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Debunking Poverty Myths and Racial Stereotypes

'Mermaid Avenue Volume III' Coming Soon

Wind Power In Trouble on Two Fronts

Juan Williams:Pat are you a RACIST!!

Three women arraigned in Forest Hills T station hate attack

Beyond environment: falling back in love with Mother Earth - Thich Nhat Hanh

Tomorrow Santorum starts near the rear

VT Leaders Back Away from Renewable Energy Goals; Wind Involves "Mountaintop Removal"...Who Knew?

Jay Farrar and Jim James Discover Woody Guthrie's California in New Album

The Santorums lie about health care

What's the over/under on Shane surviving tomorrow's 'Walking Dead'?

NYPD Secret Surveillance Of Students 'Disgusting'

Why I support Obama

Jaw dropping example of the level of corruption when public services are privatized.

damn that rahm emanuel

Why Does the PA. Gov. Hate Public Colleges & Schools?? Spending 2X as much on prisons as colleges.

Fox Guest Suggests Trashing Theaters as a Way to Stop Hollywood "Indoctrination"

"Occupy SEC" Heads up LEO! Is this group "for Real" or Not?

“President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college,” Santorum said. “What a snob!”

Incredibly gorgeous sex video

!!Chair of Committee Considering Alabama "Ultrasound" Bill is - VP - of an Ultrasound Equipment Co!!


Hollywood version of Agri-Business tax subsidies to NOT PRODUCE - Universal / Star Trek

Santorum isn't the Nom for General Election is is close to cause International trouble.

Phone camera magically removes 85% of face chocolate.

Did you know this still relevant American history? To protect your rights, maybe you should

2nd New York state judge upholds fracking ban in towns

Mayor Rob Ford should be fired, demonstrators say

Ann Romney announces she will now be Mitt’s debate stand-in

Va., Md. and D.C. seek to opt out of key parts of No Child Left Behind law

Guardian: Beyond environment: falling back in love with Mother Earth

The lady is a genius

If Republican/Conservative/TeaHadist voters stood to their principles in 2012, landslide win

Billboard outside Mitt Romney's "rally" at Ford Field in Detroit

China versus Government of China: Minor or Important Difference?

What is the best cell phone out there other than the iphones?


AZ Gov. Jan Brewer To Endorse In Presidential Race Tomorrow

It's time to show up

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe ‘disgusted’ by Rick Perry’s ‘homophobic’ views

WTF - Richard Dawkins: I can't be sure God does not exist

Grapes of Wrath on TCM

My furkids helped me celebrate

Titan finishes fracking in Colleyville, for now

Feedback requested: charity and TV

NY attorney general won't probe alleged surveillance of Muslims

Please post something for sale in the DU Marketplace

Jan Brewer To Skip Governors Dinner At White House On Sunday

What was for dinner tonight Lounge? We had prime rib, roasted potatoes and carrots, blueberry

FOR SALE: Hillary 2000 pinback $1.44 shipping included

Please post something for sale in the DU Marketplace

Robocall scandal in Canada. CBC News report says that whoever organized the calls giving

Donald Rumsfeld Mic Check!

An Effing Mess: Republicans Grow Pessimistic About Defeating Obama

Don’t Tell Us It’s Not a Class War

Ecuador Court Rejects Chevron Arbitration Ruling, Reopening $18 Billion Fine For Amazon Pollution

Ecuador Court Rejects Chevron Arbitration Ruling, Reopening $18 Billion Fine For Amazon Pollution

Burger King quits work experience scheme for jobless

Not Your F__king Business

If you have doggie or kitty problems, head on over to Pets Group

A purge

How concerned is the Canadian government with the Unemployed?

Anyone know why psychiatrists are called shrinks?

Referendum to overturn redistricting makes ballot

Iran warns Israel not to attack its nuclear facilities

Taliban militants say they shot down U.S. Drone

Hollywood Violence, The Pentagon, & Brando Oscar Rejection (The Point w/ Mike Farrell of Mash)

Mozart Horn Concertos - Best interpretation?

