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“Latter Day Saints for Ron Paul” Facebook page

Exclusive: Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here

what if the president spoke at a neo-nazi, kkk prayer breakfast?

Residential solar may reach grid parity in California in 2015

A lack of proof for the bomb

I actually understood what the Mittwit meant with his "I'm not worried about the very poor" comment.

Supporters grapple with Komen fracas fallout

"Middle School Games! It's how people get turned off to politics! He's a very human guy!"

Coming to the Jersey Shore: Wind Turbines

Congress Calls for Accelerated Use of Drones in U.S.

Santorum pushes discredited stroke claim

Great article about Victoria Jackson in the Miami New Times last week.....

Weekend Economists "Glitter and Be Gay" February 3-5, 2012

Less Summer Arctic Sea Ice Cover Means Colder, Snowier Winters in Central Europe

NARAL: Considering a run for Governor, Vinehout misrepresents her record on women's health

naked mole rats

Texas Heat Wave Caused by Global Warming, NASA's Hansen Says

Dad shoots son for singing Kenny Chesney song

Romney reminds me of someone playing Twister....moving from spot to spot to cover

My sis asks "So,does Komen's new pink pistol fire backwards?"

Santorum To Gay Man: You Don’t Deserve ‘Privilege’ Of Marriage ...

Koch Brothers, Allies Pledge $100 Million At Private Meeting To Beat Obama


Wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning to face court martial

picture thread

Republicans prohibit funding for high speed rail

Walker Backers Mount Effort To Write In Governor's Name in Democratic Recall Primary

Electro-Motive plant shut by U.S. owner

Romney: "Where's the jobs?" Obama: "Do you watch the news?"

WE have all read that komen has reversed their stance on funding PP, although it's

Hospital trusts offered £1.5bn emergency fund to pay PFI bills

If we allow Israel to attack Iran

Just lion around the lounge

Graham Nash just said Karl Rove is behind the Assange bogus sex charges.

Susan G. Komen’s priceless gift

Here's the latest scumbag plan the Walkerites are concocting:

The "soft racism of lowered expectations"-

Ann Romney had $3 million Swiss bank account.

Syria faces report of 'massacre' in Homs (23 minutes ago)

Recover/reset Win7 Administrator Password

bewy wittle wabbit

wicked mummy callouses

Put this in the 'I told you so' column.

The Koch Brothers are Acting Just Like Enron---Before the Bankruptcy

SYRIA: ~250 dead, almost 1000 wounded in past few hours; Syrian army shelling city of Homs.

Siurana, Spain

angel falls, Venezuela

The second policy lost in the Komen shuffle


Turn on Ed Shultz right fugging now

Boehner, House nutcases declare war on buses, trains, bicyclists, and pedestrians

What's happening in Wisconsin?

Romney discards the guy who saved his campaign like yesterday's trash

Reading the book Game Changer: Wow it is fascinating

Bare moon

I am against any US military intervention in Syria (and Iran)

Walker Backers Mount Effort To Write In Governor's Name in Democratic Recall Primary

kitties !

Howard Dean: I Stand with Planned Parenthood

'Pink Ribbons, Inc.': New Movie Explores the Controversy Behind Breast Cancer Charity

Friday Talking Points (196) -- Poor Mitt?


What is the DEFINITION of Romney?

Barn Dog

NWOhio 02/03/12

One Key Sector That's Still Shedding Jobs (Government)

Syria: UN Security Council 'to vote on resolution'

Self deleting chicken shit behavior.

Doomsday Scenario: What Happens When Banks Control the Economy?

I wish I wasn't already a crazy cat lady... Beautiful boy at the Houston ASPCA

Video: Scores reportedly killed in Syria’s Homs

Stop the presses and say awwww. Eight unlikely animal friendship in pictures.

Message times are incorrect

Democrats might want to learn a thing or two from this Komen debacle

'Anatomy of a Murder' star Ben Gazzara dies at 81

I just moved my bed

Toons: Living the Dream, the Grumble Seat, God to Mitt Romney and More. - 2/3/12

Bird life badly hit by nuclear fallout in Japan

"Rick Santorum" — A BLR Soundbite

Having a lousy day/week?

Where's Keith Olbermann been lately?

Winners of its 2011 International Science & Engineering Visual Challenge

I think the real question is why donors were sending the money to Komen

any Daria Fans on the board tonight? Need help with something.

