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This Is What I Know

OPM’s John Berry skeptical of CBO study showing overpaid feds

Mea culpa

Muslim Groups Call For (NYPD Commissioner) Kelly's Resignation After Anti-Islam Video Showing...

John Sinclair: Netherlands’ coffee shop confusion

Cop Shooter's Gun Could Have Been Bought For As Little As $30

After 20 years, mom, daughter reunited (Liberian civil war)

They wanted free lodging. The government offered a jail cell

It's a Mini disaster! BMW sponsors deadly cold front

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 3 February 2012

Democracy for dollars

Malaria kills twice as many people as previously thought, research finds

Waterkeepers Sue Over Oil Spill That's Been Ongoing Since 2004

The growing list of great material for ads against Romney.

MIRT won't get a post unless it is HIDDEN

REPUBLICANS UNLEASHED WALL STREET WITH Gramm's Commodities Futures Modernization act

Cell-phone photos of dogs, man lead to sex charges

In the Middle of Negotiating New Agreement, City Raids Occupy Buffalo

Occupy Providence wins day center for homeless.

Woman wins small-claims suit over Honda Civic Hybrid

So there's a media furor about a huge charity that has an agenda to push

Kerry visited an art exhibit yesterday

NBA All-Star Game 2012

A successful movement doesn't have to "sell its ideas", just own them.

Lunch Scholars: High Schoolers can't answer basic questions

US Senate Race-Jason Gibson drops out

Wisconsin: Tea Party candidate Neumann got stimulus money

Mitt Romney could become the first Presidential candidate to be defeated by DOGS

Nobel Peace Prize Jury Under Investigation. Obama's prize to be suspended?

Rick Santorum had a heated exchange with a mother and her sick young son Wednesday

This is fabulous.... Guy sings his order (really well) at Sonic drive through.....

Bright blessings and a happy Imbolc! nt

Happy Imbolc! nt

Where's Keith?

Supporting Komen?

just what is the safety net for the poor?

What Scott Walker wrote to my deceased mother-in-law

hah! Sharron Angle

I find the difference in the treatment of OWS and the TEA Party gatherings interesting ...

Amy Goodman: Why Mitt Romney is 'not concerned' about the poor domain name sells

I've volunteered at several Race for the Cure 5Ks

Prisoners sneak pig into VSP (Vermont State Police) decal

Komen for the Cure IS NOT worried about THIS partner!!!

Planned Parenthood has a remarkable number of friends.

Colombia FTA passage 'gave green light' to union killings: AFL-CIO

Colombia FTA passage 'gave green light' to union killings: AFL-CIO

Les Miles, major p**ck...

it gets stickier--romney and scalia ties to komen board

Pallin’ Around With Voter Purging Susan G. Komen’s Dirty Leadership Secret

eyes roll......

Monsanto making room for "Super Bees"?

Drunken Colorado Legislator Avoids DUI because of Alleged Legislative Immunity

Shuster on Countdown

Humble moss helped to cool Earth and spurred on life

Emails Show Meetings Between Ron Paul And White Supremacists

VeriSign admits multiple hacks in 2010, keeps details under wraps

Senate Passes STOCK Act 96-3

Romney Criticizes Afghan Pullout Plan, but Obama Is Eager for the Debate

Canada Secretly Saw Tibet as "Qualified for Recognition as an Independent State"

Thought Trump was a democrat - but now we know he is protecting his financial interest and wants to

Off With His Head

David Korten: Beyond the Bubble Economy

Cats at pawfront of breading meme

Harvard and Princeton being investigated in discrimination claim filed by Asian-American

Tubes pumping radioactive water are showing 'unusual' wear at San Onofre

Are you ready to vomit?

Guess who's advertising Komen on their ATM screens?

Labor History: Feb 2 300 newsboys organize, 16,000 & 32,000 silk workers strike, more

2 Super Bowl XLVI Tickets- $1,600

Dodd-Frank in One Graph

New owners for Schwartz’s Deli?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

May I suggest a replacement?

OWS is the Single Most Relevant Movement to Change Politics in America for the Better

What is your favourite current dessert? We had fresh strawberries and real whipped cream

Brunner's early efforts point to heavy spending in Senate race

Randall Terry's anti-abortion ads won't air in Colorado

Why don't "Pro-family" "conservatives" ever compliment Obama on his marriage?

Randall Terry's anti-abortion ads won't air in Colorado

Mitt 'the Donald' Romney...

Give Susan G Komen your thoughts on the cutting of funding to Planned Parenthood

Feb 3, and Jan 31 through March 3rd: . “Not About Bombs” is an exhibit that addresses how a female

Roseanne Barr 2012: Seeks Green Party Presidential Nod

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee: Conference Committee Must Extend Emergency Unemployment Benefits

New Scientific Views Challenge Past Arson Convictions

Insurance companies on the offensive to further weaken health care reform

Roseanne Barr running for President

Super Bowl XLVI: Real Battles Off the Field

Susan G. Komen Foundation Also Stops Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Rainbow Flag: An Apocalyptic Warning

Seriously though, Have I THAT grossly misunderstood the nature of this group?

Eugene Robinson: Romney fails the empathy test

Feb 4th, 3pm Minneapolis: National Solidarity protest war with Iran.

Calling on Wisconsin DUers. Give us a primer on the Senate recall elections.

New Komen logo: Use as you wish

......Roseanne Barr seeks Green Party presidential nod

Phil Rockstroh: A Journey to the End of Empire

The dynamite quote of Pope John Paul II mentioned by EJ Dionne on Rachel's show


If Komen reverses their stance, anti-choicers will boycott;

The Ten Worst Christian Media Hacks

This is Extreme Wealth Inequality: How Does One Fix This?

