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Have the Westboro Baptist people weighed in on today's court decision?

Obama Launches The "Extreme Marshmallow Cannon"

George Brett sued over sports necklaces

Reid, Senate Dems Accuse GOP Of Seeking To Derail Economic Recovery

White House: Barack Obama Still 'Evolving' On Same-Sex Marriage

Obama vs Romney... The last 7 National polls

If the SCOTUS affirms the prop 8 decison does that mean same sex marriage will become law?

Reid’s Floor Maneuvers Leave Some Senate Democrats Frustrated

Dramatic Darlene Wink

My wife usually makes my martinis. She's away on business until Friday. Would it be cheating to

The Coat Hanger Strategy

When famous old people die, why is it news?

All the Missing Souls: Six Questions for David Scheffer

Romney Super PAC Amends FEC Report

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 10 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Wyoming

Why are tonight's caucus/primary races not viewed seriously?

Where does the Church's conscience go when children are being molested?

Ricky Williams plans to retire

My reply to a really over-the-top 'religious' anti-Obama email:

I am bragging right now!! Burbank couple is at the center of defeating Prop HATE

Anyone else here with COPD?

A legal analysis of the Prop 8 decision: What it DOES mean, and what it DOESN'T mean.

Words to ponder

I am watching a show on PBS about the Underground Railroad...

Minnesota Caucus Entrance Polling Numbers Ron Paul Leading Santorum Second

Rights group welcomes court victory for 1948 village (Lifta)

Report: Assad's Office Hacked, Password Was '12345'

Thanks for the Heart!!

Tancredo: My Dog Is Better Than Obama On The Economy

"Romney is like a giant hairball...They just can't get rid of him."...Howard Fineman...n/t

Cash is King

Whats with the transphobia and the defense of transphobia on du today?

Tancredo: My Dog Is Better Than Obama On The Economy

Let's say we put an NCI check box on the 1040...

Rejoice geeks. LOTR family tree

Should the CIA send chocolates, roses, and greeting cards to terrorists?

Thank you for the heart!

Are there Lounge Vampires? Not to mention names, but I rarely see certain people here until

The Much Ado About Nothing Party....

Fabulous we all are:

Kali's daily grand entrance back home to the ranch.

Poor Muffin. Poor, poor sad Muffin.

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

Language Barriers:

I'd like to thank all you jerks for all your help. Yeah, thanks... thanks a BUNCH!!!!!

I have cross-posted in GD and Video

A Pulpit For The Masses: YouTube, Christians Clic

Donner drought: Lowest snow total ever measured for this time of year (with pic)

Illinois Concealed Carry Ruling: Gun Rights Group Files Appeal With U.S. Supreme Court

Obama backs constitutional amendment to end Citizens United

Thank you....thank you....thank you

Genetically Modified Foods Not Served in Monsanto Cafeteria

Ron Paul’s War on Education

ACLU: 10 Years Later: Our First Step Toward Torture

Court (Arizona, of course) says woman with limited English can be kept off ballot

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Walker's party of voter fraud

Thanks to all the heart-givers! You are really making people happy!

Thanks to the anonymous strangers that have shown me love

O'Keefe Releases Another New Video Fraudulently Purporting to Illustrate 'Voter Fraud' in Minnesota

Please! Let's stop calling for changing names and phrases that's THEIR thing.

A one year membership is $60??????

Please offer your prayers, thoughts, help

I have to say it because it's a huge elephant in the room....the Mid Atlantic

I want to thank whoever gave me hearts! It was a very kind thing to do.

What the Kochs say online but won't say under oath

Robosigner Exec. has been indicted!!!!!!!

"Religious Liberty" is a false argument: People have liberty, churches have licence.


Those who diss Wes Welker are simply dumbass douchebags.

Eating their own: Blaze contributor needles Palin; Freepers throw Beck under the bus.

PPP: Kasich Would Lose A Do-Over In Ohio By Twenty

There IS voter fraud! By Republicans

Marshmallow Launch at the White House Science Fair

Jerry Springer coming up on Keith.

Picture of a bouncing Moon boulder

Interesting observation on tonight's Missouri results...

Why doesn't current give Keith Olbermann a better set?

Union of Concerned Scientists Gives Monsanto an ‘F’ in Sustainable Agriculture

Holy CRAP! Just had my first look at Intrade in a while...

Walker Aide Darlene Wink Pleads GUILTY (Word is she's already singing like a canary)

The Truth About Republicans by George Carlin

Anyone in the Toledo Area

Former Walker aide pleads guilty, will cooperate with DA

Thank you for my hearts, secret friends.

Thanks for the heart

Ardent denier Santorum: through science we can be better stewards of the environment

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Maru gif

Keep religion out of the marriage debate - Gene Robinson

New report: Terrorism by Muslim Americans 'a minuscule threat to public safety'

Early Minnesota Results (15% in): Santorum 49%, Paul, 22%, Romney 15%, Gingrich 14%...

Two possible ways of convincing conservatives that sexuality has a biological element.

Terry O'Neill of NOW on Ed show, talking about Komen's choice to be an "anti-abortion" group

Fox News is going with informed analysis from HERMAN CAIN...

Know your BFEE: John Roberts earned his Sgt. Pepper stripes as an Iran-Contra cover-up artiste.

Labor History Feb 7 Union miners in Cripple Creek Strike for 5 months, Teamster truck drivers strike

Just got back from the Holodeck, where I posted in DU6's "I Hate Your Ass Face" Forum

Hey all! I need your help for a school project

Just a general observation...I like the way things are trending. The big picture is looking better.

Early Missouri results (7% in): Santorum 49%, Romney 12%, Paul 12%, Uncommitted (6%)

Rachel explains today's primaries, except they aren't.

Janice Voss, veteran of 5 space shuttle flights, dies at 55

Intrade has Obama's chance of reelection at...

New Jersey Lawmakers to Vote on Gay Marriage Next Week

Randall Terry is running in the Democratic primary in Missouri, and he has 3% of the vote.