(BOOOOOO!!!!!) Sun on Sunday rises under Rupert Murdoch's watchful eye

Banker Leaves 1% Tip On $133 Lunch Bill In Defiance of 'The 99%'

Venus, Jupiter, moon offer dazzling night show (Sat/Sun)

I had forgotten how idiotic Americans behaved after 9/11.

U.S. did not call for strategic oil release: G20 sources

What are you reading the week of February 26, 2012?

Our old girl is on borrowed time

What is the best way to tell the government of Israel that we do not want another war?

*breaking* - Christina PERRI to be on Graham NORTON show within hour (10 ET)

John BOLTON Dodges Question From Vet & Insults Him-Fox Edits Out Booing & Replaces It With Applause

Iran military official: Only burning White House can make up for burning Koran

Sunday Talk Shows

Look Outside toward the West right now

Britain leads dash to explore for oil in war-torn Somalia

Mr. Rick Goes to the Doctor

Prolonged Race Forces Romney Campaign to Recalibrate

Please, can we trade it for a cat?

The myth of the eight-hour sleep (BBC) {very intriguing article!}

Elliott Abrams' Dark History in Latin America and the Struggle for Justice

Elliott Abrams' Dark History in Latin America and the Struggle for Justice

Would reducing US fuel exports stop gas prices from spiking?

The NAFE 50 Report Signals a Stall for Female Executives

Mitt Romney couldn’t have remembered Detroit milestone; he wasn’t born

NASCAR Nationwide Daytona winner didn't lead any laps

Gov. Chris Christie guts greenhouse gas fund targeted by Koch Bros.' Americans for Prosperity

Danica Patrick wrecks in N'wide opener

Rapper Too Short gives disgusting advice.

Daytona 500 Race Lineup

Accident Damages Mirror on Telescope Slated for Dark Energy Camera

I declare this "Sports (Group)" a NASCAR free zone!

Respect Romney as a formidable foe.

My latest book, for a mere 99 cents

“but you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until 2012 .”

Probably the most poorly worded headline from the campaign yet:

With Scott Ritter in custody, can 15-year-old girls no longer access online porn?

Anonymous to shut down DU over bad jury decision

Arizona GOP House Candidate Compares Saddam Hussein’s Invasion Of Kuwait To President Obama

Michigan Renewables Cheaper than Coal: Another State Success Story

Filtered, bottled, or tap water?

Incredible buzzer beater in college basketball game

OWS Invented

Romney makes his plan official: Skin the Middle Class (so that the 1% continue their free ride)

TCM Schedule for Sunday, February 12 -- 31 DAYS OF OSCAR: CALIFORNIA, DAY TWO

Gas Could Easily Go To $5 And Crush The National Economy

Monthly Prayers, Light and Healing thread-revival?

Probably just lost my brother-in-law...

These Are The Worst Teachers In New York City

State Democratic Party chairman enters ed reform debate

I want to thank The .01%

Left Action: "I'll give $1 to Obama for each ten new Facebook fans"

Creepiest tv series of all time?

Has anyone ever told you you have an obsession?

Come The Rapture

American officers killed in Afghan Interior Ministry

Mitt Romney Repeatedly References Height Of Trees In Michigan

UAW to protest Romney at Daytona 500

I am running out of internets

Gendered McDonald's toys

Question for hardcore Fleetwood Mac fans...

Do you have any local websites that you would reccomend?

Michigan Primary Blues

West Wing Week: 2/24/12 or "West Wing Week 100!"

Michigan Democratic Party encourages crossover voting in GOP presidential primary

There really isn't any point.

Just watched "Grapes of Wrath"

Who wins Michigan on Tuesday?

From Virginia Suburb, a Dissident Chinese Writer Continues His Mission

Occupy the GAS PUMPS

For Sale Beatles Screamers

Have you watched the video "Let your life be the friction to stop the machine"?

