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Archives: April 20, 2012

You do know that all this over the top political rhetoric has been going on for centuries...

Anti-Immigrant Group Runs False TV Ad Blaming Global Warming On Immigrants Entering The U.S.

Medicare Competitive Bid Program saves beneficiaries 42% in co-insurance payments vs fee-schedules

Obama’s NRC Nomination Draws Fire From Democrat Reid Over Yucca

The Rachel Maddow Show - VA Governor McDonnell's Ads For Nothing

OMG...The Circus of Horrors from Britain's Got Talent

Former Congresswoman: Not too late to hold Bush and Cheney accountable

Starbucks de-bugs its menu offerings (still cheaper than using actual strawberries)

Kingston Pen set to close

2005RepublicanCongress&President PASSED the Income Tax Plan RESPONSIBLE for the 48% that the CONS

These are some of the most impressive kids I've ever seen in my life!

"Nitpick the president if you must. But he's not the problem."

Fisherman's lawyer: 17 yr. old Summer's shooter was trying to get the teens to stop RUNNING AWAY.

What is with Harry Reid

I was listening to a tribute on the radio for Dick Clark---

Tea Party Congressman: Obama Will Commit Treason If Reelected

Murdoch's News Corp facing growing legal threat in US

Which song is better and why Comfortably Numb or Stairway To Heaven?

It is April 19th, right?

Iranian cartoons mock Holocaust

Nugent says had "solid" meeting with Secret Service


House Republicans’ Tax Cut for the Wealthy Won’t Grow the Economy, Put Americans Back to Work

SOS... Ted Nugent to appear at Pima County Fairground....

Campain against Jon Stewart Begins...

i am going to a weeding saturday. what do men wear?

Holy Writ (per GOP)

Basement sealing suggestions

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Money For Nothing & a new kitty gif

Chuck Colson near death.

Psst! Hey, Bud, wanna buy a college?

BWAHAHA! NRA throws the Nuge under the bus (or straps him to the front bumper?)

99 cent store

Check out who will be on the panel of This Week w/ Snuffy on Sunday? .....

If Zimmerman feels threatened by the court, he may be forced to defend himself with lethal force.

Just saw a rather depressing notice on the bulletin board at school.

i am going to do weed on saturday. do I wear anything?

And the good news is that the illness that laid me low last week is NOT tick borne disease.

Georgia Again Tries To Replace Immigrant Farm Workers With Inmates

17 years later...

Meet Dania Suarez, a 24-year-old single mom from Colombia. She's already met the Secret Service.

Secret Service supervisors involved in Colombia scandal identified

Welcome back MFM. We missed you.

39 ways limit free speech

Open Skies Treaty are reporting “unprecedented” amounts of radiation in US Western regions

PHOTO: Agent In Secret Service Scandal Was In Sarah Palin’s Security Detail

I'm doing weed on Saturday, should I wear bellbottoms?


Nugent has a lot of nerve talking about honoring "flag -draped coffins"...

If It’s Sunday, It’s Meet The Republican White Men - image

Biden says Democrats have chance in Arizona

Florida refuses to issue Driver's License to Ma. gay in married name

California May Credit Big Hydro Power to Green Energy Goal

O'Donnell tweet: The small business (bakery) owner Romney insulted will be on The Last Word tonight.

Nader's Maine election lawsuit reinstated

A Tale Of Two Missiles

The view from Tudor Road Anchorage Alaska

What's this "GSA Scandal"?

Ex-Supreme Court justice says Venezuela manipulates courts

CHART: How Obama And Romney Compare On Energy Issues

They're showing the 1981 John Denver concert in Japan on PBS tonight.

Any idea when we'll get the advanced search function back?

IBM Union Calls for Pickets to Protest Job Cuts

Recent studies on the relationship of neonicotinoid pesticides and bee colony collapse disorder

I'm going to Weed on Saturday; what should I wear?

Ted Nugent allegedly had sex with a 12 year old and

The REAL Winners of the Phony Mommy Wars: Lesbians!

My nieces tour of India finds her in Varanasi. She went to a 3000 year old ghat.

Light Bends by Itself

Peoria Bishop Compares Obama to Stalin, Hitler

Obama and Romney Can't Fence Sit on Marriage Equality

World’s Richest Worth $1 Trillion on Billionaire List

Is it just me or are the ads these GOP Super PACS are running kind of lame

President Obama Announces Patricia “Pat” Summitt as a Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Auschwitz survivors reunite after 61 years (2006)

After 14 months, I quit my part time job.

This state legislator thinks Earth Day is a pagan holiday.