Sen. Coburn Blocks Funding For September 11th Memorial, Demanding More Cuts

Susan G. Komen BITCH SLAPS Planned Parenthood

House panel amends bill to keep mammoth semis off roads -- for now

Mitt Romney To Hannity: 'I Misspoke' About Not Being Concerned About The Very Poor

West Wing Week: 2/03/12 or "Riding the Advanced Technology Superhighway"

My response to: "We do not have a tax problem in D.C. What we have is a SPENDING problem in D.C."

Class War 2012: Why Both Parties Are Flying the Anti-Wall Street Banner

Three Major Fails This Week

Alabama Republican Senator: Low teacher pay mandated by God

Remember this little gem?

Report: Panetta says Israel could strike Iran in spring.

NY Times Friday editorial: A Painful Betrayal (Komen)

So I have all these Race For The Cure T-shirts accumulated over the years . . . . .

Why Occupy is a Leaderless Movement

Yes, Komen IS now all politics

The Super Bowl Prostitution Hoax

FACT: ObamaCare saved nearly 4 million seniors over $2.1 billion on prescription drugs in 2011

A package full of RAINBOWS has winged its way to me

Popcorn Worthy

Pa. couple that lost 7 children in farmhouse blaze expecting 10th child in June

8 US coal plants bite the dust - in one week

Salon: Wind power: Renewable resource, or another corporate scam?

If DU had its own "Wives" show, who would be on it

I love the Superbowl.....

Frank Rich will be on Lawrence O'Donnell's show next, talking about Romney and religion

I nominate ManiacJoe to host this group.

Steve Jobs-Hippie Billionaire

For what it's worth, here's a listing of SKG's "corporate partners"

Hadassah Lieberman under attack over industry ties

Attorney general, Republicans spar over ‘Fast and Furious’ at congressional hearing

Obama administration to move forward with closing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

U.S. Justice Department indicts Swiss bank Wegelin

Yahoo: Stephen A. Smith flipped off Skip Bayless during ESPN’s ‘First Take’

Matthew message Feb 1st

(UK) Divorced fathers to get more access to their children in custody law shakeup

Sign the petition, as seen on Rachel Maddow tonight!

Robert Greenwald - Haul the Koch brothers in front of congress.

The Assange case means we are all suspects now

Snow, finally!

Brains of addicts are inherently abnormal: study

Is it illegal to bulldoze cemeteries in Missouri?

Take this with a grain of salt:

Graffiti artist David Choe is no slouch when it comes to getting his hands dirty for big names.

Popular Colombian tourist spot becoming neo-paramilitary base: Report

Another PA school can't make payroll: York, Pa

Onward Christian Nation

Russia, NATO Prepare New Afghanistan Transit Deal – Media

Local Democratic candidates announce intentions, committee provides election cycle information

Kansas bill seeks to pair undocumented immigrants, jobs

Man I miss the show West Wing

What Cancer Cannot Do

If corporations were people...

The Marketing of Breast Cancer

What does it really say about our society that we have allowed every holiday to be turned into

26 US Senators have called for Komen

Is "sex in the mouth" a vulgar statement?

Make My Day Law for Business Advances in Colorado

Movie game

Kimmel: Newt Gingrich AD Attacks Florida After Loss

Ezra Klein: Doing the math on Obama's deficits

New Playgrounds Are Safe—and That's Why Nobody Uses Them

Only 19% of USA is covered in snow; Wichita warmer than Las Vegas

How do I bring a story to the attention of Rachel or Chris?

Strong beautiful woman!!! "What Breast Cancer IS and is NOT"

UK government lied about need for nuclear power

Mitch & Stiffy Discussing The Upcoming Election

If you think Komen controversy is about breast cancer or abortion, you haven't been paying attention

'Explicit' Fundie Sex Manual Outrages Fundies

Off topic stuff?

Marry For America (MFA)

Billionaire pleads guilty to confining prostitute after night of sex: Suspended sentence, $5000 fine

six word essays

Why Are Syrian Women Protesters ‘Invisible’ in Mainstream News?

There's nothing wrong with Romney

Hickman Creek, blue sky

Holder says CIA prison probe winding down

(Oakland) Judge refuses to lift Occupy stay-away orders

National Archives unveils fortified display case for Magna Carta

The Decemberists Withdraw Support of Susan G. Komen Foundation (their keyboardist had breast cancer)

Indians block Panama roads in debate over mining

Zero Hedge's most popular posts of 2011 includes this stomach dropping article:

Jon Stewart Takes On Trump Endorsement And His ‘Mogul-Shaped Hole In My Heart’

In Mass. Senate race, GOP's Brown embracing Obama

Does anyone know the Buddhist side of this story?

Toons: Mark Zillionaire, Burrow Foreclosure, The Very Poor and More. - 2/2/12

‘Eye Of The Tiger’ Singer Violates Newt Gingrich’s Copyright On The Colbert Report

How NOT to sing the National Anthem

Origin of the "Pink Ribbon" Komen foundation- needs to be boycotted and replaced by the PP ribbon

Brazil eases Cuba into free market economy

HI-SEN: Mazie Hirono takes out Ed Case and Linda Lingle at the same time.

Neo-Nazi member calls hacking 'an invasion of privacy'

state by state speak your mind on.....california

state by state california

Brazil eases Cuba into free market economy

A short roundup of what's now "okay" on DU, per recent juries.

