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Senate Democrats plan another trap for Romney with female voters


Why did Pat Toomey Vote "No" on the Violence Against Women Act?

I'm thinking of the server who has never worked a party like this before. Dinner is supposed to

Allen West just walked in to a room FULL of Communists! Get him, boys!

Drones invade college campuses

The WHCD is like a valve

Chris Matthews: ‘It’s like Washington is cool for a day’

Just think - at last year's WHCD Pres. Obama knew the Bin Laden raid a "go"....

Radio Personality Tells Father To Get A Man To Rape His Daughter Until She Turns Straight

1 dead after storm blows St. Louis beer tent over

Navajo Chapter Plans Largest Utility-Scale Solar Farm on Tribal Land

I hope someone serves Hannity Rice and the alley..

Does anyone know if the White House Correspondents Dinner is going to be televised? If so what

MARYLAND REPUBLICANS cheered for $500 million in cuts to education, public safety & social services

Joe just texted me "can I have your roll?"

President Obama's rescue of the auto industry is a big problem for Republicans

Carrots in spaghetti sauce

Hardball - Millions poured into Obama attack ads in battleground states

The Rose Colored Glasses of Right-wing Hypocrisy

My own religious rights are being stepped on in GOP-run Arizona

Aw shucks: Chuckie Todd and Eric Cantor, BFF!!

Firebombing of Cuba travel agency coincides with anniversary of Orlando Bosch Death..

It's pretty sad to see I've only had 7 responses at most to my topics.....

Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing Energy From The Grid

Bo Jackson finishes 300 mile tornado relief ride

OWS: Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges on using constitutional conventions for reform

Govt’s Warning to Bradley Manning and Others: “Tell on us, and we will put you behind bars for life"

Sunday Talk Shows: Rachel Maddow,Robert Gibbs,Gov. Brown,John Brennan

More tissues needed...Utah: Gay teenager commits suicide

UKIP candidate suggested gays ‘stop complaining and start thanking straight people’

"Vanguard: Two Americas" is must see TV.

Author of "Ecotopia" dies.

BREAKING: The speaking portion of the White House Correspondent's Dinner has been delayed.

sign seen on the way to our cabin weekend

Toon:Journalism Playbook

Michelle is wearing a stunning dress at the WHCD tonight..(pic)

Romney to appear with possible VP pick Ayotte in New Hampshire

The wingers basically classify anything positive that the President does as a stunt...

Michelle Obama looks stunning...edited to add more pics

UK puts missiles on London rooftop to guard Olympics

Months ago I said I liked the idea of green and turquoise together in decor. And now the poll

White House Corespondents Dinner Discussion Thread

What are you reading the week of April 29, 2012?

New Mixcloud project from yours truly - DANTE'S INFERNO

I just watched "Audition". I found it to be a heartwarming love story. Should I seek help?

Jimmy Kimmel got his start on the "Man show." In Washington that's what we call a general hearing...

The DU Lounge

What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull...

Why I Am Not Mad At You, by an atheist.

What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull?

OMG - Obama's "ad" from Romney about dogs

Should polls be allowed in the I/P group?

Gregg Homme Most Outrageously Sexy Trailer

EPA to require emissions controls on fracked wells

BBC News Magazine: Are beer firms to blame for Native American drink woe?

Liquor store crash gets driver a DUI charge

Does anyone know how to get free calling cards to call vets?

Poll: Perry - No Go for Guv Run, say most Texans Read more here:

Conservatives in Egypt Back Liberal to Oppose Brotherhood

Affidavit: 2 Minn. men with ties to supremacist groups had amassed weapons with goal of attack

Wow! Kimmel just called Allen WEst a jackass! nt LMBO

Maher: Romney is ‘everything the American people hate about a politician’

Nerd alert

Humor is a little dry tonight at the Correspondent's Dinner. nt

Romney team frets that Obama is ‘too cool’ for America

Does this Correspondence Dinner suck or what?

Dan Savage: 4/27/12

What a cute little person

Nine minutes seven seconds that will make your soul feel better

So dammit, I missed the Prez at the dinner. Was he good?