Minnesota's controversial deadly force bill advances

Journalists who write about the FBI's pre 9/11 conduct

"I've noticed how liberals ALWAYS want proof..." (1.1MB graphic)

United States Postal Service FACTS (Photo)

What can be done about the host problems in the Feminist Forum

The Michigan Primary is open. Reports that it is closed are Republican misinformation

Don't be the Hare

know what sucks? krispy kreme donuts suck

CBS news reporting a probable VP pick for Romney - it's

Are we gonna have an NCAA bracket contest?

I don't think the AP likes Newtie very much

Tesla devastates criticism with announcement that new models park for a year without "bricking"

state by state speak your mind about...michigan

state by state about michigan

Conservatives push a 'legal assault' on the Voting Rights Act

Same rhetoric, different name. Santorum on schools . . .

Indian PM: foreign groups behind anti-nuclear protest

The Long-Suffering Super PAC by CalvinTrillin

my house just got hit by space junk

The Truth Behind the Changes at Google & YouTube

Hollywood stars like George Clooney and Eva Longoria fill Obama’s re-election coffers – The Trail (1

Culture wars may weaken youth support for Republicans

JONAH wants to help you pray away the gay

Murdoch's new Sun on Sunday rolls off presses

Celebrity baby/kids names


I think I will adopt this philosophy (pic):

Arizona Debate: Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost

Your Brain Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Ice Cream and Crack

U of Virginia football player on hunger strike in solidarity with university workers

Divided We Stand

European Neanderthals Were On the Verge of Extinction Even Before the Arrival of Modern Humans

Unholy Alliance- GM, DuPont and Hitler

5th Graders Accused Of Plot To Kill Teacher

The Rethug "let's throw shit against the wall & see what sticks dept": Clarence Thomas For POTUS

Japan PM visits Okinawa over US military base move

Antisemitism has a long history in Britain

I'm bored so... Re: MI tree height

Antisemitism has a long history in Britain (x-posted in Good Reads)

Michigan Tea Partiers Share Rick Santorum’s Fears Over Obama’s College Push

MSNBC - Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol!

The Worst Teachers

Marie Colvin,veteran correspondent who was killed in Syria, died trying to retrieve her shoes.

Led Zeppelin

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Felis Domesticus Edition

How to delete your Google Browsing History before new policy

Maddow: Ron Paul May Still Win Maine As Reps Cave To Pressure!

Democrats are pushing the President to tap the SPR.

Twice as many atheists in U.S. as Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists combined?

Wisconsin: Republican attack on Milwaukee Area Technical College Board

The religion and politics of division

Maysa - "Have Sweet Dreams" - A Tribute To Michelle and Barack Obama

Mild drought caused Maya collapse in Mexico, Guatemala

Shooting at Starbucks

Tampa Bay Times' Robin Blumner: What a President Santorum Looks Like

For the life of me I don't understand how two men can be Hosts of the Feminist group?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Feb 26th

Tony Auth nails the Republicans, once again...

Police Open Criminal Probe into ‘Punk Prayer’ at Christ the Savior Cathedral

Today's WTF moment

Toon- Dead Right

Sunday's Doonesbury - The Latest Republican Debate

math help

Are Lesbian Gay-Bashers Guilty of a Hate Crime?

The Playbook

Rick...a "selective" Catholic

The microwave finally just gave up...

Up with Chris Hayes - nice discussion on the warmongers

Rick Santorum leads big in TN, poll finds

*This* is what a three-point contest looks like.

Supreme Court to decide if corporations can be sued for human rights abuses

"No one would notice if Roe v Wade were overturned".

By George!

8 reasons why gas will hit $5 a gallon this year

"Bustamante plans for political comeback."

If you can spare a few thoughts today...

Public School Teachers and Administrators: How should we fire them?

A new feature at Wishadoo: A Daily Wish

The Sins and Prevarications of The Authoritarian Right by Timothy Riley (WI)

The Sins and Prevarications of The Authoritarian Right by Timothy Riley (WI)

Syria referendum goes ahead amid military onslaught

The Lost Party

Romney's spokesman (ie. Ron Paul) : Santorum is "desperate".