Not Romney slot in MO being filled by Santorum (updated)

3D Reconstruction of Flight 1549 ditching into the Hudson River with Black Box voice recordings

LMAO! I know it's early. the word of the night could be...Santorum!

A new arrival _GRAPHIC WARNING

Why do sci-fi books from the 60s and 70's have so many scatily-clad women...

Shameless: Monsanto returns to Vietnam, this time to SELL them poison

What is your favourite posession? My grandmother gave me a fake gold necklace

Missouri (@17% in): Santorum: 52%, Romney: 27%, Paul: 12%, Uncommitted: 5%

"Honey, meet Rick Santorum

What took you a long time to master as a kid? I could not read aloud in class. I was half shy and

The State of Gay Marriage - image

So there's a bill in Michigan to require all school kids to recite the Pledge of Allegiance

How bad is coverage of the painfully boring caucuses?

Marijuana is illegal

Are the results of the Republican Primary binding?

What crazy stuff did you do as a kid and survived? I remember climbing up one of the

CNN projecting Santorum win in Big Mo...

If I were a Republican official in MN, I would be horrified.

Dow approaches 13,000, and maybe a record to come

ick!!! just saw one of the pink commercials for the three-day walks. and gee, saw the big bank

CNN: Santorum running strong in early results

POTUS working really, really hard today.

Get and Early Gardening Start with Milk Jug Cloches

Why did Santorum win in Big MO? n/t

Tibetan leader warns of military buildup

Wisconsin Man racks up 15th DUI

"KYTV refuses to show political ad" (Randall Terry's Anti-Abortion Ad During Superbowl)

Brilliant Democratic State Senator Tacks ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’ Clause to Personhood Bill

Flip floppers are not only GOP presidential candidates, but also GOP voters

Early Colorado results (6% in): Santorum: 49%, Gingrich: 21%, Romney: 19%, Paul: 10%

Let's play "guess R-Money's excuse for the Santorum tidal wave"....

rick santorum projected winner in missouri

Pipelines, pandas trump democracy

Minnesota (@12%): Santorum 44%, Paul 27%, Romney 17%, Gingrich 12%

"Santorum roars back" is the phrase of the day. Modify any thread title to include "Santorum roars

AG: Bail rules should keep Sandusky inside home

Thank you for my heart whoever you are!

"CALL A PARADE!" An excerpt from the letter I just wrote the President

In honor of the hearts drive post some heart songs:

Court says woman with limited English can be kept off ballot

Let me get this straight: People voted for Santorum in "non-binding" contests?

Romney "In WTF Territory?" (updated)

When I turn on or off my tv I get that sort of on/off computerized bell/chime sound. But the volume

Young Turks on Racist Super Bowl Ad

The key number to watch tonight in the 3 primaries.

I have to keep telling myself not to get complacent...

Pssst... Republican primary voters... Rick Santorum can't win the general election. (nt)

Prosecutors Decline to File Rape Charges Against Police Leader’s Son (NYC)

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Rules Sesame Street With Goldilocks v. Baby Bear

Markos via Twitter: Romney running behind 2008 numbers in reporting Colorado counties.

McCain is on Fox News, talking about humanely dealing with Illegal Aliens....

The Monty Python approch to abortion.

Lowe's claims that a 'license agreement' is required to link to its website

Santorum lead in Missouri continues to expand...

Okay, what's with Colorado...the numbers haven't changed in a hour.

APNewsBreak: Union, Golden Nugget OK new contract

Santorum currently is top dog in all three contests tonight.

Bill O’Reilly Disrespects President Obama By Lecturing Him On Humility

Colorado (@11%): Santorum 37%, Romney 37%, Gingrich 17%, Paul 9%

In defunding Planned Parenthood, Komen board overruled recommendations of 2 internal committees.

Instead of marching in lockstep, the Republican Party is now just milling around aimlessly.

Minnesota and Missouri: Photo of the Winner

'The Take' - UK, 4 eps - brilliant, but...

so, let's say Santorum pulls the trifecta tonight....

The GOP Primary game....they spin the wheel....

Mitt's looking pretty bad tonight.

Rove's reaction to the Clint Eastwood ad was likely a panic attack

Karen Handel out! Next to go is Nancy Brinker

OMG Santorum finally won - in Missouri

What happened to the photo contests?

Best ISP for blog?

Today's Republican primary is brought to you by the number "4" and the word "Clusterfuck."

CNN reporting there are -80- people at Mitten's "Victory" Party in Colorado.

An education in occupation (or destruction of Iraq)

Male models back after falling foul of Facebook rules

Protesters gather outside of Ohio gov.'s State of the State address

Anyone picking up on whether I'll have a boyfriend soon?

A personal observation...Rick Santorum is the BEST candidate the Republicans have...

Meanwhile, in Ohio....PPP: Kasich Would Lose A Do-Over In Ohio By Twenty

Court says woman with limited English can be kept off ballot

Rick Santorum starts by thanking GOD for giving him the strength to preservere...

Israel Embassies Preparing For Iran Strike?

Toons: The Thought that Counts, A Good Run, Back to the 1950s and More. - 2/7/2012

If Gold is such a GREAT investment then why are all these companies wanting to sell me theirs?

The catholic church needs to get its own house in order (re: pedophilia) before they step one

Live blog: Santorum wins Minnesota, Missouri

Jerry Brown: Friend to Teachers Dumb Enough to Believe It

Collective Punishment For LAUSD Teachers

Damn, Santorum dumping on PrezO now.

PPP: At This Rate, Santorum Could Win Colorado Too

Santorum is sickening.....

States With Highest Foreclosure Rates Among Bank Deal Holdouts

The only good thing to come from Citizens United is that it has pointed out just how much

I gotta tell you, I'm very proud of my husband tonight. He effectively told the NRA to drop dead!

If Mitt Romney can't win in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado where can he?