Civil Beat Poll - Hawaii Voters Don't Want Gambling, Single Casino

Florida Republican Forgets to Remove ALEC Mission Statement from Bill She Introduces

Sometimes I put out an empty recycling bin on the wrong week.

here is my workplace

Lingle: ‘I Want to be a Part of the Solution’

Okay, Rick, where are you?

Mike Thompson toon on Charlie Sheen's latest weeklong boozy bender...

Religion and the new technology

A couple of great quotes from a EMail I got today....

End the diversion of park funds by Republicans...Sure VOTE THEN OUT

Admins: Request to remove pink ribbon avatar

A possibly stupid question about non-profit charities.

2012 All-Star starters named (NBA)

Melissa Harris-Perry.....i have a complete, total, knee wobbling crush on her....

Entering the Tiger's Nest of Bhutan

Pat Oliphant - Mitt as Ebenezer

Who is Xi: China's next leader

Why Atheists Should Hate Trees

Why Russia protects Syria's Assad

Assuming the GOP picks Romney, who do you see as his Veep?

AP: Filipino troops still search for terrorist

Go get 'em John

US decries 'worsened' Myanmar violence

A Symbol of Democracy Is Criticized as Undemocratic

Iran reports launch of small satellite into orbit

'Jack Sparrow' pepper-sprayed in Hollywood action figure brawl

The Mentalist: Red John is a woman!!

Shouldn't the headline today have been "Romney embraces birther movement?"

Glaciers now under attack from ice thieves: UN

Statement by President Obama on Passage of the STOCK Act

OK, what to do about this malware issue?

President Obama’s Plan to Put Veterans Back to Work

Mark Lanegan Band "The Gravedigger's Song" Official Video

Cross post from Good Reads forum. OP by Tex4obama

Idiot: Phil Gingrey walks out on Barack Obama’s prayer address

Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis, Finds Ron Paul

Husband won't get off computer so wife sets house on fire

Obama to announce Veterans Job Corps

Smugglers allegedly used black drivers to avert suspicion at border

UN drops demand for Syria sanctions

Comcast could have killed my husband tonight. I'm furious.

I wonder how many unionized truck drivers listen to this late night garbage 'Red Eye Radio'

LA Unified Plans to Eliminate 100% of Elementary Arts Education

Authorities: Human smuggling ring used non-Spanish speaking black drivers

"Anarchy" for men and women

''Central Office for the Combatting of Homosexuality and Abortion."

Megaupload founder refused bail in New Zealand

Anyone else catch the Daily Show interview tonight?

Quick - take a look at the front page of Huffington Post dot com before it changes

Libertarian Ice Fishing.

Huhne to face charges; resigns as energy secretary

BREAKING: America’s Truck Drivers Shut Down Port of Seattle to Expose Dangers on the Job

Documenting the Advocacy Disconnect

Komen’s Choice 'In American politics, women’s bodies are not bodies, but parts.'

Armadillo-like Crocodile

Nobel Peace Prize Jury Under Investigation

Two "Romney is a facile douche" videos that can't play widely enough

Opinion Walther P38/P1 post war

Obama's Support for Natural Gas Drilling 'A Painful Moment' for Communities Exposed to Fracking

What's for Dinner? ~ Friday ~ February 3rd!

''The Thing''? Russians drilling Lake Vostok are not reporting in

Meanwhile at the Stanford trial

Republican Congressman Vows To Kill Child Labor Regulations

Democracy Now: Amy Goodman interviews Gasland director Josh Fox

Panetta reported to have said Israel will probably attack Iran in the Spring!

We poor folks have to stick together

Komen founder: ‘The responses we are getting are very, very favorable’

Bishop of Salisbury backs gay marriage {uk}

The Lemonheads are back!

Anti Public Worker bills in state legislature

Comment: Homosexuality is prohibited in orthodox Judaism but so is eating bacon, everyone is welcome

Don't complain about a life saving drug costing $1Mil and ipad cost $900.

Will the Democrats Pony Up?

Wisconsin: Scott Walker, at the scene of the crime, smoking gun in hand

Florida Republican Forgets To Remove ALEC Mission Statement From Boilerplate Anti-Tax Bill

Ellen DeGeneres and First Lady Michelle Obama in a Push-Up Duel: Video

Do people with money work harder than everyone else?

UN court rules against Italy over WWII compensation

22,500 thank JC Penney for hiring Ellen after anti-gay complaint

Marine Who tried to kill self, gets 180 days, Marine who killed 24 others, no time.

Did you know that Komen also dumped stem cell research in November?

Dropped in to say Move On supports the idea of Brad Miller as governor of NC.

It seems almost as if Komen and Planned Parenthood are surrogates for pro and anti choice factions.

Westpac staff brace for more pain

West Wing Week: 2/03/12 or "Riding the Advanced Technology Superhighway"

"We've brought 24 cases (vs China), and we've won every one." United Steel Workers love Obama.

Romney’s Wife Had $3 Million in Secret Swiss Bank Account Through 2010; Not Reported...

Top Totty beer banned from House of Commons bar

Billionaire Buddies: Adelsons Join Forces With Koch Brothers to Take Down Obama

Mitt Romney isn't investing in America...

Since yesterday was Groundhog Day.

Capitalism And Its Discontents - Richard Wolff On What Went Wrong

DU Album of the Day: The Decemberists - "The King is Dead" (with a good story too!)

If you are looking for something to calm your cats - I highly do NOT recommend this product.....

