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Archives: February 5, 2012

Jim Harbaugh voted Coach of the Year...

'Ultraviolet' - British miniseries, 6 eps. Very Different.

Stumbled across this today. Feb is Black History Month

Noot's out of gas -- Romney over Noot by 20% in the Silver State

THIS is the painting that has cost the Qatari royal family a record-breaking £158million.

Move To Amend

Well, that was baffling. I was just asked to serve on a jury.

The DUzy Effect

I was called for jury duty on a self deleted post.

Well, well, just looky here:Indiana election chief found guilty of voter fraud

Playing around with motion/action

Women say some rape victims should take blame - survey

Proxy War in Syria Threatens Catastrophe for the Middle East

War Porn:

Reporter forced to leave Nevada caucus site

For the record, I tried to participate in a DU Jury

Has anyone else noticed

Minn. student suspended over Michael Jackson dance

My cousin died of breast cancer. He was only 32

AMC, "Saturday Night Fever"..The glorious voices of the BeeGees. I'm set..n/t

If Repugs Were Pro-Choice What Term Or Terms Would They Use For The Word Abortion?.....

Religious ad to air during Super Bowl Sunday

Aaron Rodgers MVP BABY!

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney: 41% say it negatively affects their view of GOPer Read

10 Things to Watch During the 2012 Legislative Session

When you opt of service on a jury, you are not called for service again for a period of time.

Alan George: The Assad regime's only purpose is to stay in power

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest on PBS,

GOP's Latest Trumped-Up Charge Against 'Gasland' Director: Passing Gas!

Wall Street Frat Mocks Occupy Wall Street

NYT: Associates Say Adelson Open To Aiding Romney

Broncos' Von Miller named NFL defensive rookie of year, Tim Tebow also receives award

Drinking Bloody Marys... Listening to the Blues... Suddenly I had a thought.

VOTER FRAUD!! theft. perjury. INVALID. - Mitch Daniel's Repub Indiana Sec. of State CONVICTED

Kids lobby to make Toto's breed the Kansas state dog

This week in the War on Voting: A new Republican Southern Strategy, a lot like the old one

Anonymous and Syria

Josie post

thank you Triangle DUers

A pastel sunset, tonight...

Chart: What Planned Parenthood actually does

Bill would require drug tests for Missouri lawmakers

Jose (6 years old) posts on DU

Last weekend to see "Men Who Stare At Goats" streaming.

Anybody know what the numbers are from Nevada?

Indiana election chief(R) found guilty of voter fraud!

Slab City, Here We Come: Living Life Off the Grid in California's Badlands

Sharp increase in administrative detention in 2011; one detainee on hunger strike for 46 days

What happens when all Duers are called 6 by 6 to a jury on self deleted post and they

Quick Q: What time is Ginrich's press conference?

FCC Sides With WMAQ-TV For Not Airing Anti-Abortion Ad During Super Bowl

What if Katherine Harris (Florida 2000) and Michele Bachmann were Genetically Fused?

Report says 3 set themselves on fire in China

Lift Every Voice And Sing [Video]

Just saw a Mittens TV ad for the first time.

"Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale..." with complete lyrics.

The Repub caucus race in Nevada looks to be for 2nd place.

True Facts:

Frederic Volpi: Turkey key to ending international stand-off with Damascus

Has anyone here driven the Blue Ridge Parkway?

How random is a jet fighter in a farm field?

What was your favourite kid vacation? We went to Disneyland when I was about 12.

You Already Knew by Black Star mentions OWS, the Teabaggers, and more

Night Train by Guns n Roses

Stop the presses!!! MSNBC just announced Romney

Keiser Report: The Vaporized & The Deleted (E245)

How was voter turnout tonight in Nevada? Cause it was really low for Repugs in Florida. I'm

What's wrong with this picture?

What's the weather like where you are?

Ore. mushroom pickers found alive after 6 days

Mr. WALL STREET wins in Nevada

Reagan Rises From the Grave to Endorse Newt!

D.C. police take down tents contrary to what was decided on in court....

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford wins Comeback Player of the Year.

Soaking the Poor, State by State

Run DMC Rap Battle - Sucker MC's

Fight Or Fuck: Raise the Crime Rate + The Caging of America (Prison Rape and Mass Incarceration)

Mitt Romney bundler a registered agent for United Arab Emirates

Giants web site declares Giants winner.