Have you seen this music vid? It's got 49MM hits on youtube.

Climate change denial’s new offensive

Managing an e-reader

AFER's Griffin, Olson Discuss What's Next For Prop. 8 (Good read)

Who's gonna be the third (fourth?) party spoiler for the GOP?

Did anyone else just have...

In honor of tonight's winner:

Judgment at Nuremburg on TCM now.

Rahm Emanuel, a couple of years BEFORE he wrote a $399,950 check to the Second Amendment Foundation

Missouri Democrats: We're Ready

If ever a petition needed signing

Nate Silver: Romney won NO counties in MO & MN & only 18% of counties in all states voting so far

Romney's numbers in Douglas County, CO way down from 2008

Colorado (@28%): Santorum 41%, Romney 31%, Gingrich 15%, Paul 12%

Romney about to speak -- CNN

Political Geography: Colorado (Micah Cohen, FiveThirtyEight)

Now this is a priceless tweet from TPM....

In Mitt Romney's america, Romney's dad's job would be outsourced to China

Yes, but what about Romney and the white working class?

This primary season has been great...

Romney looks like a loser tonight

What ever happened to the Tea Party?

Sometimes, all you have to do is listen

Somebody just squirted something at Romney

Obama Administration and Private Sector Announce over $100 Million in Commitments

Do politicians know anything at all about schools and education? Anything?

Did someone from the crowd just physically attack Mitt Romney live on CNN?

Whoever gave me a heart............

Do animals have guides?

Mitt knows the game is over. He is not going to do any better than dear old dad.

THANK YOU!! For the hearts!!

They're Just Not That Into You, Mitt

Mitt Romney’s Secret Service Detail Clobbers Potential Glitterbomber - video link

The GOP enthusiasm problem is continuing -- low turnout in all three states

Romney: 'I'm Pretty Confident We'll Come In Number 1 Or Number 2' In Colorado

"We will succeed" is no "Yes We Can" Mittens. Romney is so embarrassing. He has no shame and will

Thank you !

Am I the only one at DU who really wants Romney to win this thing?

Wow, the enthusiasm gap from 2008 to today is ridiculous. 65000 in Minn. today 1.27 million in 2008.

It's Shocking How Many Are - Once Again - Falling For It

Should the NFL drop the Komen Foundation?

Santorum's wins shake up 2012 GOP presidential race

538: Colo. Turnout Up in Romney's Weakest Areas

Thanks for the hearts!

Colorado (@47%): Santorum 41%, Romney 30%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 13%

My Free Speech rights are being abused.

Pic Of The Moment: Santorum Explosion

And the WINNER of the Missouri Democratic Primary is ... drum roll please ...

I taped Smash! last night and just had the chance to watch the new NBC Show....

CNN analysis of voter decline in Colorado

Is there a place on DU that lists the most active threads in a single place?

Mitt is really feeling that DONALD TRUMP JOE-MENTUM!

Romney getting hurt in Colorado Springs area.

Feelin' lucky, punk?

Whining thread - I got good news and bad news about my knees

So am I right in stating that Santorum's C.U.M. exploded onto the political arena tonight, covering

Fracking’s Toll on Pets, Livestock Chills Pennsylvania Farmers: Commentary

Do you think part of the reason turnout is down this year in the GOP elections is because

Nate Silver: CNN's total does not include Colorado Springs.

John King (CNN) suggesting Romney not getting the margins he needs in his "safe" Counties...

Facts the cable news pundits got wrong

What's your opinion of telephone interviews?

2012 is the YEAR when REASON LOGIC and SANITY returns to the FRONT and CENTER ,,tis the year

the difference between the rich and the rest of us is....

How Come There Is So Much Money Available From Super Pacs And No Money Available For.....

Officials: US drone-fired missiles kill 8 people in northwest Pakistan

Feds Green Light Honolulu Rail Construction

Santorum Is The Christofascists Dream

It's not truly a CLUSTERFUCK...

Santorum wins Colorado!

I love Jalapenos!!!

This is a republican disaster of epic proportions

WaPo: CIA digs in as Americans withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan

David Gergen: The Romney bandwagon just went in the ditch.

Thanks to who ever gave me my 5th heart!!!

Does this mean that 2016 will be Santorum's "turn" for the nomination?

Elmer Fudd vs Coyote

Obama is going to win all thanks to 3 Republicans in a three way

"These Extended Primaries are making these candidates STRONGER"

What does Rick Santorum's Victories Say about Citizens United and Money in Politics?

Axelrod on GOP turnout

Colorado (@100%): Santorum 40.2%, Romney 34.9%, Gingrich 12.8%, Paul 11.8%

This dumb contraceptive issue could hurt Obama.

Unearthing the True Cost of Fossil Fuels

PPP: African Americans are the most excited group of voters in 2012.

Santorum is excited with his success! (NSFW)

Tonight's primary results show why Romney went hard right

The GOP And The Final Economic Solution - Extinction Of The Middle Class

Do the GOP Primaries feature Superdelegates, or the equivalent?

South Korea security law is used to silence dissent, critics say

Colorado GOP: Santorum Beats Romney In Caucuses

Sky News clamps down on Twitter use

MI Court of Appeals Judges to decide: Can religious confessions be used against you?


Caseworker on Powell 911 tapes: 'He blew up the house and the kids'

Robo-Signing Forgery Charge Hits First Top Executive In Financial Crisis

3 Questions Re Willard Rmoney

Do these Santorum wins seem a little odd?

Anonymous-Leaked Emails Reveal Syrian Presidential Aides’ Disdain for Americans

Kids in Leroy, NY getting seriously sick from fracking

Hello Spirits! I want to ask for a little prayer. I'm off tomorrow to Phoenix..(yay.)

Glad to see the Obama campaign finally putting this to use:

Officials: US missiles kill 9 people in Pakistan

New Maldives leader to form 'unity cabinet'

Thank you for my hearts!