A Scramble for Fuel as Record Cold Snap Blasts Europe

Payroll tax holiday running down

American's bankruptcy fuels merger talk

David Korten: Beyond the Bubble Economy

For young girls, it starts with lip gloss

Post songs that make you happy!

Is every topic a Christian bashing topic? Is anything off-topic within a discussion?

John Sinclair: Netherlands’ coffee shop confusion

TPM: Bait And Switch: GOP Leaders Renege On Debt Limit Deal Defense Cuts

I saw something in General Discussion I would like you to see..

Poll: Should a CEO of a non-profit organization be drawing a salary of aprox. $500,000 per year?

Steve Benen: Komen starts changing its story

Unemployment rate hits 8.3 % after hiring burst, employers added 243,000 non-farm jobs in January

"My Hopes For Rick Santorum’s Daughter"

MSNBC: Jobless Rate Drops to Lowest Level in Almost Three Years

No Rain in SoCal

Clever, funny and always musically appreciated

Husband won't get off computer so wife sets house on fire

Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Adds 243,000 Jobs In January As Unemployment Rate Falls To 8.3 Percent

Va. Senate panel approves anti-gay adoption bill

Another jewel- Cecile Richards,Pres of Planned Parenthood and daughter of Tx gov Ann Richards....

HRW says Syrian forces target children

Ellen DeGeneres: Public education’s new funding stream

Libertarian Ice Fishing

Canada’s Jobless Rate Rises to Nine-Month High

Oh brother, is 9th. Circuit nominee Paul Watford going to get the Goodwin Liu treatment

I think I have a depressed cat on my hands.

Where the Reality of Abortion Resides: Intimate Wars (new book)

Prince Charles presents proof of profit in sustainable fisheries

More Cairo clashes after Port Said football deaths

Unemployment rate falls to 8.3% - GOP heads explode.

but, but trump said the unemployment rate was going up to 9.2% for january

Just the Facts: Churches and the Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Cartoonists respond to Komen decision

Friday's Republican Race TOONS- The Donald Loves him some Mitt

In three days, the destruction of a well known brand...Susan G Koman..

I loved one line on MSNBC this morning--

Friday TOON Roundup- Neocons, Kansas, etc.

Umemployment Rate Falls to 8.3%. Other Economic Data Rocking As Well

Another Reason to Love the Decemberists: Their Smart Move on Susan G. Komen

Two US tourists kidnapped by gunmen in Egypt (UPDATE: released)

Ohio State kids now bleeding Blue as Michigan wrestlers

Economy adds 243,000 jobs in Jan.; jobless rate 8.3%

This cnn chart tells the tale...

Komen board member contradicts Brinker

Komen Foundation ousted their Democratic lobbyist just before hiring Karen Handel

Man Gets Gored By Bull In Place Where Men Do Not Want To Get Gored By Bulls

Chuckie Todd to Moody's Analyst this morning on Job numbers

Mitt Romney Was A Democrat

Listened to Mitt on MSNBC talking about his missionary work...

Hey Boner - here's your jobs asshole

New Procedure Repairs Severed Nerves in Minutes, Restoring Limb Use in Days or Weeks

The Komen Foundation will use its name to pink-wash any product, including handguns.

Post songs that make you wanna slit your wrists!

Soaking the Poor, State by State

California Republicans: Still “Dying at the Box Office”

Mike Luckovich on Susan G. Komen

The Right-Wing War On a Transgender Girl Scout

Building a Better Light Bulb: Energy Efficient Organic LEDs

All on the line for Papademos ahead of talks with leaders

Brewers Nyjer Morgan skates with the Sharks..

Progress on Letting Big Banks Fail

Cheap natural gas jumbles energy markets, stirs fears it could inhibit renewables

Three million long-term unemployed people not being counted by the Labor Department

Brewer Pledged Cash For Immigration Fight, Instead Spent It Buying Copies Of Her Own Book

Romney Isn’t Concerned | Krugman - NYT

If you would like to donate to Planned Parenthood Breast Health Fund - here's the link

“I'm worried that students will take their obedient place in society............

It's now okay to say Komen sucks

A Komen request for Skinner, Elad and/or Earl

'Fear Factor' contestants told by NBC to shut up about canceled episode they starred in

Clear and Present Dangers Not So Clear, or Present

...Probing the depths of Romney’s dishonesty

So how long until Susan G. Komen reverses themselves and Karen Handel resigns...

The Super Bowl Prostitution Hoax

Sandra Day O'Connor Hasn't Offended This Many People Since She Upheld Roe V. Wade

I was just thinking, this defunding of Planned Parenthood by komen, might turn out to be a positive.

Neil Young: Accept Music Piracy, It's the New Radio

Santorum warns voters of country's likely demise

Chastened liberal hawk fears clash with Iran

Krugman: Romney Isn’t Concerned

Mrs. Romney’s trust had a $3M bank account at UBS. Closed after DOJ crackdown on tax evaders

Is this racist?

Voting vulnerable to cyber attack under new online system, experts warn

Ugh. Tebow overshadows Joe Montana at Super Bowl.

Oskar the Blind Cat & His Best Friend Klaus Take a Walk

A word of advice: Always name and blame NANCY BRINKER for the RW politics. It's HER actions over

Retired Generals Get Wall Street-like Pensions

Boycott Yoplait Yogurt

Afghan Villagers Told: Volunteer … Or Else

Soledad O’Brien To Planned Parenthood President Over Komen Controversy: ‘It’s Like Cat Fighting’

Romney shifted on 'conscience' issue: ’05 contraception stance similar to Obama’s now

Oh man! I need some help, please.

