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Archives: April 21, 2012

NCEAS researchers offer new ecological model for deep-water oil spills

New CU-NOAA monitoring system clarifies murky atmospheric questions

Former 5th District Republican Candidate Charged with Election Fraud

Where are all the Cat threads?

I got a "Dear John, Hope you Die!" letter from a woman I didn't know I was going with.

If A Tree Falls in the Senate, Will Anyone Hear Sea Rise?

Walt Disney Studio’s gay chief steps down

Names of 17 year old Summer Moody's pursuers are released: and they have serious criminal records.

Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Dane because he looked like a Nazi

Sunday Talk Shows Still Skew Right and White, But There’s Light at the End of the Week

A mountain goat tries to eat some grass laying on it's head - pics

Guns and fear

Thom Hartmann's wife Louise has breast cancer.

Screw birth certificates

This is a fascinating lecture by an aerospace historian on UFO case files.

This Secret Service thing is freaking me out

Questioning President Obama's Leadership Over the Secret Service Scandal

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure

Romney: I’ll build Keystone pipeline even ‘if I have to do it myself’

Fighting For Her Life: Transgender Woman Charged With Murder

What happened to deleting posts and threads by the tombstoned?

The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal

Did Colombia do us a favor...?

*Good to see Mayor of Lorain, OH, Ed Show,

Meet the Media Companies Lobbying Against Transparency

Bumper sticker today in parking lot

This is what it looks like when you get hit on the head.

Obama declares Fort Ord a national monument

US charges British twins over $1.2m 'stock robot' fraud

Your tax money doing the dirty work -- pics of the Columbian prostitute

A Memorial, Ribald and Reverent, for Christopher Hitchens

Ted Nugent will plead guilty to illegal black bear hunt

Does Religion Matter? Time to End Profiling

Atop the Fourth Wall.

Friday Talking Points (207) -- A 4/20 Column

That Guy With The Glasses.

Native Americans Give Earth Day an Early Start in Nevada

So, if Neptune is really God

Was Obama booed at Fenway? The only source seems to be a wingnut on Twitter.

Romney asks Republicans to rally around him

Less developed nations like Eritrea and Pakistan do not get much in taxes from their people. People

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Friday Night Lights & a new kitty gif

Experts say New Zealand woman's 2-gallon-a-day Coca-Cola habit likely contributed to death

The Doomed Marriage Between Mitt Romney and Congressional Republicans

USA Today pair hit by smear campaign after Pentagon propaganda story

Half The Lawmakers On Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ Task Force Are ALEC Members, All Supported SYG

Rachel - on the anniversary of that BP Gulf Disaster

Belief in Global Warming Changes with Room Temperature

Ann Coulter: "Negroes need more guns because of Democratic KKK"

Freepers War on Women

Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe face salary fixing lawsuit

John McCain on Mitt Romney

April 20th - Columbine and the (BP) Gulf oil spill

Help Jim Robinson of Free Republic defaet Romney and give Obama another 4 years.

How to calculate your carbon footprint

Hi tech coffee machine. Looks pricey but oh so worth it.

First ROSES have bloomed here,

TYT: Is Romney's 'Obama Isn't Working' Banner Racist?

In The Know Panel Analyzes Obama's Furious, Profanity-Filled Rant

1,092,392 voters purged from Ohio rolls since 2008

Last week, at the age of 77, Charles Manson lost his last REAL chance at parole (next is in 2027).

822 protests in Syria today from the north to south.

Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick

Trying To Overcome 'Cookiegate,' Romney Meets With The Cookie Monster

Tonight MSNBC is advertising KO week nights...

Some dipshit from the American Spectator blames President Obama for changes to Mustang by Ford.

I'm curious what the 3-3 jury said on this one. It's clearly intended as a personal attack.

Is Real Time new tonight?

Scott signs off on new state university

Tonights cool example of showmanshiporoonie

Why do Republican banner ads run at the top of pages??????

Shuttering of Imagine charter schools in St. Louis is daunting

If I were an alien looking at the US from the outside...

Georgia To Use Cheap Prison Labor To Harvest Crops For Second Year In A Row

Rurh-roe, the natives are getting restless. Pictures, and dial-up warning.

Since Meta seems to have eclipsed Help, is it possible to start a new forum or split this one?

"Sorry for your loss." Fuck YOU.

What is the correct answer? (Light relief)

Why no poll feature yet? nt

Anyone like tequila here ? Not me

Talking pineapple question on state exam stumps ... everyone!