What are your favorite gun-related grassroots groups?

"Keith Olbermann has more pink slips than Marcus Bachmann" LOL! White House Correspondents Dinner.

Not cool!

Gadhafi gave to Sarkozy's 2007 campaign

Prize-winning film's Cuban actors to seek asylum in Miami

Obama always best humor than all other exactly last year..

Styx's anthem to the American Worker

Romney has Mexican roots....

Britain's hibernating bats avoid deadly fungus killing their US cousins

Ya know... even without Keith Olbermann, I still like a lot of what I see on Current TV

What is your favourite website? I like Arts & Letters Daily but am interested in new websites since

President Obama's Remarks at the White House Correspondence Dinner (full speech video)

TV Shows with traveling/roving protagonists

Why I Strike

President Obama and the First Lady at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - pics

Jimmy Kimmel's Remarks at the White House Correspondence Dinner (full video - part one and two)

between obama and kimmel there was actually a pit bull and olive garden reference

I am a Help and Meta Host.

Jimmy Kmmel missed Cantor

Do you look good in a swimsuit?

ACK! Romney campaign aide claims auto bailout was Romney's idea

Poll: NC casts skeptical eye at Romney

WHCD: Obama's fake Romney "Dog Socialism" ad

I Am Going To My State Democratic Convention...

I'm trying to find a word for when a corporation goes into another sphere to influence/control the

Elephants taking a bath - pics

Taste And Try, Before You Buy


Check out this phenomenal health and nutritition website. Short 2 min videos on numerous topics

Why don't progressive proposals get more attention?

If you think what you have to say is...

Police: Man fled accident scene to avoid having an accident

I would like to apologize for a jury comment I left on Friday

Sometimes I really miss this:

How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes (3,830 words)

Barack Obama Killed It At The Correspondent's Dinner

If Mitt is such a poor candidate, why does everyone that counts say it will be a very close election

Chamber of Commerce clamps down hard on social conservatives on reproductive bills

Corporations didn't die... (Photo)

Click here to join the grand re-opening of the DU Grotto!

Shocking letters hidden for 76 yrs reveals Edward VIII's Abdication was orchestrated by

Much Fodder for Obama at White House Journalists’ Event

Sonic Youth appreciation

So this Bob Ivers guy...

Gov't Mule covering War Pigs by Black Sabbath

Was their any Fox news jokes at the WH press dinner?

Phish covering Chumbawamba Tubthumping

President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner (full speech)

Government cuts slow economic recovery

Diablo Canyon knocked offline, powerless against tiny jellyfish-like creature (salps)

Warmer climate having global ocean effect (surface salinity changes)

Scientists see increase in tiger prawn sightings

Just heard a great one from Obama

The Mitt Romney Saves Detroit Visual Cavalcade (Dialup warning)

Anyone reading "Why Marx Was Right" by Terry Eagleton?

Introducing a fake (slideshow-style) music video from my band - GREEN SPARKLE FROG...

Oakland Raiders to donate 10 percent of season tickets to Oakland schools

black peter

Obama's Best Jokes from the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Defending Medicare mailing list

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Saturday, April 28)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, April 28)

Dancing Smilie Please!

Just received today "Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps no more "

Science: It'd damn refreshing

3:38AM...waking every night

One more day? Newt is dropping out on Wed, not Tuesday.

A doctor and a lawyer . . .

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Report: Major UK retailer boycotts settlement goods

Head injury turns college dropout into a maths genius

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Fozzy Osbourne Edition

If it ever were, how would the details of legalizing pot be handled?

President Obama: 'It’s a boy-eat-dog world out there'

Republicans?... Is Mitt Romney the best you got?

Thoughts on this video?

49ers draft player with sickle cell anemia..

South Australia mounts lawsuit against tobacco companies

FUCK: U.S. Amasses Stealth-Jet Armada Near Iran

New York City is hiring election workers.

Did anyone watch the White House correspondents’ dinner last night?...

WaPo: Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.