A weight acceptance site I've been meaning to share with you all.

I'm singing the weedy-deedy part in Lion Sleeps Tonight Saturday. What should I wear?

Yuck! When dermatologist said "a sample"

For He’s a Jolly Good Scoundrel: On Sanford Weill

How about some kickass RadioHead? Airbag Live


Are we on the deck of another Titanic?

4/21 Black Dog Cafe Fundraiser for buses to Chicago protest NATO

House votes to legalize prostitution at the federal level

John Heilemann to Lawrence O'Donnell: "He (Romney) is not comfortable around human beings."

Missouri Republicans seek to ban speech on the topic of sexual orientation

Ex-Supreme Court justice says Venezuela manipulates courts

Secret Service agents lawyer: 'trial by mob' wrong

I was there! Pics from Space Shuttle Discovery's arrival at the Smithsonian

Union Busting in “Pro-Labor” California

Union Busting in "ProLabor" California

Unite Against the War on Women Rally! 4/28th 2pm Saturday

Censorship and Suppression of Academic Freedom at UCLA

Army Releases March Suicide Data

Boner defended his party against Roman Catholic bishops

Tim Thomas, Goaltender who refused came to White House

"I think you ought to listen to Alinsky," George Romney told his white allies...

High-frequency trader Optiver pays $14 million in oil manipulation case

Mitt needs a VP who will not outshine him. but is still a party goto guy. Someone like

The hypocrisy of it all

Toons: The Center for Right-Wing Nuttery, Job Creators, Winning Hearts and Minds, and More - 4/19/12

Former Republican Governor Calls For Greater Acceptance Of Gay People

Romney ties Obama to factory closed under Bush

FOX Polls: Obama up in Ohio and Florida.

Crossposting from GD by virtue of it being awesome and relevant.

Romney's Fenway Fib

Christian right starts high-tech voter-registration drive

The Mayans were right.

Journey's best lineup, great tune from their 3rd album.

Cantor Suggests Raising Taxes On The Poor: ‘You’ve Got To Discuss That Issue’

Chesapeake [Energy] CEO took $1.1 billion in shrouded personal loans

Anonymous General Strike OpMayDay A Day without the 99%

Matt Taibbi discusses banker crimes on Keiser Report

Jon Stewart Ridicules Fox News’ Sudden Embrace Of Romney, Notes ‘Romney’s Election Is Fox’s Job’

Sudan vows to teach South Sudan 'a final lesson'

Tethr: Getting online in a crisis (BBC) {lots of open sourceware discussed}

Keiser Report: Vicious Circle of Bankster Huddles

I spy on Freere (whatever name is)

Since when was my nearby B of A branch a "community bank"?!

MFM's Back!

What’s really behind the abortion bills in Legislature?

DNA reveals polar bear's ancient origins (BBC)

On the dog thing

Pete Aguilar for Congress in the Inland Empire of So. Cal.

What Do We See in Obama?

One of my patients may be stalking me...

Does anyone besides me think that those Secret Service agents

In turnabout, Catholic League protests public nativity display

MISSISSIPPIi: Governor Bryant Signs Two NRA-Supported Bills

Ask a Republican - Big Oil vs Poor People (Biting Satire)

WTH - Penn State pays Paterno family under his contract

Audit finds 'significant' errors in oil spill compensation

Need some help, looking for a particular image....

About the incident with the prostitutes

For Profit Colleges Are A Scam

Ann Romney has designer store close for four hours so she can shop privately

“Fox News is morphing into just another liberal leaning voice.”

Republican rhetoric over the top...Eugene Robinson

The Delta emergency landing due to bird strike

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Thursday, April 19)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, April 19)

The Evangelical "Stay-At-Home" Daughter Movement

‘CookieGate’ Baker Tells Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘I Was Just Dumbfounded’ By Romney’s Comment

Brian Schweitzer, Montana Governor, Says Mitt Romney's Family 'Came From A Polygamy Commune In Mexic

BBC: A tour of Obama's re-election headquarters

When will we stop?

"I read the bill." Susan Bucher stood alone against making taxpayers fund not-yet-built nuclear plan

It's the solar system, not gay marriage, that's the threat

Changing the World: Radical Enlightenment and Basic Human Rights (Jonathan Israel) offline: "Lacking a good explanation of what happened to "redundant" disk storage..."