Egypt begins court proceedings against foreign and domestic NGOs

Why don't we all just become oil speculators?

How will the militarism/nationalism of the last 10 yrs. be viewed in the future?

February's quote in Chavez's Venezuela: The Armed Force is Chavista.

STUNNER: 1/4 of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From Fossil Fuels Mined & Drilled On Public Lands

Murdering, Lying, Thieving, Rat-F*** Republican Pieces of Sub-Amphibian Sh** Troubadour

G20 moves to line up huge rescue deal for April

NASA: Earth Is Losing Half A Trillion Tons Of Ice A Year

My Verizon bill has gone up $2 in the last 2 months.

Life, With Dementia: Convicted Killers Caring For Other Inmates

Democratic governors almost giddy on Obama reelection prospects (Fox News)

Will the Republican nominee challenge Obama to a series of debates?

Military pressures clinicians to issue unwarranted psychiatric diagnoses to get rid of troops

Sandler sets Razzie record: 11 worst-movie noms

Santoruns is sponsoring a car in the Daytona 500.

Sometimes I wonder....

Is an employer allowed to ask if you're a U.S. citizen?

The G.O.P.’s Fuzzy Delegate Math

Proof that Obama won the GOP Presidential debates

Who is running the DU SuperPAC?

"It's not the meetings you make, it's the Steps you take"

9 Strategies to End Corporate Rule

Football Player One of Many Students Fasting at UVA for Worker's Rights

Ask Congress to Cosponsor the Keeping All Students Safe Act

On now (at least on the East Coast): Face the Nation .. Chris Christie and Martin O'Malley ... CBS

Wow Anita Hill is on Melissa Harris Perry's program right now n/t

Lou Dobbs Cites Birther Website For Shady Statistic On First Lady's Vacations

The Economist Botches the Economics of Regulation By Recycling Discredited Proposals

Robert Fisk: The new Cold War has already started – in Syria

It makes for easy campaign lines but sorry the price of gas is in no way out of line

Romney's Daytona 500: A speedway full of foreign cars

Gibbs zings Gingrich

Michael Moore champions Oscar documentary makers

Gay USMC Homecoming picture.

The clean transportation problem is solved, I'm sorry


Bob Dudley: BP Gulf of Mexico trial could last until 2014

Left Action: I'll give $1 to Obama for each ten new Facebook fans

Jan Brewer endorses Romney on MTP

Is Mitt showing the same signs that Ronnie showed? Is he going down a path

Two eleven year old girls fight ater school over a boy and one ends up dying hours later

Wax Tailor- We Have Lost The Way (live)

Sting - Fortress Around Your Heart

House and Senate....

Mitt Romney as "The Artist" on The Chris Matthews Show,

Hemlines are plunging, is economy next?

United Citizens vs. Citizens United

The Country Just Over the Fence

Real name, or a really gullible newspaper?

Santorum's LOL of the day!

Admins, I have a question:

Sheffield Wednesday 1 Sheffield United 0

Radiation still high around Fukushima No. 1

Personal favorite otherwise unappreciated by the philisteens movie,,,

Readin' and writin' an' arithumatic? Obama is ‘a snob’ who ‘wants everybody to go to college’

Michael Steele confirmed my hypothesis.

The World Needs Ditch Diggers Too

Sanders: Postal Service Plan ‘Deeply Flawed'; Senators Support Saving the Postal Service

NYT: A Million Jobs

Santorum: no apology needed for Quran burning

Groups help gay students equalize

God: "Thats Absurd"

What kind of dog is this?

More absurdity

“B*tch, you not gonna put this up on a website.”

Arizona Gov. Brewer endorses Romney for president

Building Great Pyramid Today Would Cost $5 Billion

Kansas Tax Committee Approves Bill to Raise Taxes for Poor and Lower Taxes for Rich

NASCAR Race car will be HUGE ad for Santorum.

Judge Explains Bronx School Prayer Ruling (favors secularism over religious practice)

Protecting the children...