Freedom Isn't Free

Netanyahu: Israel soon to require national service for Israeli Arabs

Nuclear Famine: Global Impacts of Limited Nuclear War on Agriculture, Food Supplies, and Nutrition

Good discussion on Unions on Up with Chris Hayes

Ulpana can't turn into a memorial for Israel's rule of law Haaretz Editorial

'Four years later, she won’t stop drunk-texting me from Cartagena'

Look at this graph that Chris Hayes just put up on his show

It’s official: China now eats twice the meat we do

"What is the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pitt Bull"?

Is it time to give up?

A giant of a man

What Did the Israeli Army Chief Actually Say About Iran?

A giant of a man (cross post from UK group)

The ‘Drone War’ Expands

Sunday Morning Hugs for Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

Need a[nother] reason to quit smoking?

Mean Income for each Income Group 1967 - 2009

Ever wonder when the GOP figured out they could lie right into Americans faces and get away with it?

What does a middle-class American who is thinking of voting Republican look like?

You know Moody's, the bond-rating guys? Here's what they think of various stimulus options.

GE faces Occupy protest over it's low taxes - CEO falsely claims it pays high rate

Have you heard? The "poor" in America aren't really poor.

Found something fun at a yardsale...

Charlie Brown and Snoopy TV shows available as digital downloads

Hockey's New Battle Against Homophobia

Good morning.

Woman saves child from sacrifice in cemetery

Sundays Doonesbury: I Need A Tax Break

Economic devestation has created a thru-hiker population that has increased significantly...

Should the message to a jury indicate that the Terms of Service box was checked?

My daughter has a hyssop plant. Does anybody have ideas for using it?

"Partisan Divide" On Energy Issues Is A Myth, Strong Bipartisan Support Seen For Shift To Cleaner En

A question about hyssop...

On Chicago local fox news Interview Sen Durbin Just Was Asked How He Would Improve the Health Care

The 2012 Honorees in Stamps from the USPS: Classic Film Edition

Message from Russ Feingold

Of course there's slackers trying to game the system

White House Correspondents Dinner on C-Span at 10:30 am

Obama's re-election campaign has put Bill Clinton on notice that he will be used as a top surrogate

Occupy the SEC takes on Big Banks and the London Whale

Northern Ireland car bombs 'would have caused devastation

GOP Firm's "CEO's" In The Dark (They'd never heard of debt-ridden sock-puppet company)

Boehner: Obama picking fake fights (Boner cries to Candy - boo-effing-hoo)

Drone strike kills four suspected militants in Pakistan

Get ready for new face of gun owners

Mitt Romney is the kind of politician...

the age range here on du, please.

Reading of the Declaration of Independence

US: Mexico seized 68,000 guns from US since 2006

Man accused of pointing gun at another at Little League ballgame

The Slackers Gaming The System Are The Rich And Not The Poor, The Middle Class Or Workers.

Va. study makes economic case for renewable energy

david gregory & meet the press

Was that ReTHUG inauguration night 'how to satotage Obama' raised on any of the Sunday Talk Shows?

David Gregory needs to get a job on Fox

Goethe and the search for the spirit of science

Has Metallica always sucked?

Let's do a "ROVE", and destroy Reagan legacy chimera.

Money As Debt - Parts 1, 2, and 3 (animated films by Canadian Paul Grignon about the banking system)

WOW!! Did Maddow expose a HUGE Achilles heal of the RMoney campaign on MTP this morning?

The writer of one of the all time great political movies 'The Distinguished Gentleman' is on

CISPA, Netizens and the Internet's Coming of Age Party

Jeebus, Carly Fiorina is a moron.

Top Romney Adviser: Obama’s ‘One Of The Most Divisive Presidents’

What do y'all think? Is this the modern day equivalent...........

Voting Rights Uprising: Activists in Three States Help GOP's Targets Get Voter ID

Awesome Obama poster or bumper sticker

Why Low Minimum Wages Kill Jobs and Crush Living Standards for Everyone

Could Ed Henry show any more disdain for the President?