K&R if you like Obama more!

Drew Curtis: How I Beat A Patent Troll

The Rachel Maddow Show - Democracy Under Threat in Michigan

I hereby suggest an "Outrage" forum - leaving GD to those who are less fixated

Stuxnet worm reportedly planted by Iranian double agent using memory stick

One of the coolest music vids from back in the day

6 Scary Extreme Energy Sources Being Tapped to Fuel the Post Peak Oil Economy

Well, I did it again. Got provoked into responding to a wingnut.

separated at birth?

Here is the Florida definition for stalking.

Iran moving ahead with plans for national intranet

The Rise of Christian Fascism and Its Threat to American Democracy

Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street if they've ever smoked pot

Koch gave $1 million to group supporting Walker

Barney Frank Makes a Misdiagnosis on Obamacare

Maher is tearing it up tonight.

Colorado DU members, what do you think the chance is of the recreational pot law passing?

Ohio leads the nation in job losses in March even though unemployment rate fell

UPDATE - Where is the information on paying for Star memberships with a check or money order?

Perhaps we should have a kitty cat pic group.

Venezuelan General Wilmer Moreno killed

Has anybody else ever heard that J. Paul Getty was behind prohibition?

Before the "poll panic" sets in, might we have a word?

US foreclosure crisis creating nationwide problem

Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick

Is this a special effect or is MAGNETO FREAKING AWESOME?????

This is Kathleen. She is 15...

The ED Show - Conservative House Members Less Than Thrilled For Romney

sunday - david gregory presents reps darrell issa & peter king

Obama the worst president ever? Let's check the facts:

Why isn't the DNC bring suit against these voter-id surpression laws????

NYT: Obama Sees Steep Dropoff in Cash From Major Donors

How to Follow Our Weird Politics - Michael Tomasky

Well… At least he has the imbecile vote all locked up

My Homemade Minestrone.

Missouri legislators need a wake-up call

Campaign to bring Uganda's Kony to justice heats up

Bill Maher: The Republican Party Is ‘At War With Common Sense’ - VIDEO link

Andrew Breitbart: Conservative Blogger Died of Heart Attack

This could have been me...

Abraham Lincoln-Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp

Democracy Now: Journalist Anand Gopal Warns Protesters "Face Slaughter" by Assad Regime

William Koch gives another $1 million to pro-Romney 'super PAC'

I'm starting to think Zimmerman feels so guilty he wishes he could make a full confession as to what

Toons: Sacrifice to the Gun God, Happy Earth Day, Pin-The-Blame-On-The-Donkey and More. - 4/20/12

WW II Finale - Surrender signing

Germany's nuclear power phaseout turns off environmentalists

Hope everyone had an enjoyable 4/20. And now...

A Kids in the Hall take on a Romney-style politician...

Letter asks for liquor, food for Rod Blagojevich in prison

"Sustiva Dreams"- can't figure out why I don't have them-or any other side-effects....

Despite his somewhat awkward surname, "Dracula" author Bram Stroker was NOT a chronic masturbator.

WISCONSIN: 100,000 CCW permits issued in first six months.

Das Racist, Dan Deacon, Tom Morello, Immortal Technique to Play Occupy Wall Street May Day Rally

Post-Fukushima nuclear allergy spreads in France

Technical questions re. firearm in Trayvon Martin case.

Obama's father among secret files on Kenyan students

Police Examine Death of Man Who Was Hit by Patrol Car

Baldwin DA urges restraint in Gravine Island rumors, speculation.

Gloat Free NBA Scores (Friday, April 20)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, April 20)

Krugman: The inequality important cause of the lack of response to the crisis

Walter Russell Mead: The Myth of America's Decline

Bert Weedon, guitar teacher to a generation, dies at 91

Zimmerman believed that he had every right to detain a black person walking through his neighborhood

How about a real challenge

Its the equality, stupid !!!

Scott approves bill creating Florida Polytechnic University

ALEC whines to the New York Times: the progressives are trying to shut us down whole!

Hitler finds out that Romney is the nominee

Is it wise for a mayoral candidate to ask for miso and steamed kale?

Speaking of author notes at the end

Obama Sees Steep Dropoff in Cash From Major Donors

A good source of vegetarian main course recipes ---

Bank of America Accord in Lawsuit Is Challenged

Best way to detect trolls....