I just got this feeling in the pit of my stomach that makes me horribly ill

Thank you for my hearts.

Can't wait for THIS narcissistic egomaniac to try and spin this one.

Jon Stewart Interviews Jodi Kantor

When did the "rules" change?

Sen. Daniel Inouye: Hoekstra Ad ‘Outrageous’

UPDATED. Some quack BASTARD of a "doctor" REALLY screwed my family and I today...

Couple of my RW gun nut friends moved onto my FaceBook page

I'd like to hear Juror #5's explanation on this one.

I'm wondering where they will put Santorum in the next GOP debate ...

Please keep your guns secured from your kids

Bread beats out chips as biggest source of salt

Can PPR still Rec threads and/or change avatars?

Man gets 24 years for Colombian journalist's killing

Foster Freiss: Santorum Super PAC Backer Gets Cozy With Candidate (who's your Daddy?)

Neither a loner or a burrower be.

Cost of Driving Gas Fueled Car vs. Electric Over 50 Years (Shocking!)

Malaysian jungle adventurers solve WWII mysteries

REALLY? Santorum swept all three states?! Are these people brain dead or something?

The funniest part of Romney's weak weak third place showing in Minnesota . . . .

Total votes and delegates GOP WED 2/8/12 - 5AM

Guinea Pigs Were Widespread as Elizabethan Pets

Is This Russian Landscape the Birthplace of Native Americans?

"my friend" in conversation sounds so insincere

The problem with the current batch of Primary Nominees (and maybe even the re-elect Obama people)

Ever notice this about the Republican party.....

Vandals attack Jerusalem monastery, school

Bubble Redux: Consumer Credit Soars: Most Since Peak Of Credit Bubble In Aug 2007, 3rd Highest Ever

Memo on PTSD costs sparked Army review

This just in: Donald Trump (on CNN) doesn't "get" Rick Santorum...

the downward mobility of the middle class and why mitt romney doesn't know

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon - Let's Move

Stagehands union refutes state's fair collapse findings

(Canadian PM) Harper signs trade agreements with China

The Rethuglican lie about "coverage" of contraceptives

5 Big Lies About the Phony 'War on Religion'

Obama Inches Past Romney In Virginia Presidential Race

First, There Was Tebowing. Now, It's Bradying!!

STUDY: By 2026, Florida High-Speed Rail Would Have Brought In Annual Surplus of $31 Million

Syngenta PR’s Weed-Killer Spin Machine: Investigating the Press and Shaping the "News" about Atrazin

2016 Democratic straw poll

Lean forward?

Enthuuusiasm - Enthuuusiam - Thu Thu Thu Thu Thusiasm - Enthusiasm!

Gee, Gretchen on F&F actually asked a thoughtful question...

Bedouin community wins reprieve from forcible relocation to Jerusalem garbage dump

Thank you for the hearts

That'll be $2,000 extra for your aisle seat, Mr. Nader

Quinnipiac poll: Obama leads Rmoney - in Virginia!

"Fisherman" (Stop the Tar Sands)

I now have 4 people who gave me hearts

The Heart is appreciated!

Skeptical Outrage

Just a friendly reminder

Prop 8 supporters too scared to testify, too bold to whine after the fact

Bernanke: Job market remains weak despite gains

Now this is just painful...Mittens is going to speak at CPAC later this week

January was USA's 4th-warmest on record

Yahoo Boardroom Shakeup: 4 Members Gone, Including Chair

U.S. Consumer Credit Climbed by $19.3B in Dec.

Headlines we might actually see this week.

Doctor: Teens' mystery illness not a hoax

Interesting Romney graphic on Maddow show

"...Republican opponents are shaping up to be as formidable as, well, marshmallows."

Halliburton Closing Norton Location

News from your precinct caucus?

Gingrich Storyline Collapses

Brockton poised to be only third community to reject health insurance law

Romney is one pathetic 'front-runner'

Arizona court keeps candidate off ballot over English skills

Scarborough: Santorum can't speak against gays and "hit one out of the park" like Reagan or Thatcher

In the grand scheme of things, I am a nobody. Just an average person living in Ohio.

Robert Reich: The Downward Mobility of the American Middle Class, and Why Mitt Romney Doesn’t Know

Poll shows Obama ahead of Romney in swing-state Virginia

How to be outraged in America, By Mark Morford

Does anyone here have a subscription to Fold3?..

India and Iran reach oil pay deal despite sanctions

I've created a new breakfast drink!

Happy birthday John Williams

Robert Fisk: From Washington this looks like Syria's 'Benghazi moment'. But not from here

Amtrak Food Would Be Privatized With House Proposal -- With Taxpayers Paying For Losses

Did this guy work for Bain Capital? Movie clip from 1991.

Timing of the HHS announcement: dumb like a fox?

Slowpoke TOON- Komen Apologizes

Monsanto, Agent Orange Creator, Returns To Vietnam

The Most Misused Song in GOP Politics: Van Halen’s “Right Now”

G.O.P. Race Has Hallmarks of Prolonged Battle (Nate Silver)

The Election We Should Be Following

I find...

Susan B. Anthony List, Alliance Defense Fund push investigation of Planned Parenthood

Whatever became of the "Kanzius Machine"

Whales 'stressed by ocean noise' (BBC)

Poll finds broad support for President Obama’s counterterrorism policies

The Case For Economic Optimism, From A Leading Pessimist (Dean Baker)

Prepare For Increased Fukushima Fallout

Santos' approval rating drops to 78% amid security concerns

Rare Martian meteorite given to science (BBC)

Why did Rick Santorum sweep all the races last night?

Santorum says JFK's statement did "great damage" (from 3-15-2011)

*ching...ching...ching* (<---sound of spurs)

Rick Scott has found a sneaky way to privatize public clinics and now many of


Last night was all about turnout.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! U.S. downsizing monstrous embassy in Iraq by some 50%.