5 ways teacher unions have bargained to help their students

Now this is what I call a political ad

The Yellow Hotel in Lusk, WY

Gibbs: Romney’s Message Is ‘You Didn’t Clean Up Our Mess Fast Enough’

Demographics Favor Obama Over Romney in November Election

Matt Stoller is trying to convince people to not vote for Obama

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired = theft from those who hunger"

"You can't park there!!"

Vets navigate tough new terrain _ the job market

Just stop already.

Krugman just shut down the "raise the retirement age argument" George Will said raise it

Atheist scouts told to “keep quiet” or lie about their beliefs

Mad cow discovery reignites debate: Are U.S. food-safety laws too lax?

Don't Tread On Me

John Boehner: Americans 'Do Not Want To Vote For A Loser'

The original "Bedazzled" is on TCM!1 Peter COOK, Dudley MOORE

Partisan Spin Denies Obama Credit for Immigration Success

The center has been pulled way over to the right - "Their" definition of compromise is conversion.

How to increase deficit by $1.1 Trillion without changing policies

Ask the Religion Experts: How important is the synagogue, church, mosque or other structure?

The Hat Maker

Lawyer: Angela Corey missed deadline to release evidence

Are there ANY tv/internet/phone bundles that aren't a scam?

Meet the Press: Rachel Maddow on women

when the system fails you it may be tolerable but when it fails your children

Occupy the regulatory system!

My Mitt Romney Poll

The GOP's Death Wish: Why Republicans Can't Stop Pissing Off Hispanics, Women, and Young People

Anybody Can Be Racist

Unstable ground: The fine line between self-defense and murder

Gibbs: Romney’s Message Is ‘You Didn’t Clean Up Our Mess Fast Enough’

Corkscrew Wind Turbine Now Powering Cleveland Indians Stadium

Tens of thousands protest health, education cuts across Spain

Tell me you love your vacuum.

Script errors

Unexceptionalism: A Primer by E.L. Doctorow

The Affordable Care Act - Stronger Benefits to Seniors, Billions in Savings This Year

##Duplicate Posts 2: Electric Bugaloo (Now with a poll!)##

St. Louis tent collapse raises safety questions

Deadly attack on Nigeria's Bayero university in Kano

(R)asmussen says Hillary's favorability declines

Badass Sandra Fluke...

Tampa City Council asks Gov Scott to ban concealed carry for GOP convention

British Red Cross doctor kidnapped in Pakistan found beheaded

Congratulations MO women and men for an outstanding march yesterday

Planned Parenthood vs the NRA: Constrasting models of freedom

Joel Osteen; Being gay is a sin!!!

New details emerge about Google's wif-fi snooping

John Nichols on New Teacher Rule: "So Draconian It Takes People Awhile to Believe It's Real"

A Question about the White House Correspondent's Dinner

Krugman: We’re Doomed


Dumbass' record accomplishment

Paul Krugman: Ben Bernanke Has Been ‘Assimilated by the Borg’

Reality is still on "ignore"

Priest who "accidentally" showed pictures of naked men to Communion parents is on "sabbatical leave"

Activists prepare for (another) rally to close San Onofre nuclear power plant

Romney's New Campaign Song: JOB DESTROYER (by the Kinks)

Jimmy Kimmel at NerdProm (WHCAD).

State media: Egyptian military council will form new government

Do I look good in a swimsuit?

Spanish language channel, Mondo FOX, coming in June.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Brad Miller's replacement is in this debate

Wow, unbelievable GOP poker painting....

Best Political Cartoons of the Week


Scott Walker's Austerity Agenda Yields 'Worst Job Losses in US'

US pastor burns Korans to urge Iran clergyman release

The Faux-sters have been giddy all all day about Senator Treasure Trail's basketball shot

I read two comic strips today that were funny.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah poor ReTHUGS

Bernie A-Twitter Over VAWA, WOW

Netanyahu Considers Elections Amid Exemptions Dispute

Sen. Franken praises Labor Department for withdrawing new child labor rules

I'm in Lee, MA for the week

Math: Exxon profit and gas consumption

Jerry Brown: GOP must move out of their "reactionary cul-de-sac"

I'm in the Berkshires (MA) for the week..

When Zimmerman evidence is released, what will it show?