AFSCME: Razing Arizona (sign open letter to Jan Brewer)

Fake Jerry Jones on Al Davis death

U.S. to require disclosure of fracking fluids on public land

Jennifer Gramholm is starting her first new program on Current TV now...9:00

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & pinkilicious

As if you needed another reason to despise Repugs......

Implied Unemployment Rate Rises To 11.5%, Spread To Propaganda Number Surges To 30 Year High

Boehner’s last stand: House leader wants to kill transit funding

INFLUENCE GAME: Big donors and what they want!

Employment: The "Not in Labor Force" actually declined in January

January Jobs Report - Bikini Chart/Graph

Prosecutor investigates Kansas governor’s dinners with legislators in opening meetings case

Religious Right to Romney: Safety Net Un-Biblical and a personal rant

Here Comes The Sun: the lost solo guitar

Rent-A-Center CEO: New Consumer Bureau Won't Have Authority Over Us

That radio programmer must be an ATHEIST!

1% help, 99% Meta, new group time?

Romney seems really grateful for the Trump endorsement

What is your favourite kind of outdoors? I like rock gardens. My grandparents had a great one

Union Educators’ Heroism Spotlighted on The Ellen Show

Colombia's ex-VP apologizes to unions over terrorism support accusations

The Occupy effect? In the last 3 months, Americans switched banks at three times the normal rate

The GOP Before and After Occupy Wall Street

Blackhawks embark on historic road trip

Anonymous Takes Down Citigroup and Citibank Websites

Job Gains at U.S. Factories Show Manufacturers Driving Expansion

Some random, disconnected thoughts about Scott Walker

Who's waging war on whom?

Rove:We’re losing the middle class.They’re becoming richer, more prosperous.Let’s not kid ourselves.

Unscrupulous sychophant Piers is "interviewing" nutcase / a-hole Libertarian Ron PAUL

Y'all seen this?

Activist in Homs: More than 200 Syrians killed in one day - AC360

Worker falls into reactor pool at San Onofre nuclear plant

TYT: Romney 'Misspoke' On 'Very Poor' Comments

"White Collar" on USA Network

Maddow on Meet The Press Sunday

Seven LGBT African-Americans Who Changed The Face Of The Gay Community

Those were the days my friend...........

Has anyone seen merh lately?

So today is my birthday...

Concordia captain's stunt blamed for cruise wreck

Dear Juror #1...yes the response was alerted on

CSNY rocks.

Some Buddhists seem to discourage dualistic thought, but what is that exactly?

Phyllis Schlafly Will Vote For Santorum

If ponies were ice cream...

Any Yurpeans here?


Political writing contest during campaign 2012 - $5k grand prize

Martin Sheen on NBC at 8 PST "Who Do You Think You Are'

Those are just circumstance, Ma'am and do not determine his charactor....

Romney has fired his debate coach for getting too much credit for improving his performance

1-5 to Leave it (person called a big ass)

Shareholders sue Hecla Mining Co. after deaths

Pink Toast: the view from FReep

Walker Backers Mount Effort To Write In Governor's Name in Democratic Recall Primary

Haha! Bill Maher just UN-baptized Mitt Romney's father-in-law!

And now, a moment of pure glee -----

Romney's Wife Had-$3 Million-In Secret Swiss Account Thru 2012-NOT-Reported In Fed Disclosure Forms

Police begin breaking up Occupy Austin encampment

With Gilligan...The skipper, too...The millionaire and his wife. The movie star...and the rest!

Soaking the Poor, State by State

American Exceptionalism

Any Military Attorneys here? Or, does anybody know if

I used the "self delete" a couple of times today...because..

J.C. Penney Won't Fire Ellen. Anti-Gay Group Loses Battle

Don't watch Contagion for the first time when your sick

About an hour ago, I saw a shooting star.

Antiwar protest AGAIN in Phoenix

Now I Get Where All The School Bullies Went...

Anyone know what's happening with NY-13?

Name-calling feud escalates between Hong Kong and mainland China

Cletus Brand Chocobos (VG Cats)

Operation: Write in Scott Walker in Democrat primary (they don't like unsupportive comments)

Dozens dead in shootout at South Sudan peace meeting

Earth Story Episode 1 The Time Travellers (BBC)

Mitt Romney, the stealth tea party candidate

Heads up: Tavis has civil rights atty Connie Rice as his only guest tonight.