Coincidence? Or a web designer at the NY Times doesn't like Santorum

‘Alight?’ How about just ‘Exit?’

(MoJo) 109 Things Obama Has Declared War On

Anyone see this HEATED argument on MSNBC on gays vs african americans

California green jobs more recession resistant, study says

...Romney can’t close the deal

Repukes: Quite as a church mouse - Until President Obama does the same thing...

Canada census shows fastest growth in the G8, immigration and people migrating west

"Mitt got Rick-Rolled!" *Ugh, stop.*

The coup de grace to Mitt Romney's very bad night: He finished third in Minnesota.

The 9th Circuit's Prop 8 ruling is a significant win.

Bush on auto bailouts: 'I'd do it again'

Areas in Reactor No. 2 may be over 100°C — Fuel probably as melted as mud

Wisconsin GOP's vow of omerta on redistricting busted wide open - Daily Kos

Does Romney need a fundamentalist Bible thumping Christian as VP to win over his own party?

Martin Bashir = the best. Asks the hard ?s & even uses follow up ?s - discuss.

RW been trying to bust Ellen DeGeneris for years

Paul Krugman Blog: Uh-oh, It’s Morning in America

January 2012 Atmospheric CO2 Content 393.09 PPM; January 2011 391.80; January 2010 389.68


Paul Krugman Blog: Jobs and Values

Kasich gives bizarre speech

How Europe hawks its monuments

US Civil War 150th anniversary this year. Currently reading "A People's History of the Civil War"...

THis old guy needs some feedback...

Drumbeat: February 8, 2012

Drumbeat: February 8, 2012

Komen's "Wardrobe Malfunction"

Mysterious "white web" found growing on nuclear waste in spent fuel pool

Politifact strikes again!

And shit for Seamus

Obama to seek more Alzheimer's research money

CCR Submits Torture Details to Spanish Court after Judge's Order to Proceed with Gitmo Investigation

Presenting....sub-prime AUTO loans.

Nomi Prins on Bernanke's testimony, Obama's Mortgage Plan and Greece's missed "Bailout" Deadline

Lol Obama - the story I heard is that the Secret Service told this kid NOT to shoot this off inside.

The problem facing Republicans...

Poll finds broad support for Obama’s counterterrorism policies

Should all insurances be mandated to offer the same coverages or would "menu" system be better?

Ellen Responds To ‘One Million Moms’ Boycott Of JC Penney: --- ‘My Haters Are My Motivators’

Video: Ted Olson on The Rachel Maddow Show

The Clown Car Rolls On...and it's Heading for Your State Next

IMO the Democrats are going to show up

Thank you DU "secret admirer(s)" for my hearts!

Thanks for the heart~ I feel loved.

Photo: YES, MiddleFingerMom bought a new door bell, but it was the SIGN that made it SPECIAL.

The OccupyUSA Blog for Wednesday (Feb. 8), With Frequent Updates

Ronald Reagan: Welfare Queen of Montana (or: Tax Tips for Mitt Romney)

Jerry Sandusky cleared of two allegations

BlackRock’s Fink Says Be 100% in Equities

Did anyone watch "The River" last night?

Dewey Wins in Landslide! (I'm looking for cases of disastrously wrong political polls)

Vacationing family hit with $10,000 movie bill...

Beware Of The Crazies

The Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

"This really got O'Reilly mad, and he slammed his hand on the table. "You can't do that," he said."

Thanks for the heart!

Unemployment Insurance Maximum Duration Dropping To 79 Weeks

That's amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage! Syrian president's email hacked by Anon

The Mitt Romney humiliation in perspective

Swiss banks to outline steps in US tax evasion row

News of the Annoying: "In Data Deluge, Multitaskers Go to Multiscreens" (New York Times)

Why there will never be a cure for cancer

Algiers will be going on his final journey tomorrow

Library Trustee Michael Burstein Exploring Congressional Run

Police scramble to snare escaped papier mâché rhino at Japanese zoo

I *really* love my two hearts!

Water droplets orbiting a needle in space.

NYT: Does Foot Form Explain Running Injuries?

“Your soldiers will come to our lands, but your novelists won’t.”

America's 10 Most Disliked Athletes

Lawmaker Proposes Bill: Life Begins Not At Conception But At Ejaculation

Rockingham County, VA rocks!

AEP chief: Coal's elimination 'just not going to happen'

The Long Term Unemployed Aren't Lazy, There Just Aren't Any Jobs

Jobless Decline Masks Drop in U.S. Labor Force

A heart-felt "thank you" for my heart!

Republican base thumbs its nose at Mitt and narrows the field to pick its final Not-Romney

Like 'Weather on Steroids'

"That's what the left does, turns everything into a question of 'equality," and intrudes on rights!"

Haiti's Duvalier must be brought to justice

Thanks for the heart!!

It’s not Social Security that is at fault here. It is us.

Question to you all about Ohio and JFS

Birth-control fight unlikely to hurt Obama, his strategists say

Hacker posts Symantec source code after ransom demand fails

Romney down 46% in CO, 69% in MN, and 63% in MO from his 2008 vote totals.

Nebraska Ranchers Question Pipeline Route

‘Anonymous’ hacks Syrian president’s email with ’12345' password

California green jobs more recession resistant, study says

Conspiracy Theorist Sweeps Tuesday’s GOP Presidential Battles

Girl who accused Miramonte teacher of abuse recants her story

State property values up slightly last year

Santorum: Family, Church 'Bulwarks Of Freedom In America'

Morning Joe was all a glow this morning

Reuters: Signs build that Iran sanctions disrupt food imports

If the Catholics can restrict birth control on their employees' insurance ....

Syrian Repression, the Chinese-Russian Veto, and U.S. Hypocrisy

Judge catches clerk watching PORNOGRAPHY during rape trial he said was 'boring'

Thank you for my heart.

Just think of all the jobs that would be created under President Santorum

Obama Nominates a Republican for FDIC Board.