Gingrich's future hinges on Delaware

Hey, when does fire season start?

PIC: Romney has picked his running mate

Reason Rally Rant by youtubes AronRa

Cameron's father 'used tax havens to build family fortune'

We can haz DUzys pls? kthxbai n/t

Wouldn't be Possible . . .

What's ailing Congress: The diagnosis

Exclusive: The battle on the Marmara

Afghanistan militants planning 'huge' attack held in Kabul

In France, the Fringe Emerges as a Force

Panama leader denies Italy bribery accusations

Panama leader denies Italy bribery accusations

Kucinich on financial inequality

Open Range

Real Time with Bill Maher 20 april 2012, 3 ready-to-watch videos

Colombian lieutenant jailed for murdering civilians .

CO2 from fossil fuels discerned from natural sources

Romney Sells Inauguration Access, Nine Months Early - $50,000 a head

Uzbekistan carrying out forced sterilisations, say women

The Gospel of Consumption

European Parliament calls for sanctions against Argentina

Last sentence handed down in Abramoff probe

Space mining startup set for launch in US

O'Hare approved for Cuba flights

O'Hare approved for Cuba flights

Friday with Fugelsang - getting hilarious about Mitt's Dressage!

Keith Olbermann returns to tv: On ABC News "This Week" Sunday

Manchin unsure if he'll vote for Obama

How many shouting matches does this make

Mitt Romney denies he was born in a Mexican polygamist commune.

Accused goat killer found competent to stand trial

Yesterday Gov. George Clinton was remembered on his passing 200 yrs ago.

Fran Lebowitz

Charter School Epic Fail

Oil Habit Unchanged on Two-Year Anniversary of BP’s Gulf of Mexico Spill

To our extra terrestrial friends who are confused about our election rhetoric.

Hot Spring Yields New Hybrid Viral Genome

Dunkin Donuts' Employee Surveillance Cut Thefts Up to 13%

How Americans Lost Trust in Our Greatest Institutions

Where are the DUZYs?

Israel fights anarchy on all fronts, except in West Bank

Weekly Address: Calling on Congress to Prevent Student Interest Rates from Doubling

'The Asian Arms Race Is Starting to Look Ominous'

President Obama: GOP needs to prevent doubling of student loan rates

This Week in Poverty: Georgia Tries to Get to Zero Welfare Recipients

Massive numbers of eyeless shrimps, eyeless fish, clawless crabs in US' Gulf of Mexico.

video of Mike Wallace interviewing Eleanor Roosevelt

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA The smog of war By Tom Engelhardt

Ted Nugent agrees to plead guilty in illegal kill

Juan Cole: Tens of Thousands of Egyptians Demand end to Military Rule

NATO to deploy more troops to Kosovo amid tensions

Contradiction Where Religion and American Politics Meet

Angie's List is advertising on Rush Limbaugh show

"....his lip was cut and there were two vertical gashes on the back of his head."

Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet in July

Batsh*t crazy Victoria Jackson gets front page story in major So Fla paper

Voting GOP Is Voting For A Scorched America

Why the Huffington Post is Shit!

Guilty of Insulting Islam*

Citizens United and the 19th Amendment

UN Security Council to vote on Syria monitors

I Thought OJ, Robert Blake, Casey Anthony, And George Zimmerman Were "Guilty"

BP covered up blow out 2 years prior to Deep Water Horizon Spill

Why 'We're on the Right Track' isn't enough, and what Obama's plan should be for boosting

So...I've been really sick.

Counting on Votes From Paris-on-Thames (French citizens living in the UK)

American nuns stunned by Vatican accusation of ‘radical feminism,’ crackdown

Gov. Romney: Meet Our Mothers

Couple held at gunpoint, arrested after buying home

Racial Justice trial: No execution for black inmate, judge rules

Turned off from politics? That’s exactly what the politicians want.

If Romney Cares About Women He Should Call For Passing The Equal Rights Amendment

From Daily Kos: Massachusetts politicians better know their Sox history

Bush was no "badass" pilot-He backed away after screwing up-Interestingly, he couldn't land a plane

Don't fuck with Frank

We were both agreed in Jessie's final minutes - no more

Scott Walker gives 218 state workers $765,000 in bonuses and raises after public workers took cuts

This is a hoot from onion. Santorum heart broken gay marriage rant

Book banning alive and well in PA!

How America Came To Torture Its Prisoners

Romney's Message: Obama's Not a Real American

Is this man a terrorist?