U.S. Plans Shift to Elite Units as It Winds Down in Afghanistan

Ann Romney to crowd: Obey!

FUCKING ANN ROMNEY. "No one listened to me last time when I said no applause till I'm finished"

OMG....Mitten's wife "OBEY me this time" the Nevada audience

What is the most extreme sportlike thing you have ever done? I used to take

Sunday Talk Shows: Matt Lauer interview with President Obama, Rachel on MTP

"America has had enough of your kind of help"?

Yawn! Mitt is speaking. He certainly knows how to put me to sleep. His audience is being

When Republicans politicians speak about the economy...

Another "raw milk" incident...

"Although you did not complete the process, we appreciate your interest in the Jury Service system"

Ron Paul tells Piers Morgan only ‘honest rape’ merits abortion

Hubble Spies Milky Way Galaxy's Twin

Rmoney: Zombie or Herman Munster?

Officer struck by brick as mounted police clear Occupy DC tents from federal park

LOL - watching "Men in Black" with my 11 y.o.

Romney - Swiss Bank Account

Man is fired for feeding feral cats on his own time....

Mitt Romney, 'welfare queen'

New blast hits Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel

Romney says! (updated)

and the sun pours down like honey

Not all civilisations equal, French minister says

in its heyday it was better than bufferin

Bad-mouthing the commander in chief in a time of war

Romney Camp Fires New Debate Coach After Concern He Took Too Much Credit For Romney's Turnaround

Telling time is hard...

Romney: I Won't Bribe Voters With Handouts Like Obama Does (updated)

Think I know why Newt is holding a presser and not a rally

Will There Be Any Worker/Union Marches In Indy Tomorrow?.......

I pray Newt keeps up with the press conferences to force Romney to do the same. Romney is horrible

Syrian army defections exceed 40,000

Does a performer's sexuality matter when portraying LGBT characters?

Is anybody watching the Newter's Press Conference?

Romney wins Nevada, second place a contest between Gingrich and Paul

SNL: Newt, president of the moon

RimJob and the Freepers are in dire financial straights: "We're Stuck at 43%" (Creepathon)

When is the next Republican primary debate?

Nasty day. Perfect for a walk in the park

A little truth on corporate tax breaks! Alice Walton

Newt's indictment of Romney's character was right on

We'll spend the night together, let's say "hello" to forever

"...and his dream and his goal was to own a monkey..."WTF?

Christine O’Donnell used super pac to buy copies of her own book

(ANSWERED) With that infinite jury loop because of the self-deleted post, does that suspend

The 5 Biggest Lies About President Obama In Mitt Romney’s Nevada Victory Speech

Jamiroquai "Butterfly"

Luck (on HBO)

Facebook has only men on its board of directors

SNL Gives Us A Peek At Newt Gingrich’s Moon Colony: ‘May Divorce Be With You’ - video link

Feuding Repubs. Gingrich hates Romney. It's visceral.

how religious people view differences in religion

You Give Me Something

So..according to Yahoo! contributors, war with Iran is inevitable, and it's a good thing.

27 Buldings shaped like food

NV caucus: Low turnout. Romney gets lower percentage than in 2008, despite Mormon vote.

LOL, Paul is beating Newt in Vegas (Clark County):

Mitt Romney Goes Palin in Nevada Victory Speech

One place Firefox 10.0 regressed (for me anyways)

Walker to meet with prosecutors in John Doe investigation

What are some of the things you like best about solitude?

SNL Gives Us A Peek At Newt Gingrich’s Moon Colony

John King Calls Mitt Romney ‘Governor Mormon’

Shit People in DC Say

Do The Iranian People Support Their Government?......

Air Force: Further cost-cutting will not include B-1 bomber over next five years

Bon Ivar...

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, February 4)

Republicans gear up in case Texas is a player

Michelle Cottle, The Daily Beast: Romney Cuts Loose O'Donnell, Perhaps Out of Ego

state by state speak your mind about......connecticut

Border Patrol OT up as arrests drop

state by state connecticut

'Pro-life' means more than 'Pro-birth" - Shannyn Moore at the Anchorage Daily News

So our President gets down on his knees and prays to "God".

OK Folks the big game is tomorrow

Our right-wing media is proving its credentials tonight

2012 Presidential National Convention dates

Someone explain something to me about Ron Paul

state by state posts a why

I Love This Group!