Medicine used as a weapon of persecution in Syria -MSF - Reuters

Gay marriage law should not be overturned, says justice chief {spain}

Why is Google calling me in the middle of the night?

Reasons to Call-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline home page asks "Is Santorum's surge for real?"

FIVE Valentine Hearts in my...

I Couldn't Afford to Go to Work Today


Thank you for the heart!

MSNBC: "Obama Girl" is "hurt" that Obama never thanked her for her video, is "undecided" for 2012

Thank you for the heart . . .

Syria: Homs under ‘heaviest’ shelling yet

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Hosts for this forum

Has Rachel mentioned the John Steinbeck award?

TDPS: Sex & God, Interview on Religion Distorting Sexuality

"it's like you're trying to give a dog a pill. They keep spitting it up." Carville, Jan 3.

Speaking of RagingInMiami there's some scumbag who is trying to funnel donations away from his site:

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Rodrigo Palacio's ridiculous goal - Genoa v. Lazio

As a woman

NY: Transit Agencies Warn House Plan Could End Guaranteed Federal Aid

Kitties playing in the snow - pics

NY: Transit Agencies Warn House Plan Could End Guaranteed Federal Aid

Less than $50K in assets and between $500K and $1,000,000 in debt: Gary Busey files for bankruptcy

BBC tells its staff: don’t call Qatada extremist

Serial Liar Reza Kahlili's Tall Tale: 'Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls for destruction of Israel, Jews'

Army officer wants humanism officially recognized

The “Grexit” taboo has been broken

Sanchez Vicario says $60M in career winnings gone

The RCC: Abetting Child Rapists, Attacking Women's Rights

Nokia to cut 4,000 jobs, move manufacturing to Asia

UNC/Duke Poll by PPP

Strange dream I need insight about.

The 15 Wars Started By The GOP Since Obama Took Office

Thank you for the heart..secret admirer...

Katrina vanden Heuvel: What We Learned From Planned Parenthood

DU Album of the Day: "Low Budget" The Kinks

From Now On, Your Political Musings On Facebook Are Being Mined

The 8 Biggest Lessons From Yesterday's Prop 8 Ruling

Would President Obama Ever Strap His Dog To The Roof Of His Car?

Chuck Todd on last nights primaries: "The culture war comes roaring back"

And The Truth (on a restaurant chalkboard) Shall Set You Free

Judge: Buy wife flowers, then take her to dinner

Remarkable 5.7m-high recreation of Apollo 11.

Flowers, dinner, bowling -- and counseling -- ordered by Broward judge in domestic case

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Finally! Thanks to the MIRT.

There is nothing worse than going to the post office and standing in line...

Iron Sky - Trailer

Tennessee police ignore pot at state official’s home

PHOTOS: The Funniest Anti-Gay Counter-Protests; Shows the idiocy of the right

A new enthusiasm gap

Do you think Santorum has had sex with his wife more than 8 times?

NYTimes: One's a Crowd

The Death (and Life) of Marriage in America

Iran's Arsenal Of Sunburn Missiles Is More Than Enough To Close The Strait

Congress Threatens To Leave D.C. Unless New Capitol Is Built

The impact of changes in the participation rate on the unemployment rate

"Democrats are now more excited about voting this fall than Republicans are..."

Random People (selected from phone book) Preferred Over Current Congress

The faithful must learn to respect those who question their beliefs

Pentagon Oil Spending May Snarl Efforts to Trim $490B

Stupid Orange Men

Syria Crisis: Dramatic Footage Reveals Scale Of Devastation In Homs As Tank Columns Roll

Another Day, another "Pro-life" editorial in The Dallas Morning News

Nation’s Largest Catholic University: We Offer ‘A Prescription Contraceptive Benefit’

What goes together better than massive crowds and highly infectious diseases? Measles + Superbowl

Washington State House to Vote on Marriage Bill Wednesday (with good news

How do single parents do it?

Fighting back

Bill Moyers: Liberal vs Conservative

"Promise Me" Pink (Cancer) Perfume

Rick’s Rise Is Obama’s Delight

Did/does Romneycare cover reproductive services in Mass.?

ARD - Munich - Fracking German Report - concerned residents, contaminated lands (English Sub)

I am a feminist and in real life i have found most feminists to be very pro-LGBT rights

A Mystery That Continues to Confound, But Also To Instruct: Colombia, Coal & Murder

A Mystery That Continues to Confound, But Also To Instruct: Colombia, Coal & Murder

It’s not your "religious liberty" when you’d rather let me die than do your job

Neighbors Fear for Kids’ Safety as Sandusky Watches Playground

DU Hearts Charity Drive Update!

“Say Anything” Mitt on Contraceptive Coverage

Employment is going up? Really? See this chart

Take a Gross Tour of Your Gut Digesting Ramen

A Day in Jail for a Photojournalist

Bashar al-Assad's Syria offers Iran a springboard into the Arab Middle East

The Beauty of a Blank Slate by Bittman

Ellen Uses Show to Call Out "Haters" Who Want Her Fired (MUST SEE VIDEO)

"Scantily-clad women" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "scantily-clad

Don't you hate it when your god has a doctor complex?

My life is filled with lots of joy... but I've got to admit. I miss THIS intensity.

Arizona meerkats:

Who do you think you're fooling? Cats know EXACTLY what you're doing. EXACTLY!!!

MFM went to an AA meeting once. Only once. He was POSITIVE it wasn't for him. He thinks you'll agree

Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State

Once again, Li'l Tiny MFM realized that life as he would soon know it was really, REALLY gonna suck.

Murdoch firm settles 9 more hacking lawsuits

hypocrits/assholes/GOP Lawmakers Seek To Deny Coverage To Others That They Enjoy

John Boehner Demands Reversal Of New Birth Control Rule

Cell Phones Shown to Negatively Influence Fetal Brains

Call Congress - from AFL-CIO. Congress cutting off Unemployment Insurance

Does the Obama SuperPac mean the END of Citizens United?