U.S. Expands Inquiry of Suspected Misconduct by Agents in Colombia

Democrats Joining G.O.P. on Pipeline

Fears Rise That Recovery May Falter in the Spring

VA to add about 1,900 to mental health staff

Student Loan Interest Rates Loom as Political Battle

(UK) Shoe-bomber Saajid Badat describes meeting Osama bin Laden

One Wouldn't Be Possible Without The Other

Measles cases reached 15-year high in 2011: CDC

Hacking scandal: the net tightens on the Murdochs

Delaware killer put to death after waiving appeals

WickDipping 101..."deny the flesh."

South Korea Says It Has New Missile

2 young children shot with rifle, 1 girl dead, 3 y/o boy life flighted - brother taken into custody

Shocking Conflict of Interest: Private Water Companies Partner With Fracking Lobby

Protests rage as Bahrain Grand Prix practice begins

Synthetic DNA Created, Evolves on Its Own

Exclusive: France would not support oil release under Hollande

FDA: Gulf seafood safe despite oil spill concerns

Getting Paid 93 Cents a Day in America? Corporations Bring Back the 19th Century

Reports to detail post-Super Tuesday campaign cash

Fort Knox drops Ted Nugent from concert plans

Anglican priest: Jesus was most likely gay, but it is immaterial

The saddest picture.......

'Huge' water resource exists under Africa

Deepwater Horizon aftermath: how much is a dolphin worth?

What would Romney have done??

Apr 20 is a good day to propose a new Arizona state bird.

Mittens adds out gay man as national security and foreign policy spokesman

Foreclosure ripple effect: 8.3 million children in jeopardy

Shocking Conflict of Interest: Private Water Companies Partner With Fracking Lobby

Wisconsin: Walker supporters strut their stuff. Stop laughing. It's not nice to make fun of morans.

BBC: Nicolas Sarkozy: Why is the French president so disliked?

Unions and Environmentalists: Get It Together

Turd Nugent has 99% of the blow-fly vote...

Nine U.S. Banks Said to be Examined on Overdraft Fees

49ers break ground on new Santa Clara Stadium...

The Teddy Bear clutching of some of my fellow Democrats fascinates me to no end.

Ironworker falls at bridge project

Big 'Green'? IBM works on 500 miles-per-charge battery

Michigan Unions Challenge Payroll Dues Deduction Ban In Federal Court, Assert Free Speech Violation

South Carolina School Bus Drivers Join Teamsters Union

How can religious moderates be said to enable hateful fundamentalists?

I'm usually concerned for this time of year

Now that women have told the GOP what to kiss, some rethugs are trying to tone down some

San Jose Public Workers Succeed In Court Challenge To Pension Cut Ballot Question

Jewish movement in Israel OKs gay rabbis

Did the Sarcasm Smilie go bye bye?

Ted Nugent: "When doing God’s work, the devils go bonzo. So be it." Is this asshole serious?

Arab seller of Hebron house said sentenced to death

Barack Obama sits inside Rosa Parks bus

Phone hacking: News International faces nearly 50 new claims

(ABC) CEO Pay Now 380 Times Average Worker's, Says AFL-CIO

Everything They Accuse Obama Of Is What They Would Be & Do

Oops! Phone hacking: News International faces nearly 50 new claims

There's now a picture of Zimmerman's bloody head, supposedly taken minutes after he shot Trayvon

Expanding CIA Drone Strikes Will Likely Mean More Dead Innocents

Hang on to That Paycheck! ALEC "Sharpens Focus on Jobs"

Did you see how many times I said "polygamy"?

Damn Yankees...Damn Ruined

Fear Itself: Americans Believe Iran Threat On Par With 1980s Soviet Union

Go Eat A Dog

Ramsey (NJ) school bullying suit settled for $4.2 million

No, Ms. Coulter. Affirmative Action Was No 'Silver Spoon' for Barack Obama

South Sudan 'to withdraw troops from Heglig oil field

Arizona House acts to thwart US law on terrorism

Interesting dog and pony show going on right now in central Florida courtroom.

Misinformation campaign targets USA Today reporter, editor investigating Pentagon contractors

Now THIS, friends and neighbors, is how you write an obituary.

Alabama's House approves changes to tough immigration law

Zimmerman bond hearing live on CNN.

Our pscot made the "Cool" list on the Homepage.....

Here's a link to watch Zimmerman bond hearing live on computer..

We have a weird situation: Police Misconduct FAVORS the defendant...

Colorado lights up pot debate by blazing regulatory trail

Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik

Texas judge weighs 'difficult' Planned Parenthood case

Eugene Robinson's Knock Out Punch - Republican rhetoric over the top

How Obama Became a Civil Libertarian's Nightmare: He Expanded Many Of Bush's Worst Policies

from an internet aquaintence

Friday TOON Roundup 1- GOP and sex

Friday TOON Roundup 2- hot primary action

Friday TOON Roundup 3- RIP, DC

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The rest-

Warning Graphic Photo: Possible New Evidence Shows George Zimmerman's Bloodied Head

Welcome back Woy!

