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Ann Romney, an Unrepresentative Woman

In Feb., More People Quit Than Were Fired.

Brian Wilson to see Dr Andrews----elbow

About John Edwards and Nation..and NC Politics and Why I Gave Up on Him Early...

Tornado in McPherson County, KS - picture

Loyal Labrador stays with companion following car accident in La Puente

Our founding fathers were not Christians.

RIP Andrew Love (Memphis Horns)

Lincoln assassination eyewitness on "I've Got a Secret" 1956

assault rifles gettting some more play time. Been a busy two years!

Top Ten Tweets about Cory Booker

Annthrax Coultergeist Says It’s Time For The Right Wing To Target President Obama’s Children

We Got This

Unmitigated disaster of a former Vice-President calls President Obama "unmitigated disaster"

9:20 EDT | 100 years and 20 minutes ago . . . . . .

Trayvon's Brother: "He Was Going To Be Someone." Video

Woman Uses Craigslist to Find Guy Who Knocked Her Up at Motorhead Concert

Mojo Nixon "Jesus at McDonalds" 4-13-2012

Netflix brought us "The Descendents" w/George Clooney!

"I teached you!"

More tornado pictures from Kansas media

Fascinating quasi-documentary about North Korea

Climate control: Tiny switches, big effects

The debate on women we should be having

"For every soldier killed on battlefield this year, about 25 veterans are dying by their own hand."

U.S. House to try again to advance Keystone pipeline

Couple bids $100K to spend day with Tebow

Did the teabaggers get the shaft in the 2010 election?

A tune by Oscar Peterson, played by a group I had never heard before today.

Perfect tweet about the GOP war on women

Twinkies maker Hostess gives unions 'final' offer!

anyone know where i can rent a boat for Eau Galle Lake ??

Memorial ceremony at the DC Titanic memorial, plus some DC LGBTQ history (pics)

Mass. healthcare premiums down 5%

ann rmoney is not trying to make herself "like us" or "mainstream".

Cain campaign paid groups reportedly under federal investigation

1980s mountain man abductor seeks parole

Sunday Talk Shows

Uh, is the right side of the home...

How did Native Americans survive the brutal weather on the Great Plains?

Mining giant Glencore accused in child labour and acid dumping row

SBC's Richard Land: A black man is "statistically more likely to do you harm than a white man."

We are IN the BASEMENT

Undead Cheney: Romney is going to do a “whale of a job” & "Obama has been an unmitigated disaster"

It's Refreshing - I'm Seeing A Number Of Signs Out There Signaling A Economic Recovery.......

What are you reading the week of April 15, 2012?

Mitt Romney in 1994: This isn't the 1960s, Now Both Parents Have to Work

Three from my walk.

Sen Bernie Sanders on authority of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

A Major Oil Speculator Is Bankrolling The Latest Karl Rove Attack Ad

If you are in or near Wichita get into the basement now!

I watched Bully today

The ultimate rock paper scissors

What is the furthest north you have ever been? I once worked in Lake Louise, Alberta. I think

So, after taking a mental health day on Friday

What is the furthest south you have ever been. I once went to an island just off the coast of

Joke: What is the difference between Ann Romney, and the Welfare Queens the Republicans despise?

Why is Saudi Arabia buying up African farmland?

Tornado Emergency In Wichita! (Live updates here)

By the fourth day of their vacation they had become quite jaded.

Large wedge tornado headed towards Downtown Wichita.

Time to dust off the Obama 2008 campaign playlist. Here's mine. What's on yours?

Drop the cheetos and give me twenty

Secret Service Blows Their 'Secret Service'

Any roller bladers here?

Our prayers are with you, Kansas DU!

New tornado headed for Saline, KS.

NOAA reports tornado Salina, KS

Corruption Responsible for 80% of Your Cell Phone Bill

SNL: Romney And Former GOP Primary Candidates Drink And Sing Together On SNL

Car Trips With Wingnuts (subtitled, What I Learned Today)

Weather Channel reports 80-90 tornados today; more on the way in KS

Tornado destroys 75% of Iowa town.