By the Numbers: GOP Do-Nothing No Jobs Agenda

Caption Time: "Ok let's give this another go, shall we"

Just made my own version of Veggie Burgers for lunch - fully vegan....recipe below

FOX: "Anybody" can afford birth control

Stop paying your property taxes if you are in Detroit

Judge Orders Misconduct Report In Sen. Stevens Case Released

ACN finalists to be decided today (spoilers)

Does anyone see an enthusiasm gap developing for the fall?

Papantonio: How The Right Wing Assault on Unions Backfired

Hannity: Obama didn’t really want to catch Osama ... (lol)

PHOTO: lesson learned: Iraq Embassy has bigger roof for evac choppers than Vietnam

TSA offers to help with security at Dallas' light rail stations b/c of 4th killing since Nov 2011

Santorum: Freaks out about the Scariest Obama Assault On Religion Of ALL Times!

The "Religulous" need to get over it. People are still having sex.

Trapped in Douma, Syria: I saw the faith that keeps Syrian protesters going (CS Monitor)

Rick Santorum's Cruel Conservatism

Oops, Nation's Largest Catholic University Offers Contraception

If you don't want birth control...DON'T GET BIRTH CONTROL. Can it really be any simpler than that?

Komen's wardrobe malfunction (Slowpoke cartoon)

Russia U.N. Veto On Syria Aimed At Crushing West's Crusade

Figure skating is very strenuous. Notice how this guy's partner is pooped out.

MFM feels a chill in the frozen foods section

fun with wingnuts

Disney fail

Next Supercontinent Will Form in Arctic, Geologists Say

Rick Santorum accuses Obama of being intolerant of hateful bigots

Dirty Harry Strikes Back at Dirtier Karl Rove

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Mindful Eating as Food for Thought

Memphis accepts invite, joins Big East

CnN Suspends Roland Martin for Tweets

Don Fabio has resigned!

"Oh, poor baby doesn't like the word idiot- waaa"

Intelligent, Condescending Life Discovered In Distant Galaxy

Repulsive Progressive Hypocrisy

And once again, a cartoonist gets to the truth...Komen Foundation

Ron Paul featured speaker at "Sovereign Citizen" get-together.

U.S. Senators Going to Egypt Amid Dispute Over American Workers

Panama: Protester deaths need proper investigation

President Obama Takes Lead in Virginia for First Time in Election

The "free exercise" of business

My cats totally have their undies in a bunch right now.

Egypt lays out evidence against held Americans

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Mitt and Newt toons

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Halftime in america

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Frauds

Ok DU'ers here's a question: Do you agree with this CNN suspension of Roland Martin

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, February 7)

Is the average Republican really anti-birth control?

Pay no attention to the man in the sweater vest! Trust me.

President Obama Outpacing Own Record Four Years Ago of Pulling In Small Donations - Nearly Half

Preystations: No law to down CIA drones

French Nuclear Debate Ignites Amidst Presidential Race

Thank you for my other heart

Pakistan blasts US drone attacks

Tomorrow morning is my first eye surgery.

Thank you for my valentine heart, lovely person!

OMG, in the latest trailer for Iron Sky... Palin is president?!

US Marines 'will be moved from Japan's Okinawa'

St Petersburg anti-gay law passes second reading

I have a Catholic question. How come they still can't use birth control but can go to war and kill

Santorum is rushed to the ER after shit eating grin drys out and sticks to his teeth.....

Jeb Bush to help sell McDonnell’s K-12 agenda

Got a question hope this is the right place for it.

If you got Raptured, what would your sound effect be?

The Zuckerberg Tax - by Tax lawyer David Miller in the NY Times

Ellen DeGeneres Disputes Michelle Obama as Push-Up Contest Winner- Video

Real religious freedom, to me, means that I

From TP's Facebook - the contraception controversy

Who Killed Che? How the CIA Got Away with Murder": New Book Ties Johnson Admin to Guevara’s Death

Hey Willard Rmoney do us a favor

Who Killed Che? How the CIA Got Away with Murder": New Book Ties Johnson Admin to Guevara’s Death

Romney To Appear In Maine On Friday...With Yachts

Tim Kaine splits with Obama on birth control rule for religious groups

White House hits House GOP for changes to STOCK Act

ID's attached to Jury verdicts: I may have been wrong about this and changed my mind

Victim of Atlanta Video Attack: "I'm the Brave One"

NY Times Feb 8: Russian Scientists Bore Into Ancient Antarctic Lake

Dems hit lax fed drilling oversight

Has anyone been watching the live video of PA HB1950 debate?

Imagine the beauty of a world with no religion. I wonder what would fill

Six Republican Senators — Including Snowe And Collins — Co-Sponsored Federal Contraception

What would be the better choice for America in 2012?

Excellent Article

Babaamr Haaam very moment of the fall of rockets at houses 08/02/2012

Trump to turn Old Post Office into luxury hotel

The Marshmallow Cannon

Astroturfing: what is it and why does it matter?

Congress tries to give president line-item veto

How many people do YOU know who have a problem with contraception or other forms of birth control?

gee...thanks for the heart! n/t

Wow, thanks for the heart!

Proposition 8 may not head to U.S. Supreme Court, experts say

SUSPENDED: CNN Says Roland Martin's Words Are Intolerable

Phony Allen West can run, but he can't hide

Boehner, your so close you can do it. Go for single digit approval rating

Presenting: Croissants & Yachts Romney!!!

North Dakota produced 534,884 barrels of oil per day in December.

Romney Camp: Mitt Will Eliminate 'Conscience-Stifling' Birth Control Rule

Kevin Zeese Discusses Super PACs on The War Room - OFA

Any gay folks in DC looking for something to do on Saturday?

Santa Maria police officer admitted illicit relationship

why doesn't anyone point out the obvious about religious organizations and contraception...?

So a woman just came in to where I work and is making plans to go to Serbia.

Thanks for the heart!!! That means a lot to me!!!