The World’s First Heartless Man

the Daily Show asked Governor Rick Scott to pee in a cup!!

Ethics Investigation May Cost Colorado Republicans

Is this ad sexist?

Scientists Transform Deadly Plant Into Cancer Killing Smart Bomb

Shifting stories bring more woe to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Pulp Fiction in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies.

Think Before you Pink has been raising questions about the "Pink Ribbon" campaigns for years.

Mitt Romney's safety net has holes in it...

Occupy has given America so much - we need to thank them

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 4, 2012 -- 31 Days Of Oscar: England, Day One

Assif Manvi asks Florida Governor McFraudy to pee into a cup.

Did you notice the look of terror on Ann Romney's face during the Trump endorsement yesterday?

The NASDAQ composite is now higher than at any time during the Bush administration.

I Don't Think The Republicants Are Going To Be Happy Unemployment Dropped To 8.3%

Komen controversy: The pink ribbon's ugly new image

George Carlin: Pro Life, Abortion, And The Sanctity Of Life

Keiser Report: Chutzpah Economics (E244)

Josh Hamilton back on the sauce?

Goodell: 34 teams likely in NFL if they put a team in Los Angeles

Reproductive Rights Redux

California Man Shot for Singing a Country Song

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker wins labor award

Peak oil notes - Feb 2

Drumbeat: February 3, 2012

To me, it seems sort of fraudulent

Drumbeat: February 3, 2012

Anonymous hacks into phone call between FBI and Scotland Yard

Peak oil notes - Feb 2

The Peak Oil Crisis: Election 2012

Drunken sailor opens wrong door

White House - more tech immigrants needed

Funny Friday...

Victory! Plans to Breed Beagles for Research Stopped

negative thoughts?

I had forgotten how powerful this is...

Breaking MSNBC: Komen apoligizes, plans to restore PP funding.

BREAKING: Komen Apologizes, Will Restore Planned Parenthood Funding

Komen Foundation offers pink handgun to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month

MSNBC announcing that Komen is reversing itself.

Einstein Cross and Gravitational lensing

Snowy owls soar south from Arctic in rare mass migration

NYT to Readers: Help Us Discover a Secret (SuperPAC) Donor.(Crowdsourcing for campaign transparency)

Susan G. Komen Foundation Maintains Apparent Partnership With Handgun Seller

Komen reverses decision - They Caved!! Woo-hooo!

Jesus will return to Missouri ...

Indiana Lets It All Slip Away

WSJ: U.S. Fears Iran's Links to al Qaeda

Keep your "Fair and Balanced" ... I'll take "Honest and Accurate"

Link to the Komen Apology and Change of Tune

Smarting Over Cod Shortages, Fishermen Blame Seals

TCM Schedule for Sunday, February 5, 2012 -- 31 Days Of Oscar: England, Day Two

((( MedicalAdmin )))

Dallas-based Komen Foundation apologizes, plans to restore Planned Parenthood grants

President Obama speaking live at an event on MSNBC. nt

Israel, U.S. Divided Over Timing of Potential Military Strike Against Iran

Somebody saw this train leaving the station

Boy, has this been a good day or what?! And

The lie within the Komen foundation press release reversing the decision:

We must show magnanimity to Komen, and all others that relent to our pressures.

attention Foodies & Home Cooking enthusiasts -- Food Swap Network

What WOULD the unemployment rate be right now if not for Republican obstruction?

US Service Industry Growth Surges In January

A head-scratching detail from the OWS Twitter subpoena: it came by fax.

Did Komen also restore stem cell research $? n/t

2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge winners

Xpost fm GR: Yakuza labor structure formed base of nuclear industry

Per NPR Planned Parenthood funding restored

Good news! The Komen fiasco/reversal is proof that America is Liberal, Progressive and RATIONAL

J.C. Penney Won't Fire Ellen. Anti-Gay Group Loses Battle

Scott Brown's (R--centerfold) daughter was paid $9,500 to sing at campaign events

Fears held for Russian scientists exploring "alien" Antarctic lake, Vostok

Punching Bag Workout

FR Continues to be Unpatriotic, Roots Against America Over Jobs

President Obama to Congress: Economy's Getting Stronger. Don't 'Muck It Up'

A harbinger of things to come? Greeks chop down their trees

Rafael Nadal says taxes are paid

John Terry stripped of England's, again.

Faced with good news about economy, Romney dissolves into incoherence

Legal Tangle Over 230-Carat Diamond

Planned Parenthood praises Komen for 'clarifying' grant criteria....

Is Pornography Copyrightable? (does not promote the progress of science and the useful arts)

EPA wants toxic fluorescent light ballasts removed from every school built before 1979

It Pisses Me Off When Folk In The Media Say That Obama Is Really A Lucky Guy........

Hey Congress! Don't MUCK it up - President Obama

Have we had a good week?

He's not a 'Serial Cat Killer' After All

Orlando woman denied mammogram twice because of age

UN Diplomats Quarrel on Syria as Russia Resists Proposal to End Conflict

Malaria may kill twice as many people as believed, study says

Internal Memo's: An Inside Look at Susan G. Komen for the Cure's Spin Machine

Talk of ‘Tornado Tourism’ Stirs Anger in Joplin, Missouri

Komen heard the public outcry

President Obama Said to Curtail $21 Billion Plan to Expand Military Presence in Guam

When will they learn?

Feds bust Michigan web ‘pirate’ for illegal web streaming of sports

How many 5K races were cancelled for this weekend pending

Democrats float bill to keep Keystone XL oil in U.S.