Rising Death Toll - No End in Sight for European Deep Freeze

City and Colour - Fragile Bird

Al Green - A Speculation

The current Republican implosion closely mirrors the "ant mill" groupthink described in this video.

More than 150,000 breeding cattle left Texas due to drought

Colombian 'emerald czar' under new investigation for paramilitary funding

Gawker (VIDEO): Watch Bill Maher Unbaptize Mitt Romney’s Dead Father-in-Law

What hiking boots do you wear?

Bob Marley Mellow Mood...

Teacher compensation poll. Please participate.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant - SGK will sue you if you use "the cure" to fundraise ...

Anyone ready for more GOP scandal?

Connecticut doctor takes matter into his own hands

Mark Shields: Romney is now coming across as a guy born with "silver earplugs"

Eva Longoria...

'Half of Colombia's politicians went to Castaño's house'

state by state speak your mind about...colorado

state by state colorado

Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds

since it is not addressed in the rules

Home!!! :-)

CIA Claims Release of its History of the Bay of Pigs Debacle Would “Confuse the Public.”

Judge: Obama eligible to be Georgia candidate


Super Bowl bust: U.S. government seizes 307 domains for violating NFL copyrights

A few shots around the yard

GOES-13 Sees Low Pressure Headed to End Zone on Superbowl Sunday - NASA

Who Do You Think You Are-season 3

Robins - they love grapes

That's what friends are for

uluru waterfalls, australia

Orioles - hummers


Rep. Tim Walberg compares botched 'Fast and Furious' probe to Penn State sexual abuse case

Here's a story I'm only allowed to post here! "Super Bowl bust: U.S. government seizes 307 domains"

The most interesting man in the world

Snowy Owl in Port Huron, MI - 2/2/12

Portions of Texas Interstate Highways to see Speed Limit Increase

Can Komen Recover From Controversy?

Maher’s New Rule: Atheism And Religion Are ‘Not Two Sides Of The Same Coin’

Iranian leader warns U.S., Israel against strikes

Nancy Brinker, is safe, as far as the board is concerned.

Anybody awake? It's one of my insomnia nights...

TYT: Komen Reverses Decision To Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood - Have you ever used their services?

Surreal Macro Photographs of Insects

Buddha lulz for you.

Have you ever worn a tie "ironically"?

What will the effect of additive manufacturing be upon gun laws?

Gov. Jan Brewer Recall Papers Filed Today !

Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

The Lincoln-Douglas debates weren’t as great as Gingrich thinks

Toon: Donald Trump and Mitt Romney live in a different America

The Deep Comic Roots of ‘Self-Deportation’

Gingrich doubles down on France Bashing

Syria forces 'in Homs massacre'

German Scientist find Monsanto's roundup in all urine samples tested

Afghan civilian deaths rise for 5th straight year to a record high

Are college students learning?

State Commissioner predicts $15 to $17 billion shortfall in Medicaid

Today, Sweden Rallies Against ACTA And For Freedom Of Speech. We Can Win This

The Cases of Alan Gross and the Cuban Five

Sums it up re libertarians. Mahalo Ozimandius.

Doug's blog is a great source for real local news.

Parents Snared in $100 Billion College Debt Trap Risk Retirement

Anonymous gain access to FBI and Scotland Yard hacking call

Oil spurs Canada PM Stephen Harper visit to China

JC Penney stands by hiring of DeGeneres

MO-GOV: PPP has Dem. Gov. Jay Nixon up big for reelection

A Torrent of Disinformation : The NeoCon Propaganda Machine Pushing “Regime Change” in Syria

Martin O'Malley seen as possible 2016 candidate for president.

Planned Parenthood and US House Rep John Fleming(RePuglican)

CONSERVATIVES often quote the BIBLE...

Wall Street Journal on the Internet: In the Grip of the New Monopolists

Monopolies - what would Lenin say?

Bill Maher Unbaptises mitt romney's father in law

Danish playwright unveils play based on Anders Behring Breivik's manifesto

Cinema’s ultra-dark unknown genius, art-film god Béla Tarr bids an apocalyptic farewell

Oh my head!


'Frozen fury': Thousands brave icy chill to protest in Moscow

We had to up the dose of my daughters medication, again.