Ann Romney's "Listen and obey" order to the crowd echoes Mormon teachings and phraseology

Statement by President Obama on Syria

It is officially Soup Bowl Sunday (Foxtrot)

Our President and Our First Lady

A good birding site - Lakeland, Florida, Circle B Bar Reserve

Something about running for office still bother me 16 years after the last time I was on the ballot

The 6 Top Thugs of the Medical World

Democratic congressman Heath Shuler says he won't seek re-election to House

The ‘manure’ of history

Ron Paul Best Buddy Of Romney And Wall Street Rich

Idiocracy... the movie.

Why do we allow them to be called conservatives?

The beat(down) goes on/ Kentucky has home game @ South Carolina, wins 86-52

15-year old girl injured in face by baton as officers evict the nation's first Occupy from DC

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bambi Montoya Edition

What on earth is this woman talking about?

Storm Chaser ( Weather Channel) Killed By Wrong-Way Driver In Turnpike Crash

Death be Not Proud

Suit to keep President Barack Obama off Alabama primary ballots dismissed by Jefferson County judge

Obama Promotes Homeowner Plan to Eliminate ’Drag’

Amy Goodman is on Chris Hayes show this morning

When war comes home: Crime surge among veterans suggest some didn't leave horrors behind

It's 1968 Again

So far, Romney is doing worse in Nevada than he did in 2008.

The shocking truth about religious ‘gay cure’ therapy by someone who failed to turn straight

Bill Moyers and former Citigroup Chairman on Big Banks' Power and Influence Pts. 1-3

Video: founder records It Gets Better video on being gay, Jewish and condemning gay

Pedophile GOP

Artist Thomas Allen Harris on Black Gay Identity

I can't wait to see this Superb Owl

My 2012 Nightmare

'Body Awareness' review: Tap to lesbian funny bone

Independent UK: The death of the American dream in Afghanistan

Dave Zirin: Why Protests Should Be a Part of Super Bowl Sunday

Who did Chris Carter piss off?

'Waitress moms' key to this year's elections

Toon: Romney fixes the hole in the safety net

can't wait to see the superb owl

New Agtivists: Brother-Sister Duo Revamp The Corner Store

New Jersey Teen Pleads for her Gay Dads' Right To Marry: Video @ link

Newt Gingrich’s New Enemies: Subway Riders

Why the AGs Must Not Settle: Robo-signing Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Willy Wonka fans of the 1971 movie

New poll: Majority of Americans say President Obama will be re-elected in '12

PSA: Rachel Maddow will be on Meet The Press this a.m. nt

My laptop is bloated. What can I get rid of here?

Obama's Jesus tax

Obama has small-check donor advantage over Romney

Greece on "knife edge" in last hours to agree bailout

Make sure you stand in the right place...

smart zombies - yea or nay?

Would Mitt Romney be America's first 'Non-Christian' President?

Social Justice Quiz 2012: Thirteen Questions

UP with Chris Hayes/Sun 2/5/12

Awwwww get your tissues out - Christine O'Donnell is broke!

Precious Picture Of The "Modern Republican Party"

VA Governor McDonnell gives credit for economic recovery to GOP Governors; facts disagree

My daughter when 9 dressed as Janet Reno for a costume contest.

K'Naan To Romney: 'My Music Is Concerned With The Very Poor'

John Pilger: The Assange case means we are all suspects now

The Aura *****

What in the world is Amy Goodman doing on MSNBC?

they just do

Occupy DC-- Park Police tackle/beat a protestor

Romney and Gingrich Do Who's on First

My friend is an 80-something widow. Her husband passed last summer, a veteran.

Super Bowl: Gen. Custer's actions at Little Bighorn led to Patriots' Super Bowl victories

Even Peggy Noonan is calling the Repub primary a clown car!

Good resources/references for politics/needed action for NC

Romney-Backer John McCain Rejects Romney’s Immigration Policy Of Self-Deportation

March Triangle area meetup - date is Thursday March 29 for dinner

2 to recommend

Egypt to prosecute Americans in NGO probe

What time does the World Series start?

Is US democracy being bought and sold?

Iran vows to hit any country that stages attack

Bread and Tulips. *****

Aaron Rodgers your MVP of 2011....