I'm so glad to see Ohiosmith taking reading very seriously!

Italy's Berlusconi turns up at his under-age sex trial

Leno calls Rmoney Jed Clampett but calls W Jethro

Zimmerman - embedded digital info in photo shows it taken 3 minutes after shots recorded in 911 call

TDPS: GOP Desperate, Saying Obama Ate Dog Meat When 7 Years Old

Zimmerman Witness At Bond Hearing Says Zimmy Was "A Protector Of Children And The Homeless"

The Earth Needs More Than a Day: Why We Occupy (Part 1) | Mickey Z.

Happy Birthday: Fenway Park turns 100 years old


CEOs at top companies earned 380 times the average worker's income in 2011

If It’s Sunday, It’s Meet The Republican White Men

Brainerd High principal offers wake-up call to Tea Party

CookieGate: Mitt and the Monster

George and Mitt Romney: Like father, like son?

I am re-reading parts of a Hopi warning book for Earth Day

How to talk to a Zimmerman apologist - by Matt Bors

More Gawker's "Death by Cute" - Look at mama duck save her ducklings

Romney Hires An Openly Gay National Security Spokesman

One Bumper Sticker Sure To Give The GOP Nightmares

Diablo III - Open beta weekend

Have you heard the latest NRA joke?

I read an article about Romney that I think should get more attention if it is true.

Former Congresswoman: Not too late to hold Bush and Cheney accountable

Total voter-memory meltdown in 2012

Angela Corey doesn't give a shit about stand your ground. In this case, no one was killed.

The #1 Best Occupy Wall Street Sign We've Seen

"The Democratic Party is filled with all types. One type is Joe Manchin" (updated)

My Trayvon/Zimmerman theory...

For LynneSin, it was love at first sight.

When we have prisons, surveillance, and weapons systems...

So I got a job, but once again I need DU's wise advice

If Zimmerman was injured then it was self-defense by Trayvon Martin

Is Zimmerman a balding man? ABC News photo isn't clear...

QUESTION: Anyone know how hard it was rainnig at the time of Trayvon Martin shooting?

About Zimmy's skull.

Peak oil notes - April 19

Corn Growers: Climate Change Is ‘A Grave Threat To Rural Livelihoods And Quality Of Life’

Drumbeat: April 20, 2012

Drumbeat: April 20, 2012

Peak oil notes - April 19

BREAKING: Zimmmerman testifying at bail hearing now.

Questions about upgrading Mifi (hopefully not too OT)

Republican Small Business Tax Cut Plan

The term that covers how Mitt and Ann Romney act

Romney's in my city today. I just put an Obama 2012 bumper sticker on my car.

Because you KNOW you need to smile this morning-

Corporations with ALEC ties identified

Did you know that superpatriot and flagwaver Ted Nugent was a Draft Dodger?

Prosecutor: Zimmerman Allegedly Slapped His Ex-Girlfriend And ‘Asked Her How It Felt’

Greek Town Taps Bartering for a More Shareable City

Plane crashes in Pakistan, local media reports

ZIMMERMAN: Bond granted @ 150K w/ electronic monitoring / GPS

Oh how these AP reporters just never cease to amaze me

Zimmerman bond set at...updated with link

Oops! Used Rocket Launcher tossed to the curb for trash pickup

Lawyer: News Corp. faces 46 new lawsuits!

Check out this incredibly cool real-time wind map!

Slumber Party on Wall Street

H.P. Lovecraft Answers Your Relationship Questions

The screams for help on 911 tape were NOT ...NOT Zimmermans

Let's Really Talk About Taxes

Zimmerman released on $150,000 bail

8 Trends Behind The Plunge In Gasoline Sales

Thomas Friedman, boorish windbag

Is this bullshit? A smear job on Tim Holden? Or is it accurate?

Merkozy honeymoon over? EU wary of French vote

Happy Birthday George Takei! Love, Five Year Mission

A UCC reverend files a complaint with the IRS about a Catholic bishop's anti-Obama political speech

Got an amazing thing happening here re: kittens...

AP: Secret Service scandal/US Soldiers posing with bloody corpses--OBAMA'S FAULT

Good grief your Honor! We most likely have more experience here in Florida, as compared to

4/20 Point w/ Van Jones, Kevin Eubanks, Sexy Lib John Fugelsang (Pot, EPA Saves Lives, & Holograms)

Pic Of The Moment: How To Talk To Poor People

NOWToronto: A Canuck expat in Geneva on the virtues of light rail

Jaap Stam says slur alex told them to dive!

