM Schedule for Monday February 27 - 31 Days of Oscar: New England

Chavez is seriously ill

Never thought I'd see ALEC exposed on the local news... in Nebraska.

Nelson Mandela in "satisfactory condition" after hernia surgery

Mardi Gras soul, in action, turns girl's parade nightmare into a dream come true

Georgia Senate Majority Leader & President Pro Tempore Introduce Unconstitutional Nullification Bill

Mom Forced Out Of Church For Breastfeeding aims To Change Georgia Law

war on contraception goes mainstream

Toto (Band) and International Development

war on contraception goes mainstream

I need some help from environment experts on this board!

"...and all their songs are sad." Or maybe not.

Chicago Commits to Downtown Bus Priority

Signs of how unstable society is, twice this week, news of police shooting

The Keystone Pipeline

If I believe that the probability that at least one god exists is exactly 50%, then am I an atheist?

Like Chernobyl , but with freepers. Major meltdown over "Newt OK with gay marriage referenda" thread

Israeli attack on Iran could pull US into new war

Baloch freedom supporters laud bill by Gohmert

Why we fight

Michigan was completely denuded of trees after the Chicago fire. Mitt sees it

Re: Kansas Tax the Poor because they're too rich legislation>

Our household is now PC free and I'm doing a big fat happy dance.

Burlington Coat Factory Launches National Partnership with The Heart Truth® to Raise Awareness ...

Doing anything March 18??

The worst app install in which I was ever involved.

National waste of time

Two British journalists detained in Libya

Rules in GD. Do we have any?

Taliban militants say they shot down US drone

PHOTOS: Illinois restaurant introduces the "Deep Fried Gravy Burger." NURSE!

Former KBR CEO sentenced to 30 months for foreign bribery

Skippers and firm fined almost £1m for part in £63m 'black fish' scam (BBC)

Pakistan begins demolition of bin Laden's compound

Insurer sues Fort Worth Transportation Authority over pedestrian's death

Mitt Romney, in Lansing stop, says he wants to eliminate federal funding for Amtrak, public TV

(Virginia) Tech families want 1-gun-a-month law to stay

Walmart threatens Athens GA, the town R.E.M. made famous

Atheist holy day

Here is a good weekend laugh...."Romney lays out economic vision - in mostly empty stadium"

Gun charges filed against San Bernardino (R- teabagger) assemblyman

Arizona is #5 or is it #7. Nice to see Arizona (Group) is among the top ten.

Arizona GOP House Candidate Compares Saddam Hussein’s Invasion Of Kuwait To President Obama

Salon: "The Enquirer’s ghoulish Whitney cash-in" (publishes a front-page photograph of her corpse)

Libertarians wear holsters to protest Ga. gun law (on UGA campus)

The Pope is against having children....if you can't conceive the old fashioned way.

Party of Stagnation or Same as it ever was...

Great Courses: Understanding the World's Greatest Structures

Oh no, oh no, dear GOD in HEAVEN NO: "Jennifer Aniston Nixes 'Friends' Reunion Movie"

€1.3m paid out for 'ghost' estate safety

RACE TO THE BALLOT | N.C. Senator Eric Mansfield

Republican Scientist Won't Support Conspiracy Theorists(Romney or Santorum)

Obama addresses "an all-of-the-above energy strategy" and ending a subsidies to oil companies

The warmongers are crawling out of every hole on the planet

Chapel Hill company plans 15 solar farms this year (NC)

Is anybody here familiar with "The Texas Spectator"?


Lie detector tests for all Republicans

National Media Calls Attention to Republican-Driven Voter ID Laws

you ABSOLUTELY must hear this - President of Ireland goes off on a Tea Party supporter

The heated debate over solar power (Georgia)


The Quintessential American Barber Shop {bluegrass, haircuts & drexel nc}

Why Did Leading Solar Panel Maker Solyndra Fail?

Wyoming House advances doomsday bill

Would anyone want to join me in reading and discussing

How old do you consider "old"?

You Are Super Rich If You Can Afford


Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Your perspective on kitties:

Teddy Bears actually DO have a job... an extremely IMPORTANT job!

Meh. MFM (yawn). Meh.

Uranus is not like MiddleFingerMom's. Not in the least.

TransCanada using Eminent Domain to grab lands from Americans

Taxpayers foot the bill for Fannie, Freddie Exec Legal Bills- $109 million and counting

Are Republicans our wind power saviors?

What would have happened if Hillary said this in 1992?

And yet more Downton Abbey Thread

Have Any Of You Ever Really Mehta Guy Named Zubin?

Pakistan Gifting 10% of its land to China in a 50 year Lease!!!!!

Curious: Haven't Anti-contraception GOP males ever had

Venezuela's Chavez has shot at a cure: doctors

When I'm Russian for food...

German Tax Collectors Are Volunteering For Duty In Greece

State's Largest Wind Power Project Breaks Ground (Hawaii)

My cold, dead fingers

The world is made of music...

Siemens Blindsided by China Wind Boom Plans ‘Massive’ Investment

Can Too Much Alka Seltzer Be Bad?