Really? If this is how juries are going to behave then just what is the point of having rules

I need a good blue annual

Fighters' brains damaged long before symptoms emerge, study hints

Technology Review: People Power 2.0 How civilians helped win the Libyan information war.

Did you ever hear the story about.....

For those who think I rant about the patriarchy and misogyny too much

Cameron's father was another tax evader

Rodney King, 20 years after L.A.'s riots

Libya government takes control of Tripoli airport

Tennessee Another Twist On Personhood

I'll do what I can to geet the message out

Oh sweet lord, it's going to be in the 70's in Eugene this weekened!

Let's stand up to "alec" and its backers!

WARNING: FDA List of Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs

Elementary School Principal Writes NYS Commissioner John King About The Shockingly Flawed ELA Exams

U.S. PIRG: Nearly $100 Billion In Tax Revenue Is Lost Annually to Offshore Tax Havens

Wake Up Democrats

The Race for Iran - What might Martin Luther King say about policy in the Middle East today.

The DUzy Awards for April 20, 2012

This Earth Day do something good for OUR planet

In a sane world any opponent to Obama promising more Bush policies would be down by 40 points

Self-Inflicted Wounds.

As women grow older, daughter becomes the favorite

You Tube.

The Republican Party is proof

Israeli Conservative Movement approves ordination of gay rabbis

This is just crazy. Couple arrested for moving into their own home

CNN’s Racist-Pig-In-Residence Dana Loesch tells ‘foreigner’ Bashir to ‘go back to his own country’

The Chickenhawk Hall of Shame, The New Hampshire Gazette list

Pakistan plane crash: Fuel tanks 'exploded mid air'

need help with eclipse

They gave themselves away in 2009 with the War on Empathy

Obama wooing young voters with student loan focus!

Geraldo Back On The Hoodie Warpath

Tens of thousands rally against Czech government

Shark kill provokes baiting criticism

And then there is Jim Croce. I was so busy listening to Progressive and Acid-Rock in the early to

From “Nugent Goes Nuts” to “Bam Bites Dog”: The Phoney War of 2012

Marijuana legalization

Nothing prettier than a newly planted field

BBC: Kenya rangers shoot dead five suspected poachers (110lbs. of elephant ivory recovered)

I had the foresight to boil eggs last night (multi-tasking)

Why I post kitteh threads in GD.

To those who refuse to admit Zimmerman was profiling.

I never knew Joseph Alsop was gay. Interesting profile in today's NYT.

Public enemy to man’s best friend: Dog gets second chance

Fired California teacher who appeared in porn plans appeal

New Site "Amway Nightmare Stories" where people tell about experiences with the wing-nut cult

UN authorizes 300 cease-fire observers for Syria, demands immediate halt to violence

Air pollution prematurely killing 13,000 people a year in Britain, says MIT

Did Zimmerman's father admit he spoke to Norm Wolfinger?

Currently at DFW Special Olympics

Veteran Utah senator (Hatch) appears set to survive Tea Party challenge

Walker reinstates bonuses despite budget shortfall

Veteran Utah senator appears set to survive Tea Party challenge

Color me shocked...

Mass Observation 75 years on: the extraordinary in the everyday

FDA proposes rules for nanotechnology in food

A cold night outside Mpls. church for a worthy cause

Three Charts Say It All

The Last Word - Romney Tries To Rewrite His Resume

A First Look at Mitt's possible running mates..

A clip from Sam Seder's radio interview with Fran Lebowitz...

I thought this was a good article from L5I on .........

Mom rents billboard to get daughter elected prom queen

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - PS3 - Review

Saturday, April 21st. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

With Venezuelan Cupboards Bare, Some Blame Price Controls

Who is your favorite allen?

Reports cast doubt on European missile defense

Justice for Jasmine--Mother of Charlotte teen killed in shooting in eastern N.C. seeks charges

Raffi Torres suspended 25 games for hit on Hossa

The New Narco State

Politicians are afraid to ask people to sacrifice

How many of you are at the County/Senatorial Conventions today?

On Religion and Climate Change

Canada cruelty charge over cull of huskies

First dog Bo leads reporters to the White House vegetable garden - pics

Baseball Has Its Worshipers, and at N.Y.U., You Get Credit

High School Students Killed Execution-Style, Sources Say (Winter Park High kids Florida)

Per a jury, calling DUers "fucking gruesome" & "dancing on the graves of poor men" is not rude.