GOP's Respect For Women

Romney: ‘I’d clean house’ - Secret Service

He showed no remorse.

**"Enhanced" ABC Photo shows VERTICAL scar! Recent photos shows HORRIZONTAL scar on ZMans head**

Apr 20 is a good day to propose a new Arizona state bird.

Mitt and the Monster (PA democrats ad)

Prosecutor: Zimmerman Allegedly Slapped His Ex-Girlfriend And ‘Asked Her How It Felt’

White House photo of the day, April 18, 2012 - pic

"Carry The One" by Carol Anshaw

White House photo of the day, April 19, 2012 - pic

Secret clique in L.A. County sheriff's gang unit probed

Reason No.19 to vote OBAMA/Biden 2012

DU Album of the Day: "Rain Dogs" Tom Waits

‘Worldwide’ LGBT marches set for Saturday

Sheffield United's Ched Evans jailed five years for rape

Romney Hires An Openly Gay National Security Spokesman

Stop dying already!!!

Three minutes is a long time to give yourself some bruises...

CU-Boulder deploys police, fish fertilizer this morning in bid to quash 4/20

I wonder if the secret service supervisor who was checking out Sarah Palin was trying to find

The smog of war By Tom Engelhardt

Fox News Poll: Obama ahead in key states of Florida and Ohio

Walkergate: Spinning Out of Control - FDL

Breivik: Norway attacks meant to kill hundreds (564 to be exact), court hears

No one is born with hate or intolerence

What do all the great hunters know about Brother Ted Nugent?

As the pendulum swings, we see a glimpse of sanity on the horizon

Happy 4/20!

DNC Video Prebuts RNC Arizona Gathering

Bashir: Book of Mormon promises ‘eternal damnation’ for Romney’s lies

Moses is NOT having a happy 4/20

Exercise helps smokers to quit smoking, to remain smoke-free and to reduce the risk of death

GSA Official Suggests Disciplinary Hearing Be Held in Hawaii

An Invasion in Syria Is Off the Table

I took a picture of my 1-year old and used age progression software

Abbott does not share LynneSin's aversion to weed.

In the spirit of Scuba's excellent OP, I'm bringing back the DU Welcome!

Hot girls have problems too.

North Carolina Judge Finds Racial Discrimination in Death Penalty, Commutes Death Sentence to Life..

Dennis Prager: liberal media is calling Trayvon an "unarmed teenager"

Cam Newton, Calvin Johnson to vie for 'Madden' cover

Can't help but think I know why Mitt's refusing to release his taxes...

Favorite "Boy and His Dog" movies?

If you only watch Amy's show once this year, watch today's.

USA Last As Usual.

Statement by President Clinton on the passing of Levon Helm

New video shows shamed IDF officer struck several left-wing activists

I Peeled the Obama Bumper Sticker Off My Car Today

Manchin on the Fence About Obama Vote

So, if you'd known Trayvon Martin was a teenager you wouldn't have shot him?!

Thom Hartmann: If the Government Shutdowns - Who Wins?

Thom Hartmann: Sunday Morning Shows - Not fair & Very Unbalanced!

A Most Intimate Bond

Rejected Romney Campaign Slogans

CHART: How Obama And Romney Compare On Energy Issues

Did Zimmerman actually apologize for killing Trayvon?

Time to talk Mormonism

Any chance Mitt would pick McCain for VP?

A very powerful message from Archangel Michael ...shapeshifting...

Tens of thousands swarm Egypt's Tahrir Square to protest military rule

Officer shouted racial slur before 2nd officer shoots black man

Important Zimmerman Question?

Reading between the lines, Zimmerman arrest may have been a trap, afterall.

776.041 Use of force by aggressor

Is Mitt Romney the most out-of-touch politician ever?

Wisconsin Dems are begging for $ to defeat Scott Walker. Can you spare fifteen bucks? 45 days to go.


Baltimore Woman, 90, Locks Police Officer in Basement, Wins $95,000 Settlement

House Republicans back Homeland Security powers in border parks

‘I am sorry for the loss of your son’

Is that a bandage on Zimmerman's head?

Saveur: 12 Recipes for Chicken Thighs

Michael Vick toon...

"Bumblebee" gecko discovered in Papua New Guinea

Germany backs France in its demand for tighter national border protections

Can we get a ruling on the definition of "stalking"

The Romney campaign’s Great Historical Rewrite

The ED Show - Republicans Want To Raise Taxes On The Poorest 45% of Americans.