Why is the Sovereign Debt of Some EU Nations (part of the planet Earth) particularly newsworthy?

Chinese 'netizens' inundate Obama's Google+ PageChinese 'netizens' inundate Obama's Google+ page

Farm Committee OKs Bills on Abortion

Please Baby Jesus, Make the Rick Santorum Car Win Today!!! Please, Please, Please...

"Republicans being against sex is not good. Sex is popular."

Beyond the Fall of the Syrian Regime

Santorum: Separation Of Church And State 'Makes Me Want To Throw Up'

If households budgeted like the GOP (toon)

Michelle Rhee's Backers Include Obama Bundler Billionaire, Big Romney Backer

Relatives of Titanic officer seek return of letter

chicago: charter schools collect almost $400,000. in discipline fees


Bankers urge G20 growth strategy, delay regulations

In ’12, 70% of Companies Have Posted “Better-Than-Expected Results” As Wages Continue to Decline

Dumbing Us Down: The GOP’s Assault on Higher Education

ROMNEY:"...Vote For The Other Guy"

Occupy Movement Set to Target ALEC Corporate Members F29

Monsanto Caught Illegally Planting GM Corn in India

Santorum sickened by JFK's 1960 religion speech


A crack in the Chinese firewall? Chinese activists flood Obama's Google+ page.

Best news ever!

Rally on 20th Anniversary of Azeri Genocide in Baku

If wealthy American citizens who happen to be Muslims were killed in riots ...

Santorum spokesman exposes self to illustrate the dangers of masturbation

Secret £14million Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' unearthed in Turkey Re

Santorum comments on forced euthanasia cause stir in Netherlands

The GOP clown car, alas, has become a motorcade.

Sure, the Republicans are self-destructing.....

Insurance, Mainecare and other options

And the witch hunt begins!

Questions on the continued dishonest relabeling of the Separation of Church and State

Guide to interpreting the bible

Santorum says he ‘almost threw up’ after reading JFK speech on separation of church and state

Note to Chris Hayes and MSNBC in general: When Meghan McCain is a panelist, I skip the segment.

Study: Medical Marijuana Legalization leads to decrease in suicide rates

Infographic: Cannabis Contradictions

OMG, GOP Desperate To Float New Candidate-Suggest Clarence Thomas!?!?!?

'Retirement' missing from vocabulary of NY judges

Peru had 2011 fiscal surplus, president's popularity up

How would you feel about a DU Group: Free Thought on Philosophy & Religion?

It's not just Virginia that's implementing crazy laws

Alice Russell - Hurry On Now - Emika Remix

Muskegon Heights starting teachers would earn $21,000 under latest plan

For Third Time Ever, Convicted Orangutan Smuggler Faces Indonesian Jail Time

Santorum OR Iran? Condoms & Computer Viruses Confused

U.S. military receives remains of last soldier missing in Iraq

Leading Sherpa Worries Warming May Make Everest, Other Peaks Unclimbable - Times Of India

If we had a religion based government we would spiral into Religious wars quickly

Land-based Pathogens (Toxoplasmosis, Feedlot Bacteria) Increasing Disease Threat To Marine Mammals

Kansas Senate Gives Initial OK To Spreading Fracking Waste On Farm Fields

What About Israel's Atomic Weapons?

Recipe needed:

The Right's Line of Underwear for Women

Net Loss To U.S. Urban Areas Of Four Million Trees Annually

The Zeitgeist Award

Photo: Naval Airpower

Ron Paul Leaks His Choice for Vice President

Internet firms read your texts, emails, & even look at your pictures by spying thru smartphone apps

Now the pearls are being clutched over ice cream.

How Boiron Homeopathy Scammed Me

Change On Federal Benefits Payments Could Leave Child Support Debtors With No Income

Low fat crockpot recipes?

Small-scale miners persecuted to clear way for multinationals: Senator .