Heart-wrenching testimony kills Virginia abortion regulation

Sen. Murray On Komen Decision: 'A Huge Win For Women'

Veiled Muslim woman threatens suit against Chevron for gas denial

Internet TV faces big obstacles

Pentagon Says Afghanistan War Costs Dip as Surge Troops Leave

What SHOULD Be Next for Komen

Ever heard of "prepared piano?" Check out the music of Hauschka

Orrin Hatch: Obama thinks he’s Jesus Christ

When BP keeps secrets, it’s time to worry

Keith has been AWAY for awhile now, with David Schuster filling in

Well, this has to be a first.

Vaginal dissatisfaction exposes a lack of diversity in sex education

Ever heard of "prepared piano"? Check out the music of Hauschka

Link to Low Levels of Sunlight and Allergy and Eczema

Obama to Congress: 'Don't muck it up' (VIDEO)

True Origin Of Cerebral Palsy May Be Genetic

Google Sponsoring Conservative Political Conference Co-Hosted by Tea Party

White House Plans Nine-City Disability Tour

I highly rec the movie "The Waiting Room"

Dixie Carter goes off on conservatives

Right to Life Hates Women

South Africa - Congo immigrants hold the line

I planned on not giving any money to Obama this time....

Zimbabwe - cracks down on SA, UK newspapers

Global Extinction: Gradual Doom Is Just As Bad As Abrupt

Eric Schneiderman files suit against nation's largest banks for foreclosure fraud

South Africa - MTN shares fall after Iran bribery, nuclear support claims

Drought and Warmer Weather Persist in Much of U.S.

OMG! OMG! Roan Robbins Of Star codes hits a Bulls Eye!!!!!


BofA, JPM Chase Sued by New York Over MERS

MUST read from MoJo on the Komen head fake today. Do not stop the pressure.

(Anonymous) Hackers intercept confidential conference call between FBI and Scotland Yard, leak info

Romney To Nevadans: I Don’t Know ‘What The Purpose Is’ Of Public Lands

The Komen and Planned Parenthood funding argument on the news talk shows is an excercise in futility

RW Catholic Group Confirms: Komen's announcement simply a PLOY

Four telescope link-up creates world's largest mirror (BBC)

Thom Hartmann: GOP's all out assault on unions

Can Wisconsin AGAIN buck the trend and lose jobs while the US gains?

243,000 new jobs = Tears in Wingnutville

Scary B2 Trailer: Super Bowl XLVI Game Day -2012

The phrase of the day is "donkey semen". Replace any word in a thread with "donkey semen".

Can the US Army embrace atheists? (BBC)

Spot the FAIL in this Vermont State Police logo.

Donald Trump and the joke that is called The Media

U.S. tourists seized in Egypt's Sinai released

Isthmus: Madison's former "Mayor Dave", now Citizen Dave, weighs in on Dem gubernatorial candidates

52% of Rhode Island Voters Support Legalizing and Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol

It would be helpful if the text for tweets from DU used "DU"

The Most Heroic Response To The Susan G. Komen Foundation You Will Ever See

MSNBC Vote Online: Has the economy turned the corner?

Mitt Romney Doesn't Give A Damn About The Middle Class And The Poor . . . Unless He Does

Try, Try, Try…Try Again: IBEW Scores First General Electric Organizing Victory in a Decade

What Else Does the Bible Teach About Capitalism? By CATHERINE RAMPELL

Rep. Allen West Suspicious About Positive Job Numbers

AFP - India's Air Quality Worst In The World - Ranks Dead Last AT #132 Among Countries Studied

The Komen statement: Must read snark version

New Gulf Dead Zone Stretches From Louisiana To Alabama

Guardian - China's Largest Freshwater Lake Dries Up Thx To 3 Gorges

Where Are the Romney Republicans?

Thom Hartmann: If you're Cold, Naked and Hungry - IPOs don't matter

20-Paper Study Predicts Regional Extinctions, Major Shifts In Southern Ocean Food Web

LIVESTRONG has announced it will give $100,000 to Planned Parenthood

AFP - New Flooding Creates "Inland Sea" In Eastern Australia; Queensland Eclipses Record From 1800s

Trump offers golden graves for silver-spoon set

One-term president?

Octavia Spencer Fires Back Against the Media Who Won’t Shut Up About Her Weight

New Scientist - Electricity From Indian Solar Panels Now Cheaper Than Diesel-Generated Power

Is there still a DU store?

Goldman to face mortgage debt class-action lawsuit

On Poverty: If It’s Sunday, It’s Myths in the Press

In NYPD Custody, Trans People Get Chained to Fences and Poles

Dear Rep. Renee Ellmers: That's not an 'investigation' it's a frickign WITCH HUNT!!!

Obama, GOP rivals get their own trading cards

Guardian - Police Arrest Glacier Thief In Chile; Busted With Ice In Refrigerated Truck

A nine month old baby elephant named Ludwig - pics

Strong Job Growth Leads to Drop in Black/Hispanic Unemployment (and Veterans)

Hackers take over Boston Police Department website; message cites handling of Occupy Boston protest

Do iOS Apps Crash More Than Android Apps? A Data Dive

Despite all of our differences

Want to see what too much Glenn Beck can do?

Incredible timing for this film's release

Just in case you thought Komen's "reversal" makes everything OK again...

Hackers intercept FBI, Scotland Yard call

I think this is sports: Livestrong Gives $100,000 to Planned Parenthood

Boehner: "The American people are still asking the question, Where are the jobs?"

Salon's Andrew Leonard: What will the GOP complain about now?