Yup, it's another Heat post. But with a twist.

This looks like a 'BLAST'!!!.... HD video of Jetman....

"The court has now adjourned for the day after terrible, harrowing testimony from Breivik

Obama, courting youth vote, to launch student-loan push

I never thought about it this way...

Zimmerman straight up lied in the court room when he gave his "apology" to the Martin family today

Fate of USA and the Whole World Depends on One pool

So, I landed my first billboard modeling gig.

Libya News

Achilles’ heel found for malaria

Citigroup CEO and directors sued over executive pay

Don't bother listening to the "legal analysts" on the news.

"Under God" added to the pledge as a Communist plot

Judge: Race 'significantly' influenced inmate's murder trial

Bain & Co: The 1994 Ad By Sen. Ted Kennedy

Van Hollen says his office is moving forward with appeals of blocked voter ID law.

Half The Lawmakers On Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ Task Force Are ALEC Members, All Supported

Mittens accused Obama of 'jetting' around using the oval office as 'excuse' to see world!

How do I find a list of DU usernames? (to find a repeat disruptor)

Happy 4/20, DU!

Thom Hartmann: The Gulf 2 Years Later - Scientists Alarmed

Tinkus Trauma

Corporate CEOs are now making 380 times the salary of the average American worker!

Japan’s Toyota Tsusho buys 32.5% stake in Encana’s Alberta methane wells

Space Studies Institute wants an orbiting low-gravity research station by 2017

Cheap natural gas feeds chemical industry boom

Fenway Park-100 Years Old.

Builder of Rare Earth Plant in Malaysia Counters Complaints

What is your Smurf name?

Paul Sadler on Texas Women

Salt threatens Mekong rice

Abbott shows his opinion of Ohiosmith

Argentina wants bigger Brazil role in oil market

And now for all you British Progressive Rock Fans Echoes, Suppers Ready

New Zealand woman's Coca-Cola habit cited in death

Are Ross Perot Jr. and Google's Founders Launching a New Asteroid Mining Operation?

Court in shock as Norway gunman describes massacre

Republicans are....

HEADS UP: Pres Obama will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight

Bob Dylan and Bernie Taupin respond to Levon Helm's death

Serious question for LynneSin and Ohiosmith: Will your wedding be in Ohio or Delaware?

Hillary Clinton on reproductive healthcare


NASCAR going "Green"??!!??

Dick Clark was colorblind

Never mind!

"the difference between a stay-home mother and a welfare mother is money and a wedding ring"

Most FL. Hispanics believe Zimmerman DID NOT act in self-defense

China: stealing, killing dogs for meat. It's okay, it wasn't MY dog? or Save them? WWJD? (**PICS**)

Grammar nazi

Joe Manchin Explains His Reluctance To Endorse President Obama

Meet Anders Breivik’s American Pen Pal

Grandma Nazi.

Obama to designate Fort Ord, California as a new national monument

Obama Administration, House Dems Push To Prevent Student Loan Rate Hike

Let's see. The neighbor took photos but the cops didn't?

Open letter to Bishop Jenky. Re: Obama, Hitler and Stalin remarks.

Wyclef Jean- Justice (If You're 17) Tribute for Trayvon Martin

EPI: State employment trends positive, but slowing

Tampa may seek Gov. Rick Scott's help keeping guns away from RNC protests

Money for nothing..............

What's really at stake in this election?

Global Wind Power Capacity To Reach Nearly 500 GW By 2016

Bacon for dinner???

Would it be possible (appropriate) to have a Death Penalty forum?

Who plans on doing a 420 at 4:20 on 4/20?

The NRA's dream concealed weapons class

Solar Electric newb seeks basic eval.

Complaint filed with IRS over homily by Peoria bishop -POTUS = Hitler/Stalin

Found: LynneSin meets her dream boy pic.

Want to know why Sen. Mark Pryor voted against the Buffett Rule?

Led Zeppelin Examples of Plagiarism

Three Name Brands Top FDA List of Chicken Jerky Treats Suspects

Reminders of Secular Authority Reduce Believers’ Distrust of Atheists

Scientists create artificial genetic material XNA

Utah parents battle insurance over Spina Bifida surgery

The American who quit money to live in a cave

Religion, politics didn't always meet on the right

Visual effects artists aim to create better work environments

Marijuana: gateway drug to music appreication

Curious, anyone know what Vietnamese military served their prisoners?