PHOTO: Banker Tips 1% - Tells Waitress to Get a Real Job

Russian El Al leaflet presents Israeli map – sans W. Bank, Golan

Romney: ‘Vote for the other guy’ if you can’t relate to me

Gallup GOP tracking: Romney 31 Santorum 29

Santorum says conservative students are 'singled out' and ‘ridiculed’ at colleges

Football Player One of Many Students Fasting at UVA for Worker's Rights

The return of the Israel Apartheid Week cult

There is hope out there...a friend is a CONSERVATIVE republican preacher

DU Jury comments

The Kochs Would Like to Buy the World

Santorum: ‘I Don’t Believe In An America Where The Separation Between Church And State Is Absolute’

Prison Fire, Market Fires Considered to be Messages to Honduran Resistance

Progressive David Sirota filled in for Ross Kaminsky...edited to add audio

Note to Santorum:

Organ Donation: Jews Can Learn Something From Atheists

Santorum: no apology needed for Quran burning

Santorum is sponsoring a car in the Daytona 500

Don't get in the take-out line until you know what you want

Never mix politics with religion. Yeah, right (Tim Skubick column)

Doesn't anyone go into medicine anymore because they actually want to help people?

Perry’s Working Retirement Sheds Light on a Perk

Colombian rebel group says it will free all captives

"Santorum is nuts," Koch told Klein. "And I say that in a loving way.

"Stupid, Offended Muslims": Good Idea for Title of a Book by Salman Rushdie?

Ed Koch: 'Santorum is nuts'

Conservative George Will Rips GOP's Politicization Of Gas Prices As 'Economic Nonsense'

looking for a good deal on a computer

Did Santuorum just end his political career This morning?

FBI Turns Off Thousands of GPS Devices After Supreme Court Ruling

Tarzan? No, I'm George of the Mud Pool

Ok... marketing geniuses

Steampunk Nerf Gun

Who thinks God is a Republican?

Who thinks God is a Republican?

Siri hates humanity

A Point of View: Making friends the shared currency way (BBC) {a long read, but worth it}

Recipe for Tyranny: Santorum's Unholy Church-State Alliance

Pets and cancer

What is this kind of communication called?

Are the Academy Awards bigger than the Super Bowl?

Group hug.

How's Frothy's car doing in Daytona?

Deadly clashes erupt across occupied territories

Quite possibly the saddest obit I have ever read

The Case against Michigan's P.A. 4 & Why a Constitutional Referendum Vote is Right

Evolution of Dance by Fellowship of the Ring

Rihanna backlash should focus on Chris Brown

Why are people still posting on DU2?

deleted by poster as duplicate thread

Nurse tells the Top 5 regrets of the dying.

what are your picks for Oscars tonight?

TYT: Cenk Rips Santorum For Slamming Public Education (& Do Colleges Kill Religion?)

Just how true is this headline from "The Blaze?"

Jury duty

Grown Ups Don't Shoot Laptops

There's Santorum all over the track at the Daytona 500

The Constitution guarantees "no religious test" for office...


Political catidates -- pre-and-post-election:

What man DOESN'T hate a fucking wiener dog?

Why there are so few Amish innovators:

MiddleFingerMom used to be a clown at children's parties. OK... once... and for about 2 minutes.

Very fucking funny. EVERY birthday and Christmas, every single one of you gets me THIS!!!!!

Ben & Jerry's sorry for Linsanity flavor ingredient...fortune cookies

Democratic Governors Association Chairman Martin O'Malley says Walker can't win.

Alameda County Supervisor caught up in sex tape scandal.

The Real Evil: GOP Voter Suppression – A State Guide

Drunk Monkeys....

Activists posthumously gay marry dead Mormons

Celebrating Masters & Pioneers of Dance for Black History Month

Rick Santorum Tells Two Whoppers

Santorum was right. The Democrats are not my friends.