One Town's War on Gay Teens (Welcome to Michelle Bachmann's district)

DailyKos - Books that changed my life: "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg

Supreme Court Building Covered in Giant Dollar Signs

Why Do Dangerous Financial Criminals Roam Free?

Michelle Obama Talks About Being a Mentor

France election: Poll favourite (Socialist Francois) Hollande flour-bombed

LaBarbera, Wooden tell me to find Jesus – and a man to breed with to ‘rock my world’

Sarkozy could be next government leader in Europe to fall

Wal-Mart Warehouse Workers Move Ahead in Fight for Justice

They're here: the Superbowl ads

"... for the first time in fifteen years, Master Lock’s unionized plant in Milwaukee is running...

Penn and the Haitian Dictators: Actor Has Blind-Eyed Praise for Clinton & Martelly Roles

Russia warns of 'scandal' if UN vote on Syria text

Eurozone ministers to discuss Greece

A perspective on tension with Iran

Up with Chris Hayes - the new Jim Crow - the prison complex

Kansans, Nebraskans, and others living nearby--question about fossils.

Weekly Address: It’s Time for Congress to Act to Help Responsible Homeowners

Atheism in America

How Susan G. Komen Was Turned By The Gay Community

Munson: 'Religious rights prevail' in Supreme Court ruling

Paralyzed teen on shooter: 'I hate what he did but I don't hate him'

In Iran Dispute, Who’s at Fault?

January Jobs Report: Good News for the Economy, Bad News for the Pessimists

Overheard on another board: Female characters in fiction

Sometimes when you lift a rock,a bunch of Nazis start squirming in the light.

In Kansas restaurants, can you get sweet tea?

Ah. Saturday morning. English muffins and jam, good coffee, the paper....

Jack Abramoff launches blog dedicated to rooting out corruption

NYT: A Painful Betrayal

The cynical world of America's private prisons

Joan Walsh: "Catholics need to preach what we practice"

Obama's Failed Mission in Afghanistan

Are there DUzy's this week? nt

Nasdaq vaults to 11-year high on surge in jobs

ubuntu 12.04 LTS Alpha2

Stephen Colbert's SuperPAC hurts the Supreme Court's feelings? {video at link}

The WalkerGate Files

What's for Dinner? ~ Saturday ~ February 4th!

Occupy D.C. camp raided by police

Space Adventures sets target for circumlunar human flight: 2017

They don't have the guts for it (calling Fs the troll on speed dial)

Newt to hold press conference tonight at 11pm (ET)

Special Report: Bloomberg reloads in push for gun control

"Another one bites the dust!": Progress Energy may cancel two new AP1000s targeted at Levy, Florida

Toxic Republicans

Romney heavily favored to win Nevada vote

The DUzy Awards for the week of February 3rd, 2012

Did I miss the DUzys?

Bloomberg reloads in push for gun control

Here Comes The Sun: the lost solo guitar

Experts fear handwriting will become a lost art

Keiser Report: The Vaporized & The Deleted


What does recommending a thread actually do?

Do you think Healthy Choice meals are healthy?...

The Komen Gravy Train

Jury finds Charlie White (Indiana Secretary of State) guilty on six of seven counts

Pumpkin checks out Latest Breaking News on DU with me

One thing I have known for a long time was just reaffirmed. It's OK to condemn someone....

Civil rights and the self-defense tradition

A scary look into the mind of a Paul supporter (typed verbatim, unedited) . . .

The January Jobs Report: “Don’t Muck it Up”!

Looking for advice on a camera for my daughter

Frothy mix was too

What the main issue your business is facing today?

Looking for advice on a camera for my daughter

A Day in the Life of a Boston Teacher

The Walkergate Files--New site tracking the tribulations (& hopefully trials)

"Planned Parenthood Saved Me"

Anyone investigated olive oil?

Taliban eat into Afghanistan's core

Shale-gas deal sweetens Harper's Beijing trip

Indiana election chief found guilty of voter fraud

For savers in Canada, a sinking feeling

Which corporation is stiffing Komen?