One thing that's not clear about this supposed new photo of Zimmerman

Thom Hartmann: Punctuated Equilibrium, The Gulf & Eyeless Shrimp

Nihonmachi, Sanfuranshisuko! (Japantown, San Francisco) Photos (Dial up warning)

Mitt Romney has a Robert Bork problem

LATimes: 'Netflix chief Reed Hastings got 68% raise in 2011, pay cut for 2012'

50 Eerie, Disturbing Photos Of A Syrian City Reduced To Rubble

Does anyone have information of the increase in the rat population across the globe

Cell phones may be able to see through walls with new technology

TCM Schedule for Sunday, April 15, 2012 -- What's On Tonight: Bette Davis

Coast Guard defends using animals in combat medicine training; rights group calls it cruel

Michael Vick Featured in New PSA Promoting Animal Fighting Tip Line (date - 3/30/12)

What's for Dinner ~ Friday April 20th

Hitler finds out he's been banned from FR (YouTube) Funny as hell.

PSST! Hey BISHOP here's a poster you might like!

Michael Vick speaks out on Ala. cockfighting law

New Romney Spokesman Used Twitter For Sexist Attacks

Someone needs to make Zimmerman scream

Misinformation campaign targets USA TODAY reporter, editor


EWTN vs. Fox News

Secret freedom at Tel Aviv’s ‘Palestinian Queer Party’

Becoming Jewish in Jamaica

Has anyone here walked in the Garden of the Gods lately?

Detained in the US: Filmmaker Laura Poitras Held, Questioned Some 40 Times at US Airports

Jeb says he would 'consider' being on the ticket with Mittens

Thom Hartmann: Murder, Suicide & Financial Ruin

Catholic nuns group 'stunned' by Vatican scolding for 'radical feminist' ideas

US Airways makes deals with 3 AMR unions

National Security Agency Whistleblower William Binney on Growing State Surveillance

"We Don't Live in a Free Country": Jacob Appelbaum on Being Target of Mass Govt Surveillance

By the light of the moon

Jill Bolte Taylor: STROKE of insight

Happy Birthday! Fenway Park turns 100 years old..

Bush Would Consider Being on Ticket with Romney

US drone strikes & govt. bombardment kill 200 in Yemen

Anti-US protesters stage rally, march in Zambo City vs Balikatan Exercises

States Could Be in a Hurry if Obamacare Upheld

Perhaps "unless" means something different to Daddy Z...or maybe it means exactly the same thing

Screams of help by Martin trump a few scratches on someones head

Randi Rhodes kicked the air conditioning repairman out her home for calling Martin the N word

Some had requested I post some photos of..

Rallyers decry Uncle Sam, and petition against showdown with Iran

Romney's new campaign slogan: "Obama Isn't Working"

Romney Visits Factory Closed Under Bush, Blames Obama

Case for legal action against Murdoch/FOX in USA building, over 1,000 phones likely hacked in UK

What happened to the music...

GOP Congresswoman: Bullying Laws Unconstitutional

Ugandan troops play jungle cat and mouse with Kony

James Beard Fdn. President Returns Award from Boy Scouts

Chris Evans ‘embarrassed and heartbroken’ by marriage inequality

You know how if you put enough monkeys on typewriters they'll write Shakespeare?

White House Chides Sarah Palin Over ‘Politicizing’ Secret Service Sex Scandal

Cowboy frog discovered in South America

Perspective on "Women's Work" that I stole from the Stock Market Thread:

Cowboy frog discovered in South America (..also found intriguing new rock carvings, or petroglyphs)

Ron Paul still in the race with millions in funding and zero debt

Thomas Jefferson on the Buffett Rule

Racial bias saves death row man

Hey, DUers! Your fabulous Friday Afternoon Challenge today: Notorious!

Lyrid meteor shower and Saturn’s rings to light up night sky this weekend

Stalking, racisim, and my personal story

Shocking Conflict of Interest: Private Water Companies Partner With Fracking Lobby

This beautifully composed space footage will 100% give you chills

US Amish plead not guilty in beard-cutting case

Maybe the bad guy just gets injured sometimes?

Progress Energy's proposed nuclear plant called 'poster child' for failure

I have stoked the fire on the big steel wheels

Franco-German Schengen Proposal - A Vote of No Confidence in Europe

Tweety is tearing up the Florida gun nutters over Stand Your Ground

Judge keeps gas industry, Republicans out of Marcellus lawsuit!