Aborted Fetuses: The Awkward Guests at Your Super Bowl Party

ron paul, what exactly IS an "honest rape"?

When did Obama declare war on the Catholic church?

ron paul, what exactly IS an "honest rape"?

Super-PAC Mania

Big Booty Surgery Surges

Cats from Hell

Why Don't We Pay People Enough? 8 Facts About America's Struggling Working People

Who can defeat Obama this year? There IS only one!

A meeting of hearts if not minds between Jehovah's Witnesses and an atheist doctor

What product and which celebrity would be in your Super Bowl ad?

Did anyone participate in any of yesterday's Iran Peace marches?

The Tragic Story of Christianity: How a Pacifist Religion Was Hijacked by Rabid Warmongering Elites

Is it all about the Estate Tax after all?

Progressive legislation reversed by nation's appeals courts? Second Obama term could change all that

OWS committed suicide....


Who really benefits from putting high-tech gadgets in classrooms?

In it's heyday, it was better than cocaine

I am confused about the mortgage modification policy that is currently in place.

Tiquan Underwood cut on eve of Bowl

What $10,990 bought in 1955....

Police: 'Bombs' In Bank Robbery Are Apple Pies

Nuclear Industry: ''It's Just That Broken''

Flagship EU gas pipeline project 'near collapse'

Neil Steinberg: Rape victims get short shrift in Illinois

Beagles See Sun and Grass for the First Time

Romney is an anagram for R Money

GM foods banned in Monsanto canteen. Monsanto says employees should have a CHOICE

Numbers Don't Lie.

Newt Gingrich's Epic Flameout

Sacrificing the desert to save the Earth

Gazprom says unable to meet greater Europe gas demand

Green Tech - Job in my shop

U.K.’s Climate Plan May Risk Heating-Cost Surge in Cold Snaps

Police: 11 Arrested at Occupy DC Site

What is this Scott Stantis editorial cartoon trying to convey?

Mitt "Donald" Romney.....****WARNING: GRAPHIC****

Romney's wins are atypical for Republican nominees.

If Occupy is dead, how do they keep living with such vigor?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 7th: 31 Days of Oscar: Germany

Coke's Super Bowl Ad to Feature 'Mean Mitt Romney'

Garrison Keillor on the REPUG Primaries: "The Morman running against the Polygamist..."

Tea Party Jesus

Help protect Virginia's teachers and schools!

Throat slashed, woman reads Bible to her attacker

"Ron Paul" — a Bad Lip Read Sound Bite - and now with Rick Santorum, Newt and Mitt

OWS committed "suicide by cop"

Meanwhile in Virginia - the GOP legislature has gone nuts

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 8th: 31 Days of Oscar: The Midwest

Is it just me, or has the GOP just COMPLETELY gone crazy?

Secrets Hidden In Films Of Stanley Kubrick 1- 5

OK, I’m coming out of the closet. I’m pro-life.

Toon: Mitt does the GOP Karaoke- LOL!

Can you imagine Gingrich, Romney, Paul or Santorum suggesting that non-believers are good people?

"You have yr veto - now finish it quickly"

LynneSin is prohibited from posting any more signs in the DU bathroom.

Why fish don't keep a diary:

Your cat doesn't give a fuck about "reality"... just DO IT!!!

Kali's ranchhands were once cited for "meanness to animals".

MiddleFingerMom's memory? Not so good.

You damn RIGHT MiddleFingerMom likes to get his Smirn on. Muzherfugger.

Bradley Manning to Face All Charges in Court-Martial

Corpse sits in gamer cafe for 9 hours

Obama and Bo playing football


Dylan likes DU and says hi

Religion offers needed structure

Occupy movement in Latin America-On the Edge with Max Keiser

Tebow doesn't rule out possible future in politics

Soundies - Sweet Sue (Just You)

Need help figuring out why my audio died.

LOL whut?

Odd Super Bowl Bets

"Why I rejected Plan B after my disabled daughter was raped"

Anybody making anything special today?