Habitable planet found

Hackers take over law enforcement websites

California Photographer Captures Young Faces of Juvenile Detention {video at link}

Komen Foundation yanks yesterday's "Straight Talk" youtube video by CEO and founder Nancy Brinker

DU vets, need some help identifying something

New HBO show from Lena Dunham, Girls... sounds interesting.

What kind of fresh hell is this?

The Incredible Case of the Infamous Lower Haight Abortion Mill (Hospital)

Why You Still Shouldn’t Trust Susan G. Komen, Even After Their Reversal

Who is thi "We" of which you speak?

I'm glad SGK reversed their decision but I won't give them another dime until Karen Handel is fired

Microsoft warns users to beware the "GMail Man"

How Komen Flushed Their Brand in 24 Hours

Karen Handel on opensecrets

Khamenei: Iran will help anyone confront Israel

Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in small airplane crash at Boise Airport

Bushie Brinker lets corps USE Komen for THEIR profits, provides cover for cancer-linked products.

Pet found

Might be too little, too late for Komen, bioethicist says

Miami named most miserable U.S. city

Radcliffe Admits Being Drunk During 'Harry Potter' Scenes

New Wing Bowl Record - Kobayshi eats 337 Wings in 30 minute

Male and female behavior deconstructed


My favorite photo from the bad old days

Right now, I am watching the movie Elmer Gantry....

Increased Rx cost

LOL...Jade Morey's Twitter account is now "protected."

Pork roast cooking times- need help

So the SGK reversal still does not excuse a $100+ million dollar compensation/fundraising budget

Curing breast cancer will probably involve

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - Feb. 7

So how are the ReTHUGS reacting to the jobs and unemployment data

My cousin is in the hospital.

Romney Says Obama Doesn’t Deserve Credit for Jobs Growth Report

Good stuff on TPM - the story behind Obama's approval ratings recovery

Is reading basically your only hobby or entertainment?

Hey! Romney! You "misspoke?" Well, I "misvoted"..for OBAMA. Good night, fuckstick.

Elizabeth Warren scares Scott Brown so much he's trying to tie himself to Obama

Document shows NYPD eyed Shiites based on religion

NRC Advances Southern Co. Bid to Build U.S. Nuclear Units

Khamenei: Iran will help anyone confront Israel

The Non-Farm Payrolls Report: Air Brushing History

Need some help with Fire Fox

Worst in the World in . . . Math?

TDPS: Women abandoning Gingrich, but why are evangelicals staying?

Koman,caves, Kinda but still refuses to approve next years funding.

Romney To Nevadans: I Don’t Know ‘What The Purpose Is’ Of Public Lands

Huhne Resigns as U.K. Energy Secretary After Charges of Lying on Speeding

TDPS: Newt Sued for Using Eye of the Tiger...Error in Newtonian Logic?

Rush At A Loss To Explain Why The Job Numbers Are Improving

Thom Hartmann: Congresswoman Baldwin on the rights of working people

Santorum Tells Sick Kid Not To Complain About $1 Mil Drug Costs Because People Pay $900 For An ipad

State is changing its hands-off approach to Occupy Tacoma camp

Wash. Post Inexplicably Gives Credence To Discredited Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Netanyahu won the Likud battle, but he may lose the war

Equitable compromise: Faith-based employees deserve the same coverage

Schneiderman Sues Three Big Banks, MERS for Deceptive Practices, Illegal Foreclosures

Is there life after sixty? (For nuclear plants that is)

Is this replicant Nexus?

Low risk from major accident consequences

Ohio Supreme Court sends Castle Doctrine case of Carl Kozlosky back to trial court

Indiana: Mitch Daniels state-paid lobbyist can't explain Keystone XL pipeline lobbying

'It could be as simple as a picture of something like John Boehner with a sheep, you know.'

I have been watching Downton Abbey on the PBS....

Gingrich on Jobs Data: ‘I Haven’t Seen Them Yet’ (updated)

Anyone familiar with the *Yes Men*?

Where do I find the avatars?

Dickens and religion: A tale of two views

I need some legal advice.

Look what I found.

Lance Armstrong shows Planned Parenthood $100,000 worth of love

DU a poll: Should Komen have pulled funding from Planned Parenthood in the first place?

I wonder if Susan Komen is turning in her grave.

vibes needed

What do Sarah Palin and al-Qaeda have in common?

Still a No! Russia thumbs down new Syria resolution draft

Phil Gingrey walks out on Barack Obama’s prayer address

China and Russia refuse regime change for Syria

LMBO!!! Romney and Gingrich traveling together (Cartoon)

I understand my post being hidden, it was sort of meant to be shocking

Yesterday had 3 family members in 2 hospitals

How the Sierra Club Took Millions From the Natural Gas Industry—and Why They Stopped

Wisconsin: State Assembly leader packing on floor

iMac is slowing down. Any suggestions?

Transgender woman murdered at D.C. bus stop

Should Afghanistan Elect A Republican President?

Russia ready to continue consultations on the draft resolution.

Yesterday on one of the MSNBC shows (Rev Al?) a woman guest predicted Komen would be kaput

Komen VP continues war on Planned Parenthood. (PHOTO)

AP sources: Taliban leader sent letter to Obama

Russia to propose changes to UN Syria draft - Reuters (not PressTV)

Money Minute: What's not to like about job stats? (LA Times)

If Komen ever gets their shit together and gets back into the work of supporting women's health...