NFL expanding Thursday night schedule

Saturday sunrise - Renton WA

The rootless woodblock prints of Kuniyoshi

MD Gov. Martin O'Malley's sales tax on gas is the right way to fund transport

MD Gov. Martin O'Malley's sales tax on gas is the right way to fund transport

Coburn doesn't think there is congressional insider trading

About Bradley Manning, government secrecy, and exposing classified information

Something to post on Facebook for the "Obama has made things worse" crowd to digest

Why the Komen/Planned Parenthood Breakup—While It Lasted—Was Good for Feminism

No more US Paper Bonds as of 12/31/11

Does anybody have a good vegetarian meatball recipe?

Get Your Resumes Ready, Pro-Life Ladies: Susan G. Komen for the Cure Is Hiring!

FDA and Jeff Novitzky Drop Lance Armstrong Probe

Sharron Angle endorses Santorum; 28 people show up (with pic)

Americans Blow $3.4 Billion On Valentine's Dinner

Richard Thompson's fingers are as nimble and his voice is as strong as ever...

What It’s Like When An NFL Linebacker Nearly Knocks Your Head Off

Update 2/6 Intrade: President has gone from a 16.3 point to 18.4 to 22 point lead over Romney

Should Vermont be able to shut down a nuke plant within its own borders?

Antarctica soon to produce New York-Sized Iceberg

Interview with La Cucaracha's creator, Lalo Alcaraz

What happens to Whistle-Blowers when they are not vindicated?

I love birds, but have never done any official birdwatching. A few questions...

What does Sean Hannity and the Huffington Post have in common?

Premature Evacuation?

In a Democratic Society, When is it Just to Work Outside the System (ie Rebellion) for Change?

New Hampshire poll shows Obama (50%) beating Romney (40%) and other GOP candidates

Hi-Tech US Corporations Deny Skilled American Workers Jobs Through Abuse of Visa Loophole

Of COURSE the rich and poor are treated alike!

Moonandback Interview With Irene Schneider

HBS survey on U.S. Competitiveness

Trouble in Romney camp

Anyone ever do the Intrade thing? I'm thinking to do it now for Obama, never have done it before

What Movie Starring Cancer Survivors And The Susan G. Komen Foundation Premiers Today?

Caterpillar closing part of a coordinated attack on unions

The Komen Foundation: Just the Tip of Iceberg.

Excellent Kip Lyall Toon

GOP candidates shy away from Nevada housing crisis

Saturday, February 4th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Today is "Red Letter Day" for Half-Life 2

270 to Win

Koch Brothers Meet Again to Prep for "Mother of All Wars"

Big Coal Attacks Penn State Climate Scientist (Again)

Informal internal DU poll

Indiana 2fer: Rethug Secty/State convicted. And Ricky fails to get on the ballot (for now).

"Imagine finding someone you love more than anything in the world, who you would risk your life for

Do the dead outnumber the living? (BBC)

Scott Walker's smoking gun?


I'm going nuts...over a commercial!!! Warning: this is trivial!!!

Europe freeze hits transport hubs (BBC)

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner

Well, Valentine's Day Hearts or No, you guys??? Tempus fugit!

stunning graph

Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing U.N. Plot


Keystone XL opponents need a jobs program

Republicans keep talking about voter fraud...

No Drawing: Art, Politics, and Gaza

Coming to a burnt-out city near you: horse diving.

More than 40% of households are less than three months from poverty

UT Biosolar Breakthrough Promises Cheap, Easy Green Electricity

Toon- the Pink Ribbon

Manning to face full court-martial in WikiLeaks case

Children Always Know...

Russia, China reject UN move to rebuke Syrian president

Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto

Washington Liquor Prices to go up after Int-1183

Ben Gazzara died; he was a class act

OH!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!

JC Penney stands by Ellen DeGeneres as spokeswoman

Synchronizing talons

Joe Strummer- Letterman- Johnny Appleseed

Latest Developments from Fukushima Japan:

Atheists should make more noise

Raleigh NC area meetup of DUers tonight 6 PM - check in at the post linked below

First SOPA/PIPA, now Komen. We're on to something here, folks!

Atheist "Targets" for 2012

Is US democracy being bought and sold?

Pancakes !

I think this is the last weekend to opt out and sue in small claims ct v.Honda for their lies. 2/11

What do you get when you google Wikipedia

Japan's Desperate "Nuclear Gypsies".

Another reason to admire Al Sharpton...