One Big Effing Deal That Probably Really Angered You When It Was Happening

FBI Seizes Server From Progressive Internet Service Provider

Trigger Warning Video:Montreal Protester Shot Point Blank with Teargas Gun

Christopher Hitchens' wit and warmth remembered as New York pays tribute

Romney Camp Concedes Kobach Is Adviser; Kobach Concedes Romney Wants SB-1070 Nationwide

Legislative Weekly Reports » Week Ending April 20, 2012

6 Cut-Through-The-Bullsh_t Reasons To Support The 99%

Tobacco giants fume at Australia's plans for unbranded cigarette packets

Mayday for Japan's nuclear industry

Jailed for $280: The return of debtors' prisons

State Attorney Norm Wolfinger won't seek re-election

State Attorney Norm Wolfinger won't seek re-election

James Blunt, Tony Blair's wife, soccer star Wayne Rooney + 43 others sue Murdoch's News of the World

Jury statistic suggestion

Chimp and white tiger cubs - cute

What do we get for $90 million EACH? The F-35. Step into the cockpit:

Secret Service Scandal: At Least Three More Expected to Lose Jobs

No privilege for most stay-at-home moms (they're not wives of multi-millionaire businessmen)

Jeb Bush: I'd Consider Vice Presidency

Secret Service Director Sullivan was appointed to the post in 2006.

After 4-Month Surge, Gas Prices Start Falling.

States of punishment--Mapping the death penalty in America

Parents and friends of gay Mormons release ‘It gets better’ video

Healthcare Is Killing Us

Fox: “Glee” makes you trans

What to do when a post by a PPR'd member goes to jury?

Romney asks GOP delegates to sign pledge, but some refuse

An anthropological dilemma repeated here at DU:

Huge plane crash near Islamabad, Pakistan - 127 dead

It was a "thrill-killing"

President Obama designates federal lands within the former Fort Ord as a national monument - pics

President Obama at the 6th annual Wounded Warrior Project's Soldier Ride at the White House - pics

Study reveals groundwater resources in Africa

Yikes, apparently there are big student protests taking place in Quebec ...

Caption Romney and McCain

FL gun laws shown IDIOTIC in 1 sentence from Zimmerman today: 'I did not know whether he was ...

Facts, 360 BC to 2012 AD

The most expensive election in history

Etch A Sketch: Romney Camp Concedes Kobach Is Adviser; Kobach Concedes Romney Wants SB-1070...

VP Biden's plane hits birds upon landing in California

RNC Seeks to Turn Facebook Into a Political Tool

Romney Makes Delegates Sign Loyalty Pledge

MFM's interest in Election 2012 is fading now that the word santorum is not on everyone's lips.

Support for Ameren, Westinghouse nuclear plans crosses party lines

The New Hungarian Secret Police (good, long article)

(MOTO) News Flash: Crippled Fukushima Reactors Officially Closed

Lyrid meteor shower and Saturn’s rings to light up night sky this weekend

End of the week LOL's (April 20th) - pics

Obama enjoys 10-1 financial edge over Romney

Persian invaders of Greece 'did perish in tsunami' (BBC)

Another gastronomic delight from China:

Ex-CITIGROUP CEO Blames Glass-Steagall Repeal for Financial Crisis

Colorado university tries to snuff out 4/20 marijuana rally

Random Thoughts About Zimmerman

Police union sues city, LAPD over new auto impound policy

Ted Nugent admits to illegal Alaska bear kill

The anti-Sarkozy vote

Major manufacturers abandoning China for U.S.?

How many remember this? April 20, 1914: The Ludlow Massacre

Weekend Economists: "So much to do, so little done, such things to be." April 20-22, 2012

MiddleFingerMom is announcing his run against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Maricopa Co. Sheriff 2012.

MiddleFingerMom is announcing his run against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Maricopa Co. Sheriff 2012.

Mitt Romney / Jeb Bush 2012. Mitt Romney / Chris Christie 2012. Mitt Romney / George Zimmerman 2012.

SF restaurant known for 'rudest waiter' closing

Funny Friday...

Severe weather alert for Broward County , Florida

Cauliflower Steak Piccata

Even though the expression is used all the time, there's no such thing as an actual "fuckstick"

This post is BS and the recommends are an embarassment for people who call themselves Democrats

An anecdote from yesterday that my fellow guitarists might appreciate...

S.F. Chinatown home of 'rudest waiter' is closing

Disappointed DU is being used to oppose the Earned Income Tax Credit

Does your spouse/partner/SO have any nicknames for you?

Mexico passes climate-change law

BREAKING/UPDATED: Cop vs Cop - Feds Stand Ground Against NYPD for 1st Amend at Wall Street

Innovative wind turbine creates fresh, potable water from thin air

To the childfree: counting on children growing up and paying into your SS and Medicare?