Bill would limit overtime for high-tech jobs

The enthusiasm gap: Republicans' turnout problem

Romney's "big win" in Nevada was almost entirely due to Mormon numbers at caucuses

“Not in labor force” numbers leaped on an annualized basis,on a raw basis 1.572 million last month

Did Obama make the economy worse? Not according to most statistics


A Puritan's 'war against religion'

How come George Clooney is on Entertainment Tonight so much? Not

Pamela Geller’s Ghoulish Obsession With ‘Honor Killings’ Takes an Ugly Turn Geller exploits a murder

could you support a pro life candidate

$5 Million Per Year: Outrageous Salary for Komen CEO Nancy Brinker

Here's the new Olympus retro OM E-M5

Where OWS has already won

After Recess: Change the World

How do we make a referral to the MIRT team?

Oh brother, just what this country needs...

Untensil Improv? Fry basket + Potato masher

Rachel Maddow: Republican Party Is Waging War On Contraception

Who is the enemy?

What's the best image you've seen online today?

Romer asks "Do Manufacturers Need Special Treatment?"

Family begs for return of kidnapped Alaska barista Samantha Koenig

Everybody join in the fun and help index the 1940 Census when it is released!

Pleasuring God with Your Mouth (Friendly Atheist)

Not "calling out" DUers, but...when you post Zombie "advice" threads, ZOMBIES ARE READING THEM TOO

Why this year's "greening" of the Super Bowl is a greenwash

Very Poor GOP Voter Turnout in Nevada

So Dr. Paul lives to fight another day, at least in his own mind...

Some pictures taken with my daughters birthday present

Creationist School Bill Looks Doomed in Indiana

One’s A Crowd (Opinion from the NY Times)

What do you name an adorable two-faced kitten?

Has anyone here ever been to the Valley Of The Butterflies in Rhodes, Greece?

H-1B workers are better paid, more educated, study finds

Jim Bakker’s Christian amusement park is now a post-apocalyptic ghost town

The Future Is Not What It Used to Be: On 'El País' {w/ video @ link}

Money Magazine: "Retirement Savings: Will $4 Million be Enough??"

What are you reading the week of February 5, 2012?

The OccupyUSA Blog: Special Weekend Edition!

Fukushima #2 temperature rising, workers more worried about #2 than #4(feared to fall over soon)

The Puppy Bowl is starting!!!


If NFL Team Names Were Honest

Source: Peyton will play in 2012, probably not for Colts

Goodell let down by Pro Bowl; would consider eliminating game

Did Democrats Give Up in Gun Control Debate?

Gallup: Obama job approval rating by state for 2011

To all who don't give a hoot about tonight's Supper Bowel, check in here.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Feb 5th ?

He can name the players on the teams.

Politics and the Supreme Court (NY Times)

Took photos are a fund-raising event,

A dark spot on Mars - Syrtis Major

Ex-Panama dictator Noriega suffers possible stroke

Does this piss you off? I think it should. It is fast becoming a scene in every major US city

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Super Sunday, February 5)

Teen suicide...the teens in Michelle Bachmann's area fight back (heartbreaking story)

talk about a jinx! >>

Quote Of The Day - Miley Cyrus (Love her or hate her, you'll admire this...)

Dictionary update

"Special Forces Soldier killed in Syria" likely not dead, may have faked death (Occupy San Diego)

This is a photo of a bitch:

At 11th hour, vulnerable GOP members back insider-trading bill

I just ran to the grocery store...

Amazing pics of a fisherman and his friends- Whale Sharks

Facebook Is Using You

Other Democratic Forums

Artist Paints Herself On Windows To 'Trick' Others

Man shot twice with 45 while breaking in

Just saw "Big Miracle" - hilarious cameo at the end of the movie *SPOILER* of sorts

Wall Street Frat Mocks Occupy Wall Street

Anti-fracking demo in Enniskillen (BBC)

Anyone know what time President Obama's pre-game interview will be on?

Newt's meglomania really does know no bounds

Senator Hatch To Obama "You're Not Jesus"

Giants and Patriots Toss Political Dollars To Democrats

Human Waste-Powered Robots May Be Future of Machines

In Case there's any doubt: Email shows Karen Handel drove Komen decision to defund PP

Sunday Funnies: Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Bill Would Limit How State Welfare Funds Could Be Used

Any Du'ers Have Info On Drug-Sniffing Dog Alerting On GWB@ Border?

Homeless Project Residents Drink Less If Booze Ban Is Lifted

What if there was a Draft Cheney movement?

'Israeli attack will prompt Pakistani response'

Can I ask for a bit of help from my friends here?

How Much More of this “Corporations are People, Too” Bullshit Do We Have To Endure?