Ex-Mossad Chief Dagan: Conflict between Israel, Iran is the entire world's problem

Taterguy said I should post this.

San Francisco Democratic Party tells Obama to end crackdown on medical marijuana

New Jersey warehouse unveils massive rooftop solar project

Sudan 'declares emergency' on border with South Sudan (BBC)

Backfilling Nuclear Shutdowns With Efficiency And Renewables In Japan, Germany And California?

Iraq to get first F-16 jets in early 2014: official

The auto bail-out is Obama's idea. The health insurance mandate is Romney's idea.

The greatest threat that Iraq ever posed against us...

Former Israeli premier Olmert joins Israeli opposition to strike at Iranian nuclear sites

Best Political Cartoon.....

WI School Board Assn Confirms Some Schools Will Be Forced to Cut Teacher Pay or Lay Teachers Off

Columnist: Gerrymandering is causing disappearance of moderates in PA. Legislature and US Congress

There's a real SOB on "60 Minutes" tonight.

ALEC on a Collision Course with Air Force over Renewable Energy

Rhetorical question on wilderness vs. development.

Corbett's New Asset Test for Food Stamps Goes into Effect - Will Cost PA. money

Wisconsin: Teacher Tanya Lohr announces challenge against Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman

Snowe’s retirement leaves Senate Dems with tough decision

Jury system, emergent community consensus? Vote three times instead of two.

Boehner: Romney’s Wealth Won’t Hurt Him Because ‘The American People Don’t Want To Vote For A Loser’

Newty encouraged by President, to stay in the race (one more day)

President Obama has abandoned America's veterans. Right?

Experience a thunderous caption-gasm as you caption Grifterella & The Nuge.

When you think things are bad, be thankful you don't have a daughter married to this guy

Pakistan reveals efforts to hunt down Osama bin Laden

The Recipe...

Take your evil, immoral desire for birth control elsewhere...

Bin Laden files show al-Qaida and Taliban leaders in close contact

Militants' quick training in Pakistan poses problem to intelligence agencies

Taterguy is having fun in one thread in the H & M forum saying "f**k".

MiddleFingerMom has always been a multi-tasker.

Join a literacy brigade to El Salvador-deadline May 1

DU's TOS is quite clear about not advocating violence, but

Nine words that are an easy way to protect Medicare and Social Security in perpetuity

Which foods accumulate the highest levels of industrial toxins?

Do Your Part to Stop Genocide

Gibbs: Romney’s Message Is ‘You Didn’t Clean Up Our Mess Fast Enough’

Political satire from the Left Coast Sports Babe

This also could be called the looting of America the education edition

How can Dr. Who get cooler?

Dinner at the Bluecrosse Inn

Does anyone have really good recipe for granola?

Paul Ryan facing family budget crisis.

skype video problem

Multivitamin supplements and breast cancer, Zinc supplements and prostate cancer

Shumpert blows knee out, Heat in 4

Why Liberalism?

1992 Los Angeles Riots in Music

Waukesha County (Wisconsin) interfaith organization: Do not fear proposed mosque

How vulnerable is Michele Bachmann this fall?

"Newt Gingrich sat down at the bedside of his dying campaign ...

well hell, just lost the heating element to my oven

Up w/Chris Hayes - OWS organizes May Day strike

I heart steroids

Obama Campaign Confronts Voter ID Laws

The El Diablo nuke plant. Some history I dug up regarding protests

La Bamba’ actor expects Romney ‘in a photo op outside a taco stand’

At least they have The Energy Squad!

Leftwing media bias, huh?

Walmart Unaccountable to Consumers’ Demands

As requested.

President Obama Announces Jodi Gillette as Senior Policy Advisor for Native American Affairs

Just wanted you all to I deeply appreciate all of my fellow liberals.

A facebook friend of mine criticizes unions from the left:

National Day of Prayer Task Force claims that atheists are awakening a 'sleeping giant'

Billion dollar GEO prison-for-profit group abandons its Mississippi 'cesspool

Eric Cantor and John Boehner meet to discuss future of Social Security and Medicare

ALEC Hall of Fame to open May 1st.