One Town's War On Gay Teens

Carnival freak O'LOOFAH blocks real journalist from accessing documentation of his crappiness

Calling on the Justice Department to Investigate Komen and Handel

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, February 2)

depressing reality TV statistics

Today is Apple's turn to "help" mom.

Curious as to your feelings headline: Dow ends at highest point since 2008, and Nasdaq reaches levels not seen

Happy ending massage therapists: Sex workers or not?

Tuesday 7th February is Charles Dickens bicentenary

PPP: Obama competitive in Missouri--tied with Romney in poll

There's a thread on the nature of consciousness (with a nod to Buddha-nature) on E&E

Can we get those little '+" and "-' buttons to close particular sub-threads?

What Romney said about the poor.

Slab City: Living Off the Grid in California's Badlands

F*x Contributor blames feeble, "ladybrains" for alleged "confusion" over Komen situation

Vermont Inmates Hide Image Of Pig On Police Decals

Yeah, Ron Paul Is Racist After All, Sorry

Is anyone else here using Firefox 10.0?

The souls of Republican folk, part 2

"Banana in my pants" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "banana in my pants".

Does anyone have the jury results for this 4-2 to HIDE?

Average cost of this year's Super Bowl ticket: $3,600!!!

Another Look at What 'Worked' in the Great Depression

austin in infrared

Has anyone EVER gotten a date through Craigslist?

Tea Partied Georgia Congressman Gingrey Joins the Brewer Pack

Question regarding Catholic Church upset about ACA...

Dad shoots son for singing Kenny Chesney song

Court Allows Man to Seek Money from 'Daughter's' Biological Dad

A little more Komen Information I found out today

Hello, DU! Here’s your Friday Afternoon Challenge: Double Take!

Koch Brothers, Allies Pledge $100 Million At Private Meeting To Beat Obama

Do we happen to have any art historians here?

After strong jobs report, Obama tells Congress 'don't muck it up'

Donald Rumsfeld speaks to large crowd in Roanoke - "large"?

NY's Schneiderman sues banks in foreclosure effort

Obama & Romney tied in Missouri

Santorum: Iran would nuke Missouri

Westlands Water District suing feds for $1b

Decorah Eagles

Komen learns power of social media: Facebook, Twitter fueled fury

Judge: Obama eligible to be Georgia candidate

Newt Tries A New Line Of Attack...Says Mitt Romney is ‘George-Soros Approved’

Dumb question Friday: why is it better to recycle plastics

What Would Be The Repug Position If Israel Bombs Iran?.......

Look at this picture...

Buried in the white stuff...

I wonder what Lee Mercer Jr. is up to these days?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he had '50 concussions' playing at Arkansas

Controversial Pastor Eddie Long crowned 'King of Israelites' by a Rabbi

Does anyone have Roku?


Federal stimulus money. Some states refused it. Are

GA Judge comes to decision. Orly loses.

RESIGN! De fund Karen Handel VP Partisan Public Policy Susan G. Komen Petition

DNC: Some Of The Time (Mitt Romney's shifting position on the economy)

Komen VP is an anti-gay bigot.

Komen Foundation stops funding embryonic stem cell research.

Tuscon paper: Birther/Nativist Millionaire endorses another Birther-supported Millionaire – Trump

Boss Accused of Abusing Employee -- Literally -- Over Termination Letter

Wild Horse Island bighorn transplant off to slow start

Feds won't charge Lance Armstrong

What are your favourite kind of non domestic animals? I like frogs. They

My "I am a PFLAG Mom" T-Shirt

Senator Feinstein said on Tweety that we have to take

Florida Republican Stripped Of Senate Chairmanship For Opposing Prison Privatization Scheme

Congress hears from Neb. rancher (against Keystone XL oil pipeline)

Gov. Scott Walker to meet with prosecutors on John Doe investigation

MSNBC anchors Lawrence O’Donnell and Tamron Hall dating???...

Romney has pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Concentrated Solar Startup Sets a New Efficiency Record

Federal judge orders Anchorage hotel to recognize and bargain with union

Most likely has been posted b4... but deserves to be posted again.... "Dirty Fucking Hippies"

Why is the OP time or the response to post time so far off from current time?

Ari Fleischer Secretly Helped Guide Komen Strategy On Planned Parenthood

Haley Barbour's responsibilty in the death of 18 year old Charity Smith

I'd like to see purple as the signature color of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has raised $3 million in the past 3 days:

Koch brothers bundle $100 million for 2012 PAC

For my PM friend.

Jack Abramoff has unlikely second act as watchdog

Wisconsin Assembly leader (R-douchebag) carries gun on floor

End of the week LOL's (February 3rd) - pics

Wearing Guns, and Support for (R-douchebag) Ron Paul, on Their Hips

State GOP Endorses Candidates before Filing Deadlines; Nebraska Democratic Party Welcomes All

Holy Shite Denver is experiencing a hundred year blizzard

Path Is Found for the Spread of Alzheimer’s

So, Adam Lambert is the new Freddie Mercury

Hackers intercept confidential conference call between FBI and Scotland Yard, leak info to Web

Human trafficking is a hoax?

Modern medicine - the dog solved it (sort of)- true story from my life in the last 24 hours

Why are old OP's being pushed back up with just a

I do work in a Catholic Church

I have been left with no choice but to disavow OccupyAustin

Panama denies request to extradite Colombia's former spy chief

Panama denies request to extradite Colombia's former spy chief

Artists who turn books into sculpture

Who knew Ken had turned into a teenage punk?

Orly Taitz loses birther case to an empty table

Birther bummer: "Judge: Obama eligible to be Georgia candidate"

How come....