I found a good one word description of Mitt

Santorum comes from behind in Alabama three-way


What is the difference between My Groups and My Subs?

Try The McGurk Effect! - Horizon: Is Seeing Believing?

(Warren) Buffett: Unemployment linked to housing

Journalist forced into hiding after death threats

Journalist forced into hiding after death threats

If you are out driving around today, wave to me.

Over 2300 disappearances in Medellin since 2009: Report

Over 2300 disappearances in Medellin since 2009: Report

Most Americans want Obama care REPEALED

Carville: GOP adults want 'children' to behave themselves

Concerns about Michael Pollok (the Chairman of the 99% Declaration, Ltd.)

Here are some other reasons women might take the pill

“It’s A Brick” – Tesla Motors’ Devastating Design Problem

Give PROPS to a GOP-er's wife: She Denied him Sex because he supported the VA ultrasound Bill

Meta Discussion in DU Lounge

Rick Santorum's Ultimate Goal? A Return to the Dark Ages

Chinese 'netizens' inundate Obama's Google+ page

Papantonio: Is FOX Destroying The GOP?

YAY! Occupy Underground! You did it!!!

Is "Obamacare" really the best idea? Thoughts on my idea?

Let's get Rick Santorum Laid

FACT CHECK: Gingrich energy ad errs on facts

Santorum says Obama is a SNOB because he wants everyone to go to college.

Farmer's Market in the far west valley.

Posting a photo

China Mocks International Conference To Aid Syrian Opposition

Green Onions - Steve Cropper & Donald 'Duck' Dunn Live

US ups defenses against Hormuz closing

What Liberals must do to Win

3-star ripped for presentation referencing God

"Santorum SINGS His Stump Speech"

Investigation: Just Who Is Behind Voter ID?

5 Solid Minutes of Hypocrisy & Lies from Rush Limbaugh

Santorum: Obama 'A Snob' For Wanting Everyone To Go To College

A Woman's Womb: America's New Sports Arena

3 Iraqi female artists to come to Minneapolis, if we can get them here 3/2

Nato pulls out of Afghan ministries after Kabul attack (BBC)

"Time to Make the White House White Again"

Got this off Twitter - How to oppose the most powerful political org

Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs

Minnesota:Foreclosure Moratorium Hearing Wed. March 7. Bill calls for 2 year moratorium on foreclosu

Keiser Report: Bubbling Economy (E254)

Mitt Romney's Wife Won't Let Him Debate Anymore “He's just going to sit in the audience and watch me

"Obama!!" "BOOOOOOOOOO!!" "Reagan!!" "YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!"

Moyers: ‘We can’t count on divine intervention’

Time for change for real change

Gold dust girl?

Obama seeks to make renewable Production Tax Credit permanent

i META man who wasn't there

For the second week in a row clams are available at $2.99 a dozen


Republic Windows Redux? 65 Workers Occupy Closing Chicago Factory

Firm with Tory links traced to election day ‘robocalls’ that tried to discourage voters

N. Georgia judge investigated for brandishing gun in court

On the Edge with with Max Keiser - David DeGraw On The Origins of the 99% Movement

Santorum comes from behind in Alabama three-way

Romney just said he'd get rid of PBS and NPR

Toddler in a bar at midnight on Friday. wtf?

My Credit Union screwed me and I'm pissed

(Food Channel) I enjoy 'Worst Cooks in America'

Tokyo mayor: “Anti-nuclear is as stupid as monkey.”

Stockton to Take Steps Toward Bankruptcy, City Manager Says

Van Halen’s ‘Tattoo’ Shouts Out to Unions

REPUBLICANS: "My God, what (an effing) mess---A loss is what the GOP's political class NOW expects."

Ann Romney, "I also decided no more debates". CNN cancels debate after Romney pulls out.

Court documents outline alleged embezzlement from Yurok Tribe

Solar-Panel Giant Poised to Get Even Bigger

Heartily recommend this book: Too Big To Fail

Burman: Why faith and politics can be a toxic brew

“Why I support Obama” - image

Toon - Theocalypse Now

Republicans Have Awoken A Sleeping Giant And She Is Furious

The Democrats vs. The Bukkakians. Good idea or bad idea?

An upside to the ‘angry black woman’ stereotype?

How Free Public Schools in Pennsylvania were almost eliminated, but then were saved by one speech

Reason Rally

Ezra Klein: Mitt Romney’s budget in less than 150 words

Russian scientists revive an ice age flower

German minister tells Greece to exit eurozone

Steinbeck Fans Unite!

.Two bodies found after blast at Brazil's Antarctic base

Two bodies found after blast at Brazil's Antarctic base

Please don't take Santorum's

Quote of the Day


Maine Democratic Party caucuses on Sunday

Kentucky stops Vandy 83-74 to claim SEC title/ Anthony Davis ,Player of the year?!

Santorum Again Relates Food Stamps to Minorities

Free to good home: Arabian horses up for adoption!

Ben Davies: Greece is Just a Preview of What's Coming For the Rest of Us

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