Afghan Screams Aren’t Heard


Nuclear industry and its pols caught in another backhanded deal

Post Offices Face Hurdles in Efforts to Diversify.

As a long-time atheist, I'm often asked if I "respect" religion.

New Brunswick town plagued for weeks by ‘earthquake swarm’ — and no one knows why

AIDS experts launch 'CNN of virology' in Canada (AFP via Yahoo)

Army Cancels Ted Nugent Show

TCM Schedule for Monday April 23 - TCM Spotlight: Apache Stories

Protests, clashes, death cast pall over Bahrain Grand Prix

A Brief History Of Marijuana In America by Comedian John Fugelsang (The Point)

Georgia gun rights group wants suit over stand-your-ground law dismissed

Lose the internet by July?

I think this is a good time to say to you all

The Cubs stink.

Another down side to Chinese culture: Domestic Violence

Man builds a 737 flight simulator in his garage

Proof on the 911 tapes - Zimmerman remained in pursuit, and was not heading back to his truck?

Wind power stays aloft in renewable energy race (cheaper than new coal plants)

Juried by trolls

Rachel Maddow in Milwaukee tonight

I just heard of her about an hour ago. I started listening and can't stop.

Chicago astronomer says Saturday will be a good night to see the Lyrid meteor shower

Send John Boehner a mutant shrimp picture

I just finished Don Quixote. Whew!

Is anyone else having same problem regarding MSNBC live?

A common error I would like to correct

Can we change the nickname of Library Girl?

New Photo of Secret Service Columbian Escort!

Yankees v Red Sox on Fox Sports, 12:30 Pacific / 3:30 Eastern

Vietnam seeks foreign help to beat mystery skin disease (BBC)

Anyone who calls themselves a Democrat, or a liberal, or a progressive...

Canada cruelty charge over cull of huskies (BBC)


For fuck's of the SS guys has a bumper sticker for TX to secede

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday April 21st

US woman becomes central figure for battered wives in China....

Surveillance State evils

For those who ride motorcycles

Republicans support "pink slime" because liberals are against it...

does anyone remember the link between Secret Service and Liberty University?

Kelly: A sellout crowd awaits first lady in Omaha

Was SS Agent Chaney involved in any way with this event (2008 SS Screening failure @ Obama Event)

I quit smoking on Tuesday and I'm having a really tough time with it today.

Benefit Concert for Brandon Baker Sunday (another victim of FL SYG vigilantism)

Five companies stockpiled nearly $60 billion while cutting 64,000 jobs worldwide from 2007 to 2011

Why isn't the blood on Zimmerman's head smeared all over from the grass?

Orrin Hatch (R-UT) Forced Into Primary Fight For Utah Senate Seat

Earthrise, reconstructed

'Stand Your Ground' Laws Promote Vigilante Mentality

"Ich bin ein Latino. Thank you. Appreciate it, thank you."

Second Portantino (anti) Open Carry Gun Ban Bill Moves Forward (California)

Unarmed man attempts to rob EMU student of holstered gun (open carry fail)

My indoor outdoor luxury barbeque with finger buffet!

Solar Decathlon Coming to California in 2013

The Google leaders’ crazy asteroid venture: A Platinum rush?

Because Orrin Hatch just isn't batshit fucking crazy enough . . . . .

In apology Zimmerman says he thought Martin was his age but in 911 call he says he is "late teens"

Migrating birds die due to lack of water in wetlands while water is diverted for irrigation

It's the end of April, and it was 75 yesterday. Why is there SNOW in my forecast?

RIP: Facts (360 B.C.-A.D. 2012)

ALEC, APF, and the KOCHS

Romney Attacked For Hiring Gay Spokesman . . . Wha???? (not a joke)

Walmart covered up bribes and shut down the investigation...

Maddow, NBCUniversal Work to Dismiss $50M Lawsuit

Your ignorance is their power!!

AP Alert: Chuck Colson has died at age 80

Draft Dodgers

Running with Scissors, by Agusten Burroughs - I'm reading this book with my jaw dropping

Chuck Colson, Watergate scandal figure, dies at 80

George Carlin does it again.