What would you think of the moral values of a person who does this?

This jury nailed it.

Project to boost religious tourism

This is exactly what the right-wing wanted for the US:

Where's the Iraq War?

The truth about "Citizens United" finally reaches the island

Who says the press can't see through the bullshit?

Obama Campaign Confronts Voter ID Laws

Bin Laden files show al-Qaida and Taliban leaders in close contact

You thought I was done with you? I'm not done with you. Not by half. CRUSH WITH CUTE!

rough weather in this area yesterday

Georgia Inmate Gives Birth in Cell, Baby Dies

Obesity-Linked Diabetes Harder to Treat in Children

Greased pig “fun” in the gymnasium (except, that is, for the pig)

David Cameron blames UK double-dip recession on eurozone

November is coming!

'The Jews Are in Trouble': A 1936 Warning

"The world is made up of givers and takers. There is no in-between."

Obama's second term promises....

Four charts: GDP, employment, industrial production and real personal income less transfer payments.

Where is Lucinda and what is she having for dinner tonight, Sunday, 4/29?

How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes

Reports emerging that millions of people may have had same horrible nightmare

"The keys to spotting the traitors among us..."

A Senator Fights Back

Photographic proof: Bush Air Nat'l Guard "service" really just two weeks summer camp

In Crisis Over Dissident, U.S. Sends Official to Beijing

Photos from Anchorage's United Against the War on Women march and rally

How Attacks On Obama's Race And Religion Turned Into Jokes

How can people take pleasure to do this to another of god’s creatures?

Far-Right Conservatives Invent New Language

Suddenly, all of my read links in DU are showing up in purple in IE8 ...


Bill Moyers' show today was Great!

For those who have too much time on their hands

about poverty - how poor have you been, as an adult?

Obama Campaign Grapples With New Voter ID Laws

You know, when Andy Stephenson death was hastened by the hold up of funds to his paypal

Packers take Maine's McMillian in fourth round of NFL Draft

Rachel Maddow Makes History and Triumphs over the War On Women

Manhattan, KS: Democrats strategize at campaign academy

If all you can live for is the American dream, then perhaps you should wake up for a change

SUV falls 60 ft over guard rail at Bronz Zoo - seven dead

Baby Killed By Dog In Henderson, Nevada On His First Birthday (graphic description)

Let’s Lasso Us Some Space Rocks: Asteroid Mining And You

I intend to post here around June 1, 15 lbs lighter

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 April 2012

"The Obama Conundrum" (A Global Profiling President) Tom Englehardt...

The Circle of Lies

Eff John Mccain

I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!

Trousers on Fire

The New York Times' latest idiot commentator: Frank Bruni

Dear Republicans

How to Destroy Education While Making a Trillion Dollars

Boehner: Romney’s Wealth Won’t Hurt Him Because ‘The American People Don’t Want To Vote For A Loser’

I wonder how fast a Constitutional challenge will come

Scrap heap may be last stop for secret slice of Navy history

It appears that 60 Minutes Leslie Stahl is in league with Bush

60 minutes.... the leader of OUR torture program is on. jose rodriguez.

Lesley Stahl is doing a masterful job of getting this war criminal to spill the beans on 60 Minutes

I'm watching Leslie Stah's interview on 60 Minutes regarding torture


Hollande's 'Growth Bloc' spells end of German hegemony in Europe

Creation vs. Evolution: College Edition

Florida pastor Terry Jones burns copies of Koran outside church

CBS 60 Minutes- Hooked: Why bad habits are hard to break

Oakland Raiders to donate 10 percent of season tickets to Oakland schools

November 2012 FL legislature

Noam Chomsky: May Day

Our hosts have done a great job. Let's thank them by giving them some relief.

Care for a little head?

BWAHAHA! RimJob kills fund drive thread over "posters who obviously do not agree with our purposes"

Watching a 9/11 doc on tv and can't believe all of the stuff Bush got away with

Non-NFL-fan question

Israel court puts 60-day hold on settlement razings

Keith has a sad re Kimmel...

last nights dinner