Rick Santorum Announces He Doesn’t Believe In the Separation of Church and State

Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli signed November 1796

Dylan's growing up fast. (pics)

Looking for a good used car

Jury suggestion: I think the jury should be able to view how many alerts the poster in question has

Ghastly Outdated Party

(Omaha) Fewer polling sites will save money (drive 5 to 7 minutes farther and wait in line longer)

Rush Limbaugh Attacks First Lady Again, Says Obama’s Limousine ‘Weighs 8 Tons Without Michelle In It

NATO, G-8 Chicago, 05/2012: Rahm Emmanuel says that The Secret Service

Voting is a lot like driving...

Does anyone really think DU jury verdicts have some lasting value?

Chris Christie: ‘Over The Line’ For Santorum To Call Obama A ‘Snob’ Over College Policy

Just returned from my Maine caucus.

Is anyone familiar with "Project Vote Smart"?

Best political cartoon in history. Yes, I said history. Romney, his dog, his auto-bailout opposition

Saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops last night. (pics)

Kansas Democratic Party Chair Speaks Out Against HB2260, Criticizes Rep Jan Pauls

It's slash and burn time on my FB friends list.

Director of AZ Dems Issues Statement On Brewer's Romney Endorsement

Just returned from the caucus. Decent turnout.

Where does a thread about my relatives' political views belong?

Daytona 500 Postponed untl 12 Noon EST tomorrow

Santorum will have to wait, Daytona has been postponed to tomorrow at noon

Eisenhower Farewell Address (Full)

New Poll: Obama leads Romney by 11 in Pennsylvania

Danziger toon- Everybody Jump! (the Shark)

Egg timers are hilarious (pic)

Just curious--did you grow up in a house full of various books

AIPAC and the Push Toward War

Right-wing panic

A question re "My Posts"

"I think on closer examination, Jeb Bush would be the worst of all candidates to run..."

Lawrence O'Donnell Exposes Ron Paul as a Fake Libertarian

Syrian govt websites hacked by Anonymous with Mahatmah Gandhi Speech

So I've become a NASCAR fan.

Thought of two good bumperstickers today....

There's literally no app for this: KIRF iPhone-branded gas stoves seized by Chinese authorities

Post clips of the best movie endings

Five Things Rick Santorum Could have Learned in College

'Survival of the fittest' mentality in Chicago

cool short Italian indie flick set in Star Wars universe

Suggestion for online sellers: visit

Do we still have the Market Place forum in this new DU?

Frank Zappa on the Monkees.. No shit..

a brokered convention and the true believers:

Barak will have to pass an attack on Iran through a reluctant U.S.

Why Tapping The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Now Would Be Completely Insane

BP's US trial over Deepwater Horizon oil spill is postponed for a week

Santorum and the "Argument from Nausea"

It's November 7th and Rick Santorum is President-elect: How did it Happen?

Queen anne's lace pressed flower resin pendant necklace made by me.

Spectacular sunset/moonrise in MA tonight!

Rick Santorum, if you were elected to the office, please explain to us how you

America's most famous home-schooler spent 3 years soaking PA taxpayers for his kids' education

Will some Wisconsin fan please post something?

Religions Must Cover Birth Control?

I just saw a really good movie.

As a man's body floats in three feet of water, 25 emergency workers stand and watch

Herman Cain, stumping for Hoekstra, "resents" reporter referring to "failed campaign." CAIN!

Time to look at what JFK really said in his 1960 speech on religion. Judge for yourself.

Republican candidate to-do list...

The Worse the Economy Gets, the Longer People Live

Arrested dad wants answers after daughter draws gun pic

So Santorum pays a shit-ton for his logo on a Nascar Car

Thank you Viola Davis

Democrats, vote for santorum in michigan

Why the $60,000 Per Year Housekeeper Is a Right-Wing Nightmare

I don't know about you but anytime I've listened to Santorum speak - I've felt the need to hurl

Pocho Ocho reasons Jan Brewer declined dinner at the White House

Putin Blasts US, Outlines Firm Stand on Foreign Policy

Expired Warning: 'Panic over Iran nuclear threat outdated'

Santorum explains what's wrong with education in America here's hint: it can't be tested

Afghan violence erodes security for workers

Islamist Parties Dominate Egypt’s Upper House