About 75 Percent of Tiny Thurman, Iowa Destroyed by Possible Tornado

We are in the CLEAR at the moment. We still have power and doesn't look like we got much damage

Wichita FD declares crisis

If you are In Andover take cover NOW.


Track KS storms interactive radar - KWCH

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Saturday, April 14)

Large Tornado Near Lyons, Kansas Heading Toward Lindsborg

This is so awesome it hurts. (Props if you know which comic it's based on.)

EF-5 Tornado heading towards Wichita

Spirit Aerosystems took a major tornado hit, millions of dollars in damage

Large wedge tornado strikes parts of Wichita

Is this CNN or ESPN I'm watching?

Dalai Lama promotes Hawaiian culture during visit

Study challenges anti-gay perception about Latinos

Dominican officials say ex-military officer involved in plot to ‘destabilize’ neighbor Haiti

At What Point Are Climate Change Denying Politicians Going To Be Laughed Off The Stage.

Coachella live feed

early reports that today Saturday April 14th 80-90 reported tornadoes

Formerly conjoined twins 'look great,' surgeon says

Abandoned Missile Silos Just Went Up In Value

Why are Adam and Eve always depicted with belly buttons?

The prettiest part of my birthday

BREAKING: New Information Answers John Doe Question; Reveals Scott Walker Was Solely Responsible for

All set for the rally tomorrow

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, April 14)

On SNL Piers Morgan, Kanye West, And Kim Kardashian Tackle Trayvon Martin Case

Woodward, Oklahoma is going to need your help.

Florida Senate women flex muscles

early reports 283 million dollars in damage in Wichita alone

Continuing the "Found on Facebook" series

George Washington named Britain's greatest ever foe

Maria Muldaur - Yes We Can! (Album)

Woodward Struck By Tornado, Reports Of People Trapped

Come one, come all, Cock pics!

White House - West Wing Week: 4/13/12 or "You're Proof of Change"

The Titanic goes down in about 20 minutes, 100 years ago...

I am getting REALLY sick and tired of Marcy Wheeler.

can someone give me knowledge of rastafari?

my cbayerster resolution

Never underestimate the stupidity of republican voters.

NATO Sees Flaws in Air Campaign Against Qaddafi

Farm Bill must not subsidize Big Ag at the expense of children and the poor

Group calls on A-G to prosecute 'flytilla' activists

Anointing Rock Legends From the Coasts

If you were POTUS for one week, name anything you would do.

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch misses Hall of Fame ceremony

When DUers ask honest questions in the Lounge, do you respond with snarky sexual double entendres?

SC governor's memoir under fire

An Apology to General Discussion.

I wonder if Eric Cantor & his pals will okay the disaster relief that Kansas is asking for

URGENT please respond to this survey

Qand A TV Survey

From Around Home and Work (UAE)

Texas judges' misdeeds often kept secret by oversight commission

As a fan of Terrry Pratchett...

A kinder, gentler political climate?

Ann Romney's nanny confirms her privileged childhood.

Series of Blasts, Rocket Fire Rock Kabul as Taliban Targets Diplomatic Area ('Spring Offensive')

Deadly Woodward, Oklahoma Tornado

Whoa, HH just upped the ante in the religious leader hat competition

GlobalPost: Why you should care about Hungary's rabid right

Ever notice how some of the most hateful people are SURPRISED when they become targets?

SUNDAY'S DOONESBURY: "So Where You Calling From?"

Beware of sleazy "progressive" McActivism sweatshops that chew up young progressives...

Another April 15th...

When Memory Commits an Injustice - Eyewitness mistakes lead to tragic errors in court,

Here in Montgomery County, PA we had ONE tornado ONCE about 5 years ago

NY Times: Having An Abortion When "No One Called Me A Slut"

The 2080 Census: The World As We (Don't) Know It

AtheistAussie Calls Satan

New Song that we just finished called: Buried Treasure

Maduro to Capriles: "you little fags, bourgeois and fascists think you can give lessons

The text ofPZ Myers speech to Global Atheist Convention

Secure despite rocket fiasco, N.Korea's Kim lauds military

Hey Ann Romney....