(California Supreme) Court eyes releasing names of cops in shootings

Vietnam seeks foreign help to beat mystery skin disease

ROMNEY LIES: Claims John Kerry Released 2 Years Of Tax Returns But Kerry Actually Released 20

Obama Urges South Sudan and Sudan to End Strife

Collapse of Austerity Talks in Netherlands Fuels Crisis

Quebec court backs gun registry, sets stage for federal legal battle

USA Today pair hit by smear campaign after Pentagon propaganda story

Liberty U students hating on Mitt speech big time

Joel Kotkin: The Great California Exodus

Postcards from a Padded Cell: Tea Party Congressman: Obama Will Commit Treason If Reelected

Abu Qatada could stay in UK for years after May presides over 'shambles'

Rise in justifiable homicides linked to weak gun control laws

I was asked to be a judge and did not answer right they are no longer asking?

Californians - If you've received a CA Household Travel Survey, strongly encourage filling it out.

For the anti-gun folks out there who rail against SYG laws

Reality Poll fueled by Common Sense: Obama leads Rmoney in places where

Two thirds of people let Mr. Hyde do the voting.

Californians - If you've received a CA Household Travel Survey, strongly encourage filling it out.

Walmart Mexico bribery story in the NYT

So much for repeating...

Kansas GOP urging candidates to pledge loyalty

Nevermind Zimmerman's head, what is in the background?

Peterson Birds of North America iPhone/iPad app. Earth Day sale 99 cents

It's really because he's black


Canned Unicorn Meat, Yum!

Morgan Stanley is betting against Europe's weakest

So one Nixon aide croaked

A Goddess Has Taken Human Form and Walks Amongst Us: ABT's Misty Copeland

Best Romney Toon EVER!

God damn identity thieves and the systems that enable this!!! People are NOT numbers.

Child-molestation claim led FBI to look for Etan's remains in SoHo building

Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia In Michigan Showcases Segregation-era Artifacts

"FAA Docs Show Clamor for Domestic Drones"--- EFF is Mapping them

Saw this on a rancher's truck yesterday. He seems to be a conservative reading his other

Chuck Colson

I'm with her

Retirement bottom line: Many will have to work until 70

How much do you trust the "media"?

What was so racist about Michele Bachmann's tar baby comment?

Is this a REAL Ann Romney quote??? (Because If It Is, Oh Shit...)

I'm chairing my first meeting this evening

Bee Gees star Robin Gibb wakes from coma: spokesman

Bank of America to gun company: Find another bank

An Atheist Tract

An interesting video on a photographer's passion

Poifect! Philip Humber

Congrats Humber (White Sox) - Perfect game.

Caps 4 Bruins 3

Extremely stressed and would appreciate a bit of advice

so educate me ... on the ERA

How Much Money Will Super Pacs Spend on the 2012 Presidential Election?

Company accidentally fires 1,300 employees

Weddings, babies, funerals, moved from Oregon to Chicago

today in women's herstory

Military Cancels Ted Nugent Performance Citing Violent Rhetoric About Obama!

quotes of the day

biography of the day--mother mary jones

Orrin Hatch To Face Primary In June — Fails To Clinch GOP Nod At Convention

Wisconsin's Planned Parenthood suspends non-surgical abortions

I have rendered unto Caesar

BP Blow-out Cover-Up

In case you missed it this morning- NPR's

Meet the 'Mann' who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours

I'm going to a Welding next week. Will this outfit be appropriate?

ugg. 94 year old man weds for fifth time wants more kids. UGG

Dutch train crash injures 125: police

Jensen's John Doe Statement Strongly Suggests Deal to Testify Against Walker Camp

Romney no longer leads Obama in Rasmussen Daily Poll

Jamie Oliver in blistering attack on Michael Gove over poor school diet (Gove=UK education sec'y)

Check out the Decorah Eagles WebCam Nest,,,,

all this talk of Prog-rock... "BBC Prog Rock Britannia"

Italy police seize $5 billion of U.S. securities

The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost

Keiser Report: Corpse of Economy

A repub sent this e-mail to me re taxes. I need help to answer..

By comparison, YOUR workplace is an oasis of serenity.

I can virtually guarantee that your SO or roommate or (especially) your kids would LOVE this.

States In Northeast Cap And Trade Program Reduce CO2 20% Faster And Grow GDP At Twice The Rate of

A Venn diagram of you and MiddleFingerMom smooching (you KNOW it'd be true):

What do you think of the Obama chess game mentioned here?

As for the new Bleeding Zimmerman photo....

Tablets Are Leading Alternative For Full-Length TV Show Viewing After Television