Ohio State Football Player Tweets: Show Atheists "Some Hate"

Enjoying the fresh snow - polar bear pics

Republicans and tea baggers busy searching for half a million bogus Wisconsin residents-here's help

The REAL Komen apology (totally stolen from my friend's facebook status)...

Wanna have some fun? One Million Moms is trolling for TV offensiveness

Top songs, this week in 1967

Oklahoma the latest state to pin problems on video games, proposes sin tax

My university's reaction to child sexual abuse makes me proud

Warning: face mask required for viewing this

Obama’s prayer breakfast and the still small voice of the Religious Left


Appeals Court Orders Waukesha Judge To give Wisconsin Dems a Do-Over on Signature Review Case

To those of all nations who responded to Japan's needs during their time of crisis:

Police shoot and kill autistic boy in his home

Arizona State Lawmaker Wants State Holiday To Celebrate White People

Does anyone here understand Lotus Notes code?

is the super bowl socialist?


Store owned by Japanese American 1942, by Dorothea Lange

Plundering Pacific Ocean Fish for Short-Term Profits

Black Americans Given Longer Sentences than White Americans for Same Crimes

Jack Kerouac documentary - "Kerouac, the Movie"


Papantonio: Scott Walker Scandal Reaches to Top of RNC

Anonymous says it will leak giant cache of Iraq war e-mails

Arizona GOP Lawmaker Wants A State Holiday To Celebrate White People


Support SANITYs Only CHOICE: President Obama.....Don't let the CRAZIES Muck It Up

Gun Distributor, Komen Foundation Team Up To Sell Pink Handgun

Anyone investigated olive oil? The liquid not the cartoon character.

An economy past capatilism

"NEWT GINGRICH" — a Bad Lip Reading Soundbite

Recruit snubs campus offer due to lack of Chik-Fil-A

Marketing the Pink Ribbon - A Study in Selling 'Awareness'

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, February 3)

U.S. ‘Disgusted’ As Russia And China Veto U.N. Resolution On Syria

NATO: Going ahead with missile shield despite Russian concerns, threats

more American exceptionalism

VA Declares man dead four times but he's still alive

Watching "Ghost Whisperer" and you know what really irritates me?

Unemployment drops: Headlines from around the country

great day for a pedal. where are you riding today?

Meet the new hate, same as the old hate....

Hey San Franciscans ,

Need Help with PDFs in Firefox

Jobs Report Makes it a “Super Friday” for Obama

Obama's NH Approval Rises With Economy (updated)

Please everyone, stop using terms like "anti-abortion"

MR. 1%

"Patent wars" and intellectual property

I'd rather have an honest liberal

Cuban ex-President Fidel Castro launches memoirs

I feel so upgraded

Bill Maher "almost agrees" with Gingrich on Occupy movement: "a bunch of douchebags"

Santorum To Gay Man: You Don’t Deserve ‘Privilege’ Of Marriage Because Gay Unions Don’t

I love my President

Jarred Harrell Murder Trial: 9-Year-Old Boy Tells Little Sister's Killer 'You Know You Did This'

The Wit, Wisdom, and Rage of Gran Fury

Animal Nuz #82 (Ari Fleischer, BP, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove)

Komen '3-Day' ads sponsored by Bank Of America running on TV today.

Local group tackles Everglades python problem

The pathetic coverage of the media in regard to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

If Obama Wins

Why the GOP should stop invoking Reaganomics

Wisconsin on Steroids? Arizona GOP Wants to Make State Most Anti-Union in Nation

Pic Of The Moment

Take On Me by a-ha, North Korean Style

Conservation camp applicants wanted

10 best puppy bowl moments

Indiana's GOP Secretary of State Found Guilty of Voter Fraud

Game Viewing, South Africa - Photo/Video

Hilarious Picture of Santorum (SFW)

Florida House passes redistricting maps

bout time we took the wind out of their sails

Time to go for a walk - penguin pics

A brand show on Right Now!

Whoever has less math anxiety wins

Here's an oldie-but-goodie article: Komen suing other charities for using the word "cure"

Comet Garradd Meets M92

Anyone want to speculate:

World’s largest scale model of the Solar System

TCM Schedule for Monday February 6 - 31 Days of Oscar

Forced Pregnancy

For those that may have missed or forgotten....

The Parade Season is now in session.

New shows ( or series ) and Specials- premiering in Feb 2012

Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria

As airfare rule takes off, it might be grounded

Civilian deaths in Afghanistan have increased for five years in a row.