Titanic survivor kept low profile in Bluffs

At least five dead in Oklahoma as tornadoes pound Plains

WOW! Another great one by Maddow

Party building at Dems' (NE) caucus

Hundreds Escape Pakistan Prison

Top recruit Shabazz Muhammad opts for UCLA


The Taliban Has Launched A Massive Coordinated Attack In Afghanistan

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Chris Hayes just played a RMoney clip - link with video added

Mitt Romney: Mothers Should Be Required To Work Outside Home Or Lose Benefits

Here Are The Wild Details From The Secret Service's Prostitution Scandal

Guilty for swearing at a councillor on Twitter; prosecution seeks 6 months in jail

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul Shocks Campaign Staff With New Position On Israel

The OccupyUSA Blog: Special Weekend Edition!

Meditation Quotes for Ann and Mitt Romney

Understanding the Right's Fear of Sex: How America's Absurd Oral Sex and Sodomy Laws Were Overturned

At U.S. gun convention, many see rush to judgment in Trayvon Martin case

In memory of 'Father Abraham' on this, the anniversary of his death.

What's for breakfast Sun. 15?

What would a real "class war" look like ?

“A Slave in the White House”: James Madison and his slaves

100 (More) Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican

I wonder ... how many in the "Wait for all the facts before finding George Zimmerman guilty" crowd

Our apocalyptic odds

Apologies, blame and group guilt

This is what Stand Your Ground allows murderers to get away with in FL

Protesters drop golden turd by Athens embassy

German Soldiers threaten actor over anti-war film

Greece: More than a Demonstration, Less than a Revolt

The next time chrisTians complain about Atheists being "rude" or "insensitive"...

In Trayvon Martin case, murder charge surprises some legal analysts

Chris Hayes: Romney Fund raiser is "accused Dog cooker" and "former Jew Counter" for Nixon.

Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone!

Ray Gricar mystery: DA's privacy adds to intrigue surrounding his disappearance (Sandusky case)

Funny how Republicans get incensed over some small program

Feds ready whistleblower trial

Rmoney You need to go to work - send this link everywhere

It would be a HUGE mistake for the Obama admin NOT to go after RMoneys LACK of economic knowledge.

Can you buy markers anywhere that are NON-fluorscent? Like they were in days of old?

THIS! is the definition of smaller government...

Is there a God?

Spain warns Argentina over energy nationalisation

Single-Payer Health Care: $570 Billion Cheaper

California's SYG Law (yes we have it here too)

I still get goosebumps listening to this Susan Boyle song......

Some political definitions for clarification in today's TV reality

Homeland Security Vehicles On The Move-Is there a war stateside that I am unaware of?

Can someone explain what the heck was mean't about this?

Baboons recognise words on a screen

Who is cleaning Mitt Romney's houses? Maybe he uses the same agency who sent illegals to cut grass

An alternative candidate in Michigan's 1st Congressional District-Derek Bailey

Rachel Maddow‘s book, Drift, tops the New York Times Best Sellers list

My God, Bachmann is really shoveling it on MTP

What iPad cover do you use?

Obama puts bully in bully pulpit

An alternative candidate in Michigan's 1st Congressional District-Derek Bailey

The Irish Obituary Thread.

Urban Infiltration pt. II

Goshawks attack 'odd-coloured' pigeons

'The ROMNEY children had chores, though they also had a maid, a cook, and a laundress.'

Carmelo Anthony hosts Martin family

Italy mourns footballer Piermario Morosini

Ann Romney has choices that poor women don't

Cleverly worded ALEC sponsored bills" Prison Industries Enhancement Certification" $$$$ For corp.

Obama: 'Drug legalisation not the answer to drug war'

Heroic Penguin Bites Newt Gingrich

Cardinals get World Series rings feathering 'rally squirrel'

maddezmom, thanks for the flatout recommendation...