In Fuel Oil Country, Cold That Cuts to the Heart

Hershey’s Trust: Stop Exploiting Children to Grow Cocoa Beans

*******THE DU SUPERBOWL THREAD************

Wall Street Frat Mocks Occupy Wall Street

hand held shower devices

Game Giveaway of the Day

Watch the SB online!

Greece moves a step closer to default

Refuse to train your replacement

Israeli cabinet approves construction of high-speed train line between Tel Aviv and Eilat

The Dead - 1978 - at Giza - Ollin Aragreed

Karen Handel, Susan G. Komen's Anti-Abortion VP, Drove Decision To Defund Planned Parenthood-HP

NBC streaming the Super Bowl here (5 live cams are showing at the moment):

In Greek restructuring some institutions are more equal than others

Cat Problem - thoughts?

Can someone recommend a breast cancer charity that I can donate to?

Puppy bowl is on! Animal Planet!,

from GD

Terrorism 101: To keep close tabs on a terrorist, follow the money trail. Oh, you betcha.

Report: 78 killed in police strike in Brazil state

Racism. It's only human.

Watkins Glen - 1973 - The Allman Brothers/Grateful Dead/The Band - Mountain Jam

You get what you pay for

So, I'm sitting here ready to do my taxes,

Explosion and fire @Josh Powell's house; 3 dead

Pennsylvania Schools’ Financing Fight Pits District Against ‘Charter on Steroids’

Any DVD burning software preferences our there? Edited.

Randy Newman - A Few Words in Defense of Our Country

What metaphysical restructuring of the universe would cause all unions to become people?

My SiS-N-Law Hates Me NOW

Kitty Half-Time Show coming up next!

The GOP’s ‘Europe’ is a land of make-believe

Funny Incident Today

Adult, 2 children killed in explosion at Josh Powell home

Drive Thru Funeral Home..

Ready for the kickoff, coach (LOLHamsters?)

(In your heart you knew it) The Real Mitt Romney

Move over, Greece, here comes Hungary.

Record cold in Europe has killed 300 -- so far!

Will union bargaining in Toronto create template for curbing rights?

Van Morrison - 1978 - Cleaning Windows

Never Give Up! Keep on fighting the good fight!

"Tropical" Disturbance on Superbowl Sunday

Bob McDonnell: Republican Governors, Not Obama, Deserve Credit For Rising Economy. USA! USA! USA!

Criminal Behavior by Members of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”

TYT: Busted! Rep. Leaves ALEC Wording In Corporate Tax Resolution

US warns tourists against 'immodest attire' in Jerusalem

ethernet modem question

Toronto Star: Ottawa outsources the attack on the middle class

Screw the Primaries: Giants 21, Patriots 17

Captions, please

I Be Moaning

The Komen Foundation's curious relationship with the science of cancer prevention

Snooki: "Don't call me dirty! If you spray perfume...take a "Shore Shower"'s still a shower!"

Take a break from the week's harsh reality and have a FRee laugh on me.

I think I was called to serve on a Jury

I agree with Jack Nicholson. I'd rather drink bleach than watch the fucking Super Bowl.

Worn Pipes Shut California Reactors ( the pipes are relatively NEW!)

More join concussion lawsuit against NFL (Miami Herald)

Pacifists Protest Possible War Against Iran

Oh the IRONY! Komen VP Karen Handel was herself under DOJ investigation

Scott Walker’s $100,000,000 Question – Walkergate

Foreclosures of million-dollar homes increase in SF Bay Area

Already an idiot right winger is on Facebook complaining about Hyundai using

Do you Believe that DU is Generally to the Right or Left of the Average Democratic Voter?

President Obama Speaks about the Veterans Job Corps

Here comes the RW media on contraception

Russia to Build Effective Shield against NATO Missile Threat – Rogozin

President Obama’s Super Bowl Interview With Matt Lauer: Jobs, Israel, And Tom Brady Posters

BREAKING—States with Dem Govs 15% better employment numbers

The future of our country cannot answer simple basic questions:

What is the best mouse bait?

NBC Shows Come Together To Sing Epic Super Bowl Promo ‘Brotherhood Of Man’

Iran Mass Producing Anti-Ship Cruise Missile: TV

Total BS intentional grounding call against Brady

President Obama Speaks about the Veterans Job Corps - VIDEO

Betcha a dollar Madonna sucks...