Rerun of UP with Chris Hayes/MSNBC/4pm est

Watch and listen just to have a good time

Who's on 1st?

Should Republicans Be Able To Marry?

R.M. is going to be on Lurch's program Sunday morning!

So, Bro...

Iraqi president's tribe calls for VP handover

Post a picture of a band whose lineup never changed.

Lavrov Defends Russian Arms Supplies to Syria

Can't get rid of CNET tech tracker

These two people are looking for a place to move to... Would any intuitives like to weigh in? Or

Iranian warships dock at Saudi port

Obama;s going to WIN and Going to win hard!

Gingrich Ties to Fannie, Freddie Said to Extend to Speaker Days

Chinese carmaker blatantly copies Ford F-150

Sometimes that shark (s)he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes.

Limbaugh Angry That "Feminazis" At Planned Parenthood Put Pressure On Komen

Too bad that they won't stay on the island...

"How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the '1 Percent'"

The Point - Factory Farming, Fracking, and 49ers (WARNING: Brief Graphic Content)

(Teabagger) Republican candidate Mark Neumann: Companies got $500,000 from stimulus (WI)

I will be attending a Super Bowl party tomorrow...

Up with Chris Hayes will discuss the Komen/planned parenthood issue tomorrow morning

From Two Sides Point of View...

I have been in AT&T hell all afternoon.

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2?

India’s Solar Power Revolution Could Have Global Effect (20,000 MW by 2022)

Menominee Seventh Grader Suspended for Saying "I Love You" in her Native Language

Could we benefit from…

Producers hand out potatoes in Thessaloniki

Two reactions on Komen reversal

22 companies hiring in large volume

Super Bowl/Party Snacks

CIA and the Shah: "We hate Mohammad Mossadegh and his gov't because of their freedom"

Power paradox: Clean might not be green forever

(Anonymous) Hackers intercept FBI, Scotland Yard call

AZ lawmaker suggests holiday for white people

Can someone please explain to me the war on religion that Dems are waging?

Is there anyone who better defines "elegance" better that Fred and Ginger?

Anonymous says it will leak giant cache of Iraq war e-mails

'FEAR FACTOR' PRODUCERS: Canceling Donkey Semen Episode Was an Expensive Mistake

How Would Romney Replace These

OccupyAustin evicted last night

I am a Moderate and I vote Democratic Everytime... Why do I feel Unwelcome Sometimes Posting on DU

Kodak moments

TYT: Gingrich Fakes Caring About Poor To Attack Romney

Carjack suspect spotted on Facebook

Anyone else run into this with company provided health insurance

'I'm A Mormon' billboards going up from coast to coast since late last year.

Reporter booed, physically shoved at Nevada caucus site

Why Occupy has succeeded and will continue to succeed: they are not a single-issue movement.

For those who worked in retail...

After 11 yrs of conservation, the CSS Hunley is finally revealed

One good thing about this Super Bowl

What is an Olay?

So ... Up With Chris Hayes is now being rerun in the afternoon ...

Bank of America DOES NOT accept U.S. DOLLARS as payment on mortgages

MSNBC's "B" team covering the election tonight.

Do you like a western mystery? Well, I do!..

Suit against Goldman Sachs over RMBS obtains class-action status. ( yayyy)

Just got a robo-phone survey call.

The Non Sports Fan’s Guide to Maybe Enjoying the Super Bowl

Any word on Major League sports rejecting Komen yet?

Bad Lip Reading: Rick Perry's "Strong" ad

Rolling Stone: Mitt Romney's Most Out-of-Touch Moments

Fannie and Freddie CEOS under attack by congress.

Tuna Leftover

Shadrack McGill, Alabama State Senator, Says Keeping Teacher Pay Low 'A Biblical Principle'

Don't they get it?

573 deaths certified as nuclear-crisis-related in Japan

Thank You Juror #6!

PHOTO: Santorum speaks at Florida church. Children's choir passes out in boredom

SuperBowl and Sunday -

Goodbye, Middle Class

FINALLY! 2 bank Execs plead guilty to fraud.

Oregon Republican who ran against Sen. Ron Wyden in 2010 busted for election law violations

India tells Britain: We don't want your aid

Seriously what the fugg is Ron Paul wearing

Elephant Man/rape alert results