Thou Shalt Not Spill Thy Seed! Anti-Masturbation Amendment Added To Anti-Abortion Bill

So, what's the mood in Freeperville?

Time to ask questions about the US drone program (US using terrorist tactics against Pakistanis)

Boston Bruin Tim Thomas steps in it again

Norway to expand Arctic seabed surveying

Herman Cain's sex scandals? PRICELESS! The legal bills, per FEC filings? $316,262.

Stop Allen West - Support Patrick Murphy in CD18

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Mitt Romney's Incorrect National Anthem Statistic

Thank you for my heart!

Things I expect to see at the Republican convention this summer:

Anyone hear from Ron Paul lately?

Where's the Grand Vision?

Brandon Jacobs to Gisele Bundchen: 'Shut up'

A Very Well Written Article on Maggie Gallagher, the Anti-Marriage Equality's Top Crusader

Teen pregnancy, abortion rates at record low

Thanks for the Heart

Sounds like more trouble for John Edwards

EU threatens new sanctions on Syria

serious question - does Gingrich wear a hairpiece?

state by state speak your mind about...florida

America and Eurasia 'to meet at north pole'

state by state about florida

State legislators...

Robert Redford: Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline: The Facts Deserve Repeating

Resolved: During election Mitt Romney shall be referred to by his rap name:

DATELINE on Fri. the 10 is going to be about Josh Powell. nt

PETITION: Overturn Citizens United .... from US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)

How old will you be in 1984?

Compromise bill on Marcellus Shale fees goes to Corbett

House approves line-item veto for president

Is there anything easier...

What a difference 11 years makes

Why are Chris Matthews, E.J. Dionne and Mark Shields all siding with the bishops?

Washington State's House has passed marriage equality, 55-43

Got me some medical stuff.. tomorrow..

Proposition 8 and the new religious reality

Doug Guetzloe found guilty of failing to file tax returns

Thanks to the two kind people who have me hearts. Love it!

Where is the public groundswell of support for the Catholic church?

Que es esto?

Foreclosure Fraud: The Job is Not Just the Voting / a letter from Alan Grayson

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Feb 8th ?

How the Republicans will become more moderate...

The Rude Pundit: Quotes From the Prop 8 Decision ...

10 Things You Should Know About Religion in the 2012 Elections

Wisconsin: Want to register new voters? Forget it, the Repukes have made it damn near impossible.

OK, the jiffy pots have baby sprouts

Does anyone here subscribe to Here! online?

Justice Sonia Sotomayor visits Sesame Street

Alabama: Immigration is the rare political issue that pits powerful forces within the Republican

Did anyone watch Mitt's 'I still be will be your candidate' speech?

For the first time in months, I can get into my dining room.

I'll lay even money that by the end of March, Romney will have Truck Nutz on his Lexus, with ...

Early Presidential Electoral Vote Prediction

Pastor Michael Pfleger, anti-gun extremist, promoted sideways in Chicago.

today is my son's 21st birthday.

Romney's Budget Plan: $6 TRILLION in Lost Revenue over next decade (Tax Policy Center) - USA Today

Ex-Arizona players among NBA's richest

Favorite NYC seafood restaurant?

I wish to make a complaint. It seems that the DU jury thinks I am anti semite.

Moustache film festival to be held in Maine

Waging War in Secret vs. American Democracy

In 1953 I got a Valentine from every girl in the class. Those were the last one's until this week.

Holy cow, I did not mean to put a winky smiley in a jury comment!

Labor Activist: Apple Best at Auditing Factories, Still Not Doing Enough

Repulsive progressive hypocrisy

Thank you for the star, whoever you are!

three states just voted to nominate a man who doesn't believe in contraception

Religious liberty.

A heart!

Jehovah's Witnesses employers sue for right to not pay for blood transfusion under health insurance.

We need a "Thanks For The Heart" forum.

Public projects, private interests

Can't wait to see Romney turn his super-guns on Santorum

"This is a character flaw that a deluge of super PAC dollars can’t fix."

Food Stamp President(s) - Oh SNAP!

Could you imagine a society so highly progressive that it has a Buy Nothing Day every week?

A vexing coding technique/trick I seem to have missed

Ron Paul Wants To Sell Yellowstone

I just don't get it

Simple solution to health insurance/contraception controversy.

Washington State House passes equal marriage 55-43

For-Profit Lock-Up Leaves Littlefield Taxpayers With Texas-sized Headache

On not governing from the Vatican, the contraception issue, and Santorium

The Clown car crashing?

A 'Sarah Palin' like President portrayed in upcoming film, 'Iron Sky.'

Assad seems to be a just as bad as Saddam was.

Robert Reich: The Sad Spectacle of Obama’s Super PAC

Today's bit of happy: Diver frees entangled orca (+vid)

Meanwhile, at the Olive Garden

Over 650 Physicians Speak Out in Favor of Contraception Ruling

Romney To Appear In Maine On Friday...With Yachts

"Romney promises to get more aggressive with Santorum" on homepage

No group has the right to Federal money and to expect

Right. I'm back.

Boaties warned of skeleton shrimp invasion (NZ)

Help an idiot: Do I have to wash boneless skinless chicken breast before I put it in the oven?

What shade of lipstick, and how much for Little Rickie?

The cure for cancer.

Over 650 Physicians Speak Out in Favor of Contraception Ruling

'Tebow’ bill to let home-schoolers play high school sports passes Va. House

thanks for the heart

Any time one of the Cartwrights seriously courted a woman,

Thanks for the heart!

Greece bailout: Coalition fail to agree cuts

Ugh--should I go back on FB?

McFoster's Natural Kind Vegetarian Restaurant to close in Omaha

The GOP primary is not about jobs now; it's birth control. Santorum takes 4 states out of 7

i want to personally thank NBC/M$NBC for all the coverage of the 50 yr old Kennedy affair

The One Thing 11.2 Million Women In America Have In Common