Marcus Bachmann's Clinics Again Caught Praying the Gay Away

newt fundraiser...

Lawmakers: Controversial Cantor donation may come up this week

Latin America rebels against U.S. over Cuba

Gillibrand: Romney’s ‘Hero’ Scott Walker Got Rid Of Equal Pay For Women Laws

If you do not provide financially for your children how can you say you are raising them?

Obama: Free-trade pact with Colombia a ‘high standards’ agreement

Another thermometer breaks at Fukushima

Failing Our Military Veterans

The evil Assault Weapons "Loophole"

All atomic power to halt 'momentarily' {japan}

its vote will not count in november

Veterans' transition program falls short

What constitutes a "depraved mind" in Florida?

Ed Gillespie Struggles To Defend Campaign’s Major Economic Claim

New labor SuperPAC jumps into the political field

Causality vs. Magic

U.S. vet pries lid off Agent Orange denials

William Sonoma now selling chicken coops.

GEM$NBComcast has live coverage of the Woodward tornado

Here is a link to the Romney quote about stay at home parents needing to get a job to

'Having to go through this, just to get health, it's ridiculous.' - pics

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday April 15th

You cannot convince a Republican

Tea Party Movement Looks Stalled; Half Like it Less as they Hear More

A good example of left vs right in the media is happening today..

Remember when Sean Hannity accused Michael Schiavo of abusing and murdering his wife

over 90 tornadoes in Kansas and no deaths (so far) testament to early warning and taking heed

The misogynists come out per the Ann Romney flap, and it's horrid

The GOP stance on stay-at-home moms, in two sentences.

Ever see a woman actually start at the bottom in a "mans world", and make it to the top? I have

Here's how the individual mandate affects interstate commerce:

Gunman opens fire

Romney At Hooters: "I Don't Get It! Why Don't Women Like Me?"

Incredible! 1950's type tree destruction of old golf course in Evergreen Park/Chicago.

Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin

Rick Santorum exits GOP primaries leaving three stooges.

Here is a big-time college football player you will like:

Glad you love your kids. We love ours too.

Has anyone here ever driven on E-470 (toll road) on east side of Denver?

Santorum signs his 3-year old daughter for NRA lifetime membership

A One-Two Punch for Worker Protection: Both Federal Law and Executive Order Are Necessary

The Inconvenient Astrologer Of MI5

Santorum enrolls 3 year old daughter Bella as life member of NRA

Rosberg / Mercedes win F1 Chinese Grand Prix

Drone Used to Locate Missing Boy

Hunt to find a home for loyal dog who refused to leave her friend after she was run over in L.A.

President Obama: LGBT Workers Can't Wait

Doing Something About State Promotion of Religion

Swiped from GD: The case of the missing DA. (Jerry Sandusky related.)

Indian skeptic charged with "blasphemy" for revealing secret behind "miracle" of weeping cross

Article: "Lesbian filmaker prays the gay away at Bachmann + Assoc."

Geithner hits Romney's 'ridiculous' remarks on women

Romney Flashback: Poor Mothers Should Be Required To Work Outside The Home Or Lose Welfare

Culture Shifters, Teenage 'God Squad,' Claims To Have Cured People Of Cancer (with videos)

I wonder how mnay members of the elite GOP are organ donors.

Sirens in one town with fatalities weren't working yesterday. Stunning photos of the tornados

Australia's most senior-ranked Catholic says Jews 'intellectually and morally inferior'

Is the party already taping ads with Mass. voters about the Mittens era?

As deal falls apart, Sacramento Kings owners, elected leaders lose trust

China loosens currency controls on the yuan


"Buffett rule" will not hurt U.S. economy-Geithner

Early build screenshots of Mojang's space-sim "0x10c"

Historical Echoes: We Are the 99 Percent, 1765 Edition

The fairer sex? Indian company launches an intimate wash designed to 'brighten' the vagin Read more

Any suggestions for evicting a raccoon and maybe up to 6 kits from a garage?

Phish drummer leads 1,600 fans to cowbell glory

People in Tornado Land, how are you doing?

Nail on Head: Bill Maher on Ozzie Guillen, Fidel Castro and hipocrisy

On September 12th a prominate Democrat will break a record which has stood since October 24th 1964

What's going on with the Prez and Argentina?

What do you fear the most in the next election?

Making Education Brain Science

Seen on the side of Business 290 in rural Texas (near Hempstead)

Fox News Contributor Says Working Moms Hate Themselves

beautiful hand tinted photos of Russia from 1931

Anyone have a link to some compilations of Romney lies?

Michelle Bachman, David Gregory and Harold Ford Must Have Shared The Same Bed.... MTP

Reggaeton commenting on Ozzie Guillen, Saavedra and his planchadora (steamroller)

Economy killers: Inequality and GOP ignorance

Some Asian glaciers 'putting on mass'

Can we have "Europe", "Asia", and "Africa" forums on DU?

Bachmann on working moms

Jean-Luc Mélenchon's policies are no far-left fantasy

Honest answer to Greyhound security gets Nevada man arrested

Mr. Fish Toon: Government Relief

More Frequent Earthquakes? Well.. maybe?"

How's everyone doing out there?

I am looking at simple to use computers

Little boy lost finds his mother using Google Earth

Tea Party Rally in Boston Commons

Great Obituary

Leave it to SNL to put the GOP presidential candidates into perspective.

Bill Cosby Blasts Obama Haters Un-American Behavior

A Time Bomb is Ticking in the Sahel

I have no idea what this is, but I want one

Toon: The march of progress

What is the purpose of religion? An open question.

ad nauseum alert: another Ann Romney post

The tastiest and best part of my birthday

How do you think will the rise of social media, such as Facebook, impact the 2012 election?

Sorry, but I'm missing all the "blaming the red states for their dastardly ways" by the preachers

Corporations instead of cartels -- or be careful what you wish for.

Wonderful video of Paul Simon's generosity to a fan.


My mother didn't have Ann Romney's privileges. But her story is better.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 17th: Spring Break

For a little Sunday afternoon levity

Tom Toles: The Other Stand Your Ground

Dear Mr. Romney:

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 18th, 2012: Spring Break

This guy is a born Teabagger

Monsanto and big tobacco sued for birth defects

I had an old pic scanned at UPS to save, digitally. It was emailed to me in pdf format.

What Obama accomplished during first term in office

Life boils down to 4 bottles

For our isolationistic nationalism loving DU'ers who want the world to be a bigger place

Rupert watch - Apocalypse when?

Latin America rebels against U.S., Canada over Cuba’s exclusion from Americas Summit

Latin America rebels against U.S., Canada over Cuba’s exclusion from Americas Summit

In 1912 the price of a top quality men's tailored suit was about the equivalent of an ounce of gold.

Super Cat - My Girl Josephine

Bwwwaaahahahaha! "Fox News boss: No Newt, no time, no way"

Toon: Perhaps it is the company you keep, Mittens!

Uranium Double Standard: The U.S., Kazakhstan and Iran

Can the US Afford a Mega-Disaster?

Guess who was in Palm Beach yesterday...LOL.

Our Amazing Occupy Poet!

And I thought I was apathetic ( or do I mean pathetic )

"If voting didn't matter, the GOP wouldn't mind if women did it."

Video: IDF officer beats activist with M-16 rifle

Bee Gees' Robin Gibb is in a Coma

Rape victims face jail over contraception

A very reasoned and measured NRA member - well said

Rape victims face jail over contraception

A little late, but Happy Jackie Robinson Day

Uranus auroras

Israel forces tourist to pledge to avoid pro-Palestinian activities as condition for entry

Condom Nation makes its way to Jackson

Hello, Mr. Soul

Challenge To Theists

Mother-Huckster: Chris Hayes Busts Mitt Romney’s Double Standard On Moms And ‘Work’

What's in your disaster-box?

US Navy names warship after wounded lawmaker

Urban Outfitters seeks to Exploit, Destroy LGBT people

Goal line technology now! (spoilers)

England also has the best Government Money can Buy.....

Can whales predict tsunamis?

question about Belfast

Stand Your Ground’s Hideous Double Standard of Prosecuting African-Americans

Omar Infante hits first home run in Marlins Park...

A repeat of the Cameron Documentary is on NatGeo right now

NY Sen. Gillibrand Battles With Rep. Bachmann Over ‘War on Women

NH GOP House Rep: "she had her whole life to get used to being called defective.”

Bill Cosby: Trayvon Martin Case About Guns, Not Race

Maru the cat

Key ATF agents in gun case blame prosecutors

Israeli army officer probed for striking activist in the face with gun

The War on Women Voters

Brazil cannibal sect used human flesh for empanada pasties

Romney: Parents of 2 year olds should go back to work, should have the "dignity of work"

McDonald's Israel slashes price of benchmark Big Mac

The State of Afghanistan

Someone call a waaaahhhmbulance!!!

You watching this Flyers-pens game???

Chris Mooney: Liberals and conservatives don’t just vote differently. They think differently.

Indie Movie Wants A-Rod to Play Drag Queen

Have you ever gotten scared when you heard a man raise his voice

For Most Mothers, Stay-at-Home Choice Isn’t a Luxury (ya hear that, Mrs. Romney?)

Mayors could save taxpayers billions, says report

Disturbing Predictions were Made about "Inverse Totalitarian America" in 2003/Is it getting better?

(Sudan) Juba accuses Khartoum of bomb attack

Chinese police seek blogger who revealed death of Neil Heywood

Hillary Hanging Loose at the Havana

White House failure on LGBT Executive Order

There's a cap on the cultishness of a Democratic Presidency

I won't get involved in a political debate on Facebook

it's interesting that Republicans view the existence of homosexual as a net asset

The Suffering Bastard!!!! :)

Kim Novak says she's bipolar, regrets leaving Hollywood

Time travel in "Gunsmoke"

Doodle God

Battle of Ideas: Anti-globalist fever grips France ahead of election

PA United Against the War on Women

A RWer told me he had problems getting employees ... he said "People don't want to work!"

Romney may just be dumber than we think

at some point in a person's life it's time to admit, all cute platitudes aside,

Bully - Official Trailer

Bonfire of the Vanities: Morally Bankrupt Goldman Sachs

The Food Bubble

Russia Planning Troops Deployment On Iran's Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack

So I was walking in New York City today and saw this sign...

The Permaculture Revolution Takes Root in Cities

Geithner: Romney claims on women and job losses ‘ridiculous and very misleading’

Gun Control is NOT Dead

President's Going to be Pissed

American Pipe Dream (cartoon)

Arrested Gaddafi spy chief is sick: Mauritania

So I watched part of "Blue Lagoon" and it just dawned on me...

Pepsi NEXT...Crusaders against soda pop? please skip this.

Dick Cheney calling the Obama administration a complete disaster..

Syria ceasefire imperiled as government vows crackdown

World Economy In Meltdown

Flyers, Penguins, set hockey back several years

Denver artist creates George Zimmerman portrait with Skittles

Melinda Gates: Let's put birth control back on the agenda

Live streaming of the Dalai Lama's visit happening in a few minutes, right here.


Warnings Cited in Curbing Toll From Series of Tornadoes

GOP Banking On The Idea That Younger Women Do Not Care About Their Agenda

Downton Abbey will kill off a character...SPOILER...BIG SPOILER

What is your opinion on stay at home parents?

Burning body found on Altadena sidewalk

Hillary parties at Colombia nightclub (Photos)

Aloha all, the Dalai Lama is speaking down the street, & here is the live stream.

if cons really wanted to reduce abortions they would demand sex education

Report: Labour probes peer over Obama bounty claim

Brief exchange at Disneyworld (EPCOT)

Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign

3 brazilian citizens are arrested for murder and cannibilism.

A Free Market Economy Is Code About Working For Free